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Weekly Citizen.
OCT. 11 1SS1
True Democratic Sentiments.
The reasons given by the eminent
editor and proprietor of the Star, in Lis
BDread eacle address at the Democritio
ratification meeting the other night, for
his being a Democrat were only eqnalled
by the answer Riven by the Email boy
nJnr thn following Btato of facts:
Several days ago while a cirens was in
town, the editor of the Democratic
psper being in possession of several
complimentary tickets, after a proper
li'atrilralion of the same had one left
trifh xrliieh ha nrorjosed to have 6omo
fun and at the same time draw ont the
political sentiments of the youth of the
town. At the door of the circus he
fnnnri thrre bririlt looking boys, nil
anxious to gain admittance bnt too poor
n Tinroliaun a ticket "Boys," said the
man. "1 havo a ticket for the
circus which I will give to the boywho
makes the best answer to my questions.
What am vour ixditics No. 1, and whyi
"I am a liepublican, becanso I believe
5n thn nrinciDles of the crand old lle-
tmblican Dartr which protects the
laborer; which has liberated 4,000,000
biavos: which has preserved tuo Union
intact, and paid off an immense war
"Well, that is a pretty good answer
wlmt rln von sav Xo. 2 ?"
"1 am a Greenbacker, and because I
bolinvB in havmc plenty of money in
circulation. It only costs a cent to make
a hundred-dollar bill ana every uoay
uAoald have a pocket full of. money.
"Pretty good, also; what say you
Kn. a?"
To which No. 3 replies. "I am a Demo
crat Because why? Why, because you
are a Democrat, and you have the ticket
and I want it.
"Come to my arms, my eon; you aro
after my own heart You havo the true
Democratic spirit; yon aro entitled to
the ticket, and in after life never miss
nn opportunity to gam an oflice or a
gift if there is a possibility of gaining it
bv declaring yourself a Democrat" V.
Kcscinc for a Tew Crumbs of Official
The so-called ratification meeting held
nt the Park last night was not a very
spirited affair. About five hundred peo
ple wero present, counting men,
women and children, and among
them were many Republicans, who at
tended from mcro cariosity. Not a par
tide of enthusiasm existed, and oven
the speakers themselves woro wearied
and sleepy look, while somo of them
must have been dismayed at the ynwns
nf h tired nudienco. The Fourth Cav
alry band was the most attrsctivo fen
ture, and it drew quite a number into
the audience whoso linguistic attain'
ments gave them an understanding
only of the melody.
Iliram S. Stevens was chosen presi
dent of the meeting, with a long list of
vice presidents some of whom were
iirflsont and three secretaries. Mr,
Head ou Finance.
in ins Irntnrn Inst ereninir (Jolonel
Head endeavorod to leave the impression
upon his audieuco that through the
financial policy of the Republican party
something over 5150,000.000 were held
uselessly in the treasury ot tuo umiea
States while tho popple were being op
pressed by taxation tnrougu internal
revenue and customs to further increase
that accumulation. In fact Colonel
Head made the statement that it was
Murder of Two American Families in
On tho Sth of July last a well-behaved
Mexican boy, named Quiuouef, was
hanged on the southestern corner ot the
San Rafael ranch, near tho line between
Fima and Cochise counties and close to
By Ordering
lw. MoTinnn border. All American cit-
nselesslv held in the treasury. If Col- . ; i,t in.i;tv nrnnnnnrn1
DCCl lirau auun v -v.'"-' ., . . . ,!..- : 1 Ma, mn
Congress, and if he docs know better boy as a wanton and atrocious,
Not Guilty.
In tho district court this morning
jury was called in tho case of the Terri
tnrv vs. Chas. M. Strauss, indicted for
issuing a note as mayor of tho city. It
was conceded that he was duly author
ized by a resolution of the common
council and on tho advico of tho District
Attorney, Mr. Iltigli Farley. There was
no dispute as to the facts and tho (iirt
gave tho jury the following instruction:
In this case the Court recognizing
that there is n conflict ot authorities
upon tho question whether a violation
of a statute made under an honest mis
take as to its construction, subjects the
person violating it to a conviction for so
doing, instructs you for the purposes of
this caEe that if the defendant in good
faith and acting fairly upon a mistake
as to the construction of tho City
Charter and under the advice of tho
City Attorney signed nnd issued the
note in question, tho jury should acquit
The jury immediately returned a
verdict of not guilty. Tho District At
torney this afternoon annonncod that
he did not think he was authorized in
trying tho other cases of the council
men and entered a nollo prosequi, thus
extinguishing a little municipal smoke
of incendiary origin.
Why Hon. Thad. C. Pound, or Wiscon
sin, Opposes Blaine.
Akivaca, Oct. 3J, 1SSI.
Editor Citizen: I notice that the
- Democratic press is making considera
ble capital out of a letter writton by
Hon. Thad. C. Pound, a Wisconsin ex
CongresBman, opposing tho Republican
nominee for tho Presidency. Tho Dem
ocratic journals allude to Mr. Pound as
"the most prominent Republican poli
tician in Wisconsin," etc This is very
amusing to nnyone who has resided in
that State and knows the comparatively
small fignro tho gentleman cuts in lie
politics. I can perhaps throw a lit'le
light upon the cause of Mr. Pound's
disaffection. lie served several term-
in congress and wus a great admirer of
Gen. Garfield. In fact ho claimed to
be the original Garfield man, and ou
the strength of that asked the portfolio
of the Interior in his cabinet The fail
ure to secure the coveted position he
doubtless charged to tho influence of
Garfield's Secretary of State, Jameu G.
Blaine, who is known to havo been the
martyred President's most trusted ad
visor, and for the sake of revenge he
has joined the "dudes." No one who
knows Mr. Pound and his political rec
ord will for a moment accuse him of
opposing Mr. Blaine for any of tho rea
sons alleged in his letter.
J. a. WnrrMonE.
Army changes.
Sergeant T. A. Gaskins, Company F,
First Infantry, is transferred as private
to tho general service detachment of
clerks on duty nt headquarters.
Private Charles O'Malley is appointed
corporal in tho general service detach
ment of clerks on duty nt hoadquarter3.
Leave of absenco for ono month is
granted Major E. B. Beaumont, Fourth
Tho unexpired portion of the sentence
in tho case of Musician Thomas Stokes,
Company Jv. First Infantry, if remitted
A board of survey to consist of:
finntnin It. G. Heiner. First Infantry;
Captain O. "W. Bndd, Fourth Cavalry;
First Lieutenant J. S. Pettit. First In
fantry, is appointed to meet at Fort
Grant, A. T., nt 10 o'clock a. m. on Wed
nesday, tho otli instant, or as soon
thereafter as practicable, to examine
into and report upon the damaged con
dition of a portablo forge, delivered on
Bill of Lading No. 21, current series,
Doming, N. M., to Bowio Station, A. X.
