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NO. 16.
If the Democrats can syphon aBjr
EcLiitional rotes out of the people
through the nomination of T. G. Noma
of Coconino, they are welcome to them.
Usdeb the atatutea no man will b
allowed to rote whose name is not on
the creat register tor 1392. Re?ietra
tion will close on October 19. Th
time is short. Do not forget to go and
Hon. Geo. Mekk has taken charge of
the Florence Tribune and will hereaf
tr direct its affairs. Mr. Meek is an
old newspaper man of marked ability
We wish him success iu his new ven
It is the duty of every good citizen to
register. Previous registration is not
sufficient, as a registration of all the
voters ia the Territory is required under
the statutes, end unless registered ip
1S92 the right of suffrage will be de
Ine Apache lvec jra is a new paper
published at llol brook, in Apache
county. It is Republican in politics.
well edited, bright and newsy. The
Citizen wishes it unbounded success.
Mr. G. M. Funstun is the 'editor and
The Star has taken two bites at Hill's
Brooklyn speech. It must be painfully
apparent to the great unwashed who
read the speech through, that .the names
of Cleveland and Stevenson were never
mentioned either by reference or inti
mation till the very concluding, tail
end sentdnce of the entire tnlk. Evi
dently the fat man of Buzzards Bay will
get all the comfort out of the speech
that Hill intended be6bould.
Judgk Barnes nomination of Mark
Smith strikes a deadly paralell in Dave
Hill nominating the Fat man of Buz
zards Bay. Mark bad his doubts about
the layout of the Pima Democracy and
the gU6h of the great political fiddler is
not calculated to allay suspicion. There
was too much of it. 'Sweetened poison
will kill as quick as that which is bit
ter" and Marcus wasn't fooled just a
little bit,
Hon.- Ben Paeker has been elected
chairman of the Democratic Terrirorial
central committee, and for the next two
years will direct the destinies of the
Democratic party in Arizona, for
twenty-five years "Bea" has run the
leading faro game in the Territory and
those who know him Ey that if he is as
square in politics as he is in his pro
fessional calling, the dark and devious
vays of the Democracy will be consid
erably lighted up.
A meeting of the board of trade has
been called for Monday nUht. Let
every member and every citizen of the
town, who takes an interest in its pros
perity, be present as matters of great
importance to the comfort of its citizens
will be considered. Go to the meeting
even if you are cot a member of the
board. It will not cost you a cent and
will encourage others.
Seceetabv op State Foster says
there is no foundation for the sensation
al statements concerning the probabil
ity of the instructions given to Admir
al Walker bringing about a row with
Great Britain concerning her alleged
encroachments upon the territory of
Venezuela. He Bays that the adminis
tration had no information of anything
that could by any reasonable possibility
make any trouble between this country
and Great Britain, and that the three
war 6hipe, Concord, Kearsage and Chi
cago, were ordered to Venezuela because
of the unsettled csndition of affairs in
that country, to protect American in
terests, commercial and otherwise, and
that Admiral Walker's orders are gen
eral rather than specific. This kills an
other lively sensation, which got sever
al days uncontradicted headway owing
to the absence of Secretary Foster from
Pcbljc sentiment would be practi
cally unanimous in sustaining the
president should he issue a proclama
tion absolutely prohibiting immigration
for one year; for, although it is felt that
the greatest danger of a cholera epi
demic this year has passed, there is a
general recognition of the peril we 6hall
be in during the entire summer of next
year, and a feeling that it would greatly
lesson that peril if all immigration, were
suspended until it is passed. The presi
dent is known to share in thee beliefs,
but he is reluctant to assume the au
thority which might be questioned in
some quarters, even when it ia for the
general welfare of alL From u cursory
examination of the laws at the time his
twenty-day quarantine proclamation
was issued he formed the opinion that
congressional action would be necess
ary to prohibit immigration. This
week the attorney general and his as
sistants are making a careful examina
tion in order to ascertain whether there
is any legal way by which immigration
may be stopped by restrictions through
our consular agents abroad.
The Democratic managers are dis
covering that Free trade will not go in
this country, which owes its unequalled
prosperity so directly to a protective
tariff, and tney nave wrung a promise
from Cleveland to repudiate the free
trade plank in the Chicago platform as
was done by the Tucson Star, in his let
ter of acceptance andjagain assume the
transparent mask of "tariff reform,"
which he has been in the habit of wear
ing for a long time when showing his
face in states controlled by protection
rotes. It will be too much Jike Lin
coln's "swapping horsee while-crossing a
stream" to fool the voters of this country
The Democratic party is a free trade
party it cannot go behind the declara
tion of its National convention and as
such it is doomed to defeat.Hugheg and
Cleveland to the contrary.
