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Weekly Citizen.
One Copy, Ope Year in Advance,
One Copy, Six Month
On Copy, One Yeario. Advance,
One Copy, Six Month -
$10 00
I 00
2. 00
15 cent itr line, for the first insertion &ii d
10 acts ter lin for each sabfeeqaent insertion.
Thi Asizoh Datlt Citizen ie in its twenty
econd year, and has an extensive circulation
t rootfhoat the territory. It Associated Press
reports are foil and concise and especial attention
is pnid t o territorial news.
('"kb fcrorCK is always welcome bat
maetb enp, newsy and to the point. Matter
of a personal nature are at desired.
t2J25 per square, iJ linen n on pan el lirst lnftar.
ton. so. J fluU per sqaare each soxsequeni ip
Made known on Application.
This pai-er is keit on file at K. C. Drake
Advertising A eencv. 64 and C" Merchants Ex
chance. San Francisco. California, where con
tracts for advertising can be made for it.
fob president:
foe vice president:
This well-known river eo prominently
identified in the hietorv of Arizona's
TB"t has a peculiar feature about it not
known to those abroad and which can
not be grappled with and solved by
6trangers not posted in solving a water
problem which has called to its solution
the skdled aquatic scientists of the pre
cent age. Tne Santa Cruz sinks from
its surface river bei source a short dis
tance abov6 Tucson and resumes its
flow westwsrd to the Colorado river,
through tr.e medium of a subterranean
channel. Over this great tatural sub
terranean river are spread out millions
of acres of as fertile soil as ever the
ruler of the universe granted a man to
live upon. The San Joaquin valley of
California has do greater natural facili
ties to add to her greatness than the
Santa Cruz valley possesses. The aid of
capital and the scientific work of engin
eers will divert the waters from its pres
ent subterranean passage as it rolls to
ward the Colorado and distribute it
skillfully and beneficially .upon tht
many fertile acres cow dormant and
void of product and the transformation
will be great indeed. The garden and
the orchard, the vineyard and grain
fields, the pasturage and lovely meadow
and from the midst of this scenery will
loom up a commercial city not ancient
ized but rehabilitated and modernized
the city of Tucson, whose destiny has
been esgraved and ecribistically pre
dicted long before present writers have
tackled it. If one canal company does
not convey the water another will and
Bleeping millions in coin will wake up to
the music of a merry jingle in the cof
fers of those who have the hardy hood,
the business courage and sagacity to
grapp and properly sustain a grand op
portunity when they see it,
This word, brought into existence by
the love of country ia the ages that
have preceded the present generation,
is likewise engrafted in the present
generation and like charity beginning
at home, so sbonld patriotism express it
eelf in behalf of home. What species of
Christianity is it that says we will
preach to the naked souls of infidels
abroad; we will clothe the naked bodies
of the barbarian abroad in the path of
Christian duty, yet overlook the more
urgent and demandatory claims of the
little naked souls that are right under
our eyes and daily inspection? So like
wise in a spirit of patriotism which em
bodies the love of one's country; the ad
vancement of the same; the ultimate
prosperity of the people interested
therein, can be embodied the calient re
marks, A home manifestation of chari
ty is applicable; a home manifestation
of patriotism is applicable." Living in
a city as permanent residents there is
no greater "duty, both patriotic and
ia a business sense, obligatory upon
each reeidenters than to endeavor to
make their home city and their home
surroundings beautiful, but this can
never ba done when the very means to
accomplish such end3, the money, the
circulating medium, the power creative
of commercial industry is sent away to
purchase articles in the centralized
markets of cities who care nothing fur
us nor contribute a dollar to the pros
perity of the vicinity from which such
money is sant. In a spirit of duty to
every man who owns a foot of real es
tate or a home in this neighborhood you
cannot avail yourself of a higher oppor
tunity to advance the price and value
of your property, to create better times,
reduce your taxation than to keep your
circulating financial power, called mon
y, circulating amongst yourselves,
Thu3 is not an enunciation fanatic, nor
e random assertion with no foundation
to build upon, but it is a dogma involv
ing practical statesmanship that cannot
be denied and if ou dee'ue to lift your
self from out of a slough cf commercial
despond, you must rah to the princi
ple that concerns home in preference to
abroad, and upon a campaign patriotic
of this description, Tucson, Pima
ccunty and our sister counties and ler
ritcry at large ill emerge at the end of
the race, a strong, stout, healthy, well
grocmed athlete prepared to be clad in
the dress of statehood and take part ia
the battles governmental of all that
pertain to the nation's life.
1 mm
VVOMES Of i AoitfTlS a.
Lulii Hurst, the eo called Georgia
Wonder is well remembered here for
rral or supposed fVats of magne'ism.
Under the foregoing caption the Alba
ny Telegram says that at Wallacks
Theatre she showed her ability to
support an umbrella in the air when
resting against the p ilm of her hand,
against the effort of such a professional
athlete as Willi hm Mu'doon, and such
athletic amateurs ps Wright Sanford,
to pull it down, the town f-11 into violent
parties and argued the matter with the
feroei'y of a theological r political sub
ject. One party denounced Lulu llu.-rt
as an imposler, which scaro-ly erived
tha secret of her power. Tha o;her de
clared she possessed magnetic qualities.
as by far tha easiest way out of it. As
forLulu, she made no claims, but 8miled,
as she did constant-, and kept on hold-
ing up her umbrel a acd lifting as many
members of lhe a'hletic clubs as could
Bit at once on a chair, enriching herself
greatly thereby. Ihere were wvmea's
matinees, w here a dozen women would
contend Bgainst the slim Georgian, and
be roady to rend her for her coul, smiling
Fuprematy. Lulu Hurst herself, ques
turned, said she did not understand her
own power. Shehyd discovered it by
accident wrestling for fun iu Georgia.
