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For the Counties of Shasta, Trinity, Klam
ath, and Humboldt.
l3r“A/l Legal Advertisements must be paid for n
A ffentn for the Conrirr.
The following gentlemen are onr regularly
anthorized agent*, empowered to collect Sub
scriptions, Advertisements and Job Work, and
receipt lor the same;—
San Francisco Agesct. —Mr. T,. P. Fisher.
He may he found at his desk in the Merchant’*
Exchange. Sacramento street.
Wenveroittf. Cram, Rogers & Co., and
Rhodes Sc Lusk.
One Ihrrse Town. — Smith Sc Tollman, Ex
French Gulch. — Thompson Sc Zip and Knip
per & Schultz.
Vreku. — Cham, Rogers Sl Co., and Rhodes &
Agents wanted i;i every portion of the
Macrncnnito Electing—Noble’*
At the meeting held in Sacramento tor tin
purpose of taking into consideration the impor
tance of surveying Noble’s Pass, resolutions
were passed declarative of its necessity. and ap
pointing a committee to raise funds sufficient tc
(defray the expenses of said /exploration J. R.
Hardeubergh, .1. C. Zabriskie, I’. D. Cornwall.
H. E. Robinson and J. Price were appointed
that committee, and ordered to report to a sub
sequent meeting. The citizens of several of
the northern counties are now organizing a
company to go out under the leadership of Maj.
Reading, for the purpose of surveying and ex
ploring this Puss. It is the intention of this
party to start in a few weeks, so as to make the
survey in the dead of winter, and thus ascertain
what obstructions to the passage of a Railroad
may exist in the worst season of the year.
Would it not be well, then, for the Sacramento
committee to co-operate with a company at the
head of which is a gentleman so admirably
qualified tor the work, in every respect, as Maj.
Heading is known to be ? We trust they may
not find it contrary to any predetermined plan
on their part, to join with us at once in accom
plishing a work thought with so much impor
tance to the interests of the State at large, and
particularly to that of the entire Sacramento
Treasure Mhipiueiits.
The Treasure shipped by the two last steam
ers, amounted to but $2,539,890 28, being $280,-
565 less than was shipped the same period last
year. We are glad to perceive this parked de
cline in the heretofore immense shipments of
gold dust to east. Instead of arguing a cor
responding decrease in the yield of our pines,
as many persons will conclude, it goes far to
prove that California is less dependent to-day
than she was a year since. We risk but little
in predicting that hereafter, as our farmers and
manufacturers begin to throw into market a
home produce, shipments of the precious metal
will rapidly attain a still greater reduction.
U hen that day arrives, every hrapch of busi
ness in California must necessarily acquire a
far more healthy condition than that heretofore
exhibited—the legitimate result of a more
abundant supply of the circulating medium iti
our midst. The policy of sending off by regular
semi-monthly shipments, the greater portion of
the produce of our mines, retaining but a modi
cum for home circulation, has proved suicidal
to the true and permanent interests of our State.
We shall, therefore, hail any further reduction
in these shipments, as a sure augury of an in
creasing substantial prosperity.
Malfeasance is Office. —The late Grand
Jury of San Francisco, being satisfied by abun
dant evidence that the duties of several fiscal of
ficers of that city had not been faithfully per
formed, but on the contrary that they bad vio T
fated and totally disregarded the statutes regula
ting the duties of fiscal officers, found true bills
against theex-Tax Collector. Lewis Teal, theex-
Comptroljer, Roderick Mattheson. and the pres
ent City Treasurer. Hamilton Bowie. The im
dictments were quashed by the Court, however,
upon the ground that two of the jurors were
aliens. The cases were then made subject to
another investigation at the hands of a new and
legal when, it it prove as honest as the
first, and these officers do not defend themselves
by facts, instead of with pistols and threats as
they have attempted, they will doubtless re
ceive that reward which should ever follow the
footsteps of the unfaithful and dishonest public
Singular Insanity.—A certain individual in
this vicinity seems to be laboring under a most
singular hallucination relative to our wood pile.
