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DemocbaT3 are baffin for publi:
8ubicripiions to ihe campaign fun J not
becaus thev have not cot lets o. money
but becaua thjy wai:t Jots more.
The Populists are' crying for campaign
funds. Trey ought" to draw on the
the Democratic parly icta whose hands
they are p'.aying, for any shortage that
bubs up the campaign fund.
Jcst as Mr. Whitney g?ts things pat
ched "up in Nw York between the Hill
people and the anti-snippcre, a stitch
piv-3 away somewhere and the whole
thing becomes unprtfehed cgain.
The second story a3 well as the ground
floor of th Democratic ticket id
to be fumigated. We rmdfstly rise d
call the attention of the hea th officer
ti tiis fact and hops that he will lock
into the matter.
Democrats who hav heretofore
depended on Republican votes to be
elected, will have to do sonae ta"l hust
ling for strength :n their own pa- ty:
tbia tinia. The Republicans will sup
port their own ticket.
Between rottou eggs acd Jmocrats
ths People's Party hoed a- rough io.v
in Georgia. They had better return to
their early love, the Republican party,
for it is plainly evident that the Demo
crats have bo use for them beyond
ufing them to weaksn their political
Gexesal Eb. Williams of Noga'es,
v. ill be a candidate bftforj the ilepub-
" lican convention for the office of district
attorney. "The general ie ar V. sulci? r,
a good lawyer and tn exeoji;!ary ciiizc.
If nominated fts heprobibly wi!l be, : e
will be elected by a handsome ua:.j.riiy.
The Republican party nominated a
winnjng ticket in the convention tsdey.
The delegates a9 a wbo'.e are a tine lool
icg intelligent lot of men and they hive
been true to the trust imposed 01 therj
Their nominees have been carefully
selected from the body of the Repub
lican party, with a view to th?:r tpeciL.'
fitnesa for the oCi.e they w;'l b electee
to fill. Taken individually or as a wholo,
it stands in Strang coatrs st v ith thr
Democrutic ticket which with but few
exceptions appears to hare been niaie
up from the fag end and b?b tail of the
Iaiy. The Republicans are to be con
gratulated on their good work
Whex Rea vis failed to find a white
maiden sufficiently charming to beir
the august title of Chewing Gum Bar
renness cf th Staked Plains he turned
bis broken nose in the direction of a
Digger Indian und there found his ideal
Xj the ajxve title and to the vast estates
of the white man. When the editor of
the Star tailed to find a wh.ta h?iress
for old John Walker's thousands, he
dug in the same direction as Reavis did,
when lo, an Indian maiden gwathed in
the paint scd greasa of her encesters ia
unearthed, and the battle for the Walk
er estate is to be again renewed. Bnt
why stop at one when a little mere dig
ging in the same pit would probably
turn up twenty more of the 6ame kind.
Every old timer knows what a prolific
soil that is to dig in, for to John Walker
the bars were down to the sffectior f
every Indian maid that ran the tiia
and bean ranges, between the Supersti
tion mountains on the north and the
Ajos on the south. There is at least ce
. photograph extant in which John Walk
er and three squaws form a picturesque
group. Poseibly the Star has already
picked out the dame that gave to the
The Democrats have. taken the cu9
from Mr. Cleveland's labored attempt
to save New York, New Jersey and Con
necticut, the voters of which states are
so deeply and personally interested in
th maintenance of a protective tariff,
by writing around the tariff plank of the
Chicago platform, and they are no
longer even claiming to believ that
they will carry any of the northwestern
states. They are also, very much afraid
that the Third Party will break into the
eolid south, and theehameful treatment
of Weaver in Georgia is believed to have
been tae direct result of orders from
the Democratic national headquarters,
to brsak up the Third Party movement
ia the south by fair means or by foul
means. There are excellent reasons for
believing that the fight upon the Third
Party in the south is to be as relentleps
Jy waged as wasjthe fight which practic
ally drove the Republicans out of exist
ence in a number cf those states. Still
the rest of the country is asked to be
lieve that citizens residicg in the south
ern states ard living under a Republican
form -of government, having the right of
f-ee speech and a free ballot. Possibly
they are, but it is much the tane sort
of Republican government es that
under which Mexicans live. Speech is
free provided you talk Democratic, and
the ballot is free only when it contains
the Democratic nominees.
The treatment Gen, Weaver has re
ceived in Georgia must satisfy ever; -body'
of one thing, end that is that the
people of the South do not iLtend for
an instant that the People's Party shall
hi allowed to attain any success there.
They will, if necessary, employ thir old,
well-known tactics of assassination and
intimidation against it. The only use
they have for the People's Party is in
the North, where it may 6erve as a
stalking-horse in the interests of Cleve
land. They w ill encourage it iu Kansas
and Nebraska, where it may hurt Harri
son, but in Georgia and Alabama, where
. it threatens damage to Cleveland, they
are afUr it with shotgun and revolver
with the raw-hide whip and the 6tufTed
There have been many good n.en
drawn into the People's Party, largely
upon the specious representations of the
'Southern politicians. They must now
ee how they have been deluded, and
that there is no such thing as good
faith in the Southern wiDg of tho party.
! TLey are simply being used to diminish
1 the llsrr'son vote in tbe North, wl.i.e
the Cleveland vote in the South Will be
kept f cl:d at any cost- It is very for
tunate that so clear an expoture has
be3Q ir.aue so early in the campaign,
and that Gen. Weaver, hr.s called ra
tional attention to tbe outrages practic
ed upon him. This will open the eyc;
of his followers and fritnds in tbf
North b&f(.re it i3 too late. The Na
tion.l Tribune.
The Republicans have nominated
their ticket and have sent it bafv, tho
people. with their best wishes. Ihe
ticket frcm t?p to bottom is a good or. fa
and compare:? well with their deu.ccrs.tic
adversaries. 'Every man on the ticket
was nominated by csuimoii consent of
the convention. For the oHica cf trer.-
.feur?r, th?re were two canciJates, W. J.'
