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Yhe Old Bine Vrt Which He Alleged
Had Been Stolen With Hl* Money
Found Doing Duty as a Cheat Pro
tector Tha Man Held for a Board
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. It.—Telegrams
%ere received here this morning from
Lebanon, 0., from Sheriff llunter and
Chief Elder Klapp, of a Shaker settle-
Went near Lebanon, stating that Jacob
Miller, the alleged Quaker who claimed
to have beon robbed of $28,000 Thursday
night, is a crank and fraud. Oil the
strength of these telegrams Capt. Crim
mrrested Miller, and having taken him to
the station had him thoroughly searched.
Stuffed under his shirt front was found
the blue vest which he said had been
SUdf.n. No money or cbecks were louud.
ln| pas valise was found an old pock t
book containing several cbecks for large
amounts which Aliller admitted that he
himself had written. He confessed that
his story of the big robbery was a fabri
cation, but gave no reason for his lying.
He did not have a cent of money on his
person. Capt. Crim held him for cheat
ing and swindling nis landlady, to whom
he owes sls lor board. He seems to be a
harmless crank. Some people think the
Wan is crazy on the subject of buying
real estate, but tne police believe him to
be a cunning fakir.
The trial of l)r. Thomas H. Baker, of
CagSjsiyiUe, in Bartow Superior Court,
J ay in acquittal. Dr. Baker
was ludicte\iil accessory before the tact
In the celebrated dynamite case in which
Tobe Jackson figured as the principal, and
as a result of which he was sent to the pen
itentiary. Dr. Baker is a prominent phy
sician, and has been in both branches of
the Legiabtture. ,
A big revenue seizure is reported by
Special Deputy Harbison, from White
county. It consists ol a larze copper
■till, cap and worm, a quantity of beer
and whisky, four double-barreled shot
guns, one rifle, and a man arrested lor
each gun.
A passenger train telescoped the cab of
a treigbt train on the East Tennessee
road to-day near Rome, fearlnlly scalding
Freight Conductor J. M. Ketcbam. He
will probably die. Lewis Morris, a train
baud, was also badly scalded.
D. N. Freeman & Cos. assigned to-night.
John J. Spalding was appointed tempo
rary receiver. The liabilities are $05,000
and the assets $40,000. Sensational de
velopments are expected.
the Augusta Assembly Sues the N
ational Order for SH,OOO.
Augusta. Ga., Feb. 11.—With the ap
proval of the local Knights of Labor the
creditors of that organization in Augusta
have begun legal proceedings against the
national order for debts contracted during
the recent strike here, and which were
not settled by Committeeman IVright,
who amiiably adjusted the mill trouble
in Augusta and discharged the largest
part of the indebtedness of the ord'-r in
curred during the great lockout. There
remains outstanding debts against the
order aggregating aboutsß.ooo,principally
lor rent, druggists’, physicians’aoj gro.
cere’ bills. Borne of the complainants in the
action are themselves prominent Knights.
It is proposed to attach the funds ot
the order now known to be deposited
in Philadelphia banks, and a bill in equity
in the Pennsylvania courts will he tiled
to-day or to morrow. If these creditors
can furnish evidence ol a contract rela
tion with the Executive Board of ibe
Knights, the legality of that board will
then be established. The constitution of
tne order makes the General Board ol the
Knights of Labor liable for debts incurred
in support of a lockout as coutra
.distinguisbed trera a strike, and
It the order shall now repudiate
this liability, or seek to avoid it in a court
of law, tt effect will be disastrous
when the general ourter shall undertake
any further responsibility for debts con
tracted under similar circumstauces. It
js Hon. Daniel Dougherty, of
is associated with P. J.
Bullivan, of Georgia, in pushing the claim
and action, and in all likelihood the suit
Will become one of national importance.
Judge Baker Issues an Order Re
straining Removal to Met lenny.
Sanderson. Fla., Feb. 11.—To-day a
Deputy Sheriff was serving injunctions
emanating from Judge J. M. Baker, of this
Circutt Court, restraining the County
Commissioners from recognizing the
town of McClennv as the county seat of
Bat>r county, in lieu of the pending suit,
ana an order to K. J. Pons, Clerk, en
titling him to recover his records, and re
turning the same to Sanderson, which he
executed today. McClenny holds the
Bounty property, chairs, tallies, safe and
restrictions, while Sanderson virtually
reiains the jurisdiction as tho county
Last night a bold robbery was com
mitted at the store of W. H. Dupray, at
Baldwin. The thief is supposed to be a
light built negro man who was seen
lounging around the station. A quantity
of cutlery, pocket-book a, jewelry and
other goods were purloined. This is Mr.
Dupray's fourth loss by robbery in two
wears. ]
KiwSACOLV pointers.
A Rail by the Osceola Club—A City
Commissioner Uuder a Cloud.
Pensacola, Fla., Feb. 11.—The mem
bers of the Osceola Club gave a ball at the
Osceola club rooms to-night, this being
tbe last entertainment of the kind by this
organization beiore tbe Lenten season sets
In. It was largely attended and a merry
lime was had by all.
A Olsen, one of the laborers recently
Imported by the Louisville and Nashville
railroad to work at discharging
guano during the reoent strike,
preferred charges of an attempt at Intimi
dation by City Commissioner John Burns,
Who at the time was also acting as n
deputy sheriff. The charges are indorsed
bv H. A. Nugel, another laborer, who w as
iiresent. at tbe time. Sheriff
tins deprived Mr. Burns of bis iiti Wn,
as a deputy sheriff alter the occurrence!!
