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His Effort to Escape the Sheriff by
Habeas Corpus Fails.
• * «?
Carpenter, tho Flory Stockton Attor
ney, Still .Loyal to Vance—Re
manded to the Sheriff.
D. M. Vance of Stockton and his some
what notorious attorney, A. H. Carpen
ter, also of Stockton, wore in tho Superior
Court of this county yesterday.
The trouble that Vance and Carpenter
got into last winter is probably familiar
to the readers of the Record-Union.
Vance had been enjoined by tbo Superior
Court of this county from disposing of
in any way certain property which was
involved in litigation. But, contrary to
this injunction, and on the advice of Car
penter, Vance leased a portion of the
property. Both were promptly hauled
up before Superior Judge Catlin to show
cause why they should not be punished
for contempt. Carpenter essayed to treat
the wholo matter as a joke, but he found
it a rather serious joke. Judge Catlin
found both of them guilty and lined them
each f2OO, with the alternative of spend
ing 200 days in the County Jail.
Carpenter declared that ho would not
{tay the fine —that he would "rot in jail"
tefore he would pay it. Vance admired
tho "pluck" of his attorney and declared
that he, too. would "rot first."
Judge Catlin sent them to jail, and it
was while they were confined that Car
penter essayed to have Judge Catlin im
peached, by filing charges with the Leg
islature, then in session. No attention
was paid to the charges, however. Finally
the fiery attorney became tired of prison
bed and board aud paid the balance of
his tine.
The case that was before Judfje Van
Fleet yesterday was Vance's petition ior
his release from the custody of the Sheriff
on habeas corpus. It appears that four
days after Vance was taken into the cus
tody oftho Sheifl", having failed to pay
tho line, an appeai was attempted, and
Upon the prisoner tiling au undertaking
or surety in the sum of §300, he was re
leased. * Afterward the Supreme Court
dismissed the appeal, holding that no
appeal would hold in such cases. Attor
ney Carpenter argued that there could be
no stay of a judgment for Imprisonment
where no appeal could be taken.
Vance and his attorney claimed tbat tbe
judgment had been executed. On the
other hand it wa.s argued by counsel for
the people that the judgment was essen
tially a money one and oniy made im
prisonment upon an alternative, and
that, further, such a holding of the court
would result in defeating the power of
tho courts to punish in cases of contempt
and similar judgments where no appeal
would lie.
Judge Van Fleet stated that upon this
question his mind was not entirely clear.
However, it appeared incongruous that
a prisoner by his own act could defeat
the judgment of tlie court. The only
question was whether the statute would
force such a construction of the law
and this was a proper question for the
Supreme Court. In view of this, the
judgment was that the writ be discharged
ami the prisoner remanded tothe custody
of the Sheriff,
Miss Bterer Will Demonstrate to La
dies its Advanta___eß.
Tho ladies of Sacramento may con
sider themselves fortunate in having an
opportunity to hear one of the leading
physiculturists of the Kast. Miss Helen
Bierer of Chicago. I taring ihe past year
she has lectured to crowded houses on tlie
Pacilic Coast. Her subject. "Health,
Complexion and nress." is of interest to
all ladies, especially those in society cir
cles. The follow ing report from ■ promi
nent journal Indicates her success in
Pasadena. Says a local paper there:
"Miss Bierer stated that the threefold
object ofthe Delsarte system of physical
culture is grace, health and perfect de
vel"}.ment of form, all of which the
young lady seemed to possess in the
highest degree.
"She explained clearly how, by the
practice of deep breathing and calis
thenics, stooping shoulders were made
erect, scrawny neck and arms developed,
correct breathing established, good di
gestion Becured, a graceful carriage and
walk cultivated, and vitality aud renewal
ofthe entire system brought about by
rational means.
"Mi--s Bierer very cleverly illustrated
the ungraceful poise and walk of the
average American girl, and showed by
varied contrasts the grace of a carriage
regulated by sensi 1 do rules.
"The entire lecture was unique and the
most enjoyable one of its kind ever given
In our city."
The lecture, which is to bo to ladies
only, will be given at the Sixth-street M.
