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/antral garitatfams.
S*“i ~,Vrs*-yt>ri!n t’hurchat half past ten
this MOUSING. Her frirnd* and
c " fibe family an* respectfully invited
iPletkorpf Lodffc No* 1* *• ®* ®* **.
r ,<mia- meeting will be held THIfl
0 In -fs’lstion of officers will take place.
Jstt™*- cordially invited to
K.TaS.ev. >■■ <.
rxcebior Lodge >®. 8. K. of F.
K re *ular meeting will be held THIS^gV
,Tnciay) EVENING at S o'clock. Bjjfc l
Slsrer I.odgts cordially invited.
.. j*;-vins. K. of it jai:4-lt
Knights of Honor.
of Savannah I-odjre No.
, ToTn . . ill be held at their hall THIS
uviCTF>ING a? s o'clock.
ir*ai’lti' n °* ° ft, '' ers for the ensuing
called in- So. 77 now due.
;V'','e-s of Alliance Lodge No. 581 and visit-
X hr thren are cordially invited to attend,
brethren are j }{ CKMA S t DicUtor.
I. tv. T.ANOEC.sg;ys. Reporter. janl-lt
Tt Patrick's T. A. A 1L Society.
_ - ill be a regular monthly meeting of
've Society at their hall THIS (Tues
, l-v VNiVG at T:'io o clock.
***•■ • "Et
M. J. Doosek, Sec y. i an{
Youths' Historical Society.
T , members of the Hoard of Directors are
„ Jted to attend a regular .juarteyly meet-
THIS (Tuesday) E\ ENING at 8:15 o clock.
.ant H ■■
Mass Meeting
Savannah, January 3, 1881.
in rure'iam-eof a res-.iuticn of the leino
-’i ■ tie* utive Committee. I hereby call a
nc of the citizens cf Savannah at
, ; r Hell! corner of Liberty and Whitaker
M 'J. at 8 o'clock on the EVENING OF IK!
II- Y next the 7!h inst., to adopt proper
n'.-i'o for the nomination or can lidates for
Mat or and Aldermen at the coming mumripal
el , * r ii-rtv holder? aid tax payers, and all
, aa who feci an interest in the welfare of
Savannah. rc urged to be present, and to glee
to the prcK-eedirga of said meeting,
Chairman Dem e'atic Executive Committee.
janl-To.: h<£r ■ t
Tjbce Improvement Company.
The annual meeting of the stockholders, for
Hie ion of officers aud the transaction of
other business, will be held on WEDNESDAY,
January Sth, lsSl, at the office of F. Buchanan,
tAi iiav street, at 11 o'c’ock n.
jAul-St President.
Special IXotirrs.
A Card.
1 take this method of returning my sincere
thanks to Mr. Goodsell. proprietor of the Pu
laski House, for his hospitable and kindly at
tt'Ution to my family on the occasion of the
are in the building adjoining my establish
ment on Congress street on Sunday in ruii-g.
■rl ns: I also wL-U to express my grateful
i. wledgmants to Mr. V.'ui. M Kneed. CoL
j, H rVrrill, Mr. John Immen and < ther
, B k for valuable services and kindly assist*
au ... in savitg my family and property on the
KATUf 1 ■* • 'ISI 'D.
Nri.hcr the Captain nor Consignees or the
Briti- h ship “Germanic” will be responsible
for debts contracted by crew.
:-avas *ah, January 3. 1981, jsnt-lt
All bids against the British steamship “Nel
t ." heard. Master, must be presented at our
ofi hy cr before 1“ o'clock ucu WEDNES
DAY, the Sth inst.. or payment thereof will be
sKiTiNft <ar^
Music l>y Brass Band.
Director* will meet
at the Hall at
r x for the purpose r l J
of arranging for a * J&E3T
skating Tuesday and Friday afternoons this
week jan< It
Neither the Captain nor the Agents of the
N ruepin hark ‘•Aiercur,” Captain Frioold,
wilt be responsible for any debts contracted by
the crew of sai-J vessel.
jaut-cit Agents.
haiannah Bank anl Trust Company.
Savannah, Ga., December 81, ISBO.
A dividend of Three Dollars per share upon
the capital stock of this bank will be paid to
stockholders on demand.
janlbt Cashier.
Savannah, Florida and Western R’y Cos., )
Tkkascrer's Orrirs, r
Savannah, Ga., January 1, ISBI. J
Tl First Sectional Mortgage Bonds of the
Atlantic and Gulf Railroad Company maturing
tin* dav will be paid at this office, or at the
oft;.'-* of the Company in New York city. No.
U **'—t aid street, second tioor, on aud after
Hi-Id inst -Lt.
Interest will cease on date of maturity.
jinl-lt T reasurer.
Election of Directors
Mkiu hants National Bans, £
Savannah, Ga., December M, 1880. I
The anneal ei- ction for seven Direcbirs of
'.hi* iiAuk for the ensuing year will he held at
the Banking House on lUESDAY, the 11th day
of January, Inßl, between the hours of 12 and
1 o'clock.
dedt-td Cashier.
Notice to fax Fay era.
City Treasi-rur's Office, 1
Savannah, Ga.. January 3, ISBI. f
fit . are ctTie on the following property:
Rea! Es ate. Fourth Quarter. 1880.
FuraiturH, etc , Fourth Quarter, ISSO.
Ronds, Dent*, etc.. Fourtn Quarter, 1880.
Mock in Trade, Fourth Quarter, 1880.
On alt of the a'-ove taxes, if paid on or be
fore the NINETEENTH INSTANT, a discount
often per cent, will be allowed according to
jinl-li; City Treasurer.
Notice to Tax Payers.
Ci rY Treasurer's Office, I
Savannah, Ga., January 3, 1381. f
The following taxes are now due and pav
tbie by oriinau*re on or before the TENTH
ComaiUsiens, Fourth Quarter, 1890.
Income, Fourth Quarter, 1880.
Premiums. Fourth Quarter, MW.
Receipts. Fourth Quarter, 18S. 1 .
I'rivies, vear 13*'.
jvA-Tt City Treasurer. ,
Election Notice.
City of Savannah, 1
Office Clkrk of Cocncil, V
Decembvr 21, 188>J )
At the fl*st regii’ar meeting to be held in
**i. iary, that is to say. on WEDNESDAY, the
Itfe day ot January, ISBI, Council will eiect the
following officers:
annum. Bond
'Terk of Council s!.a fIO.UJO
treasurer I.M xo.foo
Ditj Marshal..!!!!!!!.!. I.SOO 5,00 J
Wty Surveyor. fe-.*s, and shall
Perform the duties of lus pec
tor of Dry Culture 1,500 2,000
Terk of tha Market 830 *,OW
Printertby contract) ••*•
'mrporstton Attorney 1,200 ....
'“ssenger of Council S O s*o
*>i!ce of the City Court 2.00 J
■Ti of the City Court Fees. 3,P00
Fees. 5,000
Ke;er of Laurei Grove Cerne- „
tery .... 1,000 1.000
K “et er of City Dispensary 80J 2,0(0
A-epercf Koiwyth Place SOU 500
of Pest House 430 *X)
j5®P Contractor (by contract) •••*
f itt*en Measurers and Ins pec
sjors of limber and Lumber... Fees. 500
*ix Inspectors of Naval Stores,
• as such to take out a li*
Fees. 2,000
oartx r Master (and to furnish
ns* own deputy whenever re
quired;, J.S'O 2,000
Oflfcer. fee* and 1,000
tv * Port War,let,* Fees. SO
*onr V, eighers of Hay Fees. 500
trie-” ° f Cit y Clocks (by con-
Sjistey c mt rant. !r. E ' DS 6
t “S' l *-/ Contractor. W. D Fees. 500
-•■ el , p oijce 1,800 4,U
'■ of Police, aacu 1,?30 2,‘W
iof P. lice, each.. fc.o SoO
.“f'riremin <*oo
*-*taot Chief Fireman 450
and Engineer of
Works 1,103 5.0C0
mid Treasurer of
T%rtfc rk ? • I.® o ® 6.000
vuy Phyricmcs. each .... £O3 ....
g &aD,N *>.'t k 2 iTH .NOVEMBER. ISBO.
nn ?u S .**. A s * applicant* for city offlcea
! o'evi Vli^ tae Clei-k of Council at or before
>Ut e ,' K . on Monday preceding the
tieiti ,n several applicAliens.
°f the tA 5' 18,!k <u j requiring bonds the names
,t° nil * nie n. two ja all cases, mu*t aceotu
application. All bids for contracts
f l “d with the Clerk of
day r,r or be. ore 2 o'c ock pm. on the Mon-
BHUtt^ 1 " 2 th *o*y of election, which bid
.a' Cj't'ip'im-d with the uamt-s of sure-
lue .* who wi!l * p required to
a.. A ore H Notary Punlic or other officer,
„ !*•“ lo accompany the bid. No
■io* receive the considers
die pr .vjli'ifi 4 *i n >J S 6Qd Jn accordance with
decfi t.i FRANK E. REBARER,
Clerk of Council.
Time of Closing the Malls,
aSSSffJSVSo^S^ aQd Charleston
Charleston. 3 and 10 p. it
Port Royal Railroad, 3 and 10 pm.
Western mail via Central Railroad, Sai.
aii<i d:3u p. u.
Florida mail via Savannah. Florida and West
ern Railway, 3 p. m.
Thomssville and other points west of DuPont,
3 P. X.
Darien and Brunswick, 3 p. m
Savannah river, Tuesday, spm
Milledgeville and Eatonton, 8: p. m.
Office open for delivery of mail on Sunday
from 9:30 to 10 a. m., and from 1:30 to 2 p. m.
Index to New Advertlaements.
Meeting of Excelsior Lodge.
Meeting of Oglethorpe Lodge.
Meeting of Savannah Lodge, K. of H.
Bt. Patrick’s T. A. <fc B. Society.
Notice —Richardson & Barnard.
Notice—A. Minis fc Sons.
Not a candidate—D. A. O’Bjrne.
Meeting of Youths’ Historical Society.
Mass meeting at Masonic Temple.
Card front Chas. Gtestnan.
Skating Wednesday night.
Abbott’s Always Open Pharmacy.
Drawing Louisiana Lottery.
Two rooms for rent.
Dissolution—Dollner, Potter & Cos.
Masquerade at Sherwood’s Academy.
Scuppernong Wine Bitters.
Booth room for rent.
Small house waDted.
Southern seed potatoes for sale.
Fine counter forsaie.
Cypress flat sides lost.
White woman wanted.
Mare mule strayed.
T rail for sale.
Chatham county citations.
Valuable real estate at auction.
Theatre—Miles’ Revelers.
Mouse-colored inare mule lost.
Weather Report.
