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ritOJt JAtuVPA TO thu Townn OP
It lint tlio Ilospllnblo AUmlo Rot Ho
rn ro Ills Amorlciiii fluents ClRiir
dies, Onrlk, iindTnrtllhis An Aputli
cotdrcd fundriiped Tho President
nml Ai-clilitstiniVs Team.
.Tat aim, Mexico, Oct. 12 1833 Among
tlto many delightful excursions that mny bo
niiulo from Jaldpn, uno of tho most charm
ingbecause not wholly devoidof danger
Is n horseback rldo to l'crotc, which famous
vlllneo lira a scoro of miles away, at tlio
foot of tho snow-copped "Cofro." To speak
with strict truthfulness llctsy and 1 tako
most ot our horseback rides on burros tho
Blow but sure-footed Mexican donkeys. Ono
toon Lceomcs affectionately attached to tho
patient llltlo crcaturo that has carried one
safely over danacrous trails raid slippery
steeps, mid fcclsascnso of security upon
Ms lacf, with feet almost touching
tho ground, which Is scarcely posslblo on a
tall, high stepping hoi6c. From tho owl
HKo look of philosophic meditation which
rncli burro wears upon his countenance un
dcr nil circumstances, wo hao dubbed htm
tho Mexican "lllrd of MIsdom;" aud cer
tainly ho would moro appropriately appear
upon tho national escutcheon than tint
snake eating eagle, of whoso specie lliero
oio none to bo round In -Mexico. Hero tho
douhoy predominates, as to numbers, ovor
tho equina laec, a hundred to uno; nnd
without him Moxico would bo ni uniiko
' liersclfnstbcplayof "Hnnilct" with Hamlet
left out. In tbo capital and other cosmo
I olltan cities, soma of tho finest horses In
tho world aro seen; but even In theso places
"blooded" burros aro of equal vilitc, and
preferred for many purposes.
Tbo archbishop (who is still supremo au
tocrat, desplto tho polltleal dccidenco of
llomlsh power) takes his dally airings bo
lilud four dipped mules, and at tho nppcar
anco of their well-known mouse hucd bicks
nnd scrub-bnish manes tho populaco fall
upon their knee), without waiting to ob
oe no whether tho cnrrlngo Is occupied by
embody but tho coachman. Tho liauifhty
bishops of Gundalajtiva, Mlchoucau, aca
tcecs, nud I.luarcs all vcr) "swell" digni
taries of great w calth rldo behind spans of
fancy burros; and It Is seldom Indeed tint
ono sees tiny of tbo Catholic clc rgy In this
countrv cither on or behind a horse. Prob
ably this priestly patriality for donkoys
originated In. tho belief that Christ mado nil
His Journeys upon them from tho Illght
Into Pgypt In Ills mother's arms to Ills tri
umphant entry Into Jerusalem.
Ho that ns It ma) , tho president of Mexico
Is the proud possessor of tho finest pair of
mules on tbo continent, and tho most beau
tiful scnora at tbo capital (tbo wife of n
prominent official) dally displays her dainty
dresses and sparkling Jew els on tho fashion
nblo paseo, in an open laudcau drawn by
inllk-whlto burros, wl til red roses fastened
nt thobasoof thclrcxprcsslocars, nnd gold
mounted harness glittering In tho suu.
Tho country burros, unlike their pam
pered city cousins, lead tollsomo lives that
nro a continuous round of blows, kicks, nnd
hard usage. Tho poorest Indian can alford
ndonkoy, which will work faithfully, till
death claims him, on such meager faions
cactus leaves, old "hoes, tin cans, A.c. Tho
raw nnd bleeding back of tho average burro,
tho mountainous loads that aro habitually
piled upon him till only his noso ami feet
nro V lsiblc, and tho constant abuso, which
Is his only reward for patient sen Undo,
lend ono tn fervently pray that If tho theory
of transmigration ot souls bo truo tho gods
may prescne us from a futuro life In that
"Valgumc, DIasI" (Protect me, God I)
"What women aro tho Americans I" re
marked our gallant host, Don Jesus Juan,
of the Hotel Verncmzana, when wo set out
on tho long Journey from Jalapa to Pcrotoj
nnd wo left him wrestling with tho problem
why wo bad not preferred ourcaso at bis
lnti to such a laborious pilgrimage which
liad only sight-seeing for an incentive. Tho
joutkful nephew of Mine. Juan and two
btnlwart,wcll armed mozos (sonants) acted
ns clccroucs; and thus escorted, with sun
dry letters of recommendation from bishop
and president In our pockets, ns an open
ncsanic to all doors along tho route, wo felt
as sccuro as ccn In our own parlors.
Leaving tho How cry land of fruits nnd
palms, wo rapidly ascended tho mountain
spurs among volcanic debris to wild plains
darkened by n melancholy raco of pines
and aloes, Soou tbo tcmplada region ot
oaks and liquid amber was left behind, nnd
wo entered tho ttcrrn friu (cold zone), to
Which climatic belt most of tho central
table-lands belong. Anon wo found our
selves among tho clouds, a cold, drizzling
rain filling tho air nnd drenching in to tho
skin. "Avo Maria l'urlsslma i quo venga
cl sol" (Holy Virgin I send us tho sun), fer
vently muttered our mozos, a petition
which wo earnestly echoed. Emerging at
length Into the old Spanish highway, w ell
paved with basalt, wo entered upon most
magnificent scenery. Through tho vapors,
spread out Ilka somo vast sea below us, tho
tops of distant mountains peer like Islands,
nnd tho stupendous cascade at our right,
after n tumble of several hundred feet
straight down tho mountain side, rushed
nhpoil, as If leading tho w ay, and plunged
Into tho vapory ocean.
At last Las Vegas was reached tho vll
logo described by Humboldt ns occupying
tho highest point between tho gulf and tho
City of Mexico. All tho houses lu this ele
vated neighborhood unllko tho c.auo nnd
adobohutsof tho tropical valleys aro of
plno Iocs, each treo furnishing but ono plcco
ot timber, several Inches thick. Theso,
roughly hewn and closely llttcd, remind ono
of prlnittlvodnyslnNcwJIlngland, or non
towns In our own northwest; whllo tho
shlnglo roofs nnd puncheon floors unllko
an) others In Mexico carry out tho Illu
sion, To add to thoughts ot homo, Jn)s
nLd chickadees birds ot tho tempernto
zone fluttered around us, and for tho first
time lu tho cactus country wo saw tho honest
fneo of n yellow dandelion, As tho houses
Indicate colder weathei In this "laud of tho
shy ." to tho peoplo plainly show tho chaugo
nf climate, lelng a moro hardy nnd ener
getic race than tho denizens of thoso sandy
plains that skirt the sea.
It being now nearly noon tho usual
breakfast hour In Moxico wo decided to
avail oursclv cs of tho hospitality bospoken
lu our blllctes do recomiucndaclon, aul to
Invito ourselves n la genus tramp to par
tako of somo kind soul's bounty. Tho
nlcaldo ha1, Inn been particularly mentioned.
ins uoiiso was speedily iouiiu ; ami, aitor
considerable flourish of credentials on our
part and manifest suspicions on his
that wo might bo banditti lu dis
guise, that worthy officer luvltod us to
dismount, swung wldo tho dour of his casa,
and bado us enter. It was now our turn
for suspicion, as It Is well known that most
ot tbo rauchcios, aud even many nt tho
petty ofllclals lu theso rcuintodis'rlets, aiu
In lenguo with tho "gentlemen otthurotd."
Not n fortnight before tbo dlllgoncla hid
been stopped by robbers, about twenty
miles further down tho valloy, and tho pas
sengers oulcrcd to alight, aud boca-boxa
throw themselves on their noses. No Mexi
can over ventures upon theso roads without
being armed to thu teeth, jet thoy never
dream of icslstlng tho robbers, but meekly
throw themselves ou their noses when
ordered to.
