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Destructive Fire Caused by a Can of
A Clerk's Proseneo of Mind Prevents
an Explosion—Chief Guthrio W ants
Protection for Ills Men.
If anybody had entertained a doubt as
to the dangerous character of gasoline,
the lire that occurred yesterday at Cham
berlin <k Milliken's store, on X street, be
tween Sixth and Seventh, must have
removed it.
It was a red-hot lire, and completely
eutted tho stove and crockery store from*
stem to stern—from the front doors to the
rear ones on the alloy, IGO feet away.
There was not much saved from the
stock of goods, only a few light articles
that were taken from the salesroom in
front out upon the sidewalk.
The fire started in the rear of the store,
and in an instant tho place was in flames.
It seems that W. F. Pfund and one of the
employes were there handling cans of
gasoline. Pfund took hold of a can by
the handle and was lifting it from the j
floor when it burst in flames. With great i
presence of mind, and at the risk of his
Lie, he grabbed up the burning can and
dashed it out into the alley.
In tho mean time the burning fluid
spread and communicated with that of
other cans. Near by was an iron barrel,
or drum, containing upward of 100 gal
lons, but before it was endangered the
two men rolled it through the building
into the alley and to a place of safety.
Chief Engineer (Juthrie was just ap
proaching the corporation house, on the
alley, at the end of the block, and saw
the "burning can when it was thrown out.
He sent in an alarm at once, and the de
partment soon had streams of water
Souring into the blazing building from
oth front and rear. But the lire was
burning with such rierecness that most of
tiie woodwork and stock was ruined be
fore the flames could be quenched.
The building is a one-story brick, just
west of tin- one recently occupied by S. S.
Nixon a--a horse-shoeing shop. Un the
other sido is the marble-cutting estab
lishment of Israel Luce A: Son. also a
one-story building. These were slightly
damaged, as was also the wooden addi
tion to the building on the west owned
by Mrs. Mary Lloyd.
Tho burned building and that on the
oust side bolong to the John Breuner
estate. Each was insured for &'>im>, and
this sum will probably cover the damage
thereto. The walls were not seriously
Messrs. Chamberlin A: Milliken car
riedastock of about £t>.oo'», insured for
$4,500 in different companies.
The firemen did splendid service. Tho
iieat was intense all about the blazing
storeroom, but they followed up the re
ceding flames, driving them back inch
by inch, while nearly smothered in
Chief Engineer Guthrle Has Something
to Sjiy About It.
For months past the City Trustees have
been backing and filling over proposed
ordinances regulating the storage of gaso
line, coal oil, etc., Inn thus far have not
been able to agree upon one that was ac
table to those dealing largely in the
The trouble has been that the Trustees
ha\ c fallen into tho custom of having the
parties whose interests are affected pre
pare and submit their own ordinances,
franchises, etc. These are seldom satis
factory at first, and new ones are drawn
up and submitted until one is prepared
on which a vote is taken. The proper
thins to do would bo for the Trustees to
pare their own ordinances, or have
City Attorney do it; then they can
jn-ar whatever objections persons may
have to urge before taking linal action
Chief Guthrie said to a Rboord-Uoton
reporter yesterday that at the next meet
ing of the City Trustees be would sub
mit a plan for the storage of inflammable
oils, and would give the board his rea
s >Ms for so doing. He says that at pres
ent gasoline and coal oil are kept in
quantities ranging from twenty to ISO
gallons by store-keepers throughout the
city, and they store just wherever they
■•• some in their basements, others
in the rear portion .of their stores, and
• fillers in their salesrooms.
The result is that when a lire breaks
in one of these stores the firemen
cannot teU where the explosives are <•"!;
(sealed, and are liable at any time to
killed while lighting a lire. This, lie
: i avoided if the Trustees will
pass an ordinance specifying where, and
in w bat sort of a place, gasoline shall be
Chief Guthrie's plan is to have.rich
er construct a tire-proof vault in the
rear of bis store, where gasoline shall be
stored. These vaults can be large or
ling t-■ the quantity s:>
and can be made of sheet-iron or briek
v. oik.