Perry and John V. F.iul. The Utt--r
geutletran won nnd va3 eeut before
the people viio the unanimous mdorie
meiit of every delegate prtf-nt Tl.e
i,e-l of harmony prevailed and lb
promise of success in November was
nver brighter. Liet the Republicans
stand together lb of yore end they wiil
not lose a man.
The duTerences that have heretofore
existed between members of the Repub
lican party in this county should now
be Ihid r:9.de and every m?ml-er of the
party work together f.s one man for the
success cf the ticket. Every nominee
cn the ticket was the choice of a con
vection made up cf representative Re
pabli:tns, tnd, as a- matter of consc-
querec, every nomiate on the ticket is
entitled to .the unanimous support cf
the entire party. Prso'al differences,
'if any t-xist, "should be buried and co
nominee t-h-.uld be made to suffar for
ncy differences that tuy exist between
iaiiriuual members of the f;r?ater-t
politic! p:rty oa earth, ami we appeal
to every Rvp:;b;icnn in Piam county, to
etar.d by his ticket end loydiy support
the com'n of lis parly. Ths mast
be u'ne if v. o are "to win rind it will Lc
done if the R?; ublicars of Pima coun
ty ar true to thecs;lvs and to their
Last Saturday was the day for the
Republican party to choose and select
its material for leg'slrtiva and cour.ty
o;Tic;ni standard bearers and to this end
the adLerH ts cf gcod r.r.d economical
gbvernmett gaihertd at Reid'a opera
house to sf e th3:r rar'y launched upon
a coctest which would proclaim victory
and Fuccrr-s whn the sun went
dor. n cn fhe political field cn fhe 8th of
November next. On the platform itn
inedi itflv ia froat of C'.itt.ra.uj
Chas. R. Drake, were placed the large
paintiegs of Harrison acd Lincoln and
the other portions of the opera house
were appropriately decorated and ia
the auditorium sat the represectativrs
and advocates of a party that demanded
statehood for Arizona and upon the man
tle of such advancement an upheaval of
prosperity both in population and mater
ial wealth all along the line. The con
vention was ably t resided over and
the speech?s taacle were appropriate.
The only ripple of a jirriag dipule
that showed its ftce oa the horizon
was lulled to sleep by Judge Wright of
Tucsrn. The judge poured oil on the
one end only one wave of the troubled
waters that showed its f rowing crest in
the convention, by offering an amend
ment to an amendment in tbe case of
the two delegations that ehowed up
frcm La Noria. The amendment to the
amendment was adopted and the pro
ceedings of the convention went on
smoothly and the discordant wave that
the opponents of the convention pre
dicted would sweep the convention was
conspicous only by its absenc-e.
Too Much ot c. Eisk.
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in the fall to harg ou all winte'r. In such
cases catarrh or chronis bnn:hi".isare al
most sure to result. A lifty cent bott'e
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remedy is intended especially for bad
colds and croup and ran always be de
pended upon. Per sale by V. Fleishman
The Dead Secretary.
Santa Fe, New Mexico,
The body of thelate Secretary B. M.
Themes has laid in state at the family
home to-day and many have been the
people who called to view the kindly
face farhe lutt tim. .
Arrangements fer Che funeral ceremo
nies were perfected thiniorning. These
will occur at the residence and will b?
conducted by Rev. Geo. (. Smith. The
actual pad bearers will be Messrs. L. A.
Hughes, E. F. Hobart, R. J. Paler. A.
Fieke A. S. To war and Sol. Spiegel ber,
while the honorary p:dl benreis have
:een sek-cted j;s follows: Messrs. Amedo
Chaves, K. L. Bsrtlett Robert Harvey.
Demetrio I'erez, John 11. Roberston ad
W. M. IJerger.
Men'bers of the governor's st::if will
be ia attendance, and Cel. Pearson and
staff arid a batallicn o U. S. tro pf5 frcm
Fort Marey, herded by tbe 10 h infantry
baud, will also tak pari, ia the proces
sion whijh ia to escort tb r:iin;iins of
this effteemtd cit .-n to tbir !"ul1 rest
ing place in Fairview cmetrry.
The following te'u grau sc.Mtie lo hand
this forenoon adcressed to Rev. G. G.
Baltimor Md., Oj. 5.-Am greatly
shocked at the sad rews. We have suf
fered a:i i"reparaljle 1 S3. Co-jvey my
profoundest symraty to .Mrs. Thomas. '
(Signed) L. J3i: m o:t I'kicf-
Washington. D. C.,Oit.5. Expre?s to
the family of Benjamin M. Thomas, lae
secretary of New Mexico, my eympatby
and condolence and regret at lo?ing a
valuable pfiieerof the department of the
(Signed) John W. Nohlk,
It Pays to Head the Jrapers,
especially your county paper, for often
through this medium busineps chances
and opportunities are presented that
might otherwise entirely escape your
attention. For instance, B. F. Johnson
& Co., Richmond, Va., have an adver
tisement ic this paper that will prove
of especial interest and value to a large
uumber of people hereabouts. Write to
him for further particulars.
Mst Today, tlis 8th, at 10 A. M.
at iteid's Opara House ia
this City.
A Representative Body of Men Be-
I fore thai Constituents fur
j Endorsement
Bet veen the hour of 10 and 11 a. m.
ih.3 Republican county convention as
sembled m Riid'iJ opara houe to put
forth tlieir best men in the coming cou
test. The vote of the city o! Tucson is
bxlk) aud over atad the registered votes of
tne ouunty up to dale exceeds 1500.
li e opera house whs g tdy decorated
and the emblems of the Republican
pi-rty, th.3 party of home protection a
against the indiscriminate invesion and
con petition pf foreign nat.tous, were
ont-piuimusiy displayed and tha audit
orium of tho buildiog was filied by a
large t-s-emblage.. If was Republican
c'ay and it could be well classed as such.
