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_C otnuteccial. _____
iinxsitf vivtttiisr.
SivN:ua,li*., Fell. 5,4 p.m. i
COTTON. —The murkel was quiet, but very
ttoady and unchanged. There was a fair in
guiry, which was freely met. The total
tales for the day were 970 lift e. On'Change
at the opening call, at 10 a. m., the mar
ket wa reported ouiet and unchanged,
with sales of 100 bales. At the second cull,
at 1 p. m.. It was quiet, the sales being 405
bales. At the third and closing call, at 4
p. m , it was still quiel and unchanged,
with further sales of 405 bales.
The following are the official closing spot
quotations of Uie Cotton Exchange:
Middling fair 9 7-18
Good middling I) 3-18
Middling 9
Low middling 8%
Good ordinary
S*a Inland. — l'he market was very quiet,
and more or less nominal. Owing to ihi in
elemencv of the weather there was nothing
doing and no sales. We quote:
Common Georgias and Floridas.. .13>£@14
Medium ; 17 @l7>£
Good medium 14 <<a
Medium flue |V£@
Fine. 19 @
Extra fine 20 @
Choice 21 ()
Conijurdtive Cotton Statement.
the Same Time Last Year.
18S8-87. I tSBo-S6.
Sea | I i Sea i
Island.] Upland. Island. Upland.
Stock on band Sept 1 j 1.14 j 4.301 551 :.29S
Received to-day ! 67 s 1 si<j; 2u.; L64U
Received previously i 25,216! 703,261 19,613 646,9)8
Total I 26.94; j 709,106 20.307 661.840
Exported to-day j *>4l) 4t5 i 175 2,169
Exoned previously j 2*2,337 G4 I,r.Oti j 12,53s 666.9.0
Total ! 22,881 1 642,061 j j 12,714 669.069
Stock on hand and on ship j
hoard this day i 4,0u2j 07,04i 4 j 7,0531 82.777
ltiCF..—i h<; market was quiet, y t firmer
th ugn prices ar • co higher. Jhe sales for
the dav were 312 barrels, at about quota
tions, as follows:
Fair 3 l i
Good 3V4(^3^J
Pr me 4 (® 4‘ 4
Clio ce .4’
Co'mtrylot?.... s>(® 65
Tidewater.... 00 $1 lu
Nav al*stores. The mark t f >r ao r-ts tur
peutin very quiet and bareh steady a’
quoiaiion . Theaaleafor ih<‘ diy ver * 300
for regular-. At the Board of
Ti ade on the oneningcall there w s no hing
lining aud noqufft ti on- were posted. At the
**.t 1 it as firm at 36c or regular-.
Kosm—T**e mar et was very quiet, out
fttendy av\ un li nved. Tne rales were 470
barrel*. At tb** Board of Trade on the
first c* ‘ the marke* was reported quiet
a Do* following quotations: A. B. C and I)
90c. E 95e. F $1 L‘o, G $1 <5. II SI 10. ! $1 20 li
SI 00, M *2 00. N $2 5). window glass $2 70.
water white $2 90. At tne closing call it
was iiie i.au.e*i.
vSpirits. Rosin.
Stock on b *.nd April 1 ... 2,1 E Civil
Received to-day 101 1.742
Received previous'y 140,575 517.012
Total 142,793 SSL 175
Exported to dav 100 21:
Exported previously .136 745 470.* >5
Total 136 845 470.998
Stock on hand and on shipboard
to-day .... 5,948 110,177
Receipt-same Bay la j t year 32 351
Yl\ -nc a i,— the monev market is easier.
Domestic Ex I'ft'Q — Steady. Banks and
bankers are bu lng *> jrhe drafts at par and
selling t % ver '•ent premium.
"fig Exchange— The mark tis firm.
( ommerciai *i> uiau l. 44 s: ; si \ty days. $4
ninety days, *4 82 ,, 4 h4 83; irancs. Par.a
an-l Havre* c diim- rc.iai, s \ y di u. $5
Svi-8. *5 in * k, six v dav-. 9 i-%.
SBcrarnss—The stock marko has oeen
TO > qtl L a day. wit 1 g)lsai**sot Central
raino and stock at 126 1.0 Oiher securi
ties an in some demand, being sought auer
by in vectors.
STOCKS AND BONDS —' y ity P. m Quiet.
Atlanta6pci 1 cent, 0., mil 105 a-ked: At aula
7 per cc. t, 13 bid, 120 Augu la 7 per
cent. lu6 !> and, luß asked; Augusta 6-*, long, 107
bill, 109 asked; o!u 11 bus 5 nor cent, 98" bid,
99 afferd; '•lacon 6 per cent. 111 hid, M 2 aske-i;
new Sitvatmih 5 per cent, \pril coupons,
iid. B 4 asked ;new S ivannah 5 per ecu ,
coupon* -May, 1 , bid, lu4 a ked.
Eutt* H 'H'Ih — M irke steady, wuh light sup
ply. (> rgia new 6-, IS-.9. hid, lu.; ask- and;
Ge rg;a new 4 s. 105 hal. asked; Georgia
7 per cent gold, c upons quart- rly, 109 hid.
113 a-k*t!; Georg-a 7 per cent. coup, ns Jan 11
arv aud July, maturity 1896, 123 hid, 125
R st -etc —Central common. 126
bid, 127 asked; Augusta ana >av.mnnh 7
p< een guaranteed, ex div.. ]JJ i. and, i:m
H6ked; Georg a c dnmon, lii'.i bid, 200 a-ked;
hoitlnve lern 7 *or -cni guaranteed, cv div.,
r?H' a bid. 130*4 asked; euirai 6 per cent cer-
ex-mi . bd, 104 n-ked: \i
lunia and We-t 1*• int railroad Mine*., ex-div.,
11U>, bid; 112 asked; At I nta and West Point
H pure m certdic .!.♦•*, 104-*- 4 bid, 105 4 .isked,
A*/ im.ni fi n<fs Maikc quiet. Savannah,
1 ;• rida and Western R.uhv y Company uen
era! mortgage u per c tit. interest, coupons
October, los bd. 109 a->ked; Atlantic and
Gulf first mortgage r mao idamd 7 per coot,
coupons January and July, maturity 1897. 118
but, 119 .oki and; ( entra! consolidated mortgage
7 p r cen>. coupons January and Juiy, iiu
liirity s ll3 hid. li4 naked; Georgia r.iil-
I’o id t>, 1897. CS bid. 111 a-ked; Mobile and
Girard second mortgage indorsed 8 percent,
coupons January and July, maturity 1*39.
It 6 bid. lot* ashed; Vo . Igomery und Ku
faula tim morigag ■ 6 per rent indorsed by
Central r.iik* ad, 108 v bid. 110 asaed: ( har
lotie, Columbia mi i Angus'a first nb.rigu.c,
lid bid. 1U asked; Cnarlo te, (J dumbia and
A gus'ascroud niongage. Ill) but, 112 asked;
W e-tern Alabama set* nd mortgage indorgeu
8 per eenr, ill bid. 112 ukd; .Snail* Georgia
and T oridi* iudoracd. i>B bid, Jl9 asked;
£ou:li Georgia and H rida second nintg.'ge.
172 Ini, 111 ic-iicil; Augusta uni KnoxvHlo
first norigafco 7 • ereeiu, :rj bid ii 2* 4 asked,
Gainesville, JetTe’son ami .Southern ilrd
inortgaue vm a rati teed; lid bit, asked;
Game.- ville. Jullct; < n and Southern not guar
an<*ed, 1 12 bi . 113 asked; Ocean fc learn
stil • (5 per c* ni bonds gu ran teed Central
ratlroad, iu. l 4 bul ’u‘ a ked; Gainesville,
!• Iter.son and Southern second in irtgagc
guaranteed, 111 bid, Ila a-i-ed ; • 'olumbns and
Koine, urst in niruge bonus i.idorsed by cen
tra railroad, l bid, 107 asked; co ttmbiut
find Wefiierti 6 p nvnlgn lei:*; bid,
107 asked; Ctv nod s unrbati rail a’ay lirat
mortgage 7 p r cent, 105 id. iOb asked.