The following extracts are tnken
from a speech delivered at the Annual
Conference of the Home Counties Di
vision of the National Union of Conser.
vative Associations held at Hastings
England, on Wednesday, May 18, 1S92,
by the Marquis of Salisbury, Prime
Minister of England. The language
quoted is an exact reprint of a verbatim
report of the epeech as it appeared in
the London Times, weekly edition, of
Friday, May 20, 1892. Lord Salisbury
spoke as follows:
"We cannot look abroad into the ter
ritories occupied by the great industries
of this country without a feeling of
sorrow and misgiving. It is painful to
think that the men who shall be work
ing with the capitalists who should
enable them to work in order not only
to promote their own well-being and
the industry of the class that depend
upon them, but the prosoeiity of thi
mighty Empire are so divided that in
dustry is paralized and misery stalks
abroad. I deeply wish that some means
of appeasing this war could be found
I earnestly desire that such a state of
of labor could be established as would
give to the laborer sufficient for his
maintenance and comfort (cheers), and
sufficient time for the cultivation of his
moral and intellectual being (cheers).
Every nation is trying how it can
get the greatest possible protection for
its own industries, and. at the same
time, the greatest possible access to the
markets of its neighbors. I want to
point out to you that what I observe is
that A is very anxious to get a favor cf
B, and B is anxious to get a favor of C,
nobody cares two straws about getting
the commercial favor of Great Britain
W hat is the reason of that? It is that
in this great battle Great Britain has
stripped herself of the weapons by
which the battle has to
be fought. The weapon with
which they all fight is admission to their
own markets, that is to say, A. says to
B. 'If you will make your duties such
thntlcan sell in your market. I will
make my duties such, that you can sell
in my market.' But we begin by saying,
We will levy no duties on anybody,' aud
we declare that it would be contrary
and disloyal to the glorious and sacred
doctrines of free trade to levy any duty
on any ooay ror tne sake oi wnat we
can get by it (cheers). It may be noble,
but it is not business (loud cheers). If
may aspire to fill the office of counsel
lor to the public mind, I should ask ycu
to form your own opinions without ref
erence to traditions or denunciations
not to care two straws whether you are
orthodox or not but to form your op-.
inions according to the dictates of com
mon sense. I would impress upon you
that if you intend, in this conflict of
commercial treaties, to hold your own,
you must be prepared, if need be, to in-
ict upon the nations which injure you
the penalty which is in your hands, that
of refusing them access to your markets
(loud and prolonged oheere, and a voice,
"Common 6ense at last)." There is a
reproach in that interruption, but I
have never said anything else(iaughter).
But there is a great difficulty. The
power we have most reason to complain
cf is the United States, and what we
want the United States to furnish us
with mostly, are articles cf food essen
tial to the feeding of ihe people, and
raw materials necessary to our manu
factures, and we cannot exclude one or
the other without serious injury to our
selves. Now, I am not in the least pre
pared, for the sake of wounding other
nations, ta inflict any dangerous or ser
ious wound upon ourselves. You can
not raise tLe price of food or of raw ma
terial, but there is an enormous mass of
other articles of importation from other
countries, besides the United States,
which are mere matters ct luxurious
consumption (cheers); and if it is a
question of wine or 6ilk, or spirits, or
gloves, or lace or anything of that kind,
I should not in the least shrink from
diminishing the consumption and in
terfering Arith the comfort of the excel
lent people who consume these articles
of luxury, for the purpose of maintain
ing our rights in this commercial war,
and of insisting on our rights of access
to the markets of our neighbors (cheers).
This is very heterodox doctrine, I know,
I should be excommunicated for
maintaining it (laughter)."
When the city controlled the garbage
wagons the streets and yards were kept
clear of refuse, but for the paltry sum
of $23 a month, they contracted this
work to be done by outsiders, and the
result is widespread complaint. At
times like these, when the sanitary con
ditions of the city should be of the best,
a step is taken backwards and the
health of the city jeopardized for the
paltry sum of $25. If complaints can
vitiate a contract the one recently en
tered into by the city for the collection
and carting away of its garbage should
be annulled and the city should again
employ its wagons, the same to be un
der the direction of our efficient chief of
We publish tomorrow, for the benefit
of all good citizens, the speech of Judge
Barnes of this city, at the time he nom
inated Hon. Ben Parker for chairman
of the Democratic Territorial central
committee at Flaeetaff, on the 21st in
stant. This 6peech we reproduce from
the Sunday issue of the Star, the lead
ing Democratic paper in Arizona and
the organ of the Pima Democracy. The
editor of the Star, was present in the
convention, and heard the speech de
livered and reported it in substance.
Time was never more auspicious than
the present for a sweeping Republican
victory. With Stewart of Coconino,
and Cluff of Graham counties, for lead
ers the party is assured of success. The
Democratic party is split by dis
eentions in their own ranks and this
breach was widened at Flagstaff on the
21st. Republicans, be trne to your
selves, tLe time is auspicious.
In case of the nomination of Hon. II.
B. Tenny for county treasurer, the
Democrats would all come in from the
forests and they would celebrate by
voting for the honest and consciencions
youDgman who is liberal in the matter
of private chcritiee, even generous in
gentlemanly courtesies and at all times
oonsciencious. Nogales Herald.
