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N l': WS Ol' TH K X'WO STATUS roi/D
\v <><! Chopping on Sund y Coat* h No
icro Boy Two Toei-Thu Coming Con
vent lon of th N Stores Manuf/*r
turers' AMorUnou - Kruua wick’fi Font -
Miaftteratup !* aid to l>e Not Worth
The Merchants’ National Bank, of
Rome, will be open bv Alay t.
Blackshear shipped forty-tour crates of
Vegetables North during the past week.
Glover <fc Dunn, a well-known business
firm oi Brunswick, will dissolve partner
snip May 1.
The regular April term of Sumter Su
perior Court will convene next Monday,
April 11.
Anew liquor still has been established
near i’ascfial. Preston Mauud is the pro
prietor ot it.
The Central Hotel at Home was sold
Wednesday tor SIO,OOO. It was bought
by Mrs. Rawlins.
The tax-pavers of Athens are getting
very tired of paying the schooling of six
or seven hundred negro ohildreu.
During the past week there were
brought South, ou the U. J.&S. R. It.,
11,400 dozens of eggs and 8,100 chickens.
A. A. Ellenwood, of the Blacksheur
Georgian has given up his circuit, sur
rendered his credentials and is tnerelore
no longer a minister ot the gospel.
K. M. Fuller has established a truck
farm near l’asohal. He will make early
vegetables a specialty. lie has already
set out over 3,000 cabbage plants.
A young man, seventeen years old, at
tended the Middle Georgia Mechanical
and Agricultural College tins year who
was 0 teet and inches in height and weighed
about. 180 pounds, lie is now a resident
ot Dennis station,
M. G. Logan, of the Seventeenth district
ot Sumter county, says mat the larks are
ruining ail the corn Helds in that section.
He thinks that they have done immense
damage to the young corn. Many fields
will have to be replanted.
Frank Harvey,.a colored boy in Macon
county, was too lazy to cut wood last
Saturday and tried it Sunday morning.
Ho cut two of histoes off, and now says
that he will try to keep ti.e Sabbath holy
aereafter lest a greater evil befalls him.
At Athens Joe Carlton’s warehouse
has heeu purchased tor a sash, door and
blind tactory. A lumber and wood yard
and brick yard is to be established.
Thirty thousand dollars has been paid in,
and plenty oi money is to be bad still if
I’lains of Dura, a station on the Ameri
cus, I‘restcu and Lumpkin, near Mag
nolia Springs, is growing last and putting
ttn anew appearance. New houses are
font.-- up, among them a very handsome
residence by Dr. B. T. Wise, which cost
Dim $2,000 or $2,500.
There was another heavv shipment of
naval stores by special train from Tv-Ty
Tuesday, something near 1,000 barrel*
being shipped, a good portion of the pres
ent season’s production, divided among
tne following manulaoturers: Coleman ft.
Park, W. F. Ford ft Burns and Horne.
The frosts nave seriously damaged
and ihe L Conte pear crop is a
■jtiiure In Pierce this year. There will
K a few pears only, but unless further
Bald injures the young Iruit, we will have
Hbalf crop of peacnes. Scuppernongs
Be unhurt. Apricots have shed their
SDr. \V. A. Carlton, who owns a lot of
B feet lront, corner of Clavton and Jack-
Hn streets, at Athens, bas a plan of a
■mdsomeiron-front three-story building
Hint he will have erected this summer,
Bm will protabiy give out the contract.
Hr it. with the new opera house. It is
Btimated that it will cost SIO,(MX).
81-em Braswell, of Monroe county, has
V his possession a bearded horse, at least
the animal has a moustache. A party
having seen the horse ill question said tie
badariiht natural looking moustache
that just c-u-r-l-e-U. Ibis peouliar growth
of hair on the horse’s upper lip is to all
appearances a genuine moustache.
A convention of the Naval Stores M an u
lacturers’ Association of Georgia is to be
held at Jesup Monday, April 11. This
convention has been called by the asst -
ciation lor the purpose ot discussing sev.
era! important topics to producers and
also to consider a bdl to be submitted t >
the Legislature at its session in .lu y
At Ty-Ty Giriiraer and Charlie Benson
have applied to the Superior Court for a
charter for incorporation for twenty
years, the ©fleet of which is to manufac
ture and iinish yellow pino lumber in ull
shapes for market. Their place of
business will he at I’owlen, iu Worth
county, with a capital of $lO,OOO to beg.u
business with.
Two responsible citizens of Athens
propose that if the City Council will give
them $7,000 per annum they will take the
streets in hand atid keep them in good
order. They will slim a contract for live
years, and propose the first two years to
expeud more than the appropriation, but
utter that the streets will bo In such good
condition that but little wili keep them
up. They will do their work in the
spring and summer, and onlv keep a
small force on hand during the winter to
fill up holes.
T. W. Gilmer, of Tocooa, is the posses
sor of perhaps the oldest walking stick in
the United States. It is a cane with a
brownish appearance. An ivory head,
■which has grown yellow with age, adorns
tne top of it. It Is bound to the stick
■with a silver baud, on which is engraved
the words, “Benjamin Hhapley, 1693,”
making It lbO years old. It was owned
111 st by Mr. Gilmer’s grandmother's great
grad lather, who came over from Scotland
jn the latter part of the seventeenth cen
tury and settled in Boston, Mass.
Last week, near l’rioe’s bridge, ni
Chattooga couuty, during the night,
James Johnson awoke and was getting
■up, as it was about daylight, and lound
that bis little child,3 yeaisold, wasdead.
The child was in good health the day he
lore. He went over to his sister-in-law's,
Mrs. J. I). Vann, to get her to go over
there. She went over and was there
awhile and went home. She was horrified
on going home to find that oer little 3-
rear-old child was dead also, .“ho does
not snow whether her child was dead
she left home or not.
-After the adoption of the stock law iu
that district by an act oi the Legislature,
In lSHft. the City council of Uawkinsville
BJiShod an ordinance prohibiting the run
ning ol stock upon the streets of the city.
Ki compliance with this law several
s who owned flocks of goats drove
across the river to the bermuda
res ul old Hartford. The goats
multiplied rapidly, and the swamp was
soon lull of young kids, btrnnge to relute,
it is now discovered that si veial of the
young goats are part boar. It is known
that there are still many beano the cane
brakes ul the Ocmulnee river, and occa
sionally a young cub is captured and
The County Commissioners were In
session at Mcßae Tuesday, and had con.
sideralile business brought to i heir at
tention. Tue most iuiportunl was the
<|t]i'stlon of building anew court house,
which was freely discussed pro end con,
and It was finally ilooki/il to proceed at
cnee tow,mi making arrangement* loi
building ahr ok court house, m,- „ni
sauced mg f&.isKl. Ma|. I>. K. Mcßae and
J. 11. Oilmen-, of mo boaid, and John
Itenwtek, an experienced ai ;blt. c, we e
appointed a committee to vise Baxley,
Inspect tba u< w brink court homo- r> cenu
iy built there, and prepare plans and
M>. itu-moue ior this one as ©aid/ as
The case of the State against Tilman C.
