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thk mkrcuky ooks porty
ffatrrtown. X. TANARUS„ the Colrteet City 1
the Country—A Men Froren to Death
In Michigan—The St. I. .wrenoe Kiyer
Fr. seii from Shore to Sh ire—Four De
grees Below Zerolo||iryl*nd.
Chicago, Jan. 3. The cold wave
throughout the Northwest continues, and
at many points the cold is more severe
than yesterday. Here in Chicago the
mercury early this morning marked from
8 to 13 defs. below hero. Throughout
the State it ranges from 1 to 15 decs,
below. In Minnesota and Dakota
It is Irora 10 to 35 (legs, below. West of
here the temperature to-dav is warmer.
North Platte, Neb., shows 4 degs. below
aero, while west of there, in Wyoming,
the mercury ranges way above zero.
Cheyenne reports 85 deg. atiovo. inere
has been bo serious delay or interruption
of railway traffic as tar as known.
Baltimore, Jan. 3 —The mercury at
"Westminister was 4 dogs, below zero this
Lafayette, Ind., Jan. 3.—Toe tli
mometer was 28 deirs. below zero here at
6 o’clock ih'S morning.
Cheboygan, Mich.. Jan. C.— The mer
cury sioiiu at 15 de.'S. below zro yester
day morning. The straits have been
Irozeu over since Friday, and the ice is
strong enough to bear horse*. This is tee
earliest freezing of toe straits ill many
Sandy Hook, N. J„ Jan. 3.-• Lower
New York bav, from the railroad di ck at
Saidv Hook to Raritan bay, is frozen
solidly. Small quantities ol drift sink:
ice are drifting out of Sandy Hook. A
bartcenline is the only vessel anchored in
the bay.
frozen to•kath.
Barrisvillk. Mich., Jan. 3.—George
Dow and Thomas Co,ml. were discovered
yester iav in a ravine on Loud's branch ol
the Detioit, Bay City and Atheina rail
road Count was frozen stiff and Dow
was nearly dead, though he may recover.
The meicury this morning waa 12 degs.
below zero.
Watertown, N. Y., Jan. 3. In sev
eral places in this county tills morning
tbo thermometer registered 40 deg*. below
zero. This is the coldest weatoer ol tDe
The cold weather bss covered the St.
Lawrence river witn ice. On Saturday
the ice was suffic.euilv strong to allow
the crossing of trams between Cape Vin
cent ami Kingston, a distance of twelve
miles. Tne steam ferry has stopped run
ning and loth passengers and mail were
transferred in sleighs to-day.
Columbus, Ga., Jan. 3.—The Colum
bus iron Works aud Columbus steam
cotton mills were shut down for a snort
time this morning on account of the ex
treme cold weather. There was some ice
floating in the Chattahoochee, and In
Girard, Ala., the laying of the corner
stone ot the Baptist Church nati to be
postponed until the weathe; moderates.
City of Mexico. Jan. 3.—The cold
wave from the United Slates struc k the
Valley of Mexico early this in ruing.
1 bin ice lormeil in several piaces in the
city. There was a remarkably sudden
change in the temperature within a few
Falatka, Kla., Jan. 3.—-The cold Sat
urday ami Sunday nights did no damage
to tne orange crop, but from ind cations
to-nigbt the cold will lie mote severe as
the thermometer is lalling rapidly.
The Official Count—Ex-Gov. Davis
to be tlie Senator.
Bt. Paul. Minn.. Jan. 3—The official
count of too vote on tho Sts% ticket was
Blade to-dav. The result on Governor
was: A R. McGill ( R p.), 107,
Ames ( Dem.). T.
(i . ~ ’
all! (. an,'" I o'-ii'OrWHHHH
(Rep.). 114.03N; J
J.P. PiiiKOiim (Pro.), 0.J71. li> |
Republican ofli ,rs Imve majnri es
Jog little Irotn that for Lieutenant
ernor. Alayor Ames was present as am
Interested spectator ol the proctedm •!
but made no attempt to be sworn in as 1
bad been asserted he wouid. He declines
to slate his intentions In this respect.
W. li. Alerriam, a prominent banker of
this city, carried the caucus of tun Re
publican mem be sof the State Legisla
ture to-night (or Speaker of the House by
avote of 47 to 17, wliichinsures his e ec
tton on the conveoiiodflMle Legislature
to-morrow. He by tho
friends candidate for
Unilt iosueeeed .Mr. M -
>lll l an. result, it is thought,
£rac'ically insures the election of Mr.
The Opening of the New Year
Mnrkod by Many Failures.
Charleston. 8. C., Jan. 3.—1. Elias,
retail shoo and boot dealer, has assigned.
The assets and liabilities are not known.
Little Rock. Ark.. Jan.
lue "I l.a I, za ' l’> .-•
merchant of Newport.
creditors are In st. Lous, New Orleans
Memphis, Louisville, < incinnatl, Boat in.
Chicago and Philadelphia, m ichantsuml
manulacturers. Ilis liabilities will roacu
$40,000. His as ets are SBO,OOO.
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 3.—The
boot and shoe tnanulactunng firm of Fa -
ley & Hoes, at Lafayette, has made a vol
untary transfer of its asset* to James
Faliev, as trustee. Th assets are $227,-
OOOand the liabilities $150,000.
Omaha, Sfb., Jan. B.— Roy Douglass,
jeweleis, have closed their doors and ab
sconded. Their liabilities are $30,000.
Cedar Rapids. la., Jan 3.—Upton fc
Cos. were closed Uedav. Their liabilities
are $75,000 and their assets $40,000.
Bc<*rlt Over.
