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is rublished every Saturday morning,
BV MKff'l' A- UOMH.
Editort and Proprietors.
Publication < ifficc'in Post Office Building, Main
Street, where all orders for Advertising and Job
Work should Ifb left.
TEB.tl*— -Invariably in Advance:
For One Year SIO,OO
“ Six Mouths 5,00
Tonus of Advertising t
For One Square of 10 lines or less, one insertion,
Four iMllars ; for each subsequent insertion. Two
A liberal discount made to Monthly and Yearly
Job Printing
Of every description promptly executed in a su
perior manner. •
IVrarcnillc KxprnH,
Connecting at Stout a urith Adams »$• Co.
fp i>l Adams & Co. at Shas-,
la every Wednesday
Saturday mornings. Returning, leaves our of
fice iu VVeavervilie on Mondays and Thursdays.
Treasure, valuable packages, letters, etc. for
warded by our regular messenger with the ut
most dispatch.
Adams Jc Co’s drafts for sale ou all their
offices iu the Atlantic .States you Europe.
Sight Checks drawn
A I Par
on any of Adams tt Co’s cilices iu this State.
Highest price paid for Gold Dust.
Collections made, and all business iu the Ex
press line attended to promptly. ap’-lUlf
uiioi»i:m a- i.rsK’x mhamta
iLT*?,* office ot Well’s Far-
T.fW-go & Co., Sacramento, daily, for
Shasta, Vick'i, and all towns and points through
out Northern California, connec ting at Sacramen
to with Wells, Fargo A Co’s Daily Express to
San Francisco, and by regular .Mail Steamer on
the Ist, hili. Kith and 25th of each month to the
Atlantic States and Europe.
Treasure, letters and other packages conveyed
to and from the points above designated, with
t i.' almost dispatch.
Gold Dust forwarded to the F. S. Mints at
Philadelphia and New Orleans, under policies
from the most responsible insurance Companies
5i <be Eastern Cities.
Drafts drawn by John M. Rhodes, of the
Sacramento City Hank, on New York, New
Orleans, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh ; Stale Hank
of Ohio.
H. Davidson’s drafts for sale ou Messrs. N.
M. Rothschild & Sons, London; Messrs. De
Rothschild A Hros., Paris; Messrs. M. A. Roths
riiiid A Sons, Frankfort; Messrs. L. Hehrens A:
Sons, Agents, Hamburg; Messrs. Until, Grim
ing ifc C*c, Lima and Valparaiso; A Hclmuut,
E»«p, New York.
Collections made and all business appertain
ing to tin Express Company executed promptly
Jiud with especial regard to safety.
Omens.—Shasta, in Post Office Building;
Sacramento, .1 street, between Front and Stc
ond streets; San Francisco, 111 Montgomery
•Teet; Weavcrville, Messrs. Church A Mix’s
building; Vreka; iire-proof building opposite
Yrcka Hotel. mar 12 tl
rß.l.tl. KOOKKM A CO’S
C'nliforiiin and Oregon K.vprens.
sonville, O. T. t Oregon
City, Winchester, Salem,
Ma rysviUe ana i’ordaiuL Also branches run
mug to
Humbug Creek, Scott’s Bar,
Hamburgh, Althouse Creek,
bailors Diggings, Klamath and
Salmon Rivers.
Treasure, valuable packages, letters, for
tviurded by our regular messengers to any ol the
above named place*.
Drafts drawn on any of Adams & Co’s offices
in the Atlantic States and Europe.
Checks drawn at par on all ol Adams A Co's
offices iu the Slate.
Highest price paid for Gold Dust.
Collections made, and all business entrusted
(u our care attended to promptly, and with dis
jiai. ii. CRAM, ROGERS A CO.
mv7 tf
«t.u:e mxk fob satraiueaxo.
•Spring Anrraugciiirul.
Singes frtrm Shasfa to Sacramento.