The People's party met and organized
in this city on Saturday last. The chief
- . i T t .
engineers were aiesers. iiasKin ana
Wetmore. Weaver and Field were
boomed in a five cent way, for the "ben
efit of the dear public It is under
stood, however, that the boom will be
for sale on November 8. A split in the
party has already been reported.
What a banquet the Arizona Kicker
has in the Democratic politics of this
territory where the price of admission
to the party is a stack of blue chips.
There has been a raise in the price of
faro chips, but Democratic candidates
are not supposed to kick.
Thk green cloth politics of the Pima
Democracy will suffer from slump in
November next.
The Republican party is the party cf
morals and good government.
Faro chips and Democratic politics
are rattled out of the same box.
A Diabolical Trio.
If there is one more fiendish than the
hatefull trinitv, dyspepsia, biliousness
and irregularity of the bowels usually
existent together, we a-e unaware of it.
Those co-operative urgans, the stomach,
uver, are usually thrown out of gear te
gether, and the res oration of regularity
to one is usually the tignalfor theotheis
to fall into line. Hostetters Stomach
Bitters controls all three beneficently
and completely, not onlv regulating but
invigorating tht-m. It also exerts a most
happy influence upon the kidneys and
he blood, giving a nealtb full impulse
and enriching the 6econd. It overcomes
malaria and a tendency to chronic
rhumatism and neuralgia, and improves
appetite and 6leep. To the nervous
Bffcrds ucspeakfible relief. A wineglass
fu'l threa times daily will, if persisted in.
achieve results to be expected from no
other health medium.
They Meet
and Effect
an Organ
The Republicans met last night and
reorganized the Nogales Republican
Club with the following officers: Judge
Eb. Williams, president; Harry K.
Chenoweth, secretary; Ed Titcomb,
treasurer: J. T. Brickwocd, G. A. Avery
and J. J. Chatham vice presidents.
After appointing officers for the pri
mary election the following named gen
tlemen were suggested for delegates to
the county convention, the four receiv
ing the highest number of votes to be
declared the delegates: J, T. Brickwood,
Al rJrockman, Uol. Roy, Dr. Chenowith
and John W. Grant.
The primaries will be held Saturday
next in the pcstofllce building from 2 to
p. m. J he othcers selected are Col.
toy una Capt oan; Judges; J. H.
Mapes, Inspector and P, R. Doyle and
Lieut. Flipper, clerks,
Ihe cluu will meet each Saturday
During the meeting 4.3 Republicans
igned the roll. Nogales Herald.
It Pays to Head the Papers,
especially your county paper, for often
through this medium business chanoes
and opportunities are presented that
might otherwise entirely escape your
attention. For instance, B. F. Johnson
fc Co., Richmond, Va., have an adver
tisement in this paper that will prove
of especial interest and value to a large
umber or people hereabouts. Write to
him for further particulars.
An Indian's Letter.
The following letter to the Citizen is
ram Jose Lewis a Papago Indian who
for the past several years has been at
tending at the Fisk Institute at Albu
querque N. M. During his last vacation
he visited Tucson. He is a bright and
well appearing young man.
Albuquerque! N. M.. Government
School, Sept. 23, 192,
Ed. Citizen: Dear Sir I am delight
ed to write you a few lines and tell you
how the Indians live with the white peo
ple. I have been visiting the Pima and
Papago Indians during vacation and I
am at school again I noticed many
things different. Different from what?
There is something in the hearts of
the people that makes the young In-
lan feel brotherly to the white man.
The day influence has been proved by
many souls through Christian Associ
ations. So I say that the brotherly love
ought to continue as long as Wm. Penn
mentioned two hundred and ten years
v ery Respectfully i ours,
Jose Lewis.
The ICommissioner of Indian affairs
a6ks us not to use Fisk Institute any
longer. J. L.
Thore is more catarrh in this fection of th
conn try fian all other disease bat together, and
until the lm-t Tew ye-irs was eapiKtbed to be in
curable. Y.t a Ki-vat many years doctors pro
liouncoil it a loral disease and prencribf"! locul
runiediH, and by constantly failing to cjre with
local treatment, proiiiincrrd it incurable,
science ha proven catarrh to Ije a constitution
al dibane, rud therefore r.-quires constitutional
tr-aniiit. Hull's Catarrh 'ure. manufactured
by F. J. Cheney t Co.. Toledo. Ohio, is the only
constitutional cure on the market. It in taken
internally in doses from ten dmura toa tea-
t-IMHicful. It arte diiectly on tli blood and
mucous fnrfhce of the ejs em. Ohey olTer one
hundred dollars for an? caxeitfaiU to care.
Send tor circular and testimonials. Address.
F J CH KNEY Co,. Toledo, O.
Sold by I'rctfsists 75c
At the Churches.
Rev. C. B. Carlisle held services yes-
arday evening. There whs a eood au
dience and go d music, and the revernd
gentleman preached a sermon taking as
his text the "len v lrgins.
Services were held in the Methodist
church on Pennington Btreet last even
ing. Tnero was quite a congregation
ssembled with good music, this being
the return of the pastor and the first
eervices hejd since the summer months
Early mass and high mass and ves
pers yesterday at the Catholic church.
