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Killed by an Indian. — W. H. Chittenden
wo* killed by bd Indian on Tuesday last, on
the Sacramento, near the mouth of Do*
Creek, in this county. Following are the
circumstances under which the deed was
perpetrated : Chittenden had employed the
Indian to work for him at different times,
under promise of pay, but when the Indian
asked for what was due him, his employer
managed to make some excuse for not liqui
dating the demand. On Tuesday, Chit
tenden, assisted by the Indian, finished
cleaning up a piece of mining ground, and
when the gold was weighed out, the latter
insisted on being paid ten dollars, the amount
due him, according to previous agreement.
ChittenJen offered biip five dollars, but he
insisted on the payment of the whole sum
due him. Chittenden then threatened to knife
him if he annoyed him any more about the
matter. This enraged the[ Indian, when be
seized Chittenden’s rifle and shot him through
the body, killing him instantly. A neighbor
of Chittenden’s dispatched a messenger to
this place to inform the authorities, when
Sheriff Greene repaired to Chittenden’s place,
brought the Indian to town and placed him
in jail to await the action of the Grand Jury.
We understand that the Indian had every
opportunity to escape after the commission of
the murder, but made no attempt to do so.—
Coroner Lynch repaired to the place to hold
an inquest on the body, but has not returned
at this writing.
New Hampshire Election. —For months
past Democrats have boasted of the certainty
of carrying New Hampshire against the Re
publicans. Johnson distributed Federal
patronage with a liberal hand throughout
the State and a long list of Democratic
orators were sent to enlighten the people in
regard to their political duties. Every pos
sible effort was resorted to in order to secure
success, and the prophets of the faithful,
from'Maine to Oregon, declared that a great
revolution had taken place in the political
sentiments of the Northern people, and pre
dieted that New Hampshire would prove
the fact by rolling up a Democratic majority.
The election took place on the 10th inst., and
the result shows that the Democracy “reck
oned without their host.” The Republican
State ticket was elected by 2530 majority
and the Legislature is also largely Republi
can. The Democratic wave which tempora
rily submerged Republicanism in Connecti
cut, California, Ohio and New York, has
evidently spent its force and is on the ebb.
Reiiel Outrages. —Accounts from Ten
nessee state that previous to the elections
which have just taken place in that State,
bands of armed wen belonging to a secret
organization known as the Kuklux Klans
rode about the country nightly threatening
white mid black |UuiuDists, and swearing
that every Union man who went to the polls
should forfeit his life. The emmisarics of
this infamous organization are at work all
over the State, and also in Kentucky, clan
destinely burning negro school houses,
and destroying the fences, barns and dwell
ings of Union men. Such is the character of
the men into whose hands Andrew Johnson
would fain restore the local {governments of
the South.
Literatcre.—Received, this week, from
New York pictorials and Harper’s Magazine
for March. Accept the thanks of a grateful
heart, Major.
Steamer Sunk. —On Sunday morning the
steamer Victor, bound for Red Bluff, struck
a snag forty miles below the Chico Landing,
and sank in sixteen feet of water. No lives
were lost. We understand that between six
and seven thousand dollars’ worth of goods
owned by parties in this county were on
board at the time.
Arm Broken. —On Tuesday evening Wil
lie Wellendorff and Eunie Crocker were
playing about the room when the former
tripped and fell upon the floor. His com
panion also stumbled and fell upon him,
breaking his arm between the elbow and
wrist. Dr. Shurtleff was called in and re
set the bone and the patient will soon be all
right again.
Postmaster. —Dr. J. E. Pelham has been
appointed Postmaster at this place. We
understand that the doctor had made no ap
plication for the position, and has appointed
L. Wellendorff as deputy, and the office will
remain in his charge as heretofore.
Game Plenty.—A resident of the Shingle
town country informs us that wild game is
remarkably plenty in that vicinity. Bear
and dear are found in abundance and a great
number of these animals have been killed by
local sportsmen of late.
Bunker Hill. —We are informed that
this noted claim has not paid as well this
season as formerly and that the returns
scarcely pay the expenses of working the
Court. —The District Court is still in ses
sion. In the case of Bicking vs. Kenyon,
the jury returned a verdict awarding the
former SIOO damages.
Freight Wagon.— ln addition to the arti
cles advertised for sale by S. S. Dunnells on
the Ist of April, he will also sell at auction
one heavy freight wagon and pack animal.
