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Big Flock* of Wild Geese and Ducks Fly
Over Athens—Waynesvllle’s Formor
Postmaster Maid to be Short tu III*
Account**—Arrest of a Supposed Bur
liar at Albany .
It is said that thirty buildings have
t)een erected at Woodbury during the
past six months.
The post offloe at Carnesville will he
supplied with letter boxes if a sufficient
number of citizens desire them.
The late Superior Court was more ex
pensive to Greene county than any of its
predecessors for several years, costing
An old citizen of Milton countv says
that fruit has never been killed in March,
and that he has taken notice of it a thou
sand times.
The grand jury of Mitchell county
recommend the issuing of bonds not to
exoeed $20,000 for the building of anew
court house,
A Mr. Bartlett, from Taylor county,
was in Montezuma trading a few days
ago. His father’s family consists of 23
children and 69 grandchildren.
A gentleman ot Kansas City, Mo..writes
that he wants to make ice train .Monte
zuma's artesian water, and will put up a
small machine if the people will take a
little stock in it.
.Joseph W. Weaver, who killed Tipton
n few days ago iu Laurens county while
trying to rob old man Percy, was cap
tured Friday near Bruton by the Sueri if
ol Laurens county.
In tde way of odd names the following
urea little eccentric. They are the names
of a family in McDuffie county: Lenty
Edney, Adney Datney, Eikey Betney,
Naicby Ebuey, and Zebodee Hadley.
At Ty-Ty, while George Mol.oud was
riding a. horse, a passing train frightened
the animal, sod he threw tbu young man
off and stepped on his arm, fractur
ing the oone between the wristar.d elbow.
At Hillsdale on Wednesday evening,
w hile loading cars with lumber, Kesspass
Briant was knocked unconscious with a
stick of timber sinking him on the back
of his head. He is able to move about,
though with considerable pain.
At Greenville the building committee
of the Presbyterian chinch is ordering
lumber and building material for their
new church. It looks us if tne work will
be rapidly pushed and a handsome and
commodious edifice ready for worship at
au early day.
The principal keeper of the penitentiary
bas prepaied the bill of the convict
lessee* lor the services ol 1,609 conviots
lor the year ending March 31. Tnis sum
is divided among the throe penitentiaries,
as follows: No. ], *4,810 97: No. 2,
$9,980 60; No 3, $10,208 43.
At Lexington a day or two ago, during
the heavy wind, a shelter on the place of
Hon James M. Smith was blown down.
BettMia ih* *tieUer were some buggies,
n Oil* pha*ton and other valuable prop
erty. These ware entirely demolished,
and the loss was quite heavy.
M. of ( rawlordvilla, received
letter T|s(iay from the Chief or tne
Railway Mu I Service, Joe Turner, of
notifying him of his appoint-
mail olerk on thGorgia
XAHttgkd UAtc Augusta to Atlanta, with
in the latter oity.
RjpTlffined that a special agent has
taw Wayn.and overhauled the
KodMrijf ®e former Poßiuiaster, J. \V.
iMmmm. Hnds him short srof). it is
Mplpgft IMbis he true, thut ever a year
ll passed SUM" he reigned ihe position,
MiM,, are only now finding
h A family in Lexington are the owners
9| a litter of ten pups only a few weeks
Wti. One morning this week they were
Halted by one of the family, and imagine
He surprise at finding an old cat and iit
■r of kittens in tne same box with tua
Hips, all seemingly happy in the com
panionship of the other.
An old hen and a brood of chickens and
the pony of O. C. Cheves, of Montezuma,
appear to be very fond of each other. The
Ken is not satisfied unless she Is in the
•table with the pony. Sits gathers her
brood under her wings aud the pony will
Atentlv rest his nose on her back without
rtlisturbing her—in faot she rather likes
such little evidences of affeotion. It is
Indeed a happy family.
