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goinntgrtial. __
■ 7a van** < vivttKg r.
tbrklt report.
.., S liEM*BK^- The seuerai market
undor review wnscompara
,rU'*Hnli with few feature* of interest.
ITeIT d !i kv rv moderate movement going
. enmoared with the previous week
n .,#dWompa g for spr(nK
“ U ; e h r* coming in a* freeiy
H 9 * hi9 lime last year, ami as
* h.w very little sign*of au immediate
l tl'i wnile those coming to hand
uprotem ’ , jon 0 f the hand to mouth
b °\ * collections from the interior are very
ohey. Co ‘ . factory. In groceries there
e to be noted; the demand
9DO cl “o, verv light c aracter.
oitmues o wag a slightly better
and drt goo “j vfllnß9 wora Pomc .
Dovement, an branc hes. The bust
2S! *• ™. (tures
** t,ek were the continued dimness in
'“ Land cnon market, and the
" e P Tlvance in prices. The security msr
'Tiss inactive for the best part of the week,
jrtwaemac n , g wettk . Money Is easy.
foreign ex _ wi u show the tone and
KtuoUdocsof the different market, at
"SavltCws-The market for spirits
mentino was quiet during the week, but
,' ccs were rather irregular. Iu the first
rof the week prices steadily advanced,
mt'aza'in feli off and closed Urn, at for
, ars The inquiry was light ami oulj a
33 doing. The sams for the week
“re aho.it roo casks. Rosin
rhere was a good demand
hroughout the week and prices of the better
r a ,| C ß steadily advanced. The total sales for
’ “ „. pi . k were about 8,800 barrels. In an
1f J irmn will be found a weekly nonpar
,tlier ~ ~ ol receipts and exports I rom
\\' V r Yhdaw. and lor 'be same period I a,a
showing tile stock on hand and on u.P
n.(i:* ril no t Vlea re and, together with the ofl.cial
, spot q lotatiou-i.
Sjb- e I'tie market duringlast week showed
Lcrv little life- and except m a retail e rtol
*w there was ittle or no business, and the
J-iai develops no new features. Prices,
however, remain quite steady andunchaog-
T Tne >ale* for the week were about Sib
fe. gfc
"oiuntrv lots ®.
Tide water a ® ® 1 10
, v.ttos—There was a good demand during
,t week, bm he scarcity of si..ck prevented
',v I,caw business. Avery firm feeling per
vaded the market and holders had no and fli
.ilrv in obtaining an advance on ail offerings
daily and at the c ose of the market to-day
nrotatn us were 1 ,@5-160 higher than a week
o The tot* 1 saws for the week were only
2."06 baits. The following are the ofllcia
[closing spot quotations of the Cotton Ex
Middling fair 9.S£
Good Huddling :’s
Middling f'i
Low middling B 8-16
(,ood ordinary ®?4
The receh ts ot cotton at this port from all
sources tic past week were 7,711, bales of
uoland and M 2 bales sea island, against 970
baies ol upland and 62 bales sea island last
■ The particulars of the receipts have been as
follows: Per Central railroaa. 5,242 bales up
land: uer savanna':, Florida and Western
railway. 1,271 bales UDland ana 147 ba'es sea
island; per Savannah river steamers, 1,204
bales upland; per Charleston and
sa annaa Bailwav Company, 21 bales
uoland; per Brunswick ami Satilla river
t: earners, 3 bales upland and 15 bales tea
The exports for the week were 2C.104 bales
upland and 158 bales sea island: To Now
York, 3.G82 bales upland and 114 bales sea
island: to Boston, 92- ba'es upland: to Bal
timore, 2,051 hales upland ami 48 bales sea
island; to Philadelphia, 140 bales upland; to
lieval, 6,60 ' bale-upland; to Ma aga, 1.300
• ales upland; to Barcelona, 3,550 bales up
land; to Liverpool, 1.844 bales upland and 1
bale -ea island.
The stock on hand to-day was 42,656
hales upland ana 3.504 bales sea island,
against 46.816 baies of upland and 4,181 bales
ten istand 'ast year.
>e t Island.— The receipts, as reported by
factor.-, up to e p. m. for the week were 162
bugs, and the sales for the same time were
394 bags, leaving the stock at 3,504 bags. The
market has ruled quiet but very steady and
un hanged. There was a fair inquiry,
mostly for me medium grades.
Common Georgias and Florldas.l4 @ifiu
Medium Florida* 17 @ll'A
Good medium 18
Medium line 18u® 19
f.' ne 19&02O
I xlra fine H @2l'4
bhoice 22 ©23
(jonipumivv Statement of Net li<cejpm, Kxi>on• hocl Stock* of Cotton to the following Place*
Lateet Dates.
j • titock on
Ber+itxd tint * EXPORTED SINCE SEPTEMBER 1, 1880. [j hand and on
PORTS. September M. Shipboard.
Great I O'hr 4* n j Total } C'*Uoesr j j
18*6-57, | ISSS-SC. I Britain j Franc*. Forte, Foreign, j Porte, |J 1887, 1886,
New Orleans .March 11 1,601.7 m; 1.555,994 ;j 576 546 301,919 257.78 J I 1.166,2541 279.513 520.07! 317 72:
Mobile. Ma ch 11 209.4431 229 378 :15,182| ' 85.1-2' 162.69/: I 17,210 41,171
Florida March Hi 12.719 18.M7 12.719:;
Texas . . March 111 683.444 64 ,62 D 214.1111 30,352 98.46? :W7.932| 2-i. * SB.‘6’i 4 ' 3 s I
„ h (Up’ll. -M r. h 11 714.6941 695.11!: 223.282 18,61- 212,-551 454.7-5, 5:.8.(- 42.636 4C.- >' I
-avauuan Jsea Is’d Alarilill l 26.832 20.522 1,744 . . j 1.744: 2',445m 3.5 ti4 1 4.1-1,
i’|i.,i.jlaii il.ip’il.. .March ll 371.(39' 430..4: S-,398, 42.0!0i 128,785 2J9.7J3. 93 15.190! 46.45*j
charleston } Sen is’d. March 4 7.763 7.435 825 1 . | -25 6.714 ! 1.865 1 5.7111 l
North Carolina March 11 1:1!, SO# 93.061:' 90.-23! 7,960! 10,857 109 6lj '5.8 is 2:7 a.i-i it
Virginia March li 8107- I 695 132 4(12.6631 2.:50: 12.3061 117.i:#j 199,. 90 iS,i::l! 42, 17 I-
Now York .March 11 7 .-06 57,1931 J 85i).65 37.468 172.-70 1 591 ou4l ... . 1 , ' 234.7301
other ports .March 11 243,4301 198,130; j 221, iMi 7.736 J 38,55 ij 25.792' ;j 39,44! 342,971
Total to date I 4,01f1.273| ; 2,235,1.93, 448.3231 947,462' 5,631.5W>’ 1.331.450 73 > I‘ki ... -I
Total to date in I-.-S .. . I VM-;.5L'7 : i . j . .. ,i ’ | <9311,020
U<ui|mnitlve tottuu suicaieui I /M
j T. O
■ r u
18*6-7. 1885-6. I £ 2
■ j • ; "■ j * 3
■V<i i }! &e< i • ( - a
Ci /sland.j Pplmnd. 11 Itlaaa.J Cphmd • •
. ; ?tnrk on hand So*teDilH*r 1. 1.!40 3sij
uccoi ved this week. TJii e>t> r*
' prevkrady 27,4 ii !&#; p~
i Total. j .< 7tl ,§8 ii.u: 7vr,;si g*
I Exported tteift vwll .... ! M ft. 01 2,4 4JI 15.11
Kx|iorte<t provioiuly I 2*,(k;J: 14 m *i7j u.•. :7i J S
Totsii itam i7,2g0 i (.■
Stock on hand aii **n *hip*f j '• j j ?“
lioard t*iis iaj at 1 >. in. .1 2.5di. 42,15 t>,j 4,181 1 16.53 U u
ending March 11 and stock on aand to-msht.
and lor the same time last year:
Week ending March 11, 1837—.
7?*c. bii*. S/iip>n*nU. Nf A.
Augusta CD! 2,431 10.6’9
Columbus 318 7iS 4, JlO
Rome 228 418 610
Macon 89 160 5,814
Montgomery 135 r,r,9 11.039
Selma f<S 456 2,369
Memphis 6,410 21.208 77,672
Nashville 171 1,029 3,211
Total 8,110 26.920 115.444
ending March 12, 1886.-'
AecA'nrs. Shii'Vneniu. ,v„cF.