The City Commissioners nave set Mon
day, Feb. 14, for bearing tbe case.
•Superintendent Belknap si Macon.
Macon, Oa., Feb. 11.—General Su
perintendent, Morris Belknap, ot
ihe Georgia Central rail
road system, was here to-dav in.
•.quoting the property ol tbe road and its
management. He was shown through
the shops and introduced to the oflicers
of the various departments, upon all of
whom he created a very favorable im
pression. Macon has nothing, so far, ol
which she can complain under the new
Married at Cliauocoy.
Chaunukv, Ga., Feb. 11.—There wasa
marriage at tne residence of James Jlul-
Bii Wednesday. Mias Mattie Lau liar
risen,of Cbauncey, was married to Mr.
Robert Hightower, ot Thomaston. Pre
siding Elder Anthotiy officiated. The
happy couple left on the 12 o’olock train
lor Thomaston.
Uoogh and Hoarseness. .
The irritation which induces coughing
Immediately relieved by use of /frown’s
Bronchial 1 ruches, bold only in boxes.
A Negro Dies from a Bullet Wound
—Sumter Count*’* f air.
Jacksonville, 1 la., Feb. 11.—A fatal
shooting affray occurred at what is
known a* Six-Mile Junction, a station on
the Savanuah, Florida aad Western rail
way, six miles east of this city, last even
ing about 8:30 o’olock, between two col
ored section hands of tbe road, named
AVash Simmons and John Alexander, in
which Simmons shot Alexander in the
left groin, just, above the left hip. Alex
ander was Drought to town last night for
surgical treatment. He lingered until
this morning at 8 o’olock, when he died.
Simmons made bis escape and had not
been apprehended at last accounts.
At yesterday’s special session of the
Grand Division of the Sons of Temper
ance ol tne State, divisions Irom Talla
hassee, Lake City, Orlando, DeLand,
Starke and other points were represented.*
Joseph Thomas, of Starke, was installed
as Grand Treasurer. Preparations and
arrangements for the annual session ol
the Grand National Division, wluoh will
be held here on April 6. 7 and 8 next, were
discussed and a committee of ten ap
pointed to take the matter in hand and
perfect all necessary arrangements.
Palatka, Fla., Feb. 11.—Palatka has
built up greatly since her destructive lire
ot 1884, ami to-day is one of the best built
towns in Florida. Her numerous brick
blocks show well the enterprise of her
capitalists, while the business firms,
themselves carrying incredibly large
stocks in their respective lines, well show
what a good central position Palatka oc
cupies to day. The luture is certainly
most promising.
Leesburg, Fla., Feb. 11.—The third
annual lair of the Sumter County Asso
ciation is being very largely attended,
and there is an unusually fine exhibit of
fruits, vegetables, poultry, cattle, fancy
work, etc. The large hall is handsomely
decorated. The fair continues tilh to
morrow. The prizes will be announced
this evening. One contest is a novel one,
being for swift and good packing of
oranges. Several other odd features ol
interest are on the programme.
Tlie American Consul General at
Mexico Appeals to the Public.
From the Hero York Herald.
City of Mexico, via Galveston, Feb.
9.—The Two Republics to-day publishes
the following interview with Consul Gen
eral Porch regarding his removal:
A copy of the telegram announcing the ap
pointment of Mr. More was i-hown to Mr.
Porch and he said: “I have beon expecting
Ibis for some time. This, however, is the first
tune 1 have heard that my successor’s name
had been actually sent in. Blit that some
action of the kind would be taken I have
known of, or at least supposed for some days
past. The first positive information I had
was some two weeks ago. Then I
received a letter from Senators
V est and Cockrell, of my Stale, saying that
Mr. Bayard had told them he would remove
me on account of my action when I accused
Mr. Sedgawick of getting drunk in tnis city.
The letter continued that if I wanted to re
sign I could do so, the resignation to take
effect on April 1. The next day f received a
letter from senator Cockrell asking for a full
and open pccount of the whole busi
ness. Of course I did not reel that
in justice to myself and to mv
friends 1 conld resign, as I had done nothing
but what I considered and still consider my
duty, and to resign would have placed me
under a cloud. So 1 wrote, giviug a lull ex
position of the disgraceful affair.
refusing to resign.
Last Friday Minister Manning railed upon
me with a telegram from Mr Bayard in
structing biro to ascertain from Consul Gene
ral Porch if he had forwarded his resignation.
I told Mr. Manning I had not; that I knew of
no reason why f should do so; that there were
no charges against me. and that I would not
resign unless some cause for my doiug so
could be shown. A day or two afterward Mr.
Manning called on me again with a telegram
from Mr. Bayard, instructing him to inform
me that the President desired my resignation
by telegraph. I again emphatically refused,
and the nomination of my successor is the re
sult—a result I expected. You see it is the
only tiling they could do. as the President can
neither remove nor suspend me while the
Senate is in session. He can send In my suc
cessors name, find, if ihe Senate confirms Mr.
More’s appointment, he will come to Mexico
and 1 w 11 then turn overthe office to him.
‘•AVhat are you going to do?” asked your
“Fight—light to the bitter end. I have been
unjustly, not to say outrageously deait with,
and Ido uot propose calmly to submit. Mr.
