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S iV kXS UA UKB r.
0J F savannah. Ga .. April 1. INST.I
Tenebai. I?em arks—There is nothing new
re' ite about business in the general market
unuit last week. Tbe weather Has been any
.“./but encouraging for the spring traae.
it Has been steadily cold for the entire week.
in( i the trucking business has been thrown
f" k materially. Aside from this there was
owing m the situation or indications of any
“ 'active business in the near future. The
rent tra , ie 1B running about as full as could
reasonably be expected at this period of the
tear especially so when it is considered that
L weather is still cold and unsettled. The
local and nearby demand is at the moment
very light. Travelers’ orders in some few
departments are arriving freely, but as a
whole may be considered of moderate propor
t ons. The heaviest demand was to be ob
served in groceries, the movement of
which was in good volume. Dry
goods were comparatively quiet, the feeling,
however. Is a firm one. Jobbers are not
ghlng business, and are scanning credits
rlosely. There were comparatively few price
change's during the week, and the course of
values, with one or two exceptions, were
verv even. There was some activity for a
dty or so in the security market, more par
ticularly Central railroad stock, but it has
become again somewhat inactive. Money is
easy and exchange steady at a slight decline.
The appended review of the different markets
will show their tone and latest quotations at
the close to-dav:
naval storks.—The market for spirits
luruentine was rather irregular ior the most
~rt prices opeuiug this week at 84i$c for
oculars. The market sold down to 34c, but
it the close to-day advanced sharply, c osing
firm at 33c for regulars. There was a fairly
steady demand, but the stock in
lands was comparatively small, which re
acted business. The total sales for
the week were about 800 casks. Rosin—The
market was quiet but firm for the whole list.
The e was a moderate inquiry during the
week and about 7,500 barre.s changed hands.
In another column will be found a compara
tive statement showing the full receipts and
shipments from the begmuiugof the season
of 18 6 and ending March 31, as well as for the
same time tiie previous season, with the stock
on baud and on shipboard by actual count,
together with the official closing quotation!.
Cotton— Oniy a nominal business has been
in progress during last week. This was, how
ever not the fault of buyers, who were
found looking over the market quite actively,
lint the buying was limited owing to the very
sma 1 stock offering, and receipts are comitc
m slowly and in small lots. Br.cesjiave beef!
strong and steadilv advanced until at the
close to-day were fully l [email protected]%c higher than a
week ago. The total sales for the week were
only 6911 bales. The following are the official
closing spot quotations i the Cotton Ex
Middling fair 10t4
Good middling W/ 4
Middling 10
Low middling 9%
Good ordinary 9%
Ordinary....— nominal
I sea Mand. —The receipts, as reported by
factor- no to 4 p. m. for the week, were tig
bags, and the sales for the same time were 858
bags, leaving the stock by actual count at
‘J, 130 nags. The market is gradually working
into belter shape. There was an improved
demand, with holders free sellers at full fig
ures for prime grades. The above sales were
based on the following quotations:
Common Georgias and Florldas.,l4 @lB%
Medium 17 @17%
Good medium 18 ro>lß%
Medium flue ~18%@19
Fine.... 19u(i$2o
Extra fins 21 (($244
Choice 22 @23
The receipts ot cotton at this port from all
sources the past week were 2,192 bales of
upland and 62 baies sea island, against 5,680
bales of upland and 84 bales sea island lust
The particulars of the receipts have been as
follows: Per Central railroad. 938 bales up
land: per savannah, Florida and Western
railway, 1,146 bales upland and 62 bales sea
island: per Savannah river steamers. 64
bales upland; perChaleston and savannan
Railway Company, 2 bales upland; per
Brunswick and Satilla river steamers, 9
bales upland.
The exports for the week were 5.835 bales
upland and 550 bales sea island: To New
York, 912 bales upland and 130 bales sea
island: to Boston. 4 baies upland and 4 bales
sea island; to Baltimore, 1,082 bales upland
and 416 bales sea ls'and; to Philadelphia, 123
bales upland: to NorkoplDg, 4,700 bales up
The local mill consumption for the past
thirty weeks was 1.200 bales; to the interior
resbipned to Cincinnati, 362 bates; burned on
steamers Dessoug, Lanca-ier (Br,j and bark
Gler (Nor.). 162 bales; to Charleston. 260 bales.
The stock on baud to-day was 8,174
bales upland and 3,130 bales sea island,
against 32.283 bales of upland and 3,143 bales
sea island last year.
Comparative Statement of Net Receipts. Export* and Stocks of Cuttoo to the Following Places
Latest Dates.
*m | Stock on
Received since Exporte”ince September 1, 1886. j hand and on
PORTS. September Ut. Shijiboard.
Great O'hr f'n Total C'stwise , :
1886-87. | 1885 -SO. Britain France. Fort*. Foreign. Porte. | 1887. 1886.
New Orleans April 1 1,66 :,480| 1.610.622 657,035 314,561 336.884 1,308.480 316.885 , 202.131 299,358
Mobile. April 1 210.310 234 2'5 45.442 45,142 i69.482 | 4,76? 30, Illy
Florida April 1 12.829 19.019; !2.819
Texas April 1 6:12,070 657,895; 252,180 30,85 2 • 96 059 378,791 300.910, | 21.436 33 b.)
.e.ee<>h ttfp’d.. - April 1 753.899 718.766 226 087 18,6*8 242,320 487.055 ] 268.892: * 8.174 1 52.2-3
savannan j Sea l 8 Aprl! ,1 ;, 7 j 7# 21- ,- 4 l 744 1 <74) 2*.tio , 213" 3.076!
(Up’d.. April 1 380.994 446,634’ 86.979 1 43,862 138,311 271,152, •7.8R/I 8.409 44,476
Charleston ) Se ' a laM . M iruh M 7<774 7 , 53 : **s . .. 525 6.89' I.7J?| 3,434,
North Carolina. April 1 133,34 3 9:„2o<>jj 90,823 7,9601 10,839 109.610; :;,97 9 2.!59| 4.923.
Virginia April 1 830.246 712,076 409 061 2.150! Itc| 4 3.5171 207,414 i!,116i 87 5*4
New York April 1 79.880 68.089 390.796 39,3001 lid 047 621.143 ! 228.663 209.20411
Other ports April 1 284,588] 226,522 256,593 8.72 5 1 30,592 295.916; 1 ll.Olf. 59,780! I
Total todate 6,056,161/ 2,417.565 465,5661 1.068.6761 8,843,499 1.422.69.: 6.14. Ml II
Tola I to date in 1886 I 4,837,681 I I I I il I 861.788//
CuuiparnUve totfou 9iimriu
Of Gross tixcKirTg, Exports and Stocx on b anp. April 1,
tm-7. ms-<.
Sea Sea i
/eland, rplam l. /elind. I Cph, J.
Stoek on hand Scptemlier 1. I.l*# *.B“ 541 1.1*4
' Received this week _ t>2 I,!M •>* \W&
Received previously 27p7. J 7ii,*N' ?!,4pt 7;* irl
: Total. M| mw ' H, I
Exported this week .. I 55 ,, i s.st* :yl y.n
Exported previously I 2j.Fl -j 748,172 lB.Mil - .">7.
I Total. I mm .-J.O- 7
<tfx'k on hanl atio on fillip-'
U>;*ri this lav at J p.m...j 2,iW 8,114,1 3,143', Is
Movementsofcotton atintkrior points
giving receipts and shipments for the week
ending April 1 and stock on nand to-night,
and for the same time last year:
Week ending April 1, ISST-<
Receipt*. Shipment*. .81 ick,
Augusta 424 1,536 9.059
Columbus 172 131 4,336
Rome 96 190 306
Macon 7 2; 2,261
Montgomery 186 182 1.058
Selma 84 543 1,288
Memphis 8,375 16.476 41,948
Nashville 183 460 2,324
Total r. 4,527 19,575 6^,560
—Week ending April 2, 1881.—,
Receipt* 1. Shipmetit*. effect'.
Augusta 61 1 1.037 29.194
Columbus 401 1.007 8.378
Montgomery 276 108 6,643
Selma ... 79 279 8.967
Memphis 8,162 12,087 102,520
Nashville 27.6 324 2,837
Total 4,785 11,842 158,739
Thui Last Ra*t
Week. Wank. Te< ir.
