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A few Sabbaths since, Eda was allowed to
go to Sabbath School—her first time—and
there she learned the startlin': intelligence
that she was made of dust. Little Eda’s
min 1 was fully impressed with the impor
tance of the great truth, which was evinced
Ity her fervent reference to the subject in the
shape of questions unanswerable. One
morning, however, she propounded n stun
ner, which brought down the house. Intent
ly watching her mother sweeping, as if to
learn the art she must finally practice, saying
not a word, her eyes rested on the little heap
of dirt accumulated hy her mother’s broom.
Just as tbe dust was being swept into the
street, the little philosopher broke forth with,
“ ’Ms! ’ma 1 why don’t you save the dust to
make some more little girls?”
A Chicago paper thinks it umiuuus that,
just as Chic.mo, the city, is being swept by
tires, the City of Chicago, ocean steamer, gets
on the rocks and is lost; and the “ City of
Chicago,” sleeping car of the Pullman line,
also the “ Silver Palace Chicago,” of the
Allentown line is burned up. The hope is
expressed that these partial and various
scorohings may not herald the coming of that
more complete purification by fire which the
city so greatly needs.
the Property Holders of Shasta County, that
be will, <m the
Euler upon the |icrformanee of his official duties
for the current year. He would call particular at
tention to the following section of the Revenue
Law :
“If any person shall willfully make, or give,
under oath or affirmation, a false list of his, or her,
or their taxable properly, or a false list of taxable
property under his, her, or their control, such per
son shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and upon
conviction thereof, shall be punished therefor, as
is by law provided for the punishment of perjury ;
and any property wiNfully concealed, removed,
transferred, or misrepresented, by the owner or any
agent thereof, to evade taxation, shall upon dis
covery, be assessed at ten times the amount of tax
fur that year, which would otherwise have been
assessed upon it; and fifty per cent, of the amount
of such additional tax, when sollected, shall be paid
to the person or persons who shall furnish the
information which reveals the properly so conceal
cd, transferred, removed or misrepresented, and the
remaining fifty per cent., after deducting the usual
per cent age for collection, shall be paid into the
Treasury, for the benefit of the Common School
fund of tho State.’’
Attention is also directed to the following section
of the Act of IStio-fi, relating to Shasta county :
“ The Assessor of said county is authorized and
it is hereby made bis duly to collect all the poll or
per capita tax except the road poll tax, and the
taxes upon all movable personal properly, and upon
the entry of any assessment of movable personal
property, to any person, firm, corporation, associa
tion, or company, who docs not own real estate
sufficient in the opinion of tho Assessor to insure
the payment of such tux within the county, to de
mand the payment of the taxes upon the same ;
and if >ucb person, firm, corporation, association,
or company shall refuse or neglect to pay such
taxes, the Assessor shall, by virtue of the power
herein vested in him. proceed to collect such taxes
in the same mauuer prescribed by law fur the Col
If Tax Payers were to have a list of their pro
perty prepared, ready to be sworn to, as the law
directs, by tho time of my reaching them, they
would thereby perhaps save themselves much an
noyance, as well as facilitate my work.
Assessor of Shasta County.
Shasta. March 2. IfifiT. in 7
1 *i*«l»n( - AoI ice.
lii the matter „« the Instate of Richard
Pugh, deceased.
Probate Court, Shasta County.
i f<»rnla -ml greeting:
In pursuance of an order of this Court, duly
made and entered on the second day of March,
ISOS, notice is hereby given that
Saturday, the 3 Ist day of March, ldQ£,
At 10 o'clock a. v. of said day, at the Court Room,
hi the town of Shasta. has been appointed for
hearing the application of Christian Hansel and L.
L. V. Hastings, praying that a document now on
file in this Court, purporting t> be the last will and
testathent of Richard Pugh, deceased,'be admitted
t«» probate, and that letters testamentary be issued
to Christian Hansel and L. L. Y. Hastings, who
are named therein as executors. At which time
and place all persons interested may appear and
u *nlest the same.
Attest: G. I. TAGGART, Clerk.
By Cbas. McDoxalo, Deputy Clerk.
March .’ld, IS6$. m 7
Xw Pull and Hospital Tuxes, for the year 1
are due and payable*ou the first Monday of March,
and the statutes providing for their collection will
be strictly enforced
of Two Holla. f paid prior to the first Monday of
August, and Three Dollars on and after that date,
is due from “each male inhabitant of the State,
over twenty-one ami under sixty years of age, and
not by law exempt.”
Of this county is Two Dollars, and is due from
“each ma’o inhabitant of the State, over twenty
one and under sixty years of age, and not by law
The undersigned will call upon all citizens, cither
at their residences >r places of business, for the
payment of the above tuxes
Assessor of Shasta County.
Shasta. March 2, 1867. . m 7
Officers of Charter Oak Lodge, No. 208,
I. O. G. T.
Felix Tracy, W, C. T.: Jos. Pryor. W. R. 11. S.;
Geo. ShartlcfT, W. L. H. S. : M. I>. Tracv. W. V.
