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|j n. ESTiXL. KdUr Proprietor.!
A liifl railroad scoop.
I line With IC.OOO Mile* of
*J.eu“ Sow Controlled by the Com-
T rt The Kxpreua
WaO Street Took the New*.
New Vokk, March .-The Times this
' nin-rsa’-s it is authorized to announce
SSS-ae Baltimore and Ohio
Railroad Company has passed into the
bands of Alfred Sully, of New York. Mr.
Lily it savs. lias written a contract, by
rirtue of which President Robert Garrett
ruts him in possession. In an article
Lr a column long, the Times says:
■•The Possibilities of this new con
„ol are beyond estimation.
By the agreement of the Baltimore and
Ohio railroad— th one railway of the
land that has ever been considered out ot
the market-Mr. Sully and his friends
become controllers of what is probably
the most extensive railway system in the
*‘!t stretches from Sew York almost to
t%Lit>ermost parts of the South and far
pro the West. It includes 'he Central
Railroad ot New Jersey, the Philadelphia
and Reeding system, the Richmond lei tn
inal and Richmond and Danville proper
ties the East Tennessee, Virginia and
Georgia lines, the Central Railroad
of Georgia, and now, last oi all, the Bal
timore and Ohio; and of all these proner-
Mea tbere is to be made one great trunk
line with 16,000 miles of track. Thera is
no longer to be any question about how
the Baltimore and Ohio road is to get. an
entrance to New York. The Jersey Cen
tral and Reading lines give that. The
control of the Baltimore and Ohio Ex
press and Telegraph Companies is in
cluded in the transfer.” The Times says
Jlr. Garrett will remain as President of
the Baltimore and Ohio road.
'lhe Tribune has a story which varies
somewhat irom that of the Times in mat
ter of detail, but agrees with it upon the
main fact that Messrs, Sully, Thomas
and Bryee and their associates have ob
tained control of the Baltimore and Ohio,
which now becomes part of their Rich
mond and West l'oini system. •
The Evening Post, in its financial arti
:le, says: “Theattention of the street and
the general public has been concentrated
ipon the progress of the scheme tor the
inalgamation of half a dozen treat, rail
oad properties, under control of the Rich
pud Terminal syndicate, with so much
kjpticism about its success that even
then it was openly and positively stated
iy members of the syndicate that they
lad acquired control of tho Baltimore and
lido speculators apparently waited for
under developments to show the extent
f the whole schema before taking much
ltcrest in the market. The prevailing
eliefis that a settlement oi the telegraph
rar will be one of the results of the com
“It is acknowledged that the Baltimore
tut Ohio would like to part with its tele
raph property. The Western Union
epie would of course hold off and talk
s though they did not want to buy. But
n the other hand Gould controls over
,000 miles of railroad west of the Missis
ippi river and south of St. Louts. This
ystem of roads comes to the Mississippi
t two points, viz: St. Louis, where it
foujd connect with the Ohio and Nlissls
ippi, controlled by the Baltimore and
laio, and also at Memphis, where it
vould connect with the Richmond Ter
lunal. An eastern outlet and line termi
nal tacilities in Jersey City for these
' estern properties may eventually have
ome influence in settling the telegraph
! , ' ar V I i t Was !urtber development of the
ossibiiities that the public seemed to lie
ratting for to-day.”
the terminal plans.
executive committee of the Kich
ainfmnM tßt I>oint Terminal Com
any met to day to cons dvr the matter of
ther b ‘lf th6 Ba,timol e & Ohio and
her systems. Action was deferred
enuXr^'.K un ' le!Bt "od that
look inn f tha Baltimore <fc Ohio
ru,r 7„‘‘'? Pl 0Vl "ed tor by a collateral
toot U i H Baltimore & Ohio
, T a , T nS?.!| * Ced Vn" d tIK! bonua talif ''‘
'Wr,.!; ni Me ' Ihe counsel for the
iffimc"r WRtWO, ' kOll the dfctaila
an option for controls
nwing O “Thl B ?, lbuile “aye the fol
ute-est m ih. n 1 ? 0 00 ,lie controlling
Jad reoeuGvnhf •"“2 r u and Alhio rail
lebalt y gained *>y Alfred Sully in
li.U wL UlCateof New Turk cap.-
s uroimble th-it X r. lCiß(id yeßterUrt >- it
iseu wiuim a 1 ml V'® I,rivilei:e will be
or sudbci-1 t,llJ 8 * audit the terms
irran-.prt a' tmn by lbe s .vndicute can be
ifflcia.ltv a change of ownership may be
t,, - aay - 11 ’•
’resident Garrett tL contract with
lausier v.o i • urrttt provides for a
“"KSSKr ~lK *“
- at any time within one year.
Until i- GO ° D SECU| tITY.