The meeting was characterizad by goo 1
generalship and tbe following was in
full ui.ity and action with those who
were cboten to lead: In the absence cf
Judge R. D.Ferguson, chairman cf the
county central committ?e,Judge CVoorn
was called to the chair and Mr. H. K.
Chetoweth cf Nogs'e.-', was requested to
ict-Hs teretary until temocrary organ-
ization was effected. The chairman"
then directed the secretary to read tho
-.all tor the "convection. Afrer which
he announced that the nomination for
temporary chairman was in order."
Mr. A. B Sampfou placed in nomina
tion tne name of lion. Chas. R. Drake
f-r temporary chairman. Hon. J. M.
Xirkpatric-k was appointed h committee
te f?eoi-t the chairman Lo his seat. Mr.
Dril-e v.jry court cus!y returned thanks
for tii. hocor conferred, and announced
:h -u the nomir.uticn or temporary sec
retary uas in order. Mr. II. K. Cheno-
v--e h oi JS ;gaIe, was placed iu nomma
ticn arid unammoasly elected. On iuo
tiou the following cocamittees Were ap
pointed: Committee on Credentials: Ben.
Ilcney, Cul. Roy, C. T. Conneli, A. B,
Sinprcn. L. B. Hayef.
Committee cr i'eroianeat Organiza
tion and Ordr of BusinrsF.: W. J. Oi
rorn, J. M. Kirkpatrick, J. J. Hill, J. S.
Ma.-.sMd, J. ll.vjagee.
Committee on iiesoluticn3: T. F,
W :t-oo, Cliai. Bo viuc, Thos. Daaring,
Al Br.vkinan, S. Bosc.
'I i - convention then took a recess un
til 1 p. m.
Tbe convention resumed its session at
I o'clock. Be a. Heney, chairman oom
nittea on credentials, made the follow
ing report:
Tucsox, A. T.. Oct. 8, 1892.
t.o the cljaikma of the rk.pubuc.of
Coumy Cove-tio:j:
Y. ur commitiee on credentials beg
leave to respectfully submit the follow
ing report:
1st. Wo find the following republicans
regularly eleoted and duly qualided to
sit in the republican county convention,
Tucson. Ben Heney, ll. B. Tenny, b.
Bonn, L. Jj. Morse, J. II. Meyer, proxy;
J. S. Mansfeld, W. I. Perry, 1 hos. F.
Wilt-on, proxy; J. M. Pacheco, T. Dris
coll. C. R. Drake, proxy; C Bowman, J.
H. Meyer, J. J. Hill, M. Spencer. J. II.
Meyer, proxy: J. V. Paul. Thos. Hughes,
proxy; U. E. Lacy.Thos. Hughes, proxy;
J. E. Mpgee, M. Lsmont," L. B. Hayes,
Greiterville. Ten Deering.
Crittenden. S. L. Parks. T. Hughes,
Total Wreck. Wm. Shaw, W. S.
George1, proxy.
Babcquivari' A. B. Sampson.
Oro Blanco. J. M. Kirkpatrick
La Ncria. CjD. Reppy and B. Cam
eron. Salero. W.
Wright, proxy,
Arivaca. R
L. Campbell, C. W.
J. Paul, R. II. Taul,
-Placido Ruelas. J. P.
Ilohusen. prcxy,
E'gin.- E. W. Clanr. W. J. O.born,
H r. rs n a w. W. S. George .
C-wabr.9as.-G. W . A'kinson.
Tacqu.- V-rrle. K. Bullo-jk.
Noj-a.c;.- Al. Mr' ckmsn, II. K. Chene
worth, L. T. Brickwocd, Wm. Ray,
prrxv; V.'m. Ray.
Gun-iuht. Phillip Schaaf, CharleaT.
Cornel!, proxy.
Oiive. S. C. Starratt.
Q jijotoa. J. B. Holt, J. S. Mansfeld,
prt xy.
ban Xavier. C. Connell.
Atlas. (J. C. Reitz, G. A. Avery,
C mobabL A.. L.-Cox, ' C. Connell,
prf xy.
Cerro Colorado. W. J. Clark, Nat.
F-irnor. proxy.
Yellow J r.cket. A. E. Bogan, J. M.
Ki;kvHtiick. proxy.
LaOsa.-Z. H. Luckey.Thos. Hughes,
Rincon. W. J. Osborn, A. J. David
son, proxy.
Washington. R. Chapin, R. II. Paul,
2d. We find that Precinct No. 9 is re
presented by two delegates, each hav
ing properly attested credentials, viz.:
Chas. D. Reppy and Brewster Cameron.
We rerpectfnlly refer said credentials to
t'is c-.-nveiitiou for tiiml action, with tbe
recommendation that both delegates bo
Respectfully submitted,
Bf.n Heney,
On motion the report of tho commit
tee was adopted.
W. J. Osborn, chnirman committee on-P-;
iu .t ent Organization and Order of
Du .a.e-i?, naJ the following report :
Ti e son, A. T., Oot. S, 1S92.
Mi:. Pkesidknt:
Your c unuittee ci Fermacent Organ
iz itic-n and Order of Butines respect
fully rttort and rec mmecd:
1st. Tbat the temporary organization
of this convention b made iermanent.
"2 3. Th it ll - rult-s govercing this
"y s. all b? Robert's Rules of Order.
5d. Ti at all resolutions introduced
sh.-dl b refene l to the committee on
resolu'.i ns without debate.
4th. Tbat cendi iatea receiving a ma
jority of votes cast by ballots, shall be
declared the nominees of this conven
tion. a'h. Tr.at the Executive Committee
of tbe County Central Committee is
hereby delegated the authority to fill
nil va?incies that may exist or occur in
nominations made in this convention.
Gth. That the precinct officers 6hall
ba nominated by this convention and
that delegates from their respective
precincts shall place in nomination their
precinct ofiicers.
