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(£ jimncmat.
—a ttKJsr.
OfHCfc Yavssxjlh. Ga., Oct. 15, ISS6.J
remarks. -The general market
® . . “in quiet during last week, and there
king in particular to attract any ape
attention Business was fairly act.ve in
c ' tew departments, but in others it was
tery moderate. The movement as a whole
not very large, though more conspicuous
. us steadiness, and in vol-
L fully up to a good average for
this period of the year. There was a Bleacher
in- in most commodities, with fewer
irice changes than wore noted the previous
s reaction having apparently set in,
Ihe tendency has been towards higher
This is more particularly noticeable
? the leading staples of cotton, naval stores,
meats and coffees. There was a better at-
Asnd&nce of spot buyers in the market towards
fh close of the week than has been
.Mired for some time back, hut they are
* careful in their Duylng, and the call is
almost wbollv confined to that ol&ss of goods
Jorwtuch immediate sale is had. Iu groceries
*h,, shipping movement continues quite heavy
ind satisfactory. In dry goods there >s a
nreUy fair business on principally on
orders for small reassortments In pro-
Talons there is some .lack-up id tho demand,
end the trading was somewhat lighter than
heretofore. In other departments there is a
falrbuelness being done. Collections continue
light and very uncertain. Tho money
imarket continues comfortably easy. The se-
Unrity market was comparatively quiet in
whole list except in Central railroad
'etock. for which there has been a few blocks
taken for Northern account. The conditions
and latest quotations of the different markets
may be noted iu the following review:
Nival STOBES.-Tbe ma-ket for spirits
turnemiue was somewhat irregular during
absweek but fortbe most part was easier,
and regulars sold down to Sic. The inquiry
was h*gnt, and not much business doing. To-
Wda the close of the market to-day a
(Terv fl r “ feeling prevailed and
KpSi was bid for regulars. The
>&w‘ for the week were about 1.200
i trrelg The rosin market was quiet during
'theweek. The inquiry continued for the
medium and lower grades, which were Arm,
while the better grades were moreorless neg
1, oted There wits a goo i steady bus'ness for
the week and about 10,000 barrels were dis
n*e i of. Iu another column will be found a
comuarative statement of receipts and ex
iorisfrmn April 1 to dale, and for the same
time last year, showing the stock on hand and
n shipboard not cleared, together with the
official closing quotations.
Cotton.—There was not so much doing last
week a* for tne previous one. This was in a
gneasnre attributed to the drmness exhibited
bv holders and the apparent indifference of
exporters, the latter of which was caused
more by a scarcity of freight accommodations
man anything else. The course of prices
was rather irregular, opening with a steady
decline for the first two days, but again re
covering slightly. and at the close there was a
further upward tendency observable, though
prices are fuilv lower than a week ago,
Tbctotai sales for the week were fully 16,3 0
bales. The following are the official closing
ipot quotations of the Cotton .Exchange:
Middling fair 0 1-16
Good middling 6 13-16
Middling JjJg
Good ordinary 7 13-16
Sea Inland.— The receipts reported bv fac
tors for the past week were 794 bags, and the
sales for the same lime were 495 bags, leaving
the stock at the close of the market yesterday
at 1 936 bags. Tnere is nothing new to report.
The receipts were fairly large and the busi
ness light. There was no change in price and
the demand was wholly for the grades of
medium to fine on the basis of quotations:
Common Georgias 14 (915
Common Florulas 14 @ls
Medium 15) a @16
Good l7 @lB
Medium fine 10
Tine.... 20
K.xtra line 21
Choice 22
The receipts ot cotton at this port from all
sources for the Dast week were 16,146 bales of
upland and 543 baies sea island, against 38,284
bales up and and 502 bales sea Island for the
same time la-t year.
Theuarttcularsof the receipts have been as
foi ows: Per Central railroad. 37,317 haiesup
land; ner Savannan, Flurida and Western
railroad. 7,117 bales unland and 171 bales sea
itland;perSavannah river steamers 849 bales
upland; per Charleston amt Savannah Rail
way Company. 448 bales upland; per Bruns
wick aud SatiPa river strainers, 360 hales up
land and 16 ba es sea island; per Florida
steamers, 41 bales sea island; per carts, 52
hales upland and 15 bales sea island; from
Besufrrt. 8 ba'es upland
Tne exports far the week were 34,354 bales
npiaudaml 591 baleasea i-land: To Now York,
lib" ba.es upland and 2C7 bales sea island; to
os: ii. 2,156 ba'es upland; to Baltimore.
1,574 bales upland and 200 bales sea island;
' i Charleston 2.780 bales upland: to Liver
pool, 15.279 bales upland, aud 127 bales sea
i laud; to Revai 4,650 bales upland; to
Genoa 2.450 bales upland.
The stocc on hand at the close of tho mar
ket to-day was 93,832 bales upland and 1.214
bales sea island, against 81.132 bales upland
and 559 bales sea island last year.
Comparative Statement of Net Receipts, Exporta and Stocks of Cotton at the Following Placet to
Latest Dates.
Stock on
Received since Exported since September 1, 1886. hand and on
POETS. September let. Shipboard.
Great (Ihr I’n Total C’etiriee
1886-87. ISSS-86. Britain France. Porte. Foreign. Porte. 188 C. 1885.
New Orleans... Oct. 15 17S 855 169,316 51,671 24.903 8,029 87,603 5!,05, 7-, 165 90.514'
Mobile .Oct. 15 21.854 28.269 17,682 8,841 :u,!S
Florida Oct. 15 9.685 3.924 3.633! |
Texas .Oct. 15 154.447 165.247 29 568 10,500 4,300 44.363 78.044 ; 74,2*6 62,4*9;
a u ,h tUp’d Oct. 15 195.5*81 206.61) 49,30’’ 16,760 16,05 9 57.27H| 98,832 31.13)
■ savannan j Sca i s .j t. 1f., 1 97.0 1.2 5 177;. .......... j 177 7i6. 1 1.211 t*>!
If’hjirleston < P M -Oct. IKJ 109,549 127,82* 28,187; 3,340 4.293 33,3201 34,5 M, 50.10:1 55.490 1
e narieston jsea Is’d. .Oci. 8| *57 o , I 4431 I.ssn 963,
| North Carolina ill. IV 33,314 28.342’ 13,265 1 ... . 1 13.3a; 2.73't 17,5111 17.6 7
Virginia Oci. 15, 67.117) 73.2:6 j 31,610 I fli.zso 25,9621
New York Oi l. 15 I.OKHI 2,208! j 86.448 ; 9.376 1 21.20, 117,31*1 ! eO.r.'T. l 91.743 ;
Other ports Oct. 16 1 20.10.11 60,* 457 j! fe,97>' - j 79U| 2.1,32.1 ( . 1 7,<iß 13,6601
Total to dale I 810,64*1 290.217 1 4S,SU' s*.;i-9 383,1125/ ues.ll7'l 443 *33/ ;
i *>lal 10 riste in 1885 | ; 867,3101/ .. ./,. / . j . ../ . //.... . J 400,0001
, ' ~ ; m o
*IV h r r'-.mlu i’ rU , ? T T', ) NAT ‘NTKHIOR roiN-*
81 ii/ivi ! * Dl * •hliiinent* for the week
MU ioi lan ?? e locfc ou nauj to-night,
uioaumc timo last year:
-Week oniliug ‘Jot. 18, 1886-.
Auiruitf., &hipmtfitß, 81 •t.
CoiumbiiV H' iai io,-:n 8,003
Borne M 2,471 8.252
Mn-(, n no io-o
Selma 17 8.8*7 8.0,0 #.17
Meinnhiii 0,22 l !*.o6* 5.531
SMblui S ‘.Js‘ H.UiO 53.847
‘'• a 018 i>j
' *** .65.007 48.1X8 74.278
eek cnillne Oct. 16, 18c.,-,
A ’ten,!, /ttmifiU. Shipment*. Stock,
Oolum,.* T7O 7. 04 4.W7
Koiiio U " *.•’** 3 0711 5.070
3,'* 2.000 IUKI
Moniom~ •"*< 1.011 3 455
Seim* erT !.I6 r.m n.rt;
Me, UD hu •* 4,453 3.7*<
nltl M.W* 50.777
Comparative Cotton (Statement
OK Gross Receipts, Exports and Stocx on band Oct. 15,
lssa-e. mi -5.