But it seerueed most plausible to some
of those who watched her and expri
mented with her that she had a knack of
utiliz:n to her ow n advantage the force-?
used asrainst her. The resultant was al
ways in her favor, lhe strength of sev
eral people used against her neutralized
eacn otner. ine lores sue usea was
always free. Since tha day of Lulu
Hurnt, who became a rich woman and
married her husband, i-nother Georgia
woman, known as the magnetic girl, has
baen traveling in Europe. The anger
in the individual breast here tit Lulu
Hurst's triumph there became a riot,
and in Vienna the girl was expelled as
dangerous to the public peace. But
stid more recently Stuart Cumberland
the mind reader, has associated with
him a relative. Misd Payllis Bently.
who performs feats of great strength
like those of Lulu Hurst. The mind
reade-, his wife and Jliss Bently have
been among the invited guests at the
golden wedding of the king and quern
of Denmark, and there Mies Bently en
tertained the royal parry with her ex
periments. The czar, phyeicclly, is the
strongest monarch in Jvjrcpe, yet he
could not lift Miss Bently by the elbows
nor with his strength, push this fiagil
locking Eoglir-h girl agains?. a w 1!.
With a biiliird cu, neither the czar,
king, crown prince, nor duke of Cum
berland wtre able to disturb Miss Bent-
ey's ba'ance cr bring the cue to the
ground. Another int-resiiag mordent
says the Pall Mall Gazette, was hen
Miss Bently, with the greatest ease lift
ed four cations in the persons of the
czar, the cron prince of Denmark, the
rrown prince of Greece and the duke cf
Cumberland. Now bh to the solution
Miss Bentley Siya what ia claimed as
phenomena of mairnetitm is a know
ledge of lev rage and balance.
Senator Higgins, chairman cf th-
FLepublican Congressional campaign
committee, has selected an executive
jorumittee composed of the following
represenla:iv68 to. in corjunctioo with
himself, take charge of tbe congression
al campaign, Caldwell, of Oaio, Her
man, of Oreoa, Houk, of Tennessee
and Cheatam, of North Carolina. At
least two of these gentlemen, making a
quorum, will remim constantly at the
headquarters of the committee of this
ity until the campaign is over.
"President Harrison will undoubtedly
bs re-elected uuless some egregious
blunders are made in the campbign, and
hardly think there is any danger of
that," was the confident prediction
made by Senator Quay. He spoke
highly cf Chairman Carter and said:
President Harrison, I btlieve, wiil car
ry every state that cast its electoral vote
for him four years ago. He will also
ave the support of all the states that
have been admitted to tbe Union since
election. In addition to these he
wilhcarry West Virginia, that went by a
ery narrow margin for the Democratic
candidates in 1SSS. I don't thuk we
need aek more than that."
Director General Davis has issued the
following notice, which is of special in
terest to all intending exhibitors at tbe
World's Fair:
"This is to notify you that all applica
tions for space must be made before
Aug. 1, 1S32. Applications already re
ceived call for at least tvice as much
space as is at our disposal. A pplications
received up to the close of the current
month will be entitled to consideration.
Allotment of space will then begin. Iu
making such allotment the value en i
importance of each exhibit in its rela
tion to the whoie will be duly consider
"The chief end to be kept ia view will
be the completeness and gBerel merit
of the whole exhibit of each departiiieut.
Exhibitors are urged to pu for the
beet exhibit possible rather than the
largest, and to study especially econc my
of spacs. The artistic effect of exhibits
ill have much to do with tfcair location
in the building."
Senator Aldrich, of llhode Island,
recently delivered one of hi calm, con
servative and convincing speeches ou
the report of the committee which has
been engaged in investigating the effect
the tariff on the cost of living and
wages in this country and Great Britain.
more sharply drawn in the prwe-nt cam
paignthaa ever before, tbe Rpublicans
favoring a continuance of the protective
tariif, and the Democrats denouncing
protection as a fraud and as being un
constitutional. He gave not.ee that
the friends of protection proposed wag
ing aggressive warfare upon tbe re
volutionary doctrines which, although
long secretly cherished by Democratic
eadere, are now for the first time open
ly avowed. He then recited the Demo
cratic statements reinstatements
would have better expressed the idea
made duricg tbe last congressional cam
paign, charging that the McKinley
tariff law would result in greatly in
creasicg the cost of living in this coun
try. This charge has been completely
refuted by the non-partisan investiga
tion of the senate committee, of which
Mr. Aldrich was chairman, and Sen
ator Carliele and Harris the Democrat
ic members, which shows that 6ince
1890 there has been & steady decline in
the coat of living in the United States
ad an iocreaca ia Great Britain, and
tbat at oo time ia our history ban the
earBiof of tb Amtrieaa FCffp'f feet?
so greaf, measured by their power to
purchase tha comforts r.nd necets'trica
of life, as they are today. Senator Ve: S
made a weak attempt to reply, urdrjg
the Homestead labor troubles n ar
gument f gainst protection, and assert
ing that the value of furro.Dg lands bad
dterioruk-d under proteciicn. which -.-e-rlioii
brought instaiit deaiale, as to
their own spates, from a number of lie
puoliciin ht-cators, including PedJoJir,
of Nebraska, Davis, of Minnesota, and
Pettigrew, of North Dakota.