Justice, charged with the oil men of mur
dering James Goddard, an old man TO
years old, is now being tried in Towns
county. Old man Godduul lived with
bis w ile in the mountains east of iti
wassee, about tw dve miles. One of his
nearest neighbors was the dolendant,
l ilman O. Jusliee, who has a wife and
several children. A feud had existed lor
""ine time between the defendant and the
deceased about a road which passes
through the de'emlant's land. This to
gel her with the tact that the defendant
had been inform-d and believed that the
deceased hud reported him lor violating
the internal revenue taws, and being
if reel with liquor is supposed to be the
cause for the killing.
John I’. Harvey, who sent in his appli
es ion for the Brunswick postmastership,
has received word that it was
bis. He immediately telegraphed back
declining it. Mr. Harvey iuforms us that
his reason lor doing so was because upon
figuring the expenses ot the office he
tound it would cost about $4OO more to run
it than the salary allowed by the govern
ment. Parties who are posted sav that the
Post master will be obliged to hire two
clerks, and by the time* tnelr salaries are
paid, together with office and box rent.,
tiieru is nothing left tor the Postmaster
but the responsibility to bear, while he
is obliged to give a $20,000 bund. It is
clear that the government will have to
increase the salary to double what it is
at present to make the office worth
I). E. Phillips, of Albany, has a curiosi
ty which he secured last week (rum an
old gentleman in Appling county. It
was found in a large dense swamp in that
county known as me Devil’s Woodvard,
and appears in the form of an impdemeut
ol war ot a very ancient make. This
curious weapon—if weapon it be, though
turn hardly (teems probable from Mia tact
that it appears to be of brass or some
kindred metal—has a blade 8 inches in
length and 1y A inches broad
t the widest part. The
handle or butt shows on each
side a face and crown, and over the blade
curve two quaintly carved guards. At
first sight It appears to have been an
ancient dagger, but evidences of having
been broken Irom some connecting purt
supports the belief that it lorined the top
of a flagstaff or the point of a lance,
tioutin possibly it may have been an
ornament on some chariot, or something
ot that kind. But the backs and cuts
upon the blade show plainly that the in
strument has been subjected to some
rough usage.
K. B. Pike, ot Wilmington, Vt., arrived
in Brunswick Wednesday via tne Nt w
York steamer. He was met at the w harf
by a stranger who represented bitnsell to
be a citizen of Brunswick. Ihe stranger
asked Mr. Pike if he would like to ‘-sen
the city,” to which ne naturally replied,
‘ yea.” He wa9 shown the large ariesian
well and a photograph of Lover’s Dak,
and asked if he would like to sec the oak.
Mr. Pike again replied in the affirmative,
and they started lor the oak. On their
arrival they were met by two men, botu
strangers to Mr. Pike. Aner an introduc
tion the party were invited toa house some
distance away, and when thev arrival
a game of cards was suggested by one of
she crowd. Mr. Pike hero began to see
ihe situation, hut knew it tie refused the
money would be taken away from him, so
he said lie would go $5 on one game, and
he put his hand iu ms pocket and drew
out his pocket-book. As he did this one
of the men took it from his hand and nil
three ran away. Air. Pike lollowed the
robbers for some distance, but soon they
dodged him in the woods. Mr. Pine says
his pocket-book contained from SSO to SOO.
The Hotel Indian River, at Kookledge,
will close to-day.
Apalachicola wants more saw mills and
more umber firms.
Tomatoes are selling in the Orlando
mai ket at 200. per quurl; cucumbers 3 for
A third interest or the Pensacola Acl
vauce-Gazette is advertised lor sale.
At St. Augustine tha election Tuesday
for bonding the city tha vote was 43 for
and 40S against it.
There are t wo propositions now pending
betore the City Council of Gainesville for
the construction of a street railway.
Ihe orange packing house of Smith ft
Barnaby at Orlando has closed for the
season. During tlie season they shipped
about 12,000 boxes of oranges.
At Pensacola the stock of goods in tt e
Mayer Bros, esiablisbuicnt, which smu
Wednesday for $7, HO, hail been valued by
a competent l.o.trd oi appraisers at or
about SIO,OOO. ’
Twenty-eight year-* ago Capt. Ch tries
F. Marks, of Apalachicola, lost the key
to his resid-ncj. Wednesday last, while
digging in front of his present residence,
he found the )o t key.
The Welaka L*i:d Company will short
ly is ue a pamphlet bearing on me Fruit
-1 mil Peninsula generally, rue pami-hlet
wili be illustrated with some of the
choicest views iu that district
The Young Men’s Christian Association
rooms at St. Auyus Iu j Wei 0.'m.., ,
opensd Tuesday night, with addresses by
T. A. Marting, of VVashmgtnn, S. u.
Mitchell, of -lucksonviiie, andothsrs.
l'he Florida Land and Colon-zai-ion
Company sold sine3 last Fr-d iv , w .-niy
one lots iu Sanford and suburbs. The
prices remain good, and the purchas s
are largely made by men of moderate
means wuo evidently intend building
AtTrabue, 0. W. Merritt, carpenter
anu builder, is putting up a very pretty
bouse on Taylor street, li t has also thu
bonorof being the father of tne rD--- Put -
taGordtan. Unto him aso i and he r wag
born March2B; It being tne first mrlh in
The following ticket is in nomiua
tlon atGainesvllle Mayor—W. W. Scott,
i Aldermen—J. W. Williams, H. K. Day,
|G. K. Broome, L. J. Burkhim. Marshal
| —F. W. Hahn. Clerk and Treasurer—o.
I). Morris. Collector—T. A. Dromgoole.
Assessor—J. R. W. Grissom.
There are live ohurohes in Kissimmee
one bank with a capita) ot $50,001), which
commenced operations Nov. 30, 1866, an
excellent graded public school, an opera
bouse, and tne printing office of that
sterling newspaper, the Kissimmee
Leader, and some forty-six ousiness ostan.
iiahnipn ta.
The Bartow Informant says Dr. J. A.