»'g"Jt.ctors of the above liiie*~ tjL '"'“" 1 ™
being desirous of accommodating tin* traveling
public, by running their linens soon as the bad
state of the road would permit, have placed uj>-
on this route their splendid stock ol American
Horse* and elegant Concord Coaches, which
«* - ifl leave the St. Charles Hotel, Shasla, every
Mwrning at 6 o’clock, A. „M., for Sacramento,
Reading's Springs,
MUk Ranch,
Clear Creek.
Daingerjudd's Ranch,
American Ranch,
Prairie House,
Potter's Ferry,
Red B/njfe,
Johnson's Ranch,
Placer Ci'y,
Wiltcts' and
Passengers arriving by this line ran be furn
ished with animals tor any part of the Northern
Mines, by Mr. James Loag. at the Shasta Slock
Market WM. A. NUNN ALLY. Agent,
St. Charles’ Hotel,
Shasta, March, 1853 marl 2 tf
Tobacco, Grape, Aromatic and other brands.
Oysters, Sardines. Raisins, figs. W aluuu, Ac.
Just received and for safe by
marl*Jtl 'IAI-801 A - SEATON.
HarTiville and SacramrnM City.
Crandall have the
pleasure to announce, that the above line of
stages is again in full and active operation, front
Shasta through Marysville to Sacramento.
Ihig line is stocked with American horses,
that cannot be surpassed or equaled in Califor
nia, and draw the most superb Concord Coaches
to be found on any road in the State.
Ihe proprietors of this Line pledge them
selves to the traveling community, that they
will put them through with more expedition,
more ease, cheaper, and in better style, than
any other line on this route. They have the
utmost confidence in offering this pledge, from
the (act that the drivers employed on this line
are all experienced in their business, and are
temperate and responsible men. Passengers
patronizing this line may rely upon every at
tion being shown them.
The stages, until further arrangements, will
leave Shasta every morning at 6 o’clock, and
arrive at Marysville the following morning at 3
o’clock ; leave Marysville at 7 o’clock and
arrive at Sacramento City at 12 M., (the run
ning time 2.7 hours) in lime to take the steamers
for San Francisco.
This,being the Daily United States Mail Line,
the Stages stop at the following intermediate
Middletown, Tehama, Marysville,
Briggsville, Bidwell’s, Eliza,
One Horsetown, Neal’s Ranch, Plumas,
Cottonwood, Hamilton, Nicolaus,
Red Bluffs', Oak Grove, Lawson’s,
Charley’s Ranch.
Office at the El Dorado Hotel, Shasta.
Shasta, May 7,1852. my7tf
Hotel, Shasta, every Saturday
morning, arriving at the Pitt River Diggings
the ensuing evening. Returning, leaves York’s
trading post on Friday morning, arriving in
Shasta the evening of the same day.
All business connected with an Express, at
tended to with promptness.
Letters and papers procured from the Shasta
Post Office and delivered to miners.
Also, all kinds of packages carried,
iny-tf JOSEPH \V. McGEE.
CITY dull: stork.
Nearly Opposite the Post OJ/ice, Shasta,
pectfully inform the citizens of Shasta and
the public generally, that he has lately
received ami keeps constantly on hand, a large
assortment of Drugs, Medicines. Patent Medi
cines, Perfumery, etc., consisting in part of the
following - ;
Seidlitz and Yeast Powders, Cream of Tartar,
T ttaric Acid, Soda, Borax, Hops, Osgood’s
Cholagogue, Pain Killer, Liniments, Jaynes’
Medicines, Balls’, Townsend’s and Sands’ Sarsa
parilla, Eye Water, Patent Pills,
etc., which he offers for sale wholesale and te
lail at reasonable prices.
Physicians’ prescriptions and orders from ad
jacent settle neats, will be promptly and accu
rately attended to. C. ROTHB.
mar 12 if Druggist and Apothecary.
CITY rath house,
Rear of the California Exchange,
of the above establishment begs leave
to call the attention of the public at
large, to his uew and commodious
situated in the rear of the California Ex
change—and fakes this method of in
forming them, that nothing shall be wanting on
his part, that will conduce »o the comfort ol
those who may favor him with a call.
