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Hern nnd There by ll>e Nf*w
i'.riiortrrn Yesterday's Happening*
Told In Brief rrrph--Flcklnt*
t Volic Henrtqart**r
The Republican Blues will moot at their
armory thin aiternoon to atteml the fu
neral of one of their late members, Mr.
Ntarcus i ohen.
.Judge Speer will deliver his decision on
Tuesday in the case of the Coast Line
Railroad Company vs. the -Mayor and
Aldermen, bill for Injunction.
The arrangements for the German Aid
Fociety ball on Tuesday night indicate
that it will be one of the largest balls
that the society has ever given.
The general and special committees in
charge ot the arrangements lor the In
firmary ball on Wednesday night will
meet at the Infirmary at C> o’cloek tills
The Health Officer's report shows that
there were IS deaths in the city last week
—6 whites and li! colored, t here \\e:e
rinly five deaths of children under .'* years.
The annual ratio per t.dOO lor tl e week
Wasft.7 for whites and .T 5.5 for blacks
The Savannah Signal Siation has a
reputation tor the accuracy of its pre
dictions. Sines last September and up
to Fen. 1, fid per cent, of its pre
dictions have been verified, and during
the past two years very nearly 00 per
cent, nave been verified.
Residents in the neighborhood of
C!r< ene square who nave depended for
their water supply upon the artesian
■well which was driven there several
weeks ago complain taut tho welt lias
given out nnd that the* are not provided
with an adequate wnti r supply.
The Sinking Fund Commission desires
to purchase for cancellation city ol
Savannah 6 per cent, bonds of the issue
of 1ST!) of the tace value of about $8,0(10,
and ot the issue ot 18S3 of thetaoe value
nf |6 000, and has invited sealed bids for ;
li’pp yin all or portions of these amounts,
to tie addressed to Capt. John Flannery |
up to Feb. 0.
An address on “Truth at the Bar” was
delivered by Chief Justice Bleckley at
the last meeting ot the Georgia Bar As
sociation. in the opinion ot the associa
tion it was so luminous and eloquent an
exposition of the system upon whioh the
administration of justice proceeds that
S.OOO copies were ordered printed for gen
eral distribution. The address will be
sent to anyone who applies therefor to
the Secretary, Walter B. Hill, of Macon,
The Signal Bureau's predictions for
rain were verified yesterday. There was
a steady downpour all ilav, ami at mid
night tiiere were no indications of a let
up. The observer on duty said that to
day will most likely tie rainy, at least a
part of the day. Avery heavy rain pre
vailed all over the South yesterdav. It
will probably be followed hv cooler
■weather, although there were no Indica
tions last night of an immediate change
fn temperature.
A communication was received yester
day by the Board of Trade from W■ C.
Jones, of I’enaacola, Secretary of the Ex
ecutive Committee of the Coast Defense
Convention, inviting the board to send
delegates to the DeFuntak Sprues meet
ing to be held on Tuesday. The directors
ban the matter under consideration and
appointed Messrs. I>. G. Purse, I. g.
Haas and Win. W. Gordon ns delegates.
Fhould these gentleman accept they will
DeFumak Spring* to-morrow
■fcyl’lfaens the’XrjMn tl- Wall l,ec
Case Out, All Night.
The jury in the Wab Lee case remained
out all Friday night. At 11 o’clock yes
terday morning they were called into
court and Judge Adams asked tho fore
man if there was any likelihood that an
ngreement would be reached. The fore
men said that he did not think that a ver
dict would be made. The jurors were
tiieu locked up again and wore kept in
•the room until 2 o'clock, '(’hey were then
again brought mil. The foreman stated
that be had been instructed l>v a majority
of the jurv to say to the court that if it
was not for the stubbornness and preju
dice of one juror a verdict would have
been agreed upon several hours before.
The court concluded that it was not
worto while to keep tho jury looked up
longer ami he ordered one to be with
drawn and a mistrial was declared. The
attorneys for the defendant will endeavor
to get anew trial for Wall Lee as soon aa
It was rumored that the jury stood
eleven in favor of acquittal to one for con
viction. The perverse juror gave his
grounds for convicting the defendant soon
niter the jurv withdrew, hi and at night he
thought he would lie down on one of the
fienches and sle-qt until ni irning. The
other jurors resolved that, he should not
goto sleep and whistled, sang, talked,
pounds! on the table and walked up and
down the room all night.
Not Helping the Strikers.
Messrs. Dixon ,t Murphy were waited
Upon res erase t>T a committee of ths
Knights ot Latvor in regard to the firm’s
supplying the Ocean SteauishipContpauy
with cosl. The Knights seemed to think
tost the steamers were carrying coal to
Kew Y ork to sell toother steamers, and
were in that way working against the
strikers. The committee was informed
that the Ocean steamship Company is
simply obtaining its own supply of coal
front Messrs. Dixon .*• Murphv. and that
appeared to eattsly the Knights.
A Cook's Mi.turn Death.
Nancy Ann Hanley, a colored woman
employed as cook in the family of Capt.
John R. Dillon, died suddenly yesterday
tno-ning. She was apparently tu good
health, and was talking t> one of the
ladles of the household w hen otte fe'l to
the floor insensible anil died within ha t
an hour. Dr. folding promptly came
over lroin the -at an an L spuai and
•endered every aid possible, hut with it
avail. The deceased was about 40 yeais
of age. and was wdl tuougat ot bv aer
Three \-ars f..r Sterling a Carrot.