Cloud, of Jacksonville, has l-een down to
that town and has made a proposition lo
the leading cl-lzens to supply Bartow
with water, and also electric light, tor
$16,000, and to aeoepi. in payment bonds
or the corporation legally issued on thirty
years time, bearlu.- i more si at 0 per cent.
Work on the Alcazar has begun and
the first pile was driven on Saturday tor
the foundation of the structure. Two
donkey engines are at work and pile are 1
being driven Into the earth to a depth of j
about 20 lost. They will be cut off below
the water level and will make an inde
structible foundation for the concrete
A company, composed of various clti.
/.eu of Apalachicola, is now being organ- I
i/.vd with a capital stock of SIO,OOO to en
gage in the canning oi fish and oysters, I
bouius<i,ooU have already heen subscribed. |
Robert Moigati, Ksij., leaves for Hie Last
ill a low days lo purchase the necessary
machinery. Bv next season the factory
will be In operation.
All the superintendents of Htinday j
schools, and all mlmeieis of wfiutsoever ■
denomination in Humter county, are re- I
<|iiet and to meet in the I’resbyterian
• ■nirelj ut Leesburg, April '23, forthe pur. I
p->aeof taking the uecsseury slops toward
I .-.uniy Union Mundsr
A* .Ait mo, io lie auxiliary lo
ni ■ and m** <sw Sunday bckool Ae*ocU-
The Sanford boat club lie and a meeting a
few days since to devise wavs and means
for the erection of a suitable boot and
cluli house on some eligible location on
t, io lake shore, when tlie following plan
was adopted: That the ciub secure a
building fund of $2,500, to bo raised by
collecting the stock subscribed, and se
curing sufficient additional to insure sue
ci ss.
The /.ellwood Index warns the public
against a fraud and hotel beat bv the
name of Hunter, who has been beating
people out of money, board, etc., in Or
ange county. He is described as sandy
complexloned, face and neck much sun
burned; apparently about 135 pounds
weight, and 22 years old. Wore a light
coat and vest, blue hickory shirt, but no
At Key West a Cuban syndicate, with
■l. R. Angulo as President, Gabriel Ayala
Secretary, and Peter A. Williams Treas
urer, has purchased one-haif of the Mo-
Keowu tract, containing twenu-two
acres, tne consideration being $28,000.
This Is one of the largest real estate
transfers ever made at that place and in
| dioates not only flush times, Out genuine
; confidence In the future value of island
I property.
j Daytona .Messenger: Asa great many
j people down ueie have chickens which,
| of course, they have to shut up nights, a
I door that the chickens can open them
: -elves is a meat convenience,particularly
| mornings. Bv putting the door in a
! "slide,” with cord over a pulley and down
Ito|a j 'platfonn,” the platform is raised
j up, say ton inches, whan tho door is
! closed, Tho two just balance. In the
morning when biddy wants to get out she
1 >viil step on the platform, down it goes
i and tue door is open.
Pensacola knocks out all other ports in
Florida in sbipjiing and exportation.
Last month illty-seven vessels, having an
aggregate tonnage of 41,835, entered; of
these fortv-one were Irom foreign ports,
and seventy-two cleared, with a tonnage
of 45.708; of these fifty-eight were from
foreign ports. Snipped to foreign ports
03.300 cubic teat liewn timber, 13 42-5.000
superficial (eel of sawn timber, 13.070,000
leet of lumber, 14,168 cubic feet of cedar
and 1.200 wbiteoak stave*; valu and at
$310,880. Also to American ports 4,893,-
000 feel of lumber, valued at SBB,OOO.
Avery pleasant party, consisting of
Airs. Henry Ward Beecher, her daughter,
Mrs. Rev. Sainii- l Scovilln, Mre. B; < clier’s
niece, Aliss Bullard, with Judge Koscoe
Thompson, lion. Lucian Thompson, Aliss
•Millie E. West, all ot Boston, and Kev.
Dr. James B. Dunn, of l’alatka, went up
tne Ocklawaha river to Silver Springs on
Monday. The weather was just perfect,
and nil of the party expressed themselves
highly pleased with the trip. Airs.
Beecher exhibited no signs of fatigue, but
remained on deck on Monday night until
the boat passed through the Cypress
At Apalachicola last Alonday evening
Jake Walton and Jake Scott, both col
ored, became involved in an altercation
which finally terminated in Walton frac
turing Scott’s skull with a brick, death
resulting shortly afterward. Scott was
standing on the lower deck of the steamer
I'hronateeska. which was lying at Coombs
A. Co.’s wharf, and Walton was standing
upon the whart at, the time he threw the
brick. Witnesses examined by Judge
Baker are of opinion that Scott was the
aggressor. Scott abused Walton by curs
ing him. Walton did not at first reply
and was finally induced to re
sent the insults ouly by violent replies.
Witnesses also state that Scott
made no attempt to strike Walton, but
seemed content to stand upon the steam
er’s deck amt abuse nlm. It seems that
shortly after the steamer left the dock on
Monday night Scott died. The
body was carried to the city Wednesday
night. The news soon spread, and on
Thursday morning Sheriff Berry sent two
men to the oyster-bar to Induce Walton
to go to the city, lie was in ignorance
of the true state of affairs, it seems that
while on nis way he was met by his
brother, Smart, who informed him that
Scott was dead and the Snerifl was after
him (Jake). Upon hearing this Jake put
about and went flying to Cat I’omt. ‘He
was put ashore at the point and the ves
sel was sent hack to tne city. A search
ing party was organized and sent over to
the poiut, but the search proved fruit
A Budleii Deal li
from heart disease is now quite common.
Dr. l’ierce’s “Golden Aledical Discovery”
is a certain remedy. Chronic irritation,
palpitation, excessive or detective action
of the heart, shortness of breath, and pain
are removed by it in a short period. It
also cures all tne diseases relating to the
liver, stomach, bowls, blood and skin.
! $3 SHOE igp- —f
i . .StvlHh, Durable, Easy Fit- U> ‘ ' 1
World 10 best £3 Hlioo iu the a I C} -j
I xv. i.. norr.t vs D/ -A- i
1 $2.50 SHOE \
equals the fti e- N A
| Shoes advertised Ati/' and
by other Unas. 1
I FOR BOYS pivpfl groat rat 1b faction.
I All tiie above are made in Hutton* Congivßß awl
Lacp, pH Htvie of toe. Sold by 2,000 dealers
throughout the U. 8. If vour dealer doc* not keet*
them, hond name onjxmtal to
IHM’ni.VS, Brockton, Mass.
