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A Man Ouce Struck by a Train In Gwin
nett County Suiter* a Second Serious
Mishap —Fraternity Banquets to be
Dispensed With at the Oxford Com
There were fifteen frosts in March.
The bridge aoross the gully between
Lumpkin and Scottsboro is in a ehakv
It is rumored in Americus that cotton
operators made a bit.' deal the past week
and cleared a handsome sum.
Messrs. Klsis <fc Heyusr, of Fort
Valley, will at an early date open a
grocery aud hardware store at Liruus
Sunday E. L. Moore, of Valdosta, lost
about $3OO by the burning of a barn on one
nl his farms about two ruiles from that
Webster Superior Court had to be ad
journed on account of the prevalence of
measles. Thirty-four cases are reported
in Preston.
The store bouse of S. TV. Timmerman
at Stockton was robbed of over $3OO on
Friday night last. No clue to the burglars
has beon obtained.
On account of the severe spells of cold
weather there has been no visible im
provemsnt in tho gardens around Lump
kin duriDg the past four weeks.
The Milledgeville Light Infantry are
diligently drilling to prepare themselves
to make a good record in the approuch
ing State drill in Macon on May 13.
Daniel liurce, of Pelham, mat with the
misfortune to have bis gin house and ap
purtenances destroyed by a fire u lew
days ago. Loss, $500; no insurance.
Jackson’s Council has made arrange
meuts to secure money with which to pay
ibe current expenses of the town uuti!
the ad valorem tax is collected next fall.
The pastor and board ot stewards, of
the Methodist oburch, have tendered tbe
use ol their nouse of worship to the mem
bers of the Atlanta Presbytery that as
sembles in Jackson on April 15.
Jackson is all right now 1 The Council
has purchased an “Indicator” lor the Use
Of the night watchman at a cost of $6O.
It is an ingeneius machine and indicates
the movements of the watchman to a
As au evidence of the extent of the
I banking capital of Americus the fact is
i mentioned that within the past ten days
I one bank lent one firm $120,000 to carry
lout a big deal. Tne deal was made and
I the money is back in the bank.
Hon. John C. Nichols, of Blackehear,
t writes the Morning News that he has a
>roasting ear paichin tassel, and sends a
‘ specimen. lie also has tomatoes in bloom.
Pis peaches and peara were not injured
by tbe oold, and none of his vegetables
are hurt except snapbeans.
Saturday C.M and George D. Wheat-
Jey purchased th) old Jackson property
in East Americus, containing something
over twenty r ires. It is understood that
they will divide it up into building lots
at ouce and erect a number of small
i dwellings out in taat portion of the city.
On Thursday evening last, about 7:30
o’clock, the rear part, of tbe store of M.
Micheison at Brunswick fell in. The
rafters gave way, and cement aud wood
same down in abundance. Fortunately
no one was in that part or the building at
the time, and consequently no one was
The Amerious, Preston and Lumpkin
Railroad Company have purchased from
Messrs. Wbeotley & Dudley about twen
ty-five sores of land in the southeast por
tion of Americus, near tbe residence ot
D. B. Hill. It is not known tor wuat par
ticular purpose the land was bought.
Tbe prioe paid was $75 per aero.
Capt. A. T. Amoes, a well-known and
influential oltizen of Cuthbert, died Mon
day at Barge’s Mill, eighteen miles north
east of Cuthbert, where he had been since
tbe e&riy part of last week on a fishing
tour. His death was quite sudden, and is
supposed to have been caused by heart
disease, of whiob he has complained for
tbe past two years.
A negro named Johnson, in Atlanta,
used a coffin for runniug what is denom
inated a “blind tiger.” He was employed
in au undertaking establishment, anil
kept bis whisky hid in a coffin. He was
arrested by od of toe whisky detectives,
and the Reoorder Imposed a fine of $5O
and cost for his disregard of the dead by
using a coffin for a grooery, whiob shows
that tbe “retail” business is not a “dead”
Issue in Atlanta.
At Augusta a man canned August
Grappentioe, an operative in the Enter
prise factory, mysteriously disappeared
from bis home Sunday noon and has not
since been heard from. He drank consid
erably at times and tor the past tew
weeks has appeared very melanoholy.
The last seen of him after leaving home
was on the river bank, and it is the gen
eral opinion that he committed sucldu by
drowning himeoll.
Ben. L. Jones, of East Macon, Is nego
tiating tor the sale o( four acres of East
Maoou land, lying a couple or blooks east
of the site ot old Fort Haw kins. On this
lot is the oelebrated I’eppermint springe,
where tne garrison oi that famous fortul
lce used to get their drinking water. Tbe
spring takes it name from the quantity ot
wild peppermint that grew in the valley
near tbe spring. There is a good deal ol
this favorite horb growing lu the neigh
borhood yet.
Tuesday last Miss Halite Babb, daugh
ter ot I tango Babb, wbo lives in Baldwin
eountv. near Morris’ Mil), sustained very
serious accidental injuries. Shu is about
13 years old, and was engaged burning
trash in a field, when tbo skirt of her dress
eattgbt fire. Finding she could not ex
tinguish it, ebe, like most women do uu
der like circumstances, ran ofl. Her sis
ter Julia, wbo was a year or two younger,
ran after her, and having caught up with
her, tbraw her into a branch and put out
tbe fire alter her clothing bad burned up
to her waist. Though her Injuries are of
a fearful character, it is hoped that she
may recover.
John Brouniee, wagoner for Brounles
ft Bro., of Tripp, Gwinnett oouuty, who
was rat\ upon by a freight train while
crossing the Georgia ruilroad some time
ago and carried .Ton yards on the cow
catcher, happened to a more serious acci
dent Saturday while returning home
with a load of meat and one barrel ol
sugar. The barrel, on which he was sit
ting, it being on its end, while going
down bill, lost its base, and threw Broun
iee on bis head on me ground, tbe barrel,
weighing 350 pounds, falling on him.
Uisteam went on, leaving Brouniee aud
the sugar on tbe ground, bourn one pass-
Ingln an hour afterward found him, and
took nim back to town and had hint
patched up. Ills bead was badly cut,
one rib broken, bisjnose was split, aud lip
mashed all out of shape.
Those woo happened in toe neUbbor
ho; and ol No. s’e engine bouse on Jackson
street at Augusta Monday noon wit
nessed a curious sight. A gust of wind
came round tbe corner wub a ruab, and,
taking up a quantity of the fine dry dirt
of the roadway, started heavenward.
I hen the column took ou a twisting mo.
