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ome of tbo LaU!,*** for the Ai!-
vance—Twelve Hundred Sold
Yesterday at 131 four lliou*4Uil
Shares Ch used Hands Last Week-
No Further Developments in ilie
Rumored Deal.
The stock market was active yesterday.
Central advanced to 131 and 1,200 shares
were reported sold at that, figure. < *ver
4,000 shareß changed Lauds lasi week.
The buyiug was chiefly local, mu brokers
eav. Only 400 shares are known to have
been sold on New York account.
Tne general impression ia that tho sud
lieu advance is due to speculative in
fluences, and that 11 is not the result of
buying for control. In anticipation ol
•utsiders rushing into the market, local
•peculators are buying up all that ibev
rau get hold of. T> o statement made by
• leading broker, who is intimately asso
ciated with tho new management o( the
Central and who is supposed to
be iu a position to know what is going on,
that a big move is about to be made in
which the Central is concerned, caused
considerable stir, ami the public is
anxiously awaiting developments. Tue
advance in Central stuck and the rumors
that have been current in regard
to projected consolidations, purenaa
lug for control proposed leases,
etc., which some people have regarded
as simply inventions of the operators in
Whose interest the price* are being ma
tiipulated, while others have thought
there must be a partial foundation for
some ol the stories, bo persistent has
beeu the buying, first in one direction and
then in am >;'her, that it has caused a good
deal ot uneasiness among small stockhold
ers who are willing to sell, and the market
is regarded ahout as uncertain now as it
was belore the election.
President Alexander and Sir. Cunning
ham are sliil in New York ami held a
conference on Thursday night with the
Hicbmor and Terminal people, but lor what
purpose or with whai resiiitls rot known.
There is no apprehension or. the part of
Ibe people her- in regard to any move
that President Alexander may mak-,
and the general impression is that Savan
nah is going to be benefited by whatever
is done-
Items Gathered Here and There t*y
the News Reporters.
The Telephone Exchange tttided No.
405 Harmoiue Club ami No. 13 Dr. TV. H.
Elliott’s office to its lists yesterday.
The Chat am Artillery will hold an
flection to-morrow night to fill the va
cancy caused oy ibe resignation of Sec
ond lli -iii. G. V.. Clark.
1 i o Health Officer’s report for tho past
\\e< k shows that mere were 24 deaths in
the city last mi ; it—lo whites and 14 col
ored. The annua! ratio per 1.000 for the
week w as 10.4 h>r whites ana 2N.2 lor col
bamuel P. Carr, a turpentine manu
facturer, ot Perry’s Mills. Tattnall
county, was hcunvl over In United ■'states
onim/si ui. i V. ade yes today In appear
in th Dietne: t ourl Tan. HI. aud answer
ihe chare- ot violating tne internal re
■veyiue iaws.
Gleanings Vinnugtlv shipping and
Thing (no Wharves.
The I oiled Mates steamer Wistaria,
Capt. ili >wn, uruved in th river yester
day to il.in.r ai i r buoys. Mie came up to
th- city lasi night
The schooner Albert 11. Cross is ex
pected to ai rive any day from Wilming
ton, N.l . rule i.as cargo ol creosoted
spiling for Ino Tyheo railroad.
The British steamship Marion was
cleared y ste ila' b. .Me--: -. A. Minis ,V:
Sons lor Antwerp with 5,792 bales of up
land cotton, Weighing 2,719,555 pounds,
valued at $255,7! • 75
Messrs. Richardson A Barnard cleared
yesu-rday the British steamship T. M.
Lock wood for Barcelona wii li 4,0-0 bales
Of upland cotton, weighing 2,184,975
pounds, valued at $205,559 <9.
The Spanish bark Klu was cleared yes
terday for Barcelona with 212.053 feet ot
pitch paie lumber, valued at 113.400. and
272 barrels ol rosin weighing 171,120
pounds, valued at .<(sl. Total valuation
nf cargo $4,031. Cargo and vessel cleared
by Messrs. Butler A steven*.
Messrs. Holst A o. cleared yesterday
the Norwegian bark Maitland, for Ham
burg, with 4.073 barrels of rosin weighing
2,120,150 pounds, valued at s*.S7l 70, and
TOO barrels spirits turpentine measuring
5,1106 1 7 gallons, valued at $1,025. Total
valuation of cargo $lO 6!>6 70. Cargo
cleared by Messrs. Paterson, Downing A
a rwi>i¥ > i\i;ri>.’ imoLGHT.
A Break in tlie Machinery Pauses a
Stoppage ill i In* Water Supply.
About 4 o’clock yesterday a'ternoon the
(rater supply throughout the city gave
ut, causing considerable excitement lor
a while. In answer to a call for a tele
phone connection with Mo. IT, the water
works elation, the exchange stated that
there were tidy people calling for tin
same rtimber, it was sta: and that some
thing had gone wrong wi;b the machinery
m the water works, but that it would be
righted lu twenty minutes, and in
about that time the supply was all
right again. During tne time the
water v.as cut off there were all sorts ol
► peculations as to what would be dotio in
• vent of a tiro breaking out, but for
tunately there was no occasion to make a
practical investigation cl the result of
such au occurence. It ia not generally
kupvvn, but ii is a tact, that the city stilt
has a number of tire wells, which could
furnish a good supply ol water for nre
purposes, M necessary.
Ko Verdict ‘n tlie * obb-Tay lor Case
ut I O’clock t ins Morning.