BEWARE OF FRAUD.n,vk.mwiPdgm^
I unscrupulous dealers aro offering other
mf Ik V'*u anfl " v : h “ n ,iRk, and wh y n,v Ptamp
Ppiwnl-'d t . bo hs -W L. Dougins Shoes!"
unEbb name, warrantee unit price are
Stamped on bottom of e.i<h shoe.
W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass,
17 Whltakur Htri?et, Savaiinnli, (ia.
Orders Taken for Sun Bonnets.
Felt Lambrequins 21 yards
long, half yard wide, stamped,
$1; elaborate designs $1 25.
Felt Scarfs, stamped, 51
indies long, 18 inches wide,
stamped on both ends, 50c.
Art materials furnished at
lowest prices. Stamping done
on short notice.
EVSrs. Kate Power,
In Italian and
French Oil reliable Ini.
1 o p ilnssimr uud
general none belter.
(-lory <>! a ro-m! * aril.
I was affected with kidney and urinary
“ For twelve years!”
After trying all the doctors and patent
medicines I could hear of, I used two bottles
of Hop
And lam perfectly cured. I keep It
4 'AII the time 1”
Respectfully, is. K. Booth, Saulebury,
Tenn., May 4, P>BS.
BfiIUI'OKP, I’*., MayS, I*B.'.
it lias cured tne of several diseases. such ns
m rvousness, sickness at the stomach, monthly
troubles, etc. I hai" not seen a rick day In
e ua since I took Hop Billers. AM my neigh
bors use them. Mrs. Fannie creek.
Akhhurnii am. Mass., Jan. 15, 1S 9 S.
1 have been very sick over two years. They
all gave mo up as past cure. I tried the most
Skillful physicians, but they <1 Id no! reach the
worse part. Tile lungs amt heart would III!
up every night and distress me. and my throat
was very bad. I told inv children I should
never die in peace till I had tried Hop Bitters.
When I had lalien t wo Mottles they helped mo
very much Indeed. When I had tuken two
more botllos l was well, t here was a lot of
sick folk- here who have seen how they cured
me, and they used them and were cured and
fvoi as thankful as Ido ilia 1 there isso valu
able a medicine made, f mirs truly,
$3,000 Lost,
“A tour to Europe that co t me $3,009, done
less good than one boitle n! Hop Bitters; they
also cured my wife f flticen years’nervous
weakness, sleeplessness end dyspepsia.”—
Air. It. At., Auburn, N. Y.
Bnby Waved.
Wo are so thankful to say that our nursing
baby was permanently cured of a dangerous
mi and ootrarted const potion and irregu iirltv
of the iifivvels by the use of Hop Bitters by its
nursing mother, which at i lie name time re
- mod her to perfect hcalili and strength.—
Tue Parents, Rochester, N. V.
fflCy~tj'nhealthy or inactive kidneys cause
gravel, “Bright’s disease, rheumatism and a
horde of other serious and fatal diseases
which can be prevented with Hop Bitter*” If
taken in lime.
“I.uddiugton, Mich., Feb. 2, 1883.—1 have
so il Hop Hitters for ten > ears, and there is
no medic ine that equals the n for bilious al
i nek*, kidney complaints mul all diseases inci
dent to this malarial climate.
“Monroe. Mich., Sept. 25th, ISSS. Sirs: X
have been taking Hop Bitters for in (lamina
tion of kidneys mid bladder. It has done lor
me wliat four physicians tailed to do— cure i
me. The effect of tho Bitters seemed like
magic to mo. \V. L. Garter.
Gents—Your Hop Bitters have been or
great value to me. 1 was laid un with typhoid
fever for over two mouths, and could get no
re.ief until I tried your Hop Bitters. To
those suffering from debility, or any one in
feeble health, i cordially recommend them.
J. C. Stoetzkl,
038 Fulton street. Chicago, ill.
Can You Answer This?
Is there a person living who ever saw a case
of ague, biliousness, nervousness or neu
ralgia, or anv disease of the etnuaeli, liver or
kidneys that Hop Bitter 9 wilt not cure?
"My mother says Hop Bitters is the only
thing that wilt keep her irom severe attack’s
of paralvsis and headache.”—Ed. Oswego
“My little sickly, puny babv was changed
into a great bouncing buy, and I was raised
fr im a sick bed by using Hop Ititlers a short
tune. a Young Mother.
East Ten., Ya. & Usurp R. R.
UEOK6IA division.
The Quickest and Shortest Line
Commending m.yhch is. i*;, tho fol
lowing Schedule wilt be in effect:
f (Ut Xijiit
S.'/r .<f* II ,D6t>otm JL’x/jffus. Exi)re%*.
LvCharleston.,.. 3;45 ain B::upm .... ....
Arflavunnah. .. f :tiain 7:oopm
Lv >uvanuaU . 7:otf.iin 8:45 pm 1:0pm
Ar Jesup 8:42 a m 11*25 pin 8:20 pm
Lv fluntip 1:45 -i ui 8:.o p m
Ar i * runrt ' vl i-k-.. • ..... 5m am 5:;;5p in
Lv.lei*i|) 10:30 am 1.15 am ........
Ar l.natulan ! :4* p m 4:40 ;v m
Ar Cochran., 2:UJpm
Ar Hawkinsville. • p n I2:<0noon
L* Hk |a m 1:83 p m
Ar Macon . 4:oo pm 7:15 a m
Lv Macon 4:05 pm 7:B'Jam
Ar Atlanta*™.. 7:45 pm 10:50 am
Lv Atlanta. ToTho p m 1:00 pm . . ...".
Ar Komn i :46 a in 4:< 0 p m
Ar D.ilton 8:18 kid 5:27 pm
Ar Chattanooga. s:iH)am 7:opm
Lv Chattanooga. 0:30 am V:<spiu .....
Ar Knoxvilie. l:.opm 1:10 am ....
Ar Bristol 7::rpm 5:45 am ....
A r Koanckc ... 2:15 ais 12:40 p m
Ar Natur'iUrßlge ..:54 a m 2:2ftp m
Ar JV aynesboro. (i: :o am 4:28p m
Ar Lur.n 7 ;50 a m 0:43 p m
Ar Micuando'Jc.io: ;; a in
Ar Hftxemowi:.. 11:55 p m 10:M0p 111
Ar llama’.. nr* . ::;<■ p m i:2am ....
Ar Philadelphia i; : sopin 4:ifiam
Ar Vow > nrk ‘:S; iii 7:o' t .0
I-V ' lit-IT OW II |g:.,l "
AT itll IIIII*OI o , K;45 pHI
a' l’n an lphia 7:111 p m
Ar .-e * Vork lit:;!