He is also prepared to give SHOWER
Single Tickets, - - • $1 00
Fifteen “ - - - 10 00
Thirty “ ... 16 00
Mot and cold Baths at all hours.
marl 2 tf S. LEAN.
s.>o,ot>o REWARD.
on many occasions lately, but kps
A our wish is to let our friends 1 T *
and the public know that we are now ready to
furnish specifications ami plans on all kinds of
buildings. All kinds of Job work done with
neatness and dispatch. Furniture of all kinds
such as Bedsteads, Cots, Lounges, Sofas, Chairs.
Dining, Breakfast, Stand and Centre Tables, al
ways on hand. All kinds of Sash made to or
der. Turning of all kinds done to order.
Atlorderstor work in our line will be prompt
ly attended to.
Shop at the head of Main street, Shasta,
mar 12 tf CURTISS & HUGHES.
Estimates and specifications made on all kinds
of buildings. Jobbing done at the shortest no
tice. Also. Rockers. Toms and Sluices always
on hand ami made to order.
N. B. Seasoned lumber always on hand -
Livi.vgsto.v Barton. Ukiah B. SsAVEr.r.
mar!2tf Shasta City.
i/Ook here::
friends and the public generally, that I am
now prepared to execute with promptness and
dispatch, any work in my line with which I may
be favored, viz;
Plans and specifications made for buildings of
every kind, also for bridges, water wheels, &c.
Rockers. Toms. Sluices and Mining imple
ments of every kind, kept constantly on hand,
and furnished upon the most liberal terms for
Lumber of every kind furnished and deliver
ed at any point designated.
Apply to the manufacturing establishment of
the undersigned, now itl full operation on Main
street opposite the St. Charles Hotel.
mariJfi 3m RR\J. CARMAN.
Daiugerfield, Esq., my agent and attorney,
to attend to all business for me in my absence.
Shasta, April 29, 18>3. ap3o:f
dealer* in Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots and
Shoes, and Gents furnishing goods, 191 Ciay
street, 3d dour from Kearny. mar 26 m
[Per Cram, Rogers & Co.’s Express.]
Regular Trinity Correspondence.
Weaverville, June Ist, 1853.
Messrs. Editors Last winter we laid the
flattering unction to our soul that there was a
“good time coming;’’ that good time we were
assured would come if we would “ wait a little
longer.” Well, we patiently waited, and not in
vain, for we really do believe we are enjoying
the long anticipated prosperity. That which
was once a dream is now a reality, aud we are
sailing at lull speed on the tide of fortune, and
all ahead looks bright and clear.
Business was never better than at present, and
money is plenty, which is good evidence that
our mines are not bad. Not only do we think
they are not bad, but that they are some of the
best in the country. We know of numerous
“toms” that are yielding from one to two hun
dred dollars per day. And we know of one
claim that paid its six owners last week 100 ozs. to
the hand !
We have had quite a number of visitors with
ns during the past week. Among them w r ere
the Hons. J. W. Dettvir, W. C. Martin and Read
ing. This morning his Honor Judge Peters,
Hon. W. C. Martin and Win. C. Young, Esq.,
Superintendent of the Trinity County W. M. &
M. Co. left for Humboldt Buy. By the bye,
speaking of this Trinty County Water Company,
much injustice was done it in the report of
our District Court proceedings which appeared
in your paper last week. The cases w hich the
Company were interested in were all amicably
settled, mid none of them ever came to trial.
From what we know, the Company’s affairs
were never in a more flourishing condition than
at present. Already lias its water been brought
to some of our mines, and ere long it will supply
every hill and gukh in this region.
Respectfully Yours, Adobe.
New Vork Correspondence.
New York, April 30th, J 853.
