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The Farmers Want Them at the
Lowest Possible Cost.
Senator Ostrom of Yuba, on Behalf of j
the Grangers, Addresses the
State Prison Directors.
The following communication has been j
addressed to the State Prison Directors by j
Senator D. A. Ostrom of Yuba, on be
half of the farmers,; in relation to the
prices fixed upon grain bags. It will be
considered at to-day's session:
'To the Honorable Bon, dof Prison Di
rectois, San (Quentin —Gen i i.kmkn : At
the last annual meeting of the State
Grange, C, P. Berry, J. D. Huffman and
myself were appointed a committee to
confer with your board relative to the sale
and distribution of grain bags manufac
tured at San Quentin Pri.ou. Finding '
myself un_ble to personally appear be
fore your honorable board, and at the in
stance of Governor Markham, I herewith
hastily tender my views, perhaps crudely
arranged, yet candidly submitted.
"As introductory, I submit that the
State, injustice to its citizens, should not j
be a party to the enhancement of the value !
at any product of a State institution, i
■where that product is consumed by its |
own citizens.
"To take up in its inception the maun- |
facture of bags at the prison, it might not i
be ami >s to recur to the fact that in the
passage of the bill making the appropria
tion of necessary buildings and ma
chinery the convincing argument was
used that it* the appropriation was made, |
and the State prisoners were put to work i
at that branch of industry, it would be a
strong factor in preventing the founds
tion for-what is called the 'bag or.,
ring,' which combination, composed of
the various importers and dealers, are in
the habit of putting up the price of bags
during the harvest far beyond a reasona
ble business profit, to tiie great injury
and loss to the bread-producers of the
State, the farmer.
"We are aware, all are aware ofthe fact
that the poorest and tho wealthiest use a
comparatively uniform quantity ot bread;
also of this other fact, that whoever con
sumes a loaf of bread has, in some de
gree at least, to bear his or her proportion
of the cost of producing it, even down to
the bag into which the farmer puts his
wheat; therefore we claim, and we be
lieve the position incontrovertible, that
all citizens, all consumers of broad, are
interested mutually with the producer in
the manufacture of the several million of
bags per annum, and the proper distri
bution and sale of the same under tho
management, control and supervision of
your honorable board.
"This brings up the question, bow and
to whom should prison tags be sold, aud '
under what restrictions? We claim they
should be sold direct to the farmer, and
at cost to the Stato or thereabout. But
we are not willing to lump the entire ex
pense bill of San Quentin Prison, with
its thirteen hundred prisoners, more or i
less, and charge it all up to the jute I
works, for the reason that there are less
than one-third of that number eugaged
in or about the works: why they are not
nil so engaged, your honorable board is
doubtless well aware, is not the fault of
the farmers, for they have for several
years striven for legislation which
would have doubled the present output !
of bags.
"At the twenty-eighth session of tho
Legislature testimony was adduced to tho
effect that the cost of bags manufactured
at the prison,exclusive of prison labor (for
the day shift; was $f 00 per hundred; so that
at this time, with a very heavy duty re
moved on raw jute, it would seem that the j
output at San t.uentin ought to be placed i
witnin the reach of consumers at a very |
much reduced price from that at which
your honorable board fixed it at your last
meeting for that 'purpose. In this con
nection it is not amiss to call your atten
tion to the very proper action of your
board of ouo year ago. By that action
you fixed the sale of bags at six and one
half cents per bag, and limiting the num
ber to any ono individual to 5,000. The
farmers of this State believe your action j
at that time commendable and in the j
right directum, anu largely prevented the
formation of rings and combinations to j
rob the producer and consumer.
"It is not for a moment to be supposed
that the "honorable Board of Prison Di- j
rectors would play into the hands of the j
bag rings; yet the recent action ofthe board
has had that effect, for at the time the j
price was fixed on prison bags at seven
and three-eighths cents. Calcutta bags
were quoted for less money, June dcliv- •
©ry. But mark the effect—immediately I
thereafter prices advanced, with a proba
bility of going still higher, particularly ;
if prison bags aro to be still further atl- \
vanoed in price as foreshadowed by a j
distinguished member of your board.
"As to distribution, we maintain that j
the number of three thousand bags
should be the maximum, and none
should have more. And we recommend
that the board require an atlidavit to ac
company each order, that the bags so or
dered are for the Individual use of the
person so ordering. As to the number,
we believe the medium or small farmer
should have an equal chance with the
large, more particularly as in the caso
wheie the State, through your board, can
prevent the extortions which are prac
ticed by rings aud combinations formed
for that purpose.