Wood and Willow Ware.—Read the
DOtice of W. Frank A Co., in another column.
Auction.—Tracy’s auction sale of furni
ture takes place this morning, at 10 o’clock.
Sheriff Killed by an Insane Man.
Recently a man named McDermott, resid-
at Trinity Centre, was examined by a
board of physicians, pronounced insane, and
ordered to be taken to the Insane Asylum at
Stockton. McDermott’s insanity was of a
peculiar type, and ordinarily his manner was
that of a perfectly rational man, bat at times
bis disposition changed and be was regarded
as dangerous by those who knew him in
timately, although, with that caution often
observable in insane persons, be bad pre
viously refrained from any acts of violence,
as he appeared desirous of making believe he
was of sound mind. In accordance with his
duty os Sheriff of Trinity county, Mr. James
Cochrane took McDermott in charge and
started for Stockton. They arrived at Red
Bluff on Monday and had occasion to wait for
the Sacramento boat. During this delay the
Sheriff permitted McDermott to accompany
him about the town, as he appeared
rational, and manifested some repugnance to
being placed in jail. After supper on
Tuesday evening, Mr. Cochrane, McDermott
and others went into Bettis’ saloon. Mc-
Dermott went to the back part of the saloon,
took a seat, picked up u paper and commenc
ed reading, or at least pretending to read.—
Cochrane and several acquaintances remain
ed at the bar and engaged in sociable cun.
versation for about twenty minutes, at the
expiration of which time McDermott arose
and approached the bar. Mr. Cochrane re
marked to him that the boat would be up that
evening and they would be able to get away
in the morning. McDermott advanced to
within about three feet of Cochrane and very
composedly remarked—“ Do you actually
intend to take me to Stockton?” Cochrane
replied in the affirmative, and the words
were scarcely out of his mouth when Me
Dermott sprang toward him, quick as light
ning, and plunged a knife into the region of
his heart, remarking as he did so—“ You
shall never take me to Stockton.” Just as
the blow was being made Cochrane started
t o raise bis left arm to ward it off, and the
descending knife also inflicted a slight wound
below the elbow. Cochrane immediately
caught his assailant by the arms but be tore
loose and made for the door. Cochrane fol
lowed him into the street and sank down.—
Bettis and others attempted to arrest Mc-
Dermott, but be flourished bis knife and they
gave back for want of anything to defend
themselves with, whereupon he run out of
the saloon into the street and disappeared in
the dusk. Cochrane was then raised up and
a friend remarked that he was dead, when
he opened his eyes and said :—“ No, I am
not dead.” He was carried into Bradway’s
drug store but spoke no more, and in twenty
minutes after the blow was struck be was a
corpse. Meantime the alarm bad been
given and quite a number were searching for
the fugitive murderer. Finally Mr. Kenne
dy, who had armed himself with a double
barrel gun loaded with buckshot, came sud
denly upon a man who was skulking around
the Court House, and ordered.him to stand.
The [man then spoke .up and said: “I know
I have done wrong, bull’ll shake hands with
you.” Kennedy then felt sure he had found
the murderer, but having no desire to shake
bands with him be ordered him to keep his
distance and march back to Main street, or
be would blow bis bead off. The murderer
complied with this demand and was escorted
back and given in charge of Sheriff O. R.
Johnson, who made him give up his knife
and marched him to jail at the muzzle of a
well loaded shot gun. It appears that Me*
Dermott purchased the knife with which the
fatal wound was inflicted, after be arrived in
Red Bluff, and Mr. Cochrane was not aware
that he had it in his possession.
Friends of tne deceased passed through
this place with his remains on Wednesday,
en route for Weaverville.
No resident of Trinity possessed so great a
number of personal friends or stood so high
in the estimation and esteem of the people as
did James Cochrane, and his untimely and
tragic death will awaken profound sorrow in
the hearts of all who knew him and cast a
gloom over the community in which he lived.
