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Mayor Steinman's Proposition to Have
Them Licensed.
If People Will Buok at Them, He
Want* the City to Heap a Ben
efit Therefrom.
At last night's session of the City
Trustees Mayor Steinman submitted
the following ordinance for the purpose
of licensing the nickel-in-the-slot ma
chines of various kinds that were re
cently closed down by his order. The
proposed ordinance is as follows:
"An ordinance providing for licensing
weighing, phonographic, candy, choco
late, postage stamp, cigar or cigarette
machines, and machines for ejecting
articles, and proA'iding a penalty for
violation of the ordinance.
•'The Board of Trustees of the city of
Sacramento ordain as follows:
"Section 1. In addition to State and
county license each proprietor of a
weighing machine, phonographic ma
chine, candy machine, chocolate ma
chine, postage stamp machine, cigar
machine or cigarette machine, and
other machines for ejecting articles, in
which, on deposit of a five-cent piece, or
any other : ieee of money or article rep
resenting money within or in connec
tion with said machine a person is
weighed thereon, or music played
therein, or candy, chocolate, postage
stamps, cigars, cigarettes or other ar
ticles are ejected from said machine re
spectively, shall pay a license of $3 per
quarter for each maohine. Said license
to be dated from the first day of the
month in which said license is issued.
"Section 2. The Auditor shall, from
time to time, furnish to the collector of
licenses metal machine numbers which
shall be issued by the said collector to
the person or persons paying license,
and shall be affixed and fastened in or
to said mar-nine so as to be plainly visi
ble. The City Collector is hereby des
ignated and directed to collect the li
cense or licenses in this ordinance pro
"Section 3. This license shall not be
construed to grant, or shall any license
ever be granted for any banking or per
centage game played with cards, dice
or any device, for money, checks, credit
or other representative of value, or for
any game or device prohibited by law.
"Section 4. All ordinances and parts
of ordinances in conflict with this ordi
nance are hereby repealed.
"Section 5. Any person or persons
violating any of the provisions of this
ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and shall, upon convic
tion, be fined not to exceed $100, or by
imprisonment in the City Prison not to
exceed fifty days, or by both such fine
and imprisonment.
"Section 6. This ordinance shall take
effect immediately from and after its
The matter was taken up later in the
evening, and the following communica
tion from the City Attorney was read:
To the Honorable Board of Trustees
of the City of Sacramento—Gentlemen:
On June 14. ISIM, Ordinance No. 345 of
this city, entitled an ordinance "To pro
hibit gambling by means of automatic
quotation exhibitors, slot machines, or
any similar contrivance, or imitation
thereof, or by any other device or
scheme," was approved by Mayor
St.'inman erf this city, said ordinance
having theretofore been parsed by your
honorable body. On December 23. 1895,
■ r Steinman sent a communication
to your honorable body stating that he
was informed that ordinances were in
effect in other cities of this State licens
ing such devices as are prohibited by
s;.i<] ( >rdinance No. 345 of this city; that
I is>ci your honorable body to pass
an ordina'nee, which he would send you
this evening, repealing said Ordinance
: l"i and regulating and licensing
such devices as are now prohibited by
said onHna
The Ma^or surely did not act ad
visedly in making this request of you.
If th. • -ity for passing
said Ordinance No. .'>4o in June, 1894,
for suppressing an evil therein contem
plated, there most assuredly has been
no such h :«-nt in our moral,
status as wooM render the evil more
endurable or ler-s contaminating in De
r, IWS, Th" fact that the ordi
nance has not bees enforced until with
in the past two V'.t-ks is no fault of the
people, in whose interest, presumably,
the ordina i. but the fault
of the authorities wliosj- duty it is to
see that th>^ laws and ordinances are
properly enforced, in which fault the
r, as chief executive officer of the
city and as the head of the Police De
partment, must share. The passfr
and indifference of said authoritJ -s can
by no reasonable hypothesis be taken as
Indicative >f the popular sentiment un
doubtedly voiced in the ordinance as It
now stands.
