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Weekly Citizen.
On Ypy, Otx?Yr in Advance,
Oae Copy, Six Months -
One Copy, One Year ia Advance,
l)n Ooiit. Six ?Jonth
110 00
b (JO
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2 (W
This paner is kept on tile at K. C. Drake's
Advertising Agency, f.l and W MeroJ-.ants Kx
change, San Francisco. California, where con
tracts for advertising can be made for it.
tor rnF.siDEKT:
nr-nfi- n AURISOX Of Indiana
FOR VICE tkesidext:
wniTELxw 1:eid
..Of N'cw Yoric
Territorial Republican Ticket.
W- G. STEWART Coconino County
. GEORGE CLOLC1I C.ra'ham County.
Republican County Conven-
A Republican C-nnty Convention U ereby
called muHt a' lieia ,
on Saturday. Oct u -r Mb, InC. t W d.yk
. m t- wi:!imt) candidate for
ciantyoffiwrs, electa Cunt y Central Commit
tee an.lv. trance', sneh uliier hiwn& as way
1 - ......... tufre it.
And uotire i rreby given that primary
elections will fcehel-i in the various procinctBof
the county on Saturday, iH.Tt.ner im "ru
gate to the County Convention, ll.e election
in loia and Nogals precincts to be he.d un
der the auspices of the IWuoUean tlalw
fcDd in other precincta in such m-inuer .b ..he ile
publicHnbth. rinmHy adojt. .. .
I'recim-ts willJe allowed th following nuin-
hr ol ueiega-esin iu vul u
TaUtc .
ii reaerv iile
'ntteiuien ...
Cerro cvdorudii.
Yellow Jacket.
Ija sa
Washinm . .-
Tuoaou A. 1, bpt. 15, 1S'.'--
Chairman Ceil. Com.
W J 03H0KS.
Secretary. .
If na Mr. Curry proclaimed, gin
lineinc arid sorvev incr don't go togeth
erw we modestly rise to enquire bow tLe
former compound and legislation niix?
The Star in summing up the long
range virtues of Marcus Aurorius
Smith, it omits all mention of the part
he took or did not take in the mhtter of
the land court bill. It will be on this
bijl that Mark will have to face his
campaign in Pima county.
The Democrats are ashamed cf their
legislative ticket and Inducements have
been offered to several of the nominees
to withdraw from the ticket in favor of
more acceptabla individuals. But the
aroma of office, however thin, is as dear
to a Democrat as a molasses barrel is to
a pickaninny. Nothing but the strong
will of the people can repudiate their
The ruction m the Graham county
Democracy has proven an opening day
for the Republicans ttfit will surely
bring them victory in November. The
ticket has baen made up by a judicious
selection of representative men free
from the taint cf bossism. It is a ticket
that will commend it6elf to J.he pc-op'.e
and ccJmmand the respect even of its
enemies. It is a ticket that will win on
its own worth. We earnestly coinmend
it to the voters of Graham county.
If the .Republicans of P:ma county
are wise enough to take advantage of
the time and work harmoniously for
the common good of the party, there is
no reasoo that every R3pubiican noaiin
ated ehonld not be elected. They muet
le careful, however, and put in nomina
tion same cf the best nvitsr.al that can
be found within the parly Hoes. This
being done, as all good Republicans
hope it will, we Deed have no fear of
the resalt. The legislative ticket must
ot be made up of the fa? end of the
party as the Democrats have done, but
o capable and eCiciont business ran,
who will lend their voices and their
Totes to "the making of laws for the
common good of the whole people. The
other nominees from the sheriff down,
must be as carefully selected as ths
legislative ticket.
It hag bf ea definitely arsnounc?d that
Mickey Ste6rt will be here on the 11th
instant, when a rousing reception will
be given him. Since his nomination
there has. been a great deire on the
part cf the citizens of Pima county to
Bee him and hear him diecuss the preg
nant issues of ti e o'ay. The Democrats
have been industriously circulating re
ports detrimental to Smith's campetitor
They profess not to fear him acd are
croaking continually that Mark's. ma
jority will be 3000 in the territory, but
at the same tirte they show more
wholesome fear of Mr. Stewart than a
pnrty confident of victory eoul 1 re?.son
ably be expected to show of an opposi
tion they loudly profess not to consider.
The truth of it is they believe that the
promised fourth term for thc-ir candidate
has gone glimmering like many a poor
fellow's last dollar over the green cloth
of their chief. 'Instead of Mnrcu9 hav
ing 3000 majority he will have at least
3000 on the wrong side of the elate, and
will wonder seriously as to whether or
not he was ia. the race at all.
"" 1
Total W reck..... J
Columbia J
lt.ttwt-iai van ...... .
Oro IUkih'O ,
Ij& Nona -
l'aiitano.- .
Halero j
Keldirglou .. .
Kigin .
1 1 aruba w ....... .
Tanjue Venie " J
ti turnout i
Quij ta.
