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P. D. .Lake returned from California
last Thursday.
Miss Cornie Gibson is visiting with
her sister, Mrs. Patton, in Oklahoma.
W. C. Millar and family returned
home from Colorado last Wednesday.
Mrs. John Stone went to llazelton
last week to visit with her sister, Mrs.
Mrs. W. S. Hubert departed Saturday
for St. Louis to purchase her fall stock
ot millinery.
Miss Edith .Noble, who has been vis
iting with Miss Mildred Gano, returned
to Alva Saturday night.
County Supt. Lake has sold his lots
on North Mam streets to II. Cox who
is building a residence.
Mr. and Mrs. liobert Mounsey were
called to Wichita yesterday by the ser
ious illness of Mrs. M.'s mother.
Austin C. Williams, of Bolivar, Mo.,
and Carrie II. Welch, ot llazelton, se
cured marriage license Tuesday even
ing of last week.
Miss Orrel Boyd, of Canadian, Texas,
returned home Saturday evening, after
visiting live weeks witn tier cousin,
Mrs. Jas. Dobbs.
Dr. T. A. Coleman left Monday for
nortnern Missouri in response to a
message announcing the illness of a
sister. lie will return Saturday.
For Sale A Deering corn binder
in good running order, has cut about
200 acres. Will sell cheap or trade for
stock. Inquire of G. W. Frisby or R. II.
Stock at the House sale Saturday sold
irom poor to rair. Tne grades were
rather poor. Steers one and two years
old sold for 18 to $24. The sale was
well attended.
Mrs. A. B. Lemon, sister of Mrs. E.
II. Nixon, who has been here visiting,
left last Wednesday for Winfield to
visit other relatives. Her home is in
The Duval meeting at llazelton Mon
day night was a good one. It wab well
attended notwithstanding the hot
weather. Mr. Duval made an ex
cellent speech.
D. E. Jackson and wife returned to
their home at Pratt Monday after a
Pleasant visit with Harry Brlant and
wife. Mrs. Jackson is a sister of Harry
and Roy Briant.
Among those who went to Hazelton
Monday to hear Hon. Claude Duval
were W. II. Hauu, Dr. I. W. Stout, II
C. Walker, Seward I. Field, T. M.Kidd
and Jb M. Shell.
Earl Rouse came down from Wichita
with his father last week, to visit with
friends. Earl isn't the small boy any
more that he was when he left Medi
cine. He is with a lumber and imple
ment firm at Clearwater.
Rev. L. L. Swan consumes two col
umns of last week's Cressec in defend
Ing the whiskey traffic. Swan shoots
from long range and he makes it clear
that he is a republican always no mat
ter wnat me parly may advocate or
rue oiggest rase snow tnat ever
struck Medicine Lodge was au outfit
that advertised to play "Ten Nights in
a Bar Room" Saturday night. They
bad a good crowd but the performance
was decidedly rotten. This play is an
impressive one it handled right but in
the hands of such an outfit it is a bore.
Judge P. B. Gillett was here looking
after his political prospects last Thurs
day and Friday. The Judge says he is
going to cairy every county in the dis
trict with plenty of votes to spare. We
dislike to see him treat himself that
way. ne iaay not be able to surviye
.the shock in November.
R. V. and J. L. Gant sold a bunch of
fine 3-year-old steers to Sam Stewart
last week, and Mr. Stewart disposed of
them to a Missouri party before they left
the stock yards. This is conceded to be
the nicest and best lot that ever went
through theMedicine Lodge yards.They
were nice colors, in excellent condition
and averaged about 1200 pounds. Mr.
Gant received $4S around and was offer
ed $51 for a car of the tops.
Mrs. James C. Lovejoy.
From the Manchester IN. H. Daily Mirror and
The remains of Mrs. James C. Love-
joy, wmch were carried to a wrong des
tination by an express company and
thereby delayed in their journey from
Medicine Lodge, Kansas, arrived in
this city at 6:30 last evening. Funeral
services were held at 9:30 this morning
at the residence of Mrs. Hannah W.
