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’ ~~sXvaNN\H MARKET.
° rF gAVANNAB, Ga., April 7. 4P. M. (
.. —The market iro very quiet but
t .?° d v and unchanged. There wasonly a l.gnt
and but small offerings. The sales tor
ihe day were only 51 bales. On ’Change at
‘owning call, at 10 a. m. the market
was reported steady and unchanged, but
th no sales, At the second call, at Ip, m„
T was steady the sales being 61 bales.* At
L third and closing call, at 4 p. m.. it was
t il steady and unchanged, with no further
1 The following are the official closing
of the Cotton Exchange:
j,ow middling • s
iiof ordinary """"".•.•"j&mlnal
“ „ ~ ...yt.—The market was quiel, steady
‘Unchanged. The sales thus far this week
* ere 182 bags, on the basis of quotations, as
‘common Georgias and Floridas H @16%
Good medium
Medium tme ;;;;;; 192*20
Comparative Cotton Statement,
Receipts, Exports and Stock on Hand April 7, 188., and
1836-87. USS-S6.
Sea Sea
j Island Upland. Island Upland.
Stock on hand Sept. 1 1,149 4.304 651 3.298
Received to-day 62 1 .... 304 1
Received previously -7,143 j 75^,515 i 21.(138 726,746.
Total. 28.292 762,88' j; 22.1891 730.347 j
Exported to-day 1 6.7:1
I Exported previously 25,658 757,624 i . 4 7 ,
I Totftl
IStock on ban*! and on ship
i hoard Ihia day II 6,257,1 2,(25 [ i. 5,970
Kies.—The market was quiet, but Arm and
unchanged. The sales for the day were
82 barrels, at about quotations, as follows:
lair 3 n s® —
l ,ood 3- ' —-
Prime 4% £4%
Country lot* ....SO® 60
Tide water [email protected] 10
HIVALBTORES.—'The market forsnirtts tur
peutlno was quiet and easy during the day
nut at the close it became Arm, at 34%c for
regulars, ■ itb sales of 110 casks at that
figure. At the Board of Trade on the
opening call the market was reported steady
at 35c. for regulars. At the do ing call it was
H i arm at 34%c. for regulars. Rosin—
'iiie market was quiet but Arm and un
changed, with sales of 890 barrels at quota
tions. At the Board of Trade on the first
call the market was reported firm, at the
following auotations: A, 15, G and I) 87%c„
Ksl 02Vb. 1 $lO6, Gsl 10, H *1 16, Isl 35,
K >1 60. >1 $lB5. N 52U0. water white *2 55.
viudo tv glass *2 80. At tho closing call it was
Spirits. Rosin.
Stock on hand April 1 2.543 77.408
Kec ived to-day 212 797
Received previously 1,611 6,996
Total 4,416 85,201
Ksported to-day
Exported previously 788 6.685
Total 706 6,685
Stock on hand and on shipboard
k'-dav 3.350 78.518
Receipts same day last year ... 141 434
Financial—The money market is very
Exchange Steady. Banks and
banters are buying sight drafts at % per
cent premium and selling at % per sent,
"■rim JC-mhinge— The market is dull.
Coni" -r ial demand. $4 80*4: sixty days,
8t S4V*: ninety (lavs, *4 83)4: francs, Haris
iiut! li.ivre. commercial, sixty days, $5 23;
feiviss. *5 2.4 murks, sixtv days. 94 15-16.
Securities—Stocks continue dull, witji
little or no demand. Bonds and debentures
are quiet, with rather a firm undertone.
mocks and Bonds— .ty Soud" —Quiet,
'llama 6 per cent, lul bid, 110 asked; Atlanta
, larcent.lls hid, 120 asked; Augusta 7 per
iv nt. 105 hid, ip: asked; Augusta6s, long, 108
li i. lib sked: Columbus 5 per cent, 93 bid.
1 u-ked; Macon 0 percent, ill bid. 112 asked;
ew savannah 5 per cent, July coupons, 104)4
1 !, lUS asked; new savannah 5 per cenu
v npuns May, 1,'5% bid, 105:44 asked.
n i Si’ii /.v— Market steady, with light sup
1, . Georgia new 6s. 1889, 108 bid. 104 ask
"i; Georgia new 4%5, 106 bid, 1095$ asked;
Ocnrgia , per cent gold, coupons quarterly,
a bid, 1011)6 asked; Georgia 7 per cent,
' 1111 ■• na January ami July, maturity 1898.
.22 nni, 1211 a.-ked
/lev an .vocaw Central common. 123
1 '*• l -' asked; AugusLa and Savannah 7 per
cem guaranteed, ex-div.. |3O bid, 137 asked:
Georgia common, 200 bid. 202 asked,
ex-div.; south western 7 per cent
viuinmtced, ix-div., 1.12 bid,
a-kid; Central ti per cent certificates
w 'V'iV 10:i 'a bid, 103% asked; Atlanta and
n; (t I oint railroad stock, ox-dlv., 112 bid,
1G asked: Atlanta and West I’oint 6 per
cent certificates, 105 bid 106 asked
Si,,ro <d #•s*—Mar*etquiet, savannah,
' ilia ami u estern Railway Company guu
ihi mortgage 0 per cent interest, coupons
ember. 110 bid, 112 asked; Atlantic and
V l ' 1 01 st mortgage consolidated 7 per cent,
■-onpong January ami July, maturity 1897,
" 0:4,121 asked; Central consolidated mort
; .gc • per cent, coupons January and July,
1893. ilß>4 bill, 1:4 asked: Georgia
r.llO,id 6e 1597. 108 bid, 110 asked: Mouue
„ ! sfcon't mortgage indorsed 8 per
1-K.* u£ U P 0 ? 8 ; laniiar .v aud July, maturity
i ,;,V I'd. 106 a ked; Montgomery anil
... Ursl mortgage6percent indorsed by
'* „ railroad, ion bid, no asked;
'tiiuiiioul North Georgia first mortg.ige
7'd. 100)4 but. lul asked; Char
ii ii ,' i ■>'* and Augusta first mortgage,
u "kedtChHrloite.Columbiaaiid An -
susmsteoßd mortgage, 111*4 bid. 11214 asked:
1., 'YY II -k'kba'ua second mortgage indorsed
■rce.-d ioo bid. 107 askod; Soutn Georgia
R il,i V r, da indorsed, 118 bid. 119 askeo;
1.. . ' | 'corgia and Florida second tnor'gage.
arim‘,f‘ * : '„ked: Augusta and Knoxvil o
li t iipu tgage 7 per cent, 109% bid. lioask
n,;;r wll *( Jefferson and Southern first
J , *“?!( guaranteed. Us bid, 119 asked;
ii',i,.rf .'T""” atul Southern notguur
i ,u ’ 1 . 16 a,kt ' (,: Oci'in Steamship
J,' '“"J* guaranteed by Central
10,1 !**'•• *00)4 asked; Gainesville,
sun SouiUcrii second mortgage
hi'? 1 '® 11 ' 115 Gid, 116 asked; Columbus and
ti ,r , T T ,T A *‘ bl,n l 8 i' l torsed by Con
ic ■ w ® lcl " 10* asked: l oliiinlms i
ii , , **■* guaranteed, 108 U bid,
i, 1 ■. ll y übu bubcihan railway first
:*;? 1 ”•• MW bid, lio A-ked.