T.: 0. S. Holton. W. Sec.; Win. Pryor. W. A.S. :
A. Chappell. W. P. S.: Jas. Sea min on. W. Treas.;
Jot. Mullen. W. M. : E. T. Loag, W. D. M.; E. J.
Karnes, W. I. G. ; W. A. Sett, W. 0 G.; C. J.
Folransbee, W. Chaplain : James Ashfield, P. W.
C. T.
PREMIUM ii= lsßß s^i
YE 4ST I "Best -l. ~1
D. CALLAGHAN, Proprietor
They are lO per ceut. cheaper than the
imported article.
Every Day.
Premiums from every Exhibition
D%>et, lit TV;at S!tcct 5 , near CaUfirula, San
Exchange.—A Kentucky stock-raiser
passed through Nashville recently, literally
loaded down with gold ir.tches and every
desc-iption of jewelry, which he had obtained
in lieorgia and Alabama in exchange for one
hundred and sixty head of mules which he
took South. In the absence (f currency,
many people of that section found it necess
ary, in order to procure farm animals, to part
with what few valuables the war had left
Delinquent Tax List
Shasta. —In the District Court of the Ninth
Judicial District «*f the State of California, in and
lor the County of Shaata.—Complaints having been
filed, and Summonses thereon having been issued
! out of the -said District Court, in the name of The
People of tLc State of California, severally*against
the persona and the parcels of property situate in
said Sra'e and County, herein described, to recover
taxes ib rcon for the fiscal year 1867-8, and for the
respective amounts following, namely, with five
per cent, added ami costs of suit:
Against Edward Byrne, and house and garden on
Garden Flat, opposite Whisky town, $2 40.
Against James Haslett, and house and lot on
south side of Main street, Whiskytown, $5 52.
Against Robert Jones, and house and garden on
Clear creek, above Whiskytown, $5 02.
Against George J. McKean, and one ditch and
arastraon Flat creek, $1 20.
Against Jinraon Meers, and two ditches taking
wat£r out of Liberty gulch, $1 20.
Against Peter ovinUTcr, and house and garden on
Garden Flat, $0 70.
Against Franklin Quartz Mining Company, and
ditch taking water out of the right fork of French
Gulch, also a lot and machinery, $4 2U.
Against John A. Lutty, and house and garden
on east side of Main street, French Gulch, $6 60,
Against A. Levy, and house ami lot on west side
of Main street, French Gulch, $l4 84.
Against James K. Litzcnberg, and 160 acres of
laud on west side of the Sacramento river, known
as the Watermelon ranch. $1 4t>.
Against Theodore Popejoy, and 160 acres of land
on the west side of McCloud river, and 480 acres of
laud on the east side of McCloud river, and two
ditches in Pittsburg. $8 56.
Against Win. C. Barber, and house and lot on
east side of Main street, Copper City, $2 80.
Against George Cline, and 160 acres of land on
Little Cow creek. Silver City, $3 38.
Against 11. F. Dickinson, and house and lot on
the east side of Market street, Copper City, $3 36.
Against Leroy Gregory,and 160 acres of land on
Stillwater creek, $69 64.
Against David Holman, and 160 acres of land
on Little Cow creek, $l3 88.
Against Eli Kinney, and 160 acres of land on
Little Cow creek, $3 36.
Against 11. N. Kclsoc, and 160 acres of land on
Little Cow creek, $2 40.
Against Eli McSags, and SO acres of land on
Stillwater creek, $8 56.
Against Michael Moran, and one ditch taken out
of Buckeye creek, $1 26.
Against Mammoth Quartz Mining Company, aud
one quartz mill situate near Quartz Hill, $ll2 «»U.
Against E. H. Tuttle, and one ditch taking
water out of Nolan creek* $0 70.
Against Q. N. Adkins, and 160 acres of land on
the east side of the Sacramento river, $ll 06.
Against \V. T. Adams, and 40 acres of land on
Bear creek, $ I 20.
Against J. W. Adams, and 215 acres of land on
the cast side of the Sacramento river, in Sections
No. 21 and 22, $77 61.
Against Joseph 0. Brown, and house and lot
north side of Main street, Millville, $2 40.
Against J. H. Benton, and 40 acres of land on
Mill creek, $6 32.
Against H. Cochran, and ICO acres of land on
Battle creek, $1 08.
Against Darrah & Darrah, and ICO acres of land
on Battle creek, $7 88.
Against Milton Ferrell, and ICO acres of land on
old Cow crock, $7 34.
Against Arthur Hazelrig, and 160 acres of land
on Bear crock, and dwelling house and store house
in Parkvillc, $0 40.
Against Perry Hilburn, and ICO acres of land on
Stillwater creek, $8 00.
Against Christian Hicks, and the south J of the
north-cast { of Section No. 32, in Township No.
30 west Mount Diablo base and meridian, contain
ing 160 acres, $37 40.
A gainst F. W. Hudson, and 10 acres of land at
ShinglctowD, dwelling house, blacksmith shop and
store house. $8 40.