Darbys Prophylactic Fluid is une
qutiled in the treutmentot Scarlet Fever.
Used a a gargle it prevents the throat
from becoming diphtheritic, allays tip
Inflammation and subdues the pain.
Used to sponge the body n allays ,|j e jtol _
Sogintlainmation of the sklu aiid destroy a
Exp' Sfd In the sick room it will pre
vent be spread of contagion, aud keep
the atmosphere wholesome.
Advice iu H nu *r
Mrs, Winslow'* Soothing Syrup should
(tlwaysbe used when children are cutting
teeth, it relieves the little sufferer at
once; it produces natural, quiet sleep by
relieving the child from pain, and the
littie cherub awakes as “bright as a
button.” It is verv pleasant to taste. It
soothes the child, softens the gums, al
leys all pain, relieves wind, regulates the
U*w#ls, end is the best known remedy fur
diarrhoea, whether arising irom tcotiung
a* other Muses. 25 cents a bottle. j
Something About Gail Hamilton
and Other AYotu n.
New Y'ORK, Jan. 1. —Gail Hamilton’s
emergence into the tield of metropolitan
journalism, alter a long begira to tli
provinces, recalls some curious memories
ol this gifted controversialist’s past.
When she took to her now famous uoin
de plume it was with the idea that her s x
and her Identity as a woman, and plain
Abigail Dodge. ol Hamilton, .Muss., would
bo impenetrably masked for all time.
She scorned all tera -nine weaknesses and
wished to pass in bei writings for a man.
Her intimate frieuds among women
frequently suffered from her unbending
prejudices. Ouee, Elizabeth Stuart
Phelps, who lives in Andover, in Gail's
own Slate, whs cold ally invited to make
this redoubtable woman a visit. The
famed spinster of “Gates Ajar”
celebrity had for her alter eg
at that time a faithful setter (log
to w hom she was devoted. “I will c one
to Hamilton next week wiih my dog
Ralph,*’ wrote Miss Phelps.
“You will come without aov nnnsens'*,
and by yourself,” wrote back the ob
jective tiail. Miss Pnclps stayed away
with her dog, and Hamilton Oas never
known Oer since. But Gail, with all her
silk stocking migbtine-s, had her soft
-pots; and, about torn time, she hail what
may he called a psychological affinity for
a young Bostonian something like twenty
years her junior. Tins young gentleman
was known in Boston as a somewhat ore
coco us JHeralor, ami posed in his lav
as the Archibald Grosvenor of the time.
With bis aMtt etic “laris,” b’S pat verses
to Oider aid his twenty maidens. Gail
oad never s eo any tuing like this before,
and (irosveoor was made very welcome
at (ha old bouse at Hamilton, to the dis
may „eu.l mortification ol Gail’s good
neigbbois. It was about this time, too,
that Gail had her famous quarrel with
James F. Field*. She claimed that he
ami Oszood had tricked herouto' her just
dues in copyrights, and she got righteous
judgment from ref rees at the time. So,
woeu Grosvenor was enthroned,
she actually turned the portrait
of the author publisher. Fields,
face to the wall and hu ig up the new god
in a conspicuous place! The twain Oad
such teie-a-letes and symposia as staid
Hamilton had never seen before, and
once when the gallant caval er slaved too
late, and fell down a flight ol steps in ihe
darkness, hurrying for the last train,
there was a scene at the old hoiues'ead
that basuever yet been and never will be
recorded in any ot Gail’s published
No one who estimates Gall Hamilton
from her books can form any adequate
idea of her extraordinary charms as a
conversationalist and raconteur.
\V asliiiigton. perhaps, knows some
thing ol her surpassing social gilts; but.
save in the sacred shrine ot Oer o wn fire
side, they have never been disclosed in
full splendor. Culpepper.
How a Philanthropist Helped an
Undeserving Mendicant.
A writer in toe Youth’s Companion
says that he well remembers < ne case
among ail the wretchedness and disease
found among the ho.:gar class of l’ekin
widen moved his pity, and which lor
months he regularly relieved. It was the
case of an old man, ragged aid shivering
with cold, who sat every dav by the street
side. He was not ball clothed, and thrust
out in trout oi hm were bis feet, which
had evidently been frozen, and wereNiter
allv rotting off.
One day Hie writer missed the old man
from his accustomed place, but, on Ins re
turn home trom bis usual walk, overlook
hhn. The oi l mail was trudging along
borne, and all slgua of frozen feet had dis
app a 'ei *
“VVny.j.’ said the writer, addressing
him, “how can you manage to walk with
ihose wretched Icet of jours?”
“Oh.” said ihe old man. “they are in my
Then, without anv h> eita’lon or sign
of ehara i. he thrust his Hand into his
bosom and pulled out a pair of socks paa
ded who O 'tton so as to re resent his leet
a-swol eu iut of shape. Toe socks w-re
made of cai vas, and so ae< u ately pain *
>d into the resemblance o' ieet, with toe
nails dropping off and th- flesii a mass ot
rottenness, that th-y had deeeiv<d the
writer in broad sun Ii ht a hundred lim.-s.
“Well,” said h ■ writ t, very m ich dis
li a- lute ’
Bolins II irw ; . a-lvi
cannot vou earn soiii-' honest
vi a i?”
To which 'he old man replied, as sim
ply and frankly as though his calling
mve -o quite hoots and prai-eworthv:
B*“Oh, yes, I’m a shoemaker. And 1 havo
beifi thinking about giving up this line of
nu-oness, for it don’t pay nearly as well
44 It ÜB“d to. Taere are too many beg
ga)-s now; and alter all, it’s pretty hard
work sitt'n,; thereon ihe ground all day
and snouting out: ‘Have pity!’ 1 believe
I’ll go back to mending slu es.”
