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M ..„„1o 8 e by T Noble Lord oo m.
Experience In “Tito States’-The
l’resent C*e In London Town.
f r .. m the Philadelphia Record.
LONDON. AUrcii 19.—Tue craza for
everything Americau has broken out in
lull force all over staid old Loudon town.
Probably the approaching exhibition
luay bave a little to do with it. Walking
down Piccadilly yesterday 1 bethought
me of several articles in the fancy grocer
ies line which were getting low down in
my domestic larder. So 1 strayed into
my favorite shop, a shop of foreign ware
housemen, who keep asupplv of all sorts
and conditions of American goods. In
deed I’ve suggested to the firm many arti
cles they never would have dreamed of
getting, suoh as real American oysters,
prime in quality and brought over In fast
steamers. For, be not deceived, my
Philadelphia friends, the English oysters
, re delusions and coppery snares, even if
they he the celebrated expensive “Whit
stable natives,” whatever be tholr claim
to be eaten by the oyster epicure.
Looking about the shop my attention
was arrested by the ultra swell voice of
an ultra swell Englishman. The unde
fined journalistic sense of something
riob about to develop itself oaused me io
retreat out of immediate view among the
barrels and boxes, and to say in a low
tone to the clerk* “1 am in no hurry;
please lot me listen.” They all know
me and are used to my putting down
wbat Ido as another American “eccen
tricity.” Therefore the clerk mado no
comment, ouly bringing me a high stool to
tit upon. By this time the swell (whom
lor convenience sake, and since 1 don’t
know his name, we will call “Lord
Slapdash”) was well launched out in his
ordering ot supplies. Listening to this
Rud thinking much about it meanwhile.
I’ve concluded that I could not do better
than to tell uiy friends all about it, for it
is a droll adventure and one fraught
with a deal of meaning to the reflaotive
American. .
“Pve been to the States, donefierknow,”
said Slapdash.
The clerk bowed, and in an interroga
tive wav remarked:
The Lord in question was anew cus
tomer, so what could be said with more
“Ya-as, by Jove, I have, donoherknow.
1 went to take a six weeks outing, and
got there when they ware eating oorn—
t mean maice—on the oob, and all that
sort of thing.”
“Precisely,” put in the olerk.
“Well.it is a most extraordinary sight;
they eat it boiled—l mean the ooyn—and
put butter on it, and salt and pepper,
served out of individual cruets. ’Pon
ion, really. 1' looks strange to see the
people moving each side, this way and
that, obe wing corn. At first it turned me
quite faint, it looked so much like coun
try bumpkins, away off in Somerset
shire, at a Michaelmas fair, doncher
tnow. But there was an awfully jolly
girl at the inn (I put up at the Continen
tal in Philadelphia first of all, City of
Brotherly Love, and all that sort of
thing), and 1 got feartui spoons on her
before 1 knew who she was, or if she had
any birth, you know. Well, I saw her
bard at this oorn, and her hands and
arras were ‘lovely,’ as they say in the
States. You see I’ve got vbe American
dialect already, donoherknow. Well, 1
made up my mind to have ‘a go’ at that
extraordinary corn, so 1 watched the
young lady, and 1 got on beautifully.
Then the peaches came next in season.
And they were extraordinary as well.
I’ve paid hail a crown for a peach in
Regent street, but in the States you get, I
should say, two pounds of peaches for a
shilling, or one ana sixpence. After the
peaches came the oysters. My word!
the Americans know an oyster when they
see it. So 1 made up my mind to stop a
year on the other side, to get al! the Yan
kee things in their aeasou. I’ve been
everywuere in the States. Went away
down in Louisiana to get ‘peck-kan’ nuts
fresh. (Let me parenthetically remark
that despite young Lord (Slupdasb’s pro
nunciation. he alluded to our ordinary
American peoan nut.) Ya-as, peck-kan*
and peauuts. But i like peanuts best on
•Broadway. They sell them in New Yoik
on Broadway fresh roasted. 1 used to
buy a big paper full of them and eat them
when I got back to my chambers in the
Brevoort, another good inu.”
.. “Yes, we have peanuts,” observed the
"Have you, really,” answered my
On which the peanuts, unroasted, were
produced; alto samples of them roasted,
•belled and put up in bottles. The pecan
nuts were shown as well. These latter my
Lord ordered a large quantity of for a
prospective dinner party. But he drew
the hue at peanuts.
“Yousee,he explained, “they taste so
different when they’re hot. Now, couldn’t
pon roast them to order? Tney have in
the States a large iron machine that
turns around with coals under it, and
turns the peanuts out every hour, don
“Well,” suggested the clerk, “we
toasted some at Christmas In our coffee
roaster for Alice Atherton's ( Mrs. Willie
Ldouin’s) children’s party, and they
toasted beautifully.'’
ejaculated his Lordship;
the cotlee roaster! never! Why it would
take all that delicious fragrance away, a
iragrancequite oriental.”
Ob! bow I laughed to myseir behind
‘“tuning barrels. To think that I
nouia live to hear the peculiar odor oi
underbred peanut denominated as
bilftv la by a member ° r lhe British no
continued, “there is no wav
I< J import a machine, with a man to
‘ > and put up a sign: ‘Peanuts
iresn roasted every hour.’ But I’ll take
kcorn.popper if you have one.”
~***: Bu one on hand,” said the
H sample, so us to order them
eiitn^ niar * ,,r tUo holidays for our
Si 1W "- Hut this IS not quite the oorn
Popping season, is it?”
good man, perhaps
p,,’ 1 think 111 secure one while I’m
lee 1 P 'I* 9 ® put up ttle popper. You
' ■l'uiZ** lu lho sute y*r, and I’ve
e ?“ American cook—a dark
n<i n, "t oned one. Looks like the Moore
Aik! iEthiopian Minstrel Show.
iii,,i „ br ( °“i‘ ht Rn American raugo
, oli(ar full of American coal. By
l'vs li„ n ,7*T, <l,> tu,,, * s b y halves. Here
*hen l>' >* n,y l |lu in London, only
toliii V 9 ueeu on the Continent for my
h (jnt ' ,ieal ’ an wlu* boro.
