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As Shown by the Monthly Report of
Secretary J. R. Lame.
Measles About the Only Disease That
is Epidemic, Except tho Grippe—No
More Smallpox Reported.
Dr. J. R. Laino, Secretary of the Stato
Board of Health, has issued tho follow
ng report for the month of May:
Reports from 60 cities, towns and vil
lages, having an aggregate population of
J0*,!)45, show a mortality of 9io from all
•auses. Thisi is a percentage of L§s
per 1,000 for May, or 18X0 per 1,000 per
Consumption waa fatal in 140 cases, be
ing a reduction of 24 since April. Pueu
nonia was the cause of death in Hi, bron
:hitis in 21, and congestion of the lungs
io 11. There were lo deaths from di
irrhea and dysentery, 8 from cholera in
untum, and 34 from other diseases of the
itomacb and bowels. Diphtheria caused
U deaths, croup 18, scarlatina 2, measles
I, and whooping-cough 8. Typho-ma
arial fever is accredited with 3 deaths,
.yphoid fever with 20, remittent and in
ermittent levers 7, and cerebro-spinal
ever 3. Cancer caused 24, erysipelas 3,
Mart diseases 58, alcoholism 8, and all i
Jthor causes 420.
Cholera infantum was reported at I
Fresno, San Pedro, lone, Santa Paula
md Cottonwood.
Diarrhea has been, quite prevalent,
Willows reporting 12 cases, Modesto 111.
It prevailed also at lono, Etna Mills,
Jakdale, Eureka, Lincoln, Bakersfield,
Pleasanton, Santa Paula with 11, Vaca
ville, Middletown, San Pedro, Mariposa,
Jollego City, Red Bluff und Fresno with
"5 cases.
Cholera morbus was reported from
Fresno, Modesto, Rod Bluff, College City,
Benieta, San Pedro, Pleasanton, Gait,
Wheatland and Williams.
Dysentery was reported from Williams,
lone, Downey, Gridley, Vacaville, San
Pedro, Red Bluff, Modesto and Fresno
with 42 cases.
Smallpox has not boon reported, but
hire is one case in tho Sacramento City
md County Pest-house. It is believed to
have been contracted at El Paso, Texas.
Sufficient time has not elapsed to de
ermine if the contagion is to spread,
i'hore are also cases of this disease at tho
United States Quarantine Station near
-an Francisco, all of which are re
Measles appear to be epidemic in lone,
.00 cases being reported. Thero were 10
it Red Bluff. 42 at Fresno, 11 at Wheat
and, 20 at Oakdale, 10 nt Bakersfield. lt
.v-ius also reported from Santa Paula,
Truckee, Dixon, Vacaville, Mariposa,
Lincoln, Etna Mills, Gait and Sacra
Scarlatina was reported from Ventura,
Vacaville, Napa, Bakersfield, Oakdale,
[one, Modesto and Sacramento.
Diphtheria was reported from Modesto,
■Jt. Helena, Dixon, Truckee, College City,
ISureka and Napa.
Fevers of a malarial type have pre
vailed in Mariposa, Lincoln, Vacaville,!
,'ottonwood, Sausalito, Truckee, Pleas
intoii, Gridley, San Pedro, Bakersfield,
'one Red Bluff, Fresno, Wheatland,
)akdale. Etna Mills, Gait and Williams.
Typhoid fever lias not prevailed to any
:riva degree throughout the State. It is
sonfined principally to the larger towns
iml cities.
Diseases of tho respiratory organs coni
ng uudcr the head of pneumonia, bron
jhitis and congestion of the luugs have
ibated somewhat, but 133 deaths from
heso causes, exclusive of consumption,
Jiow that they prevail.
Throe hundred aud five cases of la
grippe have been reported from twenty
seven localities quite widely distributed.
San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles,
ian Jose, San Diego, Alameda and Sacra
aento do not report prevailing diseases,
he above reports being furnished from
>thcr sources.
The population is given according to
ho latest census report, as published by
Bancroft A: Co. of San Francisco. It
nakes in many instances a material dif
iarenoe from former figures, but the dis
crepancy is explained when it is under
took that many reports arc taken from
a wide area of territory covering many
.niles and attributed to one smalltown
and vicinity. If, however, it is shown
hat any injustice is being done, a cor
rection will at once be made.
Attorneys Ryan und Johnson Have a
Spat in Court.
The suit of J. V. Boyne to compel Dis
• rict Attorney Ryan to bring suit against
'ho proprietors of the Pec for tho re
uovery oif (1,370, alleged to havo been
illegally paid out of tho county treasury
. or advertising, came up for hearing be
ore Superior Judge Catlin, yesterday,
und in the course of tho arguments the
district attorney and attorney M. Albert
\l. Johnson came near having a fight.