Indications for the South Atlantic States
to-day: Northerly to easterly winds, sta
tionary or slowly falling barometer ia the
southern portions, rising temperature,
threatening weather and rain.
Itltrer Report.
The height of the river at Augusta at 1
p. m. yesterday was five feet ten inches, a
fall of two iochis during the preceding
twenty-four hours.
Signal Observations.
Comparative statement of temperature ?t
Savannah, taken from the Signal Service
1880 18-1.
7:00 a. x 53 7:00 a. m 35
*:00 p. X To 2:00 p.m 37
2:44 p. m 70 2:44 p. st 33
8:00 p. m 80 8:00 p. it :-•
10:44 p. m 59 10:44 p. m 28
Maximum. 71 Maximum 40
Minimum 52 Minimum 34
Mean temperature Mean temperature
of day 60.7 of day 37.5
Rainfall 0.00 Inch, j Rainfall 0 CO inch
j I ;! Wind. Ij S j
!u :! ® ! a
Stations. !"& Eioll § =£ Weatskb.
■b g i c • ~ ,-S ! 1 a— j
!iq S5 jo
Atlanta <30.19:35! E 11 ....Cloudy.
Augusta. ... 30. S3 33 : j Cloudy.
Charleston .. :20 SI 30! N 5 Threat'g.
Charlotte j J..J | I
Corsicana...! !.. I ! j
Galveston.... 30 02145 j jNW 18: .03 Light rain
Indianola ,30.1i;29j NW 24, i .13:Cloudy.
Jacksonville. i 30.22; 45 ! N E 4*l j Cloudy.
Key West 30.09 88 NE 6 1....(c1ear.
Mobile i-0 06*48 id Ell 4 11.35;Light rain
Montgomery ;:k). 13*37 ; jS B 6 ; .121 Light rain
Hew Orleans. 30 00 48 EI IB 1.071 Cloudy.
Punta Rassa. 30.11 67 i K 1 .... Fair.
Savannah 3-J.27 38 XE 5 '....'Cloudy.
Cedar Keys., j 30.13 52 J E 115 1 | Cloudy.
Pensacola ..j'lo 15 45 ; E ,13 1.58 ilv'y rain.
Central Uallroad Directors,
At the annual election yesterdey for thir
teen directors of the Central Railroad, the
following named were elected, there being
about twenty thousand votes cart:
W. M. Wadley, of Savannah.
Andrew Low, of Savannah.
W. B. Johnston, of Macon.
Moses Taylor, of New York.
E. C. Anderson, of S ivanL&h.
J. J. Gresham, of Macon.
George Cornwell, of Savannah.
J. Rauers, of Savannah.
H. H. Eppirg, of Columbus.
C. I. Brown, of Atlanta.
J. F. Gilmer, of Savannah.
W. G. Raoul, of Savannah.
G. S. Owens, of Savannah.
Election tor City Officer*.
The election for city ofiicers by Council
takes place at the regular meetii g to
morrow evening. The applications of can
didates, according to ordinance, had to be
filed in the cilice of Clerk of Council by 2
o’clock p. m. yesterday. There is no op
position to the present incumbents —Clerk
of Council, City Treaiurer, City Surveyor,
City Marshal and Clerk of the Ma:ket.
There arc, however, two candidates
for City Printer and Judge of
City Court, two for Jailer, two for cl!v
pump contractor, three for Lieutenant cf
Police (two to be elected), thirteen for Port
WardeD (five to be elected) and two for Har
bor Master.
Admitted to the Bar.
Yesterday morning, in the Superior Court,
P. J. O’Connor and J. A. O’Byrne, two well
known young men, who have been stu
dents respectively la the offices of Messrs.
A. P. & S. B. Adams and Capt. Gao. A.
Mercer, applied for admission to practice
in the State courts. The following lawyers
were appointed an examining cimmittee:
Messrs. A. P. Adams, Geo. A. Mercer, J. J.
Abrams ard W. G. Chariton, Solicitor Gen
eral. The examination was highly credit
able to both applicants, aad they were for
mally admitted to plead and practice in the
State Courts. During the day they were
warmly congratulated upon their success by
their frler.ds.
City Election—9l* MeeiDs.
By a notice published in the special col
umn, it will be seeu that Captain George A,
Mercer, Chairman of the Democratic Execu
tive Committee, in accordance with the
resolution adopted by the committee, has
called a mass meeting at Masonic Temple
on Friday evening, 7tL instant, y.t 8 o’clock,
to consider matters in relation to the nomi
nation of candidates for Mayor aud Aider
men at the coming municipal election. A<l
property holders and taxpayers, and all
citizen* who fe 1 an interest in the welfare
of Savannah, are earnestly urged to attend.
Fine Seed.
Mr. George Wagner, who keeps a seed
store on the corner of Bull and St. Julian
streets, now has two hundred and fifty
barrels Southern seed potatoes. This Is the
first time Southern raised potatoes have
ever been offered for sale as eed potatoes,
and it is thought these will yield fully one
half more than the best of Northern 6tock.
These potatoes were raised near this city.
Read hi* advertisement in reference thereto
Week ol Prayer.
The first serviceof the week of prayer was
held yesterday afternoon ia Wesley Monu
mental Church, and was both interesting
and well attended. The services appointed
for the week will be continued this after
noon at 3;30 o’clock at the First Presbyterian
Church, Monterey square. All are cordial
ly invited to these vertices.
Augusta and Savauuah Railroad.
The following named persona were
elected Directors of the Augusta and Sa
vannah Railroad for the ensuing year, at the
election held yesterday:
John Davison, Geo. S. Owens,
F. Phinlzy, John L. U*rdee,
A. R- Lawton, Win. Hunter,
Henry Hull.
Gilbert Potter A Cos.
It will be seen by a notice in another
column that the old firm of Dollner, Potter
* Cos., New York, has been dissolved, and
has been succeeded by the firm of Gilbert
Potter & Cos., at the old stand No. 184 Front
6treet, New York.
All those who have given it a trial will
not be without it. It cares. Dr. Bull’s
Cough Syrup. i* n4
Attention t* called to the 2*1(5 the
Court House to-day at 11 o’clock of valuable
tracts of land near the city. See advertise
ment of R. M. Dcmere, administrator.
jan4 It
The first step in the New Year is to your
druggist and get a bottle of Keiffer’s Peru
vian Cure, and always keep it in your house.
It never fails to cure chills and fever. Dean
Newman says every young man should keep
a bottle In hl6 library. janl-tf
Ctilldrrn’s aud Ladle*’ Still' Hal*
And Fancy Caps, new shapes, at LaFar’s.
decS tf
Mott’s Bparkllng Cider on draught at
Ja*. McGrath A Co.’a. novATh.SATutf
Choice Beef Tonguos, 50 cents each, at
Jaa. McGrath * Co.’a. Th i ß * Tutf
Matter* and Thing* Laconically
Regular monthly sales day.
Excelsior Lodge No. 8, K. of P., meet to
Bt. Patrick’s T. A. and B. Society meet
The Skating Rink Association are prepa r *
ing for a grand carnival.
The Board of Directors of the Youths’
Historical Society will meet to-night.
Considerable activity is now being dis
played in local politics.
The assessment at the Police Court yes
terday amounted to $27.
The installation of officers of Oglethorpe
Lodge No. 1, I. O. 0. F., will take place this
L. G. Tillotson, Esq., a prominent mer
chant of New York, was registered at the
Screven House yesterday.
Savannah Lodge No. 1,153, K. of H„ will
install officers for the ensuing term at their
regular meeting to-night.
The wood dealers are unable to fill their
orders in consequence of the lack of trans
portation for their supplies.
The police reported the city unusually
quiet last night, and up to one a. m. to-day
only one arrest had baen recorded.
Tcere were a large number of strangers
ia the city yesterday, principally stockhold
ers of the Central and their families.
Hon. George R. Black, of Sylvania, and
Hon. L. Strickland, of Fla., were
registered at the Screven House yesterday.
Walter G. Chariton, E?q. f yesterday quali
fied and took the oath before Judge Flem
lng ia the Superior Court as Solicitor Gen
eral of the Eastern Circuit.
The steamer Carrie did not arrive yester
day, her regular day, on account of being
aground near Courses’ Bluff, within a
short distance of Augusta.
Yesterday afternoon about quarter to
four o’clock Policeman Couuihan arrested
Wiilte Norman, colored, for being drunk
and unable to take care of himself.
The members of tha bar are expected to
be in attendance at the Superior Court room
at 10 a. in. to-morrow, at which time the
trial docket will be called and cases assign
ed for trial.
We had a cal! last evening from Mr. C. T.
Atwood, busines.* manager of Collier’s
“Banker’s Daughter Combination,” which
appears here for three nights, commencing
Monday next, 10th inst.
Mrs. Seguin-Wallace, who excited so
much admiration in “Carmen” as a mem
ber of the Abbott opera troupe last season,
has been divulging *<ome stage secrets. In
an interview about her leaving the Abbott
troupe, she states that Miss Abbott is an im
pu'sive woman, who says many impudent
things. Mrs. Wallace also said that Miss
Abbott was jealous of her popularity and
manifested it on all occasions, and that she
caunot bear to see anybody mentioned in
the papers but herself.
Professor Corson’* Lecture.
Avery appreciative and select audience
assembled at the Masonic Temple last even
ing to hear Dr. Hiram Corson, Professor of
Anglo-Sixon and English Literature in Cor
nell University, lecture, under the auspices
of the Young Men’s Christian Association,
on “The Poetry of Alfred TcnnysoD.”
The reputation of this gentleman was a
sufficient guarantee that the lecture would
be learned and instructive, and in this
expectation the audience were not disap
pointed. The distinguished lecturer began
by giving a very entertaining history of
British poetry during three generations pre
ceding that of Tennyson, up to whose
advent in the world of poesy
and letters the poetical talent of tha:.
country had fallen to “low water mark.”
Tennyson’s first pnbiication, however,
when he was still at au early age, gave evi
dence that the tide bad turned, aud since
then the great poet had proven to the world
that he was a poet indeed—one who, while
transcendents, was not the exemplar of
modern New England “transcendentalism;”
but who simply vitalized the imaginative,
and happily blended the real with the
In a brief notice, such as thi3 must neces
sarily be, we cannot be expected to do full
justice to this lecture. It was interspersed
with readings from “The Lady of Bha!ott,”
“Ii Memoriam,” “The Prinees3,” *ud
minor poem* of the great laureate of Eng
land. And here w* m:<y remark that the
reediug r f Doctor Corson is very Hue. He
has a full sonorous voice, and is a taaster of
the art of eloctriou. His second lecture on
Tennyson to night will be composed large
ly of readings frci-a the principal writings
of that poet, ami all who attend may be as
sured of a rare literary treat.
