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is published evenr Saturday morning,
nil IM. L. MAUf Sc DOSIf.
Editor t and Proprietor*.
Publication Office in Post Office Building. Main
Street, where all orders for Advertising and Job
Work should be left.
TERMS— <-Invariably in Adrance i
for One Year 810,00
“ Six Mouths 5,««
Term* of Adrerlising;
For One Square of 10 lines or less, one insertion.
Four Dollars ; for each subsequent insertion, Two
A liberal discount made to Monthly and Yearly
Job Printing
Of every description promptly executed in a su
perior maimer.
I'KA.tl, U«UEK« & CO’S
WeurcrTille Eiprru,
Connecting at Shasta tci/h Adams 4* Co.
lit AdalllS &L Co. Hi Sllll
>u every VV eilnesday an.
bu.uiu..j u.oiuings. Returning, liavi « »ui 04-
ik e 111 v» euverviite 011 Mondays und I Ltuways.
Treasure, valuable packages, letters, etc. tor
warded oy our regular messenger wuh lie ul
ujost dispatch.
Adams Sl Co’s drafts for sale 00 all their
offices 111 the Atlantic Males uuu Europe.
Sighl Cheeks drawn
A t Par
on any of Adams & Co's offices in this State.
Highest price paid lor Cold Oust.
Collections made, and all business in the Ex
press line attended to promptly. updO.l
office of Well’s Far
gi. Sl Co., Sacrallieiilo. daily, tor
Shas.a, x rekn, and all towns and points through
out Northern California, connecting at Sacrum n
fo w r ith Wells, Fargo «Jfe Co’s Daily Express .to
Sun Francisco, intd oy regular Mail Steamer on
the Lst. Ibli, Kith and 25th of each mouth to the
Atlantic States and Europe.
Treasure, letters and other packages conveyed
to and from the points above designated, w.lli
tlie utmost dispatch.
■Gobi Oust lor warded to the U. S. Mints at
Philadelphia and New Orleans, under policies
from tbeiU’Wt responsible Insurance Companies
in |he Eastern Cities.
Drafts drawn by Joltn M. Rhodes, of the
■Sacramento City Bank, on New York, New
Orleans, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh ; Slate Ba; k
of Ohio.
B. Davidson's drafts for sale on Messrs. N.
M. Rothschild & Suns, London; Messrs. De
Rothschild & Bros., Paris; Messrs. M. A. Roths
child >Sc Sons, Frankfort; Messrs. L. Bi hrens &
Sons, Agents, Hamburg; Messrs, limb. Gril l
ing & Co.. Lima and Valparaiso; A Belmont,
Esq.. Now York.
Collections made and all business appertain
ing to an Express Company executed promptly
and with especial regard to safety.
Offices. — Shasta, in Post Office Building ;
Sacramento, .1 stieet. between Front and Sec
ond streets; San Francisco. 114 Montgomery
street; VVenverville, Messrs. Church A Mix *
building; Yreka. fire-proof building opposite
yreka Hotel. mar!2 tf
Onlil'ornin nnd Oregon Kepreiw.
sonville, O. T., Oregoi.
City, Winchester, Salem
Marysvilie ami Portland. Also branches rutP
mug to
Humbug Creek. Scott’s Bar,
Hamburgh. Allhouse Creek,
Sailors Diggings, Klamath und
■Salmon Rivers.
Treasure, valuable packages, letters, for
warded by 011 r regular messengers to any ol the
above named places.
Drafts drawn on any of Adams & Co's offices
in the Atlantic Slates and Europe.
Checks drawn nt par on all ot Adams & Co's
offices in the State.
Highest price paid for Gold Dust.
Collections made, and all business entrusted
te our care attended to promptly, and w ith dis
*pa teb. CRAM, ROGERS & \JO.
mv7 tf
Spring Anrrnn;ruiriil.