Sea Sea
Inland. Upland, /eland. Upland.
fHock on hand September 1.. 1,14 b 4,30s 551 3.298
Received tbisweek.... 543 46,146 502 38,284
itcceived previously 524 149,937 759 169.125
Total... 2,116 200,417 1,812 210,707
Exported this week 691 34,354 32'. 29,880
Exported previously 808 72,231 902 99.695
Total. 902 106,585 1,223 129,575
Stock on hand and on ship
board this dav 1,214 93,832 ; 589 81,1321
Th.it Last La ft
Week. Week. Tear.
Galveston 32.975 34,080 40,712
New Orleans 02.384 43.819 65,027
Mobile 7,768 5,804 8,607
SavannaTi 46,318 47 224 38.343
Charleston 29.880 29,759 31,831
Wilmington 7.9 48 12,548 7,894
Norfolk 26,875 14,491 28.011
New York 2'2 195 865
Various 15,870 8,607 14,917
Total 229.695 199,115 280.707
WEEK ENDING OCT. 15. 1886.
Receipts at all U. S. portsthis week... 229,695
Cast year 230,707
Total receipts to date 816,545
Last your 820,149
Exports for this week 137,102
Same week last vear 13",493
Total exports to date 883,176
Last year 318,726
Stock at all United States porta 443.533
Last year 469.996
Stock'at all interior towns 74,935
Last year 55.386
Stock at Liverpool 816.000
Last year 56..000
American afloat for Great Britain 180,000
Last year 119.000
me. vsßs. mi.
Sales for the week . 58,000 40,000 58.000
Exporters took 4,300 3,500 8,200
Speculators took 1,700 00 1,200
Total etock 816,00 ) 36: 6)0 454.000
Of which American . 150.000 281.000 265.100
TANARUS” imports for week 28,000 iOpOO 43,i00
Of which American. 18,000 17,000 87,000
Actual exports 6.106 5,100 6.000
Amount afloat 250,000 128,000 165,003
Of which American' 180,000 119,000 13<;,000
Price 5 8-13d F7-16d 5|/ 2 d
Visible nupflv of cotton.—Below we give
the table of visible supply,as madeupby cable
and telegraph for the Financial and Commer
cial Chronicle to Oct. 8. The continental
stocks, as well as those of Great Britain and
the afloat, are this week’s returns, aud con
sequently all tho European figures are brought
down to Thursday evening. But to make the
totals the complete figures for Oct. 8 we
add the item of exports from the United
States, including in it the exports of Fndav
1886. 1886.
Stock at Liverpool 348,360 395,000
Stock at London 28,000 28.000
Total Great Britain stock. 871,000 418,000
Stock at Hamburg 1.400 8.300
Stock at Bremen 24,800 34,200
Stock at Amsterdam 14,000 29,000
Stock a. Rotterdam 400 400
Stock at Antwerp 1,200 1.500
Stock at Havre 108,000 121,000
Stock at Marseille# 6.000 4,000
Stock at Baroelona 38,000 37,000
Stock at Genoa 11,000 10,000
Stock at Trieste 14.000 9,000
Total continental stooks... 218,800 249,4(0
Total European stooks .... 589.80 C 667,400
Indiacotton afi’t for Europe 53,000 42.00 V
American cotton afloat lor
Europe 158,000 128,000
Egypt, Brazil, etc., afloat for
Europe 2',000 7,000
Stock in United States ports. 407,179 390,390
Stock iu U. 8. interior towns 92,034 69,389
UnitedStatesexports to-day 13,300 20,883
Total visible supply 1,887,333 1,320,212
Ol the above, the totals oi American ana
other descriptions are as follows:
American —
Liverpool stook 183.000 257.000
Continental stooks 120,000 158.000
American afloat for Europe. 168,000 128.090
United States stook 497,179 890,8)0
UnitedStatesinteriorstooks. 92,054 69,589
United States exports to-day 18,300 20,83:;
Total Amerioan 978,533 1,018,812
Total East India, etc 363,800 [email protected],4uo
Total visible supply 1,337,338 1,320,212
The tin ports into continental ports this week
have been 16,000 bales.
The above figures indicate an Increase in
the cotton in sight to date of 17,121 bales as
compared with the same date of 1865. a de
crease of 248,882 bales as compared with the
corresponding date of 1884, and a decrease of
462,799 bales as compared with 1888.
India Cotton Movement.—The following
is the Bombay statement for the week and
year.bringing the figures down to Oct. 7:
Shipments this week—
(treat Britain. Continent. Total.
1886 2.0C0 6,000 B,OCO
1885 2,000 2,000
1884 2,000 7,000 9,000
1888 2,000 6,000 8,000
Shipments since January 1—
Great Britain. Continent. Total.
1886 819,000 670,000 989.000
1885 219,000 463,000 tfcO.O'.O
1884 493,000 680,000 1,128,000
1888 448,000 603,00 u 1,251,000
Receipts — l Aui week. Since don. I.
1883 .000 1,408.000
1885 2,000 1,00:1,000
1884 ,000 1,53.,000
1888 7.000 1,570,000
According to the foregoing, Bomnay appears
to show an Increase com pared with last
year in the week’s receipts of 4,000 bales, and
au increase in shipments of 6,000 bales, and
theshipments smoe Jan. 1 show an increase
of 304,000 bales.
MonetMabket.—ln good supply at easy
Domestic Exchange.—yulet. Banks and
bankers aro buying signt drafts at l 4
percent, discount ana selling at % per cent
discount to par.
Foreign Exchange.—steady: coinmer
cial. demand. 54 SO)*; sixty days, 54 78(4;
ninety days. *4 77)5: franKS. commercial,
sixty davs. Parts aud Havre, 55 28; Swiss,
*5 28’-; marks. 9894 c.
SECURITIES.— Long date Itonfis are scarce
and in demand. Stocks are inactive but firm.
State Bowie— Bid. A eked.
New Georgia 414 nor cent bonds,
ex nit 10694 10694
Ga n0w64,1889, January and.luly
coupons, cxint 1C A 105
ex int 110 111
Ga. Smith's, maturity 1890,ex Int. 12a 125
City Bonds—
AtlamaO percent 105 106
Atlantal percent 112 120
Augusta 7 nereout 109
Augurta 0 per cent 107 108
Columbus 5 percent. 99 101
M ucon 6 per cent 113 JX4
NcwSavannali 5 per oont, quar
terly, Jan. coupon, ex ml
New savannah 5 pur cent, quar
terly, November coupons 101)4 102
Railroad Bond’
Savanuah. Florida and W cstern
it Rgeneral mortgage bonds, J
percent int. coupons 104 108
A & G Ist mortgage consolidated
7 percent, cou nous January aud
July.maturitr 1897. exmi 117 118
Central consolidated mortgage 7
percent, coupons January and
July, maturity 1898. ex tut —1.3 114
Georgia Railroad 6s 106 lite
Charintte.Uoluinbiaand Augusta
1M mortgage ex nit “• H®
Charlotte.Oolumbiaand Augusta
2d mortgage. "X int .. 110 112
Mobile and Girard 2d mortgage
indorsed 8 per ccut, eotuions
JanandJuly, maturity 1883,ex
lot ) 107V<
Montgomery and Rufaula Ist
mortgage indorsed 6 per cent.
ox tut ...108 WJ
Western Alabama *1 mortgage
indorsed 8 per cent, touvan*
April and Oct. maturity 1890.
ex mi, 109 110
South Ga and Fla indorsed 11l 123
South G a aud Fi a 2d mortgage ..110 113
Auguetaaud Knoxville 7 uer 0t.114 115
Ocean Steamship 0 per ot pouds.