;; cl*—Nominal, .•southern Bank of
r l, ’ , > r l *u. 195 led, 200 asked; Mer-
V'u o ‘: al 1 •’ bid, HlO naked;
11 ,8k !'f. v"' k him Trust Company, 91 bid.
1 anted, Nutiouul Bunk or savannah, 117
6 I ■ ( Savannah Gas Light stock, ex
•iO(:k,'jo*ji,!, t Vn 1 MuU,l “ U,w Uht
good Y - ! ' l ,‘ K !‘ l 111,11 advancing: demand
I sc-.'lrv ol ," Hr " h 8ill(iH ( ®>ic; shoulders,
: 11 ,t , c ' ( d>r rib sides, 8 „c; long clear
4 • ■ M" nidors. ir„c: hams, la**,-.
q . p" ASI> inis—Market q.uol. Wo
, • 'eetglllg -2*4 1b.4, WQe.; 2 Ills, 8* 4 e;
t,, V,‘ ' • according to bl ind un 1 >|ti.iti -
dp. ’ '*'i ties—Arrow. $100u!O5 per bun
ll.iia nr" I '.*s 10 brand and quantity. !
h al.er a tIOH ln r ‘tta.il lots a fraction i
li. -Market easy; olcsmargarlun 14a
*rt 22.24c' <JI ’ B ll ' n * ')*•' 1 gll t coge. 22e; cream
•hi'p'vWjhTT'“OoaJJO per barrel;
1 ' "a hl : demand good,
tan . L \, bu market is strong and ad- I
n.ir V, y” quote lor small lots: Ordi
-1" |n'i'rr is <U * KOO<k choice, ,
; . Y, 1 , 'Jarkot higher and advancing;
‘•Cl ;"y k ". , "s quote: Half,,:.
I*, i, j i o ,T ~Apples, evu'.orated, l.'te;
57r-■ peaches, peeled, llo; unjioeled,
i,„ v I, " H> 7 y- • it-,m. 23,•.
It'd ’Oops 1 fio market 111 linn: business
i brtu ‘l'lntn: J'rintr, 4uoc; Geor
"f'Wiimilo! Gng n-4. i)4' ;7-8 ,10. 6' 4 e: 4-4
(fie,,. „. , , l 'b " *'■; while o*naburg, ksVe;
brown ,ir *; ‘li s *c for best makes;
urn dugs, 6)ah7*4(J.
- F, ? H .T Ue o* ,ote full weights: Mackerel—
No. 1.57 50a 10 00; No. 3. half barrels, S6COa7OO;
No. 2, is 50aS 50. Herring—No. I, 20c; scaled,
25c; cod, oasc.
Flovr—Market steady; demand moderate.
We quote: Superfine, $350, extra, $3 Ssa4 00;
fancy, *1 90a5 15; choice patent, $5 40a5 90‘
family, $4 50:i4 70.
FRUiT—ljemous—Stock full and demand
Halit. We quote; $4 25a500. Oranges—Market
orisk for good frut i; Floridas, $2 50a €O.
Apples—scarce and poor; good shipping
stock, *4 50a5 00 per barrel.
Grain—Corn—Market steady; demand
light. We quote: White corn, job lots, 62c;
carload lots. 60c; mixed corn, job lots, 60c;
carload lots, 58r,. Outs steailv ; good demand.
We quote: Mixedoats. I6e; carload lots, lie;
Bran, $lO5. Meal, 62)4e; Georgia grist,
per sack. *1 50; grisi. per bushel, 67Gc.
H av—Market steady, with a fair demand,
stock ample. '-Vequote joblots: Western, 95c;
carload lots. 90c; Eastern, none; Northern,
Hides, Wool, Etc.—Hides—Market dull;
receiptslight; dry flint, l::)4c; salted,
dry butcher. 9;.,c. Wool—Market nominal;
Prime in hale 9. 27c; burry, 10nl5c. IVax, 18c.
Tallow, 3alc. Ueer skins, fliut, 20c; salted,
18c. Otter skins, 25ca*l
Iron -Market nrm; swede, 4J)asc; refined,
I.ard—Market is steady; in tierces, 7Vo;
60-lb tins, 7J^c.
Lime,Calcined Plaster and Cement—
Alabama lump iime is in fair demand and
is selling at $1 30 per barrel; Georgia, $1 80 -
calcine,t piaster. *1 85 tier Darrel; hair, uc;
Rosendale cement. $1 60; Portlandcouient, $!.
GIQPORS —Full slock; steady demand.
Bourbon, *1 50:,5 50; rye. SISOa6CO; rectified,
*1 00a! :ki. Aes unchanged and in good de
N aii.3—Market firm, advancing. Fair de
mand. We quote: 3d, 84 Pi; 4,1 and sd, *3 45;
0,1. *3 20; fid. $2 95; 19rl to 60,4, $2 70 per keg.
Nuts—Almonds,Tarragona. isa2oc; J vicas,
17a!8c; walnuts, French. 12c; Naples. 16c; pe
cans, 10c; Brazil, 10,-; filberts. 12c; cocoanuts,
Baracoa. $5 25 per 100.
Oils— alarvet firm; demand good. Sig
nal.4sc; West Virginiabla,-k.9aloc; lard. 57c:
headlight, 15c: kerosene. lOc: water white,
iu'v: neatsfoot. OSailOe; maeuinery, 25a30c;
linseed, raw, 47c; ooi'ed, 50c; mineral seal,
16c; fireproof. 18n, n-mielight, 18c.
Onions—Domestic almost nominal,North
ern stock sprouiy and unsaleable, $1 35 per
o ate; barrels. $3 25.
POTATOES—Northern. $2 50a2 75 per barrel.
Pea.—Demand iight;cow peas, mixed 75a
80c; clav. $100all3: speckled, $100all0;
black eve. $1 25al 50; whitecrowder. Si 50al 75.
Prunes—Turkish. 6 : Kc; French. Bc.
Raisins—Demand light,; market steady;
loose new Muscatel. $2 00; layers, $2 per box;
London layers, *3 50 per box.
SHOT—Drop, $140; buck, *1 65.
Salt—Tile demand is mod rate and the
market quiet; carload loads. 65c, fob; job
1 is, fiScaSl.
SuARB The market Is steady: out
loaf. 6?j,0: standard A. 04£o; extra C. 5->c; C
yellow. 5"Jo; granulated. 6)To; powdered
ayitL P —Florida and Georgia syrups, 30a35c;
tne marKet i-quiet tor siigarhoiiso at 35a40c:
Cubastrai nt goods, 28c in hogsheads; sugar
house molasses. 20r.
