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(f emitter
' , v V VNN \if >1 VK H E r.
, _ I'lj . market continues firm nnl
There w a good demand.
*'*’vMfroolyinet. Tie total tale, for the
m, were 405 bale*. On ’Change at the open
l() a m.. the market was rep >rted
C SD (i unchanged, with sales of lu bales.
1. the second can. at 1 p. m., it was irrep i
; an advance of )* s all round, the sales
* titles At the third and closing
'fn’Vtl P. m.. it was irregular and un
changed with further sales of 15 bales. Tlie
ol o vmgsn. be official C0...* Pot qno
lauoe. of me Cotton Exchange.
Mid.llinT faf • * .10
Good middling j i-
Middling...-' bis
1 .otv mid I'.ibr. _ ___ tf<
Good "rd'.naiy Nominal
-The market w is quiet, steady
— re -
PO , mmou Georgia* and Floridan.. -U
Meditiia •• •• y ®ißv|
Good met a™ ■
Modium fine
Extra hue 9 . 2 *
Comparative Colton .statement.
Sea Sea
Island Upland. Island Upland.
Stock on hand Sept. 1 ! 1.146 4.304 *•***?
Received to-day .. 62 2 59 but
Received previously 27,079| 757,877 2..5(t8 721,501
Total 28,290 j 702 188 22.1781 728.108
Exported to-<lay 2.077] 140) 1.102'
i exported previously 26.160) 754.007|l ** j i 6'’- 3 - 6 |
I Total I Is, Toil! 7S6.B*i 19.118 o.io.hk
Stock on hand and on ship- 1 it
I board tins day 'l 2.180 5,100; 1 t. 075; 31,-85,
Rice.—J he market was quiet, but firm aud
unchanged. The miles for the day were only
185 barrels at about quotations, as follows:
Fair 8^@ —
country lots SO® 00
Tide water 9 '®l 10
NavalsTOßKS.—The market for aolrlls tur
pentine wrk strong anil advancing. There
was a lair inquiry, bin the offering stock was
very light. At the lloar t of Trade on Ihe
opening call the market was reported firm at
38c. paid and bid for regulars, with sales of
4 casks. At the closing call it was firm at
gtji • paid and bid lor regulars. Rosin—
Tie market was quiet, but firm and un
rhiinged. The sales for Hje day were 841 bar
rels. w (he Hoard of I radeon the first cull the
market was re orted firm ut the following
o notations: A. 11, ( and l> 47 kr e., E1102V4. K
SI 1, 11 10, 11 $1 5. * 36 Kll 60. 61 11 85.
N f 2 ‘25, window glass 22 60. water white $2 75.
At the nosing call 11 was unchanged.
Spirits. Rosin.
Stock on hand April 1 2,5 ts 77.4*18
Received to-day 359 1.053
Received previously 123 1,740
Total _3,''25 80 > 201
Exported to-day
Exported previously 400 430
Total 4(SO 430
Stock on hand and on shipboard
to-day 2.623 79,771
Receipts same uav last year ... 129 195
Financial—l lie money market is vary
ijanrHii,: Kxc’ionge —Steady. Banks and
banters are buying eight drafts at Y a per
cent premium and selling at % per oeut.
tO' 1 u- ExcJunjr —The market is steady.
Commercial demand, *4 85%; sixty days,
*4 S4 J^ ; ninety days, 4488)4; francs, Paris
and Havre, commercial, sixty days, $6 2i;
Subs. $5 2 maraa. sixty days, 01%.
SKCCKITIEB The market continued quiet
ana leamreless throughout the ilay.
•TUCKS AND BONDS— "V Bond* Quie .
Atlanta 6 per cent, lU4 bid, 110 asked; Atlanta
7 per cent. 115 bid, Ixo asked; Augusta 7 per
real. 105 bid, 112 asked; Augusta 6s, long, 108
bid, 110 isked; Columbus 5 per c nl, 98 bid.
89 a ked; Macon li per cent, 111 bid. 112 asked;
rew Savannah 5 per cent, July coupons, 104)4
hid, 105 asked; new Savannah 5 per ceuß
coupons May, b 6)4 bid, ll;5 ; !l asked.
N 7 Bon in —Olurket steady, ivitli light sup
ply. Georgia new 6s, Ink'.*, 108 bid, 104 ask-
I'd; G.'orcu new 43-4-, le6 bid, HCJ£ a-Ued;
Georgia 7 per cent void, e.itipuiiß quarterly,
i ! "'S bid, .0- >6 a-kCd; Georgia 7 ier cent
coup us Janua y and July, maturity 1396.
122 uid. 121 asked
Bill'mi ,s;..e* Central common, 125
hid. 1 ;stg asked; Aumi“ia and Savannah 7 per
rein gii .ruuieed, e\ uiv., ißi bid, 137 asked;
Georgia cummun, 202 bai. 2u3 asked; South
we-tern 7 per u 1 guaranteed. ex-dtv„ I.JB
hid, 1 I a-, id; < 1 1 1 rnl i> per coni oertifieaie
i'X-int., bid. lufi'j as .cu; Atlanta and
uert Point railroau su ck, ex dlv., 112 bui.
IE, asked; Atlanta aid West l’olat # per
tent certificates. 105 bid. 100 asked
• ro ,i/i nd —Mamet quiet, savannah,
t urid.i and Western Rahway Company gen
ci I mortgage 6 per , cut Interest, couponb
j'c,ober, no bid, 112 asked; Atlantic aud
Gii t ti si Mortgage consolidated 7 per coot,
hbtbous January aud July, maturity 1597.
i* bid, 121 asked; Ceutral consolidated mort
gage 7 per cent, coupons January and July,
■Utturiiy 1893. 15)4 bid, 114 asked; Georgia
ri road r*. 1897. 10S bid, 110 a.ked; Motmr
sti't (, Tard second mortgage indot*rd Slier
!?£}> .eoopons January aid July, maturity
1889 105 bid, loii n ked; Montgomery anil
r.aufaulu first mortgage 6 per cent indorsi and by
railroad, 109 bid, 110 asked;
Marietta and North Georgia first mortgage
S per cent. ICO ,4- bid. lul a.ked; Clinr
lotte, touiinlua an i Augil'ta first niortgiige,
n old H 4 Hsked; Gtia, iotte. Columbia and
Aiuu tu -ocoud mortgage, lit rod, 114 asked;
e-icra Alaidtina second mortgage indorsed
• percent, 1.0 hid, Jll ■ a asked; Soutn Georgia
“I'd Honda i n q o ,pg bid, 119 asked
9." Georgia aud Florida second mor gage.