In a country whero Justlco U soldom ob
tnlnod. but whero Injusllco can any day bo
bought, and whcio law exists but In niino,
It Is not to bo wondend at tint such out
rtges aia submitted to by a dcmorallzoJ
rconlc. who ureter unv other menus of trot-
Inir a living than bv honest work In
r i a 1 1 1 nu Insatiable passion fur gambling
Is ut (bo bottom of this national ell. Men
f nil ranks have been known to resort to
the load to relievo their temporary embar
rassments, tho icsult of gambling, and
liumeious Instances lu high life mty bo
Lltcd whero suchpartleshayo been detected,
notwithstanding tho black misks thoy ul
wnvsvvcor. His not often, however, tint
such aro hi ought to Justlco, for hero, ns
elsewhere, punishment for crlmis Is princi
pally routined to tho lowor classes; but
nmong tho rare cases was tb it of Col,
lYares. old do-eanin toSnntn Anna, who was
lenrroted a few years ago, at tho capital, for
Itbo robbery and murder of tho Swiss eon-
Hut to return to tho autocrat of T.n
Viiros. whom wo so unccrcmonlnuslv iln.
sorted at tho door ot his casa. Tbo ofllco
if alcald corresponds most nearly to that
it mayor In tho united States, oxcept that
uo jormer, ju out-oi-uie-way localities,
Is almost absolute ruler of his
section, Tbcro being no other au
thority at hand, ha not only sets
himself up ns Juilgn and Jury In settling dis
putes, but tnkes It upon himself to deter
mlno whether travelers may pass through
his terrltorynt nll.and many n luckless tour
ist whoso business has not becu sufficiently
ixplnlncd (or tho explanation accompanied
ly n satisfactory bonus) Ins been turnod
back In his roureo aud i ompcllcd to make
n wldo dolour around tbo domain of somo
ol flurate autocrat. '1 hoalenldo of I,m Vcgus
wos porccously attired In sky-blue breeches,
nulled calico shirt, worn with "flops" Hap
ping outside, gnjl) striped zerapo (blanket)
tnrowu over ono shoulder, and cnormottsly
l rimmed sombreio, which appeared to havo
grown upon his bead, ns during nil our stay
be mado no attempt to remove It,
Having been duly impressed by tho
nugust signatures alllxcd to-our credentials,
wohcrrd him Issuing commands to half a
dozen ragged servants ns to tho menu; and
this accomplished, ho returned with tho mis
tress of tho manse, who had Incontinently
flown nt our approach, Tho scnorn i
gentlo creature, whoso weight must havo
Icon near thrco hundred pounds had
to I o halt dragged In by thclonl and mister,
but onco Inside her shyness suddenly dis
appeared, and, with a laugh, she sat down
upon a potato (straw hat) and Invited us to
do likewise. J hero being no chairs In tho
casa nothing but puncheon benches ranged
around tho tablo wo cheerfully scttlod
ouisclvtcs bosldo her, though thoopartment
was occupied conjointly by a most soclablo
colony of dogs nnd chickens, whllo ncouplo
ot lean pigs nnd several goats wandered lu
and cut nt will, Drawing n leathern caso
from tbo bosom of her gown, our engaging
hostess tendered us each a cfgarctto of her
own rolling; and, whllo wo endeavored
to perform manfully tho smoking act
which politeness required, tho lady her
Ltsbfulness uiifortuuately vanished pio
cecded to handle curiously every nttlclnof
our apparel, "seen and unseen." Our
buttoned boots excited her special enthu
siasm, aud lu tho ecstney ot nil nil ration sho
would no doubt havo requested them ns
souvenirs ot tho visit had not her attention
1 ecu diverted by tbo gift of nscai let rib
Mcnntlmo tbo servants wero skurrylng
wildly to and fro under orders from tho
ulrnde, whllo tho Increased odor of gnrllo
nml loud spstllngof tortillas (thin cakes,
mado of crushed corn molded bctweontho
bands) announced that breakfast wos ap
proaching, nnd presently tbo lord of
tho manor, with sombreio still upon
his bend, waved us grandly to his
bospltnblo bonrd. Tbo scnorn, being too
broad for tho spneo between bench nnd
table, vvns forced to sit with her back to
tho fcstlvo spread; but enndor compels mo
to confess that, ban ing her back hair, her
dtit'es ns hostess wero most satisfactorily
(to us) pcrfoimcd lu that un
usual position, becauso sho Indulged
in neither knife, fork, nor spoon, but
Insisted upon helping us to everything
within reach with her own tobacco discol
ored fingers. Possibly tho bill of faro might
not havo tempted epicures at homo, but,
thanks to habit nnd tbo long ride, wo wero
enabled to do Justlco to tbo viands,
first, there was tho Inovltablo caldo
(broth) hot water flavored with grease,
garlic, chlll-peppcr, fid brass spoons,
served In teacups; sopa, tho invariable sec
ond course rice, cooked In oil aud seasoned
with chill; n dish of fat meal boiled with
various seeds nnd vcgctnblcs; tortillas not
from tho griddle of course, without butter;
frcjolcs (red bonus), stowed lu groaso nnd
eaten with cbecso or curdled go it's milk;
and strong black codec, without milk or
sugar. Looking out upon miles of unculti
vated country, whero an) thing would grow
If planted, I asked tho nlcaldo why his
neighbors mado no gardens. "Qulcu sabol"
ho replied, with n shrug of surprlso, "Con
niaiz y chill no falta nadat" who wants
moro than corn nnd chill?
After tho lcpist other villainous cigar
ettes niti6t per force bo smoked, and tho
shndows of afternoon wero alarmingly
long beforo tho hospitable dignitary could
bo Induced to order our donkeys and per
mit us to depart. Ills worthy spouse,
giutcful for suiidiyllttlo gifts, stood sldo
ways lu tho wldo door being too oxpin
slvo to stand otherwise aud gavo us many
parting Injunctions to "tener mticho cul
dado do los caballcros del camlns" to keep
n sharp lookout for "gentlemen of tho
rood ;" nnd nmld many nlTectlonato ndioa
wo turned our laces toward tho Cafrc, that
loomed liko a sheeted ghost befoio us.
on tiik w uv op rcitoTr.
Two hours later found us within tho plain
of l'crotc, which, level ns au oceau, Is
bounded bj hills on every side. Ono ono
band towers tho majestic peak of Orizaba,
nnd on tbo other that celebrated mountalu
of basaltic porpbery which upholds the gi
gantic "cofro" (chest) of Aztco tradition;,
whllo lu tho midst of the plain rises tho cono
of Tcplacualea, nnd lu tbo dlstauco n scries
of snovr-toiipod mountains outlluo tho
horizon. All theso plains were onco tho
basins of former lakes, now dry and arid,
and for miles not it traco of human habita
tion Is to bn seen. Just beforo entering tho
vlllago of Peroto tbo road runs through a
narrow cannon which from tlrao lumemorlal
has been so robber-Infested that It Is now
llkoa gravevard, lined with hundreds ot
black ciosscs, tho murdered having been
burled whero they fell,
All tho houses of tho town present to tho
street ablank wall of Mono oradobo, with
no windows at nil, but frequent loop holes
for guns. Laeh casa has only ono cutranco
n wldo portal which Is always carefully
closed, barred, and guarded lo ullng to tho
Inner court, nrouud which tho rooms aro
bulldcd. This stylo of architecture proves
that each man's liouso must Indeed bo his
castle, and Inclines tho stiaugcr to got
within ono ns soon ns possible Not many
years ago this village was a citadel of vaga
bondism, tho headquarters of nil manner ot
villainy, In which It was uusafo for doccnt
peoplo to stir out of doors oven at midday,
Lvcu now. In theso moro peaceful dajs, tho
streets at dark aro ns deserted as thoso of
Pompeii, and tho population nro barred
within their cheerless dwellings oxecpt
tho ragged lndroi.es (tbloves), who skull:
about beneath tho shadows ot hugo som
breros, each w 1th pistols, dagger, or mediate
tucked conveniently under his blanket,
w atching for plunder.
A few rods noith of tho town stands tho
famous castle of Sun Carlos, which Is to
Mexico what tbo "Tower" has been to Hngj
land. Tho hugo, squaro fort, with moat
and glacis, was built lu tbo best stvloof
last ccnturj fortifications, but would bo of
llttlo uso In modern warfare It was orig
inally designed ns a depository ot silver,
when, lu conscqueneo of Spnulsu wars with
murltlmo nations, It became Imprudent to
scud It forward to tbo coast, which was
continually rav aged by buccaneers. During
the twclvo v cars of Moxlco's revolutionary
struggle, beginning In 1810, t'jls storehouso
of Peroto was crowded with treasure. At
ono time tho accumulation of specie within
It amounted to moro than 10,000,000, aud
w elghcd ov cr 13,000 tons.
