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VOL. 1. NO. 5
52.00 PER ANNUM.
n, Tim noiithwist iikhf.i. chief-
(referred Dentil to Life Imprisonment
I Ten lmllnn Chlr-fs Soon to lio
JLiccutcd for Mlirdor Committed
I l'rcncli-Cnnitdtiiiis lixcltod.
nr(UNA,N.W. T Nov. 10. Louis Davl
Id wns executed on tho scaffold at tlio
irrncks ol tho mountcil pollco forco, near
ills city, for I1I3I1 treason against tho queen
C Great Britain at 8 3J o'clock this morn
lg (mountain tlrao).
Tho scaffold (or tho execution ot Kiel
ad been erected within a contracted in-
loturo ltnmccllatclylntho rcarol tho guard-
ouse, and tho only view ot It was through
window Immediately under a ratter. Tho
ist sacrament was administered to tho
ondemued wtthlu tho gltardhouso
rotier. and near tho oncnlne which led to
ho scaffold. Ho responded to tho Latin
ravers wltli a lull nnd clear volco whllo on
Is bonded necs. AVhcntho moment camo
lorhlm torlsotohavobls arms and hands
Inloncdlio looked up, slowly repeating It's
rajers. Ho then walked through; tho
menlne and down tho narrow sralrwar.
villi his faco turned away from tho few
iviuans and soldiers who stoou aootu 1110
veiling. When ho was about to toko lus
mi tho tran tho denutv sheriff asked
f ho had an) thing to say. Ho turned to
is comessor, icro jvnuro, nnu inquired i
'Shall I not say n few words I" "No,"
ulel.lv replied tho rrlcst In French: "mako
his jour last sacrlflcoaud you will bo ro
vareicd." lilcl turned and remarked In
mlisri i T hflo iiothlnf mora to sav."
fbero was somo delay In adjusting tho noose,
ui itici (liu nor, rcmarK upon it, ami its uto
vltlto cap closed over him no vyastobo heard
llstlnctly repealing his prajers. During tho
light Pcio Andro urged upon ltlcl not
o attempt nu ninircss tipun tuo scunuiu,
md mirrcated that n ronrlcvo might still bo
in Its way, but this Idea ltlcl strenuously
epencu. 110 said uo Know ma uouruni
onic, and that ho was not only prepared,
mt that bo vv ould not havo It nnv other
way, as nothing but tho alternative of
irison lor nio nwnucu mm, nnu co uim
Icath was profcrablo to that.
During tho night ho addressed a letter to
lis mother and to his sister which touched
limn the affection bo boro them. Hoaddcd
i codicil to bis will specifying that ho do
sired bis bodv to bo laid bv tlio side ot his
lather's In fct. llonlfaco Cemetery at Winni
peg, which request win uo carried out.
I'tre Andro w ill co thcro with Kiel's remains
within a fovv days. His body was Interred
to-day underneath tho scaffold. Ho prajod
almost continuously during tho night,
using tho pro) eis of tho church, nnd
then again praying ex tcraporo In both
t'rench and English. Ho directed n prayer
for bis friends In tho United States, whoro
ho declared most of them wero and niraln
for bis friends In Quebec. Ho prnv ed for
his lawjers, epcnklngof their efforts In his
behalf, and of their going to England for
him. The attending priest told hliu It was
his duty to pray for bis enemies. Ho ro
pllcd : "Tl at Is so," and at onco began to
ray in .cngnsu lor mo premier oi uinaua,
but tu bis supplication no asked that tho
gov eminent might soon bo relieved from his
Hill partook of a light repast at 11
o'clock last night. Ho ato uo breakfast
this morning, which caused blm to show at
ono tlmo sumo signs of falntncss, but ho
nflcrwnrd completely recovered from this
weakness, and It appeared to lequlro no ef
fort In mounting tho ladder which led to
tho attic of tho guardhouse on his way to
tho scuftold.
Tbcro was barely a quiver as tho drop
fell, and Kiel's death was pronounced nu
cosy ono.
iWlug tho early hours of tho morning ho
gathered up nil bis papers which covered
bis desk, cmbodjlng supposed visions bo
nau seen mid ins propncsies, ami oskcu mo
prlvllego of tho ofiicer of tho guard to de
tiov them. Ibis was allowed blm and
il gathering thejn together bo carried them to
jm open stuvu nru uuu turusi. mum in,
-watching them until tho Ilames bad de
voured them. Ho then returned to his cell
And hlsdcvotlons.o
Tlio executioner of ltlol was a man named
Jack Henderson, who was a captlvo ot
JIIcl's In tho rebellion of 1870.
Ilcv. Charles II. Mc Williams, who assisted
Tnther Andre In his attendanco upon Ucl
'during bis last hours, and was a clnssinato
of tho rebel atMontienl College tu lbCO, Is
Htm In tho belief that Kiel was Insauc, aud
so expressed himself to tho representative
of tho Associated Tress to-day. In this
belief bo addressed a loiter last Monday to
tbo governor general of Canada citing his
firm comlctlon, and sating that whllo ho
deemed ltlcl n dangerous person, and
ouo who should ho confined for
life, cxpieesed tho vlovv that
If tlio ecntenco of tlea.li was carried out his
blood w ouli' bo upon tho head of bis oxccl
lency Lord Lnusdow no and his Immodlato
.advlcrs. Ho addressed a similar documcut
to Sir JoLn A. Macdoaald, prlrno tnlnlstor
of Canada. Tho ltev. Mr. MoWilllams has
In bis possession a ecrlea of letters written
ly ltlcl within tho pa6t ten days, which
scries as a pnrtlnl index to his character,
snd his clulm to being a patriot and llko
w Iso a prophet. Kiel's liandw rltlug Is bold
and moderately regular.
All letters aio signed Louis "David"
Kid, tho word David Imailably being
quoted. Tho following letter was written,
1lio reverend gcntlcmna said, whllo ltlcl
-was laboring under excitement :
Hkmna Jaii.Kov. 9, IbSS l'or assisting to
cllo lute tliu wrongsuf my countrymen Iaii
tobo .butlvvlil notrcsay It. rnrhavlnj
slono all I could to hitler the erudition of tho
jcopio nt largo ns nn unoriginal, as an Ameri
can, and as u prophet, vv 111 I low my temporal
lire? Loni I) win Hal-
Twenty, minutes before ho went to tho
scaffold ho wioto tho follow lug In Trench,
of which a iloso translation Is given. Tills
was his final misslvo aud Is in u clear bold
What tbcro ! loo presumptuous In my writ
ings must say that b thoso prosouts I sub-mil-unto
It entirely lo iho good pleasure or my
Ccel, lo tlio iluUrlno of tfiuih'ircli, nndtnthu
Jiifnlllldo declKloiisor tlio- tuprcmo pontlll. I
-tlio Catholic, and lit tlio only truo f.illh.
I.ous Dull) IllM
Heoina J ui, ICth November, IbM.
Talhcr McWilllams declares ho never
"wltncssid n inoro resigned feeling than
was shown lu the laso of lticl during his
last hours.
Tho members of tho northwest council
nro now In session hero, but as n rule nro
not wllllm;to prognostlcato tho probahlo
effect ot thu death of Kiel upon tho half
breeds of tho eouutry generally. Ono of
tho lialf-biccd members said that hlscoun.
tijmin undoubtedly sjmpathUed with
thilr leader aud doubtless would do so
doubly now tlfut ho was dead. It Is do
dared this afternoon Uiat tho government
will piobably not allow bis body to bo re
moved to Winnipeg through fear of tho
demonstration which might possibly bo
inado by tho half-breeds at his funeral.
'Iho banging ot Hlil Is to bo followed at
Jlattlcfotd by tho hanglug of ten Indian
ihlcfs for atrocities committed during tho
iccent nlelllon. and In caih Instaiica for
murders committal. Ihcso last oxecutious
-wlllcloso tho book of cilmlnal proccdiiro
.grow lug out of tho northwest war, as othor
persons comlited wcro ghen ptlsonson
tiiit.ee, all of which uro now being 6onod.
Oitaw A, Nov. 111. Tho news ot Kiel's
death was recched quietly hero. Tho
Trotcstunt consinathis aro considerably
ilatcd,howoer, at what thoytorm tholr
triiimph, A largo number of thorn wait oil
on thu premier uud Hon. MaoICciulo llor
aall, minister of customs, congratulating
thrni on tho carrjlugout ot tlio sciitcjco
of tlio couit. Among tlio Trcnch-Ciua-dlat.6,
whoaro In a largo minority hoio,
tbcro Is ndup feeling of dlsploasiiio, which
inn break out into open hostilities on tho
ellghtcct provocation,
QlifciiEC, Nov, 10. Tho excitement lioro
oiirtlio hanging of Itlil Is almost bejond
restraint, A Hog was hoisted ut half-mast
upon tho Canadian office, aud somoKug-llsh-speaklng
citizens who felt aggrieved at
this cuiiio near to bu'n; roughly haudlod.
