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XO. 40.
Weekly Citizen.
io 3 14 Congress street.
Pubtisbf-a aad tranrif tor.
it fiirt inwftwra
. S (11
. i.c
1 K
VT-rn a county is selecting a District
itt.mfv t should operate on the same
n;iC ,pie that a private individual doei.
i p r.vate individual doe not cboBe a
jec od or third ratelawjer when he can
f scare a firot rate one. This ia precisely
.i situation in Piraa oounty in this
, vt " The Republican convention
';.jj'SCid ,n nomination a man who
s .knowledged to be the peer as a
uasrior and an advo." . e of any lawyer
the I erritory, or Ob the coast for that
filter, for the ofliee of District Attor;
. , r He is & men who has a reputation
,,t!!ihed by tears of successful prac-
a-id his ability and integrity are
T!u aly point which the Democratic
, ..in,ti,,.Star,attempt8tomake ngainst
iig.- Suiith is that he has been em-
i ed I' the railroad company. It is
, .t' .r.ablc whether thisisan objection.
;:, Smith is employed by the rail-
r.,ii.uipauyf.irthe very reason that
1 .uii i aoty should employ him as Dis-
t: 't Attorney, liecause he is an able and
kkjlieJ lawyer. They would not employ
; .c :( he was a poor one. The railroad
-.iso aiTe likely to be involved in liti-
gst-.on with the county than is L. Zeck-
tsierf Co, HnJion 4 Co., the First
Nodosal Bank or any other corporation
(1 ng business in the county, and if it is
propo-vd to give the important office of
Ii.stn. t Attorney to a lawyer who has
j clients, a briefless barrister, we will
t are a mighty poor stick. Judge
PiL.t!. understands the duties of the
, ffie i if District Attorney, and like any
, tl-r conscientious lawyer, when the in-
t -efts of tbe county and any other
c ni l.r might have should conflict, the
i ;Ler client would have to look else-
vf-e fur counsel. To urge such objec-
t ins a-s those rained by the Star is to
Vive the interests of the county in
e tree of incompetents. The Citizen
s j.r sed to such a courhe. We believe
. county's entering the list and
tj;ui:gtbe best talent and the great-
. -t amount of ability possible. On this
-ttln-re can be no question between
t .1.', Smith and J. C. Perry. The lat-
is a young lawyer, inexperienced,
-a 1 1 particular claims to' ability or
-!.. arning and wholly unqualified
tb- grave responsibilities of public
c iis'Il r and prosecntor.
TLr-e is nothing that will conflict
i. L Judge Smith's faithful discharge
f tbe daties of the office of District
At! v and for the county to fail to
svai'. itself of his services would be an
act of incomprehensible folly.
Pima county has never been ungrate-
'iL It has heretofore recognized the
rvices of its friends upon every occa-
e n when opportunity offered. To do
:Lerwie would be to merit condemna-
..,2 Hon. J. F. Knapp, ono of the
iiepuhhean nominees for the Council,
. as cla.-ms upon Pima county outside of
is acknowledged ability and fitness for
office, which entitle him to the suf-
i if our jtoplx. Two years ago
M' Knapp represented Yuma county
n tie Assembly, and was the presiding
T 'OT of that body.
It is no disparagement of the services
if ttnTs to say that upon every occa-
si' ii Mr. Knapp acted and voted in the
iittn-ft of Pima county. He was al¬
ways our faithful friend.
Hi- is now a resident of Pima county,
and has been nominated for the Council.
He is a oung man of ability, acquaint
ed with affairs aud possessed of valuable
li-gishttive experience. In the Council
he wouij take a position of influence,
and Ins services would be of the greatest
value to the county. Were there no
considerations of gratitude for past
serv.csit wnld still bo for the best
iuterst of the county to elect Mr.
Ihe Ti itnbiitone P.epublican is evident¬
ly de tcrmined to make Tevis writo anoth¬
er si.-ch by publishing m advance ex-
t-a?t'rum theoaehe has already writ-
t- - I-vis was aver here in Tucson several
s.r and frequented the Star office.
Vf in inclined to the opinion that
htTet -vrote that celebrated speech
is iet to be delivered in Tomb-
If he is really the author, we
..-. lUte Tombstone, for Barret is
!i,. writer, and if Tevis only adds the
iiiarj part to Barrot's produc-
' -i!! i- a rare treat. In tact we
' mil have to go over and hear
i jiu'uliKbed extracts like the
1 .-, a inch the stenographic re-
: ic Republican furnishes, are
' By some people I am called
;.ms; by others, Captain Tevis;
. Tim Tevis; and again by others,
n, of Teviston." How, after
-' ' to such eloquence as that
' ,i'p people of Cochise oounty can
rp I'evis at home as a rare
' iri.fitv, we cannot imugine.
Great things were nmlicted nf tlm
return of General Crook to this Territo-
; ry. The way he has taken hold of mat-
I tern and the practical directions he ha
, given indicate that these prediction
are coming true. Thore is about the
I orders issued by the now commnndant
of this department a consciousness of
power to cope with the difficulties.
This cannot fail to impress the Ravages
who have not forgotten General Crook's
past record iu this Territory. We have
not the pleasure of a personal acquaint¬
ance with General Crook, but the steps
he has taken commend him to the con¬
fidence of all citizens of Arizona who
are interested in tho vast mineral, agri¬
cultural and grazing interests of the
Territory. We know from past expe
rience that fear of punishment rather
than hope of reward inspires the savago
breast, and General Crook evidently un
deritands the character of the Indiana
he is dealing with.
When the Indian outbreak occurred
a little more than a year ago, the Alia
California, which usually takes a very
correct view of Arizona affairs, ex¬
pressed the opinion that General Will-
cox was not competent to cope with the
situation. We reproduce from the same
paper the followirg comments upon
General Crook:
Tho great common sence embodied
in General Crook' directions for the
care and training of the Indians must
commend itself to every one who yester¬
day read the plan he has mapped out for
governing and protecting the redskins.
The Indian scouts are to be employed as
a temporary police force and to perform
as well as to inspect the various indns
tries demanded of the IuUiaui by the
Department If any one can civilize an
Indian General Cr ck is the man; for he
is paying considerable attentiou to the
peculations of the Agents and their
treatment of tho Indians on their sever¬
al reservations. General Crook under¬
stands perfectly that tbe terms "Indian
Agent" and "petty larcenisf are some¬
times synonymous, and he does not
desire to see the Apnche and theUte die
out in the dirt of igL ranee while there
is a chnce of reclaiming them and mak-
theni industrious.
The commanding officers are to show
the Indians the advantage of civilized
government bs contrasted with their
own barbaric customs. There is a heap
of sense in General Crook, and we must
all hope that his Indian policy may be
ancceisful. lie has seen them killed by
the hundred and carried his life in his
hand for months together. His long
experience seems to have convinced
him that they are to be treated as being
in ignorance, and it is our duty, as a
people, to try and elevate them.
Of course this will maktt the Iudian
nng very sick, at which every honest
American will rejoice exceedingly. The
Agent who has been robbing the In¬
dians nnd cultivating their natural
lazinest; who has given them cin and
robbed them of their blankets, is not
very likely to admire General Grook's
mode of procedure. That officer tells
us that after a thorough and exhaustive
examination of the Reservations, ho
finds a perfect, we may add, a rational
distrcst of the whites. America has
been cursed by a great many evil cor¬
porations; no national man would de¬
fend Boti Tweed, the Star-route people
or hundreds of other hotbeds of
crime, but all of the rings that
ever circled round this great country
tha Indian ring is J probobly the
vilest General Crook is try ing to break
it up. If he succeeds he will have dona
as much good as the "Father of his
Country" did.