The jury ill the Cobb-Taylor stabbing
case, tho particulars of which appeared
in the MORNING News both at the time
of ttio occurrence and during the first
trial, had tailed to agree no a terdict up
to 12 last night, and n; was then little
probability of com 111 i to an agreement.
Tbs jury has been ml since 2 o’clock
Friday afternoon and will probably re
main out now until c. >urt convenes on
Monday. Mr. Adolpn binders, ono of the
jurors, was taken sics vesterdav after
noon. Dr. Corson wss sent lor and pre
scribed for him. He soon grew better
and the doctor pronounced .him well
enough to continue on the jury.
B'n ,i H'l itb Officer*.
Joseph Lodge No. 70, I. O. K. ft., has
elected and installed the following ollicer*
for 1887:
President—L. I‘ulzel.
Vice President—B. K. Dyck.
Monitor —s. Mitchell.
Secretary—J. Garduer.
Financial Seen tsry—Max.T. Drown.
Treasurer—lt. Brown.
Warden —L. Wortsraau.
Guardlnn—S. Wnite.
Trustees—lacobCohen, J. M. Solomons,
IF B. Lsv v. U, B i,. Lew Id.
a S.iro i lirioi or Cnunli.
if suffered to progress, olten results in
an incut able tbrimt or lung trouble.
"Uroirn'a JJronchial Tru t/ico” give in
. slant relief.
The Turkey lla til w Not Heard of
Since He Was Release ! (Yotn Jail.
I he whereabouts of Noah Camp, whose
name was recently discussed by the i
grand jury in connection with the wlitel
of fortune turkey rattling schem • which
was carried on at 110 Broughton street
during the Christmas holidays, is a pain- 1
fill mystery to bis bondsmen. 1 amo and :
his associate, Max Posen, were ;
arrested by Sheriff Koran and lodged in !
jail, l amp was released a few days
afterward under a s3uo bond, upon !
which Henry Wetberhorn and Julius |
Kaullinan were securities.
When tho case of the HI ate vs. Nosh |
Camp, keeping and maintaining a gam- •
tiling room, was called in the Superior
Court a few days ago the defendant turned j
up missing and has been missing ever
since. He was released under bond a few j
days after Christinas, ami from what can j
be learned, did not linger long after he had
walked out from behind the bais. His
bondsmen are anxiously figuring on the
direction he took and what place
he is probably honoring with
his presence, but concerning,
both of these points they are in a state oy\
painful uncertainty. f .
>inee he failed to appear ami answer :
the charge against him his bon<l|/nei> j
have been busy telegraphing to virions j
cities trying to ascertain his /where
abouts, hut is yet their efforts inftve been I
unsuccessful. They were serWSd with a I
scire facias yesterday,which larreuirnable j
to the March term of the c>i/rt, and if no |
sufficient cause to the contrary is shown I
judgment will ihen be entered up against
them for the full amount of SSOO.
A Lumber City Uuii i iiri'icr Under
a Serious Chur-e.
John N. Steele, of Lumber City, was
before United States Commissioner E. C.
Wade yesterday tor illegally selling
liquor. Steele carried the mail between j
Lumber City and Altamaha, a distance
of some fifty miles. The route was trav
eled in a buggy and a witness named Me-
Canuon testified that the carrier used his
vehicle as a sort of saloon. The witness
swore that he had bought two jugs of
whisky from Steele during 188b.' Each
jug contained a gallon and the price per
jug was $2 50. The witness testified that
he had seen others buy frequently of
Steele. The defendant was represented
by three attorneys, Mayor Lester, Col.
William Garrard and Judge Roberts, of
Lumber City. After a preliminary hear
ing he was bound over under S2OO bond to
appear in the District Court Jan. 31.
The Committee Makes a Gratifying
A uiiouoceiiieiit.
The Purira Ball, under ihe auspices of
the Youths’ Historical Society, will be
given at Ihe Guards’ Armory March 8.
T he committee of arrangements has made
the gratifying announcement that, “in
arranging for same we aim to have It sur
pass in brilliancy any sport panioinated
in heretofore in this city. To further our
purpose it. will be necessary to exclude
all such characters as hucksters, boot
blacks. soldiers, whitewashers, euimney.
sweeps, drunkard* and all noisy groups,
who, with khqjr baskets, boxes, guns,
dogs, brush-handles, scraps, bottles ami
spiutterings,i,tao)U, brooms aud sticks
make it disagree-aple tor others. We want
joking instead uf croaking, and cheerful
ness in places of unpleasantness. Our
idea is that such will be the result if
characters ns enumerated are not present.
Merchants Discuss the Co-operative
AssoeiM ion’s Movement.
A number of merchants engaged in the
naval stores trade met yesterday aud had
a talk over matters connected with that
important Industry. The warfare against
them, which began last fall and which
apparently quieted down, has, it appeals,
ia„en now hie, aud they are anxious
that ihq erroneous ideas in regard
to their methods ot doing business
should be corrected without delay. What
was said would be done, or what was pro
posed to be done to counteract tho efforts
that are heins made to divert this busi
ness from Savannah is not known, but it
is understood that those who are in
terested do not propose sit still and see
the naval stores trade pass Into other
hands if they can prevent it. A proper
understanding by tne manufacturers of
ihe queslions at issue, it is thought, will
harmonize all conllioting interests.
Bt. Paul’s Lutheran Church Wants
Rev. W. S. Bowman.
Kev. W. S. llowmaa, pastor of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church, has re
ceived a call to the pastorship ol St.
Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church,
recently organized at Columbia, S. C.,
and has also received letters tront leading
nu mb rof the South Carolina Svnod
urging liis acceptance of the call. As yet
lie tias made no reply.
