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The Chattanooga Daily Rebel. (Chattanooga, Tenn.) 1862-1864, October 09, 1862, Image 1

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C0f V9XAT ss
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f7tiiiii nissiin wrtxfaVUT ro'WJbnd the &
""it- WcBW Wtri i tfiocwe certiS
t i Ji33s riSwottinK er will give no-
a -rW U CncripU in their rmcliTt
A. P. C.
mfifetses "Rpp-imfint.
r5.- -; .; -ir ;.
ls ' .pS'pBVdrj atUobed U ottier regime oU oi at
? - V - iMttssJt'snkMiiiuiu U iTgioocut without delay.
. Thsi SftafHiflil C ClMHri of HejrimcuU ami IIjI
IkAASlo'wktck' ay-5 re-imrnl are temporarilj
., ' ac4id.,T ealla to the late orders of the War Do
.'-V. " stapniMsU9ti tbe return of Ui-rio t!.ir own
-Jtj3teSA, Srs.earQfhtlr reqoid to aiJ mem-
Sfsfrt&ls reglawct itrapeedilr.rejoiuinir the ng
,SB;;nyt w vial t join .tyU rejjimnl are
Vsyystti tfr report at Ksox-
c - S of Ed.' C. rook.
LVrS id' ' VWx' K-A.HtlN. AJjoia.it.
:ti Fismaceinan Wanted.
; wriueck In roktnirriir Metal na T.rj
nasiw nmi.irrd 4nU u.ty
to77 l4'' P. A.'WlXlliSOX.Se'tsn. .1a .
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a . mitarv Blanks.
Kr v -i' riJaZLASTAi, GEO
- --.rmO-eifeWUts 3e6mriaar. atufeort notice
va omm, kjw.itwj Tarrctj uc mmiary i i a i
'- rrteafcEh wrk eaa be dun uy anv -iiii
1 fe-r.U Oafcderate -itates af A inert -a
v -fjRteI4ity aad seatsen, not xrlt d i
-1rm on. band H foIWlo
Weekly m. Mabr9 Lra v-Ca. .JtsJE,'- .i.rIin. L,i,r
-aaa.. . j 1 1 1 mi l it ' w'f
--4HGMfiint)ii.r.lr Mlii
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. .VI r m I Mil I B I i. S ' .
-.11., ' 1 . . . . j . ' m . 1
i 'Tanll3e .ilfKtll
. ---V'l' """",to camps two d. sab rod
g vrmv aooui s mile from t hiuia
.lairoaT-; 1
. taadr-wveat
TiiT ia bu
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iidr. .! 1
,Tmrjiy 01 ir ail. fcTaong them uie gt a
dwartpvar trtca. The hoowi ari all n-
Any oi
deairiaf ancb property n learn the tprtm br siip'v
iZ t K. HOOPER or W. F. HOOpGi:. '
2ja Afiitj.
P. 8. If tba ahnve .r. prtv ia nnt aolJ U-f.np
BATUfiSAT. Iba thth if Uetoir. It n pO.ed at
aoellaa, lu ChalUnofa, on that Any. Teima.ot.e
.third eaSh, las baianra on one ant tw'o yr' errdit,
wiikiareat fntn dje purchaser baling the right to
pf all at any toaa, and toa iulerant,
r tlt VACr.HX A- RON.
AKD pat ia Jail in Chattanonca. Hircilton connly .
Fsat TnnKe. on the 3d day of Octfber.lS2.
aSCCftO MAN by the sane of JOHN, who y ha
Moaga to Win. Ian, of Memphis. Trim. aid boy
M "lack, S feet 3j inchea high, 70 years old.
U- J. H. SWA IM, Jailor.
KI pot ia Jail in Chatunonga. Hamilicn eonnty.
'Fast Tennaaaec, on te 3d of Octoh-, lSi;?.
tEORO' MAN. who mya hi name is jACX.and that
ibehnrata John Pride, of ttparU, White county.
.Tens, riaid b"y l btaik, 15 yaar old. 5 feet I iueb
aifcb. J.U.SWAIM,
eett " . Jailor.
AIXt PHS0N3 bavin? t'hoir pmpertj inutied.
or ranted. i.y Sargeont or ntlier officer, fur (
rrnnent pnrpo&es, will preaeot t' eir i!un f .rthwitlt
for Mtr'flnt-
All rJIlcra cenpj int property f-n hopit tin or rf -r-ic.
irr nqtiwrd to ret ort the rar-ie (f owncn.priv e,
Ac., to tbtt i ffice imnicJiataly.
from iate of th n ndvrrnfn-nf p- "-i n :..r ren:
Willi's a flawed, yTJts ln rrt.tia-t 4'rl j.,pf-;i
aU by tne. ' JOHN p. THiM -.
M.ijor ar il T t Qua: tt-i nm-it-:.
CsstUBOofsaT-nn.i .t. 1. iii';. ,5 i
Touhc Faimrs of Fast Tenaosic.
My nlnrr, tor ti.o pwut i- a il nt . Oi m U: rc
W" ' Kn.xvi le Lutor ,d l.e-o to n. ,i
ilr p.-tft wiii artecded in .
J. F. CI' -.!.! I MH.
t-f Wj : .-t..t C s . C. S. A .
Xy 2"20 pr Konlit and Katious.