The Chief says that unless something
<■! this kind is done for the protection of
firemen he will r» :':->o t" send his men
into a burning building during a fire
*.v here tin re is any likelihood of gasoline
■ red.
Ttfo Simple ami isrful Devices by
Sacramento Inventors.
< Tharles Sparks of this city has Invented
a metallic trunk strap Chat would seem
to be the long-needed invention to stand
off the baggage-smasher, it consists of a
thin three-quarter-inch metallic strap.
One end fastens to a small meta] box an
inch wide and about three and a half or
lour inches lon<j.
The other end is held in a slot of a bit of
metal that slides inside this box by
means of a screw running the fill I length
ol the box and carrying the slider. This
Bcrew is exposed within a hood shield at
I'.cr end, where it has a square
The strap is thrown about the
trunk, the slider slipped underneath and
into the box with the ion>_ r *"rew . uiy
ing it, and a key is applied to the
hoad. A few turns binds the strap us
tightly about the trunk as if it had been
warped on red !>"t. Indeed, it would
set in possible to crush the trunk by the
mre if one pleased.
When the key is withdrawn the trunk
is practically locked. It is not possible
bold of the strap, and the trunk is
i as it would be impossible to do
v ith ropes or leather Btr
.. & Da vies af Florin. Sacramento
County, a grape-grower, has invei
that is apparently a very
useful machine. To market grapes in the
i'ast to advantage they must be neatly
l-.vke<l. the top layer made uniform anil
m» be hidden.
The old practice is to nearly fill tho bas-
I then carefully lay toe top coarse.
V* ah Davies' machine tho top layer is
: I first. A plate, slightly concave
i n each side by thin walls the
of the sides of the basket, rises and
falls through a table top and a hinged i< af
by means >>t' a treadle. This j>lat<', which
Avilli the sides he calls the "Ibnn." is de
lby the treadle; the first or top
layer of grapes is then put Into the
'*form*' and packed so as to have the
steins uppermost,
Then the "t>>nn" (sallowed t<> rise, and
the packing is continued, When t"::ll. the
basxet fs placed over the "form/ 1 the lat
ter depressed, and the leaf or "turning
table" is tit>ped over so as to invert the
basket ami Leave it right side up upon a
Bheif at one side and below the level of
tho table.
A Had Boy Punished.
The only case on tho Police Court calcn
< ar yesterday ivas that of Kdward Clark, a
boy charged with Striking a man limned
femitn. Smith is employed by a transfer
company, and was in the act of shaking
a little boy for annoying him, when tho
Clark lad struck him in the face. Some
very foul language is said to have been
Judge Cravens found the defendant
guilty, and ordered him to appear to-day
for sentence.
Order of tho Procession for Monday
Next—Other Features.
The Labor Day Committee of the Fed
erated Trades Ims prepared for publica
tion the following programme for the
great demonstration on Monday:
The Grand Marshal and Aids will meet
at the corner of Sixth and M streets at
1:30 1-. K.
Tho procession will lie formed and
move at 2:."!0 p. m. sharp.
There will be an advance of police, W.
F. Drew, Chief.
The patrol of police will form on M,
west side of Sixth, lacing east.
The Grand Marshal and Aids will form
on the left of the police.
The First Division will form on M,
right resting on Sixth, extending west.
The Second Division will form on
Sixth, right resting on M, extending
The Third Division will form on Sixth,
right resting on M, extending south.
The route of inarch will be from M to
Tenth, to K. to Second, to J, to Tenth,
countermarching on Tenth to 1 and
Ninth streets and around the Plaza.
The procession will march in the fol
lowing order:
Grand Marshal, J. Ilantzman; Chief
Aid, F. 11. Mclvee—colors, scarlet; As-
Bistant Aids—colors, blue; Division Mar
shals; carriage containing President and
Orator of the Day and Chaplain.
