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..Rosy Fingered Aurora” -The
Workof r.e Florida BUtcy and Nav-
S. Conipaoy-A Magical Ob(>
oilnc,'. Heavy Kemr.es- lakluK
Heart Agsin-Tobscca t 0 tU K,,6CUe
" Manufacturing Enterprises - Bit
tlnguislied Kestdents-TtlUliassen-A
KeßUtifui Otty-Th* Kallroad Fever
d 4 B.rd In the Baud I. Worth Two in
„, e - Cotton Mills - Senatorial
TBe writer, on his return from Apa
lachicola in the stanch steamer Faoto
]UB after •‘shooting” tha draw bridge,
was deposited on a lofty platform upheld
bv piles at the railroad crossing oi the
Chattahoochee river. The outlook was
dismal in the extreme, but with the aid of
dozen or so “Loco Foeo” matches
struck in quick succession he and his
comoanions succeeded after the witching
hour of midnight in threading their wav
through the labyrinth of stationary cars
to the friendly inn which has been erected
in this morass for the acoommodation of
belated travelers. Never was asylum
more grateful to the tired wayfarer.
The landlady. Mrs. , received the
party with great cordiality, and exerted
herself to the utmost tor their comfort,
some were provided with beds. Others,
your scribe included, “sat it out” until
the long wished for
tinted the funereal, moss-clad cypresses
and flowing river, with the magnificent
coloring which precedes the approach of
the King of Day. Then an appetizing
breaktast was served, and ere long an en
tie and passenger car Daeked in from
unction,” some two miles distant, and
we were all safelv transferred either to
the coaches of the Savannah, Florida and
Western or the Florida Kailway and
Navigation railroads. This deponent was
bound for
and accordingly boarded the latter. In
the short period' required to compass the
intervening distance (twenty miles) there
was ample time to note the magical
changes which have been wrought in the
track and managements this great high
way since it changed hands. Now heavy
steel rails have been substituted in lieu
of those composed of light iron, trestles
have been filled in, substantial bridges
erected, and the best order and system is
observable in every department. What
was once a regular man-trap, full ot pit
falls and dangerous places, is now a
thoroughly constructed and safe avenue
of commerce which is the admiration of
all who pass over it.
The town of Quincy, so famous In ante
bellum days as the chosen abode of the
wealth and aristocracy of Florida,suffered
more probably from the baleful results of
the late civil war than any other com
munity in the State. Then a terrible con
flagration laid in ruins a large portion of
the business portion oi the place, which
has never been wholly rebuilt. A suc
cession of bad crops, too, have operated
disastrously, but we were glad to note
that the people are
The introduction of the growth of to
bacco has given anew impetus to agri
culture. A single merchant (Dr. David
son) has distributed gratuitously seed
sufficient to plant 200 acres, and the re
port is that nearly all the farmers will
plant from one to five acres the present
year. The weed produced is of the finest
quality, and this new industry inustprove
of signal benefit to all who embark in it.
hnfortunately since destroyed by fire,
was in successful operation at the date of
the writer’s late visit, turning out a nice
article from the native tobacco. Many
such enterprises will doubtless spring up
in the near future, and add their measure
to the general prosperity. The writers pent
the Sabbath in Quincy, and listened to
an excellent discourse in the .Presbyte
rian church from Rev. Robert Quarter
man, the youngest son of his old pastor
in Midway church, Liberty county, in a
walk over the town we were struck
with the lovely court yards ornamented
with the queenly Japonica and magnifi
cent roses. One ol the Florida members
of Congress, Mr. Davidson, resides hero,
and so does ex-Governor A. K. Allison,
who, in his old age retains all of the men
tal vigor ana vivacity of his younger
days. Quincy also furuishes the Senator
lo this district in the person of Hon. P.
11. Stockton, a talented young lawyer.
was our next stopping place, where your
correspondent was right royally enter
tained by mine host of the “Leon Hotel,”
M. L. Oglesby, assisted in the office bv D.
W Sweetiand, cashier, and C. M. ited
held, night clerk.
Albeit not the largest hotel in the State,
t is sale to sav that it is excelled by few,
if any, in all the essentials that mure to
the comfort of tho traveler. The rooms
a e pleasant and niry, the beds delightful
ad the fare ami attemlar.co all that the
most captious guest could require. The
best proof of this is the fact that numer
{*“•*n eBIR H° f ,he bouBfi la9t year bare re
- i * 11 ’ and * orae remain bora the
thi ° n - , U " Ui 1,0 remembered
*“ at Proprietor, Mr. Oglesuv, was also
general manager under Mr. Lee He
knew D i y unde,stan <l* his business, and
die pubUoT t 0 mkfe blmseU “tfrecable to
ls one of t,ie mof beautiful
?s , 1 K . townß in tlle South. There
about th lU, | Blakable air of refinement
ings are alm“. C ? an l ~eople - dwell
by lorelv fl 1 uni ' reallr half hidden
env , ? 11 ,we r B aDd shrubbery, and tbe
roaLi J’ e J Cned , upon a lolty hill, com-
I*e trade oi n, ;h VIG T 8 *? eve ry direction.