Chase, 274 Central street, and were at
tended by many friends and relatives.
The services were conducted by the
Rev. C. J. Staples and musical selec
tions were rendered by Mrs. Edith Kel
ley Beach.
Mrs. Lovejoy died last Friday at the
home of her son, Mr. Waldron Chase,
at Medicine Lodge, Kansas, and funer-
eral services were held there Saturday
morning. There was a large attend
ance of friends. The floral offerings
were numerous and beautiful. Among
them were the following: 66 tea roses
from the husband, daughter and son;
boquet of pinks from the grandchildren.
Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Fair; wreath, J. 11.
Currier and family, Boston; boquet ot
asters, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Harris, of
Lowell, Mass., and Mrs. A. V. Harris,
of Franklin Falls; pinks, Mrs. Charles
WMtakei; pinks, Miss Rollins and Miss
Cob urn.
There were several who witnessed
4Ten Nights in a Bar Room" Saturday
night who looked as though a few hours
had "fixed" them all right. They are
excusable, however. A fellow who had
to endure that show ought to have bad
something on the side to draw to.
Mrs. Carrie Nation's friends in this
city request the Index to say that the
stories recently published in the papers
saying that she is connected with Dow
ie, the fake Zionist, is false from be
ginning to end. Mrs. Nation says she
is not interested in his schemes at all
and has never met Dowie. This state
ment is published at the request of sev
eral of her Medicine Lodge friends.
Geo. W. Finch, of Harper, was struck
dead on the road between Harper and
Danville last Friday by apoplexy. Mr.
Finch was a prominent attorney and
politician of Southern Kansas. His
name was mentioned in connection
with the judgeship on the fusion ticket
this year but on account of some oppo
sition in his party he did not permit his
name to go before the convention. He
was formerly a republican but when the
free silver movement swept the country
in 1896, he went with it and since that
time has affiliated with the People's
Andrew Ott,one of Eagle township's
substantial stockmen, was one of the
prominent men at the Reuse sale Satur
day. Mr. Ott is one of Barber County's
early and most aggressive republicans
and he never loses an opportunity to
knock a three-bagger for his party ho
long as it pursues a policy which appears
to him to be proper and consistent.
But for all that the Barber county ma
chine has served notice on him that bis
counsel in the ranks is no longer needed
and that the only privilege he has as a
republican is to vote 'er straight. We
do not know what he will do in the
premises, but he doesn't look like a
man who is willing to be domineered.
A few weeks ago the dally papers con
tained an account of the death of Wil
liam Thompson, of Colorado, and the
account went on to say that on his
death-bed he confessed killing his son,
Benjamin. Upon inquiry we learn that
this is the Bill Thompson who former
ly resided in this county and who was
tried twice, but acquitted,on the charge
of murdering Jack McOuinn. A few
years ago Bill got into a fuss with his
son in Colorado and the son was killed.
Bill was arrested together with a man
by the name of Nicholson, but Thomp
son was released and Nicholson was
sent to the penitentiary at the time.
E. Sample was called to Colorado at
the time to defend Thompson. Thomp
son's death-bed confession has started
a movement to secure Nicholson's par
don. Many of our early settlers knew
Bill and Gid Tnompson and they were
always regarded as dangerous charac
ters. -
Go to Fair's and get a sack of Silver
Leaf Flour for 80 cents.
If you want corn and corn chop and
other feed at right prices come to For
syth's mill.
Dates Definitely Fixed. October 22nd,
23rd and 24th.
The Medicine Lodge Fall Fair will
be held October 22, 23 and 24. The As
sociation fixed these dates after con
sulting with the Kiowa people so that
the two fairs would in no way interfere
with each other.