Grand Army. —The Democratic press and
politicians in this State are particularly fierce
just now in their abuse of the Grand Army
of the Republic and denounce it as being a
secret political organization. The Grand
Army is composed of soldiers and sailors who
have served under the Government, and its
leading objects are to provide for the mainte
nance of the widows and orphans of those who
fell in the service, to assist disabled soldiers
and marines and to uphold the laws and
constitution of the country. The charge that
the organization was formed for secret polit
ical purposes is not founded in truth. The
Democratic editors and politicians who are
so ready to denounce the Grand Army as a
secret political organization, and therefore
dangerous to the liberties of the country, have
evidently forgotten that a secret political
organization, composed exclusively of Dem
ocrats lately existed in this State, and that it
was led by Beriah Brown and other noted
members of their party. In order to refresh
their memory we refer them to the revela
tions of one of the Santa Clara Stage rob
bers, as published in the San Francisco Flag
in 1865, or to C. B. McDonald of the Ore
gon Unionist.
Delegates Appointed. —The Union Cen
tral Committee met in this place on Monday,
and after consultation appointed J. N. Chap
pell, Perry Dryer, Dr. Shnrtleff and J. W.
Garden delegates toVepresent the Union party
of Shasta county in the State Convention
called to assemble at Sacramento on the 31st
inst. The action of the committee, in ap
pointing delegates, instead of calling a
County Convention to elect them, was ren
dered necessary on account of the obstacles
in the way of voters getting to their respec
tive voting places during the prevalence of
bad weather, high waters, Ac.
Wash ington News.— The formal session
of the High Court of Impeachment com
menced at Washington on the 13th inst.—
The Court ordered the Sergeant-at-Arms to
notify the House that the Senate was organ
ised as a Court, and ready Jto proceed with
the trial of Andrew Johnson. The House
managers then appeared and occupied the
seats provided for them. The returned sum
mons, which the Sergeant-at-Arms had serv
ed upon the President, was then read, and
Johnson’s counsels were notified that pro
ceedings bad commenced. Stanbery, Curtis
and Nelson appeared and took seats opposite
the managers. Stanbery then read the an
swer of the President, entering his appear
ance, and naming Stanbery, Curtis, Nelson,
Black and Evarts as bis counselors, and ask
ing forty days time to prepare for trial. This
proposition was argued by the opposing coun
sel, after which the Chief Justice answered,
that in accordance with the rulings of the
Court the request of the President was re
fused, and an order was entered requiring
him to file his answer to the articles of im
peachment on the 23d of March. The Court
then adjourned.
Interesting to Settlers.— The following
Utter will explain itself. It is of importance,
particularly to those within the railroad
reservations :
Department or the Interior, 1
General Land Office, I
Washington, Febuary 4, 1868. j
Register and Receiver, Marysvile, Califor
nia—Gentlemen: In reply to your telegram
of the 3d inst., I have to state, that where
pre cniption rights have attached hy settle
ment before with-drawal, on land in odd sec
tions within the limits of the reservation for
the California and Oregon Railroad, settlers
will he.illowed three months from date ofsettle
ment, where the township maps were filed
prior to such settlement, and three months
from the date of filing of township plats,
where settlement was made on unsurveyed
land, in which to file their declaratory state
ments, not including, as a part thereof, the
time during which your office was closed for
the transaction of business.
Very respectfully, youroh’dt serv’t,
Pugilism in the Senate. —The New York
Tribune ot February 12th has the following :
The delegate from Utah, Wm. 11. Hooper,
and E. D. Holbrook, delegate from Idaho,
amused themselves to-day in one of the lobbies
of the Senate hy a little pugilistic exercise,
which, fortunately for the interests of their
constituents, resulted in no bodily harm to
either. The dispute arose out of the appoint
ment of one Gibbs as Governor of Idaho,
which has not yet been confirmed by the
Senate. Holbrook, as thechampion ofOibbs,
charged that Hooper bad opposed his confirm
ation, saying that he wanted no more of it.
Hooper denied the impeachment, when Hol
brook politely told him that he did not believe
him. Then Hooper took exceptions to the
charges so emphatically as to shake bis fists
to Holbrook's face. Holbrook objected to
Hooper’s method of enforcing his argument,
and, becoming very wroth, immediately
knocked down the gentleman from Utah. By
this time a large crowd had assembled, and
the combatants were separated. Holbrook
appears to be of a very quarrelsome disposi
tion. He was in a caning encounter last
Winter at Willard’s.
