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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 11, 1905.
One Tear . $1.00
Uix Months 50
Three Months .25
PAINTER & HERR, Publishers.
Olcial Paper of Barter Connty.
Republicanism and boodle and
corruption seem to be inseparable.
Witness the Missouri senatorial
There is only one source of pride
in Missouri now. Joe Folk is gov
ernor and he didn't have to pay
$6o,ooo for the office.
A resolution has been intro
duced in congress to investigate
into the Lawson campaign boodle
charges. It will be squelched.
January 30th is the day set apart
for republicans and coons to meet in
fond embrace. You can't be a
good republican if you don't do
your duty.
I' Gov. Hoch was inaugurated gov
ernor on Monday and the only dif
ference is that the Hoch-Kelly-Stubbs
machine is running Kansas
instead of the Leland-Albaugh-Dailey
It looks like there are going to
be interesting times in Colorado.
Governor Adams was sworn in yes
terday but Governor Peabody re
fuses to give up the office and the
state has two governors. Adams
was elected by 11,000 plurality but
Peabody wants the legislature to
unseat him. The election stealing
in that state may yet cost the lives
of some of the citizens.
The new county administration
began business at 1 o'clock, p. m.
on Monday.All the old officers enter
upon the second, third or fourth
term excepting C. D. Rackley,
clerk of the district court, Dr. C.
W. Longenecker, coroner, and . Pat
Flannagan, the new commissioner
of the second district. Frank War
ren, treasurer-elect, will become a
full-fledged nabob next October,
and Hon. O. P. T. E well, our new
representative, took his place in the
legislature yesterday. Out of the
whole aggregation the democrats
have four representative, sheriff
and two commissioners.
Tup rniiKlioo. lanlUt r
Missouri is already clouded with a
scandal. Last week Thomas K.
Neidringhaus of St. Louis was
named for U. S. senator by the re
publican caucus and a few days
following came the astounding an
nouncement that his triumph cost
$60,000. A St. Louis brewer was
Neidringhaus' campaign manager.
The new senator himself is a mil
lionaire. The republicans are the
fellows who were going to purify
Missouri's affairs. They do the
same "purifying" job in Missouri
that they have been doing in Kan
sas. We -glean from our exchanges
from different counties that county
printing issues are warming up in
some counties. In counties where
the republicans control the board
it does not take long to dispose of
the matter. The republican papers
get it at legal rates and that ends
it. In the few counties where dem
ocrats are in the majority it is the
rule to submit it to bids. The fact
has also been disclosed that while
the Populists were in power the re
publican papers got the printing
of tener than the Populist papers
did, and now nearly all of the Pop
papers are out of business. In a
great many instances the demo
cratic commissioners are following
in the footsteps of their pop prede
cessors, and at the rate they are
going it will not be long until the
democratic papers . are "shot to
ruin" as effectually as the pop pa
pers were. In most counties the
county printing is contracted in
January. In Barber county, how
ever, it is done in April. '
Thomas W. Lawson, who bas recent
ly made contribution to the gaiety ot
nations, bas exploded a bomb, which,
according to tbe Cincinnati Enquirer:
"landed so near to the Boston state
house thai tbe detonation when it went
off must have shaken the sacred cod
flab off bis parch." Mr. Lawson sajs:
The MaHsachussetts legislature is
bought and sold as are sausages and
fish at tbe market and wharves.
That the largest, wealthiest and
most prominent corporations in
New England, whose affairs are
condueted by our moat representa
tive citizens, habitually corrupt tbe
Massachusetts legislature, and the
man of wealth amoDg them who
would enter protest against the mi
quity would be looked on as a "class
anarchist " I will go further and
say that if in .New England a mm
of the type of Folk of Missouri can
bo fouud who will give over six
uioulhs to turning up the legisla
tive aud Boston municipal sod of
the last ten years, who does not ex-
pose to tbe world a condition of rot
tenness more rotieu than was ever
before exhibited in any community
iu the civilized world, it will be be
cause lie has been suffocated by the
stench of what he exhumes.