Tobacco—Market dull, demand moderate.
We,quote: •milking, 26,•,•>5'. 25; chewing, com •
tnorj,sound. 26a30<:: lair. 30a35c; medium. SBa
50c; bright, 60u75c; fine fancy. 85a90c: extra
tine, 90ca$l 10; bright navies. 45a750; dark
navies. 40a50a
Li mber—The demand from the IVest con
tinue good; coastwise and foreign inquiry is
also very active. Prices for av erage sclied
uies are firm at quotations, with some ad
vance, while difficult schedules can only be
plaeedat considerably advanced prices. We
urdinary sizes sl3 50a17 00
Difficult sizes 16 Ooa2l 50
Flooring board* 16 00a20 60
Shipstuff 18 60 21 50
Timber—Market dull and nominal. We
700 leet average $ 9 OOall 00
800 •• “ 10 OOall 00
900 “ “ 11 00a 12 00
1,000 “ “ 12 00al4 00
Miipping'timber in the raft
-700 feet average $ 6 00a 7 00
800 •* •“ 7 00a 8 00
900 •• *• 8 00a 9 00
1,00(1 “ “ 9 OOalO 00
Mill timber $1 below these figures,
Lumber—By Sail- Tonnage for coaetwiee
charter is in good demand, and vessel* are
wanted for Baltimore, Philadelphia, New
York, Noank, Bridgeport and Boston. There
are several quick loading cargoes offering.
Freigbl limits are from *5 to $6 25
from this ana the near Georgia ports
to the Chesapeake ports, Philadel
phia, New York. Sound ports anO eastward.
Timber 50ea$l higher than lumber rate*. To
the West Indies and windward, nominal; to
South America, $13a14: to Spanish and Med
iterranean port-, silal2; to United Kingdom
for orders, timber. a7a2Bs; lumber, jC3 15s.
Steam —To New York. $7; to Philadelphia, $7;
to Boston. $9,
Naval •-tokes—Dull. Foreign—Cork,etc.,
for orders, is 3d, and. or 3s; Adriatic, r„sin,
3s;Genoa, rosin,2a Coastwise—Steam—
To Boston, 50c on rosin,sl on spirits; to New
York, rosin, 50c. spirits 80c: to Philadelphia,
rosin 30c, spirits 80c; to Baltimore, rosin. 30c,
spirits 70c
Cotton—By Steam—The market la steady;
offering tonnage in good supply.
Liverpool via New York tjS IP 5-16d
Liverpool via Baltimore IS lb )id
Antwerp via New York <|A lb <1
Havre via New York !b
Bremen via New York 'jS tb... 11-16 c
lteval via New York f* lt> 11-32,1
Bremen via Baltimore ft tb. >*c
Amsterdam via New York 65e
Genoa via Now York 'jS tb ! *>,d
I!,,sion ft bale 1 35
Sea island r.) bale 1 75
New York f* bale 1 35
Sea Island 'yt bale 1 35
Philadelphia *lB lia'e 1 35
Sea island bale 135
Baltimore jt bale 1 25
Providence j) bale 1 60
Bv Sail —
Liverpool IT 64,1
Havre 9-32d
Genoa 6-16d
Amsterdam 9-32,1
Rice—Bv steam
New Y’ork’<fS barrel 60
Philadelphia ft barrel 60
barrel 60
Boston jS barrel 60
Ve,ietabi.es— By Steatn—(By special con
tract)—To New Y'ork, Philadelphia. Boston
and Baltimore, standard crates, 20c;
40c, Without the contract, crates, 35c; bar
rels, 75c.
Grown fowls 'ft pair $ 65 0t 80
t:hi,’kens l* to % grown 40 (m 80
Ducks * pair 50 (ft) 75
Geese f) pair 75 4)1 00
Turkeys ft pair 1 25 <352 00
Eggs, country, ft dozen 16 (q> 17*
A’eauut* —Fancy h. n. Va. ft !b. (<a 6V£
Peanuts—Hand picked ft 18 (<9 5)5
Peanuts—Ga. ft bushel nominal 75 (<4 90
Sweet potatoes, j el. reds jk bush 50 ® 60
Sweet potatoes.yel.yams fthtish 65 w> 75
Sweet pot’s, white yams ft bush 40 @ 50
POULTKT— Market steady; receipts heavy;
demand light for grown; half to three-quar
ters grown in good request. Eous—Market
irregular, with a fair demand; receipts very
light. Peanuts—Ample slock; demand fair;
market firm and advancing. Suoar—Geor
gia and Florida nominal; noDe In markot.
Honey—No demand, nominal. Sweet Pota
toes—Scarce; receipts very light; demand
Nkw Y’ork. April 7, noen.—Stocks quiet
but steady. Money easy at 0(46 per cent.
Exchange—long $4 55(554 85%; short *4 86%
@I Mi-%. state bonds dull but firm. Govern
ment bonds dull but strong.
6:60 p. in.—Kxenauge quiet but steady.
Money barner at 6iaiis per cent., closing
offered 0. Sub-Treaury balances—Gold.Bl3s,-
069.000: currency. 817.7u9.000. Goveurmcnt
bonds dull but firm; four per cents. 124;
three per cents, 100. Stale bonds quiet but
The stock market to-day, though exliibit
in.; a (leereHsed volume of business done, was
again strong, with a higher range of values
throughout the day. lleaiy sides for realiza
tions were again continued, but, tho action of
the Interstate Gommlsslou lu suspending for
ninety days the long und short haul clause
among Southern roads was accepted hv the
street a* an evidence of a desire upon the
part of the Commissioners not to interfere
with established prosperity. boston and
lamdoii were free buyer* of their specialties.
Coal stocks were again prominent In the
market, but their relative importance was
much less than yesterday. Operations were
again resumed in fit, Paul, und the stock win
conspicuously strong, oilier grangers, how
ever. bong comparatively neglected. Union
Puctfle in the forenoon und Pacific. Mail 111
llni nfterneon were ll,e special features. The
important movements, however, were alinoai
entirely In specialties, amt sharp advances
were made In Kvausvitle aud Terre lluule,
St. Paul and Duluth. Colorado Goal and
Wheeling and Lake Eric, wh: (, h latter stock
was traded in I*oll the hoard for the first
tune to-day. The opemag was generally
strong at silvauns, which ranged upto%
pc sat Tin- entirw murket was strong
curly, though udmin es were confined to
Ira, 1 onai amouuis except in a few special
ties. Then it became quiet and receded some
what before upon, Aiiui that time there was
renewed buying, especially among granger*
and trunk line stocks, with st. Paul as the
enecial feature, tile latter rising 1 percent.