Tlagsdiikcd with mourning cmbloms aro
Also dlplajcd, and many men bavo crapo ou
their bats and around their coat sleeves. It
would bo hard to tell what thu result will
be. To-ulght two or thrco hundred students
with thilr friends bavo been marclilug
through tho streets shouting, "Glory to
lilcl," and cursing tho Orangemen. Crowds
aro gathered near Sir Hector Langovln's
house In St. Louis street, and It Is feared
that they Intend mischief In that quarter.
Tho pollco, however, aro on tho alert and
aro patrolling In largo numbers,
Tbo uneasiness felt has been somow hat
Intcnslfcdby thonews that Major Lnngo
llcr left tho city this morning on profes
sional business, and that It will bo Impossi
ble for him to return to-night except by
jpcclal train. However, it Is bollovod bo
has left somo ono to act tn his placo In caso
of riot. 1) battery and tbo other soldiers
on garrltou duty at tho citadel liavo not
been allowed out all day, and aro hold in
readiness for any emergency.
Thrco scaffolds bavo been erected In 8t.
Koclis and effigies aro to bo hoisted and
burned, nnd each mock oxccutlon accom
panied by n stirring national speech, which
will undoubtedly stir tho already kindled
enthusiasm of tho populaco nnu causo a
MoMnEAi., QcEnr.c, Nov. 10. Tho city
council this afternoon adopted a resolution
to adjourn ns "a protest against tho odious
violation of tho laws of Jtistlco and hu
manity In tho execution of ltlcl."
rorfralts of ltlcl, Hon. Mr. Chaplcau,
and Col. Oulmct wcro exposed In n win
dow on St. James street, and an
excited crowd kept tho sldowolk
blocked nil day. Kiel's pictura
was framed with crapo and had a
Trench Hag for a background. Tho othor
two portraits wcro piostrato aud each had
a drop ot scaling wax on tho forehead to
represent drops of Kiel's blood. Under
neath theso pictures wcro Trench Inscrip
tions signifying "traitor" "hangman" tic
Tbcro Is a movement afoot to have a
requiem mass celebrated In all tho Catholic
cuurencs inrougiioui ino prownco on .non
day next for tho rcposo of Kiel's soul.
St. Taul, MiMf., Nov. 10. Hon. W. P.
Luxton, editor of tlio Winnipeg Free Vross,
who is in tbo city, was very anxious this
morning to learn If Kid was banged, aud
when Informed that tbo rebel leader had
been executed bo evinced tho greatest sur
prise. "Wbyorojou surprlsodr" ho wa
asked by an Associated Tress reporter. "I
ically thought tho man would bo reprieved
at ttio last moment." ho renlled.
"What Is tho feeling In Winnipeg about
tbo matter t"
"Tho general opinion Is that Kiel dc
scn cd death, not becauso ho w as tho recog
nized leader of tho rebellion, but becauso
bo is a poltroon. Why, it enmo out In
evidence during tho trial that ho mado
a proposition to tho government to
sell out his friends for a cash com
pensation of about $30,000, and al
though 1)0 per cent, of tlio residents of
Manitoba and northwest territory wcro In
full sympathy with tbo half breeds who
bavo been woefully ill-treated, tills ovi
denco of his Intention to sell them out was
no sooner inado public than a revulsion of
feeling set in, and It was n forcgono con
clusion that ho would bo found guilty. Ills
fi lends hoped to tbo last, however, that Sir
John Macuouald would conunuto tho death
A Winnipeg spiclal to tho Pioneer Ticsi
says: Jackson, H'cl's lieutenant, who lias
been conflncd inn lunatic asvlum, escaped
across tho line somu days stneo and wioto a
letter to his sister from St. Vincent, askln ;
liertowilto to Sir John Macdonald, bog-
flng him to shoot blm (JockBon) aud snaro
ilel. His cccapo w as not disclosed until to
AbolUhlnu Many Traditional rcuturoi
of tlio llolircw ltcllglon.
PlTTsnu o, Nov, 10 Tho national rabbinical
convention of tho Hcformcd Hebrew church,
callid to consider tho propriety of abo'iahlng
man) or tho traditional features of tlio Ilcbrow
religion, was opined In Concordia Hall, Alio
cheny City, ot 10 o'loik this morulii?, by ltev.
Sir. SI. M. Wise, of Cincinnati, llilrti-llio
dclcfcutcs from all parts of tho country pro
Hiiltd credentials. Hcv. Dr. Koliler. of
hew York, tliroiuli who cITorts
tho convention was brought nbout,
mado a long address advocating tho
pasmgo of n ftrlcs of recolullous tmdlns
toward the reform of Judiism In A merle j.
Dr Koblir fold thomovciniut eontcmnlato I
the doing nwaywlth somo oi the traditional
f.nlii.n. nf liilnlun, c,,rli nil llin l.f.1 Inf nf np.
thodox Hebrews that thrynro all toco back
10 I'lUGEUUC. II IS llllcnill'U 10 muuuiuu uu
tho teachlnKS that glvti Jnililtm a national or
Oriental character. Ihls oMuhig a public
rut cling will bo held In tho Llu-iith btrtctSyn
rgecuc, at wblchladdriites villi bo mado by
rago: Eiincibdine, of Et Ixiuls, and Wise, of
Dr. Koliler (trongly argued In favor of a
ritual lor habbntli rchuols us tho best means of
Inculcating llin truths to eiirnotly advocate J
by tho conv cntlou, Ho also recommended that
n universal fervlco bo adopted lor lnnrrlajo
aud funcial icrcmonlcs, and strongly repro
bcuded tbo practlco nowin vojuo of uih
F uaEOKUO hav Ing Us own forms and core
nicnlis, lurelirinco to tho readliuof tlio
hcrli Hires, bo ncoinmmdcd that thosopor
tlous lo illmlnntcd from tho 1'cntatoucli
which rifirrcd to certain itibjects not lit to ho
read In public or placed In tho hinds of chil
dren. In v Igorous language ho denounced tho
rllo of circumcision us u relio of Uarbarlsm,
which had como down from savaeo Afrlci.
Ho lamintid thu fact Unit tho relijlous tiro
had almost died out ol thohomesof ttiopoonlo,
nnd thousht moro cheerful foimsor worship
should bo devised.
1 IhIiIjiicIi'h Ili'il) Vincent.
iKDiANArous, Imi , Nov. 10 W. 1'. rishback
has addressed n lctttir to tho Indianapolis
Journal In reply to that of Judge Vincent to tho
rrc'ldcut in which nn attack Is mado on Kev.
o. 1. McMalns, Mr, f hhbick'a brother In-law.
Ilodctatls tbo facta (oiineetea with tho innr
dcrof which Mr. IlcJIaliis was accused, nnd
chows that it was ft mcru tcolinlcalo'ltnso for
which hu was lined t.1.0 and from that ho np.
jcnled, was grantod a now trial, uiitl.tho In
dictment mil prossed,
Fitful Clraftlns Opoiatlon.
Nlw OutlANs, Nov. 10 A speilal from
Meridian to tho l'lcajuno sajs: "It. A. Ice
land, of Noxubco county, recently bad Ids
arm cut by n gin and had somo skin from tho
nrmot n Mrs. Holland grafted over tho wound,
llutli Mrs. Hcland and Mrs. Holland bavo
sluto died from tho clkcts of tho operation,
nud tbodoitorvvbo performed tho operitlun
Is now In ii critical condition. It Is supposed
that the knllo usedb) tho doctor had b:gu
used In dltrcctlng.
lllllliird Toitrnnmuiit-Monsoii Dofontu
CmrAfio, Nov. 10 The opetihurgamo of tho
great fourtccn-lncli ball; lino billiard tourna
ment, In which Maurlco Vig'iaux, of Paris,
Jacob Eehacfler, of New York, and (leorgo
T Wo'u on, or Chicago nro tlio contestants,
look placo tonlsht. 'Iho first camo was bo
ti ecu bloston and VlBuaux aud resulted In
favor of tho former, llkhcst runs-Vliuux j
75, 07, ICO, Slosson : 69, 7, O'J,
Granger Opposing Corruption.
llosiox, Nov. 10 Tho National Grango
l'alrocs of Husbandry was opened In tho fourth
degree to daj. At tlio request of tho commit
tioonlhogood of tbo order tbo resolution of
tbo New Jt r:cy grange, riqtuvttiurthouutlomil
granso to into steps lowaid puttlni iinondio
Iho loirupl uro ot money ni elections nnd to
rail tbo allentlonof suburdlnato granges to tlio
fclianuful pracilco, w.as rellrrtd tu Iho com
lulttco on resolutions.
1'ull l'uiialty for ltnpo.
CASim.lPni, Mn , Nov, 10. Charles Williams,
tho negro who on Trlday last was convRWd of
outrngoupou Mrs. HlUa J. Keono, was this
nllcinooiibciitenccdby Judgo Hoi land tobo
bung at inch tlmo as thu guvcruor may np
joint. 'Iho outrage, which occurred roicral
inonllisniro, was paitlcularly anjruvnted, mill
Judge Holland ft It compUlod to Imjuio tho
lull penult),
riilneso 1'iaiid Si'iiteucod.
an Tiianciho, Nov. 10 Choi Ah Jow, who
was Imind guilty of ImpcrMmidliig nuutlicr
Chlunmnii nn accrtlfliito Issued under tho
Chinese- restriction nit, was sentenced today
U) Judgo Homium, or tho Hulled matcsdlstrlet
ieiiil,lo pi) u lino of S5.0 U ami to bo Impris
onidut Hm qiicntln for llvojoirs. A stay of
ixiiutlunof Ihu smtencowas granted uuill
Momlav next.