gear’d by Ceutral Railroad —lO3 104
Galnesvillo.Jeaerson and South
ern R U Ist more, guarant’d 116 158
Gainesville, .Jefferson and South
eru.notguaranteed 114 116
Galuecvilie, Jeilerson andSonth
ern, 2d guaranteed 11l 112
Columous and Romo Ist tn
dorsedOs. ex int 10i 105
Columbus and U estern 6 per cent
Ist guaranteed, ex int.... 104 ICS
Augusia, Gibson A Sandorsville
7 per cent Ist mortgage bonds,
ex Int 108 104
Cityand Suburban Railroad Ist
mortgage 7 tier cent bonds.... ’-03 105
Railroad Stocke —
Augusta ami Savannah Tperct,
gu arantoed 127 ISO
Central common 9594 96)4
Georgia common, ex-dividend. .192 195
Southwestern 7 percent, guaran
anteed 125)4 128 U
Central 6 per cent certificates . 101
Atlantaand WestPointßatlroaci
stock 102 105
Atlantaand West Point 6 per ct
certiiloates 103 105
Bank Stock* —
Southern Bank State of Georgia 195 200
Merchants'National Bank 150 155
Savannah Bank and Trust C 0... 75 77
National Bank of Savannah 109 110
Gas Stock # —
Savann ah Gas Light stock 20 20)4
Mutual Gas Light 22 23
Bacon—Market firmer; demand good;
smoked clear rib sides, 8o; shoulders, 7v*c;
dry salted clear rib sides, 7 3 gc; long clear,
7-)/c; shoulders, none: hams, 4c.
naval stores.—Therecemts for the Dast
week havo been 2.'46 barrels spirits tur
pentine and 9. hi barrels rosin. Tne exports
were <.>-9'' barrels spirits turpentine and I i.3 4
burrels rosin moving as follows: To New
York. 4.667 barrels rosin and 6r>3 oar
rels spirits turpentine; to Baltimore. 249
barrels spirits turpentine and 4. 47 barrels
resin; to Boston. 120 barrels spirits turpentine
and 510 barrels rosin: to Hamburg. so bar
rels spirits turpentine and 8.450 barrels rosin;
to Antwerp. 2.809 barrels spirits turpentine.
The following are the Board of Trade anotat
ons: Rosin—A and B 90c. C 950.. D 95c. E
*1 00. F *lO5, G *1 12>4. H J 1 20. 1 *1 35. K
*1 75. M *2 35. N {2 5, window glass *2 80,
water white 53 10. Spirits turpentine—regu
lars 34 y x c.
Receipts, Shipment t and Stock from April I,
1388. to date, and for the corresponding date
hut year:
, 1885-6 1884-5 ,
Spirits. Roein. Spirits. Rotm.
OnhanrtAprlll.. 2.118 61,921 1.873 36.205
Rec’dthis week.. 2.846 1,368 1,163 7,117
Roc'a previously.los,oil 261,536 78,590 245,096
Totals n0.6’0 355,725 81,725 868,418
Shipments; foreign —
Aberdeen. 8,544 .... 4,221
Antwerp 12,788 5,4i6 7,313 3.849
Bristol 3,4*9 4,094 1,517 3,215
Barcelona.... 2,335
Buenos Ayres 1,500 sot
Cardiff 4,000
Cartagena 1,103 ... 90S
Cork for orders.. L 935 6,788 2.935
Cronstadt .... 8,800 .... .....
Dantzig 2.500
Genoa 4.090
Glasgow 2.841 11.090 .... 5,850
Goole 113 6.:!80
Hamburg 8,067 12,808 6,034 14.408
Harburg 3,299 3,400
Hull 3.887 2,840 4.562 2.318
Liverpool 5,478 3,625 4.556
London 8,980 16.536 10.773 12,756
Marseilles 8,800 .
Montevideo 1.500
Op,rio 596 ....
Puteloff Harbor 3.186
Pernambuco 2,865
Revai 1.417
Riga 3.700 .... 3.100
Rotterdam 5,801 10.857 860 4,220
Stettin 6,200 .... 1...
Trieste 4.840 200 2,200
Vigo 6
Coastwise —
Baltimore 8,447 62.046 3,467 40.600
Boston 7.571 9,606 8,145 18,799
Philadelphia .... 8,714 7,232 5,358 12.383
New York 20.0 16 107.223 12,577 76,93
Interior town 9 . 10,595 2,952 4,502 2,682
Repacking, uinge,
etc 2,755 .... 1.331 ....
Total shipments.. 100.959 317,8’.7 75,337 223,065
Stock on hand and
on shipboard
Oct. 16 9,857 43.403 6,388 60.353
Rice.—During the past week the demand
was fairly active for pretty much all grades.
Buyers, however, were demanding conces
sions, which holders were obliged to make In
order to effect sales of round lots, and the
bulk of the week’s bustnes.-. was at fraction
ally lower prices than current quotations.
The best grades are in steady request, and as
a rule, firmly held—in some'instances higher
prices were paid for available lots. The
total sales of the week were about 2,800 bar
Fair 3>4® —
Good 3’[email protected]',s
Prime 4', nit I', 1 ',
Choice tjllMo'k
Country lots [email protected] 65
Tide water 90(@1 10
Bagging and Ties—Market quiet. We
quote; Bagging—2'4 tbs. B)sa9%c; 2 lbs,
8?qc; 1% It-, 7%aße, according to brand aud
quantity. Iron lies—Arrow, OOal 05 per
bundle, according to brand and quantity.
Bagging and tie* in retail lots a fraction
BrrTKR-Markct higher; oleomargarine, 14
alllc; choice Goshen. 21c; gilt edge. 24a25c;
creamery, 2L6a280; country, 16a2' c.
Coffee—The market is fl maud advancing.
We quote for small Oils: Ordinary, 10)^0;fair,
UHo; good, 12c; prime, 12V£; choice. 13c; pea
berry. 14 3 4c,
Cabbage -Northern, 9c per head.
Cheese—Market steady: demand moder
erate: sto'k light. We quote: 10)4atS4c.
Dried Fruit—Apples, evaporated,
peeled, 6c; peac hes, peeled, 12)jc; unpeelcd,
5a70; currants, citron, 25c.
Dbt Goods—The market is active and firm,
with an upward tendency. Weqnote: Prints.
4a6c; Georgia brown shirting, 8-4,1)40: 7-8
do, sc; 4-4 brown sheeting, 8c; white osna
bnrgs, 7HaBp 3 ; checks, 6)4afiXc; yarns, 850
for best makes; brown drillings. 8Ka7)40,
Fish—We quote full weights: Mackerel—
New oa’c.h. No. 1. *6Soalo 0,; No 3. half bar
rels, S3 26a4 75; No. 2, $4 50a5 26. Herring—No.
1,20 c; scaled, 250; ood, saße.
Flour—Market dull; demand moderntp.
We quote: Superfine. *8 28; extra, *3 50a3 70;
fancy, $4 26m5 00; choice patent, |5 50a6 00;
family, *4 26a4 50.
Fruits—Lemons—Stock smnil and prices
Improving. We quote: *6 00*7 00. Oranges—
Market quiet; good stock firm: no Floridas
coming in; Valencia, *7 50a8 00 per ease; *3 00
a4 00 per box.
GRAiN-Corn—Market steady: demand
light. We quo’e: White corn, job lots, 66c;
carh ad lots, 64c; mixed corn, job lots, 64c;
carload lots. tile. Gais steady: good demand.
We quote: Mixed oats, 46c; carload lots, 48c.
Bran, 9Sc. Mes.l, 70c. Georgia grist, per bar
rel. it 75; grist, per bushel, 7‘2)4c
Hat—Market steady, with a fair demand;
stock ample. We quote job lots: Western,
tl 00; carload lots, 90c; Eastern, none; North
ern, none,
Hides. Wool, Etc.—Hides—Market dull;
receipts light; dry flint, 13c: salted, lie; dry
butcher,9e. Wool—Market firm; prime, in
nales, 27c; bnrry. 10ai5c. Wax, 18c. Tallow,
2c. Deer skins, flint, 16c; salted, ]2c. Otter
skins. 25ch*1 00.
Iron—Slarket firm; Swede,4p,asc; refined,
i.ard—The market is steady; in tierces,
7J4e; (0-th tins, 7%c.
lime, calcined Plaster and Cement—
Alabama lump lime is in fair demand and is
selling al *1 So per barrel: Georgia SI 80s cal
cined plaster, *1 85 per barrel; hoir, sc; Geor
gia ccnvnt, *300; Boscndalu cement. *150;
Fortlandcemcnr. *3 50.
l.iquoHß Full stock; stuudy demand.