A cyclone struck the plantation of
Capt. W. E. Clarke, five miles below Sun
Hill, Thursday and literally toro his
fenops. smoke house, corn crib, stables
*>nd kitchen to pieces. Nothing was left
standing exoept the body of the building
—the shfngles are blown off, chimneys
blown down and windows broken. The
damage to the place will not fall short of
SI,OOO. No lives were lost.
Katonton Messenger: To all appear,
anoe the cold weather of court week did
not Injure the fruit, but the freeze and
■wintry blasts of Monday night of this
"week did the work. So far as we have
fceard—and we have sought information
ffrom a number of sources—the fruit is
either killed or serlouslv damaged, while
the more tender vegetables that were ex
posed will hare to be replanted.
Samuel Pasco, an aged and wealthy
citizen ot Cherokee county, died last Sat
urday night. Mr. Paaoo is the gentle
man who a short time einoa dreamed that
someone bad stolen a large sum ot
money which he had buried. The dream
made such an Impression on his mind
that he really thought be had been
robbed, and after digging up his money
made a mistake in counting it which con
firmed hie belief.
Buena Vista Patriot: While at Sohley
court at Ellaville we noticed some crayon
work by a young man of that oounty, Mr.
Waters, a mere plowboy, as It were”, who
has never received a moment's instruc
tion in the art, and It will compare favor
ably with some of the best productions
Irtlste wdo make greater pretentions,
picture we saw was a likeness ol Dr.
lonald, who lives nearSnilthville, and
e who know the doctor say the pio
is perfect.
me time ago a negro was arrested
the tank below Putnam on a charge
aolng obstructions on tho track and
a preliminary trial at Ellaville. The
Ice failed to find sufficient evidence
to eonvlot the negro, and turned him
loose, the cost failing on the plaintiff.
Tne bailiff who made the arrest, falling to
colleot cost out of the railroad, levied on
one or tne lever cranks. The railroad au
thorities refused to pay the oost on the
grouud that it was a State case and the
State should pa? it.
There was organized at Home Thnrs
day uigbt, to be located in Forreat villo,
another factory that will be of vast benefit
to Romo, a trunk factory with large ca
pacity and ample oaplial. J. K. Harbour
■was elected enatimain and T. F. no Ith
secretary ami treasurer. Committees
were appointed to get a charter, secure
looatlou and buy nutohlnery. lhy will
proceed at ttaoe and expect to have the
factory iu operation within three months.
The trunk and chair factories, with the
furniture factory, which is now being
rapidly pushed to completion, will give
employment to 1211 bauds.
Hon. Mmon Wolff, of Washington cite,
who was sent to Atlanta to select a situ
for the building of tho Hebrew orphan
asylum, led the oity Friday, having ac
complished bis mission. He was not
willing to state wnsre the looality Is. but
he ssld that ho had chosen what be re
gards as an exceptionally good lot. A
eoon as he goes buck to Washington he
will make a report to Uie general division
'•I the B'nal Brlth order. 1 minedlatvW
tbeteafWr plans of the builUlug will H
agreed upon and the work will begin
Without delay. Anion Haas slate# Fiat
ho tombs tbe work on tho building will
start within the next thirty days.
Americus Recorder: H. H. Glover, one
of the most practical farmers and fruit
growers-in this county, was in the ouv
Friday, and gave it as his opinion that the
iruitcrop in this section is gone beyond
recovery. All ot the peaches, pears and
plums on his place were killed by tho late
freeze, and bo thinks his neighbors’
orchards fared but little better. If this
be true it will indeed be a calamity to the
country. aDd will nave the effect of caus
ing site plebeian blackberry,which has not
yet bloomed, to be treated with the most
distinguished courtesy nnd respect.
Henry says be will not stiffy from llu*
loss of bis poaches if the blackberries and
OUi-.h hold out until the uext ’possum
crop ripens.