Bayard has only heard one side of the story
and refuscu to listen to the other. Mr. Sedgc
wick had tne secretary’s ear, and. of course,
told him. as he told everybody else, that that
story of his debauch was an outrageous lio,
and that I lent my aid to formulate it. 1 tele
graphed to Mr. Bujrard offering my reasons
for mv course in the matter, and to show him
the causea wmch not alone justified my ac
tion but dictated it. X offered to prove my
charges against Mr. Sedgwick by undeniable
evidence. Mr. Bayard's only answer was a
request made through a third party for my
resiguation. He never gave me a chance.
“I now propose to give jnyself this chance
by publishing my case to Ihe world and al
lowing the public to judge of the justness of
my cause. Everything in connection with the
case will be madt* public. Everything! 1
will show Mr. Sedegwickiup through unim
peachable evidence. The leading results of
mv action in Mexico will be indorsed both by
Americans and (Mexicans who know the true
slate of the case.”
How Lewis Cleveland Met His Deatli
on a Burned Steamer.
From the Centre y for Feb ua>y.
A tragedy is conneo’ed with the princi
pal hotel, the Royal Victoria, which as
sociates it with our own recent history.
It is brought to mind by a notice found
in tbe Nassau Guardian of fourteen years
ago, to this effect:
Notice.—All persons having demands
against the estate of the late Lewis F. Cleve
land. deceased, arc requested to render state
ments thereof, duly attested, on or before the
first day of May next ta John 8. Darling, Es
And all persons who are indebted to sßid
estate arc requested to make immediate pay
ment to the said J. S. Darling.
Ukover Cleveland,
W. W. Stephenhon,
Jan. 20, 1873. Executors.
One oi these executors has since been
called to administer upon a larger estate.
The occasion ot his visit to Nassau in
1873 was the sudden and melancholy death
ol ins brother, lb® lease® ol the hotel. He
was lost on the steamer Missouri, burned
ott'Abaoo island on the morning of Dot.
i‘4. 1872. Another brother of President
“JJjeveland, Mr. R. C. Cleveland, and a
VaiUier-in-law were also among the vic
tims of this disaster. Lewis Cleveland
was a man of strong personality, and stor
ies told of him would indicate that some
of the characteristics of his distinguished
brother are family traits. An inexorable
rule of his hotel management forbade
the payment ol fees. One waiter
who accepted a ’Christmas gift was
promptly dismissed. The lady whose
gratitude for special services had thus
found expression finally secured the re
versal of the sentence ou condition that
tbe gilt should be retored. “1 will nut,”
■afaOfr. JJieveland, “have those la my
hou-e wnoVie unable or unwilling lo tee
the servants put to any disadvantage.” it
is told ot Mr. Cleveland that, as be was
on Ids way to the steamer at New York,
he said: “1 do not know how it is. but 1
have an impression that 1 cannot get rid
of that this will tie my last voyage.” bo
it proved, not only to him, but to sixty
eight others of tbe eighty-five persons
who sailed in the Missouri us passengers
aud crew.
Is It Super.tltluu. to Huppms
because tbs famous beamy, Mrs. Lang
try, use* Atkinson's new perfume
Windsor Bouquet , that U can affect one’s
personal appearance.
The Veteran Commanded ou Grant
and Hancock.
From the ye're Y rh World.
Philadelphia, Feb. B.—Capt. Malbro
Frazier, one of the best known of the j
military men of Philadelphia, has re- j
turned from a two years’ sojourn In j
Europe. While abroad he had a long per
sonal interview with the great com
mander of the German army, Gen. von
iloltke, being one of the very few Amer
icans to whom such an audience has i
been granted. Speaking of the interview
today he said:
”1 called on Gen. von Moltke at his
palace, just outside the gates, at the end i
td the famous road called Unter den Lin- j
den. He sent word almost immediately
that he would see me. As I stepped
across the threshold be said: ‘You are an
American?’ ‘Y'es.’ ‘•A soldier?’ ‘Y'es.’
‘And you served under Gen. Grant?,
•Yes.’ ‘And under Gen. Hancock, too?’
•And under Gen. Hancock.’ ‘Then 1
am very glad to see you. Sit you down.’
“Tue General, who is 87 years of age,
was simply dressed. His coat was
single-breasted. Round bis neck was the
order of the Iron Cross. We spoke in
English, ana 1 considered it remarkable
that be mentioned no nuines of Generals
except those of Grant and Hancock. He
reterred particularly to the battle of Get
tysburg, and spoke of it as a great strate
gic contest. 1 asked him what his
opinion was ot Gen. Grant .
‘ • ‘Gen. Grant’s loss,’ he replied, ‘was a
great loss. He was a great General. He
was one ol the greatest that has ever
‘•‘And Gen. Hancock?”
“’Gen. Hancock was a brave soldier.’
“Speaking of German military affairs
he observed that caution that seemschar
acteristic of German officers generally.
He said: ‘Wo have long been endeavor
ing to make the German army the best in
Europe, aud 1 am beginning to believe
tuat we are succeeding. We are also
endeavoring to keep it in a slate of con
stant preparation.’ He did not once refer
to France or French military men. As I
was leaving he shook me cordially by the
hand. ' *
“‘1 will call again when I am in Ber
lin,’ 1 said.
‘“lt will be useless,’ he replied, ’unless
you return very soon.’
“‘Because, sir, I came in with the cen
tury, but 1 shall not see it go out. lam
not for long.’”
Reasons YVliy a Man Should Not
Loan His Lighted Cigar.
From the St. Louis Republican..
