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Richmon d, Aug. 7.
110 prisoners from Pope's army taken
by Stuart's Cavalry,' near Gordonsville,
arrived to-night by special train; no
ollicers among them. No jmrtieulurs of
the capture have been received.
Richmond, Ati. 7.
Gen. Stuart left Hanover Court House
on Monday, Vith Lee's Cavalry, and
proceeded within eight miles of Fred
riekshurg,nnd learning thattwo brigades
of the enemy had gone in the direction j
of Hanover Junction, he went in pur
suit, overtook their rear-guard at Mas
sapona Shop. A skirmish took place in
which Stuart took sixty (GO1- prisoners
The enemy was reinforced,:tnd having a
strong position on rising ground, Stuart
fell back and the enemy did not pursue.
In the meantime a detachment sent for
the purpose captured a train ctf 12
wagons and 11 fly soldiers on tliu Fred
ericksburg road. Stuart returned to
Hanover Court House last night.
From Mobile.
Mohilk. Aug.S. A schooner from
Havana ran the blockade yesterday
morning. Her cargo is Powder, Lead
Caps, Salt, Coffee, Calvary Sabres and
From the North via Mobile.
Mouilk, Aug. 8.-A special dispatch
to the Tribune says persons from Mem
phis say that twenty transports arrived
there on Tuesday from below, and forty
from above. It is believeu that the city I
is to be equated and most of the troops .
-flicra svHt to mbor- uuiiiU Waving a
mere garrison behind,
The Chicago Time says not thiee
hundred troops have been raised in tnat
city yet.
The lemocratio Convention met at
Indianapolis on ihe 30th; 50,000 in at
tendance. It is the largest ever held
in the State. Cov. Hendricks presided ;
Wickliire, of Ky.; Richardson, Voor
ides, Carlisle, and others were present.
Resolutions were passed denouncing
the prosecution of the war opposing
subjugation or coercion denouncing
emancipation in every form, and calling
lor an entire change in the administra
tion. Wicklitie said he was for the
Union if the South and slavery were
not interfered with, but if war wnt,
waged to free slaves not another drop
f blood should be spilled.
On Ihe night of the 3d day of
.July the secessionists of JUiddle
lown, l)olav;iK, hoisted a Con
lederate Hag on n pole- which h;1d
Iteen erected by the Unionists,and
that early on the morning of the
!th 'he "Stars and liars" were sa
il uted with forty rounds by the
i npporters of the Abolition Gov
ernment. When they discovered
i heir mistake- they were so enraged
lhat they immediately haulod
clown the flag and tore it into
fhreds, and vigorously applied
themselves to washing the pole
,tyith soap and water to cleanse it
Jl'rom the polluting eil'eets of the
Confederate banner.
Trading with the Yankees.
The citizens of St Tammany Parish,
L'l., having petitio"vl Gen. Ruggles,
commanding as Pn.vost Marshal Gen
eral in that State, to be allowed to trade
with the city of New Orleans, in pro
visions ic, Gen. R. has returned the
following ible and patriotic answtr, re
fusing the request :
Fihst District Provost Marshal)
Genural's Okfich,
Tangipahoa, July 11, 1SC2. )
To Messrs. IT. B. Hand, Thos. Oilkspie,
ami other citizens of the Tarish of St Tum
mamj: Gkntlmen: Your petition nskingper
mission to open trade with the enemies
of your country, who occupy New Or
leans and Baton Rouge, the commercial
and political capitals of your State, has
been received by Gen. Ruggles, and I
am directed by him to reply.
In doing so I beg leave to call your
attention to General order No. 2, from
these Headijarters and to paragraph 1st
of General Order No. 9 from Depart
ment Headquarters, prohibiting all in
tercourse and traffic with the enemy, or
poisons within its lines, and announcing
the penalty of death against those who
engage in it. Copies of these are here
with enclosed for your information.
These orders have been called for by
the stern neccessities of the times, and
it is believed have met the most univer
sal approval of the loyal citizens of the
country. Nor is there anything novel
in the regulotions they prescribe, or the
penalties they announce. They but de
clare, and clotlie with penal sanctions
doctrines long established and univer
sally recognized.