Against Michael Hawes, and 160 acres of land
at the mouth of Stillwater crock, $3 92.
Against T. P. Hart, and ICO acres of land on
Rancherio creek, $22 05.
Against Thomas C. Key, and 160 acres of land
on old Cow creek.s7 4S.
Against J. J. Kcm, and 160 acres of land on
nth Cow creek. 40 acres of land Jon Mill crock,
aud 160 acres of land on CTcudeucn creek, $5l 12.
Against John Price, and 160 acres of land on
south side of Beat creek, near Parkville, $S 84.
Against G. W. Shcrridan, and 200 acres of laud
on Bear creek, $3 4 SO.
Against W. S. B. Townsley, and ICO acres cf
land ou North Battle creek, $lO 24.
Against Mary Ann Wells, and 160 acres of land
on the east side of the Sae-amento river, ferry,
Ac.. $l4 00.
Against K. L. Wilson, and the north, south and
oast fractional quarter of Section No. 29. contain
ing 321 4-100 acres, also a piece or parcel of land
commencing at the corner stake of Sections 23, 24.
27 and 28, aud running north 2° 30' west 57 chains:
thence north 68° 07' cast 91 chain* ; thence south
13° 30' west 123 28-100 chains, to the place of
beginning, $Bl 06.
Against Wm Boyd, and house and lot north side
of Horsetown (on hill), $3 64.
Against W. M. Cleveland, and a ditch taking
water out of Dutch gulch, Township No. 8, $1 40.
Against Joseph Diehl,and house and lot west side
of Arbncklc gulch, $2 24.
Against William Good nil, and house and lot
north side of Main street, Horsetown, $6 02.
Against M. G. Lunev, aud house and lot on the
hill north of Horsetown, $3 94.
Against E. Moncrief. and hydraulic hose and
pipe at Roaring River. $4 62.
Against Patrick Mahoney, and house and lot on
south side of Alain street, Horsetown, $3 52.
Against J. M . Mitchell, aud 160 acres of laud on
north side of Cottonwood creek, $ll 82.
Against M. II Peck, and a four stamp quartz
mill at Squaw creek, below Mineral City, and one
ditch taking water out of the south fork of Clear
creek, $l5 12.
Against W. W. Stewart, and 160 acres of land
on the west side of the north fork of Cottonwood
creek, $3 80.
Against John M. Parker, and ICO acres of land on
Piety Hill. $7 00.
Against T. J. Crutchfield, and 160 acres of land
on Fall river, $5l 72.
Against Wm. Milsup, and 160 acres of land on
Fall river, near Fort Crook, $9 12.
Against N. M. Porter, and 160 acres of land be
tween Pit river and Fall river, $2 49.
Against Thomas Tetcrs. and 160 acres of land
in Fall river valley. $23 44.
Against E. J. Williams, and 1«0 acres of la:
Fall river valley. $2 10.
Against real property belonging to the estate of
Clement Citroni, 5-7ths of three ditches taken from
Second creek, and ene ditch taken from Town
creek, near Pittsburg. $2 40.
Against 11. C. McClure, and house and garden in
Pittsburg, and one ditch taken out of Town creek
$j 20. ’
Against L. D. Xeal, and ICO acres of land at
Round mountain. $l2 SI.
Against Abram Odell, and 160 acres of land on
Cedar creek, near Round mountain, $1 47.
Against Charles Magee, and 160 acres of land on
Cottonwood creek, at the mouth of Dry creek.
Against Joseph Dais, and M acres of land on
the west side of tile Sacramento river. $l7 64.
All owners or claimants of any right, title, or
interest in any of the property described above,’are
notified to appear in said Court, in the town and
county of Shasta, within eight weeks of the date
hereof, and aosvr r the complaint so filed against
such property, or judgment will be rendered against
su<-h property for the sale thereof, and for the
relief prayed in such complaint.
Oiren under mv hand, this Ist day of February
fl Oerk of District Conrt.
Ayer’s Sarsaparilla.
Quick Cures aud Moderate Charges-
Private Medical and Surgical
Sacramento Street* below 31u&tgomcry.
Established expressly to afford tba afflicted
sound and scientific Medical Aid, in the treatment
and cure of all Private aud Chronic Diseases, Cases
of Secrecy aud all Sexual Disorders.
ty returns his sincere thanks to his numerous
patients for their patronage, and woald take this
opportunity to remind them that ho coutiuues to
consult at his Institute for the cure of chronic dis
eases of the Lungs, Liver, Kidneys, Digestive and
Gcnito-Urinary organs, and all Private Diseases
vir. ; Syphilis in all its forms and stages, Semina!
Weakness, and all the horrid consequences of self
abuse ;*Gonorrboca, Gleet Strictures, Nocturnal and
Diurnal Emissions, Sexual Debility, Diseases of
tbo Hack and Loins, Inflammation of the Bladder
and Kidneys, etc., etc. ; aud he hopes that his long
experience and successful practice "will continue
to insure him a share of public patronage.—
By the practice of many years in Europe
aud the United States, be is enabled to apply the
most efficient and successful remedies against dis
eases of all kinds. Ileuses no mercury, charges
moderate, treats hispatients in a correct and honor
able way .and has references of unquestionable vera
city, from men of known respectability and high
standing in society. All parties consulting him,
by letter or otherwise, will receive the best and
gentlest treatment and implicit secresy.
