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Territory Litrsrr.
NO. 17.
Nobbis for couneilman-at-large rounds
like a winning name, and it la. Star.
It "sounds like a winning name don't
it?" Put your ear to the ground and
listen- Ncrr-is he in it and he won't be
on the 8ih of November next.
Chief Parker succeeded in putting his
entire ticket into the field yesterday,
Not ft nomination was made that did
not have the blue chip approval against
it. Fred G. Hughes presided over the
appjeition layout but he cad to be Eat
istied with an occasional maverick that
was purposely allowed to stray from the
box of the oppesitidn .dealer,
Delegate Cubby was the only honest
Democrat in the Democratic convention
yesterday. He was nominated for the
office of county surveyor which he re
spectfully declined. He was he said,
"at present engaged in gin slinging
and for one he did not think tbat gin
swinging and politics should go togeth
er." We rise to remark right here that
Mr. Carry would make a good Repub
The Star will challenge any one to
snow ud anv delegate from any Terri
tory in ihe United States, during the
last two years, who performed as much
"work, pissed as mnny laws of special
benefit toheir respective territory in
any one session, as did Marcus A. Smith
Arizona's delegate, during the present
session. The fact is there arj not a
dozen congressmen who can t-how bet
ter records as workers as can Delegate
Smith. Star.
What a tremendous challenge is to be
found in the foregoing. Will coming
ages echo a reply or must the present
generation stand still with distended
diaphram and await an answer. Th6
only Territorial representative that
mark has to buck against for ability is
Joseph of New Mexico, and God save
the Mark between tae two.
The Louisville Courier-Journal indig
nantly refutes the charges made by
some of the third party mischief-makers
in Texas that more peneions were grant
ed under Cleveland then during any
other administration. The Louieville
paper is determined that Cleveland's
chances in the sjuth shall not be injur
ed by any false representation of too
great friendliness toward the Union vet
erans, and their familiee, and it declares
that. the Texas story is "one cf the pre
posterous statements that proceeds
from ignorance, and can be accepted
only by men who will not keep inform"
ed concerning the course of. public
The Courier-Journal then proceeds
with much elaboration to put down the
rile slander against its candidate, ard
declares that, "next to the tariff mes
sage, the most notable public service
rendered by Mr. Cleveland was tha veto
of the dependent pension bill." This,
Mr. Watte recn's paper thinks, was a
courageous and patriotic act, and a
protest against the looting of the treas
ury under the pretense of patriotism.
We quote: M
Mr. Cleveland well knew that it ar
rayed against him the orgcnizition
known as the Grand Army cf the Repub
lic, and there can be but little doubt
that it was one of the most effective in
fluences leading to his defeat in 1S88.
Today all over the north the political
influence of the Grand Army of the lie
public is used in behalf of Mr. Harrison
cgainst Mr. Cleveland. It is surprising,
therefore, to hear that in the 6tate of
Texas people are listening to Third
party demagogues, who stop at no mis
representation and hesitate at no slan
der. Under the law of June 27, 1890,
nearly 100,000 pensions were granted in
the year ending June 30, 1S91.
The first year of Mr. Cleveland's ad
minibtration, 35,707 pensions were
. granted.
The first year of Mr. Harrison's ad
ministration, 41,921 pensions were grant
ed. The second year or Mr. Cleveland's
administretion, 40,859 pensions were
The second year of Mr. Harrison's
administration, G6,G37 pensions were
The third year of Mr. Cleveland's ad
ministration 25,194 pensions were grant
ed. The third year of Mr, Harrison's ad
ministration, 15C.4S6 pensions were
During the four years, 1885-SG-S7 88,
covering Mr. Clevel ana's administration
192.073 pensions were granted. .
During one year of Mr. Harrison's ad
ministration, 156,480 pensiotfl were
During three years of the Harrison
administration 274,011 pensions were
granted. The average during Mr. Har
rison's administration will be over 100,
(KX), or more than double the average
during the administration of Mr. Cleve
land. Thus laboriously and painfully the
Courier-Journal puts down the island
er" that Cleveland was disposed to be
too friendly to the Union veterans. It
shows conclusively that he was only
half as friendly as President Harrison
has been. It might have gena further
and eaid that, if Mr. Cleveland had
been able to enforce his private senti
ments entirely, no pensions would have
been granted at all.
Strange to say here is an instance in
which every republican paper and
every well informed person in the coun
try willlsoncede that the Courier-Journal
has made out its case fully. The
"campaign lie" that Cleveland was
friendly to the old soldiers is effectually
nailed. Certainly it must be a very
ignorant c!ass of people and thesa only
in the far south who would ever have
believed cuch a thing of him. The
third party fabricators would know bet
ter than to go about the north and re
port that Cleveland was too friendly to
the old soldiers; they know that they
would get themselves laughed at. But
it is among the people of the south, who
used to believe that the Yankees had
hoofs and horns, that these fellows are
able to practice their deceit. They
ought to be arrested for thus imposing
on the over-ignorant and too credulous
southern "shovelry'
It is true that Mr. . Cleveland, in his
letter of acceptance, deals out a little
high flavored taffy to the Union veter
ans, eaying in a general way, that no
complaint should be made at ihe
amount of public money paid those ac
tually disabled or made dependent by
reason of ftrmy service," but the people
of the north know how to take such
things. They can read between the
lines. They know Cleveland's rocord;
they know what is due as a sop to the
old soldier, and that, in bis case, it eig-
f nififs nothing.
It is as though Heods-
man Stevenson 6hould expatiate on the
beauties of civil service, the while he
"winked his other eye." Los Angeles
The Republican primaries parsed off
harmoniously today. A fairly large vote
was polled and the best of feeling pre
vailed. This augurs well for the suc
cess of the party in November next.