Hu. ll A* N •!, -; v— N ennui. Is.i:ik ol
the St ile of Geo; g..i, 19> bid, 200 asked; Mo -
chant*’ .Nat oral Hank, 1.10 • and, 115 as. cd;
Sa* Hittiuli Bank and Trust t ompany, 85 bid,
87 HHkcd.
t ; , H ; t /•'’. v—.s tvannah Gas Light stock. 21 1
bid, -2 asked, ox-div.; Mutual Gts Light
took. 2 oi , das-, and.
15 acon—Market very strong and ndv" nrlng;
deni.til l good; smoked cic ir nb sides. Bk,c;
t!nd,idei>. •v; ‘T. salted near rio aides.
V- ; long clear, 7-;* ; thou.dors, c; hums,
IJ.N'iOJNd and Tir.a—Market quiet. We
quote: Ibiggtog—J*, tbs. OV6>iP9£c; 2 lb-*, B'.;a
8 ' a 4 T*i Ibn 7 :t 4‘tß‘*. according io brand and
qnnnitiy. lion tics—Arrow, $1 00,105 per
bin.die according to brand and quantity.
Isagg ng and tits In rtdail lots a fraction
lit m:vi—Market higher; oleomargarine,
14uI'ic; chore Gnsheji, 2 ; <c; gilt edge, 20u2?c;
eicamery. 27a20e; cmntr , 1d.20c.
c a idiAo i —Northern, scarce, uomiual; 12a
18c per lien • i .
t okkk.k— The market is easy. Wo quote
for Hindi lots: ordinary, lair, lflc;
good, ltdoC; prime, i7c; choice, 17>c; pea
bei r., 17 '4<%
< h':kkk—Market higher; demand modcr
gfe; stock light. Wen'iao: llaMGjc.
1 1ki i p I- ki*it—Appit b. evapi>ra>ed, 13c;
I'- rlcd, 7c; pe o hes, peeled, 19c; unpeelcd,
6a7c; currants, 7c; citron. 2.V.
UKY Cuoph—'The market 13 Arm; busl- |
ness improving. We quote; j
Prints. ItiOc: Georgia brown shirt
i' 2, 1 M. 4',e; 7-R do, 5' 4 e; 4-4 brown sh< e mg, !
BJi**; \vi:lus osnabi.rg*, Sgim; chockr-, j
iarn*. 850 for bot niakea; brown dmiiogs,
xUa7l* j. i
Fish—We qu-ne full weights: Mackerel—
No. l, $7 50al0*0: No. 3, half bar
rels, Ssat>; No. 2, $6 50a7 00. Herring—No. 1,
2'Jt ; sealed, 25u; co
F i. oi k-Market steady: demand moderate.
W. quote: Superfine, $3 su; extra, S3V' >4 15;
fancy. $5 00 15'*277; choice patent, $5 50u0 00;
family. 41 Sou 4 7<;.
F *u: it l*uions—Stock full and demand
light. W quote: $3 75. Orange.-*— Market
dull: Flori-iue,sl 60a2.50. Apples—good ship
ping ock, 83 7Ta4 50 per barrel.
Grain Cm Market steady; demand
light. We quote: White corn, job lots, 62c;
carload lots, 60c; mixed corn, job lots, 6oc;
carload lot T slk!. Oats steady; good demand.
We quote: Mixed oats, 46c: carload lots, 48c.
Bran, SIOO. Meal, 62l 2 c. Georgia grist, per
Sfick, $150; grist, per bushel. 67He.
Hay—Market at* ady, with a fair demand;
store ample. We quote job lots: Western. $1;
carload lots, 90c; Eastern, none; Northern,
Hides, Wool, Etc.—Hides—Market dull;
receipts light; dry flint, 13c: salted, lie; dry
butcher, 9c. Wool—Market nominal; prime
in ba'e*, 27c; burry, lOaloc. Wax, l*c. fal
low, Ba4c. Deer skins, flint, 20c; sailed, 16c.
Otter skins. 25ca$i.
Iron—Market tirm; Swede, 4}*a6o; refined,
oa ..
L ard—Market is steady; in tierces, 7>gC;
60-lb tins,
Lime, Calcined Plaster and Cement—
Alabama lump lime is in lair demand and is
selling at $1 80 per barrel; Georgia, $1 30; cal
ciued plaster. $1 b 5 per barrel; hair, sc; Geor
gia cement, $3; Uo-' i.dale cement, $1 60;
Portland cement, $3 50.
Liquors—Full stock; steady demand.
Bouroon. $1 50a5 50; rye, S 506 09; re- titled,
$1 OUal 35. Ales unchanged and in good de
Nails—Market firm, advancing. Fair de
mand. We uu de: 3d, $4 20; 4*l and s*l. $3 45;
6d. $3 20; Hd, $2 95; lod io ttiio, $2 7t per keg.
NUTS—Almonds, Tarragonm, LBa2oc; Ivicac
17alSo: wainuts. French. 32c; Naples, 16 •;
pecans, 10c: Brazil, 10c: Alberts, 12c; cocoa
nuts. Baraooa, $5 25 per l'K)
oils—Market s-eady; demand good. Sig
nal. 46c; W£at Virginia black, 10 ; lard. 53;
headlight, 15c; k**r Bcne. wa’cr while,
lie; natsf*>oi, C2a9oc; ma*-i.inery. 25u30c; 11n
sc- and, raw, t7c; t oiled. 50c; mineral seal, 10c;
fireproof. Inc; b> mclight, 18c; red C, 16c.
* iniuns—Domestic, $1 25 per crate; barrels.
I $3 60a4 00.
Potatoes—Northern, |2 50t2 75 per barrel;
! seed, $2 50 per barrel; best .-eed. $3.
Peis—Demand fair; cow peas, mixed,
75a85( ;<• .tv. Hal 15; speckled Slai 10; black
er e, $1 75; winle cro tier, $t 75a2 00.
l’Ri M.s—Turkish, 5%c; French, Bc.
Raisins—Demand light: market steady:
loose new Mu catel, *2 25; layers, S2OO per
box; London la eis. $2 50 per box.
Shot—Drop, $1 60; buck, $1 86.
Salt—The* demand is moderate and the
market quiet; carload lot , 70c, fo b;jub lots,
sugars—The marketikdull and easv; cut
loaf. 6' 4 <-; standard A, 6Wc; extraC, 5%c; O
vel ow, 5 ! 4 c; granulated, powdered.
Syri'P—Florida and Georgia syrups, 80a85c;
the maiket is quiet lor sugarhouse at 85h40c;
Cuba stiaight goods, 23c in hogsheads; sitgar
hoii-e molasses, 2Cc.
Tobacco—Market dull; demand moderate.
We quote: Smoking, 25ca$l 26; chewing, com
mon, sound. 28-30 c: fair, 35a38c; medium, 40a
5.5 c; bright, 50a75c; flue lauev, Bf> a9oc; ex ri
tine, 90ca.il 10; bright navies, 45a75c; dark
naves. 40a50
Lumber—Tue demand continues heavy.
Prices are tirm at quotations, with a tie*
elded upward tendency. Orders can only be
placed a* c nsiderab'y advanced prices and
on manufacturers’ terms. We quote:
Ordinary b zes sl3 60a17 00
Ditlicult sizes 16 00*21 50
F < oring boards 16 00a20 50
ahipstutf . 13 50a21 50
Timber—Market dull and nominal. We
rou cet average % 9 fOall 00
8 0 “ 10 00 ill 00
900 “ “ ) 1 00a 12 00
1,090 M 12 OUR 14 00
snipping timber in the rait—
-700 leet average $ 6 00a 7 00
►OO 44 •* 7 00a hUJ
900 “ 44 8 00a 9UO
1,000 44 “ 9 00a 10 00
Mill timber $1 below tnese figures.
Lumber—Bv Sail —There is a very scant
supply oi domestic tonuage and venneli* are
wauled for tills and near- >y ports. The ins de
Fmit of our coastwise figures is nominal.
Freight lima-are from $4 50 to $6 Horn this
and tne near Georgia > oris to the Chesapeake
pons, Philadelphia. New Yuri., 6 und ports
ami eastward. Timber 50ca$l higher than
lumber ra>es. to thu West indies and wind
ward, nominal; to South Annrica, #i3a 4, to
Spa-fish and Mediterranean ports, $llal2; to
United Kin. dom lor orders, liinbr, 27 • 28;
lumocr, X3 15s. Steam— > Ni*w York, $7; io
Plniadv iphia, $7; o Boston, $9.
