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JmprfMiv* Serv*c**M Htd Imroonn' Cm
iLtf gMtlnm In tin* € hunlitn-KUbprala
C hoiHl rrusritiiiiuri by the Kouiau
Catholic u Kid Eplicopal Choir**
*1 rail) ** and Vo let-a With Orch*tra ami
Orc*u Accompaniment s>ing Glad
Acthiinn on the Anulveriitry of the
Resurrection Worn —Easter Carols by
the bunds? Schools.
lrue lo ir * traditions,
was a fit beginning
of spring. Bright
tSx Ikijf ® ow er 6 10 ° m e and
every where in gard
cub, in churches and
ou counties* spring
- _~CAk?SEj nonnets. Fashion
able people, who in
the retirement of Lent worried ovsrdress
makers.aud milleners audsometimes over
their pocket books were out in numbers.
The annual display of finery was equal to
that of former Easters, and was all that
the most inveterate Easter day sight seer
could desire.
Long before the church bells began to
ring the sidewalks were Riled with peo
ple in spring dresses and new spring
suits. Light derbys and flower-decked
oonnets sat jauntily on oit-nodded heads.
Winter wraps were wholly discarded and
sprinii oven-eats were worn ou the arm.
Hull stiet-:, hall an hour before church
time, was a passing show. Everybody
went early to church to see bow every
body looked. The newest tiling in hats,
the latest colors in gloves and the fashion
nble cut in trousers were ail out, aud
everybody wore Easter flowers. Richly
dressed ladies displayed corsage bou
quets that betokened a oad havoc in flower
garden and florists’ shop.
“What a blessing It’s a fine day,’’ re
marked a gentleman who as watching
Nile people as they passed along, eyeing
each otuer wllb feelings shaded all the
way from admiration to envy. “’Spose
• now,” he added, loud enough for tnose
“who were jiasslng to bear, “Instead of
this kind of an Easter we had nad a
Two-thirds of the people on the street
(IWeiit to church. Easter Is not a day that
■bakes sextons happy.
J Everybody wanted to see the deoora
iyps ol course, aud young ladies in
iretty new bonnets sweetly begged the
kshers for tront seats so that they could
ice, “you know.” Young men stood up
irouud the doors for tear of wrinkling
heir new pantaloons, and held their new
lerbys as if they thought somebody was
[olng to snatch them out ot their hands.
After the morning services ware over,
instead of closing the doors immediately,
is usual, toey were left open to enable
people who wished to see the flowers
n other churches besides their own, and
lundreds took advantage of the oppor
tunity that was offered.
All of the ohurohes where Easter ser
vices were held were crowded. The dec
orations everywhere were elaborate.
Roses, ol course, predominated, but the
beautiful lily scarce tnougb it ie, shed
its iragrance here and there trom torn
and altar and pulpit. In the Episcopal,
Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches
•be floral displays wire greater than
auywbereelse. More attention was given
to musio than on former Easters and elab
choral programmes were rendered
'u of the churches.
St. John’s Church.
Long before Bt. John’s chimes had
ceased ringing for the morning service
the church was thronged. The floral
decorations were superb. The rich altar
vestments in themselves formed a beauti
ful decoration. A magnificent Frontal,
Fupenrontal and Dossei, with arab-squo
decorations, the Easter gift of a lady
member ol the obuioh, vested the altar
and reredoe. Rising from the superaliar
was a magnificent cross ot wnlie roses.
The chancel rail was trimmed with ever
greens, studded with red and white roses
and rare flowers wore scattered through
the chancel wherever it was possible to
arrange them. Tue pulpit and leoturn
■were built up with beautuul XTadeils. The
baptismal font was almost buried under
S bed ol roses. From the basin tall lilies
waved gracefully and mingled their
tweet peruana with that of the (vagrant
Marectial Neils. The decorations, al
though perhaps not so elaborate as some,
were among the finest ever seen iu the
'J lie music was by St. John’s quartette
choir, Mr. P. H. Ward, director; Mrs. L.
Haynes, soprano; Mrs. I*. H. Ward, alto,
and Mr.W. C. King, basso. The anthem,
•’Christ, Our i’assover,” and Holden’s
effertory anthem, “The Risen Lord,”
were grandly rendered. 'J'ne (estiva!
music at bt. John’s is always fine, but
never has it been more magojfioently
given than It was at yesterday’s Easter
services. The Glorias were by Moeembal
nnd Mozart, aud the Te Deutn was by
Tnechurctj was so crowded before the
communion service began that benches
bad to be placed In the aisles, and many
Weie unable to obtain seats at all, anil
et<xui durlog the entire service. The
rector, Rev. Charles H. Strong, preached
sn el' quent sermon from tlie text, “Rut is
Dow made manliest by the appearance ot
cur Saviour, Jesus Christ, who hath abol
ished de&tn and brought life and immor
tality to light through the gospel.”
JI Timothy i, 10.
Christ. Church.
The services at Christ church were at
tended by an unusually large congrega
tion. While the decorations were not
elaborate they were tasty and beautiful.
The chief piece was a floral bed of red
wed white roses suspended across the
east window at the back of the chance!.
In the middle of ihe design wrs the sym-
I olioal monogram, I. U. S„ and a crosu
At either end were trian
gular figures in green with
smaller designs pendant from them.
The font was oiled with white roans,and a
large white cross stood near the front of
♦be ehaocel. A buautltui floral harp was
ihe only other important design audit
was a memorial.