A. J. Bruner, of counsel for Mr. Ryan,
tad concluded hia argument against the
x'tition for a writ of mandate, and attor
ney Johnson aroso to reply. He started
<>llin a very rapid manner, stating that
■ hn advertising bill was a "steal," and
tbat the District Attorney, by knowing
: he lads of the case, and refusing toin
terfere, was a party to :he alleged "rob
"iery of the county."
.Mr. Ryan began to get r< d in the face, !
nnd squirm about uneasily in his chair,
na the young lawyer proceeded.
"This man was elected by tlie people of
I his county," continued Mr. Johnson,
"and the people have a right to expect an
honest "
"Here, jfO B little slew there!" inter
rupted Mi. Ryan, unable to contain him
i elf any longer.
"Did you interrupt me?" queried Mr.
Johnson, facing the District Attorney.
'". is." said Mr. Ryan, quivering with
.age. "I said that you were putting that
im a little too strong. That is no argu
ment and you'll have to "
"Stop this now," commanded Judge
<'at!in. and Mr. Bruner also siezod Mr.
. :>:ui by the arm as be waa about to rise.
Fridge instructed Mr. Johnson to
nzgne his case on the law and facts, and
not to indulge In any comment.
Mr. Johnson apologized to tho court,
;.nd after that everything proceeded
After hearing the arguments through
Ihe Judge took the case under advise
A Vonnjt Japanese Vagrant Pardoned
by tho Coventor.
Covornor Markham granted a com
mutation of sentence yesterday in tho
tasoof K. Nishi in lira, a Japanese, who
waa convicted in San Francisco recently
«f vagrancy and .sentenced to three
months imprisonment.
The sentence is commuted to ten days,
, radically amounts to a pardon.
' be Governor says:
"M.C. Harris, Superintendent of the
. apaneae Mission in Ban Francisco, rep
: esents that Baid N ishimuxa Is but s begr,
snd both himself and Hon. 11. U
loaohimsen, the .fudge who sent-..cod
■; youth, recommend that be bepaxl
donedon condition that he go to Japan
Immediately. The Consul oT Japan cer
that tho rather of Nishimura has
t ent him rands for his return."
district Attorn* y Ryan Doos Not Be-
Hove tbe Dying Story.
When the caso of Eduardo Frediani,
iho aged lime-peddler, accused of the
murder of Cuiseppe Scatini several
months ago, was called in the Superior
Court recently for second trial, it was an
nounced that the defendant was lying in
n oritienl condition in a San Francisco
lospital nnd not expected to live. The
. ase was therefore continued indefinitely.
Within the last day or two, however.
District Attorney Ryan received informa
tion which led him to believe that Fredi
ani's sickness was of the "fake" order,
and that tho lime-peddler was only try
ing to avoid trial.
The District Attorney left quietly for
San Francisco on tho afternoon 'train
yesterday, and upon his arrival there
will have a number of physicians ex
amine Frediani thoroughlj-.
Before leaving Mr. Ryan said he had
suspected for some time that Frediani
was "playing possum," and he was now
about satisfied that such was the case.
To make sure, however, he intended to
have the lime-peddler examined by com
petent physicians. He has learned whero
Frediani is located and so will have no
trouble in finding him. If ho finds that
tho old man is not in the dying condition
that was reported, he will, upon his re
turn, he says, have the case called up
immediately for trial.
How Major Gett Engineers Divorce
and Marriage Proceedings.
In the Superior Court yesterday after
noon the talented young barrister, Major
W. A. Gett, asked Judge Catlin if he had
any objections to taking up the divorce
case of Annie Kaiser vs. David Kaiser.
The Judge had none.
The Major then proceeded to tell the
court how Kaiser cruelly and mysteri
ously packed his wardrobe away in a
collar-box and decamped about two
years ago. He gave his loving wife no
warning—nor the wherewithal to dine
again. He had never beon seen since.
"Let the decree issue," ordered the
Judge, at the conclusion of the Major's
speech, and the latter bowed his thanks.
While this was going on a young man,
who it was afterwards learned was Will
iam 11. Dean, was pacing up and down
the corrider in front of the County Clerk's
"Hist! It's all right, Dean!" The
Major skipped up the corridor and seized
Mr. Dean's hand. Then they both went
into tho Clerlt's office, and Chief Deputy
Doody gave them a paper. Then they
skipped out of the building, when they
met Mrs. Kaiser, and all three then
skipped across the street to Justice
Henry's ofiioe.
It was just fifteen minutes after tho di
vorce was granted when tho Justice
kissed tho bnde.