During the early mass Father Dilly de
livered a sermon taken from 12th chap
ter of St. Johns, 10th verse.
It is Not What We Say
But what Hood's Sarsaparilla does, that
makes it sell, and has given it such firm
and lasting hold upon the confidence of
the people.
For a dinneer pill and general family
cathartic we confidently recommend
Hood's Pills.
Solomon, His Temple and the Queen
of Sheba.
Presented by John Robinson's Great
World's Exposition.
To the skeptic or the agnostic as well
as to the devout believer in the sacred
scriptures, the era of the great King
Solomon's reign is and can be naught
but the most impressive, the most in
teresting and the grandest in all his
tory. There are no paralells in all the
records of the past; nothing approxi
mating in grandeur, in wisdom and sub
limity, in any chronicle of modern ages.
It was then a felicitons conception of
the management of John Robinson's
great world's exposition to reproduce
the scenes, personages, incidents and
events in the reign of Solomon, the
grand old patriarch, sage and king.
That they have done this thoroughly,
acceptably and successfully, the public
and the press, everywhere the Robinson
show has exnibited this season, unani
mously attest. The great biblical spec
tacle, in its powerful scenographic
effects, in its accurate and realistic per
sonatiocs, and the sumptuous lavish
nets attending its representations,
pronounced with universal accord to
be not only a triumph of art, but
revelation in the history of the past
that bas never had a precedent.
The citizens of Tucson will have an
opportunity of seeing this grand 6pect
acla in connection with the manifold
othier wonders of the John Robinson
show on Oct. 4th on the Military plaza
Cholera infantum has ost its terrors
since the introduction of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
When that remedy ia used and the
treatment as directed with each bottle
is followed, a cure is certain. Mr. A,
V. Walters, a prominent merchant at
Waltensburg, 111., says: "It cured my
baby boy of cholera infantum after
several other remedies had failed. The
child was so low that he seemed almost
beyond the aid of human bands or reach
of any medicine. For sale by F. Fleish
man fc Co.
From the Desert.
Yuma Sentinel.
We left the Algodonea. on the 7th for
a trip down thr Carter river towards
Salton and across the deeert, examin
ing the supply of water and grass for
stock on the American side of the line.
The party consisted of N. A. (iilman, W.
McC. Labron and mvself. On the 6th
at the point where Carter River crosses
the line, we saw a grand conflict among
the elements, wind, water, ram and
sand. The storm aroee away to the
west, across the great valley, and next
to the main range of mountains, 75
miles distant. The storm was grand
Considerable rain fell. We followed
the river down to the first grand falls
which we encountered last year on the
Jatton expedition down to balton
About 1G miles north of the boundary
line, and near the point where the Indi
ans say that the old l egleg trail crossed
the desert, we picked up an old Mexi
can spur, a monster, which must have
been made more than a hundred years
ago. hern and how it was left here is
the question. On the mesa north of
Seven Wells, we picked up a horseshoe
that bad never been used. It has the
form of those made for race hordes.
Still further on we picked up an old
horseshoe, worn out, made at the time
when it was the custom to make the
large square nail hole, more than twice
the size of those made at the present
time. This shoe might have belonged
to the Pegleg party, as he crossed here
ia 1S32.
The water is still running from the
Diegueno's rancheria three miles east of
Cooks wells to a point 21 miles north of
the boundary line, on American soil, be
yond Alamo Mucho. This must come
from the seepage, or from an underflow,
frcm the Colorado river, as there is no
visible flow of water from it on the sur
face. In the 100 miles that we traveled
down the Carter river we found pastur
age and water in great abundance.
The water is in the bed of the river, in
great holes in the hard clay and marl.
To some of these water holes, we could
find no bottom. The river had cutout
great channels, the banks in places be
ing from oO to GO feet high. The grand
volume of water that passes through
thiw channel when the Colorado is from
IS to 25 feet at the Yuma railroad bridge
can all be stored in the basins and old
lakps which are found all along the
course of the bed of the river and this
great area of excellent farming land in
San Diego county can be made one of
the best sections of the stats of Califor
nia. The soil, climate and water are
here. All that is necessary is to hus
band and distribute the water over the
surface of the 6oil. Irrigation will do
the grand work and make the so called
desert another riverside. In the whole
valley there is pasturage enough for
50,000 head of cattle for a "year or more.
We returned last evening after a very
pleasant trip. J. S. Carter.
Mrs, Million's Bide.
When Mrs. Million goes to ride she
travels forth in state,
Her horses, full of fire anfl pride, go
prancing from the gate.
But all the beauties of the day 6he
views with languid eje,
Her flesh in weakness wastes away, her
voice is but a sigh.
For Mrs. Million is in an advanced
stage of catarrh, find all the luxuries
that wealth can buy fail to give her
comfort. She envies her rosy waiting-
maid, and would give all her riches for
that young woman's pure breath and
blooming health. Now, if some true
and disinterested friend would advise
Mrs. Million of the wonderful merits of
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, she would
loam that her case is not past help.