First Division—Hussar Sand; Marshal,
•T. A. Shei'han; Aids, William Tibbets,
W. 11. Germain, John Zittinger, J. H.
Shelton; Iron Bidders' Union, Typo
graphical Union, liookbinders' Union,
Cigarmakers' Union, Tailors' Union,
Sheet lion and Metal Workers' Union.
Second Division—First Artillery Band;
Marshal, J. E. Morell; Aids, Herman
Teitz, Charles Hastings, Walter 11.
Stocker, L. Lippeil; Brewers' Union, Car
penters 1 Union, Harnessmakers' Union,
Boilermakers' Union, Bakers' Union.
Third Division—.Newcastle Band; Mar
shal, L. W. Mahoney; aids, W. 11. Lar
kin, R. W. Parker, George Best, Frank
Kelley, T. J. Penmsh; Rocklin Granite
Cutters, Tool Sharpeners' and Quarry
men I Dions, Plumbers' Union, Brick-
Layers' Union, Barbers' Union. Plaster
ers' Union.
Literary exercises will be held at tho
Fla/.a, as follows: Introduction, Presi
dent of the Day, C. M. Harrison: prayer.
Rev. Mr. Tindall: address. Rev. Mr.
In the evening a grand ball will be
given at tho Assembly Chamber, for
which tho Hussar Bund will furnish
music. The committee in charge of the
ball will reserve the right to refuse ad
mittance to undesirable characters.
The city Board of Trade has recom
mended that all business houses close on
the afternoon of Monday.
The Saloon Investigation by the Trus-
tees Ends in a Fizzle.
The Charges Were General, %Vhlle
Only One specific Act Could Be
t'rged—Some Opinions.
The Board of Trustees met last night
about 8 o'clock, to investigate the charges
preferred by Mayor Comstock and Police
•Judge Cravens against the saloon of
Cunha A: Silva, at Second and L stre. ts.
< >:ily two members of tho Board were
present. Mayor Comstoek and Trustee
There were a large number of witnesses
on behalf of the defense—in fact, the
lobby was filled with witnesses.
Everything looked like there would be
a heated as well as a prolonged contest if
the investigation proceeded.
As soon as Mayor Comstock called the
board to order, and called up the case for
hearing, City Attorney Hart arose, and
announced that after consultation with
Lice Commissioners, it was deemed
best to move for an indefinite postpone
ment of the charges.
This course was deemed advisable by
the board because there was only one
-: i cific act that could be urged against
:i..' defendants. The; charges were gen
Mayor l.'omstoek expressed himself at
some length. He declared himself in
favor of a most vigorous enforcement of
the ordinances relating to saloons. How
• vi r. in this ease he did not desire to be a
party toany injustice against these par
ticular saloon men. He cautioned them
they that must in the future take care not
to permit .any questionable actions on
their premises.
Trustee Conklin said lie did not like
the idea of having charges preferred in
tin- way and then abandoned, which this
action would in Gad be. He thought that
the Police < Commissioners ought to know
what they were doing when they broupht
charges, and not to prefer them until
after a full Investigation; and in such
be would not want any further
proof to guide him in his action. Mr.
Conklin, turning to City Attorney Hart.
asked him if the charges still remained
before the board, and whether they could
be taken up at any time? lie also re
marked that be would hereafter depend
only on the police force for his informa
Mr. Hart promptly replied that, under
the ordinance, no man's license could bo
revoked without giving him a fair hear
ing. It would be unjust to try a man un
beard, and Ik* doubted if any action of
the board looking toward taking away a
man's license without such hearing
would bp i'
After sonic littlo discussion in which
W. A. Anderson,attorney for the defend
cpressed himself agreeable to the
motion of the City Attorney, the investi
gation was Indefinite ly postponed.