Revenue Frauds. —The Retrenchment
Committee of Congress after a careful inves
tigation of revenue frauds in the collection of
the whisky tax, report that the responsibili
ty of these frauds rests wholly with the Pres
ident. They strongly bint that he was cog
nizant of them, and say Jthat s ,,mo of his
appointees as inspectors and agents are State
prison graduates and others the worst of
men. He has constantly stood between these
rogues and danger, preventing the Secre
tary of the Treasury and Commissioner
Rollins from dismissing them. They declare
that with an honest set of inspectors and
agents the’ Government could have realized
$200,000,000 from the whisky tax alone, but
that with these Presidential favorites the sum
realized was but $20,000,000.
Lusus Nature. — We were yesterday
shown by Dr. T. D. Johnson of this city,
says the Santa Clara Argus of March 7th,
the most extraordinary anatomical specimen
that we ever saw. It was two children
enveloped in one skin, presenting the appear
ance of a child with two faces and four legs
and arms. From the navel upwards, the
*' two are one,” with the faces opposite each
other occupying the positions of the temporal
bones in the perfect human head. From the
navel down, including the legs and feet, the
two forms are perfect, having four legs and
four feet. There are also four well developed
arms. The child (or children) were alive
just preceding birth, though still born. The
specimen weighs over nine pounds.
Just So, Mr Bor.—This excellent rifle
shot at the “ fierce Democrocie” is from the
tantalizing home thruster, the Dramatic
Chronicle :
Why is it that all the big and little Dem
oaratic organs from Cape Hatteras to the
Heads, and from •* the Arctic home of the
aurora borealis to the torrid latitudes of
h—l,” are shrieking and caterwauling over
“our crushing debt,” seeing that it is so
deuced little of it that the Democracy are
likely to pay? Wherefore are these things
Turn bv a Dog. —On the Bth inst., Mrs.
John Smith was attacked and badly torn
and bitten by a dog, near Jackson, while
attempting to tie him. The Dispatch says
her clothes were torn, and the right arm,
near the shoulder lacerated in a shocking
manner. He had already dragged her to
the ground before the timely assistance of
F. Sbroeder could be rendered, which be did
by shooting the dog as he fell back from Mrs.
Smith to attack him. If assistance bad been
delayed but a few minutes more, in all pro
bability it would have been too late to save
her life. We are informed that the wounds
are healing kindly and there is a prospect of
a .pid recovery.
A Fair Offer.— Gen. Butler has offered
to guarantee the payment of one million of
dollars per week to the United States
Treasury, if be can be permitted to collect
at his own expense the tax of two dollars per
gallon on distilled spirits. Uncle Sam col
lected last year less than twenty millions of
dollars ; vet Butler could pay what he offers
each week and have another million to place
to his own account in the stocks of the nation
as often as he paid one iuto the United
States Treasury.
A Horrible Report—Birth of Twins
in a Coffin. — A German paper of Cincin
nati says :
On Thursday a well known lady died, and
on Saturday was placed in the vault at the
Lick Run Cemetery, it being impossible to
bury her on account of the ground being
frozen so hard. Yesterday the friends went
out to the burying ground to attend to the
interment. While there they'requested the
undertaker to open the coffin, when the
fact was revealed that the lady had given
birth to twins. All three were, however,
dead when discovered.
Tub- last six years, says the Dramatic
Chronicle, have witnessed the emancipation
of 25,000,000 serfs in Rusia, 4,000,000 slaves
in the United States, and 3,000,000 in Brazil.
Thus the crime and curse of slavery has been
removed from three great empires ; but, won
derful to relate, “ Democracy.” so far from
rejoicing in this glorious result, goes into a
paroxysm of weeping over it.
W. FRANK 8l GO.,
Brooms, Feather Dusters, Twines and
Lines, Toys of all Descriptions,
Fancy Goods, Childrens’
Carriages, etc., etc.
Would inform the public that having just received
large reinforcements in the above articles, in ad
dition to their already extensive stock, do offer to
their customers, and public at large, advantages
superior to any other house on the Pacific Coast.
Call and Inspect our Stork, and Examine
our Prices. m2l:3m
At a meeting of the siiasta coun
ty Democratic Central Committee, held on the
9th day of March, 1868, it was
Resolved, That a Democratic County Convention
be held at the Court House, in Shasta, on Satur
day, the 18th day of April next, at 12 oVlock
M., to nominate 4 delegates to the Democratic
State Convention, called to meet in San Francisco
on the 29th of April next, and a District Conven
tion, to nominate a candidate for Congress for the
Third Congressional District, appoint a County
Central Committee, and for the transaction of such
other business as the Convention may determine.