500 reward is offered by the manu
facturers for a case of catarih in the
nead which they cannot cure.
Tucson Art Appreciated.
Miss Matilda Martin, daughter of Dr.
Martin of this city, and who is a scholar
of St Josephs academy and received the
gold medal for painting, has eold
two beautiful oil paintings representing
moonlight scenes in southern France
and a screen painting for 250. Mr. A
ltedwill the well known piano tuner and
salesman, was the purchaser and he
states that it ia wonderful what rare
talent these young lady scholars of the
St. Joseph's academy display even at
the tender age of 10 years and younger.
A carpenter by the name of M. S.
Powers fell from the roof of a house in
East Des Moines, Iowa, and sustained a
painful and serious sprain on the wrist,
which he cured with one bottle of Cham
berlain's Pain Balm. He says it is worth
S5 a bottle. It cost him 50 cents. For
sale by F. Fleishman & Co.
Mr. Sylvester Bonn has opened a but
cher's shop at No. 423 South Meyer stre
et. He keeps all kinds of choice meats,
w ie'i will be sold at low rates Mr. Bonn
thoroughly understands bis business, is
popular with the public and does a large
trade. uau and see him. Meats
delivered free.
Suggestions to the Public Schools for
the Celebration of the Anniversary.
The oucial programme for the na-
'tional school celebration of Columbus
Day is now published. The first duty of
each of our schools this fall, if it wishes
to be in line with the other schools of
America, is to begin preparations at
once for its proper observance of Oct.
21, the 400th anniversary of the discov
ery of America. A few suggestions as
to the first things to be done may be of
tome value.
Teachers, the superintendent and the
school board should confer, that action
may be harmonious and best results at
tained. The proposed celebration should
be explained to each school at the earli
est moment. It should be so presented
as to awaken enthusiasm. Interesting
tonics relating to Columbus and the dis
covery should be suggested for special
investigation. Such topics might be
"The Map of the World Before the Dis
covery, "Important Inventions and
Events in Europe Just Before the Dis
covery, "The Story of Columbus,
"The Ships of Columbus," "What Co
lumbus Expected to Find," "Geograph
ical Growth of the United States.
"Stories of South America," etc. The
teacher should assign the address and
the ode to those who can render them
most intelligently. The flag salute and
the songs should be persistently re
Important committees of pupils should
be appointed: First; A committee of
invitation, whoso duty is to see that the
family of each pupil receives a sjtecial
invitation to the morning exercises of
Oct. 21, and also when they arrive to
show them Feats. Second A color
guard, whose duty is (1) to see that the
school has a flag and a staff in proper
condition; (2) to meet tho veterans as
they arrive and escort them with dignitv
to the principal in the school house;
to act as aids of the principal.
An efficient adult committee of ar
rangements should also le constituted
This committee must see first, that
seats are prepared out of doors in hope
of fair weather, and that h room is also
engaged for the exercises should the day
be stormy; second, that fitting decora
tions and printed programmes are pro
vided; third, that the local press is in
terested and invited; fourth, that ar
rangements are made with the veterans
and other special guests for the parts
they are to take.
But in all cases the school principal
must make himself personally responsi
ble for the work of each committee.
The Great Explorer Handled the Sword
More Skillfully Than the Pen.
There is a never ending dispute regard
ing tne autnenticity or the various por
traits of Columbus. People who claim
to know deny that the picture which is
to adorn the souvenir half dollar is a
correct presentment of the navigator's
features, but whether or not the grounds
on which thejr base their criticism are
tenable will probably never be decided.
Fortunately, however, the quarrel does
not extend to a challenge of the venty
of Columbus' autograph, a facsimile of
which is given herewith.
To the ready pen wielder of the Nine
teenth century the zigzag writing of the
discoverer of America must seem queer
indeed, but it should be remembered
that in those da vs men wielded the sword
and left the gentler aits to be preserved
at the hands of priests and women. Most
f the famed leaders of tho Fifteenth
century were unlettered und found it a
laborious task to sign their names to im
portant documents prepared by the
monks wh. followed in their trains. Co
lumbus of course was a man of great
A s
learning, according to the standard of
his age, but the use of the pen was even
to him a burden, and his famous diary
was probably written as a matter of
duty and not of pleasure.
It is curious to note that he formed
the individual letters in the same bold
j'et uncertain style which characterized
the chirography of Queen Elizabeth.
"Bess of England" could swear roundly
and steer the ship of 6tate with firm
ness; Columbus could bring monarchs
to terms and cope with mutinous sailors,
but when either of them took pen in
hand the unsteadiness of small practice
distinguishes the manuscript or auto
graph. Fellpa, Wife of Columbus.
More than tbe compass to the mariner
Wast thou, Felipa, to Lis dauntless sooL
Through adverse winds that threatened
wreck, and nights
Of rayless gloom, thou pointed ever to
The north star of hfs great ambition. He
Who once has Inst an Eden, or has gained
A paradise by Eve's sweet influence.
