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[ Written for the Courier.
To u Friend.
Dear friend of my youth, there is nothing can
The bond of true friendship that binds me to
Though oceans.divide us, 1 love thee as ever;
'Though others prove lalse, thou art sull dear
to me.
0! through err ITs thorny paths let us cherish
this feeling—
Tis a soother of ills—’tis a balm for the heart;
Through sickness and age stilt its beauties re
To love one another ’till life shall depart.
I\cw Orlean* and Pacilic Kailroad.
1 liu Louisiana Legislature of IS.jii, incorpo
rated a company tor constructing u railroad
from Algiers, a loyyii on the .Mississippi opposite
New Orleans, to some point oil the Sabine, favo
rable tor constructing a railroad through Texas
to ill I'aso, ou ibe lito Grande, at about the •Jt’d
degree north, and thence to the I’acitic ocean.
'1 he distance iroiu New Orleans to Sau Diego is
estimated at 16.10 miles. From New Orleans to
Loguusport ou the Sabine, it is 310 miles. This
section, reaching to the eastern Slate line of Tex
as, is to be constructed under the Louisiana
charter. From Loguusport to Hi Faso, the wes
tern boundary ol 1 exas, the distance isTH-i miles.
'J his section, it is expected, will he constructed
by a company ol speculators, politicians and
planters, from various States of the Union, but
principally Irom toe North, who sought a char
ter Irom the last Texan Legislature, and which
charter, making liberal donations of public land
u> a bonus, passed both branches of the Legisla
ture, but lor some cause other than that of exec
utive hostility, failed to become a law because
ol the abscen.ee ol the Governor’s signature ; but
the friends ol lids movement are confident that
at the next session it will be renewed anil tri
umphantly carried.
U e have been thus specific in the detail of the
condition ot the 1 exau bill, because many peo
ple are under tht* impression that this railroad
bill has become a law, and that the coin pan}
was prosecuting this work with great earnest
ness and energy. This move, alike with that ol
Louisiana, wc look upon as a scheme gotten up
by a knot ol speculators, to obtain a large amount
ol puidic lands belonging to Texas.
Lrom El Faso, the road it is designed shall
pass through the northern portion of (Jnihuahmi
am! tin State ol Sonora, striking die south bank
ol the Gila river, by way of the Alessilia \ alley,
crossing the Kio Colorada on the 33d parallel ol
north latitude, and thence to thru Diego. Tin
d stance irom El Faso is estimated at .V>6 miles,
i ids movement may throw some light upon the
past ami present filiihusteriug operations in So
nora. There is no doubtful meaning to their ac
tions, though it may not he obvious to all. or cor
rectly interpreted by any one.—Sue. Union.
Noblk s Pass,—lt is matter of surprise that
our citizens cannot be made to feel an interest
in the exploration and survey of Noble’s Pass.
I hronghont the northern portion of the State,
public opinion has been thoroughly awakened
<m the subject. From the San Francisco Com
r.if'rrnil Ad err fixer we learn that an expedition
under Dr. Wozeneraft will start in a few days
to examine its advantages. Should he pass this
way—as there is good reason to believe tie will
let what can be done to strengthen his hands,
and aid him in the accomplishment of his pro
According to the lights before us. we can trulv
echo the sentiments of the paper alluded to,
when it says beyond doubt this is the route for
the railroad ; and when sectional feeling and
monied interest lias been set aside, vvs shall see
the sober attention of the people of California
Turned to this subject. Dr. Wozeneraft is ac
companied by a number ol old frontiersmen,
wbo are equal to the task before them. The
snows have already appeared ou the mountains,
and the party will probably meet with some
stirring adventures before its return. The expo
diliou proposes to be absent about five weeks.”