112 bid, 115 asked; Angus a ami K oxvd e
nrst iiiqrtgMgn 7 percent, 199 bid, )<',. a-k
--o!, Gmne.vil 1 ,, Jefferson and HouiheiH* Ilis,
raurtgage guor need. 11s bid, ini asked;
■iidio-viUc, Jeir. r.on and Southern notgnar
■ ho ed. 11s bid, I!6 asked: Ocean Steamship
'J]'' r 'cut 1 (oids guaranteed by Central
a! road, 10ti uid. 10(1)4 asked; Gainesville,
ruei-Min Hl ,d South rn second mortgage
. hrst mor gage bou is in lor-ed by ,Cen-
Laiw i ro " - 10 " h" 1 - 109 asked; < olumbus
in', ."'1" ' 8 " i ,cr cut gusiuote, and, lUH% bid,
tj i'y and Noboruan railway first
11101 tgage 1 per o mi, 108 bnl. 111 asked.
ih'L. s "C**—Nominal. Southern Bank of
I,® ' ate of Georgia, 195 bid, 200 asked; Mer
a.iiil" National Hank, 175 bid, l'tO asked;
in , 1 "“"fi " n<l Trust Company, l bid.
liid* 1 ** o*' 0 *' I '' al ' loua * 15ank of Savannah, 117
ii/,."\m Gas Light stock, ex.
22 "and. 22' 4 aa ed; Mutual Gas Light
,lß< 20 bid. 23 u-keil.
~.*!]Market firm advancing; demand
, ..5 sinoß, and e| sr rib shies, 9Wo; shoulders,
I.* 1,1 >,sal ted clear rib side-, 3 H c; oug clear
older .* ■ 1 „e: bams, 11)40.
sii.i'i,..'' ANU 1 Iks— Market quiet. We
11 > ' 1 n g--'ji, ft* >.**■•; 2 lh 1, N' 4 c;
litv ,w ’, ! <s according to brand and quiin-
C 1 ' Hon lies— Arrow, 41 cun. 05 per bun
ling gin ' '° brand ami quantTy.
higher® 111111 *‘ us m rulull lots u fraction
ICe R ~Mrket easy; oleomargarine 14a
(| y 22 >tr Goshen, 18c; gilt eoge. *2c; cream
ui.p,". UA "!“ K - ,,r i' !tt . t3 OOaH 50 per barrel;
I ~!.,. , A fi dumaii" go nl.
7*nc,i ’ K 2jfi |! ii'uike' is higher and ad
a,v U| i- ® 'Bible for small lots: Ordl-
Wc: pc„!;; f r ; ry,' i;L; c , 10c i *•“• s “*!<.
to c ~" ai *' ul higher and advancing;
bsi ngbi. We quote: 11a 16c.
fe,i,...' .*■ ‘J’it—Apples, evaporsled, 13o;
Hie : h'lybes, Pooled, 19c; uupeelcd,
bliv I, I", ' ‘i - u ‘ lr ®0. 25e.
‘sir. w '"“G-ihe market is firm; bustnoss
F'shrow? 1' 1 " •’iliiih, 4a'tc; Genr
br, „u' . , ting, ;t-, 4)4, -7 .8 ,10, 5),i0:-4
"h'rk, J 'i'fi ,;l *i'i wluie ornaburgs, 8 >O,-;
hr - 4 7, ' : v"T Sac for beat inukos;
'Mi -
hn. 1 17 to full weighls: Mackerel
• wa 0 00: No. a. bal f bat re Is. 16 U"a? 00:
No. 2,47 59a8 50. Herring—No. 1,20 c; scaled,
25c; cod, oaKc.
Flour—Market steady; demand moderate.
Weqnoie: Superfine, 48" 50, extra, 4355a4 00;
fancy, 44 90u5 '5; choice patent, 45 40a5 90;
faimiy. $4 SOat 76.
Fruit—Lemons—Stock roll and demand
light. Weqnote:4l i0a450. Oranges—Market
dull; Florida*. 3l 75a2 Nl Apples-goodKbip
ping stock. 44 60a5i)0 nor barrel.
Grain—Corn Market steady; demand
light. We quote: White corn, job lots, 82c;
carload lots] 60c; mixed corn, job lots. 60c;
carload lots, 58c. Oats steady; good demand.
W e quote: Mixed oats. 46c; carload lots, 44c;
Bran. 4105. Meal, 52)40: Georgia grist,
per sacs, 41 50; grist, per bushel, 67|,;c.
Hay—Market steady, with a fair demand,
stock ample. Weqnote job lots: Western, 6e;
car! mil lots. 00c; Eastern, none: Northern,
Hides, Wool, Etc.—Hides—Market dull;
receipts light; dry flint, 13)4c; tailed, IH40;
dry butcher SMic. Wool—Market nominal;
prime in bales. 27c; burry. 10al5c. Wax, 180.
Tallow, 3u4c. Deer i-kiiis, flint, 20c; salted,
16c. Otter s ans. 2ScasL
Iron—Market firm; Swede. 4f jasc; refined,
Lard—Market is steady; in tierces, 7iic;
60- th lins, 77*c.
Lime, Calcined Pi.aster and cement—
Alabama lump lime is iu fair demand and
is selling at 41 30 per barrel; Georgia, $1 80;
calcined master. 4185a200 per barrel; hair,
sc; Georgia cement. $3; Rosendale cement,
515 ji G: Portland cement, 5 ; 25u3 60.
liquors—Full stock; steady demand.
Bourbon, 51 50a5 50; rye. 51 50a6 CO; rectified,
$1 00a! 35. Acs unchanged and in good de
N ails—Market firm, advancing. Fair de
mand. We quote: 8,1, 44 10; 4J and sd, 53 46;
6*l, 43 20; BU. 5: 96; lOd to OOd, $2 70 per keg.
Nuts—Almonds.Tarragona. l'aiOc; Ivicas,
17al8c; walnuts, French. 12c; Naples, 16c; pe
cans, 10c; Brazil, 10e; filberts, 12c; cocoanuts,
Baracoa, 45 23 per 100.
Oils—Market firm; demand good. Sig
nal. 45c; West Virginia b!ae!r,9aloo; lard. 67c;
headlight, 15o: kerosene, water what,
15c: ne'atsfnot, 64a90c; machiuery, 25a3Jc; lin
seed, raw, 47c; boiled, 50c; mineral seal, 16c;
fireproof, 18c, homelight. 18c; rod C, 16c,
onions—Domestic, 41 35 per crate; barrels,
53 25.
potatoes—Northern, 42 00a2 40 per barrel;
seed. 52 40 per barrel.
I'bas—Demand light;cow peas, mixed 75a
80c; clay. 5100all5: speckled, 5100all0;
black eve. 51 50a!75; white crowder, 4176a2.
Prunks—Turkish, 5%c; French. Bc.
Raisins—Demand ngtit; market steady;
loose new Jluseaiel. $2 Ou; layers, 42 per box;
London layers, 42 60 per box.
Shot—Drop, $140; buc-k, 4165.