Even in your communication, while
asking to be exempt from their provis
ion. you recognize their justice, for you
say : "We are aware that in time of war
there should be no trade between bellig
erents." But you urge that yours is an
exceptional case, and that to enforce
this rule would subject you to great
t or liO'W-iHwti -tlraft-tWt4 Vfc ViVSttttfci-
your country has been engaged in a gi
gantic struggle for existence. Her no
ble people have poured out their treas
ures as water, and like the ancient Pat
riarchs, have not even withheld their
children from the sacrifice, but have
cheerfully sent them forth to encounter
the toils of the march, the diseases of
the camp, and perils of the batile-field.
Hundreds of them have fallen by the
wayside thousands have lingered and
died in the hospitals, many of tliem for
the want of medicines which could not
be obtained ; and thousands more have
perished on the Held of battle. But
their thin and wasted ranks have been
filled by others, eagerly preying for-
1 -n t.iln flwi tilodn (f tf fulllin"
Will II IA tn.il. O ji..v fc ,
and to day your flag is proudly borne in
the face of and behind the foe by
men half-clothed, half-fed, and who for
months, have not known even the rude
comforts of a soldier's tent. Nor has
the annv been alone in tills respect;
every class of society has, to a greater
or less extent, been subjected to hard
ships and privations, which to their
lasting honor be it said, have been firm
ly and even cheerfully borne. And if,
gentlemen, the time has come, when
you arc called upon to take your portion
of the wide-spread sullering, the Gen
eral commanding hopes and befieve
that you will not be found wanting in
courage and fortitude to bear it like
men and patriots.
You say that if not permitted to dis
pose of your bricks, lumber, etc., they
will ba "mere rubbish on your hands."
You cannot Le ignorant, gentlemen,
that in this you but share the common
fate of yoiirfellow-eitiens. More than
two hundred millions of dollars worth
of produce Is now held by th patriotic
planters of the Confederate States, and
so far from seeking to sell or barter
this, they stand ready to destroy, au
have in m ny instances voluntarily ap
plied the torch, and with aelf-sacriilcin"
devotion worthy of men who aspire to
be In e, calmly see it reduced to fthes,
rather than sell, even at the most exor
bitant rates, to the enemies of their
country. And, if you will but turn
your eyes to a neighboring parish, you
may tlu-re see the very materials v hich
you fear will become'2''rubbish',ouyoiir
hands though but recently formed it. to
comfortable dwellings, and sheltering
helpless women and children reduced
to heaps of "rubbish" and ashes,whilc
their inmates have been diiven to the
woods, and deprived of all tv-ms of
subsistence. And this has been done
by the very men with wjiom you would
now open commercial intercourse ; to
whose avarice you would minister and
whose wants you would supply.
The General, commanding, directs
me in conclusion to say that regarding
these prohibitions of trallic with the en
emy, as essential to the successful de
fense of the country, he is determined
rigidly to enforce them; and that any
one who may be detected in attempting
to evade or violate them, will be
promptly brought to condign punish
ment. Very respectfully,
District Provost ! nrshal Gen'l.
L. D. Sandidge, C. S. A., A. A. A.,
and Inspector General.
The Confederate Arsenal and
Armory at Fayetteville N. C. may
be said to to be in full blast ; at
least there is nothing pertaining
to the Minnie rillo and sabre bay
onet that cannot be manufactured
there. A good deal of the ma
chinery and many of the tools are
manufactured on the spot, and
equal to any in the world. A
few days since a large iot of rifles
manufactured at the armory, wat
sent to the chief of Ordnance
Richmond, Va.
Besides making new ones and
altering old arms, the force at the
Armory has been engaged lately
in restoring and putting in order
several thousand Enfield and Bel
gian rifles, swords, sabres and bay
onets, and also several boxes of
pistols received from the Modern
Greece, considerably damaged.
They will soon be restored to their
original appearance and condition
by the industry and skill of the
mechanics engaged."
"Change op Prison. The hun
dred and fifty odd Yankee officers
including generals, majors, colo
nels, lieutenants and captains,
were yesterday removed from
their quarters on eighteenth
street, and more closely confined
in the noted Libby prison, corner
of Twentieth and Cary streets,
which is now nearly emptied of
the Yankee wounded. The officers
left their rather comfortable quar
ters reluctantly, but the miscon
duct of some of them rendered
the change necessary and impera
tive. Their personal eil'eets cots,
lounges and baggage were all re
moved with them, and carts were
running all day between the two
places. It is to be hoped, if their
comfort is not enhanced here,
their security will bo. Richmond
Yankee Congress has passed a bill re
casting the Judicial Distsicts which are
presided over by different Justices of
the Supreme Court. Among other Dis
tricts the following is coolly named :
Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and
North Carolina, Chief Justice Roger B.