Naval stokes—Firm . Pore gn—Cork, etc.
for or-iers, 4 3d, ami. or 3s; Adriatic, rosin.
3- Genoa, rosin, 3-. • Coastwise—
Steam—To Boion, socou rosin. $1 ou spirit-;
to New York, rosin 50c, 6p>rits 80c; to Piiila
delphia, ro'in 30e, spin s Buc; to Baltimore,
rostn 30c, spirit- 70c.
Cotton— By Steam—Market is easy; offer
ing onnage in good supply.
Bremen direct jrt tb 9-82 i
Barcelona dire i lt> 11-82d
lteval and rect tb 11-32d
Genoa tb - 23 64 i
Auisicidam direct lb 9>02(l
Antwerp direct tb 19 >4 i
Liverpool direct tb.... 17-64 I
Liverpool via New York f* !b 5 piu
Liverpool via Baltimore lb 9-32 i
Antwerp via New York lb 11-32 I
avre via New York 1b •
Bremen via New Yotk tb 11-loe
lteval via New York lb 13-3^d
Brroen via Baltimore iri tb \ K
Aius.erdam v a New Y- rk ,Or,
Genoa via New York tb .... a<;.|
Boston ft Male .... 135
Sea island b tie |75
New York # hale j :;5
Sea island f* ale 135
Philadelphia f* li t e.... 1 35
Sea Gland bale 1 ,{5
Bali 1 more h;iie .... I^s
Pr.vidence bale 150
By Sail—
Liverpool 17-64d
Havre 9-32*1
Genoa . 5-16 i
A'lifte dam 9 32d
'Rice—By Sie tm
New VnrK & bar el GO
Philadelphia barrel 60
oairel t;o
Boston $ barrel 00
Grown fowls $4 pair ....$ fo 75
Clnckens 1 v to‘>4 grown ...... 40 (g> 60
Duckh pair so 75
tieesc P pair 75 <9l 00
Turkey**, pair 125 (a>2 00
E;gg-, eouutry, dozen 20 ( a) 22
Peanuts—Fancy h. p. Va. tb ra> 6
Peaiiu *— Hand picked tb.... (S s!^
Peanuts-Georgia bu-n. no.n. 75 (/$ 90
sweet poi aloes,yel. reds j*, bush 60 i;o
sweet potatoes. ye*.) nusli 50 (rt) i>o
Sweet p*)! 4 !* wnite \am* i 1 bmn 40 ($ 5u
Poui.tk v .Market nteady; demand good for
gr un: hal to th*ee-qu irter.-* gr .wn 111 light
request. Kuos—Market casv. with a lair de
mand and in light supply. Peanut."—Ample
-took: demand lair; maiket Arm and ad vane.
n,g. mg a a—GOOI gia and Florida nom l nai;
none in market. Honey—No demand; nom
mai. swf:*t Pot atoes—scarce; receipt*
very light; demand coed.
MAKI£ KTS B Y * K LEG It A V 11.
London. Feb. 5, n md. —Consols 100%.
New York Feb, 6, noon.—Stock* qu el hut
heavy. Money easy ;f per cent. Ex
change—long, fi-v/oc s;i v; short, $4 fis
4hstale bond" du I but steady, (iovern
mot) 1 bonds duh nut steady.
&:<0 p. m.—exchange dull but steady.
Monev ea*y at 3*ct4 percent.. • losing ai iUu.i.
Sul-Trea.-urv baiancea Gold. 11:i2,i(i9 ouo.
curr0ncv.218,1546.1 eo. tiovernmem oomM dull
In. 1 steady; four per cents. 1 -g; three per
cords. 10b. State bonds dell out bCattL to
1 lie signing of the interstate commerce bill
bail n . ppreomble effect up >n the market to
day. widen m ated some Murprptp. although
if was well uuderatood ili.ii 4lh iiToch hve
been dlACounted for aonin time bark. Iho
Hiren.Mli of loi-Qign markets bnwdver, hIo
bad a fe.ismrtng etJ.-. upon -r* hero*
and jpifll* fere-td urp et* up thr u/h-ili.
the * 'lff* J v, iiio lowest prices belrur made
Hh-Ttijf pftenhe opening and the htghe-t m
the lad 11AU boar Manvopcra'ur- who have
been crCvn the market for Home l Imo
wiTebu ern to-'lav uiulihe development of
Npee.uiattoo M Bt, JPaii' did u great deal to
bring oiilHidern in'o the market,the imereti
being that < tiieugo people have rgoin taken
bold fwr a r.’Ho. Foreigner? were moderate
purchase!n # j*d althoiifli the advance met
with e 01-id Table resiAtane.e ear y in the and iv
the general covering of nle.ru gave a buoyant
tone to the market in the ufieruooti. St. ibtul
beei.in** a lead ug feature of the market early
In ihe forctvton in I Lake Shore. Loui*vi le
and Nu-hvil e. Western I nton and Union I'a
c tie alt shared n the general advance. < on*
lldciiec of buying is believed to have sliinb
u ne-l a greater part of the Hh<rt inter st
lately existing in the market. Tin* opening
u a- strong, advances over I i-t evening a tinat
figures r n ging up to l, a percent. Them
were inrthcr sight a'voice* in the ear y
'ru ling, bit u vigorous lance of the hear*
forced trices dofu to am.til Intel mus below
Olenin* figure* during the first half hour.
'1 he advance, however, was resumed and
made slow but steady progress, subject t**
1 icquent slight reactions, until Ip. m. After
that time a great, rush to cover took place
and. more vim b ing imparted to dealings,
the advance accelerated and was only
checked towards he close, which was strong
at about the best figures reached. Sa e were
878.000 shares. The closing prices show ma
terial advances for nearly the entire active
1 let. The following are the closing quota
Aia.ciassA,2tos.lo7Vt New Orleans Pa-
Ala.claps B, ss. K 9 citie, Ist mort . S2
Georgia7s.mort.lo9 N. Y. Central... 112
N. Carolina 65.. 125 Norf & \V. pref 47
N. Carolina 4*. 100 Nor. Pacific 2674
So. Caro (Brown) 44 pref. 5s
console 107 Pacific Mail 5*2‘ 4
Tennesfceeti s 78V4 Beading Bv' g
Y'irgiuiatis 4S Riciini’d A Ale.. 8
Va consolidated. 62 Uichm and A Danv-190
Ch’penkeAOnio. 7Kichm'dA VV.Pt
Chic.A N’nthw'u 11 Terminal 44%
'‘preferred. .133 Rock Island 125 ..
Dela,Laek.A W St. Paul 90’ A
Erie 31 ’ a * 4 preferred 119
East Tennessee Texas Paeitie... 2^4
new stock..... Teun..Coa A Iron 46’ ?
LakeSh*'re.... 94 7 a Union Pacific.... 56
L’vlUe & Nash 6 t’ s N..1. Certral . (694
Mempni-A Char 68 Missouri Pacific h 7‘ 4
Mobile A Ohio 16 Western Union . 74
Nash A Ch 'tt,’a 84^
New Yore, Feb. s.—The weekly state
ment of the assoc,uUed banks show tin* follow
ing changes: Reserve decreased, s!.S2ti,7<’o;
loans increased, $6,134,000; specie increased,
.>6,500; legal tenders dec,reuse*!, $977, 00;
deposits increased. $3.672 t K O3; cir*ula(ion *e
oreased, $104,900. The banks now hold $20,464,-
750 In excess of ttie 25 per cent. rule.
Liverpool. Feb, 5. noon —Cotton quiet,
w thou 1 quo 1 able change: middling upui.ds
5’ H d, middling Orleans 5‘ 4 'l: sri*s 7 000 fanes,
for specu ation and export *,(>o bates; re*
ceints 12.00*) lale—American 2,600.
Futures: Unlands, i w ' 111 •t• t* ng clause.
February delivery. 5 6-64*1; February and
March, 5 6-61d; March ami \pril. 5 7-(>!*i:
April and Mav, 5 9-6td; Mav and dum*.
511 64d: dune and .hi y. 5 i2-t’[email protected] 13-64*1;
du y and August 5 10-ft4d; Anarn-'i aud Sep
tember, 5
the advance.
2:00 p. m.—The sales to-day included 4.700
b:;l*s of Aim* lean.
Futures: Uplands, low middling clause.