It is the intention of the Association
to make this the great event in the
county's history to date. The premiun
list will be ready soon. It will embrace
all agricultural and live stock displays,
ladies' fancy work and canned goods
and everything adapted to Barber coun
ty soil and climate and genius.
The speed program will be as follows.
The association have assurances that
some of the best horses obtainable will
be here:
2:20 Pace $200.00
2:40 Trot. 150.00
J4-Mile Dash 50.00
-Mile Repeat 100.00
Free For All Trot $200.00
2:30 Pace 200.00
-MileDash 100.00
-Mile Dash 75.00
1-Mile Novelty ($25.00 each . . 100.00
Free For All Pace 1200.00
2:25 Trot 200.00
-Mile Dasli 75.00
1-MileDash 75.00
Mile Cowpony 25.00
(Rider and saddle to weigh 165 lbs.)
Medicine Lodge Township ticket.
The Populists and democrats of Med
icine Lodge township met Saturday
and nominated tire allowing Independ
ent township ticket:
Trustee J. M. Lukens
Clerk J. B. Stockstill
Treasurer W. E. Stout
Justice J. W. Potes
Constables J. W. Brown, Thos. Murphy
Koad Overseers, dist. 1 D. F. Painter
" dist. 2. J. J. Chadwick
dist. 3 FredLeibst
dist. 4 C. W. Kritzmire
" dist. 5 R.D. Gaddle
Lake City Picnic.
The dates for t.e big Woodmen pic
nic at Lake City have been fixed for
September 4th and 5th. A splendid
program has been arranged. The Mod
ern Woodmen will' have charge of it.
Among the speakers engaged for the
occasion are Hon. Yernon J. Bose and
Hon. Claude Duval, fusion candidates
for congressman of the 7th district and
secretary of state.
Rose at Sharon.
Hon. Vernon J. Rose, fusion candi
date for congressman, will speak at
Sharon, Monday night, Sept. 1st. Ev
erybody turn out aud hear this distin
guished orator and statesman.
A Tie Game.
The ball game between Kiowa and
Ingersoll in the latter city last week
resulted in a score of 5 to 5 in thirteen
innings. The tie would have been
played off if darkness had not overtak
en them. Ingersoll made four of ber
runs in the first inning when Davis for
Kiowa made a wild throw to first. Kio
wa made four of hers in the ninth
off of a series of safe hits.
Both teams were assisted by men
outside of the respective towns. Davis,
Coe, Owen audNewkirk of the Medi
cine Lodge team assisted Kiowa. The
tie will probably be played off either in
this city or at Kiowa the latter part of
this week.
Prohibition Meeting.
Mr. Ernest E. Taylor, of 111., who
was to have been here Monday evening
writes that ho will speak at the court
house Thursday evening, Aug. 21st,
at eight o'clock, at which time a date
will be arranged for a grand rally ad
dressed by F. W. Emerson, nominee for
Governor of Kansas, and others.
W31. L. Corykix.
J. O. Hahn is spending the heated
term in the mountains of Colorado.
Miss Gail Moore went to Wichita
last week to consult an eye specialist.
Her father, xr. Moore, accompanied.
They returned Saturday.
A Reply to Rev. Swan.
I see that the Rev. Mr. Swan has
taken up two columns in the Cresset
defending Belden (Rev.) and the traf
fic. These men have been singularly
unfortunate, both In their church rela
tions and in their relations with the
whisky traffic, yet both claim to be fol
lowers of the meek and lowly Christ.
Each has examined the scriptures and
has found and proclaimed himself and
the other a pure christian. No doubt
the same was true of John Calvin after
the death of Cervetus and of Henry the
VIII after bij second marriage. Mr.
Swan says that to "sacred history fails
to record that the deciples who weie
first called christians at Antioch went
dry.' Now what does Swan mean by
tbis statement? Does he mean to say
that sacred history records that they
went wet, or that it so intimates?