A proposition is about to be put 1?
fore the city council by the Tucson
Water Works and Sewerage Company
for two separate franchisee, enid fran-
chises to extend for a period of h.ty
years. As may De unuer9'ooa oy ine
name of the company the intent and
purpose of said company is to provide
the city with water and sewerage sys
tems. Of both these systems the city is
much in need and every encouragement
consistent with good judgement and
the interest of our citizens should
be g ven. Care must Le taken, how
ever, in case one or both of these fran
chises are given, that justice- is done to
all parties, the city as well as the com
pany and the company as well as the
city. In tha franchises as offered, there
are several exacting and objectionable
features that must be 6tricken out be
fore a final passage of the ordinances
are reached, and besides the measures
are of such importance that no city
council would dare run them throuph
at one meeting, but time must be given
for their consideration. When laid be
fore the council both measures will be
ia the field for public discussion.
Under the above caption the Germnn-
American Insurance Co, of which
.Meesrs. Underwood Jc Uibbon are
agents, gives the following instructions:
The ballots are hereafter ti te furn
ished by the state for the statd officers,
and by the city for local cQoers. These
ballots are to be differeDt in color. No
ticket can be voted but those officially
On these ballot? the names of the
candidates of all parties are printed. A
vote ia cast by putting a cross after the
name ef the candidate, with a small
rubber stamp supplied for this purpose,
and found in the booth. You must not
use a lead pencil in marking the x,
which means a vote, or your ballot is
not counted.
The ballot you obtain from the ballot
clerk ia to-n from a book, and a number
is printed on it which the clerks raak
opposite your Eaxe on the register, go
that when your ballot is handed to the
inspector the number is compared be
fore depositing the tame in the box to
see that it corresponds with th9 one
handed you upon entering. There is
a blank Fpace in the case of every
office, which the voter may rill with the
name of any candidate he chooses, but
in the small square opposite the came
you write in, use the rubber stamp
to mark the x, not pencil or pen. Cf
course the name added must be written
with one or the other.
The Tasmanian trick cannot very well
be played under this law, for each bal
lot has a stub numbered on the back.
If the baMot offered does not correspond
with the etub it cannot be received.
Nothing, therefore, could be gained by
surreptitiously getting possesion of a
ballot, tilling it up and giving it to the
purchased voter, with instructions to
vote it and bring back the clean ticket
which he obtained in the polling booth,
for the use by the next vagabond, for
the series would be thrown out.
The illiteracy dodge also cannot be
worked without danger of the ctate
prison. The voter who swears he can
not read is entitled, to call an election
officer to his assistance. By this means
he might secure a chance to sell his vote
in the privacy of the booth. But it ivill
be dangerous all around. If the execu
tion of the law falls into decent and
reputable hand6, the best results may
be expected. But if the political round
ers should get hold of it many of its
safeguards may ba broken down. No
law is self-executicg.
There is 1 able to be a misunder
standing in regard to scratching and
voting straight. When you cross any
straight ticket, you have voted for all
the candidates you are entitled to vote
for, so should you put another cross op
posite a name you would lose your vote.
But there may be constitutional amend
ments or any ether question that could
not be included in the straight vote
the cross in this case is also put opposite
which ever you wish to vote for.
The report comes from all parts of the
county that the drougth is more serious
in its effects upon the ranges than was
supposed during the summer. The
green grass is all gone and the little
cured grass that is left shows tb.6 barest
ranges that have ever been seen in
southern Arizona.
There is but one remedy and that is
to move the steer cattle at once all
steers, old and young, and old weak
cows should be taken to new ranges so
as to give the brood cattle some litt'e
hope o! living through the coming wint
er and spring. Unless this is done End
speedily, the range cattle industry in
this county will be a dream of the past.
The strongest evidence that the cat
tle here cannot live through the ap
proaching winter is the fact that the
pick of 111 head cf T. Lilhe Mercer's
Bteers only brought 62.30 per head at a
recent publio sale.
His stock cattl were just sold with
20 bidders present, from JUDO to CO cts.
per head, respectfully, fair first and sec
ond choice.
Our advice to the stockmen of this
oounty is to move all of their steer
c&ttla at least, and on ranges where the
grass is short, the old cows should b1:.o
With this object in view C. M. Bruce
is nrw in Xovmla. Wiillpr ail is now in
California, Clin Cameron in tha Pan- (
handle of Texas, all seeking now ranges,
and II. R. Richardson will also ship his
cattle away within the next few weeks.
With each of these large shipments
many of the snail neighboring ranch
men will B3ud their steer cattb, paying
their pro rati of th-? expeneca of freight
and j a-turng-1, aocorJing to the numbers
owned by tha several shippers.
At the priuriry election on Saturday
last the choice of the people fell on 10
excellent representatives. Whenluc-
6on sends puch men inta convention the
interests of thf Republican party are
safe so far ae lies within their power.
It looks as though the Phoenix Ga
zette was running t ie Democratic poli
tics in Pima county. Can it be poseiblo
that the Star is going to desert its o'd
master, the Democracy, and fly the flag
of the popuiirts. Evidently much faith
canLot be had ic the election of Oleo
margarine from Buzzards Bay.
The Republican convention for the
nomination of county officers will be
he'd in Tucson on the 8th instant.
Whiie it is impossible to select a ticket
till the convention gets together, there
should nevartheless, be an understand
ing as to whom, so far as Tucson is con
cerned, will go before the convention
for its honors. To do this will not ODly
avoid confusion but will insure, the se
lectman of a ticket that will command
the admiration and respeot of the peo
pi. For Over Fitly Years
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup
been used for children teething.
soothes the child, softens the gums, al
Jays all pain, cures wind colic, ana is
the best remedy for Diarrhoea. Twenty
live cents a bottlo. Sold by all drug
iststhroughout the world.
Republican Platform.
The Re;'il)lichn itrty f tt.-e Tarrito: t of Ari
zona, in lerrnorial cnTtntion fcsrpmuled
tn city or I'resootr, jre.-sit to tliir f ell" citi
zens th f-llowiiu; HHti-mf Dtr'f fe tene-t o
t fir -,litihl faith. nd at-k-fiom the voter of
Ariz. ma a caetul coni-ilFr-tion of tie Mime:
We eiidire the iia'f rm r1 itHl by the Ke
imblican Nati nal convention of lif.fi, at Min
nfiToiip, rb the highest exyr' ssioii of tbe
lrincit:ea of irovermnmit, that t-irooijh the
rale of the Itpti!icn tarty have na-e fe
United States the great -! and most rrotjer 06
raTion on cartn.