Wh' th'-r. as a matter of law, there
was any ntXMmttty for passing The ordi
nance there < an be r.<> doubt The Penal
Oede of this State as fail hernia
Works wonders in cur
ing torturing, disfigur
ing diseases of the skin,
scalp, and blood, and es
pecially baby humours.
Cmmi KaHfir ft i.iid threarkoot tbt vorld.
Bhfimh Uipot: r. N'rwizar * 8o»», London. FoTTs*
l>LtvJ*<nru c "'K.'oa. U. S. A,-
Quite a Difference! \
Whether Ton Suffer From Or Are Healthy and Ha?e \
# Will Cure these Diseases-AN D-Sring ell these Blessings
I such nickel-in-the-slot machines as are
prohibited by the ordinance, as it does
faro, stud-horse poker, "craps," tan
and lotteries, all of which last men
tioned games are now and have been
for a number of months past, conducted
and carried on in this city.
The Mayor might have, with as much
consistency, bo iar as your right* are
concerned, and with a great deal more
safety to you if you followed his advice,
advised you to pass an ordinance licens
ing larceny.
That you may more readily under
stand the import of the foregoing, and
without explaining at this time why,
in my opinion, a nickel-in-the-slot ma
chine comes within the purview of the
provisions of the Penal Code, I herewith
quote Sections 330 and 337 of said code:
"Section 330. Every person who deals,
plays, or carries on, opens, or causes to
be opened, or who conducts, either as
owner or employe, whether for hire or
not, any game of faro, monte, roulette,
lasquenet, rouge et noire, rondo, tan,
fan-tan, stud-horse poker, seven-and-a
half, twenty-one, hokey-pokey, or any
banking or percentage game played
! with cards, dice, or any device, for
I money, checks, credit, or other repre
sentative of value, and every person
who plays or bets at or against any of
said prohibited games is guilty of a
misdemeanor, and shall be punished by
a fine not less than one hundred dollars
I nor not more than five hundred dollars,
j or by imprisonment in the County Jail
not exceeding six months, or by both
such fine and imprisonment.
"Section 337. Every State, county,
j city, city and county, town or township
j officer, or other person, who shall ask
i for, receive or collect any money or
j other valuable consideration, either for
his own use or the public use, for and
with the understanding that he will
aid, exempt or otherwise assist any per
son from arrest or conviction for a vio
lation of Section 330 of the Penal Code;
or who shall issue, deliver or cause to
to be given or delivered to any person
j or persons, any license, permit or other
j privilege, giving or pretending to give
I any authority or right to any person or
I persons to carry on, conduct, open or
cause to be opened any game or
games which are forbidden or prohib
ited by Section 330 of said code; and
any of such officer or officers who shall
vote for the passage of any ordinance
or by-law giving, granting or pretend
ing to give or grant to any person or
persons any authority or privilege to
I open, carry on. conduct or cause to be
opened, carried on or conducted any
i gamp or games prohibited by said Sec
j tion 030 of the Penal Code is guilty of a
The laws of this State with reference
to gaming are very strict, and it would
! be more in keeping with a conscien
tious performance of duty for the
Mayor to give orders to the police de-
I partment for their strict enforcement
than it is for him to advise what is
prohibited by law, and sanction, as is
now done, the occasional arrest or
those engaged in a flagrant violation of
the law in conducting and carrying on
the games heretofore mentioned. It is a
disgrace and a shame to this city and
county that gambling has virtually
"been licensed in this city for a number
of months past. The revenue to the
city from thia source has been nearly
$3,000 during the past year, but this
city has not become so far lost to all
sense of decency as to accept this money
willingly, knowing the source from
whfch and the manner in which it is
derived. I know that reputable citizens
do not sanction It, but whether they do
or not, there is but one course to pur
sue, and that is to enforce the law as
we find it.
I have now advised you, perhaps not
as fully as I might in the premises, but
sufficiently so that you will not act, I
hope, upon any ordinance regulating
gambling without due deliberation.
Yours respectfully,
J. FRANK BROWN, City Attorney.
Sacramento, Dec. 90, 1895.
