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A Few Plain W ords.
Man’s a frol !
_ When it’* k>th* he want* it cool ;
When it* cool he w «nts it li• *t;
Ne’er con ten te*3 with his lot.
When it's try
He for shower? IS PDre-10. V =rh !
When—to in et fhi- wish— ~ain«.
Of the w»;t-lhe fool comul'c’iS.
Hot or cold, or d*y or wet.
Nothing suits that he c;.
I consider, as tt rule
Man's a fool.
ANOTHER tn-nieml engineering oper
ation is to be commenced immediately
Wr allude to the construction of a railroad
tunnel under the English Channel, be
tween Engla d and France. The Hoard
of Fngineers appointed to examine and
report upon the several schemes recom
mended, has decided to accept that of
Thome de Gamond. The tunnel will he
commerced on the French side at Dieppe,
and on the English, at Nevrhaven. The
estimated cost will he about $45,000,000,
and the time required for its completion,
six years, so that the whole will be in run
ning order in 1*77. The course selected
is far from being as narrow as the Straits
of Dover, hut the current is not nearly so
so ttrong nor the water so deep.
Lincoln's Kindness of Heart.— Al
though Douglass deflated Lincoln for Sena
tor in IHSS.. he gave him big confidence
immediately after hi> inauguration, and
never tailed in generosity to his widow
and children hen J was defeated for
Clerk of the House in March. I*ol, he
called in person ti a nun her of Senators
and asked them to vote for me tor Secre
tary of that body. When Stonewall Jack
son was killtd, and one of mv assistant
editors spoke kindly of the better part of
his character, Vhraham Lincoln wrote to
me commending the ft Unite to i brave ad
versary. If you visited Lincoln he n“ver
wearied you with dreary polities or heavy
theories, or glorfied himself and his doings.
In ( very crisis he sought the advice, not
oi his enemies, hut of his friends. To his
conviction* he was ever true, out his opin
ions were always subject to revision
.John \V. Forney.
Cleanse the Skin.—lt is a furious
fact, illustrating the necessity of cleanli
ness. and of keeping the ) ores of the skin
open, that if a coat of varnish or other sub
stance impervious to moisture he applied
to the exterior of the body, death will en
sue in about six hours The experiment
was once tried on a child in Florence -
On the occasion ol Pope Leo the Lentil's
accession to the papal chair, it was desired
to have a living figure to represent tlie
Golden Age, and so a child was guilded
all over with varnish and gold leaf. The
child died in a few hours If the fur ot a
rabbit or the skin of a p:g bo covered with
a solution of India rubber iu naphtha, the
animal ceases to breathe in a couple of
A young man recently called upon the
editor of a paper in an Oregon town and
asked to see his file for l.*t)9, which re
quest was granted W hile the editor step
ped out a moment, he marched out with
the tile, and used it against r ,e owner in a
libel suit for SS.UUO damages. The plain
tiff recovered six and a quarter cents, whi n
his persecuted victim turned upon him and
had him sentenced to seven years in the
penitentiary for stealing books
“What’s the matter, Uncle Jerry ?”
said Mr ——, an old Jeremiah 11. was
passing by, growling most furiously.—
“Matter!” said the old man, stopping
short; “why, here I've been lugging
water all the morning for Dr C's wile to
wash with, and what d'yespose 1 got it ?”
•‘\\ hy. 1 supposes about ten cents,” an
swered Mr. Ten cents! She-told
me the Doctor would pull a tooth lor me
some time.”
Ihe Norwich Commercial Bulletin tells
of a thirsty individual who, after drinking
too much river water, became possessed of
the delusion that the Thames was the do
mestic rocking cha r. and sat down in it
from the wharf. He had only time to re
mark tl at some fool was always leaving a
pan ot water in those chairs, before he was
fished out.
4he balat.ee of the new U S loan,
amounting to 8120,000,000, has been Sold
in Berlin. Ihe German people have con
fidence in Ameilean credit under a Repub
lican administration.
lucre will be a Special Judicial Election held
thr-nfflioiit the State on W KDXKKIHV, The
1.1-hleenth Day of October i. ext, m wbuh
the following th are to he elected :
One Justice of the Supreme Court for the full term
One Justice of t»»e Supreme Coorf for the residue
° the nnexpired erm of Justice Sanderson.
On. Superintendent *f Public Instruction.
One District Judge for the Fifteenth Judicial dis
On Judg* of the Municipal Criminal C>urt for the
<i J iid county : San Frun.Dc>.
0»»e Probate Judge for the oit and county ofSao
F ran.Deo,
One County Judge for 'he couniy of Alameda.
