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Industrial Company to Help Start
Small Manufactories Urine Organised
® Macon—A Had sr.ate of Affairs Said
to Exist ijn Rabun County on Account
of tile Whisky Excitement.
The Macon creditors ot Jacob Maas, of
Cochran, hare decided to settle tor 26c.
*n sl.
A. J. Porter has been commissioned a
Notary Public for the 1235th district, Gor
don county.
The flag of the Fort Gaines Guards has
been stolen or mislaid and they are very
desirous of recovering it.
Last Tuesday a lot of land containing
200 acres, located near Johnston station.
Bold at public outcry for S6OO cash.
The cane-planting season has arrived,
and seed cane is greatly in demand, much
Dt it having been injured by the treezes
si the past winter.
At Jesup Monday night a net'ro em
ployed bv Capt. W'altuour dropped his
gun and received the contents in his foot,
tasking a paiatul if not fatal wound.
The farmers of MoDuflle county are
Tormina an association with the object ol
making joint purchases of their supplies,
tnd thus securing them at wnoiesaie
Joseph L. Deadwyler has forwarded to
the executive department his resigna
tion as Notary Public for the ISiHh dis
trict, filbert couuty, and it has been ue
A negro by the name of Joe Glass, while
intoxicated last Saturday night week, ;eil
In a mud hole in tne road. In Fayette
Jountv, and being unable td extricate
hiruseß, died In this horrible condition.
Jack Blank, au old colored man em
ployed on the place, is in jail at Albany
with incendiarism in burning
P'ne corn crib on J. M. Tift’s Sand Hill
place in Dougherty county a lew (lavs
Dublin will be in telegraphic cominuni
?atiou with the outside world wtthin a
very short while. The wiie ha-ibetn
stretched about tweuty nuics and the
pouts have been put in position to lirutuu
At Monroe Wednesday the will of
Stephen Felker was probated in solemn
'orm in the Court ol Ordinary. The estate
is valued at $300,000. Gov. McDaniel, tiis
son-in-law, and George W. and Joseph U.
Felker are executors.
The Comptroller General is receiving
from the printer the blank tax digests,
which will lie sent to the Tax Receivers
ol tbo several counties next week, to
gether wnn 600,000 b:aiit tux lia s. Tub
work of distributing these blanks is no
imail matter.
The work of putting up the telegraph
wire along the line of tee YVrigbtsviile
*nd l'ennllie railroad is progressing rap
dly, and it is thought will be completed
this week. Wrigotsville wiil then have
lull and complete communication with
til the outside world.
J. L. Boyt, of Albany, sought, as a cit
izen, to mjoia the Couuty Commission
ers trom Issuing bonds to build the bridge
across Flint river below Albany. Judge
Bow er has just refused to grant the in
junction. Tne case will be taken up to
the Supreme Court.
The cases ot scarlet fever that have ap
peared in Albany are ol a very quid type.
The physicians say that it was never
known to prevail in that section in a viru
lent torn), and no tatal results or serious
sffeots need be apprebendeu where proper
jure and attention is given the patient.
Tne old-tasbioned judges’ staud and
juty boxes that were put in DauieisviUe
court housg fifty years ago have oeeu re
moved, tbe heavy staircases taken out, the
court house refurnished with caairs and
considerable cuangesfor rke bet.er made.
The sentiment is changing rapidly lor a
lew court house. •
The grand jury ot Taylor county rec
ommended that tbe case against the Or
dinary be nol. pressed, provided Mr. Russ
teetered his resignation. This explains
his telegraphic request that the Governor
accept his resignation try wire. This the
Governor letused to do, but he will ac
cept it in the regular way.
• Isaac Collins died Monday from a
wound received from a piece of timber in
the hands oi James Ovburn last Saturday
night near Sieptieusvilie. las two young
men, both woite, bad been to Btepbene
vllle and imbibed pretlv freelv ot wtiiskv,
and on then- way home a difficulty was
raised with the above result.
The Town Council of YVrightevllle, at
their last regular session, repealed the
sueciai rax ordinance, us it is thougut
that the street and ad valorum taxes,
when collected aim added to the lunds
already in tne treasury, will raise an
amount sufficient to detray all the ex
penses ol the town during’ tuu pre.-ent
Dave Paul was arrested at Dublin Mon
day and placed in ja: 1 on a charge oi bav
in* stolen a geld watch lroiu George H.
White, ot Hawkiusville. The walon was
found ou his person and taken charge of.
It is an old heirloom and is highly prized.
It bears tbe initials ot Mr.Wuite’s lather,
•J. YV.” Paul has been teaching
scfiool in Pulaski county.
T he case of I. M. liiatr and wife against
the Georgia Pacific Railway Company,
tor damages in tne famous cullisiou ne.ir
Austell, in December, 1883, uas been >Bi
lled by tile payment oi $1,060. Airs.
Blair was ou the hast Tennessee, Vir
ginia aim Georgia passenger train which
ran iuto the Georgia Pacific, and was
£pnslderably injured by lue cuucussioo.
Gainesville is improving every day, and
property is m lair demand. Business
houses are all filled, and there are very
tew dwellings vacant. For the last day
nr so there have been several Englishmen
in that town. They have been negotiating
fora year or more for a large tract of min
ing lands about Naooochee valley, and
now the trade is closed and deeds are be.
mg made out.
toince the closing of Fowler’s barroom
In Oconee county the Athens jugs are be
ing filled at Centre, just over the line in
Jackson county. But u, is probable that
tbe Centre barroom will also be closed
out in a short while, arid Athens will
hav eto be supplied elsow nore. The peo
ple oi Jackson will vote on prohibition
uext Monday, and the Prohibitionists are
. rery hopeful of carrying too election.
Superior Court is still in session
ttnHtVlll continue until the clu-e ol ;i o
BPn, Judge Klbbo presiding. Thy
■sivii Ini-mess has been well attended to
■Mr sixty case- having been disposed of!
timber of old cases .otien ml of, leav-
comparatively new business to
There has been a large increase
BHpi-'nteil cases in ttie last lew years,
■flfn (ho two weeks of court is noi stiffi.
eient to enable the court to keep up witn
the increase. The case of Dave Reeves,
charged with murder—the killing of
another colored man—is ou trial. The
remaining criminal cases are for tho
Host part misdemeanors.
Nines the revenue officers raided Mocoa
i sin districtof Rabun county and captured
and YVhite there has been
3-ome serious trouble among the citizens
n tbai section. They are divided into two
tactions—the whisky men amt tbe anti.
