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M P. Pi
Blood means sound hcslth. With ptire,
rich, haalthy blood, tbe stom?th and di
gestive organ3 w ill be vigorous, and there-
will be no dyspepsia. IlJieun'.st'.sm and
ICeuralcr'.a vcifl t e unknown, of i: la and
Salt Kheuin will disappear. Willi pure
Your nerves will b8 strong, end your
cleeo sound, sweet and refreshing
ITood's Sarsaparilla mskc-a pure blood.
That is KliY it cures bo main- a if cases
That is vrhv so many thousands lake i
to care disease, retain pood health, pre
vent feicxneda and 6ucnng. Ktmcmber
Is the One True Blood Turif er. $1 per botCa
j w... cure Liver VA; e.-sy to
iiOOQ S KlUS Uke.eusvtociJCia.te. USa
Dr. J. J. Mitchell left for Oracle this
Sam Sweeney, cf Florence, is in tb
city on a business trip today.
Alfred Trippel, brother of Register
Trippel, of tbe land office, is in tb
One week from today tbe National
Irrigation Congress will convene
The Cy. Williams murder cse is eet
for trial next Tuesday, In tbe district
court at F lorence.
See "After the Theatre," by Ham
bidge. in Truth tomorrow. All traine
and news stands.
Look for tbe program of exeroisee each
day, of what will occur at tbe Catholic
fair in the even id g.
Did you ever eee or . hear cf such
maenifioent weather as we are having
in Tucson?
W. J. Schulze, of Caea Grande, ar
rived in the city this morning on i
business trip.
Two Mexicans drunks were sentenced
to a line of six dollars each, by Reoorder
Connell yesterday.
Jessie Lewisohn. who is very largely
interested in mines in Arizona, is in the
city, a guest at the San Xavier.
Hon. Marcus Smith and Mrs. Smith
will return to Fboeoix in time fr the
session of the National Irrigation Con
gress. -
lion. Uharies tw Drake is agent in
Tucson for the National Trust Company,
of Los Angeles, which fiied certified
articles of incorporation yesterday.
All city warrants up to 243 are now
due and payable at the oEce cf the oity
treasurer. Holders will please take
Deputy U. S. Marshal Sidney Bsrtle
bob is going to Florence in tbe morning
on a visit to his folks. His father,
Judge John T. Uartleson, who has been
in bad health for sometime is reported
Maj. A. O. Brummel left last Friday
for Washington, D. U., and expectB
while absent to interest caoital c tbe
development of his irrigation enterprise
at CalabbBB9, and mines in Globe dis
trict. Silver Belt.
It is the intention of Rev. G. G. Alder
man and family to epend the winter in
Tucson. Mr. Alderman comes here for
the purpose of recuperating his health,
and will doubtless reap marked benefit
from our matchless climate.
Mr. Winkler, a very bright young
gentleman who has been on the city staff
of the Star recently, has resigned and
accepts the position of night clerk at the
San Xavier.
There will be a meeting of Tucson
Chapter R. A. M., tonight at 720 o'clock
for work in the Royal Arch degree. All
chapter masons in good standing are
fraternally invited. A banquet will be
Schwab, Ropenstern Jb Co., have open
ad up their store with a magnificent
display of holiday goods which is attract
ing large crowds of admirers and pur
chasers. Their prices are just simply
Tucson Lodge, No. 3, F. & A. M.,
elected tbe following officers at the
meeting last night: Geo Roskruge, M.
W.; Herbert Brown, S. W.; Geo Wil
liams, J. W.; M. P. Freeman, Treas.; K.
L. Hart, Sect'y.
W. R. Atchley, one cf the eupervisore
eleot of Pinal county, is in tbe city. Mr.
Atchley is largely interested in cattle,
is one of the substantial citizens of his
county, and the people did well in choos
ing him as one of the directors of the
county's business.
Mr. L. V. Laese, of Tucson has accept
ed a position in tbe store of J. T. Fitz
gerald, cow under the management of
Frank. Dysart, as administrator. Mr.
Lease has had considerable experience
in the mercantile business. He is well
pleased with Solomonville and the
valley. Bulletin.
Wm. Power, ooutt reporter, who was
detained here several days aftsr court
closed, taking testimony in important
civil suite, left for Florence on Sunday.
In printer's parlance be had "a fat take"
while here. Will is a good stenographer
and typewriter and a worthy young
man. Silver Belt.
- "Darkest Russia" comes to Reid'e
opera house Wednesday night Deo. 16.
The play is not only one of the moet
absorbing, but one of tbe greatest euc
cesses seen in years, and for four seasons
has brought much profit to its manager.
There are few attractions which have
met with such enthusiastio success. On
every hand it is hailed as a masterpiece
of realism. It possesees all the ebments
that please. Its theme treats on new
lines and tells a story intense in interest
and stirring in plot.'
Dr. J. V. naff, whose arrival in tbe
city was noticed sometime since, has es
tablished his office on Stone avenue, op
posite the U. S. Land office. The doc
tor baa established quite a reputation as
a specialist in surgery and diseases of
women. For tbe present he will do a
general practice. Dr. Gaff comes to
Tucson with a splerdid reputation, both
as a physician and as a man, and will
doubtless succeed satisfactorily here as
he has done elsewhere.