The proprietor of tho Blakely New* is
just now laboring under a peculiar afflic
tion, which though not very painful phy
sically gives him a good deal of mental
anguish. He started to Fort Gaines to
attend court last .Monde.* morning, ac
companied bv liav. .1. !1. Co.-Icy, but be
fore arriving at that plane was greatly
distre sod to find that bis tongue usd
cea-ed to perlorm its proper func
tions, and he wns unable to ar
ticulate. He went to Fort Gaines in
tbe interest of tbe News, but was of
course unable to do anything when he ar
rived th re. 8o ho Bent for a physician,
who advised him to return home on the
train Tuesduy, which he did. He ar
rived at home safely, but somewhat fee
ble. and is uow under the treatment of
Dr. Duster.
Week before last Mr. Crittenden, a
sewing machine agent of Columbus, was
arrasted at Bueua Vista for removing a
sewing machine from the house of l’ou
Be Ik during nis absence and without, the
proper legal papers. The agent, had sold
Mr. Belk it noHOiiiae upon wuioh a pay.
mentor sll had been made and the re
mainder secured by notes. The agent,
tailing to collect the amount of tbe notes
as they beoame due. proceeded ou his
own account as above stated. At the
Justice Court at Brantley Saturday Jus
tice Noell ruled that the agent had no
right to move the machine without the
proper legal papers, and ordered the ma
chine returned. This will no doubt cause
machine agents to ne armed to tbe teeth
with legal documents in future cases of
this kind.
At Athene Wednesday morning about
daylight, Policeman Moon noticed large
flocks of wild geese, ducks and other wa
ter fowl flying over Athens. They
seemed to be attracted and bewildered
by the street lights, and were flying very
low, almost touching the roofs of tbe
bouses. In fact one flock of very large
bird* were actually flying so low that
they struck against one of the Universi
ty buildings and several were stunned
and nearly fell to the ground. Many of
these birds settled In the ponds around
tbe city, and early in the morning the
river sides were lined with sportsmen
aimed with shot-guns, but they met with
poor success, as tbe fowls were very
wild and kept beyond range. They soon
again took wing and began their north
ward flight. These birds are supposed
to have strayed from their regular
course, and were blown by a wind storm
in that direction. There wore also a
great many didappers in the ponds.
Albany News: Early Thursday morn
ing officers. \V. Cooper, lu making his
rounds, encountered a very suspicious
looking man who came across the bridge
Into Albany, and made directly for the
depot. The officer effected Ills arrest with
out trouble, and carried him to the jail,
where he was searched. Under his outer
garments, which appeared to he tbe garb
ol a laboring man, be was found to be
neatly clothed in new and elegant under
wear. In various places ou bis person
money was found In little bags, w hich,
when put together and counted, summed
up $123 25. This was too much wealth
tor an ordinary man, and suspicion ot
Ills being a probable burglar grew
stronger. Investigation discovered tde
fact that he had spent the night a short
distanoefrom tbe city,sleeping in aditch.
This nppi-aren remarkable in view of the
$123 25 which he had on his person, and
tended to strengthen the other suspicious
circumstances that beclouded bis Identi
ty. Mr. Coopor, thinking it possible tbat
be might have entertained one ol the
Thomasville burglars unawares, con
oludcd to take bis prisoner to Thomus
vllle to be identified. They left Thursday
morning, leuvfng tho city divided in opin
ion concerning his complicity in the
ThomaHviile burglaries, but unanimous
lu thinking him guilty of some crime.
Blakely News: A young man, repre
senting himself as J. O. Nelms, camu to
Blakely on March 1 to soe Miss Mattie
Gurr, a poor though well-educated and
very worthy young lady, woll connected
here and at Fort Valley, with whom be
had had a correspondence. The corre
spondence grew out of the fact that Miss
Gttrr wrote to "Aunt Bus” In tbe Atlanta
Weekly Constitution, asking a corre
spondence with some of the “Cousins.”