“tWCktifYtoekjUto’baTw 01,8 UIC
mJer certain commi 10 bo he,(1111
een made pubTlo N;„ai U , ICh , haTO not
Bl 'tts |b likelv to i„.„.!i thlnsr 1,1 these
omplisliment of , h n er^re writo the ao
> tbs meantime .If \\ Crßll,l,r ' K ’ 90 ' '>ut
J be Jar r elv in aokiiowletlifert
i'fote? the "ian are
ard to “be \' n ,"Ration in re
trangaments th 1 tails or the
sirin S. | !ri ®;, a . f-fift'cate comprises
1 the East Tennes ß Vi”.^'‘ muol T homas,
irmcrlv Prp.if"® *. ee ' <* orge 8. Scott
Janvili'e; (ieirffpf { U,ohm °ud and
sneitock i. r fis ‘ ? ,lker and H. (j
r“t ot the ft% n *“ nd , V f e A’resl
leiraioc.ates7„ K„ a '° Ual Bank, n,.d
irprisos, in artHmf U I hcrn r llroad en
“"tintoHdn d,UOa t 0 Mr - ully and
transfer „r Kemßuts for
a . l ro and. Tho vf control of
lal emeut, which lNesv Yoik Times'
“ 8 created a en a, ’f ars authentic
•tv, as aonsation here t, ’
and Ohio roait \ be Baltimore
as roa has hO(Jn , ook( 0
nd while mL '“'A' 8 enter
f* rv ed reticence as tn f arret t has
' fumoredfthero ‘ Very thing that
mi .hV her ' truth fr-fn 0 m y Who
'■tllmh* 1 ln th# Times -if atatements
into other hands the express and tele
graph systems will go with it. The mat
ter is discussed oli the exchanges and
street corners, and while some approve
many condemn the action.
Robert Garrett has been seen since 10
o’clock to-day, and the statement in tno
New York Times was read by him. He
still persisted that he has nothing to say
about the deal, it, is stated, however, by
one to whom Mr. Garrett talked, that he
used the expression, “We are in New
York.” The excitement increases be
cause of tbe refusal of Mr. Garrett to
speak. Most careful Inquiry cannotdis
cover that the city authorities have been
consulted, though it owns more than one
fifth of the entire stock of the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad. The city, with Johns
Hopkins University and the Garrett
family owu a majority of the stock. In
telegraphic circles there appears as much
ignorance of wnat has been going ou as
elßev%fcere. People here think the deal
has been effected.
Baltimore,March 9,lop.m.—While to
night the general impression here is that
some sort of arrangement has been made
for too surrender of the control of the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad, it is posi
tively stated by a gentleman who is near
to Mr. Garrett that no agreement or con
tract exists for such a transfer. He at
the same time stated that a syndicate
will probably be tormed, of whien
Mr. Garrett will be a member,
for t.he working of such a railroad svstem
as is spoken of. He further said that
there is no law to prevent tbe voting by
proxy of tbe shares owned by the Garrett
family and enough of others to make a ma
jority of tbe stock lor any deal the road
authorities may deem desirable. He also
said that $250 per share had before been
offered and refused for the transfer of a
majority of the stock.
TWO OFFERS declined.
It was said this evening that an offer of
$6,000,000 had been made for the Baltimore
and Ohio’s telegraph system, and $2,000,-
000 for the express business, both of which
had been declined. Tue determined re
fusal of Mr. Garrett to confirm or deny
any of the statements which have been
made leaves the people in anxiety. Those
who have always been stanch friends of
the Baltimore and Ohio road will not be
lieve that any transfer of the control ot
the road has beeu or will be made.
Philadelphia, March 9.—The Record
to-morrow, in speaking of the Baltimore
and Ohio “deal,” will say: “An import
ant meeting of the Adams Kxpress
officials and others was held in this city
yesterday, and it was learned that the
following interests were represented:
The Western Union Telegraph Company,
Adams Express Company and the Bull
man Palace Car Company. Tnese cor
porations are stated to be Interested in
the deal, and will as their share in it take
the express, telegraphic and palace car
privileges of the Baltimore and Ohio sys
tems, thus removing the most formidable
opposition these different interests now
have, by doing which they will ultimate
ly get back all thev will invest in the
His Election Certain Despite Gerry
mandering Schemes.
Washington, March 9.—There is not
much stock taken here ln the report from
Pennsylvania that the Republicans in the
Legislature of that State are going to
legislate Samuel J. Randall out of the Fifti
eth Congress. There is such a close alli
ance between Randall and the Camerous,
and he is regarded as such an important
man by the Republicans and especially
the Prohibitionists ot Pennsylvania, that
it is highly improbable they will prevent
his re-election Dy any change in the con
gressional District of Philadelphia. It is
known that Don Cameron personally sub
scribed $5,000 to Mr. Randall’s campaign
expenses in the last election.
Mr. Randall will have some
fifty Democratic 'members to
act in harmony with him in tariff mat
ters in the next # Congress, and he is likely
to exeroise a larger influence there than
he has done heretofore. His district may
be ehauged, but there Is no reason to be
lieve that he will be deprived of a re-elec
tion; on the contrary, it may be regarded
as positive that the Republicans will
make his return certain in some way.
A Doubt Whether the Bill Makes
. Any Appropriation.