One ' ouoty Judge for the county of Amador.
One C*"inty Judge f«-r the county of Butte.
.One County Judge for the county of Calaveras.
One County Jud e for the c unty of ConDa Coata.
One County Jadgifor the county of Colusa.
One County Judge for the county of Del Norte.
Oon County Judge for lb© county of El Dorado.
One Couniy Judge for the county of Fre<*no.
One County Judge for the county of Humboldt.
One County Judge for the county of Inyo.
One County Judge for the county of Klamath.
0.. n County Judge for the county of Kern.
One County Judge for the county of Marin.
One County Judge for the c unty of Mariposa.
One County Judge for the county of'Mendocino.
One County Judge for the county of Merced
One County Judge fur the county of Monterey.
One County Judge for the county of Napa.
One County Judge for the county of Nevada-
One County Judge for the county of Placer.
One County Judge f«»r the county of Sacramento.
One County Judge for the county of Santa Barbara
One County Judge for the county of San Bernard -
One County Judge for the county of Santa Clara.
o**n County Judge for the county of Santa Cruz.
One County Judge lor the c**unty of San Diego.
One County Judge for the county of Lake.
On© County Judge for the city and county of gaa
One County Judge for the county of Pan Joaquin.
• 'Tie County Judge lor the county of San Louis
One County Judge for the county of San Mateo.
One County Judge for the county of Shasta.
One County Judge for the county of Sierra.
One County Judge for the county of Son ma. |
Ona County Judge for the county of Stanislaus.
One County Judge for the county of Si-kiyou.
One County Judge for the county of -utter.
One County Judge for the county of Tehama.
O e County .In Ige for the county of Tuolumne.
One Couniy Judge for the couvty of Trinity.
One County Judge for the county of Yolo.
One County Judge for the county of Yuba.
The attention of the Boards of Supervisors of the
evcrol counties i* directed to an Act entitled “An
Act to amend an Art entitled an Art to provide for
the registration of the citizens of this S ate. and for
the enrollment of all the legal voters thereof, and
for the prevention and punishment of frauds af
fecting the elective franchise," opproved March
19 1856 : approved March JO, 1858. (s«e Statutes
1857 58. page 547). Also, fr» “An Art supp'emen
lay to and amendatory of the various Acts regu
lating elections, and to repcjtl certain laws »»n the
subject,” approved March 31, 1855 (see Statutes
1855 55 p.-t e 509>. Also, to “An Art to amend
section thirty eight of an Art regulating" elec
tions." parsed ar< h 23. I *BO ; approved March
30. 1858 (Statutes 1857 5«. page 680.)
Is Witness Wnr.Rßor. I have here
unto set n;y hand and caused the
[L. 9.] great seal of State to be affixed at
Sacramento, fhi* Twelfth day of
September A. I) 1871.
11. If. li MGHT, Governor.
Attest : IT. L. NICHOLS, Secretary of State.
State of Caiitorni * !>. panment of Mtate.
I, 11. L. Nichols, Secretary of State of the
Ststc of California, do her* by certify that the an
nexed is a true, all and correct copy of Governor’s
ProH nations for Jodi, ini Election, to b#
held .*». the 18tb day of October, 1871, now on file
in my office.
Witness rny han i and the Great Seal of State, at
fßre, in Sacramento, California, the fifteenth day
of September, A. f» 1871.
H. L. NICHOLS, Secretary ef State.
N 'firc is herebv given that in addit on to the
officers above specified be vot**»i fr in this Com>-
t.v —the following officers will ha Elected ia said
County at such Election fc
Bv order of the B -ard of Supervisors.
GK ANT I TAGGAUT. County Clerk.
CoDNtilcloiial rroilnioiiß
Per. 10 Every white male citizen of the
United State?, and every white male citizen of
Mexico who shall have elected to become a
citizen of the United Slates under the treaty of
peace exchanged and ratified at Queretaro on
the 30th of May. 1848, ofihe age of twenty-one
years, who shall have been a resident of the
State six months next preceding the election,
and the county or district in which he claims
his vote, thirty days, be entitled to a vote
at all elec ions which are now or hereafter may
be authorized by law
Sec. 11. For the purpose of voting, no per
son shall be deemed to have gained or lo.*t a
residence by reason of his presence or abduce
on the service-of the United Stales, n*r w hile
engaged in the navigation of the wates of this
State or the United State*, or of the high se«g ;
nor while a student of « seminary of learning :
nor while kept at an almshouse or other asylum,
nor while confined in any public prison.
Sec. 12. No idiot or insane person or ftersons
convicted of any infamous crime, shall be en
titled to the privileges of an elector.