Galveston. 2.077 2.820 4,580
New Orleans 13.597 19,02.3 18,989
Mobile 1.014 1,068 1,587
3avannah 2,262 3.670 6.075
Charleston 1,056 2,090 5,230
Wilmington 297 362 816
Norfolk 1,516 2,8.72 9,527
New York 4,546 1,462 494
Various 7.701 13,083 14.155
Total 33.976 46.415 59,433
Receipteat all U. S. ports this week... 33.973
Last year 59,433
Total receipts to date 5,056,101
Last year 4,819,342
Exports for this week 75.046
Same week laatvear 76,916
Total exports to date 3.964,281
Last year 8.249 1:2
Stock at all United states ports 534,811
Last year 851,788
Stock at all interior towns 88,313
Last year 161,296
Stock at Liverpool 959.000
Last year 718,000
American afloat for Great Britain 171,000
Last year. 128.000
1887* 1886. 1885.
Sales for the week . 88,000 67,000 39,000
Exporters took 16,000 3 390 3,000
Speculators took 12.000 4,400 1,000
Total stock 959,000 713.000 1,008.000
Of which American.. 777,000 527,000 788,000
T’l imports for week. 119,000 77.200 54.000
Of which American. 90,000 61,000 44,000
Actual exports 28,000 17,300 8.000
Amonnt afloat 260,000 209,000 172,000
Of which American. 171.000 126,000 120.000
Price SlllOd 6d 6d
Visible mcpplyot cotton.—neiow we give
the table of visible supply, as made up by cable
andtelegraph for the Financial and Commer
cial Chronicle to March 25. The continental
stocks, as well as those of Great Britain and
the afloat, are this week’s returns, and con
sequently all the European figures are brought
down to Thursday evening. But to make the
totals the complete figures for March 25 we
add the item ot exports from the United
States, including in it theexportsof Fndav
18S7. 1886.
Stock at Liverpool 919.900 7)O,U(w
Stock at London 10.000 17.001'
Total reat Britain stock. 959.000 749,000
Stock at Hamburg 2,500 4,100
Stock at Bremen 40,500 41.500
Stock at Amsterdam 29,000 28,000
Stock a. Rotterdam 300 800
Stock at Antwerp 1,100 1,600
Stock at Havre 241.000 169,000
Stock at Marseilles 4.000 7,000
Stock at Barcelona 51,000 84,000
Stock at Genoa 5,000 11,000
Stock at Trieste 10,000 5,000
Total continental stocks ... 384,400 351,800
Total European stocks 1.313.100 1,073.800
Indiacotton att’t for Europe 216,000 224,000
American cotton afloat for
Europe 460,000 334,001
Egypt, Brazil, etc., afloat for
Europe 56,000 18,0i Hi
Stock in United States ports. 578,302 88-,475
Stock in U. S. interior towns 160,775 335,231
UnitedStatesexports to-day 29,419 11,601
Total visible supply 2,833,896 2,890,107
Of the above, the totals oi .xmerioau and
other descriptions are as follows:
American —
Liverpool stock 756,000 522,000
Continental stooks 274,000 250,001
American aloat for Europe. 4to ,(iOO 334.000
United States stock 578,302 888,475
United States interior stocks. 150.775 535.231
UnitedStatesexports to-day 29,419 Ji.bol
Total American 2.248,496 ?,800,807
Total East India, etc 585.400 539.800
Total visible supply 2,833.895 2,890,107
Tbe imports in to continental ports this week
have been 53,000 bales.
The above figures indicate a decrease in
tbe cotton in sight to date of 56,211 bales as
compared with the same date of 1836, an in
crease ot 142,720 bales as compared with the
corresponding date of 1885, and a decrease ol
121,951 bales as compared with 1884.
Is the Bombay statement for the week and
year.bringing the figures down to March 24:
Shipments this week—
(treat Britain. Ceminent. Total.
1887 10,000 22,000 32,000
JBB6 19,000 45,000 64,000
1885 11,000 18,000 29,000
1884 24,000 13,000 37,000
Shipments since January 1—
Great Britain. Continent. Total.
1887 71.000 229.000 300,006
1886 97,000 230,000 321,000
1885 58,000 157,000 215,000
1884 182,000 193,00 ii 377.000
Receipt*— Thi* meek. Since Jan. 1.
1887 62,000 540,000
1888 64,000 619,000
1885 86,01)0 335,000
1884! 60,000 555.000
According tothe foregoing, Bombay appears
to show a decrease compared with last year
in the week’s receipts of 2,000 bales, and a de
crease in shipments of 32.000 bales, and tbe
shipments since Jan. 1 show a decrease of
21,000 bales
Money Market.—Very easy.
DomkhticExcuanoe,—steady. Banks and
bankers are buying sight drafts at %
per cent premium anu selling at % per
cent premium.
foreign Exchange.—The marketißStcadv.
Commercial demand. $4 85?4: sixty days,
44 84 1 ,; ninety days. 54 814*4; francs.
Paris and Havre, commercial, sixty days.
$6 28; Swiss. $5 23*,; marks. sixty
davs. 94% .
securities.— I'lie niarnel for stocks has
been inactive all day witli a tendency to sag.
L ing date bonds and debentures wero yerv
firm wit 11 light offerings.
Stale Bond*— Bid. A eked.
New Georgia 4% percent bonds..io ioc%
Ua new 6s, 1889, January and July
coupons 103 104
Stateof Georglagoid quarterlies. 103‘4 109%
Ga.Sinitli’a,inaturity 1890,ex iut.l22 12 i
City Bona *—
AllantaO percent 104 110
Atlanta 7 percent 115 120
Augusta! per cent 105 112
Augusta Oner cent 108 HO
Columbus 5 percent 98 99
Maeon 6 per cent 11l 113
New-Savannah5 per cent, quar
terly. Jo y 104% 105
New savannan 5 per oent, quar
terly, Ma.v coupons 105% 105%
Railroad hand*
Savannah. Florida aul Western
It It general mortgage bonds. 6
percent Int. ominous 110 112
A A G Ist mortgage consolidated
7 percent, coupons January and
July, maturltr 1897 119 121
Central consolidated mortgage i
percent. 0011 pous January and
July, maturity 1898 113% 111
Georgia Railroad 6s 10s 110
C harlotte.Col 11 in biuaud Aug usta
Ist mortgage .. 113 111
Cbarlotto.Coldinbiaaud Augusta
2d mortgage .... H 9 lit
Mobile and Girard 2d mortgage
indorsed 8 per cent, coupon*
Juu and July, maturity 1889.cz
Int.., 105 106
Mani lla and North Georgia la
mortgage 6 percent 100% 101
Montgomery and Kufaula Ut
mortgage indorsed U ner coni.lo9 110
Western Aiaouma 9d mortgage
■udoreud 8 per cent. coupon*
April and Get. maturity 139 u no 111%
Ronlli Gs aiid Fla indorsed Ua 119
HnutliGaand Fluid mortgage ..111 115
Ocean Steamship 0 ner cl UoinU.
guar’il liv central Railroad ...106 106%
Gainesville. Joilvrauu and South
ern K K Ist morl,guaranlM lla 119
Uiutms vibe, Jefferson and South
eru. not guaranteed US 116
Gainesville, Jefferson andSoutn
ern. 2d guaranteed 115 115
Columuus and Rome Ist in
dorsedus... 109 109
Cotumtms and Westerns per cent
let guaranteed 108% 109
Augusta and Kuoxviile railroad
7 percent Ist mortgage bond*. 109 109%
City and Suburban Railroad Ist
mortgage 7 per cent bonds 108 110
Railroad Stock* —
Augusta and Savannah 7 per ct,
guaranteed 138 187
Central common 125 125%
Georgia common, ex-dividend .202 203
Southwestern 7percent,guaran
anteed. ex-dividend 132 133
Central 8 per cent certidcateMOfij X 10 %
Atlantaand West Point Railroad
stock 112 113
Atlantaand West Points per ct
certificates.. 105 10G
Rank Stock* —
Southern Bank State of Georgia 195 200
Merchants’National Itauk 15.5 160
Savannah Bank and Trust C 0... til 94
National Bank of Savannah 117
Go* Stock *—
BavnnnahGas Light stock, ex
div 22 22%
Mutual Gas Light 20 23
Factory Rand* —
Augusta Factory 6s 104 ....
Mbley Factory 6s 104 ....
Enterprise Factory 6s 105 ....
factory Stock* —
Eagle and Phuinix M’f’g Cos 101 102
Augusta Factory 104 ....