Last evening the pleasure of the
lecture was greatly marred —the hall
was very cold and the gas kept up a con
tinual hissing. Neither of these could well
have been prevented, inasmuch as they
could net be foreseen. We trust, howevtr,
both annoyances will be removed this even
Tbe Obituary of “Au American
On the occasion of the recent appearance
of Mies Fanny Davenport at the Savannah
Theatre in the play of “An American Girl,”
written by Miss Anna Dickinson, the
News expressed a very adverse opinion of
the merits of the play, and suggested that
the fair actress would better please the
public by producing some of the popular
p!a\s of her repertoire, aad give “An
American Girl” a rest. Our appreciative
and intelligent theatre goers were gen
erally disappointed (and the play, and
our adverse criticism was hearti
ly indorsed. It now seem3 that
Miss Davenport has come to the tame con
clusion, and it is announced that “An
American Girl” has been laid away in her
little bed. and sent to join ktudred spirits of
the gone before, as it were. In other words,
Mi-s Davinport has given the one hun
dredth p< rfcrmance of Miss Dickinson’s
alleged drama, and will never be seen
again in Ls rendition, having patd for it
SO,OOO, acd having patiently struggled to
sustain the bantling without avail. The
death occurred in New Orleans, where Miss
Davenport is playing at the Academy of
We learn of this from the following tele
gram sent to Miss Dickinson announcing
the ead i vent:
“New Orleans, December 30, IS-SO.
“J/i.m Anna L. Dickinson, Elizabeth, N. J:
“Tee judgment of the party of the second
part decides, as per contract., your play a
pecuniary failure, aud accordingly ceases
to perform the same.
“Fanny Davenport.”
Miss Davenport is now playing “Pique”
and “Leah” to crowded houses.
’i lie Jolly Pathfinders.
This combination gave their opening per
formance last evening at the Theatre to a
fine audience, mainly composed of strangers
in tbe city. Tue eutertaiument commenced
wi b a pleasing little comedy, requiring a
ca-*t of three persons, entitled “I’erfeeHoD,”
which was capitally rendered, and was well
reC'ivcJ. Thiswug followed by a protean
acd musical extravagarzt entitled “Scraps,”
wnicb proved to be. a bundle of incongru
ous absurdities, without pith or point, and
which was almost wearying In its nonsense,
although there was no lack of applau-e.
The frolics of the picnic party might have
been carried cn without such undue famil
larity with the colored servant, who in pas
.ant, was a clever actor, aud contributed
greatly to the delight of tbe gallery. This
was certainly a feature that could Lave been
well omitted, which would have pleased the
audiet.ee bctlt r.
Miss Fanny Wailack, who is the leadiDg
lady, has a handsome and attractive pres
ence, is graceful and possesses a sweet
voice. Her singing was good, and in the
little comedy she evinced considerable dra
matic talent, and gives promise for the fu
ture. The compary play again to-nigat
with a change of programme.
- -- ■■
“Brandy, brandy, bane of life,
Spring of torment, source of strife,
li I could half thy ytees tell,
The wise would wish you safe in h—-I.*’
Such is the refrain from the lips of .the
poor deceased toper, who would fly from
h{s enemy if possible. Recollect It is a dis
eased Liver that craves relief. Instead of
brandy or any other stimulant, use Sim
mons’ Liver Regulator, and it will afford
relief. jan4-Tu,Th.S,w&Tellt
important to tbe Ladle*.
In view of closing out all goods in our
millinery department,we offer the following
inducement| Ha's. 6i’ks *nd feathers, etc.,
at greatly reduced prices, and no cctru
charge for trimming. This for one week
ju3-tf A. R. Altmater & Cos.
Attention is called to the sale at the
Court 11 ruse to day at 11 o’clock of valuable
tracts of land near the city. See advertise
ment of R. M. Detnere, administrator.
jan4 It
■ —>>♦• - ■ -
This being the seaso'p far doing good, etc.,
go to your druggist and get a bottle of.Keif
fer’s Peruvian Cure, and keep off chills and
other malarial diseases. janl-tf
Cent*’ New Style Sun Hat*,
And the “Broadway style” in Silk, at La-
Far’*. * t dec3 tf
Twenty-five barrels Cheek £ Whitlock
Flour, fpr sale low by Jas. McGrath *sc Cos.
nov* Tb.SATutf
Scart*—Beautiful Scarfs,
All shapes, and Kid Gloves, all shades, at
LaFar’a. decS tf
Novelties In Scarf Pin*.
The Lucky Fig, Cameos, Zanturs, etc., all
of the latest In rolled plate goods, at LaFar’s.
decS tf
Parade of tbe Colored Troop*.
The anniversary of the emancipation pro
clamation failing on Saturday, the usual
commemoration of the even’ by the colored
tcoops was postponed until yesterday. The
day opened very raw and disagreeable,
and cloudy, which possibly was the cause
of the turn out not being as large as
on previous occasions. The companies com
posing the First Georgia Colored Volun
teers’ Battalion, assembled on South Broad
street, shortly after nine o’clock, where the
column wat formed under Lieatenant Colo
nel Woodhouse. It was the firs’, parade of
the battalion since its formal organization,
and the field acd staff officers made tbeir first
appearance mounted. Their umtorms are
handsome and showy, and, although the
rank3 of some of tbe companies were not
full, the dlsp'ay was exceedingly credita
ble. As the command marched briskly up
Bay street they showed to great advantage.
The streets, as usual, were crowded with
colored people, the occasion being observed
by them as a holiday, and many were out in
carriages, buggies aud wagons. The route
was from South Broad to Abercorn, to
Bar, to Bull, to Gaston, to the Park exten
sion, where a battalion drill was gone
The Savannah Hussars and Georgia Ar
tillery, which preceded the infantry, also
presented a fine appearance. On reaching
the park extension the Artillery fired a
salute. A number of vehicles were In the
ecclosure. and one team attached to a phae
ton, containing four colored women, be
came frightened at the loud reports and
dashed r*ff. They collided with the fence,
smashing the shafts and upsetting the occu
pants, who were not injured. With the ex
ception of this accident, nothing unusual
occurred cn the grounds.
At night there were balls at the Empire
Hall and at tbe Lone Star Cadets’ Hall.
Georgia Historical Society.
The society met at 8 o’clock last night,
the President, General H. R. Jackson, in
the chair. Messrs. D. B. Morgan, John A.
Heyward and W. K. Kenaard were elected
recident members.
The Library Committee made the'r usual
report, and the following books were
ordeied to be purchased :
Locke—English Men of Letters series—by
Thos. Fowler.
Washington Square, a novel, by Henry
James, Jr.
The Chevalier’s Daughter, by Lucy Ellen
Love and Life, by Charlotte M. Yonge.
Self Culture, by Jas. Freemau Clarke.
Holland and its People, by De Amieis.
Duty, by Samuel Smiles.
Troy, by S. G. W. Benjamin (epochs of
ancient history).
Btory of the Diamond Necklace, by Vizo
Knight’s History of England, 4 vol.
Tbe Librarian reported that he had re
ceived since the last meeting, from Mr.
James T. Tupper, Acting Chief Engineer of
the United States steamer Commodore Perry,
stationed at Erie, P*., a piece of plank and
a spike, taken from tne ship Lawrence, flag
ship of Commodore Perry’s fleet at the
naval battle on Lake Erie, in September,
1313, which ship wa* afterwards sunk off
the ci'y of Erie, Pa. After being under
water for sixty-three years, she wa* vdsed
in 1870, aud a large portion of her was ex
hibited at the centennial exhibition in Phila
The Librarian also reported that he had re •
caived from Colonel Charles C. Jone*, Jr., of
Augusta, a copy cf a reprint of an old and
scarce pamp'.et entitled, “Memorial of Jean
Pierre Parry in Behalf of the Colonization
of South Carolina,” and from Hon. Joseph
E Brown six volumes of the Congressional
The President presented In the name of
the author, J. T>. Waller, of Illinois, two
publications: “The True Doctrine of State
Rights” and “Reminiscences of Benjamin
Frauklln as a Diplomatist.” The thanks of
the society were returned for all these gifts.
Mr. Emile Newman entertained the mem
bers of the society for a few moments by
reciting, ia an impressive manner, the poem
entit'ed “A Georgia Volunteer.”
The Chairman of the special committee
on selecting an orator for the annual meet
ing, February 14, announced that the ad
dress on that occasion will be delivered by
Col. Charles C. Jones, Jr., of Augusta.
The society then adjourned.
A Card.
Savannah, Ga., December 21,1880.
To the Citizens of Chatham County: The un
dersigned, members ot the Savannah bar,
beg leave to submit for your consideration
our conviction that the public interests will
be promoted by the retention of Major John
O. Ferrill in his present position of Ordi
We have had full opportunity of ascer
taining his fitness for the office, and we
bear unsolicited and cheerful testimony to
that fitness. He has been tried for a num
ber of years and found in every way quali
The business and duties of the office are
now carried ou and discharged in a most
satisfactory manner by Major Ferrill *nd
his efficient assistants.
The office of Ordinary, a* you are Rtvare,
is a most Important, one. Frequently legal
questions of au Intricate character have to
be determined by the Ordinary eit-ing as
Judge. We are quite sure that the duties
of the office cannot be properly met save by
an incumbent of experience, intelligence
and of considerable legal information.
You have found the present incumbent
efficient and acceptable. You know him to
be an honorable citizen, a good lawyer, *
courteous gentleman aDd an excellent offi
cer. There exists, so far as we ctn learn, no
reason for any chauge. There are many
reasons why you should make no change.
Your fellow citlzsns:
A. R. Lawton, W. Grayson Mann,
Henry B. Tompkins, B. A. Denmark,
William Garrard, li. K Richards,
Waiter G. Charlton, Samuel B. Adams,
H. C. Cunningham, George A. Mercer,
A P. Adams, L Hi de Montmollln,
J. R Saussy, N. C. Collier,
Alex. 11. MacDoneil, Emile Newman,
R. I). Walker, Jr., R. Falllgant,
W. VV. Mackall, Jr., A. 11. Lawton, Jr.,
John VV. Wilson, Jr., P. J. O’Connor,
P. VV. Meldrim, J. A. O’Bryne,
William Harden, 'll. Wayne Russell,
John S. Scbicy, Joseph A. Cronk,
J. Lawton Whatley, F. VV. Symons,
J F*. Wooten, John W. Burroughs,
John Bilbo, Wm. S. Basinger,
T. M. Norwood, William Clifton.
magisterial Elections.