Washington, March 9.—The Agricul
tural Colleges the laud over are living
their flag3, and people who are especially
interested in them are rejoicing in cor.se
quenoe of the passage of the experiment
station bill, but a question has arisen
which would appear to indicate that the
demonstrations are premature. The filth
section of the bill, the only one relating
to appropriations, says: “The sum ot $15,-
000 is heroby appropriated to each State,
to be specially provided for by Congress
in the appropriations from year to year,
from sales oi public lauds, the first pay
ment to be mads on the first day
ol October, 1887. This singular phraseolo
gy has been held to be an appropriating
clause, but close inspection ol it has given
rise to doubts, the weight of uuotlieial
opinion being that no money is appropri
ated. If this is sustained by the uiithori
ties, the beginning of the new work will
be delayed until Congress gets further.
The Mesiengers in His Department
Make Him a Present.
Washington, March 9.- Although
Secretary Manning’s resignation does not
tako effect until April 1, he .virtually
severed his connection with the depart
ment this afternoon. In accordance with
his expressed wish there was no formal
leave-taking, but the very tew officials
who know of his contemplated departure
improved the opportunity to call on
him and say “Good-by.” He was
presented with a handsome design
by the messengers attached to his office,
who also sent a letter expressing their
appreciation of bis kindness. Mr. Man
ning will leave Washington te morrow for
a short visit, to New Tori end Albany
prior to his departure for ICuropc. liis
health shows no impairment since his
return to duty. Acting Secretary Fair
ohild is still regarded as most likely to be
his successor.
A Kailure Pointed Out.
Washington, March 9.— Mr. Buchan
an, one of the Republican members of tho
Curtin committee to Investigate the
southwestern railroad strikes, ha* filed
a minority report. In which ho calls at
tendon to the great opportunity the com
niltt.'e had of doing something of value
on labor and their failure to tako advan
tage of it.
The Last Letter Written by the Deceased
Addreeeed to a Charleston Lady and
Left Uufialehed Huv. Dr. Joseph
Parker, of the London City Temple,
Pays An Eloquent Tribute to the
Sleeping American.
New York, March 9.—During this af
ternoon cartload after cartload of flowers,
plants, palms and evergreens were driven
up to the doors of Plymouth ohuroh, and
all through the night a small army of men,
under direction of the sexton, were em
ployed in arranging the decorations. The
wish of Mr. Beeoher that his luneral
ceremonies might be conducted amid
flowers and not amid black drapery, will
be literally fulfilled.
Washington, March 9.—The New
York Times publishes the following:
“The last thing Mr- Beeoher wrote was a
Iptter, yet unfinished, to a lady in Charles
ton, b. 0., who had written to him in
quiring about a Bible which she had beard
he bad. Last Wednesday night Mr.
Beecher began the letter. He wrote a
page, turned it over and had written three
lines on the next page, when he seems to
have been interrupted. The letter lay on
his desk as he lelt it until Sunday, when
Alaj. Pond put it away, it had not been
addressed. What he wrote explains why
he had been addressed by the lady:
Dear Madam—When 1 was in Charleston,
.in ISiU. an old negro came to me with aßible,
which he saiu lie had rescued from a turning
house. The peculiar oiremneianees related
by tlie colored man induced me to accept it.
1 brought it home and advertised it. It is at
Peekskill. As soon as I visit my home there
1 will liuut it up and send you a description
of it. You may then—
London, March 9.—Rev. Dr. Joseph
Parker, pastor of tbe City Temple,whose
guest Ret'. Henry Ward Beecher was
during his recent visit here, publishes a
tributelo Mr. Beecher’s momory. In this
he says: “We who have bowed with him
in prayer know with what might of hu
mility, penitence and love he stormed tho
kingdom of Heaveu. His moral fearless
ness was consistent throughout. It was
in vain to threaten Beecher. He haviDg
made up hts mind, no Luther was better
prepared to face loss, infamy or destitu
tion. I never heard him say one
unkind word of anyone. My
house is larger and brighter because
Beecner tarried there. Beecher and his
wife used to call themselves two old folks.
Verity they might have been young
lovers, so devoted were they to one an
other. I wish to be at Bueoher’s grave
in spirit to take one short look at the
place where his body lies, and thereafter
to look steadily upward to tbe heaven to
which he has ascended.”
A North German Lloyd Steamer in
a IJad Predicament.
Norfolk, Va., March 9.—The steamer
Goldsboro, which arrived hero this even
ing from Philadelphia, reports passing,
at 9:30 o’clock this morning, the North
German Lloyd steamship Rhein, from
Bremen for Baltimore, ashore off Hog
Island. She was lying from three to four
mile# Irom shore, bard aground, with her
bow on the bar and with her star
board anchor about. Boats were
passing between the Rhein and
tbe Old Dominion steamer Richmond,
which was rendering all necessary assist
ance to the stranded vessel. The wind
was light east-northeast, but freshening,
and ttie weather was getting thick. The
Old Dominion steamer Wjanoke, from
New York for Norfolk, had not passed in
at the Capes at 3:30 o’clock, p. m., and it
is supposed that she stopped to assist the
Richmond m rendering aid to the stranded
vessel, which has a large passenger list.
A Swindling Scheme in Massachu
setts Finally Comes to Grief.