Alone can know how strong a frpeli lies in
The witchery of a woman's beckoning hand.
And thou didst draw him, tidelike, higher
Felipa, whispering the lessons learned
From thy courageous father till the flood
Of his ambition burst all barriers
And swept him onward to his longed for
Before the Jewels of a Spanish qncn
Built fleets to waft him on his autried way
Thou gavest thy wealth of w ifely sympathy
To build the lofty purpose of his sonl.
And now the centuries have cycled by
Till thou att all forgotten by the throng
That lauds the great Pathfinder of the deep.
It matters not In that infinitude
Of space, where thou dost guide thy spirit
To undiscovered lands, supremely fair.
If to this little planet thou couldst turn
And voyage, w raithlike, to its cloud hung
Thou wouldst not care for praise. And If
Some hand held out to thee a laurel bough.
Thou wouldst not claim one wreath, but
fondly tura
To lay thy tribute also &t his feet.
Annie F. Johnston In Harper's Weekly.
A Broken Heed Indeed.
This, and no mistake, is the individu
al whose stamina has waned to such a
low ebb, for want of a sufficient tonic,
that he would certainly topple over and
fracture something if a bulky subject
such as a fat wife, for instance, were to
lean upon him. Build up, ye lean, pith
lees and strengthless with Hosteiter's
Stomach Bitters, which will enable you
to eat and digest heartily, and thus ac
quire flesh and vigor. The fortress of
life will speedily capitulate to the grim
scythe-wielder, aeath, if you don't.
Nervousness, sleeplessness, Diliousnesp,
constipation, malaria, rheumatic and
kidney trouble are all concurable by
this restorative of health and vigor. In
connection with the use of the Bitters,
it would le well for the debiliated
to study the wants of his enfeebled
stomach with a view to the selection of
the most digestible articles of diet
The People's Party.
Last Saturday night at 7:30, pursuant
to a call for a meeting of the People's
party representatives at the probate
court rooms, there was" quite a col
lection of inquisitive spectators and
also those who believed in the tenents
advocated. The district court room
was used instead of the probate as the
latter was occupied. Fourteen gas jets
lent their brilliant glare to the oocas-
sion. in a meeting was opened uy Airs.
A. O. Haskins who asked that the came
of a permanent chairman be put forth.
This met with the response in the nom
ination and election to that position of
J.Geo. Hilzinger. Mr. Hilzinger, who
is tall and stately and resembled the
picture of the old Puritan rather.
whilst his voice was resonant with an
inclination to basso profundo. The
chairman then stated the object of the
meeting and announced the next step
was the election of a secretary. This
was accorded to Oscar Adams, who. tak
ing his 'seat at tbe table read a paper
enunciating the principles and objects
of tbe party. A list was then Epread
upon the Secretary a desk and an ap
peal made for signatures to tne same
There were in the audience some of
the shrewdest politicians of the Repub
lican and Democratic partie?. Men
who were versed in every astute and
versatile learning of political warfare.
Some whose heads were bald by the
veteran Eervices they had rendered
their party, and others full fledged and
flushed in tbe bloom of their manhood
The scene throughout the evening was
both jocular and amusing. Every man
that peeped his head within the door
was greeted by a perfect ovation of
hand clapping and stamping of feet and
many at first not understanding the
synopsis of such demonstrations took it
as a personal manifestation of individual
popularity and a each traveler made
nis way into the temple of justice he ac
knowledged the ovation paid him by
bows and smiles that would outdo and
cancel the highest art of facial express
ions possessed by the most popular pol
iticians of New York. A committee was
appointed to draft resolutions who ab
senting themselves for a short time re
turned'acd submitted a series of resolu
tions wnica were adopted. The musical
voice of the chairman again rung out in
demanding the wishes of the assemblage
and announcing the fact that Mrs.
Streetrtr of Phenix a war hone oratoric
al aud a brainy femininistic advocatess
of those vt ry views which calltd togeth
er this meeting, would be invitee to ad
dress tbe next meeting of the People s
party. Mrs. Streetor at present being
n Phenix. The meeting then ad
journed subject to the call of the chair,
whilst the 11 gas its glared and flick'
ered and snappled and crackled over
the 6cene of an infant party endeavoring
to place itself upon the dramatic stage
of itohtical life.
Mr. Van Pelt, Editor of the Craig,
Mo., Meteor, went to a drug store at
Hillsdale, Iowa, and asked tbe physician
in attendance to give him a dose of
something for cholera morbus and loose
ness of the bowels. He says: "I felt
so much better the next morning that I
concluded to call on the physician and
get him to fix me up a supply of the
medicine. I was surprised when he
handed me a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
rje 6aid he prescribed it regularly in
his practice and found it the best he
could get or prepare. I can testify to
itselliciency in my case at all events.
b or 6ale by F. Fleishman & Co.
French Gardening.
France intends to show its skill in
landscape gardening at the world's fair.