His relentless and bitter hostility to this wood
is to us strange and unaccountable, ami well
calculated to furnish food for profitable reflec
tion to the philosopher. The exceeding repug
nance with which he eyes it askance in the day
time, is but the prelude to a most violent attack
after night. Indeed be seems never to be under
the full influence of this peculiar monomania,
except along towards that portion of the night
when the “ wee hours" come creeping on ; then,
however, he attacks the aforesaid wood pile
with a hate so wonderful and industrious as to
frighten it into a state of galloping consumption,
and cause us iu piteous tones to exclaim —
“ Would, oh ! would the wicked woodman spare
that pile of wood ! touch not a single stick !”
The Weather. —As is doubtless expected,
we give our opinion retrospective, present, and
prospective, upon this interesting topic. So far
we have had some very good, some very bad.
and some very indifferent weather. At present
it is a combination of the had and indifferent.
Hereafter we may reasonably expect some
pleasant sunshiny days, and confidently antici
pate many drizzling, raining, pouring, roaring,
hailing, blowing, snow ing, thundering weeks.
rr«a l>ka.
We we indebted to Mr- Haynes, of Cram. Ro
gers & Co’s Express, for the Mountain Herald
of the 3d.
We find but little local news.
A paper is being circulated in Yreka, by Mr.
John Lintell, the Postmaster, for the purpose of
raising adequate funds to have a semi-monthly
mail carried through from this place to Yreka,
during several of the winter months. We are
under the impression that Rhodes & Lusk and
Cram, Rogers & Co. will perform this service
during the winter months to the perfect satisfac
tion of all concerned, as they have done hereto
fore, We have every confidence that the people
of Siskiyou will be properly cared for next
spring by the department. We cannot conceive
that snch gross neglect of any portion of our
people will continue much longer.
The Herald learns that the two Indians who
were prisoners at Fort Lane, for killing Mr. Kyle,
escaped on the fjyth ult.
The Indians on Applegate Creek are exceed
ingly troublesome; they are constantly stealing
stock from the settlers, ns well as from those on
Cottonwood. Messrs. Cram. Rogers &, Co. and
M. B. Morris have had several fine horses stolen
by these “ red deoilt," which have been recover
ed from 'h' - ™ by R. P. Metcalf, Esq., the well
know.U and popular nionptajn guide in the late
Indian war. A petition is in circulation and be
ing universally signed by the citizens of this
county, asking congress to appoint him Special
Indian Apen! for Southern Oregon. From his
thorough knowledge of ihe Indian character,
and of the country which they inhabit, together
with bis influence with the several tribes who
infest this valley, as well as that of Shasta, he
would no doubt make an efficient officer. — lb.
Salmon Correspondence.
fcouTH Salmon Rivkr, Nov. 28, 1813.
Eds. Courier: —My heart almost sinks with
in me when I come to narrate to you the sad
occurrences of hast evening, at the trading post
of Trick & Crambangh. Between the hours oi
fi and 7 in the evening, a man by the name of
John Murphy, (formerly of Boston,) entered the
house, apparently slightly intoxicated. In pass
ing to the back part of the room, he abused sev
eral persons, and there addressed himself partic
ularly to a yopng man by the name pf Antony
Walton, formerly of lowa. wJjo was acting as
cook in the establishment. Some words passing
between them, Murphy struck Walton with his
hand in the face, when a general row com
menced, resulting in the death of both Murphy
and Walton. Walton received four stabs in his
breast, two penetrating the lungs, one on each
side; the others were quite superficial, the ribs
intercepting the point of the knife. He survived
but a few minutes. Murphy received seven balls
through different parts of his person ; three en
tering the anterior and one the posterior part of
the head; the latter causing instantaneous death.
Walton was killed by Murphy, and Murphy by
Wm .1. Trick, who acted in defence of Walton
and his house. He immediately gave himself
up for trial, the proceedings of which I send en
closed, and after a full and fair investigation,
was triumphantly acquitted of all blame in the
matter. I send you herewith the proceeedings
of the trial. Yours, &c.
Salmov River.
[The reader will find the proceedings had at
this trial in another column.—Eds Cour.]
Attempt at Mcrdkr. —On Tuesday morning,
a short time before daylight, the lodgers at the
Canon House were awakened from their sleep
by the distressed cries of a couple of Chinamen
but a short distance from the house. They were
found horribly mutilated and tied to the wheel
of a wagon in which they had been sleeping.
