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Outlook for a Groat Stallion Race Here
Next Summer.
Secretary Smith Says the Board of Ag
riculture Will Probably Provide
a Good Pane Therefor.
In conversation with Edwin F. Smith,
Secretary of the Stato Agricultural So
ciety, upon tlie outlook for the live stock
interests in California, he remarked to a
Recobd-Ujjiox reporter that more zeal
had been shown witiiin the past few
years in the improvement of breeding
than ever before in the history of the
"There is not a week passes," said he,
"that does not find ono or two Eastern
buyers visiting our leading stock farm
ers. The. recent impetus given the breed
ing of trotters in California lias caused
many to seek Investment in the dan of
Block here produced, as tliey look upon
our colts as phenomenal in point of
early development, This, you must
know, ia quiti unessential point in trot
inghtfrses ol the present day," as, with
the average American, time is moneyr 1
and, to not be compelled to wp.it until
one is gray in the business before a per
former is high on the way to success,
■peaks volumes for the judgment of our
breeders, and the feed and climate here
Speaking for tho Society, Mr. Smith
eni'i that the members of the Board of
Directors are at all times anxious to take
the Initiative in any movement that
woald tend to advance California's pro
ductive interests, be It cereals; agricult
ural machinery, fruit-growing, or ii\<
stock. Xhe Society is looked upon as the
fether of the latter interest, more par
ticularly, hut in so doing it has not ig
nored oilier industries beneficial tothe
State that came under its car;-.
"Recognizingthe great advance made
In tho breeding of trotters in California
during the past few years," said Mr.
Smith, "the Directors are contemplating
the announcement of a grand stallion
trotting purse for the State Fair of 1691.
It will he remembered that the furl one
of these great events given in California,
since any attention worth Bpcaking of bas
been given the breeding of trotters, was
held under the management of tho State
Society in 1888. Jn that contest tho start
ers wexe Woodnut (2:161), Guy Wilkes
(2:151) and Stambonl (2:11.) Subsequent
to ihi-: race —which gave Wbodnuthis rec
ord, and the prominence that attracted
the attention of the country to him—his
sale was accomplished for $20,000, stam
bouFs for $50,tiu0, and it wan understood
tbat Mr. Corbitt refused a like amount
for (any Wilkes. That this race was
cf great value to tho interest
named, there can bo no doubt, and it was
accomplished through the agency of an
institutiofi fostered t>y the
State. Hence tbey "eel that it is about
time to encourage the Introduction to the
public of some of the coming voting
Btock, thai their qualification for pre
eminonce and value, may arouse a dis
enssiou that will end In other important
tali's of the contestants. It has, there
fore, been thought expedient to offer a
grand stallion purse of from 83,000 to
95,000, to be contested forby California
Stallions. The entrance would be fixed
at a rate acceptable to all, and the pay
ments made by installments, so as uot to
distress any breeder that may desire to
name Ids horse before the brt c bug season
"What would there be to start in such a
race as this?"
"The starters," replied Secretary
Smith, "would be Simmocolon (2:111),
Moses s. (2:191), Alfred G. (2:iaj), Begat
Wilkes(2:l7l), Direct #U81), Silas Skin
ner (2:19), Charles Derby (2:20), Washing
ton (230), Redwood (£211), and Mount
Vernon (2821). And there are many
others that would probably enter and
take a shy at tiie coveted prize. * Tiie re
are really a largo number capable of
Joining forces v.itb these named, and
such an event would serve to bring them
oat—perhaps to fortune and to feme."
The County Xot Liable Therefor ln the
Boycott Csoo.
In Department One of the Superior
Court an order was made last week by*
Judge Armstrong directing the County
Auditor to draw a warrant against the
county in favor of V. s. McClatchy for
?147 75 in payment of the fees of wit
nesses in the boycott case of McClatchy
vs. (i. W. McKay and others.
Grovel.. Johnson, counsel for the de
fendants, entered a protest against such
action, and Auditor Johnson concluded
not to draw the warrant until he had laid
the matter before the District Attorney.
Yesterday Mr. Ryan rendered the follow
ing opinion in the matter:
Frank T. Johnson, County Auditor —Dear
Bis: iv reply to your official inquiry, tne
same involving the question whether ii is
vow duty to draw a warrant upon tin i -<■-, uty
Treasury for tho sum of $147 75, payable to
V. S. McClatchy, said sum to be by him dis
bursed to I). Luhln, C. H. Oilman, K. W. Hale
and others for apenses ;i- witnesses in at
tending the contempt proceedings in tbe su
perioaa tourt ot this county entitled Charlotte
McClatchy et al. vs. G.W. McKay itu!., and
tbe further gum of ?lii lj for Constables
fees in said praeeedings, you having been dl
<;ii< ted to draw said wat'iant ln pursuance of
an order made in said cause by the then Su
perior Judge J. W. Armstrong, on the 3d day
of January, 1881,1 respectfully submit that
Baid order does not warrant the drawing of
th warrant for tin following reasons:
Section 1320 of tlie Penal Oode provides as
follows: - Winn a person attends before a
magistrate, wand jury, or court, us a witness
in ii criminal case, upon a subpena or in pur
suanceofan undertaking,and it appears that
he lms come from a place outside of tneoounty,
or that ne is poor and unable to pay tbe ex
pt ir- of such attendance, tne Court, at its dis
cretion, if the attendance of tbo witness be
upon a trial, bj an order upon its minutes, or
in any other case, tbe Judge at I-.is discretion.
by S written order may direct the County
Auditor to drew his warrant upon the < Sounty
■j :rei'in tuvoi-of witnesses for a reasona
ble sum to be specified in the ordar, for the
-ary expenses of the witnesses."
dearly under tbe above section t'-c Consta
ble charge is no valid claim against the
county. Neither the order In question nor
the minutes of the court show mat the wit
nesses named therein came from a place out
side <>t'tbis county, or were poor and unablato
pay ti.i . • expenses in atteiMti.lt said proceed
ing assuch witnesses. In tho absence of such
abowtug i am of ;;■•• opinion tbat the order in
question is insufficient to justify you in draw
ing said warrant.