A placid and callow-looking young
man, who wore a silk hat, a tur-trimmed
coat, light overgaiters and patmt leather
shoes, tripped nimbly up to a well-fed
man seated in the Lindell Hotel lobby
yesterday and raised a mutilated “snipe”
to his lips with “A light, if you please?”
Tbe well-fed man continued to work his
half smoked cigar while be made a care
ful search of seven of his pockets fur a
match. The plaoid, half-breed dude kept
an uneasy gaze at the burning cigar.
Two minutes passed in that wav. and the
well-fed man was tired, and he showed it.
“I haven’t a match, but you can prob
ably get a light at the cigar stand,” said
he, rising to point out to the young man
an alcohol blaze not ten steps away.
“Beg y’r pawdou,” gasped the callow
one, while a flush ot indignation chased
over his taco.
The well-led man resumed his seat and
puffed away serenely at his cigar. There
seemed to be nothing new to him in the
occurrence, but it was uot common, and
those about recognized It as a rare in
stance oi courage, and it was the theme
for the next half hour’s chat.
“That was right,” observed tbe first to
speak, “and, though it is a little innova
tion of the popular custom, it is a com
mon-sense a/si. I always carry matches
for the benefit of my friends, as well as for
myself, that I may be able to smoke my
own cigar, but if I chance to be caught
without a match 1 never have the courage
to refuse to turn over my cigar when
asked lor a ‘light.’ 1 consider it
to ask a man for a light off his cigar, but
custom has established that impertinence
so firmly you are criticised if you attempt
to Inaugurate anew era for smokers.”
"It is an old, weather-beaten and fool
isb idea that courtesy makes it necessary
to let every stranger, without considera
tiou of his occupation, handle your
cigar,” offered a gentleman ou tne other
side ol the well-led man. “1! lam smok
iug a cigar and itisiiaif or three-quarters
burned, 1 am not going to let a stranger
handle it and then return it to my mouth.
A gentleman who thinks before he acts
would not expect me to, and when 1 hap
pen to be without a match and do not feel
flush enough to buy another cigar, I po
litely inform the man that I am without a
match. It is only occasionally you run
upon a man who is so rude as to ask you
why you don’t
“But, if he should?”
“Well, in that castsmy explanation is
adapted to the length of time I have to
spend with the person. There are a thou
sand aud one objections to the practice.”
“it was only yesterday,” interrupted
an attentive listener, “thatl saw a physi
cian stop cutting the diseased flesh of a
patient aud light a cigar. Three minutes
later a man dropped around aud asked
the physician for a light. lse gave it to
him. 1 wouldn’t have touched his cigar,
nor would 1 have allowed him to have
touched one 1 was smoking, lor man is
naturally n careless animal. There is an
immense number of persons whose busi
ness it is to handle
and in addition to tuese there are not a
lew who accidentally touch a matter of
which a email particle will taint a cigar.
'The most minute speck ot poison will
cling to Ihg moistened pari of a oigar
and touched to a chapped lip may destroy
your com tort and the beauty of your lace
lor weeks. The drug clerk compounding
prescriptions in which there are dcuuly
poisons, runs out to get one of the ingre
dients at another corner, and while on
the way considers it his unquestioned
privilege uuder the presentxustom to
ask you for a light. The cffeinlat, tin
scientist, tho physician and mechanics
employed in certain kinds ol labor are
equally dangerous men to give or receive
a “light” from. One workman may have
brass dust on his fingers as he goes home
fioin work, but he doesn’t consider tbai.
1 will, and hereafter my cigar will be in
“Hough on Plies.''
Why suffer I’iles? Immediate relief and
complete cure guaranteed. As for “Rough
on I’iles.” Sure cure for itching, protrud
ing, bleeding, or any form of I’lles. 60c.
At druggists or mailed.
Skinny Men.
Wells’ “Health Renewer” restores
health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, lm
Sitence, Nervous Debility. For Weak
en, Delicate Women. sl.
Wells’ Hair Italsnm
If gray, restores to original ooior. An
elegant dressing, solletis and beautifies.
No oil nor grease. A tonic Restorative.
Stops hair coming out; strengthens,
cleanses, heals scalp. 60c.
It Is said that a majority of the members of
the Mu iilann State Legislature are grad’ Hlrs
of the University of Michigan. No diflii utt.v
is ever experienced In pe-siug appropriation
bit s to increase tue income of that Slate in
Matters of M oncy anil Management
About Various Lines.
A convention of the stockholders of the
Augusta aid Carolina Midland Railroad
Compdny will be eld at New berry, 3. C.,
Assistant President Rogers, of the Cen
tral railroad, bait moved his office from
the company’s general offices on West
Broad street, to the Central Railroad
Bank building on Bay street.
Authorities on iron trade say: “For
the first time in months there are some
slight indications of rection. Nothing
to cause uneasiness, but, on the contrary,
it is just as well to call a halt before
prices get dangerously high.”
Kiernan’s Wall Street Summary says
that the rise in Nashville aud Chattanoo
ga is ascribed to tbe confident anticipa
tion of a 25 percent, stock dividend in
the near future representing branch and
lateral lines recently constructed. The
expense of which nets earning have de
The East Tennessee road is spending
for rock ballasting track between At
lanta and Chattanooga $1,290 per mile.
The road is paying farmers 200. per cubic
yard lor rock delivered on side of track.
Farmers are taking advantage ot this to
clear their fields of rock, it has also ppr
chased a mountain of rdek near Rome,
which they are quarrying and putting on
tbe track.