Alex Massa, the young o aite man wno
was convicted a few uay ago in the Su
perior Court of having stolen a parrot,
was sentenced yesterday by Judge Adams
to three years in ths Penitent a-r. Maas a
seemed desp indent, and after ’he sentence
whs pronounced hid Us face in his ua:
and remained in mat position for a long
Horses for the Uoveroor’s staff.
Suitable horses are wanted to mount
the staff ot Gov. Gord m at me review on
Keb. 22. Any gentleman wr.liing to lend
a horse for this purpose will confer a
favor by communicating witu Lieut. Col.
J. H. Estill, aldiAde-carap or to Col,
Cbnrles ti. Oluislead, Quarter Master
T-ttQkUQ i Arntc
The best Salve in the world or cuts,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, lever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin emotions. Hint po;.
tively cures piles, or no pav required. It
la guaranteed to give p> rlect sailslactlon.
nr money relunded. l’rioe Ho cems |>er
Imx. Fur sale by Ldppmau lit os., drug,
gist*. _
I). B. Lester seda 20 pounds light Sugar
for sl. Large Beef Tongues for 4oc.
Ex-Pajicosu.m I’aileinui liralgnrtl
for Contempt anil Released.
James B. Patterson, against whom
proceedings for alimony are pending in
the superior Court, was Indore the court
yesterday on a mle lor contempt in lad
ore to pay $25 counsel fees. I pon being
arrested the defendant paid the fees and
was releas 'd.
An mder was granted ip the case ot
Lu u Dowdy vs. Robert Dowdy—libel for
divorce - to period service by publication
in the MORNING News.
The hearing of tho bill for injunction
and receiver, filed hv the Mechanics’
Furniture Company and others, com
pliiintaiits, and Samui l Hermann and
others, defendants, was postponed until
Friday, Feb. 11. Samuel Hermann, one
of tile defendants, was appointed tempo
rary receiver under restrictions not to
convey any ot the property to anv person
except in the general way of trade.
A motion for anew trial for John, alias
Fitts, Johnson was argued and the deci
sion of the court was reserved.
In the case ol Alice 11. Cuyleret al. vs.
Henry H. Smith, petition for removal ol
the cause to lue United Slates Court, ur
gumeut was m a .1 anil decision was ren
dered refusing to grant a removal.
Argument was also heard on a demur
rer to and motion todismiss the case of
J. T. Koll'ick is. Met 'art.in t . Kollook.
The demurrer was refused and trio m>-
tion was dismissed. Subsequently the
Court appointed N. Wes , Esq., .1. R.
Saussy, Esq., and Mr. C. li. Dorsett com
missioners to sell the property and make
returns to the court.
A number ol cases wore continued.
<1 titit-** Epcci’s t liarge ti> tho Jury
on till! Forgery <jiin,tiiin.
The jury in the John O. Long case,
which was argued ill the United Sta'es
Circuit Court on Friday, was charged
yesterday morning by Judge Mpeer. Upon
the law in regard to forgery, his honor
charged that one may be guilty of for
gery it he fraudulently signs his name to
a paper, even though bis name is Identi
cal with that of the person who should
have signed.
Had the money order been payable to
John A. Long, and it came bv mlstiike "I
tho mails or otherwise to toe hands of
the prisoner, John A. Long, who, knowing
it was not intended for him, but for an
other John A. Long, indorsed it or signed
the reoeipt font with the fraudulent pur
pose to get the mouev on it, he would he
guilty of forgery.
t he presenting ol the order to the pay
ing official by the defendant, and signing
it its i hough ue was the person for whom
the order was intended, is a circumstance
tending to impeucb the good laith of the
The guilty knowledge of the accused
must he shown to the satisfaction of the
jury, the court charged, but it is not
necessary that there should be positive
evidence, provided that it is clearly iu
ieiabie ironi the facts ami circumstances
of the case. If the prosecution relies on
the eonlessioti alone the prisoner is en
titled to tho lull eiTeot of that portion of
the confession which goes in his favor,but
if there is other evidence upon which tue
prosecution can with justice insist upon
a conviction the jury may, if they think
proper, convict, notwithstanding the con
fession alone would not be sufficient.
The charge was lengthy and explicit.
After remaining out a short while the
jury returned averdiot ot guilty of fraud
ulently collecting money on a post office
money order. Tue deteiulant was recom
mended to the mercy of the court. Sen
tence w as deferred.
l i r OPEN A mail BAG.
Young Armstrong Likely to Got
Another Term of Imprisonment.
Email Armstrong, a colored boy who
was oonvlolod a levy weeks ago ot steal
ing a registered letter, was tried yester
day in the United States District Court
tor mutiiatiiig a mail bag. Armstrong is
already under sentence of one year to the
Albany county prison, New York. The
mutilation Is alleged to have occurred
just previous to the abstraction of the
The defendant, who carried the mail on
his hack through the southeastern section
of the State, claims that he 101 l down and
the bag caught on the root ot a tree aud
was torn when he got up.
All of the evidence was heard yester
day and the ease will be argued to-mor
Another IHhII Hag C.imo.
George Butler, a mail carrier between
Satilla and Cohen's Bluff,was put on trial
In the United States District Court yes
terday. He was charged with having
mutilated a mail hag by cutting it. But
ler made a statement saying that ho had
been attacked and that the bag was cm
by his assailant. Nothing was missed
onto! the bag, and as there was uo evi
dence showing that the defendant did
mutilate the pouch Judge Speer instruct
ed the jury to acquit, which was done.