is ien ll , p,a ? e for " 1 11 land tow n
stocked nTf! and d ° la l > e ’ ai,tl man J well
•lcsi no-,v tile egl * at ator ° B “ re tube Been -
S mtZST&SS? y‘‘“'S&
organization.„ • ‘ This
don imder the r incor Poratcd in 1,,.!,,
and Inhs i° Lompanies Acts” of 1802
Vhe fA V • ov * rno r David S. Walker
belle on “ be Gulf. TbomM?Ulu a d Can a-’
m.m l „o^ ri tnat M a orCUry . °' Jan - 22, i BS7,
lainguTan.eeH C “ a,lur oer
-0:!1.!0^8^ 8 \ bat of *• Ha-
Which meets Western railway,
Perfectly feanibl KBnBrB J avor ’ an “ is
the grading half’ „? 8 i be ,undl < (or
und will b!f bav . e been raised,
Hp e other railroad ni^ b * n necd " l - There
the above n t.i i '‘jeotH on loot besides
“ rminlham r?.. y , ln " exu >" a '°n of the
Florida via Tai?*k r,,,n Dolumbiis into
°lne*vnie also b rev? 0 ’ "'" I a road fr ‘"
Aminat n Jon the fie 1,1 tbftt V nd
or rtiHv hn " lUe C,nlf <>*. Tbne nmv
' Ve“d sp e o G ':, n, t Uffin,ated - but thep^
bird in hinn 0 ° n tbe P ro^*>.
' bush,’’ 6 and** 'i* W 0^ h tw "
or tho Sav* niJtth U i ‘" ‘be offer
“• Florida and Western
they realize something that Is tangible n
the near future, and cannot afford to take
any risks in the tir- mises. The building
of the line to Thoimusville will place lal
lahassee in direc communication with
the great West, and largely enhance tbe
value of real estate and the trade of the
town. The latest intelligence seems to
iudioate that tbe question has been prac
tically decided in lavorof the Thomasville
The Tailahassee cotton mills, owned
by McDougald Pros., will soon be in
operation again. The dividends of this
company since the war have been as high
as 22 per cent, per annum. They buy the
raw material at le. lower than the Savan
nah market,which in itself is tantamount
to a negative profit of per cent, on
the first cost ot the cotton alone. They
are already receiving many orders for
.goods. The writer saw one of these from
Philadelphia for 50,000 pounds of warps.
Another cotton factory will probably
beestab'ished very soon, with a capital
oi $75,000. half ot which amount has al
ready been raised.
For the entertainment of his guests,
Mr. Oglesby, of the “Leon House,” has
organiz and a “hunting club,” which
taken the field ones every week in quest
of “sly reynard,” with a musical pack of
hounds and many gallaut riders. At the
date of our visit one of these “meet*”
had just taken place, and the party had
enjoyed a most exciting and successlnl
chase. Twenty-two gentlemen were in
the saddle, and eight “Hndy Vernons,”
with twenty-six trained hounds to make
the welkin ring when the game was “up.”
Soon they started their nimble quarry,
and an animating scene ensued. The
fox dodged and doubled many times and
came near deluding his pursuers, but
was finally run down and killed. There
were three ladies “in at the death.” Two
fences and one ditch were cleared in fine
style during the chase, a single rider only
being dismounted. It happened 111118*:
Two of the party, one of them a lady,
riding side by side, encountered a
formidable fence. The latter rode boldly
at It, lifting her spirited steed with the
ruin, and, with a magnificent leap, clear
ing the obstruction. Her companion was
not so fortunate. Both horse and rider
went down, each escaping, however,
without serious injury. These weeklv
gatherings in the field' with horn and
hound do much to break the monotony of
hotel life.
waxes warm as the time draws near for
the assembling of the Legislature in
April. Gen, Bloxbam seems to lead the
race, but Gov. Perry’s friends claim tbat
he is gaining ground In South Florida,
and the contest will be close. Either
would represent their Stats with ability
and fidelity. There are one or two other
candidates spoken of, but Senator Jones
is not among the number. His course is
universally deprecated by the people, and
tbe opinion is general that he will never
return to Florida.
Vegetation ls nearly a full month in ad
vance of the average season, and straw
berries, Irish potatoes, English peas, as
paragus am! lettuce have made their ap
pearance. The writer saw garden corn
two teet above the ground, and the truck
farmers are anticipating a generous and
Srotiiable yield of early vegetables lor the
’orthern markets. A little farther south
the strawberry shipments have resulted
in almost fabulous cash returns. Let us
hope that we may hear nothing more of
“cold waves” until the advent ot another
winter. , H. H. J.
Good Story About liigersoll.