Stages from Shasta to Sacramento.
the proprie
t 1 “I 1 tors of the above line
being desirous of accommodating ifm traveling
public, by running their line as stain as tbe bad
• tale of the road would permit, have placed up
on this route their splendid slock of American
Horses and elegant Concord Coaches, which
will leave the St. Charles Hotel, Shasta, every
morning at (i o’clock. A. M., for Sacramento,
Reading's Springs,
Milk Ranch,
Clear Creek.
Daingerjield's Ranch,
American Ranch,
Prairie House.
Potter's Ferry,
Red Blujfs,
Johnsons Ranch,
Placer Ci‘v.
WUleis' and
Passengers arriving by this lino can be furn
ished with animals for any part of the Northern
Mines,by Mr. Janies Long, at the Shasta Stuck
Market. \\ M. A. NUNNALLV. Agent,
St. Charles’ Hotel.
Shasta. March, 1853 uiar!2 if
Green and ground in one pound
Tobacco. Grape. Aromatic and other brands.
Oysters. Sardines. Raisins, Figs, Walnuts, «tc.
Just received and for sale by
marl9tj[ TALBOT t SEATON.
Marysville auti Sacramento City.
"■■■* Crandall have the •S' l ■ 1
pleasure to announce, that ilie above line <>t
stages is again in full ami active operation, Irotii
Shasta through M .rysville to Sacruuieuto.
AHis line is stocked with American horses,
that cannot be surpassed or equaled in Calilor
nia, and draw the most superb Concord Coaches
to be found on any road in the State.
Ihe proprietors of this Line pledge them
selves to the traveling community, that they
will put them through with more expedition,
more ease, cheaper, and in I letter style, than
any other line’ on thi* route. They have the
utmost confidence in otfi ring this pledge, Irom
the lact that the drivers employed on this line
are all experienced in their business, and are
temperate and responsible men. Passengers
patronizing ibis line may rely upon every at
tion being shown them.
The stages, until liirther arrangements, will
leave Shasta every morning at (j o’clock, and
arrive at Marysville the following morning at 3
o’clock ; leave Marysville at 7 o’clock and
arrive at Sacramento City at it! M.. (the mu
lling time 23 hours) in time to take the steamers
lor San Francisco.
'1 Ins being the Daily United Slates Mail Line,
the stages stop at the following intermediate
places :
_Middletown, Tehama, Marysville,
Briggsville, Bidwi H’s, Eliza,
Due Horselown, Neal’s Ranch, Rltimas.
.Cot ton wood, Hamilton, Nicolaus,
Red Blulfs", Oak Grove, Lawson’s,
Charley’s Ranch.
Office at the F,l Dorado Hotel, Shasta.
Stiasta, May 7,1832. iny7tf
R ear of Ihe Ca( ifo rnia Exch nv gc,
of the above establishment begs leavi
f; to call the attention ol the public at
large, to his new and commodious
tw, sill .id s ifnated in I lie rear of the California Ex
\_[/ change—and takes this method ol in
lorn,itig them, that nothing shall he wanting on
bis pact, that will conduce to the comfort ol
those who may favor him with a call.
He is also prepared to give SHOWER
Single Tickets, - - - $1 00
Fifteen “ • - - - 10 00
• 1 n irty lt - - • lt> 00
iNiN' Hot and cold Baths at all hours,
mar 12 tf S. LEAN.
on many occasions lately, but Ssbj
onjr wish is to let our friends 'T*
and the public know that we sire now ready to
furnish specifications ami plans on all kinds ol
buildings. All kinds of job work done with
neatness and dispatch. Furniture ot all kinds
such as Bedsteads. Cots, Lounges, Sofas, Chairs.
Dining, Breakfast, Stand and Centre Tables, al
ways on hand. All kinds of Sash made to oi
lier. Turning of ail kinds done to order.
All order; lor work in our line will be prompt
ly attended to.
