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A .lliiuti-Ji's (utiitT.
A,y«m»g Hi.ml »nt t,\ In r milage lit*',
A bemnifni iiniid. it 1 the ila» u nf day ;
•Her mi wiii» fell iiliy ii|mhi In r kin t
For li* r heart huh In rthoughts \\ t ie far awnV:
lit I. a 8i l« rold wooer came ii|> the del),
A woo. r wlio»e hopes, ou«- would iliink, were
I lit 11..1.. . 1, *► heart in a puzzle to ti l! —
Ami though old his tint —yet hi* coat wa*
in w ;
'< *h. a young iiitiidi n’s In art is a puzzle to tell—
Aim lhon-.li old his late, yt l h,s mat was new.
ilhe wvum r he gave her a wistful look—
Alio wistful, 100, wile ’he Wi'ius he said ;
While meny sin sail" like a Min.un r brook,
/u i play, n wiiL ini iiiedn, auii ki.o ;ni In
till* d.
Ilt-V|’u„t ot itn- ring ami w« 1 iding eJiime,
He plesse.i in r li iml. aim he liemleo Ins kin ■
Anil lie iK-gj'iiii avil implored tier 10 fix diction
mill iisk my 1110 in r son she;
AJil. fix it yourself. m\ oarllng. Mini In-;
No—go and ask my mm tier, said she.
iSca.rqe jtito the house had the vvoot r tone.
V\ lien a ymuig man n-am d 01 r a lu-iatiLniriu
Ami sad was the look tint the you'll put on.
And plnytnl and gay was in- n.ai en s smili :
iVay. wJm is this 1 atie 111 it conn s here to woo
Ami why at your side doe* I-,- talk so free !
Must 1 ask your niodier, di ar Marv, 00/
to, Harry, she w In-pi red. y, 11 mn>l ask .vie!
I'll hotter go in, your n o he* 10 see ;
No, 11 my, no—no! y.,n iniisl kneel and asl
ME !
There was wailing one morn at the villas
Wailing ami weeping, and words of woe—
For the wed hv old wimm-i- was led in the lurch.
The 111. till had gone off vvnh a younger bean
■Warmly ihe sun on ihe lit ilgerovv “lowed.
Warmly il shone on 'in- old J.irin gate;
And wild Was die hummer upon he road
As Harry rode otf widi his wedded male!
Ha! ha! lie cried ! —Ho! ho! laughed lit—
-1 In-y may wait a long while tre the brid
they see.
A Cut .8,0, ,---hi y a Sniofirr,
“Will ill** readers of die “ Cotton Plant” listen
to a cat stoi y—true as truth! As i: occurred
between two ol (lie most anginal, mercurial,
dignified judges o! the supreme court dis'rici
wherein ilie rcsjicctahle town ot Van Butvn
(Arkansas) is situ .teil, perhaps the watcher ol
the finances anil declines of cotton, may design
to read oi tin - verilaiile occurrence.
I came down with the j idge of “the 4th.”
who was to argue a ease at Van Bureu Court.
He was a testy oal logy, nervous and impetuous.
W*■ all put tin at tile " t n email’s I tali and Trav
eler’s Home,’ - as a small signboard in front of a
lather obscure house announced.
After the 1-itigues ol the day. we all retired
€!ii*iy, three in the room, myself and the two
judges. Altera long legal com i isalion in the
dark, each voice arising from its respective coi
ner. a gradn.it stillness came over the house and
our room. 1 was suddenly startled, by hearing
the discordant and disagreeable howl of a cat
just under tny bed 1 heard the judge of “the
4th” start.
“ Gracious! a cat !” exclaimed he.
There was a cry from the other end of the
bed room. •
•• Another one!” said the other awakened
Then there was a general “shew, shew,
shew!” and a scampering over the Hour.