This man answered and the result was a
mart-lag* a few days alter ha ar
rived in Blakely. He bas now skipped
for parts unknown, leaving his child-wife
with nothing. But this is not the worst
feature in the case, Sheriff Black bas re
ceived information that the scoundrel has
a living wife In Dallas, Tex., aud probably
one In Atlanta. Nelms passed through
Fort Gaiue*, when he left Blakely, where
he bought a ticket to Montgomery, AU.
This Is the last beard of him. Mr. Black
sent telegrams from Fort Gaines to
Montgomery on Sunday to put offl
oers In search of him, but what
tbe result was we have not learned.
Bald Nelms is about 5 feet 11 inches
blgb, rather slender, shoulders a
little sloping and the least drooped;
has jet black hair, cut fashionably, black
mousiaohe and muff# just in front of ears;
walks with ruth -r a swaggering gait, toes
turned well out and wears about a No. 8
shoe; bas something of a bull-dog ex
pression Kf oount nance, and can look
one lull and steadily in tbe eye. Eyes
black or very dark. He claimed as his
occupation ns buggy and wagon making.
He is known by Dr. G. W. Holmes, of
Rome, Ga., and Is said to have brothers
In Dalton, Ga., Birmingham, Ala., and
Marshall, Texas. He Is said to be inter
ested in a buggy making firm in Dallas,
All the arrangements are made for a
drug store in Cocoa.
Long wood is to have a mill and wood
working factory. Work will be lieguu at
A gentleman near Lakeland bas re
(used SIOO,OOO lor “a forty” adjoining that
Tbe Citra Now Era issues a call for
anew county to bo formed out of
It U said that a young lady of Madison
sat out 1,000 plants after the rain last
Cocoa has "anew paper called tho
Messenger. Its ttist issue is iu every
wav excellent.
Four sales or real estate wererecent.lv
made at Rocitledge, the aggregate amount
of wtuub was 920,090.
Tbe Okeechobee Company are repairing
and putting in first-class sunpe their
steamboat wuart at Kissimmee.
A company ol Teunpss* oans with n
capital el 9100,000 will',locale lauds in
Hernando countv soon tuid Invest that
amount in improvements.,
Dr. H, 8. Ureeno, of 81. Louis, has ro
turned from the phosphate fields of
Wakulla county and reports additional
dlscovei 1 f phosphate*. *,
It la rumored tbat P. L. Vvr.olds, or
i j , and suicnk) at tbat
i tester 1 "•
J ,e Mora, aged 14 years, who flvoe at.
River Junction with’his undo, stole S6O
aud attempted to abscond on a train. He
was arresied by the conductor on a tele
At KlSsimmee tbe old steamer Nar
coossea bas been dismantled, her ma
chinery shipped to Jacksonville, and her
hull will be repaired aud hereafter used
as a lighter.
Plans have been drawn for a fine brick
union depot for the Midland and South
Florida railways at Longwootl. Tbe plans
aro not yet decided upon, but there is to
be a di pot, and It is to be of brick.
Tindall Bros, sold In Kissimmee
about 400 plumes Wednesday, which
brought them in the neighborhood of SSOO.
This shows why the handsome plume
biids ol booth Florida are disappearing.
Akin Bti vender's depot at Corley island
is finished and ready lor his big oiop of
80,000 eahhaiies. which ho will soon begin
shipping. Of this crop Mr. Stiveuder has
sold 900 barrels for $1 50 per barrel, de
livered at the depot.
Mr. Thomas, a prominent Cotigrega
tlunnllst, is making arrangements toslart
a church at Bonifay. He has already
-euuied $6,000. and t hinks he will have no
trouble in inducing his Northern brethren
losuhscrlh# tlio balance. He thinks $12,-
OcO would be sufficient to start one.
