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Highest Honors World's Fair.
Gold Medal Midwinter FaL'.
A pare Grace Crsani of Tartar Powder. Fre-
boa Ammonia, Alum r- my other adulter ar.:
a all the great Hotels, the leadir
Onba aud the homes. Dr. Price s Crea
Caking y rdr holds its supremacy.
Years the Standard.
W. B. Wemple left (or the Southern
Belle yesterday.
It is said that the ctpltol grounds of
Arizona are second to no state in toe
Bnckey O'Neill bss raiaed a lot of
. warm diacusatoo in the Irrigation Con-
grass at Phoenix.
Hon. Brewster Cameron is in the city,
baring just returned from an extended
Tisit to Europe.
The welcome news is being freely
oirtnlated that very extensive opera
tians will soon begin in the Rosemont
It is said that the governor's reflation
was a Tery brilliant event. Mi'i'ary
uniforms were displayed in abundance.
and fair ladies were not scarce.
The university is repreee nted in Phoe
nix this week by Professors kid ward M.
Boogs, J. W. Tourney and William Stowe
It is well worth your while to visit the
. XonpareiU" next to the Tucson Grocer
(Jo. Their Christmas widow 14 a beauty,
and no mistake.
Mrs. E. R. Osgood, daughter of Geo.
W. Sander, receiver of the Caea Gran
de Valley Canal company is in Phoenix,
nsitiug friends.
The latest advices from Phoenix are
to the effect that the irrigation coogrese.
each day, ebowed more bald heads than
were ever seen in one Arizona assem
blage before.
Two young ladies from Msnitou,
' Colorado, Miss Jennie Gordon and Miss
Mary Youtsey, will spend the winter in
the matchless climate 01 Tucson.
Suit has been instituted in thedistriot
court at Prescott by attorney T. W.
Johcsoo, on oebalf of Kitchen & Co.,
of New York to recover from Yavapai
county about $260,000 for the principal
and interest 00 the bonds issued in aid
of the construction of the now defuuot
Praecott and Arizona Central railroad.
A leading oitizen toinxs tne govern
Dent printieg office 6bou!d turn out all
books for pub ic schools, the govern
ment to sell the books at a nominal
Ccvre and select the books to be used.
This would knock the school book trusts
and save poor men from having to bur
a new est or books with each change of
school management. Preeoott Courier.
I. Meyer, brother of Isidor Meyer,
proprietor of the Uee Hive store, is go
ing to locate in Cape Town, South Afri
ca, where be will engage it- the business
of a diamond broker. He began hie
journey to that point this morning. .The
journey from here to hi" destination will
consume about six weeks.
George J. R skruge of Tucson, acoom-
panied by hi wife, is in the city to
pend tbe festal week. Mr. Rosk-uge
enjoys tbe world-wide reputation of be
ing tbe only man who ever whipped
Oorbett, tbe champion pugilist. Of
courts the distinguished gentlemen
"from Tucson doea cot follow tbe voca
tion of prize fighting, however. Gs
zette. "Tbe Fifth national irrigation con
jgrees will be productive of much good.
said Seoretary C. M. Heictz of tbe na
tion I executive committee last nigbt to
Rspubbcsn reporter. I am proud of
the ooogrees, for there are more states
and territories represented than st anv
cf tbe previous sessions of tbe body.
Phoenix is to be congratulated over tbe
excellent manner in which it welcomed
the delegates." Republican.
Dix W. Smith, one of the beet known
attorneys in tbe state of New York and
about tbe beet informed on irrigation
matters, who is in the city as irrigation
congress representative from the Empire
etate, was agreeably surprised to tied
Phoeoix suob a pleasant place snd he
thinks tbe climite is wonderful. In re
gard to tbe irrigation congress, Mr. Dix
tated yesterday in tbe convention tbat
be had tbe pleasure last week of spend
ing a dsv in oompany with President
elect McKioley, who authorized bim to
sy-befor- the national irrigation con
gress thst he sends s cordial greeting to
tbe convention and all efforts put forth
by the body is tbeoause of irrigation
baa his best wishes, and tbat during bis
administration anything tbat would
come before him for the interests of tbe
west would receive his closest eorutiny
and attention. Republican.
Governor Franklin was conversing
wiih two newspaper men on Washington
atreet yesterday afternoon when an in
dilidual with a long-tailed coat and a
distillery breath approscbed abd extend
ed his hand io a fsiriliar manner to tbe
governor. 'I am Dr. Robert Allen of
Pittsburg, champion tramp of the
world, be said. Tbe words were ut
tered with the thickness of speech tbst
usually tccmpaciee a 'jag.n He con
tinued: I knew you were governor be
cause you bae bine eyes. I am de
lighted to bave the boner of y. ur ac
quaintance.' It was gleaned from bim
that be was 00 bis sixteenth annual tour
of Amenoa and be never pays his fare
01 the railroads. Republican.
If. H. Gardiner of Orange, California,
is in the city and has on exbibiton at
tbe headquarters of the irrigation ooo
grees a contrivance tbst is sttraoting
much attention from farmers and those
interested io irrigation. It is an auto
matio water gate for use in canals for
tbe purpose ef delivering e steady and
even flow of water. Tbe box is provided
with two gates, one in f ont and one in
the rear. The water flows through a
mall orifice mod rises to tbe level of a 1
otber oriSoe oetr the top of tbe box, tbe
overflow falling lmto another box. If an
unusual flow of water enters tbe box the
pressure rslessss a spring which oper
atae a gste io tbe mouth of the box and
bo matter how much water is in the
canal tbe same amount can only flow
through the gate. It it an intention
tbat ergineers have beeQ working or
for years. A California man named
Beale is the inventor. Republican.
RHEUMATISM in the back, should
re, bios, ankles, elbows, or wrists, is
caused by accumulation of acid in the
blood. Hood's Sarsarrilla neutralizes
the acid and cure rheumatism.
Hood's Pills are the best fsmily cath
articand liver medicica. Harmless and
reliable. j
Mrs. 8tewart, of Oracle, is in the city
for a dsy or two.
11 on. Ob as. R. Drake is back from his
visit to Phoenix.