W eiiio:to the pre' nt National 8dninit
t rat ion .nd nrpe its luuitinuance in ixjwer, for
the r"aon t;itini'8 succtH-t is ti.e o.:ly as
surance of the inH.iir.en Hnce of that policy tv'at
has made the Lnitd 'tati the loa'liair Nat. on
of the ehrth.
' e.idorso he i.r.jnt t-r;i'orial adminis
tration as ij :re, econ mical and progress! tj.
acu csll the attention of the citizens of Arizona
to the I ent'lits which wih au' rLe to the terri
tory by the faeces attending the refunding of
our territori-d indebte-lnfrs t.n.ier the wise pro
visions of the Wlfl';y Funding act.
Wrf favor the free and nnamited eoinatje of
eilrer a- being demanded by the best interests
of r.nr Nation.
We point with p id t i the general clos i ob
servance of ail law, both federal and terri
torial, and cha U.-nge a co:rpari on with any
etate in the union, a-d we earnestly urge the
admission of Arizona into fall statehood.
Ve ctiarpe tha -orders ot the lvnocri;tic
PKrty of Arizona with oeb.ifing the honest Ih-
bor i.t ti.e t-rr.try ry arrniiji? against it the
comret ition of convicted criminals- compe
tition tnat placed the cll of the felon against
tae home of wife and children, the whip of the
task r.mcer ng.iinstth dimity of men lab ing
or love of home and hearthstone fy passing
duri; g the l--st Wislatare-in whit-h boiy ont
or a tital of thiry-six memlxTS the lemocratic
p;irty h- 1 tw :nty f-ev n a l.i anthoriting the
lending of the convict labor of th- Territorial
prison, and w-awlc from every laboring nana
coaipriinn between fhis action of the 1'emo
cv.tc legislature and ihe action of the 1-eiab-l.can
gov.'raor :n vrtoin? the nieasurf,
Kecopuizirg that no factor in tha future de-ve-opn;eot
of t" wet cn be bo pot eit a? bet
ter and cheaper railroad transport ntion, and
realizing from tie h-stcry of the pas the grow
ing dagger t-o the pub ic walfare of the enor
inons p iwer an.i telegraph lines, we bel.eve
and Lrje as a t ubiio necessity ta t the ownr-
t-hip of all ruilroad anil teleTraph lines, be
vesiet in tb.9 e-nral govenftnent atil pledge
our-eJves as lte'-ubSican to labor to the ac-compli-hment
of that erl.
Lar?e bodies of land in this territory are held
by vario'.u corpora' ions, under congressional
land gretits no which no taxes are taid owing
to thirn't l"ein s rve.ved and patented. We
p!edye our re4 r - e"ta"ive t urge upon c Dgrt ss
immerfiaie a::ia to iie tiieir grant an 1
the:r ntisurveyed land s'ltveyed, and thus in
crease the tx-.b!e propyl ty by ji.any thousan is
of do lars. Weurgeupo-- congress the cedirg
e t: difTt-rtVnt tafes and territories of ail a:il
lunds now hf id by the fe !eral government.
A dire for Cholera.
Thera is u j us- of any one Buffering
wi?h the cholera whea Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
can be procured. It will give relief in a
few minutes and cura in a short time I
tmve tried it and know. W. 11. Clinton,
He'metta, N. J. The epidemic at Hel
metta was at first believed to be cholf ra,
but subsequent inveetightion proved it
to be a violent form of dysentery, filrnost
a9 dangerous cholera, This Remedy
was used there with great success. Fcr
sale by F, Fleishman, Druggist.
The I incbt Trivate llihrary in the World
AlKmt to lie Sold.
For Rome time past it has leen ru
mored that the famous. Althorp library,
which Dilnlin called the finest private
collection in the world, was about to be
sold, and now the announcement is
made upon authority, says the St.
James' Iazett It is hoped to sell it
en bloc, but should that not le possible
it will be put up at auction. Selling
the most famous of tlxe world's private
libraries in a lump can mean only one
thing selling it to America. We trust
that may not happen, since Lord
Spencer's collection contains many vol
umes which it is national pride to possess-
s.;:i-h, f, :r instance as the famous
Val.larfar "K,eerixio," which Lord
I'landford wresteir from the second
Larl Spencer frr i'J.'J.'d. U) Ih ultimate
ly Ixiught for Althorp fr the bagatelle
of 7.VJ. It will be an c-rxxh-making
sal.-, for this great library contains
siinc 50,000 volumes, mostly priceless.
Scarce editions on vellum and large
paper, magnifieoDt printing, and daz
zling bindings by Fasdeloup and Roge,r
l'nyne these are its glories. Manj' of
the lok.s, tx, have famous histories.
They have felt the touch of the Pompa
dour or of Diane de Poitiers, or the ele
gant grasp of V raneis I. There are
eighty-two out of the ninet3--nine
know a productions of C'axton, to say
nothing of tfie famous Mentz Psalter, a
copy of which has fetched .".0i)0. To
sell the Althorp library, indeed, is al
most as though we were to sell the
rarest rarities of the printed book de
partment of the British museum
Robinson's Big Show.
Arrived in Tucson between the hour
of 1 and 2 p. m., and preparations will
be made for the grand exhibit tomorrow
Ost:4th. The email boy ia numerous
today and to is his big brother and sis
ter, and also his f ither and mother, and
even praDdpa aad grandma do not feel
too old . to go and witness the scenes
that prevailed in the courts during the
reign of the wiaeet in the world. Old
Kiug Solomon, who accomplished more
in a dozen words than all the law and
science of Coke, Blacketone and the
rest of the gang. Witnefis their great
street parade and then go see one of
the grandest spectuclar scenes in the
Prepared for the National Columbian
l'ublic School Celebration of Oct. 21.
tr T IS now known
jj; to all readers
that President
Harrison has is
sued n proclama
tion naming Oct.