Shop at the head of Main street, Shasta,
mar 32 tf CURTISS & HUGHES.
Estimates and specifications made on all kind?
of buildings. .lobbing done at the shortest no
tice. Also, Rockers. Toms and Sluices always
im hand and made to order.
N. B. Seasoned In miter always on hand -
Livingston Barton. Uriah B. Snavki.t.
niarUMf Shasta City.
1.4>0k is v. E 5 a:::
friends and the public generally, that I am
now prepared to execute with promptness and
dispatch, any work in my line w tilt which i may
be favored, viz;
Plan? and specifications made for buildings oi
every kind, also for bridges, water wheels, &c.
Rockers, Toms. Sluices and Mining imple
ments of every kind, kept constantly on hand.
and furnished upon tue most liberal terms for
Lumber of every kind furnished and deliver
ed at any {mint designated.
Apply to tiie manufacturing establishment of
the nude!signed, now in full operation on Main
street opposite llie St. Charles Hotel.
ni■ ii->d :?m BRNM. CARMAN.
T O i S ai.iC.
Diiingerfieid, Esq., my agent and attorney,
to attend to all business fur me in my absence.
, Shasta. April 2J, 1833. apSUtf
Am. the estate of Charles Bet kbar!, deceased.
■ ire required Oi exhibit them wilh the necessary
vouchers. wiiliin ten mini ha afterdate of lliis
notice, to the undersigned, Administrator, at
iie late residence ol Chari*, s Beekiiart, lower
terry. Trinity River, or they wjil be forever
burred. ' JOHN ELLIOTT. Jr..
Trinity Co.. Cal.. June i. 15",3. jell 4t
Stack role, wife of Charles S’ackpele. of
tiie ComUy and Slate aforesaid, hereby publish
and declare that I intend to carry on and con
duct the business ol establishing and keeping a
public eating house in my own name and in my
own account.
Witness mv hand cud seal this third day ot
May, A. D. 1833.
Mary a. stacktole, [l. s.]
State of California, Con itv of Shasta, ss. On
this 27 1 h day ol May, 18»3, conics tbe above
named Mary A. Stackpole, who signed IJ if fore
going iiisirument of writing, and declart-s to me
tiiiil ihe execution and Uiaktng of the above
named declaration is her act unit deed for the
purposes therein specified.
\V i, ness my hand and private seal, there be
ing no i tiie lid seal yet provided at this office,
this 27th dav ot M iv, 1833.
j HU. V\. DAWSON, r
mv2B 3t* Recorder of Shag.'a co. J
j.-c. HncKT.cr,
Attorney anil Cauusellor at Lav,
Shasta, California-
IRUitiULK tO> »' 1. At; Klf IO \ll
fUbasts in A«hea—Eo** estimated at Half
a Million of Hollar*.
On Tuesday afternoon lust, al about four
..’clock in the afternoon, a fire broke out in
Slia.-ta, which consumed almost the whole lov\n
before it was checked. It was discerned first
issuing from an unoccupied building, known us
the I’arker House; but the alarm was not given
until the whole interior of the upper story, and
a portion of the lofcer story, were in flames.
soon as the position of the lire, and the
headway which it had obtained, were ascer
tained, thecouclusiou oecame universal that the
destruction of the entire business portion of the
town would beinevi ablc. But little resistance
was therefore attempted, little was
futile, until the fire hud almost entirely spent its
force, and had reached a section sparsely built.
The I’arker House was situated in the eastern
portion of the town, on the south side. The
tire extended rapidly cast, burning a saddler’s
shop, a beer house, Daigb’s building, occupied
for law offices, a milliner's shop, and a jewelry
establishment, where a number of vacant lots
checked its progress.