Ths Republican nominee forjudge of
Probate is no stranger in this Territory
He hn been a resident of Arizona for
tho past six years and the respect in
which he is held where he has reiided
tells the character of the man. He is a
lawyer of ability and experience and in
the ofEce of Probate Judge would dis¬
charge its duties faithfully nnd honestly.
It is important at this time that Mr.
Aram should be elected on account of
his superior legal ability. It is highly
probable that the coming legislature
will be cilled upon to enlarg the pow¬
ers of Probate Judges and give them
jurisdiction in minor civil casep, misde¬
meanors and the lesser crimes to, as to
relieve the Diatrict Court of less impor¬
tant litigation and mako it poaiible for
the District Judge to clear up the
calender at each term of Court.
As it is now the criminal cases occupy
the attention of the court to the exclu¬
sion of important civil cats. This
works great hardships to litigants, and
in many cases results in virtual denial
of justice and confiscation. This svil
should be remedied, and if the Legis-
latura affords the only remedy in its
powsr, it is important that the office
of Probate Judge, upon which new and
important duties will devolve, should be
filled by men competent to discharge
However pleasant a gentleman and
honest a man Judgs Wood, the Demo¬
cratic nominee, may be, he is neither
fitted by experience or education for
these new responsibilities.
Mr. Aram, on the other hand, is not
only capable of discharging tbe present
duties of tha office, but any addition¬
al that it may become necesfary to
place upon it Under tho circumstances
'he wlie course in tbe interest of publio
business is to elect Mr. Aram.
Ex- irnsoK Sai-fokd and wife
the citv from theEast Sunday
' lio. Saflord's return to Tucson
T- i return to a host of friends.
-1 :!: it decrease as the years roll
- r.ither increase. His adniin-
"i- : &f the affairs of this Territory
r . i -ct.-rized by rare ability and
' ; ir.t, nnd his personal and busi-
"3 ..tiM'.s with our people have been
- increase the respect had for
hi rflinent Governor. Ha still
.' i -! interest in the affairs of
' r, and regards this as his
!'- i.o-ii engagements have kept
V ' York, Washington and
.rig the summer. It is to bo
he may again take up his
:.' aUide hre.
i;rv Morgan has issued a circu-
W. B. Horton, the Demo-
;Mate for Superintendent of
' -action, with deliberate and
' vary in the Total Wreck min-
' ' ; : ! J backs his statement with
i ' documents. The circnlar i a
-' and unless the statements
' ' ' made can be disproved by Hor-
' clearly prove his unfitness for
; -it: .d of trwt and especially that
s ' -intendent of the educational
' t'.e Territory. Col. Morgan
5 wn here and is expected to
'ct in a few davs.
Hon. S. W. Fibber, the newly appoint¬
ed Collector of Internal Revenuo of
Arizona, arrived in the city Saturday
evening. Mr Fisher has been a very
extensive dealer in grain, flour and feed
during the last decade at Golden, Colo
rado, and has amassed quite a fortune-
He is a personal friend of Secretary.
Teller, and enjoys his confidence. His
affable ways will win him many friends
in Arizona. Mr. Thou. Cordis, the re¬
tiring Collector steps out from tbe offico
with n snlendid record for honesty and
efficiency and his numerous friends here
hope that his rare ability may be recog¬
nized by the government in his ap¬
pointment to some Ulgner poamon.
Tki Ohio election was not such a dis
astroua Republican defeat as the first
reports led us to imagine ana an analysis
of the voto leaves no question that tne
political status of Ohio upon national
issues is still Republican. The Demo¬
cratic majority will exceed 10,000 but
liltle. The figures show that this result
is not so much attributable to a change
as to lack of interest on the part of Re-
tmblicans. There was no actual gain
in the Democratic vote. The apparent
gains were in the large cities like Cin-
: PU.Jn TVoVHn. tc while in
ClUUHIIi wivm. I ,
the rural precincts there was a falling
off. This robs the result of any political
... . . j. -1 t i. r ..i
significance ana aoesnoi iae uuiu uui
of the Bepublican column lor
Tnosr who consider that Judge Wood
is invincible should bear in mind that
he was badly beaten twice when runninf
for tha office of Sheriff.
C. R. DoarE will be re-elected Recor.
derby a handsome majority.
Reports from all sections of the Terri¬
tory indicate that Judge Porter will bo
the next delegate in Congress from this
Territory. His superior fitness for tho
position is conceded even by Democrats,
and he will receive many votes from the
opposite party on that account.
The Judge has breen indefatigable
iu his canvass, has visited all the south¬
ern and middle tier of counties already,
being entlmniiif tically received every¬
where. His addresses have demonstrat¬
ed that he has thoroughly considered
tbe needs of the Territory, and under¬
stands what a delegate u expected to
The Judge's speeches are able and
convincing and show what can be ex¬
pected of him as the representative of
the large and growing interests of the
The people of Arizona are not dis¬
posed to continue the vacancy in tho
office of Delegate by re-electing Hr.
Oury, who confesses his own inability to
crvehis constituency. As a represen¬
tative he has proved a complete failure,
and under the circumstances shows bad
taste in being a candidate for re-election,
It was a fortunate circumstance at
the late fire that the Hanta Cruz Com.
piny had reached the city with their
water. But for that fa;t the fire would
have been much more di.ast.rouH than it
ls. If under the present imperfect
way of using the water so much benefit
was derived, we can expect much great¬
er security to all kinds of property
whan the water works aro comploted
and in full working order with hydrants
aud hose for use in case of fire. R. X.
Leatherwood is entitled to much credit
for the energy and enterprise he dis¬
plays in pushing this work. It is to
such public spirited and eagicious busi¬
ness men that Tucson will owe its fu¬
ture importance.
Hos. J. F. Ksapp will receive a large
Democratic bupport in his canvars for
the council in recoguiton of his past
valuable services to Pima county. Mr.
Knapp's abilty and fitness are also rec¬
ognized, and it is men of skill and ex¬
perience that Pima county wants iu
tbe coming Legislature to see that our
interests are not slighted. No batter
man can be found in the county to
look after our interests iu the council.
That he will be elected there can be no
doubt Ho will get the solid Republi¬
can vote aud the support of many Dem¬
ocrats who consider local interests as
Judge Smith's superior fitness for the
positioi of District Attorney is so ap¬
parent that he will be elecled by an
overwhelming majority. The Judge is
not only an able lawyer and a safe coun¬
sellor in whose hands the county's cases,
whether criminal or civil, will be safe,
but ho is a polished orator and a gentle¬
man of commanding address who as the
official representative of Pima county
will do us honor.
The Yuma Sentinel, commenting up¬
on the prison investigation, thus alludes
to the course pursued by the Governor
in relation thereto: "The action of Gov¬
ernor Tritle in this matter has called
forth the highest praise. Called upon
aa he was to perform certain duties he
found himself with those duties plainly
prescribed, vet without any method or
machinery provided. He has labored
faithfully in the investigation, and has
impressed all who came in contact with
him as a man of rare, judgment
and executive ability."