LvKognoxc .■ lam li: un
Ar l.viiiM err . 4:30 am 2:iiopm
Arwntlmuti.il Iztconti li:4hprn
ar m il p m 11: . ip m i:::""'
A r I luliidi 1 diia . 1847 p in 3:0) am
*rNew lurk <iiWpm U :20 am ....!!!”
o:is a m • :om~.
Ar Bnrkviiie. Utjuain 5:77 pm
I‘olcrlnirg. ll:io„ m 7:15 pm ....
Ar Norfolk 3:3$ p m 10:00 pin . .
\ ki M 'nieiil.-, and Ciiarp-ntoii It. it.
. Chattanooga.. 9:25 am 7:lopni
Ar Memphis h:is p m 0:19 am
Ar •-■ ti :: ox
I U Via K. U. F. s. aud G. R. R.
Lv Memphis to:*., am
Ar Kaunas City h.-JOam ...1
Via ciii. so. fit.
LtChattanooga s-.ltiain 7:10pm....
Ar LoiiUvilo 11:46 pm ::tom ....' ’
Ar Cincinnati.... y.'copm U:so :i m
Ar CliieaK' ii:sii.im h: o p in
ArKt. Louis 7:46am ti:t.pm ,
Pullman le |..ts Mil asfoho s.
si 1 :lii ii hi fin- uii oilman, alienin' mg w h
Msnii Boudoir; AUsnthat 10 :,0 pm g el 1-00
pm for ( ucinnnti, Hlteruaip'g i h Vliiin
Boudoir a coper leaving at i0: >p m * up - n
for Mi-I psnoy ut s .-Vock ; Koine i t 7ns „ m
for W i'-" ,, ig , i>-i via l.vncliliurg; ChutiHi o eu
in li.iepm ior bow Vork via Miran .noli , „i.
1 y. C lajianonga a' OttiO ain for VVa-buigton
via Lyiichlmrgi i,g t,,p o .ga ( ,t r:ln M mr 0 r
Kiinsas U"y; i , a- an mgs nt 7:0 pm l„r
lattle Hoc- ; I.hiumi gnt U:O5 pin for Macon
B. W. WRENN, . t* A p. a.,
L. J. El,Lib, AG. P. A..' Atlanta.' rUI " -
ConpHffiile t.chcraic Transatlautlqnc
—French Liue ( Havre.
BETWEEN Now York and Havre, from pier
No. 4k, N It., tisit of Morion gtreot.
Traveler* by tins lino avoid both tran-it by
English railway and the discomfort of cross
lug ibe Channel m a small coat. Speeiui imm
leaving tho Company’* dock at Havre direct
lor Paris on arrival of steamer*. IlSggasa
checked lit Now Vork through to Paris.
I, A I, v.di I.| .Vit, V.vThLl.l. V ill I! DAY.
Ap and 1. >1 A. VI.
I.\ N( 11,41 a N 11i I , |IK Kl'.KSAfllKc, .SAT
URDAY April PI. Noon.
LA IIOUKi.OGNK, iK.muM i., saTI It-
D\ V, \o' i v:i. am.
l ' IIItKTAUNK, IIK Jornskl.iN, >ATI It
DA V . * pill HU m a.
PRICE *> f I’ ANS A<i K linsludlng wlaovi
TD II \ V UE— t irst Cabin, 312 >, sivo and Jn*;
Heooudt vbin, pk); ■‘teiragafroiu Now Vorkta
Havre, Mb; tttecr.ig* from New York to Paris,!
17 i Including Mine, bedding aud uleiisils. j
LUUiW DE ID, 111 IN, V guilt, :i flow ling]
Green, fed of Broadway. New York,
or A’lM/Ml AGO.. A go HUfor Oaisßuak.
ocean mmi coiy
New YorUGSioii ffliaflelpMa
Passage to New York.
Passage to Boston.
Passage to Pliilmlolpiiia.
(VIA Nmv York).
r PIIIC magnificent steamships of these lipra
* nro appointed to sail as follows—standard
time •
RINE, FRIDAY, April H, at 6 r. M.
DAY', April 10, at 1:30 a. m.
XAI.LtHfSSUK, < 'apt. \V. K, Fisuek,
TUESDAY. April 12, at 9 P. M.
FRIDAY, April 15, a 12 M.
DAY', April J 4, at 11 a. m.
DAY, April 21, at 5 p. M.
DAY, Ap.il 9. at 7 P. M.
April 16, at 1 p. m.
Through billsotladinggiven to Eastern an<l
Northwestern points ami to porta of the Uni
ted Kingdom and the Continent.
For freight or passage apply to
C. G. AXDaIRsON, Agent,
City Exchange Building.
.Merchants’ ami Hillers’ Transporta.
tiou Coat pan j,
' t.C *:.*' '*"** *
'T'HF. Bie*kipe of th: company ar an
A pointed to sail Iron* Savannah for B iitt
more as follows —city time:
HOFhinCapt- Foster, MON
DAY, April It, at 19 a. m
April 16. at 2 p. m
jo” ns hoprins, capt. foster, Thurs
day, April 21, at sp.m.
Wltl. CH UNK, Capt. Billups. TUESDAY
April 26. at 9A. M. .
And from Baltimore on the davs above
named at 3 F. H.
Through bill* lading given to all points
Wet. au the manufacturing towns in New
England, and to norts of the United Kingdom
and the Continent.
JAS. B. YVEBT & CO.. Agents,
1U itv airaot.
Sea Island Route.
( Arp. 51. I*. USiNA,
WIDE leave Savunnaii Iron- wharf foot of
TT Lincoln street, for DO BO t'. DAltiEx'.
TUESDAY and FRIDAY at 6 p. m., city
time, connecting at Savannah witii New
York, Philadelphia. Boston and Baltimore
steamers, at Fernandina with rail for Jack
sonville and ail points in Florida, and at
Brunswick with steamer for Satilla river.
Freightrecoivedto within Ualfhourof boat’s
Fro,gin. not signed for 24 hours aTier arrival
wilt he at risk oi consignee.
Tickets on wharf and boat.
t . WILLIAMS. Agent.
For Augusta and Way landings.
Capt. .1.8 BKVILL.
V* 10 o'clock A. m. (city time, h r Aiigueta
and way landings.
All Heights payable by shippers
r ['HK etcmner ! I'll 1C 1., ( apt. W.T.IiIMOK
I will leave for ah vo MONDAYS aid
Till Hhl) AYSat it n'ohiek r, m. Uet irninir,
arrive WEDNESDAYS mid SAII!U>aYm
at H n’i:t ck P. M. Ear information, etc.., an.
pi via W. r. ulllsuN. Mauatfur.
Wharf (on* of I > rvo> meet.
tami*a. key west. Havana.
