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The Dillman-Oak Park Road Squab
ble Heard Again.
Road Districts Whk-li Xeed Financial
Aid—A Missing Road Book—
Sperry Dye Again.
The Board of Supervisors resumed its
session yesterday, Chairman Grew pre
siding and all the members present.
Road Overseer Heath addressed the
board with reference to some repairs
which he said were necessary in his dis
trict. The flooring of the Live Oak bridge
had warped and shrank, causing large,
gaping cracks whicli were dangerous to
horses. He desired to repair the lloor
ing. hut the funds of his district were de
pleted. There were ro&dd, too, that he
wished to fix up.
After a discussion of the matter, the
board agreed to assist Mr- Heath's dis
trict, and the Road Overseer was in
structed to put up signs at the Live Oak
bride stating that in the future the line
for driving acro-s it laster than a walk
will be $25 instead of $5, as heretofore.
Road Overseer Easier of District 2
was also present to ask for financial as
sistance. He wanted $316 to help pay for
a pumping plant on the Twelfth-street
road that had cost nearly f.jOO.
Mr. Greer left the chair in order to
make the motion to allow the money.
some talk on the matter, however,
- referred to the Chairman, as was
's proposition to change
mc of a road on the Haggin grant
which now passes through a slough.
Daring the discussion it was developed
:i.;vt there was a book in the hands of the
County Clerk Bhowingtheline of county
roads. Such a book is required by law to
be kept, but Clerk Rhoads stated that by
order of the Supervisors the book had
been delivered to ex-Count; Clerk ELsm
ilton, who was i new schedule of
the roads, and bad never been returned to
the present Clerk. No action was taken
by the board.
Spexry Dye appeared before the board
to ascertain what was going to be done
With reference to the proposed new road
he and some others* had petitioned to
have located near Isleton, some three
ago. This petition has bobbed up
"with the persistency of the proverbial
bogus <-oin before the board since its in
troduction, a man named AJlender,
however, had objected to the road, and
refused to lake the money offered him by
the county for the land taken from him.
The Supervisors and Mr. Dye had
quite a long talk on the subject, in the
course of which the hitter was informed
that the whole matter had been placed in
the hands of the District Attorney, who
Avill endeavor to compel Allender to come
to terms.
"that" BOAS.
At the afternoon session the board
opened the bids for furnishing supplies
CO the County Hospital for the next three
months, after which the. hearing of the
Dillman-Oak Park road case, which was
partially heard on Monday, was resumed.
The Palmer brothers, who are the prin
cipal opponents of the road or rather
who oppose giving any land for it with
out pay—were there, and presented more
testimony to the board. They offered a
document, purporting to be an agreement
between the Central Street Railway Com
pany and themselves, for opening the
road. The document showed that the
Palmers would allow the road to be
opened, provided they were supplied
with free passes over the electric line.
Eugene Palmer was going on to say
that the agreement was broken by L. L.
! of the line and a stock
h<>.')- rin Oak Park, when he was inier-
I by Chairman Groer, who said
the board did not care to hear about any
private contra
Quite a number of witnesses were then
called, and the hearing consumed the en
lire afternoon. The majority of the wit
nesses testified that the road would be a
great benefit to them and to the people
who have established homesteads at the
Supervisor Rates finally moved that the
matter bf taken under advisement by the i
board, lie said he was satisfied that the
road was necessary and would be a bene- i
lit. He thought by taking the matter un- (
der advisement for s while some agree
ment could be reached between Those
who warned the road and those who op
posed it. Mr. rates'motion was adopted.
Correspondence of Interest to the
General Public.
jUnrtor this heading tho Rt:rour»-I'N-Tov
wlll publish short Letters ir >m correspondents
on topics of Inter* genera] public. The
matter in then oonimunleations will be un
derstood ;■■ '>:iiy the views of the
writers. AH communications must !><• accom
panied by tbe name of the writer, do' for pub
lication, unless o desired, but as a guaiantce
of good faith.—Eds. I
" Russian Jewish Anarchists."
Eds. Kk<riKP-r.Yiox: I road with much
natural interest the editorial in the Rso
«)Ki>-i:.viox of October 20th, under the
above caption. Your views have hitherto
been so kindly toward the Russian exiles
that somo strong provocation must have
aroused you to express opinions in such
diametrical contrast to previous utter
Let me assure you that no i'ear need be
felt as to Russian Jewish Anarchists, al
though it is rather unjust to condemn ;;n
entire ciass for tho misdeeds of individu
als. You would hardly condemn all
Americans beoanaa one of the Chicago
dynamiters who were tried and executed
was an American-born citizen, woultl
you ?
