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How the Oakiands Came to Defeat the
Sacramento Baii-Tossers.
The Oakiands Piny an Excellent Game
-Hassamer Refuses to Take a
Censuring From MeGulrk.
Botnmera could not pitch third-class
ball yesterday, and by his wildnesa he
lost the game for the Sacrainentoa. He
pitched just two innings, and after allow
ing three or four men to take their bases
on balls, hitting a couple of men and
making two wild pitches, McGuirk con
cluded to take him out of the game and
allow Holl'man to do the pitching.
The Oakiands had made six runs while
Sommera waa in the box, and in the next
inning with Hoffman twirling the sphere
they made two more runs. This was all
ihoj could do, however, for when Hoff
man got warmed up to his work ho
pitched so effectively and was supported
ho well that not a run was scored during
the remaining six innings.
Notwithstanding the fact that the Sena
tors were but two runs behind their oppo
nents when Sommera retired they were
uot able to tie them oa account of Baltz's
-j.i!li:;nt work for Oakland. rie is not
the rattle-headed and erratic pitcher ho
Was four months ago, but has steadied
down so well that he can now control his
carves and shoot his "speedy" balls
across tho plate whenever he wants to.
lie backs and watches bases well, and
nel Robinson can rightly claim that
lie has a prize in Baltz.
The Oakland team played a magnifi
< at contest throughout and proved that
■y are now an even match for any club i
in tho league. Godar, .Sweeney, Fower
.md Cantillionformed a strong infield.
• iiroll played in the center garden and
pulled down three flies in excellent
i iiape.
Spear caught In a manner that must
.. \- given his pitcher confidence. His
trifle weak yet from the seri
ous sprain he received a couple of months
i ■
wman caught one of the worst gar
has ever been guilty of playing since
same to tho coast. Ho had an "oil"
and actually got rattled at critical
times. He was very slow in his attempts
to catch foul balls, and he could not make
a base hit. In fact, it was his "jonah"
Roberts gave a line exhibition of lield
ing. His assist in a double play was a
•juick piece of work.
Reynolds' inlield work could not have
D improved upon. He made several
ditiieult stops, and always knew what to
ith the ball when he got it.
ur the end of the third inning Ilas-
Bamer mufiod a low ball thrown to
fa m by Hoffman, and emphasized his
disgust by kicking the ball. He intended
to kick it toward Hothnan, but it rolled
by and a runner stole third base.
McGuirk read the "riot ad" to him at
■nd of the inning and Hassamer left
field. He wanted to quit the team
gether, but McCloskey prevailed on
. to remain. Before he left the field
samer had made two home runs in
two times to the bat.
Following is the score:
UAMKNTO. AM. 11. JI.IT. S.B. P.O. A. K.
Goodeaoueb, cf 5 1 :i v 1 o O
':ilc( Julrk, Isib 5 O 0 o 9 o 0
.. .s. is :> 2 I.' O o 1 1
man, c_ 4 o o o l l "
noltts, 2d b 15 O o O 2 (> O
b. 5... 4 1113 2 0
b 3 2 113 4 2
:. f. 4 O 1 O 4 1 O I
•ncrs, r. 1 U 10 0 10 0]
Holhnuu,n 3 O 1 O 0 2 1
\a :}<> 7 9 2 24 17 6
OAKLAND. A.!!. B. B.H. S.B. P.O. A. E.
Carroll, c. f. 3 1 0 O 8 O O
Power, i-t i) 4 1 2 012 1 0
4 1 O O 2 3 1
31 acs, l. l 4 13 13 0 1
4 O O o 2 3 O
.ilion, 2d b 4 O 1 O 1 6 1
4 110 4 1 0
ill. r. l 4 2 10 0 0 0
.. l 4 1 1 0 () 1 (»
Ofl 35 8 9 1 27 15 3 1
nento 13 0 10 10 0 I—7
Oakland :{ 3 2 o o 0 0 0 *— y
met! rung—Sacramento, 4: Oakland, O.
■ runs _ Goodenougn, Hassamer (2).