1 detest cats. I(. It die perspiration on tny
brow; there was another "mew” In die dim
ness ol the room I could perceive* the jndee el
the lilt’s full figure arise steal idly front its lu d.
pillow in hand. At the same instant I could
deafly perceive the form ol the other judge pass
between mvself and the window, lie had also
seized his bolster.
I saw at once that the two judges were simul
taneously acting on the same idea: that was.
imitating a cat. and getting die animals within
reach to deal a furious blow upon poor tubby.
“ Mew,” said the judge of the 1 h.
'• Mew.” answered the odier.
Then there was a tremendous mewing anil
howling of the real cats and the imitators It
was [li cit dark. 1 heard the cats trip out of die
door, and it turned out to be so, and the judges
were left alone
“ Mew ! mew ! mew !”
By litis time they were evidently approaching
each other, both under the impression that he
would wreak his vengeance on llie <1 is timers ol
our rest. It was the iiost who. arous-d by the
noise above, was hastening to the scene.
11l the mean time the two irrascihie old gen
tlemen, with night caps on their In ads, and
each brandishing a pillow, wore approaching
“Mew! mew!”
There was a blow—another, and pnother,
mingled with excited exclamations.
At dtis crisis the host hurst into the room
with lights. The real cause of all the mischief
had fled, and in their stead, upon hands and
knees in die middle of the room, were exposed
the wrathful judges.
I will spare the leaders of the ‘Cotton Plant’
further particulars. I Ids part of die scene is
easier imagined than ties ri'ied.
Thk Laoiks or !*r. i’i:rui-miui. — In the
burgher circles at St. Petersburgli.the two sexes
usually group themselves very much apart from
each other. Even at meals, the gentlemen take
one-half of the table, and the ladies the other.
1 will not venture exactly to praise such an ar
rangement. but certainly it spares many an old
grey-beard or busy merchant, engrossed with
agio* and percentages, the trouble of ha iiiit to
entertain a simitering sixteen year ok] neighbor.
The chief subjects of conversation with die la
dies of St. Petersburg!!, at the dinner table, anil
in the circle they subsequently form round their
coffee cups, are music, theatricals, the gossip ot
the town, a very little literature, and, above all.
the fashions. On this last subject they are in
exhaustible, ami truth demands the confession
that they do not cultivate a barren soil. They
do not. as many a distinguished nation d assem
bly has done, waste their time in fruitless theo
ries. Every pmjeef devised speedily becomes
an accomplished fact; [dans are no sooner
sketched than carried out: theory quickly blos
soms into practice : no undertaking is too diffi
cult, in* obstacle insurmountable, no sacrifice
too great for th-se devoted priestesses of the
Graces. — TV *> ff "««'*»
Lkoal A.'. eoo . u .nc mu. ol .oi August
afternoon, Air. G —, a lawyer out West, who
is somewhat energetic in speaking, w.is “ sum
miu'/ up” with his usu d zeal on behalf ol his
clieijt before Squire Pain, and a crowd of spec
tators then and there asseuioletl. While G
was pul tup* in his biggest licks a quizzical chap
got behind him and went l«* tickling his ear with
a s’T.nv. The Justice liked a juke au 1 kept slid.
G supposim; it vy is Hies, brushed first one
ear and llieu the other, but persevered in hi
speech amid a subdued tittering. Finally, as
G— ha ope tied to lie pressing some novel
point of law to the Justice, his friend bcliin 1
put the “flea in h s ear” a little more sensibly.
As G finished his hand at the fy a !if !■
little mure fiercely, the Justice burst out laugh
ing. t\ laTi 11,'ini ti , bri atrMis; ids fi<l al
most ill contact Wi h 111 liead ,t the Magistrate,
rebuked him us fud )\v»; —
Vour Honor easy langh —iui such U the lute ’
We know of no slavery on t atlli like that ntten
.laul upon the newspaper life, whether it be as
lirei tor or subordinate. Vonr task never ended
vmu responsibility never secured, the last day’s
-vork forgotten at the close of the day on w hich
It appeared, and the dragon of to-morrow wails
.peii-mou'li. d to devour your tbuiights. am,
oiap up one morsel of your existence. Be as
ui cesstul as in ihenatur, of things to be—w rite
vi'h the least possible degree of t xeuion—hi
ndiftereiit to praise and iron hearted to blame;
■ll will the human Inn it wear out before its
mu-, and your body, if not your mind, ekhihit
very symptom of dry-ml. —Ezrkanoe.