(ireelrj’s Suininary of Meteorologi
cal Occurrences.
Acting chiet Signal Officer Greeley, in
his. special bulletin issued Feb. 1, and
having reierencc to the weather in Jan
uary', says: The month ol January, ISS7,
has been remarkable for unusually low
temperatures, dedoieney in rainfall, and
light uow lall in ail districts easi ol ttte
Kooky mountains. In the State* border
ing on the Atlantic ocean and the Gulf of
M. xioo the mean temperature is reported
as being below the normal Horn 0 deg. to
ti dees., while in Texas, Arkansas and
the southern hail of M .ssouri It was above
tue normal.
Kxcept in Minnesota. Dakota, the New
Kngai.il States, and a portion of Georgia,
boiith Caroliua and Michigan, the total
rainiall aud melleU snow lor January has
been below the mean of previous tu oiths
of January.. No snow storm prevailed
during the month over any ext- u led area
ot sufficient depth to seriously traoedo
railroad travel.
Three severe tn.l extended co|u waves
prevailed; their severity tusv bo esti
mat'd by the following minimum tem
peratures recorded during their passage,
luefirst. prevailing fr in the Ist to ths
4tn. Bismarck ten. 1 led 4i dess. beiow.
St. Louis s de. s. below. N-n Oilcans 2!
degs. above. Jueksoiiv. le Hg K-s. oh >ve,
v atbiq .l 8 and gs. \. and N w
York city 7 degs. above zero. The
sec. i;d, prevailing from tip 7.u to tne
Jltn. B.tinurck licor.i-d . * deg", below,
"t. I. his Zero. New Ot.ea b 1 l.gi.
an v., .1 ~c* v.v.'.! 2Sdege, above, Wash
ington 6 degs. above, an 1 N -v t .g e.tv
lb degs. above zero. The third, prevail
ing trom the i7:a to the lffiii. Bismarck
recorded 20 de.s. t>elow, St. Louis zero,
N"W Urbans So degs. above, Jackson
ville 2b dens, a.’ove, Wavhuig ' i !* and gs.
above, and New York city 0 degs. above
Most Bx'Vlient.
J. J. Atkin*. Chiet f Police. Kr.ox
v",Teuu., writes: “My family rtd 1
' r 1 “ " f - v, "ir mr- . .-client
e beuHiCl tt} os' itig pejnl It t be all
mended 1
t IZIMT-" lark King's New Dise .very lor
l otffi and every afl'rett llf Throat.
LittWan Bjt ’T.ui_ .'tore. Larg s.zefl.
What tlif l'liut Chart Show, —Pre-
dictions for fite Mouth.
The February Pilot. Chart of tho North
Atlantic ocean contains a great deal of
Interesting information covering the
month ol January. It continues to show
the value of and use of oil in lessening
the tiangeis oi heavy ae ts. Tue month of
lanuary was an unusually stormy month,
and stormy weather prevailed in the
transatlantic rome on the coast of tho
I'niied States north of tho 30th par
allel during the early part of the month.
Gales were experienced as far
south as tae 30th parallel. During the
first live days of tho month heavy north
era were encountered in the Gulf of Mex
ico. A heavy fine Ice is reported about 60
nnies north of hi. John’s, N. F., and it is
thought that tho Ice has now got as far
south aa New Fou >dland. The old dere
lict schooner Ida Francis is reported as
having drifted ashore on Fish Cay. She
bad been a long time drifting about the
There is an interesting report from
( apt. Wnkcrnan, ot the British hark
lianktields. ol i wo earthquake shocks lelt
at sea on Nov. Itt in latitude 0:50 north,
longitude >:A j west. Thu captain says
that bis ship trembled greatly and a
rumbling nmso was nearrt as though tin*
ship was dragging over shingle. The
shocks lasted from sixteen to twenty
seconds. Tho '-kv was clear, with a slight
hnze mi the horizon. The weather was
oleur and sultry and there was a high and
confused sea. The British hark St. Pat
rick also reports that on Nov. 12 latitude
41 :'H> north, longitude 4:20 east, an im
mense water spout was sighted tu the
sou li west, distant about one mile, it
appeared to ho about 120 'eet through and
at the base, ami me water was one mass
ot loam-ike* clouds of smoke. The cap
tain could not guess the height, but the
top was high up in the clouds
aud the centre was continually
In motion, the wind being from northeast,
variable and squally, raiu falling in tor
rents, with hailstones as large as wal
The chart says that in the weather for
February theetortn area extends over the
en'ire North Atlantic, its southern limit
being a line Ironi ('ape Finistere to the
A/ires and Bermuda. XV ithin this area
gales may be expected on the average of
once in eight dare. In the transatlantic
route the great*r number of gales will
blow from southwest to northwest. North
ers may be expected in the western
part of the Gulf of Mexico. Icebergs
and field Ice mav be encountered south
and east of the banks of Newfoundland
as far as latitude 42 north and longitude
42 west. It is a remarkable fact, as tin
pilot chart shows, that the coast from
Florida to New York is thickly studded
with floating wrecks, and no effort is be
ing made to destroy them. It is true
that, tew if any accidents have been re
ported by vessels coming in contact with
them, but there may be yet, and the
wrecks may cause great loss ol life as
well as ol property.
Janisb’s Successful Engagement—
The Coro Due Week's Attractions.
Mine. Jauisli's popularity was shown
yesterday, when, notwithstanding tho
disagreeable weather and sloppy streels,
the Theatre was almost filled at the mati
nee. “Violets,” in which she appeared,
t,* a well written and interesting story.