The box sheet for "The Dazzler," Kate
Castieton's engagement for next week,
opens at the Metropolitan Theater this
morning for sale of reserved seals.
"\ esterday %V»is Very "Warm.
The Government weather reports show
that yesterday was another hot day. the
mi rcury going up as high as it did at any
time during September, 1890, which was
- .
The temperatures at ."> a. .m. and 6 p. m.
yesterday were 56° and 9l° t while the
highest and lowest were i'l and 50 , with
southerly \\mds during the morning and
evening, and northerly during the fore
noon and afternoon.
'J he highest and lowest temperatures
one year ago yesterday were 92? and6i°.
and one year ago to-day 90 and 57°.
Funeral of Sister Listen.
Tho funeral of Sister Mary Dolores
Listen, who died at .St. Joseph's Convent
on Wednesday, will take place from the
convent at :> a. m. to-day. The Children
Of Mary Vv ill attend in a body. The
funeral will be public.
The pall-bearers will bo Colonel James
McNasser, General T. \v. sheehan, Oeo.
Sermonet, A. Coolot, W. J. O'Brien and
C. K. AfcCiatchy.
\y"k attraction ai Gattmann A Wil
son's, ladies white embroidered, scalloped
handkerchief* at 25 cents. Excellent value. *
SrriNWAv A: Son's, popular Pease nnrt
brilliant Gaoler ]ir->>.' pianos: easy Install
ments, A. J. I'ommer, corner Ninth aud J. •
A Determined Fight Being Made by
Chinese Slave-Owners.
The Girl is Discharged on a Writ of
Habeas Corpus, But Is Immedi
ately Arrested Again.
The scramblo lor the possession of Gum
110, tho pretty Chinese girl who recently
escaped to this city from Colusa, where
she had been compelled to live a life of
shame by her owners, was resumed in
tho Superior Court yesterday before
Judge Van Fleet.
The Rirl had been stolen from her own
ers in Yisalia (who, by the way, had im
ported her from China as a slave), and
had been taken to Colusa. There she was
put through the formality of a marriage
with a Chinaman whom she never saw
before. Sho was then turned over to
Horn Duck, tho slave-owner, who en
gineered the job to steal her. The object
of having the girl married was to prevent
her former owners from taking her again.
When the girl ran away from < olusa
steps wore taken by the slave-owners to
ret-over her, ;is. being comely, sho was
considered a valuable chattel. A war
rant was sworn out for her arrest by her
alleged husband, charging her with em
bezzling some of his jewels.
The girl was endeavoring to make her
way to the Mission in Han Francisco,
where sho could be protected and cared
for by'the philanthropic ladies wh i have
charge of that place, but was arrested
hen 1. The ladies came to her assistance,
and a writ of habeas corpus was peti
tioned for. There was a partial hearing
of the matter several days ago, and on
yt st< rday it was concluded. An immenso
crowd of Chinese filled the courtroom,
and were greatly interested in the case.
The slave-owners were there too.
Charles T. Janes, who appeared as at
torney for the girl, proved by Justice of
tlie Peace Liening of Colusa that the girl
was married, and the girl v Btified to the
same thing. The girl also testified that
she did not give her consent to the issu
ing of the warrant lor her arrest.
.Mr. Jones th. n asked for the discharge
of the girl on the ground that under the
law husband nor wile can proceed or ap
pear in court against each other except
where cither has committed an act of
violence upon the other.
Attorney Blanchard, who appeared for
the other side, disputed this, and read
some law on the subject.
After quite a lengthy argument by both
Bides, Judge Van bleet granted the. writ,
and discharged the girl.
The girl was scarcely outside the court
room door when tho Colusa officers, who
were heru to take her back, served an
other warrant on her. She was charged
again with embezzlement, but this time
the names of two other Chinese appeared
as the complaining witnesses, and not tho
Attorney Jones had suspected just such
a move, and had his papers ready, lie
rushed luck into Judge Van Fleet's
court, and had another pi titkm for a writ
of habeas corpus signed, and made re
turnable to-day.