Taney; South Carolina, Georgia, Flor
ida, Alabama and Mississippi, Justice
James M. Wayne;', Louisiana, Texas,
Arkansaw, Kentucky and Tennessee,
Jusiiee John Catron.
Our old friend Judge W., is likely to
have a leisure time of it. Savannah
dlcw GJvcitmmcnh.
Kev. I. N. Bradshaw, Principal.
Tilli next Mission of tins lus.itutc will com.
nioiice on Monday the 1st ilay of September
next, under Ihu direction anil professorship of
the Key. Mr. liradshaw, who litis had charge of
It for the last ten ininiihs.
Thi! Trustou in making this announcement
would most especially appeal U all citizens who
have daughters to educate, to send to this Insti
tiillon. Mr. Uradsliaw has had charge of the
school for the last tun months, during which
time he lias rendered ample, and we might Bay,
universal satisfaction to the Trustees, patrons
and pupils. There never was a better lime for
men to educatt their daughters than now
mousy is plenty everything a farmer raises
hears two prices, and the Tuition to this School
Is the same that it was when everything was at
low llgures. V hat excuse can there he now for
a man who neglects to educate his daughter?
None. Ilecaiiso here in Cleveland, u healthy
locality, ws have an institute, with au exedllont
Instructor, aidek by u sullicient corps of Assist
ants, to instruct all who may favor it with their
patronag. Let one all put their shoulder to the
wheel anil huiiu up a such a .School as w ill be of
incalculable benellt to us ami nil honor to our
town. We have the building and we have the
Teachers the balance devolves upon the people
Wo hope they may nohlv perforin their duty.
I he Trustees are thankful to the citizens for
the patronage bestowed upon Mr. Uradsliaw
heretofore, an 1 are glad to know that under his
administration the inseltutlou has not lost any
of the enviable reputation it iustaided in "the
better days of the Republic."
Primary Departments 00 per A nnuiu.
I'rrparatory 11 in oo
Freshman Class 20 oo "
Sophomore " 24 00 "
Junior " no 00
Senior " ho 00
fii Music, i'iano, (iuitarorj
Mclodcon j 50 00 "
Thorough liis ( Omp., ,tfcc, 20 00 '
French and other Modern 1 i
Languages, J , 20 00 each.
Ill the Ornamental Department ,full provis
ion will he made, ol the ord2nary prices.
The rule of payment Is one half in advance,
the rest by the middle of the term.
Hoard can be had in good families, and at
convenient boarding houses kept purposely for
voimg ladies. The price of hoard, including
lights and fuel, Is not to exceed if2.D0 per week.
U. W. 1'AliKS,
Aug. 0, '82 tiecrctary and Treasurer.
A persons Indebted to the estate of Dr. Win,
Kennedy, dee'd, are directed to come
forward iiiuiicitinti ly and make payment, and
those having claims against said estate, are
hereby notified to present them within the time
prescribed by law. J. C. WAKNKK, Adin'r
Augt II, '112. Jiatatc W. K. Kennedy, dee'd.
For Male and Female.
ON Lookout Mountain, live miles from Chatta
nooga, Tenn., chartered on the Kclehtlc
principle, students limited to twcntv-llve.
The third Scholastic Year begins on the sec
ond MoXDnY In September. T-hiH School has
successfully maintained itself amid the general
wreck of similar institutions.
Terms, $175 per icsslon of twenty wocks pre
paid. Catalogues sent, on application to
Chattanooga, Tenn., Aug. 8. '021 in.
A GOOD quality of white and bulT ruled letter
paper, of tiuuthem Manufnnturr.. for sale
much cheajier than the contraband article, at
the post-olhco.
Aug. 8, '02. 81
For Sale.
A DKSII!A1!I.H Itesidence within the corpo-i-
rale limits ol Chattanooga, containing ten
acres land, fair lmiroveinonts, ISO young fruit
trees, l!Hl ( abulia grape vines, and other fruits.
1 There Is a well of good water, nnd a cistern on
the place, For further information emiuire at
W, A A. It. It. ollice.
Aug. 0. 'U2-2W

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