One of them had a cut across the throat, intend
ed to be fatal, but happily proving not very se
rious ; the other had bis head and face cut in a
most shocking manner, and which almost pre
cludes the possibility of his recovery. When it
is recollected that there were probably not less
than twenty men sleeping within fifty yards of
the scene of this murderous attack, it will be ac
knowledged one of the piogt daring outrages
ever heard of in this community. Several per
sons in the immediate vicinity heard the scut
tling, and cries of the Chinamen fifteen or twen
ty minutes before any assistance was rendered
them, but as they could not understand what
they were saying, supposed it the effects of a
drunken frolic. One of tfie Chinamen had bis
belt, containing three hundred dollars, cut from
his body.
We understand that three men were arrested
at Tehama on suspicion of being the robbers.
They were to have been examined before Justice
Mix, at Red Bluffs, on yesteiday.
Horrible. —Mr. McGeary, ot Adams & Co’s
Express, informs us that he saw an Indian boy,
as he came up in the stage threp davs ago, lying
dead op the road side, near Oak Grove, in Butte
County. He bad a bullet hole in his forehead.
He was last seen, when alive, in company with
a packer, and was then quite sick. It is sup
posed that the packer killed him in order to be
freed from the trouble of taking care of him.
rr* Governor Stevens lias arrived in Wash
ington Territory, after completing the survey of
the route from the head waters of the Missouri
through th“ Cascade Mountains into the new ter
ritory. He is extremely sanguine of the route,
as to its fitness for the passage of a Railroad.
The Spectator says he does not wish his name
to be used in connection with the delegafeship of
Washington Territory. He will be content
with the office he now holds.
New Grist Mill. —We understand that the
new steam grist mill, owned by Mr. Carter, and
located pear fmsteani saw mill, about a mileand
a half from town, went into operation yesterday
afternoon. With the exception of a small one
owned by Maj. Reading, this is probably the
first grist mill erected in Shasta County. It is.
we understand, the intention of Mr. Carter to
erect a large mill in this place, as soon as possi
ble, for the purpose of manufacturing flour, the
present one being intended merely for grinding
oats, barley and corn.
(hie Week Later fraai ike Atlantic State*.
The steamship Carte*, from San Juan, with
New York dates to Nov. sth, and New Orleans
dates to Nov. 7th, arrived at the Bay on Satur
day. She brought 600 passengers, of whom 94
were ladies.
We are indebted to Adams & Co. for full files
of Atlantic papers.
Also to Rhodes & Lusk for similar favors.
The Pacific Railroad company organized at
the Metropolitan Hotel, under the bead of R. J.
Walker, and by virtue of the charter granted by
the Legislature of the State of New York.
The election in Maryland, on the 2d Nov., re
sulted in the democrats electing their State offi
cers, from the Governor dou n. The whigs are
believed to have secured both branches of the
Legislature, thus giving them the choice of a
United States Senator, in place of Mr. Pearce.
The Congressional Delegation will probabiy
stand fptif democrats to two whigs, being a gain
of two by the former party.
The democrats in the Ohio Legislature will
have a majority of sixty one on joint ballot.
The legislature of Vermont, by a majority of
fifteen, has selected Mr. Robinson, democrat, to
the .Governorship.
Gov. Foote, of Mississippi, it is confidently be
lieved, will be returned to the U. S. Senate.
John Bell is re-tlecled U. S. Senator from Ten
Among the appointments recently made by
the Cabinet are the following :
Herman G. Redfield, Collector of the Port of
New York, vice Bronson.
Brodhead, Naval Officer of New York, vice
Cisco, Sub Treasurer, vice Dix.
Levi K. Bowen, Consul to Burdonx.
A. Van Camp, ot California, agent for the Nav
igators’ or Samoan Islands, and the Friendly or
Tonga Islands, in the Pacific,
Edward B. Buchanan, of Maryland, Consul to
La Rochelle, France,
J. R. M. Melchoir, of New York, Consul to two
or three of the German Duchies.
The Washington Star asserts positively that
James Gordon Bennett’s application for the
French Mission is on file in the State Depart
Mathew F. Ward shot Professor William But
ler, in the street, in Louisville, on the 2nd of
November, causing death the same night.