The paL two jetra the mining inter
ests nave et-pecifciiy Eu2e e J a pecu.iar
lethargy toih iu doveiopaiant aad in in-
vectmLt, but thi.- period of time is but
the Sahara that mat with in all iii-
I dustrialcircie3 Tneda sn of a briput-
J er era In fining muet exhibit itself tre
j loa atul tne recuperation and rad..ing
' force6 of vat industry so c.osely al
lied to the m;itiriaJ wialth and prosper
ity of tha riht on at large atd every
ramification of the business world de
pending lh?ren, th-s tilver and mining
interest of Arizona together with our
siotr Territories and baptized n:aU
wiil b? accorded the needed legislation
to revive the industry and do away wi'h
the wrong that injures the entire west.
The Chino Valley Champion has tbe
flowing statement as to the sugar fac
tory runciag in full blaet at that place
Up to last night 39G1 tons of beets
have been delivered at the factory thin
season. There were 301) tons, of beets de
livered at the factory jedterday."
Dick Gird and his associates put $GC0
000 into this plant and the government
has paid them a royalty of nearly 200,
000, and judging from the velocity at
which the wheels are kept turning and
the vast amount of tonnage that is be
ing worked, tbe projectors of this com
mendable enterprise will receive a true
recompense and tbe people in general
who consume large amounts o! sugar
will eDjoy reduced prices. Next in or
der in the same hue will Arizona speak
a word even if it necessitates second
place on tbe list.
Ufpcblican persistency. It has won
another great victory ever the antiquat
ed ideas of tnofs backed Democracy,
and compelled a majority of the house
to uphold the national honor by voting
for the Worlu's Fair appropriation.
Lt no one forget that had it not been
for tbe parMateucy of the Republican
senate ia demanding that the house
pass that appropriation, and the voteB
of the solid lidpubheau membership of
that body aide! by progressive, anti
Holman Democrats the exposition in
which the president had by direction of
congress lnviua the nations or tbe
world to participate would hive been
crippled, if cot entirely ruined, by the
Democratic refusal to render it nation
al financial aid. Evervone of the 107
votes in the house agaicst the World'e
Fair appropriation was cast by a Demo
crat, or by i.n assistant Democrat
third party man aad the tilibusierere
all beloDg to the tame crowd.
Bradstrf.et. l he senate, with great
promptness and without a division,
passed tbe bill to enforce reciprocity in
the matter of cinal tells between the
United Slates and Canada, and the bill
became a law through the signature of
the president on Tuesday last. This
la v provides in substance that when
ever tbe president shall ba eatisfied that
the passage through any canal or lock
connected with the navigation of the St
Lawre&ce river, the great lakes or the
waterways connecting the same, or any
vessels of the United Statee, or of car
goes and passengers in transit to cny
port of the United Statee, is prohibited
or 'n made difficult or burdensome by
the imposition or tolls or otherwise,
which he shall deem to be reciprocally
unjust and unreasonable, he 6hall have
the power to suspend the right of free
package through the St. Mary Fa la
Canal to far as it relates to vessels own
ed by the subjects of the government
discriminating against the United
The city council will meet ic special
session tonight, ar;d as several impor
tant measures will be brought before
them the attendance will unuoubted'y
be large. Among other measures to be
dincufsed will be an electric light fan
chisa aad also a scheme to confine the
public women of tne town to obscure
quarters regardless of the 750 yards
limit. Both of the propositions are in
the main good and should receive seri
ous consideration. Iu the matter of
granting the electric franchise, nothing
should be done till the measure has
been fully and freely diso-ussed, and
that proposition (we are told there are
eeveral) adopted that promises the
greatest advantage to the city. The at
tempt made on Monday night last to
bind the city for a given amount of ye&ra
to take a fixed number of lights at a
price which far exceeds that paid by
any other town in tha territory ought
ceitniuly to tied no favor with the
council. There is no reason that this
city should pay more for its electric
lights than is paid by Phoenix or No
galee. Anything tbat i reasonable or
fair in that direction will be s:ti6fac-
Under the action of the council by
which the public woi.'en were expelled
without the 750 yards limit, they were
on to the streets, lhe city marshal re
port? that with the present force it is
almost impossible to confine them with
in doors nctftilhstending the numer
ous arrasts made. In addition to this
it is an imposition and an outrage fn
respectable neighborhoods to force the
women in question into them as has
been done by the enforcement of the
750 yards iia.it law. An easy solution
is however, offered, which if adopted,
will btcure respectable neighborhoods
from annoyance by the proximity to
disreputable houses, and at the same
time b'riag the latter under eaGy
police surveilliance. That i9 to 6et aside
some obscure street for the use of 6aid
women. It is reported that property
holders on said obscure street, are
willing to vacate and have the city der
eignate and set aside streets for the re
sidence of tbe women at issue and it ia
reported that one or more euoh offers
will be laid before the council. If such
proposals are made they should bd well
acd favorably acted upon.