It is with a feeling of eincere satisfac
tion that the Citizen records tbe mark
ed improvement of tbe latest edition of
the Globe Silver Belt. This bright
journal has been enlarged to a 7-column
and gives ample evidence, from its ad
vertising columns, that tbe increeeed
size is the result of necessity. Globe is
rapidly(advancingon the path of perman-1
ent prosperity, and there has been no
more potest factor in tbe upbuilding of
that wenderful camp than its able cham- i
pian, tbe S lver Belt. Judge Hackney
and J. IL Uamill, tbe editors, have al
ways been to the front in the advance
ment of every scheme which had for its
object the advancement cf the interests
of Globe, and the reward which has fol
lowed their patient, conscientious, per
sistent work, is simply a just return for
all their labor, and is a source of deep
satisfaction to their many friends
throughout tbe territory.
ir3 tj pII
Judge Vanderlip, of Crittenden, is re
gistered at tbe Occidental.
Postmaster John Smith is at the
Occidental from Crittenden,
John WeEerliche, a miner end ranch
man from Tres Alamos, is in the city.
Tbe regular meeting cf Tuceoa Lodge
No. 4, F. & A. M , will be held tonight
at 7.SJ o'clock. Election of offioers.
O. N. Creawell, of Globe, who has
been visitisg Tucson, has returned to
his home.
Prcf. T. E. Dalton, cf Phoenix, terri
torial superintendent cf schools, is in
tbe city, stopping at tbe Orcdoiff.
The mill at the University has been
making a run cn ten samnles of Gun
eiicht ore.
Thirteen hundred and seven dollars
in the amount realized for tbe three
nights of tha catholic fair. That's pretty
fair isn t it?
The S. P. company is putting in a
first-cl&ss new bridge on tbe line, near
Psctano, to replace the one which was
rectly burned there.
Rev. A. P. Graves, D. D., of New York
city, tbe great Baptist evangelist, preach
ed a sermon in the Baptist church last
evening to quite a laree audience.
There will be a special meeting of
Tucson Chapter. E. A. M., tonight at 8
o'clock. Work in tbe Mark Master's
degree. AH chapter masons in good
Landing are cordially invited.
Judge Vanderlip has sold out bis pro
perty interests in Crittenden with i
iew cf removing to the new town of
Rollin. Tbe latter place is now attrac
ting much attention in that direction.
Mrs. Dominguez, mother of Mrs. An
tonio Gonzalez, who has been visiting
here for several months past, left this
morning for her home in Los Angeles
Sometime near the last of the month, a
sifter of Mrs. Gonzalez will arrive on an
extended visit.
Wanted Several faithful men or wo
men to travel for responsible establish
ed house in Arizona. Salary $780, pay
able 815 weekly and expenees. Position
permanent. Reference. Enclose self
addressed stamped envelope. The Na
tional, Star Building, Chicago.
John Moralep, well known to the sport
ine fraternity of this city, died last
Saturday, of inflammation of the
bowels. He was buried on Sunday
The deceased was and old-timer here
and leaves a wife and two children
Notice of his death and burial was ac
cidentally ommitted from tbe columns of
tbe Citizen.
Buckey O'Neill is being boomed for
Mayor of Presoott Alas for Prescott!
Buckey has deolared that he has olimbed
over the fence, out of tbe political field,
now and for eternity. Maybe though,
tbe anticipation of euch honor as Pres
cott can confer might tempt Buckey to
Radulovlch is putting up an addition
to his postoffice block, on Stone avenue.
it will be of brick, with a stone founds
tion, and just as substantial as tbe re
maicder of the building. It wm be oc
cupied as a carpenter shop by Mr.Radu
lovich and a partner after tbe first of the
With many clergymen, publio speak
ers, singers, and actors, Ayere Cherry
Pectoral is the favorite remedy for
hoarseness and all affections of the vocal
organs, throat, and lungs. Its anodyne
and expectorant effects are promptly
The case of C. F. Banks vs Lucas Es-
trella. M. G. Samaniego, and S. Rambo,
was dismissed in the district court yes
terday. The testimony revealed tbe
fact that tbe actual damages were below
the $100 mark; and this being tbe mini
mum amount upon which en action can
be founded in tbe district courts of this
territory, tbe above decision was the na
tural conclusion.
J. N. Denier and Charles Ritsoh, cf
Florence are in the city. Mr. Denier
expects to remain for6ome time, possibly
permanently. Mr. Kitsch brings a load
of fine looking copper ore to tbe smelter.
There are a number of very promising
copper claimB near Florence, which will
some da; make that section a very
thriving camp. The bills surrounding
Florence are full of minerals of different
varieties, and the future will develop
many of them.
At the fair tomorrow night tbe polls
for the candidates will close, and the
result of the voting be announced. The
prizes to be awarded are a watch and a
cane for tbe fortunate gentlemen: a doll
for tbe little girl who receives tbe great
est number of votes; some married lady
will receive a handsome engraving, and
a beautiful picture will go to the young
lady who comes out ahead on the count.
No contests.
A few days since Joe. Gold tree ship
ped twenty-four tons of ore to tbe smel
ter nt Pueblo, Col., and the returns ex
ceeded his most sanguine expectations.