. - -H.H
Gold Plt'ilul to it lloio.
HosTti:-, Nov. 10. Cnpt. Niltoi Spaul'llnj,
recently ofllio barkcntlno Chelmsford, of Phil
Udell liia, w ho Is now lii this city , rccolro 1 lo
day from President Clovolapd ft liandsonio
gold midal slruck in eommumorutloii of tho
hciu'c rescue by the Chilinloid of tlio mist-r
nnd crew ol thu vvreeliul Amorlom saliioior
llliam If, l'lmre, uJrlli ut sea Due. 1, 1M).
IlulRrtrlnns Olmllnntoly Itostsllni; Col
Iiijiko of 1'roncli t'oliinlul :ntnrirlsoi
Tlio J'opo'A Cnrollno Inland Decl.ton
Newfoundland Jlsliorlos Agrcoiuout
HrtoiiADB, Nov. 10. After desporato
fighting jcstenlay tho Servian troops occu
pied positions at ltaptclm. Tho losses on
both sides wcro heavy. This victory on
ablcd them to turn tho very dinicult and
rocky gorgo ot Dragoman pass, and tho
Bulgarians, after ft gallant resistance, re
treated to Sllvnltza, whero nn Important
engagement Is expected to take placo to
day, which will probably decide tho fato of
Hei oiiAnr, Nov. 10. It Is reported from
Iho front that tho Servians, having turned
tho Draconian pass, aro now marching on
Soda, and that tbo road to tho lino of In
trenchments of that city is clear.
l'moT, Nov. 10. Tho llulgarlan troops
nro making nn obstlnato rcslstanco while
retreating along tho wholo lino. Tiv o hun
dred llulgarians bavo been taken prisoners.
Tho Servian telegraph officials havo been
forbidden by their government to accept
from foreign war correspondents dispatches
relating-to tho movements ot tho army.
Soma. Nov. 10. Prlnco Aloxandcr has
started for Sllvnltza to assumo command of
tho army.
A forco ot llulgarians from Wlddln lias
crossed tho Tim ok river nnd mtcrcd Scrvla,
and Is now attacking Vegotlno.
Hulgnrla has resolved to light to tho bitter
end. Trluco Alexander has again Implored
Iho porto for nsstsatucc, po'ntlug out that
tho sultan Is suzcrlau over Bulgaria, aud
that tho Servians aro almost at tbo gates of
CovsTAMivonr, Nov. 10. Tho ministry
has submitted to tho sultan n draft ot tho
porto's reply to Princo Alexander's request
for assistance. It states that tho prlnco en
couraged a Servian attack by brcaklug tlio
Ucrlln treaty. Tho porto has addressed to
tho powers a circular nolo touching tho
situation In tho Balkans.
PiiiLirioroiis, Nov. 10. Twenty thou
sand troops havo started for tho front slnco
Lomiov, Nov. 10. Sir Mlchnol Illcks
Kcaili, chancellor of tlio exchequer, spcalf
lng ut Bristol this evening, said bo hoped
that tho pow crs would endcav or to restrict
the area of the Balkan conflict which might
cvcntuatoln onoof thoso great conflagra
tions that bcfnro now havo desolated em
pires. England's interests In tlio Balkan
disputes, ho said, did not exceed thoso of
tbo other signers of tho Berlin treaty.
It Is statul this evening that at tho meet
ing of tho coiifcrcnco It was decided to cou
tlntio tho coiifcrcnco rcgnrdlcss of war bo
tw ccn Scrv la and Bulgaria. '1 ho delegates
aro unanimously iu favor of tho rc-cstab-llflnnent
of tho status quo nntu.
Ubiiiin, Nov. 10. Iho Tostsajs: Only
Austria was nblo to perform tho task, un
pleasant to her, of restraining Scrvla. Tho
result of tho present complications will bo
u Hussion descent upon Bulgaria. If Tur
key interferes Mr. Gladstone will ralso tho
cry of Turkish ntrocitles and upset tho tou
Fcrvativo government, then tho contusion
of Kuropo will bo complete
Tho 1 rankfort Gazette sals it will boa
miracle It Auetrhrand Kussla aro not drawn
Into tho struggle.
Tlio Cologne Gnzctto sajs It Is convinced
that tbo Tmk will bo driven from Europu.
London, Nov. 17. It Is reported tint
King Milan, at tbo bead of nliodyofhls
troops, attempted to attack tho Bulgarian
rear, but was met und repulsed by a forco
under l'llnco Aloxandcr.
Dim in, Nov. 10. Tbo sons of farmer
Curtln.wbowas murdered by moonlighters
near Tialco on Tridov night, havo identi
fied tho prisoners, Timothy Cisoy and
MIchnil Sullivan, as members ot agangot
murderers. They havo been remanded for
trial. Iho other men arrcstid In connec
tion w ith tho murder havo been discharged.
Tin: ioi'l's oviiolim: isiamj decision.
Maiuiid, Nov. 10. It is understood tliat
tho pope has recognized Spain's sovereignty
over tho Carolina Islands, nud advises Goi'
inany to accept tho commcrcl il concession
contained In tho Spanish uotoot Sept. It).
Tho decision, it Is said, vviu presented to
Giiraauj ami Spain to-day,
tOLivibn ok niENtit iiNTniiriiisri is
Paius, Nov. 10. Prlmo Minister Brlsson,
In nccorOotifo with tho programme an
i ouueed on Satin dn), mado a statement iu
tho chamber of deputies to day of tho In
tuitions of tho government. Ho said tho
government would not hesitate to adopt
f i esh measures of taxation, it It w cio neces
sary to lover deficits in tho llnanco depart
mint arising from tonimcrcltil depression
and military nxpendltures. Ho hoped tho
Trench piotntuiuto over Annum would
ehortiy show trood results, and permit tho
lccallof u portion of tho French troops In
that country In tho coming spring, Aicsl
dcucy general will be established at Hue,
tho capital city, and nu administration
adopted for tho government of thu country
similar to that of Tunis. Iho cabinet
will slioitly nsk tho chamber to voto
fresh credits on account of Madagas
car when tho government would furnish
fuithcr details tjicrcon. Regarding tho re
ligious question, M, Brlsson said: "It ap
pears certain that dcsplto tlio attltudo ot
iho clergy a majority of Frenchmen do not
fnv or tho separation of cbunli and state It
is necessary that tho wholo question should
bo thoroughly discussed at tho next sesslou
of tho chamber. Meanwhile tho govern
ment will Insist on tho clergy respecting
tho law and will support obligatory mili
tary ecrvico for all." Hoconcliidid as fol
lows: "Appearances Indicate, that nil polit
ical parties uphold Traneo ns n republic."
M. Brlsson said that tho cost of tho ex
pedition to Tonqulu and .Madagascar has
I orno too onerously upon tho finances ot
tho government, nud It behooved Traneo to
abandon her former pollcj , hav ing, how
ever, duo lcgaul to tho national Interests
and tho honor of tbo lountry. Itwns pro
posed, thercfoin, to establish a svstcm ot
piotectlon at lino which should rudlato
throughout Aunain and Tonqulu uud at
Ihosnuio tlmo carefully avoid everything
that might lead to tlio eventual annotation
of thoso countries. It was also Intended
to form nu army consisting ot Annamcso
troops, paid by tho king of Aunain,
and of Touquliieee, paid tempora
lly by Trance, to pioteit tho Tonqulu
frontier, Tho king of Aniiam would ad
minister tho government of thovvholo coun
try under tlio guidance of the Ticueh resi
dent. Willi regard to Madagascar M. Brlsson
enld tlio government ricognlzcd tho fart
that tho prcscut stato ot allalr there could
not continue Ho hoped to clmldato tho
subject when discussing the credits.
'Iho statements mado by the pilmo mlnU
tcrnro taken tnliidliato tho coll ipio of tho
Trim h enterprises In Tonqulu uud Mada
gascar. It Is staled that I'rcmlor Brlsson recom
mends for amnestj only Louis oMIchol,
l'llnco Krnpotklue, uud two Ljons anaich
Paws, Nov. 10 An Anglo-Tronch agree
ment uspcctlng tho Newfoundland llsh
ulcslius btcn signed In this city. It Is
irgnidcdrn satlsfuctorj lonipromlso on
thu questions Involved.
St. Dominoo, Ott. 15 Tho government
hrsdcclaicd tho district of Aziu Inustito
of war.
Iomiov, Nov. 17. Owing to biilmiingos
on tho stuct arising fiom dealings In Amer
ican stocks, an lnllticntl.il llrm ot Innkeu
)ina presented a petition to tbo hoaid ot
managers ot tho stock oxihau'ro, nailing
tl at, after tho icgul tr business hours of tho
exihango, thu Amciliati inaiket bo 10
moved to a cov ercd 6iaco, nud that af tor
fi o'clock nil dealings In American securities
be prohibited,
in:aciii:i) m tiik .iai-anksi:.