Sec. 13. A crime shall he deemed infamous
which is punishable by death or by imprison
ment in ijie State Prison.
Sec. 29. No person shall be allowed to vote
except at the polls held in the election district
where be resides ; nor unless his name is en
rolled on the poll li-t where he offers his vote
in such district nor for local i*r representative
officers. unless he shall-have had Lis residence
for thirty days next preceding within the terri
torial limits prescribed for the election of such
officers. If any person enrolled on the poll list
whose vote shall be objected to ou the day of
election by any qualiificd elector, shall Ik*
proved to the satisfaction of the B *»rd of
Judges, either by hi* own oath
by the oath of any qualified elector and house
holder of the district, or by any other clear
and competent evidence, not to be leg illy qual
ified and entitled to be enrolled on said poll
list, or if it be proved as aforesaid that he is
enrolled on more than one p.dl list, when he
offer- t s vote, or is otherwise not legally
qualified to vote at such election, his vote
shall be rejected. 3t.
m m w
mithm ami
! - , ly ioform the people of Fhetta and the
County generally, that he has just received, and
I will keep constantly on hand, one of the largest
I md best assorted stork of goods ever kept in this
market, consisting in part of
French China,
W illow-ware,
including the splendid Orient Argand Kerosene
Burner, Ac.. Ac., all of which be offers for sale,
and hopes to mtrit the patronage of the commu
nity at large by his attention to basinets and low
?«•••. fcmyl*
T*he undersigned gives notice to
. the Property Holders of Shasta County, that
in accordance with the requirem* nts of law he has
entered upon the performance of his official duties
for the current year. He would call particular at
tention to the following section of the Revenue
Law :
" If any person shall willfully make, cr give,
under oath or affirmation, a false list of his, or her,
or their taxable property, or a lalse list of taxable
prcpeity under big, her, or their control, such per
son shall be deemed gnilty of perjury, and upon
conviction thereof, shall be punished therefor, as
is by law provided for the punishment of perjury ;
and any property willfully concealed, removed,
transferred, or misrepresented by the owner or any
agent thereof, to evade taxation, shall upon dis
covery, be assessed at ten limes the amount of tax
for that 'car, which would otherwise have been
assessed npon it; and fifty per cent of the amount
ol such additional tax. when collected, shall be paid
to the person or persoons who shall tarnish the
percentage for collection, shall be paid into the
Treasury, for the benefit of the Common School
Fund of the State.”
If Tax Payers were to have a list of their pro
perty prepared, ready to be sworn to, as the law
directs, by the time of my reaching them, they
would thereby perhaps save themselves much an
noyance, as well as facilitate mv work.
Assessor of Shasta County.
Shasta, April 2d, 1871. n 4.
In the Jnsfiee’t Conrt,) Mills A Wilkinson,
of Fourth Township ; > vs.
County of Shasta and j H. C. Essley.
The People of the State of California send
Greeting to H. C. Essley :
J before me at my office in theFonrth Township,
in the county of Shasta, ia an action brought
against you by the above named plaintiff*. nd
answer the complaint on file in my office, within
ten days (exclusive of the day of service), after
the service on you of this summon*.
The said action is brought to recover the sum of
Seventeen dollars and eighty-two cents(in U. 9.
coin) for Merchandise sold and delivered to yon
as per Hill on file. And you are hereby notified
that if yon fail to appear and answer the said com
plaint a? above required, said Plaintiff : will take
judgement against yon for the said amount of
$l7 82 together with costs and damages. To the
Sheriff or any Constable of >»id Township. Greet
ing. Make legal service and due return hereof.
Given under my hand this It'th day of July, 1971.
A. J. CURTISS, Justice of the Peace.
Burgettville. Aligned sth, 187 f.
Affidavit having this day been filed in my of
fice, that the Detei dent in the above case is a non
resident of this State. It is therefore ordered that
the above summons serve by Publication in the
9llasta rerp.iKE of Shasta county, California, for
tine months.
A. J. CURTISS, Justice of the Peace in and for
said Township and C unty.
If you want your smith-work done tip-top.
Please give us a call at TIFFIN’S SHOP I
Where we are always ready, and never tarry.
To work for Tom. Dick or Harry.
All who comes and gives us a job.
Will find our motto not to rob.
Rut dt our work up very nice
At a reasonable and low pri>-e.
Shop in Shasta on west side * f Main Street,
Above C. C. Bush one hundred feet
fbasta, June lit, 1871.
iX»tn Red *UhU.