■ wnisky. The former assemble together
and parade the county, cursing anti abus
ing every oro that doesn’; drink whisk'-.
Lawlessness rules tho day. There have
Men several lights. A number of war
rants have been issued, some lor assault
with Intent to murder. Sheriff Fork and
posse have just returned from a raid after
:be boys, but thy got wind of tho Sheriff
jnd took leg bail. York says be will have
Giem l: they stay on Georg.s sad,
The Guarantee Fund and Mutual Aid
j Society, an a-sessment company, of Au
! gusts, one of the companies debarred'
| from doing further business in the State,
| owing to the failure to file with the Gov
ernor their semi-annual statement, has
I notified the Oompnoiler Genera! that the
| statement which they had sent him. and j
j wnich he supposed was the annual state- j
! meat which the iaw requires snaT be j
; made to him. was intended as the r semi- j
annual statement, and nol as an an nut 1 ,-s
Ihe supposed. Their mistake was in send- j
I lug it to the Comptroller General instead j
of to the executive department. The
probability is that, under the sho ‘ ing !
made, they will be permitted to continue !
business during the year.
One of the section hands, a while man, j
on ihe Dublin division ot the YVrights- ]
Villeand iennitle railroad happened to a
possible fatal accident near Lovett ou
day )a-t week. The section hands, under
C. B. Kessler, were running a poll car
along, when they, in rounding a curve,
suddenly discovered a <ree top across ihe
track, whereupon each one leaped from
the car to save himself an injury. One
of the men, pretty badly excited, leaped
in front of the running car and was run
over, receiving injuries that is feared will
prove fatal. The railroad company have
secured the services of skilled physi
cians, and, although his condition i* con
sidered quite critical, he may possibly
The season at tho Mitchell,House at
Thomasvilb: may now be said to be ut us
height. Everything combine* to make it
very brilliant, Tue great influx of visit
ors, among whom are a great many young
ladies and gentlemen, added to the lively
set who have had possession all winter,
now fill the piazzas and the tennis lawn
in the mornings, while in ihe afternoon
you may come ue.uso a large p u rtv ot
them on horseback ill tho woods, or a
ca' avau of carriages contaijiiug a num
| uer ot them, followed with a baggage
wagon loaded with hampers lull ot good
things, bound for some lake or river in
the neighborhood, driving along the tine
roads a,I smiling and happy, lu the
evening there will ho an impromptu
dance or perhaps a billiard match when
ladies amt gentlemen alike participate.
Kometanes a whist party lor a prize, wito
four or five tallies in a row along the
parlor tilled with toe me ry partners con
tending tor ihe si;ver-headed chane or
ivory fan put up. lu this wav the happy
sunny days ruu quickly by.
A good many negroes are brought from
the Carolines to Laurens county to work
,< n tbo turpentine farms. F. M. Taylor,
seven miles east of Dublin, brought some
over a tew weeks ago to work lor him.
They bad a preaober for a leader. It bud
been noticed for several days that the
leader was endeavoring to secure bis
escape and skip tor his old home. Lust
Thur-day morning he decided he
saw his chance, ami boarded
the train at Bruton station with a
ticket to Teuuille. G. T. Mason, ac
companied by another man, ai.d armed
wi'h a warrant, jumped in a buggy and
drove through to YV rightsvllle, where they
were in.waitingforthe traiu hearing away
the chief. As soon as the train stopp and
the men rushed in and demanded the sur
render of tho would-be runaway, who be
gan lu tight tor his release. lie was finally
tied, add Air. Mason, his assistant and
the negro started out on tueir journey to
Bruton, the latter keeping up the rear on
foot. He protested against his furoeu
mode of travel, but to no purpose.
At Amerious Saturday morning Judge
Fori, reduced the bond ot Anom Moore,
wno is charged with the killing ol Fat
Eisxine in October last, trow $2,000 to
$1,600. The bond originally was $4,000,
but as tee late grand jury tailed to nnd a
bid against her tor the crime with which
she is charged, the amount was reduced
to $2 000. Since that time, however, the
unlortuiiate woman has been in a preca
rious condition, supposed to have been
brought ini by her confinement in
jail, and only last Saturday it
was luought that she would die
during the day. Her mother, Mrs.
West, of Albany, was telegraphed tor nnd
has been in tue city since then. Tuesday
morning the bond was still further re
duced, at which time a number of the
most prominent and benevolent citizens
ot Amerious came forward and signed
the papers, and Anuie was ailoweci to go
tree, she was much a dec ted by the sud
den turn of affairs, and wept copiously as
she thanked those wno nad interested
theme Tves in her case. She protests her
innocence as stoutly now as on the day
o! her incarceration, and is firm in her
belief that she will be acquitted by the
equrt when the case is agniu taken up
for trial in April. Sue wifi return to
Albany with her mother, and declares her
determination to henceforth lead a dif
ferent life.
A tew weeks ago the DeKalh Chroni
cle in its editorial column stated that
the Democratic executive committee of
that county bad held a meeting and
ordered a primary election to bo held
March 3, in each militia district in the
county, to nominate a candidate for Sen
ator tor the Thirty-fourth district, to fill
the unexpirod term ot Senator E. M.
Word, dec used. The committee pub
lished no official notice of said nomina
tioo or gave any official notice how ibo
nomination was to be held, and how the
ballots were to be cast, whether for the
candidates or for delegates to the con
vention. Last Saturday was the day for
toe nomination, and tue polls at Decalur,
Glarkston, sti.no Alountain and Ltthonla
were opened, and 013 votss cast
lor Dr. John L. Hamilton,
of Stone Alountain, who was the
only candidate for Senator. The polls in
the other districts in the county were not
opened. Dr. Hamilton is an old citizen
of ihe county, and is highly respected by
every one who knows him, and ho is in
every respect worthy the high position ho
has been called to an. A strange coinci
dence is connected w ith his political Hte.
lu 187!* Col. Robert A. Alston was a mem
ber of tbo Legislature from DtsKaib comi
ty, and ho was Wiled before his term ox
pired, and Dr. Hamilton was nominated
and elected to till uio unexplred term.
IJe is now nominated to till tbe unexpirod
term ot Senator E. M. Word, the elec
tion ts ordered to bo held in DeTCalb, Hen
ry and Gwinnett counties ou Wednesday,
.March 23.
The company now being formed in
Macon, and which has more of too eie
no nts of success In it than any other-is
the Industrial Association, which will bn
built upon the R al Estate nnd Ini
prov nient Company proposed some two
years ago. The ball was put iu motion at
tlui meeting of citizens held recently to
consider the canal survey by YV. G. Solo
mon, who proposed to organize the com
pany and take stock iu it. He
proposes to form’ a stock company
with $130,000 or $201),000 capital, one
fourth of which to he paid up. The offi
cers will consist ol a president, secretary
aad'treasurer and a board of directors.