A. F. JO.VF?,
ILL b p id -t rt utii-ciijri.rd
of a SAY it A lit
i-t bi nn.dn.rs. a,,., :,,.,-.:
X t;isrt.kni. lun.
aprirt li h.i ch t
vartadaad h.ir w j
'' -fdev - -M iit i t
.3 a.k W4- ai.a t
i e ven mfm ia- ivp i i
Tii. n.ri:m.
are nfluureu iibi -.nirtj eiKnt rm ol 1 ot th2 unbiined dead. Ne t a sound field niece
9 or e'lriitT of ihe aliare vlirod 1 a-o...s . . . '
the P:w a rtx.l spring of free -tone rr """a r wagon; not a lent, a box
orchard of ar uiur irstu of almost ri-rv i oI 6,J,'t',t or a lojiul ot aim.uuuition. He lakes
AUK armiea ltrJ all th
t iiiici.aw tU'tlal prit-c vi . w n...l i.r k i etxri t ..stii.. 11
IV. tfew ai Cm. . being n.Ml in the exiteu e. The detachmenf "V ,K'"f f 6 V-"Z a large inde, eudent-corps or
k nnruy ..r-l, lo ... , . ,l,Un ; ; , , ' "r i'1' ' . , ' "' - diers. who i- .,,.".1 . " . T ?hlld.
t: t,r irrnv-'iT. aa. wr.j .n .'.ar tm: j.whiiii u . ir uivw j. i i n nes ii.oii.tie r.i g in Ihe cround .1 i , t . ' 1 ,cm won a iiai-fa.,.-
fi.tnea. 1 1 . . v I... , . i.. i:..? u" tie. slid who IS ilStlllLMiixli.l f. U.....I t V?" '
. . . v.. '. - r ..i ii i.v a iii'ipi UiJiCrOllS at l.l i i . r v.... iWi i UL'tu itjM lit..
ti nfirai Bfif fn .V. ....;r..- .-i ..- . , . . M a"a , msiiboriliii:.ii..t. ....,1 ti. i.i.... f fe
? i .j i . " ' ' " -N -, .12 re I I i liie leave lakisn'' .t ice&iess exu union.
bv rr irk. wil' Le '.iu-n...: I "- :- ' -. JUi.s and old men. .. . " te -wm wicu nas rna.ie-r
lll'ATlSIa Hit TIIR HAILT hKfck.I
Richmond, Opt. 7.-!n.(ho senate .the JIua.se
bill to rovidf shots for th urir w iar.c;
ri..;. v:i 's.'i v. : . r
iou iiuiini; Liiii ili vim iinn.i iiiAt'iH 111 - if i n i i
T . . I " ' ' --..v.
voiis in Congrwiioii:i.l iiBrict3 for the exami
...-nation bjr S4it(;eiin of co.n.L-i iptn.
was oiai -
pied by a circus-stcn cof the
the bill to piaiaiuh .WBtffri;'cUou-or j;ebel.
aguiii6t tt.e Confederate Statea, arid to ey
suns irithin tris Confederate Governmetit.
i Kt-
..wu4fcciji.l,.oii.;ifni - wiaiM some .i ns ri.l.-. Hpirila are tv bo alwayti
other laid on Cbi
iiiiU l,i;T'I?irTT":,"Hie intitnatioii we had of the existence
authorir.iug thHs President to
receive into ser-
ie cernun rj-iiueuts anci i.attalnons herjt...
fore raised. "
JJr. Uoimonot. delegate from the Cherokee
iifltim wnk rw?mcif.! i., .. .1...
to a Heat within the bar
of the lie use.
Tlie bill authorizing the icspei.sUn of the
writ of lfibeas torpes was diensned until ad
journmcnL IIi:-Aiiiio thk I'ARorrD "Boloikr?. Two
jjen'lemcn from tho iciuity' of Washington
infurtn iia.oii what lh-iy tateera credible au
thority, that tlu Yankee gotrnmeut is play
in? u same of stiipendoua. villainy with the
Confederate Governtiiciit. " .
The reioit was rife in Wfiiiintm. tl.nt
soldiers our army capi.ured at Warper 'b Ferry
i were orfai 'iu
to tl an citv from the Kelav in:
the vara ami iiained ..iMy in.iiehed to the - V -
'.Iv t,,,f3iw'- v: JM.iJ. And in or-
wv.,.vi ii iuu Mi.iiiie;ui rreaciiery, the
in umber of the rogin cuts . w re chanpfed or
I their uni'orins in or h i to escape detection..
For example, tli.- .I9ih New Y.rk would be
. s'.mp.y changed rn the 12tt!i. These
men nan cd no regiment thus chaug
thus changed, fut
: tin.
rr? not in tne CIIV as thov nst nrulfr
.1 - , - , - - ........
me i'.ui 01 itemg s tvssion;.sts-.but tliev ob-
tainetl then- ii:orma:i.n frt.ni m
ii.iu nuci-ii oui wnik.a iiarwipd ap-rftnnt I I. Ta
.i.ergr iiit ha,! Leon ordered to report th:? n uin-
tT -i wis i.ic i iae neiit morning, lor the . pur -
l-w.-e ol being aimed and ho i;xDress-il 01.no-
' ni!'j:i thereto. .
, ui-uwiu-r is one 01 such Importance that
II ue:.i:iu.ti III V08tnr.lt lOll. lor what d.i. our
t cause gain if f.aro.e.I men. either wiiliivgly or
... iz . y' T P. a'"'H a"il,nst previous to
twwTiI!? cx'.-haiigo.!. i reJ.:ri:kh -tr.j lh,.tU.
-. k r 1 1 . . . . " '
). r. - : r
corresrondeiit of th Vaw v,-t- T. ;u..-
1 - - - - - - tv
- - -""nft" tfrlanrTTrTieir their resencu in tlieRpl-J
"tuilr. ..ft'., r. :i . ... I .1
- - - , - . uin, ... ill. 1 1 . e. t-i in (4K.-11 iiv
.;! J.ave-oiih4r2 le-brag of, und
. -r
enexar : Tia einlla hi Marrland mm.
! I'!
It flunrt. VnnnUm 1. l,.l
1 O , W - .uuauj imj.JVI i. 110 III. Ill V
Da.c4. UVra inivn us ir.e as&ns ot his
pieoea of artillery, a
feV bundle ! tf his itr:igg!er, perhaps two
ina as many -more
With h
most IndecUiive cf the war.
ftS- A
. .
aoiiiiin..ii iui 1 tnum ul-i en .