The pro-posed ordinance was read
again, and Kent moved that it be laid
on the table, but his motion met with no
Leonard said the ordinance was
copied from the San Francisco ordi
nance, which has been declared by the
Corporation Counsel and other good at
torneys not to conflict with the State
law, as there is nothing in it that al
lows money machines, there being
something always received in return
for the nickel in the machines specified
in the ordinance.
Davis thought if the Corporation
Counsel thought the ordinance all right
it would do no harm to pass it. and if
found afterward to be in conflict with
the law, the board could at any time re
peal it.
■Vt-i», and what if you lost your office
in the meantime?" said Pennish.
"I am not at all afraid of that," re
torted Davis.
Devine thought *f the San Francisco
ordinance was all right this one would
also be so.
After some discussion, the matter was
deferred for a week in order that the
beard may investigate the law and take
advice upon it.
BAN FRANCISCO, Deo. 30, 1895.
A!ph« 25c Mexican 6?o
Belcher GOc occidental <;sc
B.A H ...87<&^<Ve Ophlr 1 45
Botfta «X>n 4«c Overman 10c
Bullion luc Potoal s>o
Caledonia 8c Savage [email protected]:ie
Chollar ...«.">®6i;e B. Nevada o.'ic
(.'. I'oiui 25®21c Union [email protected] r>c
( '.v «: 45<- Y. Jacket 44©130
H.JiX 1 10
Ophlr 1 4". Belcher 3Uc
I H, i B Ss(«>.«.- l;t*h 40
I C. C.4 V...8 40.^ 45 Bullion 17e
Savage HA&.i 1c [4. A C 440
Cboitar (.>3®tiln Kxcljrquer 8c
i'oKmi....: 5S<-overman ;»■■
H. a N 1 05.Union 44c
r. Point 2'Jc ucnuema! 67c
Y. Jacket 43c Bodta Con 4»®4yc
Alpha Con .-.24®25c liulwer lie
Kftn Be O. ft 0 1 4o
Alpha 1!3■■• li. A N 1 o:>
Atules 20c .Jmtlce 4c
Balotier ~'<c Kuntuck Con ac
B.A B Sic Wfxioan 6tic
Kodl*. 4i>c Mono Tc
Hullion 17c (.Wvidental «5c
Iluiwcr 10c Ophir 1 4O
Calouonia Gc Overman no
Challenc«_ 2^c PotCMl s»',e
Ciiollar G4cAava.ce Mtie
Contictence 1 los. >'«▼ s^c
(. G A V 2 85 I'nlon i ;.c
Con. Imperial 2c Utah 4c
<\ Point' 2'-<- Y. JacJc«t 43c
Exchequer Sc
Corporation Counsel Devlin Secures a
New Contract.
Will It Shmt Mayor Hubbard Out From
Appointing a >"ew Corpora
tion Counsel ?
After the Trustees* meeting was over
laet nigh* and most of those present
had left the hall, a little episode hap
pened that for a tim» looked as if it
might lead to blows.
As Trustee Devine was about to leave
the hall Hiram Johnson handed him a
paper and asked him if he indorsed that
kind of a scheme..
"What kind of a schtm« is It?" said
"Look at it and see," was the reply.
It proved to be a contract signed by
B. U. Steinman, as Mayor, and R. T.
Devlin, bearing' the date of December
20, 18{>5, and tiled with Clerk Flint.
It recited the action of the board in
May, 18!(4, empowering the Mayor to
appoint a Corporation Counsel to attend
to the city's business, and went on to
contract between the city and Mr. Dev
lir. that the latter should "be employed
by the city of Sacramento, pursuant to
the conditions and terms thereof, until
discharged by the Board of Trustees, as
in the said ordinance provided."
It further provided that when so dis
charged, he shall surrender all books,
papers and documents in which the city
is concerned, but that he shall be al
lowed one month, if the Trustees so de
termine, in which to arrange any mat
ters pending in court.
"Mr. Devlin's original oontract ex
pires on January Gth," said Mr. John
sen, "and this is a scheme to perpetuate
him in the office and prevent Mayor
Hubbard from appointing a new Cor
poration Counsel when he goes into
office. I think it is an infamous outrage
and should not be countenanced."