Dr. Bowman has been pastor of the
Lutheran church tu this city lor six
years. To a Morning News represen
tative he staled yesterday that he has
not vet had time to consider the call from
Columbia, and lie is unable to say
whether or not he will accept it.
A Ueaf and Dumb Sch lot.
The Georgia Institution tor the Deal
and Dumb, located at Cave Springs, is
one of the best schools of the kind in the
country, and Is doing u great work in edu
cating and caring for those who are so af
flicted as to require i's care, in a recent
letter to Dr. \V . 11. Elliott, acknowledg
ing the safe arrival ot a young lad sent
from this ettv, Mr, W. O. Connor, the
principal ot the institution, asks if there
are not any in no in Savannah wboanould
be sent to the school, and suggests that
they be sent to < ave Springs. Dr. Elliott,
wno bus always been noted for lus kind
ness to the poor and unfonuuate, will
gladly give his attention to any cases
brought to his knowledge, and will see
that they are provided tor in the institu
It MM *4 15**! I CtlXt.
Manager Powell, nt Charleston, is about
to sign anew thud baseman. It is ru
mored that he will boa Natluual League
it is said that Nashville will sign El
mer Smith, the Cincinnati phenomenal
lolt-haud twtrler.
The Pittsburg team will not como
South. This is straight information.
Phillips says thero is no money in the
trip because of th“ uncertain weather.
Memphis wants to buy Kappell’s re
lease trout Cincinnati. If site succeeds
she will have, without a doubt, the best
third baseman in the Southern League,
ltufklmi i Arnica .salve.
The best Salve in the world for cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, lever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all sktti eruptions, and post
tively cures piles, or no pav required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction,
or money ret untied. Price 2b cents per
box. For sale by Idppman Bros., drug
TheGreaie-t Drive on iteeorit.
For sale to-inoirow its* doz. Ladles’ 3-
ply Linen Collars with Capes at sc. each,
never sold anywhere less than 100. at
Tlic Colton Slates Insurance Com
pany Kel'orc tho Supreme Court.
Tuere were two Important cases on trial
at Atlanta Friday In the Supreme Court.
The first was that of Uickerson vs. the
State, and is an appeal on a conviction
for murder from Bibb county. The facts
of the crime for which the defendant is in
danger ol suffering the law penalty are al
ready known to many.
The Central railroad train one night,
pulling out of town, struck a man when
near the city limits and dragged his body
lor some distance, crush in and mangling
it in a shocking manner belore the train
hands made tho discovery and stopped
the engine. It was at first taken for
granted that the man was either walking
or lying drunk upon tho track wnen the
train came up, and that hecametohis
death livoin injuries received at the time
aud on/he spot. Later, however, certain
susplonous lacts developed, which ap
pealed to indicate that the person killed
iiaiyiiot been alive when run over by the
citfrs, but that he had been murdered and
/hiown upon the track by the assassin lo
Nude the traces of the crime. Tne evi
dence against Uickerson was purely cir
cumstantial, but strong, and later it was
claimed that he ban made a confession of
guilt. Gn the trial in the court below he
was convicted of murder and his attor
neys appealed his case.
After hearing tho argument in the
RicKerson case the supreme Court took
up tne consideration of the famous ease
ol the Cotton .Slates Insurance Company,
the history of which is briefly as follows:
Certain policy holders, some months
back, tiled a bill in the Superior Court ot
Bibb county against the Cotton Sta es
company, setting forth that the officers ot
the concern were mismanaging its af
fairs and charging them with collusion
in measures intended to defraud the
policy holders and depreciate the value
ot their policies. They claim further that
tho company was practically insol
vent and had forfeited lis right
to do business by failure to make the an
nual and semi-annual returns to the Gov
ernor and Comptroller General as re
quired of Ibetn by law, and demanded ot
the court the granting of an injunction
and the appointment of a receiver. The
company, through its attorneys, resisted
the motion aud answered denying the
allegations as above set forth. Judge
Simmons, before whom the matter was
argued, after hearing the arguments of
counsel on both sides, decided in favor of
the defendants to the bill, and the com
plainants excepted to tho decision and
brought tip the case.
1 he case involves assets to the amount
Of $200,000, and since the celebrated fight
against the Southern Mutual Company ol
Atriens. a few years a-o, there has per
haps appeared no case in tho history ol
insurance in this 'tale wtiicu threatened
in itsdetails the development ot so many
sensational points. Tne extraordinary
array of legal talent on both sides is one
of the most noticeable features of the
Tho I’olice Make a Big Haul or
“Unlucky Humanity.”
Tho Ocean Steamship Company’s wharf
was a lively place on Friday. Yesterday
morning there were six prisoners in the
I’olice Court, all arrested at the whart.
W.H. Gordon and George Kent, noth
colored, were arrested by Policeman
Lysaught for disorderly conduct on the
wharf at 5:55 p. m. Each was given $5 or
five days.
Policeman Mallette testified that John
Butler obstructed a gang plank with a
truck at, 4:45 p. m. and refused to move
when ordered. lie was dismissed by the
George Miller was arrested at 5:30 p.
tji. the same day by Policeman Mallette
for using obscene language, and he was
uiven s(> or ten (lays.
Josiier Harmon (colored) was arrested
by Policeman Wilson tor attempting to
cut Robert Jones, also colored, at 7:20
a. in. Harmon was dismissed.
Policeman Mallette charged Brown
Carter (colored) with int rlering with
him while in the discharge of his duty at
6 p. m. aud the case was continued.