F. i). Kva?:, District Attorney.
Tlie Board Elects a l'oundmnster aud
Reoelvefl Some Suggestions.
There v.as not much busiiuss trans
acted by the Beard of Supervisors yester
day outside of the examination and audit
ing ef demands against tbe county.
C y. Crabi'.ac was, on motion of Mr.
Bales, appointed Pounuuuister of Gait
Several claims for rebates of taxes, in
cluding ( ac trom Eli Mayo, were pre
sented, and after some delete they v,-ere
referred to the Assessor For investigation.
Judge Van Fleet called u\>oii the Board
and offered boom auggt -•:!• >..- in regard to
the selection of jurymen. He preferred
to have the Hst come at one time irom the
board, Instead of members handing iv
their selections individually.
Another suggest!' n was made by the
Judge, and that was that both him If
and Judge Catlin dt sired that taemb) rsof
the board wonld not send in for jurors
the names of men who desired or asked
to be placed on jury list;.
gait hy tho City for Damages for an
Alleged Obstruction.
A complaint bam been tiled in the Supe
rior Courtby tlie city against fj. V. X;
than and Sol Nathan to recover v
sion of that portion of the sidewalk on J
sl reet in front of the defendants' property
which the latter persists in using for their
business, against the objection of the city.
Ths plaintiff' saw to recover $300 dsm>
ages and costs of suit. E. C. Hart and G.
E. Blanchard appear as counsel for the
It will be remembered that tho defend
ants constructed a wide show-case on a
portion of tho sidewalk some months
ago, against the protest of Street Com
missioner McLaughlin, and havo since
refused to remove the same.
Short Session of the Assembly.
Tlie Assembly was in session only a
short time yesterday, hut long enough for
Speaker Coombs to announce tho iollow
ing list of attaches: Thomas Cowan, Mil
ton C. Irwin, Albert Keith and Clarence
Merchants pages; R. P. Roper, clerk to
Sergeant-at-Arms; Robert Waters, Wm.
Wall and L. Harris, temporary porters at
the ball; R. AY. Sooville, J. if. Burrows,
H. S. Chappelear and I. M. Terrell, por
ters; George llealey, watchman; N.King,
temporary watchman for the ball: Wm.
P. Johnson, gatekeeper; John McNamara,
A resolution by Mr. Hail, to have 1,000
copies of the Governor's inaugural ad
dress printed, was adopted.
Tiie Assembly then adjourned until
Monday noon.
Action on a Note.
Louisa A. Oppcnheim, executrix of the
estate of Raphael Oppenheim, deceased,
bas brought suit through her attor
neys, Johnson, Johnson tt Johnson,
against P. W. Ogden, Agatha M. Ogden,
L. E, Taylor ami. W. Walter, to recover
payment ofa promissory note for $1,1100,
made In July, 18U0, by l<\ \V. and Agatha
M. Ogdon to deceased, payable in six
months, and bearing interest at the rate
of G per cent, per annum. Plaintiff asks
judgment for $1,030 and $150 attorneys'
fees. Taylor and Walter are included as
defendants because they claim an inter
est in the property mortgaged to secure
payment of the note. Mis' Oppenheim
aiso nil s defendants Ogden to recover tho
payment of a $500 note made to her in
July, lsyo.
New Incorporations.
The following articles of incorporation
were tiled in the Secretary of State's office
Poso Fruit Company. Principal place
of business.Sah Francisco. Capital Btock,
&48 t OOO. Directors-- K. J. Bird, J. C.
Quinn, (J. B. AVarren, O. O. Alexander
ami A. ti. BOOth.
C. E. Mayne & Company. Principal
place of baaineSS, Ban Francisco. Capital
stock, $100,000. Directors—C. K. Mayne,
G. A. Stevens. H. W. Snow, Nathan
Crocker, 11. E. Barrow, L. K. Grimm aud
A. s. Cnlver.
SunmieriiiiHl Bpiritnallst Association
of Santa 15arbanv county.
The State Treasury.
When St-tto Treasurer Herold turned
over his offioo to his BnocessOr, J. K. Mc-
Donald, there was upwtud of $7,U0<),000 in
tho Treasury, represented as follows:
Gold coin, $1,0."5,0ti5; silver, §10,0tM 70;
currency, $239,jL&i; warrants held as casli,
893,204 \fl; Bonds, notes, mortgages,
United states registered bonds and other
moneys and securities of the. value of f6,
--018,03 1 77, making a grand total of t7,01i>,
--287 39.
Tlie Controller's books called for ?1 44
less than tho sum named, so that Mr.
Steroid was on the safe side,
Estates in Probate.
George F. Bronner, Public Adminis
trator, has filed a petition for letters of
administration on the estate of Catherine
Stephens, deceased. The estate consists
of a half-lot in this city, valued at $500.
The petition will be heard on the 23d.