San Xavief f
I'oho Hutio.. . - f
l'j;irit J
T i
The delegates elect to the Republican
County Convention are charged with a Ix the 0l yars prior to Mr. Cleve
grave responsibility to themselves, their j l&ucU entry into the presidential office,
... . m- . . i . .i thSre had toen 109 vetoes. In the four
party and the county. Th widespread
dissatisfaction which followed the dem
ocratic Dominations is a warnirg to the
Republican delegates that the tax pay
ers are disgusted with the methods of.
the democratic bosses. The day is'past,
never to return, when the people are
wiling to be taxed to tiie verge of con
fiscation, in order to pruvkle lucrative
offices for the support of party Ftnkers. j
But little interest wrs taken in the
political affairs of the county, by 'the
business men of either party, further
than to advise that the best men in the
,1 l : t ...1 t iVn ti riilia
1 J
oiuees, until atter tne democratic nomin-
ations were made. Since their nomina
tions were uiaile, however, and when
the bu?inees men taw that the welfare
of the joople wai whody subordinated
to the political interests of the party
bosses, a revulsion took place; and no?,
happily fcr the good of the county, the
business men of both parties are clani
nioriug for the nomination of the beet
men in the commuait cn the Repub
lican ticket. This appeal to the patriot
ism cf the Republican delegates will
not be ia vaiu: th-y wiil nominate men
whose election by overwhelming mnjjr
ities will viudioata the action of the
convention, in makicg the putlic gcod
paramouct to all personal considera
The fact that there are no candidates
for the several o!Tico3 bodes well far the
d: r!y. When the office seeks the man
noD but the best cf citizens will b
chosen to till the office. There ara few
pt.rjocs wuo can retist the earnest ap
peal of their fellow citizens?, their neigh
bore and their friends, when called up
on ti serva their countryman in any
public capacity. Every man of true
patriotic impulses will surrender his
personal interests to the public wolfare
whenever he can be made to see that
hi3 duty to h s country requires the
TLe class of men whose names are
being discussed among the business
men of the community for the several
fiicea bodes well for the county
Numbers of the best citizens, men who
usually take no interest in politics, have
called upon Herbert Tenney, urging
him to permit the ueo of his mame fie
L?fci6lative Councilman; upon George
Pusch, for a Supervisor; upoo A. B.
Sampson, for the Assembly; and equally
goad and strong men era beicg urged
for the other offices.
The democratic ticket is confessedly
a weak one. It muet be apparent to
any one who will pive serious thought
to the matter that the to candidates
who are claimed by their partizans to
be strong are chiefly so by comparison
with the obvious weakness of thsir as
sociates on the ticket.
The duty of the hour u to nominate
good men. The people, by their votes,
will ratify the Republican nominations
in November,
. The president has every right to feel
proud of the news from Indiana as stat
ed by Hon. R. B. P. Pierce, chairman
of the Republican executive committee
cf that stat, who stopped in Washing
ton on his way to New York, where he
had been called on business. "The
campaign" said Mr. Pierce, "is moving
very satisfactorily to us, and the state
will go Republican beyond a doubt.
There ara a remarkable number of
chaDges of life-long Democrats to the
Republican side. Cases are reported
daily among farmers as well as me
chanics and business men, and I now
recaU 6even counties in which marked
changes hate taken place. Within the
last week ten voters in one family, in
one of the southern counties, came over
because of the free trade plank in the
Democratic platform. A few days ago
a Democrat who is a prominent whole
sale merchant cf Indianapolis, told me
tbat be intended to vote for Harrinon,
because he considered the changes
which would necessarily result in the
business world from tha election of
Cleveland and a Democratic congress
dangerous; ard beside h? was eo well
satisfied with the able, ditrnified and
conservative administration of President
Harrison that he wa3 anxious for it to
continue four years longer."
All. the news received at the head-
vuarters of the Republican congression
al committee is encouraging, and not
withstanding the enormous Democratic
m:jr::y :n ins House, w.Mcn every uouy
knows was o'oti ned by concerted mis-
epre3nctatior.s of tho M. Xinley tariff
liw, there are gco l prospects of elect-
irg a majority of Republicans to the
rext Iioum?. T:ie workings cf the Mc
Kin'.ey law, :m shown by reports prepar
ed in numerous states by Democrat!'? as
well as Republican clTlcial ; hts proving
to be the most convincing eort of argu
ments, ncd Republican speakers who
took part in the campaiKn of Ib'JO are
proudly recalling to their hearers the
prophecies uihda then as to ho .v the law
would work.
Mk. Cleveland's letter of acceptance
has injured inbtad ol helping iuni, as
it has destroyed th belief of the peo
ple in his po!iti'il Ftriht'orwhfli.efS
and honeoty and oLown Liu. in Lia true
colors as a wobbling politician who tries
to write on both sidt B of every ques
tion without committing himself to any
thing. For instance, wnile r.greeirjg
with the Chicago platforji that the pro
tective tariff ehall be abolished he as
sures the people that the Democratic
party does not propose to injure the
business interests of any American
citizen. Even a Democrat meet be able
to 6ee contradiction in this. He square
ly dodges the issue of wild cat currency,
made by the plank of the Chicago plat
form favoring a repeal of the ten per
cent national tax on the circulation of
state banks, and so ably met by the
president in his letter of acceptance and
by Mr. Blaine in his letter t? the Maine
j'ears of Mr. Cleveland's adminis' ration
097 bills were vetoed in one way or an
other, of which oil were p ivfue pen
sion biilp, which had been approved and
passed by a Republicaa ben ate and a
Democratic house.