In a day or iwo he appeared with his
kitot tooi and uts bench by ihe side of
the street quite near the writer’s resi
dence, aud there he m nded shoes lor
soffi ten years uut.i! his death, which oc
curred in toe winter of 1882.
Some Notable Women.
M A , Livermore in t\e Cfuiut.iuqrtm.
Rosa Bonheur wears the cross of the
Legion oi Honor, given her by the Em
press Eugenio, because of her unap
proachable genius as a painter ot aiu
ml*. Florence Nightingale was deco
rated with the cross ot Victoria, at the
close ol her marvelous hospital and saoi
(i ary work during lue war ol toe Crimea.
Choline Uersouel received from the
Bsl -Society a gold medal in recogni
of her own astronomical woik, while
Miiving a salary by order of the
or >wn as her brother’s taithtu! assistant.
Charlotte Bronte triumphed over every
unkindnesa ol late, and put heart and
conscience into boons that are still f'uil
ol fascination and spiritual power. Fian
ces Power Cobbe Is to-dav the iiust emi
nent literary woman ol England, whose
pen illumines all subjects ami who has
laid women in li deiu bv her matchless
work, “The Duties of Women.” Maria
8. Kye and Annie Mcl’oersou have crossed
the Atlantic teu and line n tunes witn
two or three thousand friendless girls und
street Arabs of L udon, whom they hav
p seed in homes in Australia, Now Zea
land and Canada.
Dorothea 8. Dix has spent her life im
proving the condition ol paupers, lunati g
and prisoners in America. l> s. Kiizalte ii
Blue', l.aknzw-Ka and Cos -
iea in our country, and
hav * made n easy f r them to prsotica
tie tieaitog art. Catharine Beeo ier and
Mary Lyon were pioneer* m the art oi
higher education oi women, ibe foi mer
funding a vc man’s college ..ml the latt r
Mount Holyoke seminary, where she
adopted the princip.e*, m inntlv ■ to pro
. rcrS wli cn ater we e . nip oyed b> l)r.
l Arnold ai Rugby. Maria M ieii-11, the
sstronomur, wo a s ihe go and np dal of toe
Kiog'oi Denmark iiecause •>! telescopic
die vein*, and, winie professor
asuonoini si Yasser Cos lege, mak s jgfl
oi s ovations used Ov the In id
t ov. i niii. ii ui! e . is' '-ui
air.li irizc*.
IHSI. (11l HM.IU.IiI
<lf Mis Sa v inn .li Morulng Nrno^W
IVailv—One Year 1180
irttily —Six Al"iiiho ... Hp
Dai i —'l lin e Months
Dai 1 1 —One 800th.... lB
Turns—Cash in advance. I
William Ehtill, ■
(Es I J’* New* Depot), No. 18 Bull auceß
tcrjicL lit use. v
Clian<rln<j Yapec s of the Planets
Durinsr the Year’s I'ir-l Month.
Saturn becomes evening star on Jan. 9,
rom tae sun’s western to bis east
ern sid J, Ding when the sun sets. r> acb
..eridian at midoight and setting
: ..■ Utilise.
Jupiter is morning star during the
month. On Jan. 20, at 10 o’clock in ihe
evening he is In quadi ature on the sun’s
westtrn sole, lie th- u rises about mid
night. Jupiter in quadrature is always
a superb sizht. Ho then hangs in the sky
!>0 (legs. Irom the sun.
Uranus is morning star. On Jan. 2, at 7
o’clock in toe evening, he is in quadra
ture on the sun's western side. Tbisevent
occurred twenty-two days before Jumter
reaches the same goal. Uranus is com
ing towards the eartn. and will soon be
in a position to be easily discerned by the
ohi- ed e> e.
Venus is evening star. She is still too
near ihe sun to be easily visible during
the hrst part of the month, out the most
interesting planetary event on the Janu
ary record will be the advent of this ra
diant. star amid the glow oi twilight soon
alter sunset as the month draws to a
close. On the 20 b she must be looked for
north of the sunset point. Soe will be
ipund in toe southwest almost as soon as
who sun goes down, and observers who
discover the sparkling evening star
floating on the tremulous waves ot twi
iiL’bt will be amidv rewarded lor the
trouble required by beholding ihe beauti
ful sight.
Mercury is morning star. He will he
visible to the naked eye during the tirai
part of the mouth, but will soon w ing his
swift flight so near the sun as to be hid
den in ins rays.
Neptune is evening star, and remains
in line pos turn lor observation as lie pur
sues hiseluwoourse south oi the i’.e ades.
Mars is even ng star. He is too near
the sun lo b< visible, as ne slowly travels
towards conjunction. At the close o. ttie
month. Saturn, Neptune, Venus and
Mars are eveniiig stars; Jupiter, Uranus
and Mercury are morning stars.
"Ihe January moon lulls on the 9th at
oh. 33m. p. m , Eastern standuid time.
I’ois is tlie season when, as the tiimacac
announces, “me moon runs high.” For
about this lime our satellite reao es her
greatest height, iu the heavens when mak
ing her merid an passage.
There are no osculations of the plants
during toe month. If, however, an ob
server could see the moon irom toe centre
ol the earth or in Oer geocentric position,
be would see her oil the 6th, occulent no
less than sixteen stars. Unlv one oi the
sixteen is ol the first magnitude. Tuis is
AldeOarau or Alpha Tauri. The occu ta
tion will occur in the early evening, and
will be visible in Washington.