Hon ami in a few seconds had evo luted
into a vigorous whirlwind. Upward it
went, assuming all sorts of grote-qus
sbsi/i s until the bead was lost to view,
while tne bsao was as active as a printing
obt:* rat, scurrying biim r and thither,
• o *u.(r up iidds and *eds, from t hi*-, to
pMsss of wood, and almost eetlrsL olsan.
* g tin, ol dm. For nearly
•ii u.iemes it coutieued Ue aamMw
** nuwiir o>is, ooi
•”!,at to eaerflo A
| about eight years ago at Spaeih’sold
corner, but a short dist.auoc fr in ’be
! scene of Monday’s affair, and ended Ha
! career by carrying off a sohoelboy’s ha*
’io tlie ethereal regions above.
Dr. Hopkins, of Oxford, will request
the college fraternities uot to give ban
! quete this year. Those clubs which have
laKon aotiou in the matter have decided
uot to have a banquet, and there is uo
dub that will go contrary to Dr.
Hopkins’ wishes. In view of tbs fact
that the absence of banquets would
render commencement tame aud
cause a great many visitors to stay away,
there is a movement on foot among the
students to have a pan-Hellenic banquet
to tie givon by voluntary subscribers, and
already enough has been subscribed to
insure a banquet. It ts certain that Dr.
Hopkins will not oppose a banquet on
ttiie plan, but approve it, unrt if
in does approve it, It will be mad"
an eminent success by those who have it
in charge. Toe students are also agftat
ing tbe question ol lighting the campus
witn Japanese lanterns tor a “grand
levee” for Wednesday night of com
mencement, and this will more than
compensate for the absence of fraternity
On Friday last Susan Smith and her
child, aged 1 year, were taken to the
Sandersvllle jail by Constable J. N.
I’rice, the former under commlunent for
assault with intent to murder by Magis
trate W. A. Dukes, of Cleveland district.
It seems that tbe prisoner bad a difficulty
with Lizzie Scott last week concerning a
box of matches, whiob the prisoner had
loaned to Lizzie, and which she failed to
return in due time. They had a set-to or
so brore tbe final catastrophe, which
laioitrred ou Wednesday, resulting in
Lizzie receiving on the head above the
eye, aud across tins cranium, a out from
tbo full width of the edge of au ax, pene
trating theakuil and laying baro UxAtilin
over the brain. The blow must have been
somewhat of a glancing nature, other
wise death would have been ineiautane*
ous.T h" prisoner claims that Lizzie struck
her with two sticks oil the bead. Con
cerning this the testimony will probably
lie conflicting. I)r. W. A. Thomas attend
ed the wounded woman, and at last ao
ojunts she was resting quietly, but was
under the influence of opiates.
The City Council ol Augusta met Mon
day to confer with the presidents ot tbe
banks in reference to taxation of bank
capital. George R. Sibley, John A. North
and Allred Baker, bank presidents, were
present and gave their views. It appears
ttiat unuer Augusta's system of tuxation
the capital of the banks is taxed as such,
aud tbo real estnte separately taxed.
The banks claim that the
realty being a part of tbe cap
ital, by the present system, they are
doubly taxed, and they ask relief from
Council ou this point. In Savannah and
other cities those items are separated,
aud in the former city are taxed at dif
ferent rates. Tbe National Bauks are
exempt, and the other banks have to con
tend with this opposition, which makes
it incumbent upon them to avail them
selves of all reasonable reduction of ex
pense possible. After some discussion
Mr. Keener offered tbe following resolu
tion: Resolved, That the City Attorney
be Instructed to examine the law applic
able to the question raised by the banks,
and report to this body in writing the re
sult ot his examination at the earliest
day practicable. Adopted.
At Atlanta Monday the home of Cap
tain and Mrs. Henry Jaokson was sad
dened by the death of their little son,
Davennbrt. The little fellow, who was
about 7 years of age, died at 2 o’clock in
the morning. Several days ago be
was tuken Ml, and Sunday morning
measles developed. During "the day be
was quite sick,and complications arising
be grew worse rapidly. Near midnight
Sunday uivht bis oonditiqn improved and
his miud became clear. The lumily be
came hopeful of his recovery, but
the little sufferer was impressed with a
belie! that his death was near. He
did not tear to die, but looking into the
lace of his mother and grandmother, the
widow of Gon. Thornes R. R. Cobb, said:
“Grandmother Is mucb older than I am;
and mother is much older than 1 am. It
seems so strange that I snould go to
heaven first. But 1 will wait for you
there.” Those about his bedside iusisted
that be would recover, but he declared
that he would die. He gave directions
concerning the disposition to be made of
bis childish effeots, kissed the loved ones
gathered around, left kisses tor tbe absent
ones, and soon sank peacefully into that
slumber lrom whicn there is no awaken
ing on earth.
St. Augustine wants a State military
encampment held there in July.
The wheels of the steamer Whitney
make 30,STS revolutions in the run from
Havana to Tampa.
At Huntington the post office and depot
were broken Into and robbed on Sunday
night. The thieves have escaped, but
will be used roughly if caught.
There were imported and entered for
consumption at Key West during the
past month about 1,700 bales of leaf
tobacco and over 4,000 gailous of
wine. Fruit iu great abundance also
At Bt. Augustine S. B. Manee, the
builder of the well-known Magnolia
Hotel and the conorete building ot W.
Lyon A Cos., is now engagod in tearing
down the oU Sunuysule. preparatory to
building tbe uew Casa Monico.
At Cltra not more than two-thirds of
the orange trees that bore last year will
bear this. Tho grove owners tlon’t com
plain of this as the trees are putting on
au immense growth, which they have not
done for the last three years, owing to
the large crop borne.
Postmaster Cooper, of fit. Augustine,
finding his duties too arduous, bas re
signed, and the postmastersaip is now
open to uspirants for tho eflioe. It is
rumored that the present county judge
will trade places with Mr. Cooper, vvu.
once before occupied that position.
Sheriff Hernandez, of st. Augustine,
lost a colored prisoner Saturday on the
train between Jacksonville and St, Au
gustine. The man, who was arrested on
a charge of forgery, obtained per mission
to go to a closet, and while there opined
a window and jumped out. The Sheriff
was much discomfited on discovering
how be had been outwitted.
Key West Democrat: Lieut. Pyisbnry,
U. s. N., ou tne surveying steamer Blake,
has been in port during the past
week. During his lust trip be
tween Cape San Antonio and the
Yucatan ooast, he succeeded
in anohonni; In 1,150 fathoms of water.