The music was grandly rendered, the
soprano, tenor and buss (icing in excellent
voice. The most conspicuous feature ot
the ptogratiiLW' was the singing ot the
‘‘King all Glorious” by the double quar
tette choir. In tbe other selections the
singers also acquitted themselves bril
liantly; certainly all sang intelligently
and well. The singing of the trio bv
.Nicolao as an oliertory was artistic in the
highest degree. The parts were sus
tained by Mrs. Postell, Messrs. Huuler
and V alter. For tunal beauty, accuracy
at intonation aud retinsd expression It
was conspicuous. During the finely
modulated anu sonorous voicing of this
Inspiring piece all Ptlt the devotional en
thusiasm of the hour.
Kev. Thomas Uoone, the rector, read for
his text M. Duke XXIV, and 7: “Hein
not here but is risen; remember pow be
spuko unto you when tic was yet in
tiaiih e. saying the Hon ol man must lie
delivered int i the bands of sinful men,
ond lie crucified and the third dav rise
audio,” "I he resurrection of Jesua Christ
was entirely ddlsi. m from anything tbat
bad ever nappeneu before,’’said the rector,
‘Though It has been doubted. It is an hie#
toiksi fact. Christ was even to cat aid
1 drink aud made himself manifest alter
the resurrection, and these facts were
testified to by over 500 people who saw
him at one time. < bust’s resurrection
was a glorious victory, it gave certainty
to our faith, and through the resurrection
came tho gilt of justification.
“The resnrreuiion,” he continued,
i “carries on to completion tno
work of salvation, the first
part of wbxli, redemption, had
been purchased on the cross. If man will
co-operate with the work of God tlua vic
tory of Christ’s wili be repeated. As
Christ toso again from the dead,
so shall wo rise agaiu. First
wo must rise with him spiritually.
We must riso aud walk iu the new life,
toe greatest help towaid which is the
blessed and holy oommuuion. 7he church
desires all who are worthy to participate
in the communion—those who cun do so
with repentance and faith in the promise
of God. The profane man must break off
his profanity, the drunkard uis excessive
drinking, the impure uiau his impurity,
for only t-fii. pure in heart oan set* God.”
The holy communion was celebrated at
the close of lire sermon.
The Cathedral,
At tho Cathedral of Our Lady of Per
petual Help the services were magnifi
cently given. Crowds were at the early
masses. The tapers glimmered in golden
candelabra among wreaths and bouquets
of rich flowers upon the iace of the beau
tiful marble altar and about the taberna
cle. The altar ol the Blessed Virgin was
bedded in roses, and tall lilies waved
gracefully above tlio sacred shrine. I’ho
services be-.:an with early mass at 0:30
o'clock. At tf :3t> another was said, and
at 10:30 o’clock tue solemn pontifical
mass was celebrated by liisnop Beefier.
The caorus choir, under direction o- Air.
H. J. Winkers, aud l'rot. L. Mehrteus,
organist, with lull orchestral accompa
niment, rendered Le Hrevost’a “lUesse
Solenuelie.” T his work is La I’revost’s
chief de ouvre, but Is not a generally
popular composition. The most etleoiive
effort was tho singing of the “Gloria in
Excelsis,” in which ail the parts were
well sustained. The excellent singing of
tne offertory “Veni Creator,” by Jlrs.
Tyuau, added au element of beauty to
the choral service.
Thu choruses wore particularly
fine. Mrs. McArthur, Mrs. Ty
nan, Airs. Gaudry, the Aliases
Nolan and Messrs. Sulns, Gay and
Nolan wero the soloists. Air. H. J. Winfi
ers occupied the post ol director, and
discharged the important duties very
satisfactorily. Ai 4o’ Tools vespers wero
sung. Tne groat Cathedral was thronged
at ali the services. In tue morning Vicar
General Cafferty preached a forcible ser
mon upon the resurrection of our Lord.
St, PiUriolt’H Church.
At St. I’atrick’s early masses were said,
and at 10 o’clock high mass was cele
brated by Her. Father Bazin, assisted by
Rev. Father Quinlan. The ohoir, under
the direction of Maj. J. F. Brooks, con
sisted of the Misses O’Byrne and Cooley,
Mre. J. F. Qronan, and Messrs. Rebarer,
O’Byrne and Daniels, with Miss 11 arty
tejeal’s mass was sung. The produc
tion throughout was well rendered,
notably the solo pans, the dust
by Messrs. liebarer and M. A.
O’Byrae, being especially well ren
dered. Father Bazin officiated and
Father Quinlan preached the sermon. At
4 o’clock, Rose wig’s Vespeis were given
by the same choir. Holden’s O Salt: tar is
was sung by Mr. liebarer in excellent
style, as wus also the solo In Burges
Tautum Krgo by Ma.j. Brooks. Altogether
the music rendered was of a quality and
selection rarely exoelled In this church.
The beaulitui marble altar uud the side
altars were decked with llowers, and
during the ceiebi anon of the mass they
were brilliantly lighted. Rev. Father
Quinlan preached an elective sermon. /
The Lutheran Church.
Ho place of divine worship was more
thronged than the Evaugeiicat Lutheran
Cburoh of the Ascension. Easter at this
church is always marked by large at
tendance and striking floral decorations.
Yesterday was no exception.