She is essentially an emotional actress,
and the play is a splendid test for her re
markable powers, tuough hardly afford
ing her such a scope as the "Princess
Andrea.” Her “Violets” quickly won
the sympathy of the audience, and each
climax was enthusiastically applauded.
Al the end of the fourth act a btineu of
violets was thrown over the footlights.
Alter tho performance a number ot
ladies waited in the rain at the stage
entrance to see her come out.
At night “Violets” was repeated be
fore a small audience, which was due to
the rain.
A Ch it With ,Lint ah.
Between the act* yesterday aiternoon
Mme. Janish chatted eutertainingly
about her profession and current topics.
Newspaper men always expect stars to
rave over the particular city they are in,
and aclresses do it so persistently that
the chestnut belt has to be resorted to
frequently. Remarkable as the state
ment may seem, Mme. Janish did not
one? allude to her impressions of Savan
nah or the South, further toan a mention
of,a lingering memory of a pleasant tout
through Florida.
She expects to come through the South
next season, but when asked what play
she would appear in, laughingly re
marked that sun could not tell, as the
time is too lar off'.
A card attached to a floral tribute,
which she received at the eod of one of
the acts from a lady admirer, contained
wluit was intended to tie a quotation, hut
the omission of a word rather destroyed
the sense and puzzled the Couutess for a
few minutes.
The Arimtuiei** Kini.
To-morrow night Lillie Clay’s Adam
less Eden Company will give a perform
ance at the Theatre. The Minneapolis
Gazette said of the show:
“The shapely and rigidlv symmetrical
forms ot the deniz iis ot E len, as exem
plified in the exhibition of last evening,
was of the recognized Adatniess stand
ard, and could not have been more faith
ful to an ideal paradise made up of the
divine sex alone, had it beau positively
exclusive of a male audience. Tne pres
ent company is physically and vocally
superior to any burlesque organization
seen in this latitude. The burlesque is
rich, melodious and naughty, dialogue
and music being equally attractive.”
(inn \\ lill *in*t.
On Tuesday and Wednesday nights
Gua Williams, one of the cleverest Ger
man comedians on the stage, will appear
in two ot his successes. “Oh! What a
Night," will be (nit ou the first nighi, and
•• apt. Mishler” the second night. Both
piece* are exceedingly laughable, the
dialogue and tue situation* are very fun
ny. "Capt. Mishler" is anew version of
••One of the Finest,” a olever •emt-bur*
ic-qite on the New York police.
other Attraction*.
On Friday night local talent will render
“The Cradle Song* of All Nations.”
Other attraction* for February are
M ir. fill'll, John T. Raymond, Louis
James, .Mrs. D. P. Bowers and Keliar,
tne magician.
Brno* Cp.
5 ia are feeling depressed, vour appe
tite is poor, you are bothered with
Headache, you are fidgety, nervous, and
generally out of sorts, and want to brace
Braot up, but not with stimulants,
sprint, medicine*, or bitters, which have
lor their basis very cheap, bad whisky,
ami which stimulate you for an hour,
and tu _ n oav a you iu worse condition than
t>e(ore. ’-Vast you want i* an alterative
that will purify >• ir Mood, start healthy
action of Liver and Kidney*, restore your
vitality, *:: i g;\e renewed nealth and
strength. Such a medicine you will find
In i l< 'trie Bitters, sod only 60 cents a
bottle, at Lippman A Bro*.’ Drug store.
of Thought.
The right word at the right time is a
power for good, ard D B. Le*‘er' is the
right place to get good grocerm* cheap.
M|tCllil ThotUaaVlilV, (i I
The p*.r ec'ion of climate for a health
and pleasure re*ort. Table appointment*
and service equal to any Northern hotel.
Major Flak’* Humored Appointment
aa Chief kieoiitlvd Officer of Hie
Ittcliniotui Terminal .Sy.tcm—Cept.'u
It so it 1 ' s Lrteuds Aaxlooa for Hi* Ap
pointment mi the Interstate Com
merce Commission.
An Atlanta special to the Mousing
Nkws yesterday stated that 51 aj. Henry
Fink lias been tendered tho position of
ohiof executive officer of ilia entire Rich
mond and Danville system.
A report has been circulated for some
time to tho effect that Maj. Fink was
about to leave the East Tennessee, Vir
ginia and Georgia, and that Capt. Raoul,
the Central’s ex-l'resideut, would succeed
him. Only a few days ago Maj. Finn
was elected a director of the Ricnmond
Terminal Company, which has absorbed
the Richmond and Danville and the East
Tenn.'ssee, Virginia and Georgia. Tout
would eeem to add strengtn to tji" report
that he is to he put al the head oi the
entire system.
Railroad men lu this city sav that they
have no new* as tf> the correctness of tne
report. Gen. Alexander stated that he
had not heard of it. but
tuouglit that there might he
sametuing in it. A chief executive
officer would probablv be something
higher even than a general manager. As
the systems wnicu have recently been
consolidated were rivals before, it is
likely that someone who is thoroughly
familiar with the differeut linos would lie
put In charge of tae management of the
t apt, Raoul returned last night from a
fortnight's visit to Cuba. He looks as il
the rest did him good. When asked if lie
knew any thing about the rep >rt concern
ing .Maj. '-'ink or himselt he replied that
lie did uoi. He has been off on a pleasure
trip, and has not kspt up with the rail
road news. He had not, up to last night,
received an offer from the East Tennessee.