Stevens introduced the tall cottonwood
of Hassayampa as preparing to harvest
Bean crop lor next .November, urn
Kiihsranent events ileTVeloned the fuct
Hint he was only snroautni; excel
lent fertilizers for a more rapid
r-rnwth of that highly apprcci
atcd plant Uolouol iiecu uegau ms
speech in a most deliberate manner, but
vprv Roon convinced his audience that
. i i i
they wero to do martyrs 10 a lauorcu
nnd commonplace talk. Tlje gentleman
had a written speech on me tauie oe
foro him, but he was so unfamiliar with
its laiirrauue nnd the writing, that he
frequently faltered and somttimcs
stumbled". He spoke of some of the
needs of Arizona Territory matters
that thB newspapers have thoroughly
nnd f reel v discussed and in this respect
he reminded nearly everyono of similar
expressions uttered by Grant (Jury two
years ago. The very inertia of the
sneaker seemed to enter into his frail
and impotent argument, and a pall of
leaden disappointment seemed to fall
upon the whole assemblage. Ono little
remark did create a ripple of laughter,
but it was likely an unmtenttonal "com
plimont" to the crent anwashed among
his hearora. Iu speaking of tho needs
of Arizona, tho speaker said that the
"Arisonian'a" greatest need and most
appreciated want was water, and ho
thereupon took a draught It sounded
rather incongruous for a Democrat to
want water.
Dr. W. W. Jones was next introduced,
and if there was any mantle of
political charity that could cover the
indiscretion of this candidate in making
the exhibition ho did. it would certainly
be drawn right here. Candor compels
tho confession that Dr. Jones lost caste
among even the most faithful Demo
crats, bv nprcanng in public With
unbuttoned vest exposing a hiatus bo
tween that and his intaloous; his
hands delved down into the b mums of
his pocketp. apparently in search of
inspiration, he leaned awkwardly against
the table and talked. Dr. Jones is an
honest, ecoentno good neartca oiu
gentleman, whom everybody can love as
a friend, but a man entirely out of his
element in the position to which he
nsoires. There was hcarcely a person in
the audience last night who did not pity
rather than rnliculo the grotesque
specimen of Salt river antiquity o
cruelly brought under their cnticiMU
W. "M. Lovell, Esq., next took the
stand and made a specialty of puns
nnon tho candidate, some of which
were "tumbled to" after being cxplHineJ
Mr. Lovell hns often done himself more
honor in sneaking than upon this occa
fiiou. which whs probably owing to the
poor nnd flimsy pretext of a subject for
discussion. It was a laborious effort,
even for so eloquent a sje ker as Judge
Lovell. to weave an acceptable woniy
web around so empty a nucleus as the
Democratic ticket purely is.
L. C llnches wts next riven an op
pottnnity to ratify. He ratified the na
tional Democratic platform and the na
tional Democratic nominees, which
scttl-s the whole busines'. He made an
ample apology for hnvini become a
Democrat after yefs of Hepiiblicauistn,
aud it was generally conceded thnt thix
instance venbed the statement that it
take bir u very poor Republican to
make a cood Dem crat
Ge.. H. Luuily, Esq., of Cincinnati.
was then introduced and made what
micht be called a good stump jicech.
While his elo ntiim wa fnult! iiud
his language fluent, an entire disregard
of tiiitbfulnea-t characterize! his re
marks. His was a speech to captivate
tho rabble, for it hail no ebect upon
men who think for themselves, and it
clearly defined the unsavory sphere to
which his usefulness is exclusively con
fined. He was frequently applauded
such sneakers usually are but they
leave no la-Uinc or convincing impres
sion and their abnsivo tirados fall harm
lessly before the armor of calm argu
Tbero were others effervescing with
oratorical pyrotechnics present, but tho
oxhansted audience began to melt away
fo ramdlv after tho apeeeh of ;Ir.
Lundv. that an adjournment was an
aud misrepresented the mntterfor a pur
pose, he would be a dn-graco to Arizona
in the halls of Congress.
Iu his attempt to tell wny no is a
Democrat he made the above statement
as one of his reasons. The statement is
made from fahc premises in tho first
pluce, nnd in tho second place is abso
lutely false to tho nraount of about
300.000.000. as the statement or the
United States Treasurer made Septem
ber 13th will show:
Tho total cash in tho treasury, cxciu
wve or. minor coin I i.z,o anu a ceni
pieces) amounts to SluO.'Jio.OTi Ot VI
this nmount thero is held:
1 for the ml( mptiou ot bunda
line. bet not let octcntl t 25.0C0.S15 U
J Kor the redemption or roIu cer-
Julr li liii) S3.i.o:ooo
3 r"cr tbo iwlemptum vl UTtr
bru-ar2J. S5.6 10.531 CO
I l or the ntleoption ot certiti,
, icno.1 .in iTn.AlIfir t:
H. not. (Act Jam, S. I;Ti 15.3;5.0CO 03
For dif-liursius f llicarv, mch n
tMinn m-nfM. r.H.Inui t Ht
etc . iublct to tfifir check S7.1T7.S19 04
6 For draflB nnd check or U
trratnry cot jet urenteu lor
l; meat, many ot it hicb ere in
Tho Board of Supervisors met this
The contract for printing the great
register nnd the election returns
envelopes was awarded to L. O. Hughes.
Tho contract for printing the tally and
poll lists was awarded to tho Ciiizex
Tho contractor for printing tho great
register was required to give bonds to
completo tho work within ten days after
the delivery of the copy, after tho man
ner and style of sample, in a sum double
the amount of the bid.
A voting precinct No. 23, was estab
lished at Baboquivari, with Wni. Clark
inspector nnd registering officer, and
Vt. Sopher nnd Lou Ramet, judges.
The clerk was directed to confer with
the Board of Supervisors of Cochise
county relative to running the county
line between this county and Cochise.
A school district was established at
A largo number of bills were audited
and allowed.
There have been over 150 votes regis
tered at Willcox, and it is expected that
br the time registration closes tho num
ber will have reached 200. This in
dicates how rcpidlv tho valley are filling
up, Willcox polling but 200 votes two
years ago. Epitaph.
Pshaw! That is nothing compared to
the San Simon precinct four years ago.
Thero they had only four voters n week
before the election, but cast 104 straight
Democratic votes.
Ihe fife percent land lor te-
demption oC national bonk
rioti. which fund in raada op
lirnml belone to tho national
Q hack lAct Juno 3d. 1-it) .
b Fortherflembtionof note of
national bank mat usve imipu,
pine into liquidation or rcduc
inc 3irculntit'n-
9 Balance ot l'ostolltco Depart
ment account........-
5.1S7.SW S3
lVi8.1L0 Ot
S9.M7.K1 60
3,).V7I 19
Everything that it has been possible
for private citizen?, in that vicinity, to
do has been done, in n quiet way, to as
certain the facta necessary to cause the
arrest and conviction ot tho assassins;
but tho Mexican peoplo havo been very
restless and much dissatisfied because
no arrests havo been made, tor the cir
cumstantial evidence, they thought, was
strong enough to warrant criminal pro
ceedings against two persons, at least
These criminnting facts, briefly, are
these. Two Frenchmen, living in Red
Rock canon, each had a rifle. Ono left
and gave his guu to tho other for safe
keeping. The Frenchman having charge
ot both guns concealed them in tho
chimney ot his houso. Only one person
know where they were kept. Thie man
was seen there when the Frenchman
Tisited Tucson shortly before tbo mur
der of Quinones. Ou his leturn home
the Frenohman missed tbo guns: nnd
they wero not heaid or again till alter
tho murder ot Oninones. when tho fol
lowing facta were disclosed, namely:
SAYB 3yn02sr33Y I S-V Jii 'J--J-J.vj.ri i
the Champion Safe of the World
Manufactured by the Detroit Safe Company,
The advantage of these Safes OVER ALL OTHERS will be fully explained by addressing or calling on
en-mi cnnthwflstnm Asnnts. Tucson. 15. T. Warehouse on R. R. Track, west of Porter's Hotel.