SOUTH ltot.Nl>.
I.v Tampa Tees, Thnm. amJ st. a. in.
Ar Key Weal Weil., Era lav, ami Sun, p. in.
Ar Havana Thnr.. Sat. and Mon. a. in.
NOlfl 11. |;i 11 N|).
I.v Havana 'I iiurn,, Ha l, and Jtlmi uram.
I. Key Meat Thais.r. a.el Man p. ni.
A r Tainpa Erhliiy, hiiu. ami 'I iiea, p m .
Ciime e na hi Tampa with We-t Imli.i I'a-t
Train m .uni frinn Ne,'thorn ,Y E,aiirn eltlea.
Eur alnleMuiin aeeniiißiiel itiniia a, pile in
* II v Ticket onhy h„ I . util W. II v... 1 nek
►onrllle. nr Annul p:. i Me m Me i,, n >
T.impu. i . 11. oW'KVi. I raille Mituanor.
11, H, || \ I N EM (.oni'rai Miimigrr.
IlativoaDD. __
Central Railroad.
Savannah, Ga.. Dec. 19. 1886.
ON and after this date passenger trains will
run as Daily un'osa marked +, which arc
Da iv except Sunday.
The Standard time by which these trains
run is 88 minutes slower than Savannah city
Lv savannah.... W;o9ani S:2opm 5:4b pm
ArMilieu 12:85 pm 11:03 pm 8:15 pm
Ar Augusta 4:tn pm 0:15 am
Ar Macm 4:50 pm :i:2O am
Ar Atlanta 9:00 pm 7:20 am
Ar Columbus ... 6:soam 3:o2pm
Ar Mcinteotuerv. 7:09 pm
Ar Kiifattlu 3:50 pm
Ar Albany I0:9S pm 10:50 im
Passengers for Svivama, Sandersviile,
YVriehisville, Milledgeviile and Ka'.ontou
6houb! take 10:u0ani train.
Passengers for Thomas',on, Carrollton,
Perry. Fort Guinea, Talbotton, Buena Vista,
Blakely and Clayton should take 8:20 p m
Lv Milieu 12:58 pm 11:15 pm s;lo*m
Lv Augusta 10:20am 9:Bopm
Lv Macon 9:59 am 10:60 pm
Lv Atlanta 6:35 am 6:58 pm
Lv tol n m mis lo:20 pm 11:15 am
Lv Montgomery.. 7:15 pm 7 :iO am
Lv Eufaulu 10:40 am
Lv Albany 4:50 am 3:fi7pm
Ar :."Munah 5:00 pm 5:55 am 8:05 am
Sleeping cars on all night passenger trains
between Savannah and Augusta. Savannah
and Macon, Savannah and Atlanta, Maoou
and Columbus,
Train leaving at 8:20 |i m and arriving at
5:55 a tn will not Btop ro put off or take ou
passengers between Savannah and Millcn.
Conneotiont at Savannah with Savannah,
F orirta aud Western Railway for all points in
Tickets for all point- 1 and sleeping car berths
on sale at citv office. No. 20 Bull street, and
depot office 80 minutes before departure of
each train. G. A. WHITEHEAD,
General Passenger Agent.
J.C. SIIAW, Ticket Agent
Charleston & Savannah Ry. Cos,
FTONNRCTION mule at Savannah with
Yd Savannah, Florida and Western Rail
Trains leave and arrive at. Savannah by
standard time (90th meridian), which is3J
minutes slower than city lime.
45* 39-;- 43* 47*
LvSav’h. 12:15 pm 2:00 pm 7:10 am 8:23 pm
Ar Aug'ta. 1:45 pm
Arlieauf’t 6:10 pm 11:00 am
ArP. R ival 6:25 pill 11:20 am
Ar A I’d ile 7:40 tint 11:20 am
ArCha’ston 4:45 pm 0.20 pm 12:55 pm I:2sam
34* 42* 40*
Lv Cha’etou 8:00 am 3:30 pm 3:45 am
Lv Aug’ta 9:2i am
LvAl’dale. 5:40 am 11:45 am
Lv I’.Royal 7:45 am 12:30 pm
Lv Beauf’t. 8:00 am 12:45 pm
Ar Sav’d ..11:20 am 7:0) pm 0:41 am
’Daily between Savannah aud Charleston.
iSundavs only.
iraiu No. 47 makes no connection with
Port Royal and Augusta Railway, nd stops
only at Ridgeland, Green Pond anil Ravenel.
Train 45 stopß only at Y emassee and Green
Pond, and connects a , i* n
Ku> i ' .lb a for Allendale daily, except
Sunday. Trains 42 and 43 connect from and
for Beaufort aud Port Royal daily, except
For tickets, sleeping car reservations and all
other inf'rmatiou, apply to William Broil,
Special Ticket Agent, 22 Bull street, and at
Charleston and Savannah Railway ticket
office, at Savannah, Florida and 'Western
Railway depot.
Nov. 14, 1836.
South Florida Railroad.
ON and after SUNDAY". March 20. 1887
tralus will arrive and leave as follows: ’
’Daily. tDaily except Sundays. 1 Daily
except Mondays.
Leave Sanford for
'lampa and way
staiions *10:39 am and *T4:4opm
Arrive at Tampa * 3:40 p m and *18:60 p m
Returning leave
Tampa at * 9:30 a m and **'f’:Copm
Arrive at Sanford * 2:30 m and l:t,oum
Leave Sanford for Kissimmee and
way stiiiions at +S:O"Dm
Arrive at Kissimmee at -j-7:00 p m
Returning leave Kissimmee +8:26 am
Arrive at Sanford t8:20 a ra
*||Steamboat J-xpress,
**: West India Fast Ylail Train.
Lv Bartow Junction—
. . 11-25 am 2:10 and 7:lspm
Ar Bartow )2 25. 8:10 and 8:15 p m
Returning Lv Bartow—
-9:50 a m 12:50 and 5:30 and m
Ar Bartow June, .10:50 am l:40 and 0:30 p m
Operated by the South Florida Railroad.