Towards the west the conflagration spread
with equal rapidity, burning Adams &. Co.’s
and Cram, Roger’s & Co.’s Express office, Tom
linson’s store and the Globe Hotel.
in the meantime the buildings on the north
side of the street caught fire, ami Talbot ami
Seaton’s store, Gdson’s Shasta Hotel, Goodwin
.‘£ York’s bowling saloon, the Woodcock, (va
i*ant), the St. Louis H use, John Moll’s Kossuth
House, tin. - Bee-hive bakery, the billiard saloon,
a vacant bouse, W illis’Oak Tree House, and
Walsh's store were soon in flames.
From this point the fire proceeded towards
the west ei*d of town, consuming thy buildings
on both sides of tlie street in its course. On tbe
•otitii side the following places of business were
burned, so rapidly that but little property wav
rescued from destruction: iSlntrtlefl’’ s Drug
Store,Bull, Baker & Co.’s General Grocery Store,
Cigar Siore, Clothing Store, Barber Shop, St.
Cbarles Hotel, kept by Grotefend vt Col!,
Jacobson’s Clothing Store, finder's Meat Mark
et, Hollub anil Isaac's Clothing Store, Norton’s
Tin and Stove Shop, two Cloiiiiug Stores, Har
rington &, Doll's General Grocery Store. Roman's
Book Store,Stevenson’s i’rovision Store. Reel he's
Drugstore, Mayer & Corney’s Market, Plum
mer & Mitchell’s Grocery and Provision store,
Dowiu r’s Grocery and Provision Store, two va
cant h 'uses, Madam Gavand’s Restaurant, Shc
rifi’s office, Trinity House, Jane’s House, Calla
han's dwelling house, and a log house.
On the north side of the street, after burning
Walsh’s Store House, the following places of
business were consumed : one blacksmith’s
simp. Coney’s Clothing Store,Carman’s Carpen
ter Shop, Chapman & Co.’s Grocery ii. Provision
Store. Todd & Jones' Grocery and Provision
Store, two clothing stores, one kept by Syme,
Callahan’s Grocery and Provision Store, one
Clothing store, Macomher’s blacksmith shop and
dwelling house, El Dorado Hotel, kept by
Keene & Fourney, Bout lit r’s Restaurant, Gil
bert’s dwelling house, Rhodes &. Lusk’s Express
Office, Smith’s vacant house. Post Office, Cour
ier office. Sprague's Law Office, Morse’s Den
tist Office, Masonic Lodge, Empire Hotel owned
by Oleudori & Rand, and Long’s two buildings.
Seventy buildings were consumed, including
every Hotel, Store, and Saloon in the town.
About forty buildings remain in our town, con
sisting mostly of small cot'age dwelling houses,
and a few business houses at either end of town.
The value of the bandings burned is generally
estimated at about $100,000: tbe value of per
sonal property- destroyed is estimated at $400,-
000—making the total loss one half million of
dollars. Many contend that this 'estimate is
considerably below the mark.
The sufferers by the fire have neglected to
furnish us with their own estimate of individual
losses. In this place, therefore, we will unlv
name a few of the heaviest losers, with nurown
estimate as to the amount, and at the same time
express the hope that all will hand us their
names and the amount of their loss:
Bail, Baker & Co., Harrington & Doll, and
Tontlinfon, each $25,000 ; Hollub & Isaacs,
Phtmntcr & Mitchell, A. L. Downer & Co.,
Chapman Co. $20,000; Todd & Jones, $10,000;
Callahan. $12,000 ; R. J. Walsh, $6,000; Benj.
White, $8,000; St. Charles Hotel, $15,000; Em
pire Hotel. $10.000; Globe Hotel. $8,000; Tal
bot & Seaton, 15,000; Estate of Josiali Hoop,
$-1,000; James Long. $6,000: Adams & Co., $.5-
000 ; Rhodes & Lusk. $5.00(1 Dr. Benj. .Siiunleff,
$5,000; Jacobson & Co.. $8,000; Mr. Syme,
SSOOO ; Gilson & Quick, $7000; Goodwin & Vorlf,
$5,000; Joint Moll, $5,000; Mr. Willis’ "Liquor
S ore, $6,000; Keene & .Formey, $4.000: A. J.