This, we believe, is the deepest water in
which unv vessel has ever beeu anchored,
When tbo survey of the cm rents of tho
Gulf are finished, tie survey w.ll in ex
ti mied through the (Jnrribi aii Sea and
among tho Windward Islands.
Key West Key of the Gulf: What has
become of tho oily scavenger? On Sun
day we noticed a dead whiitk lying in the
street in front Of the 1 ffleo ot El Piopv
gauds;on Monday, a dead dog nearly tn
(root of the residence of bherlfi Dctnor.
rett; on Tuesday, a dead duck in rear of
the Equator office; on Wednesday. 11 dead
hen under tho eaves of the cosy little law
' flics of lion. J. 11. Browne, willed sfl.
Joins tho post office building; ou I burs*
| day. dead rooster In tbs street near toe
1 barracks, and on yesterday a dead pig
| near the M-ulue hospital.
Tee long pending contest in regard to
I tbs legality of tb incorporation of En"- .
| nils* w||| probably be settled this * s,
when tne matter will com* befotc .! ,■■ ■
Kosier ns Gir- im l ouM. !.* w„. k hi.h
--| junytlpn w* *a> vtm ~u
argsmentfa in tbe case were to be beard
Monday. A separate injunction was also
served on Mayor Bradley on the ground
of being ineligible to tbe office, citiug him
to appear in chancery.
Wednesday afternoon, while a number
of men were preparing a place for a com
post beep on the grounds of Hotel Fence
dr Leon at St. Augustine, near the dwell
ing occupied by the gardener, someone
discovered a strange parcel in a pool of
mud and water, which proved to be a
package of assorted paint brushes, en
tirely new, numbering twenty-live, and
probably worth $3O or $4O. In another
place closa by were found sixteen steel
scrapers used by painters and valued at
‘2oc. each. Investigation thus far bus
failed to reveal the name or the owner,
and ail sorts ol theories are afloat, among
the cranemen as to bow they got there,
from whence they oarne and to whom they
W. 8. AVittioh, owner of the Glasgow
mills on the Fensacola and Atlantic rail
road, a hundred miles east ol Pensacola,
discharged a sawyer a few days since
when the bauds in the mill demauded a
reinstatement of the discharged man,
Wittioh then discharged all and supplied
their places with men from Fensacola.
Bad blood culminated in an attempt to
assault tbes- men Saturday, and several
shots were tired by the discharged men.
Wttlicb, with his clerk and engineer, de*
(ended the property with Winchester
rilles and succeeded in arresting nine
men, who were on trial before Justice
Look at Cbipley Monday. The men
threatened to destroy tne Glasgow mills,
ami such information reached Gov. Ferry
Monday as to cause him to telegraph
Sueriff Walls, of Washington county, to
see that peace was maintained and prop
erty protected.
The citizens living within a radius of
several miles on what is known as Brow
ard’s Neck, about five miles from Jack
sonville, are, through sad aud unlortunate
circumstances, not adding very materi
ally to the native population of that sec
tion. From a gentleman who resides
there we learn of the following births
and deaths that have occurred in tnat
neighborhood itt the past two or three
years. First Mrs. A. C. Terrill gave
nirth to twins, after which the mother
and ohiidren died. This was followed
shortly afterward by Mrs. Andrew Ter
rill, a sister-in-law, giving birth to tbreo
children, and being unable to bear
a fourth she, too, died and was in a day
or two followed by tbe three infants.
Boon afterward Mrs. Edge gave birth to
twins, oue ol which died, but the mother
and other child lived. Next came Mrs,
Cason who gave birth to twins. Both
children died, but the mother survived.
Then came Mrs. W arnell, who gave birth
to one oliild, but died before tbe other
was born. Her little one is still living.
Had all tlie children been born and lived
they would have added twelve to the
native population of the settlement,
but as it was ten of the children are
gone, and only two are living, while of
the live motbers only two survived the
terrible ordeal.
A Jury Holds That Loan Associa
tions Charge Usury on Money.
From the Atlanta <fa.) Constitution.
The case of the Atlanta Home Building
and Loan Association against F. M. Van
Feit after occupying the time of the Supe
rior Court for four days, was ended yes
terday in a way which greatly astonished
at least one side of the litigation.
The jury in figuring out & verdict held
that building and loan associations as run
in Atlanta were usurers, and in passing
lng upon tbe case at issue gave the asso
ciation nothing more than the principal
of the loan and the lawful rate ol interest
—namely, 8 per cent.
That idea of tbe rights of associations,
if given the shape and effeotof law,would
paralyze them.
They are not built on the 8 per cent.
The history or the Van Felt case may
bo stated as follows:
In 1883 Mr. Van Felt took fifteen shares
of the Home Association stock.
A few months later he borrowed on that
stock, paying 50}* for the money. That
is to say, the association took'up his
stock and advanced him $1,402, taking as
security a deed to Mr. Van Felt’s lot on
the Boulevard and also his bond in the
sum of $3,000 for the payment of $3O per
month to the close of the association’s
Mr. Van Pelt paid his dues and fines
and interest to the amount of something
over $9OO, and thou being unable to meet
the payments allowed them to lapse.
For three months he made no payments
to the association, and on the deferred
payments was charged un with Interest
of ft per cent a month. That was done
under the rules of the association, but
Mr. Van Pelt made a great objection to
the rate ot interest. In the fail ot 18S5
the association took steps to foreclose and
secure the balance which Mr. Van Pelt
had failed to pay.
The case was on trial four days before
Judge Marshall J. Clarke and a jury.
Great interest was taken in the trial
by persons connected with building and
loan associations, as the pluintitT made
the point that the association had charged
usury. *
t of. John A. 'Wimpy represented Mr.
Van Pelt, and Mr. Samuel Barnett, Jr.,
represented the association.
t'he association claimed $1,417 iu addi
tion to the payments already made, while
Mr. Van Pelt wanted to pay only the
original sum borrowed together with the
legal rate of interest less the payments
I icviously made. There were other points
made, of course, but they were not of
special interest.
The jury alter being out a short time
returned a verdict whloh wag everything
Mr. Van Peit could have asked, instead
of giving the association tne $1,447
claimed, the judgment was lor $635 So
principal, $156 interest and ssu attorney's
I lees.
it seems that the jury simply calculated
! the interest at 8 pur cent, on the sum bor
! rowed, deducted tne payments made and
brought iu a verdict lor the difference.