UC1IC1U1 WUUMlIf wwiw...
r 1 '
XAUUVl-V I , I - I
A l'ropect for an Increa-eil Demand nnd
Trlco tor Our 'Wheat.
Plienix Oaitttcl
ti n T-nfrnn. funeral airent of the
Snnthern Pacific railroad system, visited
Hii vnllev n few dnvs since witn a view,
as wo stated at tbo time, of ascertain
ing what could bo done in tne wny oi
mnrinx till tlimlUB nTOdllCtS Of tlllS
valley and establishing markets fi r the
same, ins investigations icu uim
tlm conclusion thnt tho most pressing
and immediate need oi this section was
to obtain a market for our flour at pro
fitable prices. The pooling arrangement
t,ttron the Southern Pacific company
nniT tlm Atchison. Toneka & Santa Fo
road enabled the eastern miller, or more
nnrtipnlnrlv those oi Jvnnsas anu Col
orado, to lay down wheat at points
nlnnrr tlm railroad in tins temiory ni
nominal exnense. nnd they became in
Democratic candidates nre invited to
call at the Citizen office and learn its
prices of campaign work before order
ing anywhere else.
Mnlilne a total f money held for
f Pacini parpoo, ana inrrt-mro
.... t-ttifjKiM for ttjiTispnt alitor
tlTr. rxei&-d tit ?l,'2J.S0t 33
In. I.nrtr... in Vl'flll ( -pl Kjll
...ill . .. ... .......n.iM
nnce of tua.u.;- w
A call of bonds will mnture on Sop-
temlier 30. which will require for their
navment SIO.OOO.OUO.
Uf the amount oi casii avnuuuit-, m
lnr Htntml. S93.S00.CO0 was obtained
by tne sale of bonds to create a fund
for the resumption of specie payment
under the act of January 14. lbm.
Tho amount of tho reserve on account
of resumption has, as a matter of pru
dent adiniuiiiration, ueen mainiaiueu
bv the Secretary of the Treasury at
about $13.S,000.0;,0, or nbout 40 per cent
of the amount of United States notes
outstanding, fixed by law at $31G,GS1,-
Rv the above it appears that there is
Uy,132,2iC0 in the treasury, which,
looking at tho matter from Col. Head's
false premises, might be open to the
charge of "uselessly held, lmt sup
pose that reservo rund were dissipaieu;
tha nronosition is preposterous! Would
any good business mau conduct his own
busines in such a manner? Does CoL
Head conduct his business in tho man
ner he suggests for the United btates?
If he did he would be a bankrupt man
before a year, as would any other man.
It is a principloof sound financiering to
have r. reserve to fall Imck upon in
emergencies and he who is without it
endangers his eret1i eaJangers his
business and generally Talis by tho way
side, a bank t nut.
According to the treasurers state
ment, as aliove given, tho amount of
available funds is really a reserve lor
the redemption of United States Treas
ury notes when presented and if it were
possible to present all of these notes for
redemption at once, the United States
would actually ue oongeu to uorrow
. . .
money to do so or uraw upon Fome oi
the snectal funds auove mentioneu anu
tbus onlv shift the danger to another
So far. then, is Col. Head estray in
national fiuauces. either from dishonesty
or liruoraiice. neuneroi wincu win ue
fxciihfd bv any community in a man
who aspires to the highest honor in the
iifTraci's of the citizens o tho lerri-
torv. I'henix Herald.
Charged Willi Jlnnler.
Readers of the Epitaph will remom
bar tho brutal murder of a .Moxicau boy
by hanging, which occurred in the Ilua
ehuca mountains, near the 5ounrn line,
about tho 10th of July last, a full ac
count of which appeared iu this paper.
Since that time the Territorial as well
as tho Federal authorities have been
eniraued in trying to ferret out the per
petrators, and it is said have at last sue-
ceeded. A lew uays fcince .nr. doun
Jeffords, a special officer, arrived in tho
ritv from 1'ima county and swore ont
warrants for three men, ono of which
warrants was placed iu tho hands of
Deputy Sheriff l-red Ward, who pro-
vi1ih1 to Uisbee. and retnrned to-day
having in chnrgc a man named llawke
Miiitli. rrlio is accused of being ono of
the guiltv parties. He is at presont ly-
5ni in the county jail awaiting a prelim-
inarv examination, which will take place
as soon as witnesses can be subpenaeu.
Thn urisoner. who is a well Unowu citi
zen of Bisbee, where ho is engaged as a
teamster for the Copi-er Queen company.
rinnira all lmowlediro of tbo cnnie, nnd
willingl v accompanied tho officer making
the arrest Officer Jeffords nnd iosse
are still in nnrsnit of the other parties.
and their speedy capture is looueu ior.
V. F. I'lTZflEHALC - -
- Aftcinto Jcetice.
Mo.vdat, Oct Cth
Pinrt imtt nt 10 O. m.
Territory vs. JIannel Mnrtin, attempt
to commit great bodily injury ""h n
dendlv weapon. Sentenced to tmy n
fine of SJ0O, iu default of which, im-
nrisnnnieut for 'J.W "ays la tuo wuuy
Adolfo Leon: horse
stealing. Sentenced to the penitentiary
fnr five veare.
Territory vs. D. J. Bolyn, perjury.
Hl,l. nf nniltV.
Tnrriiorv vs. J. S. Wood. Ju ry re
turned verdict not guilty. In the three
... of the same against bamaniego.
Otis nnd Toole, a nollo prosequi
mtr nf Tucson vs. H. S. biovens,
Demurrer overruled.
Territory v.. Davis, 0 lis and Samn
niego. Demurrer overruled.
Deputv Sheriff Fred Ward, who has
just returned from Uisbee, informs the
Epitaph that wages were reduced in
that camp this morning to frJ;0 per day
for miners working ubeve water level.
Tho old rate, S4 per day. is received by
those working below. Epitaph.
A party of young folks took n moon
light boatrido on Warner's lake last
night and report having experienced a
joyous time.
Tlmrsdav's report of the Democratic
couiiU convention gave tne proceedings
only np to the nominations for the
MMU-mblv. After n recess thoconven
tion tenMTullrd and begnn the ballot
for nominees for that body ana finally
placed in nomination A. lie .Land, J.b
Brition. II. S. Sourle. Carlos II. Tully
and S. M. Franklin. A county centrnl
committee was aho elected of which C.
M. Stranss was elected chairman and
W. A. 3IcDermott, secretary.
Henry Fleischman, the "trell lodged"
gentleman, who retains a membership in
nearly every fraternal order iu existence,
hns been and is now quite ill at his
rooms in the r.iud Central. His breth
ren or tne ivinguis ot ovinias, uuu
Fellows and Ancient Order of United
Workmen have attentively cared for
him and cheered his illness by their
presence, for which he is truly grateful
His physicinn hopes to have him around
again in a few dnys.
In the .District Lourt this morning,
J. A. Anderson, Jr., was admitted to tho
bar and passed a highly satisfac
tory examination. The Grand Jury
brought in n partial report, having
found two iudictments. Tho caso of
the Territory vs. John Stahledger was
i-ct for to-morrow morning. In tho Ter
ritory vs. 3Innnel -Martin, Joe Kamon
and Adolfo Leon, the prisoners were ar
raigned. The city ca?es were set for to
morrow; tho cases of S imaniego, Otis
nnd Toole were tet for 3Iondny. A
nolle pro.-cqui was entered in the caie
of the Territory vs. 1-elix Jackues.