February delivery, 5 6-Uld. sellers; February
and Mai ch, 5 6-64(1, s**l ers; March and April.
5 7-64d, buyers; April and May, 5 9-ii4d.
s dlcr*: Mav and June. 5 11-64d. sellers; June
and July, 5 13-tt4d, scier-; July and August,
5 15-6 id. re.lers; August and .Sepcmtu**,
5 17-64 1. sel er-; September and October.
5 12-64d. eliers M rket du I.
New York.. F *•>. 5, noon,—Cotton opened
steady: middling uplands 9Uc: middling Or
leans 9 l’.-ioe; sales l 1 hales.
Futures: M irkel opeue i sieadv, with sale*
as follows: Feruarv deliver*. 84lc; March,
9 1 c: M>ril, 9 51c; May, 9 59c; June, 9 die;
Jt iy 1 9 78c.
5:00 p. m.—Market closed steady; middling
uplands, nVic; middbng Orleans, 9 11 bk-;
a:e.- t-dav oa bales. y* r -ieraa> 423; net rc
(“nts 783 b . gr bS 2 362,
Futures; Market dosed quit*’ hot steady,
with sales of 28.860 bales, as follow s: Febm
ary delivery, 9:,; (4 1 4 c: Mar h fl41(09 42c;
April. 9 50(5)9 lc: Mav. 9670t,9 58c; .In e. 965
i(o9t6c; J a*y, 972 73c; August, 9
November. 9 31(;9 38c.
Green A c in tneir report on cotton fu
ture-, say: “Trading was of an 111111 ually
l mited compass o-da an l tf*e market di\
not amount to much. Indocd, b *yonJ a little
straightening out of local deal" to wind up
the week no one appeared to have an thing
t > do, and a fiilllcicnt inai to give more than
a nominal !a is of va(ua ion at the close at
figures differing but slightly from lan even
GALVESTON. Feb. s.—Cotton steady; mid
dling 8 i3- iuc; net receipts 1.363 bales, groas
1.3b3: sales 1,73-* bale-; stock 68,935 bales.
Norfolk, Feb. s,—Cotton-ti'auy; middling
93-.6c; net receipts 1.8*7 bales, gross 1,877;
sail's 542 bales: stock 30,514 bales; exports,
coastwise u 33 bales.
Baltimore, Feb. K .—Cotton steady; mid
dling 9*40; net receipts 1.868 b ilos, gross 2,098.
sa es baits; stock 18.341 bale"; exports r
Great Britain 2.118 hal s. ihc continent 1,221
bales, coastw se 74*> bales
Boston. F b. s.—Cotton quiet, middling
9V p e: net receipt 66s oales. gross 2,271; sales
noue; stock none.
WiLMiNUTON, Fen. s.—Cotton quiet; mi<l
dliug 9‘ kC; net receipts 353 bales, gross 353.
sales no e: stock 3 B.> Males
Phil 4PKLPU! a, Feb. s,—Cotton quiet; mid
dling 9)fcc; net receipts 78 bale*; gr. ss 's;
siock 1,00 1 bales, exports, to the com men*
131 bale*-
New Orleans. Feb. s.—Cotton steady; mid
dling 3, 7 g c; uei receipts *>,656 bale-.*, gro**
6,6 m;; -ums 3,560 bale ; stock 369,.04 bales;
expo* is, to Great Britain 12,470 bales, co;6i
wi- 4 296.
Mobile, Feb. s.—Cotton quiet: middling
815-16 c; uet receipt* 1.2*7 ales, gross 1.289;
sale" 300 bale-; stock 31,107 bales; exports
co tsuvi-e 523 bales.
Memphis* Fb. Cotton steady; middling
6 7 8 c; rece pts i, 19 iiales; shiiunnius 3 165
ha *>*; sates 2.000 hale-: stock ;04 334 bales
Augusta. Fch. s.—Cotton dun: mid<ihug
8 1 > )6c; re eipts 62 hales; ">ile* 372 bales.
CHARLESTON. F* h. s.—Co ion steuly;
midumig 9 fl c; uet receipts 1,471 bales,
gnids 1,471 bales; sa.es 300 bales; to k 33,4 4
Atlanta, Feb. s.—Cotton middling
S 13-16 ; reeeip sB3 bales.
New York, Fa*. s.—Consolidated net re
ceipts iot ail cotton ports t*>-<! iv, 19.492 hales;
exports, o Great Britain 14.588 ba es, to tuo
continent 1.552; stock at an American port
-2 bales.
The to*a! visible supply of cotton for the
world m3 2 4,271 bale-, of which 2,787,671 ba e-*
are American, against 3,0;0,u85 an*l 2,65 >,6*5
b lc>, r spec ive y. last year. Bee* pts at ai
interior towns tins week, 63,0 3 bales: re
ceipts from plant iWtous 116.0-4 oaics. Crop in
sigut, 5,552,154 baled.
Liverpool, Feb. 5. noon.—Wheat quiet;
tin* demand has fallen oB; supply good. Corn
quiet and stead v. wiut poor demand*
.Ntw niMK. teb. 5. noon —Hour quiet and
heavy. Wheat lower. Corn lower. Pork
firm: mess sl4 (0. Lard sieauy at 6 95c.
1 reigbts sieadv
5:09 p. ni. —Flour dull and heavy but not
quniabiv lower; Southern flour steady,
n heat lower; ac v*- tor export: No. 2
red, February delivery 1)1> h (o ) iJ)2 1 4 e, closing a
92c: May 94 13* *6 <t9.*J n c, CioMiig at Doc. Corn
lower, closing navy; speculation
quiet: No, 2, February delivery 4>V^4H' v r,
e.iosing 4s | 4 May r>u(0:)O i->*!<•, clositig at 50c.
Oats a shade lower aim :*!8 v;No2 Feb
ruary delivery 36J4*-; May 3R I (•!,>■ ng
36 1 s **. Hops qu el aui unv . mged. Coffee,
lair Kio quiet at U; l 4 ; N'**. 7lt 10,February and •
liverv Iz Goc.; Ma\ 32 65® 2 90c. Sngar’uu!l
and uncln g* i M*>-aseen quit t and n *min I
Colton seed oil—34®3fc for cm c, 39U " 41c
for run nod* HMes quu Imi steady. Wo 1
qi 1 and 'i onanged. Pork qtilei imtver>
aieady. BeefsteHiy. Bo i h’uiis llrm. Mid
dies dull s i nominal. Lard a shade low*r
ami dull, Western steam 6 2'4c, March de
livery 695®6 97c, May 7 J2*\ Freighte
Chicago. Feb. 5. —Th** getirrdlv pacific
tone of Luropean <lispatches 10- ay. with the
U'lvancc in foreign securitieH, caused tm*
wheal mu ket to open lower this morning
at 83!.|C lor Ma* deßverv, close to which
figure Ihe pr c t old *luring the entire da>.
v trying oniv * n * n either*tir(*ction. ib-ceipis
at eleven > rt" were 242,000 bushels and im
ports only 68,909. i radern estimated ih.n the !
visible supplv W'*uld show a might inerease.
( >ru was dull the entire sesnioii, and the
feeling was easier. Outside ord* rs w. re
scarce, anil local lnouiry was very limned*
The market opened 1 lower, fl o* tuat and
with n a range ol and closed lower
than yesterday. There was a dull and easy
feeling in o.(is. thou h towards the close 01
the-e pome h *it\ y hkicits were thrown
on the market, but va ties he and up moderate
ly steadv. n*>twiihstHiMiing dosing ' H c lower
til mi\estirdav. Pimvihioiss were cusettled
1 ! easier. Me*** p -rk *l• dined 15fi2 *c ami
. * . ste<eiv. Lard ami short ribs held
. Jy at yesterday’s figures.
Tnefollowing anovvs urn current price* for
cadi properties on rue regular hoard: Four
•h: i and unchanged. Wheat. No. '2 red
' Lorn. No. 2. J36e. Oats. No. 2. 2’> j( s2,v*o,.
Mess por, sl# .°6. bard,
i Dry sdied ► huuiders, boxed 5 76i®. njc;
| -h.rt clear sides bo.ved 7 luc. Whiskv
Ii ’B.
Kit it res —Tiie following arp tho hirhest.
lowopt and cbMing Quotations: Wheat-No. *2,
February ddiveri 77*4 a77c, closed at 77Vj* ’.