Iu this castlo many ot tho unlucky gen
erals havo been Incarcerated, v, horn revolu
tions uml counter-revolutions havo turned
upon their backs, and from Its gloomy
portals not a few political offenders havo
gono forth to execution. Prom this placo
In lbSS Santa Anna Issued his prouuueta
uiento ngalnst Pndraza, nnd hero ho was
Imprisoned by lllucon.scvcutecnjcnrslator,
after his capture at Xlco. Ho was In con
finement lu ihlB castlo when banished from
the countrj bj decreo ot tbo Mexican con
gress, nnd to It ho soon after returned In
triumph when recalled to assumo supremo
Within theso famous walls tho deposed
President Pa redes was hold a prisoner, when
ho bad tho nleaBiiro of seeing his successor
(who had himself twlco languished hero In
durnnco vllo) rlda by In state to usurp tho
reins ot government. Happily, overturned
presidents et boo genus omul aro Gen
erally well treated In this chaotic country,
each now ruler having a fellow feeling for
others In adversity, not knowing bow soon
his own turn may come, slnca It is tho com
mon fato to bo set up aud knocked down
llko ten pins. Fannie II. Wahu,
Chinese Driven Away.
Santa Cnu?, Cu.., Nov. 13. Tho Chi
iieso engaged ns Inundrvmtn nnd wood
cutters nt Lorenzo and llouldcr creek, this
county, last night wero given twenty-four
hours' notlco to leave, aud to day packed
up, Thoy go without protest,
Iter Second Klopomont.
TnoY, N, Y., Nov. 13. P.llu Marplo, n
daughter ot a rich fanner, has eloped with
James lllauchard, n married man. lloth re
sided In aioversvlllo. This Is tho socond
tlmo tbo girl has left her homo lu order to
bo with lllauchard,
tnvTn nwi)
mi vui
Seorctnry I.nninr nnd Ills limy RtiT
AV hut llioy Do nnd IIuvv Thoy lln It
Thrlr i'cutiirrs Sketched fur l'li)sl
onnomlcnl Htmly.
The Interior Department lias been nplly
called tho "(lovcrnmcnt Wnsto Basket."
This name, how over, Is only cxpresslvo of
tho nature of tho department asnreeoptaclo
for nil miscellaneous business not coining
under tbo especial jurisdiction of tho other
depattments. Tho namo docs not apply
to tbo business of tho department, which Is
by no means tho government wasto or
tinsli, Tho Interior Department has con
trol ot several of tbo most Important
branches of tho government business, nnd
thcro mo probably moro Individual citizens
of tho country directly Interested In tho
Interior than all tho other departments
Tho Secretory of tbo Interior has general
supinlslonof the general laud olllco, In
dian bureau, pension bureau, patent ofllco,
bureau of education, railroads, geological
survey, census, and bureau ot labor, Ho
has supervision of all matters relating to
tho civil gov eminent of tho territories, ox
ecpt appointments and tho courts. Tho
nppolntmcnts of territorial otllccrs nro
mndo through tho Secretary, kowov cr, nnd
their bonds nro tiled with him. Ho has con
trol of tho gov eminent hospital for tho ln
sano so far as relates to patients charged
with crlmolnnny United btatcs court or
tho courts of tho District of Columbia.
Any government prisoner may, upon appli
cation of tho Attorney General, bo com
mitted or transferred to tho government
nsvlnmfor tho Insane by tho Secretary of
the Interior. Tho (secretary also lias con
trol of tbo Columbia Institute for tho Deaf
and Dumb, tho Prccdman's Hospital, tho
Yellow stouo National Park, tho Hot Springs
reservation In Arkansas, and tbo govern
ment printing olllco. IIo also controls ad
mission to tho Marv laud Institutiou for tho
Blind and Its nccouuts.
If "vnrlctj Is tho splco of life," what a
spicy tlmo tho Secretary of tho Interior
must havo of Itl Ho Issues a patent to-day
for n new fanglcd gun that may bo turned
upon his ward, tho Indian, to morrow. On
tho other hand, his ward may tako to tbo
war path today and scalp n soldier, and
to-morrow tho Secretary grants tho soldlors
widow and orphans a pension. It doesn't
do tho soldier much good, but It has a
tendency to solaco tho widow.
Tho Secretary has to keep ono ojo on tho
great monev cd railroad corporations to sco
that they construct their roads In strict
compliance with tho requirements of their
charter, and at tho sanio tlmo ho must keep
bis other cjo on tho frisky cowboy and
cheeky squatter to sco that thoy don't ties
pass upon Undo Samuel's broad acres. Ho
has to feed and clotho tbo old redskin and
educato bis pappoose; ho gives tho old vet-
crau ICO acres of farming land for services
oi ;
rendered, and then patents all sort ot labor
saving machinery for him to work It with;
and then ever) ten years he sums up Uncle
Sam's profits and loss from his numberless
Industries, aud tells us how many moro
thcro aro of us than tbcro wero tcu years
Then lu round numbers thcro aro ono
million other duties devolving upon tbo
Sccrctarv of tho Interior, so tho honest tax
pa) cr may rest ussuicd that Lord Lamar
and Lords Muldrow and Jcnks, lord and
assistant high keepers ot tho government
waste-basket, havo at least enough to do to
cam their salaries aud keep them out of
ax XMPiiium'd airx.
l'rnnels Joseph, nf Austria, Honors
I.lttlo Montgomery Girl.
IMontgomcry Advertiser.
Au Advertiser reporter )estcrday saw a
beautiful plcco of Jewelry, which has a very
Interesting blssor) ; It Is not likely that thcro
Is another such lu America. It Is a present
from tho emperor of Austria to a llttlo child
hero lu tho city, Iu design It Is a four-leaf
clov cr In gold, w Ith a lov cly diamond dow
drop In Its center. Upon Its back Is this
Inscription, engraved In tho most tasty
maniiiri "Prom Ills Imperial Majesty, Km
pcror Francis Joseph I, to Charlotte Pollak,
Itehcl, 16th August, 188.1."
1 rom Mr. Ignatius Pollak, tho llttlo girl's
father, tho follow Ing account of tho tmpo
rial gift Is obtained : Mrs. Pollak spout last
summer at tbo famous Alplno resort. I schcl.
Tbo Austrian emperor was thoro nt tho samo
tlmo. Tho 18th of August was llttlo Char
lotto's sixth birthday. Her auut, without
Mrs Pollak's knowing It, remembering
that tbo 16th was also tho emperor's birth
day, wiotoanoto ot congiatulatlon from
tbo child as a llttlo American girl on hci
sixth birthday to tho emperor on his flftj
fourth, and signed It simply 'Charlotte"
The noto was accompanied by a small
bunch of flowers. Nothlug was beard of
tho modest trlbuto of regard uutll eight
da)s aftciwurd, wheu tho emperor's master
of ceremonies called upon Mrs, Pollak, and
In tho namo of his sovereign presented
tho beautiful token already described,
Ho told tho lady that when tho
emperor camo across tbo simple noto
f j&ISSr
"1 'tvffil'
nnd bunch of Howcr3 from nn American
child lu tho files of presents, bo was so
stiuck with lis sincerity nnd dlslu'erested
liess that ho shed tears, and directed that
the child's full namo bu obtained and her
self sought out In order that his thanks
might be returned along wlllin memento of
bin esteem.
Tho Incident Is significant as showing that
even emperors hnvu hearts that can bo
touched amid all tho pomp and Mattel v that
rurroumls thorn Tho haiidsnmo evidence
of this feet l, of course. Measured ns a
pi colons souvenir by tho llttlo girl, mid
when she grows older, no plero In her Jowol
casket, however superb, will bo so valuablo
thu hi our or Tin: wait.
l'rngrcss of (ho Collection of Confetler-
n( Ilecords Tho Colnneo of tho Its-
On Juno SI, 1874, Congress passed an act
"to cnnblo tho Secretary of War to begin
tho publication of tho 'Official Itccords of
tho Wnr of tho Kcbclllon,' both of tho Unlou
nnd ot tho confederate armies " Tho Sec
retar) of War was directed by tho net to
hav o copied for tho public printer all reports,
letters, telegrams, and general orders not
thcrctoforo copied or printed and properly
arranged fti chronological order. Juno U,
lfcEO, Congress passed an act authorizing
and providing for tho publication of 10,000
copies Of a compilation of tho "Official War
KccoriJs," both Union nnd confederate,
Acts for continuing tho publication wero
passed Aug. 7, 1SS2, March 3, 1883, nnd
Jul), 1881. Tho last act continues In forco
the act of Aug. 7, lBS'J, as far as It relates to
number of volumes to Lo urlntcd and man
ner ot distribution.