Augusta 958 3.225 31,072
Columbus 857 751 30,06’
Rome 784 800 3,665
Macon 146 253 5.814
Montgomery 799 1.5 6 11,639
Selma 474 1,348 10,708
Memphis 6,861 13,821 113,215
Nashville 492 227 8,211
Total 11.369 22.211 190,089
Receipts at all U. S. ports this week... 72.775
Last year 62.118
Total receipts to date 4,916.272
Last year 4,682,915
Exports for this week 91,89 >
Same week last vear 102 3’5
Total exports to date 3.632.149
Last year 8.04’>,341
Stock at all United States ports 7 2,196
Last year 930.820
Stock at all Interior towns 105.036
Last year 205,122
Stock at Liverpool 947.000
Last year.. 67i,000
Amoncanafloat for Great 213.000
Last year 196.0 H)
PS7. ISM. 7985.
sales for tile week.. 6*1,010 60,006 33,00 u
Exporters took 1,100 .2,50.1 4,100
Speculators took 5.40 e 3,800 2.006
Total stock 947.00! 674.000 990 0 0
Of which American . 745 010 495,000 767 000
T’l imports for week. 99.000 42.’;00 72.0 u
Ol which American. 54.n00 39.000 S.’.non
Actual exports 20,690 10.600 21 -00
Amount alloat 268,000 266.000 SOO.OOU
Of which American. 213.000 196,060 168.000
Price 5 5-Hid 4 12 llid 5 15-16d
This Last Lat
WWtwle. Fs.ir.
Galveston 3.57S 6,253 4.206
New Orleans 83,183 37.846 21,498
Vloliile 2,679 2,128 2,166
Savannah 7.895 8,812 9,9’6
Charleston 5,205 7,151 5y072
Wilmington 424 798 1 465
Norfolk 0.022 7,990 6.442
New York ],:i94 1,200 13 J
Various 18,100 10,773 11.173
Total 78.775 79,951 62 1.8
Visible supplyofcotton.—Below wegive
.he table of visible supply, as made up by cable
-ndtelograph for the fimmoial an<t Cummer
oiiil Ghroniol le to March 4. The continental
stocks, as well as Kiose of Great Britain and
ihe afloat, are this week’s returns, and con
sequently all the European figures are brought
down to Thursday evening. But to make the
totals the complete ligures for March 4 we
add the item of exports from the United
States, including in it the exports of Frida:
1887. 1886.
Stock at Liverpool 930. 810 698.0(10
stock at London 15,000 14.000
Total reat Britain stock. 915.000 712,000
Stock at Hamburg 2.8u0 4,00 U
Stock at Bremen 37,100 40 9oj
Stock at Amsterdam 30,000 29,00
Stock a. iotterdam 300 4"0
Stock at Antwerp 1,200 ],900
Stock at Havre 262,000 162,000
Stock at Marseilles 4.000 4.000
Stock at Barcelona 42,000 Bu,ou(‘
Stock at Genoa 4,000 9,0u0
Stock at Trieste 11.000 3,000
Total continental stocks... 594.400 335,240
Total European stocks 1.339,400 1,047,200
lndiacottou ail’t for Europe 170.000 182.000
American cotton afloat for
Europe 446,000 396,000
Egypt, Brazil, etc., afloat for
Europe 39.000 13,000
Stock in United States ports. 797,419 965.917
?toek in U. S. interior towns 240.033 413.890
United States exports to-day 26,9.6 7,546
Total visible supply 3,058,768 3,045.553
Of the above, the totals oi American and
other descriptions are as follows:
A invr m<inr—
Liverpool stock 737.000 509.000
Continental stocks 296,000 260.0UC
American afloat for Europe. 446.000 390.0UU
United States stock 7 7.419 985,947
UniteuStatesinteriorstocks 240,033 413,890
United States ex ports to-day 26.916 7.546
Total American 2,543 368 2,572,353
Total East India, etc 515.400 473.20 u
Tctal visible supply 3.058,768 3,u45,553
The imports into continental ports this weea
have been 6u,000 bales.
The above flgttres indicate an increase in
the cotton in sight to date of 13,215 bales a
.compared with the same date of 1886. an in
crease ol 222,951 bales as compared with the
corresponding date of 1835, and a decrease oi
204.927 bales as compared with 1884.
is the Bombay statement for the wee- uid
year, bringing the figures down to March 3:
Shipments this week—
Or tit. Britain. Continent, 'lota.
1887 6,000 17.000 23,000
1886 2.000 47.000 49.000
1885 13,000 31,000 44,000
1884 21,000 21,000 45,00 u
Shipments since January 1—
Great Britain. Continent. Totni.
18$7 50,010 162,000 212,000
1880 48.000 166,000 214,0. 0
185 37,000 114.000 151,000
1884 128,000 160,0b0 288.000
rleceijitt— Jhitweele. Since Jan. I
1887 47,000 380.000
1885 52,000 35’.000
1885 3(1,000 237,000
1884 46.000 394.000
According to the foregoing, itomoxy appears
to show a decrease compared with last year
in the week’s receipts oi 5.000 hales, and a de
crease in shipments of 26,000 bales, and the
shipments since Jan. 1 show a decrease of
2,000 bales.
Money Market.—Very easy.
Domestic Exchange.-- steady. Banks and
hankers are buying sight drafts at 1-16
pev cent discount ana selling at 1-16 per
cent premium.
Foreign exchange.—The market is weak.
Comnnrclal demand. $4 86: sixty
days, $4S3'4; nineti days. *4 82; francs.
I'arie ami Havre, commercial, sixty days.
$5 24V5; bw’.ss. $5271-16; marks, oixiv (lavs.
943.,. '
Securities.—The market continue* inac-
U\e, with light offerings and some demand
lor i-outliwestern rsilroad stock, city bonds
■nd longdate railroad ixind*. Central rail
road stork is nominal, with light i.flermgH at
State 3/nuf* — Bit. A *l'ed.
New Georgia 4U percent boiid*..io6 107
Ga newfls, 1889, January and July
coupon* lui’J 1(3
fitatcol Georglagoldquartorlles.lDS’, loa 1 ,
Ga. Smith's, maturity 1396, ex int.l2l 123
City Bond* —
Atlaina6 percent 104 310
Atlantal percent 115 120
Augusta 7 percent 105 1:2
Augusta 0 per cent lON no
Commbus & percent as 99
M aeon 6 per ooni lit 112
Next Savannah spor cent, quar
terly. pr i 105 A, lOc?*
New (avaunaliS per cent, quar
terly. Ma coupons 105 IOSJj
Kdilr iaU Jl'.’olt
But Kiinnli. Florida and Western
lilt general mortgage uouds.4
percent ini.coupon* 112 113
A f: G Ist 111 .rtgago consolidated
V percent, coupon* January and
Julv. maturity 1897 .113 119
Centralconsolldated mortgage ?
per ecut. coupons January aud
July, maturity 1396 .11*
Georgia Railroad 6s 108 HO
Uharlottc.ColumOiuund Augusta
Ist mortgage 11l 114
•'CharloUo.Columbißand Augusta
2d mortgage HO *
itcbllo and Girard 2d mortgage
indorsed per con l , coupons
Jan and July, maturity 188#.ex
lilt 10* 106
I Msi n Itu and North Georgia Ist
no'rigage 6 percent !| 9-!i 109’^
Montgomery and Etifaula Ist
mortgage indorsed6 per cent. 199 110
Western Alabama in mortgage
indorsed 8 oer cent, coupons
April and Oct. mat iritv 1390 111 112
Sou 1 h Ga and Fla indorsed 118
! BoolliGuand F uld mortgage .. 112 US
410 ui> fileniushipU pur ot ponds,
iruar’d bv central Railroad....los 106
i Gainesville. Jefferson and fiotitu-
era Rlt Ist raort.gnarant’d 117 118
Gainesville, JeffcruoDwnU South
ern, notguaranteod 116 116
faaine*vu:e, .Jefl'erson and South
ern. 2aguurantcea lit 115
Columous and Hume Ist in
ilorsotllii 108 100
Col mn mis ami \V esteruu nor cent
Ist guaranteed loo
Angus*a ami Knoxville rallroml
• per cent Ist mortgage lmiid*.loB;4 100
City anil Suburban Rsilroad Ist
mortgage 7 per cent bonds 106V* 108
Auguslii ami Savannah 7 per ot,
u at anteetl 137
Central common 125 126
Georgia common, cx-divideud 302 203
Southwestern 7 percent, guarao
anteo.d. ex-dividcud .. 131(4 132
Centra! 6 oer ceut certitloates.lOS 1 * 10.5i
Atlantaaud West Point Railroad
stock 110 112
Atlantaaud West Points per et
certiileatea.. 104 V.; 195>4
Rn-b .'tnuies—
Southern Bank Slate ot Georgia 108 200
Merchants’Nation ii Bank 155 100
Savannah Bank and Trust C 0... t'O OS
National Bank or Savannah... .117 . ..
Gan Sti'cfcn —
SavannahGfts Light stock, cx
div 2114 22
Mutual Gas Light 20 23
octory Rond
Augusta Pautorv 6s ....103 ....
■ ibley Kacto-v 6s 103 ....
Enterprise Factory 6s 103
' tll'ltn y
Eagle ant Phamix MTg Cos 101 102
Augusta Factory 103 ....
Grmitoville Factory 132 ....
Langley Factory 100
Enterprise Factory Company.... 10 ....
Enterprise Factory, preferred .108 ....