The D mojrati are getting alarmed
ovor the news of the new "kick" by
Tammany, which comes from New
York, and some of them acknowledge
that it is useless for Cleveland to ex
pect to carry that state; if Tammany's
demaDds.are fatif-fiel the mugwumps
and anti snappers will become "kick
ers." Mr. Cuaf. II. Williams, one of the
Damo(.rf.tin nomiaftW3 for th assembly.
has decided to quit the ticket for better
company. Mr. Williams is neither a
"gin tlinijer" nor "a faro dealer," so it
is authoritatively reported that be
intends to "let go all holts." The gen
tleman is to be complimented on his ex
Coildnt judgement in the matter.
Hon. Geo. W. Cheynet has been
nominated for the"cruncil from Cochise.
No better nomination could be found
in the territory. Cochise is fortunato
in her choice.
WHERE. Strong Resolution By .the Soldiers
and Sailors Union.
The Lincoln Club rooms were crowded
to the doors las. evening with old veter
ans, who met for the purpose of organizs
ing ajSoldiers' and Sailors Republican
Club. John W. Brooker was elected
f.resrJent and tne iollowmg as vice
presidents: T. P. Laycock, A. E. Meigs,
J. W. Pi ancis, Suvth Oliver; John Davis,
secretary; M. F. Tarble, corresponding
secretary; L. II. Whitson, treasurer;
Major Thomas, -Brady, sergeant-at-arms.
Speeches and a general good time fol.
lowed, a committee of three to receive
the Union League- Drill Corps of an
Prancifco. who will shortly visit this
city, was ppoirted, foilowiGg which ac
tu u the ciub adjourned to meetjat toe
same place on Monday evenicg next.
fTba frd in tr root ilntirkr.a u'pru nrpoan
ted by W. II. Savage and adopted by the
"Whereas, It ia industriously alleged
that the veieians of ?he war for the
preservati'-n of the Union are becoming
estranged from the Republican party to
tha support cf the Democratic, we tike
this occasion and th s method to define
our position and our views and purpose
as expressed in the following resolutions
"Resolved, That it is far from our wish
to revive war animosities or to manifest
a faehug of hostdity to those who were
our foes upon ths pattlefield ia Jthe late
war, or to regard tthem otherwise than
as our equals as citizens of the republic.
hut we cannot consistently, with our
ideas of patriotic duty support for the
high offices of President acd Vic?-Presi
dent men who did not volunteer, but
when drafted sent substitutes to war as
asainst those who volunteered, took their
lives in their hands and fought for the
cause of union and nationality. Of the
former class are Grover Cleveland and
Acbai E. Stevenson, and of the latter are
Bee jam in Harrison and Whitelaw Reid,
and eo little did Grover Cleveland regard
his substitute that he permitted him to
die in the poor house.
"Resolved, That the action of Grover
Cleveland durirg his late presidential
term in vetoing the dependent pension
bill and numerous private pension bills;
and in going ou a fishing excusioa on
Memorial Day while we were decoratiog
the graves of our deceased comrades,
joined by the patriotic citizens of the
couutry, evinced his want of apprecia
tion of the serviees of those who fell cr
were disabled in the war, and it but
corresponds with his idea of patriotism
when the war -was raging and when he
paid his money to procure another to
ta'a his pla'ce in the army. We cannot
permit history to record that our prefer
ence is fer those who served the country
by substitution instead of in their own
persons. Such an act on our part would
be a demoralizing example to those who
come after us, and would endanger the
rights and honor of the Nation in future
conflicts of arms.
"Resolved, That we recogniza Ben
jamin Harrison as a pntriotic and brave
e-oldier, acd that as President of the
United States he has not forgotten those
who ofTere d their lives to maiataiD the
honor cf the Hag atid the soiitary of the
republic. He deserves our respect and
confidence and shall have our most cor
dial support for reelection. Los An
geles Express.
A Leader
Since its first introduction, Electrict
Bitters has gained rapid'y in popular
favor, until now it is clearly in the lead
among pure medical tonics and altera
tives containing nothing which permits
its use as a beverage or intoxicant, it is
recognized as the best and purest medi
cine for all ailments of fStomach Liver
and Kidnejs. It w ill cure Sick Head
ache, Indigestion, Constipation, and
drive Malaria from the system. Satis
faction guaranteed with each bottle or
the money refunded. Prict only 50c per
bottle. Sold by Dr. Martin.
Tur. Day of Small Tmxcs. Ella "I
lclicve in tnakinrr the most of little
tilings." Eilie "I have noticed that
you are always careful of your good
l'oks.'" Saturday Evening Herald.
Av.-fo.lv C.oxe. Ethel "Is Clara so
very much in love?'' Maud "I should
say she is. I saw her writing a letter
to him the other Clay and bhe put 'Dear
Jack' on the envelope.1 N. Y. HeraW,
Ax Idea. Clara "My physician has
advised me to go to Germany for my
complexion, and I don't want to go a
bit. I was there only last year."