21 ns the true an
niversary of the
discovery of
America, and
reeonime n d i n g.
its observance by
suitable exercises
in all the schools of the United States.
A uniform programme for every school
in America, to be nsed on Columbus
Day siinultar.eonsly "with the dedicatory
exercises "r tae or Id 5 Columbian ex
position grounds in Chicago, will give
an impressive unity to the popular cele
bration. Accordingly, when the super
intendents of clucation last February
accepted the plan for this national pub
lic school celebration, they instructed
their executive committee to prepare an
official programme of exercises for the
day, uniform for every school.
The following programme has been
prepared by the committee:
The hooU should assemble nt 9 a. m. in
their v.irioiis rooms. At the detail of vet
trans is expected to arrive. It is.to be met at
the cutruiico of the yard by the coior guard of
pupils effort"! with dignity to the building
and presented to the principal. The principal
then gives the signal and the several teachers
conduct their pupils to t lie yard, to druuil?at
or other 111:1:1', and arr.-.ne t!um in hollow
tuare about the Hair, the veter.-ins and color
giliird -taking places '. the ll;i; itself. The
master of c;rei;i'iiiis th-:i gives the command.
"Attention!" aad he.;;;; the exercises by rejui
the proclamation.
1. Reading of tiik i'r:r hint's Proc
lamation. Uytlie .Iutrof CVr-f-iiii'iik.
At the close of the rending he nn.inmicos
"In ;;ceu;-laiii e with this rce:i:i.;:n :i:i:i: icn !o
the president of the. I'tdled Si. -Us. ;:d .us :.
fiu of oi:r devotion to o:ir country, let th
fi.iii of the n;;ti;i l.o urjiuritfl a thN
Raitno of tii Fi.a Pv H
As t!.e Hn-i rcuchi-H tbx; ir.,
tans will lead the s-ti:l.'ag
for "OU ;i.;ry
:j. Sai.l'tk to ti:k Fi.ao.
At a signal f-.n:n the -i:
. ordered rj'tifcs l.unds t the i
'.-or-.. ti e vete
' ill " I nn ( "beer-
Dythe i'lipilr
ipal t h-j prjpiJs it.
i.ie, face ihe Cr.l'i.
Atiorh.er si.-i al i.i given: ev.T' "; i:;,i! uiv.-siJn
Cw-Z the military salute - Hg'it ;:vt lifi;'..
palta lio'.Miwari:. to a line with the fun-head
and elos'; to it. Ntiin.liiiLC thus ftli revs iil t-w
gct her slowly, "1 .-.eti:;e allegiance to my liu-;
and the reiusi liir f.ir which it t:u;!s; one n:-.
tioti hidivi -ihle, v. iih liberty and jutii-e fjr
a!!." At the words "1 my flag" the ri-::t
hand i- cend'd r.n ( f'i!!y, pal::i upward, to
ward the Hag, atul remains i:i this gesture tiii
the etc! of the a.'liimr.tiori, whereupon fill
hands immediately di-o: to the siie.
e si.le. Then,
cns slr.tn a
ti!i staiuiing, :us the iiislrum
chon!. jill wiil ing "America" -"My country,
'tis of thee."
1. AtKNowi.K'ir.Jir.NT of Hon. Prayer
or Scripture.
SoNfs of C'or.fMr.us Day. Ry P.ipils
?id Audience.
Columbia, my land! nil hail the glad day
When lir.-t to thy slrind l!i-; ;x)ii:ted the
Hail him who thro darkness first followed the
That led w here the Mayflower of Liberty caine.
Dear Country, the Mar of the valiant and freel
Thy exiles afar arc dreaming of thee.
No fields cf the Earth s tncliantinly fihlne.
No air breathes buch Incense, such music as
Humanity's home! thy sheltering breast
Gives w elcoineaiul room tOKtr.iiicrsojijircss'd.
Pule rhiiclrcn cf Hunger an.l Hatred aud
Find life in thy freedom and joy In thy sonff.
The fairest estate the lowly may hold.
Thy oor may prow great, thy feeble groir
For worth is the watchword to noblo decree.
And mauLood N aiiiihty whero manhood la
O anion of States and union of soulsl
Thy promise ftivuits, thy future unfolds.
Anil earth from her twilight U hailing the,6un
lliat rises where reolo and rulers aro one.
. Tueko.n Rrown.
6. The Addhess. "The Meaning of
the Four Centuries."
A declamation of the cpeclal address pre
parexl for the occasion by The Youth's Com
7. Tun Ope. "Columbia's Banner.'
A rca'liiic of the poem written for the occa
sion ! IMna Dean I'o tfir.
Here shoui l follow whatever additional ex.
-rcis,.s, i.airiouc. reel ions, liistoric repre-
M-utiil mils :r t lioruls limy lie e.esircd.
. Adpukssf.s by Citizens and Na-
TIi nai. S inos.
Francis Eellamy, chairman, represent
ing Ihe louth s Companion, lAiston.
John W. Dickinson, Fecrttary of the
"dassuchusetts board of education.
. i.uonias. u. DiocKweii. commissioner
tTc.xie isiand puoiic schools.
W. R. Garrett, superintendent of pub
lic instruction of Tennessee.
Ferris S. Titch, sr.j.crir.tendentof pub
lic instruction of Michigan.
A forgotten Coin 111 bi:t Monument.
It is a mistake to suppose that there
was, up to a short time ago, 110 monu
meiit to Columbus in the United States,
There is a monumental shaft in Balti
more. It is obscurely placed and is in
scribed "Chris. Columbus." It dates
from 1 t. It w;i.s erected by the French
consul general. De Amamour. who, with
si.iae hundred or mure French edeers
and soldiers, remained in Baltimore
after the end of the Revolutionary war.
Bucklon's Arnica Sale
fne DtsisHwe m the woiid foi cute
eres, tetter, chapped hands chilblain
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
lively cure piles, or n,o pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refused.