P. King Manufacturing Cos., nil ....
Sibley Manilf during Cos 02
Naval stokes.—The receipts ror tne nast
week have ueeu >.12 oarreia spirits tur
pentine and 6.. j.i barrels rosin, tne exports
were 1 433Uarrelssuirits turpentineand 1 .002
barrels rosin moviug as follows: To Ne ,
York. 2.362 barrels rosin ami 624 barrels spirits
turpentine: to Baltimore. 574 oarreis spirits
turpentine and 4.8..0 barrels rosin: to
!’h ladelpiiia, ? 9 barrels spirit lurnen-
II ne to Boston, 206 bairles spirits
turpentine and 755 barrels rosin; to hoi. .-
dam, 3,916 barrels no-in: to l.iveipool, 1,6 0
ba re is rusin. 10 Cronstadi, 2 513 ini re s ru in.
The following are the Board of Trade ouo a
tions: Itosin—A. B, C, 90c. 1) 9oe. C 95e. F
111 Oti. G $1 02! 2 . H tl 07V£, ' $1 30. K *1 60. M
*1 On. N 82 6 , window glass 22 >O, water
white $2 95. Spirits turpentine—:
tte .sijas, an .puieni* and stonh rroin Apru 1,
ZMo, to lat*, and forth* oorr**pondiny datt
lout yeir:
lBB I—7 . 1885-6 ,
SprrU*, Rohm. SpfitH. ftuein.
On hand Aprlll.. 2,116 61,821 1.673 36.205
Rec’dUns week.. m 2 1 253 432 3.137
Rac’d previously. 142.739 556.031 105,678 438,990
Totals 145,467 624,10a 1U7.;52 478.332
Shipment*: Foreign —
Aberdeen 3,544 .... 4,221
Antwerp 12,788 15,1.i 12,813 6,4u8
Bristol u.Sio 6,.94 2,827 4.990
Barcelona 372 .... 2,3sti
Buenos Ayres 6.000 3Ut
Bergen 206
Cardin 4,000
Cartagena 1,103 ... 99s
Cork tor orders.. 5.723 636 1C,477 2.955
Cronstadt 11,313 .... 13,5u6
Danuelg 3,u00 9.7 7
Geuoa 8.876 8.165
Glasgow 2.541 16,459 .... 9,009
G ole 113 9 alO ... ....
Garston Dock.... 6.450
Hamburg 9,167 29,865 6,C34 24,076
tlarburg 10,067 .... 6.20
Hull 6.213 2,940 4.562 2.318
13 ban . 3,500
Liverpool 15,927 8.625 10,606
London 17,780 19,175 11.408 13.45,
Lisbon 4,859
Marseilles 3,800 .... 3,370
Montevideo... . 1,500
Naples 2,772
CMes.a .... 2.052
Op rio 596 .... 500
Puteloff Harbor,. .... 11,967
Pernambuco 2,365 1,500
Reval 1.417
Kiga 3.700 .... 7,110
Rotterdam 8,401 21 840 850 13.057
Stettin .... 12 633
Sautauder .... 280
Trieste 150 '3,844 200 3 800
Venice 2.475 2,382
Vigo 6
OotuPwi** —
Baltimore 11.120 94,026 4,03 63,492
Bosion 10.814 17,354 9.514 28 0i,7
Philadelphia 6,515 13,706 8.364 17,8(15
New York 31."56 144,820 17.756 118.299
Interior towns... 16,298 5,171 7,817 .!37
Repacking, uiage.
etc 2,997 .... 1.716
Total shipments. :42,79 5 0.176 105,299 302.952
Stock on hand and
on sbi pboard
March II 3.388 83,929 2.483 84,380
Bacon—Market very strong aud advanc
ing; demand good; sin’kid near rib ames,
94c; shou ders, 74c; dry salted clear rib
sides, l’4c; long clear, Bc%; shoulders, 6J£c;
bams, 124’G
Bagging and Ties—Market quiet. We
quoin: Bugging—24 tbs, 9 4 c; 2 lbs. 84c;
1% lb , 74c, according to brand and
quantity. Iron ties—Arrow, ?100ul05 per
bundle, according to brand and quantity
Bagging and ties in retail lots a fraction
Butter—Market easy; oleomargarine, 14a
I6c; choice Goshen, 18c; gilt edge, 28c; cream
ery ,22a24c.
Cabbage—Northern, scarce, nominal, 12a
13c per head.
Coffee—The market is wrong and advanc
ing. M e qm te for small lo s: Ordinary, 144 c;
fair, lo4c; good, 16c: prime, 16c4; cnoice,
17c; pea eri v. li^c.
Cheese Market higher; demand mode
rate; siock light. We quote: 11 144 n .
Dried Fbcit—Apples, evaporaied, 13c;
peeled, 7c; peaches, peeled, 19c; uupeeled.
5a7 ; currants, 7c; citron, 25c.
Dry Goods—The market is firm: business
imor ving. We quote; Print 6. 4a6c; Geor
gia brown shirting, 3-4, 44c; 7-8 do. 54c; 4-4
brown sheeting. 64c. vvluie osnaburgs Ba9c;
checks, 64a7c; yarns. 15c for best makes:
hr wn drillings. 64:174°
Fish—We quote full weights: Mackerel-
No. 1,8/ 50a 0 00;N”. 3. half barrels,*s 50a8 50;
No. 2, *7 00a7 50. Herring—No. 1,20 c; scaled.
25c; c u. sasc.
Flour—Market steady;demand moderate.
We quote: Sunerflue, $3 sn; exira, $3 85 4 on;
laiicy, $4 90h6 15; choice patent, $5 10&590;
family, *4 50a4 70.
Fruit—Lemons—stock full and demand
light. We quote: $4 00a4 50. Oranges—Market
dull; Florid is. *1 75a2 50. Apples—good ship
ping stock, <4 50a6 00 per barrel.
Grain—Corn Market sieady; demand
light. Wequoie: While corn, iob lots, 82c;
car oad lots. 60c; mixed corn, job lots. 60c;
carlpad lots, 58c Oats steady; good demand.
We qu >te: Mixed oats. 48c; carload lot-. 44c;
Bran,3loo il 10. Meal,6B4c. GeorgiagnSt. per
sack, $1 60; grist, per nusliel. 674 c.
Hat—Market st ady.witha fair demand,
■toe* ample. Wequotcjobots: Western,o6c;
carload lots, 9nc; Eastern, none; Northern,
111DK9, Wool., Eto.—Hides—Market dull:
receipts light; dry flint, 13Js*o; salted, 114°7
dry butcher, PJ*i’. IVool—Merkel nominal;
prime in bales. 27c; burry, 10al5c. Wax, !Bc.
Tallow, .la4c. l)‘cr skins, flint, 20i ; salted,
16c. Otter skins, 25cu$l.
Ikon—Market jlrtn; swede,:44sc; rcllncd,
I.aßP—Market is steady; in tierces, 7 7 8 c;
5c- tb tie*, Bc.
Lime. Calcined Plaster asi> cement—
Alabama lump time is in fair dciiiand and
isselliug at $1 30 |ier barrel; Georgia, 1130;
cab neu plaster. $lB5 per oarre!; lialr, 6c;
Georgia cement. *8; Kosendale cement, $1 SU;
lVrll.ind cement. 11l 50.
blqfOß.i Full
Bom bon, 31 50a55D; 1
lofl i135. Ales uhchuuged and in good de
m.n and
Nails—Market firm, advancing. Fair de
mand. We quote: 8d,5450; Id and sd. $3 55;
lid, 8 3:1; Bd, 33 0>; Iod I" DOil, $8 80 pi rki g.
Nurs—Alnmuds, rarragonn. iimi2 ; Ivlous,
17al8c; wiiiunis, French. 12c; N p es. 16 ;
In can-, 10e; Brazil lOc: Hlbeit*. 12o; eocna
hiits, Buracoi, 25 per 106
Oils—Market lirm: uemand good. Big
um ,45 : West Virginia black 10c; lard, 63c;
ticndlialii, 16c; kill, sene, 104 c: waier White,
IS ; neuls.ool,62u9oe: much,nor . 25 30c; lin
seed, raw. i7c; boiled, 50c: miieral seal, 10c;
llrepro’if, 18c; honieligln. 18c; red C, Uki.
Onions—Domestic, $1 20 per crate; barrels.
$3 (lOali 25.
Potatoes—Northern, $2 40a$00 per Darrel;
seed, >2 75 per barrel.
Peas—Demand tight; cow peas, mixed, 76a
Bile: c ay. 31 6al 5; speckled. $1 Ohal 10;
black eye, sl6oa 175; white erowder, $1 75a2 00.
Pul nks— 1 urkish, i.Jgc Kreucn, c.
I(aisin—i,i maii'i iglit; market steady;
loose new Mnacatel. $2 25; layers. |3 per box;
London later*. 32 56 , or Isix.
Shot—Drop, $ 00: buck. *1 "lb
Halt—The demand is morderate and the
market q met; eurioad loads, 70c, fob: Job
lot . 85call.