Maude "Why don't you have it sent
over?'' N. Y. Sun.
SlOO Reward 8100.
The readers of this paper will be rdwed to
larn that t'tere is at leant one dreadod diu. asa
that ecienc has heen able to cure in ail its
KtHS. nd that is Catarrt. li all's Catanh Cum
lithe only pixutire enrs known to llio v edical
iraternity. Catarrh ruin a coribtitntional dis-
ea?e, requires a c :nsritnti .L.al treatment, -"all'
Catarrh Cnr- 18 'aken inten.ally. act inir directly
UMn the bk-oil and mnc"u. surfaces of the
(.j sri.ni. thereby es'royinsr the foundation of the
i nef se. ami nviu tne pa lent Rtr'nrti ny nun
in.'upthe con-ti utjo? and a'eist:nff natoxc
'oi' k ' oik, the proprietors have so
nuitr. faith in its curative powers, that they of
fer One huud ed l.'ol'ars fi-r any ore that it
fails to cure. (wn1 or l:st of tet-tiaioniais.
' dTfiH. F. J.CH-NEX & Co., Toledo. O.
'"'Sol I by DrtrfifctB, 7V.
Don't you want a nice book case to
keep your books from the dust. e
have a large stock: of glass door cases
from Sl'2.50 to ?3o, made of Polid onk.
L. Zeckendorf & Co.
It Should be in Every House.
J. B. Wilson, 371 Clay street, Sharps
burg Pa., says he will not be without
Dr. King's -New Discovery for Consump
tion, Coughs and Colds, that it cured
his wife who was threatened with pneu
monia afier an attack cf "la grippe,"
w hen various other remedies and several
physicians . had done her no good,
liobert Barber, of Cooksport, Pa., claims
Dr. King's New Discovery has done him
more good than anything he ever used
for lung trouble. Nothing like it. Try
it. Free tral bottles at Dr. Martin's
drug store. Large bottles, 50 cents
and $1.00.
Globf, Ar'z., Oct. 4.-(Speaia.) M. G.
Stewart, Republican candidate fur de'e
guta lo congress, appeared at ritk last
night and addressed lha 'argett audi
ence ever tssembled at a political meet
ing in Ulobe. Every seat in the large
building was uccup'ed, as well as all
available standing room in tha hall, ves
tibule and the steps out side. At each
window w :s congregated a knot cf at
tentive listeners. His speech was well
received and it is confiJently piedicted
that Mark Smith's mijority of two
years ago in Gila couuty will be greatly
reduced if not wipod but.
Moscow, Oct, 4. 30,000 pilgrinw star
ted fv,r i'roits- to celebrated the
500th tnniveisary of the death of St
Seigus accompanied by 10,000 ciergy
bearing sacrfd Bymtolsand ia ages. They
sleep in o pen air and present most
wreched t-ppearence.
Centkalia Mo. Oct 4. Wo-d has ju6t
been received that u di-.turbance occur
red at a. rival meeting at Stevecscn,
Galloway county Suuday afternoon in
which three men and one womaa killed
and number injured.
New York. Oct. 4.- Patrick Egan,
minister to Chili, arrived this morning
on the Pacific nipil steamer New York.
He was received by representative Irish
Nkw York, Oct 4. An interview with
Ex-Mayor Grace the leader of the anti
snaprerB is quoted as saying he conclud
ed indiiiVrence to opinions of his
frieDds, best not to put a th;rd ticket in
the field in this city.
Jacksonville, Fla. Oct". 4. Reports
from ninaly towns up to one o'clock p.
m. indicate about an average vote. In
dications point to election of Mitchell,
democrat, for governor by about 18,t)00
Loxdov, Ort 4, Tennison becomes
worsa towards thi3 evening. At 5
p. m. the patients condition was criti
cal. PrrrscuRO, Oct. 4. Tha grand jury
indicted R. J. Godfrey, supreme treas
urer of the Order of Salons, for the em
bezzlement cf $14,000 fro-n tha order
and indicted Godfrey and G. M. Ball,
suprexe president, and A. S. Mundorlf,
chairman and supreme financier for
conspiracy "tc defraud the order.
Berlin, Oct 4. At 9:30 p. ra. this
morning, Lieut. Miklos of the AustnaD
army , one of the competitors in the
long distr.nce military ride, arrived here.
He left Vienna at 7:50 Saturday morn
ing, therefore he was thre9 days, one
hour and forty minutes cn the road. He
is the first of riderf, either Auetrian or
German to ficish the rid9 r.nd it was
evidently fast and furious. Bath man
and beast are completely worn out
Paris, Oct. 3. Joseph Ernest Renan,
distinguished philosopher and author,
died today. Oa Tuebday last he was
driving and caught a severe cold, which
tpeedly developed into congestion of the
It is said Renan was rational to the
last moment, and when he found death
drawing near expressed a wish that he
might have a naticnal funeral and his
body be interred in tha Pantheon.
Cenan died in the College de Prance, a
little way beyond the new building' of
the Sorbonne. His children were pres
ent at his bedside. No priest attended
the dying man.