George F. Bronner has also tiled a simi
lar petition in the matter of tin estate of
Kate Uaggi ny, deceased. Her estate
consists oi coin and furniture amounting
in value lo $£Vo. Set for hearing on the
Abandoned by Their Father.
There has been filed in the Superior
Court a petition by Mary A. Senior, who
asks to be appointed guardian of Arthur
C. and Belle Harris, minors. Who alleges
that the mother of the children is dead,
and that their lather has abandoned them.
Tht petitioner is the grandmother oi the
deserted little ones. Judge Van Fleet
will hear the petition on the 10th.
The "Well" Must Go.
In accordance with the opinion of At
torney-General Hart, published in the
Record-Union* yesterday, Secretary of
State Waite has notified the parties con
ducting the restaurant in the basement
of the Capitol building that the sals of
liqaors therein cannot be permitted. A
bond of 31,000 is required as a guarantee
of good faith.
Baseball Feeling in Los Angeles.
Eil. Stapleton, the Captain of last year's
Sacramento Baseball Club, says that Los
Angeles is one of the greatest ball towns
on the coast, and that the managers of the
California League ought to endeavor to
bave that city represented In the league.
Without any advertising, the Sacramento
dub drew over j>7oo in gate receipts in
three days.
Secretary Keegan's Bond.
James J. Keegan goes to San Francisco
to-day to enter upon his important duties
as Secretary of the Stato Board of Harbor
Commissioners. His bond has beat ap
proved in the sum of §150,000, although
but is required by law. The
sureties, who are alt Sadramentans, num
ber twenty instead of forty, as previ
ously stated.
Methodist Meetings.
Rev. A. C. Bane will preach at the
Seventh-si red Methodist Church, Sunday
at 11 o'clock; subject: "The Church
Member." tie requests the presence of
eyery member. In the evening Rev. H.
C. Christian, formerly of this city, will
occupy the pulpit.
The Governor's Staff.
Yesterday Governor Markham issued
commissions to the members of his stall',
as Commander-in-Chief of the National
Guard. The names of tiie staff officers
were all published in the Ukcoud-Union
two weeks :>ince.
Arrested for Theft.
Wm. JJrissoll yesterday arrested a boot
black named Willie Sweeney on a charge
of stealing throe meerschaum pipes, three
pocket-knives and a pair of pantaloons
from stores on J street. Sweeney admit
ted liis guilt.
Vagrants Sentenced.
In Judge Craven's Court yesterday
Fred Worth and "Hill Lewis, vagrants,
ware sank n< ed to ninety and sixty days'
imprisonment respectively in the County
"The Graves of 1890."
Rev. J. B. Sileox, In the Congregational
Chorch to-morrow evening, wu! continue
aodeonclue the subject or last Sunday
evening, viz.: 'Tin; Graves of 1800."
♦ r
Officials Commissioned.
Stato Printer Johnston and Adjutant-
General Alien received their commis
sions from Governor Markham yester
SACRAMENTO, Cal., March 13, 1888.
Mb. Jons l . cooPEit—wear sir: 1 ia«e pleas
ure ia certifying to tt-.e excellence of the >'.a
-thuahek Piano. I caa cheerfully and tiuth
fttlly recommend it In any of It* various styles,
as a" Srst-clasa fnatrnmcait, the equal at tatty
and th« Bnpertor of most Intbequailtiesneoe*
'sarytothe accompaniment ot the. voice,and
i belii .( it more than any other suited to
WlthstfC >i li-.c ctu-.-tso! tail-California lii.v.a A.
\\ . use It -.••.•.'-ivi'iy at at] our rehearsals and
consorts. W. H. Kisawss, Musical Director
.MA.iiiekib. - *
'■roarorxn Kri.riirn I'owder" (put np
only by the W. if. Bone Co., No. f Busn
street, Sau Francisco elves tite beat wtisfeo
tioa .1 mv remedy on the market. It thor
onahlv cleanses the blood, end for habitual
constipation, Indigestion, biliousness, piles,
t ;.-.. il hot no i quaL Kirk, Geary & Co.
Won a pretty embroidered card aud calendar
for IS'JI", call at 703 J street, Singer Sewing
Machine office. *
City lieontp an<*. water ratal now due. Pay
ot; oi beCam tha 15;h instant and save ccsu. •
Chief Dr,ew Directs Attention to Some
of Its Pressing Needs.
Necessity for an Increased Forco of
Men and an Emcrsoufry Fnnd—
Patrol Wajjon—Arrests.
At the request of tho Record-Uxiox,
Chief of Police Warren F. Drew has pre
pared tlie following review of tho con
dition of the Police Department of tho
city. It includes such recommendations
as ho deems necessary for the improve
ment of the present police system. Ho
The fact that our present force is nu
merically insufficient to discharge tho
constantly increasing amount of service
required, is too well known to call for
any argument. The matter lias so often
been referred to by my predecessor, Cap
tain Lee, lhat all there remains to say now
on the subject is the plain statement that
the city oi Sacramento needs to-day not
l< 3s than thirty policemen. It is difficult
to imagine how twelve patrolmen—tho
number at present employed (said num
ber being divided into two watches of six
men eacli) —can reasonably be expected
to perform the work thai should more
appropriately be allotted to the former
number. There are about 100 miles of
streets in the city, which, under our I
present system, would make sixteen and
two-thirds miles of streets for each patrol
Therefore, I desire to urge attention to
the necessity for a polico patrol wagon
and a signal system, for rapid and effi
cient service at all places, where the
prompt appearance of police officers may
prevent loss of file or destruction of prop
erty^ as well as to secure the arrest of
criminals before they have time to escape
from the scene of their crimes.