Spies. ] ■•■. v■ a ower
Hud Hlnes. Sacrifice bits—Carroll, l'«
I and CantiUion. Fire! batte on errors
lamento, ; O Island, 5. !■ irsl bas
- icramento, '.: Oakland, 3. I
1 "ate land, B. S)
« " tfj HoQman, l;by Baits, 3. Pli I
> .! by pitch
• ■
; Sweeney and Power, l'isss-d bal
1. Wild pitches—Som
m une - lii. and 50m. Um
i M Donald. Beorer—Will H. Young.
in, I raaciscos Defeat tho Leaders
by a Score <>f it; to 11»
-■ Francisco, Sept. h.— The home
i the S;;n Jose club to-day
by a 16 to 11. Both pitchers were
.ird and received Indifferent sup;..
features of the game were the all
roand work of CartwrightandSwe
SAS >. A.B. R. V.. 11. S.I!. P.O. A. I
luurp, 2d i) 6 :; 1114:'!
■■■■ ■ ■ -i' ...6 4 ■ 1 " 0 i I
Hi iih. 3d I) 4 2 1 1 O" 7 2
•i- t 6 12 110 0 1
• right, Ist b 3 2 1 4 16
V f- -. *. 3 4 12 1103
-.i. f 5 0 1 1 2 O 0
;.c 4 1 o O 4 :; i
< ' .]> 4 4 10 110
■ 41 16 12 18 27 17 7
■ EL WAX. s.n. !>.o A. X
:.. 1. f 5 2 2 0 8 0 o
IJj 5 120: 2 1
B 1 1202 1 ;i 1
4 1114 10 1
Dooley, Ist b <; o 2 19 1 Q
cr.c. f 5 v 1 0 0 0 1
1 r.i -1 1 o 0 '.l 0 o
I1 b 5 2 1 o 0 6 1
. h, p 4 :> l 0 0 1 . ;
1 42 11 12 8 :!7 15 7 '
lunii -
<» 0 o i :? 0 4 2 >y~ in
0 0 2 i 0 S <> 1 ..-- I 1
Ban 1 Tan< ■.
1 o-basehits—Swei n Hurley, 8 . . •:, -
hits—Harp; r. 1.. Sharp, \.< \ j
J r~! '
■ ■ ■ Ed balls—Sun P'ran
i • i on ba
. strurlc on; -Bj I'O
1 i. okabaugh :;. liii by pitchu 1
:n I. Una]
linscbnll T!;is Morning*
Tho game of 1 ill to-day between the
md Sacnroentoa will take
this morning, commencing
o'clock, in order that people can mm- the
t me and the races also. Callen, Sao
-1 mento*a new pitcher, will do the twirl
ing for the home team.
< 'Trespondoneo of Interest to th<>
< ■ o< ml Public.
Hi ci)i:i>-!"Ni.iN
pubUsb sh< from correspondent*
i ml public. The
numsnu-ations will 1* an
< '.:•>■ n of tin 1
mmtuiical Urns musi be ncoom-
II b; :::> name of tlia writer, not tor pub
i 1. bill as a tjiiuiaiuco
Eioctrio-< it?- Serrta .
. Regokd-Uitiok : Permit m© a few
i -is in explanation of the "wretched
Of tin.' Fir iric .Railway,"
termed in Thnrsday's Bee, We keep an
: i "i" Hie time our cars li:i\v
Southern Pacific depot, as \v<>!! as tho
: : conductors and motormen and
number of car. On examination of that
>rd for yesterday t!it> 17th), a day
v.hen our cars wore taxed to their utmost
..city, ] find a oar left the Southern
Iflfl depot every live minuics l>o
tweon tlie hours of 6:10 a. :»r. and
11 v. M . ex<-ept in t\\ o in
t-iiinoes, and then they were only ten
minute* apart. It necessarily follows
that a car run to the depot every five
minutes between the hours named. Con
sequently there cannot have been any
long wait at Third street*
il is impossible ;<> run all our cars
through to the depot when running so
many extras, with our present track fa
cilities north of I street. We have kept a
man at Thii d street especially to see that
passengers were properly taken care of
and transferred. He has special instruc
tions to see that passengers going to out
going trains get to the depot in time, even
if he had to run an extra through with
them. We have made all arrangements
for increasing our track facilities north of
1, and work will be commenced next
week. When that is done our patrons
will have no complaint to make on ac
count of being transferred at Third street.
This transfer of passengers has only oc
curred during the fair.
J. 11. Henry, President.
Tho Cominj* Season Promises to be a
Prosperous Oao.
If the programme which is being
planned by the Young Women's Chris
tian Association is successfully carried
out, the coming season will be one of the
most attractive and instructive.
The classes in gymnastics will be re
sumed next Mondfly and Tuesday even
ings under the instructors, Messrs. Mc-
X. Ely and Dunster.
Wednesday evening will hereafter be
devoted to the Bible training class for
young women. Thursday evening will
' the class in dressmaking under a
most proficient teacher, Mrs. Gardiner,
who teaches tin ladies'tailor system of
cutting and fitting. A class in English
literature will also receive instruction
that evening.