"Oil, thero aro no grasshoppers on me
when it comes down to lively opera
tions," the Major was heard to remark as
he pocketed his fee and shook hands With
Mr. and Mrs. Dean, just as they wero
starting off down I street on their bridal
Tho Defense oi" John Hngcrorty WTio
Murdered his Son.
The case of old John Haggerty, who
stabbed his son, John Hagcerty, Jr., to
death several weeks ago, was called in
the Superior Court yesterday.
W. A. Anderson, who was recently ap
pointed by the court to defend the old
man, asked that the trial bo postponed
for the term, as he desired to send to
Pennsylvania for evidence to be used in
the case. Mr. Anderson stated that in
sanity would be set forth as a excuse for
Haggerty's terrible crime, and the testi
mony desired would be absolutely neees-
I >istrict Attorney Ryan objected to such
a long continuance, arguing that the de
fense should have sent for the testimony
long ago.
When Mr. Anderson explained, how
ever, that he had only recently learned of
the existence of this testimony, the Dis
trict Attorney consented to the'postpone
ment, and the case went over for the
term, to be reset hereafter.
Ho Suddenly Disappears—What His
Landlady says.
The friends of John Young, a painter
well known in this city, aro wondering
where he is. He had a paint-shop on X
street, near Seventh, but has not been
seen sinco last Monday, and his paints,
ladders, etc., are just as he left them.
Mrs. Shane, who keeps a lodging
house on Eighth and X streets, and with
whom Young has been stopping for the
past two years, says that the last time she
saw him was on Monday morning. Ho
went out as usual, dressed iv his work
ing clothes, and she expected him to re
turn to breakfast, but he did not.
She states that a restaurant-keeper told
her that Young came to his place on
Sunday night and asked him for a few
strings with which to tie up some bun
dles. He said he intended taking a trip
across the mountains.
The missing man has parents residing
in Brooklyn, N. Y. Ho was an indus
trious man, and well liked by those who
knew him.
Found In the River.
The naked body of an unknown man
was found in the river near Courtland a
few days ago. An inquest was held by a
Justice of tho Peace, at which nothing
was developed tending to show who tho
deceased was, and the "body was buried.
There can be no doubt that the de
ceased was the man who left his clothes
on the river-bank near Oak Hall recently
and went bathing in the river, and it
would seem that tho proper thiug for the
Courtland Justice to have done would
have been to notify the Coroner and have
the body sent to the Morgue, where some
body might have identilied it.
Rain in the North Yesterday.
Tho Signal Service reports show that
light rain had fallen during yesterday
along the coast of California, and in the
interior as far south as Red Bluff, and as
far north as AYashington.
The highest and lowest tempera
tures yesterday were 7_: c and SSP, as
against 80° and 54° on the same date last
year, and one year ago to-day, the highest
and low est was Ss', and 87" with fresh
northerly winds and a cloudless shy.
State Board of Education.
The State Board of Education was to
havo met yesterday, but as thero was
only a bare quorum present no business
was transacted. Professors Pierce of
Chico and Childs of San Jose were not on
hand, and it Mas decided to wait until to
day beforo issuing diplomas and taking
up other matters on hand.
Houser's Horses Are Gone.
Complaint is made by Conrad llouser
that Jack Ryan, who was lately jailed for
vagrancy, had disposed ofa pair of horses
and a wagon which he had lent to him
with which to haul gra\el. Mr. Houser
smears to bo a victim of misplaced con
Annual Target Practice.
Companies A, B, tho field staff and
band of tbo First Artillery Regiment will
hold their first annual target practice at
tlio ranges to-morrow. Tho brigade
Staff, signal corps, orderlies and retired
officers will shoot on Sunday week.
A Missing Boy.
Frank Hanley, a ten-year-old boy
whose parents reside at 1210 Third street,
has boon reported to the police as missing.
He is well groaned, and has large blue
SyeS and dark hair.
Prisoner for Folsom.
Deputy Sheriff Barbune of Los Angeles
came up last night en route to Koisom
with a prisoner named Albert Pico, sen
tenced to throo years for embezzlement.
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Changing your flowers on the old hat will
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House. *
JrsT received new line of millinery novel
ties from New York. S. J. Mi Hoover, 625 J
streot. *
E. JeaKnettk Burke teacher of elocution,
Delsarte and Shakespeare, at 7*^2 L 6treet. »
A Delegation of Visiting Ladies |
Shown Over the City.
They Call Tpon Governor Markham
and Were Handsomely Received
—Other Incidents.
Yesterday morning the delegates to the
Grand Council of the Young Ladies' In
stitute were treated to a most enjoyable
coaching party by Capital Council, No.