The haste on Mr. Jones'part was to
prevent the slaveholders from bailing the
girl our. In this case they could take
possession of her and hide her. Then,
when the date of trial came up, they
would have the case dismissed, because
of tho "absence of witnesses whoso
whereabouts are unknown," and thus
free themselves from the liability of for
feiting the bail.
It is an old trick of the slaveholders,
and one that has been worked success
fully very often.
The fight will be taken up again to-day.
Constablo ]Jrl^>.. i Returns From Jjom
Angeles Empty-Handed.
Constable J. P. Brissel returned yes
terday from Los Angeles.
lie had been placed in about the same
position that the Colusa officers, who are
here now, occupy at present.
<>n Monday last Constable Brissi 1 ar
rived in Los Angeles with a Chinaman
from this city named Leone Sing. The
officer promptly reported at police head
quarters, where he stated he had a war
rant for the arrest of a Chinese woman
named Soon Lee, on a charge of grand
larceny. The complaining witness was
a Chinaman at Sacramento named Ah
Lung, and it had been represented to the
authorities at Sacramento that it was a
"straight case." Mr. Brissel s.-iid that he
did not want to lend himself to any un
derhand practice, and when the status of
affairs in Chinatown in Los Angeles was
laid before him, said if he found it was a
job he would have nothing to do with it.
Chief Glass then detailed Detective
Auble to assist Brissel, and taking the
Sacramento Chinaman with them to iden
tify the woman, they proceeded to China
town. They entered one of the houses,
when the strange heathen promptly
pointed out the Best-looking inmate, a
woman known as Toy Soon, as the guilty
party. As soon as 'this was done, the
officers were thoroughly convinced that
it was simply a blind to get possession of
the woman, who was known to be the
wife of Wong Chien. she having been
legally married to him at Fresno, for
which she had a certificate.
The arrest wa> made about noon, and
it was the intention of the officer to leave
with his prisoner on the L:35 train, but on
the representations of the local officers he
took the woman togthetCity Prison until
the matter could be investigated.
By this time the news of the arrest had
spread throughout Chinatown. The
heathens were in; a state of highi excite
ment, and in a short time a large delega
tion, headed by Wong Chee and the hus
band of the woman, put in an appear
ance at the Police station.
In the meantime the District Attor
ney's office had been communicated with,
and on the representations of Police ("ni
cer Bevan and others, a writ of habeas
corpus was at once applied for, and Dis
trict Attorney Ryan of Sacramento noti
fied by wire of the facts in the case. The
woman was then taken before Judge Mc-
Kinley, but as he was engaged the hear
ing was continued until Tuesday, the
prisoner being released on 1300 cash bail,
which was promptly deposited.
Monday evening Constable I'rissel re
ceived a telegram from Sacramento, tell
ing him to keep the woman in Los An-
Dr. Price's Delicious Flavoring Extract of
Vanilla is extracted from the true Vanilla Bean
obtained from Mexico.
This popular flavor, as made by Dr. Price,
embodies all the delicate aroma of this agree
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made from the cheap tonqua or snuff bean.
If something pure and nice is wanted to
flavor cakes, pies, creams, or puddings, use Dr.
Price's Delicious Flavoring Extracts, and the
housewife will never be disappointed.
geles until tho case could bo thoroughly
mv estimated.
From tho fact that the woman is the
wife of a member of the company "which
is opposed to Wong Ark, who was on
trial in Los Angeles for murder, tho offi
cers were of opinion that the attempt to
get possession of the woman Avas for the
purposo of intimidating the Chinese to
prevent them from giving evidence in
the murder trial. At any rate, it was tho
general opinion that had the woman been
got out of the city she would never have
reached Sacramento, as she would have
been intercepted at some point on the
road and got out of the hands of the
oliicers on some trick, as has been done
in other cases.