I)iy fidii lost iek ! that mm's dinner didn’t
ligesi. or The wind was “ dead east.” or his wife
-'on-shed li * 111 With a pair of twins, or his hoots
•iiiehtd him.
1 d bei y..u a new neck-iie that he is one o!
he cross-grained sort, and would go fisti-enffs
i'h Gabriel, and raise a rebellion in Paradise,
’here aim a word of Until in what he says,
ve been behind ihe curtain, and I will speak
his time ! I tell yon that ihe editors are ptsl
he lattrsi. sleekest, happiest, most frolicksotne.
he cleverest, brightest, most intelligent. loven
de set ot beings in existence; and the only
eason why they don’t “ own up," is because
hey an- afraid to let 'he world 111 general know
ow many little favors and perquisites fall to
heir lot.
I hey go down to the office in the moi-niiur, af
•ra carelnl toilet and a comfortable breakfast
—make tip a fire in the stove hot enough to mast
01 Ic hinder,“hermetically seal” every door anil
vindovv, put on a pair of old slippers, draw-up
leiye easy chair, light a cigar, stick their feet
dither than their heads, ami proceed to business
hat is to say. between the w hiffs of that cigar,
hey tell excruciating funny stories, poke eaeli
1 her under the ribs, agree to join die mutual
iliniration society, retail all the “wire pulling’’
••'hind ihe scenes, calculate which way die pie
rit-al cat is a going to jump, and shape theii
•laragrapbs accordingly; tell who threw that
'nigh hnquet last evening to Madame Fitz Flnm
mg ; shake hands and make room for all the
■■ bale L bows well met," who drop in to see
h iii|; kitp iheir intellects sharpened up by
■oil s on with the sharp anil gifted; in short,
five in one perpetual clover field, and when
bvy die. all die newspapers write nice little
ibi’nary notices id them, and give them a free
pass to Paradise. I’d like to know if that looks
like a “vexed existence.”
I line w ould tail to tel! of die wedding-cake.
■ inT flowt rs, and fruits, and annuals, and em
broidered purses, and tasseled smoking caps,
pretty Ii 1 tit- noti s, braided walcli-ehaius, hand
rchiejs hey gei perfumed, and gloves mended
— -fa ~ no ki/icr.
How every body midges his neighbor when
'hev app’-ar at a lecture, or concert, nr opera,
ind s y*. there goes that clever fellow, 'lie Editor
I the Comet. Now he has a season ticket to
he frog pond—he lias—but thee is no use tell
nsr all a body knows ! Christopher Columbus !
editor's life a "vczed existence II ’’
Let those laugh now who never laughed be
And those who always laugh now laugh the
more!” Fanny Fern.
Isdepen dent. — No man is more independent
than in- who lias not a cent in die world. There
is not tiie least risk of being wheedled out of
his money. Nobody attempts to *• shave him.”
lie is allowed to walk about without interrup
tion- He has not even the trouble of bowing to
1 single acquaintance. In fact, it would be dif
ficult to find one. The side-walk is cleared, il
tin v see him coming, as it he was an Emperor
ot China; and so great is the reverence he in
spires. ih ,t all eyes are turned away from his
conu'eiiance, through profound respect, lit
yoes win-re he pleases, and sometimes an officer
f the law follows him. afar off, watching over
ins safety. It any body loses a thing where h,
lias been, every eye is upon him, supposing that
ids superior observation has detected the thief.