Tile market then steadied, but in the last
hour again yielded, and the close was rather
heavy at fractional concessions from best
prices. Total sales 412.000 shares. The follow
ing are ilia,dosing quotations:
Ala.oiassA,2tos.l9B :i 4 eitie, Ist taort.. 78
Ala.ola-s 8,55...112(4 N. Y. Central... 112%
Georgia7s.mort. 108*4 Norf A \V. prof. 52 ri
N. Carolina 65.. 123 Nor. Pacific 28%
N. Carolina 4s. 100 •• prof. 60D4
So. Caro (Browmi Pacific Mail 57%
■ onsols 109% Reading 43
Temiesseotls... 78*4 Kichui’d A Ale.. 7
Virginiada 4s Riehm’d Dunv-150
Va consolidated. 02 Richm’dJt W.Pt
Ch'peakeADino. ( Tertniuai 40%
Ohic.N Vnth w’nl2o% Rock Island 125%
’’ i referre 1.. .lts'i St. Paul 93%
f>e!a,Lack.N vv 137% 14 preferred 121
Erie .. fii’a Texas Pacific... 29%
East Tennessee Tcnn.Coa' A Iron 48%
now stock 13% Union Pacific ... 61%
LakeShora 95% N.J.Ceptra! ... 77%
L’ville A Nash 68% Missouri Pacific 108%
Memotus A Char 62 Western Union 77
Mobile A Ohio.. 17 Cotton Oil Trust 54%
Nash A Cli-itt’a. 88% certificates
Now orieansFa-
Liverpool. April 7, noon—Cotton firm;
demand’light: middling uplands 6% ( ( ; njiu.
dling Orleans 5 11-16,1. sales s.OOO bales, for
speculation ano export I.nOO Pales; receipts
15,000 bale—American 14,1U0 bales.
Futures: Uplands, low middling clause.
April delivery, 5 S6-64U: Slav and June,
5 37-t>[email protected] 38-64d; June and July. 5 39-64(4$
5 40-64,i: July and August, 5 42-64,1; August
and September, 5 43-64d$.~> 41-64,1; September
and Oetobor, 5 35-64;.0 36-64d; September,
6 45-64,1. Market steady.
The tenders of deliveries at to-day’s clear
ings amounted to 2,sou bales new dockets and
2,300 bales old docket.
Sales for the week. 56,000 bales—American
30,000 bales; speculators took 8,300 bales; ex
imrters took 4,500 bales; actual exports,
5,400 halos; total imports. 88.000 bales—Amer
ican 71,000; total stock 976,000 bales—Ameri
can 802,000 bales: total atioat 209,000 bales —
American 131,000 bales.
1:00 p. in.—The sales to-day were 6,600
balesof American.
Futures: Omanos. low middling clause,
April delivery. 5 37-B4d. value; April and
May. 537-64,1. value: MavamlJiine. 5 38-04,1.
buyers: Juue and July, 540-(l4d, buyers; July
and August. 5 42-64,1. buyers: August and
September, 5 44-04 U. buyers; September and
October. 5 S7-04d, sellers; October and No
vember, 5 28-64,1, buyer-; September, 5 40-61d,
buyers. Market closed quiet but steady.
New York, April 7, noon.—Cotton oneneo
dull; middling upland* 109-16 c; middling
Orleans sales 205 bales.
Futures: Market opened weak, with sales
a follows: April delivery, 1043 c; May,lo4lc:
*uue. 10 4Rc; July, 10 64c; August, 10 69c;
September, 10 24c.
5:00 p, m.—MarKet closed quiet; middling
uplands, 10 M-l6e; middling Orleans. 10%c;
sales to-day 316 bales; net receipts 573 bales,
gross 1.391,
Futures: Market closed steady, with sales
of 117.26,' bales, as follows: April delivery,
10 5o(g)10 52 :; May. 10 44(tf)1045c; June. 1051(01
10 52c; July, 10 ss(aslo 59c; August. 10 65(t4
10 6<se; September, 10 30(0)10 31c; October. 9 91
(019 92c; November and December, 9Si©3 83c;
January. 9S6(t{9 88c.
Green A Go.. In their ronort on cotton fu
tures. say: "Early iu the day the offerlug
was free, partly to realize ou stop orders, and
partiy as an effort to further weaken the
market. The latter proving successful to the
extent of 2(453 points, the supply was taken
up with freedom, the demand finallv over
topping the supply, aud a sharp reaction fol
lowed. on which there was a recovery of 10®
11 points, with a small set back afterward
skown, but the close was fairly steady.”
Galveston, April 7.—cotton quiet but
steady: middling iOVic; net receipts 254 bales,
gross 254: gules bales; slock 20.254 bales;
exports, coastwise 745 bales.
Norfolk. April 7.—Cotton quiet; middling
10%C; net reeetptß 894 iiaU s, g.oss 894;
ales 78 bales; stock 11,010 bales; exports,
coastwise 1.114 bales.
Baltimore, April 7,—Cotton quiet; mid
dling 10 3-16,:; net receipts 22 bales, gross 149;
stock 10,519 bales; exports, to Great Britain
,463 bales, to the continent 7, coastwise 260.
Uobton. April 7.—Cotton—Holiday : net
receipLs3s bates, gross 791; sales none; stock
none; exports, to Great Britain 2,680 bales.
IV ilminuton, April 7.—Cotton quiet: mid
dling 10>%e; net receipts 133 bales, gross 135;
sales none: stock 2,461 bales.
Philapklphia. April 7.—Cotton firm;
middling ll'%c; net receipts 41 bales, gros.-
41; stock 19.125 bales; exports, to Greatßri
u n 772 bales.
New Orleans. April 7.—Cotton quiet;
middling lu 1-ldc; net receipts 476 bales,
gross 476; sales 700 bales: stoqk 199,933 bales.
Mobile,April7.—Cotton nominal: middling
Uie; net receipts 40 bales, gross 40; slock
4.877 bales; exports, coastwise 116 bales.
Memphis, April 7.—Cotton quiet; mid
dling la l-100, receipts 242 L)j*h*; shipments
7u6 bales; stock 88,120. bales, o’
ADUcsta. April 7. —Cotton qtMet; middling
lo%c; receipts 46 bales: sales 3)1 bales.
charleston. April 7.—Cotlou firm; mid
dling 10%c; net receipts 228 bales, gross 228;
sales bales; stock 3,910 bales,
Atlanta. April 7. —Cotton —middling 10c;
receipts 23 bales.
New York. April 7.—Consolidated net re
ceipts for all cotton ports to-day, 2,784 bales;
axports, to Great Britain 8,924 bales, to the
continent 307 bales; stock at all American
ports 507,855 bales.
Liverpool, April 7. noon?—Wheat firm,
with fair demand: holders offer sparingly.
Corn quiet; demand poor; new mixed West
ern 4s.
New Tore. April 7. noon.—Flour quiet
and unchanged, tv heat better. Corn better.
Pork steady at sl6 25, Lard dull at 7 57%c.
Freights steady.