A Slilpvvrccltcd Crow rjuccorod Tlio
Cloud Samaritans to bo Itcivurdod.
From tho I'orolKii and Consular Edition of tho
National Itcptiblicnn,
Consul Thomas McF. I'nlton writes to tbo
Plato Department from Osaka, Japan, whero,
as at Illogo, ho represents this government,
that tho American bark Cashmere, ol Bostou,
from Philadelphia fur Osaka, with 31,000 cases
of kerosene, was wrecked Iu n tjpkoon 1M
miles from Tanngnihtmn Island, near Van Die
man's straits, nu Oct, 13. Sho had a crow of
fifteen, Including her commander, ('apt. A,
Mcholls, and otliir olllccrs. tjovcuul tlccraw
launched tho only nvallablo luat, and, after
many dajs' drifting without food or vvate-,
landed nl Nagasaki. Lholcrn raging thcro, tho
rescued men were sent ou 400 miles, to Osikn,
cvcrysttentlon being paid them by tbo Japan
esc ofllclnli and cilbens.
Prior lo tlio abandonment of tho v cssel Cap'..
Nlcboll, l'rnnk Ireland, nnd Charles Johnson
wcro washed oil tlio deck and drowned, llio
other men, Including tho captain's sou, wcro
laved Mom the wreck.
ThcJapancsodldnll In tbclr power to aid
Ihcso teamen, and It Is tho Intention ot thu
Plato Department to roward them suitably.
The Inponcse, by tho way, nru tho most hos
pliable t oj lo to fall aruuug on tho faco of tho
caitt at Unit nav 1 1 olllccrs say so.
The Slate In partment will add reus a commit
nlcallon to tho Japanese minister, asking him
toctlibtcn It ns to the rank of tho ouclals
vtho in humanely aided tlio Americans In tho
hi ur of their distress. Tho ir.co.iuro of their
roward will, hf cniiisu, deicnd upon their rank
and nerds In this connection it may bo said
that it Is not gcntrnll) known that Con tress
Appropriates annually Sono for tho purpura of
rewarding rltlziusof lortliui louutrlos who
nld In rescuing nud succoring Aiiierlcuisc.i
men who have been wrecked,
It Is the i ustoni of the department tn row ard
moiu liberally tho lnlinblinnts of unUirlstlan
countries than they do Ihoio of countries
whero Christianity prevail', Tho reason fur
this Is that It has proved dcdniblu lo lit tho
(Inciters ofscml-avaio coasts know that Iho
United Blutis will rccognlro tho son lees of
any who may lio Instrumental In aldliuher
cltlrc.if. Tho Indians on tho iinnhirn hor lcr
or the British lwcsdons haio frciiucntlyboeii
of great scrv leu to shipwrecked seamen, nnd
tho korcrnmint has dPtrlbuted nunicrous
blankets and othor stores ninong them In con
SKiucncc. An (itnclal or tlio Ktato Department
w as askid whether It Is found necessary to tio
up this appropriation every Kir. Uo replied
"It Is marly alwas exhausted. a Ibid,
ton, that It Is of linmcnso aid to us In our
cllorts to protect wrecked Anicrlcin seamen."
"VMuit Is the usual nwardt' bo wasaslecd.
"That depends uion tho condllloa of tlio
rcscuirs," he replica. "A common seaman of
it foreign ves'el who aids In rescuing American
wrecked teaman would rather linvo JJ) In
rash than llin lluc-t gold medal that could bo
slruck lor that rtn'ou wo usually i-lvothsra
r monpv reunrd. Cntttnlns nnd onleeri nro
generally presented w ith agold watch, suitably
Insctllcd, If it has been ncicsxary to risk their
own lives In aiding Americans. If tho rescue
Is accomplished without much risk a gold
medal, setting forth that It Is pri 3cntcd by tho
i'rcsiocni lor sen ices rinucreii in rescuing sen
men, Is given, Tluso medals nro always
hlghl) prized, nnd tho watches uro thoutilit
more of n hundred times than thev would ho
irihcy contained no Inscription wlilch shows
that tho l'ruldcut or tho Untied bia'oi pro
tented them.
"I think Hint tlio Indians on tho vvot"rn
shorisofllrltl-h Columbia lint o to1u moroilar
liigliithclrillbilstntavithi'llvesofourtcaaun thou nuy other class ofnitnoniiirth llicy
hnvo frequently swum out town iked vessofs
nnd rclml iho struggling s illors In their tooth
bj tho clothes, uud Hauled them ho Illy In
shoro vthin the brcaLcisvi ere tearfully des rue
tlvc. Tho Japanese, too, of lalojilrs, hnvo
been exceeding!) kind Iu their treatment nf
vircclcd American tailors, nnd In this In
nance, which jou speak of, llicy dldngreit
dent inoro lhaii could bavo licuioxpntidnf
Ihcm under nny eousldcrntloii. 'Ihu fund
vi bkh Criigrc-s annually provldts Is o lo of thu
lrcl noblo niprovrlallons mado by the guv
ciuratut," IIHUTAI.ITV IN ItltA'II..
A Cnso IVliIcli tlio Slulo Deii.irtmont
1 IU rrobably Dciiiiutd lteimratlou
In March, lf"7, avoung American naned J.
C. Wright wcnltoitahla, Ilmzll, nud, In 1S7S,
hu took a position lu a luiupuiijr hiiilittii
water works from HIoDoco tn Hlodo Jamlru.
n the alleriiooii ot Oct. 0, orthesuno jear. ho
wasattad cd by a well known rulll in o i a rail
vinv train, nnd was uftirward nrrestid by the
'nil di lcgndo" nnd lour olllccrs, who ton
polled hlni at midnight towalk tntbc nearest
jolleo station, which was several leagues ilt
Innt Ills nukli'hnd been Injured lu Ids con
tint Willi tho man nnd he oilcrulto pivtho
furoof iho whole piny on tho railway, which
was clo'o byHis request was dlsregar lod, an 1
ho was brutally hurrltd along, biliu boalm
by cno of tho policemen. On tho way tho
"ttiLdclegado" took from Wright his
)cs, I havo heard of tho United
Mates n big thing. This Is tho Ilconso thev
have given vou to comu down hero nud kill
people" 'llio "MilMlclegndo" then tore up
tbo prssport, with tho remark "This Is what f
vnluo our passport, nnd," spitting lu Wrhrht's
face, ' this Is what I inro for ) oil." WrUht
was then beaten by the olllccrs lu a shocklnt
manner, nnd ono of Ids pelvlo bones was
trokcnucnrwhcrolt Joins tho splint column,
lie tins threatened with death, una hud It mt
been lor tho timely nppenraiieootsoino Italian
lal orcrs would havo been killed
He was tnkin to j rlson, nowtver, and siibso
qucnll) lo Hlo, whiro nls deplorable condition
nitrnetcd attention, and ho was sent to tho
l,nsltnl. llowasconllned lu tho prison for
several months, during which time he sintered
intensely, nnd whin tried lu March In-.), was
acquitted by a Jur) of lbazlllons iho matt jr
was called to the uttcntlon of tho Brazilian
authorities, and tho officials interested nt
tempted to mako blm sign a paper acquitting
them of nil blame. Ho was shadowed by tbolr
ngents, nnd ho loft tlio city, 'tho nuthorllles
denied bis charges, and, vinllp lu Ihocinplov
of n railway company In Hlo, ha wns nrro-tcd
again nnd compelled to slgnnbnnl for good
bthnv lor, nltnough liohnd done nothing w ron,'.
Upon v Jointing tho terms or tho piper lu self
deftnso bo was sentenced to a long term of
Imprisonment. When liberated he, fearful of
remaining longer iu Brazil, led.
Mr. Wright lins, through his attorney, C. C,
Cnecy, laid his claim for 8100,000 bo'oro Secre
tary l)a) ard, w ith n request that rcdrots nnd
tho damages claimed be demanded. Minister
Jarv Is has been dlrcctod by Mr. Bayard to In
vestigate tbo case.
Ihcy sailed Dec. CO. and Jan. 1, 188."i, thoy ar
rived, almost dead, lu Asnlnwall, Iu Aspln
wall Jennctt chartered a vessel and took lood
nud drink to tho tle&tltuto men. Ho found
them moro dead than nllvo, but they wcro
nursed nnd cared for and dually restored,
Jennctt then lookout thrco cargoes of guano
nnd sent them to Ilmlngton, N, 0 O i: L.
Hllchlo .. Co. horoput in a claim for tho car
goes, Jc nnelt arrived In Wilmington on tho
Hih of Match, nud was Immediately laid up
wllh rheumatism for four months from tho
clkcts. as he sajs, or tlio terrible cxposuro lu
Ihejawl whllo sailing from Honcador to As
jlnviiill Bcvcrnl of tho men who originally
went to Honcador nro supposed to ho still tlicro
Iflhey hnvo not died from cxposuso and stnr
vntlou. Mr. Jenuctt charges bio iu, Schwcnk,
nnd ltltchlo with thoirimuofmirooning, uud
nsks Hint they bo prascci lid
IhoNnvy Iitparlmcuthasordcrol tlio Pow
hatan, now nt Asnlnwall,; to go In search of
tbo men, and the Attorney tlinernl has boon
called upon to decide It SIoiu. biiincul, and
Hltchlo can be held,
Stamping Out hiuallpox.