The following are the returns of the elec
tions for Magisirates and Constables in the
Seventh and Eighth districts of the county:
For Magistrate—
Ralph Shepp *rd. colored 143
Henry Beiber, white 82
For Constables -
Caes ir C. Waldburg, colored 141
Jamea Edey, colored ..141
Linus Green, colored 84
Hecter Brown, colored 89
For Magistrate —
James T. Fogarty 103
Lewis J. Moody 2*
William A. Jones 17
Fur Constables—
Henry Wallace 134
Joe Small 103
Alex. Glllyad 20
Number of votes polled 117
Tne following ig the vote lu the Sacond
district lu the city;
For Magistrate
Isaac Russell I.SM
L. S. Hart (uo candidate) 1
For Constables—
Henry Wetherhorn 1,822
James Reed Mendel 1.822
Total nuoiberof votes polled 1,8 7
No more Hard fitpe*.
If you will stop spending so much on fine
clothes, rich food aud style, buy good,
healthy food, cheaper aud better clothing;
get more real and substantial things of life
every way, and especially stop the foolish
habit of ernploj ing expensive, quack doc
tors or using so much of the vile humbug
medicine that does you only harm, but put
your trust in that simple, pure remedy, Hop
Bitters, that cures always at a trifling cost,
and you will see good times and have good
health. See another column.
For Dyspepsia, Nerrouineai, Etc.
I have prescribed Horsford's Acid Phos
phate and am very much pleased with what
I have seen of its action, and purpose using
more of it as occasion requires!
A. G. Cotton, M. D.
Turner, 111.
Attention is called to the sale at Ifco
Court House tq day at 11 olclogfe of valuable
tracts of land near the city. See advertise
ment of R. M. Dsmere, administrator.
jan4 It
The Fluent Dres* Shirt,
All in handsome boxes for presents, at
LaFar’a. dcqfjtf
Twenty-five boxes choice Lemons, for
sale low by Jas. McGrath & Cos.
Mott’s Bparkling Cider, in barrels and
kegs, at Jas. McGrath & Co.’s.
English Driving Gloves,
Embroidered Backs and fine Kids, at La-
Far’a. decß tf
Superior Court.
Hon. W. B. Flkmino, Judge presiding.
Court met yesterday morning at 10
o'clock, when the following business was
transacted :
Laura L. and Elizabeth P. Packard, by
next friend, et al., complainants, and Wm.
B. Dillon, defendant. Bill for partition. In
terlocutory decree granted authorizing the
issuing of a writ of commission by the Clerk
to assign and partition the property in ques
tion. W. W. Macks!!, Jr., complainants'
Richard Baker et al., complainants, and
Peter Houston et al., defendants. Remitter
of the Supreme Court filed and order grant
ed making the same the judgment of this
John Doe, ex dam. E. M. Nathans, vs.
Roe, I. e. Thomas Arkwright et al. Same
proceeding as above.
J. T. O’Connor, complainant, and Peter
Reilly, defendant. Order extending time
for taking testimony.
The grand jury met, but there being no
business ready, they were discharged until
Monday, the 10th inst.
Two applicants for admission to the bar
were examined, and passed creditably.
The following assignments, by consent,
were made:
1462. Joseph C. Thompson vs. Mrs. R. L.
Douglass. Account. A. P. & S B. Adams
for plaintiff ; Garrard <fe Meldrim for de
1404. Adele Dawson et al., complainants,
and Catharine Doyle et al., defendants.
Equity. A. P. A S. B. Adams for com
plainants; D. A. O’Byrne for defendants.
1550. Stephen Simmons vs. Peter Morel.
Appeal from Justice of Peace Court. A. B.
Smith for plaintiff; Lester & Raveuel and P.
M. fc R. W. Russell for defendant.
1302. John Doe, ex dent. Mary Louise
O’Byrne. by Jesse R. Dean, guardian, vs.
Richard Roe, casual ejector, John Feelty,
tenant in possession. Ejectment. Jas. As
klns et al. for plaintiff; Chisholm A E>
wiu, P. M. & R. W. Russell for defendants.
1302. John Doe, ex dem. Mary Louise
O’Bvrue, by J. R. Dean, guardian, vs. Rich
ard Roe, i. e. J. Feeley, tenant in postesrion.
Ejectment. J. Atkins et al. for plaintiffs;
Chisholm & Erwin, P. M. & R. W. Russell
for defendants.
832. Pierce B. Wilson, complainant, and
John 11. Hall and Alexander Blue, execu
tors, etc., defendants. Equity. R E. Les
ter, for complainants; Tompkins A Denmark
for defendant*.
1302. Mary L. O’Byrne and J. II Dean,
guardian, vs. John Feeley and R. J. Davant,
executor W. H. Wiltberger. Ejectment. J.
Atkins et al. for plaintiffs; Chisholm & Er
win et al. for defendants.
1480. John Doe, ex dem. J. MeCrohan
vs. Richard Roe, i. e. James Ferguson et al.
Ejectment. A. P. fe S. B. Adams for plain
tiff; J. li. Saussy for defendants.
1302. M. L. O’Byrne and J. R Doan,
guardian, vs. J. Feeley and R, J. Davant,
executor of W. H. Wiltberger. Ejectment.
J. Atkins et al. for plaintiffs; Chisholm A
Erwin et al. for defendant*.
1302. M. L. O’Byrne and J. R Dean,
guardian, vs. J. Feeley and li. J. Dav&at,
executor of W. 11. Wiltberger. Ejectment.
J. Atkins et al. for plaintiffs; Chisholm
& Erwin et al. for defendants.
1555. Rosa A. Horton V3. Sarah Rahilly
ot al. Equity. J. J. Abrarn* for plaintiff;
A. I*. & S. B. Adams for defendants.
14G4. Catherine E. Brown vs. Southwert
eru Railroad Company et al. Equity. J.
M. Guarard for plaintiff; Chisnolm &
Erwin et al. for defendants.
153. Wm. J. Harty vs. D. A. O’Byrno, ad
ministrator de bonis non estate of Margaret
O’Byrnc. Foreclosure. ColiLr A Charlton,
for plaintiff; J. M. Gucrard, for defendant.
1486. John Doe, ex dem. J. McCrohan, vs.
James Ferguson et al. Ejectment. A. P.
A 8. B. Adam3. for plaintiff; J. R. Saussy,
for defendants.
404. William Cleary vs. Mayor and Aider
men of the city of Savannah. Case, Wm.
Grayson Mann for plaintiff: H. C. Cunning
ham for defendants.
1476. John Doe, ex dem. V. B. White et
al. vs. Richard Roe, i. e. John C. Rowland.
Ejectment. A. P. &S. B. Adams for plain
tiffs; J. M. Guerard for defendants.
Court adjourned until 10 o’clock to-day.
Nervous debility, weakness and decline
prevented by a timely use of Malt Bitters.
Like tlie Leave* ol tlie Ancient*,
which were given for the healing of the na
tions, are Benson’s Capcine Piasters. They
go into every part of the world where there
is pain. Not only superior to all similar
articles, but acting almost instantaneously
through the pores of the skin, iust in the
region of tbe pain, they relieve quickly and
constitute the most convenient, pleasant
and best remedy ever devised for rheuma
tism, stubborn coughs, spinal and kidney
complaints, sciatica and lumbago, pleurisy,
6pratns and all local aches and pains. Over
2,000 American druggists have signed a
statement to the effect that they consider
them far superior to all other plasters, and
a throroughly reliable household remedy.
Sold by all druggists. Price 25 cents.
jan4 <J&w2w
At Batin’* To-Day, 21)* Eiull Street.
Savannah Daily Morning News, Southern
Farmer’s Monthly for January,Leslie’s Pleas
ant Hours for February, Leslie's Budget of
Wit for February, Miller’s Almanac for 1881,
Dr. Wcrtle’s School (No. 155 Franklin
Square Library),Three Sewlug Girls (No 907
Staslde Library), Duel in Herne Wood (No.
905 Seaside Library), The Strength of Her
Youth (No. 908 Seaside Library), Origin of
Species (No. 10 Humboldt Library), Waver
ly Magazine, Leslie’s Lady’s Journal, New
York Mercury, Irish World, Puck’s Annual
for 1881, New York Daily Herald, World,
Tlmee, Tribune, Sun, Graphic, Truth,
Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Times, and
Boston Daily Advertiser.
Furniture and Carpet*.
Alien & Lindsay, 109 and 171 Broughton
street, have the largest and best stock of
furniture in this city, comprising everything
wknted by housekeepers, aud also a splendid
assortment of carpets, rugs, shades, cur
tains and other upholstery goods. Their
6tock in these lines are well selected and
comprise all tbe latest styles and at prices
to suit all pockets. Parties away from
Savannah, who are about fitting up tbeir
houses, should get prices from this
popular firm before they make their pur
chases. This will save them a good per
centage, as Allen & Lindsey sell on a smaller
margin than any other house in Georgia.
jau4 tf
Attention is called to the sals at the
Court House to-day at 11 o’clock of valuable
tracts of land near the city. See advertise
ment of R. M. Demere, administrator.
jic4 It
Special Inducement*.
Will close the balance of my assortment
of Berlin Cloaks and Dolmans at reduced
prices in order to close the entire lot. A
complete assortment of Black Cashmeres,
from 50 cents to $1 75 per yard; Black
Brocaded Silks, from $1 to $3 per yard;
lloisery for ladies aqd children, the" best.
French and Euglish brands; Corsets, Kid
Gloves, Lace and Silk Scarfs, Silk Hand
kerchiefs. In tbe millinery department
the balauce of Felt, Plush, Fur, Beaver
and Velvet Hats and Bonnets, tj-immed and
untrimmed, will beioffertff at the lowest
prices. Call and secure bargains.
H. C. Houston.
jac3 tf 141 Congress street.
Important to mothers.
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup la the
only thing that mothers raly upon for
their children. 1$ oarreeis acidity of the
stomach, cures wind colic, regulates the
bowels and gives rest, health and comfor
to mother and child. During the process of
teething Its value is incalculable. It softens
the gums, reduces inflammation and ailays
ail pain, thereby giving rest to the child and
comfort to the mother. Twenty-five certs a
bottle. declS-Th.a.Tu.w&TeT*’
tinker'* Eiunl*ioi)
pod Liyer Oil and Lime supplies just
What the consumptive and debilitated need
to arrest wasting disease aud restore vi
tality. Use Baker’s Oil and Lime aud this
assertion is proved.
Barlett’s Pile Suppositories are unfailing.
Ne\y Cellar*, Stylish cu<r,
For the Holidays, at LaFar’s. decß-tf

Gossamer Silk Rubber Coal|,
Anew assortment, with pegging and Hats
to match, at LaFar’s. deed tf
New Smoking and Opera Hat*,
And the “Cigarette,” all size* in stock
now, at LaFar’a. decS-tf
Bnmm 1* tbe Word.
The latest Hat out. No “Bricks” in It.
Sold by LaFar. decß tf
Keeerd of Local Events In 1880—
Interesting tor Reference.