11, Y. If. I. The weather was all that
could be desired for tho occasion, and as
the coaches drove down the Riverside
road to where the members of the Art
School were sketching, back through tha
suburbs to East Park and Sutter's Fort,
enthusiastic and laudatory remarks were
heard from the fair visitors on the beau
tiful scenery of the Riverside and East
Park, the elegant and costly residences,
and patriotic sentiments were uttered as
Sutter's Fort was inspected. The out
skirts and resident portion of Sacramento
was a revelation to all.
The Committee oi Arrangements of Y.
M. I. No. 11, consisting of Messrs. O'Cal
laghan, Kent, Long, Mclnerney, Sulli
van, Moran, Dunn, Hook, Desmond and
Murphy, were at the Capital Hotel at 9:30
A. >i., and at 10 o'clock the word was
given, and Lafferty's large carryall, and
Kent Brothers' three wagonettes, filled
with about sixty delegates and their
escorts, drove off.
About 1 o'clock the coaches arrived at
the Capitol, and the party was received
by State Superintendent of Education J.
W. Anderson, and hy him conducted
through the building, not forgetting a
trip to the dome. When all were as
sembled in the State Library,-and had
entered their names in tho visitors' book,
Attorney-General Hart was introduced,
and spoke in fitting terms to the visitors.
Governor Markham received the dele
gates in his ofiice, and they were intro
duced to him individually by the Grand
President, Miss Mamie Sweeney. That
young lady must be congratulated on her
neat and graceful address to the Gov
ernor, aud her introduction to him ofthe
delegates and the escort from No. 11.
The Governor responded in his most
happy style, and deported himself in his
usual urbane manner, so much so that a
general outburst of praise was heard
among the visitors atter they had left his
ofiice. If such a thing was allowed as
having honorary members of the Young
Ladies' Institute, Governor Markham
would receive a unanimous vote of tho
delegates to the Grand Council.
Altogether the alfair was most enjoya
ble, and will be remembered as one of the
pleasing reminiscences of the Grand
Council. It was a fitting close to an
agreeable week.
Most of tho delegates left the cify on
tho afternoon train for San Francisco.
The Grand President. Miss Sweeney, and
Grand Secretary, Miss Malloy, both of
whom so well deserve their unanimous
re-election to office, left on the evening
train for Woodland to pay a short visit
before returning to San Francisco.
Gonial Tom Baker Revisits His Former
Homo Hero.
Tho manager of tho Mr. Barnes of New-
York Company, now at tho Metropolitan
Theater, is Thomas Baker, moro gener
ally and familiarly known to old Saera
mentans as "Tom" Baker. Some twenty
years have elapsed since Mr. Baker left
here and traveled to South America. He
always took a prominent part in amateur
theatricals here, along with Albert Hart,
Mr. and Mr.s. L. 11. Foote, Mrs. Julia
Dunn, Maze Edwards and others, and a
few years ago the old lever came upon
him again and ho became a manager of
theatrical companies.
A Rbcord-Uxiox reporter, who know-
Mr. Baker in the long ago, met him last
night at Second and J streets, by 1). O.
Mills t*c Co.'s Bank. "You doubtless re
member the old corner?" remarked the
'•Remember it!" echoed Mr. Baker.
"Well, 1 should say I do! But (point
ing to the Rhoads o: Miller saloon on the
opposite corner], I remember that corner
a great deal moro vividly—that's where I
used to shovel out twenty-dollar pieces
over the counter of B. F. Hastings'
Bank, when I was the Cashier.
"Yes, I've seen a few of the old
timers, but I haven't met Frank Rhoads
yet. Is Mrs. Gregory still living where
she used to? Yes? Well, I must go aud
see her to-morrow. And her son, who
was a little fellow when 1 used to live
here, has been Mayor of the city—how
things do change! I met Captain Sid
dons to-day. He looks well, and so do
lots more of my old friends, who must be
getting well along in years."
"You look as young yourself," re
marked the reporter, "as you did twenty
years ago."
"Well, hardly that, but I'vo taken
good care of myself. I'm 62 years of age,
now, but I feel like a five-year-old colt!"
Maze Edwards, he says, is well-to-do
in New York, having married a lady of
considerable means, and haa several
bright children. Maze's young brother,
Mr. Baker says, has lately made quite a
hit as a comedian.
Mr. Baker made allying trip through
here a year ago, but had very little time
to see any of his old acquaintances. He
will remain in the city until to-morrow.
EH Mayo Said He AVould Defend Hattie
Reed, and tho Complainant Quit.
Hattie Reed, charged with malicious
mischief, was discharged. The com
plaining witness concluded ho had the
wrong person arrested, but he made the
discovery only when Eli Mayo an
nounced that ho would appear as Hattie's
counsel. That settled it. Eli's legal
service will henceforth be in demand.
Ben Wilhelm was lined |15 in the
Police Court yesterday, for disturbing
the peace of liis employer.