7th. That members of the Central
Committee shall be chosen by the dele
gates to this convention from the res
pective precinctp, and submit them to
this convention for approval, rnd that
representation upon said committee be
as follows:
Tucson 17 delegates
Tubac - 1
Greatsrville 1 "
Crittenden 1
Oro Blanco 2 M
La Noria '. 1 . 44 .
Tucson, pieu county, abizona
IVnta&o 1 '
'Anvaca 1 '
li'ddictn 1 .
Rigiu 1
! lHr-jhjtW 1 "
l Calabar as 1
Tan que Verdji 1
N'gale3 5
Gjus;ght 1 44
Oiiva 1 H
Q-i jotea 44
Saa Xsvier 1 44
iVso Bueno 1 4
Coiiiobabl 1 '
Ti (Va. 1 "
J Being u;.on the basis of 2-j voles or frac
tion thereot cast at tue lasi, guiertti
election for the Republican candidate
for De'egate to Congress. Th County
Central Cjmrrittee to have authority to
till vacaaciesia th committee.
8th. Tbitt the ordar of nomination of
candidate. f-hrid take placo in the fol
lowing order:
Leg:l itive Cmacilman,
Four Members of Assembly,
Two Member.?. Board of Supervisors,
D strict Attorney,
Probate Judg?,
9th. The selection and nomination of
Proaintt Ollicers.
luth. Salectiou and ratiScation of
County Central Committee.
And wo further recoaimend that the
County Central C.inuiitte3 meet in the
Hall for organization immediately after
the aiijourcment of the convention.
All of which is respectfully submitted,
William J. Osborx,
J. M. Kirkpatrick,
John E. Mac.ee,
J. J. Hill,
J. S. Masfeld,
On motion the report of the commit
tee was fidopted.
T. F. Wilson, chairman of Committee
on PI itform, made the following report:
The Republicans cf Pirns County
most cordially endorse the wise and ef
ficient admiListratl-.n of President Har
ribou, and heartily reaffirm tie princi
ples of the Iiepu'oiifian party as aeciareu
in the platform adopted Dy tne isauona
iiponl.ian (invention at Mincearx?lis
aid that we pledge our hearty support
to the nominess of the Territorial Re
nnhlfan tYn vention for Dnlegate to
! Cocgref s and Councilman at-jarg-.
That ia grateful recognition ot th(
services, sasriti.-es and sufferings oi
tho-e honorably discharged from th(
military and nava' service of the coun
try where poTse?sing equal qualitica
tion'o, they t-hould be preferred for ap
pciDtmeEt or election in the civil ser-vi.-o
and u-rt oartfistlv recommend tc
those engaged in industrial puisuits to
give them preferenco ior appointments
to remunerative situations and em
plovmenta. That we are in favor of the free coin
age f f ilver. the product of the mines
of tbe United States, and placicg it on
an equality 8S luoLey t-f the country,
with gold.
That we are ia favor of the reduction
of taxation, and the uust economical
administration of Territorial und muni
cipal aiTairs, and tj that end, recom
mend that the compensation cf all pub
lic officers be ilxed ut the lowest rate
that will secure- the services of com
petent acd efficient public servants.
That the titles to the lands embraced
within th o called land grants, should
be speedily se-ttled, to tbe end tnat
tiiuSe v Lo hav. L.or,elI- m(ile settle
ments on what they supposed to be pub
lic lands, should be protected in their
That Arizona is justly entitled to ad
mission into the sisterhood of states.
Thos. F. Wilso',
Thos. Deering,
Chas. Bowman,
A. Brockman, .
'. On motion the report cf the commit
tee was unanimously adopted.
The President announced that the
next business in order was the nomina
tion cf candidates and would call them
in in the order named in report of Com
mittee on Permanent Organization.
John W. Grant of Nogales, leing
p'acod in nomination, on motion was de
clared to be the nominee for the coun
RESENTATIVES. Henry K. Chenoweth of Nogales,
Lincoln L. Morse, John E. Magee end
Charles F. Schumacher of Tucson, be
icg placed in nomination, were on mo
tion severally declared to be the nom
ineea for members of the house of rep
resentatives. .
Edward Vanderlip of Critt3nden, and
Geo. Pusch of Tucson, being placed in
Domination, were on motion severally
declared to be the nominees for mem
bers of the board cf supervisors.
W. I. Perry and J. V. Paul of Tucson,
were placed in nomination and a ballot
being taken resulted ss follows: For
W. I. Perry, 22 votes; for J. V. Paul, 23
votes, and. on motio'n John V. Paul was
declared the nominee for treasurer.
E'). Williams of Nogale3, being placed
in nomination for district attorney, on
motion was tleclared to be the nominee
for district attorney.
Frank A. Stevens of Tucson, being
placid iu nomination, on motion was
declared to be tho nominee for sheriff.
Samuel S. Hughss, of Tucson, be
ing place 1 in nomination, on motion
was declared to be th noaiisee for r&
Wm. J. Oj'crn of Tucson, being
plecr i in nomination, on motion was de
cSocd to be the Eommes for probate
Dmftrio Gi l o Tu 'ton, being placed
in nomination, on umiin wns deiared
to be the uom n e for assessor.
D.iniel Drummcnd of Tucson, being
placed in noiniLaticit, on motion was de
clared to be tne toxinee for surveyor.
By motion the ccuventioa took a re
cess fvjrJo minutes :n order to enable
the re.-pective delegations to 6elect pre
cinct ollicers, and again resuming its
session the following nominations for
jubtice3 of the peace and members of
the county central committee for the
respective precincts were presented, to
wit: Tucson, No. 1 W. II. Culver and W.
F. Scot, justices of the peace; John P.
Zimmerman and W. H. Lucas, consta
bles; J. J. Sullivan, W. I. Perry, II.
Buehman, Thos. Hughes, J. .E. Magee,
A. B. Sampson, T. F. Wilson, G. W.
Bro n, WT. E. Felix, C. Osgood, J. H.