How the company proposes to work oau
be best illustrated by a supposable case:
John Jones has SI,OOO or $2,000, or even
more, and desires tu engage in tho manu
facture of buckets, tubs and Other
wooden ware. His own capital is insuffi
cient to start bis manutacturs us it
should be, and he applies to the company
for aid. If ho is found to be iu earnest \
ami in other respects O. K.. the company :
will put into tbo busioessone, two, tnroe, !
or Hny other amount under SIO,OOO, and
thus take a half or two-thirds Interest in
tho enterprise. John Jones becomes ex-
officio superintendent, onto speak,of me
business, and the financial affairs of the
cnucerii will be under too supervision ot
tbo board of directors. In ooursoof time,
as ihe business grows ami is established,
John Jones can either sell out or .take In
a partner, who can purchase the com
pany* interest, lathis way the manu
factory is put an Us feet, and under the
careful supervision of the directors made
success! u i, giving work to mechanics and
peopling the town.
The live stock of Y’olusla county is
valued at $124,109.
Pears are being shipped frotu near
Kustis by a Mr. Wooten, who is getting
$5 per crate.
DeLnnd’s“little railroad” paid taxes
on $13,700 last year. 'Hitis year the
amount w ill be more than double.
Volusia county is on a boom. People
are flowing in everywhere, and many of
them are making extensive improve
If some man will undertake to erect a
hotel at Orange Oity he can get free a
fine site and a bonus of Irons $3,000 to
The guava trees around Fort Myers
promise an abundant crop. The trees
have all trrowu up since the treeze of Jan'
usry, 1886.
The 15. 3. O. G. and A. railway wili
have a beautiful steamer to run on th
Halifax and Hillsboro rivers in connec
tion with the road.
W. Milford Ingraham and Charles II
Dowel! have been re-elected Chte! and
Assistant Chief of the Fire Department
of St. Augustine.
Cantu ring a I'2o-pound turtle with a hook
and line is quite an u.m-ual achievement,
but this was accomplished a day or two
since by a visitor at St. Augustine.
Dr. Wyley, near Titusville, has acres of
Irish potatoes two lect high, and expects
to ship 800 barrels of cabbage from three
and a halt acres within a tow days.
The city fathers of Green Cove Springs
have caused the planting’of a large num
ber of shade trios along the edge of the
sidewalks bv ofiWiug a bonus sufficient
to cover the cost.
The Agricultural and Horticultural De
parlmont tit Washington, D. C., are in
correspondence with Maj. James Evans,
ot hurt Miers, to get cuttings and sam
ples oi fruit of his famous lime trees.
William Desselberger lately sold sixty
acres of bis New Augustine property at
sbt> per acre. Ha retains the same amount,
which lie has divided into lots. This
property was homesteaded by him eight
years ago.
It is a part of the plan of the contractor
of the Kedney blocs at Orlando to make
provision tor a to Wn clock in tho observa
tory which wilt surmount the structure.
Already a number of donations to the
purchase of the clock have been pledgoJ.
A. L. Ximanies, of St. Augustine, has
been appointed an Inspector ot Customs
lor the coast of Florida. It is understood
that another gentleman of the same city
has received a commission of some kind,
the nature of which he refuses to di
The bulk of the acreage devoted to corn
planting is put In during the first ten
days of this month by farmers in Clay
county. Col. Wright has been putting
out tomato plants lor some time, and ex
pects to have seven acres in this palatable
The St. Augustine Improvement Com.
pany has contracted to build for A. V.
Monson a large concrete building on Bay
street, on the lot recently purchased by-
Mr. Monsou from the estate of the late D.
M. Edgar, and which runs through to
Charlotte street.
A good portion of the lower floor of the
Poncede Leou Hotel at St. Augustine has
been plustered, and carpenters ara now
busily engaged in putting in the finishing
woodwork, an*d a large force of painters
engaged. The hotel is visited daily by
througs of tourists.
Hon. James Mackin, for a long time a
very prominent Democratic politician ot
the Slate of New York, aud ex-Treasurer
of the Empire State, dieuFriday at the St.
Augustine Hotel after a lingering illness,
lie nad held many offices of private as
well as public trust.
Work on the great artesian well on the
Pouee de Leou grounds at St. Augustins
is now in operation again, and the con
tractor is evidently determined to reacn
soit, water or the Celestial kingdom. The
drill ia now down about 1.500 feet, and
the How remains about 7,000,000 per day.
The St. Augustine Guards are daily ex
pecting anew lot of equipments from the
Adjutant General, and also new rifles
aim a supply of ammunition. They have
also volunteered to take part in the obse
quies of the late Geu. W. W. Loring,
whose remains will shortly be interred
there. #
The dredge boat Chester, at the Indian
river haulover, broke down again last
week, and some of the machinery was
taken to Sanford for repairs. The dredge
lias finished one of the cuts through to
the channel ot Indian river, so that small
steamers drawing as much as three and
four feet of w ater cau pass through.
An old colored man went to Lees
burg Saturday to get a divorce- H;s
reason tor taking this step, lie said, was
indisputably good. He married his wite
thinking sue had au orange grove, and,
to bis sorrow, soon learned that all she
possessed in this world was a sour orange
ties and a wash tub.
The steam tug Gladiator has returned
from Charleston and resumed her tow
age business in Fernundina harbor. Toe
Gladiator was entirely built at Bt. Mary's
some ten or twelve years ago, and has
been in Charleston fir tne past six or
seven weeks having new boilers put in
and other repairs done to fully rent her.
Several West Virginians bava lately
settled in the southeastern part of Levy
county. They migrated from their native
State to Orange county, then to Levy,
in search of better land's. They
found a country there that suited them,
and the colony is receiving new acces
sions continually from other West Vir
ginians that have located in Orange and
other counties.
IPO l i Olt MOW'D.
Daily Except Sunday.
Inetli c i January 1">. XSB7.
Leave Savannah via S., F.
A W. Ky 7:08a m
Leave hack onvUla via J„
T. & K. W 12:30 pm
Arrive Pa’.alka . 2:15 pm
Leave Palatka, J., TANARUS, A K.
\V. (terry) 2:20 pm S:00aro
Leave Koticslon via St. J.