Kiernan’s Wail Street Summary’s
make-up oi the interstate Commerce
Coramifcsion is ex-Senator Thurman, ot
Unio; Judge Thomas M. Cooley, of Michi
gan: Com. Kernan, of New Y’ork: James
M. Smith, of Georgia; Win. H. Switt, of
California. It is possible, it says, that
Thurman and Cooley will not. "accept,
when ex-Senator Windom and Gen. J.’H.
Wilson are likely to be appointed.
Savannah. Feb 11, 1887.
Dessoug, 1.387 tons, Howes, Philadelphia, ldg
—G M Sorrel.
Nacoocbee, 2,980 tons, Kempton, New York,
dis—G M Sorrel.
Wm Crane, 1.470 tons, Billups, Baltimore, dis
—Jas B West & Cos.
Three steamsmps.
Germanic il?r), 1,296 ton3, VVaycott, Reval, ldg
—Richardson A Barnard.
One ship.
Konoma (Br). SO3 tons, Thompson, Liverpool,
ldg—Holst & Cos.
Erbrin (Nor;. 599, tons, Pedersen, Cronstadt,
ldg—Holst & Cos.
lima (Nor), 437 tons, Albrethsen, Reval, ldg
—Holst A Cos.
Oskarsvarf (Sw), 672 tons, Tezlund, Cronstadt.
ldg—Holst & Cos.
Poseidon Nor), 598 tons, Hansen, Lisbon, cl<l
—Holst A Cos.
Pohona (Br), 719 tons, Jamieson, Liverpool,
in distress—Holst A Cos.
Vaiona(Br), 800 tons, Andrews, Liverpool,
ldg—Holst & Cos.
Bioerviken (Nor). 609 tons, Sorensen, Europe,
ldg—Holst & Cos.
Taurus (Non, 504 tons, Johansen,Reval, ldg—
A R Salas it Cos.
Aagot (N0r),688 tons, Jacobsen, Harburg,cld
—A K Salas it Cos.
Ibis (Nor), 441 tons, Salvesen, Baltic, ldg—
A R Salas & Cos.
Leonida (ltal). 617 tons, Trat>ani, London, dis
—A it Salas ,t Cos.
Salem (Nor), 457 tons, Sandberg, Liverpool,
cld—A R Salas A Cos,
Moland (Non, 146 tons, Omundsen, Baltic, ldg
—A K Salas <S Cos.
Cohnheim (Ger), 439 tons, Zeplein, at quaran
tine, wtg—A R Salas A Cos.
Gler (Nor). 499 tons, Amundsen, in distress,
repg—Jas K Clarke A Cos.
Marianna Bertha (Ger;. 363 tons, Pietsch,
Europe, idg—J K Clarke A Cos.
Satisfaction (Ger), 427 tons, Rimkuss, West
Hartlepool, old—J K Clarke A Cos
Albert Schultze. 473 tons, Thatcher, Newport
News, ldg—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Nellie T Guest (Br), 888 tons. Messenger, Re
val, ldg—Richardson A Barnard.
Wellamo (Rus). 553 tons, Kounblom. port in
Spain, log—Chas Green’s Son A Cos.
Sorrideren (Nor), 384 tonp, Pedersen, Havre,
Idg—Strachan A Cos.
Amaranth (Nor), 3Bstons. Berentsen, Hango.
ldg—Strachan A Cos.
Olof Glas (8w). 598 tons, Andersen, at Tybee,
wtg -Strachan A Cos.
Pailias Galiienk (Br), 5110 tons. Steadman, at
quarantine, wtg—Patersou. Downing A Cos.
Fornjot (Nor). 182 tons, Moe, at quaran
tine, wtg—Paterson, Downing A Cos.
Twenty-six barks.
Mary T Kimball, 458 tons, Gilley, Wood’s
Holl, dis—Jos A Roberts A Cp.
Bell of the Bay, 341 ions, Behrman.New York.
dis—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Sarali E Kennedy, 402 tons, Walters, Balti
more, ldg—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Three brigs.
Robert H Parker. 360 tons, Nickerson, Phil
adelphia. ldg—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Ida Lawrence, 4s ions. Young, Baltimore,
ldg—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Geo H Ames, 421 tons. Marshall. Providence,
idg—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Henry Souther, 679 tons, Hnpper, Philadel
phia. dis—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Ella M Storer. 427 tons, Stahl. Charleston, cld
—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Varuna. 403 tons, Birdsall, Baltimore, dig—
Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Florence Shay, 405 tons,Van Cleaf, New York
ldg—Jos A Roberts A Cos
Edward Stewart. 378 tons. Harlow, New York,
dis—Jos A Roberts A Cos
Emilv F Northern, 316 ions, Stetson. New
V ork, dis— McDonough A Cos.
XT (Br), 122 tuns. Mttudy, Matanzas, dig—
A R Salas A Cos.
Island City. 4o ions. Voorbees. Baltimore, dis
—Dale, Dixon A Cos.
Harbeson Hickman, 418 tons, Hitchens, for
Boston in distress.
Twelve schooners.
Advice to Mothers.
Mrs, Winslow’s Soothing Syrup should
aiwaysbe used when children are cutting
teeth, it relieves the Uttlo sufferer at
once; it produces natural, quiet sleep by
relieving the child from pain, and the
little cherub awakes as “bright as a
button.” It is very pleasant to taste, it
soothes the child, softens the gums, al
lays ali pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, aud is the best known remedy for
diarrhoea, whether arising from teething
or other causes. 25cents a bottle.