’Leave Bartow for Pemberton Ferry
and way stations at 7:15 am
Arrive at Pemberton Ferry at D"id it m
’Returning leave Pemberton Ferryat 5: 5 p ra
Arrive at Bartow at * : tp m
1 Leave Pemberton Ferry ... 7 "00 am
Arrive Bartow ]i;3s „ ra
rLeave Bartow i: 10 p m
Arrive Pemberton Ferry 6:15 pm
Leaves Sauford lor
LakoCbarm and way
stations +10:15 a m aud S:lopm
Arrives Fake Charm. 11:15 am ami ti:4unm
itcUirmng— 1
Leaves Lake Charm.. 6:0 a m and ]2:30 p m
Arrives at Saulord... :40 a m amt 2:10 p m
Connects at,-'iinford wiih the Sanford and
Indian River Railroad for Oviedo and points
An Lake Jessup, with the People’s Line and
DeKary-Baya Merchants’ Line of steamers,
anitJ. T. & K. \V . Rv. for Jacksonville and
all intermediate points on the St. John’s
river, and w>th steamers for Indian river and
the l nper st. John’s.
Ai Kissimmee witn steamers for Forts My
ers and Bussiuger and points on Kissimmee
At Pemberton Ferry with Florida Southern
Railway for all points North and West, and
at Bartow with the Florida Southern Railway
lor Fort Meade and notnls South.
Connects at Tampa with steamer “Marga
ret.” for Pa ma Sola. Braidentown, Palmetto,
Manatee, and all points on Hillsborough and
Tampa Bays.
Also, wiih I lie elegant mail steumships
“MascoHe” and “Whitney,” of the Plant
Steamship Cos., fur Key West and Havana.
Through tickets sold at all regular stations
to points Not 'h. East and it cfe.
Baggage, chocked through.
Passengers for Havana can leave Sanford
on Limited West Jnrtla Fast Mail train at
4:40 p. ni. (stopping only at Orlando. Kissim
mee, Bartow Junction, Lakeland and Plant
City.; uesday, Thursday ami Saturday, con
necting same evening with steamer at Tampa.
" 1 t ill it YJc'COY .
General Freight and Ticket Agent.
Atlantic Coast at New Smyrna.
Blue Spring, Orange City & Atlantic R.R.
j> AnskNGK,UB will observe the following
schedule, daily, except Sunday, iu effect
MARCH if. 1 87:
Lv Sn vanatih Tla s , F. .1 it. Jty.... TiOMnrn
l.v .'act sonvnle Ma >l.. I .,+K.\> . 1 y .ligoo p m I
Ar Orange City Junelioe 4:03 u m
Ar or ii ge < i y..., 4 :l:. p m 1
Ar Lake llsieti .... 4:31'11 m I
Ar New -ymriia 6:16 p m 1
At New sni.rna make direct ronti-- 'ium I
with Isials lor Dat tuna and puinta on Halifax
and Hillsborough river*.
Lv New sin vma 7:45 a m I
Lv I ak.- Helen B:4U a 111
1 v ilia g- city ppm u m |
ArOirtiigit t it;, Junetiou iclha m
Ar ■li.Qoemville l;.Gpm i
Ar Ss vn 11111111 ;:4s j, 11, i
A' 'ra ug" 1 I'.v .1 it net Inn ni ske no" :u iiiun
fur ill eotui north; Fur 9uteiprise, Tllll--
v ule and ad point* on Indian river, ulso lur
si 'ioid. •'! 1.111,in ami all pufnt* m poetli ■
l lundi. Al 111110 spring loanri'tloli made
wl' h,i 1 in.-r on ,81, John'* 11 v, i*
Tie htiiuii.g and lislllll. uf Oil* si'l l ion Is
Unrivaled, wh la ib n surf Imthing opp isiia
New ni veil 11 i unsurpassed hv an v loont on
tb r .iri.la e i..*l s. 11. CARTER.
W. A. HAWKIN’, Gcu. bupt. |
Ccu, k . uud P. Agent.
Savannah, Florida & WesternßiT
DVR trains or l this l roan are r, m bv r
T imk 2v “
A C, 1886, Paseeniror Tri*m
will run daily hh follow*: ° n lhl * 4c
read DOWN. AlL *
< .OH 111 Lv .... Savannah *
12.30 pm Lv ... Jacksonville ']
4 k -* “ U 1 Sanford . '
Tuee. Thursf . '
Sat pmj 1-7.. Tampa ...Ar Jn.S*,
cd, .Fn, / . *Tue*, Bm
Sun . pmj Ar. Key Wo st , u Th ur^J
Mon 1 ”’ amj Ar Havana l, jThi^
an f dT^ a p,r. l ‘ nrCl CHrßl °
- no OR, ‘ EA NS EXPR E9S
. ; ofi amLv. ... Savannah. v .... Ar
8:42 am Lv lesun . 't’b
s-nl 14 ni I' v
9:50 am Ar YVaycroaa ......tl ?RH
11:2fi am Ar ..... Callahan ~r
12:00.io.mAr laok.onvi’lle !’-' **Ti
Z;*J !l m l' v Jacksonville T r ?;®* I’m
7..1., ii in Lv Callahan Y.. i^Ont
10:15 a m Lv YVaycross
1106 n" 1 V v Homerviilo!”]iLv 3eS p,! '
. . . 6 a 111 J‘ v Dupont l v 2:Pnt
Valdosta c !• °Pn
J /v .Quitman ...:: 2:ssPm
mAr rhomasville ... tv ? (7? p 'h
m felZj^ndger^L^
_;O4 p m Ar....CbetthooehM rTTr-.-r~S
3:to P m~A v ~AThany T~Tr^2
Pullman buffet cars to and from >V°2 * "■
ville anil New York, to and from u*v ac^So ®"
and New Orleans via Pensacola!' CkBOUT ‘!l9
11111 f ,v Savannah i,
<i:2o p m Lv Jesup j ' 15
4:H pm Lv Blackshear Lv a's" n
4:40 |1 ill Ar YVaycross L y s^!;!
8:57 p m Ar Callahan ....
11 m f Jacksonville ....Lv jf* l ®
6:00 pm Lv Tacksonville . Ar i.'S*®
6:41 pm Lv Callalian .
7:5S p m Lv YVaycross
I’ 111 Ev Honiervide Lv Eu
O.WPM Ar Dupont Pv
:;:vu p m lv LakecTtF^mFioMiTr
“ : *® I* >" Lv Gaine.vilio.. AMIPnTnr
7:2U |l m l ‘ v ’ Eive Oak .... Ar J®
9:10 p m Lv Dupont sV i,
i> "i Lv vahWt
11 1,1 ,<v Quiuuhm Lv
■ liiiipm Ar Thonmsyille ~..pv
12:is) a m Ar Camilla Pv l 5V u
USSainAr Albany. Lv u-t) m
Pullman buffet cars to and from rV,a. "
ville and Louisville via Thomasville A hf tt ‘
Montgomery and Nashville 8 ’ Alban K
Pullman sleeping cars to and from Trah .
<ipd S i\ annahvia Gamesvillo. taOio
8.15 pm Lv ... Savannah Ar e-w..