Sac. Union,
Condition ok Jamaica. —Gov. Wood, of Ohio
recently appointed consul at Valpraisn, on his
way there stopped at Jamaica. He thus writes
of tjie condition of that Island ;
■ VS e saw many plantations, the buildings di
lapidated ; fields of sugar cane half worked and
apparently poor, and nothing hat that which
will grow without the labor of man appeared
luxuriant and flourishing. The island itself is
of great fertility, one of die best of the Antilles;
but ail the large estates npon it are now fast
going to ruin. In the harbor were not a half a
dozen ships of all nations ; no business was do
ing, and everything you heard spoken was in
the language of complaint. Since the blacks
have been liberated, they have become indolent,
insolent, degraded, and dishonest. They area
rude, beastly set of vagabonds. Lying naked
about the streets, as filth} as the Hottentots, and.
I believe, worse.”
Wiiolk.sai.k Catti.k Thikving.— Last Wednes
il.i\ a party ot Mexican horse thieves, six in
number, drove from Livermore’s and vicinity
die small number of three hundred mid twenty
bead of beet cattle, and sold them on the Sail
Joaquin, at a ranch about five miles south of the
3 iiolmnne river. A portion of the stock was
taken from the ranches of A. Sunol. J. Rental,
and Dr. Marsh, but the greater proportion was
from Livermore*, and his property.
Mi. Laird, living on the Sau Joaquin, recog
nized the brand*, and mounted a horse to in
form the parties. Chase was immediately given,
bui the robbers were not come tip with until
the sale had been made, an I they on their re
turu. Mi. Joseph Livermore and his party of
others, being in pursuit, ami their animals near
iv exhausted, retired to Grayson city, and there
obtained fresh horses. They came up with the
tluoves again ou Friday afternoon, some six
m.ius *»»in *..w‘ *!iou&taiuf, w*u*n running fight
ensued o aboat one hour, by which tin.l tie v
I * ' ,h r ,l,nbf>r - Here the thieves
abandoned them horses and took to the hills, and
four out ot the number i„ this wav made their
escape, one of them being severely wounded •
toe other two were made prisoners and safely
secured am from them the sum of seventeen
hundred dollars was obtained. Mr. Livermore
was siiot through the hat during the en-a-e
--ment. It is supposed that the other four are
now in this city. VV e derived the particulars of
this transaction from a neighboring ranchero
'Times and Transcript.
,^' Ei tt.~ It has been often observed that a man
W ill readily face danger and death in one form,
ami be afraid of it in another; and this remark
was strikingly exemplified in Jouot, one i»f Bo
naparte s generals, who raised himself bv bis
coolness when Bonaparte was besieging Toulon,
fie was writing something by order of the iat
tci, when a bomb-shell burst near him: he
prompt!} observed that he wanted sand, and it
iau come in due time. Vet I remember to have
lean •• Nil S.dney Smith, speakitur of Jutibf in
the Captain s room at the admirably sav. that
when he was gong on hoard the Tiger. Sil Sid
ney s ship, he was so frightened in monntimr the
laiid, that it was found necessary to take him
on board through one ot the port-holes.
San Francisco. Fish Market. —The readers
of the Commercial Advertiser are treated to n
lengthy article on fish—their kind, quantity and
quality, troni which we quote the subjoined ex
tract ;
“ Fish are brought to this marketfrom the ex
treme southern end of the great Bay, from Sac
ramento, from Saucelito, from the upper rivers
from the numerous bays, creeks and inlets
reaching inland from the coast, north and south,
from Tomales, Shoalwater ami Uolinas Bays,
from Oregon. Puget Sound,the Farrullones, and
from all the small bays and ildets along the south
California coast. The greater part of the fish,
however, are taken frt m the waters of the Bay
or from the vicinity of the Heads. Sometimes,
beyond the Farralones, the lines are sunk to the
distance of two hundred fathoms in fishing lor
die rock fish, which is. perhaps, the most plen
tiful and delicious of the several kinds brought
'o this market. ’This necessarily obliges the
men to k< ep a large amount of lines on baud,
the rock fisti keeping close to the bottom, and
only taking certain kinds of bait. Cod and
mackerel, however, which are beginning to be
brought into the market in considerable quan
tities, bite with voracity, and anything serves
!,, r a bait. 1 lie outside fishermen encounter
rough weather the greater part of the time, ami
yet so ski lit ul ly are the boats managed, Uialugci
leuls rarely if ever happen to them.”