Graniteville F’actory 182
Langley Factory 100 ....
Enterprise Factory Company.... 45 ....
Enterprise Factory, preferred 110 ....
J. P. King ManufacturingCo... 101
Siblev Manufacturing Cos 06
Naval Stores.—The receipts ror tno east
week nave been 2.619 barrels spirits tur
pentine and 7,134 barrels rosin. Tne exports
were 2,8 barrels oirits turpentine and lo.isi
barrels rosin moving as follows: To New
Yol k. 2,755 Darrels rosin and 565 oarrels spirits
turpentine; to Baltimore. 899 oarrels spirits
turpentine and 2,901 barrels rosin: to
Philadelphia, 210 barrels spirits turpen
tine sml 24 Parrels rosin; to Boston, 25a bar
rels spirits turpentine and 510 barrels rosin;
to Norkoping, ISObarrels rosin, to Rotterdam,
100 barrels t-pims turpentine and 3,872 bar
rels rosin; to Hamburg, 2.131 barrels rosin; to
Dantzlg, 3,076 barrels rosin; to the interior,
911 barrels spirits turpentine and 3,415 bar
rels ro.hu. The following are the Board of
Trade auotations: Rosin—A. B, C, 97Uc. I>
97 %c, E $1 02 %c. F $1 06, G $! 10. 11
$1 15, 1 $1 35. K $1 50, M ?1 85. N $2 25, win
dow glass $2 60, water white $2 75. Spirits tur
een tine—regulars 35c.
tie. si/,:, sntpmeme and Stock from April 1,
1786, to date, and forth* oorreepandinj date
ltx*l year:
, 1886-7 -1885-6 ,
Spirit*. Rosin. Spirit*. Rosin.
On hand April 1, 2, ll 61,821 1.672 80.205
Received, during
the fiscal year. 147,352 582,539 107.369 4 50,106
Totals 149,468 644,860 109,041 486.811
Shipments: Foreljn —
Aberdeen 3,544 .... 4,22!
Antwerp 12,788 15, 1:8 12,813 6,408
Barcelona 372 .... 7.216
Bel last 8,376
Bergen 20‘i
Bristol 6,075 6,704 2.827 4,990
Buenos Ayres 200 5.000 .... 300
Cardiff 4,000
Cartagcua 1,103 ... 998
Cork for orders. 5.723 636 1C,477 2 935
Cronstadt 11313 .... 13.506
Dantzlg 6.575 .. 9.747
GarstonDook 6.450
Genoa 8.876 9.856
Glasgow 2.811 19,850 .... 9.009
Guole 113 9 610
Gran ton 2,980
Hamburg 9,137 32,296 6.134 31,038
Harlmrg... 10,067 .... G. 20
Hull 6.213 2,940 4,562 2.319
Konigpberg 8,500
Llbau 3.500
Lisbon 4.559 .... ....
Liverpool 15,327 3,625 10,506
LondOn 17,730 19.175 11.408 13.45,
Marseilles 3,800 .... 6,295
Montevideo .... 1,500
Naples 2.772
Norkoping 160
Oporto 598 1,000
Odessa 2.052
Palma do Ma
jorca 125
Pernambuco 9,365 1,600
Pooteeloff Harbor 50 11,967
Reval .... 1.417
Riga 8.700 ... 7,110
Rotterdam 6,40' 26.082 850 13,037
Santander.... .... 280
Stettin 12 632
st. Petersburg 260 2 176
Trieste 150 1 3,844 200 8.200
Vigo 6
Venice 2,47$ . .. 2,382
Ooii*tvn*e —
Baltimore 12.028 101.475 6,067 64,937
Boston. 11.682 18.661 9.744 23.307
Philadelphia 5.967 H. 036 8.745 18,909
New York 82,648 150,498 18,062 122,49*
Interior towns... 14,207 8,584 8,235 5,311
Repacking, mage.
etc 2.991 -••- 1-H6 ....
Totalshipments.. 146,925 666.952 106,925 424,490
Stock on hand ana
on shipboard
Aprill 2,513 77.408 2.116 61,821
Rice—The market was verv quiet and
easier during the week, and prices tell off a
fraciion. Buyers' wants tor the moment do
not seem to be urgent, and tho business was
rather of an indifferent nature. The total
sales for the week were about 660 barrels on
the oasis of quotations:
Fair 3 : %(S>
Good ;i%@ —
Prime 4%@4%
Country lots [email protected] 65
Tide water [email protected] 10
Bacon—Market firm advancing: demand
good; smoked clear rib sides, 9%c; shoulders,
7%c; dry salted clear rib sides, 9c; long clear
B%c; shoulders. 6%e: hams, 12%c.
Bagging and Ties—Market quiet. Wo
quote: Bagging—2% lbs, 9%c; 2 lbs, B%c;
1% lbs, 7%c, according to brand and quan
tity. Iron ties—Arrow, $1 OOal 05 per bun
dle, according to brand and quantity.
Bagging and ties in retail lots a fraction
Butter—Market easy; oleomargarine 14a
16c, choice Gosh n. 18c; gilt eoge. 22c; cream
ery 22a24c.
CAS9AGK—Florida, $8 00a3 50 per barrel;
supDly light; demand good.
coffee—The market is higher and ad
vancing. We quote for small lots: Ordi
nary, 15c: fmr, 16c; good. 16%c; choice,
17c; peaberrv, 17%0.
CnEKftB —Market higher and advancing;
good demand; stock light. We quote: 11a 16c.
Dried Fruit— Apples, evaporated, 13c;
peeled, 7c: pcacnes, peeled, 19c; unpeeled,
sa7c; currants, 7c; citron, 25c.
Dry Hoops—The market is firm; business
fair. We quote: Prints, 4aoe; Geor
gia brown shirting, 3-4,4%-: 7-S do, 5%c: 4-4
brown sheeting, 6%c; white oenaburgs, Baic;
checks. '>%'i7c; yarns, 85c for best makes;
br-.wu drillings, 6%a7%c.
Fish—We quote full weights: Mackerel-
No. 1. $7 50aIn fib; No. 3. half barrels, $6 00a7 00;
N0.2,5760u8 50, Herring—No. 1,20 c; scaled,
25c; cod, saßc.
Flour—Market steady; demand moderate,
i 'Vo quote: Superfine, $3 50, extra, $3 85x4 00;
: fancy, 24 '.Mat i6; choice patent, $5 4Ua5 9o;
| I'ainily. $4 504 78.
Fruit—Lemons—Slock full and demand
light. We quote; $4 00a4 50, Oranges—Market
dull; Florida*. *1 76a2 60. Apples—good ship
ping slock, $4 60*600 per barrel.
Grain—Lorn Market steady; demand
light. We quote: Whitecoru, job lots, 82c;
carload lots, Adc; mixed com. job lots, 60e;
carload lots, 58c. Oats steady; good demand.
We quote: Mixed oats. 46c; carload lots. Ho;
llrun, $1 05. Meal, 62%c; Georgia grist,
per sack. $1 50; grist, per bushel. 87 %c.
Hay—Market steady, with a fair demand,
stock ample. We quote job lota: Western,96c;
earload iuta, 90c; Eastern, none: Northern,
Hums, WOOI,, Ktc.—Hides—Market dull;
; receipts light; drv fimt, 1 .;%<■; salted, ll%c;
dry butcher. 9%r. Wool—Market nominal;
prime in bales, 27e; burry, 10s 15c. Wax, 18c.
Tallow, 3a4c. Deer skins, flint, 20e; salted,
18c. Otter (kins, 25ca11.
Ikon—Market firm: hwodo. 4%uSc: refined,
La up—Market is steady; in tierces, 7%c;
60-lb tins, Bc.
Limk,Calcinbd Plaster and cement—
AI it Du 11111 lump lime Is in fair demand aud
is selling at 41 30 per barrel; Georgia, $1 30;
calcined planter, $185a2 00 per barrel; hair,
$0; Georgia cement, $3; Itosendale cement,
sl6<>al 65: l’o aland cement, $ : 3j3 50.
BiquoKa—l ull slock; steady demand.
Bourbon, $1 50*5 60; rye. $l&0aA(0; rectified,
$1 nOiiJ 35. Aies unchanged and In good de
N ails—Market firm, advancing. Fair de
mand. We quote: 3d. t 4 lu; Id and fid, $8 45;
6d, $3 20: Bd. s.' 95; lod to6od, $2 70 per keg.