11.25 pm Lv Jesup.... p v
i" 11 mAr Way cross Lv hboJS
® Ar... Callalian Lv .
*!{■.* am Ar Jacksonville —Lv B;tspni
' v Jacksouville —Ar 6:tSaa
J 11 £ 111 Lv Callalian Ar 5:25a*
2:uo a in Lv Wavcross ArTid#***
Ar Du at .Lv 10-oQnai
li:liia in Ar Live Oak Lv
■' ln Ar.... Gainesville. |. v
iO: 1 6 am Ar Lake City Lv siiO p £
3:45 a m Lv Dujiont Ar 9:3Bpm
p ;f‘ am - v Valdosta I.v B:3OpS
6.19 a in Lv Quitman Lv 7:55p m
“ am Ar ThomasTilie ....Lv 7:oopm
11.40 ain Ar Albany Pv 4:PO p m
Stops at ail regular stations. Pullman bul
let sleeping cars to and from Thomasville and
Washington, and savannah and Jacksun
vil e. anil to and Horn Jacksonville n 1
NashvMo via Tnomssville and M -tvo*>.
'' r '. Pullman buffet cars and Mann tiou
doir buffet cars via YVaycross, Albany and
Macon, ana via w ay cross, Jesup and Macwu
ot ween Jackson ville and Cincinnati. Also.
’lirouKh passenger coaches between Jaokaou
vine and < liatlanooga.
6: 1 'j arn L v Wav crons A r ’:00 pm
7::>8 am Lv Dupont Lv s:2opm
8::i7 a m Lv Valdosta Lv 4:lspm
9:lsam Lv Quitman Lv 3:Bopm
10:25 ain Ar— Thomasville Lv 2:lspm
Stops at all regular and flag stations.
3:45pm Lv ..Savannah. . Ar R:3oam
6: 0 p in Ar Jesup Lv 5:25Hm
Stops at all regular and flag stations.
At SAVANNAH for Charleston at 7:10 am,
Arrive Augusta via Yemaasec at 1:45 pm*
U':ls p m an<l 8:23 p m; lor Augusta and At
lanta at 6:40 a in ami 8:20 p ro; with steam
snips for Now Fork Monday, Wednesday ani
Friday; for Boston Thursday; for Baltimore
every fifth day.
TJfc'Up ini* Brunswick ar, t:45 a m i'\*
cpt s un 1 .r) and 3:30 pm; for Mac< n 1:15 i
in anfl U:‘ J (> tm.
Ai W A YCKOSS for Brunswick at 3:lsam
and s:ofi p m.
At< A CL AIIAN for Fernandlna atS:ooam
and 2:47 pm; f> r Waldo, Cedar Key, Ocala,
etc., at 11:2 i a m
At LIVE OaK for Madison, XallahaMeo,
on ..at 11 :C8 a m and 7:45 p in.
\i GAINESVILLE for Ocala, Tayares,
Pemberton’s Ferry, and Tampa
at 10:to a in: for Cedar Key at 3:"0 nm.
At A LB ANY for Atlanta, Macon, Montgom
ery, Mobile, New Orleans, Nashville, etc
At C’H aTfAHOOt If KE for Pensacola,
Mobile, New Orleans at4:l4 p m; with I’er
pie’s Juino htearners advertising to leave Of
Apalachicola at 5:00p in Sunday and
Tickets sold and sleeping car berths se
cured at BKKN’S Ticket Ofli-*e, and att*®
i asasnger .>tation.
W M. J\ HA It DEE, Gen’l Pass. Agent.
R.Q. FLEMING, Superintendent,
JacksoDTiUe, Tamna & Key West ET*
Quickest, and host route for all points ua
Florida south of Jacksonville.
188f. Main line trains use 8.. F. and "•
ltaiiwuy mi llion in Jacksonville, making <u*
root Ronnecliou with all trains from Savan*
mill, the Norili ami West. No transfer.
Cuban ,
stations. Mail Uallrl' l
I'hss. Daily. •Dd'f'J'h
l.v Savannah ... B:l6pm 7:oiim 7:W>™
l.v JacKsonviile. 0:00 ain 12 00 p m 8 J 11 "J
Ar I‘alfti‘ka .10:00 am 2:16 pm
A rile Land Fnopnt 4:l6pm B:Wpm
Arhanf rd 146 pm 4aoptn B:i6 P
Ar Titusville. . 0:05 pm
A rOi land., 6:24 p m
Arßanow 9:ipm
Ar Tampa .. s:6opnt .
Leave Jacktonvlllo (St. Augnstioe Uiw*
bion) 11:05 am, 1:00 p m, 4:00 p m.
Arrive m. Augustine (*sr. Ainusliocih
H’.ni) 10:30 a m. 2:W p in, 5 HO p m -
GOING NORTH—Leave Tampa ' OO IJ*
(Cultan mail) ami o.id am; Orlando
night, 7:26 a m and 1:94 pm; Sanford [•!
tn. 8:60 a m and 2:46 p in. Arrive '
4:iu amt 11:30 am, 5:30 p in: Jacksonville ■'
a in. 1:28 and 7:40 p m, connecting 1,,r
points North and West. „„ . ...
Leave St. Augustine 8:30 nm, 12:00 and*,
pm. Arrive Jacksonville 10:00 am, 2’.
6:20 put.
12:80 |> m Cuban mail train (South)
through I’udmun deeper Irom Ne*v t
Tam pit. mid connects with steamers or .
West, mill Havana Tuesday, Thursday
Saturday nights. n:oo oin Culmii nta!
Noitlnvardi lias Fill lin an sleeper inroi'k
Washington. No chaugo of oars he
•liieksi.iivlile and Tampa. e„,,ihera
Dm,ct e.inm linns with Florida Sou'Mrj
Railway lit F'ulatku lor Gnincvim .
and l,"Cshurg, uud with St. J. and a ■■
lor Da.iona. A> Titusville, with *‘** n,or
• llockh dg. " for all po nts on Indian ! •
1,. < l>: M I NG, Gen. llukel Artn
M. 11. 6(1)11 vs, i*o.. Snnt. -
Snuuivtum |UUWW
City and Sul urban Ry
yf following ftrlicdula will bobMr>eu
I ii- finbiir lmi Line: -7— *
ll*l tMI TI l-MVK j
C'ITV. C'l rv. 118LK HOfK { M
10:25 AM 8:1 1A M ; s:l .A M 1 J S
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;-7 :10 PM| (I v,O rM In I.Q r M ■ —.
A Irani leaves idiv every Monday m r
for M.imeom ri at 8:M *■ a
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