The Star would not publish Browder'a
railroad resolution which wns tabled by
the Democratic convention. Ihe Cm
zrx reproduces it for tho benefit of
tlioao who failed to read it yesterday
Kc.-olved, Thnt railroads aro creatures
nnd beneficiaries of the state, and sub
iict to public control. That every nor-
son nnd place is entitled to their ser
vices on equal nnd impartial terms; that
the classitication tf ireizbts by rail
roads, and the charge on each article, is
simply an ad valorem taxation; that it is
the diitv cf the Territorial legislature to
establish a freight classification for
railroads, which shall be reasonable
nnd just, nnd to establish and regulate
passenger and freight tolls, for all rail
roads operated in Arizona. Making
such tolls aw will prove a relief to the
people from the present nnjVst exactions.
and nt the same time Ml rd ajnst and
reasonable compensation for tbo ser
vice performed.
In tho Democratic county convention
ychtordsy, when tho three candidates
for sheriff aud district attorney were
called upon to take the pledge, which
was to support the platform adopted
and every nominee of the party, Joseph
C. Ferry took the platform and, in most
eloquent nnd elegant innguaye an
nounced his firm belief in tbo principles
of the party nnd his unswerving dem
ocracy. He Enid that the iron-clad oath
was more binding than even life itself-
it pledged his honor. The party might
nominate a man fc r whom ho could not
conscientiously cast his vote, which this
pledge would bind him to do. He then
took the political record of his opponent
for nomination Ben. H. Hereford and
attacked his position on tbo bullion
tax, and the part he took as tho agent
of the railroad company in securing
from the last legislature favorable ac
tion. In respectful bnt strong and un
mistakable langunge ho assailed that
gentleman's record, and said, that in
view of the pot-sibte nomination ot Mr.
Hereford he conld not conscientiously
take that pledge, and he therefore with
drew his name as a candidate for dis
trict attorney. His action was marked
by a sense of high honor thnt cannot be
too highly commended. Ho was con
scientious and honest in his motives,
nnd his manly course merits most noble
Tho mau who 6tolo tho Frenchman's I conseauenco formidable competitors for
mm was at Ilaffertv's ranch. There ho I tlio trmln nf nnr southern towns. The
. . . . i - . . ,
snw tne boy yumones, wuoso miner p0Ojt 10 wo understanu, was aoroguieu
keens a mescal distillery in Sonora, nn rwnhnr IrL and the following die-
Alexico, near the line. u.no tnrer oiiereu natch shows that Air. Jjogan lias acieu
f .,11 1 . I. . !.! I . t ' 1 1 .
luiuones cju aim a kuu n no wuuiu ku I very promptly m ino muuer
to his father a distillery and get a cer
tain quantity of mescal. Quinones went
rnd got the mescal, and the thief gavo
him $10 and one of tho Frenchman's
rilles. Ouinones. who had been at tuo
Frenchman's house, recognized the gun;
but ho was persuaded to take it and tuc
money and ho started off.
boon alter he left llaiiertya no was
followed by tho thief and nt least ono
other man, who huug .o lxy to n tree,
doubtless to prevent ttj dirclosuro or
the fact that Quinones got the gun from
the man who stole it
Exnert Mexican trailers followed the
murderers from the point where the
crime was committed to Itafferty's house,
where all trace of them was lost It is
believed that Mr. Itafferty possessed tho
information necessary to insure tho
punishment of tho criminals; and it is
believed that he was murdered to prev
ent him from carrying out his determi
nation to mako a statement ot all he
know to the county authorities.
These particulars are learned nom a
gentleman now in town who has lived
in that vicinity for the past four or five
On baturday nigut anerm raui re
ceived the following telegram, which
explains inelf
Hahsiiaw. via (Jnttendan, Ariz., ucr.
3. Sheriff Paul. Tucson. Arizona
Joseph IUymond, Winfield S. tntz,
and Mrs. Winfield S. Fritz, were found
murdered this morning on the ranch of
Jim Itafferty in the Hunchuca moun
tains. Itafferty is missing and supposed
to bo murdered, buspicion points to
the same persons that hung the Mexi
can boy Quinones. Colls Camebon
It is not known who committed this
last massacre. Probably it never will
be. as the murderers killed every per
son on Itaffert' ranch, women nnd
men, so as to cover all trace of their
identity. It is safe, however, to assume,
if it was not dono by the murderers ot
Quinones, that is an act of retaliation
by tho Mexicans; and tho county
authorities should forthwith tako steps
to investigate this wholo subject, for it
this is not done the border will be the
tceno ot one retaliation uf ter nnotber
till it becomes tho haunts of profes
sional banditti.
The rewards already offered should
insuro the speedy apprehension ot those
who perpetrated the first crime, nnd our
government should call upon the
government of Mexico, if it should bo
found that this last crime has been
committed by Mexican citizens, to in
vestigato and speedily puuish the per
petrators nf this atrocious crime upon
innocent citizens ot the United btates.
But so long ns American outlaws are
permitted to murder inoffensivo Mexi
can citizens so long may such trouble be
The following are the rewards now
flered for the arrest nnd conviction of
the murderer of murderers of Quinones,
Colin Cameron offers $200
Pima County offers ?2S0
Cochise County offers S250
Total S700
In addition to this Governor Tritlo
has been requested to offer a suitable
reward, and in a caso of such magnitude
and importance to the Territory, he will
certainly offer not less than 500 or
81,000; and in the intercet ot peace
upon the border that reward cannot bo
offered too soon; and similar rewards
should bo offered for tho arrest nnd con
viction of tho murderers on Itafferty s
"Hi. Paso. October 1. 1S&1
"To A. Leonard Meyer. Phenix: Havo
advanced rates on flour from Demmg to
points west to fifteen cents per ton per
mile. AdvisoPhenii mills.
"H. U. Ojooan.
Tina uimnlv means that tho Southern
PaciGc has applied to Eastern Hour its
maximum rreigut rnie, anu win reuee
na from competition in mat uirccuuu
Bv the now tariff schedule tho cost ot
bringing flour from Demmg to W mcox
will bo SrJ ii per ton; to uenson.
S25 9j: to Tucson. S32 So. This local
- . . ,.i
rate is creator, so wo are lniormeu, mau
the throuch charges formerly were on
Topekn and Denver flour tho points
from which the lareest suipmenia wore
made, whilo tho rates from Maricopa
east remain uncbanced. Ot necessity
this will givo ns tho trade ot tho lower
section of tho Territory freo from com
petition, excepting that which California
nrruliimrA mav present The effect will
not only be to raise tho price of our flour
but to give a larger ami moro certain
market. By this protection surplus
trhent m tho hnnds of our farmers, we
hope, may bo disposed of at fair prices.
Official Records.
flnld and Silver Cup. Fanta Kosa
monnfnids. October 1. John A Forbes.
Tanks mill site, o miles eaBt or ran
tano, October 1, D II Logan.
Brand, counter brand and ear marks
. . r r x
OI Jiartin jiosmnra.