E. Church, on Monday next, at 8 P.M.
Admission, 25 cents; the proceeds to be
for the benefit of tho Temperance Taber
-sfo Midnight Intruder Was Seen In the
Keyser Mansion.
Frederick Keyser, son of Andrew Key
ser, who lives down on the Riverside
road, was in the city yesterday. He says
he knew nothing ofthe story that has
been floating about, to the effect that
-somo man attempted to chloroform his
sister the other night, until he saw it in
the Eta ORD-d-fioif.
Mr. Keyser says the affair has been
greatly exaggerated. His father and
himself were awakened late in the night
by his sister screaming, and ou going to
her room sh.- said she was sure shehad
heard a man in the liouso.
They Investigated the premises thor
oughly, but the only thing they found to
gi\«- plausibility to tlie young lady's fears
was the rear <l«►< >r standing ajar. No man
was found "standing by the young lady's
couch" and there were no indications of
the presence of chloroform.
The father and .son concluded that Miss
r had been dreaming, but she was
0 she beard somebody. This, the
younger Keyser Bays, is all there is to the
There Is no Likelihood That Ousloy
Will soon Die.
Sheriff Saul of Yuba County reports
that William J. Ousley, the negro confined
in the County Jail there for the murder
rge Ball, is recovering from his
I attack of grippe.
"It looks as if the Sacramento o fli cers
had not such a dead thing on receiving the
reward for the conviction of the mur
der, rs." remarks the Marj-sviiie Appeal.
'•Shorty Knight may be able to pick out
new victim.''
VY. EL Carlin, attorney for Ousley, says:
-•I oonsider that Ousley is recovering,
and When he is sufficiently well I shall
ask to have his ease place.| upon the
docket and an early day set lor trial. I
beLiei 8 that the man is innocent, and will
do everything in my power to prove him
so." _
Jack Ryan Must stand Trial fur Em
b«'/-/.lln__: Horses.
The Poi_oß Court calendar was disposed
of in short Older yesterday. John Ryan,
charged with embezzlement in disposing
of a team of horses and some harness
which were not his own. was held to an
swer before tlic Superior Court.
' Jake English TO fined* for haiJ^ ,
The ease of Charles v\ etzel, charged
■with threats against tbe life of a man
named Laschells. who drives an express
.'a_on, was dismissed.
W. li. Blackburn and Charles R. Zip-
ser, accused of disturbing the peace of W.
Hellmau, had their trials set for Satur
Patrick Riley, charged with stealing
some goslings belonging to a Mrs. Spain,
was ordered to appear Monday for trial.
A Fine Hotel to be Erected at the Shasta
Soda Springs.
Referring to the recent visit of Vice-
President Crocker and other prominent
railroad officials to the northern portion
of the Stato, the Red Bluff ■Wewts says:
"On Thursday evening last a special
train, carrying a number of noted railway
officials, arrived hero en route to Duns
muir. General Cadwalader met the party
and invited them to delay in Red Bluff
for a while, which they did. The General
then invited a number of his friends :
whom he met to his home, escorted the
railroad party thence, and a few hours
were pleasantly spent at the festive board.
Tho visitors present were: Senator C. F.
Felton, ex-Mayor E. J. Gregory of Sacra
mento, and the following railroad offi
cials : Vice-President J. C. Stubbs, Col.
C. F. Crocker, General Superintendent J.
A. Fillmore and Bridge Master Arthur
"The party were on their way to Duns
muir, to select a site for a magnificent
summer hotel in that neighborhood. Tiie
place selected is the "Old Bailey" head
quarters at Lower Soda Springs, for the
past two years conducted by Mr. Cahow.
The location is a grand one in every re
spect. High mountains guard it on two
sides, the Sacramento River rushes by,
battling with the wild-looking rocks in
its progress; tall pines giving shady shel
ter irom a genial summer sun; goodtisl.
ing and hunting abound, and one of the
finest soda springs in creation is there
"The scenery is grand beyond descrip
tion, and in honor of ono of the most
famous points near by the new building
will be dubbed tlie Castle Crag Tavern.
Work will be commenced immediately,
and it is expected that the hotel will bo
open for guests by May 1, 1802."
Charges That Young W. .7. Parker Got
Away Witb lt.
A story was aliout on the Courthouse
block yesterday to the effect that prepara
tions are being made to have William J.