.M trrli 7? H <ts77'>f'\ *u ed at 77L, : Mav > . „
m'V. closed a sP N c.um-N. ' February
delivery ii> ■ 186Vvdo-cd at ‘_•; March
iflS,.i. p ) a l , closed ut Mf.'v, Mav I 41‘i'v, e.'osed
a* 4 *sic Data. Fooruury delivery
25 „e. Cio*. I ill 2 r V; March 25$* nit't'jc, closed
2. J ; dmv W'VftAk:, Closed .it 30c. Pork.
February delivery 9U;;5(#!3 15. cloned a
$1:; Hu; March <1340<*13 15, closed at <l3 35.
hard. February delivery v toast# 02...
cuc-ed at <0 65; March < 7(>7*o 157 J /£, Closed
at Id 05: May <6 *'(g#o so, co ed at i0 85.
Short ribs. February delivery (1 7 5 (#6 72'.,c,
closed at 'l7sc: March 0 75#0 U7!4c* closed si
6 7.; May ¥:♦•*(# BCc. closed at 0
iiALriuORC. Ken. > — Flour nominal) steady
ami uuiet: Howard street ana Western saner
line 92 s'Kfl): 00. extra 4d 16'#: 00. iamity H 15
(d.l 75. dtv mills MiDcrtltte $2 .*():; Oi*. cx
ti's S.i 15 43 90; ttlo brand-f l 62f#l s7. Wheat
—douthern and about s.i*ady; VV esu.ru
lower and dull; Southern red 98t%c, am
ber 95(49;c: No. 1 Maryian ■ use 1*1*1: N*. 2
Western winter red. on sh>i 9 7 c, Corn—
bout• ern st.cidv a* I firm; Western firmer
ami more active; Southern, while 4S$, oc,yel
low 18qj5('c.
*nt. Louis. Ft: 4 *. s.—Flour quiet and un
changed. Wheat a*dive but weak and lower;
closed -c lower than yesterday; N<>. 2 re*i
caali SlB \r\ Mav delivery So' 54ic,
closing '•' l i c. Corn active bu ; easy amt i"vn*r,
closing 1 „*a <• under yesterda* : S > 2 mixed,
ca>h 34U34‘v*: May delivery 36Va37c, clo-ing
87c. Oats tull bur steady: No. 2 in.xel. ca-h
27 e and; Mav delivery Whiskv firm
ft* $1 13. Provisions higher: Mess pore sl3 75
Lard higher at 650 *. Bulk meats, boxed lots
long clear 6 75c, short, ribs 6 SOc. >h ri cl *ar 7c.
Bacon, long clear 7 25c, >h >rt ribs 7
siioi t clear 7 60((57 60c. Hams steady,
Cincinnati, Feb. 5. —Flour dull. Wheat
strong; No. 2 red. sm(/>sc. Corn quiet; \*.
2 mixed 38'oc. Oats du I; No 2 m \el, 3'c.
Pork c| ih*l ai sl3 50 Lard strong ai 6 600.
Bulk meats <*asi-r. Bacon stcadv ami un
changed. Whiskv steady a $1 13, Hogs
steady ami firm; common ami light $4 20'.$
5 05: packing and butchers *4 Sc(ss 25.
Lotisvili.e. Feb. s.—Gram firm: Wheat,
new No. 2 lotigberry 84c; No. 2, red *3c. Corn,
N0.2. mixed 39c; white . OaG, N 2,
Provisions strong: Bacon, clear rib
sides 7 25c, clear sides 7 62’ v c. shouldersfic.
Bulk meats, clear r b side- 6 v oc, clear side**
7c. shoulders 5 25u$~> Me *-* j>*>rk f l 2 2>.
Hams, sugar . urea sio 7.>. Lard, choice leaf
7 75c.
N Aw Orlea N9, Fe'’. s.—Coff. a steady and
firm, rofion seed pr*duct- quiet, -r.nr
quiet* M-tias-e-, con rifugals firmer, ri riel iv
1 rime to choice 30c, prune to goou prime -2$
London, Feb. s.—spirits turpentine, 27s
NEW YORK, Feb. 5, noon. -- r- f. *i>en
‘in* dull at Kosui dull at sloo9s
1 97'-.
5:00 p, m.—Spirits turpentine dull at 89c.
R *-m quiet and unchanged.
Charleston. Feb. r>,—spirits turpentin*
nominal al Koslnsleudy; good strained
Wilmington, Feb. 6,—Spirits turpentine
steady at 3.V- 2 0. Itosm firm , sir tinea .c, go * 1
•trained 80c. Tar firm at >1 15. ( rude tur
peutine ilr>n; hard $100; yellow dip ana vir
gin $1 99.
Nfw York. Feb. s.—Rice market steady.
New Orleans, heb. 5. — Rt e unchanged.
Florid * Orange*.
The following spec dal toth- MokmmiNbws
is pu'disheil for the benefit of our Florida
readers and those Interes'e 1 n Fiorld 1 I'rults,
and can be relied upan as accurate and relia
Sp'cfalto M ruing ' a*.
Philadelphia . Feb. s.—Market active
and prospects good at uncti tnge I prices Hu>-
h ban 1 jiiior Kimul ih, per crate, *1 25*1 75;
fair to brig *t Floridas, ier crate, $2 oa2 25;
fancy Floridas, $2 75a3 00 per box.
A. B. Dktwilkr v on
st{*m*iH(j Inttll pnre.
\i’ vi vrjiid .vuti.mj-r.1,1 ihv,
Sun Sets 5 4')
High Water at Savannah .. 6:29 a m 0:10 p v
SITNDAY. Feb 6. 1807.
Steamship City of Augusta, Cathiirine. New
Y* rk—G M Sorre'.
Schr Varuna. Birdcall, Baltimore, with rail
road iron 10 S, FA W Ky and coal *o
Dixon A Murphy; vessel to .!*>•* A Roberts A
.steamer Kthel, Carroll, Cohen’s Bluff and
way I .-Hidings —W T Gibson. Manager.
Bc.hr A T BrL Murdv. Matan/as, wih mo
lasses to (; M Gilbert & Cos; vessel to Mast* r.
Bark ViPona fßri, Andrew I *, to load for
Liverpool—Holst & Cos.
Steamship Juniata, Aikina, Phila*lelphla—
G M sorrel.
Bark Woodfleld Jones, Liverpool
(from Spel*i —M *tcr.
schr Ruyin *nd T ManH. Smi h, Wilming
ton, Del—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Antwerp, Feb 3—Arrived, bark Preciosa
(Nor). Jacob * n. Pen- cola.
Bremen. Feb Arrived, steamship Cyan us
(Rr>. Crooks. .Savannah.
Dover. Feb z —Cashed, steamship Strath
more (Br . White, Savannah for Bremen.
As'd'i** ail Jan 19— \rri\od, brig Jennie
Ilur fieri, southard. Pensacola.
\p?i achlools, r h 3—Cleafe*!, bark Ruth
(N*>r , Jog*n s en. B eno** Avres.
Baltimore. F**h 3—Arrived, schrs Addte M
Bird, Cuahman, s iV nuah; 2J, W E Downes,
Haskell, Brunswick.
Coopaw, Feb 1 —Arrived, hark® c evern 'Bn
Thomas. Poin-a-Pitre: Holly Bough (Bn.
Jame-*. Sierra I.** no.
Fcrnandtna, Feb 3-< ’eared. s*hr*( Mary F
Cor->n, Rml>iiisoi), and NVtt 0 Lungdon. Bag
ley. New York.
j ic.ks*ri‘ille, Feb 1 -Cleared, schr Bessie
Brown. Ouiteu, New York.
3d—\rrl e*l. scli**s sit Meador, Brown,
New York; Abbu* H r.t* on, Gheen. *!<>.
C eared, schrs Nelli'* V Rnkrs. I liompao*'.
Now York; llauie 11 Barbour, Flelcber, St
Key Wos*. F**b 3—Arrived, str Mascotte.
Mclvay. Hav.inn.
Pensaoola. Feb 3—Cleared, harks Nord*t-
Jernen ( N*r f , t)l.it'-*Hn. ' oninna; Arcangelo
(Ita 1 ), C‘ni*-igll**re Tin no* Avres.