"We claim some consideration from
the servants ofthe State. Tho farmer is
the chief bearer of the burden of govern
ment. He pays the largest portion of the
taxes which sustain it: and he it is who
builds up commerce. By the sweat ot
his brow towns and cities spring into ex
istence; by his labor railroads are made
necessary; where he prospers all other
business and enterprises prosper; it is
true, he furnishes a small proportion of
the inmates of our prisons: notwithstand
ing, he pays a larger portion for their
support, lie occupies but little official
position, and has less official recognition.
He are aware of all this, and more. We
are aware that he has no representative
on your board, which perhaps is well
enough, seeing that so few of his fellows
are under prison control and restraint.
"And now, leaving this matter with
your honorable board, and feeling we
liave in some degree acquitted ourselves
of a duty. as members oi an order which
counts tiie rolls of its membership by • he
thousands in every State in the Union,
we trust you will give this subject ai
ir careful aud candid considera
tion, and -that you will place prison bags
■ reasonable price and in such quanti
ties as to give all desirous of purchasing
un equal chance to do so.
"D. A. Ostrom.
"Wheatland, April ;}, _88__"
Told at the Expense of the Sacraraento
l'ivor salmon.
One of the party of lumbermen ',\ ho
recently visited this coast remained here
for a few weeks to enjoy the hospitality of
some of his relative.. A few evenings
since be was in the company ofa number
of ladies and gentlemen and was telling
them ofthe wonderful things he had seen
in this and adjoining States while with
the party, of which he formed one.
"When we were on the way eat," said
he, "we made up our minds to watch the
Caliibrnians, tor we were led to believe
from the bit: stories we ha., heard
that they were given to >tre*-_hii_g the
long bow, but to their credit be it said
that everything we had heard was veri
fied, even to the takiug of 12-,000 feet of
lumber from a single tree.
"But they told us a story which they
•were unable to verify, still we believe it,
in view of the correctness of everything
else that they told us. it was this:
"One winter, according to the racon
teur, there was such an unusual run of
salmon in the Sacramento River that in
forcing their way up stream they ran
against and broke several piles that sup
ported a railroad bridge aud it sagged in
the center, makinrr it unsafe or a train to
p..s. over it. 11 v.... near train tin...
he salmon, noticing the damage they had
tone, got together, piled one on top of the j
•ther, raised the bridge to its proper level i
md held it up until the train passed over j
t in safety.
"Ladiesand gentlemen," continued the i
umberman, "I give you the story as I I
rot it. You Californians ought to know
f it is true."
rhe YY. 11. St. onj_ Company's Affairs
Now In Good Shape.
In November last the old-established
Tuit-shipping house of \V. R. Strong
-ompany, owing to circumstances with
.vhich the public are familiar, was forced
-o make a temporary assignment for the
.enefit of its creditors.
Tho affairs of the company were put j
nto the hands of three trustees, consist- '
ngof Aliec Towle, A. W. Porter and L.
.. Smith. These gentlemen found thecon
sern perfectly solvent, and that it simply
•ecpiired a little time in which to turn
ivailable property into money in order
O pay Dp all its liabilities in full.
The creditors were all found to be
rien lly to the house, and they readily
tcceded to the proposed settlement,
vhich has been made on the basis of pay
ng every dollar of indebtedness in full.
At a special meeting of the directors of
he corporation, held the other evening,
he trustees made their final report
ihowing the affairs of the house to be in a
nost healthy condition, and that all the
>romises made by the company would be
carried out to the letter. The trustees
hen reconveyed all the property to the
■ompany, which assumed charge as be- j
ore the assignment and accepted the res- I
gnation of the trustees.
P. EL Piatt, General Manager of the ;
;ompany, returned yesterday from South
mi California, where he had been lor
iome weeks attending to the interests of
he house. He reports that its business
v that section was larger and more
.roiitable this season than ever beforo. I
ip to this date he had shipped over 400
jarloads of oranges and vegetables, and !
)f the balance of the entire crop remain- j
ng on the trees the company controls !
ibout one-half. He had established pack
ng-houses iv thirteen districts in South- '
?rn Caliiornia, where the firm was hand
ing the crop to the satisfaction of grovv
)rs and with profit to itself.