Friend Courier:—The steamship “Star ol
the West” arrived here on the night of Monday
251 h inst., with the passengers who left San
Francisco on the Ist in the Sierra Nevada, there
by making the trip in 24 days and two or three
hours. What I said in my last from San Juan
del Sur about the Sierra Nevada, I repeat in re
spect to the Star of the West. But what shall 1
say of the journey and treatment the passegers
received on the transit route, commencing with
the agents at San Juan, Messrs. Body, White &
Co., and continued at Pineda City on Virgin
Bay on Lake Nicaragua! There was nothing
but misrepresentation and abuse from the time
of departure from San Joan until we arrived on
board the Atlantic steamer. It would occupy
more space than either of ns have to spare at
present, to enumerate all that occurred. Let the
following suffice for the present. To begin at
SanJnaii del Sur, Messrs. Body, White & Co.
weighed all the baggage and took charge of it,
giving us checks and demanding the payment
of the freight, sls per 100 lbs. Of the latter
procedure nobody complained, but when those
gentlemen gave us the checks they represented
to us that we wou’d have no more trouble with
it, but on our arrival at Virgin Bay we were
compelled to give up the checks aud take charge
of the baggage ourselves. Again : the agents
at Virgin Bay crowded the whole .umber of
passengers, some 700, on board a small shell of a
steamboat not as large as one of the ferry boats
on the East River. The officers of the boats are
things in the shape of men who are unacquaint
ed with even the most common courtesies due
from man to man. On coming down the river
San Juan, all the mule passengers were com
pelled to jump overboard and lift the steamboat
over the sand bars. I promise as soon as I have
a little leisure to give you a full and correct ac
count. All J say in this connection is, tell the
folks that il they wish to pay a large juice for
the sake ol working their jmssage home, they
had Ik tier patronise the Vanderbilt Line.
New York is lull of strangers: all the hotels
are crowded, and it was with difficulty the pas
sengers could be accommodated. I would ad
vise all Californians to give the Metrojiolif.au the
((reference. 1 never have in any hotel in the U.
Stales, seen manifested on the jiart of the hosts,
such a desire to accommodate and please, as 1
experienced in this establishment.
Of amusements there is no end. The Chinese
Dramatic Corjis which left San Francisco in the
Cortes, have arrived and engaged Niblo’s thea
tre, in which to give their representations. The
most prominent [daces of amusement are 1 lit?
Italian Opera and the Hippodrome of the cele
brated Frauconi from Paris, which opens for the
first time on Monday next. The Crystal i’ulace
is being finished as rajndly as jiossible. The
Directors have deferred the opening until June
Ist. I will send you a few items when the ex
hibition ojiens. Yours truly, Fexelox.
Who can Explain ?—On 1 hursday last, about
11 o’clock, a. m., the jicople of Dubbin’s Ranch
were startled by the sound of an explosion like j
that of a heavy piece of ordnance. Following !
the explosion was a whizzing sound, like that
of a large cannon hall jiassing through the air,
which was succeeded by a rumbling, like the
ajiproach of a train ol cars upon a railroad—
blow iug off steam. At first it was snj>posed to
be the explosion of the boilers of a steam mill in
the immediate vicinity, but on learning that
such was not the case, it became a matter of
general speculation. A similar sound was heard
at the Keystone aud the Nevada House ; hut at
the latter jdace, it seemed to come.from high in
the air. It has been suggested that it must have
been heated air escaping from some fissure in
the mountain; but we prefer leaving the ques
tion for the curious to decide. —Marysville Ex
High Rents. —The lessee ol the cigar stand in
the saloon of the Union Hotel, pays a monthly
rent of |GOO for the privilege of his corner. This
fact may give an idea of the immense amount ol
businsss transacted by that establishment, which
is thronged at all hours by “ all sorts of people.”
The tables in the btiliad saloon are in almost
constant demand- Notwithstanding the high
rent paid for the Union Hotel, amounting, we
understand, to three times the income of the
President of the United States, the lessees ha\e
every jirosj»eet of reaping a golden harvest. — S-
F. Herald
Two Weeks L ntcr from Atlantic States.
We are indebted to Adams & Co’s Express
for San Francisco papers of the 3rd, from which
we take the following summary of news brought
by the Golden Gale on the Ist inst. The dates
are up to the sth of May from New York, and to
the 7th from New Orleans.