Meyers, J. S. Mansfeld, Sylverter Bonn,
M. Lamout, J. J. Goldbaum, A. J.
Davidson and M. P. Freeman, members
county central committee,
. Tubac, No. 2. J. F. Black, member
county central committee.
Greaterville, No. 3. Edward Downer,
justice of the peace; J. Lopez, consta
ble; Thomas Deering, member county
centra) committee,
territory, Saturday ootober 15. ;i892.
Critfendeo, No.4. John Smith.justice
of the peace; Geo. W. Piper, constable;
John Soiith, member county central
commi". t"e.
Oro Blanco. No. 8. W.
B. Perry and
li. F. D.eh!, members count central
La No;ia, No. 9. C. D. Rippy, mem
ber county central committee.
Paniaao, No. 10. Wm. Shaw, mem
ber ccucty central committee.
Arivaca, No. 12. J. W. Bogan, mem
ber county central committee.
R3ddirgton, No. 13. Placido Ruelae,
justice of the peace; John S. Warner,
constable; Placido Ruelas, member coun
ty ceutral committee.
Elgin. No. 14. i W. Clark, member
coucty central committee.
Ilar6haw, No. 15. Horace Jones,
member county central 'committee.
Calabasas, No. 16. T. D. Casanega,
constable; G. W. Atkinson, memoer
county central committee.
Tanque Verde, No. 17. E. Bullock,
member county central committee.
Nogalee, No.18.-D. J. Cummin gs and
Frank Hamson, justices of the pece;
Al Brocka.au and J. II. Mapes, consta
ble; John T. Brickwood, Locke Piatt, J. j
J. Chatham, Wm. Koy, and J. 11. Mapes,
members county central committee.
Guns:ght, No. 19. P. Schaaf, mem
ber county central committee.
Olive, No. 20. D.C. Sterritt, member
county central committee.
Quijotoa, No. 21. J. B. Holt, member
county central committee.
San Xavier, No. 22. J. M. Berger.
justice ot the peace; Merced Federico,
constable; J. M. Berger, member coun
ty central committee.
Post Bueno, No. 23. Charles Bent,
justice of the peace; Wm. S. McKnight,
constable; II. N. Labaree, member coun
ty central committee.
Camababi, No. 20. A. L. Cox, justice
of the peace; James Quinlan, member
county central committee.
La Osa, No. 29.-Z. II. Lucky, justice
of the peace; W. S. Sturgie, member
county central committee.
On motion the candidates for county
ofiicers were authorized to select the
chairman of the county central com
mittee. .
Oa motion a vote of thanks were
tendered to the officers of the conven
tion for their prompt, courteous and
impartial discharge cf their duties.
The convention having completed the
business before it on motion adjourned.
' $100 Reward S100.
Tha readers of this psper will be pi raped to
loara that there is at lit one urearied disease
thai 6Cipnc has lea able to cure in all its
Rt iKO. end that is Catarrh. Hall's Catan h Cne
iithe only poeitire cot koowa to tfie nodical
fraternity. Catarrh being a rorstitn'.ioral dm-ea-e,
ri'quir8 a c nsitnti.rl treatment. alt'
Catarrh Cure is laken interiially, acting direct )j
npon th bi.-od and mucous surfaces of ha
system, thereby destroying the foundation of tf.e
diM?ese. nd siTiatr the pa.i-nt strsut'th by bail
din op the constitutio i and asist:ng natue
in doing is work. The proprietors have mo
rauct fa.th in it? ccrative powers, that th-y of
fer One Hnnd ed loi:ars for any cape That it
fails to core. S.nd for of testimoniR's.
idiro's. F. J.tiHfNEY i Co., Toledo, O.
JSfSold by Dragist8v7c.
The Republican Convention.
Pursuant to tho call of tbe Chairman,
the Retublican County Convhnt:on
convened et the Courthouse, last Satur
day afternoon st 2.o clock,
ilon. Chas. Baker was elected Chair
maa and J. H. Graham Secretary. After
tbe appointment of the different com
ruitta the cocventrnn ttdjourned to
meet at Armory Hail; Saturday evening
at i oclock.
The convention re-afsembled at Ar
mory Hall at the appointed t me and
having received and. aecepted the re
ports of the committees, adjourned to
meet again at tbe Courthouse JVlonday
at 9 o'clock a. m.
Monday the convention met at the
appointed time, got right down to bu
lioees and nominated a full ticket which
appears at the head of onr editorial col
umns, after which it adjourned sine die.
The proceedings of the convention
were presided over by Hon. Chas. Baker
wth a dignity and grace seldom witnes
sd in political assemblies, flis ready
pirliamentary rulings end prompt deci
sions met with the hearty approbation
of every member of the convention.
Yima Sentinel.
The Wrong of Fifty.
Header, have you passed the meridian
of life? Are your joints getting stiff,
voir muscles and sinews losing their
elasticity? Are you troubled with lumb
ago? Are you, in short, in daily or oc
casional receipt of any of those admoni
tiens which nature gives to remind
people they are growing old? If so, try a
course of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, a
mst genial and agreeable mitigator of
the infirmities of age, a rapid promotor
of convalescence, and an effectual means
of counteracting bodily decay. Good
digestion, sourid sleep, a hearty appetite,
freedom from rheumatic twinges, are
amonir the benign fruits that spring from
tbe regular and persistent use of this
eupsrb tonic and corrective, which has
rfQpived the unqualinea sanctum oi me
medical fraternity. Give it the fair trial
that it deserves, and you will be grateful
for this advice.
A Feat Over Which a Xew Jersey Ken
Cackled Troxidly.