It is a matter for congratulation, by
joth the firm and its customers, that
what at first seemed to be a general
_al.u.iity has ended so satisfactorily to all
rho Treasury Department Says His
Office is Conducted Well."
Revenue Collector H. W. Byiugton
R*aa in the best of humor yesterday. He
had reason to bo as his office had received
i high compliment from the Treasury
Department at Washington. A letter was
received from Commissioner Mason as
Y<mr office was examined on the 1 ith ult.
_y Revenue Agent C. YV. Eldridge, who re- I
ports it in excellent condition, the Stamp ancl
_»h accounts in balance and the recortu
vv ii ten up to Mate and neatly kept. The
_.ade of your office is rt_ed at No. 1.
John W*. Mason, Conn-iis.ioner.
To be classed in the '"No. 1" grade is a
distinction that has seldom fallen upon
the Fourth District. Much of the credit
for the showing is duo to Chief Deputy F.
H. G. Wulif.
Articles of Incorporation.
The following articles of incorporation
were filed in tho Secretary of State's
office yesterday:
Cahill and Hall Flevator Company of
-an Francisco. Capital stock', __.)0,000. I
Directors—Patrick Cahill, Cofriu I. Hall,
"Jos. B. Keenan, F. W. Webster and Fred.
11. Beaver.
Angelino Oil and Mining Company of
Los Angeles. ('apitai stock, §1.0,000. "Di
rectors—John Barnett, C. W. Gregory,
Walter Duncan, A. H. Lefevorand C. P.
Midland Orchard Company of San
Francisco. Capital stock, $-0,000. Direct
ors—J. I>. Case, Louis Miller, M. C.
Nunan, M. G. Loeffler, F. S. Colburu, M.
L. ( ulver and it. I). Baker.
'Frisco and San Diego Investment
Company of San Francisco. Capita,
stock. $100,000. Directors—Louis Slossl j
Ir., William Thomas, W. C. Gregory,
Warren Olney and W. H. Chickering.
Stevens Fruit Case Company of San :
Francisco. Capital stock, 85-0,000. l>i- j
rectors—G. W. \an Hovenbergh, F. D.
Cottle, George W.Stevens, Frank Frisbee
and W. H. Gilbert.
Rosenthal Brothers and Company of
San Francisco. Capita] stock, * $.0,00!).
Directors—Solomon Sondheimer, Moses
s'ondheimer, Herman Frankel, Isaac L.
Rosenthal and Meyer Rosenthal.
——— *.
Change of" Business.
Messrs. Gattmann A Wilson, the well
known dry goods dealers at Sixth and J
streets, to-day announce a dissolution of
partnership, Mr. Gattmann retiring. The
business will be continued by B. Wilson
nnd Henry M. F. Levison.
The old firm has conducted business in
this city for many years, and its patrons
have only good words for the treatment
they have received at its hands. The
new iirin promises to maintaiu the repu
tation of the house- for fair dealing, and
bop s ior a continuance of the liberal
patronage of the past.
German Lutheran Church.
To-morrow will be an eventful day for
the German Lutheran Church, at Twelfth
and X streets. On that occasiou twenty
seven children will be confirmed by tho
pastor, Rev. Charles F. Oehler, according
to the solemn rite of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church. The number of candi
dates tor confirmation is the largest since
the organization of tho congregation.
Preparations will be made to accommo
date the many visitors who will attend
the ceremony.
Supposed to bo a Sacram. ntnn.
A young man known as "Red" Hamm
was recently killed in the new mining
town of Creede, Col. The victim is
thought to be a young man who formerly
lived here and a brother to W. J. Hamm,
clerk iv the Farmers' and Mechanics'
The latter learned of the affair nearly a
week ago, and has since been trying to
ascertain if the deceased was his brother.
Peter Can Be Spared.
Yesterday Officer Talbot arrested Pete
I_awler, a sort of slogger and all-round
do-nothing, on a charge of vagrancy, but
lie was allowed to go on his promise to
leave the city.
Lawier is oue of the class who always
boast loudly that no policeman can arrest
Laoits' fine kid button shoes at §1 25 a
pair, -wort-. *.:_ &o,at 616 J street, between
-...Un and Seventh. Boston Shoe Coni^anv *
When you ask your gro
cer fbr Java, he does not:
offer you Maracaibo and say |
it is "just as good."