De Preycinct, Minister of War; Gen.
Peurier, Pere Hyacinthe, Comte de Lisle,
M. Puvis de .Cbavsnnes acd other per
sonages celebrated in the political,
artistic and scientific worlds called at
the college durring the day and inscrib
ed their names on the visitors' book.
Paris, Oct. 3. Many persons continue
to be attacked daily by cholera in the
city and suburbs. Yesterday thirty-five
fresh cases and ten deaths were reported.
Buda Pesth, Oct. -3. It is officially
announced tht this city is infected with
cholera. Officials ttate that the difeasa
was introduced here through the medium
of imported hides. -
Hamburg, Oct. 3. Cholera returns to
day are: New cases 93, deaths 31. Nine
thousand clerks have been thrown out
of work in the city owing to the depress
ing influence the epidemic has exercised
on all lines of business.
Loudon Oct. 3. TheStp.ndard'a Vien
na correspondent savs: "The first Ger
man military officers who left Berlin on
Saturday to ride to this city crossed the
frontier Sucday morning and rested at
noon at ickan. Lieut. Mavherr od
Fitzheil reached Rumburg at 3:45 p. m.
Prince Frederick Leopold arrived at
Rumburg at 0 p. in. find continued with
out halting to Weiswa6ser. Caron Zand's
horse, Schnippe, died of colic and Baron
Osten's sustained a fracture of thn knee,
The last dispatches, judging from the
distances covered, show the Austriacs
and Germans about equally matched
Beting is very havy, and varies from
hour to hour. Some riders are expected
to finish on the fourth day, as they give
no consideration to their horses
New York, Oct. 3. A Barlin cable to
a morniug paper says: "A suit which in
volves no less a person than Empress
Eugenia Victoria and n?ar relatives of
Staswig Glucksbourg will be called in
the ccutts within a few days. It appears
that the late Emperor William, after
taking possession of hleswig-Holstein
in 1SCG, tried his utmost to befriend
the dopossed dynasty. In this spirit he
sanctioned the marriage of his grandson
the present- Kaiser William with, the
poverty-stnclren Pnncees of Agust
enbeurg, and that of Price Frederick
Leopold of Prussia to her sister, die
distributed the castles and crowu estates
of ihe Holstein family among its various
homelets mambers and put them on
their feet again. Among the castles
was the Glucksbourg schloss, which he
turned over to Duke Charles of Sleswig,
The duke and duchess are dead, and
tha incumbent up to a few weeks ego
considered cimeelr undisputed proprie
tor or the schloPB ol Utuckebourg.
"Then a secret scandal was Hashed
before his eyes by the letter of a lady be
longing to the highest nobiiity ia the
couutry, who showed him deeds and
other legal instruments to prove that
her daughter is the child of the late
Duke Charles, who, she claims, left
her all bis personal property acd select
ed Schloss-Glucksbourg for her resi
dence. Duke Frederick Ferdinand, who,
like the rest of the family, considered
his late uucle Charles a icodel of pro
priety, refused to believe the lady s state
ments, and 6nys the documents are not
sufficient legal evidence. The lady, the
refore, appealed to the Kaiser, who,
however, refused to interfere. All hopes
of an emirabla arrangement being aban
doned, the ense will now be tried in
open court, ard my diplomat friend says
a grod deal of dirty linen will bo wash
ed. New York. Oct. 5. Silver is stronger
with certificates at 84 '4. The rise is
due lo a reduction in the amount held
by mercantile safe deposit companies.
The revival of exports and shipments to
Europe today amounting to 215,000
ounces and fixing of time and place of
the international monetary conference.
New York, Oct. D. Cleveland left for
Buzzards Buy this afternoon.
Richmond, led., 'Oct. 5,. The Nixon
paper mills burned this morning. Lots
London, Oct, 5. At half past three
this p. m., Tennyson's physicians report
that he is dying. He is passing away
quietly and slowly, but may linger some
City of Mexico. Oct. 5. The Spanish
steamship Vera Cruz, which is high on
the rocks at Vera Cruz is believed to
be a total loss. None of the crew have
abandoned the 6hip. It is impossible to
save tbe cargo.
Washington, Oct. 5. Mre. Harrison
rested much better thr.n usual last
niht, but is no better this morning.
Nashville, Oct. 5. At Mountpelier
1 1st night a mob took Alax Bell, colored
from tha sheriff and lynched him for an
attempt at rape of a white woman.