Bourbon, *1 60a5 50; ryp, 11 50a0 00: rectified,
(100a 135. Ales unchanged and iu good de
Nails—Fair demand. Weqnote: 3d. *3 70;
4d an 1 fid, *3 05; 6d, *2 50; Hd, *2 55; 104i to 60d,
*2.60 per keg.
Ni ts—Almonds, Tarragona, 18c; Ivicas,
18)$(■.: walnuts, French, lie; Naples, 17c; pe
cans. 10c: Brazil, be: filbert*, 12c; cocoanuts,
Baracou. *3 70 per 100.
Oils—. Market eie uly; moderate demand.
Signal, 50c; West Virginia black, 10c; lard,
Mr; headlight, 15c; kerosene, lie; water
white, l c; n- atsfoai. ot*#oc; machinery, 25a
30c; llnsoed. raw, 46c; bulled, 4c: mineral
seal. lc; fire-proof, 18c; home light, 18e; red
C. ifie.
Onions—Bermuda, per crate. *125ul 50; do
me.ttc, *1 Obiil 25 per crate; barrels. *3 00.
Potatoes —Western, per barrel. *t 75a2 00;
Northern, *2 09a2 50 per barrel.
Peas-Demand good; stock small; cow
peas. *100all0; mixed. *l9i; clay, none;
speckled, *1 .dal 20: black-eye, *175a20V;
white erowders, *1 75a2 00.
PRUNE*—Turkish. B*,o; French. Bc.
Raisins— Demand quiet; market steady;
looie new Muscatel. 72 60; layers, *2 75 per
box; London lavers, M 35 per box.
mbit—Drop. II 00: buck. IIM.
Halt—The demand it moderate and the
market quiet; carload lots, 70c I o b; job lot#,
Sugars—'The market Is dull; cut. loaf. 69fc;
standard A. 6)40; extra C, 5? 4 a6c; c yellow,
5L 4 c; grnnu aieil, 8‘so; powdered. 6j*e.
sykuf—Florida aud Georgia syrups in hot
ter Ueiiiuuil. but scarce. We quote: 35a40c;
the market is quiet for sugar house at 85n40c:
Cuba straight goods, 28c in hogsheads; sugar
house molasses, 20c.
Tobacco—Market dull; demand moderate.
We quote: Smoking 25ca|l 25; chewing, com
mon, sound, 28a30o; fair, 35a38e; medium,4oa
55c; bright. 60a750; fine fancy, 85a0c; extra
fine, DOcaJl 10; bright navies, 45a75e; dark
navies. 40a60c
Lumber—The demand is heavy and in ex
cess of present production of mills. The milts
are full of work lor thirty to sixty days hence.
Prices are firm at some advance, with an up
-44 ard tendency. We quote:
Ordinary sizes *lB .IflalG 00
Difficult sizes 16 00*20 50
Flooring boards 16 OOalO 50
Sliipstuff 18 50a20 50
Timber—Market dull and nominal. We
700 feet average * 9 ooall 00
800 •• “ 10 ooall 00
900 •• “ 11 00al2 00
1,000 “ •• 12 OOalt 00
Shipping timber in the raft
-700 leet average * 6 00a 7 00
800 •• “ 7 00a 800
900 ” " 8 00a 9 00
1,000 •• 9 OOalO 00
Mill Umber *1 below these figures.
Lumber—By sail—There is a full supply of
touaage in port, aud vesse s to arrive are
more freely offering. Rales Quiet as quoted.
The freight limits aro from *5 uo to
*0 50 from this aud the near Georgia ports to
Baltimore, Philadelphia New York, Sound
Sorts ami eastward. Timber at 50ca*l 00
igher than lumber rates. To the West In
die* and windward. nominal:to South Ameri
ca, |l3 00al3 50: to Spanish and Mediterra
nean ports, *ll 00ai200: 10 United Kingdom
for orders, timber, 27a*28s: lumber. A.'l 16s.
Steam—To New Y'ork, *7 00; to Philadelphia,
(7 00; to BostoD. *9 00.
Naval Stores—Firm. Foreign—Cork, etc.,
for order*. 4* 3d. and. or. 2s Coast
wise Steam —To Boston, 50c on rosin,
*10i) on spirits: to New York, rosin 50c, spirits
80c; to Philadelphia, rosin 300. spirits 80e: to
Baltimore, rosin 80c, spirits 700.
Cotton—By steam—Market is active and
firm, with some scarcity of spot tonnage,
Bremen direct jjt fb 19-64d
Barcelona directls) 11 32d
Revai direct lb 11-S2d
Genoa tjj) lb 5-16d
Amsterdam direct V, lb 9-B.'d
Liverpool direct <j(t lb -9-82 U
Liverpool via New Y’ork lb. 11-82d
Liverpool via Boston lb 17 64d
Liverpool via Baltimoretb 17-64d
AnUverp via New Y'ork vt lb 5-lwd
Havre via New York s_lt> a- 0
Bremen via New Y'ork ft lb 11-loe
Revai via New York lb 5-10d
Bremen via Baltimore It; ?.<<•.
Amsterdam via New Y'ork %* lb 65c
Genoa via New Y'ork $* lb %c
Boston $ bale 135
Sea island bale 175
New York bale 1 85
Sea island $ bale 1 85
Philadelphia $4 bale 185
Sea island It bale 1 85
Baltimore bale 1 00
Providence bale 1 60
Rick—By steam—
New York ft barrel - 60
Philadelphia ft barrel 60
Baltimore fA bairel 60
Boston 'ft barrel
Grown fowls, pair * 60a 70
Chickens, three-quarters grown. 35a 45
Chickens, half-grown liOa 40
Ducks, pair 50a 75
Geese, pair 75a 90
Fggs, ft dozen 18a 20
Peanuts—Fancy h. p. Va.. $ tb 6a
Peanuts— Handpicked tb 5a 6)4
Peanuts—straight Virginia 4a 4!4
Peanuts—Georgia, fl bushel 75a 90
Sweet potatoes, yel. reds, ft bush. 40a 50
Sweet potatoes, yel. yams, f bush 50a 60
Sweet pntatoes,whiteyamß.yt bush 85a 50
Poultry—Market steady. Enos—Market
very firm and pretty bare of stock; demand
good Peanuts—Ample stook; demand uood;
native peanuts in good request at quotations.
Sugar—Georgia and Florida nominal; none
in market. Honey—No demand; nominal
Sweet Potatoes—ln good supply; (lemand
Savannah, Oct. 15. 4r. m. (
Cotton.—The market was very firm
throughout the day. Factors Were generally
holding stooks and were not pushing business
at present prices. There was a good demand,
but the firmness of holders generally limited
business. The total sales for the day were
only 1,739 ba’es. On ’Change at the opeuing
call, tit 10 a, n>., the murket was reported
steady and unchanged, with sales of 240 halos.
At the second call, at 1 p. mit was firm
and asking higher, the sales being 482 bales.
At the third and closing call, at 4 p. m., it was
firmer and asking higher, with further Bales
on,oll bales. The following aro the official
closing spot quotations of the Cotton Ex
Middling fair 9 1-16
Good middling 8 13-16
Low middling
Good ordinary 7 13-16
Rice.—The market was steadier There
was an acllve demand and a heavy busincs
doing. Tile total sales for the day were 786
barrels at about quotations, as follows:
Fair [email protected]
Good [email protected]' „
Cnoico 4,vfe ! ;
Country lots [email protected] 65
Tide water 90*1 10
Naval Stores —Tho market for spirits
turpentine was quiet but very firm, with
holders generally a.king higher than quota
thine. The sales for tho day were only ICC
casks of rogulurs at :i4'*c, the market doting
at bid for regular*. At the Board of
Trade on the opening rail the market wns re
ported firm at Hike bid for regulars. At the
last call it was quiet at 34)4c for regulars.
Rosin—The niarkoi continues quiet but firm
and unchanged. The demand was steady and
about 675 barrels wi re sold during the dav.
-At the Board of Trade on me first call
the market was reported firm for K and be
low and du'l for M and above, at ihe
following quotations: A and B oc. C 95c. D
f.o. B, *1 00. F *1 05. G *1 lax. H (I 20. I*) 3 .