The occurrence in Philadelphia, which
you justly censn red—and the Jewish pro «s
has been unanimous in its condemnation
—can be traced to a very small body of I
rs, mostly young men, who are |
absolutely without any following.
Whether their present radicalism is a re
action from the very conservative atmos
of their former homes, or due to
purely political influences, I cannot say ;
but it is bound to effervesoeina free land,
and disappear with other peculiarities.
Thelaet tnat they should have selected
the Day of Atonement, the most -
Way in the Jewish year, for a meeting to
attack religion and law, shows how aught
is their Judaism.
A year or two ago a similar meeting
was held in New York ajnd the papers
were full nf it. You might have ti.
that a thousand dynamiters wei
■work. The tact was, the entire »
that i ich notoriety was com
of about twenty members
young men, whahave pnwn wiser and
w heartily ashamed of their action,
red that in a year or two the
Iphia Hotspurs will be
:r.:ent. Meanwbifc
ty of the law should ted, and
men —Russians or Americans—
i.vi. aitor ail, let us not be
upon the Russian immigrants, if a few
:.ro bl . - as will
•nr in due cousse in an atmosphere
: , is freedom. :
- me, and we
Liuerican citizens begrudge
themthecl anew life. America
by refugees, and
will not be harsh toward the
category; nor condemn all
lor the in a w*.
Editor J' with Mesßtager.
New York. October 26, IS9I.
That Oak Park Rond.
The state
made in this morning's K::<-.ki'-Uniox
that v.c said we considered, our land
■ misapprehen
sion. Our land is nor for sale, bul if the
county desires home for a road we a.vk
860 per acre tar the* Raroe.whtahifl the
average price of land in our vicinity.
When the viewers '-ailed on us we stated
that half of the road now open was our
property, and that it coui.i be had for
j*-"'M. They asked what wo wanted for
twenty feet additional, and we stated
that s4iio would be about right. We asked
this because there is no necessity for a
sixty-foot road.
The forty-foot road has been traveled
for three years, and until this matter
i came up no complaint baa been made
0 narrow. In regard to Asses
sor Jrvin. we are not "sk.eered«"
i Rates would say, of him. We take our
price from the average rate, and our pre
cedent for demanding lull pay from the
A. Burns and Monte Vista Koad case,
in which Mr. Burns demanded and re
ceived full pay at the same rate that
Monte Vista land was sold for.
We are all in the name boat, and if our
itnent is raised to 650u per acre, we
will see to it that every one who holds
land for sale for small holdings is assessed
at the figure they ask for the same. We
are willing to sell what is wanted of us
for a reasonable figure, and out of that
I sum we will contribute $100 for a bridge
that is needed in said road.
Pauusb Brothers.
The Predicted Rainstorm Switched Off
at Red Bluff Onoe More.
The Weather Bureau's reports for yes
terday show quite an extensive and
heavy storm in Washington, Oregon and
northwestern California, there having
been upwards of two inches of rain meas
ured in Washington and Oregon, arid
half-inch from Eureka northward
in Northern California, and nearly a
quarter of an inch at Red Bluff.
This shows that the storm center is
north of Washington and traveling east
ward. The predicted rain of yesterday
did not reach as far south as this city, but
came down as far as Tehama.
The highest and lowest temperatures
yesterday were 7<) J and 53 , as against 77°
and #7° at the same time last year.
The highest and lowest temperatures
One year ago to-day were 78° and 46 .
The barometrical readings at 5 a. sr.*
and 5 P. H. yesterday were MO. 15 and 30.08
inches, which show that instrument to
have a downward tendency.
It is Not Necessarily tho Owner Who
Conducts tho Business.
In response to a request for the At
torney-General's construction of that
clause of the Pharmacy Act which re
fers to the registration of persons con
ducting pharmacies, Deputy Layson re
plies :
"It is manifest that one need not be the
owner to follow the word 'conducting.'
One engaged as a hired man, overseer,
clerk, director, manager, or by whatever
term designated. Whether lie has any
property interest in the business or not,
may be conducting the business and as
such is entitled to be registered by the
State Board of Pharmacy, provided he
was so conducting the business on the
11th of March, 1891."