Tbo Democrats condensed tho Re
publican county platform and say it is
good. What is" good in their platform
is not original and what is original is
not good.
g Geraan Iniigorator,
LU cure ot Nerrous and l'hjjical
lil pj" . vital f-'-rhanstlun.
Seminal 'Woaknwa. Loa of,MSn
hood. Failinc Memory and Ke-
laiedand tnieeuiwi cuuumm,.
of the Men"o-urS"i"if.,
3 Mo
Tl,nr. nrn TnjinT who hclieTP the Teitablo
kininlnm ha within its ranee an nntnloto for all
the to which Uwli i liiblo. JuJirmc
frtim tlif wund "ullr beneficial ptlects which
follow the nue oi Kind Fre'a Hamlmrc Tf a.
to a ureat variety of th dioae. the be ml
heemoirelt fnnnded. Tlie occaeinl nof it
will be foam! to ward oil biliona and malanoos
affect ions. !) not l withont it.
The blackleg has appeared among the
stock in Cauon de Oro. M. G. Samam-
ego has several cases in his herd, and
Chnroleau is losing three. or four head
Tho east bound express train was de
layed nearly fourteen hours yesterday,
on account of a wrecked freight train,
which jumped the track at Indio sta
tion, on tho Colorado desert
Tho Star says Ben Hereford has left
for n tour through the county. There is
a handsome and robust ghost of tho
Democratic nominee for District Attor
ney still upon tho streets ot the city,
The new St Charles restaurant, nt the
corner of Church street and Maiden
lane, north ot the post office, was thrown
open yesterday afternoon and set n
splendid dinner. Mrs. Rousseau will
more than maintain the former prestige
ot the St. Charles.
Tho funeral services of tho late Mrs.
F. IL Mason were conducted at the M.
E. church yesterday by ltov. J. W. Rob
inson. The Ancient Order of United
Workmen nttended as a body. Tbo re
mains ot the unfortunate lady will be
taken to her Laatern home for inter
On Saturday night a brilliant social
partv was given at the residence of
Francicu Cuen, in honor of bis saint's
day San Francisco. Many represent-
ativts ot tho most select society ot the
city wero present, and refreshments
were served and dancing maintained
until a late hour.
Tbo bill ot the principal of tho publio
school for last month's services was not
acted upon by tho School Trustees on
tbo 1st instant because he held no cer
tificate from the county board ot exam
iners. It said that several teachers are
employed in this county who hove not
obtained certificates according to law.
A large lot of machinery was shipped
from San Francisco last week for the
bonanza mines at Qaijotoa. It is tor
running the Burleigh drills. Water will
be used from Quiggle's well, in which a
great supply has been obtained. The
water qnestion of that camp has been
pretty well solved, and an abundance
can be obtained.
Four drunk and disorderly persons
were np in the police court this morn
ins, each nt whom was sentenced to pay
a fine of five dollars or languish five
long, weary dnys in tho tank. One ot
them made the requisite deposit and
was given his sweet liberty, while the
other three still mako mescalliferons
music in the cold and unfeeling bastile.
Warren Leland,
whom everybody know as the cuccetsfai
manager of tho
Largest Hotel Enterprises
of America, say that while a pajsenstr from
Kew York on boml a Hp coinc around Cap
Horn, hi Ihe cariy.'avof emigration to Cal
ifornia, he learned that one of the officers of
the tcm1 had cured himself, during the roy.
age, of an olMlinate diaje by the use. of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Since then Itr. Lelasd has recommended
AVER'S SARSArAHILL V in ntnuy Iiai!ar
caiei, and he has never yet heard of iu fail
ure to elfect a radical CHre.
Somo yean ago one of Mr. LtUMi's farm
laborers hraiied his leg. Owing to the bad
itato of his blood, an ugly erofuWms swelling
or lump appeared on the injured limb. Hor
rible Itching of the Ua, with lurulHg and
darting palus through the lamp, made- life
almost intolerable. Tho leg became enor
mously enlarged, an J running nicer furmed,
discharging great quantities of extremely
offensive matter. Ko treatment was of any
avail until the man, byJfr. Lr. land's direc
tion, waj supplied with Area's Sabsai-a-niua,
which allayed the palu and Irritation,
healed the sores, removed the swelling, and
completely restored the limb to use.
Mr. Lnu"D has personally used
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
for Rheumatism, with entire success ; nnd,
after careful observation, declares that, in
his belief, there is no medicine in the world
equal to it for the cure of Liver Ulaonlero,
Oout, tho effects of high living, .Salt
Jtheum, Sores, Eruption, and nil the
various forms of blood dtrense.
We have 3Ir. Ixlasd's permission to Invito
all n ho may desire further evidence In regard
to the extraordinary curative powers of
Arm's SAnsArAWLLA to seo him person
ally cither at his mammoth Ocean Hotel,
Long Branch, or at the popular Ijela&d Hote!,
Broadway, T.lh and 2itU Street, New York.
Mr. Lelajsd's extensive knowledge of the
good dono by this unequalled cradlcator of
blood polsonn enabtes him to give Inquirers
raceh valuable Information.
rarrABED nv
Dr.J.C.Ayer&Co., Lowell, Mass.
Soli by all Druggists; SI, six bottle for $3.
State & Monroe Sts.. Chicago,
WO rrrs)XI Vmf Uw ti
X ttmaou. ma.
untri,W facte .0 iK-rt-nn c I Ex
it Awvvr i-kUt &u
in vigo rat-
It speedily cure ijiiuiwiii.
tv.rlVlecay. ot Vigor,
aESUNAt. WUAKNESS. ami rui
fhTaad effect, of Jthful I lot
hps and abuse or hXLt2ta
It permnnentlr prevent
all Unnatural Ia from tie
tTstem.astbou-nd can attet
'JJ.. i,U rwl tho lU'mcdyin
tui l ast qunrtor of a centurj
it Lao been boforo the
P"u indeed a ITonderlnl
Keniedy-toninir. the
strengthening the
-i .... l.a WM .ti
i,, thn who! systeo. and re
storing the tfflicted to UKAL.TU andllAl-w-KTe
Doctor will agreo.to forfeit. .000 far a
SSriSSSS St we aa
SSeVi. 'Swing to a compneation called PHO-
TATOHK1IEA. with JlXI'tKAEijlll. Ji.
wnicn require ui-vi 0 -,. T1.
rt tr.Tn'a I vTinoILVToa. o. 2. witn our pe-
, thn nlv euro lor
cuiiar special utoimcu .. -
n d tho hand of time moved back from ago to
If pimple, appear on , tho face ,il .you j become
Ity known as Proetatorrhea. Uun.lredoI Uvea
. , , . ,....... wnnt tf nriiwr treatment
forthicomDlieation,and thousand havo lo.
ail their j,ropertynnd pieosuroin utoirom iu
eflectm. . . .... ,
l'rlce of either InTlgorator, Sr. Caooi
six buttlee. JlO. Bent to any address, covered
i. f i.hi. s-o. treat succeMfulIy by llo.
mccopathyereryforra of Hl'KCIAL. l'lUATh
i i, nt.l t, im dnunl frum U16
bdy numen.ua ilisoasea follow that hale qnli.
nary medical treatment. If allowed to sonUnue
the unnatural lot caue Consomptioa.lJiatje-
te. Uright'a Diseaso, Insanity, et 3. . .ure
iv;UM.. ..r thn .nitivannarr organs.
kidneys, hverand bladilerspeeialb treated. 1)19-
XAaza or woarrx BrttDiLi cubxd. . .