When you ask your drug
gist for Scott's Emulsion of
cod-liver oil, if he is honest,
he will not try to sell you
something "just as good."
Why do you want it ? The
answer is in a book on care
ful living ; we send it free.
Scott&Bownk. Chemists, 132 South sth A venue-
New York.
Yc;ir druggist keeps Scott's Emulsion of cod-liver j
oil — all druggists c very where do. .1.
«■ i
The Congregational Sunday-School
Library Social.
A Delightful "Little Folks' Party" at i
Turner Hall—Epworth __euj_ue
En ten a iv men t.
The "book" social given at the Congre- l
national Church last evening was largely ;
attended, and resulted in the donation of j
quite an addition to the Sunday-school
The price of admission was either a
book for the library or sullicient money
to purchase a book. The receiving table
was well covered with volumes and the
cash receipts were quite large.
After a few words from Hey. J. B. SU- \
cox, the pastor, the following entertain
ment was given. Mrs. 15. F. Howard,
announced for a vocal solo, was unab'l3 to '
be present, which was explained by Dr.
Overture, "The Lovely Galatea," quar- ;
tet orchestra; instrumental quartet, "Re
flection"; vocal solo, Miss Maj- Johnson;
'cello solo, "Danse Hollondaise," F. J.
Lewis* piano solo, "Con Moto," C. .).
Dunster; quurtet, "Resignation,'' Mrs. C.
A. .Neale (piano), C. A. Neale (flute), P. J. ;
Lewis d cello 1, C. Keil (violin).
The party given by Jones, _ iseh «fc !
Watson to the young'l'olks. in celebration j
ofthe close of the Saturday afternoon ;
class, was a remarkably brilliant affair.
It would be hard to fancy a more de- j
light ml scene thau Turner Hail presented ;
last evening. The room was very taste- <
fully decorated, and the assemblage of
young folks present were at the i
interesting age when light hearts,
short drosses, fairy forma and nimble
feet seemed the universal rule, without j
an exception. An unusual beauty was |
added to the fairy ball by the bright cos- j
tumes, the bright eyes, the sunny hair
and happy voices of merry children. The
deportment of those assembled, without
exception, demonstrated the careful drill
and masterly training of their instructor. :
The hall 'was tilled with little gentle- j
men and ladies, whom it will i>"t do to
designate in this connection as children,
without the risk of a seeming lack oi
dignity and respect.
Among the many pleasing toilets noted
were the following: (.race Cox, white
siik, with flowered lace overdress; Flor- j
ence Larkin, _\'ile green silk with rib- i
bons; l.llita King, bright red silk, lace
trimmings; Pauline .Johnston, pink silk,
trimmed with chiffon lace; Muriel Katz- j
enstein, canary silk, lace trim mines; .Miss
Howe, pink silk and lace; Kittie Hoehn, I
shrimp pink silk, lace trimmed; Mabel
Lovdal. white mull ribbon trimmings; '\
Nellie Pierson, white embroidered mull; !
Beth Sill, blue satin trimmed with white
swan _ down.
The grand march was led by Fred Pari
and Bertie Howe, and the supper march '
by Willie McGuire and Paulino John- ;
The ladies on the Committee of Arrange
ments were Mrs. Pike,|Mrs. J ohnston|and
Mrs. King.
The banquet also presented a brilliant
and happy spectacle, and was not, from
appearances, the least pleasing feature of !
the happy evening. The festivities con
cluded at the late hour of half-past 10, and
the happy young people (be it said with
some hesitation) were taken in charge by
their mammas, many of whom wero
among the pleased spectators.
George Boyne received manyeompU-l
ments for the tasteful decoration of the
hall, and the musicians proved tie-in
selves especially attentive and entrancing.
The strawberry and ice cream social
given by the Epworth League at the M.
E. Church South was also well attended,
and in addition to the festival was a very
well rendered aud enjoyable literary and
musical entertainment. Among the
; pleasing features were: Recitation, Dolly ;
| Brown; vocal solo, Maud Cann; flute !
| solo, Charles Stickney; vocal solo, Myra '
! Shields: recitation, Mr. Colliding; duet, !
j Misses llillhouse and Lowry; vocal solo, j
Mr. White.
The evening's entertainment concluded i
I with tableaux aud refreshments.
M. J. Dillon of Auburn is in the city.
Mrs. H. H. Love has returned from
Los Angeles.