The experience of other cities in which
the patrol Wagon system has been intro
duced has resulted most favorably. The
arrests have nearly doubled, and there
has been a marked decrease in tho crimes
Tho patrol Wagons are models of con
venience antl adaptability for work.
They combine lightness and strength,
and are rendered conspicuous by the Slue
body and bright red running gear. They
are fitted with a:i alarm gong similar to
the fire department vehicles, and can go
in a harry for an alarm. Under the seats,
which run lengthwise on each side of tho
box, aro compartments for handculfs,
"eome-aloiigs," clubs, blankets, canvas
stretchers, ropes and other articles that
are found necessary or convenient. Tlie
Stretcher is very ingeniously arranged,
and is the best device for the purpose de
sire;!. The stretcher, when not in use, is
rolled upon poles and placed in one of the
compartments under the seat. When re
quired for use, the stretcher is drawn out
through a small door at the end of tho,
wagon aud four hooks, which accompany
it, are fitted to their proper places, two tit
each side hf the wagon. In these hooks
the poles attached to the sides of tlie
stretcher are placed; and the canvas hangs
free between the seats of the wagon and
is carried without disturbing the patient,
thoAplting of the wagon being overcome.
FTOr obstreperous prisoners there is a
ring in the door of the wagon-box, tb
which the belligerent party can bo tied
down and seen red.
The fact that our city has overgrown its
police force ii yondali reasonable propor
tions is apparent to all; therefore the pro
caring of a patrol-wagon would supply
an immediate necessity. If not, the pb
lice force must soon be increased.
"That tlio efficiency of tbe police force
would be fully doubled by the adoption
of the patrol system, can bo shown by
testimonials from the Chiefs of the differ
ent police departments in cities that have
adopted the system.
Another great disadvantage under
which this department tabors, is the feet
that there is no emergency fund provided,
except what is received from Sherifis
who are obliged to leave prisoners in the
city prison over night, en route to tlie
Folsom State Prison, and for which we
get §1 for each prisoner. These receipts
do not average over StiO per year, all told.
There should be an emergency fund of
at least 1400 per year placed at the disposal
of the Chief of Police, to be used for tele
graphing and other necessary expenses
in eases of emergency.
Suppose some terrible crime, such as
murder or highway robbery ocean, or
even the stealing of a horse and buggy,
and the perpetrator is trying to get away,
and it Incomes necessary to immediately
send officers in pursuit of the criminal,
an emergency fund is Indispensable.
During my Incumbency of the office of
Chief of Police the following number of
arrests have been made, meals and lodg
ings provided indigent persons, etc
ledgers:. Meals. Arrests. Receipts.
April 49 1,246 l«io $10 50
May 40 1,050 lsl SCO
June 37 1,504 825 0 oo
July 19 1,159 201 S 00
August 91 1,377 327 6 00
September ...10 1,117 I*3 15 50
Oc!uU:r 40 1,034 2»S 13 OO I
November...B3 1,525 246 2<; <jo
December 89 1,474 193 800
Balance on hand January 1, 1891, &1 00.
Warren P. Drew, Chief of Police.
Signal Observer Bar wick Submits Somo
Interesting Comi>arisou.s.
The Signal Service records in this city
show yesterday morning to havo been
the coldest this season. The lowest tem
perature for tho first timo has reached tho
freezing point (32°), and this was reached
after sa. m., at which hour tho lowest
was 35°. Thero was, of course, a killing
The lowest last year was 2.<>°, 3 degrees
below tho freezing point. It may lie that
our lowest temperature for this month is
yet to come, and it may roach that point
in a day or so. Still, a temperature of a
few degrees below tite freezing point is of
no consequence, because il damages
nothing, but on tlie other hand makes it
Tho highest and lowest temperature
yesterday was ~A)° and '.i' 2°, as against 40°
and 30 3 on the same date last year. The
highest and lowest one year ago to-day
was 14° and 30°.
There were last January five days upon
which the minimum or lowest tempera
tars recorded wits from two to three de
grees below tlie freezing point, and three
of those days were in succession—the Vtli.
Sth and 9th, and again oh the 13th and
14th. Thia month baa, so far, been mucc
milder than ths same month last year to
an equal date.
The barometrical readings at 5 a. X,
air; .", p. m. yesterday were 30.20 and 30.21
inches, respectively, showing a high and
rising barometer, which, if accompanied
by clear skies, means cold weather.
liow It Has Been Divided Anions the
Several Districts.
Yesterday tlie moneys in the county
school fund were apportioned by Super
intendent Howard. Most of the districts
reoeive ?J2»i fi, and these were as follows:
Arcade, American River, Alabama,
Aider Creek, Brig—ton, Brown, Buckeye,
Courtiand. Carroll, Center, Davis, Elk
Grove, Kklcr Creek, Enterprise, Expi I
sior, Freeport, Florin, Franklin, Grand
Island, Georgians, Grant, Highland Park,
Hicksville. Howard, Isleton, Jackson,
Junction, Kinney, Lisbon, Lee, Lincoln,
Laguna, Michigan Bar, Moketamne, Nye,
(>nisl>o, Oak Grove, Orange-vale, Prairie,
Pleasant Grove, Pacific, Riehiaud, Rob*
eris, Reese, Rhoads, Sylvan, Stone
House, San Joaquin, Union, Victory,
Wilson, West Union, Washington and
Walnut Grove.