Unallllril and Uri.ponllile. Dr. LiebiR
r. . r. m t-rnnp, nM nnnuitzAcl in comDUanco
with the California Medical Law. Diploma pro
cured by recular college education, ana are now
in tneirnmeientn yearui nittiu. noi...
i . r.. i ui. n. KmIia f r-e tn natients.
To lniovcTUi Vo.NDEKrui.rowrjiof thelN
VIUOlLvroit a f: bottle oivzs ou best rair.
Consultation tree anu private.
Call or address .
4nriMmtimAt Kati Vranrisco. Cal,
T'rirntn entrance. 10a MaMin street, four block
ud Geary street from Kearny. Main entrance
through Dispensary Drue Store. oclwlAw
Great English Remedy!
Is a never-failmgcurr
for Nervous Debility
Kxaauated ttali ty
Heminal Weakness
Hoormatorrhcea. LOdl
11A.MIUOU. impoten
cy, Paralysis. Prostator
rtuza ana ail ir.e urn
bie eMects ot Self
Atase. youthful follies
and excesses in mature
rMnr. mnch as losa o
turnal 14miiion. Aversion to
of Vision. Hoisea in the Ueail; the vital tluid
nnoUerred in the urine, and many
other (TitflAooe that lead to insanity and death.
DU. M1NTIE will wttm to forfeit its. Una
i- i ..an tt this kmu th& Ha
urtu vuuaii s-iww : , i - 1
treatment) will not cure, or f or anyg taprue
nr ininnon found in it. DK. MINTJt treats
.ii ii.... rii'uuM anceewfullT without mer.
cury. Consultation free. Thorough examina.
.. i inMnrlinir analvsia ot urine
fiOa I'rioe ot the Vital Kestorative. $ JOa Dot-
,l nr fnnr UmM tBS Ouaauir.
any addreoa npon receipt of pnee. or C O. D.
secure leom oienunii,uu -
d-Mired. by A. E. MINT1K. M. D.
ii r..n. Kan Krueum. Cat,
uivpi.v: itrrTTLK Fit EE on aDDlication b
Intier itAtins snnDtoms. sox and age. Commu
nications stnotly confidential,
virt- niNXlK'S Kidner Ilemedr Keph
..n.nm mM 11 kind. of Kidney and Bhuldet
Complaints. Gonorrhea, Gleet, Leucorrhaa.
Kor tala by all druKgisU; f 1 a bottle. ix botUw
IJltT 3IIHTIrr8 Dandelion rill are the
k., K..nt livmenaia and llllllou cure
In the market. For salo br all drciEista. aplSU
kxt , rr -r -ni
IZEN U kspt on file at E. C DAKE"g
Agsncy. ti Uercuct's ETchanae, where eon
r&etaforadrsrusuicaa.b marie forjitinBaa
Fan d son. aiyUCf
Election Proclamation
TrttBiTonv or Abizoxa. )
ExrctrnvE Dri-thTMEX t. f
Ornci: or the (iovuBHOit.;
l cern. greeung: . ,
it-v " it.,i..flnB.i nl tlm TjinMlAtiie Aa-
semhly of the Territory of Arizona, entitled a
Act t provide for tieneral aud Srial t lec
tions, it U provided: That thero shall bo held
throughout the Toiritoix of Arizona on the
Tuesday after the first Mundny in ""loveinber. A
D. is is. and every two years iiieresiicr.
tion for member of the Legislative Assembly.
and surh other officers as mar bo required oy
law to be ucen at aucn ei ciion. . . ,
ml whenu. Ii is farther urovided in said
act that it shall bo the duty ot tho tlovernor, at
least thirty uaja beioro any general eiecwuu i
issue his nclamation designating the othcea to
bo niled at sucn election.
. kn.a I V A. Tnl . fiovernor of
t,'a Tarritorr of 'Arizona, in tiursnance of the
duty enjoined upon me. do hereby order aOeu-
vi.fit,in in riAriAiii aniLB jnnuu tuict
the first Monday, being the fourth day of No
vember. A- D. lsAi. na ccsignaie iuo uu w
be filled at said election, as follows, to wit:
Ono U) Delegate to the l"orty-runth Congres s
nf 111. llnitCMl MtAtPM-
One (1) Hupenntendent or ruouc snsirucii"".
tm1, n- mnmlien of the Council of the
Legislative Assembly of t he Territory.
lweniy-iour i.ij meuiw, t mo """'T' "
Keprceenta;ivee of the Lcgiidative Assembly oi
Apportioned under an act cniuieu Auan
fixinir tho BDDortionrnent for mmberaof the
Legislative Assembly of th Territory of Ari
zona," approved March 7,lss3, as follows, to-
w'i'...i, rmn.irnnn II mpmlwr of the Coun
cil and two (2) members of tho Houso of llep-
rei-entatives. . , ...
ii,v.i,i,.i',,m,iinnn lit member of tho Coun
cil and rive (5) members of tho House of Kop-
resentatives. . . .. .,
i:iin r,.nnir-flni ill member of tho Council
and one 11) member of the House of lieprescnt-
atives. ... ,
Graham County uco in meraoeroi laovouo
cilandoue (1) member of tho House of ltepre
sentatives. .. , , .v
Maricopa County Oro (I) member of tho
Council and two (2) members of tho House of
Mohave County One (1) memberof theCoun
cil and one (1) member ot tho Houso of liepre
sentatives. , ..... .
Pima County One (1) member of tho Council
and five (5) members of tho Houso of liepro
sentativei). , , . , .,
final County One (1) memberof the Council
and one (I) memberof the Houso of ltepreeenU
&tYavatai Connty Ono (1) memberef the Coun
cil and five (5) members of the;iloue of Hepre-
'Yumla County One (1) member of tho Council
and one (1) memberof the House of Hepierent-
"'llio'county of Yavapai shall elect ono (1)
member of the Council jointly with the counties
of Yuma. Mohave. Apache and Slancopa, and
the county ot Cochise shall elect one (1) mem.
berot the Council jointly with the counties ot
Graham. Gila, l'inal aud Pima.
AIo. there shall no elected tn eaca county oi
theTerritorytwo (3) members of tht ItoarU of
Supervisors, excepting in tho county uf Xuma
uiree snail do eieciou. owiek io iub miKauumi
of the long terra member. &Pt
Also. in each county.ono (li Sherilf, one U)
Distiict Atiorner.one (1J County lleeorder. one
(1) l'robata Judge, one ill Treanurer. ono (1)
Uarvejor. one (1) Coroner and one (1) I'ablic
Also, in each election precinct in each county,
one (1) and not moro than two (2) Constables.
Also, in each townsnip. iwo ui justices oi tr.e
Peace: and where more than eght hund person
reside in a towmhip such fact to be ascertained
by the Hoard of riupervisors, one (1) additioal
Justice of tjo l'ence may bo olecteil.
In witness hereof I havo hereunto
!) set my hand and affixed the Great Seal
SEAL.-of the Territory of Arizona. Done at
) Prescott this 2il day of Hottemlicr, A.
-v. D. 1SI. P. A. TrtlTLK.
Governor ot Arizona.
Attest; J. P. IlrsTWicx,
Acting tSecretary.
Sniairr's Ornoe. Pim Cororrr. A. T..
Tcr.sos. October l. 1W1 f
In compliance with SVction 1 of Chanter 21.