Western Music.—A Western chap went to
New \ ork to purchase poods, Ac., and was in
vited to one ot those lasli iotiable parties so com
mm in large cities. He was clearly a western
original, but raid vi ry little until be saw the par
ty was not to close until an attempt was made
0 corner him. At length a bevy ot laughing
.■iris, by the merest accident in the would, found
themselvi s grouped about the western green
ne, in a most animated discourse about music
..nd city playing.
W hen all tit’s hud progressed just fur enough,
■■ne ot the damsels, with head more adorned
w ithout than within, and in that peculiar parlor
drawl which unioniiuaiely no type can repre
sent, accosted the observed ot alt with —
Do tiie ladies play music at the west, sir?”
Original saw the game, and resolved to win.
‘"(.Hi, very uuiversaljy, Miss, ’ was the coo!
" indeed I was tint aware of that; pray, do
they use the piano mostly ?”
Never, Mi s Uie instrument that we have
out our way is the Swindle, and the girls all
play il.”
" Oh, dear- I am sure, positively, that f never
heard of that before. Do tell what it is, and
how they play.”
"Well; tbe instrument is a small pig, and
•ach girl takes one of these under her arm, and
chews the end of his tail, and that brings the
music !”
The preconcerted “come” made no farther
progress; and for the balance of the evening our
western “green” was the only lion of the show .
Fighting nr Telegraph. —The Vienna Lloyds
describes three omnibus looking vehicles in the
camp at Omultz, each of w hich contains a com
plete electric telegraph apparatus, with a con
trivnnee for laying an instituted wire along the
ground by the mere locomotion of the vehicle,
the wire being so protected that it remains un
injured under the pressure of the heaviest artil
lery passing over it. By this means orders are
to be instantly conveyed from the Emperor’s
station, and that ot the chief commanders, to
troops at almost any distance on the fields of
the mumrnvres.
Phea< hi\g to the Point.—Passing along ono
Wednesday evening, for evening in the south is
our afternoon, in Montgomery, Alabama, I
stepped into the lecture room w here a sla\e w as
“My brethren,” said he, “God bless your
souls, ligitui is like de Alabama fiber ! In spring
come fresh and bring in all de ole logs, slabs an
sticks dat had been lying on de bank and carry
deni down in de current. Bynieby dewater
go down—den a log cotcll on dis island, den a
slab get cotebed on de shore, and clen a stick on
do bushes —an’ dare dey lie, vvither;u’ an dry
in till come another fresh. .Jus’ so dere come
rival ot Tigiou —dig ole sinner brought in—dat
ole backslider is saved; then the ’vit al is over,
an de convert is cotcheii where he was afore, on
jus - such a rock; den one after’ under dat had got
ligion lies till along do shore, and dere dey lie till
uoder viva). Belobcd bredren, God bless your
souls keep in the current
1 thought ins illustration beautiful enough for
a more elegant dress; and too true, alas! of
others than his own race.— Christian Herald.
ri’" n perceive from the Edingbnrh News,
that Mr. Hugh Miller, the geologist, has written
an ingenious reply to Mr. Macauly’s assertion of
the superiority ot distinguished university men
for the practical a flairs of life. The instances
adduceil by Mr. Miller, if they do not refute Mr.
Macau ley s statements, at least show hxiiv much
may be said on the other side of the question.
“ Two boys were once of a class in the Edin
burgh Grammar School —John, ever trim, pre
cise and dux : \\ alter ever slovenly, contused
and dolt. In due time John became Baillie
John, ot Hunter Square, Edinburgh ; and Wal
ter became Sir Walter Scott, of tbe universe
Oliver Cromwell got but indifferently through
college; John Churchill spelt bat badly, even
after ho bad beaten all the most accomplished
soldiers of France: and Arthur Wellesley was
but an uninformed and vacant young lad for
some time utter acquiring his commission.*’ In
literature, besides Scott, the instances of Gold
smith, Cowper, Dry den. Swift, Chalmers, John
son and others are cited, to show that excellence
is olteii attained in the absceuce ot precocity.