& H.R.H 8:00 p m 0:30 a m
Arrive Ormond . . .. 5:18 p;n Hir:-a in
Arrive Da> lona 5:46 pin 1(1:50 a m
Making direol uenneetiou at D vlonanlth
daily (.learner* for points on Halifax, Hills
boro and initiAii rivers.
Leave Daytona viast, J. A
H. It It 7:00 a m 2:3® pin
Leave Ormond 7:30 am 3:011pm
Leave It die ton, J ~T. A K.
W. (ferry) 10:35am 4:55pm
I. ate Paiat ka via J., T. A
K. W 11:80 a m 3:30 p m
Lon* n Jacksonville, s., F.
A W. Tty 2:05 pm 0:15 p pi
Arrivo*s ivannah 7:5S it in ii:lonm
Making direct connection at Palatka with
J„ T. A lv. W. K’y, Florida Southern li’v, M.
Anguslinc and Palatka K’y and St. John’s
river stcuiuers for all iioiiils in the Kant uud
West. E. S. SPENCER. G. P. A..
• Palatka. Fla.
U. J. WHITE, President, Palatka, Fla.
■■■■■ •'• ■■■■(■HlM I (Mill I ■■ I
Fcr Augusta and Way Landings.
Capt. J. 8 REVILL,
Vi 10 o’clock a. u. (city tirao) for Augusta
and wav landings.
All freights put able by shippers.
Manager. I
Ifonvehnirl SJiou'rJ li-> Wltbuut I‘,
h id, by bcintjf kept ready fur tmjincdiutc use.
will gave inmv an hour /*f cuff r.nfi,
many u dollar ia linn and doclor*’ bi JI -.
“My Only FwnjUy Medicine.”
“I have iwenn user of Mnivnous Liver Tieyu
lator lor ma*y years, having made it rny owu
Family Medicine. 11 i> a pure, good aiid re
l able medicine. My mother before me *aa
very partial t> it ! find the Kegul t >r very
-afe, iiarnilt-fts *nd reli;v'c t a a Family Med
ciue, and have used ir. for an disuriiei* of the
system and found it loner, like a charm. J
believe if it was usd in time it would prove I
a great preveutive of flick ness* 1 have often
reconnieitde't t to mv frit nds. nod shall < ou
finite to do ko.”—R v T M. Ito'LMKS* pastor
M. K Church. South, Fairfleld. V?. Tod. li.
Zeiliu & Cos., Philadelphia, proprietors Sim
roonfl Liver KeguL'it* r,
Jacksonville, Green t ove S ring, Magnolia,
St. Augustine. Paiutva, Rolleston,
Ormtnd, Daytona.
The Swift an I Elegant Ste&mar
From Aator Wharf 8:30 A . M.
.I.eit.imvllte and Palatka,..., Jftl Ot>
.Jacksonville and SC Augustine .. 1 35
dack.tiuvil ■ e & Green Cove spring. 75
da. k-ouvl la mat Daytona 3 75
A T St. Augustine landing Passengers iu
new depot, centre of city, immediate
vicinity of betels.
Connecting at Palatka wiMi Florida South
ern Railroad, leaving at 2:05 p m.
Connecting at Palatka with steamer Geor
gia at 2 p. M. for San Mateo and all landings
s Util to Drayton Island.
steamer Curlew for all landings north to
if n o’s Potut.
Ro'leston with Halifax River Railway for
Ormond Daytona and Halifax cojsi.
Passenger- leave Palatka 2:15 r. a. Arrive.
DeLand4:ls r, at.. Sanford 4:30 p a.
Ft eight fakcu at alt hoars.
C. V. H. POST,
Gen’l Agent, on Wharf at Jacksonville.
Sea Island Route.
T\TILL leave Savannah from wharf foot of
VI Lincoln street for DOBOY. DARiEV,
TUESDAY and FRIDAY al . p. m„ city
time, connecting at Savannah with New
York, Philadelphia, Botiaa and Baltimore
steamers, at Fernandina, with rail for Jack
sonville and all points in Florida, and at
Brunswick with steamer for Batilla river.
Frenght received to within half hour of boat’*
J-ie gtit no' eignietl for 24 hours after arrival
will lie at risk o. consignee.
Tickets on wharf and boat.
THE steamer ETHEL, Capt. VV.T.Gibson
will leave for above MONDAYS aid
THURSDAY S at6o’clock p. m. Returning,
at S o’clock p. ti. For information, etc., ap
ply io W. TANARUS, GIBSON, Manager.
Wharf foot of Drayton street.
People’s Independent Line
LA \DS N(r.s. The elegant steamer Tope
C&tllu, Capt. W. U. Swift, leaves Savannah
from steamer Katie’* wharf on Monday* at 4
?>. in. for Fertuwdina, Brunswick and way
1 nudities. <>n Thursday at Ip. in. for Bruns
wick and SatiS a river knd way landings. He
turnlii”r. leaves Bailey's Mills 0 ). ni. Fridays.
Leaves remandiu:t 2 p. m. Tuesdays. Freight
and passage as low :\a dv any ot-h **f line. For
inforuiaiiou, apply to J. U. M KDU CK,
Steamer Katie’s Wharf.
tampa, key west. Havana,
SOI TU-80l ND.
Lv Tampa Ti e-., TUurs. ami Sat. p. m.
Ar Key West Wed., Friday, aud Sun. p. m.
Ar Havana Thurs., Sat. and Mon. a. m.
X.v Havana Timrs., Sai. and Mon. nooti.
Lv Key West Thins., Sui. and Jlon. p. m.
.Ar Tampa Friday, Sun. and 1 me. p. m
Connecting at Tampa with YVe-.C India F.vt
Train io and from Northern & Eastern cities.
For .stateroom accommodations apply to
City Ticket Office s.. F. amt YV. tty., ,)aek
►on vide, or Agent Plant Steamship Line,
Tampa. i . l>. OWENS, Tralllc Jlauager.
M. 8, HAINES Gaoerat Mauagor.
Mederlniidisck-Amerikanisclic Dump*
BHUj* Rout nii and s ti fAeutunhland .
Fo-ulampfer ne ein von New York und
Holland jeden Sonnabend.
1. Cajuoteteinzeino Fahrt)*42 EstcurbUletasBo
2. “ ” *' 52 i ” bU
zwiscnFNbicK 10 deu bil.igatou Freisco.
25 South Witiinmstreet, New Y ork.
JSaud 2'j Broadway, New York.
AGENTEN:—At Savannah. Ga.—.JOSEPH
COHEN A CO. and 31. 8. COSULICtI A CO.
Coinpnsnio Geaeraie Iruttsiiiantique
—French Liue to Havre.