Prof. Wro. Stowe Devol of the univer
sity, has returned from Phoenix.
Eg an vs. Cameron still holds the at
tention of the district court.
M. P. Freeman left this morning for a
trip to the Santa Ritas, upon mining
Miss Maud Slaueon, the accomplished
daughter of Mrs. V. S. Thomas, or
Arizola, is visiting in the city.
Tucson Lodge No. 4, F. & A. M.f will
meet tnniffht for vork. All maeoue in
good standing are fraternally invi'.ed.
Welle Fartro ExDrees oomaoy will
keep its office open between the hours of
8 and 12 tomorrow, lor tne accommoua
tion of those who wish to Eend away
Christmas presents.
F. a McKinney, of Mammoth, arrived
in theoity this morning. Mr. McKinney
is a merchsnt at hs home and is justly
nnmhererl f-mnnir Pinal county's ODOBt
progressiva citizens.
Mining locations of every description
ar on sale at the Citizen omce. Anew
form haa hattn nnuted which Save tbe
locator one dollar of the fee for . record-
. . . 1 1
1 otr cniiann tirnviaB vuurecii. hu a
Horaoe E. DnnlsD. editor and pro
p ietorof the Sulphur Valley News, st
W.llonr uin th citV. Mr. IUniBD IB
publishing one of the very brightest and
newsiest wet kites in tne territory.
A. M. Ea nhart. one of tbe geaial of
ficers of the S. P.. wlib headquarters in
1 jnm Anrrelen. la in the city on a busmets
trin. Ijike the remainder ot tne o. ire
representatives, he is genial and full of
The election of two city officers is to
be contested. Tne Dspers hied with tbe
district clerk yesterday bear tbe ties of
Brsdr vaPueob. and Finley vs. UaKes
The cases are set for tearing on January
Geo. A. Mauk. the gentlemanly and
obliging agent of tbeS. P. at Aiizola, is
10 tbe city today on a enorl visit, an
leaves for home this evening. He has
been in attendance at the irrigation con
gress at Phoenix, and came in from there
this morwing.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown have gone
to Los Ancsles. Mr. Brown is one of
the popular S. P. conductors, and is. in
ill health. He will put m fcis vacation
on tbe coast in hopes of' resping physi
cal Improvement from the obacge.
Frank Riobardson visited Tucson last
week, where he went to receive some
of tbe hifiber degrees io masonry. Mr.
Kicbsrdson says Tucson never showed
more evidences of prosperity than now
business is good ana substantial im
provements are to te seen in all (arte
of tbe city. Bulletin.
The Detroit Copper Company smelter
at Clifton bad a narrow escape from fire
on inurcday. A bucK-nouee eituaiea
near, caught fire from a passing engine
and was burned to the ground. Tbe
concentrator building was scorched con
siderably. Had the wiBd been in tbe
other direction it Would bave been im
possible to save tbem.
W. R.B'own. travelling agent of the
Ssnta Fe, with beadqusrlers in LI Psso,
spent couple of dsys in Tucson. Mr
Brown is one of nature s noblemen and
prince of good fellowc. Tbe Santa
Fe'e popularity H very materially en
hanced by such representatives as he,
and there is a hearty welcome always
awaiting bim wherever be visits.
F. D. Simpson, better known in the
oity as "FrBckie,'' is here to spend tbe
holidays, and is tbegustof Councilman-
elect M. P. Dodge. Frankie was born
in Tucson but now lives with bis father
10 San Luis Obispo. Cal. Mr. Simpson
was formerly an engineer on tbe S. P.
railroad here, but now runs out of San
Luis Obispo. He is a brother of our en
terprising citizen, Mr. Simpson, of the
firm of Donobue a Simpson.
C. O McNeill, general superintended
of tbe Maricopa and Phoenix railroad, u
in tbe city today, end ca'led t tbe
CinzEM office. Mr. McNeill is a tbor-
nugb gentleman, affable and courteous
and so exceptionally bright railmud
man, whose management of tbe affaire
of tbe M & P. i making it es pop
ular as any railroad can be. lie is im
pressed with tbe boy eppesrsnce of
Tucson and says tbe old pueblo is "all
A. Frederick Krobn leaves tonight for
Cuba, where be goes as a citizen
correspondent. Mr. Krobn is known to
a number of our citizens as so exception-
ally wide awake young gentleman, and a
br6t claes civil engineer and drsuehts
man. He htt lately been employed in
Resident Logmeer Sroufe s office where
he gave eniment sstiefHCtion. Be has
bsd admirable military training in
Europe, and will doubtless eend out
most interesting snd acourate reports
or wnat occurs in Uu ba
it is stated tbat tbe acid from tbe
great works at Cliftoo is commencing to
make itself visible in the water used on
tbe farms of t'uis valley. We always
uooerstood tbat tbe Copper Company
was very oareful to keep tbe acid out of
tbe river, but of course we buve no
means of knowing, and we suppose the
presence 01 acid is only supposed by
anyone, it is claimed tbst tbe water
will now kill certain plnt life tbst it
was never known to do before, and we
are told that a test is to be made to
ascertain tbe cause. Guardian.
The Tucson Mining and Smelling
company shipped today, through the
Consolidated Nstional Katk, via tbe
Scutbern Pacific, twenty t neof copper
duiiioo, tne product or e four dav's run
of the smelter. Mr. J. Francie. th
manager of the smelter, is always on the
lockout lor copper ore, and pays cash
ror every poona tbat ts shipped to bim.
Tbe longer tbe smelter rune under hit
chsrge, tbe more popular bis marago-
uicuk ubuuibbf, ma Doming out praiee
is beard from the miners with whom he
has had dealings.
Senator White of tbe committee on
territories, ssys: "Arizona's mineral re
eources need no further demonatratinn
than the product of tbe mines durinethe
last ten years. Every mining man knows
tbst Arizona is ore of the greatest, min
ing regio; e 10 tbe United Satee. It con
tains Isrge deposits of both silver and
rold, and it i9 especially rich in copper.
In respect of minerals it lacks nly io
coal, but there is a g od deposit of coal
10 tne ean uarios Indian reservation.
whioh undoubtedly will soon be brought
1010 use. inuring tbe ourrent yesr tbe
proouctor Arizona's mines will establish
the reputation of the territory as a eold
producer if any mors of that character
is required.