We are pleased to learn that Governor
Tritle has appointed Hon. J. W. Davis,
Probato Judge in Pinal county to fill
the vacancy occasioned by the removal
of Judge Wrattin. This appointment
was made wholly without solicitation on
the part of the appointee and we are
satisfied that it will be heartily approved
by tbe citizens of Pinal county where the
new judge's integrity and worth are
universally recognized. Tho Citizen
tenders its congratulations to the new
Jcdoe Hooves has authorized us to
denv the statement publiBhfd in tbe
Star and extensively circulated by the
Democratic press of the Territory to
the effect that he was opposed to the
election of Judge Portar as delegat in
Congress. Tho statement was wholly
unauthorized and untrue. The Judge
does cot consider taking an active part
in politics as consistent with his posi¬
tion iu the bench.
Hughes of the Star thinks that the
tramps originated when the Demeerats
were turned out of office in low). Ihey
went onto the road rather than work
for a living. Well, we will odmit that
tramps, as well as other dangerous
elements, are principally made up of
Democrats and we are glad that tho
proprietor of our Democratic contem-
pory agree with us as to this fact.
TnE Star has undertaken tho hercu
lean t3sk of convincing the people of
Pima county that they do not vant for
the office of District Attorney a man
whom auv private corporation would
employ. That principle would bar every
able lawyer and givn the county only
tbe refute. We propose that Pima
county take the first pick.
We have an-cditionof Porter's speech
delivered in this city, in pamphlet form
which we ask all intelligent meu to read,
if thev did not hear it, and compare it
with the weak effort of Delegate Oury
last night. No intelligent man will fail
to acknowledge tho superior qualifies
tions of Judge Porter.
The Star's attacks on Judge Smith
are nowerleas to hurt him or his chances
for election. The people propose to
have as competent a lawyer aa any oi
the parties with whom they may have
litigation. They know Judge Smith is
much the ablest lawyer and they will
elect him by a handsome majority.
It is stated that Bowen has not yet
seen fit to put in an appearance at
Washington. He is waiting to see how
Brewster Cameron gets through.
Jcdoe Meter is undoubtedly tha
most efficient Justice Tucson has over
bad, anil there is no question but he will
be retained in that position as long as
he desires it
Shaw is a good fellow but no man
for Sheriff when the county can get
As Leopoldo Corrillo stated that it
would bo impossible for him to mako
the canvase for the Assembly and de¬
sired to bo dropped from tbe ticket, tho
county central committee very wisely
decided to substitute the name of E. B.
Gifford of this city.
Mr. Gifford waH a member of the last
legislature and one of tbe most service¬
able members the county had. He is
also one of the most popular men iu the
county and his acceptance of the nomi¬
nation strengthens the whole ticket
There is no doubt of Mr. Gifford'a elec¬
tion ond with his past experience and
his acquaintance gained during the past
session ho will bo one of the most in¬
fluential members nt the Assembly.
Gov. Tritle's Visit to the Total Wreck
And OtfarrHlora Im the DUIrlrl.
Delegate Ouby gives the maximum
promise and the minimum fulfillment!
TnE Domocratic ghouls as nsnal, last
night dragged General Jackson from h:s
peaceful grave. If the defunct father
of Democracy had been there in person
how he would have denounced thi
degeneracy and abandonment of every
original Democratic principle.
The Star to-morrow will publish a
list of the bills introduced in Congress
by Delegate Oury. As he did not suc¬
ceed in getting any of them passed it
allows Delegate Oury in tho light of
the dog who would have caught the rab¬
bitif be hadn't.
Drake had just as well begin to pick
out a soft Hpot to drop on. btar.
The few votes Billy Read will get
will not furnish a very soft place for
Drake's majority to light on but then
Drake can stand it if Read can.
Was the nomination of Wm. S. Read
for Recorder on tho Democratic ticket
the reward promised by W. S. Oury for
his participation in the registration
frauds of two yean ago, which made the
San Simon outrage possible?
The Star evidently did not consider
Onry's speech worth reporting. In
this it agrees with a majority who heard
Mr. Oury.
"Is heaveu'a name, whut more can I
do?" Delegate Oury iu his letter to G.
H. Stevens.
Ocet's speech last night was princi¬
pally occupied with what he didn't do.
Nothing has been heard from Horton
f inco Ben Morgan sat down on him.
Lake Yallet is obtaining a big
reputation in tho newspapers.
Tmc Star, as usual, is making prom¬
ises which it cannot fulfill.
! The Governor and Mrs. Tritlo visited
I the Empire district last week and wero
I the guesta.cf N. 1- Vail, Esq., the man¬
ager of tho Total Wreck mine. They
spent a couple of days in the thriving
littlo'village named from the famous
mine which it surrounds and visited
several of the mines of the district
Yesterday a Citizen reporttr inter¬
viewed tho Governor on the subject of
the visit
Reporter You have just returned
from a short visit to the Empire dis¬
trict What ib your general impression
as to tbe district?
Governor The district in general
madu a favorable impression. A great
deal of work has been done with very
good results. The district shows a
marked imi'tivenieut since a previous
visit made little less than two years
ago. A thriving village has sprung up
and there are everywhere the evidence)
of thrift aud erterprise.
It 'What opinion did you form ofthw
Total Wreck mine?
Governor It is an excellent property.
In fact, it is a better property than I
had been led to expect from the reports
that I had seeu of it. Considerable work
has been done opening the mine to a
depth of I52G feet. The Mpik has been dono
with an eye to economy And convenience
in the handling of the ore. There is a
large amount of ore on the dumps and
nn extraordinary amount exposed in the
mine. The vein is tho must regular of
any that I havo ever seen in tho same
formation. 1'he mill, which is now
about completed, U first class in every
particular, containing all tho latest im¬
provements ana appliances, taken al¬
together I consider the mine, as devel¬
oped, a very valuable property.
It Did you vinit any other proper¬
Governor Yes, I visited the "19" and
the Michigan Boy.
P. How did you find tho "-JO"?
Governor The miae is opened with a
shaft to the depth of about 100 feet with
lateral drifts at the bottom. A large
amount of ore has been exposed. The
present showing warrants the rystemat-
ic opening of the property with a good
prospect of its becoming a big mine.
R Wh,it did you think of the Michi¬
gan Boy mine?
Governor I found work progressing
ou the Michigan Boy. It gives good in¬
dication, of developing into a mine.
The shaft bus reached a depth of fifty
feet nearly perpendicular, at which
point the ore is -going off at such a pitch
into the hill as to mako it necessary to
change the course of the shaft to an
angle of about Jifty-fivo degrt'es. The
prospect is a very promising one, and if
further development shows what that
already done promises, the property will
prove a valuable one.
A. 0. V. W.
Poeteh will bo tho next Delegate
from Arizona.
Ouky's defeat in assured.
A Prnallon Ithlch la Ilndl) Spoiled liy itir
!ollil Trulli.
The Denver Republican of tbe 15th
instant publisbeH u sensational report
of what it calU a "strange compact," in
which an Arizona murderer figure- as
the owner of 3,000 head of cattle which
can be purchased for $10,000 at the
murderer wants to fly to Europe, etc
The story as told by tho Republican im¬
plicates Mr. S. W. Fisher, the newly
appointed Collector of Internal Reve¬
nues for Arizona, as possessing knowl¬
edge of the murderer and his property
which is said to be near Inchon, ana
with a desire to purchase the cattlo and
shield the offender.