Cincinnati Gazette, says :
j it turns out that we nave wholly lost the I
1 advantage of the Luge number of prisoners !
paroled by Gen. Burijsi.'e in North Carolina
and .McUelJan 111 estem Virginia, as M ell as
of nunibcis of other prisoners taken and pa-
rjlcd at d iferent times. The Rebels have uni-
fonnly kept accurate and complete lists oN
ririo.kl.nrL. ll.n.i 1...... .. I r .
vjr nii uiifii irom us and parol-1
a - .
tw, oiiuv B lull- jaiieu 10 De equally exact.
They, theiefore, in nmkii-g exchanges, refuse
to recgnize our sUtementa alKmt tmn.l.r-
J p:aoled at Kich Mount lin, Koauoke and some
oiner points, un.ees we enn prr diicc satisfacto
ty descriptive lists, Mhich is of ceurse out of
our power, f hey thus ett their own unruled
prisoners "back tnto sorvu e by making an ex
change, while ;!ioii6amls orourn, whom we
could promptly exchange for the Rich' Moun
tain and either Rebel prisoners, if we only had
the hstvare still bound by their parole. and
thus kvpt ott of our hen ice.
pChdolit '
froiii K.n
of G.-n. I
A -Km
nun 1 . 1 1
i.'.r W y
:L.s 'r.'y.
f the St. Louis (.m - rAi..-.
, ... , . , . ' " '
- 1 ; J. ' description of soi:j,i
s .-Iu:. rerrs. ns fwib.it '
lar llllhSlt 1
. . . . . ,
.1. ..!.'. .l I.a!ie'l 1-ew negro
A airn.-.l today nt Camp
I.M-tt'e Hrii !'!. hi Jvar a ..r
l.ane !
Xara&jt, . or p. ite
1ht-ir dpirtu.c fro-u Leaveli x rth
l-dlvan eve Ur,,
1 en
e '.- 7
, -jinr-i . gi ipt.
iv.-ry.aiui -Uo.l bress t
v- ere
v i.i:
t ( n.a.uiL
Lit. I .)iahable.-m,.!:t.i
.! stvle.
One . crip-ded .lar.ey. !
vr...g- .,. ,o,;.iu.!ir!.,d.1,onishedthem
w M .ir piurk. .inieiu.s; iu br shr.w ;
.L-..t',.. W-i,." .
Y"ik Jli:
Lit. il. - .t-
u:t.r err .!r;stt.E. The No
a recent ilaiy' contains the f.l
r ,
A it !'t r i .- :vo :i in this city from an o.lic
lilt fll. Klf. ili'.i.l- V
: Mob;!. u rne .'Will lilt., stajes tliat Ik-.-.AH. I
..;..." f. . U..4 ...;., i r. "v-
Orleans with Stt.and r:..t in i. rnrk iiu '
j I e i,,a.:e n, u erv few d .vs A I-Wt M ,r. !
,..,.. , ... ...j-.,.... , i
ilil th SlIllolicK ':itlirH tr T r..l.. ...I '
n.r ts., , w i. a.r;j- ..rrr t?".j -Mcv,icban, ana by
. ...v: ..... uirciI,r,. our nor Moriran of New
. . ... i.i pteeipuaieu upon tendimr the ConTfntion
them, and we have nothing k-lt but to close up " . ? r L"TeinUo"'
th.. ,..r.t ..r .. i....n. fi.- c" A., . .V'Tt proved of -Us object, an i
.... . v,i "jiia iiiu iieieesi.uiooiti.ai
e-.-!. .Jl" ' f"-r'e- im-
I'"" - "r"-""''--
, C . X .r i..X. f i
Tllt? New York Hem' J
savs :
A Ji'ot IliS L..M-U PCt I1U fro
lv t!n ra-Ji calif
ot in -orth to uKolish the l'ni;ti, ihc t'omti
tmin-i ;ni, nni f. Livery toott.rr, vitli..;lt ro
.lr.l to the loal. moral or uwOi.il utfAMrU-s in
t!)U V.J.V ..I' . I j ...... ., .!...(
i mt-lu riwue lV. in tl..- xccnriun of their ,!.
l Patv'progran.iiif
ui'If. if he hjill
Kveu the
cou'tmne tti
li vsi.lent him
at. in. 1 in their
.....I ,(1 ttJ- ,
I I'ut.i. m.iat bo swept away, an.l with hiiall the
i' Eiir itiikj 1..... I . ..l : i
"Tliat a revolutionary conspiracy has I'-. n
l"'!;4"'"" ''" '.-nje
.. 1 -
time-at the North, nu.lo
' ot ti.e KoutKilieu la. or tle I'u
i II
f the Koundhea.
n iijw- placed
.hevond u doubt.
of the
'iwn-!iiatw ure the lineal
i wriiiiaiwr".
J Illu-I Koili.
Uln-I luiill. iiliailS 111 Ku 'lm.l. u.-li..
j i-oui.rry f.;r forty yearn in hot water a;ul civil
I i . .
Thi treatioiidhle coiiHj)iracy be-.ui
I . '' in.i a nan hn niiiiuicain is in
i.umius umtr .nriiierii r.iaies,
1 fou" J ut national csiniul.
af this secret
r.u ., ... ,. , ..
- i rtf i. i i- i ill :im i i Kin a ! a ina iiumi'i I
i ..... Z a. T -1 1 I
u.-tt. to thecal of Secretary Stanton for troops,
; hi May last, when he refused to send the desir-
i ctl r"i""'"ll3 "'tiuiatin-r tliat the rail was not
. v .... "uivuiui iiuuivw, ui aiusfuuiu-
1. "r?;i1- l,l,t fchanj otie,. but that if tl
er V V7. , : 7, "f , V UMl '-,,u,w 1 res"
:eM was in eariu'sr. aiul wniilii irni-1:iin iiirm
.ratt rnity and equality, ami let tho blacks fi-rht
, , r- o "
side ly. side with white men. then 'the, roads
woiiM swarm with the multitudes that New
England would pour out to obey tiie call of the
Secretary of War. Fti other words, Governor
Andrew would deliberately let the government
be overthrown by the rebels of tlnr South un
less it consented to submit, to ihe dictation of
tlie KoundIical, and agreed to a . fanatical p'ol-
t-t r .. . . .!
icjr.wiiicn.ti succcsaiai, would make the fcoutii
another St. Dominiro, and inflict a blow uio:i
the whole
country, trom which it. could not rc-
cover in half a century "
the' tii'itriiurin ri-iwcpm u-v
TV. v.- v...u 11 i.i : .