Ciiaiiiottitown, 1'. B. L, Nov. 10 Tlicro
nro fifteen new coses of smallpox hero. A
meeting was held this morning to consider the
refusal of tho government to allow tho use of
tho old and unused lunatlo ns) lun, whlih Is
entirely Isolated, lor ft hospital Ihu citizens
lcso.vid to toko lorclblo possession of tho old
nsjlum.and did to. Hio premier, to dug ha
could not help It, sent out tho key, which ar
rived nlicr llio citizens hail tnkiu possession of
the building Tho mo-t inirgttlo means havo
been taken to stamp out the disease.
Jlnvvnlliiu t'oiiiinarclal nud Sugar Com
pany. Han I'n tsetse o, Nov. 10 Tho Uawal'an
Commercial and Sugar Compuny held Its an
nual meeting to day Tho pnsldenl's report
thows that tbo total receipts fir tbo past year
wcro Jiitodo. expenio, SS7ti,00) The oiulro
l loperlt hintoforo held In trust by Uuu
fcpitckclshns hem conv ocd tothocoinpiny
iiudir a dtid rtcordid nt Honolulu on J uuo
17, Utft.
Actlvlt) In tho Iron Tr.ido.
ClIATTAM'OflA, Tl NS , Nov, 10 llio Clia'U'
noogn furnace which was blown out for re
pairs rcsmnid onirutlous tndiy. Tho Iron
tinduhiio Ismuih moru ncllto and munifin.
lurers ure inriiurogiil over ihu outlrn'c. All
the mills nud lurnniis lu Lluitt uno;a me now
In lull opuallon.
hlltcl' J)llov m ml 111 Vllglllbl.
IllcitstoMi, Va , Nov. 10. Silver hat been
discovered near Mlllboro&prlngs, Bull coanl)'
this state. Bpccluum bavo been nsia)ed In
New Yoik, nnd It Is pronouiicid rich. 'Iho
vein, as far us divoloped, oxiiuds n mllolu
linglh. ,
llnltiil htiiles Mnritliiil fatally Hlint.
Lot uvmt, Nov. 1(1 Deputy United btitos
Mnrthalll W.Hoetrswas fitully shot In II ir
Inn loiuiiv. Ksr.. hi nartlot whim lio htd ar
rcttid lor v lohitlng rov cuue laws.
l'ari:nl Opinion or Hon. H. H. Cox's)
"Thrco Decades of rcdnrnl Legisla
tion." (Trom tbo liistcni Txpress, Constantinople.
Oct 27, lfcSJ.)
Tbo American government has sent retire
(cnlutlvtsto lutkeynr almut every kind and
(hiirniterdiirhiglhu last lewjeirs. Among
them havo bcin jollllclans by profession, pieti
by prclcrcnce, ex conrnUratu and ox reilcral
imirnls retired liom thu busliioss of iniii
ilnuahter, thioiigh oetsof Coiigrtss; and at tho
prcsmt nunu ut nt,cMU,nian who happily adds
in thno decades ol lougressloual exierlinco a
pen ns read) nud virsaillens nru his mind uud
While ono of the American minister's lrnmc
dlntopridciostorshiM gtiitlo dulllatieu Willi
tho Muses, by rcrtlnaiiously producing vol.
units orvirco In wlilch thcro was inoro of
patriotism thau or poctlo Inspiration, his
niattlaliutctssor boldly sclrcd on Iho Now
Icstamcnt ns Iho foundation of ft nciul biblical
romance, In which tho simple but stililhnj
ttot) ofilioSavluurlsparoiliiil nud profinud,
nllliouf.li some "fur west" Sunday schools may
have ndopted It as it chits book,
Hut the present plcnlnotcinlaryof Iho United
Mates has taken n wider rnngo nnd it Iwlder
flight 11. nil nuy ot bis pridect'ssors, In glv liu to
the viorld tbo history ut that "Iliad ofwoet,"
tho Amcilian civil war, 111 wlilch, as a states
man nnd Under of tbo northern Hemoi r icy. ho
bore n ( cikj Ituous and must honorable part.
Mr. Coxwasnwnr Democrat, nnd on tho sldo
of tbo north In prliidplcand Innctlon thruugh'
out the secession strii-glci nud liiuee an nil
vtrtaiy, though a most generous ami (ruvUi
one, lo the mm nnd measures vrhich siuured
thu undivided tilpport uf thu tvliolo sojttiorn
ptdplc, ulio Willi arras In their bands for
four )e nrs sustained ' Hie lod ciuso," W,uoJ,ro)
ofrouthcmcis, hampered by tho presjueo li
tl clr midst of 3tuioju ol slaves, arrayed
Husy man as Mr Cox must havo been during
those uventful twcnt)-foiir )ears or pubtlo Ilto,
and no cdushculiruyshus been as ono of iho
baldest working inembcisof tomiress ho)il
Imstraiclcd nimh nhroadnud bin written as
bo ran the records of ids cxerleiiccs in many
bcoksoltiavel Among Ibeso aro 'Tlio Hack
ijo Abroad " "VMntir frtiubeains" "Arctlo
Kunbcnms," "Orltut Butiboams," "Why Wo
Ijitigb I ' A.C.
lu Ihcso books tlio quick observation, tlio
humorous perception, nud Iho sunny nature of
tho writer stnmo them with nn Individuality
nspccullarl) characteristic nsilial or tho wall
known American huiiiorists, Aitemus Ward
nud Murk lwnln. Ofcuurso iintihlug inoro
thnuninero notice of tills last and most elab
orate w oris or Mr. Cot, loniprlslug us It docs
700 closely prlniid pages of rinding muter In
largo Look form, w ould bo simply lmpoislblo.
Nor Is It a work of w hlih short extracts would
1.1V o tho slightest Idea, coloring as It does a
Held so wide nnd connected so harmanlously
iu all Its parts nud sections.
'Jho t)pogrnph!cnl executive, lllustrallin,
and fceuciiil "ut up" or this renlly valuable
book arc most cndllablu to tho American
lvcn tho parental vanity of authorship
must bo 1011) sallslicd nt seeing Its llcnjuuilu
titrated In giirments like unto tlicse.
' Iho Ihrco Iiccadcs" will llnd its perma
nent place, ns a most valuablo book of refer
inic, in the lit rarlci of all w ho tako an Inter
est In tho American republic, aud lu tho
truth orhlitorv.
'Iho author Is to bo congratulated, and tlio
American people ns well, on tlio production
ofn Chun Impartial norr.Ulto uf thu almost
fntgtttinttor) of sciuuloii uud of tbo men
Iiitercstliiirniiil IniprcHslvo Coroiiinulos
Over the ltoiiialns oT John .VloCtil
lough. I'lHUiiEMlitA, Njv. 12 Vguanlof honor
com ccd of members of tho l'hlladeplila sec
tion ofthcl'incvolent Order of r.lksnatehol
over Iho remains of John McCullough during
the night, and this morning nt 8 o'clock tho
(loots of Et, cjtorge's llnll giving entrance to
tho spacious room In vvlilc.lt tlio U,dy lij, wcro
thrown open nud tho public admitted.
Among tho Ihroiu were mnny rices firnlllar
to tbo patrons of iticltheatcr, mid irom othir
cities nun lamed lu iho profisiton wbldi was
honored 1) hating John Mcrullitigh aunut;
its foilnttirs Hut Ihore vieroeuoiuli me i hi
other wullm nf life tn dcrn"t---l lltntvlimii
?l(lulIou;li counted ns many Irlcnds o it of
his j rofcsslou ns he did In It. The small stage
w us lilddin almost by tiro Moral ol'er
lugs which wcro llaul.cd wllh
Inns end jalins bv tlio florist who
nrrrngrd Hie m. Tlio roniu rested upon ft cat i
tnlnuo limncdlatcl) In front of thu siae. Hot
( nil I, oral ptre es rested upon tho casket lid.
i he eiitket was richly upholstered, md tight
bright silver bandits niija silver haul rail
were on cither side llio lining was wlilto
satin, nnd n tod pillow of tho svmeinatirlil
rcslul iu tl.o luadot the nitor. This wastho
Inscription m iho plate of the ca.l.ct lid
Jons II MiCiiiiouiH.
Med Nov, H, is.s,v,
iu ins iui)iiir.
The people who wcro fortunate) enough to
go' into tliu hall I asctd tho colli u nt tbo rato ot
tort) per minute, uud Ills estimated lliats.TH
I injilo looked on the lontures uf thu don lactor,
mid that 1U,X) failed to giln nu nddmlsslou,
It n nud b'neen doll irs wiro offered for tickets.