The chancel was a beautiful picture,
which instantly won the admiration of
the spectator. In the foreground was an
immeusc arch of green, trimmed with
wulte and roses. Lookiug through it one
saw a lull-rigged ship on a storm-tossed
sea. Faint rajs oi light wore breaking
through the clouds, and the storm seemed
to have passed, leaving the sea still tem
pestuous and the waves white-capped.
The ship’s hull was of pure, white roses,
with the water Hue, the ports and bow
sprit of red roses. White and red roses
were combined in the masts. Toe snip
looked to be o leet or more In length, and
was a handsome piece in cut flowers. On
the arch wero the words “Hallelujah and
Christ.” At the base ot one column was
an anchor and at the base of tne other a
cross in cut roses. The tout was a
mass of roses and a large
cross stood upon the altar rail,
which was lestooned with green, the loops
beiug caught up with knots of roses. The
whole made a most beautilul and artistic
Eight candidates wore confirmed, after
which the pastor. Rev. Dr. W, s. Bow.
man, preached an Easter sermon trout
Matthew xxviil., (1: "Come, See Ho is
Independent Presbyterian Church.
In accordance with the customary
simplicity oi ritual in the Independent
Tresbyterian church, there was no at
tempt at decoration beyond a bright and
glowing plateau of flowers that filled and
overflowed the baptismal font. Beside
the hymus sung by ihe. whole congrega
tion, the old Easier hymn of Dr. Morgan
| was sung by a semi-chorus of soprauos
with “Hallelujah” in lull chorus.
Dr. Bacon’s sermon was Inunded on the
text in I. Corinthians iv, “If Christ be
not risen, your laith is vain, ye are yet in
your sins. If in this life only wo have
j hope in Christ, we are of all men most.
I miserable.” * lie remarked now tar
| nobler is the tone of the gospel itselt as
| set forth by the first messengers of Christ
| than the tone of much of the later
: preaching of the gospel. You never find
in the New Testament,” be said, “any
;< suggestion that even if this gospel is not
j true it is worth clinging to because it is
so beautiful or so conitoi ting; tbat if it is
a delusion, it is a delightful and blessed
delusion. If any man could be justified
in usin>' this argument, it should be this
veiy I’aul who wrote the text. What
joy and triumph filled Ins life, flowing
trom Ins deep conviction and bis settled
hope! How liw gloried the tribulation,
and triumphed over death and the grave!
“And yet be It is who declares that, jf
Christ lie not risen be is the most misera
ble of men. Because be holds it misera
ble to be deluded. He does not envy ttio i
happiness of the lunatic tricked nut 111
his diadem of straw and with bis sceptre
of lath and Imagining himself a mouaroii
instead of a pauper. He holds nothing so 1
noble and so desirable as the truth. His
argument lor the gospel is not that it is
beautiful, or comforting, or reasonable,
but only that it Is true. And when
be would concentrate the substance
of tbe gospel into a single word, it is not
a doctrine or a sentiment, but ,fhia one
simple tact ol history, that Christ roe.,
from the dend. This one point in ol su
preuiadiupnrtenoe: (I.)as the seal ol ail
the story that has eons before, tin.l of all
• promises that follow; .j i , a giving
us assurance of a living Saviour; < Hi
ss a promise that *if he lives we sh.ili
live also.’ ”
At the evening service the sernnn was I
prescind by K„y, K. tY. Bs'On, ol Cun.
uecticut, a sou uf tbe Savannah us dor. i
Wesley MouuuiruUl Church.
Faster was celebrated at the Wesley
.Monumental churob. The pulpit and
altar were benutifully decorated with
flowers nnd the services were commemo
rative of tha resurrection. The pastor,
Rev. A. M. Wvnn, preached an im
pressive Easter sermon on the subject,
“Christ’s Resurrection, the Keystone of
the Christian Temple,” from the text,
“And If .Christ bo not raised your faith is
vain. Ye are yet Jn your sins,” etc. * *
"But now is Christ, risen irom the dead,”
etc. 1. Cor., xv., 16-20.
“With rejoicing hearts and grateful
love vve greet this bright Easter morniug.
Eignteen hundred and tilty-four years
ago to-day was the gladdest day earth had
ever seen, as the day preceding was the
dnriceat. Earth and nature and all their
forces seem iu sympathetic harmony with
the glorious event, as they hurst forth in
bud and flower and vernal verdure. It
ought always to be a glad day, for ‘now
Is Christ rlson from the dead.’ The key
stone of our temple of hope and salva
tion is raised amidst exultant shouts.
On Christ’s resurrection all bingos—our
lalth in tho Bible, and its revela
tions, the great redemption plan,
and the tact that we are not ‘yet
iu our sins,’ our hope in Christ,
and thereiore not ‘miserable.’ the pledge
and pattern of our own glorious resurrec
tion, and bv which wo know that our
dead, ‘which are (alien asleep in Christ,
are not perished.’ Tho resurrection oi
Ctirlst verities and demonstrates all the
grand doctrines of Christianity; proves
and publishes tne truth and importanoe
of the religion of the Bible; accredits IDs
claim to the taitu and obedience of all;
removes lorever the shame, defeat anil
overthrow ol the Cross; proves Christ to
he Ruler and Judge; asserts the efficacy
and completeness ol Christ’s great atoiie
nioot, and renders certain our own resur
rection, ol which it is the ‘first fruits.’
“St.l'aul was intensely conscious of the
magnitude of tbs interest at stake. Lear
not, he said, to meet tho issue boldly.