Mr. Lawson, as is pointed out by the
Enquirer, gives names, dales and de
tails to establish the truth of his state
ment. After relating bow tbe legiela
ture was bribed to carry through a bill
the purpose of which was defeated by
Governor Walcott's veto, Mr. Lawson
concludes his narrative with the follow
ing interesting story:
Eaily next morning there came
to my two wild eyed, desperate
creatures, Towle and Mr. Patch.
When I looked up( n ihebig, power
ful man, who bad always seemed In
any light in which I had hereto
fore beheld him to fear neither
man nor God when I looked and
saw his plight I pitied him deeply,
sincerely. He carried a large trav
eling bag, and Mr. Patch two oth
ers. Lawson, for God's sake don't do
what they are all do n don t up
braid me! I've got to get out into
the world and be dead to all I know
family, friends, evenoue. If I
stay it's stato's prison or worse, and
Whitney says I must go. I've got
all the papers together, and Whit
ney has given me what cash he had
on band, and this check ol $10,000.
Do me one last favor get me gold
for it. I know 1 have no right to
ask any favors of you, but thiuk if
you were in my place. I have a wife
and children and the great, strong
man wept like a child.
I called mv seretary, and in a
short time George Towle, with the
$10,000 in gold and bags"eyidence."
faded out of my life and into the
gray mist of eterni ty.
A few days after a vessel dropped
anchor off the Island of Jamaica.
George Towle's body was carried
ashore and burried, and Mr. Patch
was escorted back to the ship. A
few days later, with weight of lead
to carry it to its last resting place
on tne ocean's bottom, the latter'a
dead body was dropped over the
vessel's side. And 'somewhere
floating on the high seas is a venture
some sailor captain and a crew
who, when In their cups, 'tis said,
tell strange tales of bags of gold
and queer documents.
Simultaneously the members of
tbe great and good court of the old
commonwealth of Massachusetts
tor the year of our Lord 1898 ro
cwived, none of thsm could tell from
where, their promised vote money
in the form of a yarn that the
"stuff" belonging to them had been
delivered to George Towle, but that
Towle had decamped with it to for
eign shores, where be was living in
luxury with Mr. Patch. -
I sent to police officials to the
island of Jamaica and bad the con
tents of the coffin marked "George
II. Towle" photographed. I could
not photograph the contents of, tbe
ocean's bottom.
Whenever an anarchist's plot Is laid
bare, the people are shocked and yet
the stories of the bribery of public offi
cials and the debauchery of legislatures
may be told and retold and many intel
ligent people are not in tbe least stirr
ed, evidently accepting these deplorable
features as part and parcel of the "des
tiny" that shapes our ends. Common
er. '- . :
From the Bill Smith ranob, two year
ling steers branded A (open A) on left
3w, and underslope in left ear. Liber
al reward for information leading to
their recovery. Address
A. Olson, .
Kiowa Kansas.
Forsyth's mill la the right place to
get your feed. Corn chop. Kaffir chop,
bran, shorts and chicken feed always
on hand. '
House Mover.
-1 am prepared to do all kinds of bouse
moving and raising. v ..
W. M. Baker, Harper, Ks.
A Serenade.
Bid silence to the melodious wan and
elgh . v -
Of countless strings! Hush that sweet
bird that sings
TVlthin the thick-leaved wild-rose 'cod-'
pice! Die .
Away, soft voices of the . night that
Dreams nearer earth! Let but my voice
From where I Atager, till the melody
Bush to iull'd silence, as the black night
And shines the roseate dawn upon the
- sea.
A star above and its soft beaming sky
Bend o'er thy slumber. Gentle Is the
But thou hast passed thy plotted roses
For stranger trees and viewless valleys
jPhere bleeps the amaranth by ' the
soundless stream:
The breathing airs fall silent -on thine
Aad music and sweet thoughts but feed
thy dream, . .
If In thy sleep thy-folded spirit hear.