Tho Presbytery of Bt. John’s will meet
in Tampa oornmencing on Wednesday,
April 0. Tbe meeting will be held in the
Milfiodlst Episcopal Churob. A large j
number of ministers are expected to be
present. The opening sermon will be
preached by the retiring moderator.
George W. Robinson, tbe lumber manu
; tsclurer, oi Millview, stated that he has
not Ueoided that he would not rebuild the
mill recently destroyed. The electric
lights lot the illumination ot the remain
ing mill have arrived, and will he placed
in position as soon as a man, whose ser
vices were proourod in Mobile, arrives to
attend to the matter.
At Pensaoola Thursday a vicious cat
jumped upon and lacerated the breast of
Lire litile daughter of Bob Bheokleo, who
immediately shot and killed It. He was
arrested for shooting Breams in the
city’ limits, and discharged on a
hearing. Ho was told by his honor to
kili all such animals when they gave
such evidence of their character.
One of the leading attractions at the
proposed regatta on Indian river on May
8, will be the participation of a beautiful
and accomplished young lady in tho race.
The Edna, Mr. Shear’s boat, will be en
tered and sailed by Miss Ollio Lapham, of
Merritt Island, As the interest increases,
it is highly probable that other young
ladies ou the river will take aotive part
In the races.
At I’ensacola Thursday little Cora Mil
ton, aged 10 years, residing oil Zarra
gossa street, was playing with her little
nepuew, aged also about 10 years, when
the latter accidentally struck her with
an ax, severing an artery in one of her
legs, just atiove the aukie. Dr. W. F.
Fordham, who was called, arrived in
time to take up the artery. The child
will not be crippled permanently.
N, T. Wolf, who lives on his homestead
on the peninsular side of Banana river,
besides owning a fertile island where he
taisea all manner of vegetables and
trooica! fruits, is one of the most suc
cessful hunters in that section. During
tho past season, sinoe November 22, 1886,
lie has killed 1,203 ducks, aud has sold
them, mostly, to the Hotel Indian River,
at each. Besides the sport,
which ne doubtless earned, he pocketed
the neat sum of $l6O as the result of his
some weeks ago a man by the namo ol
Znok Bryant left the southern portion of
Georgia to go to Florida. He had but
a little over SIOO after ho hr<7 purchased
tickets for himself and fans:;." En route
some of liis people wern exposed to
measles, and belore their destination bad
been reached were forced to stop, and the
small sum of money was almost con
sumed. Sinoe tbeir arrival at Saniord,
tbe malthas cut his leg most severely.
This was some time ago, and the family,
uow on French avenue, are in a needy
condition. There are tour small children,
none of whom are able to work.
In the Tombstone, Ari.. mining dis
trict In 1883, Geronimo, it Is said. Killed
with his own hand Ferdinand Risque,
who was a first cousin of Mrs. A. N.
Gaulkins, of Bay Point, Fla Mr. Caul
kins, the husband of the lady, Informed a
reporter at Peusacola Wednesday, thaY
he, with several others, at the time pur
sued the red devil for a week, wbeu the
tables were turned, Geronimo having
been reinforced, and for days the white
men were corralled before they succeeded
in escapiug a death similar to the one
.they sought to avenge. Mr. Caulkins has
not been to see tho captive since tho lat
ter’s advent to that locality.
Wednesday night as the 8. F. & W.
passenger train was going at the rate of
about forty miles an hour,bet ween Jasper
and Matenvilie, someone flred a platoi at
the passing train, the bullet going
through the window by which News
Agent Odom was sitting, and missing his
head only about one inch. As it happen
ed Mr. Odom was leaning back on his
seat, thereby esoapfng probably instant
death. Conductor Edwards, who was in
charge of tbe train, was sitting on the
seat just behind Mr. Odom, and as
soon as they realized what was tbe
matter, all bands laid down in the bot
tom of tbe coach, but no other shots were
David Sutiey, of th* Hamburg neigh
borhood, in Madison county, had an al
tercation with l’oter Jones last Tuesday
in which both used revolvers and wounds
were received by both. A difference arose
between them a few days ago and Peter
was told to leave Mr. Mutley’s place. This
be refused to do until a settlement had
been made between them. Peter went to
-Mr. Sutiey’s house on Monday night and
was ordered off. In leaving be said he
would return in the morning, which he
did, accompanied by another negro.