Tbe sun has turned nia face northward,
and even now his nearer presence is per
ceptible in the tew minutes of additional
light Oelore his radiant lace is bidden be
low the horizon. During tne mon b there
will be an increase ot forty-nine minutes
to the length of tbe day.
Wntsther Indications-
f -— ~ Special indications for Geor-
FAIR ga: Fair weather and warmer.
For Georgia, Eastern Florida,
W’estern Florida and Alabama:
Warmer, southwesterly winds, and lair
wea her.
The height of the river at Augusta at
1:33 (’oiock o. m. yesterday (Augusta
time) was 7 7 feet—a fall of 0.1 feet during
the preceding 24 hours.
(Jo huarar.ive statement of temperature
at Buvannah Jan. 3. 1886 and 1887:
o:3fi A M 57
2::i6 f. M 35
10:3U r.M
tfatimum •
tllnimum 57
tlt-nn temperature
of<l iy rs
Itainfk'i 0.341
fi:3 A. M 24
2:4ti f. m 82
10:38 p. m 24
Maximum 32
Minimum 23
Mean temperature
of lay 2fi
Rainfall 0.00
OtMorratlons tftKon at tue same wouaeut
Of time at ail stations.
Savannah, Jan. 3 fl:3ii r. m.. City time.
Direction. *_
Velocity. .*
Portland I I N W [ . Clear.
Boston Clear.
N C! r.
11 N W 2 Clear.
Norfolk in! NE U .... I.ear.
Charlotte ... 17 E Clear.
Killv ilawg
V* inn nglon... 22 NE 9 Fair.
Charleston 25 N lo .... mar.
Ai gnsta 21 N Clear.
Savannah. 24 N Clear.
Jacksonville . 31 N 8 .... Clear.
Key West..... 56 N 11 .... Clear.
Atlanta 20 8E 8 Clear.
Pensacola 29 NE Clear.
Mobile 23 N 9 j Clear.
Montgomery... 28 N Clear.
Vicnauurg ... 21 NE JClear.
NewOrleans .. 30 N— ( loar.
snreveport. .. 28! SE | 6 ....|Clear.
Fort Smith .... 20 j E | 8 —jC:ouiiy.
Gaiveston 3sj E 15 ...Jrair.
Palestine ....
Brownsville... 50 N 6 ...,'Cloudy.
Rio Grande.... 4 N . Clear.
Knoxville 18 NE Ic'lear.
Memphis 19 K 8 (clear.
Nashville 15 N .. . Fair.
Louisville.. 12 SF Clear.
Indianapolis.. 7 SE 8 Clear.
Cincinnati .... 9 SE .... Fair.
Pittsburg ... 10 S s .... Clear.
Buffalo li S 20 02 Cloudy.
Cleveland 3 s ID ....|Uear.
Marquette ... 8 SW 8 .01 Liglitsnow.
Chicago 4 8 101 CP* ids.
Du tilth 7SW l 01 Cloudy.
91. Paul 9 8K 7| .03 ‘ igut snow.
Davenport 8 s 16 j Cloudy.
Cairo 16 8E 7 j •... Cloiidv.
Ht. Louis 31 .8 7i Cloudy.
i.eavenworth. 16 8 1H|.... ;Cloudy.
Omaha 17 S 9 Clear.
Yankton 18 8 05' Fair.
Bismarck 1 N W oi i n^idy.
P-U'lwoud .... 23 NE .72 Light snow.
North Platte .. 31 Nw2> . Clear.
DodkcCity .. 22 SE . Fu r.
G. N. Salisbury, signal Corns U.S. A.
Saraijs 4 tel 80.
(Tlie Natlenal Bank of Savannah Building;,
J. J. DALE Presipent
BOW'D LOVELL, Vick President
All I'Mis i. Dale, K iw’d
■H " A >1 •. 8 Me '
s - :• i
■ nil
Hu e- ami regulation* can bo
j piica* ico to ' a-Inor.
Wilt uegol ia'o 'he purdiase and sac of
; Bomb,B oi k-. Mot tgage- uiul a ' other s"curi.
I*. Will loan money and ncgutiaie loans
tor others on approved security.
Call and get terms and -all 1 fy yourselves
ilia It will be most auvantageous iu ileal
ruttpral 3mntrtffcn < '
WA LKER.— ho irit*nfs and acquaintance
of Mi. and Mrs Stephen' Waikek art* r -
! specifully invited lo at<end th • funeral of the
laur at the residen e o‘ h**r ino hr. Mr*. M.
A. Til comb, hi 8::#0 o’clock THIS A KTfcli-
NOOX. corner s-aie an< fl'e* o i-trects.
Oeatli o.
WALKER.—D.ed,at * ustie, Orunne coun
ty. i* la., danuarv 3, 1887, of con'Uinpt’on.
Mbs. Gkktrude Walker, aged *9 years 7
Oglethorpe Lodge No. I, I. O. 0. F.
A meeting will be held THIS
(Tuesday) F:VK\IXG, au 4, IS37,at S o'clock
installation of officers
Members of other 1.0 Ige* and transient
br >therD are cordially mviiud to meet wicu
By order of the Lodge.
CHAs. GROSS, Secretary.
Heppard Land, Lumber and Saw Mill
S A VANN AH. Dec. 29. 1886.
The annual meeting o iho Siockholders of
ihe Kep; r l Lum er aud Saw Mil 1
(Jo pany of (ieoryia wili be held 't tbe office
of th GuinpHiiv, No. 70 R*7 street, on TL K*>-
L)A Y. and \MJ \KY 41 i, 18 7. at 4 o'clock r. m.
B> order oi the President.