A Stockman Opposes Hie Mayor In
(he Collection of a Flue.
Iu the Superior Court yesterday argu
ment was hoard in the case of Percy Olm
stead, plaintiff in certiorari vs. William
Duncan, acting Mayor, etc. The plain
titt was finod in the Mayor’s Court some
time ago for violating a city ordinance
by keeping some hois inside of the city
limits. He claims that he only kept the
hogs in transitu from one market to an
other, and tnat this keeping was not a
violation of the city ordinance. After
argument was finished the Judge took
the record for examination, saving that
he would reserve his decision for a later
Messrs. John Houston, J. E. Biack
shear and P. J. O’Connor were appointed
notaries public.
The Mendelssohn Concert, to he a
Fashionable Kvcin.
The Mendelssohn Quintette Club concert
on Tuesday night, besides being the mu
sical event of the season, promises to be a
social event as well. Every seat in the
lower part of the Theatre ha* been sold
and Lie boxes are all taken. The sale has
begun lor the family circle and gallery.
The family circle prices ate.'Me. and tne
gallery 25c.
Tne concert is expected to he a fashion- I
able event. A number of theatre parties |
lias been formed and will go in full die-s. ;
The “no hat” movement will also be in
augurated. The management, has given
assurance that the Theatre will he com
fortably heated, and alter th beginning
of the concert the doors will tie clos 'd
during tne perlormauce of each numb r
on the programme, so that the audience
wilt not be disturbed by late comers.
Th> Week at lbs Tlie ,tre.
This week will witness what will prob
ably ho the greatest dramatic even; of
the season, the appearance of Stuntt
Robson and Win, 11. Crane In the “Coin
ed y of Errors.” These excellent come-
Union nave made a successful effort t >
dignify the character of the play which
had nover before received kind treatment
Irt tu the actors who regarded it with bu,
latte lavor. To-day it is one ot the grand
est productions on the stage. The placing
of the comedy on the stage, by which is
meant everything except the acting,
was confided to Mr. Alfred Thomp
son, of London. Ho ts the artist whose
pencil cave the ooatume* ana tbeplcturt
of theelaborate luxury ol the middle ages
reproduced by Henry Irving In the re
vivals of Romeo and Juliet and other
plays in London.
On Wednesday and Thursday nights the
•'Comedy of Errors” will be produced and
the “Merry Wives of Windsor” at the
Thursday matinee.
One little pin head pillet, taken at night
before going to bed is often siifiloicnt to
move the bowels and remove nillousness
and costlveuess, the effect will astonish
you. Dr. J. U. McLean’s Liver and Kid
ney Plllets.
Ursml Opportunity Tit Itur Blanket*
A. U. Altmaycr ,v Cos. will offer to-mor
row mid during the ensuing week t<-
heard ofharga nn in Blankets, which thov
purchased at a recent auction sale very
i cheap.
The Effect of the Solic tor General’s
l etter in K.grd lo Fees Deri vatlou
of theTltie “K,quire” and its Appli
cation—Amertcaus l!e It Because
“It’s Eng'ish. You Know.’’
Solicitor General duliignon stated yes
terday that he has not had a complaint
about magi trates’ costs since he issued
his letter oi Jan. 4. Prior to that time no
had complaints nearly every day and
some days half a dozen. For each criminal
warrant issued by a Justice of the Peace
the Justice is allowed a tee ot $1 25. Un
der a local law he can charge $3 for
drawing a bond, aud has beeu collecting
it at the time the bond was made, which,
the Solicitor Geueral declared, the
Justices had no right to do.
Every Magistrate, ex-Olfiuio Justice
of the Peace or Constable is required to
keep a printed or plainly written copy of
the lee bill posted up conspicuously in
his office, and the Savannah magistrates
do it.
The criminal jurisdiction of Justices of
the Peace is defined in the State Code.
Justices ol the Peace fiavecrimmal juris
diction in issuing warrants for the appre
hension ot any person charged on oath
with a violation of ihe penal code, or
who are so known to them officially; In
examining such persons, when brought
belore them and to commit, bind over and
discharge. They also act as conservators
of the public peace.
The office or the Justice of the Peace
was established at a.i early date in the
history ot the English law. In those
times they were called conservatores
paces, or as nowadays conservators ol
toe peace. They and and not dtrivu their
powers then exactly as they do now.
Some claimed their power by prescrip
tion; some asserted it by virtue ol the
tenure ol their lands, while the most of
them were elected by the freeholders of
tho county.
In the year 1327 the system of election
was discontinued in England, and Parlia
ment ordained that such magistrates
should receive their appointment from the
King or under bis commission. They
were still styled conservators, wardens
or keepers of the peace until 1361, when,
as Blackstone states, they acquired me
mere honorable appeliaii >n ol justices.
They are now appointed by tne Lord
(Jhauoellor by virtue ol the Queen’s spe
cial commission under the great
seal. The lorm of commission ad
dressed to the justices was determined
in 1590. Certain property qualifications
are required of the English justice. In
Georgia all persons are eligible to the
office ol Justice of the Peace who are en
titled iu the county in which the district
Is situated to vote for the members ol the
General Assembly, who have been three
months in the district next preoedmg the
election and wno do not labor under any
Asa general rule the Eugllsh justices
serve gratuitously, but in the cities ai.d
large towns there are stipendiary justices
who receive a fixed compeut-atiou. in
the United States tne institution of Jus
tices ot the Peace has been adopted from
Euglatid. In Georgia they are elected by
the people, hut, in some States they are
appointed hv the Gov-rnor.