The New York Crystal Palace will remain
oped all winter.
A large meeting was held on the Ist ult., in
the Exchange, New York, to • •xpress their senti
ments relative to the removal of Judge Bronson
by the administration.
United States stocks to the amount of $573.-
850 were redeemed at the Treasury last week.
The funds now on hand in the Treasury subject
to draft, are set down at $25,958,756.
Andrew Jackson Allen, the oldest member of
the histrionic profession in the United States,
died in New York on the 30ih of Sept.
The Washington Star says that Congress will
be asked to appropriate from three to five mil
lions of dollars for public buildings at Washing
Yankee Sullivan has been arrested on a re
quisition of the Governor of Massachusetts. He
is now in jail waiting his trial.
In Baltimore city the Maine Law ticket is
The stone edifice known as Fowler’s Build
ings, opposite the Herald Office, was destroyed
by fire on the Ist ult. Loss, SIOO,OOO.
Secretary Marry, on behalf of the President,
has written to Commodore Ingraham, approv
ing of his conduct in the Koszta affair.
Corrimander Downing will be court-martialed
on his return to the United States, for aiding in
the escape of Commodore Coe, in opposition to
the wishes of the Argentine Republic.
The Star, at Washington, publishes an order
from the Adjutant General, abolishing the geo
graphical division of the Military Department,
and substituting the following :
Department nf the Eu*l —Confry east of the
Mississippi—head quarters. Baltimore.
Department of Ike. HW. —Country west of the
Mississippi, and east of the Rocky Mountains —
head -quarters, St. Louis.
Department of Trxa*~~ Head-quarters, Corpus
Department nf /hr Pacific* —Country west of thw
Rocky Mountains —exclusive of Utah and New
Mexico—head quarters, San Francisco.
The Rev. D Kipp, for more than sixteen years
pastor of St. Paul’s Church, Albany, lias been
appointed Episcopal Missionary Bishop of Cali
The Washington Star says that letters have
been received in Washington, from which ihe
conclusion is drawn that a large French and
glish fleet will be dispatched to the Gulf as
soon as circumstances will permit, and that the
Union has good grounds for its assertions in re
gard to Cuba.
Rvgt.anp.—The British public is kept in the
dark, in regard to the intentions of their gov em
inent on the Turkish question.
France, —The tone of French papers indi
cates that France is in for war.
The number of offers for aid to the Turkish
Government, from IMes, Hungarians, &c., is al
most incredible. The offers are not confined to
the refugees in France; they have con e from
the United States, from Hungary, Poland, and
Italy, '
Rates or Steamer Charges. —The follow
ing were the rates of charges on the steamers
that last went out. In the Winfied Scott,
through tickets, exclusive of the Ismnifi cross-
saloon state rooms, $165; lower sa
loon, $135; steerage, SSO. In the Sierra Neva
da, through tickets, including the transit, in two
berth staterooms, $250: in three berth rooms,
S2OO, and in the stecraee. $7.1.
Literary Favors. —Mr. Roman, of the Shasta
Book Store, has again heaped up our table with
his accustomed liberality. Among his recent
favors are the Lady’s Book for December, and
late numbers of the N- Y. Illustrated News,
Gleason’s Pictorial. Spirit of the Times, Loudon
Weekly Dispatch, &c.. &c. Of course he has a
full assortment of the most recent publications
on hand.
Iktkrkm i.\g To Lii iloeks. — U< it irect the at
tention of builders and contractors to the propo
sals for building a Court House ami Jail for this
County, advertised in another column, by the
Commissioners on-Public Buildings.
Wreck ef the Win Add Seed !
We learn from the telegraphic report of the
Marysville Herald of the 6th inst., that the
steamer California bad arrived that morning at
San Francisco, bringing the mails of the sth
Nov., and 509 passengers, including 77 ladies.
By the California we have the painful intel
ligence of the wreck of the Winfield Scott , on
her way to Panama. The following are the
particulars of her loss :
On Friday night. Dec. 2, at 12 o’clock, theW in
field Scott struck upon a rock on the island ol
Anacapa, of Santa Barbara, about 35 miles oil'.
She first struck bow on. then with her stern,
then with her side, carrying away her rudder.
A great deal of confusion was created on hoard.