For sale by Geo. Martin.
It Pays to Read the Papers,
eppecially your county paper, for often
through this medium businef-s chances
and opportunities are presented that
might otherwibe entirely escape your
attention. For instance, 15. F. Johnson
& Co., Richmond, Va., have an adver
tisement ic this paper that will prove
of especial interest and value to a large
uumber of people hereabouts. Write to
him for further particulars.
Supreme Court Decisions.
There was no session of the supreme
court this morning. This afternoon the
following capes were disposed of:
Bryan vs. Brossin et al, affirmed.
Bryan vs. Kales, affirmed.
Bryan vs. Finney bt al, affirmed.
Slaughter et al vs Marlow and Hard
ienburg, judgment reversed.
Chart vs. Territory, judgment revers
ed and case remanded.
Shanklin vs. Territory, affirmed.
Ah You vs. Din Yen, appeal dismiss
ed. Underwood vs. Hawkins, appeal dis
missed. Herald.
A Great Summer Drink Celery and
Iron in combination with pure mineral
Water. Invigorating and cooling.
Arizona Consolidated Bottling Works,
6-13-tf Sole Agents.
An Old Timer Caught.
Every one ia Tombstone knows honest
bard workinz Abe Lievda und no one
would expect to find him tb victim of al
hltni'On anna L-n.n- ' '. "iiiirriirrnl
bureau" but it is a fac ' l,'nau rared
Wilson has been runni . ach a bureau
in Fresno and Abe tol. story lif jre
the U. S. court in Los Angeles Monday,
which is taken from the Herald of tbat
city fcnd is as follows
When the first witness was called in
the examination, it proved to be a work- euccesbful and today tha latest icfor
ing man ftom Bisbee, Arizoi.a, A." V. maticn comes that he purchased the
Lyda. He acknowledged replying to I Fir6t National bank of Oakland. This
the following advertisement, which ap-" exemplifies another 9trolce of his achie
pearelin the New York Police Gazet--vements in a financial transaction.- Mr.
te laet spring: ' Henderson has always been looked up-
A Spanish girl handsome and wealthy, ' on as a man of solid business views and
who for certain reasons, will give half whose counsel has been sought by very
her fortune to any respec! able tuRn that shrewd business men. He was for
will (rive her hisnarae. Sealed particu- quite awhile a resident of this city as a
Mrs 10c. Address the ACME, Box 207,' largo owner in the Consolidated. Nation-
i-resno, ai.
Jn response to thin insinuating ad-
vert;sement, Mr. LedyB, who was old
enough to know better, replied, describ -
ing himself. His summing up of his
points was naive in the extreme. He
wrote that he was 13 years old "pretty
old, pretty gray and a little l.ald but
honest nnd could give references if
necet-s iry. He wanted the half of the
fortune, no matter how soiled the
character of the Spanish girl. In reply
he received 'the following letter from
Uain, then masquerading as Wilson:
Fkksno. March 1G, 1891.
Deardir Pyou mean business, please
fid out the enclosed black. Return it
with 62 fe and we will arrange .matters
between you and the Spanish girl. She
is a hnndsome dark eyed young woman
age 19. bhe has been indisceet and
must marry peon, bhe owns a large
ranch in Fresno county and has money
in bank. She is yours if you want her.
Shs will go to any place you name to le
married, San Jose if you wish. We
can't give full details or s?nd photo till
you satiety us that you mean business.
Resp. Yours,
II. C, Wilson.
Mr. Leyda s?nt 52 to IWn and in
response received a letter that the lady
had started for Phoenix. But she never
arrived. Thin was where the cunning
Cupid got otf. He had the S2 and the
victim had the memory cf a pleasing
dream of wealth and voluptuousness.
Democratic Convention.
Yesterday evening between the hours
cf 4. and 5 o'clock tbe committee on or
ganization, rules and order cf business
made their report to t :e convention.
The. coninvttee consisted of Chap. F.
flofT, rhairmnn; Jno. Devin, K. N. Cur
ry, Ad;:m Sanders, W. P. B. Field. Or
Jder of business was tho proceeded
twi.h th Brteriti receivicn hrst attention.
Frank Oury advocated M. F. Shaw f r
I that o.Kca. whilst 1). G. Chalmers
j thought Joseph Soott possessed th--
i:,(,no E.. 1 (u.
j record whilst 70 mild voters planked
j their little chips on their favorites,
t Scott scored 10 and Shaw received t?n
less. The nomination v. ent to Jeeph
ocott. The otdC3 of district attorrey
was the next feature before the con
volution. Fri.uk Heieford being the
choice for that position ar rr?serted by
J. B. Finley and Thcs. D. Satterwhite,
the opposing enndidate as submitted
by R. Leather wood, 70 votes polled
with a result of 3G tor Hereford whilst
Satterwhite received two lees. Hereford
declared the nominee. The convrdion
then receBEed untd 7:30 p. m. On reas
sembling nominations cf supervisors
were then in order. For these positions
M. G. Samaukgo and II. I. Stevens
were chosen. Hon. Wm. Lovell wtiB
nominated for council and responded
in an appropriate -speech. The ass-m-
ly then received an appropriaMon Dera
ocratic in the shape of Chas. II. Willi
urns, B. Bnchta, R. M. L?atherword
also Chas. Mehar cf Nogalea The
olhca of treasurer wss the nxt objec
tive race and U. t . Overton reeeivec
the noaunation without opposition
The convention having ca'led the cen
tteman to thefroat exacted a speech o
him which whs given in a felicitous
manner and proved to be lh- best effort
cf the convention. Ch-i?. A. Shibe'l re
ceived the nomination for recorder and
Harry Levin for aseesscr. " After the
declination of Jv. ?.Curry atd F. Oury
I'.t county surveyor, me fame was con
ferredupon . M. Breckenndfee. John
I. ood was nominated for probate
judge. At p. m. the convention
adjourned. The choice of pretiuct
olucers being left to delegates from
their respective precinct.