»n »L»-'
■ i •
fTAHE PROPRIETOR, wotted respect-
fuilv announce to his fronds and the traveling
Puiilic, that he ha* 1« a-cd this well known hri«*k
Hotel, and will at all times he found ready to wait
up‘>« .ill those who may favor him with the light of
their countenances —the latch string will always
be out.
Will he supplied with the l*e*t the market affords.
The room* are large and well ventilated, and New
Spring Bed* throughout. Friees to suit the times.
Stages arrive and d**«»*rt daily, both north and
south. Call and ace me.
lied Bluff. April 22. 1870.
by right of pu chase of Gilman I‘avir, ol his
Ferry and Kanrh i>n the Saciaiiiento river oppo
site the Canon road leading lo Millville, for the
•'iw of Twenty One Hundred Dollars in Gold
Coin, (as records in Shasta will show—his name
and his wife's name Feeing attached to the same.
I have a new windlass, a new wire rope and n
strong boat, and am prepared to cross anything in
my Ferry that comes that way.
N. B.—Th • name of the ferry is changed and
called “ Millville and Shasta Ferry/’
To Rent—The Ferry and Ranch.
Millville and Sha ta’Ferry, July 11, 1871.
U. 6. Laud Office. Shasta. Cal., 1
September 16th, 1871. j
Whertaf. under instructions received from
the Hon. Willis Drummond. Commi«si'»ner of
the General Land Office at Washington, D. C.,
dated August 25th. 1871, we are directed lo
fix a day upon which the odd sections of land
hereinafter mentioned, and described and
heretofore withdrawn as indemnity lands for
the California Oregon Rail Hoad Company,
will be restored to settlement and Pre-emption
and Homestead entry :
Now therefore. He it known that on the
Wednesday, the 18th day of October, A. D.
1871, the mid Sections of land described as
follows, Vi*.,
Sections 1,3, 9, 11, 13. 15. 23. 25, 27, and
35, in Town-hip 26, North, Range 4. East.
Sections 5,7, 9. 17, 19. 21, 29, k 33 in
Township 27 North, Range 4 East,
Sections 5,7, 9, 17, 19, 21, 29, 31, and 33
Township 28 North Hahge 4 East.
Section 1, in Township 27 North, Range 3
Section 1,3, 5, 9. II 13 15, 23, 25 and 35,
in Township 28 North. Range 3 E »st.
All the odd numbered Sections in Townships
29 and 30 North, Range 3 East.
Sections 5,7, 9, 17, 19, 21, 29,31, and 33, in
Township 31 North, Range 3 East.
Sections 1, 11, 13, and 25 in Township 31
North, Range 2 East.
Sections 1,3, 9, 11, 13, 15, 21, 23, 25 and
35, in Township 32 North, Rmge 2 East.
Sections 5,7, 9 17, 19, 21, 29, 31, and 33,
in Towrnship 33 North, Range 2 East. Mount
Diablo Base and Meridian, will be restored
to settlement, pre-emption and homestead
entry, on and after whi n h date said lands will
be subject to settlementahd entry as aforesaid.
CHAS. McDonald Receiver.
r. S. Deputy Surveyor,
Also, having been appointed MINERAL SUR
VEYOR for Shasta County, by J.R. Hardenbergh
U. S. Surveyor General for California, is now pre
pared to execute all Government Surveys, and
Surveys of Mineral Lands, for parties who wish to
apply for Patents. Ofisa at Shasta.
▲phi «th, 187fc
CHAT.LE 3 A DANA. Editor.
She gollae Weekly £uu.
A Ncwtpnpcr ol tbe Present Times.
Intended for People Now on Earth*
Inducing Fanners. Mechanics. Merchants, Pro
fessional Men, Woikers. Tnlakers, and all Man
ner of Honest Polks, and the Wirt?, Soas, and
Daughter* of all such.
Or le?s than On* Cent a Copy. Let there he a
850 Cith ai ##_ry Poet Cißcs.
t>r>, ?3 A TEAR,
•f the Pan# p,t2 an t general e'taraeter as
THE WSKtT, •■JPt.rlfb a greater varlelf of
misrel'aneous realms, a :d fisaishlngr the n-tre
foitsentMerlhetawiih *r:e*’#f rp3#n*iese. beeanst.
tleomes twice a wecaiasieoi of oar j oalf.
TflS J/AILT 3« N, 93 A THAR*
A preemincnMr r Th e newspaper, win the
lor res e r«iis:l>n in Uij world. Free, lade
pe’ia-ot. a *1 I ads * in »*o i»,e«. A 1 Ilia newt
r*om t » pyehtfiv. *•# ren.s a sop/ ;t/ mail,
&# cause * na.itti, nr «f| a pear.