And. not niitreqiienlly, lie is summoned befon
1 magistrate, ami questioned as to things pur
loined, a tribute to his superior sag city anil
penetration. W lien he dies, tin re is so great a
lesirethat such a loss to the community should
fie kept a secret, that nobody attends Ids fnner
d, and no su-ne m o lt* Ids “rave. — I’nclc Ham.
Thk Wipe s l;MV,.uru, itnAi.. —it must ever
lie borne in mind tint mm’s love, even in its
happiest exercise, is not i.ke woman’s ; for whili
die employs herself th mill'll every hour in
fondly weaving one beloved imago into all hei
bought*, he gives to her comparatively few of
bis, and these, perhaps, neither the loftiest 1101
die best. It is a wise beginning, then, foe eve
ry married woman to make up her mind to be
forgotten through the greater part of everyday ;
•« make up her mind to many rivals, too. in ini
husband's attentions, though not in his love ;
■md among iln se 1 would mention one, whose
claim it would he folly to dispute, since no re
monstrances or representations on her part will
ever be able to render less attractive the charms
of this competi'or. I mean the newspaper, of
whose absorbing interest some wives are weak
enough to evince a sort of childish jealousy,
when thev ought rather to congratulate them
selves that their most formidable rival is one of
panel.—Af rs. FFis's !!V-vx rf Futr^uud.
Lake Biglek.— vVe , \ r,ci 111 c annexed from
he Saturday’s issue of the I’lacerville Herald:
Thi s is the mime given to one of the larges'. I
il not the largest lake in California. It lies at a
an at elevation, between two distinct ridges of
he Sierra Nevada, and but one and a half miles
lo the north of Johnson's route to Carson Valley.
It is at least fifty miles long, with an average
wid h of from ten to twenty miles; and yet wa
look tli vain upon “Trask’s New Map,” even
fur its position oi locality, though well known to
be the great source of the Trnekee river—Fre
mont to the contrary notwithstanding, who
speak* ot it as die head waters of file “ South
Fork of the American ”
This lake has great depth, though bounded b\
1 marsh at the south end ; it never freezes, tho’
surrounded a great part of the year by everlast
ing snows. Ou eidn-r side are ranged those
great rock harriers, that since their first upheav
d have, though assailed by volunteer torrents
from ihe melting j|mv<, successfully resisted
its annual efforts fo"ielease from its mountain
prison. It abounds with fishes of several vari
eties, among w hit li die speckled trout, many of
large size, and the salmon, real salmon, preilom
inate. They are taken in considerable numbers
hy tile Indians that resort to this, their w ildly
nun Hide and beautiful summer retreat.
So clear are its waters, >it it a stone or odier
object can be distinctly seen at the bottom,
thirty nr more feet deep. About midway be
tween ibe two extremes of the lake, on die east
ern side, is a singular over-arched chasm, in the
wall of rock that leads to unknown caverns ami
dark recesses, said by the Indians to be the
diode of spirits or genii, that in times gone hv
inhabited the outer world—that for certain
■ ransgressions were carried by superior spirits
into these caverns, w here thi-v have remained
to this day. In a future number of the Herald
we shall give the entire legend, now extant, as
connected with this striking feature of Lake
Large porn. I. > i i .he lipm wu n . ,11 the origi
nal language, pure poetry. The translators h o
10 care hjr auvdiiug but a literal rendering ; ano
w here tire poetic construction was id a mi-uiin
preserv ed, if wa# purely accidental
“ The bridegroom sea,
Is toying with the shore, his wedded bride,
And in the fulness of his marriage joy,
He decorates her lawny blow with shells,
Retires a space to see how fair she looks,
'] ben proud, runs up to kiss her.”
A worthy minister, noted for his wit, on being
asked what kind of a person the wifeoi Mr.
was, replied, * 1 will give yon her grammatical
character. She is a utnm, substantive, seen, felt,
and heard.’
There is something to me, says Byron, very
softening in the presence of a woman—some
•orange influence, even if one is not in love with
hem. I always feel in belter humor with my
self and everything else, if there is a woman
within ken.