We present this morning the concluding
portion of the chronological record of the
most Important local events, as noted in the
columns of the Morsiso News, during the
last six months of the year 1880, which has
just passed away, the first six months hav
ing been given in our Issue of yesterday. It
will be valuable and interesting for refer
ence :
1. Ratification meeting at the Theatre; Resig
nation of Dr. Charters, of Board of Education.
2. James Haldken, fireman on Juniata. seri
ously injured; Rifle contest at Battery Park;
Exhibition at White BluiT Orphanage; Preien
tation to Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Ward.
6. Kega’ta Isle of Hope; Disaster at Tybee;
Shooting contests at Battery Park and Concor
dia Park; The new locomotive Virginia; Sud
den death of Geo. Washington, colored.
7. Census of Savannah completed; Daniel
Richards injured by house blown down.
10. Death of Andrew Moloney by falling
do in a stairway; Attempt to burglarize Cap
tain Kennard’s house: Presentation of banner
to Tybee Temperance club.
13. Warren Alexander dangerously stabbed
by Cato Nash, colored; Levi Rut ledge, colored,
shot by J. R. Shorter; Excursion from At
lanta: a young man robs his relative of $561
and decamps; Boston King fractures Henry
Jones’skull with a mufket; Mose Mosely se
verely cut by Tom Williams at No. 3; Captain
William King presented a silver service by the
own rs ot the Wave.
13. Church at Isle of Hope struck by light
ning, Silvia Fraser killed and several injured;
Edward Blake, colored, seriously stabbed by
Fred. Kuck; tho quarantine station at Sapeio;
SavanDah without a collector; Death of J. P.
H. Garrett; Henry Jones, colored, died from
Injuries received from Boston King.
14. Large excursion party from Southwest
15 Return of the Chatham* from Rome.
16. Meeting of Democratic Executive Com
mittee First Congressional district.
17. Savannah Collectorship settled; Burglars
discovered in M. Tunno’s nouse; Assault oa
Mary Crosby by Thos. Gill.
20. Destruction of Hoover’s grist mill by fire;
KUt Talbott accidentally killed by his brother
Prince (colored); Trial trip of the quarantine
launch Gj psy; T. J. Johnson enters upon his
duties as Colloctor of Port; Census returns
compiled; Krst bale of cotton received.
21. Jim Wesley (colored) has his foot crushed
by a street car; Decrees ia the Magistrate in
junction case; Interesting suit in regard to
wharf privileges.
£2. Parade of Oglethorpe*, in c-debration
First Manassas; Henry Wiliams cuts off a piece
of his mother's ear.
25. Runaway locomotive on S., F. & W. R.R.;
Wild c A killed at Beaulieu.
27. Schooner Annie Bliss struck by lightning
at sea; Accident to Rev. It. S. Corley.
28. Death of A. V. Cavedo; Rifle contest at
Battery Park.
30. Death of Mrs. R. D. Bogart; Hans Chis
holm shot by Lsra -l Days; Patrick Iliggsu par
doned : Death of Thos. £. O. Sullivan in a con
vict camp.
2. Sailie Moore killed in tllA street. Tom
Golding arrested for the crime.
3. Narrow escape of a child of Mr. Cassidy;
W. & R. Mclntire and Charles B. Wakcfl- Id's
places robbed; Accident to the excursion boat
ft. Rifle contest at Battery Park.
6. Cha-. Brown, sailor, accidentally drown
ed; Decision of Judge Fleming in case against
city; Capture of a sea lion off Quarantine.
7. Boat load of negroes fired into; Festival
Turnvorein; Colored man Andrew drowned
from dredge boat; Race after a nude negro
through the streets.
9. Serious cutting of Albert Shaliman by
John Andrews; Sudden death of Louisa Jaok
son, colored; Cutting affrays among negroes.
10. Funeral of P J. Doody; Sam W A iamz,
colored, acridtn ally drowned; Irene Burke,
colored, drops dead: Rev. E. C. Gordon ac
cepts a call to a church at Salem, Va.; First
hale from savannah river received.
11. List of Knights Templar going to Chicago.
13. The dam o.i Hutchinson's Island com
pleted; The Law system introduced in Savan
nah Telephone Exchange; City of Augusta
christened; Foot race at Tybee; Arrest of
Henry Williams and Cicero Low, notorious
thieves, Badge of 8. 11. A. for highest 6Core.
14. Capture of Rosa Gray and Mary Lee.
runaway girls, at Jacksonville; Wm. Henry
Black violently assaulted on the streets by a
gang of negroes; Meeting of the Southern Rail
way and Stea.-r.ship Company; A handsome
yacht, the “Maggie.” for the Savannah fleet;
Death of B. 11 Thompson; Departure of Pa’es
tine Commandery for Chicago: Gang of negro
t hlav s broken up; Recovery of property stolen
from the Baltimore steamship wharf.
16. Three children run over at Thunderbolt
by a drunken sea captain; Attempt of a color
ed woman to kill John Poush, colored; Presen
tation to Dr. J.D. Martin by Savannah Rifle As
sociation; Sudden death of W. Mumme.
17. First bales sea island crop received;
Strike for wages by carpenters and brick lay
ers; Central Railroad business; History of the
Coleman Cross homicide in Emanuel; The
launch of the City of Augusta; George Ilark
ness found dead In bed; Moses Pinckney
drowned in Savannah river near Gibbons’
18. Irish estate sls 000 seeking an ownsr,
Mrs. John Counihan nee Walsh the owner:
Death of Michael Cash: Albert Shellman dies
from the effects of wounds inflicted by John
19. Important quarantine notice; Inquest on
death Aihert fihellman; John Andrews
charged with manslaughter; Appointment of
committee to investigate alleged frauds in city
registration; arrival of schooner Chatham;
Inquest on Fortune Small, accidentally
20. T. M. Norwood's address at the Theatre;
Contest Savannah Gun Club.
21. First through car front Portsmouth;
Sketch of the Knights Templar; Some flue
scores by the Savannah Rifle Association;
Resignation of Rev. E. C. Gordon.
2d. Young Krouskoff run over by a street
car; Clarence Roach shot on the Ogeechee
road; Colored base ball tournament at Thun
derbolt; Death of B. S. Spann.
24. Important action of merchants in regard
to closing hours of the banks; Commencement
of the colored base ball tournament; Suicide
of diaries Scheillwein; Return of Knights
Templar: Arrival of schooner Mary J. with
body of Captain Petersen and Captain Perkins
sick; Organization of a military convention.
25. Report t.f Health Officer on the death of
Capt. PeWrsen, of schooner Mary J.; Death of
Capt. John Oliver; Presentation of pic ure to
Chatham Artillery by Nassau Light Artillery,
of Fernandina; Meeting of Magistrates to. con
sider local laws.
26. Death of Captain John Perkins at quar
antine; Sudden death of Agnes Fleming.
27. Meeting Democratic Association Ap
pointment of Executive Committee; Batteau
races at Thunderbolt; First English steam
ship of the season; Republican Congressional
delegates elected; Return of Captain L. G.
Young from Europe; Arrest of Charles
Walls, escaped thief from Augusta.
28. Resolutions adopted by Military Conven
tion; ’treat colored mass meeting; Colquitt
and Nioholls indorsed; The Free'man's Bank
swindle; Na v row escape from drowning of
James Harper, engineer of the David Clark;
Robbery of the warehouse of steamer Katie;
Official report of bateau race at Thunderbolt.
30. F. D Jordan drowned at Tybee: Funeral
of (4. W. J. DeKeune; fiarah Stevens fal's dead
while cooking supper; Death of D. H. Baldwin,
Jr., by drowning at Catskill.
31. Funeral of Mr. F. D. Jordan; Through
train of flour from St Louis to Savannah; Buf
faloes for Forsyth Park; Death of Mrs. Brad
well at Iliuesville. G.
1. Mass meeting—Col. W. S. Basinger, Col.
Johu Screven, Col. E. C. Anderson recom
mended as Representatives ; Presentation of
testimonal to W. G. Due;Severe storm; Joseph
Hazel jailed for stealing cattle: Rev. Dr. W.
S. Bowman called to the pastorate of the
Lutheran Church.
2. Report of the Special Committee on Regis
tration; Opening of rice house—Dan Tahnage,
Sons & Cos; Abram Green shot in the foot ;
Platform announced by the Democratic
3. Death of Ralph Meldrim: Death of Mrs.
Caroline Henderson; C. R. Morand, claiming
to be a prominent Mason of Savannah, de
frauds the people of Syracuse, N. Y.; New
railroad combination from Richmond to
Savanr ah: Sketch of Yamacraw.
4. A burglar discovered in Capt. L. J. Guil
martin’s house and fired at; Savannah trade
presented ; Meeting of Democratic Associa
6. Examination at W. H. Woodhcue for
commission of Lieutenant Colonel ; Daniel
Tarver, of Savannah, killed on railroad at
Chenoa. 111.; Sudden death of Mrs. O.M. Ryan;
Farewell sarnien of Rev. E. C. Gordon; des
perate encounter of 11. Loewenthalt with a
7. Military convention ; Col. John Screven
and Col E. C. Audarson decline nomination to
the Legislature; Mysterious disappearance of
H. Williams, of Beaufort, S. C.
8. Session of the Grand Lodge Geod Tem
plars; Death of Hiram Roberts; Anniversary
of the great storm in 1804.
9. The military movement explained; Regis
tration law; Rescue of the steamship Charles
ton from the shoals at Pumpkin Point; First
shipments of cotton to Europe thi* season.
10. Mass meeting of tlie Democracy: Repre
sentatives to the Legislature nominated, W. S.
Basinger, G. N. Nichols, D. C. Bacon; Gen. A.
R. Lawton indorsed for U. 8. Senator; Our
harbor improvements
11. Discovery of an infant's body in a cistern
in Madison square; Arrival of British bark
Hugh Carson at Central Railroad wharf, draw
ing 13 feet water; New engine South Carolina,
first tiip to Macon.
13. Arrival crew of lost New Republlcaoff
Florida coast; Death B. C. Lewis, Ta-lahassee,
at Marshall House.
14. Btrge office burned; Savannah's health;
change In the mortuary table; A big purchase
of cotton in the Savannah market ; New Florida
railroad between Fernandlga and Jacksonville;
Close of the Tybro season; Rescue of a colored
man from drowning by \V. G, Lee, mate of the
15. Gov. Colquitt’s speech at Bt. Andrew’s
Hall, banquet in honor.
16. Arrival of Congressiosal delegates.
17. Meeting of Congressional Convention—
J. Camp, of Emanuel, permanent Cbairman.
13. George R Black nominated for Congress;
Acceptance of candidates for the Legislature
from Chatham; Coup’s great circus i With
drawal of Saragossa from Satauuah route
20. John James, colored watchman, run over
on Savanna’., FI -rida and Western Railway
and killdd; Col. John G. Clark killed op a New
York railroad; Account of the shipwreck of
the schooner Rosa J. Eppiugsr.