The rooms will be open Friday evening
to classes in stenography and typewrit^
ing and the Delsarte physical culture. In
addition to this a course of lectures has
been planned. The first in the course
will be Rev. J)r. Dille's illustrated lecture.
'A Week in Wonderland—Yellowstone
Park," which will take place Friday
evening, October "Ju.
Later on the ladies hopo to have with
them Mr. McCoy of San Francisco and
President Jordan of the Stanford Univer
sity and others. Following these will be
several medical talks by leading physi
cians of this city,
Jt is hoped that the good people of Sae
ramentowill do all in their power to
help and encourage these young women
in their undertak Lug.
A Thief Who Has Been ! roubling the
Farmers, Shot Down,
lie Is Taken to Town, Placed en a Cot
at the Receiving Hospital nnd
Allowed to Escape.
Several times during the past month
the police and the deputies in the Sheriff's
office have been notified that some thief
or thieves have been pilfering among the
farmhouses along the Freeport road, and
io the vicinity of the Union House.
Large quantities of newly-churned but
tnr have been stolen at times from tho
collars, and the hen roosts have been
rai<led to an alarming extent. The offi
cers were notified that the person sup
posed to be committing the numerous
thefts was a party who drove a white
horse, but this was little or no clue on
winch to work.
Early yesterday morning between the
hours of 1 and 2 o'clock, John Coleman.
i farmer who resides near the Union
House, heard an unusual commotion in
his chicken-house and he at once came to
the conclusion that whoever was doing
the thieving was the person whom the
farmers in the vicinity were trying to
hunt down. lie dressed himself, but by
the time he had gotten out of the house
and aroused a couple of neighbors, the
chicken-thief had gained considerable
headway, being provided with a horse
and buggy.
Coleman got a party of neighbors to
gether,and knowing that the person they
wanted had taken the road leading to
town, they started in pursuit. They fol
lowed him for over ten miles, when sud
denly they came upon the rig, tied to a
fence a short distance this side of Willow
Slough, on the Freeport road. It was then
about 4 o'clock in the morning and the
moon was shining brightly. Tho thief
had entered on the farm of J. If. Hamil
ton to make a descent on the latter's
chicken-house. He had evidently for
gotten that be was being pursued from
the I nion House, or else he thought
that the chase hud been given up.
A. short time after Ihe men arrived at
the place where the horse was bitched
they noticed a man coming aci
iieid toward the ro.id, with acoupleof
sacks on bis They were Boon able
to see that the thief was a Chinaman,
and. lying down in tho stubble, they
waited for hi:!i.
\\'h' i! he liad gotten to within about
forty yards of the wagon the men jumped
up and told him to step. Instead he
dropped the Backs and started to run.
the chickens in the sacks
I h'ir way oat and did some vigor
ous cackling for severa] minutes. rj Here
were fourteen in number, iwo or three of
which were dead.
A y wane man named X. B. Davis, who
had joined in the pursuit, followed the
Chinaman and drawing a pistol com
manded him to stoj). The thief paid no
heed to the warning, nor did he stop after
a shot had been discharged. A second
.shot was fired and he turned arontld just
in time to allow the ballet to strike him
in Hit- right side a couple of inches I clow
iho nipple. He fell to the ground and
was in ly assisted to the buggy
and driven to town by two of the men.
i i!.i! appear to be dangerously
wounded. -1 was of 32 caliber,
avis was about thirty yards ftom
him when he lircd the shot.
Uhe prisoner wasbrought to the County
Jail and given into Deputy Sheriff AJ
ter's charge. Alter brought him to the
Receiving Hospital at the City Jail about
6 o'clock in the morning and left him in
charge of Night Jailer Clark lor treat
The Chinaman -was placed on ono of
hospital and at that lime
looked as though he wore dying. Officer
Rider canto to the jail about a naif horn
afterward to reU ye Officer Clark, and
found a note on the desk in the office,
saying that there was a Chinaman who
had been shot tying <>n one of the cote In
the hospital. Rider did no* go into the
tai immediately, but sometime after
ward when he went in to see the sup
. ' a&henhewaa surprised to
i oot empty and no Chinaman in
in. wounded thief had quietly arisen,
d his clothes, and walked out of the
hospital through a window which had
. left open all night.