Boston, Mass., March 9.—A United
•Status officer to-day arrested J. 11. Kane
and Giles H. Rich, the latter Assistant
Clerk of the Uoxbury Poliop Coart, upon
a charge of using the mails to defraud the
public. Theparties.it is claimed, have
been operating under the titlo of
tho Massachusetts Watch Company,
and have flooded tbe country with
circulars offering an elegant gold watch
with the latest improvement for sl. but
which proved to be a cheap, brass hunt
ing case, containing a paper lace upon
which was painted the face of the sun
dial. Upon visiting the place the offi
oer’s found a dozen men at work, pre
paring watches lor shipment. Upon the
manager’s desk were piles of bills just
received. Rich, it is said, was the com
pauy’s legal adviser. Both men were
taken before Commissioner Uallett and
held in SI,OOO bouds each.
Cleveland Avails Himself of tlie
Repeal of the Tenure Act.
Washington, March 9.—The Presi
dent to-day directed the removal of James
D. Bowie, Collector of Customs at Peters
burg, Va., aud John Wenshaw, Supervis
ing Inspector of Bteam Vessels for the
Third district, which includes the Atlan
tic coust from Capa Cnarles, Va., to the
extreme eud of Florida. The latter has
twice been suspended from office and then
restored io duty, because of the tailure of
the beuutc to act on his
successor, in
tho President has takeit advantage for
the first time of the repeal of the tenure
of office act. s
Mrs. Parsons’ Forked Tongue.
Columbus, 0.. March 9.—Lucy B.
Parsons, the lecturing Anarchist, was re
fused a ball by a local military company
where she proposed to speak to-night.
She called on the Mayor to protest, and
became so abusive and demonstrative
that she was looked up.
Mrs. Parsons, the Nihilist, having been
prevented from speuking at tno armory
to-night, proceeded to make a disturb
ance by declaiming in public against tho
authorities. The Mayor then ordered her
locked up, and sho is still in Jail.
Too Quick on tin: Trigger.
Millkrbburg, Ind., March 9.—Wilson
Driver, a deputy constable, came here
Irom Switzerland county to arrest Wil
liam Sleet, who had escaped from officers,
and found him ln a skiff going toward the
Kentucky shore. Ho called on Sleot to
return. Sleet's son, aired 14, who was also
in the skiff on.the Indiana shore, called to
bis father to not return. Driver then
fired at tho elder. Tlie boy begged the
coustnble not to kill bis father, whereupon
Driver deliberately shot the boy. A war
rant was issued for the arnst ol Driver.
Father, Mother ami Two Children
Shot by a Young Kentuokian.
Cincinnati, 0.. Mar oh 9.— A special
from Louisa, Ky., says: News has been
received from a lonely farming commu
nity on Cats’ Fork, Lawronos couuty.of
a terrible tragedy. Samuel Smith, aged
twelve years, who had some difficulty
with a neighbor named Stephen Ham
mond, yesterday armed himself with a
revolver and went over to Hammond’s,
foitowing him into tbe house. Hammond
tbeu reached for his rifle but Smith fired
and killed him. Hammond’s wife and
children, a boy and a girl, attacked the
murderer, but he soon fatally wounded
Mrs. Hammond, and as the children at
tempted to escape he felled them both
with balls. He fled to the mountains and
has not yet been caught. Mrs. Hammond
will die and the children may not recover.
It was hoursaftor tho shooting before the
neighbors came, attracted by the cries of
the boy.
Tho Collapse Due to the Failure of
Its Priuclpal Owner.
St. John, N. 8., March 9.—The failure
of the Maritime Bank was largely pre
cipitated by the failure of Mr. Scofield,
its owner. This Is the bank’s seoond fail
ure in the last few years. It tailed owing
to the St. John fire in 1879 or 1880, but was
re-established in 1881 under the presi
dency and management of Thomas Mo-
Leland and the directorship of J. H. Parks,
Jeremiah Harrison, Dr. Robert Ford ana
Howard B. Troop, it reopened with assets
of $160,000 above its" liabilities. Its
position at the eud of December last was
as follows: Capital paid up $222,000, re
serve fund $60,000, notes iii circulation
$281,000, Dominiou government deposits
$60,500. provincial government deposits
$224,6u0, other deposits payable on de
mand $630,700, deposits payable after no
tice $482,000, total liabilities $1,270,000.
It is believed that note holders will be
protected In full.
Two Lives Lost in a Fire Started by
• Incendiaries.
Walla Walla, W. T , March 9.—-Fire
yesterday morning destroyed five frame
blocks on Main street. The buildiugs
were mostly old, but were in a good lo
cality aud were occupied by numerous
successful small dealers. The total loss
is $125,000. The insurance is $40,000. The
remains of two persons have beeu found
in the ruins. One of the bodies is kuown
to be that of a butcher named John Bell.
The other is unknown, but is probably
that of a Chinaman. The lire was ol in
cendiary origin.
Danville, Ky., March 9.—Tbe Eclipse
Flour Mills of Potts, Proctor & Cos. were
burned to the ground to-day, along with
an elevator adjoining. The total loas is
$60,000. The insurance is SIB,OOO.
Btrikers Paid Off.
Youngstown, 0., March 9.—The strik
ing employes of the Pennsylvania Com
pany were called to the office of tbe com
pany this morning and paid in full to tbe
date, they quit, this action indicating
that tho company considered tnem dis
charged employes and would probably
make an effort to fill their plaoes.