Overcoats at your own price, to close
out, at the “Famous,” 140 Congress
street, three doors from the corner of
Whitaker street. Any house who will
misrepresent their place as being the
“Famous” will misrepresent their goods,
and in order tooompete with us, will have
to sell you shoddy goods to bring their
price to the low level we sell our own
manufactured goods clothing at.
Harnett House.
Concerning a popular hotel in Savan
nah. Ga., the Florida Timet-Unlon fluys:
"We note from the hotel arrivals as pub
lished in tne Savannah papers, that the
Harnett House still leads all the other
hotels in the city. In fact they have as
many as the others combined. There
is a good itißfallnien t ol Floridians always
registered there.”
l’olo caps are selling for 19c, at tho
“Famous,” 140 Congress street, three
doors from the corner ol Whitaker street.
stiff and Soft Hats at Bellinger's, 21 Whit
aker street.
I)UVs an I nullnon romnnaiilon alidade* of
> .Stock* and Bonds.
Negotiant loan* on marketable wcctiritio*.
Now York '{notation* furniHboit by private
ig leer ever? ti 1 1• * n mtnuW
Wm.T. Wii.liamh. \v. ci uuinu.
ORDERS EXECUTED on the New York,
Chicago ami Liverpool Rxrhnngea.
Jmirral attmtiviona.
SALOSHIN.—Tbe relatives an I friends of
Mr. and Mrs. Emanubl S aloshin, Mr. and
Mrs. Gustav Sulosbln. Mr. anil Mrs. L. A.
■Saloshin and Kr. A. Golinsky and tauiily, also
the members of Georgia Lodge (>. K. 8. 8.,
and Friendship Lodge Imp. O. F. S. of 1.. aro
respectfully requested to attend the funeral
of the former from his late residence. No. 220
Bay street at lUo’clock TO-MORROW (Sun
REILLY.—The relatives and friends of
Peter Reilly are requested to attend the
funeral of his son Chaklks Kingman, from
his residence, 26 Drayton street. THIS AF
TERNOON at 3 o’clock.
Savannah Yacht Club.
A special meeting of the Savannah Yacht
Club will be held at Ford’s Opera House at
12:80 p.m. THIS DAY for election of mem
bers. A full attendance is requested.
By order of
Attest: W. D. Johnston, score:ary.
Special llnticca.
The Infirmary Hall,
The Treasurer, Capt. Blun, at his office
THIS DAY will receive returns from the sale
of tickets. It is the Treasurer’s wh to pre
sent final results at the meeting that will he
he.i on Sunday afternoon. JsrieucU make
prompt returns.
A Fine Lunch.
A fine lunch will be served TO-NIGHT
from 7:3:i to 10 o’clock at the Merchants’ Ex
change, 149 Congress street. All are invited
to call. Respectfully
Treasnrer’s Notice to Members in
A number of the members of the Georgia
Historical Society have not yet paid their
dues lor the year 1886. although bills have
been more than once sent them. I therelore
beg all such persons to settle tbe r dues with
in the present week, so that my account fur
the year 1886 may be audited on the anniver
sary, the 12th inst.
Parties is arrears after the 12th will not be
entitled to receive their annual tiekots to the
Tellair Art Gal.ery for the year 18->7.
Please pay my collector, Mr. C. M. Clark,
who will call on every one in arrears.
Wm. 8. BOGART, Treas. G. H. S,
Quarantine Notice.
Office Health Officer,)
Savannah, Feb. i), 1887. j
From and after this date, and until further
notice, all vessels arriving at this port from
the port of New York will be required to re
main at the Quarantine Station until inspect
ed and passeo by the Quarantine Officer.
J. T. McFarland, m. and„
Health Officer,
Dr. Henry 8. folding,
Office corner Jones and Drayton street.
Graduate Baltimore College of Dental Sur-
Dr. Moutagne L. Boyd.
City Physician’s office9ol4 West Broad street.
Hours 9toloA. M„ and 3:39 to 4:30 r. M. Of
fice for private practice corner Bull and Gas
ton. Hours Bto B a. ju., Ito 3:30 P. M.aud
7:30 to 9 P. M.
Teacher of Piano and Harmony, has removed
to 116 Jones street.
Timer's Liver corrector.
This vegetable preparation is inyaluable for
the restoration of tone and strength to the
system. F’or Dyspepsia, Constipation and
other ills, caused by a disordered liver', It can
not be excelled. Highest prizes awarded, and
indorsed by eminent medical men. Ask for
Ulmer’s Liver Corrector and tako no other.
$1 00 a bottle. Freight paid to any address.
B. F. ULMER. M. D..
Pharmacist. Savannah, Ga.
Citv of Savannah, i
Office Clerk of Council, F’eb. 11, 187. j
The following Ordinances are published
for the information of all concerned and will
be rigidly enforced:
By order of the Mavor.
Clerk of’Council.
Ordinance, Deo. 11, 1857:
No person or persons shall leave his, her or
their cellar door or doors open, or keep or suf
fer the same to remain in bad order or repair,
or throw or cast any dirt, fllth, offal, rubbish,
putrid or stinking water, or other putrid or
offensive matter or thing whatever, into any
or either of the streets, lanes, squares, or
other public places of the city of Savannah.