After some words had passed
Peter drew his revolver (so Mr. Butly and
other witnesses say ) and tired twice; Mr.
Sutiey drew ins as' soon as possible and
flred, tbe ball taking effect in Peter’s
‘ right arm. causing him to release his
grasp on the pistol. He then closed with
Mr. butley, who, while in bts embrace,
placed his pistol to tho negro’s back and
flred ugain, which produced n wound that
may prove iatal, Peter also received a
slight wound in the stomach. Boffii of
Peter's shots went through Mr. BUtley’s
clothing. A warrant was issued for
I’eter's arrest, but tho attending pbysl
clan thought him too dangerously
wounded for removnl.
Phillips’ Digestible Cocoa
is more delicious id taste ami aroma, aud, by
the process it is prepared, ti rendered more
nourishing ami more easily digested than any
otbar preparation of ooooa or chocolate, ula
an exceedingly nutritive drink. All druggists
and grocers huve It.
ANC £§/
,y'‘ * lElkieub* ftrmcDiro.
Si Mm
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As Different as Black from White.
As different as black front whito are the Cu
ticcra RT.VZDISS from Hi! other remedies for
the treatment of diseases of the skin, scalp
and blood, with loss of hair.
CI'TIcURA, the great Bktn Cure, and Cuti-
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pared from it. exttrnally. sad (,'CTICURA UK
solvent, the new Blood Purifier, internally,
aro a positive cure f r every form of skin and
blood disease, from pimples to scrofula,
Ccticcra Remedies are the greatest medi
cines on earth. Had the worst ease of Salt
Rheum in this country. My mother had it 2h
years, and in fact died from it. X believo CtT
tiouba would have saved her life. My arms,
breast and head were covered for three years,
which nothing relieved or cured until 1 used
the Cutiovba Resolvent, internally, and
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J. W. ADAMS. Newark, O.
Your CtmciTßA Rk hepies performed a
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tomers, an old gentleman ol TU years of age,
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eruption an his head and face, and who had
tried all remedies and doctors to no purpose.
J. F. SMITH & CO , Texarkana, Ark.
Cuticcra Remedies are absolutely puro.
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tw .■<end for “How to Cure Skin Dis
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West Broad aud Porrv lane; J F Tietjen, West Broad and New street; Geo Wethrock. Walnut
and Harrison: Chas Ohsiek, Pine and Ann; Wm Vollers, Pine end Farm; H ltooken, Ann
and Brvan; D Entelinnn, NW Bay and West Bread; E H Juetaen . N K Ba- and West, Broad-
J P Dally. SW Mill and Farm; G*-o Khlcrs.NVV Mill and Farm; H lienken, Indian and Farm :
J M Blscboff, River and Farm; Wra Brown, Bryan, near .Jefferson; Airs Duffy, 8t Julian and
M. MENDEL & BRO., Sole Agents,
Galvanized Iron Cornices
Tin Roofing it All Its Braudes.
The only house u.tug machinery In
doing work.
Estimates for city or country work
prompt!y furnished.
A (rent for the celebrated Swedish
Metallic Paint.
Agent lor Walters’ Patent Tin
—r— rr-,1 : u
Broughton uud West Broad Streets,
J.JAVK just rai.tved s new stock ot liOii
CAL’I.U WAGONS, wmoK wo nr* offering m
rook Bottom envoi.