P.rannan Island Farm at Auction.
Shainwald, Buckbee «fc Co. of San
Francisco announce that to-morrow
(Thursday, November sth) they will sell
at auction, at 12 o'clock noon, on the
premises, by order ot tho administrator
of the estate of Frederick Zeile. the Zeile
ranch on Brannan Island, comprising
B,2ti2i acres.
The property fronts about one mile on
tho Sacramento River, nearly opposite
the town of Rio Vista. The property is
well known as I»r. Zeilo's farm. The
island is well reclaimed by substantial
levees and is unsurpassed in fertility.
Title. State patent. The valuable improve
ments on the place, Buch as houses, Darns.
warehouse, etc., with some personal
property, will be included.
A deposit of 10 per cent, of the purchase
price will be required on announcement
of sale, and the balance on the confirma
tion of saie by the Superior Court.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following real estate transfers have
been recorded since our last report:
A. Abbott to Margaret A. Twitchell—
Block G and 11, Twenty-seventh and
Twenty-eighth streets; grant.
Julia C. Martin to Edward F. Husscv—
North half of south half of lot 1, E and
F, Thirteenth and .Fourteenth streets
B.r. Steinman to Fred. Kellen—Lot 10,
block six, Oak Park; grant.
•Tames E. Cook to William Wackford-
Lot 5, block Q, of Highland Park Tract;
William S. .Jacobs to M. Gardner—Lot
8, I and J, Eleventh and Twelfth streets;
J. P. Watkins to Edward E. A very—
Lot 11, block li, Oak Park Tract; §10.
New Incorporations.
The following articles of incorporation
were filed in the Secretary of State's
oflico yesterday:
Roman Catholic Seminary of San
Francisco. Directors—Rev. Patrick \Y.
Riordan, Rev. John Prendergast, Rev.
George Montgomery, Rev. Patrick Scan
lan, Rev. William Gleeson and Rev.
Hugh Lagan.
California Investment and Security
Company of San Francisco. Capital
stock, $1,0<)0,000. Directors—H. G. Bene
dict, W. C. Gtiirey, J. J. McKenzie, R. N.
Folks and J. F. Fasael.
Must Try Ajraiu.
An Austrian named Angelich was de
nied a certificate of citizenship by Supe
rior Judge Van Fleet yesterday. He had
been in America the required length of
time, and was accompanied by witnesses
who were willing to swear that he was a
goo;! man. But when ho was interro-
I gated by the court it developed that his
j nine-years' residence in this country had
j done him little or no good. He could
I neither read nor write, nor did he know
I anything about American institutions or
I laws.
Arrived With Ills Prisoner.
M. M. Drew, who went East a week
ago last Saturday, returned yesterday
| morning, having in his custody a man
I named George Lyon, who obtained $1(M)
! from Wells, Fargo <fc Co. in this city, by
falsely representing himself as one' Ezra
Lyon skipped out, but was arrested
> before last at Charlotte, Mich., and
1 >rew was employed to go there alter
! him.
— *. _
of the Mesiek Property.
Edwin K. Alsip & Co. yesterday sold at
! auction the residence and grounds of
W. s. Mcsick, on Ninth street, be
tv. oen E and F. There were four bidders
. • property—Dr. W. W. Light, Max
: Hornlein, Sidney L'ldred and E. A. Burr
The bidding was started by Hornlein.
I who offered |4,000. Tho oilers were in
creased until 95.660 was reached, whenDr
I Light became ihe purchaser.
——-^ ___
Rox'i mental Election.
The new regiment of the Fifth Brigade
; elected its field officers Saturday evening,
j Adjutant-General Allen was present at
| the meeting, and the following officers
: were chosen : Park Henshaw of Chico
Colonel; R. A. Gray of Coluaa, Lieuten
ant-Colonel; Captain Baldwin of Marj-a
viile, Major.
legitimate Investments.