Mr. Curry of this city was nominated
for surveyor, a second to the nomica
tion was made. At the portdtions time
Mr. Curry proceeded down the aisle and
receiving a round of applause made a
neat speech of oecliration, staling the
fact that he was now in the cm slieir
ipg business and did uot believe public
office a3d intoxicants fused sufficiently
w dl as to give pirolic satisfaction, cou
pequently he would thank the conven
tion for the consideration in which tfcey
neia mm out would cave to decline.
in me announcement 01 J uuge cattr?r
white for the legislature by the conven
tion the jurist stepped -forward and
stated to the convention that he had set
hishe&rt on thd district attorneyshio
but having failed in said nomination he
bf-gged to be excused from takirg fur-
tner cDngnt'.on. bpeeche3 were trade
by l'robat9 Judga ood, Henry Levin
and ethers. Mr. Levin stepped to the
front ana was delivering an oratorical
eesvr before tbe convection, in a voice
far below the inoculated tnss of the
fsmous bass horn that he pi ivc, when
the crowd 6arg out to him "louder Hen
ry, louder, tais somewnat broke the
young r.sses.-or up and he managed to
put some leavea in h:s voice and ra'sed
it accordingly. Judire Leatherwo id
after several attempts of excusing him
self predicated upon inability to under'
lak-e a canvass in eo short a time finally
jieiueu to me tufririnc and itchin 2 sen
sation or tame and concluded to accept
He addressed the convention and claim
ed a residenceship in Arzoca from the
time when at-nles hrst trrew unnr mctr
orusn. lauirt delivery . of his oratory
the judge shook hi9 heal contortionis-
iica:iy end h:s attitudes and twislini
poeitions would indicate him' 8 b-?ing cf
troou leather, but before he enn pletcd
his remarks it was doubtful to ths a.
semblage whether he would prove good
learner or unsuitable wood.
Skeleton Keys.
Julge Culver's court was encnepd
this evening in looking into the case of
young man here who owned eoneirl-
en.ble land and rnnrtv in VA Vnar,
and who was inclined to cla m owner
ship l.kewiee in Tucson t3 a similar
amount, but all the records he had to
shovt for Buch ownership whs a bran
newreu shawl and 1G or 18 skeleton
keys. Marshall Roche febhted the
young would-be ownar as he was doing
the city lust night and today the great
majority of the law will be read as to
the possessary rights of red shawla and
skeleton Keys.
Territorial University.
Examination of students and appli
cants at the Territorial University are
now being held at that institution this
evening apd also tomorrow evening.
The class of last term and also of this
will meet in the assembly room of the
institute uexj, Friday afternoon when
dutTej aBsinetl to taeir respective
David Henderson.
The subject of this eketch ia well
known throughout Arizona. Mr. Hen
derson's experience dates back 30 long
years of an active business career. From
a time 20 years before the whistle of
the steam Iomocotive was ever heard in
the Territory. Through the hardships
and varied life of the new mining camps
including every ore of prominence in
the Territory he has had business en-
': (razemants. invested his monay.;proved
, al banK ana at an times nad a gooa
word for Tucson and in. the presence ef
; the writer claimed that Tucson had a
1 destiny to the realization of which it
j would aruply repay the young men to
stay with. Mr. Henders n has cliralied
to his high financial attainments by a
I persistent method or businesj talent
of which -he is possessed in a high de
gree nnd there ia none of his acquaint
ances ia Arizona but what wish him re
nowned success in the new business cir
cles of his choice.
Mr. Cornelias B. McGinnis of Tuc
eon, Arizona, and Miss Mazgie Shephan
or Kansas City, last v edriesday, S?pt
21st. Mr. McGinnis has been an engin
eer on the Southern Pacihc rail
road for some six or eipht years. He
usad to run engine No. 1712 on the Tuc
son division, one of the largest on tbe
road. He is wed known in Tucson and
highly thought of. A happy joarney in
life is wished Mr. McGinnis and his
bride in which tbe Citizen most hearti
ly joins in best wishes.
Cannot Vot for Freetrade.
George Tricknor Curtis, the eminent
constitutional lawyer, who has been a
shining light in the Democratic party
for so many years, doe not believe in
doing things by halves. When he has
convictions, he believes ia backing them
up with actions. We quoted, a few days
ago, his views on thaantiprotection plack
of the Democratic platform. Therein he
repudiated in t to, the Democratic
pronounciamento that the levying of a
protective tax by the Government ia
unconstitutional. Mr. Curtis has written
the following letter, which fully explain
itself, says the Los Angeles Times.
Richfield Sprigst (X. Y.. SeDt. 12
Wilbur F. Wakeman, Esq., general scre
tary of the American Protective Tariff
League: Dear Sir In fulfillment of
my promise made in response to your let
ter of the 7th icst., I proceed to give you
mv views of the protective issue as it has
been made by the two political parties
in the present campaign. First, however,
h t me observe, by way cf preface to
whet I am about to say, that although I
have for very many years acted and
vo'ed with the Democratic party, I can
not do so in the coming Presidential elec
tion. A vote for the nominee of the Ia
Democratic National Convention will
mean a vote for tree trade. It will mean
n vote for the doctrines enunciated in
the platform, which denounciated the
Republican tariff a a fraud on the grea
majority of the American people for th
benetit of a few, stigmat'zed a protective
tariff as unconstitutional, and proposes
to lay duties lor obtaining revenue only
without regard to the protection of our
own industries. I cannot by my vote
amrm anytmng so false as this. A man
muss pay some regard to truth in politics
as well as in other thicga. To ffSrm
what I believe to be untrue political
uoctnna is something that I never did
nndthall not do it now. I consider the
a-jti-protection "plank" in the Deraocra
tic platform to be as false as anything
that I have ever known to be asserted in
a similar instrument. If it had said that
th existing tts riff needs revision, I might
have concurred. But it has gone the
whole Lngth of denying that 'any pro
tection cf our domestic industries is with
ia th.3 constitutional power of Congrosa
1 repudiate this doctrine, because I know
This is not the first time that I hav
differed from my party. I was born and
bread in the etate of Massachusetts, and
lived there until I was fifty years old.
was educated as a Whig in politics, and
I learned constitutional law from Dame
Webster and Joseph Story. In future
communications I shall show that in lay
ing duties on foreign products it
perfectly constitutional for Congress to
lay them 6o as to encourtge our Amen
can-industries, and that a tariff for reve
nue only would bring ruia upon the
Government end upon the people.