21. Radical ratification meeting.
22. Painful accident to Mr. Meyer; Knights
of Pythias—proceedings of the Supreme la>dge.
23. P. W. Meldrim nominated for tho Senate;
Dea'hcf James Kennedy and EdwardKemp
ton; Managers for elect on.
25. Interview with Hon. 8. Splicer of New
York, on Immigration to Georgia; Report of
President of Central Railroad; Susan Kelly,
colored, dies from supposed poisoning.
26 Qen. Lawton speaks in Augusta; Tomb
for Commodore Tatnall.
*7. Death of Moses Meyer and Andrew RUrfr
vater; Report Superintendent Public Schools.
23. Death of J. E. Sweat.
2U. Accident to Hilo Hatch; Arrival of the
drinking fountain; Attempted assassination of
George Redgate, watchman on the bark Mei
aell; P. W. Meldrim accepts the nomination of
Senator for the First district.
SO. Lucy Gadsden, colored, fatally burned by
kerosene; Several houses robbed on Anderson
street: Council advances SI,OSO for cutting off
Fig Island.
4. Fire at W. W. Gordon A Co.’* warehouse;
New pulpit unveiled at the Cathedral; Arrival
of tfce new pilot boat MAFy D. Poll,
5. The station house at Halcvondale, C. B. R..
burned; will of Mr. Beßehne filed; Legal
opinion on the registration law; Business of the
Savannah post office; Arrest of Leggett Bros,
charged with the murder of Mr. Torrent, near
Surrency; Robbery of Richard Boyt’s house,
near Coast Line Railroad,
6. Capture of Handy Whitehead and Ed Coa
ners, noted thieves; British steamship Euro
pean carries largest cargo (7,900 bales) ever
taken from any port.
7. Election-Norwood's majority in Chatham
672; Engineer Jeremiah Scanlan badly burned;
Isabella IS ix, colored, falls from a chair dead.
*: W. H. Helme, train hand on C. R. 8..
kilied; Marriage of MUs M. E. Haywood and
***■• B**Jey, M St. John's Church, on the 6th.
V. John Warren, colored, fatally cut by
Chas. Lee during a quarrel with his wife. Sarah
Lee; Geo. Houston, notorious sneak thief, cap
tured; Decision regarding payment of drafts
on Hebrew holidays: False alarm of fire.
11. Run overtreetlsatSarsnnahriver bridge-
Post mortem examination by Drs. Sanders and
SheftaU on Susan Kelly; Dr. J. B. Reimen
snyder, formerly of Lutheran Church. Savan
nah. joins the P. E. Church, at Philadelphia,
12. Thomas Hoamshotin the breast by Chas.
Brown; lorn Golding released on JS.OOJ bail-
Damage to the rice crop; Death of Rev. W. j’
Campbell, colored; Titus Grant, Ja?k Simmons
and Isaac Bradley.
1?. Funeral of Rev. W. J. Campbell; Arrest
of George Bryant and Peter Cunningham;
Nathan Isaacs killed in New York by falling
from street cars; funeral of Capt. J. G. Mills;
Speech by J. C. C. Black, of Augusta, at the
14. Decision in Wade-Dooner case; Police
man Reilly stubbed by a negro.
15, Exhibition Robinson's Circus; One of the
crew of the pilot boat Diekersou drowned;
Death of Mrs. Eliza R. Falligant; Death of W.
C. Thomas.
15. Lizzie Me Tartly cut by Clara Jones; In
quest ou Titus Grant and Jack Simmons,
13. Funeral Mrs. Eliza R. Falligant; Death
of Jas. H. Graybill; Wilson Mustin. colored,
stabbed by Win. Catighlin, colored; Jane Mani
satilt5 atilt seriously beat with an axe-helve by her
J'*. Strike among the dray drivers; Big cot
ton firs in Charleston: N. R. H. D. Troupe.
2D. Death of R. P. Spencer.
21. Attempted suicide of a young woman at
the Planter’s Hotel; Savage fight between
Bena Houston and Amelia Rutledge; Death of
Capt. Avery F. Hart, of the schooner Stephea
G. Hart.
23. New range lights ordered for Savannah
harbor; Appearance New York Criterion Come
dy Company.
25. Deaths of Capt. John It. Johnson, Henry
M. Rostignoh Capt. D. H. Box; Fire in E.
Muhlberg’s store: Trial tiip City of Augusta;
Isaiah Higgins robbed on the street of J7i.
26. Election managers appointed: Death of
J. L. Villalonga; Funeral of Captain J. R.
27. Republican meeting at the Theatre; Fu
neral Col. Villalonga.
23. Strike among stevedores.
29. Ade’-e BelgarJe’s first appearance; The
stevedore troubles; T. M. Ballantyne, Zenub
babel Lodge, presented with an apron.
80. Grand rally in court house square; Arri
val of the City of Augusta; Officers elect of the
Masonic G. and Lodge.
1. Arrival of British steamship Horden with
cargicnfire; Description of Savannah river
steamer W. T. Wheeless.
2. Werner Hook and Ladder anniversary;
Colored mast meeting in the interest of Col.
Black; John Turnbull killed at Monteith, on
Charleston and Savannah Railway.
3. Presidential election; Chatham’s majority
for George C Black 1,264; Savannah’s foreign
4. 'ihe official vote of Chatham; Mr. Durham,
of Bryan county, killed by being thrown from
his horse.
S. Report President Savannah Cotton Ex
6. Gus Williams’ engagement: Death of J.
W. White and Dr. B. W. Hardee; Attempted
highway robbery of Edward Werutz.
8. Thomas Young shot in the leg by Moses
Smith; Account of the accident to the United
9. Mutiny on the Norwegian bark Folkefes
ten; Magistrate Molina and a special make an
arrest ; Middleton Gilbert shot by Henrv Lark,
corner Little Jones and West Broad streets;
Ben Bola hit by stray shots; A negro woman
on the 55 bite bluff Road cuts off a negro
man’s feet with an axe: the steamship Kings
ton, from Savannah to Liverpool, put into St.
Michael’s with her cargo oa fire.
10. Riotous demonstration on the bark
Ocean; Marriage of J. C. Shaw.
11. Cost of the city government for 1881:
Workingmen’s troubles.
12. Labor difficulties settled; Death of Geo,
W. Sanders; Stevedores Association disbanded.
15. Ford’s “Naiad Queen ”
17. Dick alias Dick Johnson shot at by Con
stable Wetherhorn; Heavy frost; Alice Oates’
. troubles—Savannah dates cancelled.
13. Lastappearauce of Ford’s Dramatic Com
pany; Death of Hocus Happ; Death of Wm. H.
Judah in Pensacola, Fla.
19. Mrs Carclif seriously burned by tho ex
plosion of a kerosene oil lamp; D.-. J. C. Cloud,
of Jacksonville, caugh for a claim of S2OO
while pissing through the city: Ihe corpses of
two children found in a house, having re
mained unburied two days.
21. Accidental death of Miss Jennie M. Payne
by chloroform; Arrival of new sleeper Augusta.
22. Arrival of the American mao-of-war Alli
ance; Thomas Haynes (co ), of Tattnall coun
ty, robbed in Cooper Shop lane of $400; Ford
& Denham’s Masqueraders at the Theatre.
23. Cold wave visits Savannah; Important
purchase by the Savannah, Florida and West
ern Railway; Charles Small shot in the leg by
Charles Arnold; Bryan Brown dies from inju
ries inflicted by John Williamson, Coroner's
jury verdict manslaughter; Wm. G. Lee pro
moted to Captain of the Carrie; Death of Alex
ander McKenzie.
24. Death of Isaac Archie (col), by falliEg
through a hatchway in A. Freidenberg & Co.’s
store; Election of W. G. Charlton as Solicitor
25. Desth of Rev. C. B. King; Description of
the new Rice Mill; Rive King Concert Troupe;
Marriage of C. D. Russell and Miss Nellie A.
26. Thanksgiving services; Trot at Thunder
bolt; Marriage of J. T. Lavier and Kate Cir
28. Cyril Searle and Rose Eytings in
“Drink”; The upper Savannah, anew route to
the West; Free navigation; inner* 1 of C. B.
29. Accident on the Central Railroad, En
flneer 8. H. Crosby killed; Dr. Luckan’s resi
ence destroyed by fire; Death of Joe. Millen;
Death of Philip Kennedy.
30. Arrangements for excursion on the City
of Augusta; Appearance of Keene as Riche
lieu; Opening of Bt. Patrick’s fair; Sa’eof dam
aged cotton; The turf—races.
1. Anniversary supper of St. Andrew’s So
ciety; Marriage of C. TANARUS, Dent and Miss Miriam
G. Cohen; New steam pile-driver for Central
2. Quarantine channel filling up; Trial of a
pilot; Savannah’s export trade; Arrival of
postal party; The Inauguration of fast mail;
Death of Mrs Carclif from lockjaw;New range
light in the Exchange; Thomas F. Thomson
and Dr. R. P. Myers’ robbery.
3. “Hearts ot Oak” at Theatre: Several rob
beries; Nelson Morrir, colored, falls dead cor
ner West Broad and Congress streets.
4. The entries for the stakes In the spring
races; Singular accident on the Central Rail
road ; Great pedestrian feat by John Brennan,
a train hand.
6. Arbitration between Colonel Filzsfmons
and Captain Anderson settled; Important de
cision by the United States Supreme Court in
regard to traveling public: Sunday school mis
sionary anniversary; Dr. J. D. Martin delegate
to the American Public Health Association at
New Orleans; Capture sVilliam Wayne, a
notorious thief.
7. The bill for injunction against the city ap
plied for; Death of Mrs. Frank Blair; Michael
Feeley’s grocery burned out; Savannah Storage
Company incorporated; Savannah’s cotton re
ceipts over hair million.
8. Important meeting of Council to consider
. Excursion on steamship Augusta.