Parties who contemplate or are desirous of
going iiito i)usmcss will find it to their inter-
M to consult The Carnall-Hopkins Co who
: h:ive added a Commerei*! Agency Depart
' ment to their extensive t-'usiuttis. and handle
aotblog bat approved bugineu opportunitit-s
Onr !isi conij>rii>c* somo of tin- beet r«_-<
--taoxaats, lo.t^inir-hou^es, hotels, Krocerics
drug viii general mercfaandi«e
;c m Baa Francteeo ana tlirouKhout
I the Suite. Address ail communications to
AGENCY L>EI vf.. 024 Market stro,
Kraiu •
Ai.i. in want of anything in music rcmem
. as the largest stock und
:. Mathoahek Pianoc, tbe best, are
indestructible. Cooper's, Seventh and J. *
Haumku's music store, >o. S2O J street.
Sole agency for Chickering & Suns' pianos,
Cluuch * N\ nrrpii nrears: nl^o rhyapw rr.;\ltrs.«
Henry Kohne Convicted of Violating
the Midnight Ordinance.
The Jury Find That His Saloon Wa-3
Kept Open in Defiance of the
New Regulations.
It would seem that the few saloon- j
keepers who have been setting at defiance j
the ordinances of the city must soon real- i
ize that their own will is not law in this j
community. They have been beaten at
every attempt made by them to override
the ordinances recently adopted for the
regulation of the liquor traffic, and the
sooner they call a halt and submit to the !
inevitable the better it will be for them.
The Recobd-Uitiob did not favor the j
ordinance requiring saloons not con- |
nected with restaurants to close at mid
night, and explained its reasons therefor
at the time the ordinance was being con
sidered by the Trustees. But the latter
saw lit to exercise the power reposed in j
them, and enacted the law: hence, it is J
the duty of all good" citizens to obey its |
If the law should prove to be a good
one, there is no likelihood of its being re
pealed; if, after a fair trial, it should be !
found not to be promotive of good to the j
community, the Tmstees may be de
pended on to make nio discovery as soon
as anybody else. In the meantime the
city authorities should have th ■ moral
support of the community in the enforce
ment of the new regulative laws.
The Taking of testimony in ihe case of i
Henry Kohne, one of the saloon-keepers '
charged with keeping his place open after
midnight, was oommencsd in the Police
Court yesterday.
Officers Lowell and Simmons Avere the
first witnesses called. They were in
Kohne's saloon after midnight, and busi- j
ness was being conducted as usual.
On cross-examination they s;.i,i there
was a counter in the place, on winch were
sandwiches sauerkraut, cheese, bread,
etc., and alongside was a sign or bill of
faro stating the price of the edibles.
Henry kohne, Jr., was called to the I
stand by the prosecution and asked if be j
did not say to Ofiicer Lowell that he had
advised his father-to close at midnight,
but that the latter refused. The witness
denied that he had any such conversation
with Lowell.
The prosecution was willing to rest
their case without argument, but counsel
for the defendant wanted to avgue. Judge
Cravens gave each side twenty minutes,
and the caso then went to the jury.
After being out a couple of hours the
jury rendered a verdict of guilty.
Minstrel Shay Mas in the Land of tho
Living Last Night.
Patrick Shay, an attache of the Theater
Comique, has been missing since Monday
evening, and yesterday his friends feared
he had committed suicide, as he had been
heard to say he would make away with
himself. Shay came here recently, and
appeared to be suffering from the effects
of a prolonged spree.
Last night it was learned that he slept
in the house of a friend on Front street,
but left early in the morning, and was
seen and recognized on the street by a
milkman. A young man also reported
to Mr. Brown last night that his brother
had seen Shay early in the evening.
The polico hav,c been notified to arrest
him if found.
He Wants Damages for Being Struck
by an Klectric Car.
L. 11. Larsen has brought suit in Jus
tice of the Peace Henry's court against
the Central Street Railway Company for
|299 90 damages.
He alleges that he was alighting from
an electric car in July last when another
car struck him, throwing him to tho
ground and so badly injuring his right
arm that he had been unable since to fol
low his trade as a baker. He declares
that no warning was given of the ap
proaching car by ringing a bell or other
wise, and that the deiondants were negli
gent in constructing their tracks.
Free Library Mooting.
The Board of Trustees of the Public
Library met at their office in the Library
building last evening. Present, YV. C.
Fitch, President; L. E. Smith, Vice-
President, and 8. H. Gerrish.
Tho report of the Librarian for the
month of October was read, ,is follows:
Number of books issued during the
month, 3,444. Classified thus: Fiction,
2,737; history, 183; literature, 133: fine art,
IX); useful art, 67: science, 54; philology, 8;
sociology, 8; religion, ltf; philosophy, 42;
genera! works, hu. Percentage of fiction,
7i». Average number issued per day. 111.