Stevenson, $4,000; Hall & Crandall $2,500;
John Cos $‘2,000; D. Corsnut $2,400; Cram,
Rogers & Co. $ 1.000 ; Oleudorff & Rami $lO 000;
D. Casey $5,000; Norton’s tin shop, $4,000;
J. Follansbee. $1500; L. H. Tower. $3,000, A.
Roman, $3,000.
Notwithstanding the gloom which took pos
session of every one after the disasti r, we are
glad to state that many have already made ar
rangements for rebutldidg. And we have to
commend warmly the spirit in which these im
provements are about to be made. Tbecitize.is
held a mass met ting on Wednesday, and have
taken the miliary step towards widening the
main street of our town, and making its breadth
110 instead of sixty feet. To accomplish
this, the southern Hue of the town will re
main where it is, and the northern Hue will be
removed northward fifty feet. With this en
largement of the street, we will, in future, have
much leas to fear from fire, while it will greatly
facilitate the transaction of business,
a It will be a great satisfaction to our readers to
learn that no live* were lost during the confla
gration, although the rapidity of its progress,
and the desire to save a small portion of prop
erty from destruction, frequently placed persons
in positions of great peril.
We take pleasure in stating to our friends that
our losses were not great. One thousand dol
lar* will probably coverall damages.
.tiiiw Meeting of- Citizen* culled for the
pnr|to*e of enlarging and altering loca
tion of the Main Street, and for other
At a meeting called by the cit zens of Shas'a,
Mr. H. T. Sprague was called to the Chair, ami
A. Skillimui appuin'td Sttreliny
Judge Mc.Murtry moved that a commi tee ol
live he appointed to report upon the propriety ol
opening ihe street fur.her upon the flat.
Judge Me Mu it iy also Uiovetl that a committee
of five he appointed to see properly owners,
and obtain their consent to such alteration in
the street. Carried.
The Chair appointed the following gentleman
on the first committee: Judge McAiurtry, Ur.
ulelidort, J. G. Dull, E. C. Gillette, and J. M.
Second committee: A. Grotefiud, Mr. Rob
bins, Ur. Shuriletf, A. L. Uuwner, and James
Air. Garter moved the above committees re
port to morrow morning l(i h nisi., at 9 o’clock.
Speeches were here made by Messrs. McAlurtry,
Ward, Garter, and Long.
Mr. Doll moved that a committee he appoint
ed to enquire into the cause ol the fire, wUeihtr
it was by an incendiary or not.
Mr. Rhodes moved an amendment to the
above, making the committee to consist ol 13.
and requiring them to report this ulternorn, at
1 o'clock. Carried.
'J he following gentlemen were appointed :
J. G. Doll, J. Al. Rhodes, J. Isaacs, Isaac Koop,
Geo. AkCumber, Alphttis Bull, U. C. Blown,
T. T. Calianiss. John Yoik, A. bkiiluian, Wm.
Mitchell, E. Garter, J. S. I*. Bass.
Un motion, the meeting adjourned.
K. T. SI'HAGUE, President.
A. Skillman, Secretary.
Report of iae lounui.tu ui mivextigotiou.
The Committee appointed lor the investiga
tion of the origin < f the recent file which de
stroyed the town of iShasla, report: '1 hut upon
the investigation of that mailer, they have
come to the conclusion that fire originated in the
building known as the Darker House, and that
ilie same was caused by an incendiary; anu
that in their opinion the circumstances ol the
case require a strict investigation on the pari ol
ihe legal authorities.