A mad bull came very nearly creatine
a panio tbie morning on Main street. He
cavorted around for a while in a way
that was truly frightful, he made three
or four unsuccessful attempts to climb s
telephone pole at the corner of Congress,
and failing in this, indulged in some
acrobatic feats which have never been
advertised by any of the most enterpris
ing 6bow outfits on the road. After de
molishing everything demolithable
which he could find en the street, he ws
aitrsctea oy roe show windows in L.
Zeokendorf &, Co. He squared himself
for an attack, but upon a second look,
atopped io bis mad career, wa overcome
by the vision of beauty which greeted
his gaze, and fell in adesd swoon. When
he recovered bis senses, be besrd a pen-
tie announcement that there was to be a
grand opening there to;ght, and he
took to b heels as fast as be was a le
Attend this optioal fea't tonight It will
not make you faict, but you will cer-
tainly be thrown into a trsmor of ds-
Best Cough Syrup. Tastes Good. TJae
in time. Pold hr dru prists.
Hon. J. B. Scott arrived in the oity
US. Attorney Elhnwood is io the
city. .
Jos. S. Hopley, tbe cattleman from
Pant an o, is in the city today.
Uity warrant up to Wo. 915 are pay
able upon preuentation.
Mr. aud Mrs. E. C. Paige are in the
city from tbeir borne at Oracle and will
remain during tbe holidays.
Leonardo Ortiz, one of tbe leading
Mexican residents of Florence, is in the
city on a visit.
Col. J. Rje Young came in last even-
icg from Sacston, and will remain in the
city for a dsy or two.
Judge Owen T. Roups came in from
Fiorrnce last night. He has been bold
ing a eeeeion of district court there but
has taken a recess until after tbe hoi:
daye, and will spend bis vacation in Tuo
son with his family.
Mr. Albert T. Colton, of Florence,
who has been io attendance on tbe see
eioca of tbe National Irrigation Con
grees, will leave for home tomorrow
nioromg overland with several of the
eastern delegates who are anxious to see
tbe famous But e reservoir site near
that city. Mr. Cotton is prominently
mentioned for the position of Surveyor
receral of tbe Territory and is a very
able gentleman. Herald.
Cbaa. F. Kuhnen is in the city from
Oaea UranJe. He will remain for a day
or two and then go east to Highland,
III., wbere he will join bis family and
return with them to Tucson. Mr
Kubneo is largely interest' d in mines
oear Casa Grande and bss had a force
of men constsntly at work there for
soroe'ima past, hie reports matters
nrogrebeijg finely bis properties, and be
now has ample foundation for the belief
that be will get Cpk some of the money
ue dbs expenuea.
Hon. W. M. Griffith, of Dripping
Springe, is 10 tbe city, tie is ai.com
ponied by Major P. K. Roots, a backer
of Little Rock, Ark., an old time friend
of Mr. Gr-ffith. They will go to lor
ence tomcbt, and Jdsior Koots will pay
a visit to tbehomeot hisfrieod io Drip"
pirg Springs valley. Mr. Griffith is tbe
mot prominently mentioned republican
in the territory for tbe office of U. S.
Marshal, and will make as good an officer
as was ever favored with an appoint
Hon. M. J. Nugent, superintendent
of the territorial prison is greeting his
multitude of friends 10 the city. Ui
administration of tbe affaire of tbe pris
on baa called tor and received tee un
et'nted praise of tbe entire territory,
Tbfcre is no institution sny wbere wbicb
is conducted along a basis of more rigid
economy nor with better judgment, bnd
Mr. P agent may be easily pardoned,
6bould be desire to display a little bit cf
pride over tbe results of bis capable
and conscientious work.
The diuing room receatly bezan by
Miss HalL to be used in conjunction
with her hotel on Camp street, known
formerly ss the Ruse House, haB been
completed, and will be in operation at
onct. It is brand new, clean, light, airy
and comfortable, and offers one of the
most pleasant places io theoity in which
to eat jour meats. Under hereffim$nt
management the table service will be
eoond to none io tbe southwest; snd
tbe meals of each day will be a feast in
Tbe bityl which was recently stolen
irom Hon. S. M. Franklin, has been re
covered. A Papsgo Ind'ao found it in
tbe bushes on tbe San Xavier reserve
iron. whre it had been left bv the thief
ho stole it. Tbe Indian was going to
procure a sweeter snd bicycle hose and
turn "scorcher" when the owner of tbe
wheel was discovered and his castle of
air vanished.
S. H. Gould, superintendent of tbe
Oro company, is in from tbe mines. He
reports everything moving in a most sat
isfactory manner. Ue brought in b cou
ple of bars of bullion, as the result of a
.-bortrun. There is plenty of ore m
igbt, and it is worked in its entirety
just as it comes out of the shaft. Pre
parations are being actively made for
good eteady work upon tbe properties
of tbe company, and it is most gratify
ing 10 Know mac tne prospects lor suc
cess are very favorable.
Will Powers, the popular court steno
grapher of tbe second distnot, returned
home last night, and will spend the holi
days here. Will savs that tbe robbers
got bim between Globe and Florenoe; at
least be thicks tbey did. lie rode horse-
UBCK between the two places, upon an
old, stiff stsge horse, and for a week af
ter bis arrival in Florence, preferred to
tctke bis meals off a pantry ebelf, in a
standing position. He is better now, and
bis bosom is beginning to assume its
normal oocdition.
J. M. Ormsby, one of our prominent
citizens, wbo Las made himself widely
known through bis connection with the
Western Union telegrsph office, wbere
he has made himself popular by bi-
uniform courtesy and accommodation,
win on Monday next, take tbe position
of cashier in the Arizona National Bank.
recettlv made vrcant by tbe resignation
of Mr. Keller, wbo has returned to tbe
eaet. Mr. Ormsby will be just tbe same
genial, sociable, accommodating, indus
trious worker aa ever, and bis large
circle of friends will rejoice in his advent
t a position wbicb is both more pleas
ant and more remunerative tban tbat in
which be has been engaged for some
time past.