The fog was dense, weather calm ; and by £
past 1 the l>oats were lowered and first filled
with women and children, who were safely lan
ded, the beach being but a short distance otf.
In this way all on board were taken ashore, and
they were amply provided with provisions from
the wreck. The California brought five passen
gers, two children ami the purser. The remain
der were left on the island, where they had but
one tent. The wreck of the steamer was left
hanging on the rock by the bow, her stern being
in 8 fathoms of water. She will be a total loss,
and must go to pieces in the next storm. The
passengers had experienced no suffering, except
that of miud. Treasure and valuables all saved.
Chinamen. —These sons of the Orient are
flocking to this county in immense numbers at
the present time. There are now we presume,
not less than two, or perhaps three thousand in
the county, and we are assured that there are
almost as many more on the way between here
and Colusa and Marysville. We fear that this
immense immigration of these people will be
productive of a great deal of trouble in om
midst ere long.
Murder ok James Bridgkr. —The State Journ
al says that intelligence from Salt Lake by way
of San Louis Key, announces the murder of the
celebrated mountaineer, James Bridget - , by a
party of Mormons. A feud had for some time
existed between the traders of Fort Bridger and
the people of the valley, which led to this mur
Adums <V I'o.’a Exprem.
We are again under obligations to Messrs.
Adams & Co. for regular files of Marysville, Sac
ramento and San Francisco dailies throughout
the week, and for all of the lute papers from the
Atlantic States. Also for a copy of the Pictorial
Brother Jonathan for Christmas.
Capt. Waldo, late Whig candidate for
Governor, has gone to the States. He sailed on
the Pacific three weeks since. Me will not re
turn to this country again, but intends to take
up his residence with his family in Texas.
Rhode* & (<v»k’a Kxpren*.
We return thanks to Messrs. Rhodes & Lusk
for files of Sacramento anil San Francisco
papers during the week. Also for files of coun
try exchanges and Atlantic papers by the
C ortes.
n 5 * The lion. Samuel Brannati, State Sena
tor elect from San Francisco county, ha« resign
eil on account of intelligence from his family in
the east, rendering his absence from the State
for several m mths, necessary. Gov. Bigler has
ordered a new election to be held on the 19th
i list.
Foreign News. —The latest news relative to
the threatened war between Turkey and Russia,
will be found on the outside of fo-dav’s paper.
Congress.— Last Monday was the day for
Congress to convene and receive the President's
T&* There are said to be not less than 30,000
French in California.
Shasta, Dec. 10'h. IS">3.
11 e note little or no change in our figures oi
last week —indeed we do not find it necessary
to change the price of an article. Business good
during the week.
Flour, 13 rlfi! Shovels. perdoz.. 30/j36
Corn Meal,klu dd 13//I4 Molasses, 2,00./-,it")
Barley. 7/71)0. Chili Peaches, 40/7
Beans. Chile. DU/la:
Rice. China. No 1. 15/716
Potatoes. San Jose, 12!
“ Valley, S
Clear Pork, 28/730
Hams, 2S/»3o!
Bacon, 28//30
Butter, firkin, 45/750
Cheese, 30/3')!
Lard, 30-00
Tobacco, Gripe 50/77.")|
Nails. 1 5/7171
Picks, per doz., 24//30
Dried Apples, —//22
Coffee, Rio. .lava, 2f!'-30
Teas, Imji&G P.,SO"BS
Sugars. Manilla, 1 1/r|(-
“ No. 1 China. —//20
■■ jiil, crusliM, —//2 i
Candles, adm’t. —e lO
Salt. 12/00
Mackerel,hf bis, »>- *'4
Brandy r , s2l'/7
11 biskey, 0,, 17">//2.1)0
Port IVine, $2.25/t2.50
Gin, Holland. 2,25/7250
A s . Iron 2( cents [>er lb.; Tom do. I.V/20;
Steel 30; Cod Fish 20; Cotton Dm k 36/7-40.
the jiast few weeks, gradually removed the
fence around the lot lying between tjie |ms oeeu
|>ied by the warehouses of Messrs Todd & Jones
and Mayer &. Pomeroy, and immeilinlely in the
rear of Channcey’s lumber yard, will call iipui
ns. be may bear of snnieihing to bis advantage,
and save himself the trouble of jumjiing the
aforesaid lot in such an unhandsome manner.