5 p. m.—Flour. Southern flour quiet. Wheat
higher; No. 2 red. April delivery 92%
@92%,:; May 92 [email protected]%c. June 9]%@92’„c.
corn higher and ii, m ; No. 2, April de
livery [email protected]%c, May [email protected]%c, June 48
49%c. Oats rather quiet; No. 2. April deliv
ery 34%@31%c, June [email protected]%e. Hops quiet
aud easy; state [email protected](Jc, California [email protected]
Coffee,fair Uio ouiet at 15%o; N0.7 Rio. April
aud May delivery 13 75(013 85c. Sugar oull
and nominal; refined steady. Molasses dull.
Cotton seed oil—[email protected] for crude. [email protected] for
refined. Hides dull. tVoolquiet. l’ork steady
and more active; mess sls 00®15 25 for old,
sl6 25 for new. Beef dull. Middles dull and
nominal. Lard 2 points higher, closing firm;
\V esteru steam, cash 7 [email protected] 50c, April deliv
ery 7 67c. May 7 [email protected] 61c, Freight* steady;
cottoD 6-64d; wheat Id.
Chicago. April 7.—Trading was only mod
erate iu wheat, but the foelmg was strong.
Foreign advices quoted a moderate demand
aud firm feeling, while advices from the West
aud Southwest reported dry weather, and
fears of drought in California were renewed.
Interest still centres iu May, and Is increas
ing aßtnut month draws near. There is no
shipping demand and very little milling in
quiry for cash wheat, and nearly all of the
-speculative grade Is being placed m store.
Storage capacity is rapidly being exhausted,
aud it is estimated that not more than 3,000,-
oco bushels ol working room is left in tho
regular elevators. Under these conditions
the operations of the bull clique are closely
watched, and the outcome of the supposed
deal in May wheat has r,mewed interest The
price of Mav opened at 83%c, %e higlior than
lust night, advanced t 83%c, receded to 88%0
and closed at 83%e. The leeliug was a shade
firmer in corn, and trading was of a moderate
character, though chiefly on local account.
The demand is urgent for cash property,
which, with the estimated small receipts,
tended to make quite a firm market. May
advanced to :)9%@4uc. and closed for ihe day
at 39%c. The siiigll receipts of oats, astronger
market for other cereals, toge tier with dry
weather, tended to give oats a stronger tone,
and shorts bought freely. Prices ruled %(&
%c Higher than on yesterday, und the market
closed at nearly outside figures. Provisions
were lens active and prices showed little
change. SU'ss pork was very sparingly dealt
in. Lard ruied 5c higher, but reacted again,
abort ribs were uucliuugud.
The following are me cash quotations:
Flour oulot and unchanged. Wheat, No. 2
spring 78%@81'4C; No. 2 red. 81'lUc. Corn
No. 2, 34%1.39%C. Oats. No. 2. 24 /<s2B'kc.
Mess pork S2O [email protected] 75. Lard, $7 254)7 27%.
bborl rib sides, loose *8 05. Dry salted slioal
ders, boxed $0 [email protected] 26. short clear sides,
boxed $8 50,@6 65. Whisky $1 18.
Futures—The following are tne opening,
highest aud closing quotations: Wheat—No2,
April delivery J 8‘ 4 578%0, closed at 78*4c;
Mav 83 Vi33%c, closed at 83%,:; Juno Hl%®
81 %c, closed at Ml%c.. Corn. No. 2. April de
livery 34%"4114%'.', closed at 34%,:; Mm 39%
<3974e. closed at 3J%e; Juue 40%i#41c.
closed at 41c. Dais, No. 2, April delivery
24%,•; Ma 29*%@29%c, closed at 29%c; June
:[email protected]*q,c, closed at 30c. Mess pork, April de
livery 420 76; May and June s2l. l.aru, April
delivery $7 27%; May $7 )o®7 25, closed at
$7 12%; June $7 l’.s<#T 42%, closed nt *7 40.
(short ribs. April delivery $805; May $8 [email protected]
8 16, closed at $8 10; June $8 [email protected] 22%, closed
at $8 22q.
ii alii mohb. Auril 7,—Flour about steady
and quiet. VYhcat—Houihurii steady snd
quiet; red 900695,•. umber92.4ll4c: No. 1 Miirv
land t)i%<o9Jc: Western firm sod dull; No. $
Western winter red, on spot au 1 April de
livery 90(490%,•. Corn—won them firmer and
fairtjr active; while 17®17%, , yellow 47%@
48c; Western firmer uud quiet.
at, Lai vim, April 7.—flour doll and un-
changed. Wheat firm; closed easy; No. 2 red,
cash 79J4((tS0 4 c. Mv delivery 80- 2
Corn firm; cash 33V<5&c, May delivery SBf
#85>40. Oats tlriu tint dull: cash 27?$(*2So,
May delivery 27**((J27>ae. Whisky steady at
II 18. Provisions—better Southern demand,
owing to decisions of Interstate Commerce
Commission regarding the application of the
Southern Railway Association. Pork irregu
lar; mess, new $l7 00. Lard, 7 10c for prime
steam, 7 S7Wis7 80Vjc for leaf. Bacon, shoul
ders t! 87', 50c, longclearO 69ig 62)4c. clear
ribs 800 70c, short clears 75c. Hams, 111$
CINCINNATI. April 7.—F’iour steady. Wheat
dull; No. 2 red, 83c. Corn firmer; No. 2
mixed S(B*[email protected] oats steady; No. 2 mixed,
Provisions—Pork quiet at 117 no.
Lard Ann at 7 1214 c. Bulk meats unchanged.
Bacon steady and unchanged. Whisky steady
at $1 13. Hogs llrm; good common and light
It SOfiAn 50; packing and butchers *5 vs®q 86.
Nkw Orleans, April 7.—sugar, Louisiana
open kettle unsettled but generally higher;
good fair to prime [email protected], good common to
tair 4‘4®4;!ic.
New Yoke. April?, noon.—Smrltsturneu
tlne steady at 39c. Kosm steady at |t 13<<4
1 20.
5:00 p. m.—Spirits turpentine dull at 39c.
Rosin quiet.
Charleston, April 7.—Spirits turpentine
steady tat 3P>7c. ltosln steady; good strained
Wilmington, April 7.— Spirits turpentine
dull.with nothing doing. Rosin firm: strained
85c, good strained 90c. Tar linn at $1 10.
Crude turpentine firm; hard $1 00; yellow
dip and virgin II 90.
New York. April 7.—Rice steady.
Sun til sics 5:40
Sun Sets 8 23
High Water atSavannah —8:15 a m 8:41 r u
Friday, Anril 8, IS7.
Steamship Nacoochee. Kempton, New York
—C G Anderson, Agont.
Steamship Gate City, Hedge, Boston—
C G Anderson. Agent.
Bark Melchior Vidnllch (Ausi, Vidullch,
Brunswick, in ballast —M S Cosulich & Cos.
Steamer Ethel, Carroll, Cohen’s Bluff and
wav landings—W T Gibson. Manager.
Steamship Gate City, Boston.
Scbr Francis C Yarnail, Providence.