T he civil jurisdiction of the justice Is
dittoed at lengtn in the State code.
Among other things he is authorized to
perform the marriage ceremony. In this
respect he is put ou the same grounds
with tho minister ot the gospel. If he
marries it couple without a license he is
punishable by a tine not exceeding SI,OOO.
Justices have jurisdiction in all civil
cases arising ex contractu, ana in cases
of Injuries or damages to personal prop
erty woen the principal sum does not ex
ceed SIOO.
The term esquire, so familiar to older
citizens as carrying with it a certain de
gree of dignity when attached to a Jus
tice of the Peace, is au ancient term
dating from the time of the Roman em
pire, though it was in most common use
under ihe feudal system, \xhicn latter
dominated the whole of Europe. The
name and title was originally given to an
armor-bearer who was an attendant on a
knight. As ibis ollioe in times of chivalry
was mostly borne by persons of good fam
ily, the word esquire came to be used in
England lor the rank next below knight
and above simple gentlemen. The young
est sons of peers, who are now called hon
orables, their eldest sous and those of
knights, the justices oi the peace, sheriffs
ot counties, sergeants-at-law aud doctors
of divinity are esquires, by virtue pi tbeir
rank or office.
Heads oi ancient families are esquires
by prescription and hence the word has
come to be used as a common addition to
the names of all who hold the rank ot
gentlemen. Au esquire was formerly
created by the king by putting a silver
collar around his ni ck aid bestowing on
him a pair of spurs—not unlike the cos
tume of tue “Georgia Major,” a pair ot
spurs and a paper collar. But nowadays
the title of e-quire is so generally lie
stowed that it has lost Its strict technical
value. Iu the United States the title is
given to pit him officers of all degrees,
from governors down to justices and at
torneys. Indeed, the title, in addressing
letters, is bestowed on any person at
pleasure, and contains no detiuiio de
scription. it Is, in fact, merely an ex
pression of respect.
Another Ymr .l* tlie ilfanhattili,
The annual siatemeut of the Manhat
tan Like Inm -ranch Company, which
appears in ainther column of ibis paner,
ldflects the general improvement tu busi
ness during the past year. An increase
in net assets, in the volume of insurance
written, in Hie lucome, and a general
strengthening of tne lines in all direc
tions, arc leaiures which will clearlv a;>-
tear to air. uuo interested to make the
comparison with the statement o one
year ago. The patrons of '.be Mai b it'an
"have b> such long and unshaken experi
ence become so i 'oroughiy accustomsd to
this state of affairs, that they will find
lit.le mat Is new or sunirising in ui.a re
port. Doubtless tun cton tenor of sti hmv
growth and tu: Iraki n Integrity will am
ply compensate I r tue nee .| tbe ex
eitemeut ol “brilliant” experiments or
risky ventures in uncertain fields. Tne
administration of the lew I’r silent ol
tn • Manhattan. Mr. James M. McLean, is
characterised by the same conservative
judgment and sound poll, t wlnca have
mads the record and position o Lie com
pany so uuiiortnly cieultahio tits offi
cers and BiitisUelory to a I it,* patrons.
Active, Fnslitiic aud Koilab'e.
Llppman Bros, can always be relied
upon to carry in stock the purest and best
goods, and sustain the reputation of being
active, pushing aud reliable, by reooui
rending articles with well established
merit and such as are. pope:nr. Having
the agency lor the eelebr it. il Dr. King’s
New Discovorv lor consumption, colds
olid coughs, Will sell it mi a positive glia:-
antee. It will surely cure auv and every
affection of tbroul, lungs, or chest, and In
order tq prove our claim, we usk you to
call and gels trial bottle Dec.
Wondt-riui Drive in I.mO v.' Slums.
A. R. Altmaycr & Cos. will offer to-mor
row 600 pairs Ladles' l’atent Leather
, Foxed French Tricot Top Button Shoes
i at $1 0b per pair positive value for $3 00.
Matters of Money anil Management
Aliont Various Lines.
Gen. R. F. Hoke was eleoted President
of the Georgia, Carolina and Northern
road at Greenwood, 8. C., ou Friday.
Messrs. Mills and McClure ol Chester,
sband and Bell of Laurens, anil Perrin
and Waller of Abbeville were elected
The Southern Passenger Agents’ Asso
ciation will meet in Jacksonville on
Thursday next, Jan. 27. Tne chief busi
ness to come before the association at this
meeting is the question of commissions to
tourists, agents,etc., about which so much
has been said lately.
An Atlanta reporter has beeu inter
viewing the railroad men in Atlanta
ahout the likelinood of changes in the
Central’s officers. Col. Cecil Gabhett
whs asked if he had not heard that he
had been appointed General Manager ot
the Central, the Georgia and tne West
Point roads, with headquarters iu Atlau
ta. The Colonel said that he had not,
auu more than that, nobody else had.
A meeting ot the stockholders of the
Chester and Camden Railroad Company
was held at Giadden’s Grove, Fairfield
county, S.C., a few days ago. Maj. Julius
Mills was elected President. The people
of Ilossville township will be asked be
fore a great while to aid this road by a
subscription of SIB,OOO. It is believed
that tbeir vote will be in favor ot the
road. It is thought that it tue Chester
and Camden Railroad Company cau in
sure the construction of this road, the
Charleston. Cincinnati and Chicago Rail
road Company may yet be induced lo run
their line froui Black’s Station to Chester
and unite at the latter place with the
Chester and Camden Railroad Company,
It is claimed that this is a more direct
line to Charleston than the line by York
ville and Rock Hill.