In tho presence of the crucifixion and its
attending marvels, with all tbs taots in
men’s minds fresh, he makes his grand
argument with masterly skill and effea
li’.eness, boldly challenging all enemies
ot the Cross to assail it, if they can, show
ing what must follow if this keystone of
the Gospel structure is destroyed, viz :
“Christ’s life, deatu, resurrection and
ascension, ai. matter of prophecy, was
swept away If Christ was not ‘raised
according to the Scriptures,’ and there
was no prophetic ‘Messiah,’ no histori
cal Christ end no iouudatiou lor faith in
“Christ notably and publicly foretold
iiis own resurrection to friends and toes,
and his enemies understood and tried to
make the sepulchre seoure. If Uis pre
diction tailed He was an impostor and
his claims false.
“His disciples preached boldly in the
presence of death a ‘risen Saviour,’ a-* a
lundaineutai fact, ol which tney were eye
witnesses. Now, ii Christ had not risen
they were publicly convicted as false wit
nesses and their whole scheme untrue.
“But.” asked the preacher, “did Christ
then rise from :lie dead? Is the tact cer
tainly attested ? That Ho lived and that
Ho died, all believe, all admit, friends
and ioes, tbsu and now. That the third
morning the grave was empty all testify.
That He was removed by iriends or ene
mies, or that He did by Divine power rtse
Irom the dead must one or the other lie
true. His iriends could not from the
very nature of the iacts have removed
Him. His enemies ould not. Then he
must have risen, as He said. Tuen, again,
030 living witnesses saw him alive
alter his resurrection who had known
him intimately and testified to the tact at
the peril of their lives. The world has
accepted it as a fact ever since, in spite
ot all the efforts ol infidels in their as
saults. Then Jesus rose again, ascended
to qcuven, atifl will come agaiu.
The preacher said in closing, “Let us
'tell it out, herald it to the uttermost
parts of the earth on this glad day. Tho
angels who came to w itness it said to the
wcaping, bewildered women, ‘He is not
here, he is risen as he said, go quickly
and tell his disciples.’ The risen Lord
said to them, ‘ali hail. Do not afraid, go
tell my brethreu.’ Then, iriends of Jesus,
let all this reconcile us to the afflictions
and sorrow and darkness of earth. Let
us live less in tombs. Let us recollect we
live and die in hope or our own resurrec
tion and heayenly home.”
St. Stephen's Church.
At St. Stephen’s church for colored
people the decorations were very band
some, and the music and services were
impressible. At the moralng service the
rector, Rev. J. J. Andrew, preached a
forcible Easter sermon, and the holy
..communion was celebrated. Last night
the Sunday school held its Easter festi
val. Tnis was, perhaps, tho most Inter
esting servioe of the day. The church
was crowded to its fullest capacity at all
the services.
At St. Augustine Mission chapel, at
Bolton ami West Broad streets, au early
morning service was held.
Flower* In ail th i Church**.
At many of the ohurohes which have
not heretofore observed Easter the pulpits
and altars wore deooratod with flowers,
and references were made in sermous
to the great festival season.
The decoratious of Trinity Methodist
church ou Toltatr place worn simple
yet beautiful. The chief design was a
harp of white roses in front of tho pulpit.
Iu addition to that tbero was a sickle
on the left of the pulpit aud several small
vases ol roses within the chancel.
The Sunday Schools Celebrate the
Great EaNter Festival.
Three hundred glad young voinea made
tbe gothic arohee of St. John’s ring with
their Joyous Easter carols last night. As
the last notes of the evening chimes
died away tbe big organ took
up the sound mid began tbe proces
sional hymn. Thu children marched
into the church with waving banners
and singing “Welcome, liapny Morning.”
it was a beautiful sight as luuy marched
itowu through tbe aisles, their bright,
happy lacr-s wreathed in Easter smiles.
ihe church wus crowded long betore
the service began. The pews opening on
the main aisle were reserved, but even
then there was hardly room enough for the
school, ami tbe little ones were crowd, and
ami paused in su closely that they looked
almost as il they were grown together.
I he decorations were the same as ut tbo
in..ruing service. Alter tbo laird’s
prayer and the collects wore chanted lue
opening carol was suns':
.feeus lives! oil, day of days!
Ulari we bring our grateful praise!
lie is risen! <!ouu the gluoin;
Angels sit wllliin tbe tomb.
Vain the taunt of .lew denying,
v sin ihe vaunt o’er Jesus dying;
Heavenly voices from the. grave
Now proclaim ills power to save. '
Ihe rector then read the lesson far tbe '
evening, after which the carol, “Hail Thou
Mighty Trines Emmanuel” was sung.
Then name toe presentation ot the ban
ners and tbe oluss offerings. Superin
tendent Conner at called the names of the
classes lu their order, and the standard
bearer* presented tuelr banners and tbe j
■ ITmlugH of tne class during lue year at
Ihu channel, Ihe banners were planted
upon toe chance) steps, wbete they re
mained during the remainder or the
service. At ita close and when j
the ofieriuga were all handed
in the renter announced that \
they fooled up fill 4. Tbe offerings during .
the coining .year, ne proposed, shall bs
for a memorial window In .memory of the
departed members o| ihe touool,
One of the prettiest parte of the set flee i
which followed, was the caroling by the
infant class.
The rector told the school about the
meaning of Eaeterand the Death and Res*
: urrection of the Saviour.