In January, 1878, Col. Robert N.Scott,
3d nrtillcr), U. S. A., wns assigned to duty
lu charge of tho compilation of tho records,
both Union aud confederate, with n vlovv to
their publication. That this duty lias been
most faithfully and satisfactorily performed
Is evidenced by thirteen volumos nlready
In July, 1878, Marcus J. Wright, who
had served ns a brigadier general lu tho con
federate army, was appointed by tho Secre
tary of War nn agent for tho purpoto of
collecting for tho uso of tho government
such records ot tho war,(on tho confedcrato
sldo) as could bo obtained by gift or loan.
Ho has succeeded lu obtaining copies of tho
largo and valuablo collection ot confedcrato
records collected by tho Southern Historical
Society, ot ltlchmond, Including papers and
records of field operations during tho war,
and many of tho most valuablo records of
tho beads of departments and bureaus nt
Among others who havo contributed by
gift or loan valuable records to tho depart
ment nio tho followlug-uameil: Gens.
Wado Hampton, Jubal Karly, Q. T. Beaure
gard, Albert Pike, Daniel Hugglcs, A. P.
Stcwnrt, Klrln Bmlth, J, C. Tnppnn, Fltz
hugh Lee, ami Joseph K. Johnston, Col.
llllom Allan, Capt. J. 0. ltrccklurldgo.
Hon. Jefferson Davis, Bishop Pctcrkln, of
West Virginia, tho Southern Historical So
clct), tho Tcnucssco Historical Soclct),
(lov. T. J. Jarvls, of North Carolina, Mrs.
John C. Pcmbcrton, Jcnnlo Perkins, It P.
Trabuc, Pnttlo 0 ul hi, and Miss A. M. .olll
coffer, and many others.
From theso papers and n largo number of
others previous!) In tho possession of tho
department thirteen volumes havo up to
this dato been published by authority ot
Congress, mid others will soon bo Issued,
nud tho compilation and publication will
continue until all nro published. It Is there
fore Important that tho War Dejnrtmcnt
should bo placed lu possession of all con
fedcrato military papers, books, nnd records
which nro extant, nud which may bo valua
blo In Illustrating tho naturo of tho great
strugglo from which the country Ins
emerged, so as to put them In print, In order
to prcscrv o them precisely as thoy are for
tho uso of tho blstorlon, or such other dis
position as Congress may direct. It will,
of course, bo Impossible to mako this publi
cation completo If any ot tho records mo
withheld from tho government ; besides,
such notion would bo tmfust to tho actors
In this great strugglo by depriving them ot
their proper placo In history.
Whllo tho most Important largo collec
tions of confederate papers h iv o been ob
tained, It Is known that many very valuablo
Jiapcrs nro still In tho hands of persons who
lavo not )ct been reached, and as thoso aro
Important to a full and completo history of
tho confedcrato armies, It Is hoped that
parties hav Ing custody of such papers will
submit them for tho examination. Thcro
aro, doubtless, many valuablo documents
scattered over tbo country, and only pre
served by tbo ow ncrs as souvenirs of their
own parts In the war. Theso being In pcr
Ishablo form and llablo to bo destroyed at
an) time, no delay should bo allowed lu
placing them lu tho possession of tho
government, whero they will bo put in
print and prcscrv cd from .tho chances of
Oen. Wright has succeeded In making n
very valuablo collection of pictures, photo
graphs, S.c , of tho leading ofllccrs of both
armies. Thcro Is In bis room a copy of tho
confedcrato seal. In Wit tho confedcrato
government adopted a seal and ordered ono
made In Knglandof puro silver, Tho order
was executed, but tbo seal was never usod,
tho party having charge of It finding It
necessary to conceal it to escape capture.
IIo has also a restriko ot
tiii: coMEiirrtATE sin eh iialv doll ut.
When tho mint at New Orleans w as turned
ov er by tho stato of Louisiana tho last of
Fcbruarv,18fll,to tho "confedcrato states
ot Amcilcn," tho old otllccrs wero retained
and confirmed by thogovernment, viz1 Wil
liam A. Elmore, superintendent; A, J, ds.it
rot, treasurer, M. I . Ilonzano, M. D , inciter
and refiner, aud Howard Mlllspaugh, as
saver. In tho month ot April orders wero Issuod
by Mr. Mcmmlnger, secretary of tho con
fedcrato treasur), to tho elTcct that designs
for bait dollar coins should bo submitted to
him for npprov al. Among sov cral sent, tho
ono approved boro on tho reverse of tho
coin a representation of tho Ooddcss of Lib
ert), surrounded by thirteen stars, denoting
tho tLlrtccn states from whence the confed
eracy spnmg, and on tho lower rim tbo fig
ures 18(11, On tho obverse tbcro Is a shield
with seven stars, representing tbo sccodlug
states; obovo tho shield Is a liberty cap, and
entwined around It stalks of sugarcauo nnd
cotton. Tho Inscription Is, "Confederate
States of Amcilca" Tho dies wero en
graved by A. II, M. Peterson, engraver nnd
die striker, who Is now llv Ing, Thoy wero
prepared for tho coining press by Conrad
Schmidt, foreman ot tho coining room, who
Is also still living, from which four pieces
only w cro struck. About this period nu or
der camo from tho secretary suspending
operations on account ot tho difficulty of
obtaining bullion, and tho mint was closed
April 30, 18(11.
Of tho four pieces mentioned, ono vvas
sent to tho government, ono presented to
Prof. Itlddlo.of tho Unlvcrslt) of Louisiana,
one to Dr. K. Ames, ot New Orleans, tho
remaining ono being retained by Dr. II V.
Taylor, tbo coiner, vv ho now reside In Now
Thcro aro none of tho first llv o volumes of
tho "Official Ilccords of tho War of tho He
hellion" for distribution by tbo War Depart
ment. They wero distributed from tho fold
ing rooms ot tho Senate and House, respec
tively Tho distribution of this work by
tho War Department commenced with vol
umo 0 I'.xtui copies ot the first llv o volumes
were for a tlmo sold b) tho public printer,
but volumes I,'.', and 3 aro now nut of
print, 1 1 Is uudci stood that v olumos 4 ana
fi cau still bo purchased from tho public
printer nt n cost ot $1 each, Tho War De
partment has no authority to replace nny
volumes that may havo been lost In tho
malls or from nu) other cause, Tho only
way that nnv lost volume, commencing
with voliimou, can bo replaced by tho de
partment Is by purchase fiom tho limited
number authorized by law to bo sold,
Mio Prepared for ltuiigli We.ittior.
I'll lladelpliln Call
Fashlonablo daughter (preparing to go
out) What aro tho weathei probabilities
for to-day, mamma V
Mamma (looking over tho paper) High
easterly winds, with local rains.
Fashlonablo daughter (to maid) Jano,
on may get out my striped silk stockings
aud kid shoes.
IT, ISSfi-
Honors In the, Ic,rU,l-ll,,md-Itrckcrt
Corp.,, nml Mnpiilil,, ,, Ills-
liliiisof (Irltr-Tlifi ltu,,,ri,
or(:r.,ii flirawl-A llulki llaiieerlii
u (Inn e Dress,
Mexico, Oct. SI, 18S1 -A big, Hack
boidcrtd envelope, Just now hualed be
tween my window-bars, b) the enpo gar
nished alit of tbo late Scnor Don ,lMUs
Jose Gonzalez, oiitiouiiccs tho death of tlm
latter and Invites tho reader to his funeral
Tho sheet of plnk-tlntid paper Is ns heavll)
bordered with black ns Its cover, nnd tears
nt tho top n collection of tombstones of
various 6t)lcs (doubtless tho ndurtlslng
plalo of somo dealer, which tho thrifty
printer utilizes In this manner) and at tbo
bottom of the jngo n seasick-looking fo
malc bends In tho usual attitude overall
urn. llctwccti theso two suggestlvo pic
tures is printed lu faullltss Spanish tho lu
fotniallonlhat.Mr Jesus JooOonzalezdled
)cttcrday at noon, and that his allllctcd wlfo
fwbo mourns under tbn npat lltttn namnnf
Alorin Coi ceptlon do las Angeles Narro do
Gonzalez), his eon, Itamun Fiores Gonzalez,
together with his brother, relatives, and
many friends, dcslro to participate with you
lu lamenting the melancholy event, and In
supplicating tho Ihdcemerto grant the dead
mon's soul a speedy exit from purgatory,
and eternal rest In pnriidlso; nlso that the
render Is Invited to attend the cadaver from
Its lato residence to tho Cathedral do San
Frnucltco, nnd thenco lo the main pantheon
atSp, in, to-dnv.