Flee oee fear, »opara;«*T «r dressed.
foil Duilanu
Tea can#-, rue r*a-. f*n-<mf#v adressed (and
au catracmo ijtM.fi.-rd> if-dno).
El-'tu Dollars*
T».*«r.ir o--- #er rrclr ad():r«sed
(a a 4U *x.ra«jpy »o e»» ns of cine).
Fitter* i)»l.a/S*
T'ltr orH. r»« *#r»r. tnnne » iljw* (and sue
y one je«- » > •—f**-r no o/elnh>.
Flflr copies, one 'cpiwm* » a ’draped (and
iaj haiul-Wuiklyut.*><•:' --a n« o «*inn),
T.nr:«*fi«t Dollar*.
On# hundred |?a, roe tp,v ?> rue address
(and ths Daily tor tae to *h- * tfe r
• l ib/ Dwiltro.
On# bv4r*t "v fur. ••wafrU ;,d
-«•"* . 1 * > • tse L>a*ly loro e vp »t i.» .»»• -pf• as
tp Jcloj), eisir Dsliarii
t:is mutii. weekly run.
Fite fosltt. *.# ycM.separa4.lv
l.*sw Mwiiirs,
lea cor k*, me Terr r#-mra 4 rir a (and
aa extra copy to setter t.;> #.* -1 ,).
tKte«t Dollars
BEND Yor». rsO.TET
haPo«t rh—■ «. nr di>w* r * TrW
} orr, wherr«er r n».»tir if m ii..cre-ni#»
tbe letter* aontaialiiS ..o ny. A idrea* *
LW. EK r L ' r ?"l ijhf»,
6aa olbce. .s*\, Vor* Clay.
ll 801 l and Hospital Taxes*, for the year 1871-
72. are due and payable on the first .Monday of
March, and the statutes providing for their collec
tion will be strictly enforced.
Til 15 IMH.L TAX
of Two Dollars, if paid prior to the first Monday
of August, and Three Dollars on and after that
date, is due from “each male inhabitant of the
State, over twenty-one and under sixty years of
age. and not hv law exempt.”
of this county is Two Dollars, and is due from
4 each male inhabitant of the State, over twenty-one
and under sixty years of age, and not by law
The undersigned will call upon citizens, either at
their resiliences or places of business, for the
amount of the shove taxes.
Shasta, April 3d, 1871. ap3
Saddle and Harness Shop!
Uain Street, opposite Dunn’s Stables.
j\ Harness, and EVERYTHING belonging to
the fra le kept on hand or manufactured to order.
Repairing done with di-paich. Prices—low for
t a-h. Call iii w tore you see the Panther or Cal
ifornia Lieu over the door. [mlB.3m.
r.NfF.n States I.asd Office,
Shasta, Cai..,September 3y, 1871.
Woodpton Bangbart, Timothy Hall. Margaret
Banghart, Horace W. Green. Robert Warfield,
dimes D. Blair. Samuel Cooper, William E II piping
William 15. Walker, Thomas Greene, William
Jackson, ami airi-k Gillooley. an association ol
person* having filed their application in this offi e
for a Patent to a Mining Claim, and the law and
instruct* .us in such cases provided, having been
complied with. It is hereby ordered that the an
nexed Notice of such Application be published for
ninety days, in the Shasta Cockier, a Newspa
per published nearest the location of said claim at
Shasta, in Shasta i ounty. State of California.
JNO. S. FOLLAN.-BEE, Register.
NOTICE is hereby given, to whom it may con
cern, that an application has been made by
Wools!on Bangbard, Timothy Hall, Margaret
Bangbart Horace W Green,Robert Warfield. James
D. Blair, Samuel Cooper, William E. Hopping,
William B. Walker, 1 homas Greene, William
Jackson, and Patrick Gilluoley, an association of
l*ers«»ns, to the Government of the United States,
for a Patent to the following described Gold bear
ing Quart/, Mining Claim, viz ; Known as the
liangtiart A Co., Mining Claims situate*! at the
head of Mad Mule Canyon #»n the West side of
Whisky Creek ; in Bba.-ta county. State ol Cali
fornia and not within the liim s of any organize*!
Mining District, being bounded on all shies by
unclaimed and unstirveyed Government land and
more particularly descrilted a* follows to wit : On
unsurveyed land, commencing, at a mound of rm-k
on the ledge at the We t boundary of the claim
running South 28° 30' Wc.-t variation 16° 46' E.
4. 00 chains to t e South West corner post of the
claim fr**m thence, S. 60° E. 26. 50 chains to a
post eflaMishe*! at an angle of the claim, From
thence running S. 7V° lO. 40 chains to a corner
post estahli-be l ou the 8. E. corner of the Claim
From which corner P.*«t running North 13° E. 8.