Tho apportionment to tlio other dis
tricts ia as follows: rinnMii.fini td, t „:.-
ital, $452 24; Carson Creak. ?1M 29; Tar
son Creek (joint}, }j4t» So; Dry Creek
(joint), #lO»i 51: Gait, *453 24; Granite.
tl>79i&; Highland, Sl>>l 2it; ilutson, S9y 71;
Natonia, *122 14; Point Pleasant, 3161 28:
Rio Vista, $6 57; Sutter, *io3 24: San
j Juan, e;SI 29; Slough, fet] 51; White
Rock, §175 17; Sacramento City, §17.449 74.
Total, |58,209 71.
Special iix apportionment: Granite.
92,023 44: Highland Park, §300 31. Grand
total, §35,&>} 4?. \
On Wednesday night tho saloon in the
Turner Hall building was robbed of fBS.
J. Williams, a Staiuslaus forger, was
yesterday taken up to Folsom to servo a
year's sentence.
Mrs. M. K. Shields was yesterday ad
judged insane, and conn nit ted to the Napa
On Thursday evening a ball and enter
tainment were given by Roby Circle, No.
2, ladies of the G. A. TL, at Grangers'
Department One—Van Fleet, Presiding.
Friday, Jannary 9, XS9X.
Adams & Spitz vs. Jacobs <fc Goldstein—Mo
tion far change of venue granted.
M. I>. Thompson vs. his creditors—Order
made setting aside property.
!•'. 1 .'amcuzind vs. Ijaura Jones—Demurrer
sustained; ton days to amend.
Germania Building and Loan Association
vs. C. H. Todd—Case dismissed on plaintiff's
motion, without prejudice.
Department Two—Van Fleet, Judge.
FninAV. January 9.1891.
Estate of B. Gorman, deceased—Sale ot per
sonal property ordered.
Estate of Adrian Gonnet, deceased—Ac-
Oount settled and distribution ordered: will
admitted and letters issued to L. Nenbonrg. CZ
Estate and guardianship of John Btewart,
insane—Le ters to <;. W. Booth; hond, §1,000.
Appraisers—William Grim, 11. J. Goethe and
C. H. Denton.
Kstutc of uwen Glenn, deceased—Continued
one wa !;.
Estate of Ed. M. Martin, deceased—Will ad
milted; letters issued to Matt P. Johnson.
Appraisers—W. If. Slvrhurn, W. A. Henry
aud George P. Boyster.
J. F. Quoper vs. A W. Hopkins—Continued
two weeks.
Pierce vs. City of Sacramento—Submitted
on brief.
Estate of Katharina Haas—Will admitted;
letters to W. E. Gerber.
Estate of Margaret W'hitelev, deceased—Let
ters t-i W.H. Whlteleyj bond, 98,000. Ap
praisers—Carl Monger, Joha Magee and Peter
Estate of May Nichols, deceased—Letters to
J. W. Kaseburg; bond, 96,000. Appraisers—
N. L. Drew, WUliamDunlapand John John
Estate of Peter Erauw, deceased—Kale of
real 1 state confirmed us to pun und continued
as to part.
Estate of Mary A. if. Atkinson—Continued
one week.
People vs. Charles Goldsmith. Information
for grand larceny—Defendant answers tnat bis •
true oante is Charles Henry Percy • arraigned,
ami matter continued to Saturday, at 10 A.
A., to plead.
People vs. Fitzgerald, information for illegal
voting—J. it. Brown apiiointed to defend, and
niutti 1-continued tiii to-morrow morning,
l'eople vs. Henry Webber, charged with ille
gal voting—Continued till to-morrow.
Estate of A. Grafmlller, deceased—Will ad
mitted; letters to Mrs. A. Grafmlller, withont
bunds. Appraisers—H, C. Hotftlter, Peter
Bold and j. Charles Jones.
llolman vs. Dillurd—sloo allowed plaintiff
aa attorney's fees.
Steinhart vs. < "ur'.s. Wabl—Demurrer over
ruled; dfteen days to answer.
Coyne vs. Central Street Hallway Co.—De
murrer sustained: ten days to answer.
(irlh vs. Orth—Demorrer overruled; fifteen
days to answer.
San Fkasoisco, January 9,1891.
Ophlr 3 95 Challenge 1 55
Mexican 3 ;;:. silver inn ;;<><■
Q. a C 1 85 < Accidental 75c
B.*. B :.' I..iA VV 15e
Oan. Va :s [email protected] OOlAndea ;i<:c
Savage 1 05(6 1 00 Scorpion 15c
Chollar l 95 Benton i to
Potosi .1 [email protected] so lowa ....05c
HA- N 1 30 New York 28c
Point 165 E. Sierra Nevada 5c
Jacket l s'tt Eureka \> 75
lei- ial 15<- Prise 20c
Kentuck 85c Navajo 150
Belcher 1 -15(.. 1 40 Ml. l»l<il>lo 1 so
Alpha 85e Holmes I : 5
Utah 25c Com'wealth 75c
!S. Nevada 1 so N. Com'wealth 60e
Bullion 2 lo Bodie 7-ic
Exchequer 45c Mom; 500
sea. Belcher 85c Peer , 15c
Overman 1 90 Crocker 150
Justice 90c '■'■■■ Til -s ••.-„■
Alta 80c Weldon if><-
Julia 1 ;V Locomotive 5c
Caledonia 35c,3. V. Water 94}""
aftk;;no.-:n SSSSXOX.