N. FItILRSUN, Sec. and Trea*.
Vernou Shell Road Company.
Annual meeting of Stockholders will be
held at 93 Bay street on SATURDAY', Jan
uary 8, at 12 o’clock M. M. A. COHUN,
Secretary and Treasurer.
Chatham Artillery.
The Company is summoned >o appear at
tlie Armory Tills (Tuesday) EVENING, for
quarterly meeting
A full attendance is desired as business of
imoortance will be considered. By < r ler of
Captain Commanding.
The Werman-American Mutual Loan
and Building Association.
The fourth ,4 h) regular monthiv meetingof
this Association will lie he'd at the office ol
ihe Secretary. 107 Bay street. THIS (Tues
day ) EVE NI S'G at < :3o o’clock.
January 4th. lsß7.
JOHN SCHWARZ. President.
S.L. Lazabon, Seer iary.
Citizens’ tonservalive Association.
There will be a meeting of the Citizens’
Con^rvanve Association Tins KVENiNG
at 8 o’ lock a' the hall of the Republican
Blues, 107 Macon s-reet.
By order or tho President.
Stockholders Att ution—Metropoli
tan Safiaafs and 1-oau Company.
A inerting of the < orporators and Stock
holder* of the M E I'ROPOLITAN SAVINGS
AND LOAN COill’AN V will be heid at ihe
office oi Mus-rs. Denmark A Adum-i at 8
o’clock THU BSD AY EVKNIN’G. .January 6,
lor the piirpo c of adopting a t and
By-Lawn and of electing a Board *1 Directors.
Books of subscription, until that date, will
be open at Messrs. enmark & Adams’. A.
Bins ein Son’s. Henry Solomon A Son’s, D.
(J. Bacon A Cos ’k and Davis Bros*.
Special iloticco.
German Fire Company.
At the nniuil meetingof tho German Fire
Company the following were elected officers
to serve "for the ensuing year:
Joseph Kuos. President.
Valentine Basler, Vice Preddent.
S. E. Byck, secretary and Treasurer.
Ail persons areca itioned against harboring
or trusting any of the crew ol the British
steamsbip“J. M. Lickwood,” as no debts con
tracted by them will be paid by the Captain
or Consignees.
All hills against the British steamship
“Benevolent” must tie presented at our office
before 12 o’clock noon THIS DAY’, Jan. 4,
1887, or payment will be debarred.
Ail bills against the British steamship
“Uppingham,” Newcomb. Master, must be
presented at our office by or before 12 M.
THIS DAY!, January 4th. or payment thereof
will he debarred.
A. MINIS & SONS, Consignees.
Cnres Conarhs, Coliis, Asthma, Bron
chitis and Scrofulous Humors.
To Consumptives- Wilbor’s Cod Liver Oil
and Lime has now been before the public
forty y**arß, and has aieadiiy crown in favor
and ap i tree inti on* Tim could not be tbo case
uii.e s the preparation was of hurh intrinsic
value. The combination cf the Phosphate of
Lime witn pure i,od Liver Oil, aa prepared bv
Dr. Wiibor, ha* produced it new pnae in Hit*
treatment of consumption aud Ail diseases oi
the )>uogs. li eao he tasen bv the most deli
cate Invalid wu bout creating the disgusting
nausea which is such au objection to the Cod
Liver Oil when taken without Jaime. Jt is
prescribed by the regular faculty. Sold by
r.he proprietor, A. B. Wilbok, Chemist,
Boatou, aud ail druggists.
Electimi for Directors.
Merchants’ National Bank i
of savannah, Ga., !-
savannah. ga . Dec. li. )88fi. J
Tho nnnual election fur Directors will lie
hold at tho Backing Huiise on TUESDAY,
JANUARY 11. isß7, between the hours of 12
and 1 o’clock.
Neither tho Captain nor Consignees of
the British steamship “Elsie,” Beadle,
Master, will be responsible
contracted by her crew.
Coupons of the Marietta mid >
Georgia Railroad,
The Interest due on the Bonds of the Mari
etta and North Georgia Railroad .January 1.
1887, will he paid at the office ot JAMES U.
JACKSON, No. I Library Building, Jaokaon
street, Augusta, Ga.. <r B >oi>T, McCLKI.-
LAN ft CO., New York, or BOSTON SAFE
R. M. PU 1,81 FEU. President.
To the Gardeners of Georgia and
Our stock of English Peas, Livingston's To
mato, White Spine Cucumber, all varieties of
Cantaloupe, Egg Plant, Beaus, etc., is. as
usual, the largest in the South. Qunlitv the
best. Prices given on application.
i- v i-Ih
Office corner Jouca aud Drayton street.
Graduate Baltimore College of Dental Sur
__ Sprtial
Thirty-Three and One-Third (83 1-3)
Per Cent. Dividend.
In addition to the reduction of the current
yearly payments, as compared with the rates
churned under the old system of Lde Insur
ance, which reduc ion i qua b a CASH Dl VI
OEND of more than FIFTY PICK CENT,
upon the total Premium Paid.
dition to the aforesaid cash reduciion, the
amount now to the credit of all present mem
bers of the
Mutual Deserve Fond Life Association
irtv. bpcarae members in 1881. equals a DIVI
- PREMIUMS PaII) a- ring the
lirst quinquennial (five years’) period, viz:
trum lMil 10 I>&6, inclusive, which amount
has bien deco.-i ed with and held b\ 'lie
\OhK,as Trustee of the Reserve Fund of
line Association, and appltcab e as provided
in the coniracts held by the members of the
Associati u.