DR. DOHERTY would call attention to the fol
lowing certificates, from two of hi* patients, who.
having recovered their health, and desire to make
known their remedial agent. It will be seen their
statements are fully authenticated by a Notary
The welfare of society imperiously demand their
publicity, and they are giveu more to warn the un
v.-ary than to sound the praises of a Physician, of
whom hundreds of like cases can be cited, during a
practice of more than fifteen years.
Read the Following:
A Case ot Gleet and Stricture.
Dn. H6hertt—Dear Sir: I feci my health so
fully restored, that, in common gratitude, 1 believe
I should make some written acknowledgment for
your valuable services—particularly so as your fee
was small for the work performed. I arrived in
thi* city from tbo East about one year ago, and
was then suffering from an old ease of Gleet, com
plicated with stricture. Being a stranger in this
city, and believing those doctors who gave such
positive assurances of success were necessarily the
best (some of whom have a large number of titles,)
I placed myself in their charge and continued un
der their treatment until 1 had lost nearly all hope
aud a considerable sum of money. I wish to say
now that you arc the sixth doctor I have em
ployed, and the only one who has ever done me
any service. My Gleet is wholly cured, the stric
ture is all removed, and my general health is bet
ter than it has been fur years. lu conclusion I
would say to the many unfortunates who require
medical advice, if you have any doubt as to whom
you should employ, ask Dr. Doherty for my address
and call and see me, (I keep store in thi* city).—
My experience may save you many dollars. I
would also add that, in the early stage of my dis
ease, I used a large amount of the preparations
advertised as an infallible cure for Gonorrhoea,
Gleet, etc., but never derived any benefit from
them. I am, Doctor, very truly yours, L—ll—.
San Francisco, June IGth, 1814.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 21st day
of June, 1861. A. S. Gocim, Notary Public.
Seminal Weakness.—A sworn to Certificate
of most remarkable cure of Spermatorrhoea :
A desire to benefit humanity, and a feeling of
gratitude to Dr. W. K. DOHERTY, alone induces
me to make this statement. For many years I had
been afflicted with that fearful disease known as
** Spermatorrhoea,” or seminal weakness, the result
of scif-ahuse, but till 1855 experienced but little
trouble or inconvenience j in that year, however, I
had seminal weakness to a fearful extent, which
was soon followed by the most alarming symp
toms, as weakness of the back and limbs, pain in
the bead, dimness of vision, nervousness and gen
eral debility. My mind, too, was affected to such
an extent as to seriously impair ray memory, my
ideas were confused and spirits depressed. [ was
averse to society, had evil forebodings and self
distrust, and was entirely unfitted for any of the
duties of life. From 1855 to the summer of 1803,
I employed the very best medical talont I could
find, and spent several hundred dollars, but in no
instance obtained more than temporary relief. I
had about concluded there was no relief for me in
this world, hut reading Dr. Doherty’s advertisement
I thought I should call and sec him, as ho charged
nothing for consultation. I had an interview with
the Doctor at his office, in Sacramento street, aud
his fee for treatment was so reasonable, I deter
mined to try him, though I did not expect much
benefit from his treatment. On the sth day of
December last, I placed myself under his care; in
one week I found myself very much improved : and
now, after five weeks treatment, I feel myself tho
roughly cured of all my troubles and in the enjoy
ment of the best of health. Hoping that my expe
rience may be of benefit toothers similarly afflicted
I subscribe myself JAMES JOHNSTON.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 15th day
of January, 1864.
A. G. Randall, Notary Public.
To Females.
When a female is in trouble or afflicted with dis
ease, as weakness of the hack and limbs, pain in
the head, dimness of sight, loss of muscular power,
palpitation of the heart, irritability, nervousness,
extreme urinary difficulties, derangement of digest
ive functions, general debility, vaginitis, all dis
eases ot the womb, hysteria, sterility, and all other
diseases peculiar to females, she should go or write
at once to the celebrated female doctor, W. K. Do
herty, at his Medical Institute, and consult him
about her troubles and disease. The Doctor is
effecting more cures than any other physician in
the State of California. Let no false delicacy pre
vent you, but apply immediately and save yourself
from painful suffering and premature death. The
Doctor’s offices are so arranged that he can be con
sulted without fear of observation.
To Correspondents.
Patients residing in any part of the State, how
ever distant, who may desire the opinion and ad
vice of Dr. Doherty on their respective cases, and
who think proper to submit a written statement of
such, in preference to holding a personal inter
view, are respectfully assured that their communi
cations will be held most sacred. Dr. Doherty
takes this opportunity of observing, that all letters
are only opened and replied to by himself, and the
latter as promptly as possible. If the case be fully
and candidly described, personal communication
will be superseded, as instructions for diet, regi
men and the general treatment of the case itself
(including the remedies) will be forwarded without
delay, and in such a manner as to convey no idea
of the purport of the letter or parcel so transmitted.