L. r. Ksllner, the enterprising
merchant of Phoenix, returned some
days ago from Globe, where be does a
large mercantile and banking business.
Mr. Kellner esys tbat business ic Globe
is improving rapidly and tbe mines are
creuaicg their output of bullion. Dr.
Ford and Mtesra. Fleming and Hill
bave a fine mine on which tbey are no
busy putting up machinery. With tbe
prospects of tbe extension of the Gila
Valley railroad from Geronimo, its pre
sent terminus to Glebe, new life will be
infused into tbat great mining camp,
nod tbe result will be a larger output of
the precious metals. Gazette.
ArizoN is not lacking in amusements.
even though f he is not in tbe circuit of
tbe traveling theatrical companies. Her
people are cordial and sociable, enter-
pneing and industrious, and furnish
iDemeeives wun enjoyments wbicb are
tno rare in many Arizona communities.
fl II- . ...
xoe puonc sonooi 01 tne town is in a
mot nourishing condition under tbe
tutorship of Mies Florence Reid. of Cssa
Grande. On Christmas eve there will
be a school exhibition, followed bv a
grand ball, which promises to eolipse all
former enoris in that direotion. Great
preparations are being made for the
event, snd a general invitation Is extend
ed to everybody.
Leading dealers
everywhere sell
Don t risk the loss of time. Ubor snd rronnd
by plsntins; seeds of unknown qosl-
inimuinii Ton or chesp,
unreliable seeds. rriv-l ftrrrfl
sreslwlvt .thebest;doiiotceept
csi ainuwn, need Annual Fret.
V IUti.lt mm
Supposed to be Disbanded and. Seek
ing Safety.
Word received in Tombstone of the
whereabouts of the Black Jack band is
to the effect that that terrorizing bcd
bss pretty much disbanded and have
left tbe territory.
After tbe Deer Creek tight Jesse Wil
liams and one other of tbe band whose
name is not known, left in one direction,
and neither hide, hair or track of either
of these have bteo heard of bii.ce. while
Black Jack, whose horde was ebot from
under bim, bid around until be could
make bis escape. Ue fijjked by him
self, goirg toward Mexico. Ue was
traced to different ranches and followed
across the lice. Later he made tracks
toward Nogales wbere it is presumed be
diguised himself and bearded tbe N. M.
snd A. for a ride out of tbe country. It
was known tbat be had considerable
money as he offered to py for some
victualsat the last ranch aud was anxious
of tbe whereabouts of his two pptner.
being apparently 6 much at eea of their
looation as the officers.
Tbe supposition tjat Black Jack bad
difgui-ed himself and left N gale on
the train is arrived at by different facta
traced to reliable source?, ail of which
point to bis intention of so doing. It is
believed be went to Sao Antonio, Texas.
Mr-Lupton Explain the Objeots of
the Aransas Pass Immigration
Through the fertile resources and tire
less efforts of General Freight and Pae
senger Agent E. J. Martin of tbe popular
"Mission Route, the San Antonio &
Arsnsas Pres Immigration Association
has at last been Isucched as a reslity
It is everywhere being received with ap
proval and regarded by tbe citieb in the
San Antonio & Aransas Pa6s territory
as one of the most promisicg plans foi
settlement of this section of the etate
yet put on foot.
Mr. George F. Lupton cf the genersl
passenger department of tbe road bus
just returned from tbe forming of tbe
association. In epebkrtg of tbe project
Mr. Lupton said:
MIt is useless to say that Texas needs
more active and thrifty eeettlers. Tbe
time has come for aggressive measures
on tbe part of railroad companies and
the San Antonio & Aransbs Pass Com
pany has instituted a policy which il
carriea out will be toe means or pe plicg
its own line; not only this, tbe benefit
accruing to the Aransas Pa6B will be felt
by other railroads io tbe state.
"We bave no land to sell, but know of
many large tracts owned by individual
and syndicates which should be divided
into small farms and pUced 00 tbe mar
ket at prices within tbe reaco of men
of moderate means. Our object in form
ing toe San Antonio & Aransas Pass
Kailway Immigration Association is to
put ourselves io touch with all reliable
real estate dealers and land owners hav
iog good land for sale ou or tributary to
our line.
An aoeooiation was formed having
Yoakum as itsgeceral headquarter. Mr
Charles Peterson of Rock Island, Col
orado county, as president and Mr. M
U. itanney or xoakum as general sec
"Yoakum being more central tban any
other city wee designated as the plac
wbere tbe headquarters should be locat
ed. In deoidicg tbis point tbe ruilwa
company acted for tbe gt atfeft good acd
tbe oonvenience of iacd agents and own
"It is desired that each town snd city
form a local buard cr real estate ex
change, controlled by their own mec
tne object being to raise money to pre
pare and distribute authentic advertis
ing matter, tbue making known to tbe
public, e?pet;iaily pro-pective rettlere
the many advantages poeeeseed in eacb
"There can be no jealousy between
the different towns if these plans m
adopud, eacb pi ace and community will
get tbe full benent of its own advertis
ing matter acd every -dollar subscribed
will be under tbe control and expended
by its own local board.
'i oakum will start, the 'ball a rolling
by a subscription o S300 to $500 Lock-
bart seconds tbe motion to tbe extent of
1200 to 5300.
"Beeville, Ilalletsville, Cuero. FUton
ia. Luting, Gonzalee, Cameron, Rock
dale, Giddicge, liockport, Corpus Cbrie-
ti and other places will fail in lice with
an equal amount.
Kock jsiacd, tbat Lr.ttie uianv in
Colorado county, scarcely nine montix
old, and yet having sixty bouses, will
keep well i" tbe front with S200.
Un careful rtnection it will be eeen
tbat within three to six months every
place on tbe Aransas Pass Railway will
he ective tn its efforts to secure settlers
Tbe wisdom of tbe movement in appar
ent wben it is learned snd appreciated
that while each town and county will be
working io it" own interest, their money
expended at bom and under the juris
diction of tome mn, yet every place will
be working in perfect harmony with all
others and all polling together for Sao
Antonio e aransns iross territory, in-ir
motto is 'in unity there is strength.