Delegates to said Convention will be elected in
the different precincts on Saturday, the 11th day of
April, in accordance with the following apportion
ment, based upon the vote cast for lion. 11. 11.
Haight for Governor, giving one delegate for each
precinct, one for each 20 votes, and one for each
fraction of 20 votes.
The following test for qualification to participate
in the election of delegates to said Convention was
adopted : All persons who intend to support the
nominees of the Democratic Conventions, National,
State, and Congressional, in the ensuing election,
shall be entitled to vote for delegates.
The Committee earnestly recommend for the con
sideration of the party the following :
“ The State Central Committee desire to impress
upon the Democratic and Conservative voters of
the State the necessity of assembling in their vari
ous localities, to form Clubs, and to take active
measures for the approaching political campaign,
that the rights of the people may be preserved, the
Constitution upheld, and the Union again united. ”
By order of the Democratic County Central
T. CONKLIN, Chairman.
J. E. Pelham, Secretary. ml 4
c. c. nisei & co.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Ac., Ac., Ac.,
Main Street, Shasta.
Auction Sale
Notice is hereby given that the
Household Furniture of
Situated at Janesville, will be sold, at Public
On Wednesday, April Ist.
Also, at the same time and place,
1 Melodeon, 3 Cows,
I heavy Freight Wagon, 1 Pack Animal,
Ac., Ac., Ac.
Terms*, Cash!
£SS~ Sale commences at 10 A. M. ml*
-Viiet ion Sale
Notice is hereby given that the
Household Furniture of
Will be »old, at Public Auction, at hie residence in
Shasta, on
Saturday, March 31st.
Sale commences at 10 o'clock A. M.
Shasta, March 13, 1807. m2l
There is a surfeit of dignity in the Vir
ginia Convention. Two artists were sketch
ing that body the other day, when a sable
delegate discovered them and jumped from
his seat to a “ point of order.’* The Chair
man asked him to state his point of order,
when be said :—Am dis a Convention or am
it • photographic gallery.” He was in
formed it was a Convention, and dignity was
thereupon satisfied.
Takes pleasure in announcing to
the Public that he has just arrived from San
Francisco, where he purchased and is now receiv
ing the
Ever brought to this Place.
Also, a full Stock of
Paflor, Store and Kitchen Lamps!
Fancy, Work, Traveling and Market
And a general assortment of
Fancy G-oods
Of the greatest variety.
Thanking the public for the patronage extended
to him for the past five years, ho will do his utmo.-t
to give satisfaction iu the future.
At the Shasta Book Store.
Shasta, Xov. 7, 1867.
Office No. 422 California Street.
Cash Assets, Jan. I, IS6B, 51.2H!),81S OS).
A. J.
C. A.
JONA. HUNT, President.
A. G. STILES, Vice President.
RALSTON, Secretary.
LATON, Marine Secretary.
11. H. BIGELOW, Gcn’l Agent.
C. C. BUBII, Ageut for Shasta*
reception of all who may favor him with a
call. Having frequent communications with the
best Artists in the State, he keeps well posted in all
the improvements of the age, which enables him to
take all kinds of Pictures, in the quickest possible
time, as
Life-like and Cheap
As any Artist in Northern California.
Shasta. Feb. 1868. fIS
In calling the attention of the reader to the ad
vertisement of Dr. J. C. Young’s Institute, to be
found in another part of this paper, we feel we are
answering the dictates of honest convictions in
pointing out to suffering humanity the honest and
skillful Medical lt is the duty of every
man whose knowledge places it io his power to act
as a guide to those who otherwise would unwitting,
ly take a wrong path. There is no need to wear
out a life of pain and anguish, and in the end fill a
dishonored grave. Hesitate no longer, unfortunate
ones, but turn to the Doctor who can restore you,
giving you in place of wasted energies and an im
paired constitution, health, vigor and power.
The Institute has been in successful operation
for Seventeen Years, and ns it was the Pioneer In
stitute of the coast, so it has been the Pioneer in the
march of progress.
We say again to the afflicted—read the advertise
ment and follow its advice. si 4
The best Purifier of the Blood !
A Pleasant Tonic I
A very Agreeable Drink !