EDWARD B. HARPER, President,
Mutual Receive Fund Life Association,
F. T. Ur aman, .Secretary.
Hume Office, Potter Building, S8 Park Row,
Messrs. Seward A Cos., 100 Bay street, Gen
eral A gen is.
Notice to Tax Payers.
City Trkas! rfr’s Office, j
Savannah, Ga., Janua l y Ut, iarf.t
The following taxes are now due"
REAL r sta TE. fourth quarter IS<6.
STO K IN TRADE, fourth quarter 1886.
FURNiTU E, etc., fourth quarter 1886.
MONEY, DEB S, etc., fourth quarter 1886.
W A l Kit R ENTS, in advance, for six mouths
ending June 30ih.
GROUND KENTS in arrears for two or
more quar’en*.
SPECIFIC (or BUSINESS) Tax for the
year 1887.
A d'scountof ten per cent, will be allowed
REN I S, if putd within fifteen days after J //.-
uary first.
And a discount of t>>n per rent* will lie al
lowed upon SPECIFIC TaXEs if paid on or
before January 81-t.
C. S. HARDEE. Citv Treasurer.
Valuat oil of Real Esiat**, lmprov* -
mrnts. Additions, Etc., for the
Year 1887.
OffickCity Treasurer ,/
Savannah. Ga , Jan 4,187. t
The assessment b ok, containing valuations
of the following property lor taxation during
the year 1887. viz: Real estate an i improve
ments and property of every kind not hereto
fore assessed, including new buildings erect
ed and improvements and additions made
since the last as eminent, is now open for in
sp ction in this office, ami no!ice is hereby
given t<all concerned to file their objections,
if any they lia\e. within thir y s from this
date, otherwise the assessments thereiu con
tained will he final and conclusive as estab
lishing the value by vshicb to estimate the
tax to lie codec fed rhere n.
Objections must be made in writing and ad
dressed to the Assessment Committee.
U.S. HARDER, City Treasurer.
City of Savannah,
Office city Treasurer, >
Savannah, Jan. 1, 1887.)
The following extract from the City Tax
Ordmt.nce lor the yeur 1857 is published for
Sec. IX. Every person or corporation own
ing or holding personal property in said cny
*> vanuah on the first dav of January, 188-,
shall make a returu thereof to the Guy Treas
urer w ithiu twin y days after tha date; and
a I returns of personal property shall be in
spected. as soon as they an* made, by a per
son to be designated by ihe Finance Commit
tee of Council, who shall carefully and criti
cally examine tue same, and if he finds, or has
cause to believe, that such return is not prop
erly made so to show the amount of per
sonal properly owned by the perron or per
sons or corporation making the return sub
ject to taxation, then he slot 1 forthwith pro
ceed to arsos the said per-on&i property of
said person or corporation at its true value,
as near as can be a-cei tained by him, and as
soon as the same is made he. shall se- and a copy
of the same to the person orcorpoi auou whose
return is thus corrected; and the perron or
corporation whose return is thus corrected
.-ha i have the right to appeal from su-di cor
rected returu to tne Committee on Assess
ments or the Ciiy Council with n te days
af er the mailing of the notification of i he cor
rection ol said return; and said Committee
shall hear such return ass on as may be con
venient thereafter, notify in sa m appellant* f
tu time anti place of nearing said appeal; aud
a:t r hearing -ucli appeal, i lie said Commit
tee on Assessments shall fix the return ol said
person or corporation at such -tun a- may. in
chetr opinion, he correct aud just, and shall
iinineuiateiv notify such party of she sum
fixed hy them; and the said person or corpo
ration may, u .tniD four daj sol ilio leuditi* n
of such judgment, appeal the reman lo t c
Mayor and Al armeu • i them yof rfavaunah,
wnerc such appeal ahull be li* ard and deter
mined as other appeal case-* are heard and
determined hy the Mayor and A Mermen of
the my of Savannah; and the judgment i-f
tne Mayor a: and *vidern*en of the oily of Ba
vauuuh shall e liual, and determine the
aiuuiint Upon winch the City Treasurer shall
collect the taxe-i pre-cr bed by the h rd and
tilth sucuons of tms> ordinance; if the return
of personal property, as made by the per. on
or corporation, .aha 11 be ac e,te i by the per
son a *••eMgmttc't by the Finance C-oiiiniit e
oi Council, he sha 1 indorse the-am* aa ac
cepted. and hand the s tun* to the ( iiv I iuhh
urer. who shall assess thereon me taxes to be
pud by Ihe person or corporation iuak
Mich return. Cut in the event there is no ap
peal from he an-ebsin* in h lixed by ine per
son appointed to|cxamiue and comet tho
same, or no appeal trom he fixed
b the Committee on As>e aments th m said
a^re->smeut co fi\ed -halt I e the amount upon
winch the t it.v T earner ►hall assess ti e
taxes to he paid by t e ptrs.n or cotyo. uiion
inaKiiiirsu n r turu.
Failure to make returns makes it tha duty
of the C.ty Treasurer to assess a douuie tax
ou Ad defaulters
C. 8. HARDKE C t.y Treasurer.
Election Notice.
December 31. SnsK. t
At the first regular meeting to he held In
January, that i to .ay on A' hD.V V, -D\ Y,
January 13th, 1887, Council will open bol*
and wheel tho following Contractors for the
vear ]<B7:
City Printer.
Tor turni.iiiDg bread for prisoners at Police
Ordinance Docember 23th, 1886.