Salt—The demand is moderate aud the
market quiet; carload loads, 65c, fob; job
1 is. 85ca41.‘
Sugars —The market is steady; out
loaf. 6440; slandard A, 6)40; extra C, C
yellow, 5,V0; granulated. 6%c; powdered
SYRUP—Florida and Georgia syrups, 30 i36c;
the markel is quiet for stigarhouso at 35a40c:
Cuba sirai'zht goods, 28c in hogsheads; sugar
house molasses, 20c.
Tobacco—Market dull, demand moderate.
We quote: molting. 250a4'.25; euewing, com
mon.sound, ‘.’SaSOo; fntr. Roa36c; medium. 38a
50c; bnglH, 50a75c; fine fancy. BSa9oc: extra
line, 90c:i51 10; bright navies, 45a75c; dark
navies, 40a50p
Lumber—The demand from the West con
tinue- good; coastwise and foreign inquiry is
also very active. Prices for average sched
ules are firm at quotations, with some ad
vance, while difficult schedules can only be
placed at considerably advanced nrlces. We
•irdlnary sizes 413 50a17 00
Difficult sizes 16 00a21 40
Flooring boards 16 00a20 50
Sbipstuff 18 50 21 50
Timber—Market dull and nominal. Wo
700 feet average 5 9 00all 00
800 •• “ 10 00a II 00
900 “ “ 11 < oal2 00
1,000 “ “ 12 00-*l4 00
Shipping timber In the raft
-700 feet average $ 6 00a 7 00
800 “ •* 7 00a 8 00
900 “ *• 8 00a 9 00
1,000 “ •• 9 00a 10 90
Mill timber 41 below these figures.
Lumber—By Sail—Tonnago for coastwise
charter is in good demand, and vessels arc
wanted for Baltimore, I hiladelphia. New
York, Nounk, Bridgeport and Boston. There
are several quick loading cargoes offering
Freight limits are from S5 to 46 25
from this aud the near Georgia ports
to the Chesapeake ports, Philadel
phia, Now York, houm! ports and eastward.
Tlmb r6ocasl higher than lumber rates. To
the West Indies and windward, nominal; to
Mouth America. 413a14; to Hmuish ami Med
iterranean ports 511al2; io Uuited Kingdom
for orders, timber. 27 i2Bs; lumber. j£B 15s.
Steam—To New 1 ork. 47; to Philadelphia, 47;
to Boston. 49,
Naval stores—Dull. Foreign—Cork,etc..
for inters, 4s Bd, and, or 3s; Adriatic, rosin,
3s; Genoa, rosin. 2s
m 80-ton. Sue on rosin, sl on spirits; to Sew
York, rosin, 60n, spirits 80c; to Philadelphia,
rosin 30e, S|iiritsßoc; to Baltimore, rosin, 80c,
spirits 70c
Cotton—By Steam—The market is steady;
offering tonnago in good supply.
Liverpool via Now lb 5-160
Livi pool via Baltimore jt tb XJ
Antwerp via New York jk lb Ji'i
Havre via New York ft fb c
Bremen via Sew Yo k y* 1b.... 11-lfic
Revul via New York tb 11-320
Bremen via Baltimore 26 lb.
Amsterdam via New York ... 66c
Genoa tla New York %t lb %and
Boston bale 1 35
Sea is and ba1e...., 176
New Y r nrt f 1 bale 1 33
Sea island bale 185
Philadelphiu jt bale 1 85
Sea island yt bale 1 35
Baltim it ¥ bale 1 25
Providence bale lEu
Bv sad—
Liverpool IT-61d
Havre -3*d
Genoa 5-160
Amsterdam 9-820
Riott—By Steam—
New York Ijit barrel 6Q
Philadelphia barrel *0
Baltimore'yt barrel 60
Boston barrel 60
Vkgetaui.es—By Steam—(By special con
tract!—To Nsw York. Philadelphia. l'o*ion
and Baltimore, standard crates, 20c: barrels,
40c. Without ttocontract, crates, 35c; bar
rels, 75c.
Grown fowls pulr 4 65 (* 80
Chickens \to grown 40 M 60
Ducks fl pair 60 ® 75
Goose pair 76 01 CO
Tiirkc.sft pair 1 *6 (A2 00
Eggs, country, dozen.... 16 (j# 1*
Peanuts—Fancy h. p. Vs. W lb. (*# 6V$
Peanut—Hand picked ijt lb— (hi s^;
Peanuts—Gs. bushel u innal 75 0> 90
Sweet potatoes, yel. redsiS bush 60 @ 60
Sweet potatoes.yel.yamsytbiish 65 r*o 75
Sweet pot’s, white yams'# bush 40 <a> 59
Poultry—Market steady; receipts heavy;
(lorn anil light tor grown; iiail to threo-qu ir
ter-grown in good request. Egos—Market
irregular, with a fair demand; receipts very
light. Peanuts— Ample slock: demand fair;
market firm and advancing. Sugar—Geor
gia ami Florida nominal; none in market.
Honey—No and ruand, nominal. Bwkki Pota
toes— Scan receipts very light; demaud
New York. April 2. noeu.—Stocks dull
but steady. Money easier at 0% per oont.
Exeli nge—long 44 8444(J54 8444; anon 44
M 4 i.Aj, stale bonds du 1 but firm. Govern
ment boudu (lull but steady.
6:00 p. in.— Exchange dull but steady.
Money cast at 3‘/v(@7 per cent., closing offered
hi 4. Sub-Treasury eamnees—Gold. 1185,-
690.1)00: currency. 417.i3.0C0. Goveurmeut
bonds dull bin steady; four per cents. 128 ,;
three per cents. 99*4. Stats nonds firm hut
Uncertainty in regard to the complexion
of 1 lie bank Maiement created a lull In specu
lation this morning, and there was little
doing. After its Issue, which wusniuchlt
ter than anticipated, there was a change In
the aspect of allairs A more decided tone
marked the dealings. The specialties of the
day were Isrnlsville and Nashville, which
was advanced bv the buying of German
houses, JcrsH Central, lies ling and a lew 01
the low-priced shares which have lutel.v coiue
into prominence. St. P-u! and the remain Hr
of grangers were quiet and without feauire
to-day, aud uk of lut-.rest iu truuk line
share's is sufficiently exemp ifled by the fact
tt at sales of New York Central for the entire
da* were only 69 shares Stories of anew
pool 1 Jersey Central were circulated in cx
pl iiiatlon of il unusual strengili to-day, 1 bo
general feeling still continued hopeiul, and
the hull tone in tne railroad stock market ex
tended 1 von to mining shares American
cotton oil truss were active and very strong.
The mat set was generally firm atthcoecn-
I ing. most stocks showing advance■ or ksUVL
per cent.over last evo dtig’s final figures. It
was quiet, I1 I immediately began to yield,
lint losses were for small fractions only, and
before the end of the first hour were genors’lv
recovered. Willi something In addition. Lmis-
Vil.u and Nashvlle being conspicuously
sirong. The market then became very dull,
but r.tiiaiiied ID in until well Into the after
noon. There was more activity In the last
hour, and the tuarkut closed steady to firm,
generally at about the nest prices <>f the day
Total sales of all stocks were 249 000 shares.