Unsurpassed for acting surely but
gently on the secretions of the kid
neys, bowels, stomach and liver !
For sale at all wholesale and retail
liquor, drug and grocery stores I
Nobody should be without it!
J. G. Frisch, Proprietor.
jeloly 413 Clay St., San Francisco.
These delicious stomach Bitters are entirely'
| Vegetable, and free from alcohol and ever)- hurt- (
( fal ingredient, A pleasant tonic, and a most
{agreeable drink. The market is flooded with
1 poisonous compounds; but THESE bitters,made I
5 from the purest extrac ts of valuable roots, bark s
Jand herbs, are admirably adapted to the cure of
(all affections of the Stomach, Kidneys. Liver and '
fßowels, such as Dyspepsia, Fever, Diarrhoea,
f Loss of Appetite, etc. etc. For sale everywhere.
) A- FENK HAUSEN, Sole Masitactubex,
_cor. Ransomc A Jackson, San Francisco.
Ornce —At the County Treasurer’s Office,
f 8 Court Home Block, Shasta.
pS- If you wish the VERY BEST Pho
tograph, you must call on BRADLEY it
RI'IOESON, 480 Montgomery Street, cor
ner Sacramento. San Francisco. nl4;ly
8. P. PAGE, - • Master,
On and after December 31st, 1867, will
Leave Red Staff every Tuesday,
At 6A. M. Returning, will leave Sacramento,
Every Saturday, at 7 A. M.
For Freight or Passage apply on board, or t 6
j 4 J. V. ANDRUS, Agent.
For Red Bluffs, Tehama, Union
Oroville, Marysvilleand Sacramento
City, daily, at 4, A. M.
For French Gulch, Trinity Valley, Callaghan'S
Ranch, Scott alley, Yrcka, Jacksonville, and
through to Portland, Oregon, daily, at 4a. m.
OFFICE—At the Umpire Hotel.
.1. O. WELSH
Would respectfully inform the Public generally
that he has opened his
Photographic Gallery
At his old Headquarters, in Shasta, where he is
prepared to take
Photographs, Ambrotypes,
And Melainotypes,
In the latest and very best style : having just re
turned from San Francisco with new Instruments
that have all been remodeled, and constructed on a
principle differing from, and work with umreenergv
and truthfulness, than (hose of any other Estab
lishment on the Continent, —and using only Oil
Color Backgrounds, which are obtained at great
expense, and are acknowledged to he superior to
all others; which, together with many years of
practical experience, will enable him to' defy com
petition in the production of
And other large Photographs. The greatest atten
tion paid to the taking of
As well as to the taking of Pictures of Children, for
which purpose he has adopted the new
Lightning process
Old Pictures copied, cleaned and framed, or taken
from life from the smallest locket to life size, and
painted in Oil or Vi ater Colors, or retouched in
Crayon or India Ink.
LOCKETS, PINS and RINGS filled with neat
ness and dispatch, and satisfaction warranted or no
Instructions given in all branches of the Art.
Having made arrangements with the leading
Stock Dealers, he will hereafter be enabled to take
Pictures cheaper and better than ever before.
He has a large collection of specimen Pictures of
all styles and sizes, which are free and open to the
inspection of all. Call and see them ; all are wel
come, and none troublesome, and ho sure you
“ secure the shadow ere the substance fade.”
of Photograph Albums for sale cheap.
Shasta, Feb. 6, 1868. |,s

mated themselves under the name and style of
Chandler A Moylen, for the purpose of conducting
a first class Livery Stable, at the old stand, on
Mam street, Shasta, where the best
Horses and Rugbies
Can he obtained at any hour of the day or night.
The senior partner returns thanks for past
favors, and respectfully solicits a
continuance of the same.
TfeST' Particular attention paid to stock on
Shasta, December IS, 1*67. d2l
Would respectfully inform bis friends and the
traveling public that he is still to be found at
bis old ami well-known stand, and would
call the attention of Teamsters to his
superior accommodations.
Constantly on hand, at terms to suit the times.
There is also attached to the establishment a
Where Families and others can obtain superior
: Main Street, Shasta.
January 1, 1868.
efit of the National Bankrupt Act can have the
necessary papers drawn, and oaths administered, at
my office. I am also prepared to have cases pro
perly attended to, before the Register,* on reason
ble terms.
United States Commissione

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