Lond(in < f,.Ll l '.^ I<ul tHrnctly 1 got here in
Shut to and!! m . l u U States 1 did not know
'’tu-rknow W J lh , the blessed cook, don-
Hardman’ u" 1 , WH , nt t 0 mv * r ‘nd, Lady
him kn "’ li ■nr Ladyship and Sir Wil
d " , *" the Mates—been
*i>tmehiJ W . rkno " s * nd ber ladyship
Btie> Bnl*? 10 *f et ntbree fresh from the
tnd hi’n , and bere 1 um ’ Now, 1 want corn
* t >itfim,ruß , a a .". a hol y buck
okrss t„i ’^V and tln * of baked beans, and
bourbon , HurU of tilings down to
b#ue \ Vhen 1 •
’M, Ibn n.n? ,V m K°*ng to get mar
ourn| n p! t ol W who was eating lbs
•be ,b,Pbia-that’. the one So
krsrnhLr bunieslok, 1 want to bave
Durin, fu lk# lb * for her.”
bU r * u ‘* r b tbls
ni0 t lay g a been ordering in the
<*r M be uZl?"*', ri * ut *" d left; dried
iii k ” nbuge tin of, oiMtleg
.•osrlgn tbe tin. But
u,l * r the candy. The
* olerk skewed hint e twig of Uld
lev’s broken canrtv, and of the cream,
pink and white sticks, but he sighed for
Huyler’s molasses candy, calliug Rid
ley’s wares “cheap stuff)” and designat
ing that dignified old name as second
“Ah.nol” he regretfully said, “Huy
ler is the one. I took five pounds oi
candy on tbe steamer, all molasses."
Lacking candy, he ordered a dozen bot
tles of America maple syrup.
“For flap.jacks, donenerknow,” he ex
plained; “sucli amusing people In the
states,* keep up old Indian names.
Tnough really they are quite civilized
everywhere. They are, ’pou honor.”
“Yes,” said tbe clerk, looking over
slyly in my direction, “the Americans are
a treat people.”
Finally, when something liks£2owoiTk
was ordered, my Lord Slapdash made
out his check. He was quite “chummy”
with the clerk. “Americau manners,” I
presume, imbibed in “tbe States.” and on
leaving he presented tbe young man with
a cigar. Such a piece of oondesoeusion
would never have boon shown save iroin
the effect of good fellowship engendered
in the Amerloan atmosphere and a sort
of pride In bis possession of a case of the
American weed to boot.
After bis departure 1 had a good laugh
with the clerk. He tells me that this
craze Is spreading, and nothing will sur
prise him.
“No,” he added, merrilv, “not even will
I be surprised to ses tbe’Q. O. M.’ Glad
stone chewing spruce gem and munoblng
peanuts (when we get to roasting them
every hour) while he is chopping down a
tree before breakfast of a cold, frosty
Leaving the shop I wandered about foi
au hour, looking idly in the windows of
tbe big drapers and haberdashers.
“American wooleus” was on a sign in
one of the windows. This was very like
bringing ooals to Newcastle, slnoe tne
Scotch woolen fabrics are absurdly
cheap here. American sewing maobines
and American “caLooes,” which latter is
the name given in England to white cot
ton goods for use in making up ladles’un
dergarments. in short, to be in tbe lat
est London fashion one must bo quite
American, “donoherknow.” Eveu if one
devote au evening to seeing Italian opera
at Covent Garden theatre, It will be
found tbal Mr. Mapleson flourishes Amer
ican prima donnas in one’s ears.
The Queen likes Americans, and, If she
does, theu why not the lowest subject of
her majesty? It is a lhosc excellent
thing this mania, especially In the matter
of food. AV ith tne coming exhibition will
be seen Amerioan goods, cooking, gar
ments and customs galore. All sorts of
outlandish doiugs are now laid to Ameri
ca's door; so. when the exhibition be
gins, I dare say we shall be American
ized to death.
At drawing rooms the prettiest girls
that are presented to the Queen are
Americans. Indeed, there is a joking
tradition that the American Minister
keeps a standing feminino army always
on hand at his embassy quarters. These
fair ladies waie pretty gowns and are
full of Ohio and coquetry. They don’tall
behave quite well, I am afraid, at all
times. Indeed, they seem often to de
light while in England in conduct they
would blush over at borne in their mother
country, and to revel in being loud and
unfemimhe when they should be soit and
gentle in voice and manners. But, thank
heaven! these are exceptional cases, not
the general rule; for, take it all in all,
Columbia’s best bred daughters in no way
make the judicious sojourners in London
town ashamed of fellow-Americans or oi
the American craze.
Annie Wakeman.
A Prose Sketch for a Poem by the
Late Dante G. Kossettt.
From the Athenaam.
Here ie the prose sketch found by the
editor iu those neat manuscript books
which are objeots of affectionate rever
ence to all who enjoyed the high privilege
of Rossetti’s friendship:
“Miohael Scott and a friend, both
young and dissolute, are returning from
a carouse, by moonlight, along a wild
seacoast during a ground-swell. As they
come within view of a small house on
tho rocky shore, his companion taunts
Michael Scott as to his known passion for
tbe maiden Janet who dwells there wltn
ber father, and as to tbe failure of the
snares he has laid for her. Scott is goad
ed to great irritation, and as they near
the point of the sands overlooked by the
cottage be turns round on his friend and
declares that tbe maiden shall come out
to bim then and there at his summons.
The friend still taunts and haulers him,
saying that wine has heated bis brain;
but Scott stands quite still, muttering,
and regarding the oottago with a gesture
of command.