When the men WO i had made the cap
ture and several of the fanners came
down to the jail yesterday morning their
indignation knew no bounds when they
learned of the escape. District Attorney
Ryan investigated the matter, and the
conclusion reached was that the prisoner
should not have been brought to the city
jail at ail. He was arrested outside of the
city iiiniis, and should have been held at
the County Jail.
So fin* all efforts to find the missing
Chinaman have been Unavailing, !!-•
gave the name of Ah Kee. He was ar
rested in this city several week* ago. and
a sack of chickens was found in his pos
session. Tnr owner did not call for them,
and the police authorities were compelled
to let him go.
The horse and wagon belonged to Mike
Smith, and the Chinaman had been in
the habit Of hiring it very often for all
night trips. A lirkinof butter was found
in the wagon. It was undoubtedly
Captain O'Connell's Report of the
Various Encampments.
What ITe Says About tho First Artil
lery Regiment—Suggestions to
tho Inspector-General.
Captain J. J. O'Connoll, of the United
Stales Army, who was appointed by the
Inspector-General at Washington to in
spect the camps of the California militia j
this year, has written bis report and for
warded it to headquarters. His criti
cisms are severe, and are made with the
intent to show the defects and good
points that he lias observed. Regarding
the First Artillery Regiment, he says:
"The First Artillery began its annual
encampment on the Bth of August, and
aggregated 360 officers and men. The
material of which this marching regi
ment is composed is not of the very
best, the ranks in many companies be
ing largely composed of puny, narrow
in sted boys, totally deficient in military
'•in guard duty, skirmish drill and
military courtesy a decided improvement
was gained over lust year's rating. Senti
nels performed their task cheerfully and
with a commendable degree of accuracy.
There was good work done in battalion
and skirmish drills, subject, however, to j
the following exceptions: Distances j
wore at fault, lines broken, in some in
ctances tho men were huddled together
in a. heap or scattered with large inter
vening gaps; generally the step was too
short and little or no attempt was made
at correcting errors by the file-closers.
A few Captains appeared to have been
perfectly at a loss what to do when cer
tain move nu nts were ordered, and there- i
fore gave their orders in a vacillating
manner, trusting their companies would j
get into position in some shape, hardly
knowing what to do with themselves.
The excellent behavior of thiscainmand
and th" almost universal obedience to |
orders manifested, was remarkable and
gratifying. They showed a degree of
-respect worthy of high praise.
Officers and men performed their duty
with alacrity and to the best of their
The Captain has these suggestions to I
make regarding the National Guard in
"] do not believe there is another State j
organization superior to that of California j
in the essential features of a military I
body. Tho National Guard of the State
will compare favorably with the oldest
and best organized guards in the Eastern
and Middle States. California can put in
the field in thirty days 30,000 fairly armed,
equipped and drilled men, who after a
couple of months' service, would be as
steady and efficient as regulars, and
could be depended upon to render a good
account of themselves. In forty-eight
hoars' notice 4.000 men can be concen
trate d at any threatened point within the
Commonwealth, and in the security
which this fa -t imparts to personal prop
erty and public institutions lies the re- j
ward of the taxpayer who maintains this
absolutely essential force. I trust the
merchants and businessmen of Califor
nia will rise above mere mercenary in
terests and permit, as a duty, the attend
ance of their employes at the annual en
campments, which in an emergency
might prove tiieir own salvation in the i
j protection of tin- special business in which
they are engaged, besides bringing to the
i ice an Intelligent and effective class ■ >f
young men always to be relied upon for
the protection of life and property.
"I heartily recommend that an officer
of tho Inspector-General's department of
the army be detailed to inspect at "such
time as he may see lit the records, arms,
clothing and equipment of the National
Guard and submit a report of the condi
tion and strength of the guard yearly to
the Adjutant-< Jeneial of the army. The
War Department should have its repre
sentativein every camp of instruction held
yearly in the several States of the Union.
"The term of enlistment in both regu
lar and National Guard service Should ho
reduced to three years. I recommend
that tho militia of this State be organized
into one division of three brigades,
namely, the first brigade in San Fran
cisco and vicinity, the second brigade in
Stockton. Sacramento and adjacent terri
tory, and the third brigade at Los An
geles, San Diego and surrounding coun
try. There are at present too many
Brigadier-Generals and merely orna
mental stafPofficers. only orticers who
j do the work should have tho rank.
"All the regiments should he rally
! equipped with leggings, campaign hats
and woven belts for field service of the
patterns now in use in the regular army.