Yours very truly.
George Tickxor Ccrtis.
Gila County Ftepubli can-
On September 17 the Republicans of
Gila County put the following 6trong
ticket m the held:
For Council W. M. Griffith.
For Assembly J. W. Wentworth.
lor Supervisors Chas. E. Taylor,
r red. 11. I'owers.
For Sheriff Ja. F. Meikle.
For District Attorney Milla Van
For Treasurer J. W. Board man.
For Recorder Chas. T. Martin.
For Probate Judge G. M. Allison.
Jus' ice of Peace Chas. A. Fhk. Geo
C. Strong.
Constable Jas. E.Ellison, Chris. Fin
GRAPEVINE precinct.
Justice J. B. Hoker.
Constable Thos. Armer.
Justice Bert. B. Grooves.
Constable E. L. Cen brook.
Justice A. J. Howell.
Constable D. J. Peter.
Justice Nathan McDonald.
onstable 1). B. Harren.
The frdlowing are the names of those
appointed to act as a Central Committee
until the next election:
Globe Precinct F. W. Westmeyer, C,
T. Martin, Jas. F. Meikle, Mills Van
Waeenen, C. E. Taylor, J. W. Boardman,
U. M. Allison, A. G. l endleton.
Pioneer W. M. Griffith
San Carlos Thos. L. Hogue.
Grapevin3 N. Uocker.
Reno F. H. Powers.
Payscn J. W Wentworth.
Pine W. C. McLaclan.
Rim Rock W. A. Richards
A Cholera Scare.
, reported outbreak of cholera at Hel-
metta, N, Y.. created much excitement in
that vicinity. Investigation showed that
the disease was not cholera but a violent
dysentery, which is almost as severe and
dangerous as cholera. Mr. Walter Wil-
lard,a prominent merchant of Jamesburg,
two miles from Helraotta.says Chamber-
ain s Coiic, Cholera and 'Diarrhea Re
medy has given great satisfaction in the
most severe cases of dysenterry. It ia
certainly one of the best things ever
made." For B3le by F. Fleishmen, Druggist.
When you get quotations on wall pa
per from California, asd whether they
are tingle or double rolls. We quote
price on double rolls always.
L. Zeckendor! & Co.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
The Following are the Precinct
Officers Elected at the Con
vention Sept. 29th
in Tucson.
Tucson Justice of the reace. M. R.
Stater and C. A. Elliott
Constables, Adam Sanders and S. W.
Fir ley.
Ncgales Justice of the paece, Eug9ne
ALoore and O. fc. i'almer.
Constables, John Roberta and Frank
Greaterville Justice of the peace, P.
J. Corjue.
Constable, Geo Dopez.
Ciw.a..3- Justice of the peace, E. K.
Sykes. .
The following gentlemen were elected
as the central committee.
Tucson T. D. Satterwhite, GusHoff,
Frank Oury, M: K. Curry, Jaa Finley,
John O'Brien, W. II. Barnes. M. Gervais,
II. Urquidez. Pedro Pellon.
Tanque Vet de Nicholas Van Als
tein. Gunsieht-S. W. Sullivan.
Olive Camp J. D. Baxter.
Quijotoa A. Hunter.
Cerro" Colorado W. A. Clark.
LaOsa P. R. Tully.
Comohabi RusselL
Poso Bueno E. Jones.
fubas-H. W. Low.
Crittenden P. A.Dougherty.
Oro Blanco J. B. McClanahan.
La Noria R. Harrison.
Pantano Chas Severence.
Anvaca S. M. Aguirre.
Elgin A. O. Donell.
Reddington D. Markham.
Harshaw-M. Littie, R. Farrel, W,
San Xavier Ramon Aldarette.
Greaterville Daniel Johnson.
Calabasas IL A. Read.
Rincon Bartolo Barcelo.
Nogales D. J. Chalmers, Herber J.
IL W. Purdy, Chas Mthan.
How to Vote Under the New Law.
Take note of the following things or
your vote will not be counted.
DOXT use a lecd pencil to make the
cross opposite the name you
want ta vcte. (Use rubier
ft imp placed in the booth.)
DOXT vot3 two names for any cne
DONT put the cress opposite Republi
can name if you mean Demo
cratic, or vice versa.
DONT vote for more names than jou
are f ntitled to.
DONT forget if you spoil a ballot you
can get a r.ew one by returning
the one spoiled to ballot clerk.
Three ballots are allowed in
case of spoiling, but only ten
minutei allowed you in the
booth to vote. -
DONT tear off the perforated part of
your ticket yourself; the in
spection clerk does that.
DOST put the x anywhere except in
the ( j) email place at the
right ef each name you mean to
vote fcr; it follows each party
name, aa
John Smith.... Democrat x"
John Smith... Republican1
Remfmber, a x with the rubber stamp
means a vote.
Educate yourself! 400 mutilated
ballots thrown out under thes3 rulings
in Sacramento, and 15,000 in New York.
The fittest will only express themselves
at the ballot box under this method of
Don't lose your vote.
Letter List. 9
Following i-i a list of unclaimed let
ters remaiciag in the Tucson post-office
for the week ending September 2Gib,
Abilft Frank Piri Cecilia
Bdh R E Ilibar Pedro B
Belcher J Mr3 Ribera Juequin
Bell JW 2 lloesett ilr
Cruz Pastora 2 liuiz Juana
Domingps FrancisccSalas Matilda
Eppley T B
Salas Margarito
Flaven J A
Flores Irnacio
Sambrano N
Siquircs Jos 3
Soto Serah'co
Stewart 3 II
Sullivan John
Valancia M de 2
Vana Federico
Verrellesa Edwarda
Villa Luis
Villa Tivdulo
Weavtr Geo.