From the Chicago News.
“I served in Bob lngersoll’s command,”
said a veteran of the Ocbiltree club at
tbe panorama of Bull Run In Washington
tbe other day, “and whenever 1 want to
have a good laugh l recall in my mind
the incidents connected with bis capture
in Teunesßee. 1 have seen somewh'ere a
cruel paragraph to the effect that the
Colonel surrendered very willingly, and I
want to brand that falsehood for what it
is. A braver man I never saw in five years
ot service. We were scattered over a
good deal of territory surrouuding a vil
lage at the time the Colonel was taken in
and cared for by the Johnnies. We were
in a skirmish at the time.and tbe Colonel
was trying to get to a demoralized wing ot
his command. As he was passing through
a senes of cattle-pens, he was surround
ed by a lot of Confederates and command
ed to surrender, but he didn’t do it worth
a cent. He kept right on running at
breakneck speffd. He was not so stout
then as now, and as a pedestrian he was
no slouch, Tne bullets were flying about
him thick as bail. If he could get to an
other branch oi his command Ue felt that
he could rally the boys and win the fight.
A number of his men saw that he was in
imminent peril, and that if he didn’t sur
render he would be killed, and they
yelled at him at the top of their'
voices to stop and surrender. He heeded,
but 1 could see that he did so with regret
ami disgust.
“Here is where the humor began. When
the Colonel stopped be threw up his hands
and shouted out ‘Stop firing! I’ll acknnwL
edge your old Confederacy 1’ The
Colonel was taken over to a store lor safe
Keeping, and he proved to be a great
curiosity. People flocked around him,
listened to his sthrles, laughed, and de
clared tbat they were having morofun
than they ever had in their lives. Tbat
night the Colonel sat around the store
till a goodly number of the Confederates
came in, and then began to treat and tell
yarns. Finally tbecrowd overflowed the
place and blocked up the entrance to it.
Then the Colonel wont outside. The boys
were all feeling well under the potoncy of
words and drinks,and every man, woman,
and child within the eouud of bis voice
loved him. Directly the Colonel was
asked to make a speech. This was what
he was working for, and a minute later
he was on a box and addressing tbe crowd
—and it was a rignt rough crowd, too.
No lecture tbat tno great orator bas ever
delivered contained so much that was
good in it. It fairly bubbled over with
good-will and tbe milk of human kindness.
He pictured how regretfully tho North
took up arms against the South, remind
ing his hearers that they had fired the
first shot, in their assault upon Fort Sum
ter. Then ho wont off on slavery, placing
tbe poor whito before him in the place of
the unfortunate blacks, a people with
souls and all tho instincts ot the whiles,
butdowntrodden for no other reason than
that tney Wen black. He pictured tho
econo when those who had held human
sotils In bondage were called before the
Judgment throne to answer deeds done in
tbe flesh, it was a touching appeal, and
brought out streams of tears ar.d storms
ol applause from the very men who had
but a tew hours before shot at and cap
tured hun.
“At the raonjen* when the most pathetic
passages in bis speech were being deliv
ered Gen. Forrest, tho Confederate
cavalryman whoso command bad made
the capture, rushed into tbe crowd, all
aglow with excitement, but not angry,
and exclaimed: ‘Here, Ingersoll, stop
that speech and I’ll exchange you for a
government mule.’ A short tim? atter
wsrd Col. Ingersoll was paroled. Ho was
demoi aliziug the whole of that command,
and would have had it revolting against
its commander bad be been allowed to go
on (or two pr three days as he had on the
first day.”
In Rptlepsv.
Dr. A. L. Turner, Head Physioian,
Bloomsburg Sanitarium, Philadelphia,
Pa., says: “Have prescribed It in several
hundred case" of epilepsy, and always
with good result*. As an adjunct to the
roouperatlve powers ol the nervous sys
tem i know of nothing to equal it.”
Til 11. COUNTRY mao STORE.
How the Young Clerk Lightens the
Tedium of Business.
From Tid-Bitx.
The young drug clerk is alone. His
employer has gone to the city to buy
stock. There has not been a customer in
the store (or more tbau an hour. The
drug clerk feels lonesome. He gazes pen
sively out at the deserted village street,
and muses upon the vanity of ail things
here below. An open book lies upon the
counter before him. It is “Datnel De
ronda.” Somebody has advised the drug
clerk to read it, and he has been trying
to do so. But he don’t like it. He is dis
appointed, lor he began it, under tbe im
pression that it was a detective story. It
makes him sleepy.
The drug clerk is a thing ot beauty, and
is calculated to be a joy forever, lie
wears a check suit, a biue soarf with a
large pin representing a mortar and pes
tle (suggestive of bis devotion to busi
ness), and a very high collar. His nat
ural attractions are further enhanced by
a large amethyst ring upon the little
finger of his right band, and a blonde
hang, which long and careful training
has reduced to a state of complete subjec
But seel the expression of gloom upon
his leatures gives place to a sunny suule.