19. Death of Sirs. Dr. B. H. Herndon; Death
of Philip Hartley; Fatal burning of Sarah
Thomasson, colored; Answer of Mayor and
Clerk of Council to bill of injunction concern
lng registration
11. Affidavits in the injunction case; Tokens
to Rev. Mr. Mortimer, in Grand Rapids, Michi
gan; Report on the Savannah river improve
13. Passage of a meteor across Savannah;
Blessing of a Catholic Church, corner Haber
sham and St. Paul; Capsized boat recovered,
occupants not found; Wm. Smith, colored boy,
burned to death on Louisville road, four miles
from city; Ciara Pray, colored, found dead in
15. Cheap travel ordered by tho Railroad
Con;mission; Through sleeper from Cincinnati
arrives on Central Railroad: John Beckhoff,
first mate New Orleans ship Zephyr, dies sud
denly from heart disease; Conflagration at Co
mer s warehouse checked; Savannah accepts
New York “Bears” wager of $3,000 on cotton
crop exceeding 5,90 ',COO; Particulars of the cap
size near Venus' Point, six persons, colored,
16. Wm. Andrew Jackson, colored boy, killed
on Bull street by Bobbie Davis with a toy pis
tol; Elbert Lee and Jackson Lee, of Bulloch
county, murderously assaulted and robbed on
Louisville road, ten miles from the city; An
drew Williams, colored boy, shot in thigh by
Daniel Versher with a toy pistol.
17. Mr. Elbert Lee’s body removed to Bul
loch; Grand charity ball at Masonic Temple
for benefit of Hebrew society.
18. John Jor,ea, colored, shot in the arm by
th.e accidental discharge of his gun; Fanny
Davenport as “An American Girl.”
20. Major Lee arrested for the murder of El
bert Lee on Louisville road; Chatham Gaston
dangerously shot iu the thigh ty Bam Jeffer
son in a barroom; Nqrrovz oscape of two
colored men belonging to the pilot
boat Bella from drowning; Avery Warren, sea
man ou the sshooner Nellie Treat, lost over
board on voyage from New York to Savannah;
Address by Father Gavazzi, on the Free Church
of Italy; Daniel Ziegler arrested in the market
for the murder of Charles Counts, at No. s>s
Central Railroad, bo h colored.
21. Arrest of Isaac Minzy, suspected of bsing
concerned ;nthe Lee murder; Attempt to rob
the Southern Express Company’s wagon; Sud
den death of Joseph Roberts, colored; Death of
John Joy Cornell; General McLaws confirmed
as Postmaster at Savannah.
!. “Hazel Kirke” at the Theatre; Death of
Aaron Champion ; Confirmation of T. J. John
son as Collector.
23. Adoption of a resolution of Council giv
ing to incoming Board the right to elect their
own officers; rudden death of Mrs. V, M. Ar
cher; Funeral of Aaron Champion.
24. Grand gift entertainment for Jasper
35. Three children burned while firing a
cannon; Wm. Reilly cut on the corner of Dray
ton and Bropghtou streets by Edward Decker;
Frank Smith assaulted, beaten and robbed on
the Augwsta road; Bill Ford dangerously cuts
Peter Bruton (col), with an axe on Newton's
plantation 10 miles from Savannah; Borge
Christensen, a Swedish sailor on the bark
Gylfe drowned at the Central Railroad wharf;
Presentation of cane to John Nugent, foreman,
by Morning News composing force.
27. Henry Snell’s house, corner Montgomery
and Ppffy streets, burned; Fire at Muller's
on Bryan street; Frances Roberts, mem
ber of Twilight Band, shot in the back; Japan
ese doll presenter! to I. M. Frank,
28. Death of J. V. Linda Spikener,
colored, aged eight years, accidentally killed
by Chari’s Washington; Francos Williams
stabbed fatally by Major Green on the Ogee
chee road: Miss Minnie Monaghan enters ihs
order of Sisters of Mercy and becomes Sister
Mary Ophelia; Richard t-hauey, colored, three
years old, burned to death in a house on the
Savannah river ten miles from >ity; Suicide of
Felix Heymanu in New York.r ported as mer
chant in Savannah; Death vf A. M Scar
borough in Memphis.
29. Departure of Palestine Commandery for
Charleston; Death of William Reilly from cut
received from Edward Decker Christmas eve—
Coroner’s inquest; Lpss o< the American ship
Ninqu*m Domino, cotton laden, from Savan
nah o Liverpool, eft Bermuda; MacaUley as
“Unde Dan'l;” Decision ot the Supreme Court
sustaining City Registry law. 1
30. Cold wave strikes Savannah; Ice In the
street; Lowest thermometer iu quarter of a
century; Bodies of Mary Powell and Cyrus
Stafford found in tho river; Coroner's "jury
bring verdict of voluntary manslaughter
against Edward Decker, charged with the kill
ing of William Reilly; Communication from
War Department in reference to schooner
White Wing; Death of General J. D. GUmottr,
proprietor Grand Hotel, Cincinnati, at the
Screven House; Marriage of Rev. R 4V. Mo-
Dooneli and Mi=s Tochee Williams, of Mscon;
Reported purchase of Savannah and Memphis
Railroad by Colonel YVadiey.
31. Return of Palestine Commandery from
Charleston; Two colored men frozen to death
on Dr. Wariug's plantation; Death in New
York; Remains of John Beckhoff to be tent to
A quiet Family Hotel, Noted lor It*
Comfortable Room* and the Ex
cellence ot Its Table.
Capt Elias White, bark Florence Chiptuan;
Chas H Downey. England; F J Ge.rbett, Mid
vtlle; ND P McOeachy, Harlow; H L Pinck
ney, Charleston; K H Forrester, South Caro
lina; B B Jones,Hershman's Lake; Pierce Rob
erts, Parachucla; N H Jordan. DavlSboro; G B
Clark, Atlanta; Cyrus Thorp, Jr, Forsyth; liobt
T Daniel, Joe L Bass. W H Williams, J M Ter
rell, Emmet King, W H Harris, Geo O Stuart,
Mrs Jno M Williams, Mrs Ira Terrell, Mrs A D
NunnaUr, Miss Mary N Hammond. Miss Ce
leste Williams, Miss Minnie Williams,
Mies Annie Terrell, Griffin; J N Ren
frew, Miss Marie Jasper, New York;
Watty Wallack, Miss Fanny Wsliack. Chi
cago; J H Rider, Walter B Miles New York;
Charles C Babcock, Boston; W J Holton, Phil
adelphia; R H Hunting, Virginia; Mrs V A
Brinson, Mrs Sue Mulling, M.ss F-lla Harmon,
Mrs Ella Harmon, O H P Beall, Mrs OH P
Beall, Miss Ella Beall, Chas D Inman, Mrs Chas
D Inman. Davisboro;OH Brinson, HJ Brinson,
Millen; Thos J Davies, Cyris H Pipkin, Tenn He;
Geo 8 Smith, J E Green. Thos L Harris,
Augusta; R 11 Lewis, T H Johnson. Jr. South
Carolina; C B Reeve*. Jr, Mathews' Bluff; 55' B
Daniels, SC; S B Head. Forsyth; Miss Mary
E Alton, Baltimore; O A Harris. Arlington:
J C Reeves, Matthews' Bluff; Mrs MM liiley.
Miss Cora Riiey, Brighton; A (! Oates. ,4Vaynes
boro; Mrs F A Garlick, Davisboro; T V B
King, RM 8; S S sVade. steamer Carrie; Hon
LStrickland. Jasper, Fla; Peter Westhery.
Jesup; H PMattox,Horn-rville; W B Pettibons,
C WFleminger, Hannibal; J K Lears, P P O
Clo; Mrs V Noble, Graham; J F Walker, E H
Walker, Forsyth; Jno P Lovett, Jr, Hampton;
Jno G Goethe, Parachucla; Oeo L Smith, Au
gusta; H C Lawton, steamer Katie; Jessie
Wade, R H Sams, J WPeeples, South Carolina;
D M Inman, Midville; Geo U Jennings, Samuel
iAwrenoe. Georgia; E J Garliok. Oavishoro;
Capt J Jameson, ss Troubadour; Mrs Dr E.um
merline. Sunny Hill; JO Hamilton. Tennlhe;
Ro'/t Ramis, W J Wood, ’ienuilie; Peter Got
zinjer, Mrs Peter Ge’zinger, Mins Kate Get
zinger, Master Frank Getzinger, Mioa CBragg,
4\Yn B Getzinger, fieriven county; Hon Geo R
Black Sylvama: J 4V Henderson, W J Smith,
Homerville; J S Hilton, Toomsboro; D M La-
Felle. Roundabout; 8 A II Jones. Tennille;
Alex Fox, At anta; E B Peck, Ga;C J Davis,
Maxtor G G Davis, Tennille.
Not a Candidate.
The undersigned, thankful to his friends, an
nounces that he is not r candidate for Ordi
January 3,1831. jant-lt
To the Voters of Chatham County.
Thanking you for past favors, I again an
nounce myself as a candidate for re election to
the office of County Sheriff, and would re
spectfully solicit your vote and influence at the
election, 4VEDNEBDAY, January sth, 1881, for
county officers. Respectfully,
Fellow-Citizens of Chatham County.
I am a candidate for re-elect ion to the office
of Ordinary for this county, and respectfully
ask your votes and influence.
decfl-N&Teitd JNO. O. FERRILL.
For Clerk of the Superior Court.
Fellow Citizens: I am a candidate for re
election to the office of Clerk of the Superior
Court at the election to be held on WEDNES
DAY, January sth, and respectfully solicit
your support. If re-elected, J. K. P. CARR
will continue to act as Deputy.
To the Voters of Chatham County.
I desire the office of Clerk of the Superior
Court, and ask it of you. If elected, the bar
and all other citizens may expect every cour
tesy from the office. Mr. THOS. D. DOWN
ING will be my Deputy. I am, your friend
and fellow-citizen.
dec2l-Tu&Ftd GEO. P. HARRISON.
To the Voters of Chatham County.
I atn a candidate for re-election to the office
of Tax Collector, and respectfully solicit your
support at the election to be held for county
officers on January sth.
Keceivcr of Tax Ketnrns.
I respectfully announce myself as a candi
date for the offlee of Receiver of Tax Returns,
and earnestly solicit the suffrages of my fellow
citizens at the election to be held on WEDXES
DAY, January sth, 1881,
Fellow-Citizens of Chatham County.
I am a candidate for Receiver of Tax Returns,
and respectfully solicit your support.
nov3o-TuAThtd M. H, MEYER.
To the Voters of Chatham County.
Fellow-Citizens: I am a candidate for re
election to the office of Coroner, and respect
fully solicit your support.
For Coroner.
I respectfully announce myself as a candi
date for Coroner of Chatham county, and
earnestly solicit the votes of my friends and
declO-r.Tu&Teitd F. T. LINCOLN, M. D.
For County Surveyor.
Fellow-Citizens; I beg leave to announce
myself as a candidate for re-election to the
offlee of County Surveyor at the election in
January next, and respectfully solicit your
dec7-Tu,TlnfeStd JOHN R. TEBEAU.
pflal $ aus.