( TUe recent withholding of troops from tho
igeneial government in the hour of need, and
the developments of tho radio d Governors at
A Itoona. complete a chain of evidence as t
the existence of a most dangerous Cbnspir.tcj.
Their object appears to be t prolong the war,
in tiruer i lil.iKe loliuues tor tneinseivvs 01
their friends by contracts, and at the pome
. :..... .1. -1: ..-.I t t ,i.
1 mould iiiu 11111 msiucuiUCl iuciii vi iin.
-but they ob-j United States; in order to the permanent coi.
jentlwmau whoftrol of the Northern section by a fanatical
1 .. i.:..i. u i -i
their standard of fnorality and religion, lik-s
; the tyrant Fiocustea.-who, if his victims were
ir.. ....- f ..riimir ;n r.Ur r
; them to 'tin dimensions o the bed on w hid 1
he (ortured tin1
em, or.
if they, were too short,"
' Ktretehcd
ihrui to the
requisite length
pon one
frivolous preteuco or another the
j troops raised iu several of the Northern States
have not been sentiorward bv these Governors
f 10 Washington. Iii a siugle btote ten thoti-
,in" are. said to. be retained. J lie fact Of ths
1 ? TVB. " 'l?i j01 he Id backartliis ParUcu-
; might have rendered the great battle in Mary-
: - . . .. -- . . .
laud immediacy decisive bv preventing the
escape of the rebel army into Virgiuia.Tirwerfifr-neu, if a few men had been Heated for thei
siguiBcant, wiieu cvupied with auotnar tact
developed nt Altooua. that the radicals'prci
posed toaU upon the President to Teu.ove
Geu. McCIellan just after he liad won the most
brilUsnt victory of the war, and ware onlytle-
leaiM in tneir attempt to carry this proposit
Upn by the threat of Goverm r ToJ, of Ohio,
that the people w nl J rise tip en masse agaiui.t
iheni, ana by the conserva'tve course ol-Jov-
crnor Curtiri. of-Fenns lvabia. who sunnorted
. . ... . w - .
tho rebuke of Gofer-
York, who declined afc-
becauso he disar
maintained that ihe
loyal and patriotic way to serve - the Govern
mtnt was to scsd it men, as he did, New YdrSi
luiiuiuumu-Hiuro uoopa in proporuorj
j jib p"uiiiiiou man any oiner oiaie, unaer
:.. .. i..: .1..... .1 ...
the lust two. calls. The conspirators showed
their teeth ; but, with the representatives of
,,ie Kreat yta,e of New. York, FermsylvanU
ai, t)',i" sgainst the radicals of. tho New
Lngland Stateswhat could they do ? ' ' '
opinions or wxl ktrest os tub was. ;
T,,e Herald of the ?Cth ultimo, says : 1'
"Evidently Wall street does not believe fhji
nAA.r l 1 i t . . . . . .
" nous oi me rauicais mat trie war will bo
over in thirty days, that Greeley's nine iun,
urea tiiousan.t reserve of abolitionists .will en!
list, and that the highways of Masaachnsetta
will swarm with Governor Andrew' tromW
ri..i-iti I. 1 n r . . . . . .
. .... i.ii,,iu luiinvijucuio ji me i resicw
u.iauvijuuu pioeiamatioD t all street is
practical, and cannot rely upon propheciesand
preaictions. -Neither does it fail to see that
the revolutionary governors are obstructing
recruiting, delaying the draft and holding backj.
oi.icis aireaay eiuisiert, becaue olsome fouP
conspiracy and diabolical intrigue, which-has
alreiidy borne -fruit -in crippling McClellen, by
depriving, him of reinforcements and assist.
ance. und which mav ranlf .;i.r .i;
4 tTOUfiUrtXI'Ai MParA nr nt at,. 1
! mf r V.IIIVI III at 19
t a. .t. sif ... tl mi
.: . ;". "v ..... ""necessary iroionga'
.'" i"c all meet cannot under-
stand and does not like these" secret clubs' of
war i.nuimiltees. thtK. inruif.r;..... . ...... ........
1 . . .. .
. . ' , - - w . v . . -1 .1 viuciiin
1 w',verV?' ,''v,e fH'!-!.,'t scsions l rrovi-
- I "'".rt"na. tncxplicablo letcntion
. . 'l -'7l. (1 cticJl -dis unionists,
th:.8. r.w uei forence with McCIellan, this
radical bullying of the Administration, thin
i .... 7 - """.'."incu. raij
. 'J ut. CXthe opportuniti
, Wall ..r;j, ThTandiehcetlr. At
, :SKUTT W( t meetinS lUchrd O'Gonnan will
t i , If,xt 1 ,M" c Jccitement and? S f iW.l- - . . : -
H r,se 1" I'- of the street-th liWlfF - s ;...' -....r -
ft n i
"V. -Hther tho government has any
. .. I
. u.. . i t. ui tr tins lever, nr wiu.riii-
r ii .J
Lincoln cures to cure it by dismissing, his-ob-'
ti.xior Cahmet and reorganizing it npoli s.'
conservmve basis we cannot 8AJu It do.
r a -- 7 " f i w
. .....f ,..... . . t . . - - . a,
.i ..n
nv-iui, ov an earnest-iiiifl.,--ki-t.fi
v tales in tavor el- Twinairiir4jai
r.,..: L.' . ? " """.'v Pcur Kufr
''. . asis we cannot saiu It can Kallincr ,lvnt!i.r. r fh- wTfhdraxval of nearly
,.7i , 7. w. . . oj"i,raco that body bjviasiLioIestad urdesa necessarv lor the subsistence
M'geu to UpiiOid the Constitution aril!. llA
Lmou against al attacks. wheth.
uniAu a V1" I-... Ia r s
cmou against all attae-ka. i...k" T2.r-1
Lonists of ihe South or the nd'esJ 'sua
abolitionists of ths North. ' O
. Zatat-!cwa from ihe K !.