Six hundred end thirty ounces of silver
one half an ou jce o! gold . and ten per
cent of copper per ton, is certainly indi
cative of an excellent property. The
fact that Mr. Goldtree has lots mere of
tbe same sort is a source of great oat-
sf fact ion to him, and bis friends congra
tulate him upon the good fortune which
has rewarded his many years of persis
ent, hard work in the territory.
Tbe fair last night was up to the gener
al standard of excellence, both es to
entertainment and financial results. The
commodious building was crowded even
more than usual, and the liberality of
the ' assemblage was evidenced by the
large amount which the treasurer holda
as the result of the evening's work. The
musical program, conducted by Prof.!
end Mrs. Castillo, was all that could be
desired, and at a late hour, everybody
retired with pleasant memories of the
night. A large segregate sum will un
doubtedly be realized from this worthy
venture, and the work of completing tbe
msgniScent Cathedral will be greatly
The Gazette cf Emporia, Kansas,
brefiks forth as follows: "Let's secede.
Lrtt'e tear looae from the plutocracy and
arrogance and respectability of tbe cor-
upt and unsympathetic east. Let s ga
ther to ourselves here in Kansas all our
jewels ana flounce out of tbe sisterhood
of states. Let's take our doll rags and
quit civilization and annex ourselves to
barbarism. Let s abolish interest; make
poverty a felony; punish work with a
penalty of enforced silence; make think
ing a penal offense; enact brains into
buttermilk; paint over 'ad aetra per a
pera' with blue mud, and in its place in
scribe in letters cf seething gooee
greaee: 'Viva la Lease Hurrah for
"Darkest Russia", which for four
eeasons has met with flattering recep
tions wherever produced, will beat Iteid'a
opera house Wednesday night Deo. 16.
This season the play will be seen in an
entirely new dress, the mounting and
costuming as well as the company, being
better than ever before. Tbe theme
deals largely on tbe politioal system of
Russia and pictures scenes characteris
tic of the Czar's government. The play
in ltseit is not ooiy sosoromg, out is
mounted in a most picturesque manner.
The costumes are from designs of cele
brated artists and are accurate and
correct in every detail. The blending
of color in the costuming of the oourt
ladies, nobles, military and police, tbe
nihilist, peasant, and exiles produce
pictures most pleasing to tbe eye. An
exceptionally strong company delineates
the play over twenty people being in the
cast. Two of the most prominent being
the comedy characters Septimus Cobb,
the American Colonel from Kentucky,
od the yourg German widow, tbe
Baroness von Rhiceberg, who keep the
audience in an ever happy etate cf
Allen T. Bird, editor of tbe Oasis, is
in the- city.
J. Geo. Hilsinger, tbe merchant from
tbe new town cf Rollin, is in the city
Quite a number of Tucsocitea will
leavd in the morning to atteud tbe
irrigation congress at Phoenix.
Prof. E. M. Bogge leaves for Phoenix
tonight to attend tbe irrigation con
gress. Tne case of Ejan vs. Colin Cameron et
al., involving water rights near Calabas
as, was on trial ia tbe district court to
day. Miss Lulu Davis, a cousin of Clerk
Hal ber t, arrived this morning from her
home in Forest City Ark., and will re
main for some time visiting.
Preparations are still under way for
the New Year's night public library
ball. It will lie a grand affair acd will
be largely attend.
Chae. Iloff, county treasurer-elect,
returned this morning after an absence
of several days in the southern portion
of the territory.
Whatever may be tbe cause of blanch
ing, tbe hair may be restored to its
original color by tbe use of that potent
remedy Hall's Vegetable bicilian Hair
Buildings still continue to go up in
several parts of the oity. There is an
undercurrent of p osperity running in
our affairs which gives promise of great
things in the not very distant future.
This day wfs one of great activity in
Tucson. The city election was the
cause. Much interest was manifested
mi ajjlarga t was po'led. Gaily de
corated vehicles were flitting here and
there through tbe streets all day, and
every candidate was ou the alert.
Provide yoursetf with a bottle of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral, acd so have the means
at hand fur contending successfully with
a sudden cold. As an emergency medi
cine, it has no equal, and leading physi
cians everywhere recommend it.
Hon. Marcus Smith and W. P. Woods
have returned from an outing at the
reservoir, where they enjoyed themsel
ves hugely shooting ducks. There are
thousands of them on and around the
reservoir at present, and the sport there
is something immense.
A letter received by E. L. Wetmore,
bearing tne date of Deo. 9. conveys the
information that Henry O. O Connor,
mining man, who in May and June last
bad a bond on Ed. Hughes copper mines
committed euicide a few days since, in
unicago. ne is esia to nave some min
ing property in the neighborhood of
The Catholic - fair cloned Saturday
night in a blaze of glory. Tbe final buei
cess was wound up, acd tbe large build
ing was crowded until there was scarce
ly standing room anywhere. The total
amount realized by tbe management is
between thirty-two end th rty-tbree
hundred dollars. This will be a very
material help in the work of com
pleting tbe magnificent structure.
When the ladies of Tucson undertake
tbe management of any affair, they know
no soch thing as failure. This grsnd
event, however, has broken tbe record.