“After be has done so for some time,
the door opens softly, and Janet comes
running down the rock. As she ap
proaches, she nearly rushes into
Michael Scott’s arms, but instead
swerves aside, runs swiftly by him, and
pluuges into the surging waves. With a
shriek Michael plunges alter her, and
strikes out this side and that, and lashes
bis way among the billows between tne
rising and slaking breakers; but ail in
vain—no siga appears of her. Arter
some time spent in this way he returns
almost exhausted to tbe sauda, and pass
ing without answer by his appalled and
questioning friend, h climbs the rook to
tbe door of the bottage, which is now
“Janet’s father answers his loud
knocking, and to him be says:
“•Play me. for your daughter has
drowned herself this hour in yonder sea,
and by my means.’
“The fatner at first suspeots some
stratagem, but finally deems him mad,
and says:
“•You rave—my daughter is at rest in
her bed.’
“ ’Go seek her there,’ answer Mtobaal
“The father goee up to his daughter’s
chamber, and returning very pale, signs
to Michael to follow him. Together they
climb the stair, and find Janet
balf lying and balf kneeling, turned vio
lently around, as If, in the act oi rising
Irem her bed, she had again thrown her
self backward and clasped tbe feet or a
crucifix at her bed-head; soshe lies dead.
Michael ocottrushe* from the houso, and
returning maddened to the seashore, is
wlib difficulty restrained from suicide by
bis friend. At last he stands like u stone
for a while, and then, as If repeating an
inner whisper, be describes the maiden’s
iaet struggle with her heart. He says
bow she loved him, but would not sin;
how, hearing In her sleep bis appeal
from the shore, she almost yielded,
and tbe embodied image of her longing
oame rushing out to him; but bow in the
last. Instant she turned buok lor refuge to
Christ, and ber soul was wrung from her
by the struggle of ber heart.
“ ‘And as 1 speak,' he save, ‘the fiend
who whispers this concerning ber says
aiso in my ear how surely 1 am lost.’ ”
Cool, Uarefnl Mr. Netterllelit. >
Mr. Harman Netterfleld, the young,
gentleman of Klngsland, Wells oounty,
Iml., who drew the 810,000 at tbe Feb
Bib drawing of Tbo Louisiana State Lot
terarv, has reueived tbe cash. He yester
day deposited it In tbo First National
Hank, wnere it will remain. He it a cool,
c.ireful business inao, and will safely In
vest it in due time.—Fort Wayne (Ind.)
iJanette , Feh. Id.
Bonds, Certificates of Block, Maps,
Plans, Diplomas, Checks, Drafts, Letter
end NuH Heads. 1)111 Head*, Wedding In
vitations, Cards, etc., lithographed and
angraved at Morning News Printing
House, .i Whitaker street. Bayeuuab.
Launching a Mammoth Vessel —The
Second Largest oi Her Class.
Banook, March 29 A few years ago,
when the first three-masted schooners of
from 500 to 800 tons were built in Maine,
the old-time masters and builders, used
to fore-and-afters of only 200 or 300 tons,
shook their heads disparagingly and de
clared thin people were going ornzy, aad
vtUhu ibeu vessels were followoil later by
four-masters ol 1,000 tons and upward,
they ridiculed both ressel and lankier.
Now, wnen a fbur-mnied schooner of
nearly 1,000 tons has been launched, the
ancient mariners are lost In amazement,
and are asking eaou other where inis sort
ol thing will end, arid what will be tne
limit of size.
There was launched at Hath a few days
ago tho largest schooner-rigged sailing
vassal but one afloat. She is the T. A.
Lambert, 227 feet touuage length, R> feet
beam. 22.1 feet hold and 1,588.31 net tons.
She has a tremendously heavy frame and
is fastened ns heavy as a whaler. Her
lower masts are each 112 feet long, and
ber spar* in proportion, so tliut one may
readily Imagine the amount of sail sue
can spread. She is estimated to have a
carrying capacity ot 2,900 tons, so that
with any decent sort ot business and dis
patch ber freight money for a season in
the coal, Ice and hard pine trade must
figure up something handsome.
Here is a sohooner larger than the ma
jority ol ships and burks, and with greater
proportionate carrying capacity than the
square riggers, which, on account of her
simple rig, requires but half the crew of
the latter, and much less expenditure for
sails and rigging, and svhioii, if the coast
ing or West India business is dull, can
go into deep water trades, us did lhe
four-master llaroldine, built at North
Weymouth, Mass., a few years ago. The
crew of such a vessel are relieved of the
heavier drudgery by a steam engine
placed forward, and their forecastle is
generally a parlor compared with those
of small craft.
The exigencies of the times have called
tue monstersohoono'-Binto existence, and
they bave come to st,uy. They are cheap
ly built, economically sailed, great car
riers, and last saiiers. so their popularity
is not to be wondered at. Quite a num
ber of schooners ranging from 600 tons
upward are now being constructed in
Alains yards, and preparations are being
made for tne buildiug, at Camden, of a
tour-master of twelve to thirteen hundred
tons, modeled something alter tue King
Philip, iauneued at that place last fall.
Kreicuts may be low and business dull,
but Jlalne is a State of sailors and build
ers, and if they can’t get a living in ordi
nary sized craft they are bound to do it
in big iellotvs, which can carry as much
at one trip as a wnoie “mosquito fleet.”
As to tbe limit of size, as ships bave
increased from 300 tons in the early davs
to 3,000 tons to-day without exciting anv
great wonder, nobody need be surprised
to see the old coasting schooner of 200
tons succeeded in tha near future by a
five-master of 2,000 tons.
Some uewspapers have reported the T.
A. Lambert to be the largest sohooner
afloat. This is a mistake. The largest
vessel of this c!as is the five-inaster
Golden Age, 1,763 tons, built at Bride’s
Bridge, Ohio, some years ago. Tbe Lam
bert ranks next.
Nothing; to Bock Up this One Sym
tom of Hydrophobia.
From the Peneacola (Fla.) Commercial .
Tuesday afternoon a number of people
of all colors flocked to a little house on
Barcelona street, a few doors north of
Government, in whioh reside a colored
woman, Bella Woodson and her 10-year
old daughter Cordelia. As reports from
that locality became more widely scat
tered over the city, callers became more
numerous, and at 6 o’clock p. m , when a
reporter repaired to the ss>ot
there was a large orowd of people in tho
street in tront of the bouse discussing the
wonderful oase within. A policeman
stood at tho door and refused admit
tance to everybody but the reporter,
who stepped inside and found Dr. W. K
Fordbam bending over a bed wbio h stood
in one corner of the apartment, upon
which lay the girl aforementioned.