Solon Borland. Senator from Arkansas, is ap
pointed Minister to Central America, and has
accepted. %
'1 lie Legislature of Louisiana h is appointed
Hon. John Slidell, E.-q., U. S. Senator, in place
of Soule, Minister to Spain.
Col. Jack Hayes, new Surveyor General of
California, was at Galveston by the latest ac
The squadron of Commodore Ringgold, which
is to survey Behring Straits, will sail shortly
from New York for Norfolk, to fit out. Lieut.
Rolando is ta command the flag ship Vincennes ;
Lieut. John Rogers, the John Hancock : Passed
Midshipman Stevens, the Fennimore Cooper;
Lieut. Davis, the Porpoise. The J. P. Kennedy
has not yet received her commander.
The U. S. steam frigate Mississippi, Commo
dore Perry, sailed from the Cape of Good Hope,
February 8, for Japan.
The Emperor of France has extended an invi
tation to the Bonaparte family at Baltimore, to
visit their native land. Young Jerome Bona
parte, of the U. S. Army, has consequently ob
tained leave of absence.
Francours Hippodtonie was opened at “New
York on Monday, May 2d, to an audience of 9000
Ex-President Martin Van Buren has gone to
Another terrible steamboat catastrophe has
occurred. The Ocean Wave was destroyed by
fire on the 30:h April, on Lake Ontatio, and
twenty-eight lives were lost. No time was af
forded for the launching of the steamer’s boats.
Ex-Boundary Commissioner Bartlett has pub
lished a statement in contradiction ot Gov. Lane’s
proclamation, annexing the valley of Mesitla to
New Mexico.
The Sandwich Islands, it is understood, are
about to invoke die protection of the United
States against France.
The Essex Company’s mill at Lawrence, Mass,
has been destroyed by fire.
The \V big State Convention of Tennessee has
nominated Major Gustavos A. Henry, of Mont
gomery, for Go' eruor.
Hon. Robert G. Shaw, of Boston, died on the
4th May.
The Democratic State Convention of'Alabama
have nominated Hon. John A. Winston fur Gov
The crew of the ship Golden Light, burned
at sea, have arrived at Boston from St. Thomas.
Injunctions have been sued out in New York
against the City Railroads.
The New York hotel waiters have struck to
the number of 2000 for $lB per month, and ob
tained it.
The Florida Indians are gathered upon the
eastern edge of the Everglades, but do not show
offensive inclinations.
The National Typographical Union met at
Pittsburg on the 2d May. Niue States were re
The New England Methodist Conference, in
session at Boston, has declared loudly against
Judge Gibson, of ihe Supreme Court of Penn
sylvania, died at Philadelphia on the 3d May.
Hon. Philip Allen has been chosen U. S. Sena
tor from Rhode Island.
Major Iturbide has arrived at Washington with
a copy of the Tehuantepec Treaty with Mexico.
Santa Anna favors the grant of Sloo.
A committee of 100 citizens have waited upon
Mayor Suelleker, of Cincinnati, to request him
to resign, in consequence of the Kirkland
Iron hies.
A dreadful railroad accident occurred on the
Michigan Central Railroad, on the 25th of April;
trains on tbat.and the central road coming in col
lision; 20 lives were lost, and 50 or 60 wounded.
$250,000 of the new silver coinage was issued
from the Philadelphia mint on the 26th April.
The Louisiana Legislature has passed the
Free Banking Law.
The proclamation of Gen. Lane of New Mexi
co, annexing Mecitla Valley, is not disapproved
by the Government It is held to be right, in
view of an erroneous result of the Boundary
Kane, who was arrested under the Ashburton
treaty as a fugitive from justice in England, has
been released by Judge Nelsou in the U. S. Dis
trict Court, New York.
A destructive fire occurred at Boston on the
28ib April, destroying property on Endicott st.,
and Pond and Baldwin Places.