1'unernl ctlquctto Is vigorously observed
to tho minutest particular by nil classes In
Mexico, and n death lu the family has been
tho financial ruin of many a man. Ulack
garments must bo worn for at least two
) cars by every femalo relative, even to ro
inoto cousins and llttlo children, w hllo malo
relatives, however distantly connected,
must for an equal length of tlmo w oar broad
bauds of black flannel upon their straw or
felt hats, black silk ncck-tlcs and black
gloves, not to mention the scarf of crapo
with flowing ends, which Is kept tied
abovo tho elbow of tbo right coat slccvo
for not less than six weeks after tho
funeral Upon uo account whatever must
tbo ladles of tho household bo seen any
where In public during tho two )cirsof
mourning. Jewelry and idl adornments
must bo laid aside, letter paper and en
velopes must conspicuous!) ndvcrtlso tho
family atlllctlou, and nil tbo smallest signs
of woo must bo faithfully cmploved oven
by thoso who could havo hod llttlo Interest
lu tho deceased, or when, as sometimes
happens, death could havo brought noth
ing but welcome relief to all concerned.
Tho ono occasion upon which even n
thlrt)-tblrd cousin, or n grcat-grcat-graud-niece,
ma) bo excused for appearing during
tho prescribed term of seclusion Is when
public masses nro being said for tho dead.
Theso "honors" for tho dead nro so nu
merous that scarcely n day passes without
brluglng nn Invitation to attend tho celebra
tion of ono oi moro of them. Invitation
cards are gotten up much lu tho st)lodo-
ccriucuauovoioriuucrais cacu vviiuiomu,
c) press, nnd weeping vv oman nbov o the let
tcrluir. Amomr tbo halt dozen now unon
.my table hero Is one, lately received, which
scib loiui ino iacc mat mo uromcrs mm
uncle of Scnor Don Ysmnel 1'erro Gomez,
who died on thoSStli ot last Juno, rcuuest
)ou to assist nt bis funeral "honors,"
which, by tho dcslro of bis wife, will bo
eclebrnted on tbo SJd of tho present month.
Not long ago, lu tbo City of Mexico, I at
tended tho "honors" of r daughter ot a
cabinet officer who Is one of tbo richest men
In tho icpubllc. It was au Indescrlbibly
magnificent nllnlr, uo expense havlug been
spnicd to cub nice tho splendor ot tho occa
sion. Tho w nils nud pillars of tho cathedral
were covered with draperies of crimson vel
vet, bordered with gold. All tho choicest
treasures which centuries havo gathered In
tho rich old sanctuary wero brought
forth; thousands of waxen tapers blazed
from domo to pavement, and sev
eral bauds of music pla)cd dur
ing pauses of tho deep - rolling
organ. An Innumerable company of priests,
each carr)lng a lighted candlo a yard long,
wero ranged nrouud tho glittering altar.
All tbo malo relatives of tho family, dressed
lu deepest mourning, occupied high-backed
chairs placed along ono sldo ot tho church.
Hundreds of v died nnd black-robed women
knelt upon tho rich carpet which tempo
rarll) covered tho stono floor, but among
them nil was not ono near relatlv oof the
deceased, tho grief of mothers nud sisters
being considered too great to permit thorn
to appear, oven for this solemn purpose.
Drawing our mantlllasof black laco ovcrour
faces (for to w ear n bonnet In church nt any
tlmo Is considered sacrilegious), llctsy audi
knelt among the mourning throng, wonder
ing much why It Is that women must al
ways kneel whllo men may sit or stand.
Is It becauso tho latter aro less wicked than
tho vv caker sex, and, therefore, not In need
of proving; or becauso lt,ls tho special prov
ince oftho former to possess piety onough for
thu vtliolo fauill)? Iteall),If heaven Is to
bo won only tlnouglt personal pra)crs, I
seriously fear that tbo "Sweet Hy and By"
w ill Incfudo only a v ast colony of loucsoino
salutesscs, with never a man among them.
Tho wholo service, which continued moro
than two hours, was exceedingly Impres
sive tho solcinu music, tho burning incense,
tho chanting ot priests and choir Lojs, tho
Impassioned prajcrs nud fervent responses;
but all seemed mote jovous than sad, lo
calise of tho prevailing Idea that each noto
which ioso to heaven carried with It some
lessening of tho tortures of tho youugand
lovel) dead nnd wafted her soul nearer to
tbo City Beautiful, Sho vvas scarcely 17
when called to leavo this world as pure
nnd Innocent n maiden ns ever lived vet,
nccording to Mexican Ideas, as much effort
was required to rescue her from purgatory
as If she had been a haidcncd criminal 1
a iiuvv ei lu com si:.
An old lady, belonging to ono of tho "first
families" of the anclcut Spanish reireme,
has told me, with great pride, how on tho
death of her grandson, a dozen ) ears ago
tho llttlo corpso was decked with Jewels
enough to ransom a king, which out-shone
all tho treasures of tho great national p ivvu
shop. Tho boy vvas enveloped lu richest
point lace, and all tho diamonds of his
titled relations (Including six countesses
and llv o marquises) wero collected to put
upon him rings, brooches, necklaces,
tovlns, to tho vuluo of more than n trillion
pesos. Tho entire sttcct was huurwllh
gnblo draperies, n brass baud plajcd
all day upon tbo outer balcony of th(houso
In which tho tiny cadaver lay In stae, nnd
crow ds camo to sco tho show , Poor baby I
Notwithstanding all this splendid maintier
ndlug, no doubt tho mother mourncl her
blighted hopes as other mothers do-perhaps
tho moro bitterly becauso In him
perished tho last scion of a noblo hou-e.
Aptopos of thus making a show o the
dead a 6tory Is told by thoCoiiutcsiCal
dcron do In Uarco, which Is doubtless .ruo.
A lady of high rank being dead her fanllv,
according hi tho then prevailing fatiton,
undertook to commit tier to tho tuub
habited In her most magnificent dress, that
In which sho bail been married, This oho
was a marvel of richness, whoso cquulliud
never been seen even In luxurious Mo lco
It was entirely composed ot tho finest olnt
lace, of fabulous valuo, profusely iidomcd
with bows of ribbon covered with tin
broldcr) of puro c-old, nud strovvu villi
priceless pearls, Thus gorgeously attred
tbo countess vvas laid lu her coffin, Tlou
sands of fricuds flocked to vlovv herb'au
mill cosiumo nu tnort, and at last show as
locked In her scpulchcr, tho key ot which
was Intrusted to u sacristan. Well, from
charncl liouso to ballet caro Is ritiier
an abrupt transition, but It happomd to
tho gold-embroldercd gown aforesaid A
few mouths later a company of Prcnc't lul
let dancers appeared at tho Mexican capital,
whoso chief dauseiiso vvas as remarkable for
ino orcviiy oi nor petticoats asfor tholcngtli
of her pirouettes. On tho night ol tlto
favorlto ballet, when, as In ourowniouu
tiy, tho sea of bald beads mado tho front
rows ot tbo opera house look llko a cobble
paved street, Mile. Paulino w nltzed lu w Ith
a succession of astonishing pirouettes and,
poised upon ono toe, looked around for tho
customary annlauso. Itnr. (natnmi n ti,,ni
of horror, accompanied by loud murmurs
ot Indignation, pervaded tho assembly The
coquettish, dauscuso vvas attlrod in tho
Identical dress In which tbo dead countos
had Ion burled 1 olnt lice, pearls, gold
rllbcns thrrowns nomlstnklng Itl Hardly
bad II e curtain dropped beforo tho illseiim
Ittcd Paulino found herself surrounded by
on rcrs of tho inw, who demanded to know
wleio nnd how she obtained tint rolie
Willi lenrsff nngcr nnd mortification she
I rolcsltd that sho bad rltlctl no tomb, but
that n ptrslstcnt and wealthy lover whom
she bated had purchased her favor with It,
be having paid an extravagant sum for Cm
driss to n certain well knotvn modiste To
the uindlsto then went tho authorities. She
nlso plended Innocence, nssertlng that she
1 ought tbo garment, for tunny golden
ounces, from nu old man, whom she int
nulcl) described.