Railroad and business men generally
who have been talked to in reference to
the interstate commerce bill favor Capt.
Raoul for acommisstonersbip. All agree
that he ts thoroughly qualified to fill the
position aud would make an excellent
commissioner. His friends, however,
have not consulted him yet and do not
know whether ne would accept or not.
Manager Morton Talks \l>ut the
Winning Longue Club.
Manager Morton, who is now in Chi
cago, stopped iu Detroit on his way West
a day or two ago. At the base ball head
quarters there he was interviewed by the
Detroi- News man. After speaking of
his Savannah eu gage mint Morton was
asked what club he thought would win iu
the National League race.
“1 tbiuU Detroit is a sure winner. The
men have become acquainted with each
other anti will play a .great deal stronger
game than last season. Chicago, on the
other hand, has a lot ot now players, wao
have not been tried, and at best they are
unacquainted with each other. Tfi • De
troit* did bot.er last year than was ex
pected, don” you think so, deacon?”
turning to Deacon Jim White who, with
Dan O’Leary, were in the parly.
“Well,” mplied the deacon, “if our
pitchers held out we expected to ‘get
tHere,’ hut they didn't, aud that let Chi
cago go to the irout. II Twitched had not
been worked too hard iu the beginning of
the Southern trip the result would have
been different. This year we will look
outforthat. Twitched is one of the best
pitchers in the country.”
“A regular daudy,” remarked O’Leary.
“He’d be a comer this season.”
“I don’t like the now rules lor several
reasons,” said Mr. -Morton.
"Nor I either,” said tne good deacon,
who continued: “The old pitchers have
the best o: the batsman by large odds.
Their talk about breaking down is ad
uonseuse. After they find that it doesn’t
hurt them, they will settle down; and,
seeing that they have nearly the whole
length of a man to fire at, you bet they
will get used to the new order ol things
quicker than a batter, unless he is a free
It is now stated for a certainty that the
Kausas City Base Bad Club has purchased
me franchise of tue Bt. Louis, tue latter
organization ceastug to baa member ol
the league.
i’resident Morrow has appointed New
Orleans, 51emphis, Charleston, Savannah
and Nashville on the schedule commit
tee, which will meet in New Orleans
during the 51 aid i Gras festival.
The Charleston base bad club stock, of
a par value of $25 a share, is now for sale
on the market, 820 bid and $25 asked.
This is a marked increase, for a few
weeks ago $5 was bid auu $lO was asked.
Louisville is considered the cheapest
club in the American Association, yet it
is generally acknowledged a- one of the
strongest. The simple fact of President
Phelps, ot the Louisville club, threatening
to suspend, or ratner blacklist, ad his
players, who tlo not sign with him on or
before slarcb 25, may he the secret of the
team being theobeapest in the associa
I New Departure lu B*l*y Basket*.
'I nere ts anew departure in baby bas
kets. iustead of the hamper-like affairs
which have stood around the nursery iu
times past—perfect arks of baskets—
there are now to be seen the daintiest,
cutest little baskets in size and shape
ih.it it is possible to conceive or. They
are much like a large, round, shallow
vegetable dish, cover and all. These are
gotten up in the most delicate manner
possible, with lining;* ot India mud em
broidered in outline stitch over pale su
rah silk—piuk lor boys and blue for girls,
alter the turn honored tradition—aud
edg. and wr h the finest lace- The cover is
lined m l:k manner, and finished out
side with a complication of narrow rib
bons in many colors. The baske is fur
nished wp.n the usual coucomitants, iu
oludiuga little powder bag of mull and
small, in eemb.unoe l ko a meal bag, tied
at the toil witu to same assortment of
ribbons mat ornament the cover. Noth
ing could t*o prettier.
Lor Rlckrti*, .*tir**iuu, slot Wasting
Disorder* of i Hltdren,
Scott’s Emulsion of Pure Cod Liver Oil
wfth Uypophosphites is unequaled. The
lapiditv with which children gain flesh
and strength upon it ivory wonderful.
Read the following: "I have used .bcott’s
Emulsion in case* of rickets anil maras
mus of long stan dug, and have been more
than plea-ed w Ito tne results, as in every
case the improvement was marked.”—J.
51. 51ain. M. IF. New York.
Musician*, Attention,
We tske pleasure in announcing to you
that we now have tue sole agency of the
celebrated Knabe Pianos. We will al
ways nave a full supply of their differeut
styles in stocs, and can make v u prices
and terms as liberal as this class of in
struments will w arrant. Davis Bros.
Comint*Aion Merchants,
and others, piPase r member when you
have orders or anything in the line of
Garden 'eeds that we are headquarters
til ihc Sou'll for reliable seeds. I ele
phone No. 2*1,4 J. T. .'Ht PTRINK A BRO.,
Druggists aud ' j ;dsmeu. I*6 Congress
street. _
Everything fre>n and nice at W. G.
general railway news.
Matters of Money and .Manage in on t
About Various Lines.
The appointment of .Morris S. Belknap
General Superintendent, of the Central
railroad has been officially announced by
President Alexander. Mr. Belknap is ex
pected oack from the North to-day or to
morrow and will at once assume charge
of the road.
Tho appointment of Wilbur McCoy
General Freight, and Tiokot Agent ot the
South Florida Railroad Company, to suc
ceed Frederic li. Rend, resigned, has been
officially announced- On and after Feb.