Ophlr 3 05 Caledonia 25c
Mexican 2 40Kllver (Ml 25c
&-& C 2 lo ciiuMeii-c 1 55
Beet A B 2 40 Ledy W ;,-.,•
Con. Va 3 65 Andes: 85c
Savdgo 1 75 Scorpion gOc
Chollar 2 Benton l jo
Potosi 1 t;o lowa 35 g)3oc
H.A N 1 35 VV.Comstock 15c
Point 1 65 E.Sierra Nev 5c
Jacket 1 85 B. Isle 35c
Imperial 200 Commonwealth SOc
Kentuck. 800 N. Coin'uvaltli 600
Belcher 1 40 Enrols 3 :5
Confidence 5 Prise 20c
s. Nevada 1 75|Mavajo 20c
Utah 70t&75e Bodie 7i)>. i 5c
Bullion 2 10 Peer ~loc
Exchequer [email protected] 50c I 'rocker., ±oe
Seg. Belcher 85c Pi ei-i.-s-; 15c
Utah t>sc Central 15c
Overman 1 7o Weldon 15c
Justice 90r< 95c Locomotive 5c
Union 1 86 8. V. Water 9 :'.,
Alta ooe.s. K. Gas 59%
If You Had a Friend
About to visit some section of country
where malarial disease, cither in the form
of chills and fever or bilious remittent
was particularly rife, v. hat would be
about the best advice you could give him?
We will tell you—to carry along, or pro
cure on arriving, that potent medicinal
safeguard, Hosteller's Stomach Hitters,
known throughout malaria plagued re
gions, bere and [n other countries, as the
surest means of disarming the miasmatic
scourge, and robbing it orcts fei! destruct
ive influence. .Not only does it fortify
the system by increasing its stamina, but
overcomes irregularity of digestion, the
liver and the bowels, and counteracts tho
unfavorable effects of over-exertion,
.bodily and mental exposure in cough
weather, or occupation too sedentary or
laborious, loss of appetite and excessive
nervousness. The functions of alimenta
tion, bilious secretion and sleep have in
it a most powerful and reliable auxiliary.
Bancroft's Railway Guide.
complete. An invaluable book to
merchants, travelers ami tourists. The most
complete railway ".act stage manual ever is
sued on this enlist is "Bancroft's California
Guide" for 1892. The publishers have bj ared
no pains nor expense In gathering anti verify
ing beta, and the result is a guide which win
be invaluable to business men, shippers,
traveling talesmen, tourists and seekers after
bonus. !h..' arrangement of the contents is
admirable, some" of the novel features are
the simple arrangement of tiietime-t.tiiies; tie
Pullman Palace service and rates; the iv ll list
of stage lities with feres, and the exhaustive
iisi ci pleasure resorts. It is finely Illustrated.
By an ingenious side Index one may turn i;i a
moment to any desired chapter. Twenty-live
eeuts per copy, -A per year, delivered. Issued
monthly. For sale by nil booksellers and
news agents. The Bancroft Company, isun
Francisco. »
Clearance Sale a Success.
Saturday"!! values: Ladles' pebble prnin,
i>iut"n. medium roundtoeand row heal, solid,
all si/..-, gale prloe si 19. Men's c. .
cratters, plain made toe and doable sole, rises
Sto 8; sate price fl ii.~>. Misses'dongola kid,
button, spring beel. long vamp, sizes 11 to 1;
sale price $1 20. lied House. *
To-Day Is Our Winter.
Clearing sale. Table linens, tovcK roilinery
aiet ribbons all going In :ai.s sal... Boys'
Clothing, men's suits—2oo on sale, lied
House. »
S;.AVTiNn Rink.—One mile race at the Rink
to-night between Wm. v. i-vnn aad F. l>o
laney, champion amateur of Sacramento. *
KEW cheap piano* Mum §275, superior to
same <-!:i.-s sold through SubegentS forigK^o
and upwards. JoLn F^Oooper, direct mana
liictun rs' a: -:it. *
Ohio & Miss.Rallway.
Offico President and 716 Dolphin Street,
General Manager, Baltimore. Md.,
Cincinutti."ohio Jan'*""ls-16W-
"My foot suddenly "T waa bruised bad
turned and gave me ly in hip and side by
a very severely a fdl and suffered se
sprained ankle. Th-j , ... .. , „,.
application of St. vcrely. fct. JacobsOil
Jacobs OS l-esu 1 U;d at completely cured
onr* in a relief irom mc » Wm . c IIa; . dek>
W. W. Peabody, Member of Stuto
I'rest. & Gen'l Man'i«\ Legislature
THE CIIAr.LCo I, VOGEIiI CO.. Sallows, yfc
Editor Colnon, of the Stockton Mail, is in
the city.
Mrs. and Miss Bohl have returned from San
F. Ki:rninnn is making hl3 se\nl-annual
visit to Sacramento.
Miss A. E. Smith, of this citv, is visiting
Mends in El Dorado County.
P. N. Hurley, manager of the Los Angeles
Weekly Commercial, Is ln town.
Professor Ira Moore. Principal of the Los
Angeles Normal Scttotf, is In the city.
Bnrveyor of the Port Paris KllDorn and
wits are among the visitors in the city.
Win H. Carlson, editor of the San Diego
UorM, is sojourning hen- for a wvek or two.
Colonel C. F. Crocker, First Vice-President
of the Southern Pacific Company, is in the
B. C. Epperson, of Bear Valley, Colusa
County, is ln.town looking in on the Legisla
Harry O. Nixon left for Oakland on Tues
day, where he goes to attend the Hopkins
Philip Caduc, of San Francisco, for many
years a resident, nf tut* city, is hero accom
panied by his daughter Cora.