Comniled Laws of theTerritorT of Arizona. 1
do hereby givenntice that ihere will be n gen
eral election hoiuen in nma coumyon trie na
day f Novrmber. 1.-61. in aceonlance with the
above proclamation,
oettt IMI-PAnUShenff.
This Orea
Strnu gthenlne
Ilemedr and Nerie
TO.MC is the legiti
mate result ot over
twenty years of prac
tical experience. Dy a
Thoroughly Qualified
graduate physician of
one of the highest
medical cilleg's of
Europe, aid I UltES
witt- unfailing certsi.
cty Nervouand I'll.
ktnnl llMhilitv. Hemi.
Pf tk 1ft mi . nal Weaknee. Sir
0AM.Wro,OYAImatorrho!a. Prostn
tmm .torrhara. Emissions
Impoteacy. rxnautei vitality. Prematura De
clineand LOsS OK MANUOtlU, la all lis
ratnnllrailnns. nnd frum whatever cause
nr,iii,.L iiinrhHnil nnnfies the blood
rltrencthens the Nerves. Brain, Mu'clea. Hiirce
tion. lloprwluctive Orgsx. and Phjucal and
M.T.I.I L'.mliloa It tin anv unnatural debll
itaung drain npon the system. preventing tnvol.
untary Ioee. debilitating dreams, seminal
lowea with the unne etc. so desiruc'ive to
mind and body. It is s nre ;immsirof all
curtains no injurious ingredients. To lboe
unerlnc rroni the rill enrcls or youthrul
lnillcretlon or excre. a speedy. Ibyr
ongh anil permanent, t'l III'. IS lil'AK.V
TEI".1. Price. 3JO per bottle, or hve bottles
in case, with full rUrections and advice.SIO.
Sent socure from obsorvatiwi to any address up
on receipt of price, or C O. I To bo hail only
316 Kearney Stret.Sn Francisco, Cnl.l
Consultations strictly confidential, by lottei
or at office HIKE. or trw? convenience of pa.
tient. and in order to injure perfect secrecy. I
hare adopted a private address, under which all
packages are f orwardod.
Buf&cient to show its merit, will be sent to any
one applying by letter, stating his symptoms
and an. Comrjuntcationss'rictlycouficea'ial
....FOB THE....
Nervous and Debilitated.
World Renowned Reined,
lawlcgce, Nenons DeWllr, Semtal V76ia
ms, nl NerrsQS ExHehsUoh tow
tier Mmi, a PiRlr YegEU
Ke, EEUiME ReHeir.
This remedy is also invaluable inallcaseaot
Chronic Debility. Epileptic Fits. St. Vitus
Dance. Melancholy Nervous Headache. Depres
sion ot rjpirit. etcwhich are the results ot con
stitutional deracgea ent or imprudence and un
fit thesuSerer for the active duties of life; it
acts by invigorating, strengthening and Kestor
tne the system to a healthy condition.
Price seventy.five cents a package. Six pack
ages sufficient to cure the worst casef. no matter
how long standing.
For Sale bj- Drngzlstj and Dealers
throughout the irorld.
Address-DR. LOWRY'S REMEDIES No. lit
Lsxinsten avenue New York. ncStlflo
AfcaOtDttiy cnrM to 31 ti SO
Uyn. by Dr- tVrrt TtlttZ
Wftrrmntrd th cmlT ElcrLyTra s si
in the wvrdL EndrrfT drvmifmsn
sin rhru Perfect Bttctr. -vad i von
k ana ronuon tuztl suxi ay. curl
rvDOxI Dr. J. Mnim cf Nt York.
hnadndfl sf ther. N'cv iatamied bsin
plUrt trx cotuntiic fall tnfflnnatieix.
ii -j?.-.tyr-r-
Sas X raaciseo. Csl.
X cial District, in the county of Pima. Territory
of Arizona.
M.J. Hnllivan and John Chart, doing business
under the firm nniie of M.J. ullinn A o.,
pla ntidi. against George VT. Van llovenbergh.
broucht in the District Court of the
First Judicial Di'trict. in and for tho county of
Pima, in the '1 erritorj ot Arizona.
The Territory of Arizona sends greeting to
George W. Van llovenbergh.
You aro hereby summoned and required to ap
pear in an action brought againnt you by the
above named plaintiff in the Dmtrict Court of
the h'irrt Judicial District, in and for the county
ot Pima, in the Territory of Arizona, and nn
swer the complaint hied with tho Clerk of tliii
Court t Tucson, i- said county (a copyof whirh
complaint accompanies this summunsl withm
twenty days (exclusive of the ilay of service)
aftr the service upon you of this summons, if
served in this county; bnt if t-erved out ot the
county and within this district, then within
thirty days; in all other caes forty days.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail to
appear and answer tho compUintas above re
nuired.the rlamtitf will apply to the court for
the relief therein demanded, and cots and dis
bursoirents in this belialf exiiendcd.
. (ii 'en under my hsnil and the seal of
i u... tsaid District Court at Tuonon this 24;h
Jo"1-! day of 8eptembr. A.D. 11.
v c. SJ. JEFFORDS, Herk-
Ry J. A AxDlBSOX, Jb., Deputy.
J. a Perry.
1'laintilt e Attomer. OctlDmGOd
X stored in this city, a tabular tin caw. about
12 inches long and 1 ii in diameter, c mtaining
at follows: One demit as Master Mason from
Mt. Moriah Lodge. Fiddletown. Amador county,
California, dated latter psrt of 1HS1 or early tn
12; 1 commission as Secocd Ijeutcnant of
Company II. First California Infantry: 1 com
mission as First Lieutenant and Quartermnster
First California Infantry; 1 communion as First
Lieutenant California Infantry; 1 discharge as
enlisted man frum Company C. Fir California
Infantry, to accept commission datnU I think,
r'ebmarr 19, IMi, sisned by I'olonel Edwin A.
Rigg; 1 final muster out of service at Santa r'e.
New Mexico, July 0, 1S0B, and perhaps some
other papers ot a personal nature. By returning
theo papers the above reward will be paid by
the undersigned and no quettiens asked, as to
him ther are valusble. but valueless In the
bands of others, as detectives are looking for
inetn to ijo pre senteti in v asnington with a view
of claiming back pay, and by fraud and perjury
apnion. S.R.DtLONU.
Tnraon Ari,ma. Sent. -I. lfAl. set Srn
For Iniiicsucn, ceistmitien ail CosiiicHcss,
For sale by J. F YORK A. A CO., soleacent
for Tucson A-T. Ask for circnlsr. ie2lDAVlm
Obtained, and all otlier business in the O.S.
Patent Office attended to for MODERA1E
OuroCco is opposite the U. H- Pattnt OiEce.
and we can obtain Patents in less time than
those remote from WASHINGTON.
Send MODEL OR DRAWING. We advise as
to patentability free of chartre; and we make
ENT. We refer here to the Postmaster, the Supt. of
Money Order Div.. and to officials of the U. B.
Patent Office. For circular, advice, terms and
references to actual clients in your own state or
county. Trite to
C. A. SNOW ri CO.
delltf Opp. Patent Office, Washington. B.C.
Notice of Forfeiture
Haushaw. PllfA r,n ,
TO J. A. NOLLEY. OR THOet .. '
claim under him an umiiiHtp ! ,
terest in the following .eriU . .