IT WILL PAY you to take Hood'
Sarsaparilla. With pure blood you need
not fear tbe grip, pneumonia, diphtheria
or fevers. Hood's 3arsaparilla will make
you strong and healthy.
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable,
carefully prepared from the beet ingre
dients. 25o.
Tbe Phoenix Bicyclist, on the Home
Saturday evening J. Harry Brown ar
rived in Tucson, and his cyclometer
registered 9,472 miles. Bronzed, weather-beaten,
and tbe very picture of health.
be 19 finishing up bis 10,000 mile ride in
tbe very best trim imaginable. Uron
tbe day of his arrival here be had ridden
a little over over a hnndr d miles, but
it was as nothing to his iron muscles,
for in the evening he attended a dance,
and was aa lively aod gay as the merri
est. He spent the day yesterday, as tbe
guest of our local cyclists end provide
most intereetine companion. His trip
along tbe Pacific coast northward; east
through Idaho; aero: e tbe Korkies, into
tbe western edge of the Mississippi
valley; bkirtibg the rich bills of Colo
rado; visiting Kansas, the land of grass
hoppers, cyclones oca populists; into
wild ard wooly Texas; has furnished
him with au unlimited fund of incident.
and experience which forms the found-
tion for many an interesting etory. If
there is any one along his line of travtl
who ia ignorant of the virtue of
Dusock," it is not Harry Brown's fault:
lor from the rising or tbe sun to tbe
going down thereof, lo! for r-any days,
weeks, and months, he has aung tbe
praises of tbe magic compound which i
a perfect oure for the flatness and tired
feeling of pneumatic tire9.
Mr. Brown left this morning for Flor
ence, where be will be m9t by a number
of bis Phoenix friends and admirers.
who will encort him in triumph to hie
home, tomorrow. Hi9trip has been rne
of hard work, yet filled with satisfaction.
both to himself, and the firm he has so
ably represented on his journey.
After Acute Bronchitis
)9Q Cherry
3 Pectoral
"Three months ago, I took a vio
lent cold which resulted in an attack
of acute bronchitis. I put myself
under medical treatment, and at the
eji.l of two months was no better.
1 found it very difficult to preach,
and concluded to try Ayer's Cherry
Tectoral. The first bottle gave me
great relief ; the second, which I am
now taking, lias relieved me almost
entirely of all unpleasant symptoms,
and I feel sure that one or two bot
tles more will effect a permanent
cure. To all ministers suffering from
throat troubles, I recommend Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral." E. M. Brawley,
D.D.. Dist. Secretary, Am. Bapt.
Publication Society, Petersburg, Va.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
San Francisco, Dec. 11 Mrs. Sarah
B. Cooper aud her daughter, Harriet
Cooper, were found dead in their home
in this city this morning with the gas
turned on. and with every evidence that
the gas WB9 made use of for intentional
death on the part of both. Mrs. Cooper
was preeident of the Kindergarten Asso
ciation of the schools, and her daughter
was deputy superintendent. MrB. Coop
er had lived here for thirty years and
was widely known as an educator, phil
antropist, and writer. She was presi
dent of the Women's Press Association,
president of tbe Women's Suffrage As
sociation, and prominent as an officer of
tbe Women's Temperance Union. For
many years she bad taught tbe largest
bible class in the city, ia conjunction
with the First Congregational church, her
class numbering several hundred adults.
She was also assistant psetor the church
under tbe pastorate of Dr. C. O. Brown.
The will of Mrs. Cooper has been found
in her library, acd in the will written
yesterday she requests that tbe bodies
ef herself and daughter be not taken to
tbe morgue.
The coroner is now convinced that
the death of tbe Coopers was due to tbe
act cf the daughter Hattie,and was thus
suicide and matricide.
Madkid, Dec. 11. A despatch from
Jeres announces that large buildings
ooliapsed there burying over a hundred
persons. Eleven bodies have already
been recovered.
Marseilles, Deo ll.-Th boiler of
Messaagriea maritime steamship Sagbal-
ion. exploded shortly after tne sue lett
Hong Kong recently, killing several
stokers. The Saghalion succeeded in
reaching Saigon.
Paris Dec. 11. Senor Betaooas, re
preeentative of the Cuban insurgents in
this city, states that be learns from
authoritative source that Antonio
Maceo still lives.
Montreal. Que., Deo. 11. The senti
ment in favor of aa ind epand ent Can a
diau republio has taken form by the
establishment of a oentral organization
of several independence clubs.
Denver, Col., Deo. 11. Tbe grand
jury unanimously voted not to return
bill for tbe indictment of Andrew J.
Spute, charged with the murder of his
wife aod feur children, drowned when
boating several weeks ago.
London, Deo. 11 A special from Ber
lin says the German Lloyd Steamer Sa
lter was wrecked on tbe night of Dec
1th, four miles north of Vallargicia,
Spain, two aod a half miles from land.
The despatch save she must have brok
en up almost immediately, as parts of
the steamer have already washed ashore.
She bed 210 passengers mostly steerage.
aod a crew of bo men. All were drown
ed. Swansea, Wales, Deo. 11 The Bri
tish ship Spnngwell, from Liverpool,
Dec 9th f jr Galveston, has 'arrived here
with two survivorsof the German ship
Elijah, of Bremen, wblch left Cardiff
Wednesday for Hong Kong. She cap
sized in a gale near Lundy island at
the entrance of Bristol channel. Nine
teen of tbe Raj h's orew were drowned.