Number of patrons registered, <.»,768.
Amount of the tines collected, £> 3d.
Catalogues sold, 1.
The following bills were allowed: Cap
ital Gas Company, |2S 70; Joseph Thie
l«cn Crockery Company, §41 50; E. H.
McKee, |64; .John Taylor, $12; 11. K.
Wallace. |60 96; 11. I». Noyes <v Co., S5 70;
S. YV. Collins, ?r>; W. F. Purnell, §16 63;
Day & Joy, &s; R. S. Jones, 83 50.
The board then adjourned.
Auburn's Opera-Honse.
On the evening of Thursday, the 19th
inst., the new opera-house at Auburn
| will be opened with interesting proceed
! ings. The "Dr. Bill" Company will be
j tho first to appear.
It is expected that a special train will
bo run from this city and "way places, and
thaj Governor Markham w ill be among
the* visitors. The town of Newcastle has
subscribed for seventy tickets, and tho
English colony at Loomis has taken
twenty-seven already. It is expected to
be a great event in Auburn.
Dr. Hughson's I>enial.
In reference to the statement made at
the meeting of the Board of Health on
Monday night, to the effect that tho child
of Mr. and Mrs. Norris, on P street, near
Eleventh, had died of scarlet fever, and
that the house was not placarded, Dr.
Hughson says:
''The certiticate of death that was filed
With the Health Oflicer correctly ex
plains the disease from which the child
died, and shows that it "was from other
causes than scarlet fever."
Mrs Sims, tho Evangelist.
Mrs. Lucy J. Sims, the evangelist, will
speak at the A. M. E. Church, Seventh,
between G and H streets, to-night. She
is an intelligent and wide-awake speaker,
and the meetings conducted by her at the
A. If. K. Church are well attended.
Those who desire to hear the gospel
preached with power, and in its un
adorned simplicity, should not fail to
hear this remarkable lady preacher.
James McKurncy's Death.
The only fact developed at tho Coroner's
inquest yesterday in the case of James
H. Meßurney, the painter who was killed
by Calling from a building at Fifth and
fc-/TTiS?rf^ Scalds, Felons,
»«ljL «K)^fiK^ -Boils, Corns,
flCftoJjyglil? Sties, Bcniong,
RUSSIA §;« &'
#^ - -"v rCM uOrc JEtVcS,
SALVE. Festers/Etc.
Redding a Co. PRICEWCTg
L Boston Mass. j. FRICE» g5 CTS-
J streets, was that deceased had lately
suffered from a weakness in or.c of his
knees. The supposition is that the weak
knee gave way at the critical moment and
a)lowed him to fall.
Bishop Manogue is at Eureka, Hura
boldt County.
Justice Henry has returned from his
visit to Colusa.
8. R. Murdoek of Colusa is at the
Golden Eagle Hotel.
William Beckmnn left for Lovelocks,
New, last evening on business.
William H. Dixoii of Cosumnes has
gone to Canada on a visit to relatives.
| §11. H. Earle and wife of San Francisco
are stopping at the Golden Eagle Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Sheets (nee Bently)
! are going to Colusa for a two weeks'
) visit.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 11. Cox of Riverside
Road have returned fiom a visit to San
Francisco and San Jose.
E. F. Hussey came up from Mare
Islaud yesterday, lie is foreman of the
Government machine-shop there.
Miss AJida Lewis left for San Francisco
and other coast resorts yesterday. Her
mother will join her on her pleasure trip
in a few days.
L. Tozer left yesterday at noon on the
east-bound overland train to meet his
wife, who is on the way to Sacramento
with the body of their dead son, Herbert,
, Cohmei Murray was in San Francisco
i last evening in attendance at the banquet
; given by the First Troop of Cavalry.
Governor Markham and staff were also
Arrivals at the Golden Eagle Hotel yes
i terday: K. W. Gahoone, Newark, N. J.j
iL. H. Smith, S. J. Brooks. W. E. i"oy,
Max K. Bngell, Xcw York; X. A. Pugh,
Omaha; L, Herman, St. Paul; s. Mur
| phy, Knox County, Mo.; S. E. Murphy,
Red Bluff; W. E. Hoiser, Baltimore; O.