It ETYVEEN Now Y'ork ami Havre, from pier
) No. 42. N. It., foot of Morton street.
Travelers by this lino avoid both Iran it by
Engbnh railway and the discomfort of cross
ing the Channel iu a small boat. Special train
leaving tho Company’s dock at Havre direct
for Paris on arrival of steamers, Baggage
cheeked at New York through to Park. “
LA GAS! bnv., a.>Tl-;l.l.l. s.uCUDAY,
Mured 12, ; a. at.
LA CilA niMbXli, 'J'RAi n, SATURDAY'.
March 19. i r. u? ’
i. \ lloUßtd GNK, FKANOKt'L, SATUR
DAY, -i arc.ii .11. it a. M.
f)AV. Apri •' N. on.
PRICE OF PASSAGE (incliuling wlaa):
TO HAVRE—First Cabin, Slg '.tlW) and $3O;
SecondUabiu, $8(i; Steerage trom Now Vora to
Havre,s2o; Steerage from New York to farm,
}2 ; Including wino, bedding and tucneila.
LOUiS 1E BE If lAN, yVgcnt, 8 Bowling
Green, foot of Broadway. Now York,
or WILDER A GO., Agents for Savannah.
Niiviimiiiii Vetertuarjr iiiiiniuuT
rmary Surgeon, treats all Diseases of Homos,
Cattle and Dogs. Mtd clnos supplied for all
diseases. Calls promptly attended to, any part
city or county.
Prescriptions by mail. On band day and*
night. Telephone No. Hi.
ociii mmw coi’Y
Passage to New York.
car is WO
Passage to Boston.
a bin S2O
E.l ( URSION 32
Passage to Philadelphia.
(via New Yoke).
stkeklyge 12
' JT
A /I'.
Mt*k zM
T'" rS y:-
’T'IIE magnificent steamships ot tlieso line*
JL ;ire appointed to sail as follows—standard
time -
MM.AHAS.ee, Capt. J. W. iTSHEK,
FRIDAY, March 11, at 7 A. m.
MONDAY - , March. 14, at 9:30 a. m.
OITY OF AUGUST A, Capt. J. \T. Catha
kine, WEDNESDAY, March IS, 11:30 A. m.
FRIDAY, March 18, at 1:30 p. x,
MONDAY, March 21, at 4 p. m.
CITY OF MACON, Capt. War. Kellet,
THURSDAY, March 17, at 12 noon.
OATH CITY, Capt. D. Hedge, THURS
DAY", March 24, at 5:30 p. m.
DFSSOUO, Capt. N F. Howes, SATUR
DAY, March 12. at 7:30 A. m.
JUNIATA, Capt. S. 1,. Askin3, SATUR
DAY, March 19, at 2:30 p. m.
Through billsoflading given to Eastern and
Northwestern points and to ports of the Uni
.ed Kingdom and the Continent,
‘For lreight or passage apply to
C■ G. ANDERsOX, Agent.,
City Exchange Building.
Merchants’ and Miners’ Transport*,
tiou Company.
CABIN slsll
'T'HE etsf.ajships of this company are ap
A pointed to sail from Savannah for Bath
more as follows—city time:
J'* n- "OFKIV-, Capt. Foster, THURS
DAY, March 10, at ip. u.
WM. CRANK, Capt. Billups. TUESDAY,
March IS, at 12 m.
jotti Hopkins. Capt. Foster, MON
DAY, March 21, at 4 r. m.
WM .crank. Cant. Billups, SATURDAY
March D(i, a' 9 a. m.
And from Baltimore on the davj above
named at 3 P. M.
Through bills lading given to ail points
West, all tho marafaoturing towns in Now
England, anti to ports of the United Kingdom
and the Continent.
JAS.B. WEST & CO., Agents,
111 liar street.
Jacksonyiile, Tampa & Key West Rv.
Quickest anil best route for all points in
Florida south of Jacksonville.
OCHEDULE in off, ct FEBRUARY 9th.
O 188.'. Main hue trains use 1 and AY .
Rahway station in Jacksonville, making di
rect com eclion with all trams from savan
naii, tlie North and West No transfer,
stations. Mail Daily to
Pats. Daily. Sanford.
Bv Savannah— B:lspm ftOiiain 7:98 a m
J.v Jacksonville. :■ 0a m 12 30 ptn 8 3 p m
Av Palaika 10:50 ain 2:15 pm 5:85 pin
ArDel,and l: opm 4:lspm 8:oo p m
AT Sanford 115 p m 4. 0p in 8:.5 pin
Ar Titusville 8:05 pm
ArOrlando 5:2! pm
Arßariow 9:oopm
Ar Tampa :50pm
f.ca'c Jacksonville (.-t. Augi.ailue Divi
sion) 9:oj a in. 1:00 p m, 1:00 p in.
Arrive st. Augustine <St. Augustine Divi
sion) 10:30 a ni. 2:81 p m, 5 ;l p ui
GgING NORTH—Leave Tiynua s co p in
(Cubau mail) and 9:to am; Orlando 12:00
night. 7:25 a m and 1:28 p id; Sanford 1 j *r, a
in, 8:50 am and 2:45 p in. Arrive Paint:;-
1:15 and 11:30 a in, 5:80 pm: Jacksonville li 8)
a in. 1:28 and 7:40 p ui, connecting for all
points North and West.
l-eave Si. Augustine 8:30 am, 12:00 and 4;(0
P in. Arrive Jacksonville 10:00 a id. i;2O and
5:20 p ni.
12:30 p m Cuban mail train “SelithT has
through Puiltnan >leoper from New York to
Tampa, and connects with steamers or Key
'Vest and Havana Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday nights. HAO pin Cuban mail train
Noi ilni— Sleeper u nugli io
" of cars bovivcen
Jacksonville and Tamp.
Direct connections with Florida Southern
Railway at Pnlatl.a lor Gitine-vilP-, Ocala
and Leesinirg, and with si. j, ami li |{. li.
for Daylona. At Titm-ville with stnumer
"Keckledge" for all points on Indian river.
1,. C. DEM IX G, Gen. Ticket Agent.
M. If. MORAN, Gen. Supt. .
Merchants’ Line.
St. John’s River Route.
rpME elegant si earners of the Deßary.Bara
1 Merchants' Line, running between Jncir-
Bouvllle auil Enterprise, on ilia Sulnt John’s
river, Florida, cannot be surpassed for speed,
safeti and comfort. Through steamer leaves
ivliarr of s„ F A W It'y Cos. daily on arrival
of Fast Mail, one at 12 u.