The total amount of coinage of the U. S. Mint
at Philadelphia from January to May 1853, was
$19,536,916 98, being an increase of $4,770,652
96 over that of last year.
The funeral ol Vice President King took place
on W ednesday, April 20. The remains were in
terred near his late residence.
Supporting rut Government. —“ Now I ax
you fellers, who's the best citizen, him that sup
ports government or him as doesn’t? Why, him
as does, in course. We support government,
every one as drinks supports government, that is
if he lickers at a licensed house. Every blessed
drop of lickcr that he swallers that is taxed to
pay the salary of them ar officers, such as May
ors and corporal liijiii, the constables. Presidents
and Custom-house gentlemen. Sp’ose we was to
quit drink—why, government must fail; it
couldn’t help it no how. That is the very rezun
1 drinks. I don’t like grog. I mortally hates
it. If 1 fullered my own inclination, I’d rather
drink butler milk, or ginger pop, or Boley’s
soda water. But I lickers for the good of my
country, to set an example of patriotism and vu*-
cfauous self-denial to the rizin generation. Fel
lers, let’s lickcr.”
PIP* The New York Times, speaking of Mr.
Soule's appointment as Minister to Spain, says,
that on a recent occasion—
Mr. S<>ule declared that he would not accept
the Spanish Mission, except upon one condi
tion, and that-condition he did not suppose the
Administration would grant. Upon being ques
tioned as to what it was, he replied that it was
that he should have unlimited powers for the
purchase of Cuba.
We infer, therefore, that Mr. Soule is invest
ed with unrestricted authority to bargain for
that island. This is the object for which he
A Man Shot. — ihe Mokeiumne Hill corres
pondent of the Sacramento Union says that an
intoxicated man, who. mistaking the jail for his
hotel, attempted to force an entrance, was shot
on Thursday night last by the jailor, who sup
posed that an. effort was being made to liberate
the prisoners. The unfortunate man was mor
tally wounded, and died in a few hours.
Cot.. Bentos axo the Pacific Road.—Col.
Beatou, in the course of his recently published
letter. says:
My idea is, that the road should be built by
the United States, by the creation of a stock,
hypothecated upon the public lands, and paya
ble at a fixed period at the federal treasury, and
that an adequate force should be put upon it to
do the work at once. We think nothing of tew
ing an army of filly nr a hundred thousand men
for war; here is an object of more moment to
the United States and to the world, than many
wars; and I should be in favor of seeing an
army of laborers employed upon it at once, and
the work done in seven years, instead of pid
dling at it for a life-time. And why not ? We
can have the money and the men ; ami on a lino
of 1200 miles there would be room for fifty thou
sand men to work without elbowing each other.
It would be only foyty men to the mile. The
pre-emption system would give the money and
the settlers—the right kind of settlers—men who
would defend themselves from Indians, and raise
provisions for the supply of the road, and occu
py it on both sides, and from one end to tho
other, the first season they were allowed to
do so.
The Indian title should be extinguished on a
breadth of fitly to one hundred miles, anil a mile
reserved for the different tracks of railroads, and
for a common road, and for telegraphic lines It.
is a work lor posterity, and for three continents ;
and we should elevate ourselves to the grandeur
of the occasion. The main street in the city
which Alexander the Great founded to supersede
Tyre, in the East India trade, was five miles
long and a thousand feet wide, with a colonnaded
and covered footway of one hundred feet on
each side. There were men of ample ideas iu
those times, and still it was noj thenge that built
the pyramids. “ From the summit of those py
ramids,” said the conqueror to the Mamelukes,
“ forty centuries look down upon us.” Tho
time will come when forty centuries may look
back upon this road ; ami they should not be
loft to repine at the improvidence which would
dwindle it to the petty calculations of jobbers,
corporators and speculators.