Grijalia Betiino
Grijaiia Maria
Horn M
Huertes Jeeua
Lujin Tiodoro
Maidonadu Juana
Mr din a Polito
Meea Antonio
McClanahan Rott
Nabaro Guadalupe
rtunezJoee V
P. M.
A Leader
Since its first introduction. Electrict
Bitters has gained rapidly in popular
favor, until now it is clearly in the lead
amoDg pure medical tonics and altera
tives containing nothing which permits
its use as a beverage or intoxicant, it is
recognized as the best and purest medi
cine for all ailments of Stomach Liver
and Kidnevs. It will cure Sick Head
ache, Indigestion, Constipation, and
drive Malaria from the system. Satis
faction guaranteed with each bottle or
the money refunded. Price only 50c per
bottle. Sold by Dr. Martin.
Levi Strauss & Go's
clcbratcd oppcriVclcd '
The only kind made by white labor
SZZj 2
None -Genuine without our Trade . Mark.
Mis n
Q -r..7-,-.j-kPMi..7
The old idee of 44 .vra mro va that t4l
eruptions were due u "Wood humor," fcv
waicli they gare potash. Thus all tie old Sara,
parilla contain ptah. a raosohjectionai,lea4
drastic mineral, that Insrcad of CemMsinf.
actual! eie-i e mr.ra eru;.'iu:is. You fcava no
Uccd tiiis w!i.n Ui.ia? ct:i. r aaj.rULta tiaa
Joy's. It is Lo-.verer mw tan a tat the atoaa
aeh, tlie blood crcot::: power, la tha aeat cf all
vitiating cf. cear.sia,; operation. A- atomaea
c!opl by 1 i.lit;ei;oa cr tip tion, TiriAt
tho Lloort. r"- :- ntitirloi. A ea-a tmca an
healthful iliir-j. .-: .' cn.l they ciiapBer.
Thus Jcy's Vegetable Sirs..; :. ..U u compounded
after the mcJcra Mea to restate the bonelj aat
timoliti tbe digestion. Tue e.Tect ia immediate
and moat satisfactory. A suort tentimoui&l te
contrast tl:a action of t'.e po'aa 5ar!a;ariDaa
and Joy'- Moie:n vegc'-ttlo preparation. Mra.
C. D. SUau, ; l"0 Kay. -j st.. S. F.. writes: -I
havo for years had i !:tioa, I tried a popular
Sarsupari!!a bnt it actually tatised more pimplee
to breai out oa my face. ITciriag thst Joy'awae
a later preparation ai.d aci. 5 diiTcrently, I tried
It aad the pimples immediately disappeared.
Lareest bottle, most etTecrirc. aave price,
& i-ra cc risMUT, j
1 54 to 138 Staie St CtAmm tf
ai juu rrtih, ir nm. .m.ri
liusliu of baii'l lnv
tonu and
nd l.U!I.nrm. u.. k it U . Cl
1 lustralior... inl.iii rwry artn-le i ' t
require.! by Bon.l. or Irum t -.rt, Vsst Jk
nlm, iromirtion, f.r nai-.r 1 f V
t bCMiil fTuiu 5ii'. Tac;. Bt-
AU chlldrea enjoy a drink of
Hires' Root Beer.
So does every other member of the family.
ACjCeat package makes 5 pailons of this delicVwe
drinlc Don't Nj derived if a dealer, for tfx
f larger protit, tella you some other kind ia
Just us rooi "lis f:ilsoi 2fo imiuuou ia w oovl
aa the gcauiue IIi;te.-,
no appetite. InIiir'stion. 1-l:ituln-t. Sirk-llral-ali.
"all ruu Uuwu" ur loiug flrah,
you will lind
a a a 5
Jnt what yon noMl. They ton np the weak
atomarh ami build tip t ii flagmsri;iea
Cool Weather. Nippins; the Pestil
Beklix, Oct. 2. The setting in of
coldfer weather hu.s assisted in the re
pression of cholera everywhere. The
authorities, during the winter, will ef
fect such sanitations as w ill enable tkera
to cope ith the chance of an outbreak
in the spring. Berlin 's free from chol
era and enly occasional cr.s-s of choleraic
disorders ara reported in the slums of
Charlottenterg. A careful estimate of
the effect of the epidemic: upon the trade
of Hamburg places the decrease at 70
per cent. The people of Hamburg are
confident of tfis speedy restoration ef
Bkkli.v. O-t. 2. Russian emigrant
who have betn refused admission to tha
United States are net nllowed to re-enter
Prussia. Some have jest returned in a
miserable condition. Ninety a' Cuxhavea
have bean refused tickets on Prussiaa
railroads. The weather at Hamburg ia
cooler, the temperature having dropped
20 in the Elbe within a week.
IlAMRt:ru.,Oct.2. The ofTIcial cholera
report shows an increase of fourteen new
cases aud a decrease of ten in the num
ber of deaths.
Paris. Oot. 2 One hundred cases of
cholera have been reported at Porte 1, a
suburb cf Boulogne, during the last tea
Odefsa, Oct. 2. Cholera is officially
announced at Tiraspo', Bandar. Kilscht-
netT, NichoIajelT, Troops patrol tha
towns to prevent disturbances. ThetroT-
ernment has ordered uil fairs in tha
south of Russia closed for another
i month. O-.vi.i! to the increase of chol
era between Kie.T and OJe?sa tive mora .
large barracks for pat ents have been
erected. All trains have invalid car
riagea attached.
Money Market.
York. October 3. Money
4a per cent,
Bar Silver SO',
"History Repeats Itself,"
and eo does Hocii'h Sirsapanlla in tha
remarkable cures it 13 continually ac
complishing. If you will give this medi
cine a fair trial it will do you good.
Hoods's Pills act easily, yet efficiently
0' 's
fVpiW Mil
'ifS Pun 1
"Jr For j
e-jNSi! Two.
H l a- , - S.

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