A reurescptative of tho Citizen- this
morning called upon Mr. Fisher at his
allies ou Convent street, and handed
him a copy of the paper containing the
sunsational article releirea to, with u
request that he carefully read tho state¬
ments thorein made. Mr. Fisher did so.
and at its conclusion could not restrain
a fit of hearty laughter. He then de¬
tailed everything ho knew concerning
the transaction, which was simply ana
briefly ns follows:
Last iuursaav morning no leu nis
home in Golden, Colorado, and went to
Denver to take passage the same day
for Arizona. Mr. T. h. Bellam, his chief
clerk, was to follow by train with tho
baggage of tho party, consisting-of one
trnnk each for Messrs. Fisher, Bellani
and Thos. Covey, a resident of Golden,
who had closed out his bnsiness ana
was intending to accompany Mr. Fisher
to Arizona and look at tho country with
a view to engage in business. These
trunks were duly checked at Denver for
Tncson, and Mr. Covey, who had pre¬
ceded the party to Colorado Springs to
visit friends, hoarded the train at that
place and came ttirougu to tuis city.
While in Denvor Mr. Fisher was at the
livery stable of Mr. Frank Hunter, and
was introduced to George W. Stone,
a stranger to him. As Mr. Fish¬
er was about to leavo the of¬
fice. Stone 'asked him to step aside,
and said that if he was going to Tucson
he was just the man he wanted
to see: that a man near Tucson, owning
3G00 head of cattle, had Rhot one man
and wounded him, fStone), and that tho
cattle could be bought cheap by Stone,
as tho owner did not want Stouo to ap¬
pear against him. Mr. Fi9her replied
that ho was not buying cattle, and Mr.
Stone then said that he had nearly the
amount of ready money required and
would obtain tho balance soon at Fort
Collins, and ho wanted to arrange with
Mr. Fisher to receive the cattle nnd
care for them. Mr. Fishor then replied
that he would be too busy to give any
time to such a proposition, but that n
young man was going to Arizona with
him who had no special bnsiness at
present and might be of service to him.
Stone then asked if he was sure this
vnnni? man would go to Tucson, and
Mr. Fisher replied that he wap, for he
"had his trunk with him.
This was all the conversation belweeu
Mr. Fisher and Stone, and Mr. Fisher
has not heard from him since, as he left
Denver two hours afterwards.
The conversation attributed to havo
occurred on the cars never took place.
One of tho Cra2is staff was in
tho same car with Mr. Fisher
from Denver to Tucson and noticed
that from Dtnver to Colorado Springs
Mr. Fisher occupied the seat of the
chief clerk, Mr. Bellam, and from
Colorado Springs to Pueblo, he sat a
Dortion of the time with a rauroaa man
named T. M. Smith, whose conversation
with Mr. Fisher was distinctly heard by
the representative of this paper, who
knows that such conversation never
neenrred as stated m the Kepublican,
In fact the sensation was made from
the thinnest warp of truth into which
the Republican reporer has woven the
moetaounuant wooi oi imiKiuauuu.
In order to facilitate the iaiue of the
new gold certificates, Acting Secretory
of the Treasury New has given orders
for printing certificates ot tue donom
inations of $20, S50, and J100, with en
craved signatures like legal tender
Thn.A will ha ntvled "Danirt
ment Series," and will be issued from
the Treasury at Washington. All
lii.li., ,lnnnminatincR nf these certifi
.pto. will he issued as at nresent bear.
ing the signature of the Assistant
Treasurer in New York, and will be is¬
sued from the sab-treasury mere.
Tbe North German Lloyd steamer
Tranklin burned yesterday while at
anohor in the harbor of Bremer Haven.
'urination oTa lirand Ledge far Colarado,
Xcm Mrxleo and ArWoua.
The wonderful growth of this bencfi-
cient Order hat id within tho post ton
years to the establishment of Grand
Lodges in nearly every State wherein
a sufficient number of brethren resided.
The latest Territory to opply for such
distinction were the State of Colorado,
and the territories of New Mexico
and Arizona which were set apart for a
Grand Lodge jurii':ction by the Su¬
preme Lodge at their annual meeting
last June.
At the call issued by the Supreme
Master Workman, each lodge in the
three districts named, were empowered
to select three representatives from
among its i'aat .Master W nrkmeti, to pro¬
ceed to Denver, Colorado, and on Octo¬
ber 10th orgauze the Grand Lodge for
business. Of tne tnree lodges in Arizona,
but two wero represented at Denver-
Arizona, No. 1, ot Tucson, and Silver
Wreath, No. 'A of Globe. But two of
the four lodges in Now Mexico wero rep-
cented, one at AlbuquorqHc and one at
Las egas. Seven Colorado lodges
esnt delegates and but cloven out of the
rixteeu lodges in the jurisdiction were
On Tuesday, October 10th, the dele¬
gates met in a parlor ot the Windsor
Hotel, in Denver, nnd after handinn
their credentials to theinstitutingolficer,
Deputy Supreme Mantr Workman, J.
H. Lenbart.of Meadville. Pa., they ad¬
journed to the hall of Colorado Lodge,
o. wbero tue Ueputy at once pro¬
ceeded to organize, the body, assisted by
Dr. A. is. ttobbius, of Denver.
After tbe roll was properly called, the
Past Master's degree was conferred up¬
on the delegates, followed by the election
of officers to serve until the next session
of the Grand Lodge. The result of the
several ballots were as follows:
Past Grand Muster Workman, Geo.
W Brown, ot Tucson, Arizona.
Grand Master Workman, John W.
Day, of Boulder, Colorado.
Grand Foreman, G. Cunningham, of
Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Gratid Overseer, Fred Bandholt, of
Canyon City, Colorado.
Grand Recorder, N. T. Boyd, of Long-
inont, Colo.
Grand Receiver, David Kline, of Den¬
Grand Guide, J. S. Chambers, of
Lewisvilie, Colo.
Grand Watchman, Douglas Skinner
of Globe, Arizona.
Grand Trustees, J. C. Sbattuck, of
Denver; J.E. Bunmi-, of Boulder; E.
Medler, of Albuquerque.
Tho officers were duly in. tailed and at
once began tho business of the session.
Committees wero appointed and, pond
ing their reports, the Grand Lodge ad¬
journed until the next day.
On Wednesday evening the report ol
the committee on constitution and by¬
laws was taken up and adopted by
sections with occasional amendments.
It is almost an exact copy of the Penn¬
sylvania Grand Lodge Constitution,
and looks to the protection and encour¬
agement of the Order.
The following persons were elected as
representatives to the Supreme Lodge,
which meets in Buffalo, New York, next
June: Geo. W. Brown, of Tucson; A. I!
Robbing and Louis Anfeufier, of Den¬
Tho Grand Master appointed tho
standing committees; the secret work
of the Order was exemplified; matters
pertaining to tho rood of the Order
were discussed, and at three o'clock on
Thursday morning, October I3tb, the
first session of the Grand Lodge of
Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona,
closod, to meet in Las Vegas, New Mex¬
ico, on the second Tuesday in October,
1S34, and biennially hereafter.
On the afternoon of October lltb, th
delegates were tendered a carriage ride
about the city of Denver and all ot tho
many interesting sights were pointed
out The Denver brethren did every¬
thing possible to renuer me visit pleas¬
urable to those from abroad, and suc¬
ceeded in every particular.