K *1 76. M tl 35. N >3 66. window glass *2 80.
wa’er white *8 10. At the closing can it was
London, Oct. 16, noon.—Consols, 100 13-16
for money. 10034 fur account.
New York. Oct. lfi. noon.—Stocks quiet
but heavy. Monov active at BtSMI per cent.
Exchange—long. *4B6 l ai<94 803£; short. *4 88)4
@4 83%. Slate bonus ueglectad. Government
ponds dull but siea ly,
6:00 p. m.—Exchange, *4 B], Money closed
at 7Gj>4 per cent. Sub-Treasury balances—
G01d.(125,958.000: currenov. *26,ii/s.oco. Gov
ernment ponds In good demand; four per
cents. 128%; three per cents, 100 bid. State
bunds dull.
The vtock market was again quiet to-day,
and presented little feature of interest tiuti
near the close, when eoal stooks came into
prominence, and the volume of busiues* was
largely increased. The London market,
which was influenced by the prospects of war
m the East, reacted upon the market here
and prevented buying to a certain extent,
and the general list was rather heavy
throughout the day. The news of the day
was generally of a favorable character, bui
had very little etteel upon prices. Tho ad
vances made were entirely in ihe specialties.
The opening w .a Irregular though geuurally
heavy, and the Irregularity continued for a
short time, when the strength displayed by
specialties rallied the general list. Toward
noon, however, the market yielded and be- 1
came quiet, and so remained until the last
hour. Jersey dropped over 1 per eeut. near
2 o'clook in consequence of the appoiuttneu
of new receivers, but the great strength of
the othef coal stocks rallied it in the last ■
hour with the remainder of the liau The :
market dosed firm and active. Musi of the
active list show fractional dualities this even
iny. runging up to?i per cet>t. only, but Mao
halt tn made a gain of *tt. Hocking Valley 9?L
Lackawanna aud Delaware and Hudson l\
per cent, curb, and Nickel Pitie preferred
\%. Sale* 454,000 shares, the following being
tits closing quotations:
Ala.ciassA.'giol.lQl Mobile A Ohio .. 16U
Ala.class 8, 65. . 108 Nash ,t Chatt’a 66
Georgia** New Orleans i’a
"7s, mortgage.llo cilic, Ist rnort T 7
N.CaiollnaHs ..I'S'j N. Y. Central. .11234
N. Carolina#*,.. 9*14 Norf * IV. pref. 45
Ao.Carnißrowni Nor. Pacific 38%
consols .109 •• uref. 88’;
Tennesseesettle- Pacific Mall 633*
moot lit T 7 Reading ttD'i
Virginians. .. 47 Richm'd A Ale 8 ,
Va.coniuilidniHd. 84 KP-hm’d A Danv-ltO
Ch'penkeAOnto lid* Ktehm'dA W.Pi
Chir.A N'nthw'nll*'. Turnala*'
" preferred. 141 H Hoik feuuo i( K
Dela,Lack.A W 141V* St. Paul : 9434
Erie 85Vg " preferred. 121
East Tennessee Texas Pacific 21
new stock Union Pacific.... 613<
Lake Shore 91G N. JtGentral.. .. 6134
L’vllle A Nash.. 683i Missouri Pacific. 117%
MoiupuisA Char 40 Western Union.. 77)4
Liverpool, Oct. 15, noon.—Cotton steadv,
with fair demand; middling up’anrt* 5 8-16d;
middling Orleans 5 5-lfld: sales 10,000 bales,
for spcaulatiou and export 1,000 bales: re
ceipts 4.000 bales—American 3,600 bales.
Futures: Dnlaitd*. low middling ciauss,
October delivery. 5 6-64(1: October and No
vember, 5 [email protected]> 8-84d: November and De
cember, 3(<J5 l-64d; December ana January,
sdd; January and February, sd; February
ana March. 6 [email protected] 3-6 id; March and April,
5 3 6l(t*s 4 64i1; April and May, 56-6td; May
and June, 6 8-64d. Market steady.
Sales for iho week, .’>3,000 bales—American
44,000 bales; speculators took 1,700 bales;
exporters took 4,300 bales; actual exports,
6,100 halos; total imports,2B.ooobales—Ameri
can 18,000; total stock 316,000 bales—Ameri
can 150.000 bales: total afloat, 250,000 bales—
Amerioan 180,000 bales.
2:00 p. m.—Tho aalesto-day included 8,700
bales of American.
Futures: Uplands, low middling clause.
October delivery. 5 10-64d, sellers: October
and November, 3 8-64d, buyers: November
and Deccmbor.s 2-04d. sellers: December and
January. 5 l-64d. buyers; January ana Feb
ruary, 5 l-64d. buyers; February and March.
5 3-64d, sellers; March and April, 5 5-04d, Kell
ers ; April ana May. 5 (MJ4d. sellers; May
and June, 5 10-61(1. sellers. Market firm at
the advance.
5:00 p. in —Futures: Uplands, low mid
dling clause. Octooerdellverv. 5 7-ft4d. buyers:
October aud November. 5 l-04d, sellers; No
vember and December. 4 63-64(1, buyers: Do
cemberand Januarv. 463-64d, buyers; Janu
ary and February, 4 63-64(1, buyers: February
and March. 5 1-61(1, sellers; March and April,
6 8-64d, toilers; April and May, 55-64d, buy
ers: May and June, 5 7-64d, buyers. Futures
closed dull.
Manchester. Oct. 15 —Cloths and yarns
dun, with limited inquiry,
Nkw York, Oct. 15, noon.—Cotton opened
steady; middling uplands 9 5-16 c; middling
OrleaDs9)£c; salesß7Bbales.
Futures: Market opened steady withsalcs
as follows: October delivery. 9 nvc; November.
910 c; December. 9 14c: January. 9 22c; Feb
ruary. 9 SOo; March. 9 37c.
5:00 p.m.—Market closed steady: middling
uplands, 9 5-10 c; middling Orleans, 9! v c;
saios to-day 668 bales; not receipts 100 bales,
gross 4,110.
Futures: Market closed steady, with sales
of 00.760 bales, s follows: October delivery,
(i ofijt'iOSo; November, 00*(#9 09o: December,
9 )B(#9 14o; January. 9 21(4*9 220; February,
9 28(st9 29c; March. 9 80(jJ9 87c: April, 9 4t((S
9 46c: May, 9 52(3)9 63c; Jnno, 9 61(jjj9 62", July,
9 6!)@9 70c; August, 9 75®9 760.
Weekly—Net receipts 272 nuies, gross 36,238;
exports, to Great Britain 15.166 bales, to
France 2,192, to the continent 7,786; sales 3,033
bales; stock 80,758 bales.
Green A Co.’s cotton future report savs:
"After going 2®S points above and then ($2
below last evening, the market finally closed
without essential change, hut showing no
great Blrength. In fact, the selling dispo
sition was somewhat checked by apprehen
sions of a ebsngo to cooler weather in the
South. Offerings have been fatriv free, and
while they found some takers, the demand
was cautious, with an apparent de-ire to
handle only sufficient to prevent a break.’’
Galveston, Oct. 15. cotton steady; mid
dling S7£o,
Norfolk, Oct. 15.— Cotton firm; middling
8 15- 180.
Baltimore, Oct. 15.—Cotton steady; mid
dling 9c.
Boston, Oct. 15.—Cotton quiet; middling
9 7-lc
Wilmington, Oct. 15.—Cotton ste.ady; mid
dling 834 c.
Philadelphia, Oct. 15.—Cotton dull; mid
dling 9Hc.
New Orleans, Oct. 15.—Cotton quiet; mid
dling 82f|c.
Mobile, Oct. 15.—Cotton quiet; middling
834 <’.
Memphis,Oct. 15.—Cotton steady; middling
834 c.
Augusta, Oct. 15.—Cotton steadv; middling
8 9-19 c.
Charleston, Oct. 15.—Cotton firm; sellers
assing higher; middlings s „c.
Montgomery,Ool. 15,—Cotton steady; mid
dling 8 7-Jo.