Hesees a maiden corning up the village
street, and he knows that the chances
are very large that she will not be aide to
get past the door. He pulls dowu his
cuffs, and assumes what he believes to
be an attitude of unstuddied grace. The
door opens, she enters, and the following
dialogue ensues:
She—All alone,Cy?
He—Why! goodaiternoon, Addie. Yes,
things are rather quiet, llain’tseen you
for an age.
She —You saw me at church last Sun
He (with a killing glance)—Well, three
days away from you seems an age.
She—Cy Whittaker, you’re getting
worse aud worse.
He—l know 1 ana. Guess you’ll have
to undertake my cure. Hey? (Brief In
termission ot giggling).
She—What are you reading? “Daniel
Deronda.” Do you like it?
He (guardedly)—Doyou ?
She—l think it’s perfectly splendid.
Don’t you ?
He (promptly)—Perfectly magnificent!
Going to the Methodist tea-party to
morrow night ?
She(witu scorn) —Me? No, sir; I don’t
mix with tbat set.
He—Kinder severe, ain’t you, Addie?
Some nice folks down to the Methodist
She—Ob, yes, I s’pose there are—the
Griswold girls, for instance. I heard it
satd yesterday tnat the Griswolds must
be a mighty unhealthy family—judging
from the number of times a week those
girls visit this store.
He (slightly hysterical)—He! he! he!
Now, that, amuses me. Who said it?
She—l shan’t tell you.
He—Yes, do!
She—l won't.
He—Well, I know who it was; it was
that Higgins girl.
She—Perhaps it was, aud perhaps i t
He (insinuatingly )—This ain’t, the first
time that that girl has tried to make
trouble Detween you and me. But she
can’t influence me. Acd, a8 for the Gris
wold girls, you can judge how much I
care lor them, when I tell you that tbougn
they were round here this Inornlng urg
ing me to go to tho tea party, what you
have said has decided me not to attend it.
(Assumes an expression of tenderness.)
She—l am sure it is a matter of indif
ference to me whether you go or not.
He (ignoring the remark) —I think 1
shall take in the concert at the Presby.
terian church—that is, if I can get auy
one to go with me.
She (unbending slightly )—You seem in
such demand that there ought not to be
any difficulty about that.
He—Well, I’m a little particular about
my company. But il you would accom
pany me—
She—Oh, Cy! Fanny Berry will be
there; and what would she say? She’d
be just wild!
lie (with dignity)—Mies Berry’s opin
ions are a matter of perfect Indifference
to me.
She—Well, I’ll eo, Cy, and I’ll wear
my pium-eolored silk; and you be sure to
call for me very early, and—oh, my good
He—Why, what’s the matter, Addie?
Sue (In great agitation)—l forgot all
about it! Grandma has got one of her
fits—a dreadlul one this time—and nia
sent me round here to get the old pre
scription put up (produces a bottle); and
1 forgot all about it, and poor grandma
may be dead by this time. Do hurrv aud
get the stuff ready, Cy!
The young man prepares the prescrip
tion in about thirty seconds and hurries
bis visitor off, feigning great solicitude
for the neglected invalid. And as Addie
disappears round the corner, he murmurs:
“Just in time! In another minute Su
sie Griswold would have been here.”
Then he wipes his brow with his silk
handkerchief, and adorns his leatures
in one of his most fascinating smiles, as
he turns to welcome Susie Griswold, wl o
enters and greets the conqueror of all
hearts with an ill-assumed air of iuuii
&o runs I he world away.
Air. Cleveland Talks Business.
from tha fit. Lm>a Olobe-Dam erat,
The President has been talking about
1888. It happened in this way. Tha sub
ject of the Interstate Commerce Com mi s
siouersnips was under consideration, and
the issue of politics was brought in. The
question was whether a certain gentle
man whom the President desired to have
upon tbe Commission could afford to ac
cept. Very frankly tbe point was made
that Mr. Cleveland might not be his own
successor, in which event the one accept
ing the Coniniissionership for the short
term would serve during tho perplexing
and unsatisfactory jteriod that the law
was being put in operation, acd would
then, in all probability, find himself
thrown out. Tne gentlemaa was proceed
ing to apologize lor his plainnnss ot speech
when Mr. Cleveland interrupted him:
“T'uat is right; sneak plainly. Poli
tics are very uncertain. I ium be re
nominated, and 1 nniHiUpHl 1 am
renominated, the if
the Republicans nominate Allison and
Hawley, Allison will evidently carry
Indiana. Hawley will enrry Connecticut
and New Jersey. I should expect to
carry Oregon andCalilornia, but ho w is it
about Virginia and North Carolina?”
This is the frankest expression that has
come from the President on the subject
of the next Presidential campaign.
Victim or the Trucks.