The examination of Walter Farren on
a charge of burglary was postponed until
The charge of seduction against Andrew
H. Foote was dismissed.
John O'Xoil and Bill Beonard were
fined &> aud $10 respectively, for being
Mrs. Burns forfeited her doposit for a
similar offense.
Tho Pretty Tug; Takes a Shoot to the
River Bottom.
Tho handsome and swift little pleasure
steamer Ncrida met with aa unfortunate
accident yesterday morning that will en
tail considerable cost upon her owners.
Captain McDonald and Mr. Miller. A
day or two before they drew the steamer
out on the Yolo shore to repair her pro
peller. She was drawn upon the snore
stern lirst and to effect that more easily
tier ballast was shifted forward to depress
the prow, ln the night or yesterday
early the rivor rose suddenly, and prob
ably a swell by a passing steamer aided
in sending the prow entirely under, the
bearings being mainly out oi water, and
the prow having no lifting capacity. As
a result tho yacht took a dive, and at
present stands on hor nose in twenty feet
of water, about twelve feet of the stern
projecting into tho air. She will be
drawn out to-day. and a rail was to bo
launched last night to aid iv tho work.
Burglars Make an Attempt on Mebius
«fc Co.'s Honse.
It is evident that the gang of burglars
who havo been oporating in Sacraniento
tho past few weeks are still with us.
It was reported to the police yesterday
that an atteinptiiad been made to burelar-
ize Mebius & Co.'s store on Front street
some timo during Thursday night. It is
evident that the miscreants were expert
safe-crackers, as they bored holes
through the heavy toughened glass light
shaft in tho sidewalk in front of tho
I place, so as to get a leverage for prying
them up. One of the watchmen at the
freight sheds frightened the prowlers off,
else they would havo probably been soon
to work on Mebius <t Co.'s safe. Tho fact
that the burglars attempted to break in at
this particular place shows that they
were thoroughly familiar with the build
ing, as this was the only way the upper
portion ofthe building could havo been
reached from beneath tho sidewalk. The
police aro investigating the case.
Open-Alr Concert.
There will be an open-air concert (pre
sumably at the Plazai to-morrow even
ing, commencing at 7 o'clock. The music
will be by the Hussar Band, Pedro Cor
tez conductor, and the programme se
lected is one of rare merit. It is as fol
lows :
March—"The Forlorns"
Overture—"Nabnoo" Verdi
Waltz—"Sighs and Kisses" Aranda
Selection—"Rlgoletto" Verdi
Anvil polka with anvil accompaniment
Overture—"College," containing the "Col
lege Cry" o;'Harvard and the following
popular airs: "Farewell Mv Own True
Love,'' "IMngo." "Good Night Ladles"
"We Won't Get Home Till Morning," etc.
Duet for cornet and baritone, performed by
Messrs. Hopkins and o'Malley....Prendivillo
Selection—"A Xight in New York". . . Brooks
National overture—"America" Moses
Executive Appointments.
Governor Markham yesterday ap
pointed the following Notaries Public:
J. W. Stephenson, San Bernardino; L. C.
Trailer, Los Gatos; W. H. Roach, New
Jerusalem, Ventura; John J. West, Elk
Creek, Glenn County; F. E. Ellis, Lodi.
The Governor also appointed the fol
lowing Agricultural Directors: For Dis
trict No. 30, Joseph Mcl). Bassford, So
lano County; District No. 27, James R.
Holt, Shasta County.
Another Proposed Ordinance.
E. M. Leilch has prepared a retail liquor
license ordinance which he intends to
present to the City Trustees on Monday
next. In many respects it is like the one
to be proposed by Trustee McLaughlin,
but it, provides for precinct, instead of
half-block petitions. It also makes tho
licenso $75 per quarter, instead of $30, and
makes no provision for hotels and re
staurants keeping open their bars after
President of the Day.
Yesterday afternoon an invitation was
extended to Governor Markham by the
Literary sub-Committee of tho Fourth of
July Committee to act as President ofthe
Day at tho coming celebration, and tho
invitation was accepted.
The announcement in an evening paper
that Rev. Dr. Rider of Los Angeles has
accepted a call to the pastorate of Calvary
Baptist church in this city is premature.
as no call has boon mado or accepted.
Called to Their Father's Bedside.
E. W. and P. C. Hale of this city have
been called to San Jose by the dangerous
illness of their father, M.*H. Hale, whose
death is hourly expected.
In To-day's Great Sale.
We will close out today a lot of remnants
which have accumulated irom Bales of dry
goods;constating ol all grades of dress suit
ings, domestics, and wash labries ofall kinds.