P- S.—As 'he fence taken away cost us some
where near $ i 00. the same individual or indi
vi Inals will please bring several ••slugs’’ along
for our rein.hursemeut. s. &, I).
The copartnership heretofore
existing between Cox & Walsh, in the
Livery and Stock Bnsines. is this dav dissolved.
I he business hereafter will he conducted solely
by John Cox, and all notes and hook accounts
due the firm will be settled by him.
Shasta, Dec Bth 1853. dlO 3t.
about ton days since, a sorrel mare mule
with a white nose. No other marks hy which
she could be recognised are observable. The
owner can have her by paving charges.
Shasta, Dec. in, 1853.—3 -
Methodist Episcopal Church.—Public ger
vices every Sunday nt 10. JA. M. and 7 k p ».*
Sunday school every Sunday at 3.\ p. M.
Rev. James Rogers. Pastor.
The citizens having assembled together
G. K. St. Clair was called to the chair'
and Randolph Sprigg appointed Secretary. Ah
ter impaneling a jury ol' twelve men, the" iuvev
tigatiou commenced.
Mr. John Conway being called, testified on
honor, there being no form of oatli administer,
ered, that John Murphy entered the house of
Wm. J. Trick & Crombangh on the evening of
the 27th Nov., 1853, apparently slightly intoxi
cated, and advanced to a young man by the
name of Anthony Walton, (formerly of lowa
and who was employed as cook for the estah.
lishment at the time.) at the farther end of the
house, and asked him if he had any potatoes.
He answered no. Murphy then called him a
d—d son of a b—h, qualifying the expression by
an uncouth invitation, at the same time, declar.
iug that he did not care for any of them. Mr.
Walton told him to go away and let him alone,
as he did not want anything to do with him.
Upon that Murphy struck him in the face with
his hand. Walton ran to the opposite side of
the house and procured a pick handle—Mur
phy pursuing him, and drew a large knife front
ins scabbard. At this crisis Mr. Trick caught
Murphy’s arm. when Antony struck at him, ami
Mr. Trick relinquished his hold to evade the
blow. Anthony then ran to the other end of the
house, but was overtaken by Murphy, who
caught him by the collar, drew him forward,
and struck him several underhanded blows, di
rect iug them towards Anthony’s breast. Wit
ness did not know whether Murphy had knife
in hand nt that time or not. Witness then struck
Murphy with pick handle, which staggered him
out of the door. Witness turned to \\ alton ami
saw the blood gushing from his breast, and beard
him exclaim “I am killed,” Mr. Trick rushed
to the door with a revolver, and found Murphy
standing close by ; he fired two shots at him
which did not appear to take effect. There be
ing no other loads in the pistol. Trick obtained
another from which be fired five loads, and
which brought Murphy to the ground lifeless,
the last shot taking effect in the posterior portion
of the head. Question, Did Murphy oiler vio
lence to Trick ? Ans. Yes, lie had his kuile
drawn over his head in the act ot striking, at
the time Mr. Trick shot him.
Col. A. li. t'lnnrgnn called anil testified, that
Murphy came to his house slightly intoxicated,
and wished to borrow a pistol of him. W itne-s
thinking it unsafe to let him have it, relu
sed ; accompanied Murphy to Trick & Grom
bangh's; upon entering the house witness en
tered into conversation with some persons, pav
ing no further attention to Murphy until he
heard him call Walton a d —d son of a b—h.
Walton said go away, 1 want nothing to do with
yon. Witness did not notice particularly, hut
heard a blow, looked around, and saw Walton
run to the opposite side of the house, and pro
cure a pick handle, Murphy pursuing so closely
that Walton could not use it effectually. Mr.