Col. Wimpy was jubilant. Mr. Barnett
was surprised and says he will move lor
anew trial, und has no doubt the court
will graul it.
An ingenious method of laying con
crete under water consists of first iuoloe
iug the betmi or concrete iu paper bags
or other soluble envelopes and then lodg
ing the bags s i tilled in the desired posi
tion under water by sliding them down a
chute, or in such u manner that they
will not lie ruptuierl until after their con
tents shall lie in place.
Klectricliy is now used to obtain lluor
inil (ioiii bydro-fluorlo acid. The acid Is
electrolysed at a comparative higu poten
tial, nearly 40 volts, amt the Bold thus
separated Into its constituent elements,
hydrogen and flu or la a. tt is thought that
tile isolation oi lluouuu w ill give rise to a
long list ol i.ew compounds.
Natural gas has been put to anew use
loom! about Pittsburg. A market gar
dener Is rawing expat ngus in the open air
ltd, • mm to carry bm sx
perimeuls to bod* of other vegetables
hitherto grown in grenn-huuscs.
IMillilps' IMgoalllilc i ucoa
I‘resell U anew slid vabishls food beverage,
Jt i r dsllfli'ota to ih m*ie, highly nutritions
old rendered readily dlgestlbls, ft alilnnv
*mo di-trees nr iwa<ls>'lis, like Uie srdlosn'
I will lie fouud a the druggist* sad
Ni# ,** Mf ikiiiji rniUr*’ Ko<- wiifl■
S v '1 A **>***► ■! f <*ii fiiniUii you willi lamo
it U u|i **/. ft tall yur§
'ij m littu, h m<U
*•!#*'* !*, *i A l< iiin < 4 Hi Com*
I have used Simmons Liver Regulator in
Colic and Grubs with my mules aud horses,
giving them about half a bottio at a time, and j
have not lost, one Ilia 1 1 rave it to You can
recommend it to every one who has stock as
the beat medicine known for ull complaints
that horseflesh is heir to. —L.T. Taylok. Ag't,
for Grangers of La.
tn using Simmons Liver Regulator (Pow
der) with my chicken* for ( ta.ih-ra. 1 take und
mix it with the dough aud feed it to them
once a day. By tlm treuimeut I have never
lost a *mg! elrcken ia the Instllve years lrom
either Chicken Cholera or Gapes.—T. U.
Bacon, Eugeile'd, 9. (J.
A reliable gentleman whe raises every year
about onu liUDdicd head of hogs, told me lie
never lost one from Uuoicra, although the
diseass ha f oftsn j*oi>earsd among his herd
HU, rented v la Alamos* Liver Regulator given
iu oreuen.ug—U>i.l doubt* that given to a
man. 1 give this itfoimatioa for tlie benefit
of those whose iuc* may be attacked with
Coolers.—Prof t. P. IIo’pOOOD, Oxford. N.C.
is so conveniently given. The Powder mixed
with tne feed will bee-ten by horses, cattle,
Itogs. and chickens readily, while tile Liquid
(prepared) is easily given as u drench.
Manufactured bvJ. 11. ZKTLIN A CO., Phila
delplna, Pa. Price, • t 00.
Whnn I s*y curt i a** r*oi mean n;ji©ly to ©top tlicui fo
i time and lku them iu.*u 1 iu#n a ratf
cal cm•. I bar# ina‘o t**• dleoa*© KI KPI
arrnt my noeJv to cure woiat caatt. Scaut
Hliira Lave fallsd !• no reu©nn for not now rcptTloj i
■nr*. Sent! at one© for a n<l a Fr-o Bottio of tuj
Lfall!blD rem©4jr. Olv© Express ami FoktOOlco. It coata jot
lOtfaiSf for A trial, and I will core you. __ .
A44TOSO V*. U. O. BOOT, m Tonrl Pt.^ewTorfc
Imft, looro, gHttifrg, (fitc.
variety of Rough and
Dressed Lumber, Sashes,
Shingles, Moldings and
Scroll Work furnished.
In connection with the Mill
is also a Machine and Repair
Shop. Address
P. .7. FALLON,
Builder and Contractor,
22 Drayton Street, Savannah.
I ESTIMATES promptly furnished for build-
Zd inar of any class
East Tsai, Vi. & Georgia R. R.
The Quickest and Shortest Line
CBOMMENOING MARCH 13. 18S7. the fol-
J low ing Schedule will be In effect:
tast Xt>jht
S..F.J:\V, Depot. Fxjjrres. Ftruirets.
LvCharleston.... 3;4Sain iliziipm
ArHavannah. .. s:4l am 7:00 pm
Lv Savannah . 7:otium 8:45 pin 1:30 pm
ArJeeup... b:43*m 11:15 pm 3:20 pm
Lv Jeaup .. I;lsam 3:35 p ill
Ar Brunswick.... 5:45 a m 6:35pm
Lv.lesup 50:30 a m 115 am
ArEastman I :4K pin 4:49 am
Ar Cochran.. 3:Bupm 5:40 am ........
Ar Hawkinsvilie. 3:30 p m 123 Onoon ....
Lyjlawk'uaville. lo:l6 am 1:35 pm
Ar Macon.. 4:00 pm 7:15 am
Lv M ucoD 4:05 pin 7:30 am
ArAtlanta 7:15 pra 10:50 am
Lv Atlanta. 10:33 pm 1:00 pm
Ar Rome. ....... i-. 46 a m 4:00 pm
Ar Daiton 3:10 am 5:27 p in
Ar Chattanooga. s:ooam 730 pm
Lv Chattanooga.. 0:80 ain V:ispin
Ar Knoxville. 1:50 pm l:10aii!
Ar Bristol.. . 7:35 pir 5:43 am
Ar Roanoke 2:15 a m 12:16 pni
Ar Natur’lßridge 3:64 a m 2:23pm
ArWaynesboro 6:2oam 4:23pm
ArLuray 7:soam 6:43pm
Ar bhenando’ Jc.lo: .1 a m P:*so m
Ar Hagerstown.. U:65 p m JOi.lO 11 in . .
Ar Harrisburg. 3:30 pm 1:20 am ....
Ar Philadelphia 6:50 pm 4:*sum iil
Ar New York.... 0:35 p m 7:ob a m
t.v ItaeurHiown 1-7:60 mi .... 1771
Ar Baltimore 3:46 pm
Ar Pin a lelphia 7:4opm 77.' 77...
Ar New York 10:3, p m
Lv Roanoke 2:iii n 111 52:30 tin 777 '
Ar Lvuehburg . 4:80 am 2:30 pin
Ar Washington 12:00 nn :i:4o p m ....