While he was speaking, Mr. Devlin j
came in, and Mr. Johnson turned the
vials of his wrath upon him.
"I would not grasp at all the business j
in sight if I were you," he said, "and try j
to hold on to it. I should think you !
ought to be satisfied with the share of
public pap you have had already, and
not try to hog it all. There is decency
in all things."
"What is there out of the way in the
contract?" asked Devlin. "The Trus
tees have power to discharge me when
ever they see fit, and if they do so I
shall not attempt to hold on to the office.
I I am ready to quit at any time they say !
i so."
"Yes, but this contract is not like the
old one. Under that one you could be !
discharged by the Trustees or your sue- j
cessor could be appointed by the |
Mayor's successor. Your contract ran
only till January 6th, and this perpetu
ates it unless the Trustees discharge
you," said Johnson. "I think it is an
infamous outrage, and you ought not
to hold on."
"Well, I am at the orders of my bosses
and do not need any advice," said Dev
lin. "If they want to discharge me I
i will surrender the office. I don't want
! it any longer than they want me to have 1
Mr. Johnson called him some very un
complimentary names and said he had
the pleasure of telling him what he
thought of him at least.
Mr. Devlin's only reply was that he
was at the order* of the Trustees, and
the matter was entirely in their hands,
and the parties separated and went
their respective ways.
If the Phiote-Pinaud troupe of acro
batic pantomimic performers alone con
stituted the entertainment at the Clunie
Opera-house they would be well worth
the price of admission. But they simply
form a part of the "Crystal Slipper"
fairy drama, and work into a portion of
the ball scene. They constitute a whirl
wind of novelty and lightning-like ac
robatics. The ease, rapidity and humor
of their act is something: remarkable.
Since the days of the Ravel family and
the Martinettes we have not had th* ir
equals. There are four men in the
troupe who for twenty minutes keep
the audience in a whirl of surprise with
their grotesque pantomime, their re
markable flip-flaps and ground and
lofty tumbling, rapid change of costurn
ery and their merry making:. Last
night Mr. Eldridge filled in in the revel
scene with burlesque songs and dances
peculiar to himself and won encore after
encore until he was weary. Mr. De
V.mil also gave comic songs success
fully—and a word here to him, he over
does in the color make-up of the ancient
maiden he personates. However homely
the Baron's daughters may be sup
posed to be, assuredly neither of them
are quite so black about the eyes as De
Vaull paints one of them. Tt would !>>■
a decided improvement, sustain the in
terest more and preserve the conti
nuity of the piece, if it were possible,
as it would seem to be, to have the
Pliiote-Pinauds in the revel scene in
stead of filling an interlude distinct
from the play. This might be accom
plished by having the Prfmce order the
revel to go on while he and his retainers
search for the fleeing Cinderella. It
would then be necessary only to close
a scene while the momentary change
for the Pinauds is made. It would be a
clever and easily adapted device and
avoid dropping the curtain which really
takes the Pinauds out of the play and
disconnects them from it. To add
them to it will pr serve unity and muc-h
enhance the pleasure of the play.
F.ldridge and Hallett, who have
;-" much in bringing out t'n- fairy holi
day piece and risked so much also, have
done well to continue it this week and
can confidently count on full houses the
remaining nights.
Chickering Hall was filled last night
by an Invitation audience to hear an
instrumental recital-- the first of the
series by K. J. Carpenter and A. \V.
ui.uk. performers upon the guitar,
mandolin, banjo and zither. It was a
very pleasing entertainment and proved
how broad are the capabilities of the
two instruments, the guitar and mando
iin. The programme was carried out
as follows: "Faust," (arranged by Mr.
Carpenter) by the Imperial Quintet
Club, consisting of, mandolins—R. J.
Carpenter, A. \Y. Black, G. \Y. Larkin:
guitars—C. ML Spaulding, F. Blan. hard:
guitar duo, "Nocturne," Mrs. .'■;. M.
Graham and R. J. Carpenter: baritone
»ok), "Prayer," (opera Stradolla) H.
Foriman; duet, (a) "II Trovatore." (h).