! The closing carol, “Sweetly the Birds
ere Binging.” was then sung and was lol*
| lowed by the Apostles’ ore and sung kuool
' ing. The benediotiou was pronounced
; and the school marched out singing the
| recessional:
Christ the Lori is risen again ;
Christ hath broken ever cliaiu;
Hark i angelic voices nry,
Singing evermore on bigli:
, Alleluiai ATebtial •
Allelhia: Aiieiulu! Alleluia.
It was a beautiful service throughout,
and was a fitting close to the celebration
i of the great Easter festival.
ChrUtClturcb HiumLit School. •
Tho Sunday school of Christ church
held its annual Easter celebration at
5:30 o’clock. The galleries and seats not
reserved for the scholars were filled in a
very few minutes after the doors were
thrown open. The chancel was deco
rated prettily with the flowers used at
the morning service. Every child, and
there looked to be over 300 o( t hem, car
ried bouquets ranging in size from a few
roees*tO large and beautiful designs.
The school marched in singing a pro
cessional hvmn Tbat was followed bv
the song “Brightly Gleams Our Banner.”
The Lord’s prayer and collects wero next
recited, alter which the sohool chanted
the Apostles’creed aud an Easter anthem.
(lev. Thomas Boone then made a short
address, at tho conclusion of which the
banners of the different classes were
carried forward and planed within the
Tne classes, with their names, their
teachers’ names and emblems were as
Infant class, “Bishop Heber,” Aliss
Callie Ellis teacher—Six divisions. Motto,
“Suffer little children to come unto me.”
First division. Alms Drano teacher; sec
ond, Aliss Ellis; third, Miss Huger;
iourih. Miss Clark; fifth. Miss Clark;
sixth, Mrs. Hancock.
The Bishop R. VV. B. Elliott class, Aliss
Jennie Al. Johnston teacher; name, “The
King’s Daughters;” emblem, “Maltese
Bishop Field class, .Mr. John Alorrill
Bishop Stephen Elliott class, Air. Ed
ward Habersham teacher. Name. “Chil
dren of l’raise:” emblem, a lyre.
Henry Martin class, Air. U. I>. Phillips,
Jr., teacher.
Bishop Gray class, Miss Alary Sagur
teacher. Flowers of the Cross.
Bishop Hartincton class. Airs. Gor
goza teacher. “Followers ol the Cross;”
emblem, a cross.
Bishop John W. Beckwith class, Miss
Fanny Henderson teacher. Emblem, a
Bishop Boone class, Miss Alaggle
Owens teacher. "Children of Faith.”
Bishop Williams olass. Miss Gulie
Lawton teacher. Name, “Little Work
ers;” emblem, a scythe.
Bishop Randall class, Aliss Lillie H.
Ellis, teacher. Name, “Followers of tha
Cross;” emblem, a cross.
Bishop 8 iwyn class, Miss 8. J. Owens,
teacher. Name, “Soldiers of the Cross;”
emblem, a cross.
Bishop Payne class, Aliss Annie Wti
lind teacher. Name, “Crown Seekers;”
emblem, an anchor.
Bishop Own class, Aliss L. Hender
son teacher; emblem, a orown.
Bishop Patterson class, Aliss Jennie
Footman teaoher.
Bishop Boone, Jr., class, Mr. Charles
Ellis, teacher. Name, “The Cross Bear
ers;” emblem, cross and orown.
Bishop Clarkson class. Aliss Alary
Lawton teacher. Name, “Children ot the
t look:” emblem, a crown.
The most beautiful emblems were the
banner of Alias Guile Lawton’s class,
which was completely covered with roses
and surmounted by a dove, and a floral
cross and wreath carried by Mrs. Ellis’
olass. Alter the banners were placed
within the chancel there was another
song and then the floral offerings were
passed up.
Several pretty songs were rendered and
the school marched outsinging—
Long, long agn.wilb vows too much forgotten.
The t ross of Christ was sealed on every
Ah! glow of heart, that shun the Christian
Rise up al last! The accepted time is now.
The contributions of money, whioh
were liberal, will be divided between the
diocesan convention and the Orphans’
Home. _
The Lutheran Sunday School,
The Lutheran church was scarcely
large enough io seat half ol the people
who went there last night to witness the
sabbath school’s Faster celebration. The
school is one of the largest In the city,
and when all of the scholars were seated
they filled tho greater part ol the audito
Alter the processional hymn the school
chanted the Apostles’ creed, which was
followed by responsive reading. The
next hymn was “On To Victory,” which
was followed by a prayer by the pastor,
Rev. Dr. W. 8. Bowman. The song “Hr
Arose Triumphant,” was succeeded by
the reading ol the report of the superin
tendent, Mr. W. 8. King.
The school has 7 officers, 34 teachers
and 353 scholars, making a total of 397,
During the past year the average attend
ance per .Sunday was 228, an increase of
40 over the preceding year. The largest
attendance on any one Sunday was 310.
T he coll ctions averaged sl4 05* per Sun
day. Tho total receipts during the
twelve months were $1,515 45 and the die
bursements were $1,470 19. Ol this
i amount $1,250 whs spent in refurnishing
and painting the Sunday school room,
whicn was handsomely frescoed and
, otherwise beautified. Miss Alaggle
i Spann’s class having contributed the
j largest sum during the year, $126 60, was
j awarded tue prize banner.
! When the object lesson was reached a
beautiful marine picture was unveiled.