Ar BaHimoro . 1:27 pin 11:35 p m
Ar Philadelphia . 3:47 p m B:Uihiii
Ar New Y, rk ■ .’0 „ m „i
l.v T.\ nclilmrg.. U:is a m~3:oi"nm
Arßurkville. ii;2om 5:27 pm
Ar Petersburg. ll:l am 7:15 pm
Ar Norfolk 2:25 p m 10:00 p m
Via Memphis and Charleston K. R.
I.v Chattanooga. 3:15 a m 7:10 pm
Ar Memphis IBIS pm 6:10 am
Ar LI I tie K ck H:tt pm
Via K. c. If. ti, and c. U.'ii.
Lv Memphis 10:45 am
Ar Kansas City a:2oain
viu cm. 80. wTi
Lv Chattanooga 8:40 a 111 7:10 pm
Ar Loul-i die 6:45 pm 6:30 atn .... .
Ar Cincinnati. .. 7:oopm 6:511am ... 77
liuopm .......
ArPt. Loots . 7 145 a m 6:1 >pm
Pullman bio tier* ca e aefullO**: Jrigp
at 1: 15 a m f,,r Ctratunatl. alfcruii■ 1 n w h
Mann Boudoir, Atlanta at to 30 pm a id I 14)
nm for Cincinnati, alternating wish M inn
Boudoir I, coper leaving at 10:3 ■p m enp-u
for oceepauo aid o'clock); Rome at 7:t6 i> m
for Waiuington via Lynchburg; Chaltai o ca
at 0:16 p m lor No* York via fthenudonh t|.
i y; C lattauooga a. n:3O a in for Wn-hingo n
\ia Lynchburg; l Ualtai.oiga lit 7:10 p in for
Kansas ( iiy; i in annoy* at 7:10 p m i,.r
Little Roc s ; Brunswick nt!):05 pm tor M aeon.
B. W. WItKNN, <4. P A 1 . A.,
I , , Knoxvi le, Ton#.
Io J. ELLIft, A. G. I. A.. Atlanta,
Corapaffnle Heßeraic InnisaUantlque
—French Glue to H m e.
11 RTWEK.N Now \ „rk and Havre, from pier
1> No. 42, N U., foot of Morton street.
Travelers iiy Ilu line avoid Isdli irau-it by
Hogiisli railway and ilic of cross
ing the Ui tuuoi 111 a ,10411 lost. Special tram
leaving Him Company's dock st liavro direct
for Parts on .urnat of steamers. Baggwa
checked at New York through U> Pan*.
I.A NvliH. i si'ii , us KkMs*ai*. , oAT
, 15 it HA Y Aln 1., \.mu.
J.A BUI liuill,Ni., ItiAXusi'i., 8A IT It
-1 tl AY, Aor 1 2... 4 A M.
LA BitK I Ala NE, lg .loi'ssl Id*. BATt H
l)A'.. April 30 I" i. m,
La <• ‘A‘ 1 .H, s*rt 1 1.1. 'ill If DA y.
M 1 5 ~a.
PlU'.f 4 PASS AGE iinsH.ding WIMD
To II A v Ur, Klrsl Cabin, I Ut. |TsO and |s.
Nscond 1 rid a, sß*i; strerkgn from Sew for* to
. Havre, ir Hrer.igs lrom Now York u Part*,
fj I i li J U> Ml *• I|r, All *1 (4 Until©.
I JAHUi hK HLItIAK, igtfftL ft fWwIiAM
| l*d o' M"dwv, Nl W York.
•' vJLmI,. M '.‘j,, A*suu lot ••■•suaa.
New Yori, Eoston & IMadelpMa
Passage to New York.
Passage to Poston.
Passage to Philadelphia.
(via New Yokk).
THE magnificent steamships of these lines
are appointed to sail as follows—standard
time -
FRIDAY", April 13, at 12 m.
RINE, SUNDAY', April 1”, at 2 r. m.
DAY, April 19. at 3:30 r. .
Tai.kah asset, Capt. w. H. Fisher,
iRIDAY, April 22, at 0:30 P. it.
DAY, April 11, at 11 A, M.
CATE CITY. Capt. D. Hedge, THURS
DAY, April 21, at 5 p. m.
[FOR freight ONLY.I
April 16, at l r. m.
DEBSOPO, Capt. N. F. Howes, SATUR
DAY, April 23, at 6 p. m.
Througii billsof lading given to Eastern and
Northwestern points and to ports of the Uni
ted Kingdom and the Continent.
For Height or passage apply to
C. G. AXDERsOX, Agent,
City Fixeliaugc Building.
Merchants’ and Miners’ 'Transports.
tie a Company.
for baltimoke.
zg? L
THI steamships of this eempany are ap
1 pointed to sail front Savannah for B titt
more as follows—city timo:
WM.crane. Capt. Billups, SATURDAY,
April 16. at 2 r. M.
Johns HOPKINS, Capt. Foster, THURS
DAY, April 21, at 5 p . m
WM. CRANE, Capt. Billups. TUESDAY,
April 26. at 9 A. M.
Johns hopkiih. Capt. Foster, MON
DAY, May 2, at 2 P. M
And from Baltimore on the rtavs above
named at 8 r. m.
Through bills lading given t* all points
West. all the manufacturing town la New
England, and to porta of lliu United Kingdom
and the Continent.
JAB. B. WEST &CO., AgenU,
114 Bay street.
Sea Islaml Route.
CArT. M. r. USINA,
VITTLL leave Savannah from wharf foot, of
Tv Kincolu street for DOBOY'. DARIEN.
TUESDAY and FRIDAY at 6 P. M., city
time, connecting at Savannah with New
York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore
steamers, at Pernandma with rail for Jack
sonville and all points in Florida, and at
Brunswick with steamer for Satilla river.
Freight received to within half hourof boat’s
1- re ght not signed for 24 hours after arrival
will be at risk o. consignee.
Tickets on wharf and boa*.
c. WILLIAMS, Agent,
For Augusta and Way Landings.
Capt. J. S. HE VILL,
W 10 o'clock a. m. (city time; for Augusta
and wuv landing.-
All freights payable bv shippers.
'l'll E steamer F. MILL, < apt. W. TANARUS.(
I will leave for above MONDAYS and
THURdIIA Y’S at 8 o'clock P. 9. Returning,
id 8 o'clock p, a. tor iiifnrniiitloii, ate,, up.
pi.v lo W. T. GIBSON, Mauager.