Befjre adjournment measures wero
taken to extend the useful work¬
ings of the Order into many hitherto
neglected places, and deputies will
shortly be appointed to act for tho
Grand Master in such localities sb are
to far distant and isolated for hi" per¬
sonal attention. The Grand Master
will also appoint Dr. A. B. Robbing, ot
Denver, Grand Medical Examiner for
the current term. Dr. Bobbins is one ot
the first raembers of the Order, and un¬
til quite recently belonged to the first
lodge ever organized.
Henry George arrived in New York by
the steamer Helvetia yeterday. He
will be dined by the Central Labor
Union Bad will make New York his
Territorial Cribblnys.
i Pickpockets and sneak thieves are in
1 resting Prcsciitt.
! if S ifoodv. of .Moody and Sankey
has been visiting Pinal.
Mrs. Ivy H. Cox, of Phenii.TiaH gone
on a visit to La Grange, Texas.
The ball at Silver King on last Tues¬
day night was a financial succss.
C A. Franklin of the St John's Pio¬
neer, is visiting in Albifquerqne.
The total registration of Maricopa
county is less than nino hundred.
The Arizoni Gazette announces its
intention oftakingfuel for subscription.
The Dosoris and Blue Dick mines aro
reported to be employing a good many
Tho Yavapai register will, it is said,
contain lietweeu threu and four thou¬
sand names.
W. Z. Hazeltine, caihier of the Bank
of Arizona at Prescott, has gone on a
six week's visit east. '
Henrv GarSas Lra been appointed
Deputy United States Marshal in 'and
for Maricopa countv.
The Democrats ot Phenix propose to
open the coucty campaign sometime
during the present week.
Mineral Part iu Mojavo county is to
have a new paper. It will be published
under tbe direction of Aneon Smith.
In the northern part of the Territory
salt from Mexico can bo purchased
cheaper than the same articlo from Cal¬
.1 JJ
Chas. Lyons was arrested in Prescott now aml briD tnc ,
on last fhursdiyafternoon.or breaking .
into a bonne of ill fame awl abstracting c-v toa te wltIw'lt
a lot of jenelry.
John Elliot who resides near Williams
while holding hifc team during a passing
train, the horses besamo fright ued ofl- ti,t, re,orvation.
KUUCKtM Ullll UJVU. uuu iCil UUUiiU, utv j . , ..1 ,1
I morning.
Sax Fiuxciboo,
Special to the Cmi.
Sas Carlo-? Aoescy, Oct. 10. Gen¬
eral Crook held a very important con¬
ference with four hnndred qf the chiefs
and head roon of tbe Apache at this
post to-day. He made known, in a few
unmistakable terms, the policy to gov¬
ern during the time he should remain
in command of the "department All
Indixns are to be counted daily, and
none allowed away from the reserva¬
tion without papers. The manufacture
of tiswin, the favorite liquor of the
Apaches, ia to lie stopped. Indiana
found off the reservation without passes
are to be treated as hostiles. In con¬
clusion General Crook said that, while
every encouragement and assistance
would be given to Indians willing to be
peaceful and to work for their own
living, no mercy should be shown to
tbtwe who' attempted to go on the war¬
path. If any of the Indians at the
council felt dpoted to break out he
thought it beit for them to break out
question of suprema-
more delay.
Lieut Dodd, Third Cavalry, with a
detachment of Indian scouts, went out
after a small party of Apaches reported
He brought back
Oat 1G. A tailor
locating his lii a.
Vuchi Tom's Cabin U meeting with a
fnrw? run i?i 'tV.mhatoriP.
1 1 . vi l .
The mines up north in the old Hassa-, uamina eirr a . '"H,
yampa distric are said to be looking Sweeden, aed ib, wmm tttHl suicide in
tf-ii i a room in the Avenue House, by bang-
.,".., , . , i ing. Financial tiouble was the cause.
Mr. SiiDlmbury has been appointed The fae was ut.marr.ed.
superintendent of the Boston Smelting '
works. 1 San Fmjirwo, Oct 17.- In the caae
There is a prospect of a big law ault , of the eitv and ftjunty of San Francisco
between the Copper Prince and Copper against the bondsmen of Alex Austin,
Queen at Bmtwe. 1 . to recover upwards
Graham county is threatened with a dec,,ion or the defendaata on the
.unty OreenUeii ticket, a orking-! cromid tUBt iise tmt wa8 f,arrsd by the
en s ticket Mid a Oue-man s ticket . ?,., f ;m;,,m.
hobert Williams
iri.. ti,-mi. tWniH, nn , Sn t RAWiscw. Oct 1 1 . 1 cs te rd.iy
na.iv lf r.,ni in Snn FrnnciM. afternoon Frank Jones, cashier for the
Wm. tl. Sutherland last week aold to
I firm of Kenuey and Dyer, stock brokers,
Reuben Wood, ot ban Carlos, the mail I . ,,,.. hv .i1Iwl.;im..if .hrni,
contract betw n this point and Globe. , tho w a pistoj Thfl deceafl(.j
Tho wife and children of Cicero I was nied 27 years. Domestic trouble
Grimes have gono to California. Grimes j js the attributed cause of the rash deed,
has gone to tha Penitentiary for twentv The deceased was a young man excellent
years. character aud has many warm friends.
Tho Vekol mine continues to im- He locked himself up in the room and
prove and tho owners are making prep-' refused to open it when Hsked. While
orations to increase their own "ship- j friends were outside Frank Jones drew
ments. I n pistol and shot himself. He died in-
Mre. Gabriel, wife of Sheriff Gabriel, "tantly.
nt Pinal, prieented her husband with a , Sj-j." Francisco, Oct. 17. George F.
girl baby on Wednesday
Sharp, ot the firm of Sharp 3c Sharp,
well known attorneys, dropped dead
whilo addressing tho jury in Judge Sul¬
livan's court this morning.
Santa Bakhara. Cal., Oct. 17. A
tine loos in
night last.
Nora, tho young daughter of J. I!.
Collins, of Maxe, fell off an empty hay
wagon and was ruu over last week, bruia-
i t . . . . i .ii
n.g uer leg qmic oauij. mountain fir lat niirht ..went down tlx.
Wm. Douelmy, who murdered Mr. Mission canvon, destroying several
Furrer at Yuma a few days sinue, had dwellings, a nchool house and mnoh mis-
his bxamiinrtmii on Saturday last, and cellaneous propertv. Loss will prob-
waa committed to the tunder mercies of ablv aggregate $10,0IU. Dr. S. B. P.
the grand jury without bail. Kniix, II J. Crulp. A. L. CanCeld and
I-rank Reylaad wlio in conjunction Clark are th heaviest liters. Another
: jury, said: "I do not think it becoming
i to carry the case of the Goveciment
against criminals into the newspapers
in advance. The trial of the miuter is
' in good hands. There ia no fund
i from which any money could be
; drawn for corruption to pay m;:n on be-
, half of tbe Government. There was no
! interest the Attorney General could
have, in the attempt even if anybody
could think him capable. Tbe whole
fabrication bears upon its face the fraud
that has been practiced. My only con-
section and interest in the Star Route
I case is the fulfillment of a public duty
and that I have endeavored honestly to
I carry ont Events to take place here-
' after will explain all that have taken
! place.
Pexsacola, Oct IS. There are new.
J cases. Three physicians nro down with'
the fever.