Pittsburg. Pa., March 9.—The strike
of the freightmen on the Pittsburg di
vision of tne Baltimore and Ohio railroad
is nearing an end. The company is fast
getting into to shape to handle all tbe
freight, and the strikers are becoming
discouraged. Tbe District Master of the
Brotherhood of Brakemen declares the
strike to be unauthorized, and has or
dered the men back to work. This is sup
posen to have broken the back of the
Hni“liis Decline to Arbitrate.
Albany, N. Y., March 9.—The opera
tives af Feary’s shoe factory here, num
bering 325 men, struck work at noon to
day because the manufacturing company
declined to accede to thoir demand for an
advance of 10 per cent, on their old
wages. President Foary’s proposal to ar
bitrate the matter was not accepted by
the Knights of Labor.
Cambridge’s .Strike Off.
Boston, March 9.—The Executive
Committee of District Assembly No.
8,194, of Cambridge, to-night, declared the
Cambridge railroad strike otf. Nearly all
the vacancies nave been filled with new
Mormon Oaths Worttiiess.
Salt Lake City, .March 9.—The Mor#
moil jurors in Judge Seare’a court, after
having taken on Monday oaths on the
new Edmunds-Tucker bill, ou examina
tion yesterday went back to tbe oid prin
ciple and deciared the law of God higher
than that of man. They believe it right
for man to live ln polygamy, and were re
jected as jurors in a ease to bo tried.
Lancaster’s Convicts Hurrender.
Lancaster. Pa., March 9.—Walteu
and Green, the convicts in the Lancaster
county prison, who yesterday procured
the keeper’s revolver and defied tbe
authorities surrendered this morning.
During the night they attempted to break
ttnougb the wall but were unsuccessful.
Tney have been placed in solitary con
11l on flic Eve of Hanging.
St. Louis, March 9.—Dan Jewell (col
ored ), who is tindor sentence to bo hanged
here next Friday, is suffering with a se
vere attack of pnoumnniu, aud Is so weak
that he Is unable to walk. The Sheriff
objects to executing tho innn in this con
dition, and has asked the Governor for a
respite until the disease shall nave run
its course.
Two Killed by a Boiler.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Maron 9.—The
boiler of Gibbs’ shingle mill, near Ed
more, this morning exploded with terrific
force, completely wrecking the mill.
Two men were Instantly killed, and six
or seven were seriously wounded, one of
whom will probably die. No cause has
bean assigned for the accident.
- ■ - ■"
Western Union to Pay a Dividend.
New York, March 9.—The Western
Union Directors to-day voted to pay a
dividend for the ourrent quarter. A reso
lution was adopted that with tbe consent
of the stockholders the stock of the com
pany should be increased by $1,200,000. to
make up sorlp to that amount issued last
April. _______________
Lamar’s Visit to t I^ii'lentoii.
CHARLESTON, 8.0.. March 9— The City
Council of Charleston has Invited Secre
tary Lamar to be a guest of tbe city dur
ing the ceremonies attending the uuveil
lug ol tbe Calhoun monument on April
20, wbou Secretary Lamar will deliver an
EN BY A VOTE OF 222 TO 23.
Eighty-ElKlit Member* Abstain From
Voting—U*rr Kiohtor Intimato* That
Illmnurok M Suflcesn is Fororunuor of
War—Tbo Bill lUatd by Fara^raiilis
uml A(li|ttut.
Berlin, March 9.—Tbe soptennate bill
was called up for its seoond reading in
the Itelohstag to-day. Herr istauffouborK’B
amendment proposing that the term of
the bill be throe Instead of seven years
was rejected by a vote of 222 to 28.
Eighty-eight members abstained from
voting. The Polish and Alsatian mem
bers were absent. The Socialists voted
with the minority.
Prior to the debate Herr Rlokert de
clared that the new German Liberals
would not place any obetaoles in the way
of the dlsoussion of bills. He therefore
suggested that the measure have prefer
ence over the resolution for the Introduc
tion of tbe imperial Income tax bill.
Herr Frankenstein Intimated • that he
and hls political friends, not having
changed their views regarding tbe meas
ure, would abstain from voting.
Herr Bamberger declared that his party
ware convinced of the Justice ot their
views, and would maintain their former
attitude. If the majority, he naid, believed
that unanimity was of paramount im
portance they might vote with his party
for a irlennate.
Herr ltuehensperger, speaking on be
ha! f of a portion of tho Centre, said they
would approve the bill without modifica
Her Holldorf urged the adoption of the
bill in Its entirety.
Herr Richter expressed the opinion
that the trieunate was just as constitu
tional as the septennate. He said the
elections for the Reichstag were effected
under extraordinary pressure. It was
not a question of an imperial or parlia
mentary army, but a question of war or
peace tbat decided the issue.
No one else rising the house divided,
and Herr Btauffenberg’s amendment was
rejected as already stated.
The bill was read by paragraphs and
adopted. Tbe heaviest vote was on the
first paragraph, which was 223 against
.48, the minority including new German
Lilierais, Socialists and Alsatians. Prince
Bismarck was present.