The largest tunnel in *he world is in Hunga
ry. extends from the shore of the Gran, near
Zernotwitz. to the Scbemnizer Hill mines, and
is leu English miles in length.
Upon the Venitian Canals there are gondolas
plying at certain hours of the day, with the
word Omnibus” printed conspicuously upon
the buck awnings.
How romantic young people are when they
court, 'fill girls get married, all they think
necessary to happiness are moonlight evenings,
a few hollyhocks, and a cottage surrounded by
honeysuckles and grape vines.
When the Governor of Ceylon was address
ing a native prince through an interpreter, in a
high strain of courtly adulation, to each sentence
the prince answered, ‘Cadab.’ This was re
peated so frequently as to induce the Governor
to inquire its meaning. *He means to say.’ nn
-wered the interpreter, 4 that your Excellency
Love is a bird of summer skies ;
From cold and from winter be soon departs ;
He basks in the beam of good humored eves;
And delights in the warmth of open hearts;
But where he has once found chill and rain,
He seldom returns to that bower again.
An absent minded editor having courted a girl
and applied to her father, the old man said—
‘ Well, you want my daughter: what sort of
a settlement will you make? What will you
give her V
4 Give her,’ replied the other, looking up va
cantly, 4 0, I’ll give her a puff.’
4 Take her,’ replied the father.
A cotemporary says; When we see a neat,
pretty girl, with a free but innocent air, with
cheeks like roses, and heavenly bine eyes, w Inch
seem to repose in serenity beneath their silken
lashes—we always wish she was near a mud
puddle, and we hud to help her over.
The empire ol woman is an empire of soft
ness, oi address and complacency—her com
mands are caresses, her menaces are tears.
Judge 11. A. Schoolcraft, recently ap
pointed Collector of the Port of Sacramento, on
Ins trip home died a few days out from Panama.
Judge S. was one of the earliest residents of
44 Bidding fou Places.” —At the sale of tick
ets at the American Theatre this morning, for
ch nice seats to-morrow evening, when LoI%
Montez makes her first appearance, Captain
got the first choice at s(jo. General
Addison the second for $25. Some other seats
were also sold at a fair premium.— Journal.
W hat did Don Ouc-big*-fool get his seat fur,
eh ? "
Santa Ann a.— the history ol this gentleman’s
life will some day make an interesting book of
adventures. He is indeed a child of fortune.
At one time he is President of Mexico, and then
be is ‘up a tree’ in Texas, with Sam Houston at
die foot. Then be is again President ot Mexi
co; then ho is chased off out of the country.
Then he is allowed a free pass by President
Poik ; then he is defeated at the terrible battle
of Bnen.i V ista, and then in a succession of con
flicts between Vera Cruz and the City of Mexi
co. Peace was declared, and the only General
hat seemed capable of commanding the Mexi
cans in battle was again compelled to leave his
country. Now, again, when nobody else can
uoverii litem, they send lor Santa Anna to take
he helm of State. 'I hey can do little with him,
but what can they do without hint ? We think
that, in view oi till the experience of the past,
his countrymen should be thankful to let him
die President of Mexico.
Decidedly Cool.—One of the coolest affairs
we have heard ot for many a day, came off in
Columbia lust week. It appears that two par
ties claimed the same piece of ground, and a
gentleman belonging to the party having pos
session, was attacked by one of the others, in
presence ot the party, and given one or two
pretty sharp shoulder-strikers. These blows
were not resented at the time, as the occupant
of the claim had no friends present, and had not
been io dinner. He told the person, however,
that, as soon as he returned from dinner, he would
settle with him, thinking by partaking of a
pound or two of ood fat beef, that lie would la
the stronger and belter enabled to cope with his
tdversary. Accordingly, after lie had braced
his nerves by a hearty dinner, he returned to
the claim, called the gentleman out, and « e nn
lerstand. gave him a sound thrashing.—Cohna
bi i Gazette.