James M. Brown of Placervilie is at the
Golden Eagle.
H. M. La Rue contemplates leaving for
Chicago on Monday.
Miss Anna Hall of Manitowac, Wis.,
is visiting friends in this city.
Miss Belle Trullinger of San Francisco
is visiting Mi-^s Laura Woinrich.
Robert M. Hollman, a prominent man
ufacturer of Chicago, is in the city.
Frank Milliken ofthe Placer Republican
was down from Auburn yesterday.
1 •*. T. Van Fleet of Toledo, 0., brother
of Judge W. C. Van Fleet, has been vis
iting hero.
The wedding is announced of Antone
Menkc, the well-known farmer, and Isa
bella Whitle.
President L. C. Morehouse of the State
Board of Equalization came up from his
home at Sau Leandro yesterday.
Miss Esther Farr of Methuen, Mass.,
arrived yesterday ou a three-months'
visit to her aunt, Mrs. E. R. Farr of this
Misses Lottie Stetlens, Maud Jones,
Cyrus Miller and Samuel Simmons are
home from Palo Alto University for the
Easter vacation.
Fred and Adam Backer, brothers, were
married in this city on Thuisdav to An
nie ami Maggie Kuntz, sisters, of Frank
lin. The double wedding ceremony was
performed by Rev. Charles F. Oehler.
Rev. Robert M. Tunnell and wife of
Auburn are in the ci. y, the guests of State
Treasurer McDonald. Dr. Tunnell, the
State Treasurer and Justice of the Peace
Henry wero school mates once in Jack
sonville, 111. The reverend gentleman
called on the Justice yesterday and they
spent an hour in conversation over old
times. It was the lirst time they had
met in forty-live years.
Arrivals at the Golden Eagle Hotel yes
terday: Walter Werner, Louisville, Ky.-
J. Browu, F. R. Morse, R. M. Stelle, l_eii
Lie'wes, New York: E. W. Belden, West
lield, Mass.; George L. Peterson, wife
and daughter, Chicago; J. 11. Stanton,
Fon dv Lac; T. B. McCauley, Baltimore;
81. J. Dillon, Auburn; H. E. Hall, Bos
ton; S. F. Grissim, __. Levy, O. Eribach,
H. Rosenthal, E. Deutch, D. C. Brownell,
Paul Wickerstam, C. G. Simpson, San
Francisco; James M. Brown, Placervilie;
JL. C. Morehouse, Sau Leandro; Mrs. E.
B. Howell and two children, Butte City;
G. F. Smith, Dallas; George W. Cram,
Yesterday Mrs, Mary Buchler was ac
quitted of the charge of disturbing the
Two runaway boys, named Albert Clark
and Bert Miller, were yesterday returned
to their families in San Francisco.
It is said that ex-Chief of Police Drew
has found some one to allow tho use of his
name in the proposed suit to oust Chief
The Grand Army Posts of this city will
attend a sermon by Rabbi Levy at the
Synagogue on the Friday evening pre
ceding Mem.>rial Day.
Dr. Liebig _fe Co. could not finish
yesterday and will have offices to-day
and to-night at IC .7. Fourth street, in
the St. George building.
George McCarthy, the boy who has been
held to answer a chaige of having burg
larized the barn of Everett Pierce, was
released yesterday upon furnishingsl,o.o
Con tide nee Lodge, Knights of Pythias
has elected the following delegates to the
Grand Lodge, which meets in Santa Cruz
on May : :..: C. Loin:; rger and \V. P.
Old field. CJ. Fredericks and G. B.
Katzenstein were elected as alternates.
*I-0 Truckee i.< _..•/./. _<-«* says that dams
without fish-ladders are maintained in
the Truckee Biver in Nevada State, and
the trout cannot get up the riverto spawn.
This is a shameful state ef affairs, and ihe
Nevada people owe it to themselves to see
that the remedy is applied.
l.amie Bee_U
The Department cf Ramie Culture for
California has just received a lot of lresh
ramie seed for free distribution from the
United States Agricultural station, lo
cated at New Orleans. Farmers and others
receiving seed are expected to report re
sults, as it is not know n that the seed will
grow in open-field culture in California,
the plant being a native of India. Should
the plants grow, they can ba transplanted,
and will produce good roots for the next
season, l'arties wishing same can send
stamp to the State Superintendent, W. H.
Murray, 810 Castro street, San Francisco.