N ith—Almonds. Tarragon*. Isaloc; Ivica*.
17al8<i; walnuts. French, 12r; Nanis*. 16c; pe
ctin*, 10c; Brazil, 10i ; flilxtru. 12 , rocoauuls.
Uarams, $5 >6 ner 100.
Uta—Market firm; demand good. Big
na i.43c; We*t Virginia black.ValOc. lard. 670;
headlight, lie: konuMine, 10%e: water ivli te,
15c; neaufoot, 65a90e; machinery. 2-<a3oc; lin
seed. raw, 47c; Unlrd, sbc; mineral teal, 18c;
fireproof, lse, boUieligfit. 18c; rod C, 16c.
‘ ivns—Dome*uc, $i t per crawi; barret*,
$3 25,
potatoes—Northern, $2 00a2 40 per barrel;
seed. $2 40 per barrel.
Peas—Demand tight;cow peas, mixed 75a
80c; clay. $1 OOal 15: speckled. $100110;
black eye. $1 60a175; white crowder, $1 75a2.
Prunes—Turkish. 6%c; French, Bc.
Raisins—Demand light; market steady:
loose new Muscatel. $2 00; layers. $2 per box;
lanidou layers, $2 50 per box.
Shot—Drop, $1 40; buoa, $1 66.
Salt—The demaud 1* moderate and tbe
market quiet; carload loads, 65c, fob; job
lois, 85ca$l.
Sugars —The market is steady: cut
loaf. B *,c; standard A. 6%c; extra C, 5%e; C
yellow, 6%0; granulated, B%c; powdered
syrup—Florida and Georgia syrups, 3035 c;
Ibe market is quiet for sugurhouse at 35u40c:
Cuba straight goods, 2Sc iu hogsheads; sugar
bouse molasses, 20c.
Tobacco—Market dull, demand moderate.
Wequote: cinoking, 26c55125; chewing, com
mon. Bound, 'lsa3oc; fair, UOaSfic; medium. 88a
50c; bright, 50:t75c; fine fancy. 85a9flc: extra
fine, 90ca$l 10; bright navies. 45a75e; dark
navies, 40a50c
Lumber—The demand from the West con
tiuue good; coastwise and foreign inquiry is
also very active. Prices for average sched
ules are firm at quotations, with some ad
vance, while difficult schedules can only bo
placed at considerably advanced prices. We
ordinary sizes sl3 5f1a17 00
D.fficult'sizes * 16 00u21 50
Flooring board* 16 00u20 50
Shiustuff 18 50 21 50
Timber—Market dull aud nominal. We
700 feet average $ 9 OOall 00
800 “ “ 10 OOall 00
900 •* *• 11 Hoal2 0o
1,000 “ “ 12 OOall 00
iShipping’timber In the raft
-700 [eet average $ 6 00a 7 00
800 •• •* 7 00a 8 00
900 “ “ 8 00 a 9 00
1,000 “ “ 9 OOttlO 00
Mill timber $1 below these figures.
Lumber—By Sail—Tonnage for coast wee
charter is in good demand, and vessels are
wanted for Baltimore, f’hilade'phia. New
York, Noank, Bridgeport and Boston There
are several quick loadiug cargoes offering.
Freight limits are from $5 to $6 25
from this ahd the near Georgia ports
to the Chesapeake ports. Philadel
phia, New York. (Sound ports and eastward.
Tinibi'rsocasl higher than lumber rate*. To
the West Indies and windward, nominal; to
South America, $18al4; to Spanish and Med
iterranean ports. $llal2; to United Kingdom
for orders, timber, 27a285; lumber, £3 15.
Steam—To New York. $7; to Philadelphia, $7;
to Boston. $9.
Naval Stores—Dull. Foreign—Cork, etc.,
for orders, is 3d, and, or 3s; Adriatic, rosin,
8s; Genoa, rosin, 2s 10%d. Coastwise-Steam—
To lto ton, 50c ou rosin,sl on spirits; to New
York, rosin, 50c spirits 80c; to Philadelphia,
rosin 80e, spirits 80c; to Baltimore, rosin, 30c,
spirits 70c
Cotton—By Steam—The market Is steady;
offering tonnage in good supply.
Liverpool via New York 'f, lb 5-lfld
Liverpool via Baltimore ft lb %and
Antwerp via New York lb %and
Havre via New York sl_tb %c
Bremen via New York ft 1b...... tl-lHc
Reval via New York lb 11-32d
Bremen via Baltimore ft Jb.
Amsterdam via New Y ork 65c
Genoa via New York lb
Boston bale 1 85
Sea island 3# bale 1 76
New York bale 135
sea Island bale '. 135
Philadelphia <jA bale 1 36
Sea island bale 1 35
Baltimoie It bale 125
bale 150
By Sail—
Liverpool 17 64:1
Havre 9-82d
Genoa 5-lSd
Amsterdam 9-82d
Kick—By Steam-
New York barrel 6P
Philadelphia barrel 60
Baltimore $4 barrel 60
Boston 7-1 barrel 60
Vegetables—By Steam—(By special con
tract/ To New York, Philadelphia. Boston
and Baltimore, standard crates, 20c; barrels,
40c, Without the contract, crates, 35c; bar
rels, 75c.
Grown fowls pair $ 65 @ 80
Chickens %to % grown 40 @ 60
DuckK pair 60 @ 75
Geese 7p pair 75 00
Turkeyspair 125 @2 00
Eggs, country, ft dozen 16 @ 18
Peanuts—Fancy h. p. Vn. iS tb. @ 6%
Peanuts—Hand picked 76 lb ... —• @ 5%
Peanuts—Ga. bushel nominal 73 (ur 90
•Sweet potatoes, yel. redact bush 50 <& 60
Sweet potatoes.vel.yams
Sweet pot’s, white yams bush 40 @ DO
Poultry—Market steady; receipts heavy;
demand light for grown; hall to three-quar
ters grown in good reoueßt. Eoaa—Market
irregular, with a fair demand; receipts very
light. Peanuts—Ample stock; demand fair;
market firm and advancing. Sugar—Geor
gia and Florida nominal; none in market.
llonkt—No demand, nominal. Sweet Pota
toes—Scarce; receipts very light; demand
Savannah, Ga,, April 1,4 p. m. j
Cotton.—The market was firm and advanc
ing. There was only a nominal businem,
owing to the smallness of the stock offering.
The total sale* for the day v/ere only 44 bales.
On’Change at the opening call, at 10 a, tri,,
the market was reported firm at an advance
of %c. ull round with no sales. At the second
call, at Ip, m., it was firm, the sales being
44 ba'es. At the third and closing call, ut
4 p. in., it was still firm and unchanged,
but with no further sales. The following are
the official closing spot quotations ot the
Cotton Exchange:
Middling fair. 10%
Good middling .10%
Middling 16
Low middling I) %
Good ordinary... 9%
Ordinary Nominal
Rice.—The market was quiet, firm and un
changed. Tito sales for the day were only 39
barrels at about quotations, as follows:
Good 5% (9 —
Prime 4% £4%
Country lot* [email protected] 60
Tide water [email protected] 10
Na VALVroitEs.—The market for spirits tur
poutlne was strong and advancing. There
was a good demand, but tho market was
swept pretty clean of stock in first bauds. At
the Board of Trade on the opening call the
market was reported firm ai34%c. paid aud
bid lor regulars, with sales of 92 casks. At
me closing call it wnsllrm at 35c. for regu
lars, with further sales or 11 cask*, ltos'u—
The market was firm and unchanged. The
sales for the day were about 1.100 Parrels. At
the Board of Trade on tbe first call the
market was reported firm at the following
auotations; A. li. C and D 97%c., E 5102%. t
*1 05. Gsl 10, II $1 15. 1 $1 85, K $1 60. M $1 85.
N $2 25, window glass $2 40. water white $2 75.
At the closing call it wa. unchanged.
London. April 1, noon.—Consols 10115-16.
New Torx. April 1, noen.—Stocks active
and steady. Money 7 percent. Exchange
long Jl 84%r<p4 85; short *4 sß%@< s?. state
bonds dull but firm. Government bonds dull
but firm.
6:00 p. m.—Kxcuange quiet and rather
weak. Money tight at [email protected] per cent., closing
offered at 6. Sub Treasury uaianoes—Gold.