Gleep is a sanctuary from the day,
The fancy's dwelling place, joy's bosom
My Love to sleep has giv'n her thoughts
Whom twilight stars and airy shapes
attend. -And
whispering winds, faint 'neath" the
dewy sky m
With burden of love's airs and hones
and fears
i'he rising hope that trembles to a sigh'
The ecstasy that has its springs in
Ethel Lcutae Cox in New York Times.
Artful Alliteration,
A T.riter has discovered that many
of the worst foes of the horticulturist
begin with - "w," - and he instances
worms, weevils, wind and otier work
ers or wickedness. This suggests a
question as to whether there is any
natural grouping of good or evil
things under particular letters. Take
"b" for example, and consider how
many boons and blessings to man be
gin with it. The baker, butcher and
brewer bring him bread, beef and
For additional foods he has bacon,
beans, bloaters, broccoli, b-oth, bi
valves, bananas, berries, bisciuts, buns
and butter. After a banquet of
bonnes-bouches he may bring out his
briar and blow his baccy while tie be
strides his bicycle. These are but a
few of the beneficent things included
under that blessed letter "b." : Now,
as a contrast, take "d," and among
the first words we think of are damp,
dark, dreary, dismal, dirty, depressed,
despairing, dead, drunk, and so on,
the very sound of which is enough to
drive one into doleful dump3. Tit
There are persuasive ways even for
dealing with a stubborn mule. At the
entrance to the subway extension
near Trinity church the other, morn
ing a negro driver, tried to persuade
his impassive steed to entr the cage
in which he was to be lowe d down
the shaft. -The mule approacned the
cage, but not nearer than two feet
There he stopped, and no amount of
patting, tugging or kicking availed to
move him forward.
Finally the driver divested, himself
of hi3 coat and tied it about - the
mule's eyes. But that wasn't enough.
The sagacity of the kicker was too
great, and he again stopped on the
edge of the cage. The mule was led
away and turned around several times
to mix him up. He wa3 not to be-
Then the cage was moved and the
driver led his mule blindfolded all the
way around the block. This time' he
was fooled and wa3 in the hated cage'.
It had taken an hour and amused at
least a thousand passersby; New
York Sun.
Woman's Happiest Age.
When a girl is eighteen she thinkB
the best timo of a woman's life must
certainly be from eighteen to twenty
two. When she has passed her twenty-second
year, she is decidedly of
opinion that from then until the age
of twenty-eight really marks the lim
its of the best time, and when thirty
comes on the scene she is ready to
give way to all those who believe a
woman to be then at the zenith of her
life. It is generally maintained that
after twenty-five the average woman
begins to attain her physical and men
tal perfection, and that for some eight
or ten years after this she still re
tains her charms undiminished. - Af
ter this time, of course, it depends en
tirely upon the woman whether she
chooses to advertise her years, or by
her charming personality and clever
dressing conceal all ravages of time.
A Topeka Daily Newspaper which vriil
Give in Detail the Doings of the
Kansas Legislature. V
Tbe Topeka State Journal is" the lar
gest daily newspaper in Kansas, it be
ing ten or more pages every day.
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Leg stature will be important because
there will be "something doing." Of
course, you wish to get all tbe new so
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ing for tbe Topeka State Journal. The
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The news service includes the full
leased wire report of the Associated
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political, sporting and general news;
telegraphic market report, entertaining
selections of Bhort stones, humorous
articles and special features of interest
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If you wish the news carefully and
impartially told and Interesting .read
ing, send for tbe Topeka Daily Stat
Journal, delivered by mail; one- hun
dred days for one hundred cents. :Ad
dress, Topeka State Journal, Topeka,
Kansaa. . : - - ,
First Published Id tbe Barber County index
. Decern bei 28tb. 1001.
Publication Notice.
To W.J. NellL The Missouri Valley Land
Co., Richard M. Sparks, 1. 8. Tevis. T. S. Proc
tor, Antoinette Mnuh, Frederick D. Smith.