Earmer Corseglia, of South Jersey,
has sent to the Philadelphia Record a
rather neat thing in the way of freak
eggs, the production of one of his Cochin
hens. What the hen tried to do was to
lay two eggs at once, but she only par
tially succeeded. Having produced one
complete egg, correct in size and shape,
she managed, in trj'ing to instantly
duplicate it, to inclose iu it a flexible
sac of semi-opaque skin, which also con
tained the complete yolk and white of
another Cgg. The effect was, therefore,
that of a hard egg and an egg that has
been dropped "out of its shell, both in
closed in a seamless bag about four
laches long and two inches wide. After
accomplishing this very unusual "feat
Farmer Corseglia's Cochin hen raised
su,-h a disturbance in order to call at
tention to her achievement that she
wns set upon by half the feathered in
habitants of the barnyard and forced
to roost on he henhouse roof to escape
their jealo-j wrath. The row having
attracted a farm hand's notice he inves
tigated the cause and the Cochin's prize
production was carefully placed in a
eigar box filled with bran and taken to
Farmer Corseglia. .
A Broken Heed Indeed,
This, and no mistake, is the individu
al whose stamina has waned to such a
low ebb, for want of 'a sufficient tonic,
that he would certainly topple over acd
fracture something if a bulky subject
such as a fat wife, for instance, were to
lean upon him. Build up, ye lean, pith
less and strengthless with Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters, which will enable you
to cat and digest heartily, and thus ac
quire flesh acd vigor. The fortrees of
life will speedily capitulate to the grim
scythe-wielder, death, if you don't.
Nervousness, sleeplessness, oiliouaness,
constipation, malaria, rheumatic and
kidney trouble are all conourable . by
this restorative of health and vigor. In
connection with the use of the Bitters,
it would be well for the debiliateq
to Study the wants of his enfeebled
6tnmach with a view to the selection of
(he most digestible articles of diet
, Tr-px rj Vrn IT TT.l
. I1 AJiJllJ OAiMA JlAlllA.
The AVoixter to the Mariner of Today I
Ho'v the Navigator Crositel the Ocean
Iu Ills Little Curarel A Facsimile for
the World's Fair.
Spain is now in the midst of a series
of fetes in commemoration of the dis
covery of America which will last till
late in October. On the 3d pf August,
date -of the sailing of Columbus from
Palos, the jubilation began, and of all
the sights the exact reproduction of the
flagship of Columbus, the Santa Maria,
excited most amazement. Among the
sailors in the vast gathering there was a
loud chorus of astonishment and unbe
lief. Almost unanimously they de
clared that such a ship had not done the
thing it was impossible.
It is indeed hard to 'oelieve that the
little caravel of 210 tons at the outside
could have mado ftich a voyage, and
when one compares it with the large
failing vessels of today he may well be
incredulous. With the achievements
of steam and . practical science we are
tolerably f.-imiliar. but the fact then
(though sailing vessels nnte'date written
history, the progress therein since 1 102
is as great as in anything else) come to
one as a great surprise. C'cir.pare the
little Santa Alalia wirh, for inst.nice.
the magnificent Shenandoah, the Ameri
can four masted b;irk and queen of all
ailiug vessels. v.hich a few jnonths ago
went from San Francisco to Liverpool
with 5.002 tons of wheat on board.
Consider tirst the bi;r sailer. The
Shenandoah, commanded by Captain
Murphy, was one cf tho five which left
ihe Bay of San Franc: co lat year on
the famous race around the Horn. They
mailed at hrrh tide, of necessity, as they
drew"twenty-?even feet of water. Tho
weight of wheat aboard, 5,002 tons, was
the frre.itest cargo of "the kind ever
placed in a vessel and equivalent to
tOtl.TIId bushels, or the crop of an aver
age rsvk-vdturu! ccunty. An adequate
description of the Shenandoah would
fill a column. Sailer .is. rho is, he
'makes sail' by steam," as sailors say
that is, the sails are pulled into place
by a little donkey engine, and of all
glorious sights to tho seaman's eye there
is none more glorious than to fee her
swell from baro poles to full rig of
snowy sails in less than five minutes.
The Santa Maria might have been
placed on tho deck of the Shenandoah
without adding perceptibly to her
weight of cargo. She was a decked ves
sel, and while the Spanish historians do
not deal in exact measurements they are
so minute ia details of her capacity that
her Bize is known. Captain Gnstavus
W. Fox, after a very careful calculation,
declares that her length was 63 feet
over all and 57 feet along her keel,"
with 0 feet beam and 10J feet in depth.
Her crcv.- consisted of fifty seamen, and
in the list are found the names of one
Englishman and one Irishman. It is
really a pity that this list is not certain
ly authentic; it would be interesting to
know the name of the first Irish emi
grant to America. This historic vessel
was wrecked on Christmas eve, 1492, on
the coast of Hispaniola, a calamity due
to the gross carelessness of the sailing
Small as she was, her consorts, the
Pinta and the Nina, were considerably
smaller, beinjj mere barks, called cara
vels, without decks, unless the high
prow and stern may be so called. Ia the
center such a vessel was absolutely open
r.nd in no respect snierior to the fishing
trait and other light coasting vessels of
today. That -Men should have been
willing to dare the passage of the
stormy Atlantic in such craft gives us a
high idea of their conrr.ge. and as a
matter cf t'r'.ct only Cokunlms, Las
Casas, tho Pinz ns and two or thre
other rani enthusiasts vero willing
The crew consisted chi y of desperate
characters compelled to take the trip.
Many wero released from prison to go.
and some had been condemned to death
and volv.ntered ua bare chance for life.