Prices are invariably niglier this evening.
Louisville and Nashville gained IX, Jersey
Central l?-*, Norfolk and Western preferred
1%. and the better portion of the remainder
fractional amounts only. The market closed
at the following quotations:
Aiu.ciaaaA,2to S.IOBX* cißc, Ist mort . 78
Ala.classli.ss... 113 N. Y. Central... .11$%
Georgia7s.rnort.lo7 Norf & VV. pref. 52
N. Carolina 65..122 Nor. i’aciiic *8
N. Carolina 4s. 99 “ pref.. 80W
So. Caro (Brown) Pacific Mail 65?*
consols 109'< Reading 89?*
T'anesfeefis ... 78)4 Richm’d A Ale.. 6
Virginiatis 4s Kichm’d & Danv-150
Va consolidated. 62 Kichm'd.t W.Pt.
Ch’peakeJtOhio. 7% Terminal 41J4
Chu'.Jt N'nthw’iil2l Rock Island 125)j
” preferred.. .147 St. Paul 93%
Dels,Lack.J: W 184% “ preferred 121
Erie S4W Texas Pacific. .. SO
East Tennessee ’ Tenn.Coa ,Ylron 47%
new stock..... Union Pacific.... lipljj
Lake Shore 95 3 i N.J. Central.... 74-'q
L’ville.t Nadi 67)* Rlissouri Pacific,loß?
Memphis A Char 58 Western Union 77%
Mobile* Ohm . JBJ4 Colton Oil Trust 54) 3
Nash A Chutt’a. 86 certificates ....
New OrloansPa-
New Y'ouk. Aiiril 2.—The weekly state
ment of the associated banksshowtho follow
ing changes: Reserve decreased, $1,807,925;
loaus increased. $2 6.700; specie decreased,
41,806.600; legal tenders decreased, 4772.310;
deposits decreased. 42,287,;.0ii; circulation lu
cre sod, 4312,700. The banks now h J $4,379,-
825 in excess of the 25 per cent. rule.
Liverpool. April 2, noon—Cotton—Busi
ness fair at unchanged prices; middling up
lands 5 11-18d; middling Orleans s?qd, sales
16.000 ba*es, for speculation and export 4.200
bales; reoemts 5,009 bales—American 4,500
Futures: Uplands, low middling clause.
April delivery, 5 [email protected] 42-64d; April and
M ay, & 42-( id; Mav and J une.s 45-649J5 4 i-64d;
Juno and July. 5 47-6hii>s 48-64d; July and
August, 5 444—1>48-64d; August and Sep
tember, 5 50-64ii*5 49-64d; September and Oc
tober, 5 4‘[email protected] 41-64d; October and Novem
ber, 5 33-64d; September, 6 50-64 J. Market
quiet and easier.
2:00 p. in,—The sales to-day were 8,700
bales of American.
Futures: Uplands, low middling clause.
April delivery, 6 42-64d. sellers: April and
May. 642-e4d. sellers: Mav and .June. 6 44-64d,
sellers: June and July, 5 46-64d, sellers; July
and Augnst, 5 47-Bid. buyers: August and
September, 5 49-64d. sellers; September uud
October, 6 41-H4d, sellers; October and No
vember, 5 32-84d, sellers; September, 5 SU-64d,
sellers. Market closed dull.
Saw York, April 2, noon,—Cotton opened
quiet: middling uplands 19',.c; middling Or
leans 10 13-iec: sales log bales.
Futures: Market opened easy, with salos
as follows: April delivery, 10 58c; May, 10 5Sc:
June, 10 660; July, 10 72c; August, 10 81c:
Sepsember, 10 40c.
5:00 p. tn.—Market closed quiet; middling
uplands, 10>*o: middling Orleans, 10 13-l6c;
saies to-day 64 bales, last evening 39; net re
ceipts IU hales, gr 0553,747,
Futures: Market, closed firm, with salesof
92.709 bales, as follows: April delivery, lu 57
filusß.'; May, 10 56*$ 9 50c; June. 10 6pijlo 66c;
ulv, I0 [email protected] 7ic; August, 10 79ff110 80c; Sep
tember, 1040(1810 42c; January,9 [email protected] 97c.
Green & Go.. In their renort on cotton fu
tures, say: "It has been rapidly fluctuating,
and a feverish market indicating a hesitating
policy about enter, ng upon new engagements
aud a desire in many cases to close up old
deals, all general influences in the matter of
present and prospective supplies and the
condition of affairs aa reported from Europe
remaintug quite as firm as previously sug
„ested, but a portion of li e trade commence
o feel that the iavorabie features have lor
the present been fairly discounted, and there
a an evident disposition to liquidate aud take
profits. jjlUi ou the whole the market has
taken care of the supply very well, and w hile
ai times showing a point or two below last
evening, final rates were 5(56 points higher,
with the tone firm.”
iALVKSTON, April 2,—Cotton firm; mid
dling lUv.c; net receipts 34 bales, gross 34;
-ales 633 bales; slock 21.470 ba‘es.
Norfolk. Apr 1 2.--Cottcn firm; middling
lGj*c; net receipts 485 bales, gross 485; saies
62 bales; stock 11,592.ba1e5; exports, coast
wise 9 bales.
BiLTiitoiiE, April 2. —Cotton steady; mid
dling 10) k e; net receipts 102 bales, gross 318;
sates to splinters 60 bales; stock 11,45‘J bales:
exports, coastwise 702 bales.
Boston. April 2. —Cotton steady; mid
dime lujc; net receiuisea oales, gross 1,571;
sales none; stock none.
Wilmington, April 2.—Cotton firm; mid
dling BBsC; nei receipts 38 bales gross 33;
tale . none; stock 2,292 bales.
if 111 la. Delphi A, April 2.—Cotton firm;
middlingiuy*c; net receipts 1,731 bales, gross
),,94; stock 19.124 bales.
New Orleans. April 2.—Cotton quiet;
middling io; s c; not receipts 2,512 bales, gross
2,512; sa;ea i.uuo bales: stock 199,468 bales; ex
ports to ureal Britain 3,590 bales, coastwise
Mobile, April 2.—Cotton firm; middling
10c; net receipts 23 bales, gross 23; sales 35
bales; sloes 4,785 bales.
.Memphis, April 2. —Cotton firm; mid
dling lu 1-lOc; receipts 199 bales; shipments
„,295 ba.es; sales 1.890 bales: stock 89.024 oaies.
AUGUSTA, April 2.—Cotton quiet but firm;
■niuiilmg lu)ic; receipts 62 bales; sales 810
Charleston. April 2.— Cotton firm; mid
dling tot-jo; not receipts 2: bales, gross 23;
sales 1,098 bales; stock 9,ovj kales; exports
eoaeiw iso !02 bales.