The Retiming Senators. — At the close ol
he late Legislative session, Senators Sprague.
Lott. Estell. Keene, Foster. Hobbs. Ralston.
Roach. Snyder and Womboneh, returned to
'heir constituents, having each served Cahfor
oia years for which they wore elected.
We do not recollect any other period, when so
many of the ablest men in the State, retired to
gether from positions of honor and trust. Tin
persons named above, arc the flower of onr pub
lic men. They have been prominent advocates
of nearly all, and originators of very many ol
the useful measures adopted by the two lust
Legislatures.— Transcript.
Distinguished Arrivals. —Among the pas
sengers on the Northerner we observe Senator.-
(twin and Weller, the former accompanied by
his lady and daughter; Hon. E. C. .Marshall and
lady; Hou. J. W. McCorkle, stopping at San
Diego; Hou. Alpheus Felclt. and Hon. Thomp
son Campbell, of the newly appointed Land
Commission; Hon. S. P. Inge, the recently ap
pointed Attorney for this District ; Maj. Ham
mond, Collector of the Port of San Francisco;
Ex-Gov. McDougal and family ; Mr. Van Vcor
bies, Surveyor of the Port, and Mr. Damerun,
Naval Oflic er.
A Delicious Domestic Scene. — Inquiring
Young Lady. —Oh dear, do tell me how Charles
declared his love.
Expectant icife. —Well, Fanny, we were in the
parlor, you know, and all at once he turned up
his eyes so I thought he was ill. Then he turned
them down, and squeezed my waist, and asked
me if Fd have him —anti —and —
Inquiring Young Lady. —Well, dear—well,
what did he do next?
E.rnec'nnf IIVC-. —Nothing, dear; but I said
•yes” and gracious bow he ki.-seo me 1 Then,
dear. I lidd mv head all his shoulder, and then
vve talked, dear. Oh, how I trembled. 1 tho’t
1 uevc-r could go lb tough it.
Tiaiei per .Hdlk,
And the Treasure crosses the Isthmus under
forwarded by us to the.
Philadelphia Mint is al
ways deposited there before that seat by any
other conveyance.
Our rates are lower than those offered by any
other House with the same security.
We also forward Treasure four times per
mouth to England by the P. M. S. S. Co s steam
ers to Panama, and from Chagres by the West
India Mail Steamers.
Our Express being the most extensive in the
United States, and having our own offices in all
the principal cities of the Union, we are pre
pared to forward parcels, packages and valua
bles of every description to any point, with
the greatest dispatch, and to all parts of
Europe, by
Edwards, Maud ford Sc Co’s Great Euro
pean Express!
Our principal offices in the Atlantic States
are at —
IVew York,
II alii mure,
Wilmington, C.
Charleston, M. C.
New Haven,
Fro videuce,
Ml. I.unis,
I.OUtM iile,
New Orleans,
Vicks burgh,
Having a partner resident in
We shall transact a General Express, Banking
and Commission Business at that point.
We do a Banking Business of Deposit only,
Mpeeial or Otherwise.
Wc sell Drafts on any of our offices in the
following plae- s:
* and LONDON.
Also, payable at the following Banks;
E. W. Claik & Bros.,
Mechanics’ and Farmer’s Bank,
Utica City Bank,
Bank of Syracuse,
Bank of Auburn,
Bank of Attica, -
Rochester City Bank,
George Smith A Co.
St. Louis.
Alex. Mitchell, Fire and Marine
Insurance Company, - Milwaukie.
Michigan Slate Bank, • . Detroit.
Com. Branch Bank of the State of
Ohio. .... Clcavelaud.
Clinton Bank, Ohio, - - Columbus.
Northern Mines.
In the Northern Mines we run Expresses in
our own name, always accompanied by faithful
Messengers, to and from the following places:
San Francisco, Benicia, Sacramento City.