Our asionishim nt is but slightly miti
gated when vi5 read that Coluiubns "did
not n.-lc for lare vessels, for there were
many in the Spanish ports larger than
these. He firmly lc!ieved that the
voyage would be cObipvativeiy short
ind the sea where he was going always
mooth, and he particularly requested
inch vessels as would enable him to run
close in along the shores and sail np the
rivers. On his third voyage, when he
actually reached South America, he'
complained of the 6ize of his vessel,
which rendered coast exploration, diffi
cult The Spanish authorities' declare that
the Santa Maria of' 1393 is an exact re
production in every detail of that of
1402. It has the same old fashioned
shape, the same primitive masts, rig
gings and sails, and even - the same ar
mament of falconets and mortars, hal
berds and arquebuses. The cabin of the
commander is furnished in th$ style cf
the Fifteenth century, and its table is
littered with map?, documents and nau
tical instruments of the oeriod, Final-
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
ly, iu mastheads are decorated with the
royal standards of Ca.tille and Leon, in
exact imitation of the flags which Co
lumbus planted in the New World on
Oct. 12, 1402. The vessel is manned by
an excellent crew, obtained from among
the fishermen and sailors of Cadiz and
San Fernaudo, and placed nnder the
orders of a detachment of officers of the
royal navy.
At the opening of the Spanish fetes,
on Aug. 8, the war vessels of all nations
were at Hnelva to salute the new Santa
Maria oa her first Toy age down the river,
and her entrance, into the Bay of Cadiz
was greetod by deafening salvos. As
there was almost a dead calm, however,
she had to be taken in tow by a gunboat,
which marred the representation some
what. Later, however, she sailed out
beautifully on the route taken by Colum
bus, and returned to receive renewed
salutes. At this naval congress of na
tions the fact was humorously com
mented on that Columbus took with him
for interpreter a scholar who knew Lat
in, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Coptic and
Armenian, in addition to Spanish;'that
this learned gentleman was a failure in
the New World, and that the first to
master any cf the Indian tongues were
the most illiterate sailors. But this is
an oft repeated experience.
J. Q. Bkadle.
For Over Fifty Years
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has
been used for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums, al
lays all pain, cures wind colic, and
tbe best remedy for Diarrhoea, Twenty
five cents a bottl. Sold by all drug
lets throu 'bout tne world.
An Interesting Letter.
Los Angcm, Cai., Oct. 4 1892.
It was ia the dewey morn, and old Sol
had already gilded tha eastern horizon
as I took one of the electric cars at the
Hollenbek for the Arcade depot
might hkve tak?n two of them but
somehow oa this particular dewey morn
tne CHpacity or one stemeci to be quite
surhcient for my needs. It was a giad-
BObie morning, and all nature breathed
of sunshine and joy, the very ambient
air was infectious with it. I took a seat
! on the cppcs:te side of the ear from
from her. She was on the
other opposite side. Ah, she wa3
peach, a whole basket of them, luscious
and just mature; there was nothing ex
traordinary about her, anc yet, your
eye caught on at once, and somehow
didn't seam to be able to-to-unhook, as
it were. It seemed more the setting
than the diamond itself, and, jet, the
two seemed to blend, and harmonize
and coalesce, ana then you were in
doubt as to which wes the whinhest; of
the two. Was she conscious cf any
presence? I knew I had got there the
moment I entered that car. There was
nothiog, 'ah, there," about this girl, ob,
no, but. by Ueorre, she was a stunner
A nickle for that ride hardly paid the
interest on its value, bhd get off at the
Arcade, and as she promencdes the
platform, while waiting for the train, I
no-e her make-up, and fer tbe benefit
of you and your girl I will endeavor to
give it to you. but don't you give it
Dreseed in a travelling costume of a
soft grayish matdrial, a close fitting cor
set set otf by strips of lemon colored
braid, about four-eighths of an inch in
width, hanging in loosa ends two and
one-half inches below, and runnicf up
froai the lower edge ia varying' lengths
of from four to twelve inches, and ex
tending elear around the waist, with
intervals of three-qu&rtars of an inch.
The collar teaching well up .on the
throat, and encircled by three bands of
this same braid. A small ctpedrop
ing below the shoulder, with three
bands of the braid, half an inch apart,
around tbe edge. A flowing sleeve to the
elbow, elope fitting from elbow to wrist,
around a full, tnpering arm. encircle 1
by ten bands -of the same braid between
wrist and elbow. A delicate hand, with
long tapering fingers, in a glove of un
dressed kid cf the same shade as the
braid on tbe dres-, the black 6titch:ng
on the back relieving tbe slight mono
tony. A small foot, incased in a high
heeled gaiter, peeping out from under
neath a skirt whose color, as well as
that of tbe gaiter, is still of that same
gray. Hat ana vail still the same, but
reheved . by tbe canary colored feather.
There was nothing expansive ft bout
this costume, nothing particularly strik
ing, aocL yet, its force seemed to double
you all up. Its simplicity and perfect
harmony, and the excellent good taste
displayed were catchy. The gingle of
its rhythm, or rather I should say the
rhythm of its giogle caught op. " Tr.e
tout ensemble was there ia fall force.
Ah, if my girl could onlv dress like
thct! I wonlerif th s girl was everv-
body's girl, she ought t be. She
might be mine, 'but, of course, she
doesn't kDcw that, she c an't know anv-
thicg. For th?take of that girl I wodld
surrender all cf my bright htipes and a
fejrof tb.3 actualities in life. I have
icite a varied and extensive reper
toire or tne I rmer. But no. it
,-acuot be. T!.e golden glow cn
the western horizon (with tha nc-
eut on the second eylable) admonishes
me that it is ao;.frcsty eve, and while
the nightingale.! real forth their ecstcy.
and tha stars s! iie. Knd the sof. winds
breathe of perfume I will give thee aj
resr. t. Am a Lk. i
Levi Strauss & Ccs
(Celebrated (oppci IviVeted
The only kind made by white labor
None Genuine without our Trade Mark.
NO. 13.
University of Arizona.
. Second year begins September 28, 1 892.
School of Agriculture, School of i n is
and Preparatory Course. Departments
fully equipped in laboratories and ap
paratus. Tuition free. Board in dor
mitory for limited number at cost. For
information and catalogue address
Umyersity, Tucson, Arizona.
8-15 tf
Freeh oysters and fresh, fiah constant
ly on hand at the liaison Doree
Republican Platform.