Consultation, by letter or otherwise, FREE.—
Permanent cure guaranteed or no pay.
San Francisco, California.
DR. DOHERTY has just published an impor
tant pamphlet embodying his own views and
experiences in relation to Impotence or Virility ;
being a short treatise on Spermatorrhea or Seminal
Weakness. Nervous and Physical Debility conse
quent on ibis Affection, and other Diseases of the
Sexual Organs.
This little work contains information of the
utmost value to ail. whether married or single, and
will be sent Free by mail on receipt of Six Cents
in postage stamps for return postage.
The above rules, established
by Di\ J, C. Young in IS JO,
anti which have done so much
to secure the reputation of this
Institute, are still adhered to,
affording those in need of
medical aid, the certainty of
cure and the utmost confidence .
There is nothing of so great
importance to the sick as to
know where to find a i>hysi
dan whose skill and humanity
give assurance of proper and
delicate treatment • The Doc
tor would respectfully call the
attention of those of both sexes
who are suffering or in trouble
to the invariable success that
has marked the career of the
Institute in the seventeen years
of its existence.
It is unnecessary in this con
nection to enumerate all the
complaints treated at the In
stitute, but the Doctor feels it
his duty to call especial atten
tion to that terrible scourge,
That is sapping with its in
sidiousness the very life of its
victims; in the treatment and
cure of which the Institute has
earned so enviable a reputa
I am aware that by dwelling upon so uninviting
a subject us the decay of manly vigor tnro:. h the
less of the vital primiplc of life, the ignoran. ui.iy
asperse my motives; but the desire to point out o
those who suffer, languish and decav, the true
cause of their affliction, is too great an sreentive to
be forced into abeyance. How extended t:>•,* *erri
ble disease of Seminal Weakness is, no one bu . t c
practical specialist who devotes his lira 3 to its
treatment can tell, hut its presence can be detected
by the most inexperienced by noting tbs following
symptoms: Weakness of the back and limbs ; lan
guishing feelings : loss of muscular power : nerv
ousness; irritability; coil lector hands, accompa
nied by bet head ; symptoms of consumption :
short breath; flushings of the face: aversion to
society: confusion of the mind : loss of memory :
nightly emissions; colorless, slight discharges upon
the least excitement; palpitation of the heart;
irregular appetite ; variable temper, etc.
YOUNG MAN, if you experience ary of tbc
various symptoms enumerated* above, pans® to
consider. The present is the golden m 'incut in
which you may secure health and happiness. You
may feel strong now,but if you have ever practiced
the vice of self-abuse even in the SJ.TCTHtEWr DKtfiiEE,
you have the seeds of weakness in your system,
and their undermining influence will, sooner or
later, dash the fair edifice of your strength to the
ground, leaving yon a helpless, abject being. It
is not a disease that declares itself at once. Therein
lies its great dan.wr : for while the patient is being
treated for some affection of the Heart, Lungs,
Brain, or Digestive functions, he sinks into":: gen
eral debility that soon adds him to the list of the
victims of the terrible disorder, Seminal weakness.
See in the bent form and Liuguidiiir- steps, the
poor victim of the fascinating vice! Mark the
course of the destructive complaint in the hollow
cheek and dull eye !
Drowsiness is one of the premonitory symptoms.
At first it is easily shaken off, but it grows eventu
ally into a great disinclination l<> pursue his regular
business. The mind becomes apprehensive, and
restless nights succeed d vs of depression.
Marriage is sought by a natural impulse as a
hope ot relief. This is an error of the first magni
tude. for the syf-tem. unffreffa-rfed f ir thi exigencies
of the occasion, suddenly fails, and he finds himself
in a deplorable condition, from which (here is bat
the slightesthopcs of roc very. Or if the marriage
should result in offspring, they .are pun}', distorted,
dccrcpid and degenerate. This is applicable to
both sexes, whether mar.icd or cingle, and to all
times of life.
Do not delay if you feel any symptoms of the
terrible complaint, or if your acts have been such
as to lead to them,bat by instant application secure
to yourself the only hope of future health and hap
piness! The Doctor uses no mercury or other dele
terious drugs—cures, when taken in time, always
guaranteed and full and proper vigor restored.
The afflicted arc assured of every confidence.
Persons Affected with Venereal.
During the seventeen years since the establish
ment of the Institute, the n imbcr of cases of vene
real that have been treated, show a record unsur
passed by any hospital' in the world, and the suc
cess that has invariably marked the course of
treatment, without Mercury or other Deletc
; rlous Drugs, shows conclusively the use of them
to be no.t only uncalled fof, but actually danger
ous, for it is a thoroughly c.-iabli-hed medical
principle that those poisonous drugs, by entering
the blood, ruin the constitution and destroy life.