'iho liimlly of thu dead iptrr occipleiliv
bench nt tho bend ot Iho hill nearest tho
ci llin
It wns nfler 11 o'clock when tho solemn ser
vice s began, nnd the first ludoitlou tint they
had loniraei.ccd wcro the sweet, tad straluiof
nu orchestral olkrtnrv by a lull crcbeslra
underbiiiion Hnss-torslcndc-rship. Attliocnn.
elusion of this tho ltev. Dr, Hohirt Hunter
rend n lections Irom tho Holy 'crip tin , s.Mct
iig ns niot upproprlnlo pissa'm from tho
Mtctttiith l'saliu aud tho ihiii'iuli chapter ol
1 lrst Corinthians.
'Ihciithohtiiin "Nearer My Cod To Theo"
was sung by Miss Hut tin Hlcil
'Iho Lev. Dr John T. Macintosh made n
vitv touihlugprajcr
V II 'ortoIl sung tho tolo, "After Tollinj
Coniith Hist "
Tho Hot, r.ohcrt Hunter, of tho Kensington
l'rcth)tcrhin Ihiinli, mado the llrst address,
lie devoted lilm-clf to personal rcinlulsienics
of the dead actor.
A quartette from C irncoss's Minstrel Troupo
tl cusaiigtholiMiiu "Jcsuslovirof My boul."
'Iho Hcv. Dr, John H. Macintosh mado a stir
ring nddrets upon thu llio ol the de id actor,
dividing his history up into live nits, describ
ing hlir. first ns Iho boy sun wandering nbout
tho tticelsof n city, nnd following him through
Mirer tsli ii slni-rsof Ids career.
The n the orchestra pla) ea softly and sweetly,
and tho tenedlitlou was pronounced by Hey.
Mr Hunter.
Tho funeral oration was delivered by Harry
1'dw nrds, tinge manager of W'allnik's Theater,
Nvv York, vi ho was Intimately ucqualiited
w lib John Mctullougli.
1 he rimurks which followed from Counselor
William 1' Johnson, brnuiht liars to tho cjes
of mnny iu tho audience.
'Iholnmllyor tho deceased took ft last look
nt llio faea ol the nctor. when thu casket was
loriiedownttnlrs tu the bourse, follow ed by
Ids weeping nlatltts nud IrlciuH llio pall
bearers wcro Capt Win. M Conner. William
Winter, Henry rdwnrds, James W Collier,
John A. Loileicll Mntlhiw W. Canning, Wm.
1'. Johnson, W in II Thoinoon, John II. Carson,
Win J. I lorcncc, nnd Joseph Jillerson Lester
Wnllnck wns pnienteil Irom nttendlug tho
funeral, and Arthur Wallack, hlssou, took bis
I lnee,
Thcro viero upwards of two hundred car
riages lllled wllh tho members of tho Hlks'
lodges and others,
1 ho remains w ere taken to Monument Ceiiia
tcr), vihtro they wcro diposltcd liiavault,
ircvlous lo which Iho burial sirvlco or tho
orilirofl lis vviu porforracd Hero the body
will He until next spring, wlion tho actors
fund will probably remote it to Hvcrgrccii
(.under), Niw rk, If his family Is willing,
Orniit Monument Novel Proposition,
LoiIsVIIII, Kv , Nov 1. Tlio l.tt'iiinz
Times, of tills illy, contains tho following
uuicl editorial proposition this uftoriiooi
"Seeing that tho people for whom lio foiulit
have virtually refused to erect n munumciit to
tlio mciimr) of Grunt, suppoiu tbo snilli,
against whom ho fought onl) to befriend and
protect them In llio hour of defeat and
borisl need, put her hand In her pnrso an loon
tribute the name) to build n pile to nionior) of
tho hern whoso losnm contained n hcirt tliat
lilt lurhcrwucs, Tho linns will freoly ion
tribute to such a luiid I ct's ho tr fro n tlio
lu)s who woro tho grn),and If tbo tiling Is
finslblotbcn let's toko slrps to set Itpropirly
en foot What say )ou, Joliuiilo Hubs'
Ainurlciiii Cop) right Law.
Ni vv Yoiik, Nov. HI At ft nieotlng of
tho council of the American Copyright
Lcaugo Inld at Molt Memorial Hull, In this
city this nfteniou, n litter was road from
lion. Jnmcs BiiBsi 11 Lowell, accepting tho
pirslilcncv of tho league Joscptui. uiiiiir,
cdltorof tlio New link Critic, was clectid
trciiturir, nnd tliorgo Walton (Irciu, soe
ictniy, Tho cotinill tolceted niioxeeiitlvo
comiiilllce, cniiiiHifced of tliu following
iniinl'iisi lliv. lluwnrd Ciosbv, I). I),
1 dinuiid Clnrcneu ytendmnu, Attlun (1.
Piilgwlek, Joseph 11. tillder, and (liorgo
Walton (lrce.il llioleiglio Includes novuu
or eight hunched of the leading authors,
Journalists, npdidltoisliillio United Stutos,
and Its object Is to "piocuro tho abullton,
so far ns possible, ot nil discrimination be
tween tho American aud foreign author,
mid to obtain reforms of American copy
right law."
111111 COMPAKKB.
boinn Curious I'lirls About tlio Initia
tion nud droit III of tlio Department
Tim Jlnndsonio Men ISow lu Clutrgo
of tho Oilier.
A fair Idea of Iho grow Ih of tho genera
PostoHIco Department may bo obtained by
a comparison of tbo first annual report of
tho Postmaster flcnirnl, Kb'l. wllhlliat of
1E&I, tho last Issued. Tho former, which Is
filed In the department in lis original manu
script form, has Just been put Into typo for
thb first time, nnd a few coplis printed. It
OPM till,,
Is addressed to "(leorgo Washington, es
epilre, Picsldent of tho United States," and
signed "I havo llio honor lo lie, .fee, Satn'l
Osgood, P. M. d'l." It covers a little over
three ordinary pamphlet pages, and tho
good old gentleman, In tlio simple, honest
sljlo of his day, begins by saving that "As
Iho meeting ot Congress of tho United
etaiis is near nt, uaiui, u ucconics nij uuiy
lios. wit-LivM r. vu.vs, rosTMVSTnii okn-
to stato tho situation of tbo Post Ofllco In
order that If nuy defects shall bu found lu
tho present sjsttni llio Supremo Ceeutlvo
iniiv iiinko such representation of tho Bamo
ns tho linportaiico of tho business may rc
ciulic." Again, ho savs: "If tho views of
the I cglslntlve should bo In raise n Itovcnuo
from the Post Olllce, in nrdir to aid uud
support tho (icnernl (lovcrnnicnt, tlio l)o
Itcts of tho prcsmt ltgulatioiis of tho Post
Ofl'co nio many, nud may easily bo pointed
out "
Hollicn Fpcaksof tlio evils arising from
pilvulo Individuals, masters lit tj'ilps nnd
vessels, nud passengers ou them, being al
lowed to receive, larrj, and deliver Iiltors
and dispatches. So loug as they do so with
out hire or reward, ho sajs, thoy aro subjcit
to r,o pcunltv. But such alterations lu tho
sjstcm ns aro necessary ho does not attempt
to point out from inottito consideration, for,
ea) s he, "I find tlio business is moro cxteu
elvo nnd various than I had expected ; and
It will require poino months lriutlco and
1:.ciIiiko to obtain adequate uud Just
Ideas of it" However, ho suggests that
"legulntlons may piobablv bo found ncccs
sai) respecting lljo or Wny letters, embez
zling or destro) Ing letters on vv hlcli Postngo
has been paid, Detaining or opining lit
tcis scciitlng,cmbezzllug, destroving, and
stealing mi) valuable papers nut nf ail)
letters. Against the Carrier ot tho mail, In
case thev iicglut or desert it, or loiter on
tho toad. To obllgo I'crrjmcn to set tho
Mall aciosslu all possible cam In a given
But that llio good Postmaster (leuural
had had "Prnitlee and Lxperlcnco" enough
to ri cognize an injustice, nud wns not slow
to "kick" against it, Is apparent from tho
follow ing remarkable obcrvatlon i "On tho
nicoiintnblllU of tho Postmaster (icnernl,
I leg lea vo to observe hat no man ran,
however great his Industry, however Saga
cious nud cautious ho ma) belli his appoint
ments, without siihjcitlug himself to il cer
tain loss, bo answerable for tho conduct nf
his Deputies. Tho calculation of loss being
ccitnln lncuto of luponslblllt), if holms
notusnlar) tulllclciit to conipensiito such
lots, ho must trans ict tho business and
keep the account Inn iinunir Hint tho troas
li rj shall not bo nblo to Charge htm vvlthaii)
innie Mouov thau ho chooses to bodiirgcd
Willi; wlilch bus, lu fait, been tho ease, I
lcllivo, ever since the Heviilutlon. Or ho
mav hold tbo oiTlio until ho shall Hud ho
mimed pi cm no Ids Reputation or Credit,
and then, If ho is uu honest man, hu will
lcalen "
What ft revilntlon would greet 1'ojt
iih.kIu tieuiiul Bauiucl Osgneid It ho could
lttiirn lo lids terrestrial sphere for a day
nnd eiteiipj lien Vilas's desk I With truth
ho could cNclaliu " by, hero's a ibaugo
Indeed lulhecouimiiuwealth." Ho would
llnd In tho di liiirlmciit report for lbSl nearly
LltO pngesot chisel) printed milter. Ho
wetihl llnd tlio department which ho nnco
r.ilinlnlstcicil w ith en dit tn himself and his
guuiiiiiiciit nn example of progi ess such n
bo or his coadlutois ucv cr dieamud of Ho
would llnd il iln) nt his old post filled with
wonders rivaling tho most oiltuvniraut talo
of Iho Arallau Nights Hu would Hud thu
cumbcttomo mail coach ot his tlmo sup-
fee 3
planted by nn Iron horse that miy fly with
the malls n thousand miles lu less tlmo than
tho coach requhed to drag thim fifty. Ho
would find tbo gross receipts of tho depart
ment for ono day five times greater than
llioso forawholoycarof bis administration,
nnd tlint the department revenues for Iho
past tw o j c.trs w cro equal to the whole debt
I CliTVtASTI U ni'MdlVL,
Incurred In thu prosecution ot tlio revolu
tionary wnr'
Other w mulcts far greater than theso
would ho Hud, but doubtless Mr. Osgood
MAsirit ai Nru vi.
would return tu his grave convinced that
this voung nation is udvancington rapidly
that It Is on the down-grade to destruction.