K. Brown, Chicago: L. 11. Moore. Phila
delphia; S. R. Miirdock, Colusa; H.
j C. Spring, L. Byrne, Jr., St. Louis; T. J.
1 lerning and wife, Los Angeles; g. L.
McCandlass, C. A. Davis, H. Karm, L.
Hartman, H. 11. Earle and wife. P.
Greouberg, E. C. Davis, W. 11. Moran, E.
C. Alhs, c. J. Stillwell, Mrs. T. Thomp
son and family, San Francisco; Dr. C. il.
, Gibbins, Miss Pearl Gibbins, College
| City.
Fine Furniture at Auction.
Tho elegant furniture and household
goods of two line residences will be sold
at auction by Bell A Co. at 10 o'clock this
forenoon at their salesroom. Tenth and J
1 be articles consist in part of carpets,
one elegant walnut bedroom set, plate
glass mirrors, costing $-2tlO; extension
tables, stoves, ranges, crockery, glass
ware, silverware, and a great variety of
useful and ornamental things.
Hops (Joint* to Market.
Six carloads of hops were yesterday
shipped from the Sacramento warehouse
to San Francisco. The purchasers were
Lilienthal A Co. The price paid is said to
be I omething over 12 cents per pound.
It is a noticeable fact that hop-buyers
are becoming somewhat numerous in this
vicinity, which fact may be a valuable
pointer to hop-growers.
Pulled the Awning Down.
Ex-Judge J. C. Tubbs has commenced
suit in Justice Henry's court to recover
§1.50 damages from the Capital Furniture
Company. He alleges that a horse be
longing to the defendant was hitched to
a po«t supporting an awning in front of
his place, at Sixth and I streets, and
pulled the structure down.
Anti-llydrnnlie Meeting.
J. E. Camp and John Kooney, the
Brighton farmers, have issued a call for
a meeting of farmers to be held at 9
o'clock this morning to protest against
the Supervisors granting the request of
the lowa Hill hydraulic miners to clean
up certain portions of their mines.
Among tho Sirens.
An old man named Gilson complained
to tho police last night that, while he was
having a good time in a house in the alley
between Front and Second. N and O
streets, some females robbed him of a
purse containing gb'O.
The Citizens' Association.
The Citizens' Association will meet in
convention at Pythian Castle this even
ing at 7:30 o'clock, to nominate candi
dates for School Directors, Superintend
ent of Schools and Freeholders.
Racing oa Rollers.
Some good sport is promised a: the
skating rink to-nijjht. A mile race will
be skated between two speedy local men
for a handsome prize. The Artillery
Band will bo in attendance, too.
Notice to Hunters.
The Triple Alliance Sporting Club has
leased the banting privileges on the premises
of Henry Watson, Charles A. Hull and John
Keith. All persons are hereby prohibited
irom hunting on. Bald premises without per
mission. E. I. HULL, President. *
Berlin Cough Cure.
For oougni and colds and all lung and
throat nll'eetions this article has superior
merit. It is perfectly harmless, gives imme
cii:tt.' relief, and cures the worst cases in from
two to three days. Indorsed by our lust i.hv-
Btelans. Try a bottle and you will always
Ic-jiit. Price, 50 cents a hot tie. The Wi H
Bone Company, Ban Francisco, sole propri
etors. Kirk, Geary & Co.. sole agents. Try C
C. Liniment for aches and pains.
Hi sidknce of s'.vcn rooms (814I£ X street)
to rent November Ist. Inquire at oJI J street
at Cooper's music store. * '
Vanilla -^ Of perfect purity.
0 8ra mn°£ I ~ *'** «™**"
Almond -| Economy^ their use
RoseetC-J Flavor as delicately
and dellclously as the fresh fruit
O'HARE—In this city, November 3d, Annie
< > Hoy. youngest daughter of Patrick and
Annie O'Hare (sister ol Mrs. W. M. Hender
son, Mrs. Henry Balsz, and Willie and Mary
• I'ilarti. a nativo of Sacramento, aged 18
years, 1 month and 25 days.
49"Funeral notice hereafter. •
TAYLOR—In this city, November 3d, John
C. Taylor, a native of New Brunswick. a"cd
2- rears and <> months.
<jfFuneral not Ice hereafter.