20 chains, and the Walker A H >ppiu Tunnel on the
i ast boundary of the claim bears West, 10 links
distant from the line, 10. 00 chains to a corner
pout established on the N E. corner of the claim.
From thence running N. 70° W; 10* 2W chains to
a corner post estahisbed at an angle of the claim
from thence running N. 60° W. 24* 00 chains to
a corner post establi.-hed on the N. W. corner of
the claim From wbi*h corner post, runnings.
28° 30' W. 6. 00 chains to the Ruck M*»und on the
ledge, the starting point of survey, all of the claim
being in the district of lands subject to sale at
Sba-to, California, and containing 41.55-100 acres,
said claim being slill more particularly described
in the diagram posted and filed with said applica
All persons holding any adverse claim thereto
are hereby required to present the same before the
Register and Receiver • f the United States lor
Shasta Lan i District, at Shasta. California, within
ninety day* from the first day of publishing and
posting hereof.
Dated September 30, 1871.
.* Applicants.
Fob braiding and embroidery, sm
different pattern,. All order, promptly filled
- Htg. TODX3,
»’ Mem itiMt, Shoots.
r. h. McDonald & co.,
San Francis'© Cal.,
t 0 ,helr l4r ¥ e ««>r*neni
or >twiy Arm ed isoocD, composed in rart of the
following articles toother with evvrr thlnVkert in a
well supplied WHOLESALE D«LU STORe!
Ptmt'Enirrs.. 1 I rLD * ’ s I'nKPAHiTIOXS,
Essimtial Oils, I Pxsrr vkrieh,
Keuosks* Oil, } Paints akd Oils,
Which we offer at the lowest Cash Prices aad va
determined not to be undersold.
It. H. McDONALD A CO., Sat Fkauciko, r.at-
OL R DRUG BUSINESS located in San Fran
cisco. Cal. After our best wishes, and expressing
our thanks for the liberal patornage we base re
ceived for more than twenty-one year?, daring
which period we have been steadily engaged in
the Drug business in California, we beg to say in
consequence of the rapid growth of Dr. Walker’s
California Vinegar Bitters, now spread over the
United States and countries far beyond, we are
necessitated to devote our entire lime to said bus
We are the Oldest Drug firm on the Pacific Coast
and the only one. continuous under the same pro
prietors since 1849, and have determined to sell
our large, prosperous, and well established busin
ess on favorable terms.
This is a rave opportunity for men with means
of entering into a profitable business with advan
tages never before *>ff» red.
For particulars enquire of
r. h. McDonald a co..
R. H. McDonald, ) Wholesale Druggists,
J. C. Fprscbr. ) San Francisco, Cal.
N. B. Until a sale is made we shall continue oar
importations and keep a large stock of fresh goods
constantly on hand, and sell at prices to defy com
a c?.ar H’Kcu nweuar
H inTre*iicf T;'o’i»ands
Dear t ‘stiw or th••if Wonder
ful Cnr live 1-Iffcer».
s g i WHAT
n C
■t■■ r • ‘ ■ c .«. • \* T- 5 '
11 i 2
Male*? Peer Vo m, ITVskfr* Mplrlla
’tpfi.e* l«i •«•**« docti r ii, epical aid iwu«t
int.it> plecs: Hi * Ul«. c»i«l ** Tenlca, Appctii
crp,” ** ft-**offers,” sc., 4 *t low) I e 4 pplcr on to
drunkeua • <1 ralu, Lu4»r* nine Medicine,made
from the Native Root# igilCevLeof California, fre*
fru m ill AlctHtcle* s:iai»laHii* TLayarctlie
GHf.tT *• !>*<•:• PUrillltlU ait A A ».!FE
GIVKNO I !irM I PI t. a perfect Innovator and
Invlgorutof oftiis r-y-t :n, c.vryiaf off all poisonous
matter and #-*t >:ia r I'.c Vi >0.41» a•» alll y condition.
No p ‘rsearan i% .• Wicae FiiAcrt w cordlag to (iiseo-
Uon ar.d rer. «ln tong u. 11.
IC6» wilt b • given f r a i !ocuruble cape, provided
the bones a”’ not destroyed fry u.iuvrnl p »;«. a or
other mc4n-,a :d the vital organs »■ fedb< yo»>d the
point of repair.