From ilia Birlioiond DUpatch, Oct. 3d.
A in.tinj was held at the Democratic head
p:iartert. in New York; on Monday nicht. at
Vhich about 1.0UO ieransweie ureaent
Hon. James Brooks, of the New York Express,
first addressed the meeting. After denoun
cing the emancipation-proclamation:
He then bpoke of the second nroclaniation.
1 O'i.n to ihe people, if you agitate this nub
. " ,B F
jcvt ycu shall he put in Fort Lafayette. PLot
thriii try it Laughter."' It was a proper co
rallary to the lirst. The provost marshal
JhisseHj sf the Stale or city of New York, is
mado tlio judge of our loyalty, aud any person
al enemy may obtain tho incarceration of any
i ill tf us. There are two points in the proclama
tion. The first is, the suspension of civil and
the establishment of martial law, and the se
cond is the suspension of the habeas corpus.
A That .nghtwhich our ia.glisli UUus have ..wpf!gye!son denounced him ait Blap
.Tliad since the damages is aniuliod by a proc- ,,t.a Mm r tjie factf- Ulvi3 gtepid back
laniatiou, and citizens are arretted without
knowing why or wherefore, "lulamous."
Never, never did the revolutionary fathers,
who struck bright and free the sparks of liber
ty, delegate such, power to the Executive.
Could tSey tell that for his speech they blmuld
not be in Fort Lafayette to morrow. "No,
uo."j If it was not a period of war we siiould
have no hesitancy in saying, "llesistanco to
tyranny is obedience b- God." Tremendous
applause. Tho ballot box - is the remedy.
Form hmgo processions, bearing the rod cap of
liberty, and protest, .beg. inqnwie a return ot
our liberties. You're right b-cad the Con
stitution of the United Stales, Kccurmg to ev-
I V nuns, frctilnrm of Rui-rrcll. trial bv Itll'V.
and protection in his .peisou
'"' I'rult l t - v -
lie am not propose ever to give uj. me con -
stitution .or surrender to tne rebels. I Ap -
, -j .... .. w v. , ; -
war on a nurereni principle, anu laKing
sword ui the right hand ana the t.otistituuou
in the left, and wave the country turougn the; -i . .,1:-1 ... . , ' : . a- 11
... ti-i 11 11 1 1 lu ii'Se.i tause was an insult oflered by
Constitution. Cheers I lie w i:i 1 suiioun 1 1 ( v..i .v.-, .1 ' 7
, . 51, ,J , , ., , '"-" -els. hi to ti?u. Davn. 111 threatetimg to
the rebels, una leave treason to sting ilsd lo :,,,.,.. .1. . ,....,. ,.. ,.f r ,...;,, ..
'death. Thisge.i-r.iphual ide.. "t oven u:uiingj
i tlie ,So;i:hern territory with acclimated
.ovineru men is .1 iiit:ory uiai in-.i i.e.i. lie
iabhorrei secession and aboliii ..:s:n e.ia ly.
Jell. Davis is a rebel only two years ol I. U eri-
deil I'ltiliiiis is, bv his own conlcs.s.i;. a lelin
el twenty years old. Applause.) W.th the
excetiou of the little liepublic 01 ao .M n iuti.
011 a peak of the Appenuies, we aio :il y
KepuL lic now in existence, and we'are nrk
ing out the grand problem. . Tyrants in Eu
rope are using all their poweis twsid veit
our priiboiples. More than even iiow-is it ne
ccssar3 to i;.i;iress uoii 'he Northern mind
tiiat -Liberty, hberiv. liberty, an I I'u-.on. now
and forever,are one aiul inseperatde.
." Cheers !
hC'l in Foul
Mr. NMiuablc. who wsii iki'im iso
Iafayette", then addressed the meeting.
Mr. Lincoln, lie said, will be suiuioi ted bv
jallAUai htiJWUaaiiUUiuwJiy. Aiiulaiwe -J
ff K 1 v.. Iv Lnri-I inn mm
Und saddled the n.untry with a debt "nearly
f . -.. -j .v..
euual to Great Dri Iain's. There
was a time
ftitemjds at destroying the labor and peace ofre(J.,ect lo ,lo8e Courteif8. not to sav d'ecen-
tkis e-juntry, as loyal men havo since beeiH
tfeated by imprisotnnent, this might have
been prevented. Applause. The clap-trap
knavery tit. tlie Secretary of State is double
tongued, like the serpent. When ho utters
anything, lie sliapes jit in such a way that, if
the party he belongs to turns a back somer
set to-morrow he can swear as well by his in
terpretation as be can by the position of the
party to-day. When imprisoned in Jroft La
faelliae was oflered . his freedom on condi
tkn of taking a certain oath, which closed as
follows; "And you do further swear that you
wjll never, by wrmug or public speak
ing throw any obstacle in tho .way ol
wnatever jaeasuro this administration may see
fit to adoDt." I Laughter aud hisses. 1 lie re
fused to take the oath TGreat applause.!