Sao Antonio Express.
Hcnae tat Ayers at tae WorUTs Yatv
Ayer's Sars&parilla enjoys the extra
ordinary distinction of having been tbe
only blood purifier allowed an exhibit
at the World's Fair, Chicago. Manu
facturers of other sarsaparillaa sought
by every means to abUin a ebowing of
their geods. but they were all turned
way under tbe application of the rule
Forbidoine tbe entry of patent mediomse
nd nostrums. Tbe deoision of the
World's fair authorities in favor of
Ayer's Sarsaparilla was io effeotaa fol-
nws: Ayer s Sarsaparula is not a at
ct medicine. It does not belong to the
i-t of nostrums. It ia here ua its mat
A mysterious star, which appears in
tbe soutn. and changes its color to blue.
red, and green, has been observed ty
several citizens, at tbe hour of eleven,
for the past two or tbre nights. Rumor-
or air snips are circulating amorg some
of those who claim to bave seen it. Look
out for it tonight.
Taoson Baildins and Loan Atsool
At the last regular meeting of tbe
board of directors of tbe Tucson Build
ing and Loan associetien. held in the
city hall on December X the following
were placed in nomination for tbe vari
ous offices or this association: "f or
president, B. L. Wortben; for vice-president,
Chas R. Drake; for secretary, J.
A. Blank, John O. Etobelle; for tress
urer, II. B, Tenney; for solicitor, Ro
chester Ford; for members of board of
directors, Geo. J. Roskruge, F. H. Lee,
H. Buehman W. T. Gibb n, M. Montijo,
Dr. F. A. Odermatt, Lon U. Holla-
day, Homer Go-s, B. M. Jacobs,
J lvancovich, W I Perry, F J Villaesou
ss, J W Tierney, B D Fairbanks, W K
Meade, K A Johnson, R G Brtdy. Of
the above names there are to be nine
selected, wbo, with the other elective of
ficers (except solicitor,) compose the
board of directors. Attention is called
to the by-law which requires tbat at
least five members of the board shall be
t-1-1 John A Black, Secretary.
Mineral Market.
New York, Deo. 21.
Silver bari.e 65 J
Lead $2.75
Copper 1135
San Francisco, D-c. 2L
Mexican dollars 51X52
You wi'l find
each tv.o ouuee
pons inside
K: br.got tlactwcU sDurLaui. ir-'
of valuable
cT.',X . "
L. W. Jim one, proprietor of tbe just j
popular Jimmie Cafe, has conetoTempe
oo a hying bueijes9 trip.
Mrs. Herbert B. Pinching, a daughter
of Judge John Miller, of Florence, is on
a visit to Tucson friends.
Ool. Holden is in from bis minrs in the
Oro Blanco district, acd is in nowiiedis
couraged over the outlook in his vicini
There will be a celebration of high
mass in tbe new cathedral on Christmas
eve at 12 o'clock. Farmer's Mass in B
flt will be rendered by a eeleot cboir.
Hon. S. M. Fraiklin returned last
eveuicg from Florence, wbere he bsd
been in attendance upon tbe term of
a istrict court
Some one, during the fVr, left a dain
ty little lace apron 10 tbe chocolate
booth, and can recover tbe same by in
quiring for it of Mrs. M. G. Samaniego.
Judge W. H. Barnes arrived home
last evening from Florence, where he
was eoghged for a few days in legal bust
Chas F. Kuhnen lesves for bis home
to ligbt, ar d after a brief visit will return
with his family and locate tbem in Tuc-
Hon. Tborone E. Baker, accompanied
bv bi estimable wife, spent the dsy in
the city, bueily engaged in tbe purchase
of Christmas goods for tbemeeives and
friends at their borne io Mammoth.
E. H. Cook, superictent of tbe United
Globe company, is in the city. Mr.
Cook ia one of the most efficient mining
superintendent's io the country, and
he been a prominent figure in tbe suc
cess of tbe famous Globe property wbicb
be has managed so satisfactorily.
George William, who killed Cy Wil
liams, at Maricopa, wss found guilty of
murder laet week in Florence, acd last
Saturday -afterc oon Judge Rouse pro
nounced a sentence upon him, which
will confine him in the Uma peniten
tiary for 20 years.
Tbe tramp nuisance at this place is
becoming a serious matter and steps
should be taken to abate it A day or
two ago a couple of tbem effected an en
trance to Hilge'e bnkery and breaking
open tbe till etoletha contents amount
ing to several dollars. Tempe News.
Mr. A. Culton, of Sin Francisco, bss
arrived in tbe city, acd has been duly
msta'led into tbe Western Union office
in the place made recant by the resign
ation of J. M. Ormsby. Mr. Cult"o is a
pleasant gentleman and a very efficient
operator, and will be a we Ice me addition
to tbe citizenship of Tucson.
The Tucson Mining acd Smeltinc
company is sampling 25 tons of bieb
grade copper ore from tbe claims of El
lis Baxter & Co. near the Twin Peak,
in the Olive district. Tbe company bhs
ben shipping io a number of email lots,
but now intends to open np their claims
no a more extensive scale and prosecute
the work of development with vigor.
The Tucson Mining and Smelting
Company continues to buy copper ores
and pay caeb therefor. Tbe high price
of copper and the liberal treatment
miners receiie from this company,
should prove a strong inducement for
the opening up r-f tbe numerous pros
pects in this district.
Hale, the winner of the six days bicy
cle race at tbe Madisoo Square Garden
last week, came over witb Plummer and
tbe other Englishman, snd wben he
started be was considered one of the
weakest men in Plumper's string. The
supposed tars gave out and Plummer
wa9 compelled to tie up to Hale. It was
a case of having a "cinch and cot
knowing it
McClure's Magazine will begin in tbe
January number a series of Life Por
traits of Gre&t Americans witb repro
ductions of all tbe existing portraits of
Benjamin Franklin known to bavs been
made from life. There are fifteen such
portraits, and some of tbem bave never
teen published. Mr. Charles Henry
Hart, probably the highest authority on
early American portriats, is collecting
and editing the material for the series.
and will add introduction ani notes
givirg tbe history of the several portraits
and whatever is interesting in the Cir
cumstances of their production. There
ill also be ao article on Franklin by
Profeoa-r Treit, of the Uoiverity of
the S-'utb. For sal, at the Pioneer
News Depot of Mrs. J. S. Manefeld.