10, the office of General Freight and
Ticket Agent and Auditor wilt he con
solidated under the control of Mr. JlcOoy,
wtth the title of Auditor and General
Freight aud Ticket Agent,
The Richmond and Terminal Directors
on Thursday elected as member* of
hoard Alfred Sully, Thomas M. Logan,
John H. Inman, George S. Scott, George
F. Stone, Emanuel Lehman, Isaac L.
Rice, John A. Rutherford, Janie* 11.
Dooley, in place of Samuel Sbethar, O. H.
Paine. Frank Work, E. H. Lyman,
George Warren Smith, C, M. McGee,
Henry Fmk from EastT’ennessee svstem,
and alee to fill the two vacancies before
existing in tho system.
Notices of services In other churches are
published by request on Saturda,
St.Jfihn’sChurch. Madison square. Rev.
Charles H. Strong rector.—Septuageeima
Sunday. Morning service, sermon and
ho y communion al 11 o’clock. Sunday
school at .’kiit) n. ni. Evening service and
sermon at 7:30 o’clock. Service on
Wednesday at 4:30 p. in.
Christ Church, Johnson square. Rev.
Thomas Boons rector.—Septuageeima
Sunday. Jlorning prayer, sermon and
holy communion at 11 o’clock. Sunday
school at 3:30 p. m. Evening service at
4:30 o’clock. On Wednesday,* evening
serv ice at 4:30 o’clock. On Friday, morn
iug prayer and litany at IX o’clock, and
the Bible class at the rectory at 4:30 p. m.
Independent Presbyterian Church, pas
tor*, I. S. K. Axson, Leonard Wooisey
Bacon. Hours of worship, Sunday, 11 a.
tn., 7 ;30 p. tu., Wednesday, Bp. in. Lec
ture by Mr. Bacon; Thursday, 4 p. tn.,
lecture by Dr. Axson. Subject of Wednes
day evening lecture: The “Canon of the
New Testament, or how the book comes
to be made up as it is.”
Second Baptist Ohuroh, Greene square,
Houston street.—Tna pasfbr. Rev. A.
Ellis, preaches at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Sunday school at 3 p. tn. Baptism in
the evening. Morning subject: "Broken
Pilchers; evening, “Rest.” Strangers
always welcome.
Local Personal.
Gen. W. H. Sebring, ot Jacksonville, is
at the Harnett House.
Mr. B. H. Richardson and wife left last
evening lor 31ontgomery, Ala. Mr.
Richardson expects to locate in that Stale
and again enter the journalistic field.
Among the arrivals at the Screven
House yesterday were E L Reiff, New
York; EdGoldbery, Chicago: L Apolant,
New York; G Edwin Dowell, Baltimore;
8 Van Wycfc, New York; Harry Hill, At
lanta; F 11 Persons, Talbotton; J 11 A
Struck, Now York; John W Beekley,
At the Marshall House were diaries B
Stacy, F HTbomlin and wife, Richmond,
Va; U Kauiman and wife, Pittsburg; Sim
K smith, Baltimore; vv L Fay, W W
Brackett, Boston; G J Bringbam, Robert
A Colt, B Blinecke, New York; W B
Sewell, St Louis; I G Menck, Kansas
City; John M Findley, Chicago; Simon
Cohen, Philadelphia.
At the Harnett House were J M
Hall, Sandersviile; J Stephenson,
John Harding, I’alatka, Fla; EC Whit
ney, St Augustine; 51 F Hagin, Bullock
county; R D Aewes, Syracuse; William
Backus, Atlanta; A T Raynor, Phila
delphia; John C Anderson, Peoria, 111;
S A Glapstua, Muskegan, Mien; J E
Bromley, Troy, F Y; E W Hoyt, 51eri
dan, Ct.
liaiHklav* tn Groceries.
i u-h! rush: ru-h all the time;
Kush upward aud onward,
into this, the grocery store,
Kush many hundreos.
••Groceries. groceries,” the people cry,
“Where is the best to buy?”
‘•Lester’s, Lester’s.” shout many hundreds.
“Groceries” to the right oi us.
Wine* and liquors to the left us,
Family supplies arouuj us;
All. all have b uedered.
Armed for the grocery trade,
Here we stand undismayed.
Deserving the people’s aid.
For cheap prices are made;
So come many hundreds.
Every possible variety, large and small.
The fruits and spioes oi the Indies, wines
from the Mediterranean, aud many arti
cles. To be examined is to bo pleased.
Call and look atnurstoek. Every steamer
and all trains bring us ftesh supplies.
No old goods. D. B. Lester, 21 Whit
aker street, savannah, Ga.
A. R. Allmayer & Cos. have just receiv
ed, and will place ou saie to-morrow and
during the ensuing week, at unheard-of
low prices, another large lot of those
Hamburg Embroideries and Ladies’ Mus
lin Underwear, which created such h
sensation a few weeks ago. It will profit
ladies to make their purchases this week.
Bock Bottom Trie**,,
To those who desire to save money, we
would suggest that they give J. G. Nel
son & Uo. a trial, and they will be con
vinced of the fact that the firm is giving
the best goods for the least money in the
city. They are still leading in low prices,
ami are making things boom about the
corner of President and Whitaker streets,
telephone No. 287.
The Stove and Hardware Trade.
We call to your notioe the favorite
Acorn and Eaimer Girl cooks. Very tew
Stoves of their character have so fully
met the requirements of everybody.
Thousands of ihem are In use through
out the country, and iu all cases are
pleasing everyone. We have the repairs
for tb se and all others kept, and til this
wav save our customers ttiuch inconve
ni' nee by fixing their stoves at a mo
'.mill's notice. No offers for heating
s: ves rejected. Lovell Lattlmore.