The Fnlatku and .sauford Division, known
as the Daylight Lin. . lias boromo very popu
lar and Is the Favorite Route for the Tourist
snd Traveler. Steamer loaves P datkad ily,
except Sunday, al 11:15 a M.. arriving at Sai
ford at a:5(1 r. u., Enterprise 7p. m.
Close connections made with ail Lines di
verging for points in the Interior, South Flor
ida, New Orlouus and Havana.
Gen Pass. A gout-
Central Kailroad.
SatANNAH. Ga.. Dec. 29, !88i>.
ON and after this time passenger trains will
run as Daily unless marked j, which are
Daly except Sunday.
The standard time by which these trains
run is 3<i minutes slower than Savannah city
Lv -avannsu.... 10:00 am 8:20 pm 5:40 pm
ArMillen 12:35 pm 11:03 pm 8:45 pm
Ar Augusta 4:46 pm 6:15 am
Ar Macon 4:50 tun 3:20 am
Ar Atlanta 0:00 nm 7:20 am
Ar Columbus . . 0:50 am 3:02 pm
Ar Montgomery. 7:o!ipm
Ar Kufaula. .3:50 pm
Ar Aihany 10:08 pm 10:50 in
Passengers for Syivama, Sandersviile,
Wrlgtmville, Milledgeviile and Katouton
should ake 10:00 a in train.
Passengers for Thomaston, Carrollton,.
Ferry, Port Gaines, Talbounn, Buena Vista,
Blakely and Clayton should lake 8:20 n in
Lv Mlllen 12:55 pm 11:’5 pm 5;10-atn
Lv Augusta 10:20 nm 0:30 pm
Lv Macon 0:50 ata 10:30 pm
Lv Atlanta 8:35 am 0:50 tun
Lv Colnmints 10:20 pm 11:15 am
Lv Montgomery.. 7:15 pm 7:loam
Lv Eufaula 10:49 am
Lv Albany 4:50 am 3:57pm
Ar Savannah 6:00 >m 6:35 am 8:05 am
Sleeping cars on all night passenger trains
between Savannah and Augusta, Savannah
and Macon. Savannah and Atlanta, Macon
and Columbus.
Train leaving at 8:20 p m and arriving at
5:55 am will not stop io put off or take on
passengers between Savannah aud Milieu.
Connectioi a at Savannah with Savannah,
Florida and Western liailway for all points in
Tickets for all points and sleephig car berths
on sale at oitv office, No. 20 Bull street, ami
depot office 30 minutes before departure of
each train. (4. A. WHITEHEAD,
General Passenger Agent.
■T. C, SHAW. Ticket Agent
East Tem„ Ya. & Georgia R. R.
Tiie Quickest and Shortest Line
Commencing dec. io, issb, the follow
ing Schedule will be in effect:
tost Aright J)ny
&, E.& W, Depot. Express. Express. Express.
Lv Chare-, t0n.... suit) am 3:20 pm 3:45 am
Ar Savannah.... 11:20 ain 7:lioi>m n:4l a m
Lv savannah 3:45 pm 8:45 pm 7:08 am
Ar Jesup 8:10 p m 11:25 p m 8:42 a m
Lv Jesup .• 6:1.' sin 1 15 a m 10:30 a m
Ar Eastman...... 9:23 nni 4:49 am 1:48 pm
ArCochrau.. 10:02 pm 5:40 am 2:3opm
Ar Havvkiasvylle 12:(0neon 3:30 pm
Lv Uawktnaville 1:35 p m 10:15 a ill
Ar Macon 11:20 pm 7:lsam 4:00 pm
Lv Macon 11:25 o m 7:39 a rp 4:05 pm
Ar Atlanta. 2:25 arn 10:50 am 7:25 p m
Lv Atlanta. 2:35 a m ]2:15 p m sTo i pin
Lv Powder Sp’ss 1:14 p m 5:56 p m
Ar Home. ........ 5:25 ara 3:lspm. 7:55 pm
Ar Dalton 6:49 am 4:43 pm 9:25 pm
Ar Chattanooga. 8:20 a ra BUS p m H :3B p m
Lv Chattanooga.. 10:35 a m 9U5 p m ....
Ar Knoxville. 8:05 pm 1:10 am 1:10 am
Ar Bristol 8:20 pm 5:46 am 5:45 am
Ar Koancke 2:30 am 12:45 p m 12:43 p m
Ar NaturTßridge 4:25 a ill 2:29 pm 2:29 pm
Ar Waynesboro.. 6 :;o ara 4:28 p m 4:23 p m
ArLurav 8:20 am 6:4Bpm 6;43pm
ArShenando’ Jc.11:30 a ra ():*3 p m 9:35 pm
Ar Hagerstown.,l2:3op m 10::;0p m 10:30pm
Ar Harrisburg.. 3:80 pm 1:20 am 1:20 am
Ar Philadelphia . 6:60 p m> 4:45 am 4:45 am
ArNew York.... 9:83 pni 7:00 am 7:00 am
LvShenando* Jo 11:87 a m 9:37 pm *:37jTm
Ar Washington 1:48 pm 10:30 p m 10:80 p m
Ar Baltimore 3:45 pm 9:5C a m
Lv Chattanooga..lo:4s a m 7:10 p m
Ar Memphis 10:15 pm 6:10 am
Lv Memphis 10:45 a m~T.
ArSpriugfleld ...11:33 p m
Ar Fort Scott 4:20 arr.
Ar Kansas City.. 8:20 am ...”
Lv Chattanooga . 8:40 a in 7:10 p m
Arl.exingion 4:lspm 4:ooam .....
Ar Cincinnati 7:00 pm 6:50 a m I”’
ArSt. Louis . .. 7:40 a m li:4pm
Solid passenger train.- Brunswick and jesup
to Chattanooga.
Pullman Buffet cars leave Atlanta daily at
6:00 p m for New York without change Tia
Borne, Dalton. Knoxville, Bristol, Koanoke
and Hagerstown.
Pullman Buffet cars leave Rome daily at
8:00 pin lor Washing'oo without change via
Koanukc and Shenandoah June ion.
I’ullmau Buffet cars leave Jesup daily at
I:’S m and 6:20 p m for Atlanta. Chattanooga
and Cincinpatl
Lo gluon Sleeping cars leave Brunswick
daily at6:os p m for Macon.
Tickets to all points North, East, West and
Northwest can be porch sed upon application
to Mr. Ifm. Bren, City Ticket Agent, and to
depot ticket agent 8., F. and W. liy„ Savan
nah. By this short line.