HUG a as—The market la steady; cut
loal,64o;siaudard A, 6c; extra C, t;
yellow, 6'i'e; griinuiated. 64c; |iowdered,
6) a°
BYHi r—Florida and Georgia \rupa,3i:a".sc;
the iiiarkei Is qulot f.Tsugarhonse nt 35,,40c;
Cubanruighl good*, 28c In hogsheads; sugar
house molasses, toe.
Tobacco- Market dull, dem nd moderate.
We quote: Smoking, 25ea*l -5; chewing, com
mon. sound, 28a30c: i.,ir, 36a3c; medium, 40a
55c; bright, sua7sc; fine fancy, 86a90c; extra
Hue, 90ca*l 0; bright navies, 4.)u75; dark
navies, 40a60c.
Lumber—Owing, lo the increased demand
from the West, as also the coastwise and for
eign demand, whicu is in e xcess of the output
of the mills, prices are firm at quotations,
with upward tendency. We quote:
Ord nary sizes *l3 80aI7 00
Dillicu 11 sizes 16 oiia2l 50
Flooring hoards... 16i>0a2060
Slups'nff 18 50a2l 50
1 direr—Market dull and nominal. We
7UO feot average * 9 ooall 00
sou •• lo ooall qo
990 •• •• ... 1 00a12 00
1,000 * •• 12 00:114 00
Hhipuing timber in the raft
-700 ieot averago * 6 00a 7 On
800 • •* 7 00a 800
900 * •• . 8 Ona 900
1,000 *• “ 9 OOalO 00
Mill timber *1 below these figures.
Lumber—Bv Sail—We are in want of
touua e, and all arrivals will find ready busi
ness at full rales. Freight linn's are (rum
*5 to *6 from this uud the near G.orgia 1 01 ts
to the Chesapeake pons, Philadelphia, New
York, Hound ports and eastward, 1 huber
50' *1 higher than lumber rale*. To the
West Indies and windward,nomi al;to South
America. *'3al4; to Spanish and Mediterra
nean ports. *Un 12: 10 United King 10m lor
ord r, timber, 2D28.*; lumber, £3 15 . Steam
-To New York, *7; to Philadelphia, *7; to
80-top. *9.
Naval Stores—Firm. Foreign—Cork, etc.,
for oriel's. 4- 36, and, nr 3a; Ad.iate, r uin,
3s lV.pl. Genoa, rosin, 3s. Coasiwieu —Steam—
To Boston, 500011 rosin, *1 on spirits; to New
York , rosin s 'c, spirits 80c: lo Philadelphia,
rosiu 80c. spiritsßoc; to Baltimore, rosin 30 ,
spirits 70c.
t otton—By Steam—The market is steady;
ntl'ering tonnage 11 good supply.
Bremen direct 16 9-32d
Bare lona dtrec j H 33d
Reval direct 'ft tb • • 11-820
Genua jtl lb 23-84 1
V mstel dn m dhec.t lb ■
Antwerp direct'ft lb 19-640
Liverpool direct ft 1b.... v l."-64d
Liverpool via New York 'ft lb 5-16*I
LiviTi 00l via Bult'-more lb 9-320
Antwerp va New Y'orD \ 4 tb 11-32*1
Havre via New Y ork 'ft tb ?4
Bremen via Now Y’ u k 16 lb 11- 16c
Reval via New Y’ork lb IS-B.ii
B'e ien vi Baltimore %t lb Ja”
Amsterdam via New l ir. ... <sc
Genoa via New York V lb %"
Bos to u ft hale, - 1 35
Sea isl and yit liale 1 76
New Yor' hi e .. 1 35
Sea Islan 1 ft halo .... 1 35
Philadelphia ft hale 1 36
Sea islai il %t ale 1 35
Baltimore oale 1 2
Providence bale 1 50
By Sail—
Liverpool 17-64d
Havre fl-82d
Genoa 5- loti
Amsterdam 9-320
BICE - !y Rteara
New Y’ork’%t barrel - 60
Phtladelph'a tjf! barrel 60
Baltimore 'ft Parrel 60
Boston 18 barrel 60
Grown fowls ft oair * 60 ® 75
Chicken* 14 to % grown 40 # 60
Ducks %1 pair 60 caff 75
Geese ft pair 75 @IOO
Turkevs 18 pair 1 25 (,2 00
Eggs, country. dozen 15 © 17
Peannts—Fancy h. p. Va. 'S lb. & Bi^
Peanuts—Hand picked 1b.... t d) oA
Peanuts—Ga. ft bushel nominal 75 © 90
sweet potatoes, yel. reds J* 'msh 50 @ 60
Sweet pot toes.yel.yams hush 50 nti 60
Swee pot’s, white vam- ft tmh 40 @ 5h
Poultry—Market firm; dciuand good for
growu; half to thri-e-quarters grown iu lighi
request; Eggs - Market irregu ar, with a fair
demand: receipts verv light. Peanuts—Am
ple stock: demand fair: market firm and ad
vaucing. Sugar—Georgiaand Floridanom -
ual;none in market. Honey—No demand:
nominal. Sweet Potatoes—Scarce; receipts
very light; demand good.
SAV NNAH, GA.. March 11, 4P. M. i
Cotton. —The market was very firm and
advancing. The demand continues good, but
there is a scarcity of stock. The total sales
forthe day \vereonly7C balqs. On ’Change at
the opening call, at 10 a. ni., the market was
reported firm and unchanged, with sales ol
37 bales. At the second call, at 1 p. m., 1!
was firm at an advance of l-16c for middling
fair and good middling. for middling, low
middling aud good ordinary, the sales being
8 bales. At the third and closing call, at 4
o. m., it was still tlrm and unchanged,
with no further sales. The
following are the oflieinl ctosiug spol
quotations of the Cotton Exchange:
Middling fair. - 9’i
G< od middling 9%
M willing 9J.
Low middling 0 3-16
Good ordinary \t£
Rice.—Tne m irket was verv quiet and un
changed. Thcsales for the dav were only
146 barrels at about quotations, as follows:
Fair SH® —
Good .... Sii ■'
Country lots EO 7 * 60
Tidewater - 9001 iO
N aval-TORKS.—The market for sprits tur
pe> tine waver. uuiet, but llrm at the de
c.ine. At the Board of Trade on ilie open
ing call the market was reported firm, with
sales of 25 casks at 35J<c for regulars. A
the closing call it was Arm at 35)*c for regu
ars. Rosin—The market waß very Arm
There was a fair demand, and about 800 bar
rels changed hands during t e day. At tin
Board of Trade on the first call the raarxe
was reported llrai. with sales o’
200 barrels, at the following quotations:
A. B. c and II oc. K 95c. F3l 00. G $1 024. H
SI 071*180. K *l5O. M 12 uO. N *2 60.
window glass *2BO. water white S29S. Al
the closing call it wan unchanged.
London, March 11. noon.—Consols 1015-16
for mon-y, 1017-16 tor account.
New York. March 1. noon.—Stocks rtnll
hut steady. Money easy at 3604 per cent.
Exchange, long *4 844(<®4 844; short S4 s'bpi’k
4s7J*. state bonds duu hut steady. Govern*
ment bonds du'l hut sieady.
6:00 p. m.—Exchange steady at $4 85J*/®
4 88. Monev easy at 4097 per cent. Sub-
Treasury oalanr.es—Gold. *138.!lox,000; cor
reuev. <19.251.000. Government bonds dm
btu steady; four per cents 128>£; three per
cents. 1004. State bonds dull but steady.
I. -dav wa- I lie uiillest day In the stock
market this week, and wuile prid s were tlrm
through'’lit most ef the day trading wav
almo-t entirely professional, and pending the
.outcome of the Baltimore and onio-onem
operators were waitiua. There was no new
tn regard to It or anything else of imp ’nance
to-day. Foi ror five stocks which have mo
nopolized itusiness for tre pu-t week did the
usual proportion of trading to-dav, while tip
remainder. In the gi neral apathy existing,
were mr iho most part extremely du 1 ami
devoid of feature. A rumor waM circula'ed
in ihc bourif tins afternoon Iha the Bnlliinnri
and Onio scheme was off. which led to some
selling in the last hour, but 11 beGer tone was
dere oped ju-t previous to the close, w lien b
became known tliai an extension of time had
been grated to the syndicate. Western Union
was moderately strong early in the day.
which, In connection wiili the advance in
American cab c stock, attracted comuderabh
attention. Richmond ar.d West Point wa
Ihc conspicuous weak stock of the aciive lisi
its great dm inn tiring in he last hour. Tip
opening this morning wan tame and immter
rsiing hut lirtn iltrotigfi'hi . advances over
last evening's prices ranging from per
rent. There was all iiicuuaiion 10 mavmcss
111 1 lie cany dealings, Iml it a on dl-app arid,
and prices were hr "light up t • a ha ,e nli >ve
opt u:ng figures. The mar..at then been me
ex remeiy dull, but remained llrm, In tae
afi, rao 11 there was*!lll ie snctlvltv. and the
short ponoil of lieavine s wss succeeded hv a
renewal of the sieady hardomng of values.