Bed House. *
GASSAWAY-SCHMIDT-In this city, June
9th, by Rev. Father Grace, James Gassaway
ol san Francisco, to Sarah Schmidt, of
Mooney Flat. Yuba County. *
MCDONALD-EASLEY—In Pavisville, June
llth, by Rev. J. H. Cornwall, at the resi
lience of W. K. Wise, John W. McDonald to
LUlious A. Easley, both of Davlsviile.
PLATT—In this city. June llth. Guy Thorn
ton Plait, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Piatt, a
native oi Sacramento, aged 15 years.
f^-i riends and acquaintances are respect
fully invited to attend the funeral, which
will take place from the Calvary Baptist
Church, at 3 o'clock p. m., on Sunday, June
WINGATE—In this city, June 12th, Colonel
CD. Wingate, (brother of A. M., R. P Mrs
N. P. Wingate and Mrs. D. H. Cobb, and
uncle ot Mrs. ('. E. Paine;, a native ol New
Hampshire, aged 79 years, 7 montlis and io
days. [Maine and Massachusetts papers
please copy.]
Gar Funeral private.
GRUHLER—In this city. June llth. Cather
ine, wife of the late Christian Gruhler and
mother of Albert, Herman and Clara
Gruhler and Charles L. Relyea, aged 5s
years, 7 months and 24 days.
*/>-Friends of the family nre respeetfullv
invited to attend the funeral,which will
lake place from her late residence, corner
Fifteenth and L streets, this afternoon at 2
o'clock. Interment private. •
CAHEN—In this city, June 12th, Rene, only
child of Sephorine and Leon Cahen, a na
tive of Sacramento, aged 1 year, 11 months
ar.d 16 days.
*"_>-Frierids and acquaintances are respect
fully invited to attend the funeral, which
will lake j.laee from the residence of bis
parents, No. 226 J street, to-morrow (Sun
day) at 2 o'clock. *
FERNANDES—DI this city, June 12th, Mary
eidesi daughter of Manuel and Mary Prates
Fernandea, a native of Providence, Rhode
Island, aged IG years, b months and IG
k~S~ Funeral notice hereafter. *
Vanilla Of perfeot purity.
Lemon -I Of great strength.
Almond»- j Economy ,n thelr usm
RoseetCrj Flavor as delicately
and deliclously ao the fresh fruit.
— _____ ,
Hotel del Coronado
An Agreeable Summer Resort
luxurious enjoyment of r«:st, comfort and
retirement such as physicians recommend.
Every kind of outdoor and indoor amuse
ment is provided for guests, Including yacht
ing, fishing, bunting, wiiich can be rally in
dulged in. This is the l'aradise for sportsmen.
Inclndlnc 16 Days' Board.
M&- For sale at the depot.
For terms by the season, pamphlets or room
plans apply to the CORONADO A(iENCY,
lIM Montgomery street, San Francisco, or to
E. S. BABCOCK. Mana .er, Coronado, Cal.
i my2X-TTS^plm
(Shanncfc \gail_t for ptcincitoctt, gubiu £ <&c.
TO-DAY AT 9:30 A. M.
Ladies' Ready-made Suits and Beaded Capes.
Our Eastern buyer having secured a full line of sizes in
a Ready-made. Suit of Striped Outing Flannel we have
decided to sell the lot at an unusually low price.
The suit is specially desirable for warm summer wear.
It comes with box-plaited waist and belt, high shoulders,
rolling collar and plain skirt. The Suit makes a very
neat appearance, having soft, delicate stripes on deep cream
ground, and is specially adapted for seaside or mountain
resort wear. All sizes, from 32 to 44 inch bust. Suit
complete, $1 65 each.
Also a few Black Beaded Capes at 95c each.
These are pretty Felt Mats, 8 inches square, scolloped cdcies and
with fancy embroidered flowers in the center, just the thing for
lamps, bureau mats or tidies. Price, sc.
Flannelette Skirts, 50 Cents.
Ladies' Ready-made Wash Flannelette Skirts, in neat stripes
With border all around. Price, 50c.
The "Standard Cook Book," in oilcloth covers, 29c. At this
price it ought to be in every kitchen.
It contains a great variety of valuable recipes for plain aud fancy
cooking, pickling, preserving, etc., and is well printed in clear type
on good paper.
Muslin Underwear Prices.
Ladies' Gowns of cambric, with inserting and tucks, the sleeves
finished with tucks and ruflle. Price, 75c.
Cambric Gowns, with Normandy Valenciennes inserting, edging
and fine tucks. Price, $1 25.
Gowns with V fronts, trimmed with inserting, tucks and
embroider}-, $1 50.
Fine Gowns, trimmed with Florentine linca lace, and a profu
sion of wide and narrow tucks, 53.
Muslin Chemise, with corded yoke and inserting, 50c.