Antoinette J. S. Angle. Mary Sunafrank and
B. K. Van Kirk will take notice tbt Thomas
t-trawbndge. plaintiff, did, on tbe 21st day of
December, 1904. file bis petition in tbo District
Court, wit hiu and fer tbe county or Barber,
in the btate of Kansas, against the said W.
J. Neil, '1 be Missouri Valley Land Company.
FicbaraSi. Sparks. I. S.Teris. T. S. Prsotor.
Antoinette binstb. Frederick D. Smith, An
toinette J. 8. Angle, Mary Sunafrank and E.
E. Van Kirk detendauts. and that the said de
feudants above named must answer said pe
tit iou filed as aforesaid on or before the loth
day of February, 1905, or said petition will be
taken as true and a judgment rendered in
Bald action:
1- -AKMinst W. j. Neill releasing mortgage
made by Qeorne T. Barton on cast half of
northeast quarter of section eight (81, town
ship tnirty (30), rango fourteen (14) west, re
corded In book "S" page 60.
a. Against Antoinette Smith, Frederick D.
Smith, Antoinette J. 8. Augie releasing the
in TtKRge made by Thomas Butcher on the
west half nf tbe northwest quarter of section
eijiht (8). township thirty (30;. of range four
teen (14) and r.corded in book S" patte 167.
8. Against Tbe Missouri Valley Laa-i Com-
fany and Mary tsunatrauk. itlchard M Sparks
. S. " ovis. T. S. l'notor, E. K. Van Kirk, W.
J. Nelll. Antoinette Mnitb, Frederick D. Smith.
Antoinette J. s. Angle, quietiug plaintiff's ti
tle to tbe following described real estate. to
wit: -
The southeast quarter of southeast quarter
of soctiou seven (7), ail of section eight (S.
the northwest quarter and the west half of
nnrtheaet quarter of section rino (), also
northwest Quarter of northwest quarter of
section seventeen (17). nil in townsato thirty
f3t. range fourteen (14) weet. situated iu tbe
county of Barber, Slate of Kansas; and forev
er barring said defendants, and each of them,
of and from all right, title, estate, inierest,
property and equity of redemption, in or to
said prenileee, or any part thereof.
Seal:. Attorney for PiatntiiT.
Attest: A. W. Smith, Clerk.
First published in the Barber County Index
Dec. M4. -
' Publication Notice.
ToltrC. Glazier, Arizona L. liodgeig, j. o.
Davidson, Antoinette Smith, tredenck D.
smith. Antoinette J. 8. Angle, Bichard M.
Sparks and J. 8 Nines wiil take notice that
Ihe lloetettor Cattle Company, plaintiff, did,
on the 21st day of December. 1904. file its pe
tition iu the District Court within nd for the
county of Barber, in the state of ansae,
HgalnMt the eai 1 It. C. Glazlfr. Arlzoua L.
Uodirers, J. O. David.'ou, Antoinette Smith,
Frederick D. Smith, Antoinette J. S. Angle,
Kicuard M. .Sparks mid J . a. Nuns def endauts,
andtltat the said aeft-ndants above named must
answer said petition filed as aforesaid on or
before tbe 10th dy or February, 1905. or said
petition will be taken as true and a judgment
rendered la (said action against:
1. H. C. t lazier releasing mortgage made by
Auna L. Ford and husband on west half of
Southwest quarter of section four (4), town
ebip thirty (30), of range fourteen U) west,
recorded in book "Q.- page 610. Harder county
2. AgalustJ.D. Davidson releasing mort
gage made by Jobn L. Litidaey and wife on
west half of southeast quarter and east half
of southwest, quarter of section five 5. town
ship thirty i30). of range fourteen (14) west,
recorded in book "J" page 2S1 Barber county,
records. .
3. Against Antoinette Smith, Frederick D.
Smith aud Antoinette J. S. Anglo releasing
mortgage made by Th. mas Butcher and wife
upon west half of the soutnwest quarter ot
flection fire (5), township thirty (301, of range
fourteeu (Jl) west, recorded in book "S" page
1G7, Barber uounty records.