Vienna, March 9.—Before the recent
executions at Rustchuk were known iu
Bt. Petersburg, Russia Invited the po wore
to use their influence with the Bulgarian
Regency to prevent the commission of
atrocities during the struggle of political
parties iu Bulgaria for power. The invi
tation was not received by any of the
powers before the executions had taken
Rustchuk, March 9.—Sentences were
pronounced to-day ou several more insur
gents. Four officers were condemned to
prison for life, four were sentenced to con
finement for fifteen years and three for
eight years. One hundred and twenty
soldiers belonging to a battalion of sap
pers were all sentenced to three years’
servitude. It is thought probable that
the Bulgarian commander will reduce all
these sentences. No farther executions
are expected.
London, March 10, 3 a. m.—Mr. W iJ
kinson, military correspondent of the
Manchester Guardian, has been arrested
at Cracow, Austrian Galeioia, as a Rus
sian spy. He was released alter twelve
hours’ imprisonment.
The Standard’s correspondent at St.
Petersburg says that the Russian govern
ment will take no action with reference
to tbe executions at Kustohuk.
A Visit to Fort Sumter anil a Stroll
on tho Battery.
Charleston, S. C., March 9.—Sena
tor Hhorman and his party reached this
city at 7 o’clock this morning and re
mained until 3 o’clock this afternoon,
when they left for Savannah, whenoe
they will go to Florida and thonoe to
Cuba. The party consisted of Senator
Sherman and his daughter. Senator Man
derson, Gen. Anson G. McCook, Secre
tarv of the United States Senate, and
Mrs. McCook, Miss Grace AVallace, and
Frank G. Carpenter and F. D. Mussey,
newspaper correspondents. Senators
Ransom and Butler are expected to bo
of tho party, but have not yet joined
them. The visitors stopped at Charles
ton, and after breakfast visited B'ort Sum
ter, and after returning to the city they
took a stroll on the battery. Senator
Sherman expressed groat pleasnre at
Charleston’s rapid recovery from the
earthquake disaster.
Melting Trade Dollars.
New York, March 9.—The process of
melting up trade dollars was begun to
day at tbe assay office. The first SIOO,OOO
worth was received yesterday a’jtlm sub-
Treasury. They have been counted,
weighed and examined, and were turned
over to that Institution, anti this morning
tho coins wers placed In the hAtids of the
melters. It Is expected that each day a
like amount will be sent to the assay
office so as to make room for the recep
tion ol a portion of the large sum now
ready for redemption. Tho aggregate Is
nearly $6,000,000.
Short In Their Accounts,
Ottawa, 111 , March 9.— State’s At
torney Maloney and a Corninitte of the
Board ol Supervisors are reported to have
discovered to-day that ex-Treasurer Ray
mond’s accounts are short $20,000, ex
(Sheriff Milligan’s more than that amount,
aud ex-l’robate Clerk Bartel’s $3,000,
A Sunken Steamer’s Crow.
New York, March 9.—Tno bark Han
nah Blanchard, from Amsterdam, which
arrived lire to-day, brought the Captain
and twenty-nine men, the entire crew of
tne freight steamer Egypt, lmnoe tor Lis
bon with grain Feb. 22. The Egypt sunk
March 8. •
Cook. County’s Bootllere.
Chicago, Marob 9.— The special grand
jury, woose ohlel function is to investi
gate the supposed frauds perpetrated on
Cook county and to indiot tho boodlers,
wus summoned before Judge Anthony In
the Criminal Court this morning. '
HarttoKson’H Backers.
London, Maroh 9.—Lord Hartlneton
has offered the government the solid vots
of seventy Unionism for the Irish crimes
bill. Tbe opinions of hts followois pri
vately ascertained favored stronger co
ercion than the bill proposes-
A Bainlu-idgc I’alntor Gives His
Wife a Capsule that Killed.
Rainbridoe, IU., Maroh9.—Mrs. J.F.
Hawley, the wife of a painter wuo located
at this place more than a year ago.and who
soon after won and wedded Mrs. Laura
MoMurria, a woll connected ntid lovely
young widow of thlsolty, died this morn
ing under moat distressing circum
stances. Mrs. Hawley on Monday night
gave birth to a child, and her physician
proscribed sevoral doses of quinine at
tbVoe hour intervals (or the ensuing (lay,
Tuesday. A half dozen lour-grain cup
eules were filled from a bottle of the slzo
aud appearance of one which contained
the quinine, and at 2 o’clock Tues
day the husband ndmiiilsteicd
one capsule of four grains. The lady
soon fell asleep, and three hours later,
when the time arrived tor another cap
sule, all efforts to arouse her failed, and
the physicians wore called. Everything
possible was done which her condition
would permit, but: at 9 o’clock this morn-
Iqg she died. Morphine instead of quinine
had been administered.
A Hickory Stick and a Pistol Used
With Bad Effect.
Millbn, Ga., Maioh 9.—Lhis morning
Col. Raddon was Bitting ln Perkins’ drug
store, at this place, talking with some
gentlomeu, when Mr. Wells, also of Mll
len, entered, and, without auy warning,
assaulted him with u hickory stiok. Alter
being separated Col. Haddon stepped to
the hack part of the store, and seeing a
pistol on the de :k picked it up and opened
fire on Mr, Wells, firing two shots, one
taking offset In and passing through his
right, shoulder. The other shot, atruok a
show case, then a suspender buckle, and
fell harmless to tbe floor. This latter
shot would have struck the heart, or very
near it, had it not struck the show case.