MaOON, Oct. 15.—Cotton steady; middling
Columbus, Oct. 15.—Cotton quiet; middling
Nashville, Oct. 15.—Cotton steady; mid
dling 894c*
Selma, Oct, 15.—Cotton steady; middling
Rome, Oct. 15.—Cotton—No quotation re
Atlanta,Oct. 15.—Cotton—middling 8)40.
New York. Oct IS.—Consoltdated net re
ceipts for all cotton oorts to-day, 34.800 bales;
exports, 10 France 4,293 bales; to the conti
nent 15.210 bales; stock at all American ports
443,583 bales.
Liverpool, Oot. 15, noon.—Wheat quiet
but steady, with poor demand; holders offer
freely. Corn steady, with demaud improving.
Beef, extra Inda ineKs 62s fid.
New York, (>ct. 16, noon.—Flour quiet but
steady. Wheat higher. Corn stronger. Pork
mill;'mess (9 75. Lard firrnat 6 20c. Freights
5 :Oo p. m.—Flour, southern firm. Wheat ‘4
(a>/,e higher, dosing firm; No. 2 rod, October
dcUverySS Novemberß4 [email protected] : )4o. Corn
firm and less active: No. 2, October delivery
4l>[email protected] , „c. November 45%04534c. Oats
>,ic higher; No. 2, October deliverv 3b;:i’, 4 c.
ilops unchanged. Cofl'ee, fair Rio firm at
1154 c. Sugar closed quiet an 1 steady. Molas
ses dull. Cotton seed oil. [email protected] for crude,
40(S*41c for refined. Hides -toady. Wool firm.
Pork quiet but steady. Middles dull. Lard
a shade lower; Wealern ste im, on spot *6 10,
October delivery *606. Freights closed dull;
cotton 9-61f(5-32d; wheat, 4d.
Chicago. Oct. 15.—The wheat market
opened eiwy. and with free oil) rings Novcm
her dec ined to 72>V, with a few scattering
sale* a shade lower. The reported decline in
BrilUlt consols and Russian securities, to
gether with a large export movement at Now
York and Philadelphia, caused a sudden ad
vance, November advancing to 78;nc, with
shorts co crlng freely. A partial reaction
followed, the market Anally closing %c higher
than yesterday. Corn was firmer and a shade
higher, Influenced by tho advance lnwhea>
and smaller cs’(mated receipts. Oats ruled
very steady and closed //(fi'ic higher. Pro
visions were firmer. Mess pork advanced
10c, closing at outside prices.
Tho following shows tne current prices for
cadi properties on the regular board: Flour
quiet and unchanged. Wheat, No. 2 red 72 l /(c.
l orn 84)*jc. Oats*4)4e. Mess potk *9 00. Lard
*5 75(1*5 80. Short rili sides, loose, 6 70c, short
clear sides.boxed, fi 6548070 c, drysaitod shoul
ders, boxed. 6 406*5 45c. Whisky *llß. Sugar,
standard A .V!4tsv%c.
Futures ranged and closed as follows;
Wheat. October deliverv 72)4((}71c, closed at
71340; November 7834(47234'- closed at 78',,e;
December Vt’:JdfHYc, closed at 75)4c; May
82/44980340. closed at Corn, October de
livery closed at 86No; November
8574®35%c. closed at 3594 c; December 2756
3634 c. closed at 36J„c; May H)4fit4u34e. closed
at 41c. Oats, October delivery 24;V&24)40,
closed at 2t)ic; November 25)4(,25c. closed at
25'ic; December 36'44)28c., closed at 26)4*;
May 80)4®30)4c, close t at 80)4c. Mess pork,
October and November delivery *9 005*8 90.
closed at *9 00; January *lUoou.9 87)4. dosed
at *1)95. i.ard, October delivery >5 75(45 70,
closed at*s 7u; November *580(98 75, closed at
(5 77>-a: January .5 97)45*5 35, closed at *5 31'/,.
Short ribs, October delivery 0 70c, January
5 07)4c.
ST.Loris. Oct. 15.—Flour firm. Wheat ac
tive aud higher; No. 2 red, cash 7334'’(*74c, No
vemberdelivery VA'/e<ttU'4. Lorn dull; No. 2
mixed, cash SHlyc. November delivery 83%c.
Oats dull but strong; No. 2 mixed, oasli 26
(4219 ,c, November delivery fiWhis
ky firm at *1 13. Provisions dull and easy but
about unchanged: Mcm pork *0 87)4 Lard
steady '*s 70. Bulk nreats, boxed lots long
clear 6 75c. short ribs 7 87)jc, short clear 7 12)*
(7 25c. Bacon, long clear 7 Sic, abort rib
7 50c, short clear 7
Baltimore. Oct. 15.—Flour closed steady
hut quiet; Howard street ana Western su
perfine *2 25(1*2 65, extra *2 76ffi.’ S'), family
*J 75)54 66, city mills superfine *2 25(42 75.
extra *8 GO®.’. 75; Itlobrands (4 02. Wheat
—Southern easier and quiet; Western higher
ami quiet: Hoiithern red H4i4B6c: amber 85
fi*s7c; No. 2 Western winter red, on spot Mq*
*l)4c. Corn—Southern lower and quiet; West
ern lower and neglected; Southern, white 48
(.I*lßl . yellow 4N43c.
Cincinnati. Oct. 16.—Flour firm; family
*3 49(4385. Wheal Inactive; No. 2 red.7S(4c.
Corn steady; No. 2 mixed 37)4*. Oals firmer;
No. 2 mixed, 27)4<427)40. I'rovl ons Pork
steady at *0 50. Lard Mrmer at 5 8714 c. Bulk
meats dull and nominal. Bacon in fair de
ni anil; packed snort rib# 7 25(*7 76a. clear
•pies 7 9Vjt7 7Se. Whisk v *teady at *llß. Sug r
quiet; New Orleans 4 : 4 '(*>t*c. Hog* quiet;
common and light *3 50((*4 30, packing ami
but' hers (3 Vitdli4 50.
Louisville, oct. 16.—Gram dosed steady:
Wheat, No. 2 red. 72c, Corn, No. 2, white 40c.
Oats, new No. 2. 27)4c. Provision* steadv:
Bacon—clear rlh 7 IJ‘4c. dear side* 7 50c,
shoulders nommul. Bulk meats—clear rib*
6 75c, aides 7 l*)4c. Pork, me** $lO. Lard,
pnoioe *s 00. llante, sugar cured 12c
New Ormans, (Jet. I*.—CnOre firm- Rio
c irgos*. coinmoD to prime tHa'4)l L o. Colton
-eufi "•! nowlual. Suga,. flc.t of new crop re
ccived yesterday from Bt. Emma plantation.
Assumption parish, classed as gray off white
and sold at 6c; open Kettle grades nominal;
centrifugals, off white Molasses,
open Kettle grades steady; cemrif ugula weak.
Liverpool, Oct. 15, noon.—Spirits turpen
tine 20s.
New Vobk, Oct. 15, noon.—Spirits turpen
tine steady at 87c. ltosin steady at 51 [email protected]
1 05c.
Charleston, Oct. 15.—Spirits turpentine
Arm at 34*;c. Rosin Ann; good strained SOo.
Wilmington, Oct 15.—Spirits turpentine
firm at 34!•£('. Kosiu quiet; strained 76e.
good strained 80c. Tar firm at *125. Crude
turnenune firm; hard 80c, yellow dip *1 90,
virgin sl9o.
New York. Oct. 15.—Market steady.
New Orleans, Oct. 15. Rice steady.
New Orleans ltice Mark it.
New Orleans. Oct. 11.—The rice market,
after ruling fairly active during the latter
part of (be week, opcued quiet to-day, and
aitbou.h a moderate business was done, the
demand lacked spirit and buyers took more
sparingly. Holders were steady in their
views, however, and seemed determined to
give way no further. The supply continues
liberal and offerings are large, but holders ure
not pressing sales. The assortment is good,
hut the demand ruus mainly on etieap rice.
Rough rice continues quiet, with a modorato
demand. Offerings are liberal and the assort
ment good. A good partof the receipts is still
being st >red. ISran and poli-h am quiet.
The receipts to-day comprised 12,895 sacks
of rough ami 1,088 barrels of clean.
The sales as reported to tile Produce Ex
change to-day were 384 barrels of clean and
761 sacks of rough.