L. J. ELLIS, Assistant Gen. Pass. Agent.
Atlanta. Ga. B. W. IVIiESN,
General Passenger and Ticket Agent.
South Flonda Railroad.
ON ami after SUNDAY'. Fob, 27. 1887,trains
will arrive anil leave as follows*
•Daily. tDaily except Sundays, JDally
except Mondays. J
Leave Sanford for
I ampa and way
stations *10:30 a maud *4:40 pm
Arrive at Tampa.... *3:40 p m and *8:50 p m
Keturning leave
Tampa at *9:20 am and *B:Copm
Arrive at Sanford . '2:30 p m and *l:i0 a m
Leave Sanford for Kissimmee and
wav stations at +s:nnp m
Arrive at Kissimmee at f7:oopm
Returning leave Kissimmee 4*1:40 a m
Arrive at Sanford -18:35 am
Lv Bartow Junction—
, ._ . 11:15 am 2:10 and 7:15 pm
Ar Bartow 12:05, S:lo and 8:15 p m
Returning Lv Bartow
9:10 a m 12:50 and 5:30 n m
Ar Bartow June 10:40 a m 1:40 and 6:30 p m
PEMBERTON FEU It I lili.,M jj.
Operated by the South Floriua Railroad
‘Leave Bartow for Pemberton Ferry
and way stations at 7:15 am
Arrive at Pemberton Ferry at 9:i-ain
•Returning leave Pemberton Ferry at 5;,;5 n m
Arrive at Bartow at s : on in
) Lea ye Pemberton Ferrv .. ...... 7:4(1 a m
Arrive Bartow , 12 *l& t> m
fLeavo Bartow " 2 - ;00 p m
Arr.ve Pemberton Ferry . 6:6u pui
Leaves Sanford for
l ake Charm and way
stations -MOHS a m and 5:10 pm
Arrives l ake Charm. 11:45 ain and 6:40 um
tieturning— K
Leaves Lake Charm.. 6:29 a m and 12:30 pin
Arrives at Sanford... 7:35 a m and 2:lopm
Connects at'unforil wiili the Sanford and
Indian River Railroad for Oviodo and pints
on Lake Jessup, wllb the People s Line and
Drßary-Haya Merchant:,’ I. tie of steamers
nndJ. T.&K. W. By. lor Jacksonville anil
ail luiermodiaio points on the St. John’s
river, and with steamers for Inulan river and
the Upper St. John’s.
At Kissimmee with steamers for Forts Mv
ers and Basaluger and points on Kissimmee
At Pemberton Ferrv with Florida Southern
Railway for all points North and West, and
at Bariow with tin- Florida Southern Railway
for Fort Meade and noint- South.
Connects at Tampa with steamer “Margo - !
ret” for Palma Sola, Braldentowii, Palmetto, :
Manatee, and all points on Hillsborough and
Tampa Bays.
Al-o, wlib the elegant mail steamships
“Mascotte” and “Whitney,” of the Plant
Steamship Cos., for Ivey West and Havana.
Through tickets sold at ail regular stations
to points North, Bast ami West.
Baggage cheeked through. '
Passengers for Havana can leave Sanford
on Limited West India Fast Mail train at
4:40 p. m. (stopping only at Orlando. Kissim
mee, Bartow Junction, Lakeland unit Plant
C ity.) ( nesday, Thursday and Saturday, con
necting same evening with steamer at Tampa.
■' ii in •: elcCO l .
General Freight and Ticket Agent.
Cuba Molasses.
Cargo Schooner "A. T.” from Matatizat .lust
landed and for sale bv
; •
Savannah, Florida & Western
will run B da'il/as foliowB^ rraln * °“ u ‘“ nfil
Jig? m 1-7 savannah
><'.oo am Lv Vav cross t r a -a
: “p m f-v ■■ Jacks-,,,vil'ie !”.’lv
8:50 p”
Tt ! es.Tlf„ L 4 N ; p *
Sat— pm J Lv.. .Tampa ... Ar
i cd, Fri j f -lues, j m
Sun.. . p’m ] Ar.Koy West....Lv
Thurs, hat./ /Mn i )m
Mon hm( -Havana Lv j^ ur a,Sst
Pullman buffet cars New York £ a '
and Tampa to Washington. * to S
7:06 a m Lv Savannah Ar -m
8:42 a mLv Jesup A £ fi:! p *
9:34 am Lv Blackshear Ar
9:.’oam Ar Way cross £v s-m pl 4
}a : m *“ Ar Ca!lahan~7iTrLr~2fi-'~~
12:OOnoonA r Jacksonville ... Ly
7;oi amLv Jacksonville.. t r ?I®®P"*
. :3o a in Lv Callahan
10: .5 ani Lv TVnycross , „ ; -’ -
11:00am Lv Honfei oftf p
: -v Dupont ty
2:04 pm Lv Valdosta Vj
12.34 pm Lv Quitman i.J ,:Sp*
1:22 pm Ar Thomasvilie ....Ly n
_B:M pm Ar Balnbrldge.~~L7Tr^
4:04 p m Ar.... Chattahoochee r. 7
3:42 pm Ar Albany .
Pullman buffet cars to and from t J,' ,n ‘
villeandNew York, to and from i.f-, etSon
and New Orleans via Peus'co^^ 0 ' 111 "
from Thomasvme and Lonisvme via am. #(l
and Nashville, and Jacksonv ®to r I*"*'
nati via Jesup. 0 10 Cl Min.
1:30 p m Lv Savannah i, ,’i.
3:20 pm Lv Je5up....... .lJ Jim ?
4:21 prn Lv Blackshear Lv mm? 1 *
4:40p ni Ar Waycross Ly !i v
6:57 p m Ar Callahan L7T-,r'
‘P ni Ar Jacksonville ....Lv 7 -co a S
5.00 j mLv 'Jacksonville A r K-=;c aiQ
. Lv Callahan 8 J [ •J *
7:5S p m Lv..... .Waycross.... ai- n. 1- 1
8:46 pm Lv Homervnle....'Lv 5-in?!' 1
Ar Dupont. .."±1 f 5
J.:-° r u l ‘ v J-okeCity. rln^.