Stic. 2 Ail bids lor contracts stated above
must be fl ed with the Cork of Council at or
before t o’e'ock p M. on the Monday preced
ing llie day of election, which bids mind lie
accompanied with the names oi sureties or
bandsmen, who will be required to qualifv
before a Notary Pnblicor other oflicer, such
qualification to accompany the hid. No bid
hat i receive the consideration of Council un-
Ma tile i in aecordunce with tho provisions
NHbul above.
of Connell.
clwk ofConnei'.
This is Invaluable for
Kill I O
oi her ills, caused bra die irdored liver, it
not be excelled. Highest prizes awarded, and
Indorsed by eminent medical men. Ask for
Elmer's Liver Corrector and take uo other.
71 00 a bottle. Freight paid to any address.
B. F. ULMER, M. I).,
Pharmacist. Savannah, G&.
Attention Truckers.
Now is the time to put m your peas for tho
early spring crop.
Our stock of Marrowfat. Bulst Premium,
Extra Early and Early Frame Peas ts large
enough to supply all demands, and our figures
are rook bottom. A full supply of other seed
of 18811 crop on band. Mail orders given
jorompt attention. K. J. KIEFFER,
Druggist Mud Seedsman.
Vk Dr.
professional services to the citizens
of Savannah. Office 180 Liberty sti sot
City of Savannah, i
Office clrbk of council./
December 31. 18S6. j
i At the first regular meeting to b held in
January, that is to say, on WEDNESDAY,
January 12th, 1887, Council for the
term of two years, the following officers:
Sat ft' y
ver annum, Bond.
Clerk of Conneil 11.800 |lo,o'o
City Treasurer 2,400 £o,o*o
City Marshal 1.600 6,000
Chief of Police 2,000 4,000
Assistant Chief of Police 1,500 2,000
Cny surveyor, fees, aud shall
perform the duties of In
spector of Dry Culture 1,500 2,000
Harbor v| aster, and to furnish
his Deputy whenever re
quired , 1,500 2,000
Clerk of the Market 800 2,C00
Corporation Attorney 1,500
Messenger of Council 600 500
Keeper of Laurel Grove Ceme
tery 1.000 1,000
Keeper o: City Dispc sury 1,000 2,010
Assistant Keeper of City Dis
pensary 900
Ke nor Frsyth Place 900 600
Keeper Pest* House . 450 500
j Fifteen Measurers and inspect
ors of Timber aud Lumber,
! fees 600
jlwi v e Inspecu r> Naval .Stores
aud as Mtch to lake out a li
cense each vear, ices 2,000
H.*auh Officer, fees and 1,500 ....
Five Port Warden*, fees 500
Four Wi ighersoi Hay,fees 600
< h oney 1 Oiitracior, E D, fees .... 500
Chimney Contractor, W D, fees 600
Chief Fireman 1,500
Assistant Chief Fireman 450 ....
Superintendent and Engineer
Water Works .... 1,500 6,000
Two Cty Phy-icians,each, and
to keep a h*rse and buggy at
his own expense ;W.‘ . 1,000
Ordinance December WHi .1886.
Sec. 2. All applicantsfer city officers must
file with th *. Cicrk orCotmrU, at or befor** 2
•’clock p m. on the Monday prece ing the
• lay or election, their applications.
For those positions rcqirr.ng builds, the
names of th- bondsmen (yV6'*in alt casesy
mn-d Hccompan ' the appi raijou. No appli
cation will r* ceive the Gup ut Conn
cil utiles filed in accordance wiin the provi
sions of this ordinance.
By order of Council.
i lewrof Council.
Registration Notice.
The Board of Kenisiration and Election
Managers hereby give notice that me books
for t e registration of voters at iheelo-tiou
for Mayor ad Ab erm. n of the citv of "a
vaooah lobe he] i TUESDAY. January 18th.,
1887, will le opened on MONDAY, January
id, and closed on -ATURDAV, January IMb.
The manage r, for each distr et Will attend
at :lie place- designated bel. w from 9 o’clock
a.m. to 2 p. m. everyday (except i-undavs)
and on Saturdays from 8 o’clock p. si, to 8 r.
m .
For the First Militia District (extending
from the western corporate linn's of the city
to the mid de oi Mon l gomery street;. F.aco for
registration: At Cox’s stables, on West Broad
street, s nth west corner of W illiam.
Mauugi rs H F. Bennett, Martin Cooley,
D. OR on nor.
For the Second Militia District (from the
middie of Mon gomery to the middle of Bar
nard streets}. Place for registration: IHS
-outb Broad street, second door east of Mont
Mauiigers—Wm. L. Exley, John Houston,
John Rutherford
For the Third Militia District (from the
middle of Barnard to the middle of Abercorn
streets'. Pla< e forreg'stration: Simon Gazan’s
siore, northea-t coruerof Bull and Broughton.
Manager—Simon Gazan, Henry McAlpin,
John S. Tyson.
Fertile fourth Militia District (from the
middle ol An rcoru to the eastern c rpornte
limits of Uie eiiy). I’lace of registering:
Bacon’s mill, on ihe southwest corner o. Lib
eriy and East Broad sireets.
Managers A. S. Bacon. W. J. Hartv, T. H.
Laird. HENRY Me >. LEIX,
Secretary of the Board ol Registration and
Election Manaarers
For (lerk of Superior C’onrf.
reflow Citiz&nm
I am a candidate for re-election to theoifice
of Clerk of the Superior Court, and respect
fully ask your support.
I respectfully ask your support.
For Coroner.
To the Voter* of Chatham County:
I desire t j aunounce that I am a candidate
for re-election to the office of CORONER at
the election on January S, 1887, and I respect
fully ask your support. W. D. DIXON.
For Coroner.
To my many friends and fellow Citterns: I
hereby announce myself as a candidate fo •
Coroner of Chatham county at the coming
election iu January, and most respectfully
solicit your an pp rt. JOSEPH GOETTE.