A cablegram lias been received from
the French commission asking that it
be allowed to do, and bear the expense
of, the "whole decoration of the spaces
surrounding the horticultural and
woman s tuiiuings. lnis generous
olTer, doubtless, will be accepted if it
does not interfere with plans too
far advanced to le changed. The
French are world-renowned as artistic
landscape gardeners, and. it is believed,
they would hardly have made the offer
referred to unless they intend to make
splay of surpassing beauty. The
commission asKeu aia lor sixty mou-
sand square feet for the French horti
cultural exhibit.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve
Tne oestsaive in the word foi cuts
seres, tetter, chapped hands chilblain
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
lively cure piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refused.
For sale by Geo. Martin.
Heat in the American Desert.
The summer heat is unbearable, often
reaching ISrt 'degrees in the shade; and
a piece of metal which has been in' the
sun can no more be handled than can a
red-hot stove. Even in winter the mid
day heat is insufferable, while at night
ice frequently forms on the water
tanks. The daily range of temperature
there is said to be the greatest ever re
corded anywhere; and a change of
eighty degrees in a few hours is not
For Over Fifty Years
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums, al
lays all pain, cures wind colic, and ie
the best remedy lor JJiarrnoea. lwenty
five cents a bottle. Sold by all drug
ists throughout the world.
nrlght Women Who Rellere AnxlotM
.Mamma fur the Summer.
The very latest development in wom
an's work is the chaperoning of young
girls on summer tours, either of travel
or stationary residence at large hotels
or boarding places. The quick wit of
some American women saw what could
be done in so wide a field and started in
to reap the reward, with, of course,
many imitators when her success was
found to Ik. a solid fact.
mother cannot alwavs leave her
family to escort one member of it to
Lake George, I'.ar Harbor or Newport.
Relatives may have other plans, friends
are perhaps not exactly such guardians
as she would be willing to trust her
child with, and she longs for a reliable,
trustworthy party to undertake the
Just here the paid chaperon steps in
and is welcomed gladly. JShe is usually
a lady in reduced circumstances, con
versant with the ways of society and
the intricacies of travel, and provided
with indisputable references as to char
acter, capability, etc.
A party of j'oung Philadelphia girls
sailed for Europe, last week in charge
of one of these paid duennas and couri
ers rolled into one. She was a bright.
pleasing woman of thirty-five, shrewd
and businesslike, yet not offensively
watchful. Her expenses are paid and
five hundred dollars beside for the sea
son. m
Jom Klpnr Take Notice.
On Saturday, October let, 1892 the
principal business houses of the Hebrew
race will be classed on account of a nolli
day. They will close on Friday the
30th of September at 5 p. m . and open
on Saturday tho 1st of October at 5
o'clock p. m. Iw
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Register! Register!! Register!!!
There was a meeting of tbe Fire De
partment Saturday night.
Bob In Tucson on the 25th to the
wife of Mike Duffy a daughter.
jestrufiy tne temperature gauge
said 1JU in the sun and Uj in the shade
October the 4th, Solomon and Sheba
and the brat Robinson circus.
Columbus Day, 21st of October. Tuc
son recognizes true patriotism and will
honor the day.
Imported lunches and ic cold beer
at the St Louis Exchange.
There was a practice game of base
ball yesterday evening on Military
Mr. A. Sanders has been appointed a
deputy Recorder to take the named of
voters for the great register.
Mrs. J. W. Canning and son will re
turn to Tucson from San Francisco the
boy is doing well and will return home
fully restored to health.
R. C. Brown of the Enterprise has ra
turned to the city after several months
absence ia the northern tier of counties
in behalf of bis paper.
Work will be amplified and rank of
page in tbe Knights of Pythias this
evening at their hall over Reid's opera
J. S. Mansfield of the Dioneer news
depot keeps postage stamps for sale all
who desire to purchase can be accom
modated at his store.
Junge E. M. Sanford of Yuma, has
been in the city for tbe past two days
upon business. The judge is one of tbe
mos. enterprising citizens of Arizona
and has invested largely in the vicinity
oi x uma.
The Odd Fellows have received an el
aborate and handsomely designed desk
furnished by Lv Zeckendorf & Co.. the
desk bears tbe following in fine gilt let
ters: Pima Lodge. No. 3. 1. O. O. F.
The Masonic order of Tucson who
have occupied the large hall on the 2nd
floor of tbe Cosmopolitan hotel building
are about to move into their new ball in
Radulovich's Block.
im zjecKenuorr & uo nave just re
ceived an advance shipment of carpets
comprising 1 dozen different pattern? in
ingrairs and 4 patterns in brussels.
The designs are very pretty.
Mr. Sam Finley who formerly lived
in Tucson . but who lately has been a
resident of Salt river valley is at pres
ent in Tucson and is likely to cast his
lot in nma county hereafter.
Lv Zeckendorf & Co., have an exten
sive supply of new arrivals of wall paper.
These designs are very neat and pretty
and the prices are very cheap and they
should be seen. Call at the corner of
Pennington and MAin street.
The building occupied by the post of
fice in the past is now rented to J. W.
Canning for his harness and saddlery
department. A large door is now be
ing made in the Main street entrance of
the building so that buggies and car
riages can be properly stored.