Square-neck Chemise, yoke of embroidery, with herring-bone
trimming and baby ribbon, 75c.
Ladies' Muslin Drawers, with yoke, and finished with cambric
ruflle and cluster of wide and narrow tucks, 50c.
Cambric Drawers, with Normandy Valenciennes lace, 75c.
Cambric Corset Covers, finished with embroidery, 50c.
Square-neck Corset Cover, elaborately trimmed with linen lace,
£1 35-
Muslin Skirts, with yoke and ten-inch ruflle of cambric em
broidery, $2.
Muslin Skirts, with tucks and flounce, 38c.
Weinstock, Lubin & Co.
4QO to 412 X Street. Sacramento.
In all the New Shapes and Shades,
MRS. M. A. PEALER'S, 619,621,623 J St.
Odd Follows' Temple, 901 X Street.
night. Everything usually found in a drug store and some that are not. Country orders
receive tho utmost care and prompt attention. "* UB
MLILIV HI RTTTTJrFFT. Is the man to handle your
XXI \\ XII H I CARPETS if you want them
1111,1 " * IIA ' IJI x and PROPERLY RELAID.
WORKS—Southwest Corner Twelfth nnd O Streets. Telephono 392. Or
Leave Orders at the Leadlntr Cornet Stores.
i^^^^i^aaar -AND-
-411-413 X St., Saeramonto. ( V A
Wall Papkr of All Kinds. Send fob \^_^/ r-_L XX T^ £^1 I &Z
Pkice List. f _^"* *-** -1- J^ K-' *■* *—> •
Fifth, dealers in WATCHES. .JEWELRY and DIAMONDS. REPAIRING in all its
branches a specialty, under Mr. Floberg. Agents for ROCKFORD WATCH COMPANY
WAT D ATTTTtTDf keeps on handT^"^"^* of
No. 628 J St.. Sneramento. CaL, I n»S gg£g&. °f WatChCS and Jc™lr"
WATCHES-best in the world. SIGN OF THE TOWN CLOCK.' 815 J STOEET. 2_l
ONE DOZEN CMETS, Betterce q vvuce a 1! iL yere.^ hthans4
Successful with Children. FIFTH AXD J STREETS. SACRAMENTO.
JU i ftccll ancous.
SteOT Estimates furnished for displays. Send
for Catalagne. " joi . tf
F3LAOS, etc.
808 X and 888 J sts.. saeramonto.
Agents for California Fire Works.
Send for Catalogue and Price List. Specialty
lv Exhibition Pieces. m j 20-tI
Flags, Toy Torpedoes, etc.,
for 4th of July trade.
Special attention to Public
Exhibition Work.
Correspondence solicited.
881 Front *»<.. snn ETanctaco.ttHHM
An Ordinance Regulating Saloons, Dance-
Houses. Theaters aad Places Where In
toxlcating Uqnors arc Piapaacd ot by Re
tail aud Providing for Licenses Therefor.
('.unity ofSacramento, do ordain us fol
lows :
Sn Hon l. It shall be unlawful for any
person or persons to hereafter open,establish
<v conduct, or oanse t<> i>e opened, established
or conducted, any barroom, public saloon,
theater, variety show, dancehouse or other
place where wines, spirituous or malt Uqnors
are sold by the glass, bottle or otherwise, mies*
quantities than one quart, wu bin the limits of
the County ofSacramento. without Qret obtain
ing permission trom tbe Hoard of Supervisors.
The application tor such permission shall t c
made by petition in writing tothe Board ot
Supervisors, which petition must contain the
name- and signatures oi a majority of tho
resldenl taxpayers In the election precinct,aa
it at the time exists, in whtcu sudi saloon Of
place in whi.-n such liquor- ale tO be dn
pensed, Is proposed to tie opi ned or conduote t.
see. 2. it atter one consideration ot tbe
same by the Board of Supervisors tbe petit a
be favorably acted upon, it shall be the duty
of the person in whose favor tbe petition waa
presented and tbe prayer of which waa
granted before opening the said place to Die
with t! c Board of supervis >r- a good and suf
ficient bond, to be approved by the Chairman
ofthe board, with two sureties in the sum of
81,000: conditioned tbat the applicant simil
maintain said place in a quiet, orderly and
die nt manner
Skc. -i. Awr.tten verified complainl filed
with said Hoard of Supervisors setting forth
that any saloon or place mentioned In Section
i of this ordinance is conducted m otherthan
a quiet, orderly, lawful and decent mam
shall be foundation lor act ion by the Hoard of
Stun rvisors concernbig the place complained
of m said complaint. "Ifnt'terji full investiga
tion ofwhlch both sides shall have due notice,
and the privii. ge of being represented In per
son and by counsel and producing and exam
ining witnesses, the Hoard of Supervisors tind
the allegations of tbe complainl t<> b true, it
shall make all order revoking the licenso
Issued to the person owning or conducting the
place complained of and shall declare tho
bond given in snch case forfeited.