fiwiRM of rrranhoDDera have made
their appearance a Arijippa, devouring
every green thisg they can Hod in that
com trj .which id tn-t overburdened much
wuh vegeiation. A o.i loarsovoice J lo
cust ai e reported to various sectioop (
the cnuutr.v, believed to be of tlie eevvii-t-trntli
year specie. Truir wic;S u o
orbaiiter-trd with the letter W wbich
i supr irioud belu-ve to be a poit?nt
li.i ;t ,..m,; T...r.i
i mm. it siguiiied JioiUit-g more ijWIijI
than Weav-r. Ad fu:u of famine-
breeding grafheppers acd Jo u-t s.r
c-pjt-rn hen io' U3t !.r
it . htting th.it tby
caiauwli.'s, autl
bhould w-edr the
prophet &d1 pro
The above tdIuson to Arizona is ore
amoogjt tbe mary irresponsible ones
that tend todtPtoit facts ind rcd?r en
injury to the Territorj-. It first 6a w the
light in a Press dispatch from Fhoecix
whicii has been severely commented on
by the preM of the northern tier of
counties ciiling for th- removal of the
insulator of tbe dispitch when there
was no material nur necessary grounds
for its cr giaation. It is the becoming
duty of the Pres Association to see
that no unnecessary stigma ia added to
the burden that Arizona has already
been pacing through tce medium of
boss falfitieri, uatruthful literary con
tortionists and ina irant ciricaturists.
Bucklon's Arnica Salv
I'ne oesi. ei e in tne wot.d fc. cuts
sres, tetter, chapped hands, chilblain
cores, and all skin eruptions, and potii
lively cureM piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaciion
or money ref usea.
For sale by Geo. Martin.
The Killing of Graham.
The coroner's jury, after dtliberations
yesterday, brouLt in the verdict that
Graham came to his death by guns
the hands of Rhode3 and Tewksbury.
The verdict was giv; n ia accordance
with the beBt evidence ootidaabie, the
fact in the case fully justified tbe ren
dering of such a verdict. None are dis
appointed and none are surprised at the
The body of Thomas Graham wsb
brought to this city today for burial,
accotnpanied by his Borrowing wife and
little daughter, Stel a. Mr. and Mrs.
Melton, father and. mother of Mrs.
Graham, Mr. Del Shay, his partner,
Mrs. Arthur and Ilev. Hitchcock.
The body was met at the depot by th
A. O. U. W. lodge of this city, cf w hich
deceased was a member in good stand
ing, and taken charge of by that organi
zation. A ehort service wa9 held at Terape
aDd also at tbe grave.
Tbe Phoenix f i iands of the dead man
turned out to pay their last tribute to
Iand Court Matters.
U. S. Attorney Reno!da of the land
court, recently said that the next stssion
would probably be held at" Tucson for
the hearing of th Arizona cases
A certified copy under saal of the
court of tbe proceedings in the Alg-.
dones case has been furnicheJ by the
clerk to parties here. The minutes read
as foilotvs:
"Algadones Land Co. vs. United
States. Claim rejected ard suit r.d-4-miseed.
One day given plaintitf to fiio
motion for reheariLg. Motion havirg
been filed, hearing of said motion h pet
for the .August term cf said court at
Sfinta Fe."
The case will be beard on the loth of
this month. Times.
Worthy of Contemplation.
Without interfering in the business
of our merchants, nor arrogantly sug
gesting to tiem their line of duty, nor
ounctiuctirg a pathway for them (com
mercial) over which tbey bhould strictly
travel, for such wculd be arbitrary iru
bably at the present tinje, owing' to C3r
tain existing con iilione. Take for the
problem of solution tbe one feature of
Hour consumption. Compute the num
ber of sacks cf Hour used in Arizona of
Arizona product and then tabulate the
numb-r cf 6acks of foreign flour or rl our
brought in and consumed from other
states and then ask yourselvss if there
is not needed an Arizoca McKinley to
place this vast and resourceful terntory
upon an industrial progress. A terri
tory patronizing its own products be
comes to a certain extent seif-susrtain-ing,
attracts outaide population, capital
ists, farmers and manufacturers and the
inevitable and natural sequence is that a
mutual fellowfahip exist between th
producer, consumer and manufacturer
and a land that was once dull becomes
active and the space or scope of couutry
heretofore void of inhabitants becomes
the busy and stirring scenes of activity.
Many people are used to one biand of
Hour and dislike to change. Some are
fond of a very white article while others
claim tha Arizona article full of nutri
tion and as go;.d as ai.y brand. Oregon
and Californitt wheat are mixed in Cal'f.
md;s and thus secures a very white ap
pearence, but in bread making qualities
they do not carpass tha Eage Mills of
Tucsen or Phoenix mills. If every
sack of Hour consumed in Arizona could
be produced and manufactured here.
what a boon to farmers; what cn incen
tive to mil! men. This as one instance
(done is laid before the public No gag
law, nor force b;ll, nor arbitrary spirit
is impiUd as a tresspass r.pon the
rights cf any good citizen or the domes
lij wishes of any good wife, but the
p:oblem for soiution is there and when
satisfactorily solved to ail concerned,
it will take the best musicians of the
world to supply the sweet and cheering
financial prosperous music that will be
heard in the hills and valleys of Ari
zona. A Narrow Escape
Mrs. If and, wife of John Hand, cf
Ramsey Canyon, was ts;aulted by a
Mexican on Sunday eveoinig last, and
had it not b.eu for the approach of u
team, tha villian would probably have
aL'Compiiehed hi purpose It happened
about a mile from Charleston. A ra.
Hand was riding horseback4 and w h -n
nar a thicket a man jumped from tbe
side of the road ami seized her horse
end then drugged her by brute force
from tbe saddle. She thought, at tiret
that thw objact was robbery and offered
him 85 which she bad hud also told him
to take the horso. This was not his
object, however, and be began puilicg
her away from tbe road into the thicket.