I have been afflicted since last March with a
skin disease tho dociors called Eczema. My
face was covered with scabs and sores, aud
tbe itching and burning were almost unbear
able. Seeing your Guticuka Kkmedibs so
highly recommended concluded to give them
a trial, using the CfTicfiKA and CdtiCDß*
Soar externally and Rksolvknt Internally
for four mouths. I call myself cured, ingrati
tude for which I make this public state.ment,
Broad Brook, Conn.
J must extend to yon the thanks of one of
my customers, who has been cured by using
tbe CcTictTK* Rkmeoiks of an old sore caused
by a long sped of slckuess or fever eight years
ago. He was so had he was fearful he would
have to have his leg amputated, but is happy
to say he is now entirely well—sound as a
dollar. He requests me to use las nsme,
which is H. H. Casson, merchant, of thu
place. JOHN V. MINOR, Druggist,
Gainesboro, Tenn.
H. E, Carpenter- Henderson. N. Y., cured of
Psoriasis or I,eprosy. of twentv vears’stand
ing, by CPTIOUBA Kkmkmkr. The most won
derful cure on record A dustpanful of scales
him datiy. Physicians and his friends
thought he must die.
Sold everywhere. J’rice: Cdticdra, 80c.;
Soap, 25c.; Resolvent, sl. Prepared bv the
Potter Drub and Chemical Cos., Boston,
M ass.
piQY'P Skinandßc*ip preserved andbeau-
DMQI 0 titled by Cuticcra Medicated
pmule and C9U*.
Hash, minds, Moldings Etc.
IHAVIO a vorr large ami wall assorted Mock
of ALLsiZK.S of the above goods. which
l am now offering at very low prices, In con
nection with my usual imuiouso stock of
I‘aintN, Oils, llttilroiit), htcum bout
ami Mill Huppllm, lilmr, I’lauter,
Hair, Cement, Pipe, Etc.'
Call and got my prices on ahovo goods; also,
on nmldcrs' Hardware in nil its branches.
slate, Iron and Wooden Miintela,
all stylos and rices.
Orates complete, or any separate
Agent for F. HECK A Cos ’s Plain and
Decorative Wall Papers, Kte,
litr- Notick,— House, Fresco and Bigu
Painting a Specialty
Builder and Contractor.
-- Drayton Street, Niuuunah.
L'STIMATKM promptly furnished for build.
Ij lug of any data
.Artifsrxal 3!onr.
Sti ail Biiii Ciii]
CAPITAL STOCK - $!00,000
This company deals in a superior quality of Artificial
Stone for all building purposes. Buildings, Pavements. Curb
ing, Bridges, Railroad Culverts, Sewers, Chimneys and Orna
mental Tops ; Stone Trimmings for Brick Buildings, Side
walks of all kinds, Cemetery Lots, Garden Walks, Flower
Vases, Corridors and Oflice Floors, Well Curbing, Fire-proof
Vaults for Banks and Private Residences, Fountain Bases—
in fact this composite Stone may be applied to any of the
uses made of Brick or Stone, aud is protected by letters
patent. Our Stoue is fire-proof and in case of fire the walls
will not crack like Brick, Natural Stoue or Marble, of which
we can give sufficient proof. This Building Stone has been
recommended by the Florida Medical and Surgical Journal.
Which says : “This Stone will be the building material of
the future, for aside from its beauty, it fulfills all the requisites
of sanitation and economy.
Our Blocks have the air space in the Block for circula
tion of air.
County Right to Manufacture James S. Peirce's
Patent Artificial Stone
In the State of Georgia. For Sale at the Company’s Office.
The invention has for its object the production of an
Artificial Stone and Patent Block suitable for all Building
and Paving purposes, possessing strength and hardness, ami
free from efflorescence when exposed to the air ; and it con
sists in the combination of ingredients particularly described!
in the letters of patent. This Stone is formed into Blocks
in any suitable molds and of any desirable color or shape,
and can be made at any place where good, clean, silicious
sand or broken rock is to be had.