Sc Ur Ettie Hall Lister. Jacksonville.
New York, April s—Arrived, schrs Nat
Header. Brown. Jacksonville; H & J Blen
derraan. Cavalier. Port Royal.
Cleared, bark Lancashire (Br). Evans,
Brunswick; schrs A J Bentley. Rankin, Jack
sonville; Johns Davis, Greene, do.
Bremen, April s— Arrived, steamship Mer
cedes (Kr). McPhee. Savannah.
Falmouth, April s—Arrived, bark Dygden
(Rr>), Fckman. Darien.
Grimsbv—The report of the sailing of the
Lurlinc (Br) for Savannah on April 2 was in
I-iverpool, April 4—Arrived, bark Fedelte
(Itali. Jasce, Pensacola.
London, April s—Arrived, steamship Cas
tlegate (Br), Morgan, Port Royal.
Ulo Janeiro, March B—Sailed, bark Zelmira
(Porti, Lima, Brunswick.
Stornow v, April 4— Arrived. strNymphaea
(Br), Brooks. Savannah for Reval.
Shields. April 6—Arrived, steamer Mercia
(Br), Taylor, Coosaw.
Cape Henry, April 4—Passed in, scbr Angie
I, Green, McKiwce, Fernandina for Balti
Apalachicola, April s—Arrived, scbr Mary
Ann McCanu. Hutchins, Velques, P R.
Baltimore, April s—Arrived, brig John
Wesley, Hand. Savannah.
Darien, April 6—Arrived, bark C B Hazel
line, Gilkey. Buenos Ayres via Barbados.
Cleared, schrs Mary E Morris, Smith, Wil
mington. Del; Robert Morg n, Crossley. Now
Haven; Minnie A B’ nsall. Lodge, New York.
Georgetown, S C, April B—Sailed, schrs .las
Ponder, Robinson. Philadelphia; Eleanor,
Mott. New York
Jacksonville, April B—Arrived at Fort
George, schr Abide, H Gheen, Gbeen. from
New York for Msyjwtf;
sailed from Fort George,schr Marion Hill,
Armstrong, New YYiVk. : '
Key West, April 5 Arrived, Sir Hutchin
son. New Orleans (and proceeded to Havana);
schr Goodwill fßr), Nassau.
Sailed, schr Julia Elizabeth (Br), Nassau.
Pensacola, April s—Arrived, barks Lauretta
(Br), Davies. Barbados: Freeda A Willey.
Willey. Sabine Pass; schr S G Hart, Smith,
Cleared. barksCopld (Br),Gould, Aberdeen;
Johanna (Ausi, Lucovicb, Liverpool; Teresa
Korea dtal>, Teressano. Newport.
Philadelphia. April s—Arrived, schr Anita,
Small, King’s Fi rry, Fla.
New York. April 7—Arrived, steamer State
of Pennsylvania. Glasgow.
Arrived out, steamers Saale, from New
York for Bremen; Republic, from New York
for Liverpool.
The bark C B Hazeltine, Capt Giikev, at
Doboy on 4th for a harbor, reports speaking
the following ve-scis: Feb 27, lat 20 50 8, ion
24 40 W, bark Oriana (Br). bound north.
Feb 28.1 at 18 44 8. lon 26 07 W, bark Adele
(Ger). from Astoria f#r Trinidad. 97 davs out.
March 1, lat 10 50 S, lon 27 30 \V, bark Mary
A Greenwood, from Auolaud, N Z. for New
March 2. lat 15 15 S, lon 28 30 W, a German
bark throwing letters N T L F. bound south.
March 9. lat2S. ion 88 W, bark Mendoza,
from Buenos Ayres for New York.
March 25, in Mona Passage, bark S R Ly
man, from Ponce for Boston.
Philadelphia, April 5 Schr James S Lowell,
from Pensacola, reports: On March 23, in lat
25 44, lon 79 36, passed the afterpart of a ves
sel, bottom up, about 180 feet long, a vary
dangerous obstruction to navigation, aa it is
very low in the water.
Schr Acara (of St John, N B), Cleveland,
from St John, N B. for New York, with cargo
of lumber, encountered a NK gale on Satur
day, and at 4 pm sprang aleak, which in
creased, though the pumps were kept going.
At 7 um she was thrown on her beam ends.
The spars were cut away and the crew lashed
themselves to the bitts on quarter deck to
avoid being washed away. In this condition
they remained antil Monday morning Dearly
famished, when scbr Charlotte T Sibley, Bart
lett, from Beifastfor Jacksonville, fell in with
the Acara and took all on hoard and landed
them at Gloucester on The rescue
was most timely, as the men could not have
survived much longer, the hands and feet of
all being badly frozen and their exhaustion
almost complete. When abandoned the Aca
ra was last breaking up. Capt Cleveland has
been unfortunate, having the past winter lost
the sohr Frank L near Thatcher's Island,
while on a voyage from New York to St John.
Boston, April 4—Pollok Hip Lightship broke
adrift during tho late gale. Will be replaced
as soon as tho weather permits
IJy order of the Lighthouse Board.
Newport, April s—The TTnltod Stales light
house steamer John Rodgers, from Staten
Island, arrived here to-day, having been sup
plying rations to lighthouses aud lightships,
she put in here wind hound, Sho reports
haying restored the Block Island buoy to its
true position: also that the ljuonsot Point
buoy, reported adrift, was found all right.
The steamer will leave in the morning.
Per Charleaton and Savannah Ry, April 7
4 cars hrlck. 1 car wood, 25 caddies tobacco, 5
boxes cracker*. 1!) pieces inacninery. 7 boxes
machinery. 29 pieces bridge iron, 20 pieces
bridge castings, 1 ease cigarettes, I case shoes,
8 boxes machinery, I case clothing, and mdse.
Per savannah, Florida and Western Ry.
April 7—12 balMOOttnn. 20 cars lumber, 7 cars
iron, 3 cars wood. 240 bb|s spirits turpentine,
597 hills rosin, Pi hols aud 1.392 boxes oranges,
74 bbl.s vegetables, 875 bbls Hour, 46t boxes
vegetables, 21 bales bay. 28 bales tnosa, 71
bales g a h’des, 3 bales wool, 9 bales hides, and
Per central Railroad. April 7—50 hales
canton, 17 hales varus. 7ii hales domestics. 4
bales hides. 9 rolls icathor, 2 gags paper, 95
Pkgs tobacco, 80,H30 lbs bacon. 140 bids roam.
4t obis spirits turpentine, 160 bhls lime. 20<l
sack* bran, 990 bale* hay. 10 pkga hardware,
30 boxes starch, 25 casus eggs, 300 bhla grits, 17
bbls whisky. 27 hf bbly whisky, *5O bbls flour,
81 pkg* furniture and h h goods. 2,808 bushels
corn, 14 ears lumber. 2 ears staves and heads,
181 pl.g* wood In shape, (7 ion* pig iron, 1 pkg
wax, 18 pkg* carriage material, 118 pkgs mdse,
2 bales paper stock, 8 Pkg* plows.