Atthissha rebelleJ, when he drew a
d:rk knife and brandishing it over her
head tiiieateoed to kill her unless she
accompanied him. Even this did not
frighten her and t-hest 11 resisted, when
beJproeee.dd to drag ber and euceeded
in doiig so for two hundred yards.
Jutt at this time John Houghton and
wife came along in ther buggy, and tl:B
fellow evidently became frightened and
relaxed his grasp long enough to enable
M-s. Hand t dart through the bushes
and mke toward the noise of the vehi
cle. Mr. Uouahton saw a person coming
toward the wagon and thinking the ob
ject was robberty, threw the lines to his
wife, and picking up his shot guu, cocked
both barrels and was ready for any emer
gency. s the person appoached nartr
he saw it was a woman and hastened to
lend her a helping bend. She toid hr
story and was taken to Charleston,
where she remained during the night
at Ernest Byer's.
No news of the outrage was conveyed
th the sheriffs office until last night, 21
hours after the accurrence, The oppor
tune arrival of Mr. Houghton and wife
probably saved the life of the unfortu
nate woman.
Mrs. Hand describes the wretch and
also gives an exact description of tbe
knife with which he sought to compel
her to accompany him, Other than this
there is ns clye to bis identity. Pros
pector. The best ever mnde the Garden
Seemless Hose juat arrived at
4 - 2tf UrjGats, Stknexs & Co.
Beatrice, Neb., August 2. Fifteen
thousand people were at Chataoua
t'lou -8 thia affer.-joon hrtecing to the
drf 89 of Governor William McKinle.
j 'f Ohio. A special train this morning
j uuiu. special train mis morning
j b;o:jrit iu throaf of people f.-cto Kan-
irreai, pro'eenonist. jsrter tin pararie
and promptly at 3 o'clock MeKiuby be
gan bis addrr-s-f.
Ho.MfSTf.AO, Austin 2. There haa
b-en great nclivily among the leaders
toiUy to pa-vent tLe wf a'ieniiii of
etrikere in the mechanical department
was cailcd for tis afternoon. Sher
idan m.op and part of b;ttery B. has
b.?ftii ordered hocie this morning. Three
regiments still remain.
Washington, Aiigust 2. The senate
resoiulintis as to the P.nktrtoc force has
lean ad.iptea without division.
Montgomery, Anzuft 2. Returns re
ceived today confirming the belief that
Jones majoritv wiil reach i-OAKHJ i;nd t he
legislature will be overwhelmingly le
ino'jratic. Omaha, Neb., August 2. Special
from llasticga, Nevada, says Dlavan
S. Cole was murderf-d iaat nigl t by un
known persons. His' body es found
thin morning in a deserted shanty lying
in a pool of blood. Cole was one of f:
wealthiest uieo in the city. The object
of tbe murder was probably robbery.
Indianopolip. Aug. 2. Supreme Jus
li ;e Freeman Sumerbery 'of the ''Iron
Hah has returned to the city, but de
dices to speak of cbarcee ceramet him
self. He insists, however, that his ac
counts are nil right and that he is not
afraid cf investigation.
Danfjiore, N. V., Aucr. 2. Joseph
v ooa was eiectroCineu today at 11:1G a
m. Death reported as painless and in
Hclva, Spain, Au?. 2. Spanish an
foreign vet-sels which had gathered hero
to take part in the celebration of the
iOUth anuiverparv of tbe tailing of Col
umbue, proceeded for Palos this mom
ew iork, Aug. 2. It transpires
mat a gang of young sharpers robbed
two pool rooms out of nearly S50X)
Saturday by tapping tbe telegraph
Washington, August 2. The house
adjourned after revoking all leaves of
absence even those granted on account
or s.cKness,
Kanfas City. Auz. 2. A masked
higbwajman at midnight attempted to
nuiu up h cacie ir ia cn summit street
and rob the conductor. Police Sargent
l arker hannenu t-o b one of the pae
bengern. The cfil;er was wounded
the groin dangerous-iy but the robbe
St. Louis, Aug. 2. Chairman Vine
mgorthe transcontinental association
c Hi led
iled a meeting of the association at
iratcga, N. V., for Aueut,t 29. The
object being to take action r.n the with
drawal of toe R;o Graade Western from
I the assovia'ijn also to consider there
cent slaughter of the Pacific coast rates
by tne Clipper water line.
W akh.sgton, Aug. 3. The Democrat
ic mucus adopted without division the
report of the World's Fair peace com
mittee with verbal amendment.-.
Pittsburg, P.i., Aug. 3. Hugh Ross
one or the etriKe leaders, this morning
swore out warrants for th arr--t of H.
C. Frick, Chairman T. Livjoy
Secretary J. G. Lsshmni, and 11. M
Curry, f tlkiildof the C:.rotyia Company
o. .v . i oner ana ii. a. Carey superin
tendent at Ue ciil). K .b.rt aud illiam
I'mkerton and a coz-u otr.er moo who
look part in the tight at Hume&tari,
charging them with murder. 1 he prob
ability i that information will be made
later againbt them for conspiracy to de
press tu-i wages or the workmen nnd in
cue not by bringing armed men into
ilomefct.vtd. Suita are dtl ived on ac
couLt ef the snooting of f r.ck aud it ia
not the iiiteuti n to arrest him at pre
The attorneys for ths strikers held a
long consultation af.erthe informatics
had teea made with the result that it
wasdeuidfdto serve warrants on only
ijovejoy fcud Potter.
Halifax, N. S, Aug. X Mackeral
are bemg struck in elong the shore of
St. Mar s liay by Ameiuan fishermen
who are reported a nsbirg inside the
three mile limit. The cruiser "King
fisher" was 6ent tD put a stop to it
There are unconfirmed reports of the
seizure of an Amencai mackeral
a hocner.