Pittsbcrg. Peon., Djjo. 11 A joint
committee of railway col misers ana
operators reported to the convention
today that they are unable to agree upon
a rate and were discharged. A strike
will probably follow.
San Quentin Prison, CaL, Deo. 11
Marshall J. Miller, of Merysville. was
banged here this morning at 10:12
o'clock. Miller aod bis partner, Stuart
Greene, entered tbe house of Joseph
Pier, of Marytville, on the night of May
let, 1835, with tbe purpose of robbery.
In aocomp iehing this they s beat and
ill treated Pier that he died. Miller
protested his innocence and died brave-
Washington, Deo. 11 The house
having passed tbe bill to prohibit tbe
sale of liquor in tbe capital, tbe blind
chaplain today referred to the fact in bis
prayer. "We thank ihee, Oh Lord,"
said he, "that this houae is no longer re
sponsible for the liquor traffio within tbe
balls of tbe national capital." On
motion of Dingley, tbe floor leader, it
was agreed that when the house ad
journed today, it be to meet on Monday.
A joint resoiutiou extending until the
close ot this session the time for a joint
committee to investigate the question of
the ulcobol tax used in manufacture or
arts vi aa adopted. This being Friday
the house then, on motion of aloilillan,
cf TennesHee went into a committee of
the whole for consideration oi Dins on
tb private calendar.
London, Deo. 11 A despatch from
Lloyc'd anent at Coruaa says 881 lived
ere lost by tbe wreck of tbe Salter.
Tbe Salier wa commanded by Captain
Wempe, and the steamer bad a general
cargo. The disaster occurred during a
det so fog aod heavy weather. Tbe Sal
ier had a fearful passage from Bremen
to this port. J. wo ex her boats were
swept overboard by a heavy wind by a
heavy sea which beat over ber acd 6he
sustained other damage. It ia believed
that about 400 persons perished.
New York, Dec 11. When Hale, the
Irish rider, completed his hundredth
hour in the six day bicycle race at
M&di-on Square Garden, be had exaot
ly 1400 mileato&U credit. That was at 4
o'clock this morning. Uisclosestrival't
were Kice acd Forebter who were four
hourB later making tbe same number of
miles. The score at 2 P. M. was: Hale
1,525; Rice 1,470; Forrester, 1485; Pierce
L3u'4; Schook 1,314; Maddox 1.305:
Caseidy 1.287; Gannon 1,122; Glyck 1,000;
McL-od 1,041.
Philadelphia, Pa., Deo. 11. At to
day' session of the Civil Service Reform
Association tbe officers were relected. A
Committee from tbe National .Associa
tion of Letter Carriers appeared before
the general committee with a petition
urging the continuance of the poet-offije
department order which provides that
i o carrier be discharge nntil be shall
have had an opportunity for defence.
It was referred to the resolution com
Niagara Falls, N. Y., Dac. 11 At
the First National Bnk of this oity this
morning a notice was posted that at a
meeting of the directors last eight it was
decided to close tbe institution. It is
said the depositoas will get their money.
West Scperior, Wis., Deo. 11 The
National) Bank of Commerce of Duluth
(ailed to open this morning.
Boston, Mass., Deo. 12 Mary S. Col
lins and Samuel P. Putnam, of Chicago,
were found dead today in a room occu
pied by a woman. The gas was turned
on. lhe woman was years old; tne
man about fifty. The indications are
that the couple committed suicide last
night Miea Collins and Putnam were
lecturers. He accompanied her home
last night.
Chicago, Dec. 12 Samuel P.Putnam,
found dead in Boston today, was well
known as one of the moat promineat
officers of the American Society of Free
Thinkers and a tiery advocate of ag
nosticism. Us was a warm friend of
Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll. Miss Col
lins in whose room Putnam was found
lectured in tbe Central Music Hall about
three weeks ago on free thought aod
'the new woman." After her meeting
with Putnam a joint leoture tour ea-t
was arranged and tbey left here two
weeks ago. She was a brilliant speak
I Best Coutfh Syrup. Taste Good.
I In ttnm. Sold by drngglgta.
Covington, K. V., Dec. 12 When the
news of his death sentence was affirmed
and told to Walling, he was playing
cards with Scott Jackson and R bert
Laughlio, who is to be banged on
January 9th for killing his wife and
niece. Walling wbb indifferent. He
insisted that he bad nothing to fear.
He then urged his companions to pro
ceed with the game.
Hamburg, Deo. 12 At a meeting to
day of striking dockers resolutions were
adopted ia favor of coming to some
rriDeiueui wuu employers. A
ference oeiweeo tne sinners and em
ployes will decide upon tbe composition
of the board of conciliation.
Nashville, Teoo., Dec 12 M. A.
Spurt, convicted of falsely certifying to
checks while president of tbe Commer
cial Bank, was today eeotenced by Judge
Severcs to imprisonment for two years
and six months.