Br.owy&viixE, Texas; Report came
I from Matamoras yesterday that the
. cholera had made its appearance there.
Dr. MoMann3 says there is none of tbe
I Asiatic type nearer than" Chipea and
I Tabasco. Thero area number of cases
of fever inside the Cordon. No
abatement ot the fever at Campo
and Mier.
Omaha, Nebraska, Oct 17. Last ,
night at Minder, Kearney County,
anenu Jack Wood was shot and in¬
stant) killed by a house thief whom he
was attempting to arrest in the dinnig
hall ot the hotel. The thief and his
three companions then killed two other
i citizens and escaped, hotly pursued.
j New York. Oct ia At the County
' Convention of Tammany nail last night
a union ticket as agreed upon by the
Joint Conference Committees was nom¬
inated. It consists of Franklin Edsou
for mayor, Alex V. Davidson, of Irving
Hall, for sheriff, Patrick II. Keenon, of
the County Democracy, for county
clerk, Richard O. Gorman and George
L.Ingraham. ot lammany. rerdinaud
Hevy and William II. Merk, ot Tamma¬
ny, for coroners. A resolution offered
; by Henry A. Girmbleton accusing May-
j or Grace, although a member of tho
I Democratic State Committee, ot being
' in league with Republicans to bargain
j away votes, and calling upon tho chair-
i man or tbat body to call them together
and expell him as a traitor and spy. It
was unanimously adopted. Irving Hall
' also adopted this ticket.
Kansas City, Oct 18. A correspond¬
ent telegraphs from Emporia, Kansas,
that be is authorized to etato that there
is no truth whatever in the rumor that
Hon. W. G. Glick contemplates re¬
tiring from the candidacy for Governor.
Hon. 11. E. Norton, of Lmpona,
member of the Democratic State Com¬
mittee, says that the committee would
not for money entertain such a proposi¬
Deow.hsviz.le, Oet. 18. A district
quarantine has been established at l'ort
.Bagdad against all vessels arriving trom
Vera Cruz and other placen iufeoted
with cholera. Two deaths from the fever
are reported in Matamoras during the
last twenty -four hours. One death nre.
Pensaoola, Fla., Oct 18. Fifty now
rases of yellow fever and three deaths
The air is oppressive with noindications
of an early change.
with Mr. 1-arley of Phenix, owns a
mine in the White Picacbo district has
been shipping some of the ore to Bennon
for redaction. It netted S700 to the
Sheriff Gibriel of Piual, has directed
that his third reward paid for the
capture of Grimes and Uawlcy, be ex¬
pended in building a fence around
Andy Hall's grave and patting up a
fire during tbe night destroyed the ;
barn ot G. B. Pendola. Lccs,-about
$700. A he.vy north wind prjvailed,,)
j oas Ki.ciscu, wes. in. a i oriianu i
j dispatch says that in tbe United States !
Circuit Court to-day Judge Deadvcalled ;
tho attention of the grand jury to the '
law in regard to political afrii-spmpnte
and instructed the jnrj if any violation
of the law could be found it was their
duty to indict the offenders.
Not to be Deceived. i Sax Fkasi isco, Oct. IS. The Anti-
Four or five of us wero enjoving our j Monopoly City and County Convention
i.-ut nnifi f.irthi. mVht in tho imnliiiii. has endorsed M. C. Blakn for Mayor. H.
room at Crairfnlloch. Wo had had a Bukwedel for Auditor, L. F. Holtz for !
long day's tramp over the moors, and Assessor.
the conversation lay chiefly between, Salt Livkc, Ot. 18. Twenty Mormon
Jack Winstanley and Charley Vane, j Elders left for missionary work in the
these two had been at Oxbridge about Southern States and seventy-five for
the name time, and discovered thu', ' European fields.
though they had never met there, they !
uad lots of friends in common. Of
course they began telling each other
who had gone into tbe church, who in¬
to the civil sorvico, who was dragging
out life in an np-conntry station iu In¬
dia, who had got shot in South Africa,
and who liwl made, u fortune in c dared
"Did you know Merton?" asked Win¬
"I think I have mt '.im. Wasn't he
a St Bridget's man"'
"Yea; a tall, pale fellow, if you re¬
member, with a straw-colored hat and
BBOWssviLLr, Texas, Oct 1G. There
are tvn light ciues of fever at Ft Brown.
Report from dl other places inside the
cordon show healthy condition. The
latest reports from Mier and Camargo
say that the death-rato keeps at 10 to 12
daily. The weather is hot, with strong
tontheafiterly wind.
I'ensacola, Oct 10. There are
C4 new casei of yellow fever, and 3
deaths. The three disabled uhvsicians
a delicate gossamer beard that ho would a.r " J.l'y ?KH'n- 'uta cases to
never shave iff. UHlr lw'i "'""s
"Rather u good familv, eh?" L Taixauasse, Fla., Oct. 16. D. A.
"Daresav. He was a verv decent fel- i McGinuiss, of this oity. Grand Master
iOW, it be wa a little itrdight-Iaced. A
parnon now, of ourse. Did you ever
near ot a visit he once got from ' fine
old English gentleman, all of tho oldon
"Nik Tell us tbe story."
' Well, Mtrton was really a good fel¬
low, but he had bet-n brought up at home
coached i.t the family rectory; you
understand? Ho never gut into scrapes
like tho rest nt iw, and in fact was the
most irreproachable si nl you ever saw.
One term Millbank's eldest sister, a
mature lady of some thirty summers,
came dowj to stay with some friends
near Oxbridge, and the day after her
arrival, wisliing to give her dear Wil¬
liam a purprise, she ran over to see him
early in thu afternoon. Ot course he
got a cup of coffee for her and they
were having a pleasant chat in the sit-
of the Odd Fellows of Florida, issues an ,
appeal to the Odd Fellows ot the United
States for contributions-for the yellow ;
fever suffer- rs of IVnsacola. '
Washington; Oct. 10. The Post to¬
morrow moruiog will publish an inter-'
view with CoL Robert G. Ingersoll en-.
bodying a number of affidavits which he .
i . . t i
uiu&e.i pnuiic lur in? purposeoi suowing
that several jurymen in the late Star
Rontu trial were corruptly approached
by officers ot tbe Department of Justice.
That these eaiplojees regularly report¬
ed their proceedings from day to day
to the Department or come officer there¬
of. The first affidavit given it. one made
by Wm. Ki.ox Brown, one of the jurors,
who avers that he was iiflYrea $2000 to
either vote for conviction or hung jury.
Thomas R. Foote deposes that Fall, a
lawyer who tn.-d to bribe Brown, gave
ting room, when tnc scout comes in ! duponeut to understand that he was em-
with a card, "tdwaru .uanaerlay. ployod by the Uovernment and the cor-
"The genman sends his complimonts, , ruption money offered was furnished by ,
sir, and hopes it will bo convenient for i the Government. James A. Nelson 1
you to see bin rooms. He had these deposed that FhII was a special U. S. I
rooms, lie says, sir, wuen ne was up here l ueiective in the s:aritouto cases, got a
fifty years ago,, and Im has a great fancy
to see them again.'
"'Vary natural, vary natural, I'm
sure. I bhall be deiighted, Thomas.