W harl fool o| I i.'ii ■. on -treet.
i.v Tampa Tees., Thins, anil sgt. p, m.
A/ Key West Wod., Friday, ami Sun. p. ni.
Ar llavauu Thura., Sat. and Muu. a. m.
l.w Havana Thun., sat. and Mon noon.
I.v Key Wan 'f lair*., sat, and Mon p. in.
Ar Tampa Friday, son. and Toes. p in
Couneciiag at Tampa with Wel India Ka-t
Tialu io an-l from NorUiarn A KaU rn cii u-s.
For .lateroom accommodations apply to
City Ticket om<v ■>.. F and W. It.v., Jack
eouvitle, or Agent I'lanl st<-aiu-lilp Line,
Tampa. <, D. oWiAr. 'I radh- Manager.
II >t. HAINES Genera' Manager.
<G4... ...A U. I •! MMRtfft *<MM
Central Railroad.
Savannah. Ga.. Dec. 19. !BS6.
ON ami after i Ins dare passenger trains will
run as Daily unless marked +, which are
Dady except Sunday.
The Standard timo by which these trains
run is 39 minutes slower thau Savannah city
Lv savannah.... ]0:00am 8:20 pm s:4opm
ArMillen 12:115 inn 11:03 pm 8:45 pm
Ar Augusta 4:45 pm 6:!satn
Ar Macon 4:50 pm 3:20 am
Ar Atlanta 9:oopm 7:2oam
Ar Columbus . 6:50 am 3:02 pin
Ar Montgomery. 7:09 pm
Ar Kufnultt. 8:50 pm
Ar Albany 10:08 pm 10:50 am
Passengers for Svlvama, Sandersvllle,
Wrightsville, Milledgwville and Eatontou
should lake 10:99 a m train.
Passengers for Thomaston, Carrollton,
Perry. Fort Gaines, Talbotton, Buena Vista,
Biakeiv and Clayton should take 8:20 p in
Lv Millen 12:55pm 11:15pm s;loam
Lv Augusta ,10:20 am 9:30 pm
Lv Macon 9:soam 19:50 pm
Lv Atlanta.... ... 6:35 am 6:sopm
LvColumbus 10:20pm 11:15am
Lv Montgomery.. 7:lspm 7:loaiu
Lv Eufaula 10:49am
Lv Albany 4:50 am 8:57 pm
Ar Savannah s;oot>m 5:55 am 8:05 am
Sleeping cars on all night passenger trains
between Savannah and Augusta. Savaunah
and Macon. Savannah and Atlanta, Macon
and Columbus.
Tram leaving at 8:20 p m and arriving at
5:55 am will not stop to put off or takeon
passengers between Savannah and A!ilIon.
Connections at Savannah with Savannah,
Florida and Western Railway for all points in
Tickets for all points and sleep* ng ear berths
on sale at citv office. No. 20 Bull street, aud
depot office 30 minutes before departure of
each tram. A. WHITEHEAD,
General l'asaonger Agent.
.J. C. SHAW, Ticket Agent
Charleston & Savannah Ry. Cos.
CTONNECTION made at Savannah with
J Savannah, Florida aud Western Rail
Trains leave ami arrive at Savannah by
standard time (90th meridian), which tail
minutes slower than city time.
45* 39+ 43* 47*
LvSav’h.. .12:15 pm 1:00pm 7:10 am 8:23 pm
Ar Aug’ta 1:45 pm
Arßeauf’t 6:10 pm 11:00 am
Al* Jr*. Royal 6:25 piu 11:20 am
ArAl’dale 7:40 pm 11:20 am
ArCha’Bton 4:45 pm 6.20 pm 12:53 pm I:2sam
84* 42* 40*
Lv Cha'ston 8:00 nm B:3opm B:4sam
I.v Aug’ta 9:20 am
Lv Al’daio. 5:40 am !I:4J am
I.v P.Royal 7:45 am 12:30 pm
Lvßeauf’t. 8:00 am 12:45 pm
Ar Sav’h...ll:2o am ... 7:00 pm 6:41 am
•Dally between Savannah and Charleston.
+Sundays only.
drain No. 47 makes no connection with
Port Royal aud Augusta Railway, aud stops
only at Ridgcland, Green Pond and Ravenel.
Train 45 stops only at Y’emassee and Green
Pond, and connects f->* o- on t* ,rt
K<i\ idailv. a for Allendale daily, except
Sunday. Trains 42 and 48 connect from and
for Beaufort and Port Royal daily, except
For tickots, sleepingcar reservations and all
other information, apply to William Bren,
Special Ticket Agent, 22 Bull street, and at
Charleston and Savannah Railway tiokot
office, at Savannah, Florida and "Western
Railway depot.
Nov. H, 1886.
South Florida Railroad.
ON and .after SUNDAY. March 20. 18S7,
tralus will arrive and leave as follows:
•Daily. tDaily except Sundays. IDatly
except Mondays.
Leave Sanford for
Tampa and way
stations . * 10:80 a m and * r 4:4ff p m
Arrive at Tampa *,,8:40 pm aud *18:50 pm
Returning leave
Tampa at *9:80 am and *KB:COnm
Arrive at Sanford * 2:30 i- m and *1 litoarn
Leave Sanford for Kissimmee and
way stations at +s:oopm
Arrive at Kissimmee at +7:00 pm
Returning leave Kissimmee +6:25 a in
Arrive at Sanford +8:20 am
• ISteamboa’ Express,
*l!Weet India Fast Mail Train.
Lv Bartow Junction—
. „ 11*26 a m 2:10 and 7:15 pm
Ar Bartow 32 23, 3:10 and 8:15 p m
Returning Lv Bartow—
-9:50 a m 12:50 and 5:80 p m
Ar Bartow June.. 10:30 am 1:40 and 6:30 p m
Operated by the South Florida Railroad.
•Leave Bartow for Pemberton Ferry
and way stations at 7:15 am
Arrive at Pemberton Ferry at 9:45 am
•Returuiugileave Pemberton Ferryat 6; 5 p m
Arrive at Bartow at 8:25 p rn
iLeave Pemberton Ferrv 7:00 am
Arrive Bartow 11:85 „ nl
+Loave Bartow 1 :10 p m
Arrive Pemberton Ferry 5:15 pm
Leaves Sanford lor
Luke Charm and way
stations +10:15 am and 5:10 pm
Arrives Lake Charm. 11:46 am and 0:40 pm
Leaves Lake Charm.. 6:00 a m and 12:30 p m
Arrives at.sunford.. 7:40 am and 2:10 inn
Connects at sunford with the Sanford an 1
Indian River Railroad for Oviedo and points
on Lake Jessup, with the People's Line and
Deßary-Baya Merchants’ Line of steamers,
ana J. T. A K. H. Ry. for Jacksonville and
all intermediate points on the St. John’s
river, and with steamers for Indian river and
the Upper st. John’s.