£:55 pm Lv Gainesville Ar iFmT™
_7 : - Q " '-7 Live Oak ar eito a 3
9:10 pm Lv Dupont Ar 4-vfiTm
W:01 p m Lv Valdosta Lv 4S
10:34 P in Lv Quitman s ; 3s™
!1:25p mAr Thomasvilie ...Lv 2 : soiS
12:a0 a m Ar Camilla Lv ™
1:55 am Ar Albany. V DiS
Pullman buffet cars to and from
vllle and Louisville via Thomasvibe iltonv
Montgomery and Nashville and Ciciun ati
to Jacksonville via Jesup. aM
Pullman sleeping cars to and from Bartow
and Montgomery via Gainesville
8:45 pm Lv Savannah Ar 6:10 a m
11.25pmLv .Jesup Lv 3"419m
1:30 am Ar Waycross Lv 11:5o u 3
5:25 a mAr Callahan Lv :oJFS
6.15 am Ar Jaekronville ...Lv 8:13 pin
8.15 pm Lv Jacksonville ....Ar 6:lsam
9:05 pm Lv Callahan Ar 5:25 a q
2:00 a m Lv Waycross Ar~Tl :21 n ni
3:20 a m Ar Dupont Lv lOaiOpnj
6:40 a mAr Live Oak Lv 7:20T15
10:05 a mar Gainesville. . Lv 3:55 J,
10:15 a mAr Lake City Lv S-aTpoi
3:45 a m Lv Dupont.. Ar O^slpm
6:2, a m Lv Valdosta Lv 8:80pm
6:loamLv Quitman Lv 7:55pm
7:lsam Ar Thomasvilie Lv 7:oopm
11:40 am Ar Albany Lv 4.-00diu
Stops at all regular stations. Pullinsn buf
fet sleeping care to and from Thomasvilie au<l
Washington, and Savannah and Jackson
vile, and to and from Jacksonville .- nrj
Louisvt'le via Tbom.-isvdle and Mintvou
ery. Pullman buffet cars and Mann bou
doir buffet cars via Waycross, Alhauv ani
Macon, and via Wavcross, Jesup and Jiacon,
between Jacksonville and Cincinnati. Also,
ihrough passenger coaches between Jackson
ville and Chattanooga.
6:15 am Lv Waycrose Ar 7:00 p m
7:BBam Lv .Dupont Lv 6:28511a
8:37 a mLv Valdosta Lv 4:15 pm
9:15 am Lv Quitman Lv 3:3opm
10:25 am Ar Thomasvilie Lv 2:lspm
Stops at all regular aud flag stations.
3:4spmLv . ..Savannah Ar 8:.30am
6:10 p mAr Jesup. Lv 5:25 am
Stops at all regular and flag stations.
At SA VANNAII for ChNHeston a; 7:10 am,
(arrive Augusta via Yemassee at 1:45 p mi
12:15 p m au<l 8:23 pm; for Augusta and At
lanta at 8:40 a m aud 8:20 p in; with steam
ships for New York Monday, Wednesday an 4
Friday; for Boston Thursday; for Baitimort
every filth day.
At -JESUP for Brunswick at l:lsam'ex
eept Sunday) and 8:50 am; for Macon 1:25s
in, 8:to a m and 6:20 p in.
Ai W.iY'CUOSS for Brunswick at 3:15 am
and 5:05 pm.
AICALLAHAN for Femandlna at S:00 am
and 2:47 pm; for Waldo, Cedar Key, Ocala,
etc., at 11:30 a m and 7:00 p m texcept Sun
At LIVE OAK for Madison, Tallabassea,
etc., at 11 :i 8a m amt 7:45 p in.
Ar GAINESVILLE for Ocala, Tavares
Pemberton's Ferry, Brook-villa and Tamps
at 10:hi a in: for Cedar Key at 3:80 nm.
At ALBANY for Atlanta, Macon, Montgom
ery, Mobile, New Orleaus, Nashville, etc.
At CHATTAHOOCHEE for Pensacola,
Mobile, New Orleans at4:ll pm; with Peo
ple’s Line steamers advertising to leave Tor
A tialachicola at 5:00p m Sunday and Wednes
Tickets sold and sleeping car berths se
cured at BREN’S Ticket Office, and at tm
I'a.srengcr station.
WM. P HA It DEE, Gen’l Pass. Agent.
R. G. FLEMING. Superintendent.
Charleston £ Savannah Ry. Cos.
/-tONNKCTION made at Savannah with
\J Savannah, Florida and Western Rail*
way. . ~
Trains leave and arrive at Savannah nr
standard time (i'Oth meridian), which ii*
minutes slower than city time.
45* S9+ 43* a 47*
Lv Sav’h. .12:15 pm 1:00 pm 7:10 am B:2J
Ar Ang’ta, I:4spm
Arßcauf’t 8:10 pm 11:00 am *
ArP.ltoyal 6:25 pm
ArAl’dale. 7:40 pm 11:20 am •■••••”
ArCha’slim 4:6opm 6.20 pm 12:25 pm l:2jaa
34* 42*
Lv Cha’aton 8:00 am 8:30 pm 3:45 am
Lv Ang’ta fl:2i am
Lv Ai’nalo. 5:40 am 21:41 sin ’
I,y P. Royal 7:45 am 12:30 Jim
Lv Beau Pt. 8:00am 12:45 pm ■ --j
ArSuv’h...ll:2o am 7:0! , , !L n
•Daily between savannah and Charics-on,
■fSundais omy. w i,a
Irani No 47 makes no connection w j
Ton liovai and Augusta Railway, *nd mops
only hi Uidgeland, Green Pond UMI *
Tri-in 45 Mops . y at Yema-see an.l Orre*
Pond, and connects for Allendale flat v.e j
simd .y. Trains 42 and 48 conneci from smi
for Beaufort and Port Royal daily, e* l - v
h For t'ick K rloepinucarreservation^antiall
other inf riuatiou, apply to W* l ' l ‘l l -,j „|
Ml, -■.1,1 Ticket Agent, * Bull street’ ®“ #|
Churh-s'ou and Savannah Railway t o
olliee, at savannah, Jlorlda and ™e
Railway depot. g gads oen, SupL
Nov. It, mso, ■ I
Sulmvlnitt |UIU>W).
City and Suburban R y
r , s .
1/ following ftchedule will bcobci
the OiiUule Liao:
K’:2s ai. 8:1) a u 8:b; *“ j \2s p!
r7:00 r 2:oil v u A'-'i.——--
“tin Satnrdii's \'-“roinrn "<
run. Ie iviugcltv at9:2' p ■ *"!* . i|„pcsl
leave Montgomery at 5 p n
6 •Thle train will bo omiited Bundy
■Fillis tram leaves c,l I 7 ’johnsTON.
IT'D It SALK, Old Papere, Jit lhl! .l ;o " n^s
X 1 i.u ui of tho Morning NtW§ * 04

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