The length of the encampments should
j be two weeks, or at least ten days, for un
der the present system, no sooner have
[the nun settled down to earnest work
i than they are called upon to get ready to
igo home. The range for target practice '
j ought to be extended to 600 yards so as to j
I embrace the 200* 500 and 600-yard ranges, i
and the promiscuous practicing ;\t the
butts of officers and men should be dis
couraged. I invite the attention of tho !
colonels to the great importance of 'set
ting up' drill, and recommend a stricter
compliance with tactics in this connec
"The time has come for a stronger and
closerunion between the Federal Gov
ernment and the National Guard of the
country. To promote and foster this re
lation and increase the efficiency of the
guard, I recommend that the captains
and lirst lieutenants of the skeleton com
panies of the army be detailed as adju
tants of the different regiments of the Na
tional Guard, so that every militia regi
ment will have a regular ai my officer :or
its adjutant, which detail wifl last four
years. As a further step toward this
more intimate union, I recommend that
the central Government completely arm,
clothe and equip the guard in every state
in the Union, and that the said States de
fray the cost of transporting the troops to
and from the summer encampments, sub
sisting them while in camp, and in ad
dition pay the soldiers a fair day's wages,
allowing the officers the pay of" the grade
actually hold by them as prescribed by
the army."
Our I-ovely "Weather.
The Weather Bureau's records show
tho temperatures yesterday at 5 a. >:.
and S P. m. to have beeuoT 0 aud 72°, while
the highest and lowest were 78° and 56°,
with fresh to brisk southerly wind and a
clouded sky in the early portion of the
With great care, by a process entirely his own,
Dr. Price is enabled to extract from select fruits,
all of the characteristic flavors, and place in the
market a class of flavorings of rare excellence.
Every flavor as represented, of great strength
and perfect purity. For flavoring Ice-Creams,
Cakes. Custards, Puddings, etc., as delicately and
naturally as the fruit. All housekeepers who use
Dr. Price's Delicious Flavoring Extracts,
Lemon, Vanilla, Orange, etc., are surprised to
see how vastly superior they are to other kinds
they have used.
day, and clear, blue skies the remainder.
The barometer, however, is still" falling,
and read yesterday at 6 a. m. and 5 v. >r.
30.01 and 2f>.H"{ inches, respectively.
The highest and lowest temperatures
me year ago yesterday were 82?
md "4-, and one year ago to-day BBP
and 54°, with light southerly winds and
cloudless nkies.
A Suit Over a Hop Transaction is Di*
When the case of R. J. Merkley against
Horst Bros, was called in Superior Judge
Catlin's court yesterday Attorney Bru
ner moved for its dismissal.
Ho explained that the plaintiff had
been given satisfaction and did not care
to proceed further with the rase.
The plaintiff is the well-known hop
raiser, and the defendants are prominent
buyers of that article. Horst Bros.
agreed to purchase sixty-nine bides of
hops from Mericlcy for $768. Merkley
claims to have delivered the hops, but did
not receive the money, hence the suit.
It is said that the trouble was the result
of a misunderstanding, and as soon us
Horst Bros, learned how matters stood
they promptly paid the bill.
He Says Ho is Not GuUtgr of Burglary
mid Grand Lirccnv.
T. IT. Lynch WHS arraigned in Judge
Catliivs court yesterday on charges of
grand larceny and burglary.
He pleaded "not guilty" to both
Lynch is the man who was arrested for
entering the room of Alfred Rogers, a
I ber. who lives at Third and X streets,
and taking various articles of clothing,
valued in all at§l2s.
The charge of grand larceny was for
| robbing a man named John Hanschotl,
who lives at .Second and J streets.
The Grisnicr-Davies company had a
good house at the Metropolitan Theater
I iast evening. The play was "Beacon
! Lights." In nothing .Miss Davies does is
there more cunning art than in the as
sumption of the girlish part of Carrie
Calhoun. Nothing more establis
claim to great versatility. Scoti
oopei as Colonel Clay Calhoun is.in hi-;
si part. In nothing we have seen him
undertake is he so near to the ideal as in
this personation of tho proud, bland,
irteous South Carolina gentleman of
I the old time. Mr. Grismer, aa Captain
I Allen, was up to the level of his I
work,and Mr. "Weir, :;s Del Moro, re
moved the earlier impression that he
could not assume a robust part. Ilis
j work was excellent last night, and his dia
lect very near to the real. This afternoon
for a matinee the company will present
:he beautiful comedy-drama "Ferncliff,"
and will repeat it to-night, and again to
j morrow (Sunday) night.