Trick then caught Murphy around the arms ami
tried to hold him, when Walton struck at Mor
phy with the pick handle, and Trick released I is
hold on Murphy; Walton ran for the front door,
Murphy following, striking him underhanded
blows with his I'M, as 1 thought, until they ar
rived at ihciioor; then Mr. Conway interfered,
knocking Murphy out at the door. Walton
clasped 1 1 is breast and exclaimed, "lie lias killed
me.” Mr. Trick immediately pursued, exclaim
ing. “he has killed the best boy on Salmon liv
er —give me a pistol!” and tired at Murphy
from tile door. Question. Did you see the kudo
taken from the iiand of Murphy ! Aim. No. —
Quest. Would yon have considered it safe to
have rushed on Mnrphv and taken him as ho
was? Ans. No. Quest. Had Murphy any oth
er arms? Ans. No. Quest. What state ol mind
was Murphy in —drunk ! Ans. 1 did not eon
sider him drunk hut perfectly rational. Quest.
Did Murphy offer violence to any other persons
prior to his attack on Walton ! Aim. Yes, he
handled Mr. Mull roughly as he was passing to
Walton. Qilest. Did Murphy follow Walton
when he retreated? Ans. Yes. Quest. Did
you see any weapons in Murphy’s hand before
he arrived at the door? Ans No. Quest. Aro
you acquainted with Mr. Trick? Aim. Y es, more
or less, since last spring; he is a peaceable,
good citizen. Quest. W hat kind of a man was
Murphy ? Aim. A singulai man, apparently pos
sessed ot an inward devil. Quest. Did Trick
teli Waitou to run mil. that Murphy had a knife f
Ans. Yes. Quest. Were you acquainted with
W alton ? Ans. Y es, he was a peaceable good
Mr. John Confer called and testified, that he
entered the house, saw Murphy speak to Wal
ton ; he told him he didn't care a dam for him
or all ol them. Walton answered, “go away;
I want nothing to do with you.” Walton was
eting on a stool, ami Mnrphv standing before
mm. He struck Walton in the month, who then
sprang to his feet, ran to the opposite side of the
house, and caught up a pick handle. Murphy be
in'; in close pursuit, striking tuiderliaiiiled at
liiui. Walton struck Murphy on the head with
pick handle; saw Trick run in, catch Mnrphv
around the arms, and throw himself back
against the house; Walton ran to the front door,
and Mnrphv followed. Trick loosing hi* hold on
him; saw Murphy striking at different times, but
did not see liisknile; saw tie-met ion of his arm;
suv W alton tall at 1 lie door and the blood run
ning; saw some one strike Murphy with pick
handle; saw him go out of the door, Walton
clasping his breast exclaiming, “he has killed
me.” Here Mr. Trick exclaimed, "be has killed
thebe-t boy on Salmon river.” Heard someone
say, hold on to Murphy; don’t let him escape.
-Mr. Trick called for a pistol; proctned one;
saw him shoot twice out of the door at the time
Walton lay on the floor. Quest. Did you hear
Mr. Trick tell Walton to go out of the door, that
-Murphy bad a knife? Ans. Yes. Quest. Would
von have been willing to have assisted in ta
king Murphy without disabling him. Ans. No
sir, 1 would not. Quest. Wby not ? .das. Be
cause 1 have heard him say he never would
strike another man with his list. Quest. What
did he say be would take ? Ans. His knife.
Mr. I.im-ing Soicr being called, testified sub
stantially the same as the precceding witnesses.
1 he Jury then retired to a private apartment,
and returned ihr following decision, viz.:
R-solved. That we find in ihe affair which oc
curred (in Sunday, the 27th day of November,
at ihe House ot Trick A* Grambangh, on South
.■salmon river, between Mr. John Murphy ami
Anthony V\ alton. and which re.-ulted in the death
ol Anthony Walton, by the bands of John Mur
piny. and also in the death of John Murphy by
tin hands ol Mr. Jacoti Trick, ci et nr mm, that
the action of Mr. Trick is not only sustainable
upon principles of natural justice and equity,
but even commendable ; and that this jury, re
flecting the public opinion of the miners ol Sal
mon river, fnllv and unqualifiedly exonerate Ja
cob Trick IVall le-al accountability what
J. G. DORR. Foreman.
J. S. Cm i , John Blake. Kohl- W. Wills, J. 1.
White, a W odgami’.i, M. Towse T. N.Horne,
O. Tanqiiany, S. Spier, J- E- Goodwell, J,
G. R. St. CIAIR, Chairman.
Ravpoi ph SrutGG. Secretory.
Du. T. M C'KAWfoitn, Assislnn Sic■ dlO-lt*

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