In every Instance the occupant or occupants
of the store or buildings where the cellar
door or doors Is or are left open shall be
deemed the offender or offenders, ana where
j the same is kept in bad order or repair, the
j owner or owners snail be deeVned the offender
or offenders. The occupnut or occupants of
the store, building or premises from whence
any dirt, filth, offal, rubbish, putrid or stink
ing water,or other putrid or offensive matter,
or thing whatever shall have been thrown
or cast, shall be deemed the offender or of
Ordinance, Aug. SO, 1871:
SKCEiON I. The Mayor and Aldermen of the
city of Savannah, in Council assembled, do
hereby ordain that it shall not hereafter be
lawful for any person to throw or deposit any
tilth of any kind, or any slops or garbage,
into any street, lane or thoroughfare witlmi
the corporate limits of Savauuah, under a
penalty of not more than S3O for every sepa
rate offense, and every tenant or occupant of
a house or oilier premises opposite or nearest
to which such filth or garbage may be found,
shall be presumed to be the offender.
No. 137 St. Julian St.,
Nurses’ Aprons. • Purse Silk,
Nurses'Caps, Purse Rings,
Pillow Shams, Purse Fringe.
Umbrella Case*, Steel ami Gilt Beads,
Cushion Molds, Crystal Beads,
Wash Silk, Wash Silk.
Felt Table Scarfs, 54 inches long, 18 inches
wide, both ends stamped, 50c.
Silk Children.
Huts at YourOvrtl Price.
Having no room to keep ilium, will sell at u
Stamping at short notice.
Mrs. Kate Power,
Jleal ffoiatr.
St. Paul Real Estate.
undersigned, formerly of the firm of
. Solomon Brothers, Savannah. Ga., oilers
Ins services to pur* base and still Real Estate
in tills rapidly growing clly for persons or as
sociations wishing to Invest money where It
will pav a handsome dividend I am well
acquainted with properties here that I think
will double in value in the next four years. 1
will be pleased to furnish every Information
to tho-c who wish to mske an invcsi mcnt.and
beg to refer, bv pt rinbsion, to the Merchants’
National Bank, Win. Btckei, Eq„ Cashier
Germania Bans, St. Paul, Minn.: Merchants’
National Bank,-Henry Solomon.Esq.,of ll.Sol
ommi ft Son, W holesale Grocers, sain’l Men
burd, Esq., of Melohard Bros, ft Cos., Whole
sale i llotlilng, etc., A. A . Solomons. K-q., of
Solomons ft Cos., Wholesale Drugs, Savan
nah. Ga. N. K. SUi.OMON, Real Kst ite
Agent, 321 Wabasha street. St Paul. Mina.
MONDAY AND TUESDAY, Feb. 14 and 15.
Special Matinee Tuesday.
The Distinguished Artiste,
Supported by Mr. Arthur Forrest and an ex
cellent company, in two New Successes.
Monday Evening and Tuesday Matinee,
Reserved seats, evening lsl 25; general ad
mission sl, 50c and 25c. Reserved seats mati
nee $1; general admission 75c and 50. Seats
on sale at Davis Bros.’ Feb. 12, at 9 a.m.
Next Attraction—John T. Raymond, Feb.
18 and 17.
Me Son of All Nations
A Grand Success.
Admission 50c. to all parts house. No Re
served Seats. Tickets for sale at Ludden ft
Ckntral R. R. and Banking Cos. of Ga..)
General Passenger Department, >
Savannah, Ga,, Feb. 8, 1887. )
The Mardi Gras Carnival
OF* IH7,
Is Expected to Eclipse in Grandeur
and Elegance all Former Displays.
npilE Central Railroad will sell Excumon
JL Tickets from Savannah, commencing Feb
ruary 15th and until 21st, inclusive, good to
return until February 2Sth, inclusive, at
TUESDAY, February 22d, will be the Car
nival day. G. A WHITEHEAD,
General Passenger Agent.
The Savannah, Florida & Western R’y
Will sell Excursion Tickets from Savannah
February 15th to 21st, inclusive, good to
return until February 28th.inclusive,at
Leave Savannah 7:OC A. m., arrive New Or
leans 7:10 A. M. the following day.
Carniyu) Day February 22.
General Pas-enger Agent.
3iiourant’ Statement.
Statement of IT.l T . S. Branch of
Tlie Fire tame Asseciatioii
31ST, 1883.
Amount of Capital Stock $4,(00,000 00
Amount paid up in Cash 500.000 00
Cash on hand, or deposited in
bank to credit of Company $ 71,289 24
Cash in hands of Agents, and in
course of transmission 105,482 75
Other loans 93,325 60
Stocks and bonds—
State of Georgia Bonds 27,190 00
U. S. Registered 4 Per Cent.
Bonds 882,800 00
State of Ohio 3 Per Cent. Bonds 103,500 00
Newark, N.J., Water Bonds . . 111,000 00
Equitable Gas Cos. Certificates 61,500 00
Indianapolis and Cincinnati R.
R. Bonds 20,700 00
Interest, rent and other items due
and uncollected 4,687 00
Total $ 8U1,474 59
Losses due and yet unpaid, 1
Lossosresistedhy the Company j
Losses on which no action has , 28
been taken J
All other claims against the Com
pany 468,480 79
Surolus of assets over liabili
ties for benefit of insured.. S 885,831 52
Cash premiums received 4$ 412,241 42
Interest money received 17,448 78
Income from all other sources..., 8,722 58
Total Income I 433,410 71
Losses paid $ 248,847 72
Fees—commissions and salaries')
to officers and agents j
• Taxes paid f 128,222 ,J 2
All other expenses J
Total exnenses $ 877,070 84
Manager Southern Department.