The last hour, howeV’ r. was marked by re
oewed activ t>, ace moanlet! by ’cakness.
and early gams in many ist-e- we: ’ com
pletely wiped out, Itlchinoud and Me t Point
b mg most noticeable for the decline estali
ilsned. Although the market closed on a rally
ll was heavy at ll* 11 res. The total business
for the dav Was 220.000 shares. The losing
pries today show irregular changes, s
though advances are sligtitlv In iho m ijorily,
and the only important difference wusade
eline of V,i per cent, in Richmond and West
Point Following are the closing quotations:
Alu.ciass A,2tu5.108% Cldc, Ist murl. 78
A lit.class Ik. 6a. . 1 lit % N. Y. Central... ) 13Vi
Georgia is. mort.lu-U Norf A VV. prof. 48
N. Carolina 6s .1:64 Nor. Pact lie 274
N. Carolina is. 100 *• pret. 69
So. Caro (Brown! PaciticMail 144
consols IWS Heading 88’/,
Tennes-ceO s . 784 llidim'd A Ale.. 10
Virgiuialls.... 48 Klchm'il & Dunv-190
Va.consolidated. 68 Klohm'dJt W.Pt,
Cb’penkoftObto 7% Terminal 40 >4
Chic.ft N’litliw’iilbi Rock Island.... 123'^
'•preferred.. .Hu'* Si. I mil i‘i!*
Dels,Lack.* VV iS3 , s " preferred 121
Erie Texas PaMth.. 47
Kasi Tennessee Tenn.Coa ft Iron 41
new stock.... ll'S Union Partflc.... #sV
Lake Short).... US' S N. .1. Cortral .. 09%
L’vtlleft Na*h H'2 Alis-our Pacific l(s%
Alempnisft Cha 56 Western Ipm 751*
Ms bile ft Ohio. Hi Colton Oil Trust
Nash ft Chxtt’a. 83 certificates .... 58?£
New OrleansPa-
LIVHKPOOt,. March 11, noon—Cotton quiet,
with fair inquiry; middling up':indss 5-!6d
middling Orleans s*tfjd: 3*ie*> lO.Oou bales, for
speculation au(i export I.oo# hales; receipts
U.ooo hale—American 2,000 bales.
Futures: Uplands, low middling clause.
March and Ann! delivery, 6 IH-04d: A ril
and Mav. 5 19-04(06 l*-04il; Slav and dune,
010-04(3.6 2b-64d; dune and and uly. 6 21-64d; duly
and August, 5 23(05 24-04d : Augu.st ami Sep
tember,’.) 3:!-t)4(oin 34-04 1; .September and Oo
tohur, 6 18-04d. Market quid.
The tenders of deliverie at to-day's clear
ings amounted to 1.000 bales new dockeisaud
4( 0 old docket.
Sales tor the week, 06,000 bales—American
43,000 bales; speculators took 5,400 bales; ex
porters took 4,100 bales; actual oxuons,
4,000 hales; total imports, 99.0U0 lia os— Amer
leau 64.000; total stock 047,000 bales Aimti
can 746,000 ha es: total uliuul 468,000 bales—
American 4 3.000 hales.
4:00 p. ill.—The sales to-day were 8,600
bales 01 Ainerieau.
Futures: Uplands, low molding clause.
March delivery, 518-64d, sellers; March and
April. 5 18-B4d. sellers: April anil May.
5 18-64(1, vaiue: Mav and .1 ino, 5 IH-iild.
value; June an 1 July, 5 41-61d. selleis: July
and August. 5 24-64d. valu. : August and
sepiemuer, 5 43-04 1, buyers; September aad
October. 5 18-04d.sellers. M .rkeluull.
4 :eu p. .n.—Futures: Uplands, low middling
cause. March delivery. 617-bid. s u or.-; March
and Aprn, 5 17-ii4d, seders: April ami Mav,
5 17-Old. sellers; May and dune. 5 18-04.1,
buyers; June and July, 3 1 i-64d. .lees; duly
and August, 5 4 -01 1, buyers; August au 1
September, 5 24-04d. buvers; Sepiemuer and
October, & seders. Futures closed
Ms* YOKK, March 11, noon.—Cotton opened
ieu •) : middling uplands 9j s c; middling ur
leans 10 l-10c: sales 451 baits.
Futures: Mar 01 opened easy, with sale
as follows: March delivery. 080 c: April, 9 81. ;
-May, 9 880; June. 987 c; July, le64c; August,
lb i Se. •
5:00 p. m.—Market closed easier; middling
up.aii(ie.H>gu; middling' <irlean-, to l-lOe;sines
to-day 3.4 umes net receipts 184 bales, gross
Futures: Market closed steady, with sales
1 00.8OC bales, as foil \v*>: March delivery,
9 79(0ti8lu; April, 0 83®'.ih4i; Mav. 9 BSIO
OS.ie; June. 0 00 9 97c; duly, 10 03(010 ulo;
tiigus , 10 09(91e XOe; December, 9 4 iu)9 47c.
Green ft Uo.. in tdeir reoutou ooiton fu
tures, uy: “trading was raiber ragged to
my, but die general 10 0 of the mar cl
proved loppy, and atier numeroussma I lltic
tuatious the market closed dull and 4(05
jioluts under last evening. There w.is very
it le demand to cover, sotne unloading 01
ions cotton, and the bul s found it ddtl iiP to
obtain supuortiug features. Tno shrinks,e
oi interior st icks is not so great ns outlci
pated. Actual cotton sells lee- freely, and
speculation abroad Is subsiding."
Weekly—Net receipts 1,894 naies,grossS2,l49;
exports, to Great Britain 13,700 bales, to
t Tftuce 694, to trie coutiiient 1b,903; sales 1,841
bales; stock 434,750 bales.
GkbVkSTON, March 11.—Cotton firm, mid
dling 9 6-ittr,
Nohfolk, March 11.—Cotton steady; mid
Baltimore, March 11.—Cotton firm; mid
dll ng 94ic.
Boston, Alarch 11.—Cotton steady; mid
dling tuc.
Wilmington, March 11.—Cotton firm; mid
tling !i-y B c.
I’uiLAPKLPHiA.March 11—Cotton firm; mid
dling 10c.
New Orleans, March 11.—Cotton steady;
middling a 6- 10c.
Mobile, March 11.—Cotton firm; middling
Mbsiphis, March 11.—Cotton quiet; mid
inn. 9V*c.
Apocsta,March 11.—Cotton firm; middling
9 C.
C rt,eston, March 11.—Cotton nominal;
kuiuwsi.sf, March 11.—Cotton firm; mid
ding KC.
Macon, March 11.—Cotton steady; middling
Columbus, March 11.—Cotton firm; mid
tnna 9‘oc.
Nashville, March 11.—Cotton strong; mid
ning i4c.
Selma, March 11.—Cotton quiet; midilliug
Home, March 11.—Cotton firm; middling
l 4c.
New Tori. March 11.—Consolidated nei. r*
eipt. tor all cotton ports to-day, 14,613 bales;
xports, to Great Britain 2,349 bales, to tue
•.uni;uenl6,644; stock at all Ami rioau ports
(32,190 bales.
Liverpool. March 11. noon.—Wheat Hat aud
in poor demand: holders oiler free!) ; Cali
fornia No. 1, 7sßd(®7s lOd; Western winter 7s
ld(37s 5(1.
New York, March 11. noon.—Flour hull
tml heavy. Wheat lower. Com lower.
Fork tlrm; mess 115 25(015 76. Lard steady
i 800 c. Freights steady.
5 p. m.—Southern flour dull but steady.
W heat dull aud a shade lower, closing heavy:
Vo 2 red, March delivery IKi 7 -4 al*4c; Mat
<M(s92lic. Corn lower, closing
• teady ; No. 2. March delivery ', April 49
‘®l>e,'c; May 4'J; H @si)c. lies J<jj(j4C lower;
tii. 2, Match delivery 84 a34' 2 i-. Mav !II5 B (0
’4 7 -c. Hops dull. Coflee, lair Itio dul at
• J4c; No. 7 Itio. March deliver! 12 7oe, April
,2 75c, May 12 75 a, 12 85c. Sugar quiet and
me hanged. Mobilises firmer: one cargo 50-
t -itsoid at 19c. Cotton seed oil—3lc for crude,
[email protected]®io for refined II idea steady. Woo dun
nd h avy. Pork flrtn; mess $l5 25(gi 5 75.
teef dull. Middles dull and nominal, hard
15®10 poinla lower lint more active; 'Ve tern
team, on spot 8 00<ai8 21*0, April del.vcry
1 '.nits Inc. Freights steady.
Chicago. Marcn ll.—The wheat mark'-t
w s unsettled .nd nervous to-ilay aud gener
t|iy weaker, hut the closing prices for Inc (lav
t ore a shale higher than those "f yesterday.