It is rumored that Li Hung Chang ts
going to start tbe wheels of bis official
beheading machine, acd materially de-
rease the population of China. He has
-eo ir. formed, upou very reliable antho
rity, tbat tbe most beautiful wares of all
kinds dolls,' and art work bave been
clanceet nely cent out of tbe country
and placed 00 sale at L. Zeokendorf Sc.
Cos. store, and tbat the people of Tuc
son are getting tbe very cream of tbe
products of bis country, to tbe sorrow
of tbe many little pig-tailed children of
the Flowery Kingdom. Go to tbe store
of tbis enterprising firm, end you will
agree with the celebrated Li Hung tbat
tbe uttermost parts of earth bave been
raked with a fine toothed comb to bring
joy and gladness to Tucson hearts. Open
each night from now until Christmas,
till 9 o'clock.
"I'm a fortune teller you were born
on Friday an unlucky day you have
had crent croesese got two bits about
you?" This was tbe usual preliminary
to "Dr." Robert Allen's method of tell
ing fortunes. Tbe "doctor" tells fates
by tbe stars, tbe lines in tbe bands and
tbe gullibility of tbe purse. He is an
extremely voluble gentleman, with a
conversational breatn and a flow of
speech that adapts itself to whomever
ha been unwise enough to submit to
tbe ordeal of fortune telling. "Dr.
Allen came in on a flatcar last week.
He liked the weather pretty well and
formed an unfortunate attachment for
the beverages that cheer today and
sadden tomorrow. The "doctor" never
allowed himself to become sad while
there was anyone io town with a past
resent or future. He also olaimed to
be a phrenolsgist of rare gifts, and those
who fell into bis power in this line say
it was a really delightful sensation to
feel bis small warty hand size up and
disgooee tbe cranial wheels. Yesterday
the seedy prophet was nabbed by the
polios for vagrancy acd drunkenness.
Recorder Jobs gave bim ten minutes to
leave town, and the "doctor is away up
the track by thia time. Republican.
old smoker
is none just
good as
cue cou--.rt in
bag,r;u luo cou- Jh
each for.r cnxncc ?''?$
iiiactw eli sDurLaui. ,- ' yrmptft-
bag oT this cclc- J-?f gn TOg
tobacco and read tl.e (
which gives a list rm- x
presents cr.d Iiow V,' ".A
.1 VrT i
The Results of the Work at Aransas
Puaa Surpasses Expectations.
Aransas Pass, Tex. Tbe dynamiters
at tbe Pajs evidently enlarged their
charges today, as each explceion was
followed by a dittioot shock at this
place. The column of water raised by
tbe biast can be eeen from town, and
citizens who bave tried it find tbat it
tikes thirty seconds for tbe sound to
cross the baye, acdj.hat.it arrives coin
eldest with tbe jir of the earth. The
di6tar.ee is a little more than 6ix miles.
A blast that can produce sucb an effect
at tbis distance muat certainly cause
serious disturbance 00 tbe bar, where
Superintendent Arnold informed- tbe
Express co respondent tbe effect wculd
be tbat of an earthquake. Mne louder
tbe report acd tbe greater tbe rattle of
toe domestic table service and the win
dow g l.tsc the stronger is tbe confidence
of tbe citizens that the opening of tbis
ha'bor is a matter of a very short time.
The very idea of blasting open a harbor
ectrence. 1 specially witb a guarantee of
tbe resulte, Las a most eoolbicg euect
upoo tbe Arao?aa Pass temperament.
that bad grown extremely irritable
through repeated and long drawn out
Saturday last Superintendent Arnold
received a cuts gnmect of tOOU eacks,
to be ueed in building a temporary jet t
on the (outh 8de of the cban-el. This
woik was commenced immediately upon
tbe arrival cf Col. Gjodyeare force.
Tbe tacks aie filled with sand and piled
across tbe bar so as to confine the whole
tidal tlow to tbe chancel that ia being
blustec4 out.
Friday niht Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
H. Fraoklia arrived from Sao Antonio
and Saturday morning tbey 6ailed for
tbe Ph9s accompanied by the local ocb-
ciais of the Harbor Comonoy, Mesra.
C. H. Sawyer acd T. B. Wheeler. They
returned tbe same evening, highly pleas
ed witb tr.e result of their observations
during tbe d;-y. They had eatisfied
themselves tbat tbe dynamite has made
a good beginning in tearing down the
bar to tbe commercial iu.portfcnco of the
port aud tbat the ebb currents which
have cow attaiced a velocity of two
mile 4 and a half an hour, our carrying the
sand out clear cf tbe pass as fast as it is
loosened up by the explosions. The
ff ctcf the jetty of Bind bags, together
with the action of the dynamite in deep
ening the channel, is to increase the
force cf the current, and it is expected
io a few we lis to attain velocity of
three miles an hour. It was but two
miles an hour wben the blasting was 1
Col. Gordyer's work at Brunswick
Gt., bad a similar effect, increasing
two-mile current to three acd a balf
milee an boor; but there it took month
to effect tbat change, while here it is a
matter of weeks.
IT WILL PAY you to take Hood'
Sars&parilla. With pure blood you need
not fear the grip, pneumonia, diphtheria
or fevers. Hood's tfarsaparilla will make
you strong and healthy.
Hood's Pills are purely vegetable
carefully prepared from the best ingre
dients, zoo.
A Mi6hkaa Man Offers to Send
His Discovery Fres.