The Clunie Opera-house held a good
audience last night that was thoroughly
well pleased with Evans and Hoey in the
farce-comedy "A Parlor Match." Mr.
Hoey'a varied musics] ability i- manifest
in the play from bagpipes to violin, via
the bassoon and the clarionet. The au
was kept in a constant roar of
laughter by the merriment-makers in this
!roupe, one; of the strongest, by the way.
that has ever essayed Hoyt's farces. "A
Parlor Match" will be repeated for tho
last time to-night, There will be no mat
inee to-day.
Tho Paladina Eviction.
Special Oliirer .Scheppleman, who
evicted the Paladina family on Tuesday
last, says that he had given Paladina
notice to move out over a month ago and
that there w?is over three months'rent
due. He supposed he was acting law
fully and had no intention of doing other
May Not Survive.
John Van Saun, the old gentleman who
was injured at the racetrack lastSatur-.
day in the collapse of the outside seats, is
reported to be slowly sinking. He has
eaten nothing since the accident, and the
physician in attendance fears that the old
man may not be able to withstand his in
Sewing Machine Awards.
Family sewing macbines are not allowed
any awards lit our State Fair, but Mr. A J.
Pommer carried o!l" the honors, receiving the
premium for the beit displa/of sewing ma
chines for family use and avt needlework
done on the same. His display compr
;) tmestic, the New Home and the Wtali
mi; machines.
TheHtnger ManufacturineCompany, as well
ar- the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Com
pany, received premiums on special manu
factory machines only, not on their family
Berlin Cough Cure.
For cough* and colds ami all Inner and
throat affections This article baa superior
inerst. It Is perfectly harmless, gives imme
diate relief and cures the worst CJises In from
two to th ree days. Indorsed by our best phy
sicians. Try ;i bottle and you will niwavs
k< 11> it. Prloe,fifty cents a bottle. The YV. ii.
Bone Company, San Francisco, sole propri
etors. Jviiiv. Geary &Co., sole agents. Try C.
C Liniment for acnes and pains. '*
Mr. Cooper—Dear Sir: if all your pianos
turn out ;-.s superior as mine, I begin to under
stand why they an- t.ticin^ the lead <>i all
others. I did not buy nay piano in a hurry,
but. as teacher of music, l had a daily oppor
tunity of testing the different makes tor
years Dotore I purchased. 1 urn delijiuedwiili
my MaUmshek, and I recommend it.
* MRS. F. A. LYON.
To tttk POBlilC.— During fair time theonly
plaoe :<> buy the best Juneh meat and fine
sausages, made frcah erery day, i.-s at Odell &
HerzogV, 1020 X street. *
Kteixway & Son's, popular Pease and
brilliant Gsbler Bros. 1 pianos: easy instaU
i v ;:-. A. J. Pommer, comer Ninth and J. *
AIAYO—In ih;s rity, September litn. to the
wife of J. K. Mayo, a son.
NOYEB—In Washington, Hepteniher 18th,
Frank B. Noyes, a native < f Qlinuis. agea
:',l \ears. 7 month- and 2*> day.
£ *)- Friends s!hd acquaintances are respect
fully invited t<i attend the funeral, n< m
lii- late residence, Washington, Yoio
County, this afternoon at :{ o'clock.
CORTOPASBI—In this dty, Bepteml e:-'l?:h.
Theresa, wife of F. Ooriopassl, a native < f
Itaiy, aired L>S years, 2 mouths and 20 day.-*.
4£e"-Fr:en'is and acquaintances are ies: ect
fully invited to attend the funeral, which
win take place from 3o<; Kstreet, between
Tliir.l and Fourth, to-im rrow (Sunday) at
2 o'clock; thence to the Cathedral, where
funeral services will be held. *
<£hcm£o& I>ailtj foe SLTcmstock, gttfrfci %S: v!~o
We call particular attention to some Camels' Hair Pattern
Suits, with large, shaggy spots in contrasting colors, at $8 per
suit. They are ainoug the most attractive novelties at a
medium price that we have.

• We have an attractive new style Ink Well of glass, with
nickel-plated rack on top for penholders. A little glass door
which closes of itself constantly protects the ink from outside
dust and dirt. Price, 35c
THE ■WBlBinr UP.
This is an All-metal, Nickel-plated Lamp, with a central
draft of air, giving complete combustion and consequently a
very bright light for reading or sewing. Price, complete, $2 20.
We can recommend this Lamp as being a thoroughiy satis
factory article at a very low price.
Mbit lULMjI LAim.