The market opened steady w tlh May at 82!qc,
itom which point it advanced quickly to8K!/ 8 c
nut began to break down agmu under Irce
p .iinding by the boars. On the wav down a
rumor was again started that several large
failures had occurred, which produced a pan
icky feeling and caused another break in May
When it was found that only one
failure had occurred, and that of a local op
erator, the market reacted on the afternoon
ooard. Mav advanced to 824 c and closed for
the day at 82 :1 8 0. Export clearings were
larger, aggregating 265 000 bushels from tlir.-e
ports. The uiur et for corn opened 4c higher,
nut reacted under rather tree offerings, Mav
fall ng back to 4016 c, rallied and closed atllf*
0i4156 a - Receipts were somewhat large,
vhioh, together with weakue-s in wheat,pro
mised an easier feeling. Oats also ruled
easier, in sympathy with other markets, a ,and
dosed lower. There was vert little
doing in mess po k. and trading was confined
:o a few sei tleine.ils of May and .1 une c in
trants. Free offerings by two or three prml
ip ut local Operators oau oil q break of 15£2de
in lard and lirtces closed at about, inside
ligures. Short ribs were, weak under large
.fferings and closed 25r, lower. A
The following s nows me current nrioes for
cash properties on trie regular iio ird: Flour
teadv aie: unchanged. Wheat. No. 2 soring
[email protected],; No. 2 r and nominal. Corn. No. 2,
(li'/s®3Hb. Oats, No. 2. 24c. Moss pork, 320 I
.0)20 25, Card, 7 7nc. Dry sailed shoulders,
nixed, 6VO#6 25c. short clear sides, boxed
s (15 -;8 70c. Whislc vSI 18.
Futures--The following are tue opening,
mgliesi and closing qiioli'llous: Wheat— Nnj,
M .roll delivery 7l>"'>iC76 %v. closed at 70%n;
Mav [email protected], closed a B* '(<■.•, June “!-ur
-2c, closed at sic. Corn. No. 2. Marco
delivery 86" gOpSrtVie, closed a; 8C jjc: May 4I 7
<tt:r closed at l',c. .lane 42*120, 1
and IIJaC Oats. No. 2, March delivery Him
:id 1 j,r-. i-iosed ai 24 1 ;Ma 2U '.,'<42<>'ic, clo ed
it iM'diC; une iviU’.c. elo-ed at
Me- pork. Man li deliver. <2O 55:,2085. Closed
a! 10 0; Mn. I2u si®2 . closed 111 $2O 5:1;
June $2O 50. Lari, Mar li dellvc ys7 76ia>7 76.
I used ul $7 70; May <8 051(6- 0 1, closed at
*7 85; June $-07*4(48 17 4, closed at $7 00.
short ribs. March delivery 8 Bs<sB 850. ciosed
it 882*.e: May 87: 6tB 70". elo-ed at 8 4 2)40;
■jiiii" 8 7<i...at* 72!4e, closed si 8 47Hr.
ItAi.riMOKK. March 11. —f lour llrm; good
de and: Howard -treet and Weatern super
lioe $2 50 <9i 10. extra $.l 25#8 7ft, tarnllv
>4 'i)a£4 00. cii.v nulls siiucrllnc $2 501141 On.
extra <8 2''f<4! 76; Kio brand- $1 00(144 75.
Whoat Southern Arm and lalrlyactiT: ; red
’.tadpole, am her 94<2405e; W stem lower an I
•In 1: No. 2 Weatern winter red. on spot -Otic
at eil. Corn —loirtoern higher for white;
.eltow 48* ji<i7o; Western lower and dull.
ST. Holds. March ll.—Hour quiet and
sleadv. Wheal un etlledj closed 1 ~c lower;
No i red. ca b T9is7hHc: May delivery 79*4*
sO-t.. Corn quic and ’((l4lie 1 wer; No 2
allied, a ll ;; fJldlHie; Ma. delivery M%<*
.tds ia*sdn l out unchanged: No. 2 mixed,
casti 29140 hid. Mav 28!4<* Whiskv steady at
$ll3. Provisions dull and lower: Fork, $lB
Hard, 7 :!7',i,e bid. Mull meats, boxed lots
ona near a 87 He, short riles 50c, short dear
802*40, it aeon long clear 8 75c, aoort rtlw
B7*/,.® 80. snort dear 9 12*4*9 85c. Haina
Urn at ll*s.tml*c, _
l.ot'liTlbl.B. March 11 —Wheat—No. 2.
red 84c. Corn. No. 2. mixed white 40c.
‘‘at*. No 2, .lie. Provision* closed qmei:
Bacon, clear rib ai to* v*c, clear sides 9lsc,
shoulders 7c. Bulk meats, c ear rib Hides *H<3
el*ar side* 8 7 8 0, shuimlera ti 1 € (&%o.
Prk nominal Hams sugar cured, 12 OlH#
IJI “Of.. Lard, choice leaf BJ4c
Cincinnati. March ll.—Flour steady.
Whcai firm; No. J red 84V&0. Corn—No. 2
mixed 39‘w'0.400. at*.—So, i mixed 2U*itHoc.
l*ork nominal at fls fjo. Lard neg ecuul at
~ Hulk meat* dull; ftaort rdia Be. Ba
con easy; short rib 9c, short clear ‘*c.
Whisky steady at $1 13. Bigar steady. Hogs
“rm; common and light H su(ig&& 76; packing
and butchers $: [email protected] 10.
Nkm Orleans. March 11.—Market* dull,
but steady aud unch nged.
London. March 11, 4 p. ni.—Spirits tarpon
tine. 21 h 10 vi H
Ni:\v Voit.’v, March 11,noon.—turnon
tine dull ai 89*. Ko ii, <tul at $1 lO.
5 P m.—Spirita turpeutiuu steady. Koain
CU a hi. kston, March 11.—Spirits turpentine
firm ai 35c Kotin steady; gpod strained 80c.
Wilminot .n. March i.—spirits lurpentin
firm at s'ac. Rosin Arm; strained
good ti rained | ar hi m at $1 10. Crude
turpentine llrui; hard + ’0; yellow dip and
virgin (l 90.
New Yoke, March 11.— Rice market steady.
Fruit Mttd b a M
The following sp-cial to the Morning Niwb
is published lor the beuefll of ur Florida
and Georgia readers and those interested iu
fruit- and vegetables, andean be reded u*ou
a* accurate and roliabife:
Sptcitil to Morning Kenut,
New York. March 11.—Florida oranges
fancy, $8 75a4 00 per box; choice, $"• 2R
a8 50 per box ; fair to good, $2 - oa2 60 per box :
poor, Si 00m 1 50 per box: russets, SI 75a2 25
er box; 'iangaiines, S4aB per b< x; cab
bage, Florida, per barrel, S1 oon3 <0; beam*,
M rid i. per crate. S a5; beets, Fonda, per
rue. 52 25; egg plant, Florida, per barrel,
*Unl4. ,J. Lb 11 ASM AG KN,
Eastern Agent Florid* Disoauh Line.
5 i 3 .rlluuMitC.
I < V f J.tJi Xu ,1 \ i lG—l> v. Y.
sun Risks, 0:14
SUN SET, 0 7
Ukjb \V *tk t it Sawin th . 10:08 A >t 10:37 p .*
Saturday, March 12, 10.7.
Steamship Chattahoochee, Daggett, New
York -C Ai Anderson Agent.
cbr Aria G -ihortlaiui, Hardlng.New York,
with .tone to order; vessel to Jos A Kolteris
* t o.
Steamer St Nicholas, Uslna, Darien, Dnlmy,
Brunswick auii Feruandiuu—C Wtlliains,
Schr Mary E Morris. Smiih. Philadelphia
with coal o D R Thomas; vessel to Jos A
Roberts A Cos.
Steamship Dossoug, Smith, Philadelphia—
C G Anderson Agen .
Bark f-aniago !Sp). Ferrer. Palma de M
iorca—Clias Green’s Son A Cos.
Steamer St Nicholas, Usina, Darien, Doboy.
Brunswick, ami Fernandtua—o Williams.
Stoamsbin Tallahassee. New York.
Steamship Johns Hopkins. Baltimore (not
Schr Annie C Grace. Philadelphia.
Schr Wm K Drury. Ba ti inure.
New York, March 9—Arrived, schr* Flora
Rogers. Jamieson, Fernandlna; Caleb S
uiriuewav. Town-end. Dii'ien. Ga.
Dung'ness. March 9—Off, bark Margarthe
(Geri, Sui'ple-s Savannah for Stettin,
seilly, March 9—Passed, steamship Prior
Br), Graham, (Joo-aw. for Hamburg,
Slinrun.se, March 9—Sailed, hark Freydts
(Nor., Savannah.
Cardenas, March 8— Arrived, schr William
Kreder ck, Peterson, Ptfusacola.
Rio Janeiro. Fell 10—Sailed harks Telxetra
(Port). Csn"eo. Brunswick; 13th, semantha
Bri. Simpson, do.
SHgna, VJ lit eta 2—Arrived, bark Nannie T
Bell. Huff, Pensacola.
Bal'iinore. M .rob -Arrived, schrChasE
Young. Corson. Bull River.