Fri t" tha Ohieigo Journal
Meeting an old friend, u drummer,
coming from one of tho stations, satchel
in hund, yesterday I asked him where he
was from this time. Hu looked at me
wearily and replied: “Arappy tap tap,
arappy tap tap.” 1 thought for a moment
that be had gone crazy, hut be slipped
his arm through mine and said: “1 can
hardly remember where 1 have been. I
can’t think of anything but arappy tap
tap, arappy tap tap. You see, utuortu
nutely, about a year ago in one of my
railroad journeys I noticed that the noise
made by tho truck in passing over the
rails was always like arappy tap tap. 1
bad never noticed it before, and 1 have
never stopped noticing it siuce. 1 nave
lain awake in my berth ail nizht thinking
about it. I do believe it. will run me
crazy.” He turned off at the next corner,
and as far ns l could hear him be was
saying, “Arappy tap tap, arappy tap tap
arappy tap tap.”
Their Universal Prevalence, Danger
ous Character anil How They Live
and Are Hilled.
The Germans consume large amoimtsot un.
cooked pork, and often get living animals
called trichina; Into their blood, which cause
the most terrible death. Americans draw iu
the germs of disease and death with every
breath. Malaria, miasma, newer gas ami tbe
thousand poisons in the air. In food aud in
water are at war with health and life all the
while. The blood that circulates in human
veins is composed of numbers of small cor
puscles that resemble animais.and when any
thing poisonous gets into the blood it becomes
just like stagnant water, full of living ani
mals tbat feed upon each other and upon the
blood itself. Aud yet not one person in fifty
is free from blood poisoning in some form.
Every moment of the life, whether awake or
asleep, a million poisonous animals, invisible
to the naked eye, are feeding upon the very
elements that make and sustain life.
These are facts—they are solumu truths,
and they demand the most serious attention.
These germs must be killed; they must bo an
nihilated. lint how? Plot. Austin Flint, of
Bellevue Hospital College, New York, says:
“The judicious use of alcoholic stimulants is
one of the striking characteristics of progress
in the practice of medicine during the last
half century;” while Dr, J. P, Gilbert,of
Lyons, N. Y., says: “Front my experience in
the treatment of chrome diseases of a wasting
and debilitating nature I have frequently
found it necessary to advise the use of stimu
lants, and In my opinion Daffy’s Pure Malt
Whiskey for purity and other desirable quali
ties cannot be surpassed for such purposes.
Its action seems to he that of a pure stimu
lant, with none of the inebriating effects
which are too often found in so-called medi
cinal whiskeys.”
When we consider the terrible amount of
poison that is in the blord, and the misery
and death it is cansing. and when we realize
that its germs can all l>e driven out by a
stimulant (not intoxicant) like Duffy’s Pure
Malt Whiskey, we have cause for thankful
ness that modern science is doing so much for
mankind in removing disease, destroying its
cause and hringlpg health and happiness in
stead of misery and death. Most ol the lead
ing people of the land are realizing the value
of this Whiskey, and many whose prejudices
have heretofore kept them entirely from the
use of spirits are seeing its pure and valuable
qualities in warding off diseases, and use it
regularly in their homes.
Duffy’s Pure Malt Whiskey
For sale by Druggists, Grocers and Dealers.
Persons east of (lie Rocky Mountains (ex
cept the Tyritories), unable to procure it
from their Dealers can have Half Dozen
sent, in plain ease, unmarked, express pre
paid. bv remitting s<i to THE DU FFY MALT
One Cent si Word.
more, in this column inserted for ONE
CENT A YYOKD, Cash in Advance, each
-Everybody who has any want to supply,
anything to buy or to sell, any business or
accommodations to secure; indeed, any wish
to gratify, should advertise in this column.
®r4i JPmtteß.
\\T AN TED, a white woman to do washing
I* aud live on the premises; German pre
ferred; a good home to tho right partv. Ca 1
at No. isz State street.
Air ANTED, a cook; must bring proper
*> recommendations. Apply to A. L,
HARTRiDGE, 105 Bay street.
TIT ANTED, a first class Sawyer at once;
* V none bnt one cf considerable experi
euie need apply. THOMAS & BOLTON.
Woodcliff, Scriven county. Ga.
WANTED.— We desire to establish a gen
eral agency in avaunah or vioinitv, to
control the sale of a staple article ot daily
consumption. Any energetic man with mait
capital may secure a permanent, paying busi •
ness. For particulars addres GREENWICH
M ANUFAC TURING CO., ill Vesey Sc, N.Y.
X\T ANTED, ladies, local or traveii; g. A
tv wonderful entirely now specialty for
ladies only, $1 daily easily made: no photo;
no painting; particulars free. Mas. H. F.
LITTLE, Chicago. 111.
Cl AA TO SBOO a month can be made work
tjPA\JU ing for us; agents preferred who
ca i furnish their own noises and give thoir
whole time to the business; spare moments
may be profitably employed also; a few va
cancies in towns and cities. B. F. JOHN
SON A CO., 1 6 1 A Main Rtreet. Richmond, Va.