A sitoiiT-sintiTrii svciumv.
Tho dishonest guardian Justl) ended his
da) s In prison, but uno good result nroso
from his rascality, I c , that tlwuceforth
whatever magnificence, on tied or borrowed,
corpses wero "laid out" In It was only for
l oh . nml plainer garments were gcncrnll)
(id stlttited before burial
Theso gentle hearted peoplo have sweeter
wojsnf expressing their ideas thaiiwoot
the coldir north For Instanco, thev never
speak of a deceased child nsdead, but c ill
It otrn nngollt.i "nnothcr llltlo nmiol."
Ono never hears of "an old maid" In Mex
ico, and to remain forever unmarried
entails upon tho luckless splulstcr uo
such stigma ns tho epithet so common
In our countrv, but If her loticlv
condition Is nllttdcd to, the) svveetlv sa) of
her that sho Is "hard to plcasa " Thonged
nro utilversnll) treated with tho greitest re
Sectand ever) mark of deference It is
considered more courteous to address even
chlerl) married ladles as Scnorlta (Miss).
Iiisliail of Scnora (Madamo). Tho lad v of
the liouso Is alwa)s affcctlonatcl) called by
her servants la nlua( the ltttlu girl), thoiuli
sho ma) have attained thomnturoairo of 80.
Pannii: II Wvitti
m: cot, p. rini:it.
Dlscnverlis AVIilcli Anlt'ilntn tlio Inci
dent ut Sutter's Villi.
An official report mado to tho director ot
tbo mint brands as fiction Ibo pleasing
stotles In tho school histories that gotd vv as
first discovered In California at Sutter's
Mill. James Marshall, so tho fablo ran,
was walking b) tho mill tall looking nt tho
wnter, when tho glistening of tho nugget
in tho sands caught bis c)cs. Uo
stooped down, picked It up, nnd
then rode nt full speed to tho fort, which
stood on tho present slto of Sacramento
In subsequent )ears Marshall Ins had to
divide thu honor attaching to tho discover)
of gold In Cullfornla w Ith Peter L Wolmcr,
a poor man, who was with him when tho
nugget was found. Welmcr claimed tint
bo first saw tho cold and called his com
panion's attention to it, but Marshall 1ml
inonorso aim earned me uui.nown metal
to tbo fort, so that he got the credit for tho
"find "
Tholopsoof tlmo has served to Increaso
tho heat of tho cont rovers) over this credit
for discover), nnd In tho sea'cli for truth
facts huva been collated which greatl) di
minish the Importance history his attached
to tho Incident nt Slitter's Mill. Mr. Wnlter
A bkldmorc, who makes tho report to tho
director, sa)s that tho cxlstcneoof gold In
Calif omn wns well known nearly a hundred
) ears ago.
Gen. M 0. Vnllejo, who reached Cnll
foruln In 1810, and who Is nu authority on
tho earlier annals of thu coast, states tint
iu 18.M, whllo on n mllltnr) expedition to
tho region which Is now Kern nnd Sm Ber
nardino counties, ho found a ltusslan living
between tho King's nnd Kern rivers, who
wns, nnd had been for somo time, mining
gold. This mluer wns fully equipped with
nil tho then known applhiuecsfurscpir.it
lng tho mctnl. About that time, and for
)cars later, Gen.VnllcJo used to remit gold
dust, In tho sealed quills of tho vulture, to
tho authorities nt the City ot Mexico.
Capt. Walter Comstock, a whaler, who
was In tho employ of tho Grlnnells, of New
York, has asserted that bo took gold from
California In 18.21, and nearly every vessel
which put Into the harbor of Verba Ilueua.
now San Ftauclsco, in those times carried
aw a) gold.
Prof. Hanks, tbo California mineralogist,
has cvldcnco that a placer was discovered
near tho Colorado river, In San Dlogo
county, iu 1775. For t cut) ) cat s beforo
18-1S tho dato of tlto discover) at Sutter's
Mill, gold diggings were operated on the
tipper waters of tbo Santa Clara river.
Gold dust to tho value of $-100,000 was
taken out.
Hut for at least two centuries beforo theso
records of actual mining California had tho
rather injthlcal reputation of possessing
f:old lu nbuudnnco. All old work, pub
Ishcdln Etiropolu tho sixteenth ccntitr),
coutnlned this :
"Tho soldiers of Vnsqulrus Coronatus
having found no gold lu Vovola, lit order
not to return to Mexico without gold, re
solved to como to Qulvcrn, Cal., for thoy
bad heard much ot Its gold mines, nnd that
Tatarrnxns, tho pow erf ul king of that cottu
tty, was amply provided with riches "
Sir Francis Drake, In 1179, visited tho
coast of California and entered tho biy
which bears his name. On bis return to
rnjrland ho gavo snchli glowing account
of tbo countrj that llakluj t, au historian ot
that da), lu writing of California, said
thcro was no part of tho soil that did not
contain a rcaonablo qiiatttlt) of gold or
silver. This early knowledge, however,
wns not altogether reliable, bo precious
metals havo ever been fouud lu tho district
around Drake's bay.
III& HONOltAN'll ltl.TAAV.
Itovr Sirs. I'arkcr Mnnnguil to Gut Her
self Locked up for rourMoutlii.j
(Pctrolt I-rco I'rocss
"Now , madam," Bljah was sa) Ing, with
bls'noso against tho bars of cell No, S, ns
court opened, "won't )0ti plcaso keep stlllf
This Is thirteen drinks of wnter 1'vo given
)ou this morning, aud as for quail ou toast
for breakfast, j ou can't havo It, Wo guv o
out tho last ) cstcrday, and quails aro going
to bo aw fid skeerco for tho next few da) s."
"Don't ) on sass mo I" she hissed at him,
"I'm n puor,lono w oman md I'm locked up
lu tho jug, but I won't tako no sass from
an) living man "
"W bo's saslug) out"
"ou ore'"
"I hain't'"
"Don't )0u call mo a liar, vou old bald
head I"
"And don't )ou go for to call mo names
or I'll tell tbo ludgooiiioul"
" If )0U do I'll haunt jou till ) our d) lug
duv "'
Tho conversation was plainly heard In
tbo court room, and his honor being ready
for business ho ordered llllali to bring tbo
vv oman out Tho first look at her show d
that sho was a bad ono to deal with, and
bis honor forced n smllo and asked :
"Is this Mrs. Parker "
"What If It 1st" sho impudently do
mauded. "It It Is, then, 1 vvas going to
remark that )ou aro charged with being
drunk nud creating a disturbance,"
"It's a llo r
Tho officer In tho case was called up and
sworn, but ho had scarcely begun his
stor) when sho called him n liar aud a
"Mis Parker, will) ou bo silent " asked
tho court.
"No, 1 won't."
"Then It will bo tbo worse for)ou."
"I don't rare'"
"I shall send ) on up for sixty da)s,"
"You are a mean old villain '"
"I shall mako It ninety davs I"
"You nro ns meun ns jilzeul"
"Four months, Mrs. Parker I"
"I'll novergo novcrl nover1"
Mio raised Ibo blggest.klnd of n row, nnd
Filjnw came out of It with tbo loss of a dia
mond pin, which cost llOccnts at wholesale,
and w hk h covered half his shirt-front, but
slid wild up all tho same The law is a
nigger man man auv woman,
l'nrmll uml I'urtlen.