Col. Haddon Is pretty badiv used up about
the head from blows inflicted with tho
stick. Mr. Wells is not thought to be
dangerously woutulad. Bad feeling Uae
existed between them for some time,
Commissioned Officers Fleeted—Tlie-
Chattahoochee River Convention.
Columbus, Ga., March 9.—The Colum
bus Guards to-night elected the following
commissioned officers: Captain, L. H.
Chappell; First Lieutenant, 8. Frioo Gil
bert; Second Lieutenant, Tim Salisbury;
Brevet Second Lieutenant, W, J. l’ea
The Board of Trade met to-night and
issued a call for tbe Chattahoochee River
Convention, to be held in this city May
10 aud 11. The Governors of Georgia,
Florida and Alabama, and tbe tieuators
andCongressmeu oi tho respective States
are invited, as well as delegates from all
counties contiguous to tho river. The
City Council has made an adequate ap
propriation for tho entertainment of the
An Insane Stevedore Poke* a Pistol
Under An Editor’s Nose.
Cedar Key, Fla., March 9.—Last
Thursday night Fayette Williams, a
colored stevedore, developed symptoms
of insanity, which were Increased .Sun
day morning and he beoame unmanage
able. He rushed up the streets firing a
pistol, and meeting Dr. Moll value, editor
of the Gulf View, stood him up with the
pistol under his nose. A policeman ar
rived in time to prevent any damage to
the doctor’s probosois, and the uctortu
nate mau was confined. Wednesday he
was sent to the Circuit Judge at Gaines
ville, who will appoint a modicai com
mission to exafcuno and pass upon bis
Twenty of the leading business men or
this place have taken decided measures
to form a Board or Trade. Much goodie
expected from their efforts.
Toe publio schools will close after this
week, tbe County School Board having
allowed but four months tuition.
Tbe annual municipal election washeld
to-day. Everything passed off quietly,
the regular nominees being elected. Mr.
W. I). Flnlayson was re-elected Mayor.
The Cedar Key Dramatic Benefit Asso
ciation, a combination of local talent, is
doing much toward raising (unde to pur
chase a site on which to erect a Methodist
church. Tboy i uvo two performances
recently which netted over S7O in money
and an "untold quantity of compliments.
No rain has tulien hare in overa month,
and almost everything is showing tho
effects ot dry weather.
The short lino ol railioad to Branford
is the ali absorbing tuple here, and our
people can scarcely control themselves as
pictures loom up before them of breakfast
In Cedar Key and dinner in Savauuab, or
vice versa, aud through to New York in
thirty-eight hours. The prospects lor the
early construction ol this line are good.
In 1888 Levy county to sell her
large peach crop iu Savannah, Augusta
aud Charleston.
The shipment of fish and oysters ia
decreasing as the spring advances, and
tbe turtle are now coming In (or their
share of trouble. There is considerable
activity in tbe cedar business, and all the
buyers as well as the various factories
aro busy. But to supply a world with
cedar pencil* is enough to keep them
going at a lively rate, and it is not sur
prising to see them always busy.
A Negro Detective Bag* One of a
Baud of Sneak Thieves.
Live Oak, Fla., Maroh 9.—Last night
about H o’olook Dare Groen ( oolored) en
tered the house of M. M. Blackburn with
the intention of commuting a felony. A
detective, a oolored mau, bad beeu em
ployed to work up the sucak thief gang
that have commuted so many robberies
hers, and Green being suspected as a
leader, the detective commenced with
him and learned from him hls plaua snrl
whose house he bad keys to enter. Sat
urday night he showed the deteotlve that
be could enter Black "urn’s houau by
opening the door. Monday night he
entered again. The detective had the
marshal and others ready to arrest him,
but Green heard a noise and came out.
Ho last nlgnt was arranged to enter
again, and be was arrested and la now in
jail. He had a great many keys in hls
No Female Bntfrage lot- Maine.
Augusta, Me., Maroh 9.—Both
branches of the Maine legislature have
failed to g'vo the necessary two-thirds
vote/>u the pussage or the amendment to
the constitution providing for female
(PIiXCT 910 A YEAR.)
\ 3 CENTS A VO *.}
INVOLVES!) in the muddle.
Cnpt. Hltolibarn’a tiouk Probably Mio
Cause of the Mention of This Oouulr y
In Connection With the Soinill 1 h->
Kdttor of tlio London telegraph Uoti
Off at Hair-Cock.
London, March 9.—Tue Agent of tba
Associated Frees in London has been au
thorized to donjr that tbe American Ls
gatiou was in aby war implicated in t o
Chatham navy yard scandal.
Commander Cbadwiclc, United States
naval attache in London, had an inter
view this morning with Vice Admiral
Wm. Uranaro, Comptroller of the Navy,
at the Admiralty Office, in relation to the
statements that Draughtsman Terry, who
has been dismissed from Chatham,
had revealed secrets of naval de
signs to the American Legation. Tbe
Comptroller said that these were inertly
newspaper assertions, and that as far as.
the stories connected anybody iasthe legs- •
tion with the dock yard treachery they
were entirely false. All tnat he knew
was that Terry has sold designs to private
parties. Mr. White, Secretary or
American Legation, haa conflrnrßr
an emphasized denial that British naval
plans have been obtained.