4. Against R. O. Glazier, Arizona L. Bodg
p.'S. J. O. Davidson, Antoinette Smith, Freder
ick D. Smitb. Antoinette J. S. Angle, Richard
M. Spark6 and J. 8 Nims quietimr plaintiff's
title to the following described real estate, to
wit: Tbe west halt of the southwest quarter of
section four (4). also the southwest quarter
and'tbe west half of southeast quarter ot seo
tion five (5). all la township thirty (30). range
fourteen (14) west, situated ia the County of
Barber, in tho State of Kansas; and forever
barring said defendants, and each of them, of
and from all right, title, estate, interest, prop
erty and equity of redemption, in or to said
premiees of any part thereof.
Seal: Attorney for Plaintiff.
Attest: A. W. Smith. Clerk. . .
First Published in the Barber County Index
Jan. 4. 1305.
Publication Notice.
Tho State of Kansas, to F. J. Schwartz, and
tbe unknown heirs and devisees and tbe un
known admin intra torn, executors and trus
tees of F..J . Schwartz, deceased:
" You and each or you will take notice that
you have been sued by J. A. Maddox, in theDis
trict Court ot Barber couuty, Kansas, and that
unless you answer tbe petition filed by the
sftid plaintiff on or before the 15th day of Feb
ruary, 1005. said petitiou will be taken a true
and a judgment will be rendered against you
and each of you accordingly, of the following
nature, to-wit: adjudging that the said plain
tiff is the absolute owner in tee-simple, and is
in the quiet, peaceable, open, notorious, un
disturbed, exclusive and. adverse possession
of. all of tbe following described real estate,
situated in Barber county, Kansas, to-wit:
Lot thirteen (13), in block seventeen (17) in
Henton's addition to the Ciry of Sharon, a-
said lot is shown on the recorded plat of said
addition, now on file in the office of tbe regis
ter of deeds of Barber county, Kansas.
And that neither you nor any or either of
you have any riuht. title, estate, interest,
claim, lien or encumbrauce. In. to or upon the
said real estate or any part thereof ; that all
title or cla m which you or any or either of you
may bare bad or claim to have in or to said
real estate or any part thereof be fortver
barred, foreclosed and extinguished; and that
you and eaoh and every one of you be forever
barred, estopped and foreclosed from ever set
ting up or asserting any right, title or claim
In or to the said real estate or any part thereof .
Judgment will also be rendered in said ac
tion r.. the alternative although each and ev
ery one of said defendants were attve at the
commencement of the said action; and
agalust tbe unknown heirs and devisees, and
the unknown administrators, executors and
trustees of each of tbcm, as though each and
evory one cf said defendants were deceased
at the commencement of tbe said action.
Witness my baud and official seal this 3rd
day of Jan., 1905. A. W. Smith, -
seal: - Clerk of the District Court.
SEWARD I. FIELD, Attornej for Plaintiff.
First Published in the Barber County Index
Jan. 4. 1905.
Publication Notice.
The State of Kansas, to The Kansas Loan and
Investment 0-mpnnr. and the unknown
heirs and devisees of Nicholas Sherlock, de
ceased: -You
and each of you will take notioe that
yon have been sued by C. Q. Chandler,
J 8. Run ran and Samuel Stewart In the
District Court of Barber county, Kansas, and
that unless you answer tbe petition filed by
the said plaintiff i:i tbe said action on or be
fore the 15th day of February, 1905, 6 did peti
tion will be taken as true and a . judgment
rendered against you and each of accordingly,
of the. following nature, to-wit: adjudging
that tbe said plaintiffs am the absolute owners
ip fee-simple, and in the quiet, peaceatle.
open,, notorious, undisturbed, exclusive and
adverse possession of. alt of the following de
scribed real estate, situated in Barber coun
ty, Kansas, to-wit:
Lot eight (8), in block four (4). of Cook,
Standiford & Company's revised addition to
the City of Medicine Lodge, as said lot is
shown ou the recorded plat of said addition,
now on file in tbe office of the register of deeds
of Barber county. Kansas. -
And that neither you nor any or either of
you have any right, title, estate interest,
claim, lien or encumbrance, in. to or upon tbe
f aid real estate or any part thereof; that all
title or claim which you or any op- either of
you may have bad or claim to have -in or to
said real estate or any part thereof be forevor
barred, foreclosed and extinguished; and that
you and each and every oue or yon be forever
barred, estopped and foreclosed from ever
setting up or- averting any right, title or
claim in or to the said real estate or any part
thereof. .. ..