Tbe doors of the building occupied by
Vicente Lavorin as a business stand on
Messina and Meyer street were thrown
open today and the goods were being
disponed of at private sale. Notices to
teat effect being posted through the
175 new books have jutt been added
to tbe city library under the charge of
Mies Pomeroy. The books are an ex
cellent selection comprising a high stan
dard of romance, fiction, and largely
composed of historical works of rare ex
cellence. Miss Pomeroy under whose
supervision this library rests has made
a most popular educational resort
where one can with pleasure select from
the greatest writers of the past and tbe
Duncan Clark's combination of female
minstrels are to appear in Tucson dur
ing the early part of October an ex
change says "the ladies are fair of fea
tures and form, and tre specialities all
good. The six French high kickers were
all champions and mad a pleasing
spectacle. M'lle Celias, who has a re
cord of 8 feet 10 inches, kick with eupe
and grace leldom equalled. Tbe tableux,
grand marches and farces were interest
ting features and Dunoan Clark's Min
strel's are always sure of a good house.
Postmaster Foster of Lubec, Me.
writes that after the Grip, Hood's Sar-
saparrilla brought him out of a feeble,
nervous condition, into complete
strength and health.
Hood's Pill's have won high praise for
their prompt and efficient yet easy ac
tion. Board of Trade Tonight.
There will be a meeting of the Board
of Trade tonight at their rooms on Con
gress street. There will be matters of
importance come up before the Board
and it would be well that a good at
tendance be present. Tbe electric light
will be a prominent feature discussed
and may be matters can be got into
shape that will be a credit to Tucson's
onward march of improvement.
Levi Strauss & Co's
clcbratcd oppcr5iVctcd c
The only kind made by white labor
None Genuine without our
Notice) to Catttlemen.
The following telegram was received
yesterday by Agent Burkhalter of the
S. P, R. R. ia this city and will prove of
interest to eattlemen in Pima county
and throughout the territory.
San Francisco. Sept. 24.
CM Bcrkh alter, Tucson: We are
now disposed to make extremely low
rates upon starving cattle in train loads
to points in California and Nevada ad
vise shippers and get them into com
munication with us.
C. F. Smwkr.
University of Arizona.
Second year logins September 28, 1S92.
School of Agriculture, School of Mines
and Preparatory Course. Departments
fully equipped in laboratories and ap
paratus. 1 uition free. jJoaru in dor
mitory for limited number at cost. For
information and catalogue address
University. Tucson, Arizona.
8-15 tf
Ia Just 24 horns J. V S. relieves eonstlpsilaa
and sick headaches. After it rets the 'system
under control an occasional dose prevents return.
We refer by permission toV. n. 5Iarhall, Bruns
wick House, 81 F.; Geo. A.Wemcr, Kl California
8t, 3. F.; Mrs. C. Melvla, 1C6 Kearny St,S.F,
and many others who hare found relief from
constipation and sick headaches. G.W. Vincent,
of 6 Terrence Court, S. F. writes: "1 am 60 years
of age and have been troubled with constipation
for 25 years. I was recently induced to try Joy's
Vegetable Sarsaparilla. I recognized In It al
once an herb that the Mexicans used to five as
In the early 50's for bowel troubles.. (I came to
California ia 1S39.) and I kuew it would help me
and it has. For the fint time in years I can sleep
wi-il and my system is regular and in splendid
condition. The old Mexican herbs in this remedy
arc a certain cur In constipation and bowal
troubles." Ask for
154 to 166 State St Chicatro.
will SU Vr th-ir Dew I smUrl
Cilusju of BaTMl Iniruinnt, Uni
form and Equipments, Fin 11
l4vrsUilV dcri kuisj rt'He
reuuirwi by BaiHts or Iruio 4'uri.
t -iQtaftu Instruct mcks tfr Amatur Ruius,
sVictxiaea and Drum m.xux Tactr. By
Laws ua 3ieci.i of tvuxa x us.
Good all the time. It removes
the lanenor of morninjr. sus-
Z tains the energies of noon, lulls ,
the weariness of night.
delicious, sparkling, appetizing.
Don't be deceived if a dealer, for the sake
of larger profit, toils you some other kind
is "just as good " 'tis false. No imitation i
is as good as the genuine tiiRKS . J
Unlike ti Dutch Process
No AIMes
OtBer Chemicals
are used in tho
preparation of I
Breakfast Cocoa,
which is absolutely pure
and soluble.
It has more titan three times the strength
of Cocoa mixetl wjth Starch, Arrowroot
or Sugar, is far more economical,
costing less than one cent a cup. It
is delicious, nourishing, anJ basllt
Sold by Crocers everywhere.
W. Baker & Co., Dorchester, Mass.
Th dyspeptic, the debilf.'atert. whether
from excess of wurit ol Hiintl tT ImmI T, tlxinit
r exposure in
will fiinl Tutt's VHI.- the most genial m
Storati v ever ottered tls Muttering invalid
TrjJe Mark.

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