$185,627,000: ourrenev. i17.784.0C0. Govern
ment bond* dull but firm; four per cents
128%; three per cents. 09%. Statu bondsdull
but steady to firm ,
There was little more activity in the stock
market to-day, but It was foveridi and
erratic, and on the whole heavy. There was
undoubtedly large realizations during the
day, but the market absorbed the offerings,
Loudon and Chicugo both doing conxlderni.le
buying* Bt. Paul was again prmatneni in
trading, especially In the forenoon, but later
interest in Ibat class of slocks was trans
ferred to Nortliwestern and the Omul,as.
There was more activity in coal stocks to-day
upon the advance In rates, which fact also
affected Erie in s c -riam extent. Other stooks
prominent were New England, Western
UnlOD, Lake bin.re. Union I’aciflc and Louis
villu aud Nashville. There was no special
movement In either of these, however, there
being no news of Importance to affect value*
during the day. The money marset con
tinued to work closer, and rates wore run up
as high a* 8 per cent., the immediate effect of
which was to Indue*, realizations. The market
w firm at ll mi - Showing
advance* or ' per cent, over ys*icrday'
figures. It w* a.'.life but lever.sli and
irregular in the e*ri> dealings, sml soon
•bowed weakucs* and niter the decline, of
small fruei lon*, advam rd under (be lead ol
New Jersey Oeutim , most stock* reaching
opening figures. There was a marked de
crease in (he business (lone in Die alicrnoon.
and further Might advances wore made un
der the lead of Northwestern, but toward the
close of business it again oceanic heavy, aud
the close was moderately active, but heavy
aud close to the lowest prices of the uay. The
day's business was .'i*:>.oon shares. C’losing
prices, with few exceptloua, show net losses
for the day, which are, however, for fractions
only In the active list, except for New Kug
land, which lost 1 per cent. The market closed
at the following quotations:
Aia.oiassA.Stos.loßX7 ciflc, Ist mort.. 78
Ala.classß,Us.,,N. Y. Central... Jl*W
Ueorgia7s.mort.lo7X Norf A YV. pret. to
N. Carolina tis.. 11814 Nor. Pacific MX
N. Carolina 4s. 100 •• pret.. 60
So.Cnroi Brown! Pacific Mall 651s
consols .lOflX Reading *9
Tcnnessoetf s .. 78 Klchtn'd A Ale.. 7
Virginiafis 48 Ulcbm’d A Danv-150
Va consolidated. 57 ltluhin'd * W.l*t.
CU’penke AOhio. /•*£ Txsrmjna! 41Vi
Clnc.A N’uthw'niat'X Rockland lift
" preferred. .147 St. l’M 9914
Dela.Laoh.A W 18414 “ preferred I*ll4
Erie 8414 Texas Pacific.. 21b,
East Tennessee Tenn. Coal A Iron 4014
new stock..... 1314 Uulou Pacific.... HI
Lake Shore 9ft'4 N.,1. Central . 781,
L’ville A Nash.. tttt-ig Missouri Paolflc.ll)BV4
Memphis A Char 57 Western Union 76(0
Mobile A Ohio 1814 Cotton Oil Trust 51J4
Nash A Chatt’a. s>, certificates
New OrleansFa-
Liverpool. April 1, noon—Cotton—Busi
ness good at hardening rales; middling up
lands 5%d middling Orleans 5 11-IRd; sales
14.000 bams, for specula lion and export 8,000
bales; receipts 8,000 hales—American 8,800
Futures: Polands, low middling clause.
April Slid Mav delivery, ft 40-64®ft 42-4d;
May and dune, 5 41-84(05 48-84d; dune and
duly, ft 4H-84(wft 45-84d; July and August,
6 48-84(05 47-64 U; August and September,
6 47-ti4<ft 4H-84.1; September and October,
ft 40-84(05 41-84d; September,s [email protected] 51-01d.
Market active.
The tenders of deliveries at to-day’s clear
ings amounted to 3,40 u bales new dockets and
4.600 old.
Sales for the week, 88,000 bales—American
58,000 bales; speculators took 12,000 bales;ex
porters took 15,000 bales: actual exports,
8,200 bales; total imports, 119.000 bales—Amer
ican 90.000; total stock 959,000 bales—Ameri
can 777,000 bales: total afloat 260,000 bales—
American 171,000 bales.
2:00 p. ui.—The sales to-day were 10,200
bales of American.
Middling uplandaG 11-lOd; middling Orleans
K mures: Umands. low middling clause,
April delivery, 5 43-Old. aellers; April and
May. 543-64d, sellers: May and June, 6 44-64d,
buyers; June and July, 6 46-04d, buyers; July
and August, 6 4S-B4d. sellers; August and
September, 5 49-U4d, buyers; September amt
October, 5 42-!t4d, sellers; October and No
vember, ft 83-84d, seller; September, 6 51-84d,
sellers. Market tlrm.
4 :UG p. m.—Futures: Unlauds.low middling
clause April delivery, 5 43-04d. buyers; April
and May, 543-6 id, buyers: May and June.
5 46-64d, sellers; J une and July, 5 4ti-i>4d, buy
ers; July and August, ft 48-64d, buyers; Au
gust and September, I SO-64d, tellers; Sep
tember and October. 642-64d. value, October
and Not ember, 6 33-64d, sellers; September,
5 ftl 64d, value. Futures closed quiet but
New Yoke, April 1, noon.—Cotton onened
Arm; middling uplands I0'„c; middling Or
leans 10 13-llic: sale* 346 bales.
Futures: Market opened irregular, with
sales as follows: Aprildeiiyerv. lusftc; May,
10 5l)c; June. 10 69c; July, 10 78c; August,
1081 c; September, in otic.
6:00 p. m.—Marsel closed quiet; middling
uplands, 10j-gc: middling Orleans, 10 18-18 c;
sales to-ilay 270 bales; net receipts 000 bales,
gross 1,102,
Futures: Marketclosed steady, with sales of
203.301 bales, as follows: April delivery, 10 Si
(oit 52c; May, 10 50(0(0 51c; .1 une.lO 511(010 60c;
J uly, 10 67(oil0 68c; August, 10 7 ><olo 7tic; Sep
tember, 103701.10 38c; Decern her, U 88(09 89c;
January. 9 93(09 94c
Green A Cos.. In their report on cotton fu
tures, say : *• Witu L'verpool to help matters,
the market opened this morning lo®l* points
better, and for a short time was apparently
quite tirm. The advance, however, created a
desire to realize, and with a large amount of
‘long’ cotton coming out ou stop orders, a re
action took place, that, notwithstanding fair
exhaust of offerings, sent value off again, and
lelt the rates at the close substantially the
same as last evening but fairly steady.”
WeekLy—Net reoei pts 4,546 b ales, gross 22,799;
exports, to Great Britain 15,7u2 bales, to
Frame 278, to tiie continent 11,882; sales 2,737
bsles: slock 228,(168 bales.
Galveston, April I.—Cotton firm, mid
dling lo l-liie.
NoiiFOi.k, April I.—Cotton firm; middling
Baltimobe, April I.—Cotton steady; mid
dling IUVsC.
Boston, April I.—Cotton steady; middling
Wilmington, April I.—Cotton Arm; mid
dling ll)'/,C.
Philadelphia, April I.—Cotton firm; mid
dling 101, c.
New Orleans, April I.—Cotton firm;
middling lu%c.
Mobile,April I.—Cotton nominal; middling
Memphis, April I.—Cotton Arm; middling
10 1-lGc.
Augusta, April I.—Cotton quiet but firm;
middling 10%c,.
Charleston, April I.—Cotton Arm; mid
Montgomery, April I.— Cotton Arm; mid
dling 9Xc.
Macon, April I.—Cotton steady; middling
COLUMBUS, April I.—Cotton Arm; middling
Nashville, April I.—Cotton quiet but
firm; middling loc.
Selma, April X.—Cotton steady; middling
Rome, April I.—Cotton firm; middling 10c.
New Yoke. April I.—Censolidaieu net re
ceipts oral! cotton ports to-dv. 4,597 bales;
exports, to Great Britain 17,998 Dales, to
the continent 5,7X6; slock at all American
ports 634,811 bales.
LIYkSPOOL. April 1. noon.— Wheat quiet,
with poor demarnl; supply good. Corn dull;
demand poor.
New Yob*, April 1. noon.—Flour quiet ■ nd
unchanged. Wheat stronger. Corn better.
Fork Arm at sl6 *5. Lard steady at 7 62)00.