Del itvare Breakwater. F l>2— K rrirori, srhy
lohn 11 Cross. Ran ley, Savannah for Provi
F rnandlna. Feb s—Arrived and cleared to
r turn, steamship Catondelet, Ri-k, New
\rriyed, sekr Flora Rogers, Jameson, New
Per Charleston and Savannah Rv. Fob 5 -
2 bah?M c*mi.' n, 1 car b*e. f*6 bbls potatoes. i5
sack-* rice. J ba''* In 1 and mdse.
Per Bavunnah. Florida and W stern B \
Feb 5—531 bnieeco ton. 12 cars In ui*e r .
bills rosin. 105 bbl* -j* rits turpentine, 68 i.1.l
H”d 4.18 boxes orange-. 2 e.a - w **-*j *2l b I
syrup, sM*-k- r *■(*, 10 oales hide-, ami mdse
Pe Contra! Railroad. Feb 5 l.r>,x:> *hi**j
coll on, 6 bales vartiH 63 bales do nest ie. 21)
pi g-* iob;t*-e,o. 7 l> ! ide**, 15 hales plan's. J
r<ll leather, 4! ,2.9 lbs b 974 bids r**-in. 35
bom - pints f union* tn<*. 271 bh‘s lime. 2>P! lbs
fmit, 17 lib's moal. 46 l>aies rmper Hi>>ek. I pkg
junk 5 pkgsempties. 302 bills *ott *u seed • 1,
1 car stone. 2 i>‘ g- hardware, 25 e egg, :i7
pkgs h h goods, 5 bblrt whisky. 509 btish corn,
1 bl> fl'nr, 30 heaieftitb*. is e,is lumbe r 6
ears woon. I bb* svruib 30 pkg* wood ’n -ha**e.
216 tons pig iron, 4 nkg* twine, M casesliqu*>rs,
1 pkg vegftab c-, I pkg machinery, 3.72 pkg*
KUPtv L r-b
I Per schr Raymond T Maull. for Wi'mlng
t'n, De 1—382,21.1 feet p u lumber !> Ihicon
A (Jo.
i vsshvtiicrts.
Per steamship City of Auvimta. fro r Vow
York K L Pollard W Is wI , i R <
i tins. .1 .? Mnndy. <’ K Dugan. M I! Ra * m". - . C
• : *H'i'i'!* Mihs A n‘ardaley. Mrs M h naM
F K Carter • I . W ( rosby (ce* . I \i 1 n lor
nnd wife, W 'b'Neil. w M< a l)<ug'iid P.lai *
Bot iford, M B ' *w ii rthwail. i t • ~ |
wife. W Rrsc.keir, W U F’rench. Mrs \ \Y
(toddanl, T H Muirs'i I wife. ir f I* O’p.'ien.
Rev < H Dolan* Mrs C nrM i thv alt f M '*?-
Rotvjmrthwau, ads ieerugca
CONSb. >. BKS.
Per Charleston nd • > innah R .
Tr itisfcr < Milc.c. M* -iP ivan v < o. V Rstig.
M Y Hen b t>on II I*, h v, , W T cd m *r.
W T •Itditisou. Knicker' r |c • t Mr* R
• Vdm-’H K Labbdp*. Rcndheltn Pros .V. t ■ f. \]
Urn's, Lee Roy Vlyers, l tin F'o'oy. * I*, ,
win, John seniey. Fell *V .8. li Ta’ or, C L
Mont ague A < o.
Per B‘iv inn in, Florida and We t *ra Itv,
Feb s—'Transfer Olhec. Jno F'lanm rv A ( o.
A Hauler. M '* , Lee R . ors,
II M ver A It *os. 51 Mob: v A sou. duller A
- M Lea m. I* it VVurt, A J Miller A i:o. Sa
vannah Times, Dale, D A <'o, *? \ Kin t , , n. (4
I) II ’dge - . M< It" oegij \ t ",!i < I'.a .. n,V • ..
Moinhnrd itros A Cos, W\X <ordon .t <;o. 11
Murpliv. II 8 dotilon A >"n, It II la; A ftr.
Weed A • (irmly. DcL ft • " V Lcfl'cr. r n
snupp, M Md mii itroH. <; Fckstein ft c. J it
War'. A KinstelnV Son*, 'iclionough v I*.
M I'erst ft Cos HHuckentieinier A Su, vi |
Kay. J s Col ins ft ' o. Kckmmn AV. David
Dark, Graham ft, t, ,\ M Cohen ft .Stand
ard Ol* Cos. ItP'Si'r ft S. t M Wil-on. F' ter on
A Cos. B F McLaughl n ft <'<>. sol m n- ft * ,
.1 II Uuwc. .1 P it dimm-. Lll Ik, Y ft (/•. E V
Roberta, Peacock, II ft Cos. tL f nes. C L
M<n'Sgu ft 1.0 ( ha* Fills, WVV Chi-holm.
VV arren ft A. Gnmctt. 8 A < >. Pe< k*ns ft >on.
ti W alter ft Cos. 51 Yft' I Mclntyre, J II
Beranc, M Maclean. D Y Dancy.
Per Central Railroad. Feb 5-Fordg Ag:.
li '1 Comer t Go. t\ n Cord n ft t o. Order,
F* M Farley, Hal iw.n ft Cos. C L MontHgue A:
GO, M Maclean, liutler ft 8, G Walter ft Cos,
Jbo Flantiorv A Cos. Woodn A Cos, Garnett. S A
( o. .1 vviHJ m*. SAvuniiMh G'i* o(’. Dr l>
Cox. Haines Al). I G Butler, M Y Henderson.
•I R Khmoh. > . IF*berohlMtidoe Brow, .)
M I, > fton' :n, Oradv, Hi* LA Cos, It Until welL
H M vers & Bros t. \Y I'mdcinan. W s HlitOh,
Poacock.il A o. Kills. V A o. \\ c Jackaou.
Lot- Key Mxera. M. l)-no>nrh A (Jo. K Moyle, .1
Wolilen. Hut lor Bros. Hcndhtum ItrnsACo,
Prank & (Jo, A H Hull. Pear-o A s. .1 (1 Su’-
liv .n A Cos, C K SiutO, Smith Bro** A <'>. F II
Thomson. A Klirbeh A hr i. Rl"d on, M A Cos,
Camidxdl Bros. Docker A K. D C Bacon A i '■,
S '’ockenheimer AS n H olom n A son.
Per steamship CHtot Augusta. from Now
York —Am M Its < \ \{ A Umax or A Cos. T
Base.h, It milioim Hr s A ' o, M Holov A son.
Hick tiros. B jrok A ''.Bond, M A K.T P Bond.
L K Itvek A s m. O Ruth:!. m ( arson, J M
Case, It J Cuhhcdge. W G Cooper. ( lark A D,
A H ('hanmion. K M (vn> or, Cornwell A (',
A B Collins A Cos. .1 \ Douglas* & t >, Mrs W
C C gmuti. I Dasher A Cos Davis Bros. B iul>,
•h.o Dfirn’. A Ehrlich A Bro G Eckstein A Cos.
Kokman AV, I Kpstein A Bro, $ A Km-lein,
Ki'Slein AW. Kinstein AL. F eisclunan A o.
.1 fl Kstdl. M Feral A Cos. Frank A( o, .1 11
Fur-er. A Falk A Son, FrtM well A N. .1 Gor
ham, S Guokonheimer A Sou, Gray A O’B. F
LG • age, C M Gilbert A o. ,t I* <. nnaino
brmlv, DeL A Cos. L.l Gn/.m, W Goldstein D
llogan, Hotter AK. I G llu ■ F M Hull, F D
Ha 1 li -*I• I, llammoi and II A< o. Harms A J, i
NY Hastccil, A B Hull. I I Halligau. M L Har
nett, Khviiiumkli A It, .1 I Kessler. \V s Ivin ;,
N Lang I ipiman Br *s, K Lovell A Son. s \t
Lewis, Jno LxiMlH A Cos A la*l!l r. D It I ester,
B II Levy A lirn, Lnddeu A It. M L vn. Mr
(.'A Lam?.r. 1 ttum y A >. Lindsay A M. s K
L‘"ii, \ L >g *n. Lovell A L. A .1 Miller A Cos,
Meinhard Bros A ( o. Mohr liros. D .1 Mon t
son, Moehlenbineck A D, K D M. Donell, Mi*s
xt Nde.osnn, Mex.r A O’B. Lee Box vt.ers
Mar hall ll'iiro P Manirng, Jm \jools. n, f
Nam airs. Void linger A K. Ogtuim pe ( lull
Dr A Oetnler, s Ormnan. o \ gel H Miller. .1
lu'/ P.-iliuor Itr s, (, W PariKii. PPP Mlg
Cos, N Pamsen A Cos. t' D i*gers, I Rnderlek
U II Kay, Ka\ A l>. H Solomon A s oii, P It
Springer, >. F A \V By, Sniili Bros A C., .1 !i
s hinder, > .r mnah nuai'O ( , M Sternberg,
II I srliretticr. >ol iiioiim \( o F \s< li war/..