'Krnani." Carpenter and Black; (a)
"Traumt-roi." (b) "King Cotton March."
Imperial Quintet Club; "Mazurka de
Concert." A. L. Hart, Jr.. and A. \V.
Black; "El Yu< quero." Quintet Club.
FoivMer-* I ".led Inn.
At the regular meeting <>f Court Slit
ter. Xo. V»74. In(it]icTi<lrnt Order of For
esters, last • >•■•.:._■•. the following offt
oeri mn elected: Court Deputy High
Chief i: .. 0. X. t'l-Diikite: Chief
r. A- lumbui ; Vice-Chief Ranger,
F. D. Carpenter; Recording Secretary,
L. H. Jacox; Financial Secretary, D. J.
Davis; Treasurer, J. J. Byrne; Chaplain,
P. A. Roblyn; S. Woodward, William
Schwab; J. Woodward, A. J. Madson;
S. Beadle, C. F. Ehrhardt; J. Beadle, M.
A. Rlpley; Court Physician, Dr. Charles
Mealand; representatives to High
Court—L. A. Jacox, J. A. Roblyn, C. W.
Frazier; Trustees—J. A. Roblyn, L. A.
Jacox; Finance Committee—J. D. Fur
guson, W. F. Mahler.
The Thursday Entertainment Prem
ises to be Very Fine.
Nearly every detail has been com
pleted for the production of the beauti
ful "Columbia Fete" at the Metropol-
I itan Theater on Thursday evening un
[ der the direction of Miss Mathews of
Chicago and the auspices of the ladies
of St. Paul's Church.
"The Queen of the City" will be rep
j resented by Mrs. T. B. Hall. The
meadow drill and the whip drill (in
\ jockey costume) will be pretty features,
and there will be dances by Edna and
Irma Farley and Gladys and Albert
Butler. The daily rehearsals are large
ly attended.
I He Thinks That Lucas Had Relations
in Nevada City.
Patrick Flannigan, who was held as
' a witness in the case of the man Lucas,
! who was found dead on Saturday af
i ternoon in a box car on the north levee,
j made a deposition yesterday before
Coroner Clark and was released.
He stated that Lucas was, he thought,
born in Nevada City. He was a miner,
and they had been working together for
• the railroad on a tunnel near Red
! Bluff. They got on a protracted spree,
in which Lucas drank heavily and be
came sick. He thought that Lucas had
i a relative named John Lucas, a black
| smith, in Nevada City.
Three Persons Who Will bo Appointed
by the New -Mayor.
Mayor-elect Hubbard was asked last
night by a "Record-Union" reporter if
he had settled on his list of appointees,
and, if so, would name them.
"No," said he, "I have only so far set
tled definitely on three, and am still
considering on the rest. No, I have no
objection to giving you the names of
the three. They are Hiram W. Johnson
for Corporation Counsel, William Ren
fro for Clerk and J. O. Coleman for Su
perintendent of Streets. Farther than
those three, I can give you no informa
tion at present."
Dr. H. W. Harkness is up frem San
Miss Laura Cooper has gone to Saji
Francisco to visit friends.
Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Higgins have re
j turned from their wedding tour.
The Violetin Club will give its New
Year's party to-night at Pioneer Hall.
The New Year's party of the Wednes
day Night Club will take place at
Turner Hall New Year's night.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. McCullough, Miss
Alice R. McCullough and Miss Lillie
Peters of Marion, Ind., are at the
Golden Eagle.
S. B. Smith is -seriously ill with ty-
I phoid pneumonia, having been confined
to the house for the past two weeks.
His physician will not allow him to bo
seen at present.
Mrs. H. W. Miller, her daughter
Edna, and Mrs. W. B. Morrill of San
Francisco are spending the holidays
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Bellmer of 101U Tenth street.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Brain of Dos An
geles are at the Golden Eagle. They
are on their honeymoon, and are now en
route for home. Mrs. Brain is a sister
of J. H. Watkins, stenographer of the
Bureau of Highways.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Lightner gave a
birthday party to their little daughter
Helen, at their home, 914 E street, on
.Saturday, it being her third anniver
sary. A dozen little tots made merry
around the Christmas tree, and enjoyed
mimes and refreshments as only chil
dren can. Those present were: Ethel
I ruin, Ilene Pierson, Helen Lightner,
Amy Jones, Lulu Trapper, Emily
Downing, Maggie Suliivan, Eddie Grif
fey, Guy Banvard, Bernie Schaffer,
Harold Reichert, Eddie Downing and
Willie Trapper.