The Repot -icsa prtyct the Territory of Ari
sona, ia Terriioriui c..nvntion assembled in
the city of Vreacott, pret-e .t to their feiiow citi
zens the following statement of fe t&et of
treir political faith, and (uk from the voter of
Arizona a caieful cont.i!. ration of the sama:
We endorse the plaf jm aacpti by the Re
publican National cde vention of at Min
neapolis, an tha huht ezprseeun of tbnee
principle" of government, that troah the
rale of the Ke;-at ic n party have maJe toe
United statue the g. tat est acd most pro pert, oa
Na' ion on earth.
We endorse the present National adminis
tration (nd nrpe its continuance in power, for
the reason thit in its succtHi is tbe only as
surance of the maintenance of that policy that
has made the Lmttd state the lea-Iing Nation
of the earth.
We endorse the present territorial adminis
tration as pure. fcn mica! and orotrrvtiiiiTe.
ana call the attention oi the citizens of Arizona
to the benefits which will ac rne to the terri
tory by the 8ucre8 attending the refunding- of
onr territorial indebteoae-ee under the wise pro
visions of the Woitky Jf'un;ing act. .
We favor the free and nntimited coinage of
silver aa being demanded by tfce bett interests
of onr Nation.
We point with p ido t the goneril close ob
servance of all laws, both federal and terri
torial, and cha'leng a comparison with any
state in the nnion. ard we earnestly urne tha
admission of Arizona into foil statehood-.
We cba:ge tho leaders of the Democratic
party of Arizona with debasing the honest la
bor of the territory by arraying agn nst it the
competition of convicted criminals-a compe
tition that pltced the cell of the felon against
the home of wife and children, the whip of th
taskmaster against th ' dignity of men laboring
for love of home and hearthstone by passing
dnrir.g the Isst leviglatare in which body nt
of a total of thirty-en members the Democratic
party had twenty seven a law authorizing tho
leasing of the convict labor of the Territorial
prison, and we ask from every laboring nvan m
comparinion between his action of the Demow
cwte lesri-dature and the action cf the epub
lican governor in vetoing the measure.
lieoognizicg that no factor m the fnlture de
velopment of tne wt cn be so potent as bet
ter and cheaper r:1road transportation, and
realizing from the hintory of tie past the grow
ing danger to tne pubic welfare of the eron
moas power of railroad aud t?legrsph lines,
we believe and in.'ens pab'io n-cr unity th"t
the ownership of all railroad and telegraph
lines, be veeNjJ in th- ?enfral government and
pledge oars elves as Republicans to labor to-the
aceomphsiiment of that end.
Large bodies of land in this territ- ry are held
by varions corpora1 ieis, nn iar connressiqnat
land grants no which no taxes are paid owing
to f heir not fceini; s rveyed and pwtenied. We
pledye oar represei'-ta e " n-sre upon e Egress
immediate action to u.'e eir gjants and
their nnsnrveye"! tatd surveyed, ami thus in
crease the taxnbie property by u any thousands
of dollars. VVenreenpoi congress the ceding
to ditfbrthent "tates and territories of sll arid
lands now held by the federal governrntnt.
A Cure for Cholera.
There is no use of any one suffering
with the cholera when Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
can be procured. It will give relief in a
few minutes and curd in a 6hort time. I
have tried it and know. TV. tl. Clinton,
Jlelmetta, . J. The epidemic at Ilel-
metta was at first believed to be cholera.
but subsequent investigation proved it
to be a violent form of dysentery, almost
as dangerous as cholera. This Remedy
was used there with great success. For
sale by F, Fleishman, Druggist.
A IjAXTiMonz man had earache con
tinually for eleven years. Finally ho
r a covered and delight drove him insane.
A little child in Waynesboro, (J a.,
swallowed a gajvanized iron staple and
experienced no bad results from it.
.Dr. Kellab. of Pottstown, cut a
threaded needle out of the foot of Wil
liam Ellis the other day. Ellis did not
know how it got there, but has suffered
from it for several years.
A Mississippi boy sent to Louisville
for medical treatment is abnormally
fond of water, although previous to an
accidental shooting some months ago he
had as -strong ah aversion to it. For
the past two months he has been sitting
in a tub of water, and screams as if in
the greatest agony when out of his
huge tub.
Pure Blood
l absolute?? nccew-ry In order to have perfect
cairn. Hood's FarsapariJta la the sreat blood
purifier, quickly coi;ueriig scrofula. iaUrheai,
ad atl other insidious cneinis which attack ths
blood and undermit 3 the heai'h.' It also tuilds
up the whole systeui, ceres dyrpepsia and sick
hdacQa, and overcomes tha: tired lectins.
Scrofula Sorea.
" If J adopted bo?, as?d J4 years, suffered terri
bly from scrofula ores on his kg, which spreM
till they at one titjc forir-J oro jrreat soro from
be calf of hi up to his t'-ih, prtiiilly cov-
rrod with st'iih, aivj d'.iil.sr?;:;;: marter contin
Iy. Ttc ui-i'.'f.e- t c-srne cr. 'rate ! o that his
e wasdravrn it vk1 he w.'.C. l-.anily TTilk. Ws
.ricd everything we could htar of, vrithont no
es4, EUtil re bersa pirir:? Lwn Hood's Sa
errH!a. In j'v.t a :.:rr.th. a.'ter he bad taUea
".no-thirds of a br.tr'?. t!:s sorts entirely aealed
ail loj Is perfectly :r:.TJt, an to
Can Walk ss Wc!! as Tver.
tTood's ScrsepiriHi in it;e it nedk ine I ever
:k.? for f r-Kulon lienor. It has dons if work
more than nilst-.u-U'V.:?." Wititax SamjZKS,
rtoci.iiTo. Milaia fuuary. Tc-ss.
. Hood's Sarsaparilla
-'.-)! 1 ry dn!7B:?3. JT;s?xfrrJo. Prepare;!
iv I. I. KOOf) A Cj., Apctlif ririiS, Lovvcit, iiata,

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