Illilladclplila limes
While ever) friend of Ireland lit this
ci nut rv hopes that Mr Paruell will havo a
Dufihlitit folk wing to mako his demands
(on.tl In it tuiiiiimls, it Is also hoped that ho
will ute nil power iu secure uis enuswuti
out unv quairtl with tbo liberal govorn
iiniii uml without uuy bargaining with tho
ttirtt win m mil) doctrine Is not that ot
lllirulltv toward Ireland or toward any
ruillv ("nrisslvo measures, but simply
lutiulof tin liberals nud a cravlug for
power lu a word, If Mr Parncll now
da om h lo work with (11 idbtuuo ho can now
get whut In wants, whllo If ho works
against Gladstone bo ma) nut back tho
ijiueof lutb reform and bring on a revolution
An runinplniif HuereMfiil Oriental I'll
plloll) unit Oullo-Tlio l'liilnt nf tlio
American Colony Aculnst mi Uiidoilr
iibhi Onlulul-Tlio Iniolonooof Immu
nity. OotsTiNTlMiPIE, Sept. IB, 18S5. Tho
reception ot Mr. Cox by tho sultnu nttbo
pnlaeo of Ylldlz was qulto oxccptlonat,
while tho nmlablllt) nnd cordiality shown
hlin Is without parallel. Mr. Cox was ac
companied to tho palaco b) tho personnel
ot tbo legation nnd consulato general of tho
United btatcs, and by tbo commander nnd
seven ofllccrs of tbo Qulnncluug, now l)lng
In this port. Ills mnjestv tbo sultan Al
dill Ilatnld linn II seems Inclined to Iwjtow
on Mr. Cox tho same kind attention nud
rordlallt) which tbo list Incumbent, Gen
Wallace, was honored with, nud It Is really
to be hoped that this favorable disposition
oftho sovereign will bo duly appreciated
and cultivated for tbo protection of our
peculiar and man) Important Interests lu
tho Turkish dominions
Having resided ror many v cars In this
eastern countrj, I am lu a position to speak
from personal experience, possessing, Iw
sides, nil the required evidence to provo tho
facts I assert Ono of tbo most Important
and, so to say, vital questions, which neces
sitates n most thorough examination, aud
which vvas brought somo Umo ago to my
particular notlco by my fellow couiitrvmeu
resident 111 this place, Is the protection ot
American citizens (especially thoso natural
Ized) aud their Interests In the rnst, 1 havo
not tbo lcnstdoubt btttlJiat our enlightened
President Cleveland aud his Cabinet, tinder
the guldaneo uf the Seerctar) ot Slate, Hon
T 1. llajord, havo already considered this
grave mid most delteato ques'lun Tbo se
lection they havo made In tho appointment
of Hon S S. Cox as tho representative ot
tbo United States to tho subitum porto Is
moot cnoimh of tho appreciation ot tbo Im-
j ortauco of this momentous question and
of tho acknowledgment of thu weight ot
tbo diplomatic post.
Hut, however Intelligent and w ell- Isposcd
our new minister ma) be, he Is surrounded
b) man) obstacles and barriers which aro
forming, as It were, a great Chlneso wall
or a storm) ocean, which ho must overleap
or cross sttcccssf nil) ever) tlmo ho Ins to
communicate with tho authorities This
f;not ol stritctlou Iu tho wav ot our minister
s the present dragoman of tho legislation
As It Is probabl) well known, ever) dlplo
matlc represent itlv o In this i astern countrv
emplo)s n dragotu in, or Interpreter, who I
expected to assist his chief, the ambissador
or minister, In his lutercourso with the au
thorities, serving tuner as translator or
transactor of routine business or as n guide
mid source of Information Iu man) political
and administrate e questions.
Tho United Males legation, follow Inc
this rule, had, for mail) )ears past, and
almost cur since Its establishment In this
couutr), n vcr) competent nnd well quail
fled Interpreter, the lito Mr John P. Brown,
au Amerlian citizen and n renowned lin
guist, hl,hl) appreciated for his profound
knowledge of the Turkish and Arabic lan
guages, mid most thoroughl) posted lu
eastern affairs lu general Ho occupied tho
position of dragoman ot the United States
legation at Constantinople for more than
forty vcars, and In addition to this most
peculiarly dellcato position ho acted,
during several long Intervals, as secro
torj ot legation, charge d'utTalrcs, and
consul general, performing nlnajs the
duties of his post to tho greatest satisfac
tion of tho government, as tho archives ot
tho United States diplomatic and consular
sen lco show. Ho wasngcutlcmiii of hi -h
character, and was held In great esteem b)
tbo American colon) here, as well as by the
Turkish government aud officials. But ho
died suddcul), nud his death was and Is to
this moment a treat and Irreparable loss to
tho United States foreign representation in
this couutr), as his post is, so to sa),
vacant or, worst of all, is filled bynn en
tirely unqualified uud most Incompetent
and Inadequate person.
I had the misfortune to witness his sad
death, which occurred Itl tho c irly part of
tho v ear 1872. Mr. Gcorgo Bokcr, tho then
minister of tho United btatcs here, was ter
rlblv shaken by the fatal event, and I beard
him say that Ids bauds were both tied, and
that ho could do nothing, having lost his
onl) adviser uud friend 1 spoko with Mr.
Bokcr nt the time, nv owing that tbo Ameri
can legation lit Constantinople had real I)
lost Its onl) man, and knowing then an
American citizen, tlio lito Dr. Strop) an, u
native of this countrv, who bad completed
his education iu tho United States, uud was
well informed about the affairs of the cast,
I recommended him to Mr, Baker as the
proper person to fill temporarllv, until ap
proved, the vncatic) created by Mr. Brown's
Unfortunately another man, accused by
bis own consulate of something ot Import
ance, a person who had uo knowledge
whatever of any language, and who had
taken rcfugo near his urother lu tho Ameri
can consulato general here, succeeded bj
various maneuvers, In which female and
Jesuitic tutcrfereueo was not missing, to
obtain tlio position of dragonmuof tbo lega
tion. F.vcr since our iutcrcsts have been
given given up to fatalism, nud uo ap
pointment In our diplomatic service
w as ever so unbefitting nud Injurious ns tbo
nomination of this very Inefficient and un
qualified person. Born out here, ho has re
ceived no education whatever. Ho was
brought up nmong tho intrigues ot this
orientally governed couutr), uud bo bis
served for somo tlmo ns nu Inferior cm
plovo to somo Turkish ofllclals, learning in
that perfect school ot depravity nil that
wns necessary to mnko him nu employe,
adorned with nil tho peculiarities which aro
tho solo qualifications ot most of tho em
ployes of this couutr), but not nn oillclal
qualified for tho United States diplomatic
Mr. A. A. Garglulo (this Is tho namo ot
tho gentleman In question) was uti Italian
subject, and wns pursued, ns it has becu
nbovo mentioned, liv his own consulato.
Ho took sheltet In the United States con
sulato lu Older to cscapo arrest and Im
prisonment, uud ho vvas saved through tho
intervention ot tho consul general. This
happened at tho time of Mr. Uoodenovv's
Incumbency In the consular olllco. Follow -lug
his favorite pollcv ot Intrigue and high
handed llattiry aud dupllcltv, iio succeeded
lu gaining completo control over the min
ister, Mr. llokcr, through his wlfo plead
ing for him and begglug tbo inter
cession ot Mrs Bokcr Mrs Brown
informed Mrs llokcr at tho tlmo that
It would bu utterly unbecoming to tho
dignity ot our government to employ
n person who cujojed such a reputa
tion In tbo post ot dragoman ot tho United
States legation. Mr. Bokcr, however,
owing to tho absolute ucccsslt) of filling the
v acunt post, which ncccssltv was becoming
dally most imperious owing to accumula
tion of business, aud tho philanthropic but
mostunhapp) Intervention of Mrs. Bokcr,
who was touched bv tbo assurances of suc
cess and lamentations of Mrs Garglulo,
consummated thu work of appointing
Garglulo to tho position ot dragoman
Tills appointment created general aston
ishment aud dissatisfaction, as thu charac
ter ot tbo man vvas nud Is still considered
qulto interior to tbo rank ho vvas railed to
occup). Tho American colon) would not,
of course, Interfere vv ith tho action ot tho
minister, not wishing to Increaso Ids ill 111
cultles, nud tho event vvns witnessed tacitly
but with discontent nud disappointment
This nomination seems qulto a imth, nud
Is amazing to any ono who undertakes to
studv tho two melt, tho gnat character, tho
capabtllt), tho hontstv, uud sterling patriot
ism of tbo lato Incumbent, and on the other
baud the absence of nu) character, tho lu
efllclcnc), nud Intriguing designs of tbo
now appointee' But nti)thlugcan bo ac
complished In this couutr), where all Is
conducted by cabal aud false pretenses
Pursuing mv business quletl), nnd not re
quiring tho oillclal action ot thu legation,
1 vvas not concerned In this affair Grad
uall) tbo man began to phv) his part with
apparent success, and was ablo to iuilueuco
the minister and hcinhlui under his control.
using his long experienced tutrlguo ami
Ilattirv with ctraonlluar) h)pocrlsv and
dupllcltv After tho departure of Mr
llokcr no biiececded lu poisoning the
mind ot bis successor, Mr Horace Majnard,
uuriug vvnoso incuinncucy in oiuco no gov
erned tho legation at will Of course this
control and lullueneo cxtrclseil over tho
United States' ministers was very detri
mental aud prejudicial to tho Interests ot
our government Mr Garglulo having
served the Turkish ofllclals as a subaltern,
he was always partial, and tho action he took
Iu tbo discussion gf tUe luUuulliatlou treaty
during Mr. Uokor's Incumbency Is vtry
mysterious ami perfidious.