Freights steady
sp. in.—Flotir Arm audfairly active. South
ern flour quiet but firm. Wheat opened Arm
but closed weak; options closed hen vy anil a
trifle lower than yesterday; No. 2 red. April
delivery AIX&AZVgC, closing at 91Jge; May
92 3-JBBsfi24''. closing at92',io; June 91 13-16®
0210 c, closing at 91 Corn better
but very quiet; options closed weak; No. 2,
April de'iv’ery 49c, closing at4c; May 49®
49j0c. closing at 4!M-£c; June 49®l9Hc, closing
at 49c. Oats without quotable change but
more active; No. 2. April delivery 34Y4®8410c,
closing at 34 May 3i%|84X0, closing at
84 7 „c. Hope steady but quiet. Coffee, fair
Rio Amt at options tairly active and
Arm: No. 7 Rio, April delivery 13 66®18 70c,
May 18 65c. June 13 6t®lß 700 c. Sugar dull
and more less nominal: refined quiet. Moine
s's nominal; ftu test at 1910 c Petroleum, crude
6(<ji6',c. Cotton seed oil—81)0®B2c for crude
S r !4®'lhc lor refined. Hides steady. Wool
quiet and easy. Pork steady. Beef steauy.
Middles dull anil nominal. Lard dull and
heavy and 2'4 points lower; Western steam,
on Spot 7 65c, May delivery 7 05®7 68c. Juno
7 73(07 74c. Freights dull; cotton 6-64d;
wiieal l‘,d.
CHio 400. April ’..—This set out to be an
extremely interesting day in the wheat pit,
but the excitement at tiie opening was not
fully maintained throughout the -cesion. The
first quotation on the curb for May wheat
was 88Jkc. The regular opening was B*V.
but an uninterrupted advance carried the
price to 84!*c. Heavy buying on the part of
fug carriers did tills, and whim they had
taken their All the market, lifter wavering
alioiit the top figure for a few moments, grew
weak and gradually dropped to 82 Ift-16c,
where it closed. One support given tbe bulls
was the Intelligence that yesterday’s clear
ances amounted to 223,000 bushels <,'orn "old
up in 4OJOC for May, but dropped to
the close. Oats and provisions were weak in
sympathy With wheat.
The following are the cash quotations:
Flour dull but uuchsnged. Wheal, No. 2
spring 77 7 40, No. I spring wheat 760; No. 2
red, uo sates. Corn. No. 2 3817.08* ’-c. Oats,
No. 2. 244 u. Mess pork S2O !9ii020 75. Lard
$7 30. Short rib Bi les, loose iS'<s*os. Dry
salted shoulders, boxed $6 10®6 2ft. Short
clear sides, boxed $8 6ft®B 60. Whisky 81 IS.
Futures—The following are me openiog,
lushest and doling o notations: Wiient No 2,
April delivery 78V078>0. 'dosed at 7714 c;
Mar 88>a®sHc, closed ai 2 7 . c; June si ,®
81V, Closed at 81%. Corn. No. 2. April de
livery 850866 c, closed at 84'ic; May*6!4®
She. closed at 3104 c; Jim# 41 (qA# 41 Yge,
closed al 08le Usts. No. *. April delivery
dosed st Sdk.'r; Mav tßs4®2 '! ,c,
closed at S®oe ■ June 20!4®7llV<;e. closed at
jjV.n. Mess |>ork. April delivery S2O 75: Mav
1*1: Jane 111. Lard. April delivery $7 30®
7 87*4, dosed St s7*6, Msv 87 I*4®7 4*!4,
dosed ut $7 38; June $7 60®/ .’<o, dosed at
$7 421%, Short ribs. April delivery $e 2o#s *O.
olosc” si $S 10: May $* k"(0s ::o, dosed at
|$ W: June ts BMOS 86, closed at $9 17'-,.
XialTibohs. April I.— rionr steady ; How
era street snJ Western superdnal* 4*a io.
extra • r® 1 7$ ismilv $3 /.'*,4 S'*, eit* mills
suneitlii'' 42 60® 00. cans 4$ 24®.; 7s; itlo
brand* $ 6U®4 'i*. Wheat Houiuern luifl
see steady; red 9o®iou', mnlitrt*l)lc; No. 1
Maryland 92:5c asked We-tern steady but
dull. No. I Western winter red. on spot 1)0*0
®oo9£c, Corn—Southern easier but dull;
white 47®48c, yellow *7(047!0c; Western firmer
and more active.
ST. 4,01n5. April I.—Flour auebanged.
Wheat opened higher, with May sailing up %
®‘,e aud otuer mouths V®4c, but ciosed 1 „®
4c below yesterday; No. * red, cash •084(0
Bb>Xc, May doll vory 804®81k;c, closed at 8030 c.
Corn, cash higher; cash 354(0360, May de
livery 854®3<te. dosed at 35>,c. Oats, cash
scarce ami higher; nothing dous In options;
No. 2 mixed, cash 28! 4 ®284c. Provisions
Louisville, April L—Grain closed firm;
W heat, N0.2 red 82c. Corn, No. 2 mixed 40c.
Oats, No. 2,80 c. Provisions firm: Bacon,
clear rib sides 8 65c, clear sides Do. shoul
ders ic. Bulk moult, clear rib sides 8 10c,
clear sides 8 350, shoulders 6c. Mess pork
nominal. Hams, sugar cured, ii 75® 12 60c.
Lard, choice leaf * V..'6*4'‘-
Cincinnati. April I.—Flour dull. Wheat
dull and nominal; No. 2 red, 82c. t orn
stronger; No. 2nnxed4i'o. Oats firmer; No.
2 mixed [email protected] I ,c. Fork dull at $!7 25.
Lard dull but 11 unhanged; current make 7 20c.
Bulk meats dull aud unchanged, ltauon dull
and unchanged. Whisky steady at $1 13.
Hogs steady.
New Orleans, April I.—Coffee in light
demand but Arm; ltio cargoes and cominou
to prime 154£®16%c. Cotton seed oil products
quiet. Sugar steady ami Arm; Louisiana open
kettle, prime 4 5 „®4?-4c, common 4(04461 Lou
isiana Centrifugals, choice yellow clarified
5 9-16®64,c. prime vellow clarified 540. Mo
lasses quiet but firm; Louisiana open kettle
nominal; Louisiana centrifugals, strictly
prime to fancy 28®33c.
London. April I.—Spirits turpentine 28s.
New Yoke. April 1, noon.—spirits turpen
tine steady at 33c. Rosin steady al It 124(0
1 20.
5:00 p. m.—Spirits turpentine dull dull at
37-,® Site. Romu firmer at $1 20(®1 25.
Charleston, April I,—Spirits turpentine
steady at 3ftc. Rosin steady; good strained
Wilmington, April I.—Spirits turpentine
tlrm at 834 c. Rosin firm: strained Hftc,
good strained 90c. Tar Arm at $1 10. Crude
turpeullne firm; hard $1 U 0; yellow dip auu
virgin $1 90.
New York. April I.—Rice steady.
New Orleans. April i.—lllcestead;; Lou
iaiaua ordinary to prime 2Ji®4
Fruit and Vegetable Markets.
The following specials to theMouNiNa News
are published for the benefit of our Florida
and Georgia readers and those interested in
fruits anti vegetables, and can be relied upon
as accurate and reliable*
Nkw York. April I.—Strawberries, fancy
Florida, per quart, 60c; choice, per quart,
60c; lair, per quart, loa4ftc; strawberries.
Charleston, por quail, BOaSbc; Florida oran
ges, per crate, $1 50at 75; Florida cabbage ,
per barrel, $8 00a4 50; h ttuce per crate, $4 OO;
Florida beaus, wax, per crate, $3 50u4 0";
Florida beans, round, per crate, $2 6bu3 60;
Florida lieaus, flat, per crata, IX 60a3 00;
cucumbers, Florida*, per crate, s4a7; squash,
Florida, per crate, s2a2 50; tomatoes. Florida,
per crate, |2a6. J. I>. H ahhaoen,
Eastern Agent Florida Dispatch Line.
New York. April I.—Notwithstanding the
cold and unfavorable weather the market
continues firm for all choice vegetables. We
quote from sales, viz.: Mavunnah peas 48 5Ua
4 00 per crate; Florida peas s2a3 perorate;
besns, wax $3 (>oai 110 perorate; round. $2 60a
3 50 per crate; flat, $169u3 00; tomatoes, s2as
per crate; cucumbers, s4a7 per crate; squash,
s2a2 50 per crate; cabbage, s3a4 50 per barrel;
strawberries, 40a50c per quart; fancy Florida
oranges scarce and wanted at s4aiperbox;
russelts. s2a2 50 per box. G. 8. Falmek.