Cjme, Swan, and tell us what you
mean? Does he want us to think that the
Bible raises a false issue on the liquor
question and that it teaches that a
drunkard can enter the Kingdom
of God or that Jesus Christ and his dis
ciples did take their beer occasionally?
Then wbat does Swan mean when he
says "can a man be a christian and not
vote the prohibition ticket?" Does he
mean to say that anyone has said or as
serted that he could not be a christian
unless he voted that ticket? Does be
j want to raise a false issue, it not, why
ment, or does he think he can whip a
man of straw easier than a real man?
If Swan and Belden assume a proposi
tion for the other tellow that he has
never taken and then proceed to destroy
that proposition, they are simply befog
ging the real question and not treating
their opponent fairly. Now, mere men
who call themselves Rev. and wear
the cross of Christ on their breasts
can't afford to attempt to deceive in
this way. Again, what does this Rev.
Swau mean when he says "that many
of these immaculate saints pardon me
I should, say christians are to be
strictly avoided as 6ocial lepers in this
life." Who are these persons? Give
their names. What have they done?
Is there anything cowardly about this
insinuationAn!' Don't use irony ,come
out and meet these men with the truth.
If this man "does not want to belittle
temperance" then why did he get into
this fight? Why does he attempt to
ridicule the advocates of temperance If
he believes in and teaches it? If tem
perance is "the keynote of Christianity"
and this man Swan is a preacher of
that religion, why does he rush into
print agaiust those who claim and be
lieve tbe same tning, or does be believe
in the christian religion? It seems
that Rev. Swan owes it to this commun
ity to come out and tell them where he
is. If Swan knows anything he ought
to know that in Kansas prohibition is
in the constitution and that no man or
set of men have the legal right to li
cense the liquor traffic. Yet he cites
the caee of one of his liquor friends, a
joiniist with whom he was expostulating
for voting the dr ticket as saying,
"Why, it is the best ihnicr for us. High
license would cost us $600 a 3 ear or
more. Prohibition pulls us and fines
us $25, so if we get jerked every month
we are still $300 ahead." In all seri
ousness we doubt the above statement
about this jointist working for prohi
bition, and would like further informa
tion. Will the Rev. Swan give this
man's name and place ot residence and
state for whom he voted and when?
Also state how the Rev. came that
year to vote against bis "friend?" And
whether he intends to do the same
thing this year? "(An.)"
One can hardly biame Rev. Swan for
standing up against the constitution of
Kansas and agaiust the principles of
the christian religion and against the
bible itself when he thinks of the cata
logue of crime and rapacity that Swan
has charged up against these "moral
lepers" who "bend the right band oc
casionally and who draw the line
around the whisky jug." Here they
are, "they imagine that voting for pro
hibition is the sum total of being tem
perate, or that their vote will more
than balance intemperance of speech,
mercilessly denouncing the other fel
lows doxy." "The most intemperate
people on the face of the earth." "In
temperate in their words, their actions
and their judgment." "The joint
keeper more temperate." "Guilty of
the most unlawful proceedings."
"Breaking the laws of the land."
"Destroying property." "Breaking the
law of God." "Bearing false witnepg."
'Engendering strifes and feuds." "Set
ting wife against husband." "Parent
against child."
jNOwimnKoi wnatioisman nas en
dured and all tor the cross that he wears
outside of his vest and the malt.
vinous, spiritous and fermented liquor
tnat ne puts msiaeor nis vest.
G. M. Martin.
. VI in
Joseph Pfaff has bought the la ore bulldinc
formerly built for an lee house and will mon
It to his farm and convert It into a barn.
J. R. Garner Is building a large barn on hk
town property. Tbls,with ono ot the best dwel
ling houses tn this locality, makes a flue place.
Threshing Is getting pretty well rounded up
in this part of Barber county. The next thtox
to Interest our farmers will be to put out as
other wheat crop.