Judgment wiJl also bs rendered in said ac
tion against the snknown heirs and devisees,
or Nicholas Sherlock, deceased. Judgment
will also be rendered tha. the mortgage re
corded in the following hooks in the office of
the register of deeds of Barber county, Kan
sas, to-wit; Book 4 of mortgages, at page 441,
is paid, discharged and saUsned and canceling
tbe same of record.
Witness my band and official 'seal tbia 3rd
day of Jan.. JSCS.
- Attest: . - - a. tv. smith.
Seal: - - . Clenk of the District Court.
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
4UltTMtttmiiuu Mum
K President. -
Medicine L
Capital, - $20,000. . '
Surplus, - $20,000.
Successors to First National Bankr- EstablisheTin 1S84.
we point with pride to 20 years of conservative banking.
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JL Vl consultlSelect"cal engineer, of Wellington, Kansas,
Wd hke to figure with you on rural telephone lines, and. can save
you money. No job too small, none too large. i6-f t. poles 4 Sc 2Q Jt
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Last week's Farmer and Stockman,
ot K nsas City, MoM contains ao ad
mirable article by W. P. Harned of
Vermont, Mo , on the subject ot
Wintering Breeding Cattle." It ia a
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scriptions for The Farmer and Stock:
man at tbe Index office. ...
Marlon Harland.
A very interesting feature cf tbe
Sunday edition of The Chicago Record
Herald, undone looked for by every
woman reader of that paper. Is the
page devoted to Marlon Harland. Un
der the Housewives' Exchange queries
and answers appear on subjects which
conscientious housewives enjoy dls
cussing. Wholesome advice is given
about the care of children and bow to
make a home beautiful and attractive.
Ou tho same page are also to be found
some of Marion Har land's famous rec
ipes." Sue is considered an authority
ou this subject, many people making it
a practice to preserve her recipes when
ever they are published.
.A word about Marion Harland her
self. Thousands of people who have
real her articles are desirous of know
iog more about her.- Her real name Is
Mary Virginia Terhnne. She was born
in Amelia County, Virginia December
21, 1831; received a good education; be
gan to write for tbe press at 11, and in
1S5Q married Bev. Edward Payson Ter
ha no. Besides writing for tbe press,
Bbe is the author of a large number of
books. Sbi has a summer home called
Suonjbank at Pompton.K.' J., but at
present is Ilylnz In Jew York City. v
- ' Casbler.
odge, Kansas.
. . ...No. 10
$150 REWARD.
win be paid by
tbe undetfijrbed for
Information leading
to the arrest and
conviction of any
person stealing cat
tle owned by me.
Brands, 8 on if ft
hip, bar oa right
The Schaefer Electric
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Drug Co. Night calls answered from Mrs
Mcclain's residence. Telephone 75.
i ' and Notary Public.
Will attend to business in all the Court.
Cffloe over Citizens State Bank.
Physcian and Surgeon.
Office over Gem Drug Store.
The Farmers' Nursery,
Can furmab you everything carried by
first-class nursery at one-half tbe price you
pay elsewhere, and guarantee everything
true to nitme, nothing but nrst-clatte good
furnished- Goods which can't be in-own ter
in H ursery furnished through the tireisa Mur
y-p of Lawrence, Kansas, the oldeit and
l reliable nursery in the state. -
- E. E. ELACKMOHJ. Maiujsr.
. cceetor to C. A. Elaclrcore,

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