Hound about were several women, among
them the mother, and two or three men,
one of whom was the mother’s father. The
report which had been circulated on the
streets was to the effect, that a case of hy
dropbobia had developed in this house, but
that tbe victim, a 10-year-old colored girl,
was exhibiting but oue symptom of"the
dreaded disease, whining, growling and
barking like a dog. The reporter had not.
been In the room three minutes when
from the bed came several rapidly deliv
ered, most perfect barks, aud, but for tbo
fact that be was watching the girl, and
saw ber as she gave utterance to them,
be could scarcely have been convinced
that there was not a dog in the room, so
perteot an imitation of a canine bark
were they.
These barks were delivered at inter,
vals of about ten minutes. To tbe doc
dor’s queries it was positively asserted
that the child had never been bitten,
neither liad either of the parents, by dog,
oat, wolf or anything else. The ohild
was perfectly rational, had not the slight
est fever, and felt no pain in any part of
her body. Sue expressed a sense of
shame at the barking she was forced to
To the reporter, tbe mother, when
asked how long the child bad been in this
condition, said that twenty-thrae days
ago the child was taken with a kind of
spasmodic jerking at the stomach, not
exaotiy convulsions, and yesterday
morning she tainted. Recovering from
toe tainting tit she began barking like a
dog, and felt so keenly her position that
she remarked to her mother that It would
never do to Uavo the neighbors knuw ol
her condition. Dr. Fordbam was then
called in.
The reporter and (he doctor left the
house together, tue latter having pre
scribed a nervine. To the query by the
reporter as to tho nnture of tbe case, Dr.
Eordbsm frankly admitted that lie had
never in his experience seen or heard of
anything like it. He had not yet con
cluded his diagnosis, and he would on tbe
morrow invite other physicians to
accompany biin when bo visited lhe pa
To-day at 12 o’clock Dr*. Fordbam.
Herron aud Ksnsbaw, accompanied by
the reporter, repaired to the house and
found the patient doing somewhat holier,
the barking, which was still being contin
ued, being less in volume and delivered
at greater intervals. The cnild slept
well during the night and barsed none,
but, on awaking this morniug, resumed
the delivery of the strange sounds.
The two visiting physicians expressed
themselves to un effect similar to the an
swer of Dr. Fordbam to tbe reporter—they
had never beard of or seen anything like
It In their experience. All, however, were
inclined to believs it a nervous affection,
and soouted tbe idea tliut it might be hy
drophobia. Dr. Fordbam eaid subse
quently to the reporter that, in bin opin
ion, the oaee resulted from an Inflamma
tion of tbe nerve centres, which bad pos
sibly been Induced by a precocious devel
opment. Lie had not, however, concluded
me diagnosis, and would not say anything
positively in this connection.
Borne of the colored people living in tbe
vicinity of tbe houae where tbo patient
reside* are ooufldeut that the obiid is the
viotim ol avnudoo doctor, and no amount
of per*ua*ion oan Induce them to change
this tuperatitioua belief.
The attending pbyelclan doe* not appre
hend a latul termination ol hi* oaee.
Boarf I’ln*, Collar Button* aud Htude.
LaFar’* now store, 29 Bull etreet.
The Fluctuations of Mysterious
blocks Automatically llegistered.
Prom the Nr to York Stir .
Perhaps of all the methods ever invented
by ingenious gamblers to coax from, tho
pockets of tho “lambs” their weekly stl
ponds or the onsh they cun nog, borrow or
embezzle, the most insidious is that
which is to be found at No. 60 Broad
street. A reporter ior tho Star yesterday
visited the establishment, which is pre
sided over by Campbell & Cos., and found
there all sorts of devotees of fortune, iroui
the full-fledged member ot the Stock Ex
change and the scalper ot the New York
Produce Exchange to the curbstone
broker. Two sets of quotations are oil
tbe boards. Upon one is recorded the ao
tuai transactions ot the Stock Exchange
as transmitted by the “bucket shop
ywire,” and these quotations are correct,
although surreptitiously obtained. Upon
the other board is recorded tho various
fluctuation*, which are made by a purely
mechanical contrivance, on certain al
leged raining stocks supposed to be con
trolled by the oompany who owns the
Iranohise of the apparatus which auto
matically makes tne quotations. Tue
proprietors, of course, disclaim any iu
teniion to transgress tbe laws against
gambling, but even the most casual in
vestigation by any one versed in games
of chaiioe will be sufficient to convince
him that it is a game ot ebanoe.
Said Air. Gampboll to a reporter: “1
patented this apparatus several years ago
lu Chicago, and opened an office under
the regular Board or Trade in that city.
Many of the brokers there investigated
mv way ol dolti; business, aud were sat
isfied to trade with me eveu during the
business hours of the regular board.
Now. there’s a man—po.ntmg to a gentle
man who had just entered the office—who
did the first trade on the clockwork board
in Chicago. He had been unfortunate
among his associates of the legitimate
and came to my place to make up h:s
losses. He was succbsslul and went back
to tlie board, although not as a member,
and was able to do a good business. He
made a good deal of money out ot us. I
was surprised to see him hero.”
inquiry of the gentleman referred to
corroborated thesa statements, but also
set forth the fact that he had continued
hi* speculations until be was willinir to
come to New York aud take a salaried
The operations of the clockwork quota
tion apparatus is entirely and absolutely
automative, it consist* of a dial which
at hall-minute intervals records first tne
advance of some certain stock, and below
that the decline of the same or another
stock. These shares are lettered F. M.
G-, M. M. G., H. M. C., T. AL C. and P.
M. C., supposed, according to the bulle
tin conspicuous in the office of Messrs.