Washington, Aug. 3. The house ad
journed atd a Deoio.-ratic caucus will
be held at 2 p. ui.
Waphingtow August 3. A pececcm
milUe cf ten memi ere of the bouse on
lhe World's Ftdr matter met this morn
ing. The followirjg basis has been
agreed upon for submission to a caucus
of thehoui-eto recoos'der their action
ou ths sundry lill, by which it agreed to
the teuule amendment appropriating
five million dollars for the World's Fair
nd the till v i i I be sent back to the con
ftrence eommittMe w th the under
standing it shall be e'iiumated from the
bill known as the Durborow World's
Fair bill and oball be taken upon
next Saturday. Amount carried it
however is to be reduced frona five mil
lions to two and a half mi. lions and
made a direct gift.
Washington, August 3. A Demo
crane caucus is in session tbe meeting
has been a dissension. Tbe Texas dele
gaticn left tbe hall refusing to be
bound by any agreement which had net
yet been read to them. Mary other
memters followed their example taking
the ground tbat the decision of the
caucus Lave not any binding effect on
Pal'8, August, 3. This ia the four
hundretu anniversary day on which
Coi umbos set sail from Pa!os westward
on his voyage of discovery. Festivities
have ben arranged here f jr celebratirg
the day aad were carried out with great
Kkarny, August 3. Five thousand
people atieiiJed the sixth district con-
gret6ional independent convention this
morning. Omar Keni was renominated
for couure-'s. This is an indication tbat
Van Wyck wi'l be the nominee for gov
ernor. Kera has been selected for tem-po.-ary
chairman of the state convention
which was called to order this evening.
Washington, Angust 3 The presi
dent vetced the bill amending the act
conferring on court of claims, the juris
diction ia contested land pa'ent casas.
The senate ndjourned until tomorrow.
Fresno, Ca!., Aug. 4. The tram that
was held up by masked robbers last
night was the south-bound night ex
press leaving San Fcanci3co at 5:30 a.
m. The exact amount contained in the
messangers safe has not been ascertain
ed, but it is thought to have been be
tween thirty and fifty thousand dollars.
TheDalton boys are. supposed to be in
Idaho and ic is a conundrum to railroad
officers who the parties are that were
concerned in the robbery. Whoever
they may have baen they were bold in
their operations. Several deputy
sheriffs from southern counties of the
state are stated to have been on board
tbe train, but no resistance was offered
to tbe robbers. General Freight Agent
Smurr of the Southern Pacific was on a
special car with a party of gentlemen
bound eat. Messenger George Roberta
who waa wounded by the explcaloa cf a
dynamite bgmb, was pronounced by
ForThroat and Lungs
" I have been ill for
Hemorrhage "about five years,
"have had the best
rivo icara. 'medical advice,
and I took the hrst
" dose in some doubt. This result
ed in a few hours easy sleep. There
' was no further hemorrhage till next
j "day, when I had a slight attack
ly. By the third day all trace of
blood had disappeared and I had
recovered much strength. The
fourth day I sat up in bed and ate
my dinner, the first solid food for
'two months. Since that time I
"have gradually gotten better and
" am now able to move about the
"house. My death was daily ex
"pected and my recovery has been
" a great surprise to my friends and
" the doctor. There can be no doubt
"about the,effect of German Syrup,
"as I had an attack just previous to
"its use. The only relief was after
" the first dose." J.R. Loughhead,
Adelaide, Australia.
physicians to be seriously injured. He
resides at Los Angeles.
The messenger now states that only
one thousand dollars was secured by
the robbers.
Washington, August 1. The Sundry
civil bill has been sent to conference by
a vote o! yeas 141, nays 40.
Pittsburgh, August 4. A telegram
from Homestead says the 16th regiment
has been ordered to Duquesne. There
has been nothing heard from that place
this morning and the reasons for send
ing troops is unknown.
Kearney, Neb., Aug. 4. After spend
ing the n-ght, chiefly in killing time,
the people's party convention got
through with their muddle at 3:30 thia
morning and ex-Senator Van Wyck wa3
nominated for governor, practically by
Rio Graxdk City, Texas, Aug. 4.
The hiding place of Catarina Garza, the
Mexican revolutionist leader, has been
discovered and a large posse gave pur
suit of him. It is confidently expected
he will be captured within twenty-four
Homestead, Pa., Aug. 4. A member
of the committee which went to Du
quesne to investigate the tronbie, re
turned this morning. To an associated
press reporter he said there was no
use disguising uie tact that the men
were already to go back to work. In
fact poorer paid men were scrambling
to get nrty or sixty places now vacant,
. Sr. Joseph. Mo. Aucr. 4. Julius
Clemens this morning shot and killed
Mrs. Philipera Margenthaller then
blew his own brains out. ' Clemens had
iiiw woiuio arrentea some time beto
. -I
charged with setting fire to one of his
houses. She was acquitted and insti
tuted suit for damages, Her attorney
told Clemens she had a trood case.
Brooding over this was, in all probabili
ty, ine cause or tbe tragedy.
Lincoln. Neb. August 4. The Rerjub-
ncau ttatt conventioa met here todav
Crounz will probably be nominated for
governor ou the hrst ballot.
Pittsburg, August 4. Sunerintend-
riu i oi.er, -evine -Hcuonnei, and Jas.
Dorvy, of the Carnegie corananv were
released on eiu.uuu bail this morning.