Marysville, Shasta, Nevada. Grass Valley, Colo
ma, Placerville, (or Hangtown) Greenwood.
Georgetown. Mormon Island, Salmon Falls.
Auburn, and every other part of El Dorado and
Placer Counties.
Also, to Jackson, Dry Town, Volcano, Suttei
ville in Calaveras Comity.
'l'brough Langton A Co., to and from Downie
ville, and all other places on the Yuba and Fea
ther Rivers.
To and from Sacramento, Stockton and B- ni
Southern Mines.
In the Southern Mines we run an Express in
our own name, always accompanied by faithful
messengers, to and from San Francisco, Stock
ton, Sonora, Motpielnmhe Hill, Columbia. Mari
posa, Ac. Ac. By Brown’s Express from Stock
ton to all the camps in the Southern Mines.
Wc send regular Expresses to French Gulch.
\\ euverville. \ reka, Jacksonville. ■ AMioiim
Creek, and Portland, Oregon. Also, to the Pitt
River Mines.
Bills of Exchange.
E3T Or it Bir.i.s of Exchange can be procur
ed at. and Treasure forwarded to ns for ship,
ment, from any oj the aljore places. In all o(
which we have Brick Vaults or Iron Safes foi
die security of Treasure entrusted to ns. And
on board of Steamboats, on any of the above
routes, we have Iron Safes and Messengers fm
the security of all valuable packages transport
ed by us.
Cram, Rogers A Co. are authorized to draw
checks on our office in Shasta. Marysville, Sa
cramento and San Francisco, which will be sold
at any of their offices at par.
Shipments of treasure by them are always ac
companied by faithful messengers—and all busi
ness entrusted to their care will receive prompt
attention. 1
Collections made, orders received, and packa
ges forwarded with promptness and dispatch.
They have our drafts for sale on any of the
cities of the Atlantic Stales, and are prepared to
pay the highest market price foi Gold Dust.
INSURANCE.—We have made arrangements
for insurance to the extent of out milliiro dollars.
on any one shipment, and are empowered to in
sure for other parties on Gold Dust Bars, Coin
md Merchandize, to and from Ne\y York and
this City, by endorsements on Bills of Lad ii"
at the time of shipment.
E. W. Tract, Agent at Shasta.
mji ti
9tb Judicial District, Shasta Co., Cal.
Elizabeth A. Cooper, compl’ut. vs. Archibald
H. H. Cooper, deft.
The people of the State of California to Archi
bald H. H. Cooper, greeting:
Whereas Elizabeth A. Cooper has on this 17th
day of March, 1853, filed in the office of the
Clerk of the Court aforesaid, her complaint
against you, the object and general nature of
which is to obtain an order and decree of said
Court dissolving the bonds of matrimony exist
ing between you the said defendant, ami com
plainant alleging for cause, wrongful treatment,
neglect, adultery, Ax.
You are therefore required to appear and an
swer said complaint, as follows, to wit: if serv
ed in the County of Shasta within ten days from
and after the day of service, if served out of said
County, but in said district twenty days, in all
other cases 10 days, or the plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded.
Witness, Thus. W. Dawson, Clerk of the Court
aforesaid, with private seal affixed, there being
no official seal provided, at office in Shasta, this
16th day of April, 1853.
On motion of plaintiff tiling of affidavit, it is
ordered by the Court that publication of this
summons be made in the <$ hunt a Courier for the
term of three month*,
my2l 3t THUS. W. DAWSON, Clerk.
Second si reef. Adjoining Ike City Bank and Orleans
Hotel, Sacramento.
announce to the citizens of Sacramento,
and the public in general, that after great outlay
of time and money, they have completed
their additions to the House, which is built with
brick, ami 60 feet front by 60 in depth, divided
into Billiard Saloon and Sleeping Rooms, which
are all furnished in the most comfortable and
elegant manner, not surpassed in this respect
by any House of the kind in the country, uml
rendering our establishment the most desirable
stopping place to be found in the city. The
whole house throughout is carpeted, with single
sleeping rooms, closets, Verandah on second
story, adding to the other comforts, and capable
of accommodating about 80 persons in the lodg
ing department.