It consisted ol a full rigged ship of white
and red roses set on a sea. In explain
ing the picture tne superintendent said:
“The ohurch of God may he compared to a
ship and to a ship of ear, built by the
Great Architect who madebeaveu anti
earth- first launched when Adam tell
overboard—ohartersd by divine love to
take him In with all Ills believing pos'er
ity and convey them to the port of glory.
“Jehovah is tier rivhti ul owner, irnman
uel is her captain, the Holy Spirit is her j
pilot, the Holy Bible Is both chart and
compass, self-examination is her log |
book, her pole star is the star of Beth
lehem- I'nderber great Captain, theinln- :
ister of religion take rank as officers; be
sides whom there are a numberot sttbor-J
dinatu officers. Her crew consists of all:
those who ‘follow the Captain.’ I’as-j
sengers she carries cone—all on beard are {
‘working hands,’
‘T his world is the tempestuous sea over
which she makes her voyages. It is a
dangerous sea: rocks, shoals aud qotek
sanda hide their deceitful head* ecus Mb
ita dark, blue waves, and treacherous
whirlpools entice only to destroy.
“The voyage Is from time to eternity,
t'bechurcu is a ship of war; she carries a
commission to destroy the strongholds of
BeeUsoub, and to ship bauds In every
quarter. Hiersforc Heelsebub, being a
T'rluco of the power of tti ■ air’ comes
out against her, armed with the four
winds of heaven, and attacks her as he
did tne house of Job’e eldest eon.
“Bravely does she behave amid tbs
storm. Though perplexed she is not In
despair. Hop.., however, Is not snffl
cicut; soother anchor divides tne pail,
log wavs, even that of faith, and then
the anchor of piavur Is ua*t. Ah, now
aba ‘takes held on God,’ now she right,
ens, now she Is steady. Nevertheless,
she Is not i delivered. W hat in <r<*os n
•hedof 1 f>re is vet ose more aachor
onboard; resignation, last o( all, is re
ceived by the yielding wave. The good
ship has done her duty, and may now
await the houvenly breezes tr, nil her
sails and convey her to the port of glory.”
All of the songs by tne school were
sweetly rendered. While the collection
was being tukeu up Alias Maggie Oliver
sang a voluntary very prettily. The last
song was:
Up, amt greet the morning light,
bursting forth in splendor bright;
Hark! the heUs in tuneful chime
King again tub Easter time.
The exercises were concluded with the
Lord’s prayer and the benediction. The
organist was Mr. F. 0. Himr.au. Air. J.
C. Alinas played accompaniments on the
Owing to the fact that a large number
of persons who could not obtain admis
sion to the church last night to see the
“Ship of Zion,” the church w ill be open
from 10 to 12 and from 3 to 5 o’clock to
day, during which time the public is cor
dially invited to visit.
Contractor Walsh Charged With
Assault With Intent to Murder.
Michael Walsh, a contractor, was ar
rested yesterday morning for wife beat
ing, but a warrant was afterward taken
out oharglug him with assault with in
tent to murder. He bad rooms over 136
Congress street. His family consists of
himself, his wife and two chil
dren --a boy of 18 and a
little girl of 9. Some time
after Saturday midnight he went home,
and finding his room door locked he
burst it open. It seems that he was very
much enraged and that, he picked up his
little boy, who was asleep in bed, and
threw him down on the floor. Ilia wile
protested, and he turned ou her, threw
her down and beat her. When she re
sisted he bit her on the arms and choked
Mrs. Davis, wife of Policeman Davis,
who has apartments in the
house ran to W alsh’s room and im
plored him to desist. Mrs, Walsh’s
screams aroused the neighbors, and they
hurried out. Magistrate Molina, who
lives next door to the Walshes, was the
first to run up stairs. .lust then Police
man Davis returned home. Walsh was
leavlug his room when seized. Police
man Bender had heard the woman’s
screams as lar uway as Abercorn street,
and when he got to tne house
the prisoner was turned over
to him. A charge of disturbing the
neighborhood was preferred against
Walsh at the barracks, but he will be
beld a Iso for assaulting his wife anu son
with intern, to murder. The neighbors
are indignant at the wife’s treatment and
say that her screams were agouizing.
Manager Morton Gone North After
a New Battery.
The Savannahs returned yesterday
morning from Charleston, and to-day, to
morrow and Wednesday will play the
Charleston team here. Manager Morton
left at noon for the North, where he hopes
to secure a good battery and other play
ers to strengthen the team. Wreuolds,
whose miserable pitching, together
with “Hilly” Taylor’s decisions, lost
Savannah’s Saturday’s game,lias been re
leased. He showed very clearly that he
is unable to play good ball. Anew fielder
and change first baseman is expected
to-night irora St. Louis and will play in
to-morrow’s game.
The Charleston team will arrive this
morning and will ba quartered at the
Pulaski House- Tne game to-day will
be called at 3:30 o’clock.
A liWhhl.lN'i BITIXED.
Fire Gets iv Good Start in a Yatna
craw House —Origin Unknown.
A three-story dwelling at the southeast
corner ol /.übiy and Walnut streets was
gutted by tire between 1 and 2 o’clock this
morning. The fire had been burning
twenty minutes before the alarm was
turned in at box 13. The house wae oc
cupied by a Mrs. Warner aud a Mrs.
Harford. Both escaped, but neither
saved any furniture of consequence.