The Constable did not bring the woman
with him, as she was released on a writ
of habeas corpus. It was alleged in tho
writ that the matter was simply an at
tempt to get possession of the woman.
Constable Urissel says he was simply
acting in discharge of his duties in mak
ing the arrest, "The warrant was regu
larly issued," ho said, "placed in my
hands, and served. 1 had no interest in
the matter except to serve tho warrant, as
1 Mould any paper given me by the
proper authorities."
The Hussar Band "Will Clo^o the Opon-
Air Concerts To-Morrow Evening?.
The last open-air concert of the season
will be given at tho Plaza on Sunday
evening, beginning at 7 o'clock sharp.
The Hussar Hand will do tho honors,
having returned from lone, where tho
members had been the past week, de
lighting the people at the Amador County
A line programme is promised, as will
be seen by the following numbers:
Ma ifii. "Ai vert on" (Sherman
Mazoorka, "Chest< r E." \\ rrazzi
Musical melange, "Little Roßebuds"_Bocttger
< Irand military waltz. "Colonel" Kiesler
Overture, "Witch iincl Wizard" Dolbey
Grand medley of popular songs While
Concert march L titch
ill.is Is considered the finest march <i the
day. The same not being published as yet,
the band engaged one ot Its members to
arrange It.)
Potpourri, "Lnpi rcalia" Dolbey
Extra. [Selection iu>t yet made.]
Grand fantasia on GoapeJ hymns Dumara
I a) Galop, "Adieu"' Bollluson
( (U) "Star Spangled Banner."
A Chinese Woman the Victim—Three
Men Arrested.
Last night a Chinaman appeared at tho
the Police Station and swore out warrants
charging Fong Ah Him, Fon Ah Lucy
and Fong Ah Moy with robbery. He
said they had assaulted and robbed B
Chinawoman of her money, and even
nulled her ear-rings from her ears.
Three officers were detailed to go with
the Chinaman, who promised to point
out the robbers. He identified the three
men named, and they were arrested.
When they were searched by Police
Clerk Clark portions of a broken" pair of
ear-rings were found in the purse of one
of the prisoners, which gives color to tho
Several Bold Thefts Reported to the
J'oliee Yesterday.
Several cases of robbery were reported
yesterday at tho Police Station. John
lteith, the well-known Union House
farmer, announces the theft of a large
case of fresh butter and two dozen cans
of preserved fruit from his place.
Dr. W. Wood, the dentist, was yester
day robbed of 84 » worth of gold-filling for
teeth, and S. S. Nathan it Co. are minus
a coat stolen from in front of their store
on Third and X streets.
Instead of fifteen extra policemen the
Police Commission should have put on
about fifty.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following real estate transfers have
been recorded since our last report:
Mrs. 11. Michel to <;. H. l. and K.
Francis— East naif of west half and west
half of east half of lot 3, (J aiid R, Fourth
and Fifth streets: love and affection.
YV. F. and M. 11. Brown to \V. L. Sulli
van—East half of lot »i, L and M, Twenty
first and Twenty-second streets; 16*600.
Horses and Furniture at Auction.
At their salesroom, 1004 J street, to-day,
at 10 a. m., Hell <fc Co. will sell at auction
horses, buggies, wagons, carts, and two
houses of furniture ftnd carpets.
At 2 O'clock j\ m.. at the stock-yards.
Fourteenth and B streets, they will sell
forty head of line young horses.
Prisoners En Route.
Deputy Sheriff Costello of San Fran
cisco came up last night, en route to tho
Polsom l'rison, with .Tames M. Daly, a
murderer, under sentence for life, and
William Casey, a petit larcenist, sen
tenced to one year.
Tho Irrigation Convention.
Most of the delegates to the Irrigation
Convention, which meets at Salt Lake
City on the loth of September, have en
gaged sleeping-car accommodations for
the ovening of the 12th from San Fran
To Report This Evening.