Parker, son ol* J. A. Parker, the rail
estate broker, arrested on a charge of
It was stated that G. W. Johnson,
formerly of this city, but now a resident
of San Francisco, will be the complaining
Johnson moved to San Francisco about
ten months ago, and claims that be left
about $-00 worth of furniture witb Parker
to store for him. Since his departure ho
alleges that Parker sold the furniture
without authority and kept the proceeds.
Young Parker, it is understood, is at
present in Vancouver.
Judge Van Fleet Declines to Order It |
Paid Over.
Chief of Police Drew and District Attor
ney Ryan appeared before Superior
Judge Van Fleet yesterday and asked
that some disposition be made of the
$113 fouud upon Harry Gordon, one of
the footpads who murderously assailed
Robert Allen some weeks ago.
Mr. Ryan explained that Gordon had
admitted that this money was a portion
of that taken from Alien, and the Chief of
Police did not desire to keep it any
longer, preferring to hand it over to
Judge Van Fleet, however, declined to
make any order in the matter, Baying
that he preferred to wait until after Gor
i don had been sentenced.
AYhere -salaries Aro I'aid, Fees Must
Go Into the Treasury.
Deputy Attorney-General W. H. Lay
son rendered an opinion yesterday to B.
A. Crowl, County Auditor of Trinity
County. He says that in all cases in
which any provision by the law author
izes an officer who receives a salary to
perform an official act, and he performs
such act, all fees chargeable for the per
formance of such act shall be collected by
him and paid over to the Treasurer or
other officer authorized to receive the
This Act went into effect on the Bth of
last month. All salaried county officers
must turn all fees received after May 10,
1891, into the County Treasury, except
those otherwise provided for.
New Incorporations.
The following articles of incorporation
were filed in the Secretary of State's
office yesterday:
Tehachapi Limeand Lumber Company.
Principal place of business. Los Angeles.
Capital stock, *{sX),O*JO. Directors—?'. J.
Long, J. B. Wood, M. D. Katz, J. E. Mo-
Lean and V. G. Baker.
The World's Fair Company, organized
to enable people by gradual accumulation
of savings, or otherwise, to go to and re
turn from the Columbian Exposition at
Chicago in 1808. Principal place of busi
ness, Los Angeles. Capital stock, $100,001).
Directors— Henry T. Hazard. J. J. Schal
lert, J. J. Gosper, A. D. Childress, J. S.
Salkey and J. Eister.
Eisenmayer Fruit and Improvement
Company of I kneonta. San Diego bounty.
Capital stock, $50,000. Directors—Mrs.
Anna M., W. G. Hdica M., Gertiela R.
and N. P. Eisenmayer.
The Commercial and Savings Bank of
Merced. Capital stock, 9300.000. Directors
—C. F. Crocker, C. H. Huffman, E. T.
Dixon, G. B. Cook, G. Garibaldi, W. H.
Hartley and H. H. Hewlett.
Canito Fruit Company of Moreno, San
Bernardino County. Capital stock, $150,
--000. Directors—J. C. Coe, C. H. Wheeler,
11. W. Rudlicld, G. H. Kelsey and J. O.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following real estate transfers havo
been recorded since our last report:
T. C. and L. Churchman to li. F. Jones
-Lot J. Cand l>. Twenty-ninth and Thir
tieth streets; grant.
C. Green and H. C. Trainer to L. X.
Ronat—Two acres at Guthrie's Station;
L. X. and M. E. Rouat to Isabel Mud
dox—Threo acres at Guthrie's Station;
go 250
gTm. Dixon to C. E. Phipps—West half
of lot 3, N and O. Fourteenth and Fif
teenth streets; |6,500.
C. E. Phipps and E. Bonnbeim to G.
M. Dixon—West half of lot 7, and west
half of lot 8, H and I, Twentieth and
Twenty-first streets: JlO.
Jerome and Margaret E. Madden to F.
V. Flint—Lots 8, 4, 5 and 0, W and X,
Front and Second streets, and lots 1, _, :.
5. 7 and 8, X and V, Frout and Second
streets; $10.
Residence at Auction To-day.