BAV ann ah, Ga., Dec, 17, , -Mi.
For Tax Colieelor.
teV.o.o Citizen*'.
I am a candidate for re-eloction to the office
of Tax Collector at the election to be held
JANUARY sth. 1887, and respectfully solicit
your in pport, J AMES J. MCGOWAN.
For Receiver of Tax Returns.
Toth s Voere of Chatham County :
I am a candidate for the office of Receiver
nl Tax Returns and respectfully ask your
support at the coming election.
Rf*cei>er of lax Relnrus.
I announce myself as a candidate for re
election on JANUARY sth. 1887, and re
spectfully solicit the suffragesof the voters of
Chatham countv. JNO. R. DILLON.
For County Treasurer.
7*i the Voter* of Chatham 1 ' unty : Fellow
Citizens —l am a candidate for re election
tu the office of Treasurer ol Chatham county,
aud respectfully solicit vour suppofU
Your obedient servant,
Elec'ion sth of January, 18S7.
For Coutily Sheriff.
To the Citizrnh of i h"thrrm C unty:
Thankful for your support in the past, I
again announce myself as a eandidaio for the
Eunice of county Sheriff, and do respectfully
"solicit vour votes at Ihe election to be held on
WEDNESDAY, sth January, 1887.
limtite nt n*.
> VAIt Ms 11, it READY MINED
and BUILDERS’H lIDWAKK. Sole Agent
for,i l OliUI ALi M E.IALItN ED PI, ASTER.
Whitaker Street, Smnuki Ga.
1866. CHRIS. MURPHY. 1865.
House, Sign \ Oruaniental I'uiutiug
Ij'XEl I’TKD nratly and with dispatch.
j Paint*, oils, Varnishes, Brushes Window
(llas-fH. me., etc Ki* imvira lurut-hed on ap
plication. (Jurnt-r Coi trr<*** ami Drayton
Htrf*pti, roar of Clirtft Church
IAWYKUB. doctors minister*. men-bun's
J tm* Ihiurt, nnd others having books,
niuua/mte, unit other prin’od work to lie
bound or rcboi.net can have such work done
in the best st, It* of the binder'*' nr* at tho
Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 4 and -9
Sara Jewett Chss.
Comyns i.urr and Uucr!. i onwav’s
ah e melodrama,
2\.-3 p 1 hv<* *in London and \ .-w )
mAWttn -ale a I Y VIS
N 't ft ! r " ■ "li -LO 1-K.
|tu n <1 to) .1 an. 10.
_ iDnj (>uo<so.
111 HUH
Will Offer During This WeeK: A
10-4 Wool Blankets ai $3 a pair.
In 4 Wool Biankets at $3 ■
11 IM■ . 1 iii;t.ci- a’ $4
11 < W ">•: sat |fl<y *, * "■■'l
' Iv, , .: f: a !
I G' : I 1
I < I. (■: iR.■: ■> ■
Mi !-< s' i.'iisir,mi--ie -ui sa' ‘i
.Misst-V m'T.■ ' Ills at $1
.Misses’ Cashmere suits at $2;
$2 50.
v '' ' :,n " r ' ]: ■ at
• . IMI li, a :
I-- ;i -
Miiniif Mil’s at HH
soi l i
Mi--- lan Dr! Suits - ‘■■'l
(r in each.
'li-cV 1. , '
Misses’ Tricotl
Misses’ Tricot Suits at reduoed f
$9 50 each. - '
■ 'LJM
The above jirices are
with a view of rlosing
entire lot at onee.
BOYS’ CLiiTjfl
Bo- 8: 0.l „•
-■ i . I -u.i- .
' 1 ■■■■
at ■HtaH
■■ -. ■- .i ' - 1
7 00 Suits at M
Buys’ 9 00 Suits at
Biys’ 10 00 Sails
Newmanets aad Siort mm
At prices much lower than those of
Tnpestry Carpets at 55c, 65c, 75
and Noc per yard.
.Cantou Jiatt.ng from 20c to 50c
per yard. A
Cos par ut era it ip ui.r ca.
AVING vlisposed of my stock of
and Jewelry to Mussr.s. 7 HE US BROS. I re J
quest for them a continuance of that
pat r. ha- i estovved ujmi^^^H
duriug the past tvveuly-o e years.
spectfully, SAMUEL P. HAMILTON. A
The undersigned having formed a Copart
nership under the firm name of THEU3
BROS., will continue the
Watch & Jewelry Business,
Corner Bull and Broughton streets, formerly
conducted by SAMUEL P. HAMILTON, and
respectfully to icit the patronage of the pub
l>c. T. N. THEUS,
SAVtNNSH. Jan. 1. 1887.
bio3ol t on iloticio.
Dissolution o£ Copartnership
day dissolved by mutual ronsent. Mr. J.
BRUTN KOPB will sign In liquidation,
Deals in Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate.
Savannah, - ■ • Georgia.
T l. hartiul)bE,
IJUI sand sells on commission all classes of i
) Stcoks and Bonds.
N. gotta" s loans on marketable securities. i
New York qiiomt on* furnished by private I
ticker every Hite n minutes. |
\Y W. I . WIbLIAMS & 00.,
Chicago god l.iveipool Exchanges.
11l commercial building,
S A V A N N A 1 1, gBORGIA.
I Dlbllshcd 1867 J
MAcKs a ill , riot:. J
Poet ontec Box jut.
ALL CLASHES of Real Estate bought end
sold on commission.
IlF' Prompt attention to all husines. nurii
auued. V

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