One evening last week Mat Smlthson an
Ed Goodan got mixed up a little. When to
first round was finished Ed looked like be
had been monkeying with a circular saw, but
with a few applications of raw beef it ic
thought that his wife will be able to recognix
him. As to Mat he has no wife and It doesn't
make much difference whether be looks pret
ty or not.
There is one very important matter tbat Is
keeping us awake at nights and that is this.
Why is it that when we nave a joint in tow
we have no drunks.uud when we have none an
are enjoying prohibition to its fullest extent
we have so many men apparently intoxicated?
We can't understand this and would like tc
receive some light on the subject.
Jesse Webb has been taking a few lessons ot
how to get along without sleep. He was forc
ed into the habit by having a badly brutseC
hand that assisted greatly in his effort to keep
awake, but after spending about ten days
with it and finding that he would feel better
after a good night's sleep, he called in Dr.
Durnett, who fixed his hand up all right.
The Hazelton school board has employes
their teachers for the coming term. Prof.
Stout was givea the principalship at an in
crease of $10 per month over last year. Misc
Josie Horton gave such good satisfaction last
winter tbat she was given her old position antf
Miss Hortie McMillion came with such goo
recommendations that she got the room taught
by MIsb Needs last winter. We believe the
board has made good selections and that the
Hazelton school will oontinue as in the past
to keep up with the best.
The voters of Hazelton township met Satur
day and nominated a township ticket. It is
a democratic, populist, republican, independ
ent and citizens ticket and will be . submitted
to the voters under tie latter name. It is ac
follows, to-wit : J. F. Gamble, trustee; C. F.
Betty, treasurer; W. C. Alford, clerk; Jesse
Ollnger an? J. U. Garner, Justices; O. H. Dun
bar and W. L. Barkley, constables; Mariot
Fox and S. H. Dicks, road overseers. Politi
cally, Betty, Garner, Fox and Dicks are repub
licans, while the remainder are all demo-pop-Ind-citizcns.
In fact all parties are given a
place on the ticket except the prohibitionists,
and none attending the caucus it is their owe
fault If they were left off.
H. C. Valker and Cash Heskett were In the
city on Saturday feeling the pulse of the vot
ers. With Cash it Is easy sleddmg.as he is pret
ty well acquainted with the people of Barter
county, and besides having been so lonz rs
gaged in the office of the county treasurer fcc
is known to be one of the best equipped tare
for the office that has ever been nomlna?.
His long and faithful service has put bits s
advance of any other man for the office ixtlicr
county. Mr. Walker, of oourse, is not wrtt
acquainted with the people but those whoa,
he meets are well pleased with bis appearance
and the republicans are not going to have it
all their way on representative in this part Of
James J. Hodge Dead.
After battling with cancer for many
years and enduring great suffering for ,
more than a year, James J. Hodge
closed his eyes in rest and peace oc
Sunday, August 17, 1902, at 5 o'clock a.
m. During the past year he was con
fined to his room continuously and hie
death was looked for at any moment.
Funeral services were held at the
family residence Sunday evening con
ducted by Rev. J J. Grifbn, pastor of
the Baptist church.
Mr. Uodge was C7 years, 7 months
and 15 days of age. lie lived in Bar
ber county for many years and has
been identified with our live stock inter
ests. He formerly lived at Aetna but
bought property and moved to the city
a few years ago. He was a soldier ia
the ciyil war and served with credit,
honor and distinction.
Geo. R. Hodge and Mrs. Cox of this
city are his children. Several others
living in different states, and his wife
who waited on hira constantly until
death relieved him, survive. The sym
pathy of the entire county goes out to
her in all she has sustained. A good
citizen is gone.
Mrs. Hodge wishes to extend to the
many friends her thanks and apprecia
tion for their kindness and assistance
rendered during Mr. Hodge's sickness.
Joe Fash, formerly of this county, is
a candidate for county assessor on the
prohibition ticket in Woods county,
For Farm Loans see Palmer & Case
Office west side Main st.

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