Far lul.mmniarjr *r>i Chrssic VUfsws
lit'"* st:i G ,(H, P ss ’i>«: t or l:»i
U 4 :io r»..u«wt Fevers,
IMschm * * »’ tv.- liliH.ii, I.lvor, Ku!m »p,sm4
RU«4cr. these niitrt* Lave been mott success
ful. >:ufc I*•«(•!*«« a arc caused I y Vitmtrd
wh.cli Is generally produced by derangement
of the H-vas-',
«• .i in r*or* rr<*v, K^ad
ache.lt.n In tbj fliMvildcrs, <»»;»••>«, Tig..*.*•• of alia
Chest. IKzsiaci**, Sour F.-uc!:»4.oms of Vie
F»li:r 1 1 ».• *>•?!», V Isons A'.f.o: v. a
of the Hi* t, cf the ! n C’.Nahffl
regions of the llldn ys and a l.uanr I »t! cr r«-o*'al
s>Tnptor-a, a-'? the r n-« T ! f- a
Tli y invigorate 4'«* s«'or.^r’» *• 1 stim.r.sie llwfor
pidlivcroud bow**w t which ren t rf »;n f u
eUhstyh cV* » *•( t e blood ef a 1 iniprrties. •»!
latt ft ti ig new 14f.* a vj r>>r t > t’>c a h<
9 <* • IN |t|«S! T'.rupt >ik-,Te‘.a r,
Rheum. Xlinwehcs. %poU, Va u;4' *. i « t iles, V- .Is. < *r
baaclea, ISirtg-Worna, Scald-IWat.Fo#: I y ». X ydp.
ala*. Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations« f is*s f iiu, B ;:iM»ra
and Diseases of the Skin, of wltalcvar nvns orraturc,
are literally d j; up aulcarrle l out ofaic a«»v*m In a
ahor» time by the swe of these Hitters. O o Nottlsln
such caar# will eoaviacc the most iacredulocr of Bieir
curative effect.
Cleanse the Vltiafei Blood whenever you i .d Ua
Imparities bursting Ibroogh the akin In Pimples, r.rnp
tions or Soros cleanse it when you In 4 it elwtructel
and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it whan it is f ml,
and your feelings will toll you when. Kssp the blood
pure and the health of the system will follow.
PIN, TAPS and other WO ftM*, lurking in the
system of so many thousands, sre effectually destroy
ed an 1 r‘movsd. For full direction*, road carefully
the circular sronnl each bottle, lnfourla
nfnates— Garina i, Frcacl. a id Bps-.teh.
J.WALSER, B. ff. !»cIW!C%LD A 00.,
Dmf»«‘4 and G»n. .• *ss Cal M
end «and U C»>s* ri eo a*ro S.N. • Task. '
Main Street Re* ttluff
I « od to inform the people of Tehama, and
Sbarda counties that be keeps constantly on hand
a large and well selected clock of
BeddliiE. Wall Paper, Window Shades,
Looking Gla»«t, Picture Frames,
Oil Cloth. Hair Cloth.
large assortment of Fane, Trimmings; also
Moss, Puln, Excelsior and Eureka.
a large assortment of DOORS and WINDOW
BLIN DS, always on hand.
I am ajrent for the CRANDALL PATENT
SPRIXO BED, which combines Ocanlines: with
Elasticity, and is confidently bcliered Superior
to any other Spring Bed ever offered to the Public.
It is Light, and can be moved by a single person
with ease.
It is Elastic, yet Firm where Firmness is re
quired. which quality is obtained by additional
strengthenings in the center.
The Coils are in Couplets and Selt-Sopporting,
thus dispensing with Twine, Cords, etc., and from
their peculiar construction, cannot cripple down
or get out of order.
As these Spring Beds are Aired at pleasure, no
Dust, Bugs or Vermin can find harborage in them.
lam aiao Agent for the EDITED STATES
SPRING BED. This bed is made entirely of Iron
cannot get out of order—will last for generations
without expense—is light, clean and easily hand
led. and is vermin proof- It is perfectly elastic
all over, adjusting itself to the form ol the sleeper,
so that the whole body is supported equaly, and
requires but one thin mattress, which is really
better than a heavy one. They require no prepara
tion. only to lay them on the slats of any ordinary
bedstead, and puton the mattress. W here feathers
are used, a very thin nnder bed of cheap materi
al require* Peasuns viaiting Red' Bluff are re
quested to give me a call.