But tho most shameful and dlsgrtclng
part which he plajed Is bis conduct during
the tlmo of Consul General Goolcnow,
whom bo led nstrny and expose 1 to tha
scotn of Ibo police authorities of this city.
It Is, I think, improper to relnto hero all
Ilia satanlc nml very debased work of this
Mr. Garglulo, but I am ready to rclato tho
farts In detail and speak out tho truth,
however bitter It be, wlicnovcr called upon
There Is no question whatever lu wblcli
our Interests havo not suffered by tho pres
ence III our legation hero and tbo poisonous
liillucnccof this man, as helsnlivajsdouble
minded and acts with duplicity and ngdnst
tho Interests ot the American citizens. I
can mention several Important affairs In
which his action vvas traitorous, leading
astray both our diplomatic nml con
sular olbeers I limit myself, however,
for tho present to warning all concerned,
aud particular) our government, In regard
to this great question I menu tho protec
tion of American citizens, especially thoso
naturalized I uui convinced that his
double dealing Is to tho highest degrco
prejudicial to American Interests, as he
does not hesltato to conjilvo with our an
tagonists In order to satisfy his plotting
Inclinations and asuro lo himself tlio posi
tion which he so unworthily holds owing
to tho silence of thoso Interested,
1 had him say once to me In presence ot
others at a levee at tho United states min
ister's, " ou Aiuci leans are all a crazy set."
I stared nt him, nnd would havo given him
n good lesson which his audacious sbamo
lessticss deserved had not mypicscncoln
tbo United Stoics legation prevented mo
from doing an) thing that would cxposo tho
honor of mv country nnd tha dlgulty of its
Ills object, aslt can easily bounderstood,
Is to diminish to tho smallest diameter pos
sible tho clrclcof the Inllucnco of our lega
tion, In order to transform tho ofllco ha oc
cupies Into a sinecure, allowing himself all
tbo tlmo and case lo look after
bis own affairs and draw only his
salary From what he said to mo
and to others, and tho manner In which
he has treated me, shows evidently that bo
has no )tnpatby whatever for our nation,
and his aim and solo purpose In holding
ino posmou in ino legation u jus Dccuniary
T he question of tho protection fit the per
sons and Interests of American citizens de
serves tho greatest attention ou the part of
our government, and should this man bo
allowed to play tho part which ho has done
until now there Is not tbo slightest doubt
but that our most vital Interests will bo be
trayed, nnd that our citizens wilt be thrown
Into the streets devoid of any protection or
support, a pre) to their former despots or
Tlmo Is pressing, nnd very prompt and
energetic measures must bo adopted by
those who nro Interested, In onler to pre
vent tbo long meditated catastrophe of for
saking our citizens' Interests In this corner
of the world
Tho onl) possible remedy In this Instance
would seem to be a thorough Inquiry Into
tho antecedents aud i ouduct of this gentle
man, as an examination of Ids arts would
bo followed by u completo knowledge by
the Department of State ot all the facts,
aud ot his traitorous behavior, and would
consequently nccessltato his immediate re
mnv il from tho United States legation
But It Is to be feared that this might not
havo tbo desired result, nud that much pre
cious tlmo would clapso beforo It would bo
thorough!) attended to Therefore, under
the present circumstances, only his itnmo
dlato removal from the official position
which he fills can bo nn efficacious and
salutary means for purifying tho Augean
stable Into which this person lias trans
formed tho olllco of tho dragoman of tho
United btatcs legation
It can most sincerely and honestly bo
stated that uo American citizen who has
nu) scuso of patriotism and Is Inspired with
feelings of hearty sympathy for the gen
eral Interest of his country and country
men, ami who is not blinded by his personal
Interests, can help speaking out the truth
frankly nud with tho onl) object ot
upholding bis Iwlovcd couutr) 's Interests.
Tho past conduct of this man Biircly bears
tcetlmonv to his future action, and naturally
proves w hat bo can do lu tlmo to come If bo
is left to occup) tbo position which bo now
I havo dwelt In tho nbovo more on gen
eralities, nsl reserve myself to stato In my
futuro correspondence special nnd detnlled
facts and particulars, If necessary, accom
panying them with such cvldcnco and
re.'crcnce as will bo satisfactory With
regard to tho long, but generally
disapproved services of the hero of tbfs
truo talc, It cau Justly be said that no
better opportunity has ever presented
Itself tor speaking out tbo truth with
almost an assured chanco of effi
cient result and success as tho present
occasion of civil service reform, and of tha
oasis met with, after this great desert of tho
past, lu tlio most esteemed aud valuablo
columns of the welcome and most happily
Inaugurated foreign and cousular edition of
Ho Hue-sued Hod right.
New York Sun J
Politeness was born lu him, and ho
couldn't help It. IIo drifted Into n promi
nent town lu tbo south soon after John
ston's surrender, aud before au)bod)' tem
per had cooled down Ho was after cotton,
and he let the fact bo known. Ho vvas from
Connecticut, aud ho did not try to conceal
it. Ho hadn't been in tho town two hours
beforo au "unrcgcncratcd" pulled his noso,
"Ah jes I" said tho man from Connecti
cut. "Was that accidental J"
"No, sir! No, sir I" was tbo fierce re
joinder. "Did It n purpose, eh J"
"Of course 1 did I"
"Well, I shouldn't a thought It of you I
I'll pass It ovcrns ucusoot temporary In
sanlt)." An hour later, as bo sat In tbo hotel, n
flrc-catcr nppronched htm nnd spit on bis
boots and stood nnd glared at him.
"You must hav o n w obblo to your tongtio
If you can't spit stralghtci thau that," said
tho mau from Connecticut.
"I meant so, sir meant so 1"
"Wanted to get mo mad, cht"
"Yes, sir I Yes, sir 1"
"You shouldn't do so. When I'm roused
I'm a hard man to handle I'll excuso this
on tho grounds that) ou don't know me."
In the afternoon ho vvas given a hint that
he had better leavo town at once, and when
he demurred a law vcr sent htm a challenge.
"What's It furr" asked tho Yankee aslio
read tho missive.
"You Insulted him, and ho demands satis
faction," explained the messenger,
"Can't I urgy the case with him S"
"No sir"'
"S'p'oso'n I give him $." to settler"
"Do wants to ilirht you, sir. And )0ti
must either light or hew Ul horsewhip vou."
"Warm mo tip with a rawhide, eh ?"
"Ho will"'
"Shoo I but w ho'd a thought It I Say, I'll
"Sir I You likewise Insult mo I"
"Do, ch I I swan I didn't mean to I
Then l'vo got to light J"
"You havo I"
"Mn) get killed, or kill tho other feller "
"Well, I'm klndor sorry. I nover had
but ono fight In my llfo, and theu I got
licked, I dou't vv nnt to bo hurt, and I don't
vv nut to Injure an) body else, ami "
"You'll wait to bo horsewhipped 1"
"I raythcr guess not. I guess I'll fight.
I'll chooso rllles nt twenty paces, and you
kin pick out ) our ow u groutid, Jlst let ma
know when It's to como oft, and I'll try and
It enmo off noxt morning, IIo vvas thar
Thoy offered him nu opportunity to
apologize, but ho wouldn't touch It. Ho
stood up as stiff as a now barn door and
bored a bullet through his mau's shoulder,
and came off without n scratch himself.
"Belu' as I'm out hero now, and beln' as
sonicboel) elsomay want to hossnhlp mo
to morrcr, wouldn't this bo a good tlmo fur
blm to show up aud save tlmo t" he asked
as he leaned on bis rlllo aud looked arouuel
No ono showed up Tlio Yankeo liked
tho town, nud sent for his family. Tho
peoplo liked the Ynukee, nud mado blm
postmaster, and ho stuck there uutll tho
years niro
ItSiivt'H Ilxpense.
London Truth
Of courso no well known pcrsonngo
could In these days travel Incognito lu tho
literal sense, but when It Is Intimated that
tho l'rlnco ot Wales describes himself dur
ing n tour as Baron Houfrew or Earl of
Chester, It Is at onco understood that ho
desires to dispense with all tho receptions,
escorts, attendances, nnd other formalities
which ho would bo obliged to undergo It
be travelled as a royal personage.

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