There i^i represented in Hood's Sar
saparilia all the knowledge which mod
ern research in raodfcal sdehce has de
veloped, combined \viih long experience
and careful experiment!
a> PT"^
p x^ lyy^^MySyy,
Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
fently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
aver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular remedy knov/n.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and 01 bottles by all leading drug
j gists. Any reliable druggist who
| may not have it on hand will pro
: cure it promptly for any one who
1 wishes to try it. Do not accept any
: substitute.
__ tOUiSviUE, k,: new roßx, n.y.
Dk. lis -Mi-iißF.is' Specifics are aciontlucally and
carefully prepared presarlpUoiu ; used rormnity
yimrsin private iirai tieewlrlisucceSE.aciKorover
thirty years used bj the people. Every single. Spe
cific ta a special euro lor the disease named.
These Specifier cure -s-lthoet drr.jrglng, purcr
lnsr or reducing tho system, and are In fart and
deed the ho vertiitn remedies of the World.
1 Fevem, t-oniii-stlon, intlrjiimatlon... ..>0
a SVormsi. Wi nil I.\ ■:, iVorm UoUo.. ..13
3 Crylaar Colic, jrTeethiiißi f lnfaaia ,s\t
4 Diarruea, ot Chilareu Or Adolts ,•»(»
!i i.'vneiitery. l-'ripluy. Bilious Collo 50
O i'liol-.ira Uluvhan, Venning r,Q
7 Conah-i, Cold, Broncbitis 511
fi Neuruiaiu, Toothaeiu, Faeeaohe ,l!l
ii Ileadaelien, SlcicHecfl.iehe, Vertigo .50
10 ii>y-is>ei»siu, Pllioas StomneSi .30
11 SSui>;<rest(C-d or i'ainful Periods. .SO
"l'i '.V'iiites, too t'rofus" Feilods 50
13 Croup. C'on-li, Difficult Breathing -50
11 Salt lllie-.in, Eryslpelap, Eruptlocg. .50
15 IMieuinajiKUi. llheumatk- I'iUns 50
10 l-'ever and A sue, Cfcllls. Malaria 30
1? Pile-, Blind or KlcedlnK 50
19 f';it:trrh, Influcnia, Cold tilth? Houl .50
ISO Whoopirar t'OUß'i, Violent Couklis. .50
34 ««i-:iernl Hi Inlllj .VIIJfIi IIITTIWI lIHII .30
ii'/ pUcney]||aeaiM 50
«S Nervous ii.-i.iliiy 1.00
30 l.'riuary Wi-nhnrsi, Wettlnnßed. .50
32 DiscaHCs of llieUtart.Talpltatl. ii 1.00
Sold by Drugsrlsta, or Bent rn-istpald on receipt
of price!. Dr. Hoipmuevs' :i.« .: ai, tilt pages)
richly bound In cloth and v.<'.•'.. mailed free.
Cor. William and John Slice's, ?Jcw York. I
KJSiifc.'i ;*at*tSt4M"SsßE^aeHEg!sa^
For Bilious ani Nervous Disorders/ c
"Worth a Guinea a Box" hit sold I
foy 25 Cents, <i
BY .ill riHi.r;«s*iTS. %
it*** ■.K&xPxauvsM.rwsrarr* IA)Vhr' ***** *«^mUloitrtl
*'% !Z| B^ fl!^¥ Ii"li *' i-i''l ".isaraicaJops-mtfcij
■MJa p B Sff"T| 'ft v^ ;c.i. ; Lni-w, AitpHnticcs t
PL p Bl if & \Jfc fit tOTTi:ii.it-i, frjiiilo ooDiiu*int
PL^nOiiiiiiiln« l mi*t ii ii i. u „ _ c ■ti.-utUl book ior sit
I oi^Uiniiig why thouumdi cai "tot get cured of ei-vlal. priv*
I vh:vuic d,.-M>;Li«!s. cy», c:*rp, lung;*, h*:ini;utl WfHknoss, lons
I muykaetf, f,U-A -L, syjtli.ii^, iuiiii.tur.il lusmst, rtaaltti oi abttvo i
KBBMKS. wh: -It Ulii'.t ill Uu tHArriftCß. 1 :«£»?.ucaa, or lift'ii fi
the gn*l*l nmoay (■•.- whom oonplatttte. Tupruv« its im-iii
•I trial bottle wot (ceo. AadrcM, OH. USBiO 4. CO. -ktti t*c«
6t, 6«a WWi iiituu, 'Jul., or BCI W. VM il*, K&iuua Uty, Mo.
P^ Liquor Habit^
mmme &s#££> wx-r /ssi/tomeo/as-
It ran be given to coffee, ton, or In articles of to v
-without tl^e ICDOwledee of patient if necessary
it is absolutely harmless and will effect a permi
neut and speedy cure, whether the iiatient Is
moJenuedrinkerorau alcoholic wreck. ITICT"
£;t 1-'.VIJI.». It operates ho quietly and with s»u
Certainty that the patient undergoes ao i:io.-
Veuienes, and so.in his complete refortcatioa
etl'cctcd. 4S paae book ir-2e. To be bad al
JOSEPH HAHX & CO.. Fifth ?.n;l J Streets.