London, August 4. The new parlia
ment assembled this afternoon. '1 he
proceedings of today purely formal and
no business will be transacted in the
next week. v hen Gladstone appeared
in the house this afterooon he was eriven
a wiuny entnusia3tic reception.
Duquesne, Pa., August 4. This mcrn-
mg a mob of 30 from Homestead at
tacked sixty non-union men who were
entering the steel works, lhe mob was
armed with clubs and stones. In the
fight the foreman, Siagleand another
workman were seriously, and a dozen
others more or less injured. Sixteeenth
regiment is here now.
v ashington, August 4. Thel house
agreed to vote on Duborow s bill at 1 p.
tomorrow, ine bill to2e:her with
Reilly's substitute is now being dis
New York, Aug. 3. President W. W.
Tracy cf the Illinois League 6a vs that in
his opinion J. S. Clarkson will be elected
president of the National Republican
League by acclamation at the annual
convention in Buffalo, September 1. He
has talked w ith Clarkson and has rea-on
to bebeve he will accept.
Washington, Aug 3 The house com
mitteee on the watson allegations of
drunkenness of congressmen unlay heard
ir. luuua ceiense. .rie said ne was
not drunk, though duriug tne sp?ech
referred to he had drank be f tea tnd
whisky. Mr. NVatson naid he had not
meant to get Mr. Cobb into trouble and
paid him a high tribute.
Pittsburg, Aug. 3 About 1.500 men
were working in the upper union rui s
of Carnegie's today, acd th 8, 10 and li
icch mills and the plate mill are in oper
ation. T morrow Supsrintende ..t Dil
lon says the second plate mill wi 1 be
s arud. The best of order prevails in
the vicinryof the works. The strikers
are not interfering in any way with the
workmen and no trouble is apprehend
ed. A large force of police s ill guard
the plant, howtver as a pre au'iqnary
measure. The anarchists Baur-r anJ
Knolb, made application for rele se on
bail this more ing and Judg Ewing fix
ed their bail at eo.CtX) cash. Attorney
Friedman expects to furn sh bondsmen
and have the two men out before to
Money Markets-
New York. August 4. Money to
2 per cent. Bar Silver 8.V4.
San h rancisco. August 4. Silver
Bars 86 and cents, Mexican
dollars C3?4 and C0,
Ne iokk, Agust 4.--Money H to 2.
Bar silver 80.
Saw t'RANCisoo. August 4
Belcher 1.10 Crocker 05
Best i Belch.. 1.50 I Con. Va 3.(55
Chollar f0 I Gould & Cury l.Ou
Confidence... 1.70 j Ophir 250
Hale & rsor....l.l5 Sierra Nev... 1.10
Peer .05 Yellow Jac't.. .Go
Potosi 40 Peerless 05
Savage 1.05 Union Con... .00
Locomotive .. I Bullion
It Should be in Every House
J. B. Wilson, 371 Clay street. Sharps.
burg Pa., says he wiil not be without
Dr. King s New Discovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Colds, that it cured
his wife who was threatened with pneu
monia after an attack of "la grippe,"
when various other remedies and several
physicians had dene her no good.
Ilobert Barber, of Cooksport, Pa., claims
Dr. King's New Discovery has done him
more good than anything he ever used
for lung trouble. Nothing like it. Try
Free tral bottles at Dr. Martin's
drug store. Large bottles. 50 cents
and $1.00.
Mild, gentle, eoothing and healing ia
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Cures tbe
wont cases permanently. No experi
menting. It's "Old Reliable." Twen.
ty-flve yesra of auooesa,
A alee ulaaa ef aada and viahv at Sr.
Martia'i druf itora,
$200,000 Paid for the Properties
George M. Bowers, Judge Henry
Schaefer and John P. Birnett lft King
man Sunday morning for San Francisco
wfcere tte transfer of the principal
inicesat White Hills was made toJuje
F. T. Baldwin. i,( Stockton. Snatnr ll
F. Lnnford, of Lodi, Pat Btddy, J. C
'ampbeil and another lawyer named
iVletsoD, cf rtan Jrancieco. The price
agreed uron li eaid to be S200.0lX). Ge.
pi. Bower, the successful minicg man
:or onav couotv.
negotiated the sh!
Thirteen nrnruri iaa ara. Amt.i-ona.l V, '
The mines conveyed by deed to this
California syndicate are the lihest dis
covered on the coast in late years. The
ledges are larc and rich. The Hr,H
Silver, Schaefer's Treasure, Occident,!
G. A. Ik., Chief of the Hills, Garfield,!
Norman, Defiance, and Eoama 6how ere
continuously the whole length of the
Judge Schaefer, in an interview with
on Examiner reporter Tuesday, tells
succintiy the manner in which the dis
covery of this wonderful mineral belt
was discovered. The nsuv syndicate
will commence work on an extensive
scale in a few weeks.
Next week we wdl give our readers a
geoeral review of the new White H-ils
CHmp from a practical point of view.
Mohave Miner.
For Over Fifty Years
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gume, ai
lays all pain, cures wind colic, and is
tb be6t remedy for Diarrhoea. Twentv
five cents a bottle. Sold by all drug
ists throughout the world.
A Bloody Guerrilla Fend In
Mountains of Arizona.