But, wait a moment, Agath '
"'Will it look did fcr mo to be here,
'Oh, no; but, you sue, if the old gen-
friend appointed as assistant and told .
him to get Brown and Martin, "colored :
jurors," to vote for tho conviction of
Dorsey and Brady by the promise of re¬
ward and William Bl Louis deposed to
the same effect as Nelson. Ingersoll
also nrodneed the affidavit of William
Holmes, one of the jurors, that Fall
tleman sees you here he 11 be tempted interviewed him Heeking information as I
to sit down and talk, and we shall lose to whether any attempt had been made
all the morning. Hcre'n tho scout's to corrupt any of tbt? juror. EdTavlor
Run in and I'll bring you a
I'll get rid of him as soon as I
"The fact is that Morton was so aw¬
fully afraid of ne ni; chaifad that he
wouldn't have had it eoraii to onr ears
on any account that a stranger had found
him entertaining a lady in his rooms.
Agatha was rather stiy, and very glad to
take refugo in the snout's closet
"-Presently in comes Squire Mandelay.
A fine, bluff old fellow, something over
seventy, a little shaky on his pins, red
face, white mutton-chop whiskers, white
bat, check tie you know the style?
" 'Happy to make your acquaintance,
sir. nope i rc nor in your way. ine
in the Department Justice in Star Route
trial desposed t -at Brewster Cameron i
in deponent's presence offered Fall 35,000 '
if he could produce evidence that a ma- .
jority of the jnron, had been bought by
the defense. Fall said Brown, the col-
ored juror "bad hung the jury and that
Nelson had paid him for it and would I
swenr to the f,.ct that the juror Holmes '
was paid. There was a case against de¬
fendants and the jnry would acquit"
that Cameron toldhim that the Attorney j
uenerai warned evidence that the de¬
fence had bribed some of the jurors
which evidence would be used to
proecute the jurors, while it went out
to the world that " the defendants
scnut told yon, perhaps, that I used to ) escaped by briberv, which would be a'-
have these rooms ah! a good fifty-three most as good as conviction. Ingersoll i
vesra niro before vonr father was born. I thinks the doonmnnU nmro nn nttamnl 1
I daresay? Dear me! iiow time hies! by the Department of Justice to cor-
It nil looks like yesterday like yester¬
day. The same old view into the mas¬
ters garden. Yes, the same old view.
The same old pirtnn-o, too; and the old
boy got up and tapped the frames; 'and
I declare! the same eld sofa! Dear me!
"Next, he walked round the room,
stopping at the fireplace. 'Same old
mantelpiece!' Then he got to the door
of the scout's room and turned the
Same old ." He had just opened
the door, when lie ea-.i,rlit the flutter of
a petticoat and suddenly closed it
"'Ahr says he, sha'ting his head,
'same old gamfs! wne old games!
"'Sir" gasp Morton, -n an awfnl fnnk,
sir! that's ay fn-ter' She that ia ."
-" 'WeU, I eeUre! -irao M liel Samo
old lie r 'Whitehall Rjview.
rupt the jurr.
Philadelphia, Oct. 17. A fire oc¬
curred last night in the freight sheds on
pier N". 8. The south wharves, the pier
itself, all freights stored thereon, tha
large togboats Argus and Major to¬
gether with the narrow gauge railroad
freight depot and its contents, were
burned. Three of the crew of the Major
were terribly bnrned and a number of
others serionsly injured by falling
sparks. The rigging of vessels was
burned away, but no serious damage
was done. Losi, S100.000.
Philadelphia, Oct. 17. Attornev
General Brw.o'r, in reference to the
affidavits pnbti-died, charging men in the
emptf y of the Government of attempt¬
ing to bribe members of the Star Routa
London, Oct 17. The Times has.
reason to believe that there are good
prospects ot a friendly understanding
lieing arrived at between France and
England in regard to Egypt
CAino, Oct 17. It is believed in offi¬
cial circles that proof of Arab; 1'aaba i
complicity irt' 'the Jnne Tatfssacm at
Alexandna.wiU not be obtarunlda. It
is claimed that many Arabs were whot
at Araln's orders tor looting.
London, Oct 17. The steamer Pres¬
ton is athore nearBerwick and the cargo
still being thrown overboard. Three
tugs were in attendance yesterday but
nothing could be done towards floating
the vessel. This morning the Preston
remains broad side to the sea in a bad
position. No lighters or boats can gd
London, Oct 18. Tbe German ship
Constantine, Captain Kuehlken came
in collision with steamer City of Ant¬
werp fourteen miles off Eddy Stone, and
both vessels were sunk. All tbe Con-
stanrine'B crew nnd four belonging to
the City of Antwerp landed at Cardiff.
Dublin, Oct 18. Casaidy, Delegate
from Manchester to the Irish National
Conference, was expelled with insults
and threats trom that body for movin?
un obnoxious amendment
Constantinople. Oct IS. Tbe Porte
has sent a note to the Bntiah Ambassa¬
dor announcing a readiness to negoti¬
ate a settlement ot the Egyptian ques¬
Cahio, Oct 18. The difficulty in re¬
gard to counsel for Arabi Pasha contin¬
ues. A possible compromise may bo
found in allowing counsel to adviso
Arabi, but prohibiting them from ad¬
dressing Court.
A Test or Lore.
"Is this the Rev. Mr. Mulkittle?" said
a kind ot out-of-reason man, entoring
the library of a well known Little Rock
" Y'es, sir; have a seat."
"1 have called to transact a piece ot
business which to tbe world may
seem ridiculous, but which viewed
from a spiritual eminence, is ot import¬
"I want you to love me."
"Love you?" gasped the good man,
regarding the petitioner ami inwardly
vowing that he had never before met a
more repulsive human being.
"Yes, sir; I want you to love me," and
he sat down and closed his eyes as
though he intended to await the an¬
nouncement of the decision. "The
command is to love one another. I con¬
fess that JJloTeyou," and opening his
eyes be leered at tho minister.
"Well, sir," said the minister, "your
demand in simple. I suppose you have
been lost tor many years, and have just
tasted grace, and that you especially
want the love ot ministers. Yea, I love
"Thank you. Now, when we love
any one we -are willing to help him.
Gimme a dollor, sir, gimme a dollar?"
Out of the love yon bear me, gimme a
The minuter arose, took down the
box and handed the visitor a dollar.
"Good-by. I hope you will always love
me, and the lover was gone.
"How did you make it?" asked a
rough looking man, when they reached
a street corner not far away.
"Fine. Never met but one preacher
that got away with me, and he was an
old Baptist that insisted on decking
me in the river before he could love me.
Preachers like something odd. The
old style ot striking 'm is repealed."
"Let me see the money."
"Hore she is; a new dollar. Let's go
take something."
"I guesa not. The thing is counter¬
feit" It was a vile imitation, and tho
two theives looked at each other in
silence. The mmiBter poked bis head
over the fence and laughed. The dol¬
lar had come to him in the contribution
box. Arkansaw Traveler.
Capt Hardy, of Hardyvllle, was in
Preacott a couple of days ago. He gave
it as his opinion that forty men, mostly
railroaders, had. in a few months, per¬
ished ot thirst on the California desert
west of the Colorado river. Six dead
bodies were found near Pah-Ut hilL
The unfortunahe men started from the
river not knowing the perils thev would
have to encounter. Some ot them might
have had water in canteens, which, ot
course was soon drnnk up. The desert.
like the sea, aocs not often give ud its
dead, and many a poor man has per-
lsnea oi hunger and thirst on California
Work is plenty and laborers scarce ia
News Items.