YicAN FED, men and women to start anew
TV business at their homes; easily learned
in an hour; no peddling; 10c to r>6e an hour
made uaytime or evening; send 10c for 21
samples and a package ol material to com
mence work on. AduressALßANY SUPPLY
CO.. Albany. N.Y.
€trtpiinifflntt jganted.
Y\ 7 ANTED, by a young man. speaks Kng-
T V lish and German, experience in grocery
business, go id reference, situation city or
country. Address .V A., Savannah Morning
Air ANTED, bv a young lady, position as
it cashier or office work. Address No. B 0
Iluil street.
Koomo ta Unit. #
ttioß KENT, a nicely furnished room fora
Jr single gentleman, at No. 41 York street.
Ia OR RENT, to single gentleman, without
’ board, a haud-oi.icly finished Hour, con
sisting of throe rooms end hath; centrally
located. Will be furnished if desired. Ad
dress Lock Box 12P.
FBOR RENT, the desirable Suite of Rooms
1 at 164 South Broad street now occupied
by the undersigned. Apply on premises.
NEWLY' furnished room; satiable for
housekeeping. HB President sireot.
IPOR RENT, second floor at 151 .South Broad
’ street and two-story dwelling corner Bull
street and First avenue. Apply to Dr. L. A.
FALLIUANT. Jsl South Broad street.
— lioiiofo anii Storco tor Kent.
1,10 It RENT, seven room house Habersham
’ and Gwinnett stre ts. Apply Alar corn
and McDonough
TNOR RENT, brick store 23x70 feet, with
Jp hack halt of second floor and elevator,
on Pine street; host location in the city; will
he completed within the next ten davi. Ap
ply to or address JAS. L. till.ES Orlando.
|NOR RENT, tlio store No. 185 Congress
J 1 street, next to the corner of Barnard
street. For terms apply toUEO. W.OWENS,
113 Itay si root.
IAOR RENT, with privilege ot purchase,
I’ building lots in Brownville. Honthviile
and Eastland, at 60c. tosl a month Lots to
lease near Whitaker amt Anderson streets.
Apply to Da. L. A. FALLIUANT, 151 South
llruad street.
ifor Sale.
AOjbi DIM EDI A IE CASH will buy anew
UiDUo business lor Savannah; profit 110 a
dai ; no competition. Address MONOPOLY,
News oflice.
DRUG BUBINERR and Orange Grove for
sale. For particulars, apply to T. is.
kIuUALL. Plant City. ris.
17U> R SALK, Laths, Shingles, Flooring,
1 roiling. Weatherboaruini; amt Framiug
Lumber. OlUoe and Yard Taylor and East
Broad streets. Telephone No. 211. RKP
W ANTElLeveryhodv"uTknow WILSON'S
is headquarters for Fine Cabinet Photo
graphs; family groups and life-size heads di
rect from the negatives. Cabinet Photos price
three dollars anil fifty Ceuta a dozen. J. K.
WILSON, 21 Bull street.
5 ouiiH.
IAOUN D,—Black and tan Snepherd dog.
. Inquire of Conductor Car Mo. t), Aber
corn Street Line.
\\T ANTED, the public to know that Mas.
YY U. SALOSHIN, forraerly of Atlanta,
Gn.. lias several desirable rooms tor rent,
wilh or without board. Meals oh the Euro
pean plan. Prices moderate. Call at 21!) Con
grees street.
T'H OSK~d \V<>~G IA NT'.- That's What they
call our two Mow York Professional
Piano Movers, who can pick up a large piano
and carry It bodily up three flights ot stairs.
No patent truck, no noiso, just pure musolo
and long experience. Pianos moved, boxed
and shipped—safety, speed and quiet. LUI>-
iT/Y 11. P. RETURN Tubnlar Boiler for wile
<U cheap. GKO. K. LOMBARD A CO.,
Augusta, Ga.
i rw RETURN Tubular Boilers and Engines
111 cheap and good. GEO. li. LOMBARD
A CO., Augusta, Ga.
OIANOS RUINED by Imperfect or Irregu
l Ur Tuning. Poor economy to employ
cheap Tuners. BEST and CHEAPEST way
to keep always iu playing order and ensure
preservation is to place in sole charge of our
experienced Tuner by the year. Our Mb. 11.
N. MOORE (with us many years) Is an ex
pert, and thoroughly conscientious in lus
work. Yoarly Tuning $, lour regular tun
ings, more if ncedod, replacing broken
strings and regulating action, keys, etc., in
cluded. Single Tuning Sit. No competition
with cheap Tuners—hero this mouth and oil
the next. Best work costs more, hut is vet the
Cheapest. EC ODEN A BATES s. M. !l.
PA 111 55 H.P.Double Engines cheap. uKo.
it. LOMBARD A CO.. Augusta, I>.