Fraternal Visit.
Sunset Parlor, Xo. 26, N. S. G. W., paid
a fraternal visit to Sacramento Parlor,
No. 3, last evening. A very large and
representative gathering of local mem
bers of the order participated in the
pleasures of the occasion. The initiatory
degree was conferred upon several candi
dates. The occasion dosed with a ban
quet, during the progress of which the
participants were entertained with Inter
esting addressee and songs.

Claims He Mas Wronged.
C. W. Foster, tho young man as to
whose whereabouts it was stated yester
day that certain persons were solicitous,
is in the city. He says he was away only
temporarily on business, and was sur
prised to iind that his absence bad given
rise to gossip. It appears to have been a
trilling matter all round.
Open-Air Concerts.
General J. G. Marline, Chairman of tho
Open-Air Concert Committee, has called
a meeting of that body for next Wednes
day evening, at the office of I .- irerJ.
.. Mi is, Jul J street, when tho matter of
having a series of popular concerts this
summer will be discussed.
No Congressional Flection.
There appears to be no likelihood that
Governor Markham will call a special
election to fill the vacancy in Congress
caused by tiie resignation of McKenna.
He thinks there is nothing at stake to
warrant the expense ofa special election.
Carley Will Recover.
It is now considered, quite certain that
H. B. Carley, tho brakemac who was
shot by a tramp at Marysville on Thurs
day, will recover. The doctors say tho
bullet which struck him in the abdomen
did not penetrate the intestines. He is
resting easily.
In a K-street Dive.
Yesterday a young man named Wat
kins arrived here from Livermore and
so. n found his way into ono of the dives
that disgraces X street, iie claims thai
while there he was robbed of ${_ by one
of the human barnacles that adhere to
such dens.
._, _
Auction Sales To-day.
At 10 o'clock this forenoon, Bell, Greer
A Co. will b__l at auction at their sales
rooms, Tenth aud J streets, a large lot of
lino household furniture of all descrip
tions, paintings, carpels, crockery, etc.;
also, horses and buggies.
"Wrecked tlio Buggy.
A horse attached to a light buggy ran
away from the vicinity of Eighth and L
Btreee yesterday. The animal dashed up
L stn ci to Tenth, where ho was captured.
'lhe buggy was wrecked to some extent,
and the horse badly cut about the iegs.
World»S Fair Meethur.
At 10 o'clock this morning the dole
gates to the World's Fair District Con
vention will meet at tho Courthouse to
consider mailers of interest to the coun
ties concerned.
Board of Health.
The City Board of Health will meet
this evening lo elect a Plumbing Inspec
tor and for other business.
Unitarian Society.
The ladies of the Unitarian Society will
I hold a reunion and social at Pythian Cas
tle this evening.

Great Bargains in Shoes.
The Boston Shoe Store seems to have
. opened up a bonanza in Sacramento. Tho
j store is at bio J street, formerly occu
pied by Houghton's book store, aud at all
; times during tho day the place is crowded
!by eager buyers. This is a great opnor
i tunity for tho people of Sacramento to
i buy first-class boots and shoes at half the
ordinary prices. •
To-Day I To-Day!
Don't forget the closing out stock of the
I Bed House. Men's straw hats of all
; kinds. Boys' straw hats, littlo ones, for
] lc, and clothing all to be sold out at a ter
j rible slaughter. Furnishing goods—there
; are stacks on sale. Boots and shoes all
j reduced and going rapidly. *
! Cukamkuv butter, 4,3 cents per roll at
'■■ Sacramento Cash Store, northeast corner
Eleventh and J streets.
Cui_._-.en__ school shoe.-, 75 cents a pair,
worth •?_ 50. at the Boston tsjioe Store, 015 J
street, between Sixth aud Severn h. *
'M?_a. s
Both the method and results when
' Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
| and refreshing to the taste, and acts
| gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
j Liver aad Bowels, cleanses the sys-
I tern effectually, dispels colds, head
: aches and fevers aud cures habitual
; constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
! only remedy of its kind ever pro
j duced, pleasiug to the taste and ac
■'le to the stomach, prompt in
! its action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most
popular mniiudi known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and $1 bott!e_ by ...11 leading drug
gists. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
ctire it promptly far any one who
wishes to try it. Do not accept any
IQi/JSKiiE. r.y. .-.. uEw urn. §L*
I P A_?.£ Aik. AIJ-' VAULTS, 3U2 J STREET,
V.J 1005 'Third street. NAG__I_E & BVENS
SON, Proprietors. The finest lunch ln tbe
city, 11 a. __. to 2 p. m. Best of Wines,
I Liquors and Cigars always on hand. Clam
Cnowder and Mussel Soup every night. Tele
phone No. 33-. m2l-;f
A Determined Stand.