MrBURNEY—In this city, November 2d
James 11. Mcßurney, a native of Scotland!
aged 41 years, 14 days.
#» Friends and acquaintances are respect
fully invlt.'i to attend the funeral this
(Wednesday, afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from
his late residency, I:>:i2 D street.
When Baby was sick, we gave her Castoria.
When she was a Caild, ahe cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, ahe gave them Castoria.
(Channel fc»c pteinstoctt, gubin & Qlo
Several handsome new shades in Men's
Dark Red Scarfs and Four-in-Hands, at
BOc. 75c and $1.
Reds and garnets are the most fashion
able colors at present in this line of goods.
An excellent line of Men's All-black Sus
penders, BOc. Will not show soiling.
Several years ago a new idea was intro
duced in regard to the shape of hosiery for
men. ft was to have the Hose woven to
conform to the natural trend of the foot. At
first the new idea was looked upon with
suspicion by many as simply "something
new." Latterly, however, its real value has
been established and "Waukenhose" are de
manded by many customers. Their chief
value, of course, is comfort, but fitting the
foot perfectly they are less liable to wear out
at the toes, and in this respect are more dur
able than ordinary Hose. Following are the
various grades and prices that we carry:
Heavy Cotton, in various colors, 2Sc.
Gray Merino Waukenhose, 35e.
All-wool Waukenhose, 50e.
A small tool for ripping seams and other
sewing, lSe. An advantage this tool pos
sesses is that in ripping it prevents cutting
the goods.
Tracing Wheels, Se; Double Tracing
Wheels, 25c.
Men's Gray Merino Undershirts or
Drawers, for fall and winter wear/ Price, sOc.
White Merino Undershirts or Drawers,
silk braid and stitched around the neck.
Price, 50e.
The above lines we buy in case lots direct
from the mills, saving the profits of jobbers
and wholesale dealers, and give far superior
values to what 50 cents usually buys.
Weinstock, Lubia & Co.
400 to 412 X St.. Sacramento.
For the next ten days I will sell a beautiful Black
or Colored Toque, made of silk velvet, jet and
feathers, for
>$5 CO,
Worth $6 75. Send for one; if not satisfactory can
be exchanged, or call and see them at
619 to 623 J Street, Sacramento, Cal.
A few of those 8-piece Antique Suits left at $25.
CZtt&S. 3VE. OjQI3V[FBE:LL 5 4Q9 J ST.
just coixr me;nce;d i
AVtiiclii will be rioted in this space from day to day
until all are sold.
J. S. Nelson & Son Shoes, calf welt, worth $5 re
duced to $3 50.
Pentucket Dongola Button, in opera or French toe
worth $2 75, reduced to $1 95.
Two Spei-ialties, but move to bo announced later on.
O'Brien's Shoe Store, 607 J Street.
IIMnPRWnniVQ Typewriter, CaligrapK ])TT}nn\Tfl
LIMJjjRVr UUIJ VJ and Stenograph tIIUDUAn <
Telephone IS6.
w. d 7 gomstock
gQI and SO3 X Street. Corner FiftH.
iWS fi iMIfK Furaitore and Carpets,
unu. v. uiv]iv m PaperofAllKinfa SeB(1 forPrJM M
<Hl-<VI3 X Srteet, S«cr»m«nto.
V> Fifth, dolors in WATCUES, JEWELRY and UIAMONDH RFP\IRIXr if JW?
branches a specialty, under Mr. Floberg. Agents for ROCKFOKD WATCH: CUMFA2?^
h! wachhorst"
nL7n^ CUE&~b&it to world- BIGN 6f the towk »% 316 j Street, S5
L_ _ 1_ \
X\T\fi P ATTTTPD f «^osHA S j>Aro EUS «of
__go._MS J^t.. Sacramento. Cal.. I nuK ?SSS!&. °f WatCh£a Jew^>
WM W. METT, Pio» Steam C^percTeaniuTWork^!
y^^ ===^Z>^ T\F.SPON TDENCY 18
N\.:~^^ urc or tiissipation, and
broken dowu In health,
ekbaneted in brain «nd ncrv<' power, and left
without physical eaergy. nerve, streugth or
ambition. Then follows that terrible despond
eney—tbat gloom and depression of mind
whlcb Is ;i thousand times harder to bear ILan
pain. It l)lots out hope, happiness and ambi
tion, ami liiukis life >ecm scarcely worth liv
ing, turns nighta Into sleepless, restless anxl
di\ and days into :iluiost hopeless dewpulr.