Tho I. Ist ( Data or Olllcers Whoso
ltqslgiiatloiis will Not Ijo ltnqtilrcd.
feme months tlnco a list of consuls was
plicn out at tho Male Department ns not
llkcl)toho rcmove'dby the present ndmlnls
iiitlcliiiuiinK good behavior, ihcso olllccrs
bad ns a rulu teen ni i-o'.ntcd uu merit and
Hi Indention wns ncardid nialust tribute
to tlio fultlirulnesM wllh wliteh llievbalnt-
ttndid to their ilutli". This publication wns
innde before the list ot our commcrcl il reprc
ttnuillvcshnd bull duly 1 itatlgitcd Yester
(hi) the folluw Ing cxttiided list wns eoiicoilcd
to have tlio tamo t tnndliig as ttio original few,
thou suit or it more thoroiuli Inquiry. As nlla
hlo Information is obtained iiiioh this subject
the list will be cMcmltd. In tho nett Issiid a
iff.irftin.ffis L,mozca sa ,l,ieB M,a"
Tho list or I no men w ho nro regarded n safe
from rciuov il nro ns follows
1 dunrd L 1 nkcr, Huctio-. )rcs.
lcllxA MattbctiS, Tunglm
John II bit wait, Antwerp
Thomas M I) in sou, BairiiiTuH.a, CjIoti
bin Thorrtin Vi'nirscn Panana.
1 innl II Ma-oil, MarsclllLS,
(to W l.oosivill. llirdtaux.
DortiKi Atwntcr Tahiti, Sulitv Islands.
VMIIlnmC 1 1 x, B iiii-wiik.citrnnny.
Jn-c h 1 Pollir, t rift'ldt, eiermaii).
Jumtsll Mmth, Ma) t nio. (iiriniiny.
Wm 1' Grlunill, Bradford, I'liglind.
1 onug A 1 olhrop, Uristoi, 1 u laud.
1 van it loins ( ardlll, WiiIim
Howard lox, lnlmoutli, K ighuid,
Ilon.lloJ bpinpio (dbrallnr.
Otttn Miilmros I cilh
Ac'nlph (! Milder, Singapore
Willi mi lhmupsoii, Kiiitti iniplou.
1 duanl Mc l.ulpht.M Helen i.
(uliltro) W (irllllu -.)dni)
H I Hcvins, Mclorlt
lhillpt urrnll Palermo
AliMiudcr Wlllard, Uiiaymns, Moxlco.
Hunioul). Williams Havana
William 1. Hlcc, llorgcn, bwltzcrlaud,
A (iniig of (liiiiuu DlgtrurteLurttoSt.irvo
b) Tliclr tlmplojcr.
J. W. Icanctt ivroto tome tlmongonstate
mint to Sccctiir) Hi) ard, which details ft
rather ideational evpirltuco, and whlclihas
Como to light throujh tho Nat) Department.
In Ids statement Jcnnat said that ho mado ft
contracl with . '-annul (' Moan and bamuel K,
s-cbwciik, of Now lurk, audi' l.uclinl Itlc'ilo
of llilludilr liln to work, mini', and thlpgiiano
from ihu Island Hoacndor, In tho 1 'urn be in
ten, to Iho I nllcd Katuj on tho Jtd or M ly,
1SHI having been lilted out with three mouths'
luniMonsnud wntir. twtlto men and neook
tiillcdwlth two vtscls for tho Maul llio j
j rtspouslblllt)! thev furnished evorjUiIng Tho
1 UllllB IlIVIll lltlllll I11I1JI1I HLIU IU ItlTllllIU tdtl
luiorerswtri until ini six iiiciiiins iroui inoir
n.ilvulonll o Island, but wiro tobepildlu
three months, Uiinrrlvlugnt linneiidor islnud
Iheii in;i rocctcliil togct ol" tho giuiuoand
loullbu ships The) sailed aw a), n'l 1 tbo
men kcrt on with thilr work, expecting that
theviisils would return as snuu as the) could
goto the lulled ttiilts with Ibelr cargoes
Ihrto months pas-idand tho viuilsdlduot
'Ihu r rovllnns wcro ncnrlv exhausted, and
what ltiiuliiid weio lull of majors aid
v.icvll 'Iho u en began to llsh uud g ulicrn
fiw eggs, tait tin y suliered greatl) Irom want
of wilier The islnud Is ft bairm nud rockt
one, wlitiout wntcr, By ouo means uud
n..r.l. ,,.. . ...fli.n. .,1 l,.ll, f...j... . ,..,.,,, II. a
vvlit it Mr .Icnuilt iluldt'd to I iko n small
)uwl, tho mil) bo it tin) ind, uu I sa 1 for
Asphiwiill, . 0 inllis dbliiut llio horrors ol
tl e trhi cull hi liiint.ii ed when It Is kuoivu
thm tin) hud linn i.ijii3 or other tn irUliuo
iiistruineuls nud the sill ot the ) awl was
rotten. Two )ntiu' men volunteered to ue
torn mi) Jtiinitl
New I.lnu of I'ast Oic in stoaiiiors.
HiMIlt'iPoIM, L. L, Nov. U Ihu project
for thcislablbhmcnt of ft lino en" fad ocean
stunners bitvuiu lort Pond Buy, L I and a
inlnt ontbei west coe-tof Iribuid li boln,' at
tlvtl) puslied bv President Curhbi uu 1 too
directors of Iho long Is! mil lallroil. 11 ins
nru letngiirepnrcd lor ft uiiiiihor ol sic tmersof
7,(X) tons to iot 81 )"Ui iinh V pttltlon
1ms tilretid) tun r, pared which U Intended
toleprcsonltd toco nercssduriu; Hi toinlng
session, asking for u subsidy for i.irr.vln.' llio
malls It is proposed to hnvo thu line u ub lly
Ami rlenn one in ivir rtspeti, ihu iukIsIo
bi toiittitictid In Vine rltiin ) nrds.
Autups) on IliCiilloiiKti'x Itemllni.
Pull API Li III t, Not in III iiciordanci) w I'll
the wishes or Mrs McCullough, Hie widow of
lliolate John MiCulloigh, uu uutopiy wl lbj
held to-moriuw on tils re mains mil) tin
bruin will tin exniuliiid iisilut was tho so it
of ilia mini dltt an. Mrs.Mie ultniwli's n mm
for w Hblng to hnv o llio uutopsy in idu Is s lid In
Lo n Icur list tho hud) bo lake u Irom Hie vault
nnd miiltlatid li) intdltnl nun niixlnuttn un
ci rtnln the exact causo ni death. It this Is
shown by tomorrows nutops) sho bolluves
tliat Hiiro will bu no uiiudu'i for un toll
Hon of thogruvi.
Collier) I Iro In I'e niisjlviiulii
PniMMOvil, Pv , Nov HI llio tire that
wns dlsienirid lnlhu old tvorkliijs at No i
(oilier), I ol ('ink, somo thno month ngi,
bus I in mo vet) tlirialctilne. and cto y
t Hurt ist elng Hit forth to evllngul 11 II or
cut It oil 1 1n 1) bind', eiiiivijii at lu
(ollUr) hive boeiiidloivir sltieu llio lire ev
uiibvinii uu i mini)' ui'iii-uini- "i u mars
h von o ejbivn exntn id In try hi' toput
II mil, '1 lie collier) Isuivunlb) tru Lehigh
v nil) 1 1 uli emu mi)
TiiIiii XV. (lariett'H Horses Sold,
IlAMt'iiuu , Nov 10 A number ol tho horses
of iho hue' John W Gnrtcttwtro botdateiuc
Hon t -da) nud the prlits nallzrdwcro lur
limb r hut wus cx ecii d. Horses ol tlio sauiu
(train us bl Jiilicn us well ns lliroiulibreds
fum Vriiblnn stock went olf at vervmsiaer
I rices, tlio hlglusl bringing only 5W0, 'iho
umulir icld w at qulto largo.