The Doctor effects a cure in repeal cages, in a few
days, and finds no difficulty in curing those of long
duration, without submitting the patient to such
treatment as will draw upon him the slightest sus
picion, or oblige him to neglect bis bttfiittqgjt whe
ther in-doors or without. The diet D'-od' not he
changed. Cures always guaranteed or no pay
Impoitaut to Females*
When a female is in trouble or afflicted with dis
ease, and requires medical or surgical assistance,
the enquiry should be. Where is there a physician
who is fully competent to administer relief, and
and whose respectable 1 landing in society recom
mends him to the conffdcn-c u t_e community?
The Doctor, understanding how imperatively neces
sary these requirements are, feels called upon to
interpose, and by calling the attention of the afflict
ed to the fact that he has been a PROFESSOR OF
twenty years, and is fully qualified to administer
in all cases, both medically and surgically, not in a
superficial manner, but in as thorough a manner as
years of study and practice—both in hospitals and
private families—can make, to save them from the
hands of the unqualified, unscrupulous and design
ing. Therefore, families can rely upon him as upon
a father. All in affliction can find in him one who
can feel and sympathize with and befriend them in
trouble—one in whose secrecy the utmost confidence
can be placed. CONSULTATION (by Letter or
otherwise) FREE.
To CoßrtF.SPOxnnxxs.—Persons, either male or
female, residing in the interior, are often deterred
from consulting the Dr. because They cannot spare
the time or incur the expense of a visit to the city.
To such he would say that a plain statement of the
symptom? and information hearing upon the com
plaint, will enable him to prescribe for them so that
they can be cured at home. None need have any
false delicacy about writing, no mat'er what the
nature of tbeif as the cjjDWninication
will he seen only t>y the Doctor, and will be treated
with the utmost confidence, and either be returned
Consultation free!
or destroyed.
Persons who contemplate visiting the In
stitute, will please cut out the following and keep
as a guide:
WcdlSt anh Sftrgieal Institute,
So. 536 Washington- Street.
San Francisco, Cal
Dr. Gibbon’s Dispensary,
V? A near Commercial, San
Francisco, Established in 1854, -
fur the treatment of Sexual and
Seminal Diseases, such us Gon
orrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Syph
ilis in all its forms, Seminal
Weakness, Impoteney, etc.—
Skin Diseases (of years’stand
ing) and Ulcerated Legs, sue
cessfully treated.
DOCTOR GIBBON has the pleasure ofaiinounc*
ing tliat he has returned to this State, after an
absence of one year, during which time he has
visited all the principal hospitals of Europe, among
tkeui those ol Dublin, London and Paris. The
following celebrated hospitals of London arc among
those visited hy the Doctor: Guy’s, High street,
Borough; St. Bartholomew's Smith field: St. Luke's,
Old street; St. Mary’s, Camb. Place, Pad. : Lock,
Harrow Road: University, (rower street ; West
minster, Broad Sanctuary; Charing Cross, Agar .
street, Strand; Loudon, Whitechapel road ; Royal
Free, Gray’s Inn road; King’s Colleo-o p?rtceiil
DOCTOR GfRBON has also visited Dr. Acton,
of London, Parker of Birmingham, England : and
Ricord of Paris, who are considered the best phys
icians and surgeons in the world, and whose author
ity i? acknowledged to be the highest in the treat
ment of Sexual disca. es.
DOCTOR GIBBON has obtained from them their
new mode of treatment, which cannot oe surpass
DOCTOR GIBBON has spared neither time nor
money in seeking out new remedies, and has return
ed with new fa, ililies for the alleviation of human
Horrible Diseases*
How many thousands of persons, Will male and
female, arc there who arc sulfici ing out a miserable
existence from the effects of seefet ftulujgenee, or
from virus absorbed into the system. Look at
their pallid, emaciated and disfigured faces and
their broken-down constitutions, disqualifying
them for the happiness of marriage or the enjoy
ment of life. In this horrid situation thousands
sutler until death closes the scene. Let parent*,
guardians and friends attend to those who are suf
fering with any of these horrible, life-destroying
maladies—see that they are cared for and cured
before it is too late. Send them immediately to
Dr. Gibbon, a physician who has made private
diseases his special study for years, and who is
certain to cure the most inveterate eases, without
mercury or any injurious drugs. It is important
to those afflicted, or to those who are interested in
the welfare of their friends, to he careful of the
many pretended doctors who infest all cities, pub
lishing their skill *n curing all diseases in a few
days, imposing upon the public hy using the names
ot eminent physicians from Europe and other
places. Be therefore careful and make strict
inquiry or you may fall into the hands of those
Seminal Weakness.