Vegetables Scarce lint Prices
Generally Uncliaugetl.
The market dealers report vegetables
scarce, though selling at about the usual
prices. The oold weather, they say,
stopped the growth of those that were
coming on and new ones are not yet iu the
market. Cabbage, both Northern and
home-raised, were unusually scarce yes
terday afternoon: some tew ones sold as
Uign as 40c. each. The reason of the
scarcity ot tnis vegetable is that the
growers have cleared the ground of all the
winter crop so as to commence plantiug
tor the spring crop.
Notwithstanding the scarcity of almost
every kind of vegetable, the prices remain
about the same. The dealers say that the
people wili do without betore they will
stand any great raise in prices.
The following vegetab es were in the
market yesterday aiternuon and sold a’
the prices given: Lettuce, scarce, 10c. a
bunch; radishes, sc. a bunch; onions. 10c.
a quart, or two quarts for 15c.; cabbage,
mostly Northern, and quite scarce, 15c. ut
400. a head; turnips, 10c. a quart; celery
65c. a large bunch: oyster plant, 10c. a
bunoh, or two bunches tor 10c.; parsnips,
15c. a quart; carrots, 15e. a quart; beets,
100. a quart; Irish potatoes, Northern, sc.
a quart, new Georgias, 100. a quart;
sweet potatoes, sc. a quart.
The Morning News Invites its
Friends to Visit it Tuesday Night.
At tbe request of many who were pre
vented from aitendiug the Morning
News reception two weeks ago it will
receive again on Tuesday night. As on
the tormer occasion, everyone ia invited
who is interested in seeing how a news
paper is made. The hours will be from
8 o’clock until 10. it so happens that
there are only certain times when tbe
most interesting features can be seen, as
for instance the operation of the Hoe
perfecting press and tne stereotyping.
Ordinarily it is running only early in the
morning, but on Tudsdav night it will be
in operation during tbe hours named
above. The composing room, job room,
bookbindery, lithographing and all ot tbe
departments wili be opeu lor Inspection
and will he lighted with the incandescent
A New Firm.
Mr. Thomas Murray, well known in
this city as the ex-third baseman ot the
Savannah ball club, has lormed a partuer
sttip with Mr. Thomas M. Willing in the
meat, poultry and vegetable business at
No. Broughton street, between Bull
and Drayton streets. Both gentlemen
are well known and popula, and will
merit patronage by keeping only first
class goods.
Ike New Light House.
The New Light House is a range tnat
can be highly recommended as a baker.
ALhough newly introduced there area
good many now in use, aud are in each
and ever yoase doing good service. The
Light House is of medium quality, witu
six boiler holes, water back, shell, etc., is
neatly nickeled and altogether a band
some stove. We represent it as a good
one. Lovell it Latiimokk, Hardware,
Stoves and House Furnishing Goods,
Savannah, Ga.
Mile, Mellow and Delicious.
The attention of connoisseurs is called
to the tine old Rye Whiskies and Wines
kept in stock by D. B. Lester. His whis
kies are distilled from the finest growth
of rye. Have good medical qualities aud
sold under a guarantee to mve satisuc
tiuu or money retunded.
A New si?h• itir nit.
Mr. Charles F. Graham announces in
to-day’s issue that he will open his new
restauraut and saloon, 141* Congress
street (next to hisold place j, on Monday,
where lie will keep the best the nrarke
affords, as well as the best wines and
Violin iuHcUer.
Will give lessons on the violin to a lim
ited number of pupils. Terras moderate.
Address, care E. M. Conner, cor. Bull
and Broughton streets, I‘KOK. G. W.
MAt o.\, Ga.. Dec. 25, 18WB.— .if. sirs, •/.
T. Shnplnut& lire.: Gentlemen— Alter
thirty years experience iu the drug busi
ness, lean truthfully say 1 have never
seen a remedy equal to retterine tor
Tetter. A tow applications made a com
plete cure ol Tetter in tue palm ot my
bands. I cheerfully recommend it to ail
similarly affected; It is also unequaled
for chapped hands and luce. Yours truly,
Roland b. Hall,
Tetterlaeis sold at 50c. per box by all
A Decided Dargnlu lu Ladies’ Kid
40 doz. Ladies* 5-Button Undressed Tan
Kid Gloves at 85c. per pair. Never of
fend before less lhausl 25 at Altmayer’s.
Colored Border Handkerchiefs a specialty
at Bclsinger’s, 2t Whitaker street.
A full Una of Gents’ Kid Gloves at Ilci
Positive Closing Out Sal* of Misses’
A. U. Altruayer Cos. will offer to-mor
row at their centre counter on first floor
their entire stock of Misses’ hints varying
in size fnm 2 to 12 years, made stylishly
of the most, fa-hlonahlo materials, at ab
solutely one-half tbetr regular value.
Flexible 811 k Hats at Bolsinger's, 24 VV hlta-
I ker street.
Nonce-i of services in other churches aio
published by request on Saturday.;
Christ Church, Johuson square, Rev.
Thomas Boone rector—The thud Sunday
after the Epiphany. Holy communion at
7:30 a.m. Morning prayer and sermon
at 11 o’clock. Sunday school at 3:30 p.
m. Evening eerv.ee at 4:30 o’clock.
Tuesday, being the Feast of the Conver
sion of St. l’aul. holy communion at i:JO
a. in. On Wednesday, evening service at
at 4:30 o’clock. On Friday, morning
prayer ami litany at 11 o'clock, and Bible
mass at the rectory at 4:30 p. m.