ATLANTA. April 2.—Cotton—middling 10c;
receipts 27 bates.
Nkw Yoke. April 2 —Consolidated net rr
:eipte for all cotton pc to-day, 5,204 bales;
ixporu. to meat Britain 8,590 bales, to the
o uncut 5.Y0; slock at aii American ports
5i:i,52i bales.
Tne to a! visible supply f cotton for the
world is 2,756,6:18 : ales, ■ which 2,165,838 bains
are American, against 2,768,869 anil 2.269.75 H
oale*, respectively, last tear. Receipts at so
interior towns (bis week, 29.299 bales: re
ceipts from plantations 3,437 bales. Crop iu
sigat. 6,009,224 bales.
Liverpool, April 2. noon.—Wheat quiet,
with poor demand; holders offer moderaloly.
Corn quiet; demand poor.
New York, Ajiril 2. noon.—Flour quiet and
unchanged. IV heat lower. Corn loner.
Por firm ot sl3 85; old mess firm at 115 OOiifi
16 25. Lard dull at 7 65c. Freights steady.
6 p, c*.—Flour, Southern Hi tirqmet and un
changed. W ijeal about V4O auu options
)4c L.wer: olmsixl ti vy at about inside i*io;
No i rt l, April delivery 91)4(59114c, closing
at 91)4c: May 91 -!6jS2)4c; June
Corn )4®'V and options low er,closing
barely steady: No. 2, April delivery 48;e;
Mav 48HW®>e.'7 dune 4S : L.®|49e. Unis gen
erally steady and ii* ■■ !eiau.y active; No. 2.
April delivery 84*4934)40. May 04%n, Juno
3l J 4® : 'd7*o. Hons quid and weak. Coffee, fair
Hio firm at ICV (< ; option iipol rati ly active
and stcadi ; No. 7 Rio, Aprildeliverv 13iV ,
A! ay and June 18 63(1813 60c. tuigar quiet bu
steady; refined quiet. Molasses uuil auu
nominal; 60 test at 19 •, IJrltoll seed oils— 8 (: t
(gS.'c for ci u le, 87)*6738c l'or ruined. Hides
quiet but steady. Wool quiet and batoi.v
si cod v ; domestic fleece [email protected]c, pulled I4(o>:i4c.
lex 924c. Pork qnioi bu gen-rally
steady, mess 415 09<<010 25 for old, 4 ■ 25 lor
new. Beef du !. Beef hams etcauy a, s2l !u
15521 75. Cut meats firm; pickled bel io j 7
pickled shoulders 654 c. Middles dull and
nominal. Lard 8(195 poin: lower and dull,
clos.ng steady. tVe.tcrnatoam.on spot 7 si',a,
Mav delivery 7 S9,g|7 6.;c, June 7 1)5yi,7 66c; city
sieiiin 7 60c: ndlucl 7 80c to the couum.ni.
F eights steady.
Chicago. April 2.—Wheat dull ami price"
show a snrli’kage 0! %c on the closing at 2:30
yesterday. Trading as altogether local and
a most exclusively of a scalping ualuie. For
Mav delivery 62'4c was the upemug, 82'4c the
hißbesi, and k8l„o ihc lowest, with
closing. The visible supjdy statement is ux
pected to show n docrea o of about l,OOO.n(JO
bushels. A t eight |k>ihih receipts were 259,00 ii
and shipmenls 178,000 bushels. Corn vtns
weak, ad the teaturca being of a dcnrcssing
character. May -old at 39,h,(H9\,0, aud closed
at the Ins de. Provisions were weak ut the
atari, and Hie market became i so'ssively
div*. SIIOI tribs broke 22'4c and lard 2:985c
Xue following are Hie casii quotations:
Flour quiet but linoliasgod. Wheut, No. 2
spring biFfco; No. 2 rod, 80®80',o. Corn,
hilt. 2 :16 0,35 V. Oats. No. 2. 23;-c. Mess
pork 4‘lfi 5(Vc, 20 75. Lard 47 2< ®7 27 a . Hlion
rib sides, loose $• 96:q800. Dry sultedslioul
ders, boxed $6 10(06 25. Short clear aiuec.
boxed $s 6t';itiH 56. Whisky ti 18.
Futures—The follow lug are mo opening,
highest and closingonotations: Wheat—N<>2,
April deliver! 7tFJ4j7OJ4c, dosed at 7614 C:
Ma. 8 (t*io92 ,c, dosed at ox%r; Juno 8lk(4
81> ,c, closed at w?4c. Corn. No. 2. April de
livery 3436 31 -'•.dosed a: ,;i> 4 c; Mm 39' H qi
39Hc Closed at 3.‘\oi June 4U).gßlm,e.
c osed at 40,V- Oats. No. 2. April delivery
t: 4 499' closed at 2.1*40; Ma,
cloned ut „■*; Juihi 'i'&k. Mi-hh pork, April
delivery 420 75; Mav and June 4*l. Lard,
spril delivery *7 25(#7 SO. closed at $7 85:
May 47 82>4i7 85, dosed at 47 35; June
47 425(*7 *i%, eh aed is 7 40. Hhoit rib,
April delivery $8 5 6 19. closed at 48 10.
Ma- 49 281*9 25. closed at <8 |?-,. June 43 30
(ft is 81, closed at Js 25.
BALTIMORE, April 2.—Flour steady; llov.-
H'd street and Western superfine** sfh#3 lu.
extra *8 2’.#ll7ri to ally 43 86U84 50, city nulls
•ui erlliie 41 fiOMh, ou. ettra 48 26003 76: Km
brands 61 50fi44 (12. Wheal—Southern steady;
red 90<a3c, amber 9294 c, No. 1 Maryland
92c asked: Werrewt lower and dull; No. I
Western winter red. in spot f ort
—Southern steady but quiet; white 47ut480,
yat’ow 4# l tf<B47c; Western easier and doll.
liOtTuviLLE. A\>ril J—Grain closed urm;
Wheat. Itblt red 88c . Corn. No. 2 mixed 40c.
Oaw, No. 2,80 c. Provisions firm: Hymn*,
clear rib kids,* 5 06c, dear sides 9c, shoul
der* 7c. Bulk monte, clour rib sides 8 10c,
clear stiles 8 35a, shoulders 6c. Mes.. pork
notnioal. Hauis, sugar cured, 11 ,5(t012 600.
Lard, choice loaf [email protected]'HiC; , ,
ClNdlNNati, April Hour dul', Vt beat
scarce and higher; No. 2 red, 82d#84c. Corn
staady; No. 2 mixed 39*a®4 r - 1 at* iu fair
demand; No. 2 mixed 80c. Pro* istuus eas'er
and uncharged. Whisky steady at 4t 13.
Hags and m; cotumou and light 44 6()(j6556;
packing and butchers *6 5fkSS6 00.