1 lie converse, indeed, is often true, and the
proverb of “Soon ripe, soon rotten,” too often
verified. Ihe competition scheme, according
to Mr. Miller, would have on the whole, Jjie ef
fect of not only excluding the truly able. Hut al
so of admitting the inefficient. The class is
large of those who seem to attain to their full
developement in the contest of the academy and
the college; and, eminent there, never to be
heard of afterwards. Mr. Miller’s ow n case is
one in point, where highest scientific and litera
ry eminences have been gained without jnve
idle scholastic distinctions. —Home .Journal.
The Capitol. —The building destined to he
the State Capitol, now in process of erection In-
Dr. Carpenter, on Front street, will be comple
ted in about two weeks. Only a few days will
be required to put it in complete order for the
reception of the Legislature. The Senate and
Assembly chambers can be furnished at once.
Committee rooms divided off. suite of apart
ments for the Treasurer. Comptroller, Secretary
of State. Superintendent of I’nblic Instruction,
State Library, etc., can be provided all within
the same building. \Ve doubt if there is a house
in California so admirably adapted fog the Cap.
itol as this. I rom every part of the State we
hear unanimous expressions of satisfaction at
the intended removal. The public demand it.
and as their voice is law, the question may be
considered settled.— State Journal. J
California.— The State of California is over
seven hundred miles in length, from northwest
to southeast, averaging three hundred in width
with an estimated population of about 35a 000
Her gold fields cover about one-sixifi c f [ ler
whole extent, and her agricultural vnllies con
tain the most products e soil in the world.
The Rifle. —Many persons who are very ex
port iu tiie use of the rifle, know nothing of the
principle upon which it operates, and would be
it a loss il asked why a grooved barrel throws
a ball truer thau a smooth bore. The reasons
are these :
hi the first [dace, no bullet is. or can be cast
perfectly sphericle. Uue side is always heavier
than the other, and the ball therefore swerves
from the right line of projection. However
hard it may be to prove this theoretically, prac
tice demosf rates it. The same smooth bore im
movably fixed, twice loaded, with the same
charge of the same powder, and with balls cast
in the same mould, will not plant them both iu
the same spot, at the sauie distance.
The rifle barrel is a female screw,which gives
the tightly driven ball a rotary motion, so that
if the bullet, or rather the slug, swerves with
one twist of the screw —another revolution
corrects the error. There are but three motions
iu a n£e ball—the straight I'orward, the spiral,
and the dosvnward, caused by the power of
A rifle of thirty in the pound drops its ball
iibuut a loot in the first hundred yards. Rifles
are sighted, therefore, to meet this deviation. Un
leaving the barrel, the ball moves above the
line of sight, continually failing in a parabolical
curve till il intersects it. The point of intersec
tion is called the point blank.
Uiio indented rifle is not known. Its
principles were known to the North American
Indians before the discovery of the continent.
Their arrows are feathered spirally, and move
precisely in the same manner as a rifle ball.
New Link oh Steamers. — We learn on relia
ble authority that Commodore Vanderbilt de
signs establishing a new line of steamers be
tween this city and New York, via Panama.
With this intention the Commodore’s steam
yacht North Sar together with the splendid new
steemer Awerica, have been ordered to ilia Pa
cific. which with the Uncle Sam now here, will
constitute the line on this side. These three
vessels will connect with the Yankee Blade.
Yankee Doodle anil another new steamer now
on the stocks, (not yat named.) thus forming a
line consisting of six superior first class steamers
( ijuai iu every respect to any now in the trade.