The time is coming when he would revenge
him self. f Cheers. - Kcmember tha. ires
speech will not . be crushed. No, Never.jT
Ii&pritH.inmeBttiiay begin again, and at last we
will Im triumphant. - Jlen must depend upon
Dllblic loratora dnd the nublic ureas, aed-thev
in fast judge how near the' are rightfGodi
Ahuichtv himself, when amid the clarknsss ot
cn&os lie laid the atafrnant waters IB oraer.
said "Let there be icht." I Applause. 1 Ana
now. amidst tli moral, civil, and WKiticat clw-
os"of cur country let the battle-fjry of the De-
mocracybe. "jitat, there be IignL", "Ctieers.j
If the free-xbl-uiern white man is to lose his
liberty in the atrocious effort. U make the de-
sceuneat oi Jiam nia eqnai, niicu it is
time that we begin to investigs ttvwnether tne
teachings of the party which tsbrtncmg about
Uthin damnable result aw ng&t r wrong, i ue
doctrine announced by. SiqKrtV!lnieron tne
great Winnebag plnndorer, irita has robbed
tha Go vernmenFcoffers mor thin SOT crinai-
aal that eveir diserraced the sranals of a conrt
ftnti ne am fhA ool V nlatSi bV whicU lie Could
Iy ls.ill-goUeti gaiip.'a.pbKlfmtiop'
fm- Jtower, Kke Ua trbitraty luis X
f V.. ll tm,K. )A AbOll-
onists, like that monstrous , jackass, Johp 1J
'remont. ff-iiwhter and attntaus. I
perivnee of history teaches s that whenever.
from ireneratiou to generation, you ien
knot Af the l&horine- claaaea of a Country t
n,owcrbeyond their reach, in a IHtle "tihije the
following the -paternal -example, auopi
geuuauction, aud submits until at lengto
chains are bound upon. H wiiuojh fuy
cSauce of breaking. It is almost the history
It is the natural eaect oi iw
u,,,,,, f .,., ..- .
(f liZ ai J 7 : M V' "lV . .mftrla at the
v. . ....... r
1 1 row NoKTHFjut Micsocki. UeliaUl inior
... it .i. rc
uaaiion nas neon recoiveu nero to tne
t North Alissouit is almost entirely in poss-
inn lha G.kiil.aM le'Tft-Kid rrfv K'hrt. 111.'
jwioii va tuv ttan litoi il a w a 4 . v '"-m
r !.-. v..rY.lrn t.-j t;u-,f r rfHr.
u o - - - r . -
v, c--..i..,i ..ml-ii'uui
laotual coBsent prtrate;property was not
tr...rtiAAVi tK- .,t..inr n.rlia.
JT, V,"' "7 rrv:"TrL'T " .u.
ctor should belong all the property
of the
feated party. lUthmand Whtg.
' Tat killing' f Bil'H IWImn. '
LonsTiLLR, SepL 2?. Tli: re are mnj con
flicting accounts of the shooting of (Jen. Nebou
i General Davis. About a week ago, NeSson.
placed Davis in comtna'nd oi the Home Guard
forces of the city. ' Attiighit Davis reported to
Nelson the number of men working on the in
trenchments anJ ehrvllcd for service. Nelson
cursed him for iwt hitvinpr irore. faviii replied
that he was a funeral ol$c ir, and demanded
the treatment of . a ffentleniau. jNelsou. in an
insulting manner, ordered hlui to report to Cin
cinnati, and told him he would order tke Pro
vost .Marshal tt eject him from the city.
Tli is morning Gov. Morton, of Indiana,, and
General Nelson were standing riear the'deslc,
in the ( 'alt House, when General Daris ap
proached and requested Governor Morton to
witness a conversation between himself and
General Nolson. - lie demanded of Ne)ma un
apology for the rude truatmcjit hu had received
laBt week. Nelson being ff. little deaf asked
clenched his fist, and again demande J ai apol
ogy. .Nelson slapped nun in tiro fiico, and
ugaiu denounced him an t. coward. Davis
turned away, procured a pistol from a friend
aud followed Nelson, who was going up stairs.
Davis told Nelson to defend himself, immedi
ately thereon firing..
The ball penetrated his left breast, and Gen.
Nelson died in about twenty minutes.
Gen. Nelson requested to' see his old friend,
Kev; Mr. Tulbot. Hector of Cavalry Episcopal
Chnrch, who ws .then at the Gait House. Mr.
Talbot adinini.Hiered the Sacrament according
to the. forms of the thurch. The General re
pealed the service after .the minister, and re-
fllrf..l III I lit." fill fillV .itlis.s uiil.iit II..
!gret ted that ho had r.ot long ago turned his at
tention to religion.
, Vtsclssxru epUly. liC'2. Bri- Gen Je.T.
; Davis rr.mt .Maj. Gen. Nelson on the ttepa of
iiie t.u uoiise, at Uomsville
tli.s morninz. as
j tlie latle
.1 w:.s cuU-riiig the atr eet, aud chot him
i tjea,j
vos, ,.j a"flt.r j"ie orj
(jeM "y 777 r' '
w a 11 1 j 1 1 1 1 nwi 1 a 1 ' 1 k
ered him t.i i i-sa.i t u
I (Jen. Davis gave himself
sip to the authoii-
The Louisxilie coricspoiidei.t of the C;nc:n-
nat; Times says : .
Gen. Davis em into the Gait lions.! at half
past .6 oV'ock ihis morniiig. where he met
Gen. Nelson, aid referred to the insulting
treatment he had received at his hands iu or
del ing him to Ciiicimrtii. Gefi. Nelsoi. cursed
Itini in the i.K.st inl'aio ),is manner, and struck
him in the lace se vend times, and then retired
a few piiceD. Davis borrowed a pistol Irom a
friend. aJ
ti:ii l::i l
ivauced npou Nelson, who bv tliit
gained tne bl.iir-.vav. walked ihrc-.llv
Up ! l:;m. u l tired. 1-vei vboily wl.o wit
uesbed th aiFiir justifies D.ivis. J'
Tiu New York WorM, nolicinj' (he affair
savs : "
Tlie deceased wan a brave man and a good
n bri i.t inn ! rMii.iil linr Tii...! t.-. t ,..
cies of lile, without whic'b ability and liravery
are nseleas iu a military leader. ' He was bias
phemou.. indecent and abusive beyond all
precedent in fit's conversation and deportment
towards his equals and inferiors in rank.. If
one-half that is reported of iritn is true, it is
a marvel that he was not shot months since.