Campbell At Cos., to represent tbe stocks
of the Fenetla Mining Company, tho filer
chants’ anu Manufacturing Company, the
Hettie Mining Company and the Ferro
Mining Company, the control of wnicb,
Mr. Campbell claims, has oeeu obtained
by his company for $21,000. Wbat is
done with the other mining companies on
the list of the corporation is not given
To a reporter for the Star Mr. Camp
bell said yesterday: “Our methods are
perfectly legal. We bave had here
filcesrs. Anthony Comstuoa and Inspector
Byrnes, besides various member* of tbe
Stock Exchange. They have invariably
attested their belief in the fairness of our
dealings, and one prominent stock broker
said to-day he would be glad to call upon
us again.”
filr. Campbell added: “Of course there
are times when the whole of our list will
move in one direction—that is, the clock
will go against us, and the sums we then
pay out are something enormous, but
tney generally—in lact, inevitably—come
back, and we reap not only the profits of
the transactions, but the commission of
per cent., which pays our expenses
and more.”
The ingenious apparatus which reoords
th-se quotations was patented by Air.
Campbell on May 4, 1886, and give* to the
inventor the right to make, vend or
otherwise use the tickers and quotations
of the company or party lurnishing the
quotations. Tbe Instrument eu change
the quotations only by automatic process,
in illustrating this Air, Campbell, stood
by tbe machine and gave out theebangea,
which, on examination by the Star re
porter, were proven to depend entirely on
Replying to the question a* to how be
hoped to evade the law on gambling, Air.
Campbell said:
“1 have here acertaln number of stocks
which 1 propose to sell at the price
marked hy my indicator, and will take It
back at the same price. The stock men
tioned represents the shares of regularly
organized mining companies, (or the con
trol of wbioh i paid $20,000. I would like'
to see any one force me out of the privi
lege of bartering In them or the right of
charging y t of 1 percent, or more or less
as I choose.”
Two stocks—F. 31, <J. aud M. M. C.—
change 1 point at a time, and yesterday
they varied from 1 to 26 points. Other
stocks change from y t to at a quota
tion, and vary accordingly. All of these
companies, a* represented by Mr. Camp
bell, have regularly organized boards ol
trustees, hue, as was said bra prominent
Consolidated Exchange broker, "if they
exist outside of the ‘clock,’ they are no
thing but prospect holes, incorporated to
give a semblance of legality to wbat is
nothing more nor less than a game of
How Republican Office-Holders arc
Being Weeded Ont.
From Waehinytun Letter It the Baltimore
A Democrat io Congressman, who keeps
himself pretty well posted on national
politic*, remarked to-day, while ut the
Treasury Department, that there is now
very little ground far Democrats to com
plain that Republican officials are not
being turned out of the government ser
vice fast enough. He says he has given
the subject.considerable attention, and bo
finds that nearly all of the Uepubl loan
postmaster* have been replaced hy Demo
crats, and the same can be said of col
lectors of customs, collectors of internal
revenue and tboir subordinates aud ol
nearly all ot tbu other braucues of the
public service. He predicts that, before
tbe next Tresidentiul election roils
around there will hardly he a Republican
in any important government position
except iu the departments at Washing
ton, and they cun be of little or no assist
ance to their party, us their superior
officers can prevent thorn from taking au
active part in politics by simply saying
wnen they request to go borne to vote
that their services cannot be spared from
the office at tout time, iie also takes a
very cheerful end bopeiul view of tbe
political situation from his party siaud
point. Be says the creation ottho Inter
state CommerocCommlssion will fie'of In
estimable value to the Democratic party
in the next campaign, as H will have the
administration behind it, and therefore
exert a powertullnfluence over the rail
road corporation* whloh bave heretofore
be j n the b*eC of supply for the Republi
cans In national elections. So tong us the
wsrt in power ifie railroads
w*r* willlaii to help them, but. now that
they find tti* Democrnt* artr in control of
affair* there is n > necessity for them to
ooßtribut* so liberally to the Republican
campaign fund.
“How long litre you been blind*" asked tbe
“Three ysare renlied,” the witnee*. “And
wbat la your buaiae*i'' 'Tost Dffloe inspec
tor ”—L.d is.
A YOUNG MAN, nge BU. of good nddre**
unh standing, ami iiossob* ng a lair tlinro
of woruly good*, desirta to correspond With
ono or two young ladies of lively disposition;
object, recreation, and perhaps matrimony.
Address, in confidence, AIAX BERESFORD,
Tampa, Fla.
I) AitA SO I—Will tho tour young ladles
who wore walking on railroad track Sun
day when rain oame up oe there to-day?
ILL tbe parlv who sent note lent Sunday
T* uud called iii person onThurtday please
send address through mail: perfectly safe.
Y;.rip gVautrP.
AT? ANTED, a (!rst-clas carriage painter
T ( at O’CONNER’S Workshops, corner
Bryan and West Broad streets.
TV ANTED, immediately, two experienced
tV salesladies; no others need apply.
ATT ANTED, experienced dress goods
Tv salesmen,salesladies aud cash bov, at
TAT ANTED, a harbor at once. Apply nt
TV Mart hail House Palace Shaving Saloon.
AA7 ANTED. Ladle*, local or traveling. A
il wonderful entirely new specialty for
ladies only; $4 dally easily made: no pnotn,
no painting; particular* free. Mbs. IT. F.
LITTLE. Chicago, lIL
AVANTKD. a first-class baker nt C. C.
tt LANGLA’S Bakery, corner Hunting
don and Tattnall streets.
it'ANTED, ii girl to do housework and
T V make horsoif generally useful. Apply
111 Perry street,
| hh TO SBOO a month can be mado wnru-
O i l"l" ing for us; agents preferred who
can furnish their own norso* and give their
whole time to the business; .pare moments
may he profitably employed also; a low va
i nicies ill towns and cilie*. It. F. .TOHN
bON A CO., 101 H Main street. Richmond, Va.
WANTED, a situation in a wholesale or
retail grocery store; several years’ ex
perience. R. TANARUS, ?>.. care this office.
j situation; good habits aid qualifica
tions. Address P. A. TANARUS., this office.