Luxr.jinotui i oukiiy.vs sikv
Another Lot of Itnlrno Letters to bo
l'lttillslicil Tlio (Irent Novelist ns an
Amateur rubll-dirr Ills Lovo Story
ltovealcd In Ills Correspondence.
I'AUIS, Oct. L Ono of tho first flight
that a cultivated American visitor to Parts
alwnjs wants tu sco Is tlio Luxembourg gal
lery, where ovir 400 pictures and pieces of
itntuary by living artists aio constantly on
exhibition, l'vcr slnco 1813 tho museum
bns been lodged In half a dozen rooms ot
Iho oul palace of Mntlcl do Mcdlcis, and all
visitors thcro will recall how badly somo of
the rooms aro arranged. Tho statuary,
which Is ou tbo ground Hoor, Is crowded In
so Hint vou cannot well sec all tho pieces,
nnd ns for tho paintings, on thosocoml Hoor,
the) arc, many of them, In poorly lighted
roomB, and others lu narrow nnd lovv
studded galleries llio senate, which oc
cupies tlio greater part ot tbo Luxembourg;
palace, has long w anlid tooust the museum,
so ns to havo thu space occupied by
It for Its commltlco rooms. Two yearn
ngo nn agreement was nude by
tho scunto wltti thu director of tho mu
seum to exchange tho present quarters for
the old oranciry, situated iu tho Luxcm
bntirgguidcii, not far from thcpalacc. Tlio
senate wns to anxious to iret rid of Itsnrtls
tic neighbor that It nlfcred to pty for tlio
cnlargiiiiint und llttliiir of tLo orautrerv.
Tho bargain vas concluded, nnd tho new
quarters nro fast appro idling completion.
Unfortunately, tho space for the works of
art will not bo ns great ns It Is lu tho palaces
Hit elf, and nlrcad) a proposition has been
mndo lo add another wing to the orangery.
Iu tho meanwhile tho new buildlu'r will
haveniiio roe ms, all ou tho ground Hoor,
which Is on Improvement over the pie-cut
arrauicmciit. One wing has already been
nddedto tho orangery, and thiougli tills
new part of tho museum tho public will enter
from thu lino do Vatiglranl directly Into
Hie statuary loom. All tho uluo gillcrlcn
nro high studdid, well lighted, and couvo
nlcntl) arransid, In v low of tbotlmltol
spaco tlicro will havo to ho a weeding out
ot the plcttirts when moving day comes,
and It will no longer ba pojslblo
to bavo special room for modern
designs opd engravings. Whereas somo
of the artists have now halt it dozen pic
tures lu Iho museum henceforth etch
painter will bo limited to three. Liven with
this limitation thiro will bo great dlfllcultv
in finding room for new acquisitions, anil
until another wing Is added to tho orangery
aspiring artists will havo to wait until soma
occupant dies and his tableau is carried to
tho Louvre, or to somo provincial museum.
licit tho new quarters aro occupied tho
director Intends to ornament u narrow plat
of ground on tbo nest sldo of tho orangery
vvlthusiilcsof bronzes found among" tho
ruins of tlio Titlllcrles, and to begin a cab
inet of modern designs. Hireafter -till ar
tists of whom thu government has bought
n picture w ill bo requested to deposit In llio
museum tho ski tebes und designs used Iu
Its execution. Ten niches In one ot tho
fronts uf tho now building aiu to bo occu
pied by stone busts of the masters of tlio
modern I'rcuch sihool.
somu m:w llVLZVC I.nTTEr.9.
Admirers of lhlzaowlllbo clad to hear
Hint live unpublished letters of the groat
novelist have Just been brought to light by
M Dupontavlie do llcusso), who has
written n very Interesting account ot u visit
nicdo by Balzac to tbo Brittany town of
'luugcns In lb33. Tho previous year ho
had embarked upon nn cutcrpriso that had
uearl) ruined hi in nud all his family. Ho
had nailed outiu Ufa with the Idea that ho
c.tiI.1 .sin a fni-ttmc. ly 0piullnmA nt
11 c Fret ch classics, but not being a practi
cal printer It was not long before ho was
obliged to liquidate lu order to avoid fail
ure n t cry ft I toils thing In this country.
Btfore undertaking this pi luting scheme,
Balzac had alriadj written at least twenty
romances, all signed b) fictitious namej,
and when he fouud himself overwhelmed
by ids first flnjiiclal catastrophe ho had
several uthiro biforo his death ho set res
olutel) to work again with his pen to repay
tlio money loaned hlni b) his father nuil
niolhir. 'llio llrst novel of that tnirv clous
monument mlltd thu "Comedlo Hiimaluo"
signed by Ids name was tho Cliouan", which
Is tlicriihnirrinciitcit u dramatic nuecdotu
told hlni about the wnr of the Brittany roy
alists against the llrst republic. To vvrlto
bin novel Bilzue desired to visit tho
spot where tho scene of his romance
wns laid, und to do so ho asked tho hos
pltiilll) for twenty davs of an old friend ot
tils fumll' , den elo Pommcreul, a royalist
rcfugie, who had been very klndlv tu-atol
by the novelist's father upon his return
fiimi exllo after the revolution, Thj
giiiirnl had lecuvcrtd possession ot hi
Hue chateau of 1 ougiris, situated In tho
licai t nt tho Lboiiiu eouutry, nud bo ut
emeu cxttnded to Balzac tbo hospitality
Very dolhatelv demanded In n letter
dated fioni Pails, iScpt. 1, 123. When
thu )ouug novelist nnived at tho
chateau bu woro such ft shabby hat that tho
giniinl Immediate!) took hlni to tho first
hatstuic. Balzac spent a certain number
of dajn visiting tho country and githerlng
nil Ibe details for his story, ami many of
Ihe Incidents recorded In his novel are real
fuels dieesed up li) his powerful pen. Mtuo.
do Pommcreul, who Is still llvlug, says that
thcro then was so much kindness, artless
uiss, and lonlldeiico lu Balzac's way of
acting and spciklug that It w.aslmposslblo
to know him w Ithout lov lug him. An I bo
thies, he was ulwnjs in such sad humor
Hint Lis cMibir.iuce lueimocontatrl us. An
soon as Balznc was Installed tu his now
qiiuitcislio told his hosts that us he was too
pour to puv for bis board Iu mono ho vv ould
1 a.e the m In storks. Ho each evening hu
would make up tomo wonderful t do tint
was so exciting Uiat tbo general would
tome tlmo ask him if tho story were not
reull) true. "Not n wonl uf It," replied
Bulzae, "All tho personages live,
love, suffer, and ttrugglo In my
bialu; but If (lod glica mo lifts
I he) will ull bu ni ranged, classified, and
labeled In books, nud sumo fiinous books
vuuvvlll sio." lkilz.io spent nearly two
months In llrlttany, and vvlicu ho relumed
to Ycrsalliis, whcie Ills finill) wero thin
living he lluishccl thoiuus. 'Iho second let
ter Is ono lie wioto to (icii. do Pomuiercul
when sending hlni the finished work. An
other letter, written In lb il, asks tho good
ofl'ics ot thu general in behalf ot his caudi
due) In Peiuge rc, for BaUac nlwajs want
ed tn be it politician I'iftecn years
nfterwnrd, In 1MU, he vvroto to the gouoral
anuouiie lug his Intention to revisit Kougereg,
aud tilling lilui tliat ho had dedicated ouo
of his novels to him. Hut at that epoch
Balzac was so occupied w Ith his work aud
Ids ireelltors that hu never lairled out his
idea eif revisiting Brittanv. Ho was then
vti) much In lovo wltli Mtuo, do Hanska,
who uf tern aril became his wife, and when
ever ho found n spare moment ho would hlo
oft to Ital) or (lerniaiiy or wherever tho
cuuntcss happened to he.
Dvmcl D'AllTIICZ.
A lcrrlliln Iioini'stlo Trngeely.
BviTivimiF, Mi , Nov. 11. William 13.
Btoiiu to-ulght shot his w Ifo .lulla and thou
himself iu thill homo on l'.mory street, Iu
the southern portion nf tho city, 'lhoy
wire taken to tho Mar) laud University
Hospital, whero Mrs. bttino was fouud to
havo been tbot through the lie.nl, from tho
effect of which sho died In n siioit tlmo.
Mono wits shot ill tho faco, but his wound
Is lint necessarily fatal, Hu left a long and
inciilieiint litter nddussed to tho public, lu
which ho ta)s that for tweut) jears lie had
lived In hill bicaitso of n deceitful vvifo nnd
inothcr-lii-lnvv.but now Hut his two eldest
ilainrhtcrs vuro being led astray, and his
is honio ubullt to bo biokin up, ho could stand
t jui lopnci nnd nail mane up tus iiiiuei ie
mli mid to his troubles lie requests his
friiuds to tako euro of hlsllttlo ones, topuf.
tin m where the) cnu no properly raiscu,
und white none ot ids wife's relations can
hnv o nnv thing to do with them. 8tono has
the ri'piitutlou of belngn bobcr, Industrious
mini, and to have alwujs provldod for tho
w ants of his family b) ilolug laboring. Ho
has been married tweut) )cars, uud has
iitno children, rouging- Horn 17 mouths tu
lb) cars ot age.

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