Frankfort, Ky., Djc 12. The court
of appeals to-day reaffirmed the decaion
of the lower oourt Newport, Ky .sentenc
ing Aionzo Walling to banged as an ac
complice cf Scott Jackson in the mur
der of Pearl Bryan laat June. It is
quite likely that tbe date txed for tbe
execution of both men will be about tbe
aomversary of the murder, early in
New York, Deo. 12. The six days in
ternational bicycle race at Madison
Square Gardens ends At ten o'clock to
night. Uolees the unexpected happens,
Hale will win tbe tiret piize, smash all
previous records, and become tbe king
of long distance riders. Over SO miles
separated him from bis nearest com
petitor at 8: A. M. Rice, tbe next man
was over 72 miles ahead of Forster, tbe
third man. "Soldier Reading was only
11 miles behind. Tbe "Flying Dutch
man," Rice, is in a bad way and unless
be keeps to work will be passed by
Forster and R-ading. Scbock, winner
of the last six days race, has pulled up
considerably in tbe last 24 hours and at
2 o'olook was 23 milea ahead of his own
six days record.
Washington D. C. Deo. 12. A posi
tive denial is made of the etate depart
ment published report. Muatapha Bey,
tbe Turkish minister, by direction of
the sultan, entered a protest against
tbe language of the president's message
to congress in his treatment of tbe
Turkish question.
Washington D. C. Dec 12. Tbe re
publican members of tbe ways and
m6ans committee held a conference this
morning. It was stated yesterday that
demooratio members would be present
and be formally notified of a proposi
tion to proceed with preparation of a
new tariff bilL It was decided, how
aver, to postpone tbe meeting of the fall
committee until next week. A confer
ence of republican members lasted
about two and a half hours but nothing
was definitely decided upon. Tbey dis
cussed at considerable length tbe hear
ings to be given by the full committee.
The general opinion was that a died
programme for bearings on several
schedules should be arranged, begin
ning November 28th to continue about
two weeks. Tbe question of the date of
taking a oougreesional holiday recess
was discussed but no date was decided
Birmingham Ala., Dec. 12. A bill
has been filed asking for a receiver .for
tbe Fly ton Company, tbe largest land
concern in Alabama. It controlled
over $2,000,000 worth of property around
Birmingham and has $1,70(1,000 aoliars
bonds outstanding with a trust com-
Buffalo, N. N., Dec 12 A special to
the Newa, from Albany, eaya that
State Railroad Commissioner Rickards
fell dead in a barber shop there today.
Nkw York, Dac 12 William J. Bagot
and Peter Bagot, composing the firm of
Bagot a Son, dealers it. dry troode, to
day assigned to Amdrfws O. McCall,
without preferences. Liabilities $140,-
0 0. assets $45,000.
San Francisco, Dec. 12 C. D. Lane
cha'rman of tbe national bimetallic com
mittee. has issued an ad jresa iu which
he earnestly advises friends throughout
tbe United Statee to suspend active
agitation for tbe free coinage of silver
San Francisco, Dec. 12 The funeral
services foi Mrs. and Miss Cooper will
b held Monday at tbe First Congrega
tional cburob. It is do tbe generally
accepted theory that while Mr9. Cooper
slept, Miss Cooper, in her failing mental
condition, quietly arose and turned cn
the gas jt and then lay down beside
her mother, both dying together.
New York. Dec. 12 The Cubsn
Junta have heard by way of Jackson
ville from the insurgents sent to inves
tigate the facts in regard to Maceo's re
ported death. A dispatch to tbe Junta
says that Maceo was -assassinated
through tbe instrumentality of Dr.
Zertucha. who led Maceo aod his staff
across tbe trocha where tbey were met
by Ahumeds, aod Maceo and bis entire
staff assassinated witb mucbetes,
Frankfort, Ky Dec. 12 Frank G.
Robbins was arrested too ay for con
tempt of court. It is claimed that Roo
bins olandeatinely secured newa by
eavesdropping in tbe court consultation
room, aud gave the Walling decision tj
the Times-Star over an hour before it
was announced by the court, tie had
two flaes one white and one black. The
latter indicated a decision affirming tbe
death sentence in the Walling case,
Representatives or other papers saw
him wave tbe black flag and informed
tbe oourt. Robbies belongs to one of
the most prominent families in Cincin
nati. He was fined and sentenced to
thirty daye in jail.
Ukiah, Cel., Dec. 14 While bunting
on Pine Ridge, ten miles from here,
Charles Ryan found the skeleton of a
man seated astride tbe branch of a tree
sixty feet from tbe ground. Ooe of tbe
leg bones had fallen eff, and tbe ekele
ton. which was wedged between tbe
limb and trunk of tbe tree, had appar
entlv been there many years. The dis
covery may eolve tbe mysterious disap
pearance of Andrew XMorbi, a pioneer
settler who left his cabin seventeen
years ego and waa never seen again
Ryan believes that tbe skeleton is that
of a man either driven to tbe tree as a
refuge from wild animals, or beiog lost
in tne woods, climbed the tree tor obser
vation and fell, landing in the cructh of
tbe tree from which he could not extri
oate himself.
Cincinnati, Dec, 14 The 16tb annual
convection of tne American federation
of Labor was called to order here at 10
a. m. today by Preeident Samuel
llomners. About 150 delegates were
present and many visitors. Martin fox,
president of tbe Iron-moulders Union of
North America, had been selected to
deliver an addrtas of welcome, but
owing to tbe death cf bis mother
bis address aas read by ii.. I. Peony.