Atlanta, OiL 5. Georgia today elec
ts a g varn r and othar state o.U jerj,
and a full general assembly. Two full
tickets are in the field. Democratic and
J People's party. The Republicans have
natpiytLe national electoral ticket acd
will throw the stato vote to the Peoples
Berlin, Ot. 5. Count Starhemberg
tbe lung distance iider arrived here this
morning, making tha distance in 11
hours aud 34 minuter, or threa hours
be'.ler than that, of Lieut. Mickies the
iirst rider ti finish, the Germans who
6tarttd on the second day made better
time than those who started the first
day, tima rangicg from Si to 93 hours,
Kansas City, Oc. 5. A pacia! from
CofTey-viile says that Bob nnd Grant
Datton, Tom Heddy and an unknown
member of the Daiton gang lie defcd in
this city. Emmett Daiton is mortally
City Marshall Connelly, Geo. Cubino
and Charles Brown Shoenrasker have
since died. Cashier Thos. Ayres of tha
tirbt national bank and Lucius Bald
win, clerk m Red Bros. 6tore, are fatally
wounded. J. A. llw aad Lewis lieitz
are slightly injured, all resulting from
an attempt of the Daiton gang to rob
the bank of C. XI. Condon Ar Co., and
the Firsrt National bank of this city thio
At Condon's bank the cashier told
the four of them that the time lock
would not b3 opened for fifteen minutes
The robbers said they would wait and
took the moner in the drrwer. Bob
ai d Emmet Daiton then went to the
First National bank and forced tha
cashier to give all the money up in the
safe. The alarm m the mean time had
been given and as they came ont Geo
Cubito and express agent Cox shot
wounding one of the robbers badlv,
Therobberq returned th fire, killiug
Cubino. The robbers in Condon's bank
then began to shoot out of the window.
hitting Avers acd Brown, both robbers
-then ran through the bank. They were
mat by Baldwin who they killed. A
numberof ciiizecs pursued the robbeis
and succeeded ia killing four and raor
tally wounding Emmet Daiton. If he
?urvives his injuries he will be lynched,
All the money has been recovered.
Elizabeth, (N. J.,) Oct 4. James
Corbet t, tha champion pugilist, made
his appearance tcmgbt as the star in
the play Gentleman Jim. Hemadeagood
appearance on the state and the play
was a fairly good one and well present
ed. Corbett was presented wita a num
ber of large lloral pieces.
Chicago, Oct. 4. A morning paper
says tbat Pope Leo is sending Mgr. Sa
tolli, president cf the Academy of Noble
Ecclesiastics, to this country as "deleg
ate apostolic" to take up the much
mooted school question with the pre
lates of this country, in an endeavor to
harmonize their differences of opinion
Meantime the meeting of archbishops,
which was to take place in New York
early this month, has been postponad
until November.
Berlin, Oct. 4. In the long distance
ride between Berlin and V ienna Lieut
Meyer and Lieut. Uobenburg, passed
Nimburg, Bohemia, last hight. This is
just half way to Vienna, and the diet
aoce, 200 miles, was covared ia thirty
five hours. At that point they met the
first of the Austrian officers riding from
Vienna to Berlin. There is much inter
est in the competition, and large sums
are watered on the result.
The last of the German riders started
this morniag. Altogether there are 109
Germans in the race. Of the horses
taking part, nine are English thorough
brede, fourteen English half bleeds, five
Hungarian, one Russian and the rest
PruE6ian horses. Up to the present
time only scant reports have been re
ceived of the progress ef the riders
Cold, wet weather and thirk fog make
the conditions bad for the riders.
Vienna, Oet. 4. Lieut, Miklos passed
Bauzen this morning, after riding fifty
1 hours and covering 417 kilometers. It
is expectad he will icacu Berlin early
London, Oat. 4 The Standard's'Vien-
na correspondent says: "The ride is
turning out to be a senseless' sacrifice
ol horses and riders. Already twenty
Germans end fifteen Austriens have
baen disabled, and every hour brings
news of broken-down horses and in
jured riders, owing chiefly to tbe msen
sat a desire to do in three or three and a
half days what with proper regard to
the condition of tha animals could not
be done ia less than five days."
New York, Oct 4. Gen, Daniel Sick
les will not go on the stump for Harrison
in tha present campaign. He mad9 the
declaration last 'evening and shattered
the hopes many Republicans entertained.
This hope was passed on a published re
port of Gen. Sickles' speech to his boys
of the lbird Army Corps at the recent
reunion in ashington;
"There wss nothing of a political char
acter in that speech, said the General
lastnuht. "My reference to Gen. Har
rison was cot as the candidate of the Re
publican party, but s a soldier and Pre
sident of the United States. Neither
candidate nor pirty wera mentioned and
political significance is given to the
speech only uy its adaptation to them.
The General added:4 For the first time
I find myself a sort of mOgwump, with
serene indifference upon political parties
and partisan contrition. No, 1 shall not
no on the sump for eiiher candidate. I
did so with Gov. Hill for Cleveland in
lSSS and our reward was to bo accused
of knifing tha ticket I went out through
the State with Gov. Hill in 1S.SS. at Cleve
land's request Ha had found soma
trouble to handle the old soidier9, and
he thought I could assist in keeping them
ia line'. 1 found them all glad enough
to see me wherever we want, but they
would not ba shaken from their deter
mination to vote for Harrison. They
said, Ve are Rlad to see jyou, General,
but you must not ask us to vot9 for
Northfield, (MiDn.,) Oct. 4. The
October number cf Astronomy, a scient
ific magazine, edited by Prof. Payne, of
Charleston College, contains several
valuable papers on the recant observa
tions of Mars. The first is by Prof,
Holdon, who, under date of August IS,
explains the work done by the big Lick
telescope in California, giving Lis con
clusions as follows:
I may briefly state my individual con
clusions as to Mnrs at the opposition to'
be tbat the changes in the surface feat
ures of Mars as we now know them are
probably not capable of being comp-
etely explained by terrestrial analogies.