\\J ANTEO, hy a lady,position as cashier or
VV ollic," work; reference furnished. No.
SO Bull street.
yiifittUantaßt id ant*.
VV size frame dwelling, south front, be
tween Whitaker and Lincoln, north of Bolton
street; price from $3,500 to $4,000. Address
LOT, News office.
ATT ANTED, board, in a private family, in
Vy new part of city, for three. Address
AVANTKD, a lady of good family to rent a
*V bran tiew Upright Plano of us. DAVIS
lUnuito to 2tcnt.
I ADR RENT, at No. 153 Suite street, east, of
1 Barnard, fronting south on Teilair place,
a floor of ihree nice room*, furnished or un
furnished: every convenience on same floor.
Is OK RENT, rooms furnished or unfur
’ nidied, with or without bourn. One suita
ble for office Northwest corner State aud
IAOR RENT, large, airy rooms, nicely fur-
X' li'shud; locution very desirable, facing
one of the principal squares. Address AP
UF.NT, nicely furnished front room,
’ transient or permanent, with use of hath
room, at 37 Abe room street, very reasonable.
OFFICE FOIt RENT.—Southeast corner
President aud Drayton streets. Apply
to WILLIAM B. ADAMS, 118 Bryan etreet.
(AOIt RENT, desirable rooms comfortably
Jd furnished: all modern convenience, suit
able for gentleman. No. 33 York street.
IAOR RENT, furnished rooms, or two enm-
F fortable flats with hath room; very
reasonab e. 170 Liberty street.
IAOR RENT, large, airy rooms; also, table
1 boarders warned, at 85 totigrehs street,
corner Abercorn.
IAOR RENT, pleasant rooms, largo aud
F sn*id, furnished; al*o day board, at 5d
Barnard street.
IAOR RENT, choice basement rooms, fronl
-1 ing nouth, at 100 Liberty street. Call at
lAURNISHED ROOMS, with privilege of
. bat h aad closet, at su Broughton street.
IAOR RENT, a nicely furnished room, cor
. ner McOonougn and Bull streets.
ROOMS to RENT, furnished or unfur
nished. No. 84 Itrougutun street.
IAOR KENT, a large, nicely furnished
1 trout room, No. ~'l south Broad street.
IAOR RENT, furnished south rooms; most
- convenient tor gentlemen or light house
keeping. 41 Broughton street.
lidiioro iiiif> JStiuTo tor Kent.
I/OU RENT, a two-story dwoldug, north
-4 west cornecßl. Julian and Houston sireeis.
Apply Alas. C. liKNNEyaY, Houston aud
President streets.
IAOR RENT, Ist May. residence No. 88 An
-1 deio in street: modern convenience and
servant’s room. Apply No. UT Henry street.
iAOlt KENT, desirable two-story frame
1 house, Wesi Broad street, between
Gwinnett anil Hall. Apply next door.
IAOR RENT, house 37 Broughton street;
possession given May Ist. Tuquire at 154
Broughton street.
IAOR KENT, a seven-room house. Apply at
' LOUIS VOXEL’S store, .Jefferson and
Waldburg lane.
IAOR RENT, two-story bouse on Hall street,
fourth door west of East Broad. Inquire
on premise*.
JAOIt RENT, a medium-size house, modern
P improvement*. Inquire Ist Male street.
IAOR RENT, a desirable hous-, furnished or
Jt? unfurnished. Apply at 15s Liberty attest.
tAOK RENT, two or three dwellings St
1 Bloomingdsle. Apply at 145 K Guidon
IAOR RENT, a store on west side of Bull
street, one door toil'll of KSTiLL’S
NEWS DEPOT; possession givuu at once.
Apply on the premises.
17*OR RENT, house of four room*, suitable
1 ferbii*ine-" Also, two houses, six rooms
ciich. Apply 94 Lincoln street.
IAORREVT.seven-rooin hou*e with hydrant
1 Intard. Apply to WM. BOUHaN, cor
ner of Huntingdon and Merer sireeis.
IAOR RENT, store So. 119!-$ Congress street,
F formerly occupied hy C. F. Graham;
possession given May Ist. For terms, etc.,
apply to M I I N HARD BROS. A CO,
lAOit BENT, with privilege oi MltMOSe,
X 1 building lots in lirownvllle. Southvillo
and Easllan t. at 50c. tosl a month Id's to
lease near Whitaker and Anderson streets.
An dy to Da. L. A. FALLIGAN T. 151 South
liroad street.
JSov Sale.
IAOR SALE CHEAP, throe shares Southern
JP Mutual Loan AMoc-iiUmn st a It, *( lues R,
eight Installment*paid. Address MUTUAL.
News office.
IAOR SALE, a nice home on tho sails. Ap
’ ply 8! Will taker street.
HOSE BEE 1.8, four and eight-arm Fount
ain sprinkler"; M.silc, Magic, Lowell,
Neptune, Bos, l’lam and Mop-Cock Nozzles
for sale cheap. Garden Mono al. 10c per (opt.
KoiU’Otnq. __
rrMVtTYOUSG MEN. wishing to room to
il grtber. can Uud pleasaut room and lioard
In private family—no children—hy address
ing E. L.. this office.
BOARDING —No. IS Abercorn etreet. De
sirable slide of rooms, second floor; on
mute or singly ; vsesnt first of April.
WANTED, a few boarders at too South
\Y Broad sliest. Also, table boarders.
Location delightful.
lAOljll GENTLEMEN can secure room*
. snd board at 17J houlh Brood street at
reasonable term*.
A REWARD will bo pjiid for tbe return of
a K. U Irish Sutter. missing aince Tues
dav from <3 bryau street, corner of A bor
er or u.
IOST, a medium sire hound bitch, blnck
J except foot and around mouth and eyes,
wlii. h is dsrt brown. The finder wib be lib
cr'tllv rewarded hy returning same to W M.
I>kL()A<.'H, Centre** aud JoiTerson.