Per steamship Mat* City, for Boston—lo 9
bale* cotton, 69 bales domcstis* aud tarns. 51
hies rice, 22* bid* rosin. 111.158 feet lumber.
215 bbl* spirits turpentine, 2t bales hides, 10
bbls and 2,292 loses orange*. 1M tons pig iron,
127 crates yogs tables, 876 pkgs mdse.
Per steamship Nacoochee, from New York
—MUs Aggie G Ryan, Mix M K Hyan. HS
Hart, .) P Barry and wife, TP Waring, M
McPheling. .1 * Johnson, J Roberts (ooli.
Per stearaaliin Gate CHv. for Boston —
C S Bean, S Harkins, Miss Anna sweeny. Mr
and Mrs (. i; TutTus, Miss l.ula Smith, Mr* 51
A Gethel, G B Hayes, T F Jenners, I H Hall.
E S Upham, s Payne,.) A Whittier. STemald,
W S Hicks, O Ballnw, Mr and Mrs O’Keefe,
'V A Grafton, Miss Lizzie Preston, A Belcher,
D W Chick, P M Perkins, Mrs li M English,
R L Cooper, C A Hastings J A Law less, Mias
Jennie Lawless, Mrs Maiming end 8 children,
EH Robinson. E Kelly, E 8 Wheeler, A F
Dubreiul, J Fallouse, F Burrows.
Per Charleston and savminan Uy. Anril 7
US McHonakl. U Porter. II Myers A Bros,
s Cohen, sir St Nicholas, Blodgett, M A Co,W
H Hodges, Fetzer A S, Brown Hr. s. A LelMor,
Lee Roy Myors. r. Lovell A Son, Weed A C, M
ltoveUky, Lippruai) Bros, Penn Bridge Cos.
Per savannah, Florida and Western Rv.
Anril 7 Fords Ortiee, H Myers A Bros. T H
Moore, T Keller. Decker A F, M FerstACo.
K Davis, J W Tynan, Meinhard Bros A Cos, P
PP Cos, A Falk A Son, Lee Roy Myers, J V
Denton, M Y Henderson. M Williams, LPut
zel, llarmes A J. B/ck A S, S Cohen, Freeman
A (), A J Miller A Cos. M Bolev A Son, C E
Stulls, PGlaslian, Bacon..) A Cos, H Frierson,
Dale, li A Cos. McDonough A Cos, N O Ttlten.
Win Hone A Cos. Kavanaugh A 15, J R Eason,
W DSimkins, Garnett, s A Cos, Herron AG,
Jno Flaauerv A Cos. W W Gordon A Cos, K T
Roberts, Ellis, V A Cos, W C Jackson, Bald
win ACo, .1 P Williams.
Per Central Railroad. April 7 Forda Aet,
H M Comer A Cos, I Bird, Graham A H, J G
Sullivau A Cos. Grady, DoL A Go, T P Bond,
G W Tiedeman. A P Hull, .standard MfeCo,
A Hanley,S Cohen,N Paulsen A Co,F M Hull,
N'oidllngc" A It, M Ferst A Cos, Pearson AB,
C Kolshoru A Hro, Kiivanumth A 11, Akers
Bros, Bendheim Bros A Cos, M Y Henderson,
Peacock, H A Cos, C E Sr.ulte. H Myers A Bros.
SlriU 1> Seekinger, A Einstein’ssona, P PP
MfgCo. LnddenAß. F M Fonda, Fleming
Bros, J II Johnston, 8 Gtickenhnimer A Son, 1
G Haas, M Boley A Son, J W Tynan, P H
Ward. E (Jaubv, A Leffler, 1* C Bacon A Cos,
Decker A P, Bond. HA E, W D Simkina, T
Basel) Herman AK, W 1! Moll A Cos. Clies
nutt A O’N, Weed AC. J P Williums, Butler
Bros.W C Jnckson, Ellis, Y A Cos, B Rotnwell,
Palmer Bros, J Drury, S I. Newton.
Per steamship Johns Hopkins, from Balti
more—G W Alltsu, A A Avellhe.liond, It AE,
T Basil), Brush E L Cos, Bendheim Bros A Cos,
Byck A 3, J P Bryan, c H Carson, Chas A
3av Ry, Crolikii AD,IS J Cubbedge, J Lych,
A H Champion, W M Cleveland. R C Connell,
B Dub, Dale. D A Cos, Epstein A W , C Hop
kins, A Ehrlich A Bro, M Ferst A Cos. K 15
Flood, Fretwell AN, Fleming A O, J P Ger
mane, C M Uilbert A Cos, M Mendel A Bro,
SGackenheimer A Son, J Gardner, A Hanley,
Ga A Fla 1 8 B Cos, Hexter A K, Haines A I>,
G M Heidt & Cos, li Y Ham, E Lovell A Son,
Knapp A Cos, H H Livingston, L) B Lester,
Lovell A L, Lindsay A M,Order W D Simkina,
A Leffler, Lippman Bros, Lee Roy Myers, D J
Morrison, D P Mverson, J McGrath A Cos. J G
Nelson A Cos. Norton A M, Order J Schley,
Order G S MeAlpin, Order T P Bond, Order
A B Hull, Order Belnkampen A Cos, Smith
Bros. Palmer Bros, S C Parsons, Jno Uourkc,
N Paulsen A Cos. A Quinn, H ltodiger, E A M
Schroder, Solomons & Go. J S Silva, George
Schroder, J J Sullivan, J Sognier, rr David
Clark, Wm Scheming str Alice Clark, str
Seminole, sir Grace Put, Southern Ex Cos. atr
Iva Lie, G W Tiedeman. L J Tate, J W Tynan,
J C Thompson, J B West A Cos. Thns West,
Weed A C, D Welsbein, A M A C W West, P
H Ward. J 51 Williams, St J It Yonge, T Zi
Pcrsteamshin Nacooehee, from Now York—-
A U AHmayor A Cos, I* W Andrews, Appel A
8, I C Bacon ACo, Theo Bauch. 51 A 1: trie
Blodgett. M A Cos. L Bluestem, R BeUlnger,
J G Bnllor. Bendheini Bros A Cos, Byck AA.
Ml Brown. Brush E L Cos, 8 W Branch, M
Birnbaum, Revenue str Boutwell, O Butler,
Byck Bros, Bros, C U It A Bkg Cos,
E M Connor, P F Collier, J Cohen. Cohen A
B, A H Champion, Crohan A D, Collat Bros,
II M Comer A Cos, W G Cooper.l Dasher A Cos.
J Dersi, Muie Deabouillom-, M Dreyfus A Cos,
Decker A F. M J Doyle, J A Douglass A Cos.
G Eckstein A Cos. Eokaian AV, Einstein A 1..