Polo caps are selling lor 10c. at the
“Famous,” 140 Congress street, three
doors trom the corner of Whitaker street.
The best 50c. Tea on the market, is at
J. u. Nelson ,fc co.’s. Try a pound aud
you will be pleased.
Try my Coffees, they are the best, W.
G. Cooper.
Soumnrrt of Savannah.
We have a large assortment of Souvenir
Albums aud Stereoscopic Views of all
points of Interest, also a large variety of
collections of Charleston ~ earthquake
views. Prioee are low. Luddeti ,t Bates
Soutaern .Music House.
Overcoats at your own price, to close
out, at the "Famous,” 140 Congress
street, three doors from the corner ot
Whitaker street. Any house who will
misrepresent their place as being the
“Famous” will misrepresent tbeir goods,
and in order tooomp* te with us. will have
to sell you shoddy goods to bring tbeir
price to the low level we sell our own
manufactured goods clothing at.
Flexible Silk Huts at Ilelsinger's, 24 \v hun
ker street.
Full Dre*s Shirts, open fr-ut and back, st
ltelsiuger'*, if, Wuilaker nt.-^c..
I Silver Spray Corn at VV. G. Cooper’s.
Glt-uoiiurs Amongttlc Shippiaj ami
Alonj the Wharves.
The steamship City of A,ueusta. Capt.
J. tV. Catharine, left New York Thurs
day at 4 p. in., and arrived at Lrr wharf
here at ii3o o'clock yesterdHv, making
the trip Irom wharf to wuart in 4Sj;'
hours. The City of Savannah left New
York on Saturday at 4 o’clock, her regular
hour of sailing. .
Never Often Your Mouth
excep'. to put something to eat into it, is
au excellent motto for the gossip and the
sufferer from catarrh. But while the gos
sip is practically incurable, there is no
excuse lor any one’s suffering longer from
catarrh. Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy is
an unfailing cure for that offensive dis
ease. It heals the diseased membrane,
and removes the dull and depressed sen
sations which always attend catarrh. A
short trial ol this valuable preparation
will make the sufferer feel like anew
Good Investment Securities.
Now when all Interest making securities
are rapidly taken up by far-seeing people, we
beg to draw attention to a lino of goods yield
ing a bett r return for the money than any
we know of, tu-wit:
Genie’ Dress Suits,
vents’ Business Suits,
Boys’ lothinff,
Bovs' Overcoat*,
events’ Dre** and Business
Overcoats. Underwear,
Hosiery, Necuvvear,
Hat*. Caps, Gloves,
Hud the famous
.Silver and Gold
Gents’ Foil Dress .Suit*
(Swallow tail),
Ha’s, etc., etc.
Our winter stock
Must be r un oflf.
And the low pr res
Attached mean a biff
Saving of money to all.
161 Congress street,
B. H. l.evy & Bro.
Attractive bargains at Altmayer's.
60 dozen Ladies' 4, 6 and6 bu-tou Black
Kid Gloves, also 6 and 8 button length
Mousquetaires in odd sizes, sold from $1 00
to $1 50 per pair. As they must.be sold,
we offer your choice at 250. per pair. We
will sell as long as they last, the balance
of our Combination and Embroidered
Dress Robes at $3 50, $7 65 and $lO 00, re
duced from $7 00, sl4 o<l and $22 50.
300 large size White Quilts at 40c. each,
worth Too. 75 12-4 Marseilles Quilts at
$2 75, worth $4 50. Three cases best qual
ity 0 4 Bleached Sheeting at 17; a 0., worth
25c. On Tuesday morning wo shall offer 125
pieces tine French Satine, newest styles,
at very low prices. 100 dozen Ladies’
White Hemstitched Handkerchiefs at sc.
each, worth 12>£c. Only six to each lady.
IMmiio i^ort'-a.
We have the sole agency for this city oi
the following well-known Pianos: Knabe,
Kranioh & Bach and Estey Pianos. We
have now in stock the three leading styles
of the Knaba, the seven leading styles of
the Kranich & Bach, and the three lead
ing styles of the Estey. See them betore
you buy, get our prices and terms, which
are as liberal as anv first-class house can
give on first-class Pianos Just opened,
an elegant line of Valentines.
Davis Bros.
See Weisbein’s new “ad.” You will
find there the biggest bargains ever of
fered. See If it is not worth your while
to secure some of them. He announces
for Monday next only, 1,000 yards best
dress ginghams and seersuckers at the
uniform price ol fi'.C., goods that can’t be
bad at any other time or in any other
house for less than 12^o.
Evaporated Cherries, Peaches, Apricots
and Apples at W. G. Cooper’s.
Piper Mnd Kn
We are selling lots of that job of Whit
ing’s 60 pound stock, 15c. a quire for the
paper and 16c. a package lor the envel
opes. You do not have a chance often to
get as good value as we now offer. We
have it ruled and plain, and the quality
is good enough for any one.
Call and stock up before it is too late.
Ludclen fc Bates Southern Mu6ic House.
Maryland Peas at W. G. Coopar’s.
Valent lues.
Sentimental, and just what your best
girl will appreciate, can be obtained at
Ludden & Bates Southern Music House.
Choice Oo.ong Tea, at 50c., at W. G.
J. G. Nelson & Cos. are still telling the
best 600. Rice in the city.
Try my Gunpowder Tea, at 50c., W.
G. Cooper.
Choice Creamery Butter, 30c., at W. O.