St.Johu’sCuurcb. Madison square. Rev.
Charles H. Strong rector.—lhe third
Sunday after the Epiphany. Morning ser
vice aud sermon at 11 o’clock.
Sunday school at 3:30 p. n>. Even
ing service and sermon at 7:30 o’clock.
Tuesday, neing the least of the Conver
sion ot St. Paul, service at 4:30 p. m-
Wesley Monumental Church, (Method
ist,) corner Aberco-n and Gordon. Rev.
A. M. Wynn, pastor— Preaching by the
pastor atil a. m. ami 7:15 p. m. Sunday
school at 3:30 p. m. Prayer meeting
Wednesday night. A steward’s meeting
on Tuesday night at the church. Pews
free, and a cordial welcome to all citizens
ami strangers.
Independent Presbyterian Church, pas
tors I. S. K. Axson, Leonard Woolsey
Bacon.— Hours of worship: Sunday, 11
a. m., 7:30 p. m.; Wednesday 8 p. m.
Thursday 4 p. in. Subject for Sunday
evening: “An evening in Genesis.”
nubjeet for Wednesday evening: “Josh
ua’s command to the sun and moon.”
For the Wednesday evening lectures a
special invitation is extended to all in
terested in religious subjects, whether
in the church or out ot it. and there will
be free opportunity lor questions, written
or oral.
New Church.—Worship will he held in
Metropolitan Hall, corner of President
aud Whittaker streets, to-day at 11 a. in
and Bp.m. Rev. J. Edward Smith olli
oiatiDg. Morning subject: “T oe Divin
Providence.” Evening subject: “The
World of Spirits.” Holy supper at th ■
house ol Dr. E. Parsons, 119 York street,
at 3:30 p. m.
Second Baptist Church, Greene square,
Houston street.—The pastor. Rev. A
Ellis, preaches at 11 a. m. and 7:39 p. ra
Sunday school at 3 p. m. Morning sub
ject: “The Source of Joy.” Evening
subject: “Fear and Distrust.” Strangers
always welcome.
St. Paul Colored Methodist Episcopal
Church.—Pl eaching at 11a. m. and at 7:30
p. m. Sunday school at 3 o'clock.
laocal rernonal.
Hon. S. Yates Levy will deliver a lec
ture under the auspices ot the B’nia B’ritb
of this city at au early date.
J. T. Shuptnne Esq., has been elected
Filth Sergeant ol tne Georgia Hussars,
and Mr. Thomas Hunter has bun ap
pointed First Corporal in his place.
Among the arrivals at the Pulaski
House were John Diamond, C Wagner
and wife, Philadelphia; Henry Cannon
and wife, Helena, Mont.; William Dod
son and Wife, Bethlehem, N. li.; COray
H J Miller and wile. >1 S Panott, New
York: T P Beals, W H Hobbs, Portland;
W E Jordau, Louisville, Ky.; RC Minot.
At the Marshall House were M Davis.
DeLand, Fla; M. fcohiQfglea', Baltimore;
K F D-ake, New York; ,*\) -P Stultz,
Louisville, Ky; J C JohiwjoiL Tennessee;
M J Dt pre, Augusta; W B 4ppiier, D S
Hutchinson, .Hiss llutcum-qyi, T renton,
X J; RA Hannewocker, Fair Bi-uff, N.
C; Jim Sanders, Eluertun.
Ai ihe Harnett House weye A Cham
bers, Mclntyre; John Simmons. Harris
burg, Pa; \V T Cochran, E J Barr, Pbila
delphia; W H Cohen, scriveii emnily; L
C Dohlman, Springti Id, Ma*s; George B
Baker, J C Connor, New York; S D Brad
well, Hinesville; W A Willis and wife,
Tampa, Fla. G F Little, Ka auiazoo.
Mich; T L Stone, Troy, N Y; E F Allslon,
Charleston. S C.
At. the Screven House were Capt, C .1
Miller, New York; W J McNutt, Knox
ville; P M Borland,Brooklyn; LP Stovall,
A G Fuller, Danville, Va; C A Johnston,
New York; William
J E Tvgert, Philadelphia; William J
Eiian, New York; J Field, H Greeubaum,
Baltimore; Thomas Mulaoliaud, New
Jersey; George M Boger, Cincinnati.
Wonderful Cures.
W. D. Hoyt it Cos., wholesale and retail
druggists of Rome, Ga., say: “Wo have
been selling lr. King’s New Discovery,
Electric Bitters, and Bucklen's Arnica
Salve for two years. Have never handled
remdies that sell as well or give such uni
versal satisfaction. Thero havu been som
wonderful cures effected by these medi
cines in this city. Several cases of pro
nounced consumption have been entirely
cured by use of a few bottles ol Dr. King’s
New Discovery, taken in connection with
Electric Bitters. We guarantee them
always. Sold by Linpman Bros., drug
The Manhattan is, without exception,
tbeonly lifeiusuranc company which has
maintained all agency in Savannah unin
terruptedly since the autumn of 1>65: its
numerous claims here have always been
most promptly and liberally met; and it
nas never discriminated a ainst its
Southern policy holders in runs, divi
dends, or otherwise. Thus it is specially
entitled to the confidence aud patronage
of our people; and its large and increas
ing bavannah business well ait.ste its
deserved popularity here.