IF you are In want of Lap Robes, Horae
Blankets. Wagon, Buggy orT'eam Harness,
Ladles’. Gants’ or Boys’ (saddles and Bridles,
Mill or Gin Belting of anv kind. Trunks ami
Traveling Bags from the cheapest to the
finest grades, you will And a uice. well selec
ted stock to choose from at W. B. MELL A
CO. ’S, 180 Congress street.
IOOK out for bn'-gains; no nonsense; don’t
believe what y,>u read, but call and see
our Immense line of House b urnishing Goods,
Furniture, Stoves and Shades, at prices it
which you can supply your wants, at NATH
AN BROS.’, 186 Congress street.
gaftfrrn & ffalm 3. fit- f.
L. & B. S. M. H.
In ante-bellum days itrequired a small for
tune to purchase a Piano or Orgau, and only
the wealthy could afford so great a luxury.
But now the average
cannot be barred out. A careful saving of
pennies enables him to secure an Instrument,
the sweet tones of which will create or
awaken a love tor the divine art and perhaps
give to the world a musical genius otherwise
hidden and forever
But enough! Let us change the subject. Y r KA,
VERTLY YEA ! We uow offer you a tine new
Rosewood Piano, with stool, cover and books,
fully guaranteed
a price so very low as to seem almost In
credulous. Well, it’s a fact, and we mean
what we say. Perhaps you don’t want a
Piano, but prefer an Organ. If this be tbe
case we will
the diligent seeker after good musical instru
ments with the gratifying declaration that
we can furnish anew Mason and Ilamiin Or
gan for the small sum of
Strange but true. Come and see ns. Rigger
wonders instore fof you. LARGEST STOCK.
can always be found at
Southern Music House.
fOlnttit gtoohe.
That the only place in the city of Savannah
where you can gel a properl v made
is at the “Old Reliable” establishment of
where the Best Papers and Materials and the
Best Workmen are to be found. The books
made hero do not require to be seasoned weeks
liefore using. They can be found in every
bank and nearly every counting room in the
ci v. Every description of
JOB PRSifcmi&lC
also done in the bc9t manner. Over 1.000
reams of paper from which to mako selections.
93jBavSt - Telephone 39,
imported Pianos.

Uprights. Artistic Carved Cases,
Full Iron Frame, wilh Extra Nickel Plate.
Three Strings. Agraffes.
Best Ivory Keys. Full Seven Octaves.
Round, Full and Sweet Singing Quality of
Tone. |
Warranted Six Tears.
Price: 225 Dollars.
Material and Workmanship First-Class.
Pianos and Organs on
Schreiner's Music House
garrnujra attO giiQßif.
Bronghton and West Broad Streets,
JJAVK Just received anew stock of BUG
CAULL WAGONS, which we are offering at
rock bottom prices.
hovsauda •( mwi nt tbs worst kind and of loßf
l*rti cured. so strong Is my faith In Ms affl'-acj
hat I will *n<l TWO lOTTLtt M’BEK. toiroihor with a VAL
]AHU IkKATtW on this dISMM.te aajr aaOarsr. ttlw. Sa
irM m 4 o. ttuuss*. Ha. t. As slocuii, m rmi at., n.i
Jlurtioit Salto
loolYarfl iii Complete Woriing Order.
By J. McLaughlin & Son,
On FRIDAY, 11th March, 1687, at 11 o’clock,
on the premises at canal, foot of 15ryau
One of the most complete plants of a Wood
Yard in Savannah, consisting of
1 Double Engine and Boiler complete,
CircuiarSavvs, Shaftings and Boltings, etc.,
About 50 Cprds Pins and Oak Wood,
4 Mules, 1 Horse,
1 Double Wagon,
8 Wood Carts,
1 Buggy and Harness,
Cart Wheels and 2 sets Cart Harness.
All the Sheds, Houses, Fencings, etc., on
the lot, together with the Oflloo Furniture,
comprising Chairs, Desk, Tables, Iron Safe,
This is a fine opportunity for anyone with
a moderate capital to engage in a good pay
ing business.
The whole plant will be offered entire, but
if the bid is unsatisfactory it will be put up
by piecemeal. Terms at sale
THIS DAY, at 11 o'clock, in front of store,
1 Show Cane, Soalos, Measures, Dippers.
Mustard, Soda and Sundries. Balance of
Furniture. Bed Sets. Etc.
1 Car Hay at Auction.
I. D. LsltOl'HK’H SONS, Auctioneers,
Will he sold for account all concerned:
1 CAR GOOD HAY, at Central Railroad
Warehouse in Colton Yard.
Aroostook Early Ross Potatoes,
Cuban Corn for Seed.
Early Variety and Large Yield.
Seed Rye, Corn, Oats. Hay, Etc,,
In Carloads and Less.