Which means goods at low prices,
not only all marked down, but 90c
goes for $1.
Wlß** TO-_D_A_.Tr j
Open for business at 8 o'clock, close
at 10 P. M. sharp.
Great attraction!
Wonderful success!
The largest stock of goods ever
thrown onto the market in a legiti
mate way. All the favors we ask
of you is to buy our goods at a
reduced price and let us get out.
(Mf^^" Extra force placed in our Milli
'SUSF Der y Salesroom to assist the rapid
trade in this department.
1,000 Hats on sale to-day.
Trimmed Hats in all shapes, and
especially the great variety of Flats,
trimmed with wreaths, flowers and
ribbon for 75c, for |i and $1 25, and
something elegant for $1 95 to $2 45.
I 'I fl 1 'i'fi J J 1-1 I " STORE, 414 and 416 __ street, is the cheapest nnd best place
I i I .1 '• * i_ .' l_ IT to buy *-'loi__i-i_. etc. Dunn, the time oi the luiprovements
-.JILJ-/ 1 11 . 111 l now under way. the buyer will secure great bargains. Visit
w _-*-_-- w -_ _k_r-___- l >/l us and ■___ for yourself.
H. MARKS, Proprietor Mechanical Clotbing Store, 414 X Street
Ask for It and Take No Other.
Every Consumer of Flour in Sacramento Should
Try the New Brands:
If your grocer says he does not keep them,
send a postal to the agent,
James Wkhtman, 12257 Front Street,
Who will deliver it.
""J N. 8.-These celebrated mills do not
-j--*-**-*^ propose to " crush, the Sacramento!
mills," but will continue to crush wheat into
of graham flour;
spongy bread.
FLOUR try it and be «o. COMPANY
Manufactured by
When it costs you nothing to do so. The well
known popularity of M'OREARY'S StfOWFLAKE FLOTTS is tuffident guarantee of its
quality. This Flour is sold by all grocers, and always has teen us low hj way other Sral
Hour here or uny other place in the State. Munuiactured by C. McCKi-AI.Y «fc CO., Sucra
mento Flour Mills-
Dr mggist a_nd Apothe-cra-ry,
».' Proscriptions Promptly and Carefully Attended to.
US f fIAYI^- Furniture and Carpets.
t) ilk;. U. JL_! 10 M Paper of a j^_ imi !w p fice
All-Al3 X Srteet. Socramcnto.
X Estate Agency.
.-..500-a fine,J-igh corner to* on n street
80x1 GO, with a good, two-sluiy l>rK*.«
dwelling of 9 rooms having modern con
__ v, 11ie1.es. This Is a bargain. , •
§-,••00—Two-story Frame Dwelling, nearly
new, with _ood modern appointroents;
good barn, iron fence, lot 40X100. on <^°r-
ner sixteenth and N streets; street WOT*
all done.
fS.-UO— A Modem Cottage of 5 rooms, bath
t'te.: lot 40..80; only thr.e and a baU
blocks from Eighth aad X street-, fl.ooo
oown, balance In _ )*ears.
pi t 7oO—.Lot«SXBO,dwdliiu. of". 100ms,on
Sixteenth -treet, between F ana G, <->,;e
itory and basement: cheap. Rent»forsl4.
»4,&00—I/ot 40x100 ami a Cor.', enient Cot
tage 01 brooms on P street, near TweUth;
a beautiful home and in last improving
93,000—L0t 42x160, with a good Cottage of
1 ioo::i_; worth 83,500* I street, between
Tventy-first anu Twenty-eeonA.
$I,GuO SOxlf.O. coiuor of Fourteenth and D
•streets; good lot for building tenements,
$2,50 Ai me Lot, 40x1 00, north line of M
strett near FUteentli; one ot tiie most de
sirable lots in -.acrameato.
f 1,460—L0t 40x100, on the south line of L
-treet near Twenty-first; above grade
¥ 1,2 >o—Lot 80xiu0. that deslrabte corner at
Eighteenth and g streets; only desirable
full corner lot on Q street; cheap,
Are being Bought for daily, and it Is a mater
ot" only a short time when they cannot tx bad
at the present prjci s and terms. Call now and
get one before it is too late.