All the special policemen appointed on
Thursday are to report at the Police Sta
tion at r> o'clock this evening and receive
their details and instructions.
— -+-
Thirteenth street, from O to P, is being
graveled by the Street linprovcinent
< lompany. Tho graveling of P street has
been completed us far down as that point.
■ ■*>
The I,ast Day.
Every lady should visit the New York Mil
linery Emporium, *>2b .1 street, to-day.aa it is
the last opportunity whereby a most select
stock of hats and bonnets can be secured at
reduced prices. S. T. Mi Hoover. *
(jAttmann & WlMOjf'S reduction sn'o
j>rovrd a great success, and thry will continue
the same kit one wtek longer. Watch local
columns daily. *
MTT.LON—In this city, September Ist, to the
wife of Arthur Milion. a daughter, *
NEUMANN—In this city, August 2Sth, to
the wit,- of Win. P. Neumann, a daughter. *
BLIGHT—In this city, August 21th, to the
wife of S. B. Slight, a daughter. •
LOWELL—In this city. September 4th. John
M. Lowell, a native of Sacramento City Cal
age I yean.
■C^" Funeral private.
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i? mm in mutt.
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imported Black Novelty Suits, from $15
to $35 each.
Weinstock, Lubin & Co.
400 to 412 X St., Sacramento.
Continued This Week.
619, 621 and 623 J Street, Sacramento.
See our PINE BEDROOM SET (8 pieces), $17.
We were at the circus and we found out that the
Mechanical Store Cannot k Undersold,
And place your earnings where they will bring the
best returns:
Men's Black Worsted Suits, worth $5, now $2 5O
Men's Fancy Worsted Suits, worth $6, now $3 OO
Men's Fancy Cassimere Suits, worth $8. now $4 OO
Men's Fancy Cheviot All-wool Suits, worth Sio, now $5 75
Men's Extra Fancy Cheviot All-wool Suits, worth $12, now $6 SO
Men's Fine Worsted All-wool Broadwales, worth $17 50, now $12 5O
Men's Fine French Imported Black Corkscrew, worth $22 50, now $15 OO
Men's Fine French Imported Worsteds, in broad and narrow wales, worth $25, now
_ $17 BO
Boys' Sailor Suits, worth $1 25, now 46c
Boys' Suits, long pants, union cassimere; 13 to 18, worth $4, now $2 25
Boys' Suits, long pants, all-wool cassimere, worth $5 50, now $3 OO
Woven Wire Mattresses, - - %l 73
Bed Lounges, 12 00
Solid Walnut Wardrobe, - - 22 00
Antique Bedroom Set 7 pieces. 21 00
Theso nro only a few of the many bar
gains to b© found at
Call and see our fine stock of
Store Open Every Fvonlnjr till S o'clock.
920 AND 928 X STREET.
the race track are exclttng and severe i>ut
it la not a marker to the strngcle in the race
between lite and death. A neglected dl?
nften causes senoua '.iin<-ss. ana ih. a the con
test starts In. Ml you over have bead dut
easet Then are u>is of inopi* dynn >>i v.
MR. w. a. C0X.520 o itreet, this cfty.a
well-known and popular gentleman, did not
propose being added to toe u-t. He writi «
'1 have dootored with manj pnyslclaaa for
the past three yens, bat only derived tempo*
raryrellet I Buffered greatly from rheuma
tism, heart and kidney troubles. I placed
myself under Uii> care of the doctors at the
Dr. Williams' Dispensary, and after the Unit
lour weeks of treatment I found mynell cured.
I give (lii> testimonial to enable others BUttei -
ing as] havet., en to learn where they can be
speedily cured, ir th. oaM be ourable. or if
otherwise will !>ec.indidiv informed.
(Signed), \v. a. COX.