N' < >TI< K. Views of the (. atlieilr.nl and St.
Patrick’s Church; also Une cabinet pho
tographs forsS 00 per do/.e, at HKHMfiS, 177
Congress street, opposite the market.
AVAKTKD, everybody to know that
yy BIS HOF'S Savannah Gallery is head
quarter.** for line Ferreotvpes and I’hotos.
West Broad and Gust on streets,
\\T A.V l KH, every body *o know WILSONS
m ia lieadduartcrs for Fino Cabinet* Photo
graphs; family groups and life-size bends di
rect from the poyau ves. <_ nbinut Photos vrico
thru.? dollars and Jlfty oenta a dozou. J. N.
W f LBONT, a I Bull street.
r |''HK RUSH still continues for those flee
1 Photos, 50 per dozen, at BISHOP'S.
W**Mt Broad and G/i->ion streets,
\\T ANTED, nil luubuitl to know thnt
V > when they are removing from ouo resi
dence lo another that It la not Well for thorn
to try to bother about that Pluto of theirs.
Son.l word to DAVIS KUOS, aud they will
move li safely aud with ease on their new
Plano Truck.
HAIUWORK and Combings made iu
. any style, from a single curl to n mo-t
eaborate hair guard, very nullable as a ures
eut for a aouvenir. liana, trui mod by l*,M I LK
F. FKUKAS, 110,V£ Broughton Street llf.ir
IJVA3TKK BOOKS.—Tho Lllv Censer. Fair
x j Thoughts for Happy Hours. The Un
known \V uy, fho Lily and the Cropa, etc.
Also. HookH.it' Common Prayer and Hooka of
Worship, at WYLI.Y A CLARKE'S.
Cl El)Alt WARDROBF., patented folding
/ tied and all Ittndeof second hand furnlMre,
as good as new, for su>e. PETEK FOX.
Whitaker street, under Metropolitan 111.11.
Cash or installments.
(A LOTH IN'(5 Cleaned, Repaired, Braided.
J Altered and Dyed; New Suita Cut anil
Made. Iu latest styles: charges moderate; er.t
iafaction guaranteed. A. GETZ, tailor, ill
Jefferson street.
LT PHOLSTKItINU, Carpet Laving and
I Window Shades. Hiosm Feather Clean
ing. Carpets taken up cleaned, scoured and
rein'd, at W . D. THOMPSON’S, 49 Whitaker
1 \KKSS.MAKING or Sewing liy the week or
1/ month; milting, fitting and drsping a
specialty; sewing machine furnished if re
quired; terms moderate. Address K., this
H AIRCUTTING unique iu Us execution,
unique In itsatvle, and universally be
coming, hy KM ILE F. FEGKAS. Broughton
s'rent, between Bull and Drayton.
I'ptiUSKS: TRUNKS! TitUNKS! For sale
J- cheap for cash. All ktndeof traveling
and drummers trunks at SAVANNAH
THUNK FACTORY, aa Whitaker street.
IF you want your Clothing renewed.cleaned,
repaired, braided, dyed,remodeled, altered
tomtit your male go to 8. \VHITE'S, corner
Jefferson and State streets.
OPEN SUNDAYSto furnish medicine,from
9to 11—4 to 8 o’oiock. G. M HEIDT A
A SMALL LOT of slightly soiled Bnvgy
Harness areally reduced in price; Eng
li.ii Saddles at naif price. N EIDLINGEtt A
IF you are In want of Lap Robes, Horse
Blankets. Wagon, Buggy or Team Harness.
Ladies’, Gents’ nr Bovs’ Saddles aud Bridles,
Mill or Gin Belting of any kmil. Trunks and
Traveling Bags from the cheapest to the
linest grades, you wid And a nice, well selec
ted stock to choose from at W. B. MKLL A
CO. ’S, 180 Congress street.
Complexion. Ladle*, use Mme. Sonna
lea's Parisian Nut Oil avid Milkweed Powder.
It removes and prevents wrinkles, beautifies
and preserves the complexion, and keeps it
yon'mul. For sale at I)A VI D PORTER’S.
122 Broughton street.
I inglon, D C. No pay aaked for patents
until obtained. Write for inventor’s Guide.
N’OTICE.— All parties contemplating
building will do well to consult me, an r
urn prepared to do any kind of carpenter
work very low at short notice; iinlshiug
stores a specialty. Shop corner Habersham
and Macon streets. B. S. HARRIS,
(~1 INS presses and mills cheap. G. R,
T LOMBARD, * CO- Augusta. Ga.
IOOIi out for bargains; no nonsense; don’t
j believe what you read, but call aud sec
our immense line of House Furnishing Goods,
Furniture, Stoves and Shades, at prices at
which you can supply your wants, at NATH
AN BROS.’, ISB Congress street.
InfrPen ft gate* >■ fit, g.
L & 871. M. H.
In days gone by Pianos and Organs com
manded such high prices that they were not
within the roach of the masses and conse
quently considered as luxuries in which only
the wealthy could Indulge.
Times have changed. A musical education
and a musical instrument are now NECESSI
TIES, and in order that all can indulge wo
Payments of $2 67 Monthly.
Wc also have the celebrated PACKARD
on easy payments.
Don’t want an Organ? Well, here we are
again. We want to impress upon your mind
the tact that we furnish Superb Pianos on in
lluileeloiul payments
No belter investment of your spam change
can be made, and no surer method of making
home happy than In the uurchaseof a Piano
or Organ. We are iheadquarters lor tbeo.d
BENT & CO. and
If you want a flne Instrument at low price
and upon easy terms come and ace us. If you
don’t want an instrument come any wav,.hake
hum la, look over our vast establishment and
feci that you arc A I, WAYS W ELCOME
Lnddcii&Eatcs Southern Music House,
Tim and Drame Department
I— .V U. H. >JL. 11.
OUIt Tuning is under the management of
Ma. 11. X. MOORE, who is known a.
lining a reliable and responsible gentleman,
and one who thoroughly understands els busi
ness. We employ only the best of workmen,
and under Mk. MOORE’S care the owners of
Pianos have an aur,tnco that their instru
ments will Ire henetlted and not ruinod.