This is not a toy, but a practical little article resembling in
appearance a small nickel-plated match safe. Pressing a spring,
the lid tiics open and a light is there, as if burning perpetually,
just the thing for lighting cigars, and better than matches for
going into dark places. Clean, safe and compact. 75c.
Men's Gray Merino Undershirts or Drawers, for fall and
winter wear. Price, 50c.
White Merino Undershirts or Drawers, silk braid and
stitched around the neck. Price, 50c.
The above lines we buy in case lots direct from the mills,
saving the profits of jobbers and wholesale dealers, and give far
superior values to what 50 cents usually bays.
A little Iron Pistol, which shoots small cards a distance of
thirty to fifty feet, according as the elastic is made short or
long. It is a harmless toy and sure to become a favorite. 10c.
Weinstock, Lubin & Co.
In the city to select from at
MRS. M. A. PEAIER'S. 619, 621 and 623 J Street.
See our PINE BEDROOM SET (8 pieces) $17
boist marche;, s^7j st.
All the Latest Novelties in Millinery.
Of the State Fair. We arc now in the midst of the second week of the Annual
State Fair, and to the visitors we desire to say a few words.
OUR GRAND REMOVAL SALE is still in force and the price of FINE
are lower than ever. You should not fail to visit our store before returning
home, for you will not find such a grand opportunity for fine goods at as low
prices as we arc offering.
And be convinced of the truth of our remarks:
Men's Black Worsted Suits, worth $5, now $2 5O
Men's Fancy Worsted Suits, worth $6, now $3 OO
Men's Fancy Cnssimere Suits, worth SS, now $4 OO
Men's Fancy Cheviot All-wool Suits, worth ,s'io, now $3 73
Men's Extra Fancy Cheviot All-wool Suits, worth £12, now $6 5O
Men's Fine Worsted All-wool Broadwales, worth $17 50, now $12 5O
Men's Fine French Imported Black Corkscrew, worth J22 50, now $10 OO
Men's Fine French Imported Worsteds, in broad and narrow wales, worth 525, now
$17 5O
Boys' Sailor Suits, worth $1 25, now 45c
Boys' Suits, long pants, union cassimere, 13 to it>, worth ,<4, now $2 23
Boys' Suits, long pants, all-wool CBssimere, worth $5 50, now $3 OO
Men's Cotton Pants, worth $1 25, now 6Oc
Men's Cassimere Pants, worth $2, now $1 OO
Men's All-wool Fine Cassimere Pants, worth $3, now $1 75
Come and See for Yourself. No Reserve. Even-thing Must Go.
See that you make no mistake in the number.
Great Reductlona In Prices at the
ERn Underwear Suits, 75c; Fancy Striped Socks at 5c a pair; Fancy Calico Shirts at
25c; 15 Candles lor 25c; Fancy Soap tor 25c a dozen; Face Powders all brands, s<r Quilts
from 75c upward; Blankets from $1 25 upward.
1 N. 2CEMANSKY, Proprietor.
Wovhi Wire Ifsfcesses, - - $2 75
Bed Lounges, 12'00
Solid Walnut Wardrobe, - - 22 Of)
Antique Bedroom Set, 7 pieces, 2i 00
These are only n few or tho runny bat*
gains to be fouud at
L i JAIM & m
Call and sec our Sne stock of
Furniture >K and >!< Carpets.
StoroOpen Ever-Evening till S o'clock.
all Indulge In at times. 1
siclc miss no opportunity to have the i
monster deter his visit. DEAI
CATES seldom mention catarrfi, but to the
Inability of the arstem to resist disease ;* f.<
qc«ntly due the first cautH i i i»n«ump<
tion, bronchitis or some other name is written
on the cortlflcat*, but catarrh was ihcsun*-
Ing point,
MR. W.S. KAIL, 324 K ar-.-t. makes the
following statement:
This is to certlij tun! I have been ailing for
three years with catarrh and nervous trou
I visited several physicians, who raveme !>ut
temporary relier. and ' ■ said I was Incur
able. In .itiTic 1 \"v< io Dr. Williams' l>i>;
pnsary and toofa^W-atmeni ;vml can now
assert that lam completely and permanently
cured. Signed, \v. s. kail. "
tl<- Bays that he triol remedies ami doc
tors until ho almost despaired. That is the
with hundreds of others. Disappointed
in being cared, but n>i>))«.i of their money,
people grow to distrust the doctors and h«u
tate io try any further; but it is Dale to go I •
tothose specialists who have an HONEST
KK 1 ■<>[{!> and are curing other (oiks.