Such a man no matter what h,i claims. bhouJfN
not nave ueeu permuiem to remain in tue armyi
a month. H was perpetually vitiating-that
most essential or the army regulations, which
insists on Acond-ct becoming a gentleman.'
Had he been displaced for this cause.it would
have ibeeir worth a victory to our.arrnies in
the warning it would have baeu to the mass
of our officer, whose discipline in this respect
is very defective
Later from ff w Orlaams.
We are inaebted to a gentleman for a.
Orleans paper of the 23d ultw the day the cir
fiscation . law was to begin to oporaie.. - The
Delta baa the following lit alluiwin lii inait law.
wesnpposo: . 7 -. :-
"Ths-city iosented quif t,n. jpicited ; ind
bnsy sppesdj'-'ce yesterday,- I'eopilo thronged
Hons ofBoS tw which tne reqairemSBti'.pf late
military ordtnrs ate complied witn; ikod we per.
cei ve some of the foreign consulate. ' pitrticn-
lariy tbs British surronncled by crcra'ds." '"
The news fa of the slightest interest. Butler
had issned a harsJs order for the larriose of
checking the Stealing by sold par of mvate
property, it makes the omcers. iresponsiuie
for their commands, afid declares tlbat restitu
tion tons t be made from their ppcki;tau .
Nothing is said of thu recent, vtonfederate
victories. I he subject seems to M enuf ely
ignored; .---w- ."'r '. '
jjThO IMWwing is' an ordier in addition to ths
confiscation law : :. .;,.
Cftasf' 70rer;No. 7S. '
irannfers of tiropurty or rbrhii ol' pron-
jeiis. peairnriKwit personal or lucoi-poreal, ex
fept vMcessarjr- f ooo, moutcioo auui . ckhuk;,
either by W of ss,K rift,; pkdgd, prrmexit,
tease or lon try su inhaljltsjat of fiis TJepdrV
Dscht wbo biks vaot retnriwd to his or her aJJe
eiibes to the .United States 'fhsTingr 6no been
a citiiten thereof.) are forbidden sn4 void, and
the persKm nweivingshsiIbe pmUslwd ty Hoe
tbc Imprisonment, or both. -' . : - ' -'i
v ji All registers oi mo wansiToi oertiucatss
of stocks or shares in any incorporated or joint
took conji.y:or aasochktion, inwlfcb ajayiu-
babiisint urtliiS Leprtnieru who has not re
turned to liis or her allegiance to the HJnited
Biates, (having once been a citizen thtireof.l
has anv interest, are forbidden, anil th clerk
or other officer making or recording tlie tri&B-
er will be heTtt equally f;nilty with tins trans-
erer. . . ,
r-r ' liy order ot
. " ' ' ; ; Major-Gen. EcTsav,-'
Tho death of Dr. Edward Senner Coxe Is an-
oonncecL ... "
' ' There was a large bomber or arrivals from
sea on the 2Lii aud 2Ud, with heavy, cargoes,
Sklmost entirclr of provisions. For th two
days oxfj two vessels had ; ctearod, boa id far
,ewYcrk. Their cargoos wars MnuILi To
gether I hey had j uat twenty liptles ort cotin.
Mcb'iH iViAfnA '.. -i- i
Imfvrlaat frwna Kent aiefejr.
CixcisNATi, Sbm. 28, 294?ii:e
Last night rebel cavalry captured iAglitfckj
Ky on the Ohio riyer forty miles abovjj tha
city. After robbing the houses, they destroy
ed the place. The citizens fled to the ChW
side an speedily as possible.
A despatch to the Gazette" from Iadfftctfp
oha states thit an army officer, just arrivsi
from Washington, says that hs road an orderJ
while in (lie War Department on Friday.' re-'
having;. Geueral Buell from his command1 'Ifv
Kentucky, nd assigiwng hire to Indianapolin to "
organise pa'oled prisoners into rcgimesttw r
lion. V i!!ia.m II. Polk passed . through , this
city to night, its bearer of despatches from Gov
ernor Andirew Jobnann nf Ti.nn.. tvit .
dent Lincoln. . .. .'nil
All business was totally suspended i "Utid,
city yesterday from two to" ve P. M., all the
citueuiJaeuos under drill Ths turn . out .wa.
Cincixnsti. Sept. 29,1602. Informal reports
irom Augusta show that the (own was Just
Saturday, through the cowardice of the cap
'ama ot tho guuboais. who lired only three
shots, arfd left the town to its fate. A s'.urp .
light was made by the Home Gua.d. From
seventy-hve to one hundred rebels were killed'
and wounded. Among the latter wai a son of
George D. Prentice, of Uuisville, mortally.
Our loas was ten to twelve killed and wound-
ri LV ieI I5MforJ WM kn prisoner.
UOO t0 tlie tUWU L" fir Wa-auout ll0,V:
Humphrey Marshall and Kirby Smith's foe- ;
ccs are reported to be at Cynthiatia, ky.. ts-:
day. thirty thousand strong, mjving toward
Cuvmgtof. "
It is rumored thut G.-n
Buell has boon or
dered fo Washington.
The Augusta,
Ky , coxrcHpwndeni of ths
eas,eiio oi mis t. ity, says :
This placo was attacked by C40 m.iunlei
Kebi-Is, with two C.lllliOIl. Illlit.-r I It A r.
- - - -W i'MU.t
of a brother ol the guernlU John Morgan
Tho Union f trees un 1 r fi.l.-,,,.! i,,,.ir.-.,,t
. . a,
niiu.berin:; 12J okmi. t-ult n-fii -i it. It.nti.j ...t.t
tirctl from .indoa, kill. ng and ouii.liiij'.
ninely of the' Kebels. .
Among Ihe killed were three
of them a younger brother of John MorgAui "'"-
Among tne rnorlslly w. unde I was Liui7'
Colonel freiitice.'a so:i .f. Geo. D. IV.cntice. .
editor anil proprietoi of tho l.oi.htvillti -Jour "
1 mil." . .: . J
The Uebrfls were so exxsperal.idattheir loss
ti;.it th.y net lire t the h 's ij. .4i2 plal " .
nd twti.squareji of the lovvyweM b'trwed.