St. lAiuii*. A prll 2.—'V best market closed
l ye bslnvr yeeterday: No. 2 red, cash
80c, Mav delivery 80($0?f|c, June
I'loluy 70A7C bid. Corn dull anllwer: cash
OSXO*Wi% May delivery 85)<e. July 87‘ge.
Data easy and slow; cash anil May delivery
28e. Provision* very quiet, with only small
job trade at previous prices. Whisky steady
at 4113.
Nsw Orleans. April 2.—Coffee in light
a- and bnt firm; Kiocßrgocs and common
to prune If 1 Cotton seed oil products
quiet. Sugar steady and firm ; Louisiana open
kettle, prime common VfUy t t ; Lou
isiana ccntriutgiils, choice yellow clarified
5 9-i6fiss?go, prime vellow clarified 5)4c. -do
le -os quiet but firm: Louisiana open kettle
nominal: Ixmisisna centrifugals, strictly
prime to fancy 2 ®B3c.
Liverpool, April 2, noon.—Spirits tur
pentine 29s fid.
New York. April 2, noon.—Smrits turoon
tine steady at Rosin dull at $l2O
id)! 25.
5:00 p, m.—Spirits turpentine firm at 36)40.
Ro-in dull.
Charleston, April 2.— Spirits turpentine
steady at 35c. Rosin steady; good strained
Wilmington, April 2.—Spiritß turpentine
firm at 34c. Rosin firm: fit rained 85c,
good strained 900. Tar firm at *1 10. Crude
turpentine firm; hard $1 00; yellow dtp auu
virg'n $1 90.
New Yore. April 2.— Rleoqniet but steady.
New Orleans. April 2.—Rice strong and
active; Louisiana ordinary topr.me 3) A (tJ4)4.
Fruit Mud Vegetable Markets.
The following specials to the Morning News
are published for the benefit of our Florida
and Georgia readers and those interested in
Iru its and vegetables, and can he relied upon
as accurate and reliable:
Cincinnati, 0., April 2.—Strawberries,
4imso - per quart: peas. $8 per crate; beans, $4
per crate; cabbage 45 per barrel.
John O. Moore A Cos.
New York, April 2.—The receipts of peas
from Savannah were larger to-day. Those
showing no damage by froat sold at $8 per
crate, but the bulk were inferior and sold at
*2 50a* 75 per c~ate. But iew Florida vegeta
bles strived. add cabbages at $4 ijba4 5o per
uarrel. beans at slooa4 00 ppr crate; tomatoes.
42 50a5 0b per crate; cucumbers, $5aH per
ora:e; beefc. 150 por crate; a*paragu, 55a12
per dozen bunches; strawberries 4(m6 0 por
quart. G. 8. Palmer.
SlDViim© 3ttt*t!iarncp.
'miniaturb ALMANAC—THIa DAY.
BUlJttlJsa 5:46
Sun Sets ... ft So
High W atkr at Savannah 8:40 A 4:09 r m
Sunday, Aoril 3, 1867,
Schr A licnike, Townsend. Baltimore, with
eoxl to Dixon & Murpny, and mdse to order;
vessel to Jos A RoberLs A Cos.
Sieumer Ethel. Carroll. Cohen’s Bluff and
wav landings—W T Gibson. Manager.
Steamship Tallahassee, Fisher. New York
—C <4 Anderson. Agent.
Bark Dolphin (Bus), Alander. Rcval—
-Btracha’i & Cos.
Schr Mary K Uawley, Rawley, Boston—
Bark Triton (Gor). Dah zig.
Bark Havdyst (Nor), Rttcrdam.
New York, March 81*yArriveil, schrs Wm
Marshall. Me’ viile, Jicksonviiie; Floretieo
shnv, V’anCleaf, Savasnah, is bound to Perth
vm’ioy; Fannie V German, Brunswick, (Is;
Emma L Cottingbaw, Summers, Port Royal,
S C.
Browhesd, March 31—Passed, bark Valona
(Bri, Andrews, N a ynnnab fur Liverpool.
Copenfcagei . Mrch29— Arrived, steamship
Deerni ( Br 1. Jeifkins. I oosaw, 8 C.
Gibraltar. Msrch 27—Passed, steamship
\shdell 1 Br), Futtingcr, Savannah for Malaga,
and Barcelona.
Londonderry, March 81—Arrived, bark Lina
Nori, Olsen, Brunswick.
Sailf d29tb. bar* M <• roi for Darien.
Mnr-cill'S. March 29—Sailed, bark Gulsep
pe (ital), Pensacola.
apalßfhipida. March3l—Cleared.bark East
Lomond (Ital). Bozzo. Innornees.
B .ltimoie, March 3!—Arrived, echr Jenmo
A Cheney, Ames, Fertiandina.
Darien", Jlareh 81—Cleared, schr Frank
VanderheretMu. Chamberlain, Philadelphia.
Key VYest, March Sl—Sailed, bark Alary
Jane (Br), Mol’ 10,
Port Roy a., Jiarcli 31—Arrived, schr Chas
S Y. 1 un 2 , Carson. Baltimore.
Sai l'd, schr IUU lileudenaaan, Cavalier,
New York.
Phi atic puin. March 31—Arrived, tchr Cas
sie Jameson. Cd.tus, Savannah.
Cleared, schr City of riiiiadelphia, Benton.
Savauna 1
ScweasUe. Pol, Maroh 80—Passed down,
schr Auu J, Truinor, Philadelphiarur Bruns
Persh Amboy, Msrch 31—Arrived, schr
Flerenc s Shay, VanCluaf, Bavanuah via Nor
Brunswick. March Si—Arrived, barks Stel
la Man* (SWi, Tnrt.eti-oni, Anpinwall; Sirene
Nor), I'akke. Barbados; schrs Edward Stew
art. Harlow, Noa tk, Ct; liattie Darling ,Br),
Pierce, Nassau.
Bull River, S C, March 81—Sailed, schr Al
bert II Cross. Hesderson, 'eastwise.
Beanfort, 9 C. April 2- Cleared, schr Aline
Ms.r, , pitnowell, Pfidadeiphia, with 287,006
feet lumber.
Fernandina, April 2—Cleared to return,
stcamvhip Deliiwarc, Trlbon. New York.
Arrived, schrs Florence Rogers. McLeod.
New York: Frank Metiear,Sharp, Baltimore;
John M Mav Rigus. WiscaMett, Jiwsio W
Starr Warren, Phi ade'phia.
Ptuludelph a, March 31—Schr Sarah C
smith, from laohsonvifie, had a sum ossion ot
he&*y gales from all points of ibecunpass
diiriru the entire pawage. On 28d inrt. in !At
86 in, ion 74, was struck bv a heavy gale fr >m
nonhwest, carrying away a number <d salb;
slnob t deck load of 18.000 feet of In her.
The vessel is etraiued and leaking badly.