More effective action for tbe eight hour
law and other reforms were recommend
ed. After appointment of committees
on credentials and officers the conven
tion took a r oes until 2.30 p. m. At
the hotel last nigbt President Gompera
and John Phillips were robbed of 160
taob; Woods, aod Malinson, .hoglieb
delegates, of ca h and j-welry and eeveral
delegates ef other articles.
Washington, Deo. 14 The ways and
means committee of the bouse decided
to begin hearings on tbe tariff Deo. 28
aod continue them two weeks. Tbe
bouse t day adopted a concurrent re
solution for adjournment for the non-
day recess from Dec. 22 to January 5th.
Teller, of Colorado, was on the floor of
the senate today for the first time since
tbe session opened. On his desk was a
large basket of flowers tied with red,
white and blue ribbons. Tbe vice-president
announced Sherman, El kins, and
Mitchell, of Wisconsin, as a committee
to arrange for the coming inauguration
of tbe president-elect, in accordance
with a resolution introduced by Sherman.
Hollidavebvrq Pa, Do. 14. The
First National Bank, tbe oldest in this
section of the etate, acd one of the or
iginal fifty-seven national banks in tbe
United States, suspended business this
morning. The First Natiooal Bank of
Holl daysburg had a capital of $500,(100.
The back at Martiosburg and Williams
burg failed as a result of the failure of
tne Hollidaysburg Bank.
Glasgow, Dac. 14 Members of the
saiiora' and firemeoa union of Clyde,
decided to strike tomorrow if an increase
of wages is not granted. It is stated
that iu event of a strike, dock woraers
in Now York and along Mersey will
refuse to unload vessels coming from
London, Dec 14 According to ad
vices from Berlin, Vienna acd Paris,
there is no truth in tbe reported
escape of Ex-Sultan Murad from Hi
place of cootiumeot in Constantinople.
Kay west, Fla., Dec. 14 Tbera is pros
pect of a bloody oontiiot between tbe
Cubans and Spanish who are attempt
ing to celebrate Maceo's detth.
New York, Dec 14 Governor
Morton, sccording to a statement pub
lished in tbe World, 6ent a telegram to
President Cleveland yesterday in rela
tion to the critical condition of Cuban
affaire, and tbe assassination of General
Maceo in particular. Thia meseage con
tained the oovel eutfgtetioo that Presi
dent Cleveland invite President-elect
McKinley to Wasbingtcn to discus tbe
most feasible plan to be followed by the
president concerning the attitude of th
United States towards Cuba during tbe
remainder of Cleveland s term.
Washington, Dec 14 Call.of Florida
presented tbe following: Resolved, that
tbe kill ng of Antonio Maceo, tbe re
nowned general in tbe service of Cuba,
if true, while under a flag of truce acd
witb the assurance of safety from tb
Spanish captain-general, was a violation
of the rules of civil warfare; an outrage
base and treacherous; a murder moet
cowardly acd disgraceful, which de
mands the execration of every govern
ment in all tbe world, whether civilized
or savage. Thst the government which
authorizes, permits, or fails to punish
the assassins connected in any way witb
tbe guilt of this crime by tbe extreme
penalty of law, is an outcast from the
family of nations and from tbe pale of
Civilization, aod from public law; that
the committee on foreign relations be
directed to make inquiry as to the facts
sod report to tbe senate at an early day
Another resolution by call to request
tbe president to demand tbe release of
all United States citizen imprisoned in
tbe Spanish penal colony of the Island
of Cents off tbe coast ot Africa.
A third resolution from Call assed tbe
secretary of state for a list of all United
States citizene in tbe Soaniah settle
ments etc. witb tbe circumstances of
their arrests, charges, conviction, dc
Tbe three resolutions were referred to
the committee on foreign relations.
jtierce, . u., uec. li in the man
damus onse to eompel tbe issue of cer
tifiaateit to republican delegates in
partial canvass tbe court today held that
tbe board has a right to adjourn and te
cur complete returns. This gives Bry
an tbe electors.
Washington, Deo. 14 In represent
ing tbe Turki h-American memorial,
Utitlinger(N. H.) said !e fully hpproveo
of tbe terms of the memorial, including
tie etatemtnt that the great powers of
Christendom should intervene, even if it
resulted in the dismemberment of tbe
Turkish Empire. Peifer (Kas.) intro
duced a comprehensive resolution for
tbe appointment of a commission to in
ve6titf ate aud report on tbe established
permanent monetary system.
Washington, D. C. Deo. 14 Repre-
eertaiive. M. V. Howard, of AlaDama to
day introduced a resolution recogniz cg
the Republic of Cuba ae a free and in
dependent government.
Washington, D. D. Deo. 14. The
president to day sent to tbe senate
tbe nomination of Chas. Proutty, of Ver
muot, to be interstate commerce com
missioner vice Wbeelock G. Veaeey, re
Key West, Fla. Dec. 14. The Unit-
ed Siates cruiser New lork, was lyitg
10 the dock coaling today when sudden
ly work was suspended and she hurried
ly put to sea without taking oo board a
full -upply of fue!. Her destination is
not known but is said to be Havana.