Seiencr has fortunately provided means
which will -ivo back :o the \vt akeiud and ex*
haost«d system the strength it ha<^ lost, a
means through which vigor mid powerful
manhood i>. Imparted totbe brain and nerves,
which dispels the despondency and gloom or
mind and restores us u^ain to that Brand do
gree or lusiy sire igth, of bonnding pnlseand
strong physical and nerve power wbioh in
ignorance or lolly w« uuve«xluiusteU.
MR. FRANK POWELL, a well-known resi
dentol Placer county, wisely hooded tho warn*
ijij; before it was too [ate. Read bis i. tter:
•*Thlf Is to express my gratification thai 1 run
cured of my troubles -heurt and kidney trouble
and catarrh. I hud tried various remedies
and doctor* until i almost despaired. | •
treatment has brought be beakh and strength.
I fool 1 am a man ogaio. You may usemv
naino lor the beuefit of others wlioarc iiinu-i"d.
as 1 was. ' SlSncd, FJtANK POWELL.
i:- a medical a:ul aurglcai institute iounded
wit:, a full stai. 1 of EXPERI ENCED and *-ml
nent HPECI ALlsTs fur the cure of all disease!
and deformities. Allthelal I -:c ap
pliance* for the cure of chronic and die'p
scated diseases, al d of a private nature
—"nervi ty," lack of youthml vigor in
;ii n, the result of exce is< g, overw irk or dissi
pation- POSITIVKLY CURED. The charges
are V BUY i.< >W, and consultation and exam
ination FREE to ualicnts. MBDICIXE3
Our business Js eondnoted witii tho
frreatest secrecy, n-hl \v<« publish tostl
monials only at tiio request of patients*
Hour*, n A. M. to I P. M. and a to 8 I*.
M. Sundays, i> A. M. to 1 P. M. only.
61" X Street, Sacrninciito, C'nl.
For 10 Cents.
Do you want a FINE
STOVE of the above value ?
then go to
6io J Street.
BSTThis beautiful Stove will
be given away THANKSGIV
ING EVE. Come and see it.
Fall Novelties,
S2O J Street,
Between Filth and Sixth,
*»-Branch liouso of San Fvanclsca
establishment. fielB-3m
(Successors to Posicl >i BehMTV),
Nos. iin and tuj Prenl Strc t, Sacr:;Dicuto, Cil»
■pKOPRir.Ton.s capita;; boda woiucsj
I 1 and <Jc!icral Ai'iTiis I'rci'.ri icUsbiirfrßrtnv.
| Ing Company, c)t-ulf.r« In Wines, Imported
Mineral Writers. Carbonated LfrlnJu, tiusks,
I etc.
Our Barxoparilla, ircn and Vidiy Water and
: Californlii Orange Cider still lead on this
j coast ornfcouu: of tbeir bealthftiiness, purity,
, delir-at* flavor and keeping imaltties.
**~ Howare of Irresponsible partiew,
rrbo, under all sorts of misrepresenta
tion, offer tor huU; ulmllar l<ut vastly
lulerior crouds made in outside luwni.
S. W« (oruer Wmrvnth arnt X Sts.,
J. s. O'Cal.lagha:>, PraprMflt;
Druggist and Apothecary.
J fruit tlavors. Also, all kind.^ (jf Minonil
WiiUTB. jyi:-in..r>
fgj& ERRORS OF YOUTH r^ota
RKIEra by -fj Mvor-s :-,; kilitv kills, aji
snHflln '• * 1'»-' urn NtTV" .s D'Miiry
B»<SBKI| *a;i W«Uncs«, and fcaviiiaf bo»-n unroo.
t-i^fu:. :;i leJ t!.i» tarao'Ui
r rtaln and Kpr/>iy euro for
i lost manhood, prnsanire decay. i-ittl'Uit'- la^-k d
■ umfid(tnaL i leptal <loi<rr ; iiwon. nulpitaUcA of tka
Matt. we»fc memo: y, exbatistea vfttiuy. bad dreaia«,
i ko. rnn- «i 11 r box, ort> Y^at-f, wbich will curt tautt
i cases, lor $1-, i^bua Addrtyssi or call on
M T-.v- ir .t Row. Boston, \iim

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