Per Central Railroad, April 2—48 balea
cotton, 134 bales domestics. 4 bales hides. 17
rolls leather, l pkg psper, BU rkgs tobacco, 288
lbs bacon, 200 anckii tueal 137 bales hay, 0 ' bis
liquor, Bft bids spirits turpentine. 8 hf bbis
liquor. 187 bbls ro-tn. 1 pkg It h goods, 19 head
cattle, 21 oars lumber, 8 car* wood I pi g ma
chinery. 2*4 tons pig Iron. 8 pkga carriage ma
terial. 214 pkivsmd-c, 32 hams paper stock, 1
pig plows. ) okg empties, 77 pkgs paint, 1 car
pipe, 210 suck* ed ion ree l meal. 81 pkgs hard
ware, 1 5 bales plaids, 60 boxes soap, 14 cu os
e (.ga
per Savannah, Florida and A’cstsrn Rv,
April B—lß ban*cotton. 589 bids rosin, 803
bfilß ypiriis turpeu: :nv. 2 car-coal, 1 low en
gine. 32 car* lumber. 2 bales hide*. 5 pcs beef,
7 sack * meal. 10 sucks rice, 8 bbls prawn, 42
pkgs h h goods, 32 pkgs mdse, 5 bills orange-,
1,900 boxes orangey. 41 boxes vegetable!, 372
Ides vegetables, 1 refrigerators strawberries,
100 sack* cotton seed meal, 17 lous iron, and
Per Charleston and Savannah Rv. April 2
2Cosacks rertiiicr>, 172 *• ck* pecs. 25 hag*
pounuM, 100 cm ty bb s, 11 sacks coffee, 15
pkgs 76 caddies tobacco, 10 pkg* 50'4 cuddles
tobacco. 8 pkgs 40*4 caddie* tobacco, (Siilnlh
spaues. I bale hides. 1 box hams, 4 cases ci
garette". 1 bale ocg*, and mdse
I'erstcamnr Ktbel. from f'olien’s Bluff and
way landing!—l72 clils naval stores, 4 casos
eggs, 2 (mops fowls, 2qr beef, 3 bdls aides, 3
cords ouk,
Per bark Delphln (Rus), for Reval—l.6so
bale* upland eottou. Weighing 725,422 rounds
W llder *• Go, .
Prr schr Mary Vi Rawley, for Boston—2B2.-
Vll feet p p lumber— D G Racoii A to.
j PAAH^VfcMttt*,
Per stodgier Ethel, troru Gutoa’s Bluff and
wafiandlni Jt_ ( liUbo.m, G K Kent, JC
tor go. W F Y unmans, WJf Yonmans Jr, L
M t,, limans, W k Davis. J C G:*wvll, and
85 deck.
lb 9steamship Wm C ane.Yrilni Ba’timore
1 IV Allen, t A All Id-, .. li Abraham i, l
Brown, l*go:ar Alai o Slid T*l Go, li ilcrg,
BeuiUielm Bros A Go. f U it. J Cobnn It <1
Connell, Crohsn AD, Co!’at Bros. 1 DitAtols,
W Duer, M ten. A Go. C M Gilbert A Cos, J
Gardner. 4 Gucscnocimer A moo. Frank. A Cos,
J P Williams, Frotwell A N, J P Germaine,
w W Gordon A Go, Graham AH, D Hogan,
F M Hull. A B Hull. Hrxter A K. Ham A H,
Linpmau Bros. 1 Jndsav A M. B H Levy A Rro.
A LeOler, A Lovell A Son, Liliemhal A bon,
J F Lal’ar, McDoceU A Cos. J McGrath A tin,
T H Maesy. A J Miller A Go, W i! Mei! A Cos.
P H Mo. liar D P Mycrson, C N Mouse**. Na
than Bros, A. 8 Nichols. Neldllngcr A K, 8C
Newton. Jno Nicolaon Jr.Onler W DNinihins,
Order T P Bond. Order J Schley, Pritoharrl Jt
00, Ohlander Bros, Palmer Bro*. IJeiser A S,
! O ltouke. Straus*Pro. J 8 Silva,N Samuels.
J T Shuptnne, Southern Ex Go, stair Pope
Gatlin, slmr Katte, J G Sullivan, U Stern, G
Schroder, J H Schroder. L.T Tate, J F l’hom
ton J W Tynan, Teop'e A Cos, J C Thompson,
F H Wolf, ,1 U Williams. J B West A Go, G
Zink, Thus West, D WeUbein, Weed A O,
Per Central Railroad. April 2 Fordg Art,
H M Comer A Go, F M Farley. Baidu in A Co’
W W Gorflon A Go. Butler AB. M Maclean’
Woodf A Cos, VV T Seward A Cos, 1> 1) Arden,
M Mendel A ltro, S Cohon, Miss V Baldwin.
H Myers A Bros. Palmer Bros, Weed A G. J
11 Hennes;y. A Hanley, Jao I yon-A Cos, Dr
D Cox. T P Bond, Eckman A V, Frank A Cos,
E Lovell A Son, Rleser A9, Leo Roy Myers.
J A Douglass A Go. G W i'leileman. D Hogan,
M Ferst A Go, A H Champion, Ludilen A B,
M Y Uenderscn. J Belhorne, Ellis, Y A Cos,
i H Carson. Peacock. 11 a Go, WC Jackson,
D C bacon A Cos, J P Williams, 11 G Ganahl,
A McAllister.
Per Savannatt, Florida and Western Rv,
April 2—Fordg Office. Butler A N,.J W Tynan,
Er -man A V U Kukslcin A Cos. 51 Fersl A Cos.
Solomons A Cos, H Solomon A Non, T P Bond,
A Ehrlich A Bro, J V Denton, J W Pdcrtnau,
li A Wertz, Bradatrcet Cos, H Myers A Bros,
8 Gucksuheuner A Non, J G Sullivan A Cos,
Chesiiutt A O’N, J E Clarke A Go. Frierson
A Cos, MclJonell A Cos, Meinhard Bros A Cos.
Kavanaugh A B, 8 A Em-lem. Hextor A K,
M Y Henderson. F O Sawyer. G Walter A Cos,
A Carmal, Llllcnthal A Son, I Epstein A Bro.
R 1> Bogart, Baldwin A Go, Peacock. H A Go,
F M Farley, Woods A Cos. J P William*, W W
Chisholm, Ellis, Y A 00, C L Jones.
Per Ghartcston and Savannah Rv. April 8—
Transfer Office, Weed A C, H Myer- A Bros,
.McMillan Bros, R J Cubbedge, G M Gilbert A
Cos, 51 Holey A Son, H Solomon A Son, Smith
Bros A Cos, Lee Roy Myers.
Per steamer Ethel, from Cohen’sßlnff and
wsy landings—J P Williams, Ellis, Y A Cos,
Baldwin A Cos. W C Jackson, J G Sullivan A
Cos, VV I Miller, E T Roberts, W B Metzger, G
W Parish.
MDBEVJ. illeb,
HIGHEST market price paid and obtained
for Stoaks and Bonds.
Buy* Paid-up aud Endowment Life Insur
ance Policies.