!• roni the well known business energy of the
proprietor of the new line, we have no doubt
but il wil pro\ “ a successful one, and be the
means of incrasiug the tide of emigration from
the old Stales which the former high rates of
passage has for a time caused to ebb.— Sun.
Queer Singing.— The late Sears C. Walker,
Estp, while iu company with Dunglesou and
Bnelie, of the Coast Survey, was speaking of
New England psalmody, ami quoted one line ho
had frequently heard sung, viz:
“Countless seraphs bow before thy throne.”
which the choir spun out in this fashion, in
linked sweetness long drawn out,” —
Countless ser-ar-er-er-aphs
limv-o\v wow wow
Before the throne.
“I never heard that before,” said Dunglesou;
il must be one of the Dog-mas of the church.”
“\es says Bache, •'it is in that CAT-egory
L>ai> Company. —A lawyer in one ot the \\ ex
tent States had a do" that was a "feat favorite,
and in the habit of attending court with him*
•due day the dog took it into ins head to ascend
the bench ; and annoyed the judge very much,
by running between his legs. The judge, in
great rage, gave him a violent kick that sen!
him yelping across the court house- The law
yer much incensed at the unceremonious man
ner in which his favorite was treated, called In
him; "Pomp, come here! 'There lake that,’’
said he. covin" him another kick, “did not I al
ways tell you to Keep out ol bad company !”
Agkicct.tu kai. Convention. — ihe San Fran
cisco Chronicle says that a Convention of the
Cultivators ol the State has been announced by
a circular endorsed by the names of many of
our most influential citizens, to convene in that
city. This Convention, if properly appreciated,
attended and conducted, will exert an important
influence upon the great interests of Agriculture,
and its importance demands the attention of ev
ery well-wisher of the State.
San Fkancisco Dailies.—Uu Saturday last
there were nine daily papers published in San
francisco. To-day there will probably he ten.
J uis is almost equal to New York city w ith
its half million of inhabitants, and far ahead of
Liverpool, with a population of near 4,00.000,
which, until very recently, could not boast a
single one!
l lie question naturally arises, will all these
papers be supported, and if so, how?— Sac.
L nion.
inroie Pull’s colony, in Potter county. Penn
sylvania, it is stated, has turned out most unfor
tunately. Not more than forty emigrants remain
upon the lands, which lie upon Kettle Creek, and
are said to be poor soil, illy fitted for cultivation,
.dr. Bull expended large sums of money for im
provements. such as erecting a fine hotel and
other buildings, but a serious difficulty about
'be title to the land purchased by him has
thrown the whole enterprise into confusion, and
resulted in an expensive law so;-’.
it.n Cattle. —The State Journal says that
wild cattle and horses have become a source ol
much annoyance to the settlers ia some parts of
San Joaquin Valley. It is now a common prac
tice to shoot them down as they make their ap
I W* The Darkey who greaser! his feet so thai
ho should not make a noise, when he went to
steal chickens, slipped from the hen roost into
the custody of the owner. He gave as a reason
lor his being there—“Dat he only emu dar to
see if de chickens sleeped wilhdere eyes open.’’
He was cooped.
'W* The name of a cotemporary is Frost. A
few days ago, when a certain event occurred in
his family, lie wrote —“There was a slight Frost
in this place last Wednesday night!”
The co- partners hit heretofore
existing between the subscribers, under
the name ajgi style of Cnnro. Sampson ch Co., is
this day dissolved by mutual consent.
WM SHARP & CO. having retired from the
firm of Conro, Sampson &, Co., tlie Gol
den Gate Flouring Mill will be conducted br
ibe subscribers, under the same name and style
as heretofore, and the public may rest assured
that no effort shall be wanting on onr part to
fully sustain the high reputation that the “Golden
Gale Hour” has acquired in till parts of Califor
nia. The article we manufacture is pure and
unadulterated—it is made from the choicest of
native wheat, and is I idly equal to the best Hax
ali or Gaiiego. We tender onr sincere thanks
to onr friends anti the public generally, for their
liberal patronage heretofere tendered to us, and
respectfully solicit a continuance of the same.
n 26 :?m W. A. SAMPSON.
eral .Merclisndise. 8!) California si., be
tween S insouic and Daltery.
i«« THR well known Steamer
SsasaSsfi ORIENT, A. 0. Oaupk.mkr. Mus
ter. will leave San Francisco every Monday and
Thursday evening, lor Colusa; returning, will
leave Colusa lor San Francisco every Wednes
day and Saturday morning.