What are we to make of the lake called
the Pons Juventae, for example, which
was a single object in lb m, which was
not visible in lbTO, and which has been
both tingle and double during the pre
sent year? Is it conceivable that an ob
server on Mars examining the earth in
any part of its recent history would' have
seen such amazing topograph io changes
as We this year have observed. Not to
speak of the charges from opposition to
opposition, it appears to me that careful
examination of the long series of draw
ices of Mars, which we owe to Prof.
Schiaparelli and others up to th9 present
time, will make it evident that there are
enormous difficulties in the way of com
pletely explaining the recorded pheno
mena by terrestial analogies unless we
also introduce serious modifications.
Prof. Pickering, of Harvard College.
writes under date of Arequipa, Peru,
August 1. lie says:
In seeking to explain the observa
tion, I would merely poiDt out tbe fact
that the changes occurred at a time
when enow was melting with great ra
pidity, that a dark channel suddenly
appeared July 12 which had not been
seen at the last previous observation of
this regioh on June 13; that it shortly
disappeared again, and in a few days
after this event the northern sea was
largely increased ia area temporarily, r
at least that is southern shores became
much darker. I think these changes
cannot be t-xplained by cloud effect
We have already obsarved larga- whitish
patches upon tha plcnet, which undergo
certain charjges in shape aud extended
from night to night. We are now study
ing them carefully, although we find
them rather difficult cf observation.
These changes we are inclined to refer
to the'clousfs, although the matter is Dot
as simple as it might at first appear. If
these effects are really due to the clouds,
they are quite different in character
frcm the other changes noted.
Coffeyville, Kan., Oct. 6. The dead
bodies of the Daiton gang were buried
today. The robbers secured $202.-10
from the First National bank and 300
from Condon's. Tbe artount recovered
exceeds this, confirming Erumett Dal
ton's statement. The robbers had 900
of their own money. It is now thought
that only five were in the raid. If this
is true the entire gang ha3 been exter
minated. Emmett Daiton made a sworn
statement that Rob and Grat Daiton
were concerned in tha California rub
bery several weeks ago.
San Francisco, Oct C. Rain fell
bribkly for a short time here this morn
ing. Ironwood, Mich. Oct, 6. Tha bodies
of three more men entombed iu th
Norrie mine were recovered this morn
ing. . New York, Oct C Kinney Brof.'s
big cigarette factory burned this morn
ing. Liots SJoO.OOO. Fully insured.
Nashville, Tenn., Oct. G. The Amer
ica3 Atlanta, Ga., special says: Com
plete returns from Grgia g:va North
em a majority of 0.1n.
Meadvjlle, Pa., Oct. C. The jury
in tbe embezzlement, cases agamst Dal
matir r this morning returned n verdict
of guilty as to Hon. Geo. Delrraters and
notguiity as to the oihers.
New York, Oct. 6. The board of
health has been nctified that James
Parley is suffering from suspected chol
era and the case will ue investigated,
New" Port, R. I., Oct. 5. A local
grocer here sent the sheriff to the reM
dence of Mra. Parun Steven of New
lork, a mar y times millionaire, an
seized her hordes and carnages for debt
New -York, Ozt. 6. In tha suit of
Congressman Jos. Belden fga;n6t Jtid'
Stevensan Burke acd others and Colum
bus Hocking of the Valley and Toled
railroad involving $8,000,000, Justice
Mcurahain this morning gave judge
ment for defendants.
Atlanta. Ga.. Oct 0. The d
cratic ticket is headed by Hon. W. J.
.Northern for Croverner, and the People s
Party by Hon. W. L. Peck. The Hv
opened beautifully and from every part
ot me state ouuetins announce tae
vote tha heaviest in many years. Demo
crats claim the state by oO.OOO to GO.tXW,
Chicago, Oct C In investigating into
the death of Eiigeao Martinoa, the
Italian killed in a saloon Sunday night,
the police have found evidence that it
was the work of a mafia. " Seven Itali
ans who were present at the time of the
murder nave been arrested.
Council Grave, Kansas, Oct C A
freight train on the Missouri Pacific
went throueh a burninrr bridge thin
morning. Engineer C T. PefTer, son of
cDitea otaies aenator verier, and Uiint
Howard, fireman, both were instantly
killed. Another fireman was bndly
nurr. ina wreck: took hre and burned
twelve cars of gram.
London. Oct C Poet Tennison died
rt l:oo 0 clock this morninc Ladv Ton
nison. thoucrh herself 111. hnr im well
when informed that all was over. There
is a coincidence in tha fact that, nna
year ago today Charles Stewart Parnell
uiea. it is conjectured 'that ;( iladstone
win appoint Algernon Uharles S win born
as I'oet J-iaureate to succeed Tennison
Nashvillf, Tenn.. Oct C. News
from Pulaski is alarming. Gen.'Weaver
says he will go there Saturday and hurl
defiance at nis accusers. Oa the othe
hind it is. openly declared he will be
killed if he uses insultincr lancuarre.