Leading up to this crime is a tale of
blood known to few outside of Arizona
Meager news could be obtained from the
mountainous portions of Arizona at tbe
time of what was known as the PI e as at t
Valley war. It started in July, 1SS8 in
an attempt of Tewksbery brothers to
bring a large band cf sheep iato Pleas
ant Valley, an extensive aad well stock
ed grazing section on the northern elope
of the" Sierra Ancha mountain?, in the
central part of the Territory. It was
knowc that Daggs brothers the heaviest
sheep- owners in the southwest, were
behind the move and the cattlemen, un
der the leadership of the Graham bro
ther:?, prepared to resist to the death
1 rouble began with the disappear
ance of "old man" Blevina. one of the
Graham faction. His body waa never
found, though it U now known he was
murdered. Several days after a search
ing party rode up to tb.9 ranch cf Geo
Newton, when without warning they
were met with a murderous fubilade
from the riflej of a dozen sneepmen con
cealed in the buiidicg. Hemphill Ble
vens and a man named Payne waa thus
killed and a number of others woundou.
The wounded were galaotly helped off
the field on tbe few horses cot kilted.
A week after tbe Tewkebens drove
off a hobbled horse from the Graham
ranch acd killled William Graham as
he followed tbe trail.
Naturally, matters by thi9 time were
gettitg warm and the other side a s
tried guerrilla tactics. John Tewk3
berry and Bill Jacobs, a prominent
sneep owcer ere surprised not far from
home anJ killed. Their bedies were
mashed with rocks and were left to be
almost consumed by wild hogs.
And ew Blevins (alias Cooper, )
claimed th hih credit of th.a murder.
At Holbrook Sheriff Owens, of Apache
county, met with resistant while try
ing to arrest Blevins and kill-d him.
Ble vina brother, a lad of thirteen years,
grapu a gun ana attempted to kilJ the
sheriff. ll.'S mother held the bov. how
ever, the sheriff taking advantage of tbe
situation by Killing the lad m his
mother s arms. The fighting officer al
so managed to kilia third party on this
interesting occasion.
The next episode was an attack on
the Tewksberry ranch by the cattlemen.
The Tewkesberrys wer hid in the bru.h
oowever, and escaped al r est unharmed.
killing on the ether side two cow bov 9.
named Ellingwod and Carricglon.
bhenti ALulvenoo. of lavaDai cocntv.
then came down with a posse to restore
peace. This was helped oa by their
killing John Graham aad Chas. Blevins.
The Graham party 6eeraed to get the
worst after this. Al. Rose, one of the:
number, was waylaid ar.d kilkd, thirteen
bullet hcles beirgccunted ia the booy.
1 wo or toe lewKesberry co;vd were
shot at and woucded a while after, a cir
cumstance whicn led their friends to
form a lyinchicg bf-e. Getting the drop
of t'.r-- of the Grahamits by name
Scott. Stottand v ilaon, they harged
nfm s.i. Ado this young msn Rhodes
wf:s the leader of the lynching party on
tint tfcc isioc. He did not serve in the
tanks all through the war, but was ac-
ive nejr irs :iuse. cementing his al
liance by marrving tbe widow of John
It is muh to be feared th'.t the kid-
mg or lum iirimam wiil reocen this
old feud. Tnoriih the principal actors
are dea .'. tber vtt remain many parti
sans of jvh sides, who have been sleep-
ng on tMcnr arms. Anc there is fenr
the sit lati- n hna be-n made wors by
the ra ir.hr of Hiram Yost, who has at
tended -o Graham's cattle interests f-r
several years. He has not beri hes.d
from for tevral wc-ek.ard as Ed. Tewk-j-
orry had ju.-t come from the vicinitv
of the Grciham cattle ranch,it is thought
hat he bad preedr-d the murder cf
Graham. by tbat of Yost. Graham's hut
words ere expressive of fear for the
safety of his friend.
If trouble breaks out afrrsh.it will
probably le heavily put doi.n. The
sentiment in Ariz na i- strongly ugai:s"
such an outrage and the people will in
sist tbat the muraerer be punished.
Hon. W. V. Lucas, Ex-Stf' Vnditor
ofIowasays: -I hav u?''i I'inmoer-
ain h Couyii Remedy in mv faiu ly nnd
have no hee tition in a ing it is an ex
cellent remedy. I believe all that is
claimed for it. Persons afilicted by a
rough or cold will firjd it a frieud."
There is no danger from whoting
cough whn this remedy ie freely given.
ror ea;e by fleisaman A Co.
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through this medium business chances
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might otherwise entirely escape your
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isemect ir this paper that will urove
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number of people hereabouts. Write to
him for further particulars.
We will send to vcur addrese the Dailv
San Frsncisco Call, the Xew York
Weekly Tiibune and the Weekly Citi
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In IS Cit iiorrhoe and,
ti wharves f p-wn tlia urinary or-aiiHr.r'u:r-
tt-d byS; til-Mwy
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Poaiti ve.y aad I'eraiaiontly 1-str.red in 2 to lu a .-a,
rflecf i Jl hnurm aLnoat iiuaieUiaie rlif. S j
?anaausaaruijs, mjijarais. j uiso pcisoti. cut tbe
lie iouiDlfc X lCS OVKKC TloN.eor poseJ
i lru:,uerBnti plant, 'i ha most IMIWKHVI L
Tilanta. '1 ha mnil Pltiri.'WVl I
lenirksnwn. R8torath Vigor, 8na aa Eaaltb
U yoatlktiealad Bokrre,KiTlnailiartieulara.Ad
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and v -. .in s-
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town, s-f-iit ft
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or i. it . .-.--ninon-H
titi.-' -Ab.ch In
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rr-natur&l Lot s. V.tem. Bnzht
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tn. Arizona.
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