Our quotations are from the official report
of the Produce Exchange, and are for round
lots in first bauds. Dealers ask ‘,„a‘ie por
pound higher on job lota.
Spot quotations—Clean per pound—Fuir de
, N °-2 2>[email protected]
Ordinary 81, (> —
Fair BjgWSW
Good Sjfcii'c3B4
Prime 4 (SiW
Choice minimal
Fancy. .... nominal
Rough rice is quiet at $2 40®2 70 per bar
rel of 152 pounds. Rico polish—Quoted *lO 00
al2oo for ordinary and * a-—■ for bolted
per ton from the mills; rice bran *8 Coa7 00
per ton.
Future market—Nominal.
Sales at the call—Hough rice—Seller.March,
500 sacks at $2 52. — /'iciivutie.
Sltiiumta __
Sun Rises 8:28
Sun Sets 5:37
High Water at Savannah 9:67 am, 10:16 pll
SatUROAV. Oct 18, 1886.
Steamship Hnghendcn 1 Ur), Hews, Madeira,
in ballast— A Minis A Sons.
Steamer St Nicholas, Lsina, Darien, Doboy,
llrunswlck and Fornaudlna—C William's.
Steamer Pilot Hoy, Phillips, Beaufort-
Bark Troupes (Rust, Kublis, Aspinwall via
Sapelo, in ballast—S Fatmau.
Steamship Nacoochee. Kemplon, New York
—G M Sorrel.
Steamship Ada (Br), Oarner, Genoa—Sl ra
dian A Cos. •
-teamshlp Fannie (Br), Nielsen, Rcval—
A Minis ft Sons.
Steamship Elsie (Br), Thompson, Baroelona
A Minis ft Sons.
Bark Argo (Nor), Areutsen, Hamburg—A
R Salas ft ( o.
Bark Hakon dar! (Nor), .lenten, Brunswick,
in ballasl —A R Salas ft Cos.
Sehr K V Glover, Ingersoll, Charleston, in
ballast—Jos A Roberts ft Cos.
Steamer Alice Clark, Carroll, Cohen's
I Bluff and way landings—W T Gibson, Mana
Steamer St Nicholas. Uaina, Darien. Doboy,
Brunswick and Fernandlna—C YVilliams,
Steamer Pilot Boy, Phillips, Beaufort-
Steamship Nacoochee. New York.
Steamship Fannie (Br). Revah
Bark Hakon lari (Nor), Brunswick.
SchrGeo El Y'oung, Fernandlna.
Beachy Head. Oct 13—Passed, steamshipThos
Turnout! ( Hr), Sheath, Coosaw for London.
London, Oct 18—Arrived, bark Sabrina (Br),
Shepherd, Brunswick, Ga.
Buenos Ayres, Sept B—ln port, bark Fran
clsca G (Hal), Delewarchi, for Pensacola and
Chartered, barks Girolmina (Hal), Cacace
for United Stales; Dominica M (Ital), to load
at Pensacola tor Rosario.
Rio Janeiro. Sept 18—In port, bark Venice
(Br), Hill, from Pensacola.
Belfast, Oct 12—Arrived, sohr Prescott Ha/.-
eltioe, French, Boston, to load forJackson
Coosaw, 8 C, Oct 12—Arrived, bark Lieut
Maury (Br), James, Barbados.
Feruand na. Oct 18—Arrived, schr Loi* V
Chaples. Boss, Brunswick.
Cleared 15th, Bchr Thomas J May. Bowman.
Jacksonville, Oct 1.8 Arrived, schr Mary L
Allen, Goldthwaite, Rockland, Me.
Cleared, schr W H Van Brunt, Houghwout,
Albany. N Y.
Key West. Oet 13—Arrived, steamer Comal.
Bulger, New York.
Sailed, steamer T J Cochran, Weatherford.
Havana; achr Margaretta. Pascagoula
New Bedford, Oct 18—Sailed, schr George
Taulaine. Savannah,
Delaware Breakwater, Oct 13-Paased out,
steamship Clintoma (Br), Bulman, from
Philadelphia for Savannah.
Providence. Oct 18—Sailed, schrs John H
Cross, Rawley, Brunswick. Ga; Stephen G
Han. Rivers, davannab.
Wilmington, N c, Oct 18—Arrived, steam -
ship Jeamond (Br), Hall, Sydney, C B via
Per Charleston and Savannah Rv. Oct 15—
84 hales cotton. 1C cars wood, 11 bills ros>n, 152
caddies tobacco, 203 sacks rice, 20 hags pea
nuts. and mdse.
Per Savinnan. Florida and Western Kv,
Oct 15—1.498 ball a cotton. 4 oars lumber, 1 cur
iron. 1 car cattle. 3 cars wood, 1,239 bbis rosin,
1 caro ts. 277 bblu sp rits turpentine, 18 bales
bides 6 bhls whisky, and mdse.
Per steamer Bt. Nicholas, from Fernandlna
and way landlnga—24s bales cotton, 8 bags
cotion, 2 hales bides. 418 sacks rice, 2 boxes
paint, 29 lihls rosin. 1 bill paint, 3 Mils builis, 6
bbis bottles, 3 trunks, 1 patter, 2 pkgs, 1 cave,
2 cases lints, 3 Oil's flour. 1 empty c m.
Per Central Railroad. Oet 15—0,558 bale*
cotton. 80 bales varus, 1 bale demesnes. 1 pkg
paper. 4 hales hides, 21 rolls leather, 24 pkgs
tvliacoo, 4.100 Ilia bacon, 250 tibia rosin. 7.9 M)
los trull, a phis spirits turpentine, 1 car wood,
15 hills liquor, 2 * pkgi furniture. 3 cars stock,
ii cars lumber. IU bhls molas-cs. 10 pkgs twine,
14 cars pig iron, 88 pkgs vegetables, 3 pkg*
inch), 16* psgs mdse,'ir> bales paper slock, 12
libls junk, 2 pkgs empties. 4 bles plaids, 30
boxes candles, 8 bbl* eggs. 1 ssrk peanuts, 18
cases eggs, 5 cars coal, 25 bbis grits.
Per steamship Xacoochee. far New York—
-2,024 bales ujiluud cotion, 214 bales sea island
cotton, 80 bales dmuesiics and yarns, 95,812
feet lumber, 220 Mils rice. 477 bbis rosin, UK
bhls spirits turpentine, 81 bales paper stock, 67
boxes oranges, 228 tons pig iron, C 6 crates
vegetables, 193 pkgs mdse
Per steainsMp Ada (Br), for Genoa—2,4so
bales upland cotton,weighing 1.183,805 pomp's.
Per steamship Fannie i Bn, for Iteval—4,6so
balrs upland cotton,weighing2,l(4.oo6pounds.
Per steamship Elsie (Hr), for Barcelona—
-6.880 bales upland cotton, weighing 3,336,637
Per bark Argo (Nor), for Hamburg—sso
bb'e spirits turpentine, measuring 28.354 gal
lons; 8,450 bins rosin, weighing 1,503,87*
pounds—Paterson, Downing ft Cos.
Per steamnrdt Niohola*. from Fernanlina
and wav landings—Miss L Fox, E Edmuud
son, A Streichenl/erg, Cant H Chan wick. R A
Evans, R II Lester, <. W Davies, Mrs Allen, O
II Mtrongbrlng, G Wanabucker, and 5 deck
Per steamship Nscoochee, for New York—
-8 P Hamilton. John Turhan. O H Tiller*, F K
McArthur and wife, F Willard and wile, Mrs
K Morse, Cbas Loiao. Mrs McAllistar, Miss
Bene McAllister, T H Wood, Mrs O H Wood,
and 1 steerage.
Per Charleston and Savannah Rv. Oct 15—
Transfer Office, a. F ft W Rv, G Walter ft Cos,
Peacock. H ft Cos, II M vers ft Bros, H A Ulmo,
II At Comer ft Cos. A B Collins ft Cos, J If Use.
McMillan Bros. Gsrnett, * ft Cos, M T Brower,
R 44 Laafebt J Uasgue, J O Wilkinson.