Philadu ulna. March —Cleared, schrs Ad
die B Bacon. Bacon. A’oosiw, * C; Mattie
May, Richardson. Georgetown, 8 C.
Providence, March 9—Arrived, schr Geo H
Ames. Marshall, Savannah.
Pensacola. March 9 irrived, bark Tan
conk (N .r), Hansen. Buenos Avre*.
Cleared, shin Rec-lpr arity (Br), Jones.
Greenock; schr Carrie S Bailey, Welsh, Aa
Darien. Ga. March 9—Cleared, schrs Melts-
A Wilier. Willey. Ne < York; Annie E
Blackman. Steelman. YVrimight m. D and.
Fernandlna. March il—Cleared, schr Jen
nie S H li. Hall, New York.
New York, March ll —Arrived, steamship
Adr atic from Llveipool.
Arrive i out, steamship Canada, New York,
for London.
While crossing the Kquaior Feb 6, in lon 38
W. bark Longfellow (Br), Irom Pensacola for
Rio Janeiro.
Per Charleston and Savannah ltv. March 11
1 bale cotton. 4 cars guano, 12 pkgs and B3
caddies tobacco. 95 caddies tobacco, 25 bo xe*
tobacco, 20 lid.B bid covers, 3 baskets. 20 bdls
brooms. 5 bdls pails, 2 pkg hardware. 1 chso
drugs, 4 bbls celery. lu bids cement, 4 pkg
mdse. _ _
Per Savatinan, Florida and Western Rv.
March 11 —4Ol balesco ton. 42 oars lumber. 398
bid-rosin. 45 bills pirll* turpentine, 10 bbls
oranges, 2cars blocks, 8 cars wood, 20 boxes
vegetables, 1 car brick 5.501 boxes oranges, 4k
nbl- vegetable-, 0 bales hides. 3 pkgs wax, 48
refrigerator*strawberries, 4crate*strawber
ries, 51) boxes pine, 2 top buggies, 14 bbl< emp
ty bottles, 9bb whisky. 3 lif bbls whisky. 68
sacks bran. 130 chairs, 41 sacks rough rice, 3
bills syrup. 40 pkgs mdse
Per central Railroad. March 11—091 hales
cotton. 10 do/. lirooms, 1 organ. 71 bales yarn*.
IS bale* domestic*. 4 bale* lu es. 12 rods lea
ther, 11 pkg* paper. 38 pkgs tobacco, 3 cars
bacon, 15 oar* oats, 290 sacks bran. 7 cars hay.
8 car* corn, 125 bbl flour. 4 cars live stock, 18
cars lumber. 5 cars wood, liar pig iron. 3 cars
wood In shape. 3 pkgs do, 120 buls lime. 4 bbls
iquors. 4 case* and >. 17 bbl* spirit* turpentine.
8(1 bbls rosin, 103 pkgs furniture, 2 bbls syrup,
1 case liquor. 80 ptgs mdse, 590 bbl grtis, 18
bales paper stock. 887 sucks cotton seed meal.
40 bbls cotton seed on. 23 pkgs hardware, 15
bbls eggs, 2 eases eggs.
Per steamship Johns Hopkins, for Balti
more— t.:isu bale* upiand cotton, 43 uai. s *ea
Island cotton. 350 bins rice. 2,042 bbis o*'n,
259 tibia '•pint* turpentine, #0 bsles domestics
and yarn*. 30 bale* hide*. 28 rolls leather, 60
bbls vegetables, 30 crutes vegetables. 1.175
mixes orange*, !!2 tIOO .liinglc* 157 pka* mde.
Rersteamsbip Tallahassee, for New York -
481 hup * upl nd cm ton, 84 bale* sea island
cotton. 04 bale* domestic and yarns. 101 obis
rice 1.28 - bids roin.4<> bbls spirits turpentine.
91 pkg* frrwli lish. 39 bbls fruit, 2,558 boxes
fritll. 18 bbls vegetables, 259 boxes • getables,
~11514 ton* pig iron, 13 iia es paper stock, 21 re
fru.cr.itor berries. 181 crutes do.
Per bark Santiago (Sp). lor Palmade Ma
jorca—269 Ml feet p p lumber. 110 bale- up
land ootion weighing 51,910 pounds, 2 -bills
ro*in. weighing 68,685 pounds—Glia*Green's
Son ft Cos,
Per steamship Johns Hopkins, for Balti
more—J E Clii'e.uu. Mr* J M Thompson. Mrs
•j A Bh 1 r and 2 children, M*4r B Thomu
*oll, N45 fill 111. Ml-* Lillie Bcl/ler, D J lier
nan. II H Wi lowglney. P SV Robertson, J S
Young, t J Hurd. V W !• nt.
Per *teamsblo Tallahassee, for New York—
-1 s ttu *e I. Mr* J Del. ingnter. Col C K
Beil, tie.n G M 8 rrel , Mr and Mr* Bohannon
it Met.a*-ie, W McCabe, il Billing*, Mr* W
i Beil C Eg linger. Mr Milder-, Mrs Taylor,
Rey W Mu.ire, E S Tor ton, J J Lewis Mrs
Whitney, 11 c u-über. Mrs M Porous, Mrs J
F K .roe- F I. Lowe (eol)
Per steamshln Chattahoochee, from New
Y , 1 a Imun and maid, Mra P t Car
iiemer, I II llalliK'.k, K c Jordon, Dr J Rice,
Mr., R -ooltaum and 2chiidren, R Schley, A
Brackett. K R Brackett, Mr* Brackett, Mrs
F 1 French, Mr Mill r, Llilie G P ckwo and, M
Davis. II JelUffa. U G McGowan aud wile. H
W Boy i. Rev B M Itriidou, Ii 11 Gordon, Mis*
Macy, C Z )1 undock. T Bragnoli. J Bruguoll,
and 2 steerage.
Per Charleston and (savannan Rv. March 11
—Ford* Agl, O Butler, il Solomou ft Son,
Soiith -rii Tel Cos. Lee Roy M vers. A B Hull,
t, E * imp, s Guckenlieitner ft Sen. C L Jones,
s-iitth Bros & Cos, G M Ityals, Clark 4D.C11
Hlilsiuan, AII Champion, A Hanley. H J
Blitch G I* " iagins, J F Walsh, M Ray.
Per tivimnan. Florid* lino tVeanwn Rv,
March ll —lord* gi. Jno Flaunorv ft Cos.
Kckman ft V. A Ehrlich ft Bio. AY end ft C.
H Myer ft Bros, Grady. DeL A Cos. A Lefiler
M Ferst ft Cos. Epstein ft W M Y Henderson,
J G Butler, D Y Dancy, W G Cooper, S Mal
lard, Decker .4 K. YV I> Simkius. C H Duiselt,
B H Levy ft Bm, W w Gordon ft Cos. R g
Mini*. Memharil Bros ft Cos, JlcDoi ell ft Cos,
Bacon, Jft Cos, D C Bacon ft Cos, Frierson ft
Cos. T P Bond. A Falk A non. Daie, D ft Cos,
J K Clark, 4 Cos, 9 Lovell ft Son, P J Fallon,
l.nd en ft B, J H Wilson. W D Dixon, J A
Sul Ivan, l.mpmun Bros, Rieser ft S, Hermes
ft J. Lee Roy Mvers, Th s West, K T Roberts,
31 Holey & Son, Peacock, H ft 1 o, 31 Macleanft
MY * l> 1 Sloliitire. Elli*, Y A Ci, Perkins
ft Son. F M Fariey. YVarren ft A, Baldwin ft
Cos. J P Williams.
PorCeutrnl Railroad. March 11— Forde \srt,
II M Coiner ft Cos, t 31 l arley, Baldw in & Cos,
M Maclean, YV W Gordon ft G , H Porter, L
Pntzel, G Walter ft Cos, J G Butler. Strauss
Bros, Palmer Bros, A 31 ft C W West, Fay ft
E. I.ippm 11 Bros, O But or, M Boiev ft Son
Neldnuger ft R, Einstein ft C.Lee Rov Myers*
(■ I, George, I G Haas.S Gwckenbeimer ft Son
T P Bond, 1 term all ft K, 'V T L'lwrv. J YI
dark-on, YV s Butch E 1.0 vei ft Son. McGil
ti* ft 31, Lindsay ft 31. H Myer* ft Bros, GO
Hodges, McDonough A It. Liiienthal ft Son,
Frank ft Cos. M Mendel A Bro, 31 Ferst ft Cos,
J Mendel, A J Miller & Cos, J M Hein'ersoa,
i.udden ft B. Einrtein ft L, L Savarese ft Bro,
Pearson ft S, C C fchlers, McDonough ft 1
I liiitnlro, RSa'a*, DC Bacon ft Cos, T C
Bryan. A fciusiei ’s Suns, Peacock. 11 ft Cos,
Decker* F. J C lnompsou, YV 111 E cnllm, R
Roth well, R ./Speer. WC Jackson, G E Da-
Vl*. .1 P YV ill 1 am*. Ellis. Y' ft < o.