C5ll \ M.—Personally appeared before mo
HENRY T. KOTTS, Manager Southern De
partment, who, being duly sworn, deposes
snd siivs be i the chief officer or agent of the
Fire Insurance Association of London
(Limited), redding In antd State,and that the
foregoing statement is true an 1 correct to ihe
best of his knowledge, Information and belief.
HENRY T. Bo i l s
Sworn and subscribed to before me this 51st
dav of January, 1887.
Notrrv Public C. C. Ga.
Plano iUauti'D.
Notice to Architects*
rpilE Commissioners of Chatham Couniy,
1 Georgia, Invltr Are 1 lteots to submit de
signs of a Court ilou-e building to be located
In tbe city of Savaiinstl.
The success!ul competitor will be charged
with the execution of Ihe work at tbe u-ual
fee of 5 per rent, oti cost for plans, spec flu 1-
tlons an<J supervision. The selection of a de
sign will tie made under competent profes
sional advice.
Full particulars inav lie bad bv addressing
Clerk C. C. G„ Savannah. Ga.
Trtttt mtft fSrorerfro.
Potatoes! PoTaioes!
100 Bills, Early Rose Seed Potatoes.
Onions, Onions,
And All Kinds of Green
and Dried Fruits.
SPICES a specialty.
Wholesale and Retail Grocers,
138 Congress Street,
50 ) bunches Yellow Bananas
500 bunches Red Bananas.
10,000 Cocoanuts.
Just received and gelling low also *
Florida UPangcs, Lemons,
Seed Potatoes, Seed Potatoes,
Malaga Grapes,
Peanut Roasters.
Importers and Wholesale Dea’ers in Foreign
and Domestic Fruit and Vegetables,
Canned Fruits.
Bartlett Pears,
Egg Plums,
White Cherries,
Pine Apples, Peaches, Etc.,Etc,
Try our Rio Coffees,
Try our Java Coffees,
Try our Mocha Coffees,
Buy our Teas.
Best Qualities and Bssl Values.
22 and Barnard St.
pvoiiccitle Utuntrh.
Proposals Pur t’u.np House, Tank sue
Water Mains.
Officf. of Assistant Quartermaster, i
United states ak.mv. No. 2 Pktkrs st..>
West End, Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 31, 1886. >
O subject to usual conditions, will be re
ceived at this office until II a. m,, Central
time, Wednesday February 14tb, '.887. al
which time ami place they will he opened 10
the presence of attending bidders, for the fol
lowing described work, on the military res
ervation, near Atlanta, Ga.:
For the construction of one boiler and pump
One cypress tank and trestle.
One steam pump and boiler complete (for
deep well).
G 766 feet of water mains (more or less:.
The United States reserves ti e right to
reject any or all bids, or parts thereof, and
to waive defects.
Blank proposals, plans and specifications,
instruct lons as to bidding, let ms of contract,
etc., will be furnished on application to this
Envelopes containing proposals must be
marked proposal for pump house, etc., and
addressed to the undersigned,
Capt. and A. Q M. U. S. A.
City of Savannah, )
Office city Surveyor, >
February 11th, 157.)
"lOROfOSALS will be received at the oflict
X of the Clerk of Council until 12 s.
WEDNESDAY. February 23d. for repairing
and paintiug tbe iron railing around Johnson
square. lor specifications apply at the office
of the undersigned.
The right to reject any or all bids reserved
JOHN B. 11 < IVV ARI>, City Surveyor.
City of savannah, i
Offick city Surveyor, 7
February 11th, 1887.’
1 PROPOSALS will be received at the oflScl
• f the Clerk of Council until 12 9.
WEDN KSDA Y, February 23d, for paving two
walks in Telfair square running east and
west. Curbing to be of blue stone not left
than three Inches in thickne sand twelve
1111 lies in depth, and the paving brick to be
either Savannah gray or Chattauooga pavinz
brick. The walks to lie eight feet in width
and one hundred and seventy-nine feet iu
length each.
The r ght to reject any or all bids reserved.
JOHN 1! HOWARD, City Surveyor.
city of Savannah. )
. Offic* Ci.kiik of Council. )
February lltli. 1887.)
IYROPOSALS.— Bids will be received at
this office until 12 o’clock M. MONDAY,
the 21st Inst., for laying sidewalks In Dljj*
slons A, B, ( and D, as aid out iu City Ordi
nance passed 3d day of November, 1886, in ac
cordance with existing ordinances. Particu
lars and npi-iufications to be furnished by th*
Cily Surveyor.
The city reserves tho right to reject any or
all bids. ‘ By order of Council.
Clerk of Council.
Kissimmee City, Orange Couuty, Fla.
rpRANNACT a regular banking business.
A Give particular attention to Florida col
lections. Correspondence solicited. Issue Ex
rhuugc on New York, New Orleans. Savan
nah and Jacksonville, Fla Resident Agents
for t outts A Cos. and Melville, Evans A Cos.. ot
I unihni, England. New Yorl correepomdenll
The Seaboard National Bank
MERCHANTS, manuraclirers, mechanics.
corpora! 1011s, and all other* In need ol
printing, lithographing, and blank-books ear
have their orders promptly filled, at mode
rate prices, al ths MORNING NEWS PRINT*
ING HOUSE : Whitakeratreua-

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