At Kissimmee with steamers for Forts My
ers and Bassinger and points on Kissimmee
At Pemberton Ferry with Florida Southern
Railway for all point’s North aud West, and
at Bartow with the Florida Southern Railway
for Fort Meade and point. South.
Connects at Tampa with steamer “Marga
ret” for Palma Sola, Braldoniown, Palmetto,
Manatee, and ail points on Hillsborough uud
Tampa Bays.
Also, with the elegant mail steamships
•’Mascotte" and ’ Whitney,” of the Pla.it
Steamship Cos., fur Key West and Havana.
Through tickets sold al all regular stations
to points North, East and West.
Baggage checked through.
Passengers lor Havana can leave Sanford
on Limited West India East Mail tram at
4:40 p. in. (stopping only* at Orlando, Kissim
mee, Barlow Junction," Lakeland and Plant
City.; - uosdav, Thursday and Saturday, con
necting same evening with steamer at Tampa,
General Freight and Ticket Agent.
Atlantic Const at Hew Smyrna.
Blue Sprinfi, Orange City & Atlantic R.R.
I'JAS-ENGERS will observe Die following
schedule, daily, except Sunday, in effect
MARCH 17, 1>87:
Lv Savannah vis (4., F. ,V tv. ID 7;ofl a m
Lv Jacksonville tiu .1.. I ..V K.W .hy.l2:3d p in
Ar Orange city Junction 4.o:ipin
Ar Grunge Ely 4:1, p m
Ar Lake Helen .... 4 :.tn u nt
Ar N< tv symrna 6:14 pm
At New Smyrna make direct Mam imii
with I,Hills ter Daytons and points UP Halifax
and Hillsborough rivers.
going Noam.
I.v New hiayroa 7:15 am
Lv Ia -■ Ueku 8.40 a 111
I v Gia 'ga < 1 1v u:o<i u ni
Ar 1 aitge City Junction 9:10 a 111
,*,r Jac*sou villa. . 1:2- pin
Ar snvuuuab . hum
Al orange City Jnsettnu make connection*
fur all petnl* north: For Fiiterprl*e, Tim*,
villt and all point# on Indian river, al*o for
a a nfoid, < h undo and an pomo m Mouth
Blm da. At Plus .spring ,onmirliou mails
v, IGI -a l*no rlon m, John’* river
Tm hunting nn<! ffsliin, of lliia tertian |*
unrivaled, wil ls the surf bstluug opposite
Now Smyrna Is uusurpsweo 10 anv jsunl 011
the Florida s <mL •. It. CAlil Eli.
M , A. HA WKtNR, Gsuaupt.
Gve. If. etui I*. Agent,
Hailroaao. I
Savannah. Florida s Westenjti
'All trains on this roan are run h ' '■
TiK J? '"'"‘'l
7 lOti u in Ly
O':00 am Lv . fr.ia,' ■
12:30 pm Lv ...Jacksonville *
J * v Sanford ' " : : ”d |
8 .6 up m Ar. . .Tampa....:.' il
plant steamship uvk 00,, ®H
Tucß.Tllur.sl , UNK * ■
sat.... pm{ , * v - Tampa.. .. Ar >+,.s„„ ■
M ed, Fri, i . t,
sun . . pm( Ar K( 'Y West....l,y
Thurs, batj . Tt (M.m .
M<i ,h inj lia vana •. L? ijburß,s a *H
I'ullman huflet curs io unci frr.m v° n ami
and Tamp.-i. u -Nen- V OI JB
yoo!! m !" V • Savannah y r l
Nl2am Lv Irsim *; r :^nmH
9:H4 a in I.v.
9.-0 uin Ar...... Waycross .... .1.?
ll:2tia mAr ... cSlliUi'an
l-.O “.'i.n Ar lacksoiiyille . j‘ v "hi
i ,lm |* v Jackaonvillo . \ r 111 8
< ..Ha mLv Callahan .. i. ii u tß
10:5* a m Lv Wavcross 1 —I
11:00am I.v Homerviile!Hf’Pinß
Dupont.... I i;“PmB
C-'.-f ,MU i' v Quitman .. i, v s'::*P"iß
J. 22 p m Ar._.Tli.,mn.svil!e ..i.Ev {;jJP ■
Ar Bior„"olge7~ 1..- '5
4 :ff4_p ,UA r ... CI. at tain „ ~ r ■
:: I2 |,", A r Albany
Pullman buffet cars to and f rnm V. 11 >1
villc aud New York to and funm t I
bud New Orleans m"a Pcusacola. ■ I
J/ijffpml.v Savannah Air-*- I
8:20 p 111 Lv Jesup ]'
4: 21 p m.Lv illackshear.! e v I
4.40 p 111 Ar W a reruns .... j v ipbL'l
f ”’JP m Ar Callahan ..... I
r Lickeonville .... i <v 7 J JJI
s:oopm Lv Jacksonville ~ tr
5:4T |im Lv Callahan Ar m fl
* #t P 111 WaycroM..., a- rTe* —I
8:45 p m I.v Homerviile .i.v f,"i a " 1 I
J:oo pm Ar Dupont 1 i, v \ |
p m l.v Lnkc..„y:.:.-" Ar; . , |
i:55 pm Lv Gainesville.... Ar l'twilT'
1 :20 -P mLv live Oak Ar o:4oam
P * Lv Dummt ArTso*.
}®*®s inn Lv Valdosta Ev 4 "•i,s = 3l
10:14 p m I.v Gunman e t 3 ."35^S
.l;2jp ill Ar Thom asville ....Lv 2*sd?
18.0amAr Camilla Lv ImII
1.55a mAr .....Albany. I v p'-so ™
1 ullman buffet cais to and from t"ss,. n '
vllle and I.ouisullc via Thoma-vil.e VUanv*
Montgomery and Nashville an L
F’liilman sleeping cars to and from Tr A
- Su\aauahvia <aineßvi!le.