Buffalo, N. V., papers contained the
announcement several days ag-o of the
engagement of Edward F. Dold of that
city to Miss Adele Grau of Sacra
mento, and the news is confirmed by
both the young lady and her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Grau of this city.
Mr. Dold is one of Buffalo's enterpris
ing young business men and a member
of the Dold Packing Company, the most I
extensive pork-packers in Western New
York. The wedding will not be cele
brated for several months.
Weather Notes.
The Weather Bureau reports show
the highest and lowest temperatures
yesterday to have been 52 degrees and
.SI degrees, with light northerly winds
and clear weather prevailing.
The barometrical readings at 5 a. m.
and 5 p. m. were 30.55 and 30.45 inches,
The highest and low.est temperature?;
one year ago yesterday were 58 de
grees and 48 degrees, with .02 of an
inch of rain, and one year ago to-day
57 degrees and 43 degrees, with no rani.
River, 10 feet.
Ho Cooked Oplnm.
Last evening- a San Francisco officer
came here with a warrant from the
United States District Court for a
Chinaman named Ong Hong, whom
Officers Pennish and Rutherford caught
in the act of cooking- opium in a cabin
oji Sixth street, near Q, a few days
The prisoner was taken before Jus
tice Davis and committed to appear be
fcre the Federal Court in San Fran
Y. M. C. A. Receptions.
The Young Men's Christian Associa
tion will give two pleasant receptions
on New Year's Day, one in the after
noon, from 2 to 4 o'clock, and the other
at 7:."0 in the evening, with an enter
tainment. The members expect their
lady friends to visit them and help in
making a pleasant beginning of the new
Locomotive Engineers.
From 1 to 5 o'clock p. m. on New
Year's Day the Ladies' Auxiliary to the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
will hold a reception in Concord Hall,
Foresters' building, and will be pleased
to receive their friends there.
Big "Injuns" Coinliia:.
The Great Incohonee and other Great
Chiefs of the Red Men will visit Red
Jacket Tribe this evening and hold a
pow-wow with the braves.
The chocolate creams at Welch Bros.'
are the purest of the pure, and most
deliciously flavored. *
Roast turkey, pig and chicken, with
esrgnog fit for the gods, at Frank Van
Guelder's, 614 J street. •
I 90.
,;. Regujar price of the uuove Range, $Its 30. This la the burguln of
I the season. Call early it' in want of a Range.
I Of the latest and most improved patterns, we offer from now on
B -wholesale prices. Big bargains in everything.
I L. L. LE^VIS & CO.,
I and 5Q4 J Stiggt) Sacramgnto £
Vehicles—Baker & Hamilton—Hardware,
Carts, Buggies, Carriages, Phaetons, Bain
Farm and Header Wagons. SVholesale
Hardware. Send for catalogue.
THE FOUNTAIN", 510 K. has the be*t
clam juice, chowder and steam beer. Call.
SHOE REP AIRING — 1013 Seventh
street, between J and K. Take your shoes
to the Chicago Shoe Manufacturer. Strict
ly first-class work. Old shoes made to
look like new ones. Invisible joints on half
soles; edges same as new.
PHOTOS. Get Hodson's coupons from agents.
MILLER BROS., 1116 J street, carry a
full line of oil heaters.
T- B. REID, dentist, Masonic Temple,
SiX\h and X streets. Office hours 9 to 5.
J. H. Todc Lessee aud Manager
■\Veek of Ofrpymbßi- 30tli.
B«cond \Ye;k and Big Success of
The Crystal Slipper !
.New Sp.-cialllej and a Greut £>huv,\
Popular Prlo—— 11K:, 2Of a»d SOo.