Seminal emissions, the consequence of sclT
abuse. This vice, or depraved sexual indulgence,
practiced by the youth of both sexes to an al
most unlimited extent, producing, with unerring
certainty, the fid owing train of morbid symptomt,
unless combatted by scientific medical measures,
viz: Sallow countenance, dark spots under the
eyes, pain in the head, ringing in the cars, noise
like the rustling of leave - and'rattling of chariots,
uneasiness about the loins, weakness of the limbs
contused vision, blunted intellect, loss of confidence,
diffidence in approaching strangers, a dislike to
form new acquaintances, a disposition to shun so
ciety, loss of memory, hectic flushes, pimples and
various eruptions about the face, furred tongue,
feted breath, coughs, consumption, night sweats,
monomania and frequent insanity. If relief is not
obtained the sufferer should apply immediately,
either in person or by letter, and have a cure ef
fected hy his now and scientific mode of treating
this disease, which never fails of effecting a quick
and radical cure. Dr. G. will give One Hundred
Dollars to any person who will prove satisfactoril y
to him that he was cured of this complaint hy
either of the San Francisco quacks.
DOCTOR GIBBON is responsible and will give
to each patient a written instrument, binding him
self to elleet a radical and permanent cure, or make
no charge.
Persons at a distance may be CURED AT HOME
by addressing a letter to Dr. Gibbon, stating case,
symptoms, length of time the disease has continued,
and have medicines promptly forwarded, free from
damage and curiosity, to any part of the country,
with full and plain directions for use, for Ten Dol
lars, sent in registered letter, or through Wells,
Fargo it Co.
Address DR. J. F. GIBBON, CIO Kearney
street, near Commercial, San Francisco. Post Office
Box 252.
Consultation FREE.
Caution to the Unfortunate.
Beware of the San Francisco quacks and pre
tenders who, with bogus sworn-to certificates, dupe
the unwary. Some of the self-styled doctors,
whose names arc to be found in the daily and
weekly newspapers of Fan Francisco and other
places, are tradesmen and became too lazy to work
at their trades. Some are tinsmiths, shoemakers,
newspaper carriers, intelligence office keepers, Ac.
Look over the San Francisco directory and you
will not find their Medical Institutions in it. Look
at the Directory for 1802 and 1803. The only way
to avoid imposition is to make inquiry—it will cost
you nothing, and may save you many regrets : for,
as advertising physicians in eight eases out often
are bogus, there is no safety in trusting any of
them until you know who and what they are. Dr.
Gibbon does not deceive people by exhibiting bogus
titles, certificates, pretended patients’ letters, Ac.
Dr. Gibbon will satisfy persons who may call at
his office of his ability to treat diseases that he
proposes to cure.
Consultation FREE.
Correspondents will please inform Dr. Gibbon
that they read his advertisement in the Shasta
Courier. a u7lv
) Pie IRON.
3.000 Ton
In Store and Afloat, for Sale by
.1. R. DOYLE,
41'- A 415 Pacific Street,
n2:ly San Francisco.
Steel and Cast Plows,
For sale cheap hy
Hardware Dealers Shasta. n2ft
Before you buy your tobacco call
in at my place, as you can buy it here Fitly
percent cheaper than anyw.icre else.
perior artie'e of Ei!’ Paper. Person* wUhinz
Bill Heads would do well to give us a call. We
print cheap, for Cash.
Ayer’s Cathartic Pills.
Medicine of the Faculty of Paris, Graduate of
the University Queen’s College, and Physician of
the St. John Baptist Society of San Francisco#
DR. PERRAULT has pleasure to inform pa-*
tients, and others seeking confidential medical ad
vice, that he can be consulted daily, at his office,
Armory Hall Building, North-East corner Mont
gomery and Sacramento streets, San Francisco,
Rooms Nos. 9, 10, 11, first floor, upstairs ; entrance
on either Montgomery or Sacramento streets.
DR. PERRAULT’S studies have been almost
exclusively devoted to the cure of the various forms
of Nervous and Physical Debility, the results of
injurious habits acquired in youth, which usually
terminate in impotence or sterility, and permanent
ly induce all the concomitants of old age. Whcrd
a secret infirmity exists involving the happiness of
a life and that of others, reason and morality dic
tate the nece.-.-ity of its removal; for it is a fad
that premature decline of the vigor of manhoed,
matrimonial unhappiness, compulsory single life,
etc , have their sources in causes, the germ of which
is planted in early life, and the bitter fruit tasted
long afterwards : patients laboring under this com
plaint will complain of one or more of the following
symptoms; Nocturnal Emissions, Pains in the
Back and Hoad, Weakness of Memory and Sight,
Discharge from the Urethra on going to stool or
making water, the Intellectual Faculties are
Weakened, Loss of Memory ensues. Ideas are
clouded, and there is a disinclination to attend to
business, or even to reading, writing or the society
of friends, etc. The patient will probably complain
of Dizziness, Vertigo, and that Sight nnd Hearing
are weakened and sleep disturbed by dreams, mel
ancholy, sighing, palpitations, faiutings, coughs
and slow fever; while some have external rheu
matic pains and numbness of the body ; some of
the most common symptous are pimples in the face
and aching in different parts of the body.
Patients suffering from this disease should apply
immediately to DR. PERRAULT, either in person
or by letter, as he will guarantee a cure of Seminal
Emissions and Impotence in six or eight weeks.