All orders receive prompt execution on
Stillness and correspondence, solicited.
J.WILEY HARRIS, from Macon. Ga.
THOS. F. BLN CK, from Atlanta, Ga.
A. HERZBKKG, Gadsden, Ala
Office on Broad St., next to Phoenix Hotel,
E) EAL ESTATE, Slock* and Bonds. Fire
k and Life Insurance. Mineral I.and* a
specialty. Correspondence soliciled.
Are They a Success for Cooling?
We answer yes; but there are Oil Stoves and
Oil Stoves, and you MUST GET A GOOD
ONE. A poor one is worse than none.
We recommend the ADAMS A WEST
LAKE Wire Gauze, Nou-Explosive Oil Stove
as the most satisfactory yet brought out, and
we will show Its merits bv good words from
the best judge*, i. e., those who use them:
itestrn. .V. S> lva A Si n:
Devp. Sirs—The A. and W. OIL STOVE
lioughtof you give* portent satisfaction, and
1 most heartily recommend It as Ihe bent I
have seen. All the cooking for my family Is
1 done on it quicker, DCttor and cheaper than
it cculd be done on a wood or coal stove.
Respectfully, E. K McliOY.
City Dispensary, March 2ft, 1887.
For farther info-mation call aud see the
Stoves now on exhibition by
James S. Silia & Sen,
yrrUltitva. _
William Ravknel, President
Ebtabluhkd 1870.
SOLUBLE GUANO( highly ammoninted).
Office, No. 12 Broad Street.
All orders promptly filled.
K, M. MEANS, Treasurer.
Thi Mutual Co-Operative Store,
Under the Odd Fellows’ New Hal', ‘a the
place to get
Lowest Prices.
Give us a trial and you will bo convinced.
15., Broughtnn and 188-140 state streets,
Cenerai Hardware,
Plows ami Steel Shapes,
Agricultural Implements,
11 übs, Spokes and Kiuis,
liar, Baud and Hoop Iron,
Turpentine Supplies.
jOrro* etc.
Coaching and Sun Umbrella* In the newest and largnst variety.
UHJCSS FABRICS in SI a. Wool ami Cotion. The flnest as-ortment we have ever shown.
We will also offer the following special bargains: 7i pieces STBIPKD anil CHECKED
At I'c, 87c, SB's'c, 42 tic. 45c, 50c. 55c, BOc and Bsc. These figure* do not cover coat of importation.
600 yards 1,.1 red Brocaded >aUna at 40c to 66c.
A full lire of Colored Gros Gra'n Silks at 35! to (1 50.
Colored Mijruh Silks, In all (he new Spring shades, at 85e per yard.
Guinea's Celebrated Black Silks at all price* from 75c to 52 50 per yard.
At 2c, I.adics’ High-Neck Corset covers, nice cambric and embroidered.
At 250, Ladies’ Chemise, exti a hoavy cotton bands and sleevos, chain stitched.
At 48e. Ladies’ Chemise, pointed yoke of three rows of Inserting between four clusters of
tucks, embroidered band* and sleeves.
At 50c, Ladies' Gowns, Mother Hubbard yoke of four cluster*, of wide tucks and trimmed
with cum lino roltie.
At sc. Ladies’ Gowns, Mother Hubbard style, olid yoke of Hamburg embroidery between
tucks, edged alcoves and neck
At Oho, Ladles’ Skirts, with extra deep rutile of llaraburgerabroidery and ten tucks above*
this skirl would be cheap attl 25.
Completo lines of School and Dross Suits, ranging in prices from 51 75 to (10 a suit.
100 pieces now Canton Matting, Just opened, at the following prloes, vlr,.: 20c, 24c, 30c, Us
400, 460 and 60c per yard.
Colored Embroideries on White Grounds with Embroidered Colors.
Hamburg Edging* and Flouncings at 2c to sf*:{ per Yard.
Special Bargains in Dress Goods.
One lot 40-inoh Ad Wool Plaid Albatross at 500, actual value BOc.
One lot Striped A’hatros*, 50c, actual value BOc. *
20 pieces P.aln, Slrloed and P.aol Persian Cacaoes in the leading Spring colors, (32 and |3g
inches wide), and in every en-e of the word a novelty. These goods aro actually worth &On
a yard. I will offer them during this week at 30c a yard.
Sjriu uni Sraier Millinery,
Ten Thousand Straw ami Fancy Braid Hats, from the
cheapest to the very finest quality, in every color and in
every shape tor 1887.
Five Thousand School Hats in the most desirable shapes.
Fifteen Thousand pieces of Ribbon, comprising all the
latest importations and shades in Chartereuse, Nile Green,
Salmon Pink, Lilac and Heliotrope.
One Thousand cartons of Flowers, The choicest designs
from Paris importations, and comprising almost every llower
that blooms in the spring, and positively the finest goods ever
seen in this city. Our work rooms, in charge of five artistic
designers, turn out the most correct trimmed hats in the city,
at prices much below others Our shelves and counters on the
three large tloors are loaded w ith every variety of new milli
nery goods. Our retailing on the first tloor at wholesale prices
enables us to sell our goods far below any competition, and
ladies can now purchase tb'Mr millinery at same price ai
competitors have to pay, We continue the sale of Ribbons
at same prices as heretofore. Every steamer adds new
piamonzio. (ftt.
Having T list returned from Now York, whore I everted the latest design* and styles, I can
uow exhibit the Largest and HaniisomcHt Stock of
Solid Silverware, Diamonds and Fine Jewelry
ever opened up in this city.
In addition. our sto-k ha* been veplenUhn I In even ih-partment with article* suitable for
WeUi.'i ig i rceoul* House Furnishing and other purposes. Also, a da/.itlingdiap ay of DUt
mo <l* WMcbe-,bln n. Gift'ks, Jawe ry, and, iu t ir.r. ever. ' mug toat you would
expect to llnb in the. Lending .le volry House of the city. The High Staulard of our Goods Is
well known, and a moderate and re conab'e profit la all tiisi wo cxoeci or ask—tl orsfore. no
Fam v Pricer,. Any artiole in our gxususive and Varied Block will compare with any similar
articles to be fouiullu any respectable Jewelry Home anywhere—not excepting the largest
cities ol the country. We ’ nvite a call and inspection.
Send for our Illustrated Catalogue.
Jurwiture, <Ftr.
Bedroom Suites, - sls 00
Parlor Suites, - $35 00
Springs, - - - SIOO
Carpets, -15 c, 25c yard
Stoves Regardless of Cost,
H. M. BOLEY, Receiver.
L. A. McCarthy,
Successor to Cbw. E, WakoOolil.
Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter,
48ItnrnorU unroot, SAVANNAH, GA.
Tolmibuue oti
tlkve a lino (lock of
Oak, Pine, Light wood aud Kindling
Cor. Liberty and Eoat Brood itreeto,
Toleubon* 117.

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