Messrs. K. 11. Footman &■ Cos., IIS Bay
street, represent the Manhattan in Savan
nah, and Mr. Julius M. ataccaw is their
Unparalleled Bargains J u t> ,ys’ Cloth
A. R. Altmayer & Cos. have made a
universal mark down in their Boys’
Clothing,and will offer the entire stock’at
lull 40c. on the dollar cheaper tun re
ular clothing houses.
Stiff an 1 Soft Huts ut Bolsinger's. 21 Whit
aker street.
Wovelties in Nat oral Flowers for Kvi'D-
In. Wear.
A. R. Altmayer ,fc Go. are showing nt
extremely low prices a very handsome
selection of Natural Parisian Flowers m
tea. plaid, cardinal, white and cream,
specially suited for corsage and evening
w ear.
lt‘<tucil>n at I'k\ h.
The saving that tnx'i's and doath are
sure to come, also holds good in the very
necessary article of clotumg. You must
dies-; law requires It; now why not dress
well when you can, which tal.es hut very
little money to accomplish jus' now. The
Famous New York Clothing House, 140
Couxtcss street, is making a lurtfier re
duetton of 10 percent., altogether 20 per
coni., off of our regular 1 iw ;>. ices, origi
ually marked In plain figures; lor in
stance, BlO suit figures and >vn to SB. and
soon. Tne public well kno m s Hint we
manufacture our own eiolhr.g. the sidl
ing price originally being 25 per cent,
lower than other clothiers buy them at.
Considering all this, it Is easy io see how
low our prices are. This red lotion i- lor
the purpose of making room lor spring
goods. The same reduction also extends
Ut our heavy underwear. Remember it
takes but very little raonov to dress well,
when you buy of the “Famous,” three
doors irom the corner of Whitaker street.
Tlie Lmi Hotel, Tallah -*rv, Florida,
Is now open for the season. Dry and
bracing atmosphere, hard roads through
lovely bills and valleys, and game lu
abundance, among the attractions,
Urealesr Bargain* Yet In Embroideries.
To-morrow A. U. Altmayer A Go. will
offer another grand lot of Hamiiurg Em
broideries at still lower prices than that
of last week’s grout sai
Illuotral JHrrrljaitmor.
Dimes and Dollars
and Music, Musical Mer
chandise: Artists’ Materials,
Pictures, Stationery, Fancy
Goods, Pianos and Organs, all
have a great deal to do with
each other. When we teli
you that we can save you
Dimes and Dollars in the pur
chase of ,t!f<od-x we have named
above, we tell you what we
arc prepared to prove.
Buying and selling for cash
and in Quantities which ena
bles us to get goods at tho
lowest price manufacturers
will sell at. we can offer a, posi
tive saving in all goods we
handle. Our stock will at all
times be found complete.
A visit to our Temple of
Music and Art will benefit and
interest you. and may save
you Dimes and Dollars.
Music and Art Beaters.
Cotton bant
Hone Ranees,
' ‘~V "f ' m
Iren King, Sou, ham Girt
And Farmer’s Friend
Arc tlic IDst ifiul Most Popular.
John A. Douglass £ Cos..
161 Broughton St.,
Savannah, - - (a.
ttlHlflt ©hid.
BgapH*r --Try, y- TUPfgy ?r^a'iMuw|
ISi®f iHj
,KbStaeßC3ka!S*-^'is,,. l n: "ft -T3TB'V*em'?xlAßml
Warranted toimtaiu I'CUKGOLD. Price l.
The exact color of English Sterling Gold.
PRICE 50c.
Used by over 5,2'0 Manufacturers and Gilders.
These splendid nroducl, have been before
the public since is (I aud Ihev have invaria
ble been awarded the highest prize wherever
exhibited They were used to decorate the
splendid iionies of W . R. Vanderbilt, Judge
Hilton, Geo. Grant, and ninny other wealthy
aud distinguished New Yorkers. They are
ready for ins'put n-eand tniy lie used bV tba
most inexperienced moat ur.
KUUL vDlKS.—Either of the above is in
valuable for Gilding Frames, Furniture, ( or
oieo*. Baskets. Fans, Photos, Siig Mottoes,
Decorative Painting, etc. Anv one <an use
item. Ask for William-’ Gobi or Kilby’s
Gild g. and refuse al! substitutes.
Sold by all Art Do tors and D ugeisls.
New York Chemical 51 fg i.0..:! 1 4th st,.N’.Y,
Either will be sent le. mail for Be extra.)
C O A 17!
Scotch House Coal for par
lor grates, from Glasgow,
Price reasonable.
Dixon Sc Murphy,
Ollioo n Uravtou. Telephone US.
Ths Most Beautiful SidewalS
in the World.
Tiie Most Durable and Satisfactory.
I Ist ilium, company Of iavanna"
Georgia, ire no.v ready p, tak orient b.r
s cli v* aius. -ee the Oeijigon l’.l. ek at ihe St
•lohn's Church- the Oeiagon Hloefc Sidewalk
111 " lute anil liluo—and imtire o- vcurself
The company are now ro oh 100 m set'for
ns the Pan id Tiling, also lUeCurbing.
Tie ei Mill,an ore making ail kiuds of stuns
(mil ng n liens in anv ,:c. Miaou or color
wiulow Bills, W inflow < pR, etc.
\VAKN all panics to not make, buy or use
owoeuTyus. '* I ' roU ' , ' U! ' l P*m* and
Property owners ahout io lav sidewalks
Should see il those who are to lay such havs
the proper license.
P. .7. FALLON.
Builder and Contractor.
-- i’raytnn Mlreet, Savannah.
** ■■>-•

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