4^Bents Collected. Money to Loan.
liisuraneo at Lowest Rates lor Good
1015 Fonrth Street. Sacramento.
81. VN'ii O_?FIC_-—22 Montgomery Street,
San Francisco.
Real Estate Salesroom, 325 J St
Some Good, Cheap Lots.
$1,000. Lots No. 5. 6 and 7, U street, be
tween Eighth and Ninth, for
SI,Ooo each, 80x160, or will
$-J.35_ Lot 40xlGO, F street, between
Twenty-eighth and Twenty-ninth.
$325. Lot sin block 45, South Sacramento.
$3 50. Lot Bin block 45, South Sacramento.
X terms. The finest and most Rightly b-oek
in the elty^Twenty-first and Twenty-second,
Pand Q str.eis. Electric street railway passes
in front of block, subdivid il as follows:
Twenty-tirst Street.
40 j4O -1" 40 "io 40 j 8(j
jbl 81 8 a s a 1 s.
| ! 6 | 5 « 3 J2 SOS
8 '-■ t __™ r~*~^
100 io * IW, ; ;
*g 16° 11 ■' 16° 22 'c I
"£. 160 12 «» a §
n n s 8 j _S I o S
r-V a ■ a ft h
i-______L________.l L__ '"^ ' 2 _
Twenty-second Street.
Fifteen per cent, cash, balance In 60 e> oal
monthly installments, without interest. These
choice los within the reach ol all. Ab_ tracts
and deeds Furnished free. Apply to
At Sacramento Warehouse 00. ap7-lm
one of the best located and paying pro
perties in tho city.
E. Iv. HAWK,
Real Estate and Insurance, 1010
I'ourth Streot.
Lots In This "Very Desirable Block,
ti Street,
j 40" 40 40 40 lo -!(> lo 10
_*c _.__ o .
__.-*" St'I - iO - N
__.?* *| _5 _S lio IO _•*___**
o o o o c _.
• *4*f500 rt -T -T -T *500 0 _.
a o> o> oy i. h
s 2 s«oo ;„,. £
*? !3________
I 2 *5650 §675* _ S
c . .
fe 2 *s-">oo g §540* £ r
E §500 i | §540 g
'o *§5()0 - 10*
f» X5O 150 Q
B street.
'Lots sold.
block from Electric Railroad. Btxteentb
street is graveled and graded, and aU tbe lots
are above the city grade, which we will sell on
easy Installments, or will build houses for
S7()n upward, so that anyone can bny a home
in this block with a few hundred dollars down
and the rest the same as paying rent. Don't
miss this chance, tor it may never occur again.
A le i, a new flve-room Cottage on the corner of
Fourteenth and Q streets, witb three bay win
dows, bathroom, wash-tand. hot and cold
water, finished in the best of modern style.
To be sold on easy installments. Apply at
BILLER i'lin-., Contractors and Builders,
office and mill 1614 Thirteenth streeLm3l-_n_
408 J Street, Sacramento.
Insurance, Collectiuns, Real Estate. _e5-tf__w
l- _ Lstreet; o rooms 7. §15
MOID •' .') " 14
1502 Q " 5 '* and bath 20
1918 L " 5 " 18
Large Store on J street. Runs back to alley.
301 .J STREET.
jgruttg, *fte*#<Jiivobuct t (&tc.
Co.. Nos. 126 and I_B J St.. Bacramento,
wholesale dealers in 1 _-oduce and Fruit Full
stocks of Potatoes. V>f;etab.es, Green and
iJried Fruits. Beans. Alfalfa. Butter Eggs,
Cheese, Poultry, etc ai ways on hand "Or _.r_
Qlied at LOWEST RATES- "*
General Commission Merchants,
Wholesale Dealers in Fruit and Produce,
808, 310, 818 X St.. Sacramento.
Telephone 37. Post. j_sce Box 335.
208-210 _J street.
; _-' and correct forms-.
E-egaatly engraved Wedding Invitations
and Party Cards In the most approved styles.
Calling Cards, Dance Programmes, Menu
Card-, Cnttt Monograms and Address Dlei
executed in the finest manner-
_T the RECORD-UNION Is tiie best to adver.
I use ln.

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