You are hereby nolined ihHr 1 .. . '
One Hundred Dollars in lator ,( '.
ments each opon the Nel'lnt-;,,
Queen mining claims, locate ; Jl.-.j ' ...
recordetl in i3ook l lteon!i , f y
7Macd751. heconler'sutlicenf I'irr , ,'
T.and the Yankee mining eiam: . '-,
liil.and rocordeil in Kofk P l,,.r,t. , ..
razes 751 and 752. Ilet-unt-r. ,t' ', "
county. A. T. all Mid claims U-ir:,; i.
Mining District, Pima count;. 'T ,
tain $10) each hiving been eji,.il-, ' .
order to hold said clnims acurr t' .
ot Sectu n 231. ltevie,l ittu: (..' ' '
KibIm Imvitii the nmiiiinr n..n . .
same for the year ending Deeeo- U- v
that 1 have con'nbuleit jimr r..r- '.
Therefore, if within W ilay s.!,-r- rt
notice of publication io f.ui f r-tg.. .
tribute your proportion of ur:, , t, , .
co-owner, with the olii.!i'J.iill'
your interest in said chum will nf; 1,' '
erty of the snbscriler wunvl ,.'
Your proportion of said experil.'un.
dreil uolhira or tX1.3S for e, . , ' . ' , '
claims. M
Ang.9W-3m Xfl. , ll(,u
Notice of horfeiture.
Tccsox. Put l oc a J ,
Jl: ; .
TO JOHN T. WAf JiKR. OK nn.-. i
may claim urnler him ae ui.,ni
sixth interest in thefi!!i nrn. ,-r.r . .
erty. You are hreli) ntiaeil ihar kv
cendedFiveH mliwt LHilIam m laUir !
provements up-. a thePompej and H- -
mining cl:u:s. Nicietl tetruary V
Lsst Atteupt n ii.mc claim. Wutu1 '
1873. the Mm:. u- 1 l,nmn numng clu.
August 1. K", and the Hamlet mir ::ic
cat 01 rebruary li l-7s. all raid i In : - r
theTyndal Minine District, l'n. i ,
zona. Theaid$& havir li.---i:
18S3 in order to hold -aul cUin.- m -visions
ot Section SfJl. Ket.-nl
United States, being tr anio-.:.-
hold tho same for the year -nliu .- I
l.-SJ, and that wo have omtribut.-i: .
thereof. Therefore, if within .!
vice of this notiee of pabl:ca:.nL .
refuse to contribute yoor prop'n . .
penditnres as ci-oner. with !
publication. your intret in Haul r!
come the property of tbesebiu n.. .
Section EI. Your pnpertiia of -ituro
is eighty-three and SJ-1 n ,i.
A. . t
jostrn kni
IW. Ill'
JyaiWSm E.I.WU-- '
ExrcunvE PtrABTurNT u- '
OiFICI or T'.lf Ii
PBX.Tr. Ariziinn. a
prevalent among Tela i ,.'!
to bo disastrous to theoatu-' 'i i
zonnur.Ie the importattmi i.f m , -tie
into this Territory is trn-r .
Now. therefore. I. H. M.sn Jr
Governor of Arizona Terriloir -person
or tereons from driving
into this Te.-ritory until the Uth c
A. D. 1S3I.
n.M. VAN V
aul2tf Acting Governor of f ri -
holder,, of the Southern ar ,
Comjiany (of Arizona) will lie) t
of the company, in tho city t-f '
State of Cnlilornin. on Weill .-i-,
day of October. lfrSl, at ten o'cl-1 L
purpose of electing Directors io
ensumc sear, and for the tramsi
other business as may properly con.e l-i
aulDtd K.S. DOCTi :
zona; situated in Hear valley. Imvi. -one
entrance; nbout 10 miles sontheaxt f n 1
Rlanco; contains a houi-e lSxl.'i and S hit:
clear; n gxl post corrd JUxt; a str. -
ini water I ha:i n n ue: 40 acrts i
nlowed land for orchaid or urain. ra-
pupiHirt l.(V0 to 5, head. Inquire a' 1
othew. i.
Application for Pardon.
Xv undersigiiett will, alter the ex;- r
fifteen days from thdaio hereof, i;
Governor of the lerrilory of Ari-n
fianion of Jom, Unas, now conhnu' i
ritortal prison at Yuma Said l'r-,1 s
dergoing a sentence oT seven ; -urn
ment under a sentenre impied by t -tho
First Judtc nl Distri:t of phi i T- r
and for Pima county, pronounced i-i
day of October, l-i
Dated at Tucson Sptea bar 2i. I --1
tho Territory of Auzonn f-jr ti
apprehension and conviction of
Iartie wln munlered rederick Ii, i
:3d day of Juno last nt Con Ryan's r.
Sonoita River, iu the county of Pin
s81tDltW Acting Governor h
Orpxei: or IioAEi) of b'crrr . 4
Pima Cobitt, i cosox. A. r.. Sep'
Tho Board of Supervisors met xiuraii-'i.
iournmect at 0 o'clock a. m.
On motion ordered, both members v
that the following preamble and reto.
Whereas. The prevalence of the Text
fever among the cattle ot Texas and Jirr
co seriously endangers and menaces t
raising industry of Pima county, Ik- i
leolveil. 'Hint t lie proclamation p--August
V, lpgl. by His fcxeedency. t
ot Arizona, relative thereto bestnctl
and any perum and persons wh.
bring or cause to be bniught or di ivt
county of Pima, in violation of k:i: I .
tion. any cows, calves, bulls, stet-ns
from tho infected State of Texas or f
Ne- Mexico shall, uisin convict'
be deemed guilty ot having estabt
tensive trade, and of aiding. abt ' .
taining a nuisance within the 1
Pima county, and every person f,' i
feniling, upon ronvirtiqn thereof t
ished as the law directs, and them, -moved
and abated by the Sheriff or
This preamble and resolution
forthwith, and le in full force tlm i ' -
of time specified in said pnc!ao. ,i ' '
13th day of October. A. D. 1S3U "
By order ot Board of Siipervi.,r--
uj VT. A. MoDebmott. Deputy.
X of Section 21 of Chapter "J ot f
Laws of the Territory of Anzon.i
of the Hoard ot Supervisors of l
maile September IS, 16sl. I aro .
make an otfer of an nncnnil"i""
for the arret and convidt- r.
trator or perpetrators of the n i
Cisco Quinones. near the San Bar
or about tho Sth day ot Julyn-l.
Sheriff rf Pirra Coi
Dated Tucioa. October 2.
X of Section 21 of Chapter tf. Cur- .
of Arizona Tsrntory. and the ord r t
os Supervisors ot Pima county ma-it'
IsSt. 1 am authorized toolfer a rewa." '
for the arrest and conviction of tlj
or perpetrators of the murder of Fr :k
Con. Ryan's Rnch, on tho Sonoiu-.t
dar ot June, lj&l. R. H F'r
Sheriff ot Pitt
Tucson. October 2. ltl.
Dissolution Notice.
XI co-partnership heretolore exi'i"
the under iitned. under tho firm n rre , " s
A Cerino, h this day been di-solvt J r ' ,
consent. Haldo Sairh pays all tr. .
collects all bills of the late firm ac-i Cl'
thn lusiacsa in his own name.
Tucson, September 27th, 1S4. , j,
BALD' ?-?
se!91w J.CEIUW

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