Eighteen-dollar suits selling for sl4 40
at the “Famous,” 140 Congress street,
three doors from the corner of Whitaker.
Potomac Roe Herring at W. G. Cooper’s.
Whole lice, 60c. peek, at W, G. Coop
er’s. .
Men’s business suits selling tor $6 40 at
the “Famous.” 110 Congress street, three
doors lrom the corner ol Whitaker street.
WliHt Im Ii?
A window full of Nuts, and only 1.5 c, a
pound, at J. G. Nelson ,t Co.’s.
Stiff and isoft Hats at Be!aiugcr's< 24 Whit
aker street.
Colored Border Handkerchiefs a specialty
at Beisiriger’s, 2! Whitaker street.
A full line of Gents’ Kid Gloves at Bel
What Mr. George N\ Nichols Thinks of
Our Kerosene Heaters.
Mi .<srs. ,/at. S. Silra W Sun:
Dear sirs—The kerosene heating stove
bougut oi you works splendidly. It
seeps my bath room comfortably warm in
the coldest weather. There is no smell
from it whatever, ar.d 1 consider it a per
fect thing. George. N. Nichoi.s.
Printer and Binder.
Savannah, Jan. 22, 1887.
We have just received another ship
ment of these stoves and will be now able
to till all orders, the demand being so
great we were unable to do so before.
This make of heater is sold nnlv by us.
Crockery and Glassware, 14b Broughton
<>.k, Fine and Llchtwo.Kl,
For sale by K. B. Cassels, corner Taylor
and East Broad streets. Telephone No.
Polo caps are selling for 10c. at the
“Famous,” 14b Congress street, three
doors lrom the corner of Whitaker strett.
J. G. Nelson A Cos. are celling tUe best
$3 00 Whisky In the city. Also a lot ol
fine Wines at rock bottom prices.
Oak, Pine and Mghtwood
For sale by R. B. Cassels, corner Taylor
and East Broad streets. Telephone No
I>o\ s* knee pants are selling lor (mo. nt
the “Famou*,” 140 Congress street, three
doors lrom Whitaker street.
Ju§t in, m lot ol nice A moot tod Plum
Preserves, at reatouuOiti prices. J. ti,
Nelson Co*
Colton Plant
Iron King, Southern Girl
And Farmer's Friend
Are the Best and Most Popular.
John ft. Douglass & Cos..
161 Broughton St.,
Savamiidi, ■ - Ga,
The Most Beautiful Sidewalk
in the World.
Tiiß Most Durable and Satisfactory.
Georgia, are now ready to take orders for
b dewalks. See the Odnirou Block at the 3t.
.John’s Church—the Ocraff ui Block Sidewalk
in white and blue—and judge tor yourself.
The company are how ready toemtractfor
laying the Patent Tiling, also the Curb ng.
The coin.i:iny are making all kinds of Stone
Building Blocks in any s ze, shape or color—
W indow sills, W ludow Caps, etc.
\1 T ABN all parties to not make, huv or use
H any articles protected by patent and
owned by us.
Property owners about to lay sidewalks
should see if those who are to lay such have
the proper license.
Biiildsr and Contractor.
2-J Drayton Street, Savannah.
1 ESTIMATES promptly furnished for build.
U iue of any class
J, Speciall*.- DMilled for
Of -Medir’na) l T se.
SSk Unequaled lor Consumption,
IJx VVd jrlXfi Wasting Diseases and
1 Kyi i General Debility.
PERFECTS digestion.
3h' ; : - •"J Dr. I Iw. L. Walling. Surgeon
B&sp.Y. -’8 tt Chief. Nation*! Guard of
BL-' wriiS,“My attention was called t#
rak“.your Keystone Malt Whiskey
*by Mr. Lalor, Druggist, ol
EJ'h--Ms Trenton, an I I have used a lew
Hsf-v-.-i qsm bottle, with far better effect
than any I have had. I am
recommending your article ia
Fac-ilmile of my practice, and fled it very
Bottle. satisfactory.”
Biviti or JaiT. rioNB.-Xhe Genome haa
the Signature of Eisner A Mendelson on tha
label. LIFTMAN BROS., Gen. Agentt,
Savannah. Oa
Fine Whiskies and Brandies
\VT E recommend the fol owing brands of
r Whisky as being strictly pure ami
wholC3‘*me: Golden Weddiiiff Whisky, case of
I*2 bottles, ss, per dozen Golden Wedding
Whibky. keffs. gallon |3; Cream ot ihe Valiev,
< a*e of 12 hotiles, dozen IS; Cream or tn<9
\ alloy, keffs, gallon J 2 50; Pi an at Brandy,
case 12 bottle*. ss. dozen 110 50; Martel!
Brandv trench), case I*2 bott'es, ss. dozen
Sl.'. Your orders are solicited. We guarantee
satistifction. Our liquors are conceded to be
i he best that can be sold for the money.
I.ip'jun's Block, - savannah, Ga,
goat. '
Scotch House Coai for par
lor grates, from Glasgow,
Price reasonable.
Dixon & Murphy,
Office 0 Pravton. Telephone 68.
r- -j'-i J
William Ravknel, President.
Established 1870.
SOLUBLE GUANO( highly ammoniated)
Office, No. 12 Broad Street.
All orders promptly filled.
R. M. MEANS, Treasurer.
L. A. McCarthy,
Successor toChas. E. Waken eld.
Plumper, Gas and Steam Fitter,
18 Barnard street, SA VANN Ali, GA.
Telephone 374.

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