Claims to be a Benefactor to Weaken
ed Mankind-
There is always more or leeeeuepicion
attached to aoylh.ng tbat 16 clTered free
but sometimes a mau so oveinjws with
generosity that be cannot rest until his
discovery ia known to the world, in
order tbat his fellov men may profit by
what he has ditcuvered. It is upon this
priccip e that a resident of Kalamazoo,
Miub., desires to 6end fr-e to mankind
a preioription which will cure them of
any form of nervous debility; relieves
tbem of all tbe doubt and uncertainty
which such mec are peculiarly liable to
and restores tbe organs to natural size
and vuor. As it coats nothing to try
ibe ,exp"iiment it would seem tbat oy
man, buffering with tbe nervous troubles
tbat usuelly attack men wbo never stop
ped to realize what might be tbe final
result, ought to be deeply interested in
a remedy which will res-tore tbem to
healic, strength acd vigor, without
wbicb Uiey couiiuueto live an existence
of uctold misery, as tte remedy iu
question was tbe result cf many years
rebearcb as to what combination wbould
be peculiarly effective in restoring Io
men tbe strength tbey used, it would
seem tbat all men tuffericg witb any
form of nervous weakness ouifbt to
write for euch a remedy at once. A re
queet to II. C. O.de, Box 1782, Kalama
zoo, Mich., stdting tbat you are not
sending t r the prescription out cf idle
curosity, but that joo wish to make uee
of the medicine by giving it a trial, will
be answered promptly end without
evidence as to where information came
Tbe prescription is sent free snd al
though some my wonder how Mr. Olds
can afford to give away his discovery.
there is no doubt about tbe offer being
genuine. Cut this out and send to Mr.
Olds eo tbat he may know how you came
to write him. 1 1-28-78 1
TIi:. li Your ti:;ort unity.
On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps,
a generoua 6a:nple will be mailed of the
most popular Catarrh and Kay Fever Cure
(Ely's Cream Balm) sufficient to demon
strate the great merits of the remcJy.
5G Warren fct., Kc-w York City.
Rev. John Reid, Jr.. of Groat Falls, Mont,
recommended Ely's Cream I'alm to rue. I
can enipnasize his Btattment, "It is a posi
tive enre for catarrh if used as directed,"
liev. Francia W. Poole, Pastor Central Pres.
Church, Helena, Mont.
Ely's Cream Balm is the acknowledged
cure for catarrh and contains no mercury
nor any injurious drn.o;. Price, 50 cents.
Ladies Who Value J
A refined complexion must use Pozzeni'a Pow-I
der. It produces a aoft and beautiful akin. f
Many people wonder what Vintine ia
It is a Nerve Food; a Nutrine Tonic;
iilood Uleanser. It is not a pateut
medicine, but is prepared only by tbe
Vintine company. It creates a natural
sppetite for food, makes blood, strength
ens ibe nerves, and restores tbe system
to its normal condition. It has received
the very highest encomiums from people
who have used it and wins favor every
where it is introduced. It you are
suffering from any of the ailments which
arise fom impure blood or the effects
of bad tiieestion, you can be cured by
the use of Vintine. This medicine can
be procured from Fred Fleishman,
Harpers Weekly
13 1897
With the end of 1896 HARPER'S WEEKLY
will hare lived forty years. In that time it has
participated with all the zeal and power at its
command in the great political events of the
most interesting and important period in the
history of the country, and it has spread before
its readers the accomplishments of science, arts,
an? letters for the instruction of the human
mind and the amelioration of human conditions
and of manners.
What the WEEKLY has been in its spirit and
purpose, as these have been manifested princi
pally ia its editorial pages, it will continue to
It is impossible toannounce with precision all
that the WEEKLY will contain during the year
1897. It were as easy to announce what is about
to happen in the world, what triumphs for
gx government are to be won, what ad
vances of the people are to be made, what is
to be the outcome of the continuous stnis-trle be
tween the spirits of war and peace, what is to
happen in the far ast, what is to be the state
of .Europe twelve months hence, what hew
marvels of sciencb are to be revealed, or what
are to be the achievements of arts and let
ters, for the WEEKLY is to be a pictorial rec
ord of all this.
Cartoons will continue to be a feature.
Serial Stories, a New England story by
Miss Mart E- Wilkins, will begin in January.
A tale of a Greek uprising against the Turks, by
Mr. E. F. Benson, the author of "Dodo," will
follow. A sequel to "The House-Boat on the
Styx," by Mr. John Kendrick Banas, illus
ti ated by Mr. Peter Newell.
More Short Stories will appear in the
WEEKLY than it has been possible to publish
during 1S96.
Departments: Mr. W. D. Howell's "Life
and Letters" have been among the most charm
ing features ot periodical literature, Mr. E. S.
Martin, and others will contribute observa
tions on what is going on in "This Busy World;"
"Amateur Sport" will remain the most import
ant department of its kind in the country.
The w EEKLY will continue to present to its
readers the world's news most interesting to
Americans, to make important advances in
both the literary and artistic features, and to
retain for itself the leading place in the illus
trated journalism of the world.
Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement
without the express order of
Harper & Brothers.
For one year - $4 00
Postage Free to all subscribers in the United
States, Canada, and Mexico.
P. O. Box 959, N. Y. City
Haiper's Magazine
U 1897
FICTION: The Martian, the new novel bv
Du Macrier, theeaeerlv exoected successor to
"Trilby," begun in October Number, 1896, with
illustrations from the author's drawings. A
new novel by Frank R. Stockton developing
a Twentieth Century Renaissance full ot hu
morous situations and characteristically illus
trated. A Pair of Patient Lovers, by Wil
liam Dean Howells. Other strikinz novel
ettes by American authors. Short stories by
ARD Harding Davis, Owen Wister, John
Kendrick Bangs, Ruth McEserv Stuart.
octave Thanet, Mart E- Wilkins, and other
popular writers.
SCIENCE: Story of the Progress of Science
during the Nineteenth Century, a series of pa
pers by Dr. Henry Smith Wjlliams, supple
mented by contributions on special subjects by
expert scientists. Articles on the relations of
curious psychological manifestations to physio
logy by Dr. Andrew Wilson.
Today, a series by Charles F. Lummis.
splendidly illustrated the result of a recent
visit to Mexico unkertaken for HARPER'S MA
GAZINE. Mexico is pre-eminentlv a silver-
producing country, and it monetary operations
rest entirely on a silver Dasis. Owing to the
keen discussion of certain economic problems
in connection with issues of urgent importance
in American politics, these papers, will com
mena general attention. American Histori
cal Papers by Woocrow Wilson, John Bach
MacMaster, and James Barnes. The true
story of Sheridan's Klde, by Gen. G. A. For
syth. Continuation of Howell's Personal
Reminiscences of eminent literary Americans.