G Kbbi rweio, I Epstein A Bro, S A Einstein,
Epstein AW, A Ehrlich A Bro, Jli Estill,
A Falk A Son. M Ferst A Cos, Fretwell A N. J
J Foley. Flsischman A Cos. C M Gilbert A Cos,
Frank A Ce, J H Furber, Gradv, DeL A Cos,
J P Germaine, S Guckcnheimer A Son. B M
Garfunkri, ilannon A C. V Hanley, Harms A
J. Ham * H, Hexter A K, Hirech Bros, J K
Haltiwauger. E C Hazard A Cos, J J Higgins,
W Horn care 5Vm Hone A Cos, W A Jaudon ,
Kavail.-nigh A B, Hymen Bros A Cos, A B Hull,
J Eellee, A Kent, P H Keiruan, Launey A G,
J F Lafar. N Lang, D B Lester. Lindsay A M.
Lester's A C Works care 15 J Cubbedge, W 51
Low, E Lovell A Bon. A Leffler, H H Lewis,
I.inpinan Bros, B U Levy A Bro, H Logan, 11
H Livingston, Jno Lyons A Cos, Hidden A B.
Order J Lutz, W B Melt ACo, A McAllister,
Marshall House, A J Miller A Go, Mohr Bros,
J McGrath A Cos, Meyer A O’B. Jdo Nicolson,
McDonough A 11. Order H Miller, K D Me
Donell, Lee Key Mvers. 8 Mitchell, K Moyle.
Nathan Bros, AS Nichols, Norton A 51. B
Nanes, Order A Nelms, Palmer Bros, J G Nel
son A Cos, N Paulsen A Cos, J Rosenheim ACo.
P Posted, Ro-s& 8, A llice, T Kaderick, J J
Reilly. C I) Rogers, M Itovelsky. ,1 Reideman.
Savannah Bank A T Cos, H banders, Screven
House, S, F A \V Ry, S Scholl, E A Schwarz,
P B Springer, H Solomon A Sou, S Solomon,
Solomons A Cos, J 8 Silva. J T Shuptrme, L C
Strong. Singer ilfg Cos, Strauss Bros. 51 Stern
berg, Jno Sullivan, J T Thornton. P Tuberdy.
G W Tledeman.Tbeus Bros, A 51 A C W West.
Weed A C.D Weiabein, J P William!', steamer
Kitie, J Whitesides, Wvlly A (J, W U Tel Cos,
southern Ex to, Ga A Fla I S B Co’
ACTIVK fluctuations In the Market offer
opportunities to speculators to make
money in Grain, Stocks, Bonita amt Petro
leum. Prompt personal attention given to
orders received by wire or mail Corres
pondence solicited. Full information about
the markets in our book, which will be for
warded free on application.
H. D. KYLR, Banker and Broker,
38 Broad and 84 New Streets, New York City
BUYS and sella on commission all classes of
Stocks and Bonds.
Negotiates loans <m marketable securities.
New York quotations furnished by private
ticker every fit to n minutes.
ORDERS EXECUTED on the New York,
Chicago and Liverpool Exchanges.
J.WILEY HARRIS, from Macon. Ga.
THUS. K. BLACK, from Atlanta, Ga.
A. HEKZBKUG, Gadsden, Ala.
Office on Broad St., next to Ptuenix Hotel,
REAL ESTATE. Stocks and Bonds. Fire
aud Life Insurance. Mineral Lands a
specialty. Correapundeaee (aliened,
Kissimmeo City, Oruuge Connty, Fla
CAPITAL K 50,000
rrvRANSACT a regular banking business.
Jl Give particular attention to Florida col
lections. Correspondence solicited. Issue Ex
change ou Nsw York, New Orleans. Savan
ij.ili and Jacksonville, Fls Resident Agents
for Coutts A Cos. and Melville, Evans A Ue., of
1 ondon, England. New York correspondent:
TbeSeahoard National Bank.
( v ALLON CANS APPLE- 80c per can, gal-
X lon cant Peaches 80c per esn, gallon cans
Tomatoes 800 per can.
The lluetl leas, the lowest Teas; Uncan
vased ll'ins. Shoulders and fitrips: Goshen
Mutter, proved to be the best; Canadian Oat
meal 4c per pound; 'lurkieh Prunes, citron
pud currants, I'rcsorves and Jellies bv the
sound: Dried Figs la any quantity; the flue.l
SirawberrlO" grown.
All the aiipvc goods can bp had at
to t ynntnuL
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three large floors are loaded with ever*? variety tiff new mrH£
nery goods. Our retailing on the first floor at wholesale price!
enables us to sell our goods far below any competition, and
ladies can now purchase their millinery at same price as
competitors have to pay. We continue the sale of Ribbons
at same prices as heretofore. Every steamer adds new
These Puints are In every respect strictly flrst.-clu.ss, being composed of the best
and purest materials obtainable. They have a larger sale than any other paints mads
in this country or abroad, and, although they cost a trifle more per gallon, they will
do more and bettor work for the sumo amount of money, owing to their wonderftil
covering properties, while tlieir auperior durability renders them the most economical
paints In the world. Sample Sheets aud Descriptive Price List free by mall.
11. W. Johns’ Fire and Water-Proof Asbestos Hooting, Niiratlug, liullrilng Pall,
Asbestos (Steam Pucklngs, Holler Covei-lugs, Hoof l’uiuts, I lre-Proof Paints, etc.
Vulcabeston Moulded Piston-Rod racking, Rings, Gaskets, Sheet Packing,etc.
Established 1353. 87 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. CHICA3O
- gale by LIPPMAN BROS , Savannah, Ga.
ran® for #afr.
Sanford, Orange County, Florida.
No Healthier or Better Laid Out Town in Florida
C COMPARATIVE TEMPERATURES South and North Florida; Lowest Readings at San-
J ford (U. s. Signal Offlee report.) in late freeze. January 3d and Üb, ISS7, 35 degrees. At
Jacksonville, same date, 21 and 22 degrees, respectively.
The distribiit.ng point for South Florida, head of steamer navigation on the St. John’s,
terminus id six railroads and mure coining. Forty train, daily. Good water (Holly sy.tenf).
Lighted by gas. U. S. Signal Oflicc, Churches, Schools, Hotels, Banks, Lodges, Opera House,
Ice Factory, otc. Good opening, for new business enterprise..
8 me of the most profitable Orange Groves of the Statu in immediate neighborhood for
sal© on easy terms.
Lot* in s mfonl *nti suburb*. in,o*o acres on Sanford grant for vviatcr Home©, Oranga
Grove, and Vegetable Karins. Near suburb, ’’Twin Lakes,” six minutes by ruil from San
ford. with !5u Villa sites. Also 100,000 acres selected lands in Southern counties. (20,000 acres
in Polk county;. Apply to the office of
Florida Land and Colonization Co.>
ynujo tt® sumuuro.
No. 1 Cypress Laths, - - $1 50 per 1,000
No. 2 Cypress Shingles, - $2 00 per 1,000
Broughton and West Broad Sts.

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