The Telegraph, commenting on the dis
charge of Draughtsman Terry, says: “If
the charge that Terry's rovelalloo wend
Indirectly to tbo American Legation be
true, and it be proved tuat the govern
ment at Washington has surreptitiously
tried to bribe a British offiolnl to turn
traitor, a violent wave ot indignation will
iween over this country. The poople
ol England and tbe United States are on
the friendliest terms, and there is every
desire on our part to maintain these re
lations. The British dock yard officials
are willing to show foreigners the
ot English naval resources, but the nation
desires all this to bo open and above
board. Treacherous truffle in state ge-'
orets, when discovered, will be visited
with swift censure and punishment,'’
motions to B.oenotJT*.
The question will be raised inPailia.
ment why the government should not
prosecute the dismissed draughtsman.
Terry, for breach of trust. Lord George
Hamilton, First Lord of tbe Admiralty,
will be asked to-morrow whether Terry
was bound by oath to keep the dock yard
secrets, and whether he can be Indicted
tor perjurj. The Admiralty authorities
are known to be unwilling to prosecute,
tearing farther revelations and desiring
to effect changes in tbe departs
ment as quietly as possible. The
officials state that there is not
a particle of evidence connecting tba
American Legation with the scandal.
Terry says at be gave information to a
friend win .i,ve 1 to another person, and
he euppov hiu through the latter thd
information ruaohed America. No paper
indorses or eVon notices the Dally Tele
graph’s tirade. The general feeling is
that the American Legation is absolutely
above suspicion.
London, March 10, 6 a. m.— The Daily
News commenting on the statement than
the Admiralty sent complete designs ofi
the iron-clad Againennon to Washington,
at the request of tbe American govern
ment, says: “It is very pleasant to b#on
good terms with America, brt, perhaps,
on the whole, it would be as well if tho
Admiralty kept such designs to them
selves.” M
In regard to the Terry affair the New"
says: “The matter ought to be thoroughly
sifted, and tae culprits prosecuted. Wo
cannot doubt that the American govern
ment will be able to olear itself of all
Washington, Slaroa 9 Relative to
the reported tiismisa.il of the foreman in
the English naval workshop at Chatham
for selling information concerning plans
for vessels to this government,lt is said at
the Navy Department that so far as this
government is concerned there is abso
lutely no truth in the charge. In this
connection the fact is recalled that Capt.
Hitch burn published a work about a year
ago on British dooka add dock gear,
which it was said contained information
furnished to him in confidence.
fluently the author explained the fact*
satisfactorily, but it ie possible that tho
discharge of the foreman i the result of
Capt. Hitchburc’s publication.
Cardinal Gibbons Interviewed or
the Labor SocletyQuestion.
Komk, March 9.—ln an interview to*
day Cardinal Gibbons said that his and
Mgr. Htranlero’s reports, although pub
lished through a wonderful stroke o<
newspaper enterprise, were in the flrl#
instance confidential. ThaCardlnal said;.
“1 am, and ever shall be, an enemy of a
plutocracy or soulless corporations and
men. The Catholic Church will take the
side ot the weaker against the stronger in
this instance. There is no question of so*
cret societies. Mr. I'owderly and many
oilier chiefs are good Catholics. Above all I
wish it to be kuowti that there Is no essen
tial divergence between myself and the
Archbishop of Quebec on this subject.
The Frunoh-Canudlan soclei. s not that
of the United States, and'perhaps the-
French ecclesiastic or adiuinlutratlvo
mind is more inoiined to take alarm tbab
we and to see revolutions behind every
hedge. America is quite able to taka
care of herself and the interests of AmerU
can citizens. It will be time enough ta
consider all sorts of aids issues when thsj
are raised.”
Kacii-.g at New Orleau.^®P
Nmw Orleans, March 9.—To-day’a
races were as follows:
First Race—Ono and a quarter miles,
Aurollan first, with ({opsin? second and April
Fool third. Tune The Judges liejdk
satisfied that ApriLFoui was pulled,
Ihcjocaey. Morris, the owner, W.
ami the horse, and declared all hots
Second ItAOM— Flve-eiKhthsof a mile. Fred
liavis won. with Ilanay Andy second and
Gulusre third. Tone 1 :<w^.
Thikd Race—Mile. Leroy first, with Pal
Daly second and Cathcart third. Time
Kenth ora Lillie Girl.
Louisville, Ga.. March 9.—utile
Mary iiarrell, aged l> years, daughter of
G. H. iiarrell, died this morning it L
o’clock. Measles, terminating in pneu-d
monla, was the cause. I
Card Kates Reaffirmed.
Pittsburg, Maroh 9 —The National
Pipe aud Tube Association met here to
day and reaffirmed tho card rate. Tha
Western Nall Aasoolatlon did likewise
A Railroad Pool Diuaoivcd.
Chicago, March 9;— Tha Chicago and
Ohio river pool has been dissolved, to take
effect Maroh 31.

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