E\l.Aiig tmr,nr of Main Mio.it. —We have
not been furnished with the proceedings of the
adjourned meeting of citizen property holders,
held at the Methodist Church on Thursday
morning, to act in regard to an enlargement of
Alain Street. We learn, however, that it was
determined that the street should be mu. ! e fifty
feet wider than formerly—the fifty feet to be ta
ken from the lots on the northern side—making
the entire width one hundred and fen feet from
one side to the other. Buildings are allowed
an awning of ten feet, which will make the
street from awning to awning ninety feet.
Post Office. —We are glad to state that all
the letters remaining in the Post Office were
saved, together with the books, &c. Had not
Post Alaster Roop lost considerable time in en
deavoring to check the fire near its place ol
commencement, lie would have been enabled to
save his office furniture, also. The Post Office
was opened on the morning after the the fire in
the binding adjoining the boarding house of Air.
Adams & Co’s Sake. —On W ednesday after
noon Mr. Tracy caused the safe ol Adams & Co.
to be opened. Its contents were found unin
jured. Owing to the heat, however, with which
the safe had been surrounded, it could not be
opened w ithout materially injuring the door.
Rhodes & Lusk’s Ba\king it Express Office.
—These gentlemen have already got the neces
sary material on the ground for rebuilding, and
expect to be able to ticcupy their new building
by the latter part of the coming week. They
can be found for the time being opposite the
Empire Coral, at the upper end of town.
Our Market. — Aoiwi.iisuiLniiug me immense
quantity of clothing, provisions, groceries, li
quors, itc., destroyed by the late eonflrgnitiou,
we arc happy to inform traders, who have hen -
to fore been in the habit of dealing in Shasta,
that our merchants are again prepared to fill all
orders entrusted to their care at the usual ad
vance on San Francisco prices—most of them
having reo< ivo«l. fresh snpidies since the fire.
Adams &. Co. — i n.s e-uinpi ismg banking and
Eqiress House have com induced excavating the
1 >1 formerly occupied by them, and we are iu
f n ined by Air. E. Tracy, the agent at this place
that lie will immediately commence building,
as soon as the ruins of the old building are n
moved. They occupy at present the building
formerly known as Chauncey’s lumber office.
Roman, who lost most of his goods
by ihe late fire, lias opened Ids Book Store in
the lower part of Main Street. lie started yes
terday for San Francisco to replenish his stock,
and will soon be prepared to supply all older*
in his line.
Rhodes <Xo L,csk s oa/c.. — me safe of
Rhodes & Lusk was taken into the middle of
the street soon after the alarm of fire, and was
consequently subjected to but little beat. On
being opened on Wednesday, its contents were
found to b« in a perfect state of preservation.
New Buildings.
A number of persons have already com
menced re-building, and llie gloom of Wednes
day has given place to the music of the saw and
hammer. Among those who have already
commenced the work are Adams Sc Co., Mr.
Gavand, Mr. Loag, Hollub Sc Isaacs, Dr. Short
left', Mr. .lager, and the owner of the Shasta Sad
dling establishment.
Those on the north side have delayed to
await ilie action of the citizens in regard to an
enlargement of the Main Street. Among those
who have made arrangements for rebuilding wo
would name the following: James Long, Oleu
dorf Sc Rand, Rhodes &. Lusk, Todd & Jones,
Chapman & Co., L. H. Baker, Bull, Baker Sc
Co., Augustus Grotefend, David Casey, Plum
mer it Mitchell, A. L. Downer & Co., R. J.
Walsh, and the owner of a tin shop.
Cram, Rogers & Co. — These express gentle
men may at present be found in the building
owned by A. G. Channcey & Co., on the flat,
formerly used for a lumber office.
Sheriff's Office. —Capt. Corsaut has taken a
a room in Hughes & Curtiss’ building for a
Sheriff’s « ffi.e.
Pitt River. —Or. Bates, who arrived from
Pittsburgh on Thursday last, gives a cheering
account of the mineral resources of Pitt River.
All those who have remained there steadily
have done well, and many of those who recently
went to the head waters of Feather river, have
Fire at Tk a.ma. — On Sunday night last, a
fire broke out in the Hull House, at Tehama.