James W. Greely and his siitaw Bwa
were drowned while rowing SsMwday
night on the Harlem Itiver near Hut
It is authoritatively stated that SeiMw-
tary Teller will not bo a candidate Hr
re-election to the United StateH Sefietfe.
Saturday the Chicago expreas stroefc.
a carriage, at Genesee crossing, kit hag
three women and serionsly injurwg omt
Ex-Senator Dorsey has gone t Us
Hot Springs. N. .U. for the UeadtMBit ni
his eyesight, which has become frrcarHy
Porter, the alleged detretive, .trienaed
in Cincinnati on a charge cf eotspKeHy
in the Ross mnrder. is a well-known jail
The New York Enamelled 'Hiuitar-
Company, which did the lar;eBtlwimij
in tho country, failed Satnrdsy. Lfrajali.
ties ,3250,000: assets. S2O3.0Oa
Tho British steamer Preston. Captain
Osborn, from New York to Newaas,
is ashoro near Berwick. She standi! ua-
right, but broadside to the sea, wtiieti is
running strong.
Three Swedes, named Gallaod, PMr-
aoQ and Anderson, at MeLeespurt, Pa.,
were killed Saturday evening bf a
shunting engine ruuning tho as ikwsa.
They were carelessly watkine: oa Ukr
Tho work on the leveea and railrasWtw
has drawn off so many laborers ttotu
New Orleans that th stwImU aro
paying $75 per mouth for deck aastti
and have great difficulty in at-cariut;
Professor Sumner of Vale was bef
the Tariff Commission Hatur.hsy opp
ing protection and favorinaj free trade.
Charles M. Sanlron, a New York joftrtt-
alist, read a paper in favor of fre tied.
In tho Germantown Fair GnMusdv :
Augusta, Saturday night. George Coop i-
shot George Insco because iBseowaffced
with Mrs. Cooper after her hnrtbaad ksal
expressed his disapproval ot ibmi
During September 1-1,101 iiniaiant
wero inspected in Indiana, Illinois, and
Missouri, and '20 per cent of the Bunber
were found imperfectly protected against
small pox 'M having utner been aee
The last seizure made by the Custom
officers at Montreal is likely to lead to
soaodalous developments. The inquiry
so far shows that $30,000 worth ot ma¬
chinery was imported from the United
States, Bnd only duty paid on $&JKlO
Special Agent Townsend, who was
sent to the Pine Ridge Agency to investi
gate the troubles between Agent McGil-
licuddy and the Indians, will Buggttst
the transfer of the Agent to Homo other
point. Ho says, however, that bis fina-
oial affairs have been properly eoex raci¬
According to advice (mat San Ctm-
tobal, Cuba, the bodien of tbirty-wx mm-
nons, drowned by the overtlowiwK of tho
rivers during the late storms, hsv been
already recovered. The Captain-Ges-
eral Iihh anked tkW UoveranxHit a liasa-
rid to apply part of the public fastis so
the relief of the btiuervra by the cyclosae
and many private persons hav already
contributedirge sum.
The Speaker ot tho House fegaMialty
known as the chair, so eallo.l butaasae
he is sat down on so often.
If anybody ever loug.-i to b miiV
lionaire, it is tho youth who troats ka
cirl to soda water and then finds Im Mb
Jittaken a button in hi poekefc fKr a '
A lady in town painted a phiwpie) its
tho most exquisite manner ami ax-
pressed it to a friend. Soon alter a
note of acknowledgment came, in wleictt
tho lady stated that "it is altogether
too nice to use every day, so I only ase
it for a bread plate when we have com¬
A California woman who confessed
to her husband on her dying bed that
she loved another was forgiven. Theai
s'ae got well, and he is now suisg for a
divorce. She pleads that he eoadeaed
the offense, and he answers that it was
only on condition of her dying, ami site
broke the contract.
The New York Orapiue vriato
pictures of "the great diamonds of tko
world." There are about thirty of tiaeaa
precious etones, and the moat surpris¬
ing thing about them is the fact that
not a siugle one of them is owned by aa
editor. Newspaper men never did care
much for jewelry, aayhow.
"I've lost a patient," said a doetoc.
sitting down to a boarding house tftatMr
table, with a frown on his faee as dark
as a gunpowder poultice. "I am sorty
to hear it Man or woman f aaxeti uas
ot tho boarders. "Man." "Whon did he
die?" "Die, hang him, he's not dead.
Ho stopped taking my medicine, got
well, and ran away withont paying th
"What a tiresome thing that Jin.
Smith is!" exclaimed Mrs. Brown- "I
called there to-day, and she ran oa so
telling me about her new carpet, and
her new girl, and her baby's two teetk
and her new bonnet, that I didn't get a
chance to sar a word about my new
jacket, or our parlor furniture, or Frad-
d j a coming home with thu measles, or
Sarah Jane's dyspepsia, or Uncle-
Charles rheumatism, or how Bridget
horned that batch of biscuits. Ob, saVs
such a tiresome thing!"
A Drominent business man in Pitta-
burg, Pa., who has always been identi¬
fied with tbe Kepublican party, and wbo
spoke for about soventy-five other basi¬
lic ih men, also l.epiibhrane, mM tma
afternoon that thty bail made up tneir
minds to vote tbe Independent oeittas
the only way to rid tbe party in taw
Stute of machine rule. He believed the
Democrats would elect their candidates
next month, but this would not kill or
sotiously cripple the Republican party.
Once rid of Cameronism, and they coold
reorganize on a new basis which would
give the people control and tonld sooa
regain their lost gronnd, with a prospect
of retaining power for an iadelbiit
period. The sentiments expressed by
this gentleman are widespread here aad
elsewhere in this State, more seem
to be no chance for the Cameron tieke.
A Court Scene.
"Never mind what you thought, sir,
roared tho Inwver to the diffasive win-
new, "and never mind what you bciiwve.
Just tell the Conrt what you know.
"Everything?" asked tha witness. "I'm,
everything; it won't take yon raorci
than five minutes, I gnoss." "Wall,
then," said the witness, cheerfully, "IU
just begin with thatlittlescraeeymlmd
down in Swede prairie, last winter,
when old Elder Newkins fixed you oat
of his smoke-house when yon" Bnt
heic the witness was sternly stopped
by tho shrieking lawyer and the solemn
nidge, the -onrt iniormmc him tnat bo
ono was allowed to be funny or mean m
court except the lawyers.
William Penn Before Ciiarle.
Tl.An II I . HU:i ki.
hi charter ho came into tha reynl
presence in his ueual easy manner,
with hat on and hande in his peekaaV.
Charles at onee removed hie owa hat
"Keep on your hat and peoplo wsw't
know you're bald.' "It m th enatom
OI this place, tne lung repueu, ior
ts romain AflTAri at M
VUlj UUD lunvu ' '
time." -Then yon ought to hava icole
covers, said renn. -a s a queer aw
torn, but I don't lay my hat aroandlooa
in a strange house nnless I get a check
for it I've traveled. I have."
I'rofteaor Reeae has been examining
the Silver King ore with a view of as¬
certaining some better and chcaper
method ot reducing it It is understood
that the leaching process will be aban¬
doned at the end of the present month,
after that time, the ore will be cooem-
trated and shipped in that form. Tbe
change will necessitate the discharge of
about thirty men now employed abeflt

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