See the Blocks being put in the walls of the new' Epis
copal Orphan Home now being erected in this city, Jefferson
and Liberty streets.
We warn all parties to not make, buy or use articles
protected by patent and owned by us.
Call at the Factory, foot of William street, or at the
Company's Office, 11 62 Bryan street, and leave your order
for Sidewalks, etc.
State and County to Manufacture
James 8* Peirce’s
Patent Artificial Stone!
Minnesota, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia Sold,
My invention has for its object the production of an
Artificial Stone and Patent Blocs suitable for all Build-*!
ing and Paving purposes, possessing strength ar.d hardness,
arid tree from efflorescence when exposed to the air ; and ifi
consists in the combination of ingredients | articularly de
scribed in the letters of patent. This Stone is formed intd
Blocks in any suitable molds and of any desired color of
shape, and can be made at any place where good, clean,
silicious sand or broken rock isto be had.
At the Company’s Office, llGa Bryan street, or at the
Factory, foot of William street, Savannah, Ga.
Bootp and Stjor*.
In enter to reduce our immense stoek of poods, ne inaiipurate serie*
of lIA HE A IN SALES, mid have placed on onr l’E VI RE T.VHLES the follow*
inir lots of genniue bargains:
IAT VT ( \ i pairs Ladle-’ Kid Hand-sewed Opera suppers, full ,
/ X iv '*• 1* ”le lher lined,box toes, aoid every where at 7Sc, we offer at M'twe
1/ VJ'' TV* / A •) ___4£o Pairs Ladles’ Kid Hand-sewed Lace Oxforla. full fjd.-i J
j\ f I A* '", .£• leather lined, box toes,sold everywhere at $1 xS.wo offer at
1 / t r |'' XT ( A •> ___<M pairs Youths’ Ulove-Uraln Hewed Button Boots. with Suit
Ij’ ' 1 as , ,y. Iv-nther Tips uud all solid, regular prioe $1 75, wet<l ‘L
T fYr XT I \ \ HO>lr*Ladies’M-Throad SergoTops.Kidroxed Po!ishj3f 9 V
I. V/ 1 i.s '/• i • nil soll-l,sizes Is to 7e, regular price 41 75, wo reduce toV I y>
I n'P MI 1 £ pairs Ladies’ -Thread Serge Tope. KM Koxoa
l>" * 1 is " •} work'"! lmuon holes, all solid, siz ■l to 7a, regular Crj
. price 1225, wo odor at V* ° *
I YTII / _„SS pairs Misses’Pebble U.at Button Boote, beet oak leather
I / I is */• Us (a ep'ornlid school shoo), all o Id, never sold at nM I
let, ih in is, .• nr Ml * ’’ *
1i VP XT I \ 7 ___34 pairs Misses’ ( uraroa Kid Billion Boots, worked C;*) ()i)
.jv" I ll * /, I . but ton holes, box toes, always sold at IS 78, reduced tnv** ’ *
I I VI 1 Mil H ••-DS pairs La-lies’ BcstUuranoa Kid 4-Button Newport*. 1
1 A’*' •O, Morrow’s New York make, sold heretolore at |!l, we a;*) ||l|
1 fVI' V/'Y <Y ___47 pair* Ladles’Curaeoa Kid and Pebble Host Butlon Bo"''’- "™
Is' "A it ’/• ’• assoried lot. mauiifactured bv Haller, Lewln A Cos.
Bros., of Philadelphia, always sold at Vi 75 an<l 18. jigv
we offer any in tins lot at ’r, — ~,1 i'
B e have four more lots on our Centro Tables, among tb-un Laird. Schober A j** 1 '
Ftenrli Kid Button Boot-, sold heretofore at |fl 50, reduced to fa, and a lot of /.elgler s *’ . rlB
and Mls-w' Laced and Uuttou Bools, a miscellaneous lot of broken al.e, all at the ><o
price of $1 60.
Karly nailer* will have the beat choice.

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