Philadelphia, April I.—Market firm at
late advance. Fiorina oranges, Indian river.
45 per box; fancy bright, s4a4 60 per box; fair,
S3 50a4 per box; russets, $3 00a3 50 per box;
largo and common, $2 per box.
A. B. Detwiler * Cos.
Philadelphia. April I.—Florida oranges,
fancy, $4a600 per box; good bl ight, S3aß 60
per box: ruseelta, $213 per box; cabbages,
Florida, s3a4 per barrel; Irish potatoes, Flori
da. per barrel, s4aß; strawberries, Florida,
per quart, 25a50c, peas, Georgia, per crate,
|:ia3 ftu. E. Roberts & lino.
SllHHHita itnlrlltgrtur.
Sun Rises 5:48
Sun Sets 6:19
Hiuh Water at Savannah . 2:36 A m 8:00 r m
Saturday. Aonl 2,187.
Schr Normandy, Wyman, New York, with
store to order; vessel to Job A Roberts & Cos.
[Schr Etta Hall IJster. Mason, X'hiladel
iiliia, with iron to S, F A W By Cos; vessel to
os A Roberts A Cos.
Bark Alfred Gibbs (Nor), Reimers, Deme
rara, in ballast—A R Salas A i
Hark Gvller'Nor), Halvorseu, Algiers, In
ballast—Strachan A Cos.
Bark MimeriNor), Hansen, Rio Janeiro, in
Steamship Nacoochee. kempion. Now York
—C G Anderson, Agent.
Steamer St Nicholas, Uslna, Darien. Doboy,
Brunswick and Fcrnandiua—C Williams.
Steamship Nacoochee. New York.
New York. Mgrch 31—Cleared, schr Geo R
Congdon, Terrell, Georgetown and Port Har
ralson, S C.
Hamburg, March 27—Arrived, steamship
Cornucopia (Br). Meredith, Port Royal.
Havre, March 29—Arrived, bark Patmos
(Non, Roth, Feruandlua.
Liverpool, Matvh 30—Arrived, brig Abto
(Rus>, 9ablstrom, Pensacola.
Naples, March *6-Arrived, bark Norma
(Bus), llannilla. Pepsacola.
Stettin, March 28—Arrived, bark Marga
rcthn (Gori, Supplies, Savannah.
Baltimore, M roll 80—Cleared, steamship
Elstow (Br. R' lortson. Port Royal, 8 C.
Norfolk, March 28— Sailed, sobr Florence
Shay, Vanclaaf, from Savannah (having
finished repairs), for Perth Amboy.
New Bedford, March 80—Arrived, schr
Samos, Smith, Bull river. 8 C.
Perth Amboy, March 30—Sailed, schr Mary
F Coraon, RobinsoD, Jacksonville.
Pensacola, March 30—Arnvod, barks Rosa
Rocca(ital), Repetlo, Buenos Ayres; lstde
(Ital). Schiafflno, Buenos Ayres; schr Lizzie
Chadwick, Chadwick. Galveston.
Cleared, bark Jobanne (Nor), Rafcn. Hull.
Darien, March Jo-Arrived, bark Thorvald
sen Nor), Olson, Buenos Ayres.
Cleared, bark Hope ißr), Evans, Donglas;
schr John R Fell, Loveland, Philadelphia.
Brunswick, March 29—Arrived, schrs Re
becca.) Moulton, Wyman, Boston; Anna It
Bishop, Rulon. Perth Amboy; 30th, bark
Fairy Belle (Br), Spence, Kingston, Ja.
;:otb haded, bark Galofre (Sp). Gel pi, Bar
celona; schr Agnes I Grace, Seavy, Provi
Jacksonville, March 30—Arrived, echr Re
lief, Blake. Rockland, M 6.
Cleared, schrs Marion Hill, Armstrong,
New York; Caroline Hall, Lollls; New Yoik.
Key West. March 80—Arrived, str Trojan
(Brj. Bareer, Barrow .coaled and proceeded
to Mobile/; Morgan. New Orleans (and pro
ceeded to Havana!; bark Mary Jane (Br),
Christian, Liverpool: schrs Julia Elizabeth
(Br), Nassau; saver Spray (Bn„do.
Per stvamer St Nicholas. Dora Fernandina
and landings—Xb bales cotton, 2 bales hides. 1
box fireworks. 1 box hams, 1 lot h h goods, 8
bills spirits turpentine. 18 green hides, 1 tub
butter, • ca.es shoes, 1 case clothing. 1 box dry
goods, I box sturgeon, 8 kega roe. 1 sewing
machine, 42 sacks rice.
Per Charleston and aavannanßv. April 1—
Bears end 600 sacks fertilizers, 238 bids rice,
1194 sacks rice, 137 pieces pipe, 15 bags peanuts,
7 bills bedding, 243 caddies tobacco, 1 piano, 70
bf caddies tobacco, 1 car barrel material, 2
organs, 10 bbl* tai, 1 car wood. 2 pulley, 3 bales
bags, and mdse.
Per Savannah, Florida and Western Uy.
April I—B4 oaletcoiton. 1,844 bills rosin, 74
bb.t epirite turpentine. 19 care lumber, 1 car
slnngUa, 8 cal* wood. 7*3sacks meal, liKlaacks
fertilizers, 4 cars hav, *0 pair w keels. I tierces
hams, 2 bills wine. 1 car brasses, Ift sacks pea.,
ft bbls **ggs. 15 enif.tr kegs, is pkgs crates, 10
pkg- baskuts, 6 bills syrup, i bsles bides. 3
cans lard, k pieeuc beet, 57 pkg* mdse, 6 bbls
asd 78ft boxes oranges, I3U boxes and 7SB bbls
tcgetable*. 1 car and 16 refrigerators lierries,
150 bbls grits, tr, bales Indus, aud uidse.
Per central Railroad, April 1—124 bales
colloe. 23 bales yarns. 23 bales amnestic., 3]
rolls biatbor. 1 bale wool, 6 tunes hides, 3 pkgs
ps per, .52 pkga tobacco. 52.512 lbs bacon, 43
bbl • spirits turpcutier. *l’< bble loam. 850 sack*
bran. 86 bble meal, * pts* empties, Kpkgs
pm ut. *2 pug- hardware. It boxes soap. 9 bbls
and 7 eases eggs. 179 bales hay, llbbis wbisky,
4 ! pkg. b li goods. 2,840 bushels corn, 80 bend
' atll ', 7 lirud horses. V ears lumber. 7 bushels
rice. I car wood, 5 pkg. wood l shade, 1 pkg
vegetables, 90 las pig I run . 181 pkgs ludeo, H
casks 1 lay, 1$ bale* paper stuck.
Per steamship Nacoochee, fer New York—
-1,127 bales upland cotton, 87 bsles domestic
twi ym, 430 bbla rosin, 94.773 feet lumber,
400 bblssplriis turpentine, 492 pltgsmdse. 8
bble and 98:1 boxes oranges, 1,077 bble and 1.756
crates vegetables, 126 tons pig iron.
Per steamerSt Nicholas, from Fernandina
and landings—S Vandeveer and wife, W H
Toy, H silversteln and family, W H Oliver J
J Martin, Rosa Robinson. A J Scbrever. J K
Clarke, L Brown. J F Minis. T A Well, W
Body, A Porter. Mrs W T Ryan.
Perstearashiu Nacoochee. for New York—
Dr and Mrs H II Hitchcock, Mr and Mrs W T
Waguer. infant, child and nurse, H R Bacot,
lr A Ferber. ilrs Graves and child, W A
Ashlev, Mr and Mrs U N batman, Mrs Marv
Whickman, Mrs W G McGowan, C V Maris,
A it bite. K McPhelm.v, Miss M Breslin, Jllss
E Flinn, R Gregory, Mr and Mrs H N Ash
man. A Wyman. Mr and Mrs K W Farr. H L
Schreiner. J M Footo. Miss T Goss. Mrs W A
Ashley. M iss Cusack, Mrs J C Clifton, Mr and
Mrs E .1 Whitehead and son. It B Whitehead,
Miss M Whitehead, Mr and Mrs W N Pile, S
H Lemon, H J Cruran, Mr and MtrT H Phil
lips, K F ( ardell, G w Sheffield, Mr and Mrs
G C Crocker, Mrs XI A Cos w |>er lit waits. V Val
entine, M r and Mrs F F Knapp, Mrs B W
Greene, C L Alger, F A Wiseman. Dr and Mrs
E s Lamed, 11 A Gomez, Mrs Caldwell, W W
Marcus, t; il Fierce, H Sells, W H Boehme, I)
Gras by, M White, W W Coxe, W B Austin,
Mr l.aidlcr, J Corbin. E C Pollard, .1 Sewell,
G Miles, J Flanagan, 2 colored and 9steerage.