Squares and Uprights 58 yearly; IS single
Grands, HI yearly: <5 single tuning
Yearly luning provides for lour tunings a
year—every three month.—and includes iho
replacing of broken strings, slight regulation
of action not calling (or general repairs,
We employ experienced Plano Movers from
New York, and guarantee our customers
against sll loss or ilsmago la handling their
instruments. We move Pianos in city or pack,
unpack and set up when desired. We nave
two men in our employ commonly known as
Utants, who, while not large men, pick up
with ease an Upright or Square Piano and
carry it up or down a flight of stairs w tthout
Injury to Instrument or premises. Our prices
will be found reasonable.
Udtleii At ltgtejHuuUhtu Music House
Amlioit Sajpo jiiturp Dane.
Fine Let South of An*
derson Street
I. D. X.aROCHK’9 SONS Auctioneers,
On TUBS DA Y, In front of the Court Houmv
at u o’clock, w will sell
That desirable vacant lot south side Second
street, between Bull and Drayton street-;)
lot lilt* feet x 110 feci more or loss. This is *
very desirable lot, as there are very few sit is
lot. can ho had.
That line cottage and outbuilding, on nor lg
able Anderson street, between Montgomery;
and West Broad streets; lot 29 feet x 105 f; ci j
more or lens, with outbuilding, fences, etc., lit
good order. j
Valuable Property,
I. O. IsaKOCII R’S SONS, Auctioneers
On TUESDA V, the sth ilay of April, wc willf
offer in front of the Court liou&e, ai 1 y
o'clock, the following property:
That fine brick rcabfence in Gordon Bio kJ
next to Barnard street, fronting on im
square, being three stories on basement, hav-3
lug 'vater aud tfa* mu I all uecu.ißftry coni
on Ilonrv and * emuiery streets, mnJ
taming two x-story dwelling* on the fionrf
and two 1-story dwellings on the lane,
SOR acres of land abont four inile*'. from then
city, on the An cum a road, together with a’?
the improvements thereon. Same now ascctf
an a truck farm.
Three Fine Lois South of Liberty Street!
I. D. LaROCHE’S SONS. Auctioneers.
On TUESDA V. the sth day of April, we t djR
t"li, iu frent of the Court House, attafej
Three Lots Nos. 16, 18 and 21 (ailjoinlngf)J
nitnutedon the Mmlhwi st corner of
and Third street, each lot being 42 by 98
lei ms Cash : purchaser paying for pnpil^^B
t. O. L.KOOHK’S SONS, A tictioneers.ffg
On TUESD KX, tho 6th day of April, we |9H
sell before the Court House, at II
One of the most desirable vacant lots on IBjfc?
market, situated on the west side of
street, between Huntingdon aud Hall
Fee simple. Terms cash; purchaser paying
for papers. , i
liral ffc.iifr.
Delightful Summer riflH
That placo at is’e of Hope knwMnf
as the (iiicrr.nl Place, with One
fcheeS, etc., all In good order. This is ns of
the mo4t desirable piaccs on the salt water. ■
The old Creamer Place at White BlnfTA
dwelling, outhouses, etc,, in good order.!
There is attached'o this place 6d acres land, 1
running from White Bluff road bsc.K to rear*
of llluff lots, Ade Ightful summer place.
(Formerly St, Mark’s.) !
Newnan Street, near Bay, Jacksonville,
r |"HR mont central house in lit* city,
1 Post Gllic", S’ reel i irs msd all
Nc-and eh g a fundi ;re. mhfYT'T IMWM?
Baths, Etc. .2 60 to I.i per ■SljprJ 1 i
John " " -irli. rmrstsur/ f
8. A. UPSON, Manager.
Leoim hotel*
M. L. OULLsUT, • • Manascri
Open Docember to May. Daily Rates-Mj
Hotel San Salvadors
St. George Street,
TT'IItST-CLASS in all its
T This new and elegant concrete hotel il
l.andsomclv furnished throughout, and ha mj
ull the modern improvements—electric beds,
'gas, baths and period sanitary systems
Rates; 12 50 to J!) per day. Special terms b*
the Week or month. G. N. PAPY, Proprietor,
'I 'll IS popular hotel is now provided with ■
I Passenger Elevator Him only one la tire
citn and lots been remodeled aud newly fur
nlsTied. The proprietor, who by recent pur
oliuso is also the owner of the establishment,
spares neither pains nor expense In the enter
tainment of his guests. The patronage ol
Florida visitors Is earnestly invited. Th<
table of the Screven House is supplied will
every luxury that the market* at home an
abroad can afford. *
mabnhall iio’useJ
8 \ vannaii, g y.
( 1 EO. I). IIODGES, Proprietor. FormeriM
II of ihe .Metropolitan Hotel. New Yorlj
and the Grand Union, Saratoga SpringaJ
Location central. All parts of the city an<S
places of interest accessible by street c.M
constantly parsing the doors. Special tnjf
dueements lo those visiting the city lor busl-sl
ncso or pleasure.
m bonnets!
Orders Tuken for Sun Uonucts.
PYlt Lambrequins 2t 3’ardaj
long, half yard wide, stamped,
$1; elaborate designs $1 25k
Felt Scarfs, stamped, 54;
inches long, 18 inches
stamped on both ends, 50c.
Art materials furnished a|
lowest prices. Stamping dona
on short notice.
fVlrs. Kate Power*
Tinttjo mtD
Don’t DoItT Don’t Do fill!
\FTHY don’t walk our tony streets with that
vt nice dress or suit of oiolhes on wltlt
Stains or Grease 'pots in, lo Inch the Savin- •
nah dust ilicka "closer than a brother,” when
will lake them out clean a* anew pin. V
a bottle. Made only by
At hi* Drug Stores, Broughton and Drayton*
Whitaker aud Wayne si recta.
Johaoo Hi’s Malt litracL
Thu Geunlue Article, For Sale at

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