CATARRH, Catairhal I>< afiiess, los; of taste
or sun 11. ]!ro»!chii\>, and all throat and
diseases permanently cured.
NERVot S DEBILITY, resulting Tom er
ors of youth, marital • scess< s, i t.-., and caus
ing exhausting drams, io<s oi memory, ami't
tionand manly power, lmpedimeuts to mar
riage, ami wrecking the \ Jctiin mentally and
1 bysically.
BLOOD IND BKIN dteeaaes, such m
i. la, Syphil s. Ulcers, Blotcues, atfi cUnjt bodj ,
throat and. l»«nes, are Hfe dily and thoroui
eradicated from the system.
rRiNWKY \m» RiDNEY troubles,naln«
ful, too frequent, difficult or badly colo
urin. pains in the back, stricture, yaricoccle
and ail private discnsi a cured for life.
Young, middle-aged or old men suffering
from the effects ol tollies and excels a restored
to perfect health, manhood and rigor.
We are regularly educated physicians and
surgeons, graduates of the i>csi Ensliab and
Ann ric in colleges, witli peculiar skill and <■*-
1 erience in treating the abovi -menl loned ail
iiicnt^. 'l"!iis is proven by tho numerous curas
effected and to which we'point with pride.
Consultation, examination and advice in e.
A pharmacy is attached and all prescriptions
filled tree of ebsrge.
Our business I-; conducted -with the
greatest secrecy.and \vt- pabllsß tostl
r.ionials only at tlio request Of patients.
Hours— 9 A. M. to I P. M., .md C, to H
I*. M. Sundays, IO A. M. to 19 >l.
012 K Street, Saeramento, Cal.
Studebaker Bros'.
Tho latest styles and tho best niado
vehicles In tho world.
Pacific Gas Engine,
The leading and only successful
Gas Engine in the market.
1900,1002,1094, 1008 E Street
KOECKEX. & CO., Proprietors,
BuilWc Tcao est-ici Coffees ca
N. E. Cor. Tenth and J Streets.
Free delivery of goods to any part of tho
city. 6f-:i-t: _
<J. SCffNERk & CO.
(.Snci'ossors to I'okul A .Schnorr),
\os. mi and an Pn»DtStreet, Sacramento, Cat.
X and General Agents Fn dcrickiburg Brew
ing Company, dealers in Wines, Imported
Mineral Waters. Carbonated Drinks. Flasks.
Our Sarsaparilla, Iron and Vichy Water and
California Orange Cider still lead on this
L-^nst oi) account of their healthful ness, purity,
delicate flavor and keeping qualities.
a\, .U'waro oi' Irresponsible parties,
who, nndor all sorts ot misrepresents"
j tion, offer for salo similar but vastly
inl'orioi* troods maiio in outside tojwnn-
S. W. Cornor Sovontli and K Sts.,
J. S. O'CaLLAGIIAX, Proprietor,
Druggist and Apothecary.
1 fruit flavors. Also, all kind-; of Min'-ral
waters. Jyl"-om:iD _
L tion sof the City Ordinances relative to
registering backa and other vehicles. You
are directed to call Immediately at the office
of the Chiet of Polioeand procure your num
scO-tf • Chief of Police.
BE. T.^''Bi7ix~OOrßAFZ>-Si OKIEXT.Ui
t'S k Ketnoves Tan, I'itnplcs.
3£g i^***»3ik Freckie*. Moth Putchoa,
pt.^; -fe^-^W. Ivawh and Sinn
W~S^ ffziijflwiMiy.iiuaAefiea
ZZ-s" AX ' p£«r detection. Itl»a»
h^ \% w/ «jy :,iood tho test of
P<wc3 *•? -m*-S &i *J y^'ars, andlSßO
fi ;s 1 <SI harmless we taste
ft*SaaS v^* • *^^^^: II it to t»» save (.t ts
«rf^" y3 i ( property made.
kS r*r\ i/^T^< \ Accept no coun
/v( J^'T?fl \ teru'ftoj similar
•(CZissSr^ - \ i«»& Dr. i*. a.
Y~ jn\*/=**2SstirlMt 1 \ Haver said to a
I w y | %% |, **^ -j^c, you Udtea
raad's Cream' as< the least harmful of all the 6kia
preparations." For r.aloby all Cruzsists and feney
coods dealers in tho United States,Cankdaa and b'u
rope. FRED. T. lIOPKLKB, Proprietoi. 87 Great
JcaeaaUft*t-Kcw Vui»» tuJ-.VTiaaoly

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