Per steamer 8t Nicholas, from FernandinO
and wav Inn lings—R Habersham's Son * Co,'
McDonough ft B. M Ferst ft Cos, R J Davsnt,
M Maciean. Bnstein ft W. Lee Roy Myers, Gea
Meyer. A B Huil, W W Gordon ft Cos, Cohen
ft • o. Butler ft S, r> Y Danc,v,M Y HenderaonJ
K M Farlev, Cliaa Ellis, Ellis, H ft Cos, Hirschl
Bros, Kate Bird, Dolly Mitchell, P Seabroot,
L C Banks.
Per Savannah. Florida and Western Ry,
Oct 15—Transfer Office. Jno Flannerv ft Ce,i
Reiser ft s, M Y Henderron. Smith Bros ft CoJ
Holcombe, G ft Cos, It B Ca*~cl*, C E Stults. ('
G Purse, VV B Mell ft Cos. M Boley ft Bon, T L
Brown, Ohlander Bros, Dale, Dft Cos, W I)
McMillan, McDonough ft Cos, Llppman Hfoe.
H Myers ft Bi os, Solomons ft Cos, J&n B Ar
nold. M Ferst ft Cos. Lee Itoy Mvers, Miss M
Footman, J C Thompson, Lllienthal ft Son, W
Kirkland, A Lefflor, J P Williams, Herron ft
G. G V Hooker & Cos. Lindsay ft M, C L Jones,
S Guckcnbsimer ft Son, Rcndheim Bros ft Cos,
Melts hard Bros ft Cos. MY ft D I Meintyre, J
B Flpvd, B H Levy A Bro, Lindsay ft M, Ellen.
James, Graham ft H, Butler & S, Cluya Ellis,
Woods ft Cos, J 8 Wood ft Bro, Baldwin ft Cos,
Perkins ft Son. H M Comer ft Cos. D Y Dancy,;
W W Gordon ft Cos. M Maclean, Kills, H ft Cos,
W C Jackson, Peacock, H ft Co,J W Hinson e
Per Central Kaiirqad. Oct 15— Fordg Ait,
Jno Flannerv ft Cos, H M Comer* Cos. order,
Baldwin ft Co,W W Gordon ft Cos, M MaoleanJ
8 M Parley, Garnett. S ft Cos, Hammond, II ft
Cos, M V ft I) I Melmyre, Batter ft 8, Herron l
ft G, Warren ft A, G Walter ft Cos, Wheaton
ft Sun, J P Williams, J 8 Wood ft Bro, Dr I*
Cox. Woods ft Cos, C HCarson, Epstein 4 W,
W D simkms, J 8 Collins ft Cos, A R Fawcett,
A H Champion, A J Miller ft Cos, R D Bogart,
M Boiey ft Son, FI Solomon ft Son, W R Moore, 1
Weed ft C, Llppman Bros. A Ehrlich ft Bro, .r
s Haines, D B Lester, C At Gilbert ft Cos, P'P
Bnrnum, I Epstein ft Bro, .1 C Thompson, 8 IV
Schriew, Aug Obdanders. ft Dub, P D Damn,'
S Guckenheimer ft Son, (Cavanaugh ft B, C L
Lane, LeeßoyMiers, McDonough ft B, Keg
.1 P Wardlaw, Peacock, Hft Cos. Ganahl ft L,'
D C Bacon A Cos, II Myers A Bros, C KohlerJ
N Lang. i
SAVANNAH, Oct. 15, 1888.
steamships. ,
Tallahassoe, 9,677 tons, Fisher, New Y ork, idg,
—G M Sorrel. /
Juniata, t,320 tons, Askins, Philadelphia,ldg—
G H Sorrel
Elsie (Hr), 1,543 tons, Thompson, Barcelona,
cld—A Minis ft Sons.
Marlon (Br , 1,956 tons, Jeffels. Liverpool, Mr
—A 51 inis ft son#.
Mozart (Br), 1,549 tons.Sawyor, Liverpool,ldß
—A Minis ft sons.
Corouilla Br), 875 tons, Gavin, Liverpool, til j;
A Minis ft boos.
Wolvlston (Br), 1,138 tons, Edmonson, Liver
pool, Idg—A Minis ft Sons.
Coventry (Br), 1,140 tons, Bacon, Bremen, Mg
—A Minis ft Sons. |
Graudholm 'Br), 1104 tons. Mason, Barcelona,
ldg -Richardson ft Barnard.
Uuglienden (Br), 1,158 tons. Bows, Liverpool,
ldg—A Minis ft Bong.
Lancaster, (Br), 1,146 tons, Stceies, In distress,;
die—Wilder ft Cos.
Beulson (Br), 1,131 tons. Fulton, Bromen, ldx
-Wilder ft Cos.
Etna (Ger), 1,478 tons, Brunner, Liverpool,
ldg—Wilder ft-Co.
Ada (Bri, 566 tons, Garner, Genoa, cld—btrad
chan ft Cos,
Fourteen steamships.
Argo (Nor). 69! tons, Areatsen, Hamburg, eldi
—A it Salas ft Cos.
Premier <Nor>, 474 toas, Guttormsen, Buenos
Ayres, Ida—A K Salas ft Cos.
Patent (Nor). BXI tone, Morgensen, at quarau
tine, wtg—A R salas ft Cos.
Latona (Nor), 5:i2 tons, Tcrjesen, at quaran*
antlne, wtg—A R Salas ft Cos. I
Ole Bull (Nor), 549 tons, Riie, at quarantine,
wtg— A K Salas ft Cos.
Ankathor (Nor), 745 tons,Olsen, at Tybee, wtg
-ill Salas ft Cos.
Ganymedes (Nor), 411 tons, Oisen, at quaran-t
tine, wtg—A K Salas ft Cos.
Imporator (Nor), 575 tons. Henriksea, Bueno#
Ayres, ldg—A R Sqlas ft Cos. (
SJaniandeu (Not), 539 tons, I.unde, Europe,
ldg—M 8 Cosulleb ft Cos.
Dagmal (Nor), 458 tons, Sarboe, Europe, ldg—
M 8 Cosulioh ft Cos. *
Heurv A Bui nliam, 473 tons, Ross, New Bed
ford, ldg—Joe A Roberta ft Cos.
Arlington (Nor), 642 tons, Torjeaen, Grange
month, dis—Chaa Green’s Son & Cos.
Daphne (Nor). 52s tuns, Madsen, at quaran
tine—Holst ft Cos. t
Thirteen barks.
Arcot. 381 tons, Cates, Philadelphia, dis-Fen•
imore ft Johnson.
One brig.
Wm B Steelman, 419 tone, Graham, Balti
more. dis—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Annie ft Yllllard, 546 tons. Morris, Philadel
phia, Idg—Jos A Roberts ft Cos.
K V Glover, 270 tons, lugersol, Charleston, old
—Jos A Roberts ft Cos. 1
Ida Lawrence. 481 tons, Young, Baltimore,ldg;
Joa A Roberta ft Cos.
Virginia Knlon. 266 tons. Mills, Washington.'
Idg—Joa A Roberts ft Cos.
Francis C Yarnall, 475 tuna. Scott, Philadel
phia, dis—Jos A Roberts & Cos.
Margaret A Mey, in tons, Jarvis, Philadel
phia, Idg-Jos \ Roberts ft Cos.
Toni Wilburns. 307 tons. Mills. Philadelphia,
ldg—Jo# A Roberts ft Cos
J B Atkinson, 403 tons, Donahoe, Philadelphia,'
dis —Femmore ft Johnson.
Nine schooners. I
Jrittta, <?tr. |
W. D. Simkins & Cos.
Fruits, Apples, Fears, Grapes,
XT UTS, Raisins, Almonds, Prunes, Curraata.
In Fine j
Potatoes, Onions, Canned Go^ds.
Sug r cured Meats, Hams, Shoulder*.
Strip#, etc.
Cofree, Sugar, Klee, Tea, Butter, Salt, Fish.
Lard, syrup. Molasses, Brooms and Pails.
Wine# and Liquors, all grades.
Virginia Handpicked and Georgia Peannta.
Poultry and Kgge, wholesale and retail, 1
Kalamazoo Celer;- fr. h every week.
For rale at the lowest rates.
VrintmQ, etc.
1886. 1886.
AuoordiDgto the quantity tad
Before sending orders abroad see
what cun be done nl home.

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