£%!F~ Call and get prices, at
T. P. Bond 6c Co.’s,
Seed Potatoes!
These arc the finest selected Seed Potatoes,
having gotten them direct from Nova Scotia
for planting purposes.
Don’t Be Prejudiced 1
/ 4ALL and see tho DANGLER VAPOR
VJ STOVE. They only cost tl 25 per month
to cook lor ordinary family.
Stoves sod Ranges repaired; work guar
anteed. Tin Roofing, Jobbing and Repairing.
Freeman & Oliver,
192 Hronyiiton Street.
Notice to Housekeepers.
Water Coolers, Water Filters,
Baskets, all kinds
A grata Iron Ware, Carpenter’s Tools,
Best Stoves and Ranges in the -Market,
A 1,80
Fall line or House Furnishing Goods
Cornwell & Ghipman’s.
lime, (Fir.
CornorStato and W tinker streets.
The very finest imported.
A seasonable and delicate
dish at a low price.
freal jlohcf.
URASK L. GEORGE has this day made an
Jt 1 Hi-igiiu ent to me of nil Ills property for
the benefit of his creditors. All debts dne
him must he paid to me. The stock of Gro
ceries. etc., contained in store on the north
east corner of Whitaker Bud State stree's,
must be closed without delay, and bargains
will lie had.
savannah, March 10th. 1887. •
DANIEL it. KENNEDY, Assignee
hereby given to all persons having de
mands Mgainst ELLEN r. MONAHAN, de
ceased, to present thorn to me properly made
out within the time prescribed by law, so as to
show their character and amount, and all
persons indebted to said deceased ate hereby
required to make immediate payment to mu.
Makou 10, 1887.
yu rill fled Executor of the Will Ellen F. Mona
han. deceased. -
Cs BORGIA, Chatham Cophty..-SAMUEL
JT HERMANN ha* applied for Exemption
or Personalty, ami I will pans upon the same
at to o’aiJock p. M. on tho Blt day of Maroli,
1887, at mv ofEoe.
Ordinary C. C.
g. H- jPorgttt’g (Fotumu.
‘Realty Rapidly
The people of this community seem anxious
to solve the question as to whe sr we, like
some of or.r neighbors, arc barboring a Real
Estate Boom in our midit.
Macon, Augusta, Atlanta (even', Birming
ham, Chattanooga, and other Southern cltiet
aro full to overflowing with enthusiasm
over the appreciation In values In the Real
Estate line.
All of this is probably because it is new to
them. It has struck these places like a cy-'
clone, the fury of which Is soon spent and
the dullness wbioh follows is all the more in
tense by contrast.
No boom like this has disturbed tho soreni
ty of this people, but a steady, certain ad
vance all along the line; the result of a
healthy demand for homes, which iu turn has
its origin in the improved of otmj
people, ami a steady increase in our popula
tion is tho marked feature in the Rani Estate,
Wo are a prosperous community in spite of ■
tho fact that quite a considerable number of,
our citizens seem to think that they have *
special call to ascertain “what is going to
keep the town up.”
The "towu” is keeping tip right “peartly,'*'
and seems destined to continue to do so.
The level headed are providing themselves
with homes and quietly putting their surplus
into land, lots and houses to sell to the;F
And so we go on , an 1 the gentle zephyr
like agitation that stirs :o “Rising Realty”
produces no ripple of excitement, but the
“town” grows, and the investors of last
spring benignly pocket tbe profits on their
purchases of real estate and look out for other
"eligible building sites.”
i.i tyfH
It is generally supposed that a Real Estates
Dealer seldom gives away anything.
I propose to give away that which torn*
professional men make a living by charging'
Every man, woman and child who can gek
together one hundred dollai’a or more tef put<
il in a lot In the city of Savannah.
I believe that every dollar judiciously in-,
vested in that way will yield a surer or mcA
curtain return than anything else In which ifci
can be invested,
Tbe vacant lots upon which woodeh houses
can be erocied, that are on tbe market to
day, are not sufficient to supply one-tenth oi
the bona fide demand that exists.
The number of these lots cannot be added
to (until something happens to the present
City Council), and every lot that if sold add#*
to the market value of the remainder.
of the demand for Real Estate is its diversity.
It is not cor. fined to any particular class, who
for particular reasons have been specially
successful, but the desire to own a home
seems to permeate every class, and hence tff
demand is genuine and applies to all price*:
of property,

There are thousands of dollars deposited
overy month in the Savings Banks of
-city, upon which four per cent, par annum ia
obtained. ,
I can cite numbers ot sales of real estate*
made by me In the which tbe buyer# bought'
for permanent occupancy, but after holding)
a year were tempted by a hundred
profit to part with them.
No purchase made now with discretion
fail to secure a large percentage of profit ild
To Secure All The Benefits
of Judicious Investment* the investor thou dU
lie sure to consult A
CI. DORSET 1 ?,.
Beal Estate Dealer. J

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