The origin of the tire was unknown.
The bouse wasowned by Air. Chris Mur
phy and was said to be partly insured.
Although it was not totally burned it was
so badly damaged that it'wi.l probably
all have to be torn down. The lose was
estimated at SI,BOO.
Overiu Charleston.
The Charleston Light Dragoons will
have their annual tilt on April 27. The
Eutaw Light Dragoons will participate
in the tilt.
Charleston’s City Treasurer has been
instructed to discontinue the collection
of the license tax irom traveling sales
men, in view of the recent decision of ibe
United States Supreme Court.
“JKougti mi Plies.”
Why suffer Piles? Immediate relief and
completecureguaranleed. As for “Rough
on Piles.” Sure cure for Hollins, protrud
ing, bleeding, or any form of Piles. 60c.
At druggists or mailed.
Skinny Hen.
Wells’ “Health Renower” restores
health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia, Im
potence, Nervous Debility. For Weak
Alen, Delicate Women. sl.
Wells’ Hair Balaam.
If gray, restores to original color. An
elegant dressing, soltens and beautifies.
No oil nor grease. A tonic Restorative.
Stops hair coming out; strengthens,
cleanses, heals scalp. 66c.
“Where can one send to get Peck's
Patent Ear Drums, an invention for ena
bling people to hear who are deaf, slight
ly or otherwise?” Write to F. Hlsoox,
863 Broadway, N. Y.Jstating cause and
particulars of your deafness and he will
give you all the points desired. Read the
following from the Medical Record: “A
lecturer in one of our hospitals, while
illustrating piogress In medical science,
introduced a deal patient whose case
bathed all medical skill and was consid
• red li e,mesa. Hut an Invention belong
ing io K. Hiscox, New York, having been
recommended It was used with very sat
iwlaotory results, as it lully restored the
bearing. It was tested in other cases
and found to In more succrtssiul than any
Known device lor the relief ot dean,ess,
as hearing lost lor many yeurs was fully
restored bv it. This invention is all the
more satisfactory as it is out of sight and
does not require to lie held in position.
And while it can be readily rem >ved or
inserted by the patients themselves It i
withal curative In action and comlortablc
to wear.
Havannah Morning Nkws, Sporting
Life, Sporting News, Sporting Times,
Sportsman’s Referee, Golden Argosy,
Peek’s Sun, Family Story Paper, Fire
side Companion, Saturday Night, New
York Ledger, New York Weekly. Banner
Weekly, Chicago Field, Poultry World
for April, Rev us de la Alodu (or May,
Dramatic 'limes hikl Plain ill, At
kauaaw Traveler, Merchant Traveler,
Philadelphia Call, Boston Herald,
Boston Globe. Philadelphia Times,
Evening star. Philadelphia Prase,
Baltimore nun. Baltimore American,
New York Herald. World, Tinian,
Niar, tsuii. Tribune. Graphic, Stand* id,
Florida Titties-Unlon, Nasuville Union,
Jacksonville Morning News. Natv Grieuue
l imst-lraoioerHi, Mew Orleans Pli tyuiis.
Macon I’ n graph, Augusts inionnde,
i locinnatH ommsioial Gazette, ( narlse
on New* and CouiTw. A Haute Coastl
Items Gathered Here and There l>y
the News Reporters.
Georgia Tent of Rechabites will meet
to-night and install officers.
There are seventeen cases at. the bar
racks lor the Alayor’s Court this morning.
The Southern Alutual Loan Association
will hold the ninth regular monthly
I meeting of Series B at Metropolitan Hall
The Savannah, Flßriila and Western,
t and Charleston and Savannah railway
Employes’ M ut.ual Relief Association will
meet to-night at the company’s general
Air. T homas Cooley, who was reported
as being involved in a difficulty with a
man named Flaherty at West Broad and
River streets Saturday night, stated yes
terday that the disturbance was not at
all in the nature of a tight. Flaherty en
tered Mr. Cooley’s store and became
abusive and wae ejected by the proprie
The ladles and gentlemen who have
received invitations to Alias Wilder’s
poetic and dramatic reading, at Airs.
Cumtning’s parlors, are kindly requested
to take notice that the reading will be
given instead at the lecture room of the
ludep-ndent church, at the hour named
in the invitations. This room beiug of
ample size those iavited will feel at lib
erty to bring friends with them.
Funeral of Moses A. Cohen, Jr,
The funeral of the late Moses A. Cohen,
.1 r., whose death was announced in the
Morning Nkws yesterday, will take
place from the family residence, No. 173
Charlton street, instead of tbe Independ
ent Presbyterian church as first an
nounced, at 10 o’clock this morning. The
Chatham Artillery, of which the deceased
was a member, will pay tbe last tribute
of respeot to their dead comrade.
K-tiroatP Clatter.
Tbe Levi (Fla.) Times says: “The
Florida Southern Railroad Company is in
the field again and will extend its road
from Altcannpy via WlllistOn and Park
ersburg, to connect with tbe 8. S. O. & G.
road at Wekiwa Springs. A branch is to
he constructed also, from near Williston
to the Gulf, either at Wac.asassa Hay or
Cedar Key.
Locai Personal.
On Saturday evening Rev. Dr. Bacon
was presented with a handsome baton by
the choir ot tbe Independent church, of
which he is musical director.