Over a hundred persons were in the House at
the time, and owing to their prompt action, the
lire was extinguished speedily, and without
much duuinc)'.
New Diggings. —it lias been staled to us that
new diggings of considerable magnitude have
been discovered on the western side of the Sac
ramento river, about ten miles above this place.
Several parties have repaired to the place with
in u few days past.
Paper Hangings, See. — We refer our readers
to the advertisement of Mr. Van Schaick in
another column. Mr. Van S. has recently visit
ed Sau Francisco, and has relumed with an ex
tensive assortment of the latest patterns of paper
hangings, and is now prepared to execute
work iu that line upon short notice with dis
patch. Also house and sign painting.
Mountain Herald. —Mr. Horsely, of Cram,
Rogers & Co's Express, handed us, on Sunday
last, the first number of the above named paper,
printed the day previous, at Yreka. The Herald
is a small paper, published by Messrs. Thorn
hury Sc Slade, hut it is well printed and ably
edited. It is situated in the heart of a rich and
extensive mineral and agricultural region,whose
interests are well understood, and no doubt will
lie properly repieseu'.ed by the publishers.
We wish them that abundant success which
their enterprise and tal-uts deserve.
Duels is San Francisco. —Ou the 10th inst. a
duel took place near Sail Francisco, between
Mr. John Nugent, of the Herald, and Thot.
Hayes, Alderman. On the 2nd fire, with rifles
at 20 paces, the former was in the
right arm, severely, although his surgeon hopes
that amputation will not he necessary. On the
eleventh anodier duel took place between Mr.
E. Toby and Dr. A. B. Crane. The latter was
wounded in the abdomen, and died on the 12th,
after exonerating his antagonist from any blame
for his actions towards him.
The Stages. —For the present, Baxter Sc Co’s
line leaves the St. Charles Coral every morning
at the usual tune. Hall Sc Crandall's stage#
leave the Empire Coral every morning about the
same time. Ihe above lines saved all their
splendid horses and coaches during the late fire.
CF Ike is n hoy that resents Jin injury, “and
knowing liis rights, maintains lliem.” ike is an
"insatiable man " tor tronting. and his mother
gave him permission a few days ago. to go to a
brook a short distance, to indulge in his favorite
amusement. He had succeeded in enticing %
lew ot the “ finny tribe” from their cool retreat,
and planted them in a basket which he carried
tor the purpose, anil was patiently awaiting for
another bite, when an overgrown negro hov
came along, and wantonly kicked his basket,
trout and all, into the water, and with then?
went (Mir hero’s hopes of delighting his good
old timber vviih a trout supper.
But Ike had too much of Lis lamented father's
spirit in Inin not to resent {such an insult as this,
and quick as thought he dodged behind the
darkey and chucked him in alter them, and put
for home with ail his speed.
Well, Isaac, my son,” said the mother, as he
entered the do**r, “ where is your basket ?—I
hope yon hav’ut been so naughty as to sell it or
lose it T”
Ike told the whole stonh in n few words, and
hard outs, too, as he spoke ol the darkey’s con
“ Well, irel/. Isaac,” said the venerable lady,
“did my son brook such an insult as that V
“ Don’t know anything 4bout that,” answered
Ike, “ but I brook) d the ni cr, bet I did /”
Rf.vivai, of Lost Aktsl —The A’. V. Time»
states that, “ at a late meeting of the New Ilamp
-hire Agricultural Society, a gentleman made
his name odorous of good sense and taste, by of
feiing a premium ot twenty-five dollars for the
best specimens of patching and darning that
should lie exhibited, hi ini actuated thereto by
seeing how many speecimhns of useless needle
work wei e presented. That gives ns hope—a
hope mil ot despair—that thesehignly useful dc
pailntents of labor will not, like the secret of
embalming, become lost arts before the close of
the current ceulu;y.

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