GEORGIA, Mclntosh Cocsty.— Under and
by virtue of a decree rendered at the
November Term, 1880, of the Superior
Court of Mclntosh Countv, by the Hon
orable William B. Fleming, Judge of
of raid Court, In the case of L. B. DAVIS, Ad
ministrator in the estate of CHARLFB BTEB
BINB, complainant, and JOHN S. 81EB
BINS. defendant, and by the consent of coun
sel ef all parties in interest, will be sold by the
undersigned as Bpectal Master in Chancery
and Receiver under said decree, before the
court house door, in the city of Darien, county
of Mclntosh, Stale of Geotyia, between the
legal hours of sale, on the FIRST TUESDAY'
IN FEBRUARY. 1881, the same being the first
day cf the month, the following described
real and personal property of said es
tate of CHARLES STEBBINB, to-wit: All
that certain lot of land known • as Maringo
plantation, containing thirteen hundred ena
fifty (13>0) acres, more or less, situats in the
22d district. O. M . of said county of Mclntosh,
and bounded on the north by lands of the estate
of T. P. Pease. C- C. Thorpe, and estate of
Thomas; and on the east by Bruro neck river
and marsh, and on the south by lands of Ira
Baxter and unknown lands, and cn the west
by lands of the estate of Thomas. Also, the
following personal property, >o-wit : teven (7)
horses, forty head (40) of cows, fifty two (52)
sheep, and twelve (12) hogs, and all other per
sonal property of said eitate. Persons de
siring to purchase the lire stock are requested
to inspect them on Maringo plant ition, as
under consent of all parties in interest,
they will not be brought to Darien on the day
of sale. Terms of Bile cash, purchaser pay
ing for titles.
Special Master and Receiver.
Darien, Ga , Decomber 80th, 1880. janl-5t
Between Whitaker and Barnard, next to Jno.
A. Douglass.
deeiO SATeltf—3p
or WEST 40th street. New fork, reopens
&O Bept. 37th. Boarding and Day School for
Young Ladies and Children. Thorough teach
ing ; daily Lectures; Language spoken within six
montns. Drawing and Musical advantages un
surpassed. Public examination for graduates
BYIIENRY It LIN, Auctioneer.
Under and by virtue of an order granted bv
the Honorable Court, of Ordinary of Chat
liam County, Ga.. will be sold before the
Court House, during the legal hours of sale,
NEXT, the following named tracts of land:
The “Habersham tract.” now known as the
7'liller Homes’ead, containing 270 acres, more
or less, a Large portion cleared and under
cultivation. Station No 1, Savannah, Florida
and Western Railway, is surrounded by said
tract. There are several houses or settlements
on same,
The “Wilson tract,” containing 370 acres,
more or le-s, a large portion cleared and under
cultivation. This tract adjoins the above, and
is well timbered.
The “?cott tract,” containing 500 acres, in
cluding marsh and low lands (more or less), a
portioa cleared and under cultivation. This
tract borders on tho south ha- k .-if the Little
Ogeechee river, and adjoins tJ:„ ..hove.
The “McLeod tract,” containing 495 acres,
more or less, a portion cleared atm under cul
tivation. This tract is very heavily timbered,
and adjoins the above.
A portion cf the “Bandy tract," containing
29t acres, more or less, a port ion cleared and
under cultivation. This tract is heavily tim
bered and has several houses on it, and ad
jins tlie above. Also another portion of the
above tract, containing 4 acres,'more or less.
The above described lands are situated about
7to 8 miles from Savannah, and can be easily
reached by the Savannah, Florida and Western
Railway. Station No. 1 (Idllier's; being situated
about the centre of the entire tract, and by the
Ogeechee road. These lands are well adapted
to the cultivation of Rice, Cotton, Corn, etc.
For full particulars apply to the Administra
tor. Terms will be announced on day of sale,
purchasers to pay for papers.
The above sale will be made for the benefit
of the heirs and creditors of the estate of Wm.
11. Miller, deceased.
, „ . R. M. DEMERE,
dec, -Tutd Administratin'.
KY HENRY KLI N, Auctioneer.
Under and by virtue of an order from the Hon
orable C mrt. of Ordinary will be sold on the
ing the legal hours of sale,
One lot cf land In the city of Port Royal,
South Carolina, known as lot No. 21, in block
>o. 41.
Lot of land in the city of Savannah, known
as the northwestern portion of lot No. 32. Trus
tees Garden, containing forty-one feet, more or
less, running east and west.
Lots Nos. 41, 42 and 43 on St, James street, in
the eastern part of the western half of Trust
lot, Tyrcocnel ty thing, Derby ward.
Eight lots of land, being a portion of Garden
lot No. 51, Lloyd’s Brickvard:
Four (4) lots fronting the Thunderbolt road,
near the toll gate, each 26 feet by 75 feet
Three (3) lots west of the four lota 21x75.
One (1) lot known as lot No. 1 of the subdri
vision of lot No. 51, Lloyd's Brickyard.
One share Coast Line Railroad stock.
One second mortgage bond of the Coast Lina
Railroad Company.
To bo sold for "the purpose of payment off
debts and for distribution among the heir*
Administratrix Michael Daly.
KY HENRY RU N, Auctioneer.
Under and by virtue of an order from the
Honorable Court of Ordinary, will be sold,
NEXT, between the legal hours of sale.
The south half of lot No. 3 Lloyd ward,
fronting on Whitaker street and Howard street
SO feet, more or lees, by a rectangular depth of
1311,6 feet. Terms , ash. W. J. HARTY,
Administrator and. b. n. estate of W. A. MeFalt.
dec-1 -<S-Tust
KY GEO. W. LANIAK, Auctioneer.
On TUESDAY', 4tli day cf January, 1881, in
front of the Court House in Savannah, Ga..
bv authority of an order issued by the Hon
orable the Court of Ordinary of Chatham
county, will bo sold the following property
belonging to the estate of A. S. HART
RIDGE, deceased, to pay debts of the estate
and other purpo es.
That elegant three-story on basement brick
dwelling No. 137 Jones ttreet, south side, on
full lot No. 3, between Bull and AVliltaker
streets, containing all modern conveniences
and desirable in every respect.
Also, lots No. 7 and 12 Cufhbort ward, corner
Waidburg and Aberconi streets, immediately
in rear of residence of Col. H. 8. Haines.
Also, lots 81, 32, 33, 34, 85 and 36, Marshal!
ward, on New Houston street, between Cuvier
and Cemete-y streets.
A Do, lots 3, 4 and 5 Marshall ward. New
Houston street, betwetn Cuyler and Bur
roughs streets.
Also, seventeen (17) lots, facing south on
Huntingdon street, between Price and East
Broad streets. T. M CUNNINGHAM.
Administrator de bonis non cum testamento
annftxo. dec7-Tuftt
BY GEO. W. LAMAR, Auctioneer.
Two (2) Bonds of the State of Georgia for
*I.OOO each, issued May 1. 1872, and utie July 1,
1892, 1 percent, bonds. One (1) Bond of tho
Coast Line Railroad Company for 55)00, issued
May 1, 1876, and due May 1, ifß6. One (l)Bond
of the Atlantic and Gulf Railroad Company
for S3OO. issued May 1, I*67, ar.ddueJ.lay 1.1f87.
PIN, one (1 i pair DIAMOND EARRINGS, one
(1) German COLD COIN, supposed to be worth
about $2 50. 4Y. S. BASINGER,
Adm’r de borfls non c. t. a. estate N. B. Knapp.
On TUESDAY, the 4th January, 183), before
the Court House,
Lot No. 5, the northeasterly quarter of lot
No. 10 Placertice tract. This lot contains 15 310
acres, more or less, with improvements, two
thlrdg cleared, within throe miles of the city,
and convenient to Thunderbolt. There is e
food road leading to it and all the land in this
irection is Ireing rapidly taken up and built
upon. The land is between John Asemtorf and
Mr. Gardner's, and convenient to Dr. P.oyall's
new residence.
A farm off the White Bluff road containing
39 acres, more or less, with a good substantial
dwelling, suitable for a respectable family, and
quite recently erected. Plat can be seen.
Three aeres of Fine Garden Land, in good
cultivation, on Lover’s lane. janß-2t
BY C. 11. DORSETT, Auctioneer,
By virtue of an order granted by the Honor
able the Court of Ordinary of Chatham coun
ty will be sold on TUESDAY, January -. f h,
1.881, during the usual hour of sale, in.'-ont of
the Court House: THIiEE SHAKEo*of the
property of the estats of Margaret Buclie, de
ceased, and sold to pay the debts of said es
tate. J. R. SAUSSY,
dec7.14.21,28Ajan4 Administrator.
C. H, DORSETT, Ancttonecr,
Will sell at th* Court House, oa TUESDAY,
January 4th,
A well-built, comfortable DWELLING, on *
the north side of Duffy street, between Aber
corn and Lincoln streets. The house has five
rooms, bssides the kitchen in the wing, is near
the line of street cars, and is a desirable home
for a small family. Lot £614 by 106 feet, more
or less. Terms cash. ’ *.cc29,31,jan"4:4
City Mabseal‘B Office, 1
Savannah, December 31, 1880. (
Y virtue ot authority conferred by Coun
> oil, and under the direction of the Com
mittee ou Fublic hales and City Lots, I will
sell, according to the provisions of existing
ordinance of the city or Savannah, lot No. 32
Lloyd ward, ou the premises, at 11 o’clock, on
TUESDAY 7 , January 4th, 1581. Terms and
conditions made known at time of sale,
dec 31-td City Marshal.
Ruction #future gap,
By C AS. XI. DOKSETT, Auctioneer.
By order of the Honorable Court of Ordinary
of Chatham county, Ga., X will sell at public
outcry, to the highest bidder, before the Court
House door of Chatham county, at 11 o'clock
a. M , on the
That being regular sale day, the following de
scribed valuable real estate, belonging to the
estate of Mas. E GOLDSMITH, deceased, and
which wili he sold for the purpose of payment
of debts and distribution, to wit:
Lot of land lying in the city of Savannah,
county of Chatham and State of Georgia,
known in the plain of said city es Lot No. Kti
Liberty ward, located on the northwest corner
of South Broad and Montgomery street, with
the improvements thereon, consisting of TWO
spacious and magnificent four
HOUSES, with modern improvements and out
houses. T hese houses were built in the most
durable and workmanlike manner, of the best
material, for private dwellings, and are in good
condition, being now tenanted. They are so
c-nstructed as t. l.e readily and cheaply con
verted into one large tiret-class boarding bouse,
and the location is a desirable one for that line
of business. The estimated value of this pro
perty is 535.C00, and offers a rare opportunity
for a profitable investment.
Terms mace known on day of 6ale. Land
fee simple. Title good. Purchasers will pay
for papers. Aa examination of the premises
solicited. For further information call on or
address the under; igned- Abercoru street,
second door nor; h of HuiJ.
Adm'r est. Mrs. E. Goldsmith, ciec’d.
Or call ou CHah. H. DORSETT, Auctioneer,

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