Bell & Co. will sell at 10 a. m. to-day,
on the premises, the elegant residenco
and property Of J. H. Miller, southeast
corner of Seventeenth and O streets.
The lot is SOxlfiO feet, on the west forty
feet of which is a modern two-story resi
dence, containing niue large rooras[ bath.
etc.: also, good barn. On the east forty
feet i.s a small house of three rooms and
otlier improvements. Tlie property will
bo sold as a whole or in forty-foot lots, if
To Dispel Colds.
Headaches and fevers, to cleanse the
system effectually, yet gently, when cost
ive or bilious, or when the blood is im-
Eure or sluggish, to permanently cure
abitual constipation, to awaken the kid
neys and liver to a healthy activity, with
out irritating or weakening them, use
Syrup of Figs.
Ev you want anything ln tbe musical line.
<Inn"tYn.l to try Hammer's Musle .Store, No.
620 J Street: largest slock and lowest price,
Hole agency Clilckerlng«_ Sons* Pianos. •
Thk immense stock of millinery Roods ls to
be fso'.il ut let... than cost. S. T. Mi Hoover, G'-25
J street. »
SACKAMEXTO DAILY RECOftP-tT^oyT, !FI.mAY fftxft 2ft, fßs\.-&t& PACfiES.
A Man Who Is Prepared to Call It
Down in Quantities to Suit.
Following is a copy of a circular which
is being widely circulated throughout
thecouutry. If the author can do what
he says he can, each county can have its
own rain-producer and have showers
whenever desirable. Frank Melbourne
is the name of the alleged inventor of the
new-fangled rain-producer, and this is
what he says in his circular to the Stato
Board of Agriculture:
Canton (CM, June 11,1891.
To whom it may concern : It is my de
sire to Call the attention of the people of
the United States to an invention which I
have recently completed, tm the success
ful employment ol the same will, wi.h
out doubt, be of great interest to Ameri
My invention is the means that I have
discovered by which, through agencies
which are employed in the operation of
the same, I am able to cause rain to fall
over an area of upward of 250,000 s< [aare
miles at any time that I desire, and this
without regard to climate.
I have experimented successfully upon
twelve different occasions in Australia
during the season of drought: live times
in New Zealand during the month of
February of this year, and three times in
Ohio within the last sixty days.
Upon each occasion I have pnblicly an
nounced from one week to ten days in
advance my intention of causing rain to
fall upon a given date, and liavo never
failed upon a single occasion to bring
rain as announced.
I am prepared to repeat experiments in
any part ofthe I'nited States at any time,
and can guarantee that with the aid of
my invention I wiU cause rain to fall at
any point at any time tlr.it may be
named, and would be pleased to corre
spond with the people of any district
upon this subject.
Great Activity Around tlie Town Near
the Summit.
At last business has commenced to im
prove, remark:-; the Truckee Republican.
The railroad is doing a heavy freight
business and the train bands complain of
being worked too hard. Additional crew s
are being put on. The box business is
livening up and both the Truckee Lum
ber Company and Richardson Bros, are
running full time and are increasing the
numberof hands employed. The i\. r: i• -
ture factory has lots of orders and em
ploys ten hands.
The lumber business is quiet, but :<ll
tbe mills are running on full limeand
turning out lots of lumber. "he railroad
company will use at least 4,000,000 feet of
shed timber this year, and are now com
mencing to receive it. The Utah demand
for lumber is light at present but it i_
likely to pick up within a month or sb.
The outlook for a prosperous year is by
no means bad, and before the summer is
over trade may be exceedingly lively.
Fraternal Society Elections.
The officers-elect for the new term of
Sacramento Council No. 96, Order Of
Chosen Friends, are: P. C,George i.
Irvine (re-elected); C, Mrs. I. Marsh (re
elected^; V. <\, Miss M. Costello; Treas
urer, F. W. Day; Secretary, C. 11. i
(re-elected); P., Ci. B. Clow; M., X. N.
Denton: W„ Mrs. K. i:. Chamberlain; G.,
Mrs. F. W. Day; S., A. Sehoemaker;
Trnstees, L. C. Jordan, F. Driesback, J.
Parsons; Med. Kx.. G. 15. Clow. A.
Sehoemaker has been appointed l». I>. <;.