F \ >ehr<ah*', SmiMi A It .1 .s S|i V ji. K sula-.
I D "i vm c K -•ii.'tH, savannah It. nk A P Cos,
t\ D ink ! il*. .1 (i■*Oll v :h A (~0, J xX I*\ tl.tli
li W I K leman, .1 F I " rent PTuberd o
V<gel, Weed AC, AMA C \N \Ve*i. I I;
Wtme head \\ i cox, iA • • \\ v y AC. \\
VVo tV l> Weisbuin. I’ho- \Vo,i, \V .uucr, 4).
.1 I \Y .ring, F v Weil, ,I W hank.;, W ( ’ ,-i
( o, - t r k.iic (ji A Fla l s It i o, s, F A W in
South cl li F\ Cos, C H It.
AllVlce I XX •( || tj.
Jlrs. Winslow’s SuotUluii Syrup should
always he used when children are cuitin.<
teeth, it relieves the little suflerer at
once; it produces natural, ipiiet sleeo iiv
relieving the child from pain, and the
little cherub awakes as ‘-bright ae a
button.” It is very pleasant to taste. It
soothes the child, softens the aunts, al
lays all pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and is the best known remedy for
diarrhoea, whether arising from teething
nr other causes. 2b cents a bottle.
IVierchants’ Line.
St. John’s River Rout).
r |MIE elegant B’eamt‘rHof the DelLtry-B\a
X Mer- huuin’ Line, rittiuing boiw < u •• .
(■o tvili* and Kuicr pi use, <>n ihu .loll *h
river, Florida, • niioi bucurpit* •<t tor
buietv amt <‘omfort. Througli M,. am. r lo iv-‘>
xvi...r of FA W Ii v Cos. daily gq uinxa
oi Fast Mail, due at m.
Tht j'rtlatsa un i's.tniurd Dlvimoq. known
HHtlit* Dayi gbi Lin . ha* becomi* xerv p> u
lar and iw lie Favo>ite Ran c* lor the i ..ur
iid tr veler. st umur lenve P tka and I
ex epiSun ay n< :.5 am., ar. iviug at San
fur lai •: oi. m.. Km *rpri-e 7 i*. m.
. C ose en •ciii is m.uic a irh t | Linen
v igi g for points ii lie Inu rior, South Flor
ida, >e%v uricunu and II ivana.
( II lt. FEN W l( K,
Gen. Pus-. Ageut,
People’s Independent Li .e
i)( !’•(> Y , DaKD.N, isliCA" WICK
F UN AN Dl N A A\ D s.VTI LL v R| \ B
L\NI)IN(j>. I lie e egant 8h um r I'om
Catlln. Capt, W. If. Swift, le x - savanoui
from steamer Kano*- wharf on M udava ,ii 4
• . in. fi r Femandma, Brunaxviek nnl xva
landingn. (>ii Tliunday at J p m. for llrun*
XV C K and Said a rive- and way landin.'**. IF*
in ruing, leaves Bailey’s Milih'u p m . Frulavn.
Leavi m Fernandma 2p. in. Tii ’M.laya. Freigiu
ftuii passage hs low as nv a iv <tn v line. F *
infor.iJtttiou, apply to J. G. MkDLocK,
Steamer Katie’a xVnarf.
South Ficrida Railroad.
<EMHA.fi w Ta NDA Iff) TIME.
OV and after SUN D x Y, Nov. 14. iS-m, train*
xvii arrive and leave a- follows:
*l) , *il; . tD.i lv except ttuudayt. iDallv
* .X’ • pi Mo day*.
iaavi Sanford for
in nipt and way
f-ct ins and *4:40 pm
Arr vo at Tain pa.... *. :40 p m and *:&Opm
IF *urning leave
'i ami.H in *W:2 I an and *H:(‘Oprn
Arrive at Rnnford *2::fo am ad *JnOa in
Leave Ilford lor K is*! inm. e uml
\x ;y #fatjonft at ... ff. min m
Arrive at Ki*>slnimeo nt f. :00 p m
lieturning le.iVe Kuhimmee. ... -f(i:4() t m
Anive atSaniord Vs:iMiam
Lv Bartow Junction
!1:IC a in 2:10 and 7:115 p m
Ar Harrow 12:05, 8:ll> and 8:15 p m
Returning Lv Bar oxx
h: 0;i >n 12:50 and 5: ?<i p m
Ar Bartow June 10:to ain l :i0 ami 0;:t0 p m
Operaici Ijx i e stunli Horids Railroad,
*Le. ve Uart**w for I*.: i fiber ion Ferry
and w;.y fiatioiiH at 7:l>am
Arrive at Ft in er>< o Ferry at !):iOtin
* Re' in tiing leave Pembertou Ferry at 4: in p m
Arrive at Barlow at uj.ij ~
JLojivo Pernlerlon Ferry 7:? a m
Arrive llariow 12:0<> m
•fLeave Bariow ] ;o p in
Arr ve Ptunberion Ferry .. 6:JJ|)m
Lcavei nauit rd lor
I \keCliarm an i xxav
Rtai ions f 10:46 a m and 4:60 pin
Arrives Lake (/'barm. 12:15 a in and 0:20 pin
i: tui
Lea (* i uKi: Cluirra.. 0:P0 a m an-i 13:45 p m
Ari lvcb hi Mttif jid :oo a m and 2:16 pin
Conneeisat an( rd \x n the Sanford and
Ilid'nit iFver K iilr ad I r Oviedo aief p ints
oft 1 - eJ' hHiip, vs iiu the Pe"p c'h Line un i
Deßary-Faya Mcr* Imtit-’ L no #i aieuiner .
Mid J• I. Als . VV . Ry. lr Juckaoovilla uii'l
;dI n. eriir clia i* points m Hie st. J .im’i
river, and w d< st*;tmors lor In >iau river amt
UKi l'i*er si. John’*.
At Ki mme w.iii .-ti'amer* for Koyt iiv
eit-imd B.i. si uger aril points on Ki.-auninoe
rvt*r. . . ...
A Pemberton Ferry with Florida ‘-on her i
L ilWat lor till toil's Not lb mid VY- it, md
j,i Itnr o\v w ■ tli I he F oroia '-eo i ticru Uuiauy
lor Fort Meade and point -on h.
Conn ctr at I'ampa with btea.uer **Mnrga
rei” f r Pa hi i .N la. UrsMeiGown, Painict'O,
Manatee, n*. ub poitils on liiilslioroUgll md
Turn pa IRiy.H.
Al-o, vii h the elegant mail steamships
••VfMecotte” nd •Whitney,’* of tile Plant
Sica nship CO., for Kov West ami Havana.
'I prough ncKotH -old at all regular staiions
to points Nor It. h isi and VYest.
Leg-age elp'ck il through.
Pa *-digci s tor Havana can Jevo Fanford
on Limilcd Wc*t mil a Fist Mad train at
4 :-*o p. in. Hiopptog < uly at (irliind , Kisslin
me% JB irt< Junction, Lak‘land and Plant
City.) uesduy. Tliur-duy and Saturday, c.on
necting same evening wii.ii nieamer it Tampa*
F u I.DKuIC 11. It S ND,
General Freight and Ticket Agent.
Tlic Ori|dnl ni.il Only Ut-nDln..
S*f- nlßfl'fibi' nf wvrtSl*-** inlistiona.
[tMO jk-ii!<• LA OI FB. Ask your ItrusKlal f*r
*•< tilrlM*it , r , s Esf'Ulr ii 4 ink*- so (lsr.or lucloar 4c.
to u* f..r i *ro (n Irtlf hy return mull.
UnlH M ourr. f hllu'ti, . Pu.