Sbc.4. «»n and after July l, 1891, persona
conducting tbe business mentioned in Section
1 of this ordinance and Incompliance with the
provisions hereof, must pay a license tax to
the License Collector of said county 111 tho
Bum of 830 quarterly in advance; provided,
tbat all licen-es in full force al tbe time of the
passage of this ordinance shall entitle their
holders to continue business thereunder until
the expiration ofthe same.
SEC. ■>. All [-arts of ordinances insofnras
they conflict with the provisions Of this ordi
nance arc hereby repealed.
SEC. 6. This ordinance shall take eflect and
be in force from and after .Jul v _, 1801.
E. QREER, Chairman.
Attest: W. W. RHOADS, Clerk.
Adopted by the votes of Miller, Black, Hates,
Jenkins and Greer.
Attest: W. W. RHOADS, Clerk.
35 Ycnrs Standing.
tinest paying business ot its kind on the
coast,situated a; Polsom, Sacramento< ounty.
The stock comprises a full line ot Crockery
and Qlassware, Agricultural Implements and
all lines ot Tinware, stoves. Ranges, Paints,
Oils and a complete assortment of Heavy
HEALTH. For further particulars address
P. O. Box 24. [jelO-Jw:.p| Polsom, Q»L
Druggist and Apothecary,
Corner Soventb and X Sts.
Telephone 189. UnderlCapltal Ilotel.
Columbia, IOc; 3 for 25c.
Winslow, 1,000 sheets, 15c;
2 lor 25c.
W. F. PURNELL, 6oq J Street.
that certain agents of other linns engaged
in the manufacture of sarsaparilla and iron,
and particularly one J. P. McCraken, repre
senting Schmidt & Co. of Stockton, have been
circulating statements to the effect that we no
longer have the right to manufacture that
article, we take this opportunity of notifying
the trade and the public that* wo have tho
same rights now as heretofore, and that wo
propose to exercise them. We are still en
gaged In the business, still manufacture and
sell a superior preparation of '-SARSAPA
Will continue to do so, all reports to thi: con
trary notwithstanding. Any statements of
Mr. McCraken, or any oue else, that any ono
Arm has the exclusive privilege of selling sar
saparilla and iron are wholly unfounded.
New York Delicacies Store, 723 .1 Sheet.
►O Domestic Cheese. Bologne Sausage, Sar
dines, French Mushrooms. Peas, Russian Cav
iar, Pickled Eels and other canned goods. Also.
Pickles. Sauerkraut, Herring, Tongue, Pigs*
Feet, Pickled Ham, Eggs, Butter, Milk, But
termilk. Nuremberg Black Bread,etc. Country
orders promptly attended to. ap
DB. T. Fri.lX COIRAIDS OKir.Xl A 1.
*~i _«»c*STS. Heuioves Tan, Pimplus,
~~? _W&^*\B_ Freckies, M.jth Patches,
« S«* JS^*^V^. Hash and Skin
dS_:o fj_£mi-^ir^& >_|?_V' isell3e3 ' an<* cv*
W—?a Sftp'ilfP ff_> jK^ifnel'.uty.iinddefle*
&^ Z u V» «l!/ stood'the'test of
jS : ;2 VI &\ 40 years, and is so
£ r 3 1 CM harmless wctuata
C^S'-eS __^» '^•w^v 8// St to be sure tt la
jfcgT '" «-i ]i I ( properly made.
JC* ?r» aj rm \ Accent no coun-
J"ov^*£*Q*~^-'"fJt\ \ tor*e't °t similar
$P*_a&JA^ 7 - \ "a™(>- Dr. Ij. A.
/S^s&t^^EsA'jrt^h. I ia^y of the haut
_/ ™*^^Sn f *?^>—/ton (a patient);
I v y 1 *\ Ij^. "As yon ladies
\^y _y—l b^r will use them. I
recommend 'Oou
raud's Cream' as the least harmfhl of all the Skin
preparations." For sale by ul! dm .gists and fanev
fjoods dealers iv the United States,Cuuuiaa and Kii
rope. VRKD. T. HOPKINS, Proprietor, T. Great
Jones street. New York. mys-TTSIDIy
J. E. RICHARDSON, formerly with
Masky ol San Francisco, we are prepared to
furnish our friends and the public with all
latest varieties of candies. CARAMELS A
Opera House Candy aud Ice Creatn Parlors,
813 X stroot.
myafrtßp R. i. PEDLAR. Proprietor.
J. tamed in the WEEKLY UNION.

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