Par steamship Cha tahooohee. from New
Yin k—A K Altmayer ft Cos. B/CkftS, F. t
Byck, Bycfc yio, S YV Branch, .VI Birtihaum,
Bendiieim Bros ft Cos. Blodgett, M & Cos, L
Rim mu 11, 4* Butler, M L Koyd, 31 Krown,
C it R Bkg Cos. YV s Ciherrv ft Cos, C H Chap
man, J Cohen, UJCubnedge. L Charner, It
C Counoil, J S Coll us <. Cos, A H champion.
Col.at Bros, Cornwell ft Cos. W G CoOoer, E
Yl Connor C roll mi ft D, J A Douglas* ft Cos, J
D. r*t. 1 Dasher ft Cos, I Epstein ft Bro, TII
E 1 right, i'.ckutsn* V. J H hstdl. R fc-lliott,
Ein*iein ft L. G Eckstein ft Cos. 8 A Kinsfein,
A lUiriieti ft Bro. M Ferst ft Cos, Frank ft Cos.
J It Turner. L Fretd, 1 F'r id, Fretnell ft N.
A Folk ft Son, 1 ire Department. Fleircbmaa
ft 1 o, F inn Bros, SGuekenhe mer ft Son, J P
Germaiui, C3l Gilbert ft Cos. Gray ft (i’B, .1
Gorba ... h irk Geh u. Go rue Al„ L J on
/.,n, I* J Golden, Hex ter ft K. liirsch Bros, D
liogan, A L Han ridge, F 31 Hull. A llauley,
I G Una*. G 31 Ueiut A Cos, C Ilettern h. II
lln-so, A It Hull, Kavannugb A U. FJOI Ken
nedy. hukuc- A L. A Kraus-. SKrmskoff.
*t ■ r lvaoe. N Lana, E 1 ovell ft Sou, P Lin
•leusirulb, D B ce.ster, Llppman Bro*,, H FI
lanii-, LuUdqn ft B, Lindsay ft VI, J F’ 1. 11 ba
I> J ilyou*. BH Lev. ft Bro, Lack Iron iuiQ
C al Cos, Jno I. von* ft Cos. J 31 Gralli ft Cos,
3tohr Bros. Melnbard ltr,w ft Cos. Di Morri
*oll, I, A McCarih , Mutual Co-Oop Aes’n,
WBYlellACo, Lee K*. 14 or*. G, o Meyer,
Mar ii,id Hon-e, A J .Miller ft to. E Moyle,
McDi uell * Cos, A s Nichols Jno Mcols, u jr,
NeidiinaerA R, J G YVil-on ft Cos. Order.l
Lin/, ohlander Bro*, Order H Milier agt.
Peacock. 11 A co, D Purv.a. I’ulaski House,
P IV-ie I, Palmer Br,,*, C D 1 ogors.J Uouike,
Ra> A <J, tl Solomon A Son, SOl nion* A Cos,
il L Schreiner. Jno Sullivan, Screven Hnu-e,
flavannau Water Work*. C E Stulls, E ft .1 31
Schroder, L C Strong, HSc ir der, M -ter i
berg. J T Shupinne, -a.annar. Cotton Press
As*u, J G sulliva ft Cos, Smith Bro* ft co,
P It ■'pringer. hi A Schwarz, WD Simkius,
J H Silva. J F Torrent, GW i'leueman. Singer
Mi* Cos, P Tulierdy. Weed ft C, J P Williams,
A3lft C YV West, YVyliy ft C. D YVeisbcin,
J R " hit’ head, Tliq* West. J Wob.-.nka, K D
VV alker, Webster ft O. Ga ft Fla IS B Cos, W
U Tel Cos. Southern Ex Cos.
list of vessels in the port of
Savannah, March 10, 1887.
stic a asdics.
Deasoug, 1,367 tons. Howes. Philadelphia, cld
—C G Anderson.
Chattahoochee, 1,888 tons, Daggett, New
York, dis—C G Anderson.
Nymphaea (r.r). 1,284 tons, Brcoks, Reval, ldg
A 31 in 1* ft Sons,
Kalantine (Br;, 874 tons, Grimwade, Reval,
rig —A Mi 111* ft -ons.
Em Melon (Br). 1.184 tons, Slmonds, Barcelo
na, ldg—Wilder ft Cos.
Merced,'* (Br). 1,418 tons. McFee, Bremen,
ldg—Uichardaou ft Barnard.
Six steaiusuips.
Pohona (Br), 799 tons. Jamieson, Liverpool,
, indi*ire*s—Holst ft Cos.
Fridlcif 1 Son, 480 ions, Uisen, Norkoping, ldg
—llol-t ft co.
Lainctar (Rus), 446 tons. Nyross, Europe, ldg
—J K ( arke ft Cos.
Nellie T Guest (Br;, 888 tODS, Messenger, Re
val, ldg—Ricuarrison ft Barnard.
MeinioiHri, 954 ton*. Horn. Liverpool, ldg—
R i hardson ft Barnard.
Sau iago (ip), 561 ton*, FVrer, Palma de 31a
jurca, c.d—Chas Green’s Son ft Cos.
Golden Hui set ( Hr’.522 tou-, SUlllabeer. Lon
don. Ida—Pa er*on. Downin* ft Cos.
UelioD (An*), *4O tons, Cosuilcb, Europe, ldg—
M Ci is ll licit ft i,o.
Sjomamun (Nor). 363 tons, Lunde, Europe..
ldg—3l a Cositlicb ft 1 o.
Ocean 1 Nor). 4*5 t ns, H.ilgren. 4 ork. for or
der*. idg—Strachau A Cos.
Deiphtn (Rus 1, 616 tons, Alender, at TyOTe,
w.g—strachan A Cos.
E even bars*.
John Wesley, 425 tons, Hand, Baltimore,
—Jos A Huberts & *.<o,
One brig,
Mary E Morris, Smith, 417 tons, Philadel
phia. dla—Jos A It bcrls A Cos.
Miuoie A li'insali, 486 tons, Coge, New York,
dis—Joa A Roberts A Cos.
SulliVHn isawin. 176 tons, Sieadley, Wood’i
Hole, dls—Joa A Roberts A Cos.
Frank Vai do horcbeu. 51i torn,i hamherlain.
New Yor,., dls—Joe A Roberts A Cos.
Samos. 876 tons. Smith, New Bedford, dls
Jo- A Roberts A Cos.
Bessie Whiling. 895 tons, Dayton, New York,
dls—Ji>s A Robert A Cos,
How ard Williams. 562 tons, Foster, Boolhbay,
ills—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Ada G Short land. 818 tons, Harding, Now
Yors. dis—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Henry Souther, 679 tons, Hupper, Philadel
phia, Idg—Jos A Robert, A Cos.
Clara E Bergen, 487 tons, Dayton, New York.
dis— Job A Roberts A Cos. s
Ueo 8 Marta, 400 .ous, Henderson, Baltimore,
idg—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Ann e Bliss, 817 tona. O’Donnell, Baltimore.
dls—Dale, Dixon A Cos.
Charmer. 8 6 tons, Daboll, New York, dis—
McDonough A Cos,
Cassie Jameson, 899 tons, Collins, Phlladel*
plila, Idg—M ster.
Fourteen schooner-.
Maverick National Bank,
CAPITAL #400,000
BIJIIPI..CB 400,000
Accounts of Banks, Bankers and Corpora
tions solicited.
Our facilities for COLLECTIONS are ex
cellent and we re-discount for Banks when
balances warra t It.
Hos od Is a Ui serve City, and balances with
u‘ iroin Banks (not located in other Reserve
Cities) count as a reserv,-.
We draw our own Exchange on L mdon and
the Continent, and make Cable transfers and
niuce money by leicgrsuh throughout the
United Stales and Canada.
Ooveroui nt Bonds nought and sold, and
Exchanges in Wash ngton made tor Banka
without extra charg.a
W e have a market for prime ilr-t'cia-s
ve-'rnentSeeurliiee and Invite proiiosaiaJjMtffl
si t'-s, conn ties and i.liles when lnscwwaj
We*do a general Banking bn-ines-, and
vlte correspondence. Jl
AS A I*. POTTER, President. M
JOS. W. W ORK, Cashier. M
Kissiinmce City, Orange County, Fla.
CAPITAL #50,000
rj' , RANaACT a regular banking business. a
JL Give particular attention to Florida col.M
lections. Correspondoace solicited. Issue Ex-]
change on New York, New Orleans. Savuu-9
nah and Jacksonville. Fla Resident Agents 1
f. r < outts A Cos. and Melville, Evans A Cos., of 9
1 ondon, Englaud. New York, correspondent: 1
The Sea hoard National Bank.
Or Ttry. I
J.WILEY HARRIS, from Macon 17a.
THOS, F. BLACK, from Atlanta, Ga.
A. iIKRZHKRG, Cad-den^la.
Offli on Broad Bt., next to Plunntx Hotel,
REAL ESTATE, Slocks and Bonds. Fire
and Life Insurance, Mineral Lands a
sis cialtv. Corresnoiidence s—joilesL

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