C. by the * .rand Coancilor.
Owosso Tril c, No. 39, tmpr ved Order
of Red Men, has elected the following
delegates to the Grand Council, which is
to be held at Sun Francisco on the second
Tuesday in August: E. if. McKee, A. <*.
Kliiik, John Hantzman, L. <;. N
alternates, George W. Nichols, Henry
Guthrie, J. J. Buckley, •(. W. I ri ne.
Capital Council, No. 11, Young Men's
Institute, has elected ofl era for the en
suing term as follows: President. Jamca
Longshore, Jr.; First Vice-President, E.
H.B.Whytej Second Vice-President, L.E.
Lohman; Recording Secretary, A. J.
Wilson; Financial Secretary,<LE. Hook;
Treasurer, J. S. O'Callagnan; Marshal,
George Stack; inside Sentinal, J. L.
Gomez; Outside Sentinal, M.J. Desmond;
Executive Committee, J. Olivor Connor,
1). McDougalL, J. li. White, F. Waters,
D. Sullivan; delegates to Grand Council,
William Gormley, J. C. Gorman;.alter
nates, A. J. Wilson, M. Sheehan.
Sutter's First Fruit (Shipments.
"On Wednesday morning," says tho
Marysville Democrat, "the first car ever
loaded in Yuba City direct for the Bast
left that town. It was shipped by Strong
A Co., and was tilled with fruit from the
orchards of R. C Rolls, A. F. Abbott, J.
B. Wilkie. S. J. Stabler and the Sutter
Orchard Company. The consignment
consisted of peaches, apricots and plums.
The citizens of Yuba City are much
pleased at shipping their fruit from their
own town.
'"Strong _t Co. have seyeral carloads of
Bartlett pears engaged ami will ship a
car from Yuba City Saturday. The 1 .ail
Fruit Company will also ship a car of
Bartletta Saturday."
Johnnie Green's Mother is Here.
Yesterday the mother of Johnnie
Green, the injured boy at the Polico Sta
tion, came up from Oakland, having read
of the accident which had befallen her
The lad was at tirst ashamed to meet
his mother's gaze, but alter awhile was in
duced to talk to her. Mrs. (Ireen said ho
was a good boy. and very bright in his
Studies at school, but latterly had fallen
in with wayward lads, who had induced
him to run away from a good home.
The boy is getting along well, and will
probably recover.
The Woods are Full of Them.
"A short time ago," says the Woodland
Democrat, "a petritied man was found
near Fresno, and now they have
found a petrified woman. They were both
dead. In fact, all the petrified men and
women in Fresno aro dead. We have a
great many petrified men about Davis
ville that still walk around, but are cov
ered all over with moss. Tliey should
learn wisdom from tho Fresno County
Yes, and Sacramento has more than
her just share of these relics.
At the Gas Well.
Work continues rapidly ut the gas well
at Firth and X streets, and the stockhold
ers are still confident that they will soon
have an abundant supply of gas. The
drill readied 885 feet yesterday, and at
that point struck a layer of sand, which
rushed up into tho pipe and choked it for
twenty-five feet. The difficulty was soon
overcome, however, and tho work weni
merrily on. The volume of pas coming
through the pipe is constantly increasing.
His Conscience Smote Him.
A young man named George Nichols,
who had boon drinking heavily for some
days, surrendered biffiaelf to tho police
here, saying that ho was wanted in San
Francisco for burglary and the embezzle
ment of a small sum of money. Ho has
a wife and child there, and Said he was
weary of dodging the police. He will be
taken to San Francisco to-day.
Dissolution Wanted.
C. S. Clark has commenced suit against
T. J. Slater for a dissolution of copart
nership and an accounting. Thoy had, it
is alleged, been engaged in the ranching
and dairy business in this and Yolo
Counties. S. B. Smith has been ajv
pointed Receiver pending the legal pro
The Übiquitous Paycar.
The paycar went north yesterday after
paying oif the yard hands here. It will
return here this afternoon or to-morrow
morning to gladden the hearts of the shop
— -«>
Another Divorce.
Louise Kreidweiss has commenced suit
in the Superior Court for a divorce from
F. 11. Kreidweiss.
©hangefc t_>:itlu for the £Ul» t")c«u*jp.