Navigating the Air— Many have been the
attempts of late years to find some means of na
vigating the air. Bellows of every conceivable
shape, and steering apparatus of a thousand fie
vices have been in vain tried. Ingenious minds
have been long engaged in an effort to propel
balloons by steam ; but the practical difficulties
have thus far proved insuperable. A Mr. Por
ter, however, claims to have accomplished this
at last. He has constructed an aerial convey
ance, which he calls an Arroport, which he has
twice exhibited in Washington city, to the great
satisfaction and admiration of his audience. A
miniature machine, which was put in operation
in a large saloon, paddled its way through tho
air, says the Washington Republic, in any direc
tion indicated, by means of steam. The result
of this experiment strengthens the hope that the
untiring projector of this means of aerial naviga
tion may succeed in bringing it to a practical re
sult. Mr. Porter seems to be sangnine that a
machine on this principle can be constructed,
capable of making two trips to California and
back in a week, carrying two hundred passen
gers ; thus, at one hundred dollars a berth, rea
lizing a snug profit on the investment — S. F.
Herald. "
How the Miner may Gain by Coining his
Dost. —Under this heading a communication is
at hand, setting forth some facts as to what befel
the writer, Mr. James Monroe, who states as
“ I recently carried about one hundred ounces
to the U. S. Assay Office in San Francisco, to be
coined, for which I was to pay two percent. It
was noble looking dust and free front sand or
quartz. I had been accustomed to sell that
taken from the same location to Adams & Co.,
for sl7/10 per ounce, and for the above quanti
ty I could have taken $17,45. But what was
my surprise when I was offered and received
only $16,37 per oz. as my net receipts from the
mint. I thought there must he a mistake, but
was assured that the returns were correct. I
have nothing more to say, but I wish you to
publish the above statement for the good of
those who may think of getting their gold dust
coined at San Francisco The dust was dug in
Volcano, Calaveras Co., and I was told by one
who had carried a quantity to the Philadelphia
Mint, that he received $18,25 per oz.— Tima
and Tranxrrivt.
Gold Specimens. —The New York Herald
says : A splernlid specimen of native gold, in
combination with quartz rock, from California,
was exhibited on Change yesterday. It belong
ed to the enterprising firm of Messrs. Adams &
Co., express agents. The value of the specimen
was $.900, the stint those gentlemen paid for it.
The beauty of the specimen rendered it one oi
great interest. The mass of rock was inter
mingled with fine particles of gold, while the
principal and upper side of its lace was covered
with a most splendidly crystalized or arbores
cent mass of pure native gold. Its arrange
ment presented the appearance, in places, of
stems, leaves, and irregular clusters, not nntiko
masses of grapes. Messrs. Adams & Co. design
ed this, with other rich specimens, for exhibi
tion in the Chryslal Palace. They had at their
office. (58 Broadway) it was said, some other
valuable specimens, some of which were masses
of native gold, and others mixed with quartz.
One of these specimens was worth S3OOO. and
others S2OOO. They also had other specimens
on the way. They expected to be able to make
the most splendid show of gold specimens -ever
before exhibited, and when all their collection
arrived, which might not be before the middle
of summer, they calculated the value of tfie
whole would be about one hundred thousand
dollars ; ami till the production of California.
Thf. Homestead of Jefferson. —The estate
is now in possession of a naval officer, who
makes it his summer residence. We found on
the first floor a bust ot Jefferson, a portrait of
Lafayette, one of Washington, and a couple of
miniature “ hard cider” barrels, with ” Whig
principles” written on them. The estate is in a
very dilapidated condition. The stone fences
are falling down. But a small portion of tho
soil is cultivated, the gardens bloom no more,
and the ivy clings but timidly to the walls. Mr.
Jefferson had some queer notions concerning his
domestic matters. He had subterranean passa
ges constructed, leading from his house to tho
quarters of the servants, so they could carry on
their work, and still not be seen by the guests.
-Ex paper.
A Mrs. Ferry recently eloped from Mon
son, Mass., with a man named Levins Cough.
When her husband found she was determined
to go, he gave her $lOO to start with. Sensible
fellow, that.
t-Jp' .John Hancock, sou of John Hancock of
Revolutionary memory, now over 80 years of
age, is now living in Boston, in the euioyment
ol excellent health and unimpaired faculties.

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