Per steamer St Nicholas, from Fernandina
and landings—Frank A Cos, Lee Roy Myers. S
Stewart, Pearson A S, Ellis, Y' A Cos, N Lang,
W W Gordon A Cos. SGuckenheimerASon.il
Henrickc. Jno Flanuerv A Cos. .1 P Williams,
J Rosenheim A Cos. S H Boykin. E M Green,
A Einstein’s Sons, C M Gilbert A Cos, Warren
A A, Kuvunnugh & B, Palmer Bros, I Epstein
* Bro.
Per Charleston and Savannah Rv. April 1—
—Transfer Ottice. Lee Rov Myers, Rloser A 3,
Decker & F, s Guckcnheimer A Son, M Kay,
Meinhard Bros A Cos, Novelty Iron Works, J
F Torrent, Ludden A K, R J Larcombe, J H
Henuessey, A Hanley, A Falk A Son.
Per Savannah, Florida amt Western Rv,
April I—Fnrdg Office, s Krouskoff, A B Hull,
McMillan Bros, J B West A Cos. H M Cowan,
Bendheim Bros A Cos, J H Denton, T X’ Bond,
Chesnutt A O’N, liavanaugh A B, str David
Clark, W DSlmkins. Frank A Cos, ThosYVest,
YV G Cooper. E Lovell A Sou, Vale Royal Mfg
Cos, G V Hecker A Cos, J P ltryan, Lovell A L,
H Myers A Bros. G W Tlcdeman, Cornwell A ,
C, W B Mell A Cos. J McGrath A Cos, G Meyer, r
Netdlinger A R, A It Collins A Cos. Butler A B,*
Einstein A L. J S Collins A Cos, M karst A Co®
F C Wylly, Dale. I) A Cos, McDonough A Coxi
Frierson A C • Bacon, J A Cos, Linpman Bros,?
J Gardner, A Ehrlich A Bro, M Y Henderson,'.
J A Ferry. R Phillips, W R Humphries, Me-*.?
lutyro A Bro, Sophie Johnson, J P Williams,’
\S Uuokrnhviiner A Son, Memhard Bros A Coil
Lee Roy Myers, Julian Schley, Baldwin A Coif
CL Jones, Peacock. H A Cos, G Walter A Cos,
Kills, Y A Cos, W W Gordon A Cos. J F Walsh,
J J Stafford.
Per Central Railroad. April I—Forda Agt,
H M Comer A Cos, W YV Gordon A Cos, Win D
Dlxoe, Jdo Flannery A Cos, Garnett. 8 A Cos,
Butler A S, M Maclean, W 8 Cherry A Cos, A
F Skinner, Frank A Cos, Meluhard Bros A Cos,
R L Mercer, Lippman Bros, M Y Henderson.
A B Hull, G Eckstein A Cos, Lee Roy Myers.
A B Hull, T P Bond, A H Altinayer A Cos, Mrs
J J Allen, Weed A C. Palmer Bros.C E Stults,
J 1* Williams D C Bacon A Cos, ,Y 1 Ferst A Cos,
Peacock. II A Cos, H Solomon A Son, B Roth
well. Dr YY(ni Duncan, E l,ovell A Son, Dr D
Cox, Y'iola Mack, Jan Drury, K Movie, J it
Griffin, 8 Gnckenneimer A Son, C H Carson. I
G Haas, A Ehrlich A Bro, C M Gilbert A Cos,
Herman A K. G YV Tiedeman, Ro,v T Wuite,
F H Thom 1111. Campbell Bros, Solomons A Cos,
Smith Bros A Cos, H Myers A Bros, W K
SAVANNAH, April 1, 1887,
Juniata, 1.320 tons, Askins, Philadelphia, rpg-
C G Anderson.
Tallahassee, 2,677 tons, Fisher, New York, ldg
—G M Soriel.
Two steamuni ps.
Unione P (Ital), 529 tons, Ztno, Europe, ldg-
A It Salas A Cos.
Havdyßt (Nor), 803 tons. Terjesen, Rotter
dam, cld—A R Salas A Cos,
Johannes Rod (Non, 444 tons, Gjertsen, Eu
rope, ldg—A R Saias & Cos.
Arlington (Nor), 628 tons, Torjeaen,Liverpool,
dm— A R Salas A Cos.
Alfred Gibbs (Nor), 371 tons, Reimers, at
Tybee. wtg—A R Salas A Cos.
l’obona (Br). 799 tons, Jamieson, Liverpool,
in distress—Holst A Cos.
Sandvik 1 Sw). 536 tons, Ahman, Baltic, ldg—
Holst A Cos.
Gylier (Nor), 489 tons, Ilalvorsen, at quaran
tine, wtg—Strai ban A Cos.
Delphin (Bus). 616 tons. Alender, Europe, ldg
—Strachsu A Cos.
Elba. 422 inns. Tilton, Baltimore, ldg—Jos A
Roberts A Cos.
Vidette, 340 tons. Tnnnall, Boothbay, dis—Jos
A Roberts A • .0.
Eleua (Geri, 857 tons, Gerber, Europe, ldg—
-8 Patman.
Triton (Ger:, 166 tons, Witte, Dantzig. cld—B
Alma (Kill), 760 tons, Ronneberg, port in
Spain, ldg—D C Bacon A Cos,
Pandora (Non. 516 tons. Gjeruldsan, Liver
poo. dis—B P Shotter A Cos,
J \V Holmes (Bri, 916 tons, Newcombe, Eu
rope. Id;—P l rson, Downing A Cos.
Evangeline'Bri, 3 4 tons. Green, at quaran
tine, wtg—Paterson, Downing A Cos.
Melchior Vidulieh (Aua,, 461 tons. Vidubch—
M 8 Cosulich A Cos.
Herzogin Anna Oof). 476 tons, Carl Krliger,
at quarantine, wtg-Master.
A ctacon (Nor), 655 tone, Nordstrom, at Tybee,
M iiucr (Non, 419 tons, Hanaen, at quarantine
Tweaty-one barks.
Robert Diillon, 481 tons, Hawkins, New York,
ldg- McDonough A Cos.
Ono brig.
Tims P Ball. 408 tone. Ryder, New York, ldg—
Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Peter C Schultz, 315 tons, Thompson, New
Y* k. big—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
FrancisC Varnall. 49-' tons. Scott, Providence,
big—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Mary K Rawley, 303 tons. Itawley. Boston
ldg—Jos A Robert.- A Cos.
Susad II Ritchie, 513 tons, Perkins, Rockport,
ills—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Normandy. '>l6 tons, Wyman, New York, dis
Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Eit.( Hall Lister. 312 tons, Mason, Philadel
phia, dis—Jos A Roberts A Cos.
Island City, 406 tons, Voorhces, Baltimore.
ldg—Dale. Dixon ACo.
Charmer, 876 tons, Daboll, New York, ldg—
McDonough A Cos.
Niue schooners.
Maverick National Bank,
CAPITAL *400,000
SUKPLUS 400,000
Account* of Bangs, Banker* and Corpora*
tions soliclte<i.
Our facilities for COLLECTIONS are ex
cellent ami we re-discount for Banka when
balance* warrant It.
Bontou it a Reserve City, and balance* with
us from lianka (not located in other Reserve
Cltie*) count an a reserve.
W t, draw our own Exchange on London and
tbe Continent, and make Cable tranafera and
I lace money by telegraph throughout the
United Statue aud Canada.
Corernmeiit Bonds nought and sold, and
Exchanges m Washington made for Bank*
without extra charge.
We have a market for prime first-elas* In
vent merit Securities, and invite proposals from
States, Counties aud Cities when issuing
We do a general Banking business, and iu*
vlto oorruspoudeuce.
ASA P. POTTEK, President.
JOS. W. ffOIIK, Cashier.
MAG Urott.l way (and lirauclieiig

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