Our Sale Will Continue
Until all the lots formerly advertised are closed.
Come In and See Our Values.
We Will Compare Prices and Qualities With Anybody.
Men's Dark Cheviot Sack Suits at $4 75
Worth sh SO.
Men's Fancy Check Worsted Suits $4 45
Worth J#l<).
Men's Summer-weight Black Cheviot Wool Suits $6 75
Worth $12.
Men's Gray Tweed Wool Suits _. $6 75
Worth UM***.
Men's Dark Blue Mixed All-wool Cheviot Suits SS 25
Worth 5515.
A first-rate Pants for working men, hard twisted cotton
ade, continuous fly, warm weather weight 59c
A neat pattern in Men's Moleskin' Pants $1
Croat vcaivis.
Men's Light-colored Fancy-striped Worsted Pants,
neatly made, two back pockets $1 25
A neat pattern in Men's All-wool Medium-weight Pants;
these are good ones .$1 65 and $1 75
Four patterns in Young Men's Pants, the best marie, tlie
best goods, the best values you have seen for the price
$2 22
Ten different patterns in Men's Summer-weight Pants,
all wool, check, stripes and plain.goods $2 50
Some very neat patterns in Men's Fine Silk Mixed
Worsted Dress Pants ....$3 50
A chance for a few more of those fine Marseilles Vests,
45, 50 and 75c
Don't your boy want a Linen Duster,
25e buys one in our sale
We would like to have you see those Young Men's Sum
mer Suits for £4 og
They are jrood ones.
Those Boys' Black Figured Worsted Suits, ages 12 to 16,
f0!*.... ffQ gg
Can't ho bou.rht loss than Sir. regular.
We have nearly 100 lines of GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS in our sale.
If you wish a Straw Hat you can get the best one you
ever saw forthe money 25c
IBM iils mm
Are Closing Out Their Stock at
= —
X~^ It is being sold without reserve, and
is moving rapidly.
One of our competitors announces that
they are retiring from business in Sac
j ramento, and that in future they will
| conline their operations to San Fran
i cisco. They aso take occasion to solicit
the patrons of Sacramento to send their
hardware business to their San Fran
cisco house.
We take th.s occasion to say. thai in
■ anticipation of the announcement re
-1 ferred to. we have ordered a full and
; complete stock of GENERAL HARD
IRON, COAL, ETC., so that the trade
j which has heretofore favored Sacramento
with its patronage will suffer no incon
venience by the withdrawal ot the house
referred to.
We beg to thank onr patrons for
their favors since we opened business
in Sacramento, and further desire to
say that we are here to stay.
Scliaw, Ingram, Batcher
& CO.,
217 and 219 J Street.
HOECKEL & CO., Proprietors,
Northeast Corner Tenth and J Streets.
iS^^r^^ufino it
because if iVfJje best
£** TtiosT &wiWMe
Aslf^/our Aealerc
for -Sale Everywhere
Manufactured by 1 B. PACE TOBACCO CO.
__y<-yf^~ln^Y^-\^ Sur« Cure for 'Catarrh,
GxtY *KiS7k*.YY\. Bronchitis Asthma,
•Sw^jOTWL °°lds'ctc-
__!C;_f^__N_^^C_j_ll\ "The Only All-night
Inha 1 ntltm.''
t- wL»_j - ijiiLf'&j^ Break up a cold In on©
<F *Y» night, sure preventive
•C -Js! ' -fy foralL_nfettlouB disease*.
Z3£sat&~~~~Z^i For' sale by all drug
_a^*^~**~^~~\ gists, or sent postpaid tor
87 Secop.d Street, San Francisco.
UNKoN af._ the best for the tamlly circle.
The Leading Paper of the
Interior of California.
The pioneer journal, which,
from early years in the history
of the coast, has maintained
NALISM, having every news
facility with the San Francisco
leading dailies, and sustaining
the fullest public confidence.