The Third Party, including many old
soldiers of the confederacy are arming
anu preparing to go there to protect
w eaver.
San Francisco, Oct C In the Brun
ner cuse this morning, Mr-?. Hwnth of
414 Mason street, testified that Otticger
ence told her ha - would .never forcet
Brunner for what the latter had done
for him wheD he (Ottingerl was fiehtin
for tha SotAhern Pacific Co. At an
other time Ottinger said his testimony
ai tne trial woaia never convict lirun
ner. This witness said sha had related
the same to the Sacramento "Bee" re
Atlanta. Oct 6. The "Ccnatitn
tion V semi official return mnlrn llotr
Nothern's majority 70,5C. Peck, the
tnirj I'ar-y candidate, carried only
eight out of 137 counties and wts beaten
in his own county. Iha democrats
elected the entire state legislative, rep
resentative ticket, except four Repub
licans and three Third Party and every
senatorial district except two which are
Kansas City, Oat. 5. It is reported
two oanKs were robbeit at Coffeyville,
ian., mis morning, it is sii hvo per
sons were Killed in tne scrimmage.
Yanktown, S. D., Oct. 5. The dem
ocratic 6tata central committee forward
ed to the secretary of state as requited
by law certificates of the nominatiocs
made bv the democratic stata convea
tioa. This settles the question cf fu
6ion in South Dakota. Tha state is be
bevel to be by a large - majority surely
nepu oiican.
Kansas. Oct. f A eneriAl in iho Rta
from Coffeyville, Kansas, says that
superintendent trey, 01 the Missouri,
Kansas and Tevna railroad with a snwial
car in which were thirtv or fnrtv tmstv
citizens, having v inchesier rifles and
snu guns,ieit 1'arson lor Uolley villo upon
thereceiDt of news to aasint in "rnnnmrr
the desperadoes down. 1 hey found cn
taeir arrival, noever mat there was
nothinsr for them to do. Pitv Marshall
Don nellv was about to tike nositi.m na
priGeinal of the hiirh school. (len. Oahire
killed by the Daltons,' was a boot
anu enoe merensnt in i;otievi a ami
one or tne solid business men 01 the city
I , M I'jinrlnn at tSo l.on.l rf lha l.nnLr
ing fim of C. M. Condon Co., who lived
in uswego, in an adjoining county o
Labette where he had been rondnrt?n
a bank for a number of vears. Th firm
owns banks in peveral towns in thij i-irin.
lty. A special from Coffeyville says that
ji,iumi5 uaiton. caEnot live and has niadi
a partial statement. 6tating that his gac
: . .1 11 . . 1 1 1 . 1 t-
tm iuc tame uiat rooueu tne 1 acinc ex
' Taking butter from 'milk
vya known in the earliest
times. It vras left .for our
time to make a milk of end-
liver oil.
Milk, the emulsion of but
ter, is an easier food thnn
butter. Scott's Emulsion nf
cod-liver oil is an easier food
than cod-liver oil. It is rest
for dip-estion. It stimulates.
helps, restores, digestion;
and, at the same time, sup
plies ' the body a kind of
nourishment it can get in no
other way,
NS0YT?OW,' ChemaXa- 3 South 5th Amu,
Your dnicgist keeps Scott's Fjnulsioo of cod liver
Wl-all aruggou eyerywhere j,.
pre?s car on tha Missouri, Kansas fc
Texas ra.lroad at Adei station in the
Indian Territory last July, and a num
ber of other daring rebbries. Others are
implicated ia the attempt of robbery,
they endeavored to escape but were
wounded and the body of one of them
was found near the, edge of the city.
Coffeyville Kas., Octo. The Daiton
garg has been exterminated, they were
caught like rats in a trap, they were to
day 6hot down but not until four cit
izens of this place gave up their lives.
A band rade into town this morning and
robbed two banks of this place and when
they attempted to scape they were at
tacked by the marshal's pesse; ia a
battla which ensued, four desperadoes
were killed outright and another severely
wounded. He has since "died. Another
escaped bat being hotly pursued by four
of the attacking party, ha killed one
and two were seriously wounded.
The dead are Bob Daiton, Gratten Dai
ton, Emmet Daiton, Joseph Evans, John
Moore, alias Texas Jack; T. C Connelly,
city marshal!; Im 3,1. Ualdwin. bank
clerk: W Cubine. merchant: C..1. Rrown.
shoemaker. The wounded are Thomas
G. Ayers, cashier of Ithe First National
Bank, sh t through the groin and cannot
live; T. A. Reynolds wounded in the
1 ight breast, Lais Detz shot in the right
The Grip .
Leaves its victims very weak and debil
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A Great Scmmer Drink Celery and
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complied with. Th.y are purely Vetretable. and ev:
til to (rive aatfavtloa. 8ngap'oatel. Urv bosea
eontalninjr 30 rUls, 15 cents. Beware vf counterfeit
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For sale by GEO. MAET1N . Draggiat. Tns
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I sou, Arizona,

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