IftbestaflTot physicians at the Doctor Will
iams' Dispensary cannot cure you, do power
on earth can. Don't give up. There is hope
for those who suffer from Nervous and Plj
eal Debility, Premature Decline, Exhausted
Vitality, the despairing miserie from
inherited weakness, folly, overwork, overtax
ation, strains, vice, Ignorance, i-'te.. causing
the unhappy victim to be unfit ror business,
work, pleasure or social or public duties and
relations. Remember, w specialty Is in. n'a
diseases. Young, middle-aged or old men
suffering from the effects of Collies restored to
j>( ri'. ot health. Consultation, examination
and advice free. A pharmacy is attached and
all prescriptions filled free of charge.
our business is conducted with th<>
jjrrvatest seoreoy, and we pnblian tes
timonials only ut th<> request of jm
th'iits. Hours, !) A. M. to I V. M. ntiil
<$ to H I*. M. Sunday*. 1O A. M. to 12
M. only.
(>ivJ X Street, Baoratnento, Cal.
Studebaker Bros.
Tho lntost styloH nnd tho bost niada
vehicles iv tho world.
Pacific Gas Engine,
The leading and only successful
Gas Engine in the market.
1000,1002,1005, 1006 X Street
WILD llilffl HE!
A First-class Tonic and Appetizer
Can be used on ull occasions. For sale every
4 17 k st:- ( >.-t. raol4-lm«1 General Agent.
.1 Loan Association will Issue its Fiftcpntd
■erica of stock, commencing September 7th.
Shares can be secured now, at its office 1014
Fourth street A. LEONARD, Secretary.
(Successors to Postel & Rchnerr),
Nos. nn and nn Front Street. Sacramento, Cal.
T)Rornn:T< liis ( :apital si >da w < irks
I nnd i ieneral Afp nts Fredericksbnrg Brew
ing Company, dealers in Wines, Imported
Mineral waters, Carbonated Drinks, i-'l.i
* Mr Barsaparilla, Iron and Vichy Water and
California (Grange Cider still lead on this
coast on account of their healthralness. purity.
dcliciito flavor and keeping qualities.
ti-Jfowaro of Irresponsible pnrtto*;,
who, under all sorts of miaroprescnta
llon, oftor for snlo similar but vastly
Inferior uoods ntadc In onteldo towns.
Bucksai Whitney's, near v^AVV^
Rocklln, Cal.agQ-lTn*
mA ll<rPll# AfIPLI Sou.erin« from
I «W glliriil Ifflb I^B youthful errors
»arly decay, wastlnpr weakness, lost manhood, etc^
I will goad a valuable treatise (»caled) containing
full particulars Tor bomo cure, FBEE of charge.
A.splcn>lid medical work; fOinuld ba Tem&byercry
man who is inrvon* and dr-bllltat^d. A^lilrpsi,
Prof. F- C. FOWLER. 2Soudai a toun.
crkajj, *>n JiiiiM ii. uf.ai riiu;B
fi—i .^cff^S. Il<?m<»vcH 'I'an, Pimples,
»|S <^S^®s> Fwdctos, Moth Pauhes,
3rj"^ jj^^'list-uses, and cv-
Hsx— 'K?^ fffjf /rM.7 nauty.anddolles
E.SKk Ml *Jt Ht-V '!<"tection. It has
Ph^cs *S V fcT\ 4u years, and in so
p 3« A. -^"V- «-J harmlesswetasta
3« ax O ■ mf I '' to sur«? it 1»
](} 5L ,/AJ \ Accept no conn
/jJIU-^/Vl ( ' \ "av)>r" said to^
fsr y^^^^/^\l ) 11lu> of the hliut:
[ " f %\ \^ **^^ "As you ladies
\ *—** b\jT >w! will u9ft them. I
raud's Cream'as the least harmftil of all the Mkln
preparations." For Bal<> by all dru*sfl*ts and fxney
goods dealers in the United Hiates.Canada* and Eu
rope. FRED. T. HOPKLXS, Proprietor. 37 OreM
Jouea AtreeL. iScw V ui^ mvo-TTS3x>Ut

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