The Orient has recently undergone thorough
repairs, and for comfort and safety, both for
passengers and freight, is not excelled by any
boat in the trade.
Agents. —F. SLEEPER,
Clav Street Wharf. San Francisco;
am?? 1m
illlKill & MIX,
Ked Blufls,
Hardware, Crockery, Tinware, Shovels,
Picks, Locks. Screws, Bolts, and a splendid lot
of Nails of all sizes.
To lovers of a prime article of Liqueurs or Se
gars we offer the following:
10 cases of ’4!) Gin.
100 gallons superior Brandy.
100 “ XX Bourbon Whisky.
10 cases Absynthe and Lnissoe, French
and German.
20 cases Liquors, Assorted.
10 “ Pinet, Castillion &, Co. Brandy
-10 baskets Heidsick Champaigue.
5 cases Hollande Curacco.
10 “ assorted French Syrups.
10 M Superior Regalia Cigars.
5 “ .Cilindradoo Pure I.
5 “ Havana Plantation Cigars.
augfi tf Red Bluffs.
•af Cigars.
oLjL erv ami Glassware, for sab, hv
je-t) tf. HA BRING TON &. DOLL.
i|lis|iir| have the pleasure of annomic-
iug to the public that this
well known establishment, Pluenix like, has
arisen from the ashes, and is now in every re
spect better prepared for the accommodation
of our patrons than ever before. The entire es
tablishment is new, from the kitchen to the gar
ret, and everything is in apple-pie order. In
deed, the St. Charles is fitted up \\ ith great cost,
in a style oi elegance nut surpassed, even in the
lower cities.
Having satisfactorily served the public in this
capacity longer than any persona in our midst,
we have no hesitation in assuring the perma
nent as well as transient public, t hat we are pre
pared to give them every comfort usually obtain
able at a first rate hotel. Our rooms are airy
and elegant, and supplied with clean and com
fortable beds. The table is ever loaded with
every thing choice that can lie procured in tin
market. The bar is constantly furnished with
every variety oi the very best liquors and cigars.
The utmost pains are taken to procure the very
best cooks, the most attentive servants and at
tendants, and in short, no effort spared to render
the St. Charles worthy of its high reputation,
and the liberal patronage bestowed upon it.
There is also the St. Charles Corral attached
to the establishment, always supplied with good
pure spring water, and an abundance of huv
and barley for animals.
Shnstn. Almost 1). 1853. anl3tf
inform the public of Shasta.
that he has re-opened the—-*4^— ~
1-ree '1 fade Meat Market in the new building
adjoining the store of .). G. Doll, where he is
constantly prepared to furnish families, board
ing houses, and hotels with the following meats
oi the very best quality, viz:
Fresh Beef, * Mutton,
Corned, do Lamb,
Pickled Pork, Veal,
Bologna Sausages, Fresh Sausages.
A fair share of custom is respectfully solicited
Shasta. Jnlv 30, 1953. jy3o If
STAB 3. E.
leave to announce to his old cus
_7i miners and the public generally.
that his arrangements are now completed to hav.
always on hand, Horses and Mules tor hire oi
sale, and trusts that by strict attention to bus
ness to merit a continuance of the liberal patron
age hitherto bestowed on him.
Horses and Mules bought and sold on com
Auctioi; sales of stock daily.