Mr. Haskell, editor ol the Boston Her
ald, who with his family has been in
Florida aud Cuba a couple of months,
and who is now on his way home, is stop
ping in tne city tor a day or so. The
Herald’s daily circulation is now 130,000.
Among the arrivals at the Screven
House yesterday were Dr and Sirs F S
Dennis, New York; Alias B A AlcAtee.
Baltimore; Thomas Hilton, Darien: John
E Beall and wile, Washington, I) C;
George Pritchard, Lee Bloom, A W Keile,
A F Jassy. New York; Henry Jackson,
Atlanta; KB Jones, Charleston; R D
Locke, Macon; Charles B lllck. Norfolk;
S G McLendon, Lee McLendon, Thomas
ville; EW Douglas, St Louis; Mr aud
Airs AI Ballou. New York.
At the Alarstiall House were John At
Hynds, Gainesville; John DeLette, D W
Andrews, W H Wallard, New Y’ork; J D
Williamson. Alabama; -R H Alallette, B
T Arland, Georgia; J Kuhn, New Or
leans; Philip Bublman, New York C A
Allord, Georgia; J S Cawort, Baiubridge;
Wm Jones, J M Jackson, New York.
At the Harnett House were George H
Bailey, Constitution, O; Stephen D
Boardman, Parkersburg, W Ya; H S
Leonard aDd wife, J B Wheeler, Pitts
burg, Pa; W E Eickenberg, Reading, Pa;
J W Barnett, Lake City, Fla; Jackson
Hall, W G Richardson, Cincinnati, O; C
E Schew, J E Prescott, Waynesboro;
John Mealy, Boston; John Shelly, Balti
more; Thomas Haeth. A J Greene, Nesv
York; Dr J H McCall, Quitman,
In General Mobility, Fiuaciatinn,
Consumption and Wasting in Children,
Scott’s Emulsion of Pure Cod Liver Oil
with Hvpopbosphttes Is a most valuable
tood and medicine. It creates an appe
tite for lood. strengthens the nervous sys
tem and builds up the body. Please read;
“I tried Scott’s Emulsion on avoungmau
wnom physicians at times gave up hope.
Since he began using the Emulsion his
Cough has ceased, gained flesh and
strength, and from all appearances bis
life will be prolonged many years.”—
John Sullivan, Hospital Steward, Jlor
gauza. Pa.
Housekeeping Muds Pleasant in Ham
Get the best. The A. <fe W. Wire Gauze
Non-Explosive Oil Stove is the best. All
who have used them say so. They Isst
longer, don’t smoke, don’t smell, cook
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stove yet out. Comfort and economy.
Saves enough to pay lor itsell in six
months. Call and see them at crockery
House of James S. Silva t Son, 140
Broughton street. Sole agents tor A. .to
W. Stoves.
It is certainly not very ple&sant to sec your
mends pay more or loss for the identical suit
you bought, at the same place. Appel A
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Fir correct styles and a good fit note Appel
A Schawl’s *9 SK), *l2, sl3 30, *ls, * fi 60, 518, *11).
120 suite, etc., in all Classes of goods nud
styles. Our own tailor in ihe house to make
any necessary alterations.
Easter Suits, all marked in plain figures,
which will astonish yon, for (Jdldren, Boys
aud Gents, at Appel A Schaul’s.
Harnett House.
Concerning a popular hotel in Savan
nah. ba., the Florida Tltccs-Union says:
“We note from the hotel arrivals as pub
lished in me Savannah papers, that the
Harnett House still leads all the other
hotels in the city. in fact they have as
many ns the others combined. Thero
is HgoodinstnllmoßtofFloridians always
registered there.”
New Spring Stylos in Hats, Gents’ Furnish
ing Goods, eiu., at Appel A Si haul’s IK; Con
gress street.
Appel A schuul, Oue Trice Clothiers, lfir.
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It.aster Joy*.
Asa hoy looks forward with happy heart
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mnn enjoy the donning of anew suit. Many
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jority it is a natural and irrepressible fooling.
To all we now auuomn enur regular spring
display of Gross and Ifuainovs suits, -tiff,
Hofi mid Straw Hat., Catchy Neckwear. Ele
gant florerv and all Furnumaga required by
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last week -the half has not been told, nor
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No lies making • nihlreu’. hare Bunts when
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purity, strength and c n-.losemrnes* S
economical than the ordinary kinds and
not be sold in competition with the mu.tnlill
ot low test, snort weight alum or phos. L!
. owners. .S’ /,/ n„r„ Royal
Towpkr f o„ tot; Wall ktci-i. Now York K N<J
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To those who contemplate
matrimony we would suggest
an investigation of our facili
ties for supplying Wedding
Invitations and Announce
ments. We do the finest
grade of copper-plate engrav
ing and at lower prices than,
the old established firms ot
the East.
We show samples of work
and make quotations, guaran
teeing prompt and careful
execution of orders.
L. & B. S. M. H.
N, B. —Another large in
voice of line Correspondence,
Stationery just received. All
the newest designs now in
The universal demand for
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ative, Gentle in its Action,
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California Fig Syrup Cos.,
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United States, in 50c. and *1 bottles.
$3 SHOEjti*-/’
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equals the $8
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82j J ...J
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W. L. DOUtihAS. Brorkton,
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\V, L. DOUGLAS, Brockton. 31m*
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Mules for Sale.
L. A. McCarthy.
So. ri uor to I,ha*. K. "
Plumber, Gas and Steam FittM
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XeiviiUtfii* 4U.

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