Africa, a fully illustrated series of papers by
Poulney Bigelow, the result of personal ob
servations during a recent trip to Africa, cover
ing the whole field of European exploitation of
that country. Illustrated articles by Stephen '
bonsal on tne transiormations going on in
Eastern Siberia, recently visited by the au
thor. Hungarian Sketches, written and
drawn by F. Hopkinson Smith. The full stoi y
of the recent Coronation of the Czar, by Rich
ard Harding Davis, illustrated by R. Caton
Woodville, who was commissioned by Queen
Victoria to paint a picture of the ceremony.
Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement
without the express order of
Harper & Brothers.
Fop one year -
$4 00
Postage Free to all subscribers in the United
States, Canada, and Mexico.
P. O. Box 959, N. Y. City
is now
y BLUE, diagonally
across the OUTSIDE wrapper of every bottle of
Tiin itJ - rr-irt- 1-1 ri . . win
The Original and Genuine WORCESTERSHIRE, as a further pro
tection against all imitations.
Agents for the United 5tates, JOHN TlVCAN'S SONS ,N.Y.
vvrar v 4 nw y v2i'
e A
is fianctscme, II jht, 2araMc Such grace of design as
is embodied in this u last, ccy-runnino;, much-talked-about"
mount can only be secured by the most
approved methods, finest mirval an-j skilled work
manship. The '95 Stearns is the best birfde it is possible to
produce. Finished at your option in orange cr black.
Address now fr ? hczxiX'SvX nrw catalogue.
"Ctc Yeilou? TcHw."
E. C. STEARNS & CO., Makers. Syracuse, N. Y.
Harpers Bazar.
Ifl 1897
The BAZAR, a thoroughly up-to-date periodi
cal for women, will enter upon its Thirtieth
Volume in 1S97. ,
As Fashion journal it is unsurpassed, and ia
an indispensable requisite for every well-dressed
woman, Katharine rE Forest writes a
weekly letter on current fashions from Paris.
In New York Fashions, and in the fortnight
ly pattern-sheet supplement, ladies find full de
tails, directions, and diagrams for gowns, wraps,
and children's clothing. Sandoz. Bacdb, and
ChApuis draw and engrave the newest and fin
est Parisian designs every week.
The serials for 1897 will be: Thb Red Bridgk
Neighborhood, by Maria Louise Pool; and'
Father Quinnallion, by Octave Thajcet.
Short stories will be constantly presented by
brilliant writers, among whom are Mart E.
Wilkins, Harriet Prescott Spofford, Ma
rion Harland, Ruth McEnert Stuart, Vio
la Roseboro, and Margaret Sutton Briscoe.
I (What Women are Doing in various parts of
the Union will form a series of special interest.
Other interesting features are The Out-door
Wom,an, devoted to healthful sports and pas
times; Music, a weekly critical summary of
music in New York; Amateur Theatricals, Em
broidery and Needlework, Ceremony and Eti
quette. Good Housekeeping, "What Girls
are Doing," "Current Social Events." and Per
sonals gleaned from original sources.
Women and Men. Colonel T. W. HlGGlNSOX
will regularly continue his valuable essays.
Answers to Correspondents. This column
is conducted for the benefit and convenience of
readers, and all questions received are answered
in rotation, as promptly and fully as practica
ble. Art. The BAZAR is a notable picture-gallery,
reproducing the most beautiful works of
American and foreign artists, as presented ia
the annual Paris and New York exhibitions.
Wit and Humor. Everybody turns for a hear
ty laugh to the BAZAR'S last page.
An all-Round Woman's Paper. What more
appropriate gift can be made to wife, daughter
or sister than a subscription to HARPER'S
BAZAR? Secure it as a welcome visitor in your
household for 1S97.
Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement
without the express order of
Harper & Brothers.
For one year - $4 00
Postage Free to all subscribers in the United
States, Canada, and Mexico.
P. O. Box 959, N. Y. City
Baltimore, Md.
The Paper op the People,
Fob the People aud with the People.
Honest in Motive.
Fearless in Expression.
Souhd in Principle.
u5swerti5g in its allegiance to
Right Theories and
Right Practices.
The Son publishes all the news all
the time, bat it does not allow ila col
umns to be degraded bj unclean, im
moral or purely sensational matter.
Editorially, the Suo is tbe ooariatent
and unchanging champion and defender
of popular rights and iotereats against
political machines and monopolies of
every character. Independent in all
things, extreme in none. It is for good
laws, good government and good order.
By mail Fifty Cents a month. Six
Dollars a year.
The Baltimore WmUt Saua.
The Weekly Sun publishes all the
news each week, giving oomplete ao
counts of all events of interest through
out the world. As an Agricultural paper
the Weekly Sun is unsurpassed. It ia
edited by writers of practical experience,
who know what farming means and
what farmers want in an agricultural
journal. It contains regular reports of
the wcrk of the agriculture experiment
stations throughout the country, of the
proceedings of farmers' oluba and in
stitutes, and the disoussion ot new
methods snd ideas in agriculture. Ita
markets reports, poultry department and
veterinary column are particularly vain
able to country readers. Every issue
contains stories, poems, household and
puzzle oolumns, a variety of interesting
and instructive selected matter and
other features, which make it welcome
visitor in city and country homes alike.
One dollar a year. Inducements to
srettersop of clubs fcr the Weekly Sun.
Both the Daily and Weekly Sun mailed
free of postage in the United States,
Canada and Mexico. Payments fcv
variably in advance. Address
A. is. Abell Company,
Publishers and Proprietors, '
Baltimore, Md,
Fell 1400 Feet.
Denver Colo., Dec. 18. A special to
the Times from Ouray, Colorado says:
Gabriel Ross, John Antras, Charles
Swanson, Charles Anderson and LVouia
Jacobeon were instantly killed in tha
Virginius shaft today. They were re
pairing timbers when the cage fell carry
ing them to the 1,400-foot level.
Tucson, Agent
1 C$83?

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