Those wishing to sell or purchase stock wil
find it to their advantage to call at the Stud*
Market.. JAMES LOAG,
Shasta, March 12. 1853. Auctioneer
Kt-vc si tsu : aA.\tiux« ::
prepared to receive and ranch stock at
■sxaSi Lake Ranch, twelve miles from Shasta,
at the usual rates. This ranch is well known ti
he unsurpassed for good grass and water, am
those persons leaving stock with ns may depend
upon its receiving the same care as onr own
All stock will be ranched at the
of tin
owner, unless otherwise spin iallv ugrei d upon.
jy23tf MOODY Jfc WOOD.
purchase first-rule riding horses oi
mules, are informed that the undersigned al
ways keep on hand, at their stables, nearly
opposite tlie St. diaries Hotel. .Main street.
Shasta, a full collection of just such animals and
none others. Indeed, they flatter themselves
that their stock, for elegance of appearance,
travelling condition, powers of locomotion and
endurance, and other requisites, cannot be sur
passed in this part ofthe Slate.
Thev are also prepared at all times, to pur
chase horses and mules, and persona wishing 1<
dispose of the same, may do well to give them a
call before selling.
Shasta. July 111, 1853. jylfitf
Cminty Sveuryer of S,. njtia Om/vtv.
khz Notes of land claims. Canals and flumes
laid onl and graded. Plans, estimates and spe
cifications drawn up for bridges, aqueducts,
dams and all kinds of structures.
Office in County Clerk’s Office. marlDtf
11. XX'. lIIUBABD.
Starnee mid Commission Merchant.
M at the sign ol the "Globe Lamp.” where
will he found 20 or 30 good beds for lodgers a
all hours of the night. Also, shower and tub
bath* at all hours of the day or night, hot or cold.
Also, miners’ tents always on hand, cheap.
There is also attached an a- vlum f cl - <}, P
Shasta City, April 9,1853. apßil
form I lie public that this Hotel, m ‘ V
antly situated in Franklin City, ou \vi,j*
kv creek, six utiles north of Shasta ou ike Vre
ka and Wecverville road, is now open forth
reception of travelers, hoarders, and customer*
generally. The Table is constantly supplied
with all the varieties of meats and vegetables
procurable in this market, while the Bur is fur
nished with almost every kind of liquors of the
very best quality. There is also a good and se
attached to the establishment, always supplied
with an abundance of hay ajud barley, for the
accommodation of packers. tra>vefers, ,&c.
The subscriber has no hesitation in prnm ! ia.i l n}j
full satisfaction to all who may patronize him
Whisky Creek. July 30, 1853. it'
terms, tlte Cottage House, situated ou
the north-east side of Shasta City. The
house is new, and is beautifully situated, couve
nient to good water. For fort her particulars np.
ply to L. H. Barber or E* W. Meech, at the Bil
liard Saloon.
Shasta City, May 3d, 1853. my 7 tf
respectfully inform the citizens of Shasta
and vicinity, that they have this day
formed a co-partnership as Physicians and Sur
geons, and will give prompt attention to all med
ical and surgical business entrusted to their
care. Office at the City Drug Store, where they
may be louud when not absent ou Professional
calls. apl6 tf
Of *au l'rniu'iiic«,
Have the pleasure to announce
that one of their linn will visit this place
once in two or three months, and will remain
for a few days only at H. W. Hubbard's, Shasta
City, who will receive all orders, and give ali
information as to the time of their arrival, where
they will he happy to recive all calls in their
profession. Having, during an extensive prac
tice of fourteen years, made many improve*
meuts in the Dental Art, and assisted materially
in bringing it to its present high slate of perfec
tion, they feel warranted in saying to all Rmso
wishing Dental operations performed on the
teeth, or artificial teeth inserted, on fine gold
plate, that their work cannot be excelled in the
United Slates. Terms moderate. .Consultations
N. B. To the PjpoFKssic Foji Sale. —At
our office. Masonic Hall. Montgomery street,
opposite Lecount & Strong, may be found a
large assortment of Incorruptable Teeth, Gold
and Tin Foil, Dental instruments. A-c. oltf
J. A* iUVtIO.Mf,
Pfijsirinn am!