8:45 nm Lv Savannah Ar fi:io a ~
ll.As|)mLv Jesup Lv
1:30 am Ar Waycross l.vl 1 -80 p ,2
5:25 ain Ar Callahan ... I*vT"sjoSplS
n.loamAr Jacksonville. ..Lv SpSnm
B:l.>P mLv Jacksonville ... .Ar ii:iia
9:oa prn Lv ..Callahan Ar 6:25a"
* : ;l® '* Tv Waycross ArTlHoTo
JL2Oa m Ar .JJupont Lv iu:oopr
ti:4na mAr . Live Oak....T.LY 7 20plj
10:05am Ar Gainesville,. Lv 3:sspnJ
10:15 a m Ar Lake City Lv 8:20 p g
8:45a m Lv Dupont A7T:3fipm
5:37 am Lv Valdosta Lv 8::i0pa
6:10 a ill Lv Quitman Lv 7 :55 pm
i? : ! amAr Thomasville—Lv 7:00 pra
H:4O am Ar Albany .. Lv 4:oopm
Stops at a,l regular stations. Pullman dul
let Sleeping cars to and from Thomasville ant
” aehington. and aavanuah aud Jaokson.
vile, and to and from Jacksonville -nt
Nashvihe via Thomasville and Mintront.
err. Pullman buffet cars and Mann bon
doir buffet cars via Waycross, Albany amt
Macon, and via Waycross; Jesup and Macon,
between Jacksonville and Cincinnati. Also,
through passenger coaches between Jaokson.
ville and Chattanooga.
thomasville express.
6:15 a m Lv Waycross Ar 7:00 pit
7:88 a in Lv Dupont Lv 5:26pm
8:37 a ni Lv Valdosta Lv 4:15 pm
9:16 a m Lv Quitman Lv 3:30 pm
10:25 a m Ar Thomasville. . .Lv 2:15 pm
Stops at all regular and liag stations.
8:43 pmLv . ..Savannah. . Ar 8:30 am
6:’o p m Ar Jesup Lv 5:255m
Stops at all regular and flag stations.
At SAVANNAH for Charleston at 7:10 am.
(arrive Augusta via Y’emassee at 1:45 pm'
12:15 pni and 8:28 p m ; for Angusta and At
lanta at 8:40 a ra and 8:20 p m; with sleam
spipsforNew York Monday, Wednesday and
Friday; for Boston Thursday; for Baltimori
everv fifth day.
aT JE sUf* ior Brunswick at 1:45 a m '•
c*pt Sundav) and 3:80 p m; lor Macon I;T> 1
m and 10:80 a in.
Ai Y AVCROSS for Brunswick at 3:lsam
and 5:05 pm,
At<ALL AH A N for Fernandlna at 8 :00 a m
and 2:47 p m ; for lValdo, Cedar Key, Ocala,
etc., at 11:89 a m
At LIVE OaK for Madison, Tallahassee,
etc., at 11 :(;8 ani and 7:4S p in.
At GAINESVILLE for Ooala, Tavares,
Pemberton’s Ferry, Brooksville and Tampa
at 10:40 am; for Cedar Key at 3:30 pm.
A 1 ALBA NY for Atlanta, Macon. Montgom
ery, Mobile. New Orleans, Nashville, etc
Mobllo, Now Orleans at4:l4 pm; with tem
ple's Line steamers advertising to leave (or
Apalachicola at 5:00p m Sunday and Wednei*
Tickets sold and sleeping car berth* se
cured at BREN’S Ticket Office, and at ta*
Passenger Station,
WM. P. H ARDEE, Gen’l Paa*. Agent.
R. G. FLEMING. Superintendent. .
Jacksonville, Tampa & Key Wesi Rv.
Quickest and best route for all points im
Florida south of Jacksonville.
O 1837. Main line trains use S., r. and w .
Ran way station in Jacksonville, making di
rect concoction with all trains from saian
nah, the North and West. No transfer. .
STATIONS. Mall Daffy M
Pajs. Daily- f ; 3 “ , “
Lv Savannah ... 8:46 11 m 7:06 am 7.9siu
i.v Jacksonville. 9:uo a 111 12 30 p m S 8 n a
Ar I’alatka lo:5o a m 2:15 i> *• R"J
ArDoLaml l:<Upm 4:l6pui e.oopni
ArSanford 143 pm 4:opm B.i6p'
ArTUuHVillo ... a;ou p m
ArOrlamto 6:24 pm **•••
Ar 9:<H)pm
Ar Ta mpa miSO pm j.
Lruvf* Jacksonville (St. Augustine
Bion) 9:05 am, l:oo p ra, 4:00 p m. .
Arrive si. Augustine (Bt. Augustine U‘
s en) 10:30 a in. 2:30 |i in, 530 p m -
'going NORTH —Leave Tsmua s 00 P ™
(Culmn mail) aud 9:20 am; Orluiido i-.
night. 7:25 iimiuil I:2* pm; San for 1 •>’ *
in. 8:50 ain and 2:45 p ni. Arrive I
4:15 mill 11:30 a in, 5:30 p ra; Jacksonville •
a 111, 1:28 and 7:in p in, connecting " r
point* North and West. . , , f j
pm. Arrive Juckoov:Uti 10.00 nm*
6:20 p m.
12:30 p m a ban mad !•
through Pullman bleeper from . 1
'l umpa. and connects with ,r l
West und liuvan* Tuesdav, h .7|r*m
Saturday nigliis. soki p mCubau w h
Northward/hue Pullman Sleeper i * , cu
Washington. No chnugo of cars hti
Jacksonville and Tampa. . , ?nu ihsrn
Direct oennecllona wdh rlon
Railway at I’aiaua for V} it. It.
and LeeshUig, and with Ml. , ; mel
for Day lona. A t Tito-vtll.i • * ffi
’•Rockb dge” Tor all points OB f o; I'* 1 '* ’ { enl .
L.OEM I Mi, Gen. lick® 1 *n'
M. If. Molt AN, Gon. Sopt. --f
9uliitl'l>iiH Bitmtiitn.
City and Suburban Ry*
n s
( ) following schedule will be ol>*er'e
!>*• luburbao Mu*? ' T>T*
1 I * vT;i a H 'Va Lasv* i*o*ee*
(JITV. I tITV. I !•!■*
I0;jl AM *:4> A a •;** *JJ I '|# rj
:< r| 2;oU r H 1 .HO * ■ ,!J| r t
ui r a ■>* rU J
A irslii leave* mv every Mead*7
for M n.'gmiirry at ;4 *.*
• Thi* Gam (tiU t*oiulited
+ On Seiui dai* Mh* Gan | l* ,t *Y| -
r.. J.M

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