L-JPPTfI *'or improved und
|H Kjjx economic cookery. Use
liJlJl'J {t f°r Soups, Sauces,
Mado 1 >i.-l!- ts. (Gtitne,
C« Fish, Etc.) The purest
A }]) }\ i] I") If CJ maiti>!(p ; iruaon.Con-
U ill J (.1 II V O'taJns no added salt.
1 I |Is cheai^r and of liner
illavor than any other
FYTR4CT !stotk
, oi^'^^ P°*>>* of teas
(IT r^f^PT '„L'-r of the value of
K-JL i->Ct;i-:ai J out97_6o_
f% Genuine only vrith
>4» "*—^-"fc» "^JfhiK 's signature as
W _^J shown.
j^j Weoil-woi kiiiii Machinery
\J-W_—3_^_V/ nmki- nr.ti Lowest Price.
lfe-»g>^SAU MllX, ANU siii\i;i.v;
- h' ' a^% hL Ttjoril -SAW-S > Etc
•^s33Sii ENGINES find BOILERS of any
Tg/ * capacity, etc.
sj»«3j^ 34 and 36 Fremont street, Sun
t^ap^ Frar.clsco, Mtnufticturers und
As«nts, ws
©he IJtcfc fficu&c.
The quick-step sale hasn't slackened a jot
improves as better the prices are known. Every
attractive feature of the past few days still holds
good, and we are adding from time to»time. No
matter what you find to-day, to-morrow there's
likely to be something quite as desirable that you
haven't seen before.
Ladies Grain Button, worked button-holes, heavy sole ; sizes, 2 to
8 ; sale price $1 19
Youths' Hook and Lace Shoes, London toe and tip—solid school
shoes—12 to 1, only $1 15
Men's Congress Gaiters, plain, wide toe; sizes, 6 to 8 ; sale price
$1 25
Men's Fine Glazed Dongola Seamless Bals, London toe and tip,
pump sole, 7 to 10 $2 50
27x12 inch Fancy-stripe Russian Towels 2 for 5 cents
42x23 inch Honeycomb, worth 15 cents, price but 9 cents
Twenty lots of Towols at like prices.
Unbleached Cotton Flannel down to 5 cents a yard
Fine Unbleached Yard-wide Sheeting at 6 cents a yard
French Bed Spreads, colored, reduced to 50 cents
50-inch Unbleached Table Linen 18 cents
Scarlet All-wool Twilled Flannel 18 cents ,
Navy Blue All-wool Twilled Flannel, extra weight 25 cents
Ladies' Black, Scarlet or White Lambs'-wool Vests, long sleeves,
high neck, half price, or 50 cents each
All the 50-cent Ladies' Merino Underwear now 37^ cents
All the Trimmed Hats and Bonnets at less than cost of the
material Jockey, Majestic and Plush Caps, half prices
Jersey Caps, with or without tassel, ONE CENT Birds,
Wings, Quills, Etc., average over 60 per cent, reduction.
45 cents buys a pair cf Men's Pants, cotton cassimere.
25 cents buys a pair of Boys' Knee Pants, heavy diagonal.
$5 95 buys a Hcavy All-wool Man's Sack Suit.
$6 95 buys a Heavy All-wool Man's Frock Suit.
Men's Ail-wool Socks, 12>4 cents a pair.
Men's $1 Wool Underwear now 60 cents.
Men's $1 25 Wool Cardigan Jackets, now 75 cents.
Bov3' Scarlet Wool Knit Shirts and Drawers, 25 cents.
REMNANTS of many kinds and qualities. To-day tlie price M tlio
cost cf tise material before manufacture.
Red House,Sacramento.
Members of tte Legislature, Their Friends, and tlie Public Generally
Here Can be Found the Greatest Bargains in
Clot!,iii| Overcoats, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Caps, Ete.
A Grand Success!
The Public Always Willing to Avail of a
Genuine Reduction in Prices.
/$ I JA !sPerCent.
,*i) Oti his entire
j<^'A. fto"7*' A_J stock of tirst
srr-Ttz*'^ Z-^T^I oli,ss boots
-^"-^ f 3».J AND BHOES
' —* appreciated.
Two hundred palr9 Children's Solar-tip
Shoes, heel and sprir.g-heel, slses 5 to 8,
reduced to 43 cents; worth $1.
obeTe; n 's,
-A-ll Times,
<*2S kJ street.
The Leading Stationers,
n 17-tf _ "
in«r. studio. No. ;iir P street. Orders tor
j Decorative Work solicited. Work on exhi
bition nt 4-(Y.i .1 street d!6
And Lovers of Good Meats.
X specially » tested quality of
(Durham cattle), purchased from the STAN
FORD RANCH, which is to ties,.ld at regular
prices. !t is the finest lot of Itccf ever brou rht
to Sacramento, our supply ig largo, but tlio
MOHR &'YOERK, Sacramento.
The Sweetest and Best.
I GApiy*r%^
WNDIEY & -CO.,.Sacramento.
W. and S. Cough Drops
Tlie Finest and Freshest Box of Candy
In the city, you can be accommodated at
Headquarters for Holldnv Candles,
Nata and Novelties.
Museum of Anatomy,
m £ -j .M,\ UK ET STREET, SAN
ir)l_ Franeiseo. Admission,2s
. cents. Go and team how to
I avoid disease. Consultation and
I ucatmcnl personally or i>yiet
a ter i.e. spermatorrheaor genital
ft. weaknesses and uli diseases of
EJ meu. Send tor book. Private
V office. 213 Gear; street, Con
sulta.-ioa free. au!4-tfw

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