V ¥ the public, that he is about to engage iif
tlie business of bis profession in Shasta, and from
in experience of ten years public and private
practice in the Atlantic States, a large share of
which time he was Surgeon to a Public Hospi
tab vvhere he war constantly engaged in surgi
cal pra/ lice, he hopes by strict attention to
ois business, to merit a share of public patron
Oihre on Main street, n few doors below Ad
mis 5L .Co s Banking House.
Sliusla, May J 853. ir,v7 tf
t tu jt< a a nix,
ilii! Hied*.
Dealers in Gmet l ies. Previsions, Liquors nml
quil miiiiing to this point, we are happy
to stale to our friends and patrons that we have
not, nor do we intend to, and shall he happy to
ill all orders sent to us for merchandise, as here*
tofore, having made sueli arrangements us to
guarantee to have always on hand a
at most liberal prices.
It is our intention to pass the summer at this
point, and hence we are determined to make it
ni object to packers and traders to pay ns fre
quent visits. jyfltf
XV A /i't h LUEtH II OSI'ITA 1..
SS. O. O krrutroui,
TE R CURE PIIV SICT AN. ( H nssrr-rour
f v Doctor.) has removed to High street, firet
building east of the Ccmrier printing office, and
:.s now prepaied either to receive patients at Ins
residence, or to wait upon them elsewhere, as
nay be required. Having had several years ex
pern-lice in the Water Cure System, both in tins
-minify and Europe, he feels himself competent
o give advice and assistance in all cases where
relief is possible. This system is admirably
idapled to the cure ot a great variety of da
cases, both internal and external, chronic and
icute ; in fact, in all cases where the vital enemy
is not so tar destroyed that a satisfactory reac
tion is impossible, implicit confidence may be
placed in 11.
To all who are afflicted with fevers, rheinna*
lism, scrofula, hemorrhoids, dysentery, diarrhea
■ ind abdominal complaints generally, dvspepsla,
hypochondriasis, hysterics, skin diseases, run*
ning sores, venereal complaints, mercurial and
other medicinal diseases, still' joints, dropsy,
Pimencss, swellings am! callousness in private
formations, common weakness, nervous disor
ders, imperfect menstruation, green sickness,
etc., etc., he would recommend this cure wifii
full confidence, and the assurance that, it they
uive it a fair trial they will obtain speedy relief.
Although iu influence, when rightly used, is
comparatively mild and harmless upon the sys
tem, yet, for the removal of diseases, it is inoia
energetic and speedy than any of the remedies
now generally used.
Z'xF 11 e would respectfully refer to the persons
already treated by him—in all cases successfully
—since his residence in Shasta.
Terms.— For hoard, lodging, and medical at
tendance. from three to six dollars per dav, ac
cording to theamonnt of attention required. T»
chronic patients, who require medic;;! atten
dance only, the charge will be from $5O to $lOO
per month.
Shasta. Nov. If), 1853. nl9-tf
*>o,ooo SEWARD,
on j,iniiy occasions lately, but fcjfs
•wr.rj, our wish is to let our friends 'T*
anil the public know that we are now ready to
Inniisli specifications and plans on all kinds of
buildings. All kinds of job work done widi
neatness and dispatch. Furniture of all kinds
such as Bedsteads. Cots. Lounges. Sofas. Chairs,
Dining, Breakfast. Stand and Centre Tables, al
ways oil hand. All kinds of Sash made to or
der. Turning of all kinds done to order.
Ali orderslor work in our line will be prompt
ly attended to.
* Shoi> at the head of Main street. Shasta,
mar 12 if CURTISS & HUGHES.
‘>oo BUNDLES floor IRON— IOO bundle*
' ’ horse shoe Iron: ISO bundles rivet Iron,
and 20 tons spring, square, and octagon steel.
For sale by TflO. H. SELBY & CO,.
n!2 1m 42 and California at.

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