Brotherhood of I.ocomo ive Engineers will
hold a reception ;ii L'oncurd Hail, foreiters'
Building, .\KW VKAHrt DAY, from l to 5
p. iv. The ladies will be pleased to receive
their friends at taat tnne^ It* (BC)
Mecropolitan Theater, Thursday, Jan. ad.
100 Children ! iJO LsatUnK Merchant*:
30 Mls*«-B wric! Tonne l.;idies!
Military in l'summlme!
Marches. Dances, Drills, Brownies. Under
the auspices of the Ladies o. St. Paul's Epis
copal Church.
Admission, 25, f>o, 7."> cents. Box-oflice
oi en Wednesday and Thursday. d:iS-5t
Hell & Co. will sell, on the premises, 321 J
-treet, TUESDAY, December 31, l^-'.'-V ai
f.'.iO p. m. sharp, the entire outfit, con
sisting of tables, chairs, refrigerator,
crockery, glassware, mirror, French
•ange and lixtures complete, table linen,
■ la'ikins, a fine coal stove, etc. Sale posi
tive. Terms cash.
BELL & CO., Auctioneers.
;>ell & Co. will sell, on the premises, Su3 X
treet. TUESDAY, December 31, 1895, at
10 a. m. sharp, the entire outfit, consisting
r bar fixtures, bar glassware, Hall safe,
bibles, chairs. Stoves, portieres, lamps,
Sale positive. Terms cash.
■I'Xt BELL <st CO.. Auctioneers.

Some Shoes
Hurt feet Goodyear Welts don't.
I-eet rest with comfort in them.
All dealers sell them. AH ages,
both sexes, may wear them.
C o idyear Welts are leather shoes, n>t rubber.
pruned. They will be done right if you have
them attended to by
Twenty-fifth and O streets.
weekly on the coast.
Arrivals at the Golden Eagle Hotel
yesterday: M. D. Clare, New York;
.1. L. McCullough and wife, Miss Alice
It. McCullough, Miss Lillie Peters, Ma
rion, Ind.; J. L. Bram and wife, Los
Angeles; William Jackson, Redding;
Frank J. Carlis, San Francisco; E. A.
Frengel, Towles.
__ .<>.
Xow Year's Day Services.
Rev. Charles F. Oehler will conduct
special services at the German Luther
an Church, corner Twelfth and X
streets, to-morrow, at 10:30 a. m. He
will preach an appropriate sermon,
after which the Lord's supper will take
place. The Germans of Sacramento and
vicinity and visitors are cordially in
"Will Hold Services.
Mrs. Mary Dennis, the colored evan
gelist, who preached a,t the Central M.
E. Church Sunday evening, will remain
in this city for a few days, and will
probably hold services in the colored
church in this city during the week.
Fotindltnps' Homo Christmas Tree.
The Children of the Foundling Home
will have their Christmas tree to-mor
row evening. Friends and those inter
ested are invited to be present.
Xotnries Public.
Governor Budd has appointed the fol
io-wring Notaries Public: Thomas L.
Chapin, Lios Angeles; John G. Jury, S&n
Fruit, Ornamental, Lemon and Layer
Also Plum Pudding.
Large Homemade Mince Pies, 15c
All kinds of Fruits, Nuts and As
sorted Cakes.
A full line of Choice Fresh Confec
tionery on hand.
j 626 X STREET.
Containing all the jjj f
news of the Record- || •—■ f
Union, has the I
largest circulation I! *jj
of any paper on the M O
Pacific Slope, its 1 ,
readers being found I] 3
in every town and Em!
hamlet, with a con- II £0
: stantly increasing ||
lisi in the Eastern |! »^
States and Europe. || CO
Special attention I _.
paid to the publica- m il
I tion of truthful 1 CD
| statements of the re- I
| sources of Califor- [I *:
nia and the entire | CfQ
coast, best methods |9 2 fe
!*of agriculture, fruit || (-+ i
and vine growing. j| |
Daily Record-UoioD, $6 00
-' Weekly Uoioo, - $| [jfl
Sacramento Publishing Company,

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