Patients suffering from Venereal diseases in any
stage, Gonorrhea, (11 et, Strictures, Bubo Ulcers,
Cutaneous Eruplb ns, etc,, will he treated success
fully : all Syphilitic ard Mercurial Taints entirely
removed from the Hv.-fcm.
DR. PERRAULT S Dipl. mas are in his office,
where patientsean see for themselves that they are
under the care of a regularly educated practitioner.
Patients suffering under Chronic diseases can call
and examme for themselves. We invite investiga
tion; claim not to know everything, nor to cure
every body : but we do claim that in all cases taken
under treatment wo fulfill our promises. We par
ticularly request those who have tried this boasted
doctor and that advertised physician till worn out
and discouraged to call upon us.
Ladies suffering from any complaint incidental
to their sex can consult the Doctor with the assur
ance of relief.
DU. PERE A I LT is the only agent in CalPornia
for Dll. BIOT’S Female Monthly Pills. Their
immense sale has established their reputation as u
female remedy, unapproached, and tar in advance
of every other remedy for suppressions and irregu
larities, and every other obstruction in females. On
the receipt of five dollars, these Pills will be sent
hy mail or express to any part of the world, secure
from curiosity or damage.
Persons at a distance can he cured at home, by
addressing a letter to Dr. PERRAULT, corner of
Sacrament'* and Montgomery streets. Rooms 9, 10,
and 11, or Box 973, Post Office, San Francisco,
stating the case as minutely as possible, general
habits of living, occupation, etc.
All communication.- confidential. d!4:ly
A FTEII a protracted blindness of more than five
jTjL years. Dr. Pardee has thoroughly
and scientifically acquainted with ail diseases of
the Eye, and is now practising with a success not
surpassed in the United .States.
All operation- performed, such as strabismus, or
cross eve, Cateracf by linear extraction, Depression
or Absorption. Pterygium, or fleshy’ membrane
growing over the eye. Reduction of Staphyloma, or
bulging out of the eye, Artificial Pupil, Fistula
Lachrymal is, or closing of the tear passage, and all
deformities of the Lids, etc. etc.
Artificial eyes inserted without the least pain,
and pos-essing all the movements and brilliancy of
the real eye. A large assortment constantly on
hand for sale at reasonable prices. The Doctor’s
Eye bath for the treatment and cure of all nervous
disorders is used all over this coast.
ihankful to those physicians who have sent him
cases for operation#, and hopes that bis universal
success will warrant a continuance of their confi
dence. His celebrity ns an operator isco-extensive
with bis success : as patients are presenting them
selves for treatment and operations from New York
and Boston almost monthly.
Many patients can 1 a seen at the Doctor’s office
daily, in different stages of recovery.
DR. PARDEE has a soeiated with him DR. 11.
Office: 767 CLAY STREET, (above the Plaza,)
near Dupont street. my 4
Officers of Clinton Lodge. No. llf>, I*’.
A. M., Piety Hill.
Joseph Weil, W. M.; Joseph Pryor,
8. W.; Ben. A. Shepard J. W.j Henry
Ludwig, Treas.; D. Weil, Sec*; 11. C.
Jacobson, S. I). : T. A. Jones, J. D.; E.
M. Dixon, M. ; M. Hiller, T. ; A. R. Andrews, A.
Pryor, E. M. Dixon, Trustees
Stated meetings, Wednesday of, or next preced
ing full moon. f 23
Officers of Western Star Lodge, No. 2., F.
a. A. M.
Ji Adolph Dobrowsky, W. M. ; F. B.
Chan die.. S. W.; Thomas Greene, J. W-
B. Shurtieff, Treasurer; L. Wellendorff,
\ Secretary; James Scammou, S. I).; Chat.
Anderson, J. D. ? Joseph Isaacs, M. ; E. L. Reese,
St. ; U. K. Lord, St. ; J. B. Higinboiham, T.
Ri A. M.
Joseph Isaacs, H. P. : T. S. Mount, ]
W. E. Hopping, S.; A. Dobrowsky,
H. : D. P. Bystlc, P. S. : F. B. Chand
R. A. C. : H. Taylor, of 3d V; U. R. Lord. M
2d V.; J. W. Garden, M. of Ist V ; A. Golem
Treas.; L. Wellendorff, Sec.; J. B.lliginhotham
Officers of Shasta Council. No. 6, F. & A
Jos. Isaacs, T. T. M. j A. Dobrowsky
I. M. ; D. P. Bystlc, (J. C. W. : R. Tut
Treas.; L. Wellendorff, U.; E. I, Ri
C. of (r.; Thos. Greene, C. : John V. 8.
SL ; U. R. Lord, M.; J. B. Uiginbothun, S.
Officers of Shasta Lodge, No. ST, I. O. O. F.
N. (j., L. Wellendorff; V. G., Peter
Hoff; Sec., G. R. Knox; Treas., L.
Officers of Shasta Encampment, No. 14, I.
O. O. F.
©C. P.. L. Garrccht : 11. P.. J- E. Pelham;
S. W., L. Wellendorff: Scribe, G. R. Knox ;
Treas., 11. Habich : J. W., G. M. Wilhelm.

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