X-^The only paper on the coast,
outside of San Francisco, that receives
Best Advertising Medium
Clean in all departments, and there
fore pre-eminently THE FAMILY
JOURNAL. The best paper for the
Homeseeker, for the Merchant, Farmer,
Mechanic and all who desire the full
news of the day presented in a cleanly
Containing all the news of the
Record-Union, has the largest
circulation of any paper on the
Pacific Slope, its^readers being
found in every town and ham
let, with a constantly increasing
list in the Eastern States and
Europe. Special attention paid
to the publication of truthful
state me nts of the resources of
California and the entire coast,
best methods of agriculture,
fruit and vine, growing.
one year $6 OO
Sacramento Publishing Company,
&vcxl ®&tote. C?tc.
Edwin K. Alsip d Co.,
Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
No. 1015 F"oi__i-tt-. Streot.
Houses Rented, Rents Collected
and Money to Loan.
S3SO Cash
AND fli. sr PEK MONTH. ri.lNcn\\L
and Interest, will punhaso a now one
story cottage cont*ln-ng four rooms aud
closet-; lot .l__*:_,__Go, in 41 good location.
For $2,500
A one-story und bnsement frame dwelilnc.
sltu.-toon II str.vt, between Nineteenth und
Twentieth; lot 40x160. A bargain.
$9 per Acre
900 acres of land in Xl Dorado ( ountv l«<
miles from railway; fenced and croea fen'cr_r
baa a small dwelling and barn. A bar<n\ln sel
dom ottered for «ule.
To LerTfor $35
A fine dwelling, containing 7 rooms and bath.
Also, fine stable aeeommo.lattou for 4 horses
IOt4BXIOO. No. 1808 I* streot
also. No. 600 SeTenth street, between f
and G- a neariy new frame dwelling, contal-h
mii , rooms; tent, $j;> per mouth.
Ten Thousand Acre Ranch.
Oue thousand acres gocd farming land.
Nine thousand acres fine grazing land.
Situated In Mendoeino ("ountv, forty miles
north of Ukiah, and known as the
Three Thousand Acres
Of Grazing and Farming Land
In and adjoining CAPAY VALLEY, Yolo Cb.
Grazing Land
On west side of tulesand south of Putah Creek,
ten miles southwest <>r..acramento.
For. mrther particulars enquire of
R. S. CAREY, Sacramento, or
10-1 Sutter Btreet. Sun Frnnclsco.
___________ __1 ____
Real Estate Salesroom, 325 J St
Vine Street.
\ Sargent, /v. rDcnt - r .- Sargent,
\. \ 110 acres, *-»rPcm.er s &-*
*• 3\ i B.
w ,^\ j r
\3, \Keef. 180 a 60 a. 80 a.
\ j_ \ ißenton Benton. Benton.
\V— I !
\-* County Road.
\ \ £
These SO-noro tracts nt MO por acre;
GOOD LAND; SI.OOO down, balance
In 5 yean., at 8 per cent, per annum
Fine .FiLc^sicLfzricrers
Now building in
A few lots left to be sold this week.
Great Bargains
— IS—
Lots of Money to Loan.
stephensonT hartman,
•Real Estate and Insurance Agents,
price, a splendid River Ranch of 265
acres, only four miles from Hacramcnto.
Splendid land and tine improvements. Resi
dence, barn and other buildings cost $10,000.
One thousand live hundred dollars received
for pasture last season. A good portion now
in alfalfa. Anyone wanting a nice home and
a productive place will do well to call on us.
Real Estate Dealers, 301 J St.
BOxBo—vacant lot.
Southeast corner Tenth aad N Btrcote—
North 120 feet of lot 1.
003 X Street,
Cartoon Slate Pencils, Paper Fasteners,
all kinds of Files and Clips, Pencil-point Pro
tectors, Copying Uooks and Fixtures, 20
styles Fancy Papeteries, 12 styles Money
Purses. Pen Cleaners, Double Slates, Ther
mometers, office Waste Baskets. 1 2 styles
Mourning and Visiting Cards, Shading and
Ruling Pens, Tracing Cloths, Diaries, Bill.
Wallets, Draft and Receipt Books. Blank:
Books—all kinds; choice variety Letter aud
Note Pads, lull assortment of Pens and
Pencils. Jo_t-t-
Waterhouse & Lester,
Iron, Steel, Cumberland Coal, Wagoa
Lumber and Carriage Hardware.
709. 711. -*13. 715 J St.. Sacramenta
to lriends in Una __-*_.

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