The spacious saloon below will be found sup
plied with Rosewood ami Mahogany Billiard
Tables of superior workmanship, and the Bar is
constantly supplied with the most choice
I Vines,
Cigars , etc.
Which are served np by experienced barkeep
ers, who are always in attendance.
In addition to other accommodations, our
house will be found open at all hours du'ing the
day and night, and persons arriving by steamers
or stages can always be accommodated.
inav2l 3m G. L. TUCKER & CO.
JLA'jrav AUUI VAI.S !!
At IVm. McNulty So. 40 and 207 J Street.
A Red Rover, and Jacob Bell, direct from
New York, a large addition to my former stock,
consisting of almost i very thing which the wants
of the community requirt;, viz :
Hardware and Cutlery of every description.
Tin, Sheet Iron, Stoves of the must improved
Copper, Groceries, Provisions, Crockery. Glass
Liquors, Wines, Cigars, Boots and. Shoes,
Leather of all kinds, Threshing Machines,
tanning Mills, Plows, Horse Rakes, Straw
Woode n Ware, Steam Engines, Ac. Ax.
\\ hi< li he- offe rs in such quantities us may bo
wanted, and at such prices that will not fail to
please. All goods sole! will be ol the best quali
Sacramento, Mav, 185-S.
mv2l 3m
IVhole s a I c and Retail.
LA. site the El Dorado Hotel, may be found
all times, a large and splendid assortment
Books and Stationery, which are offered for s
at the lowest prices. Among the late works j
received are the following :
'1 lie Necromancer, Parricide, Quintin Mats
fair Rosamond, Amy Lawn-nee, Mob Cap, R<
Ashford, Maurice Tierney, Daltons, Stanl
I horn. Lady Fellecia, Foil one Teller, Ac.
Also, the works o( Shakspeare, Bvron. Milti
Gray, Campbell, and other distinguished poet
All ot fhe latest newspapers, both home a
foreign, constantly on hand.
Tile subscriber hopes by strict attention to
business,! to merit a continuance of the putr»
age In retofore bestowed on him.
Rear of the California Ex chan
-; Tj 5
ol the above establishment begs It
to call the attention ol the public
large, to his new and commodious
situated in the rear of the California
change—and takes this method of
lormmg them, that nothing shall he wantin'
Ins part, that will conduce t„ tlie comfol
those who may favor him with a call.
Bvnis uU ° lo b ,ive SHOW
Single Tickets, - . . $i 00
f.been “ - . . . 10 oo
* " rly lh 00
£Sr Hot and cold Baths at all hours
l,|!,r>2tf S. LEAN
trieuda and the public generally, that i
now prepared to execute with promptness
dispatch, any work in my line with which J i
be favored, viz:
Plans and specifications made for building
every kind, also for bridges, water wheels.
Rockers, Toms. Sluices ami Mining im
ments of every kind, kept constantly on hi
•>nd tarnished upon the most liberal terms
Lumber of every kind furnished and deli
< d at any point designated.
Apldy to the manufacturing establish me ji
the undersigned, now in full operation on V
street opposite the St. Charles Hotel.
tnar2fi 3m BENJ. CARMA?
Estimates and specifications made on all
o.t buildings. -Jobbing done at the shorlei
! 'ce. Also, Rockers. Toms and Sluices a]
ou hand and made to order.
J 1 • Reasoned lumber always on ham
Livinostos Barton. Uriah B. Sscvk
_maU2tf_ Shasta^C
B. C. HORN. JA Mrs R. I.EWIS. K I>G A R B R,
B. C. HORN & eo.,
, Budding, 58 Saturnine Street, between
b.rma and Pine Streets, Rail Francisco Cal
constantly on baud a foil supply of
r 1 sunn. I.

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