Slid b; DrMtls rv■-vrl -v; <• SHClilcl.su*
tur*s ttrlUh” l*uuur <ov si 2*llU> is> wvlo r.
IDrroS (Foofta. glSwhtf, <Rte.
David Weisbein
Assures the pablie that the bargains he herewith offers are
genuine ami have never been equaled heretofore.
Our Bargains are Positively Immense!
e are determined fo show you what, pin k can do. Come
and satisfy yourscli ot the truth o! our assertions.
I'lie following goods will certainly be slaughtered at con
fiideiably less than half their former prices:
Blankets that were $ 1 25 we will sell a pa r at $ 49
Blankets that \wre 150 we will sell a | air at 75
blmk ts that were 225 we will sell a pair at 99
B aukets that w. re 100 we will sell a pair at 198
Blankets that were f> 00 we will sell a|a rat 273
Blankets that were (00 we will sell a pair at 325
B arkers that were 750 we will sell a pair at 375
Blankets that were 10 0u we will sell a pair at 450
Blankets that were 15 00 we will sell a pair at 675
(’Al.lt () ( OM KOltrA BEF.S at, one half of la**; week’s pr’cea!
Ail ii*< Balance of our Kail and Winter Dk‘m* Goods, Htks, \ elvotn, Corduroya
Velviktus will be tsiaugn ered, J
You can buy a S2O 00 Dress Pattern for $lO 00
You can buy a 15 On p , * Putt* rn for 7• 0
Non can buy a if) <0 idm-s Ihittern lor 500
You can buy a 800 Du.-a Patten for 400
You can buy a tl 00 1r s- Pattern f>r 300
can buy a 400 Dr ss Pattern lor 200
You can buy a 200Dn ss Pattern for 100
You can buy a 1(0 Dress Palletn for 60
ChlbtrenV ('maks tluit wi ro s.> to $lO roduued tosl
I.AIUi.-* WUAi’S. XKWMAUKK S. <•,, . c va: c ..h© out at an-r
\V \ |,K INO•*V- K K I’- - • •-i**- fO, $7 50 i(lsH\t■ ir >r ii. $2 60. f.l 50. $4 and f\
<i F.N l'>* St An 1.17 lINOE ,S t lit I’-. VSO -•> let. -air ..i260.; uilallwci.il
me for -l>-u. In luci, cur einire <ien'~’ ami l.n lie.* Undiwear Ovparcmaut at halt
(.rice. U may appeur uicreiiiblo, but t.Uese aru fai ls.
OUli !*s !*J: 3>4 M STOCK!
I.OWE.V!' I’OSsiJiEK I’ll li ES.
On M(JN DA V, i ') 7 b inst., and or iliac day etc. w will jiui on nile on a
special e >u ihi r 1,000 ya da of the best DllE'o GIN' MA auU.&S Uv
Ells. MP'b <|iiali l. as canno' lie boh a any ct < r Umo or tt.my oitMHfii
house ii.r :ea l..au V11z".., at tue uuiioi'iu
..DC? |flf|
153 Broughton Street. Savannah.
JjouorUri’p u Ut gilt.
Household Lren.
W. ro now <ti piavmg n mtundl cu' hi-* kof every ice- lion of HOUSEKEEPING
i.ixiih, und will ibis week offer H"in • <tect*ied tf r. im hi mid u,yarl<neal.
Table Damasks.
Unf'loachcd Table DamnsV, Hsc 4-c &si*„
l !>i- ch* and rab'o I) .mit-k ,2 <r-l < %ule, 75c, a b irgiiin,
\\ eitciicd T’l‘l • Dam 4 . 65 j, #
Heavy Satin Damasas, 75c, 5, slo*.
Special Bargain.
10 pli l i'-2 var.H wain satin m. mi., very ::aa l-jjju pattern*. Wi will offer this lot i*
Jl K a. n il* VI 50 > srd.
Turkey Re * Dmuasks, 8 c. 45c, 6 r c.750, $1 00.
Napkins arid Doy'ie*.
Fringed Dnylle**. white, rit 1 . c -|n-vd l*-> dern, 60 •pe <Eizenu
%a ! H\. lie Damu*4k NapkiiM, $1 per and /eu and u,.wari.
h i .nge • B ate und l rav (Ji** 1 h- i 1 all nizes.
Da in. k iV.bio Glotli* an - > ipuma id sc s. nil sizes from *5 to I2L best value ever offered.
towels and fowolmg.
Grand ofTered ’n H * k, * .mi u-, Diaper, Turkish Laih and Fancy Towels.
Lur.c 1 rng and I. n T wo h \i%-- eac *•
TurkDli l’*vve ,C or dito. d**, , 6c each.
Liuen Hack T >rteiH, mil siz., 2Jc each.
Socclal Lot.
]o> Dozen Towels In a variety of style , slightly soiled, closing ont at 38e, worth from Sga
to 65c.
6,000 yards Lin*n Gr li Towel ng—a grand hargnin at fir und 10c per yard.
A few more of those remarkably cheap Bed spreads will le offered tins week.
T iebed brmdsof IFcaclicd a id Uuhlcach - l H.ieoting in full 10-4 widths, 310 p;?r yard,
reg" itr 1 rice 2-c.
Ibiiow C ibc Muslin, 10c, 12‘sc, 150 per yard.
Sh-t ting.
Standard makes HO inch broach 'd 8c per yard.
Ail hrau<U retailed at wholesale or ;*. ’
An Established Fact.
\Yr carry the fin' st, Imc of 111, t K tud oLORE >lLlv*tn the city. We have soma
astoni-Jii-g bargains In Rich Blark (ir h c,r m . sl, $1 si.>iHti*tsE
B* r >n*. you buy c (amine our at >c* of KMItiUH iIK . I ffi LIE \& and MUsl. N lT3f DER
WK \
•i*.- one e •. fu I line French Hit c-h in plain c 1 rs and foulard I'a.terns.
TELEPHONE CALL .56. Orders pronipilv filled.
E C K S T E I TV ’S.
pittuio #no ®U.
I'alnfs Oils, Moors, Hnslics. Ililmls,
Moliiings, Mantels, K c.
Kailroml, Slcomboof V Mill S(i|tj'lps.
He ivcr and Finn I’ipo.
Fire Bricks, ii!nn*. I’lastcr, Hair and
fn connection with the above f am sole
Agent for the Revere Rubber C m .v>.v’s
Patent Stitched *l \Nl' KIJ6HMI iihLT
ING, Hlilch in the Ih:-i in ure. Try it. and
you will u-e no other. ,
send tor prices on a -ovo line of goods hef#ro
ordering elsewhere.
. ' t*H
savannah, uSkUQU
A line article. or -hIo
to suit pnrcliiiscru, M,. *v*’
(.01 nor Bull and Pern a irftjfl Ip#*
£ii)uti> (0 lb.
Wariu'i l ocontuiu PI RKGOLD. Pricesl,
'l'ho exact coloi of i ngi i(,ii cnci’iiua uuia.
L ed by over },2' oMsuufac*iipcr l sad Ollden,
l liph S|ile>>did pr Uiicr* have been before
•he public 'n v h c and th* hnve lovaria
h: \ •itit w pled Him higlo-si pr zwh ‘rever
exh: 1 led They were used to decorate tho
'•pie nib l home *.* f . . 11, v u erbilt, .Tudus
Hu on, Gep. Grant, and m my other weHlihy
and iii-1 figmshed New s’orkers. 'I hey re
r .tdv "r instant u e ml may be used by tho
rii '-t liexper enced Hind ur.
Kbit I. 11l K>.— F itber of the above Is In
valuable foi editing Frame*, Furniture. L'or
•t. Ba* *t-. Fan-*. Photo.-, Si k Vlotloee,
I* coiauve Pa'iinug. etc. Any one cun u*e
ih m. A k for W i inni*’ Gold or Ruby's
GM-i g. hnd refiic all mlid tute.
Bld ny all vrt Do ter-and D ngg’its.
New York (/'licml .*• I Mfg (-•.. S 4ih* 4 i„N.Y,
Kifiir < i ilh<m i in mad for tt*-extra.)
Hitve it line .tock of
Oak, Fine, ii-hhrort and KliidHiig
Cor. Lilwrty uu Lui Broad ,tre*U.
TaleuUuu. li*.

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