Mineral Market-
Nrw York, Dec' 14.
Silver bars C5H
Lead 8275
Copper '. 1125
San Francisco, D-c. 14.
Mexicsn dollar 5152
Tbe beat salve in the world for cuts
bruisee. soree, ulcers, salt rbeum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns and all akin eruptions, aod pot l
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfac
tion or money refunded. Price 5cta a
box. For sale by Georgf M rti
A Milling Camp Wbioh ia Blddisg
for Recognition
Tbe Sierritas are claiming a place in
the attention of the mining world on
account of tbe worth of a number or
brst class claims which are being open
ed up. Tnere is only one way in which
to ascertain the value of ledges nd that
is by einKing on mem. Ana men woo
are at work in the Sierritas are fully
aware of tbe truth of this proposition
and are striking for the bottom where
tne rich ores lies.
Amocg the moat prominent of the pro
perties which are receiving attention at
pn-t.ee t is the Highland Chief, a silver
and had mine, owned by G. A. Tborne.
The work is being done on a five font
ldge, two and one-half feet of which,
without assorting, relume ibo per too
at the sampling works. The remainder
of tbe ledge can be assorted so as to
reach tbe same figures. There sre two
haf ts upon this claim, ooe 85 feet deep
acd the other 45 feet. There is a tunnel
105 feet in length upon tbe vein, and
it is about 40 feet below the bottom ef
the deepest shaft.
Two ether claims owned by Air.
Tborne are tbe Edna and the Green
wood. The former bas a 45-foot shaft,
aod ia cut by many stringers cf rich ore
Tbe latter has a two-foot vein of galena
and silver ore wbiob mills $50 per ton
Tbe ore of this claim ia taken from a 20-
foot shaft. All three are on tbe same
lead aud are vary iromisiog properti-s.
Lynch and Sons are working toe old
Handy mine, and are reported to have
. ... . . . . .
ma-e a very ncn sinae. cuoet or me
work done oo this claim bas been super
ficial, but the present management has
sunk about 60 feet below the old die
sings,and are reaping a riob reward for
their labor. Tbe mine bas made a good
reoord heretofore aod will doubtless do
better in future, as grester depth is
gained. This is also a silver-lead pro-
Moore and Watson have a bona on
the Tenneeste copper mine in this dis
trict, and are stoking development
shaft-. They began oo 18 per cot ere
which has increased to 40 per cent. They
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the camp is doing remarkably well, acd
will be satisfactorily heard from before
How They Were Made at the Military
School at St. Cyr.
In "A Boy of the First Empire," El
bridge S. Brooks' story of Napoleon in
St. Nicholas, is told how the youthful
hero was made into "a soldier ol
So it was soon over, for all the world
like some wonderful fairy tale, and
Philip Desnonettes, son of the emigre,
bound boy of the washerwomen's
quarter, protege of the emperor,
turned his back upon the nar
row and dirty street he had once :
called his home, and, riding' away '
from the past, was entered as a
pupil in the military school of St. Cyr. '
From the day when, as a new boy, he
was introduced into the new school of
St. Cyr, and was gradually transformed
from an uncouth street-boy to a little
machine, to the day when, four years
later, he left it for other scenes,
Philip Desnouettes life was one of con
tinuous training-, ne got np by the
drum, he ate his meals by the drum, he
went to bed by the drum. He learned
to drill, to ride, and to build fortifica
tions; he received instruction in lan-;
guages, literature, history and mathe-;
matics; he toughened without fires,
developed by austere discipline, lived ;
by rule, played pranks and took his '
mmishment as he did his medicin
without grumbling-, grew, strength-
ened, broadened in mind and body,
t,!i wl ll,-
learned to be a French schoolboy, a
French soldier, a French gentleman.
Then came 1810. Great things had
been happening while Philip was a
schoolboy at St. Cyr. The map of
Europe had been changed again and J
aain. aii-1 Napoleon was the map
maker. There had been wars and
rumors of war; there had been mighty
marches, bloody battles andterrible
triumphs; and with march and battle
and triumph the fume of Napoleon, em
peror of the French, had grown to
mighty proportions. In 1S10 France
and Napoleon were the greatest names
in all the world. And Philip had met ,
Corporal Peyrolles.
Peyrolles, the wooden-legged, had
left his good leg of flesh on the bloody
field of Austerlitz, and, pensioned by
the emperor, had been made one of the
drill sergeants in St. Cyr school.
To Peyrolles the emperor was not a
man, he was "the emperor;" and Pey
rolles worshiped him even as did tbe
Romans of old worship their highest
and bravest as something more than
mortal. And yet the bovs at St. Cvr
declared that but for Peyrolles the
emperur woutu never nave oeen: ior it .
was Peyrolles delight to recount for j
the boys of St. Cyr how "I and the !
emperor" conquered the world! j
But it was largely by Peyrolles
friendly promptings, plus the instruc- I
tion of the St. Cyr school, that Philip i
became proficient in drill and ambi- t
tious of glory. And when, even before j
the allotted term of training, the sum
mons came to "the cadet Desnouettes
to attend upon the emperor, the boy
felt that both fame and glory lay well
within his grasp.
This Ia lour Opportunity.
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public feast was held dories; tbe corona
tion and where tbouesnds met dsatn in
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