Our loss wa nlii . ki;Iband liijijeu. woiCid-S
ed The baJ.ttice .of VjirrTmlse Uks
ititerct-wiSeal Ail i .1ta&ri iltwWfl-w hen fiitar .K--1
ri.-i-f in Ai trfl(t ' .t - - ' '
JI- l.t-H III JJTJIIH;! UlC ... m ,m Tmmmmr-
rearnLd.V;rw. ij?. 'k'. ,;.
Tar SI us (Ion In lrlwi.
By recent arrivals fr.u .mr urmv KV:iid
ineiieaier, we learu mat its fwitiou.
Mi.1iisi.or -.jpCvi
a. It Ui, ; A
ILIl. W -
i. .u i' - :
neun changed wimui in? ir: wooa
still in the ucighberhood of IJ.inker
hear of no indications of an attt ty th en-
emy. tl m the opinion iu Weli iiiioriaed- cur4 ,i-t'."l. '
cles hei-e tjjit ihe Mieiuy d ie's n-t lee! UimseltT x-ip-."'
in a con litio.i lo advance,' ai.'l tli.it when tha ' W
It is the 04)1111011 iu weli-iiilormed'
fight dies take piaccit will b brought on by -' t
General Lte. ' Had the enemv coni-ta.1 Kiiihtt.-r. :
he would have pushed rapidly forward after
crossing the f-jtomac. instead of loitering In
tho o d fields about Martmsburg. As it is lui-rS
he appears to have re-crossed into Vijcgifll,
80lelv for apoear'ance sake: for effect noon
popnlacu of tlie North, and ttw" moral effsot'
upon his own iu-ray. . JJod hs retreaiad altur
the butt!e of Siiarburg, bis ttrmy must harsj
gone- to pieces without another blow frouajs-fu
Confederate. R .'treat was destruction, aad '
advance impos Bible whilst our, army confrutit
ed him. U e left him an open and unobstruut
ed road to sad across the Potomac, arid to-day '-' '
ho finds himself iu the anomalous ituation of n
an invader, who dreads aad is uruarding against- -an
attack. - . ' . 1
This being t!je awkward p tuition of ths iff -
greatest military chieftain and his "army of.
Pried Teterana,' it is more thsn probable tho.
Northern Government will attempt some di
version for his relief. .We may expect ft) . t
hear within tho coming week that they am.,
pushing columns' of tfieir near. Je vies towards
Wan-on ton sud Fxtfdericksbnrir .' fend -perhaiM -Trr
massing troopn at Williamsburg and tiuffollc. . ,
Siiould they do this, and make demonstra.'.
tiona from any or all ot these points," the faef
should occaaioii net s moment's nneaainess la !
the minds of our citixms. While General
Lee-holds McCJellan'a host in the hollow of
his band, the s.wthonUe here are .not idjs,fisw
umvatchfnl. A By ars HCS.. tosrsarJsTncllBaood
of ,bordusrii laSkee militia is prspsxiKl .
Tor, and wilt bo mSr than praro-pSy TBttt t&H
dispis4)r. ; i : i. i : ".'.e.-i vd ria
A niuioiir nrevaJded. tier voitrrdav faTtlao
prrevaxieoiiers Jitj
Yanktw Mid re-ocemjiacf PVediSnckiifoWti. 'Mai'
' L 9
a gMUBB.wbe lsh ttier Wtdiw artsy 'mm I -u-fg,
rtiporoi tliat at the date of Jals, 4-pwrturii,-1,,,
sverf tbinif Was qoiet' ana lEers was bo ip
peara4ieiojrafl.sMfiBy. w '
. Il wan bwn We by ,thai lTd lafiauisciafti i
eft) VYedoeiday.tlartbsre . Verw rt ; Junto,'-;-:
and tnu truK!ww rvifajaint4al!lry7Wik..
Tt was staposiid, werw.to b lii'iit ' In 1 ssk ;nri CP
In Vbgiiiltl: ThV no doubt, .irthTSS f .
uo iwparx. suae it awtaws io tnroai
authority that ss ysrai. trsxis-pocte
their nppsuaiiice at Aqnia crank oi
dsyi- Bttlng- Statnrday and Sonday tT-i
Vm; MtMV jt
pvrtiswOi. irutkeesi waas orsjred'fri?-,: l-'t"J"Xi
.stQ(ilHlhi par-old forUhatlrjrjC7r .,i2
rtnrt mtniV "A!'te ftotnt tituim fhn Vrnk ummn . TKa.
MnlMi;Jat'i.AiiuanMl M4tM.4'irf7wk iwai5"'
VfViijTsaF w mi wmm w iiv Wl r-fjBS ssaassp -m wm mm. wiv
heAni.bi- je-onilrif! ps-epJ. ti tmdUtmttgb
distanoes, iiad led to tbe report iur FssriiH.
bm liyd:so of otr bat tirUs) wars o4M-f'-
oriBst to sUtrnot tie pSJaswx f Potwa-J.r
Riehmmi A.t-j-W4 Oti't i
ruiibsd rentlomtn eHetl fa Br fify ' tmssi;. - 7
day, a rtduges fnws, his iboaat T aaisaii'Ttyilliw.
He w.'ll be boried ly iwr Gfj &ftTtill
Ourdtl3e geoelwnt sStand Ukftehi,ll
from the Epioxid Gaiin:b
Xueeday morning; We fesflr. rrj fwajsjtf rjjo
iBrw..Ari!flr-f s ifMartaey-. . . , . . , .
. -n.
, ' T7 jr
0' '
!. j l. '
I- ,-j.8 S
J"u3.f -k.".vi'-:.
' w " W ' 'I'
- i-
'r-t- '
Li----Jix -l ,-w. 4
; . 7 - -'.ii
V" .7'.--!
L ar i.
- . i ...
I ll " "-

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