«. w. nauT,
SeißU; Fstk U, U7V
An Infallible m,<»on pmrriiß. poMtM
ing rare xo-aec and icavnK proper! ire—
a certain cure for nacivATiaß. ••tr,
KEiRALCiA. and all kixidred Diaeaaes
It completely restore* the system when Im
paired by disease, revives the action of the
Kin.VETS mmM coital SBCAm, radi
cally cures sraorcjLA. salt skis.
and all cbiptitk mmu Die*
eases, gives immediate and permanent relief
In DTsrcpsix aMYSieWAa, Tumors,
Bella, Scald Head, Ulcers and Sores; eradi
cates from the system all traces of Mercurial
It is rcenv vccstablb, being made
from an herb found indigenous in Cki;CmU,
It i« therefore peculiarly suitable for use by
FemaU-a and Children, as a BLOOD rvuu
BltH ■»! DE VO WAV OH .
Fer Sal* by all Druggiatt.
OZO and 631 Market Street,
Bin rrutiaso.
1 do not wish to inform you, reader, that Dr.
Wonderful, or any other man, has discovered a.
remedy that cures Consumption, when the lungs
are half consumed, in .-bort. will cure :.ll diseases
whether of mind, body or estate, make men lire
forever, and le;ive death to play for want of Tr«*rk,
and is designed to make our sublunary sphere a
blissful Paradise, to which H* aveu itself shall be
hut a side sh >w. You have beard enough of that
kind of humhuggery. But when 1 tell you that
Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy will positively cure
the worst cases of Catarrh in the Head. I only
as ert that whi< h thousands ran testify to. I
will pay SSUW Reward for a case that I camat
cure. A pamphlet giving symptoms and other in
formation sent free to anv address. Thisiomedy is
Price 50 cents. Sent by mail, postpaid, on receipt
of sixty cents, or four packages for two dollars.—
Beware of counterfeits aud worthless imitations..
See that my private Stamp. which is a positive
guarantee of Genuiaaoass, is upon the eutsidw
wrapper. Remember that this privu*a Siam',
issued hy the United States Government expressly
for stamping «y medicines, ha.- my portrait,
name and address, and the world's “U. S. Cer
tificate of Genuineness,” engraved upon it. tad
need not be mi*i»tk«n. Don't be swindled by
travelers and others representing tham-elv** es
I>r Sage; 1 ate the only teen im« living the* has
the knowledge and to manufacture tie Gen
uine Dr. Sage's Catarrh Kenedy, and 1 a«ver
travel to sell this medicine.
Jan. 22.] 133 Scucea street, Bud'ale, 3i . T.
• J-, ' • ** •
. ..... %
5-.-». *
v-,-; .
Coughs, Koarscaes*, Influeni
Sore Throat, Colds, Whooping-Congh. Cffrl
Liver Complaint. Krone hi in*, bsthma, Rivaling ef
the Lungs, nod every affection of the Tht at,
Lungs and Chest, are speedily and permanently
cured by the use of
Dr. Wistar's Saigas of Wild Ckerry.
Th is well known preparation dot* net dry up m
rough and Inarm the ranee behind, a« tv the rate with
most inrdirenme. hut it looeeue and cleaners the Inuyn
and alloys irritation, thus removing the canes sf
the complaint,
by a timdy resort to this standard remedy, as ie
proved by hundreds of testimonials received by
the proprietors. None genuine unless signed 1,.
Butts. Pet* W. Fovi.p. A Sow, Proprietors.,
Boston, Sold by Rbdiwotow, Hostetteb, A Ce. fc
and by dealers generally.
June 11, 1870.
AFTER a protracted blindness of more than fir*,
years. Dr. Pardee has madehimself thoroughly
and scientifically acquainted with all diseases of,
the Eye, and is now practising with a success nek
surpassed in the United States.
All operations performed, such as strabismus, on
cross eye, Cateract by linear extraction,Depression.,
or Absorption, Pterygium, or fleshy membrane
growing over the eye, Reduction of Staphyloma, op
bulging out of the eye. Artificial Pupil, Fistuln
Lachry malis, or closing of the tear passage, and all.
deformities of the Lids, etc. etc.
Artificial eyes inserted without the least pain,,
and possessing all the movements and brilliancy of
the real eye. A Urge assortment constantly on
band for sale at reasonable prices. The Doctor’e
Eye hath for the treatment and eon of atkaerrone
disorders is used all over Ibis eoast.
Thankful to those physicians who have sent him
cases for operations, and hopes that hu universal
su-cees will warrant a continuance ot their confi
dence. His celebrity es an operator is eo-extensire
with his success ; as patients are presenting th- m-.
selves for treatment and operations from New York
and Boston almost month!-.
Many patients can be set.- at the Doctor’s ofhee
daily, in different stages of recovery.
Office: 7*7 CLAY STREET, opp< M the Plata,
San Francisco. aylS
No 11 o© I
the undersigned ; work to be left at lit. Yards’*
he rail to Hop in She*a
a a vumaaov

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